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Houston, USA

WELCOME TO THE CITIES CHANGING DIABETES SUMMIT 2017 It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Cities Changing Diabetes Summit 2017 in Houston. With more than 300 participants represented from over 14 countries, this Summit truly embodies an unparalleled global collaboration of pioneers from the cities community and the health community, united in a common cause: tackling the urban diabetes challenge. We very much look forward to spending the next two days with you, sharing the progress made through the Cities Changing Diabetes programme. We are delighted that more and more cities are stepping up and making important progress in addressing diabetes, and yet the prevalence of diabetes continues to rise at an alarming speed. We have set a very bold goal that no more than 1 in 10 adults should live with diabetes in 2045. That is why this Summit features a variety of expert perspectives on the ground-breaking research, real-world solutions and learnings that we need to understand and build on if we are to bend the curve of urban diabetes. By sharing that experience, we can learn from each other and amplify impact. Following this Summit, we will be making publicly available everything that we have collectively learnt through the programme – we call it the Urban Diabetes Toolbox. That will allow any city, anywhere, to build its own action plan for what it will take to respond to this public health emergency. We are incredibly honoured to be working together with you on this important mission of making cities a healthier place to live. We hope this Summit helps in the exchange of important knowledge and development of new collaborations, so that we can all play our part in changing the trajectory of the diabetes globally.

Vancouver, Canada










SYLVESTER TURNER, Mayor of Houston LARS FRUERGAARD JØRGENSEN, CEO and President of Novo Nordisk

MICHAEL A. NUTTER, Former Mayor of Philadelphia



ALAN MOSES, MD, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Novo Nordisk

 Moderator: DR JAMES HAMBLIN, Senior Health Editor, The Atlantic DR FAITH FOREMAN, Assistant Director of Houston Health Department DR EUGENIO GONZALEZ, Head of the Council for Overweight, Obesity and Eating Disorders Prevention and Care, Mexico City DR MPHO PHALATSE, MMC for Health and Social Development, Johannesburg NINNA THOMSEN, Mayor of Health and Care, Copenhagen MARY CLARE ZAK, Managing Director Social Policy, City of Vancouver KEVIN AUSTIN, Deputy Executive Director, C40


10.20–10.50 BREAK




LIN CHUNGUANG, Deputy Division Chief, Tianjin Health & Family Planning Commission CAI CHUN, Deputy Division Chief, Shanghai Health & Family Planning Commission YANG SHUYU, Honorary Director of Xiamen First Hospital and Dean of Xiamen Diabetes Institute

12.30–13.30 LUNCH



13.30–13.45 13.45–14.00 14.00–14.15 14.15–14.30

The interactive fair session is organised as four rounds of 15 minute sessions: 1st round of presentations 2nd round of presentations 3rd round of presentations 4th round of presentations



Moderator: KARIN GILLESPIE, Director, Novo Nordisk DR FAITH FOREMAN, Assistant Director of Houston Health Department DR ARCHANA SADHU, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at Houston Methodist STUART NELSON, Vice President, The Institute for Spirituality and Health DR JANIS DAVIS-STREET, Associate Manager, Health and Productivity, Chevron

15.05–15.40 BREAK



Healthpromoting policy

Urban planning

Community involvement in health

Health system stengthening



ANDREA LENZI, President of Health City Institute and president of the Italian Committee Biosafety, Biotechnology and Life Sciences ROBERTO PELLA, Vice president Vicar of Italian Municipalities Association and Mayor of Valdengo



DOUG LANGA, Executive Vice President, Novo Nordisk





LUCY PARKER, Brunswick Group



NIELS LUND, Vice President, Health Advocacy, Novo Nordisk Perspectives on Urban diabetes research: DAVID NAPIER, Director for Science, Medicine, and Society Network, University College London SCOTT LEAR, Professor at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver DEBASHIS BASU, Professor at University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg FRANCESCO DOTTA, Professor of Endocrinology, University of Siena Linking research and action: BJARNE BRUUN JENSEN, Head of Health Promotion Research, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

Best cases for local intervention: KELLY CLOSE, Founder of the diaTribe Foundation

10.30–10.55 BREAK



Healthpromoting policy

Urban planning

Community involvement in health

Health system stengthening





Moderator: DR JAMES HAMBLIN, Senior Health Editor, The Atlantic TODD HAMEL, Associate Health Director, Dow Chemical NIELS LUND, Vice President, Health Advocacy, Novo Nordisk UMESH VERMA, Secretary/Treasurer, American Diabetes Association AMBER HUETT-GARCIA, Chairwoman, Obesity Action Coalition SHARON ROERTY, Senior Program Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ERIK EAKER, Operations Director Bold Goal, Humana



FAITH FOREMAN, Assistant Director of Houston Health Department CAMILLA SYLVEST, Executive Vice President, Novo Nordisk









Shauneequa Owusu, ChangeLab Solutions CHAMPIONS CONFERENCE CENTER I+II







Paul Bloch, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen Anne Skov Jensen, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen CHAMPIONS CONFERENCE CENTER III



The workshop will focus on how to use health-promoting policies to sustain health systems change, urban planning, and community involvement efforts. You will learn about frameworks that help support the development and implementation of health-promoting policies and share strong examples and case studies of health-promoting policies in open discussion.

The workshop presents the concept of community action research (CAR) to engage citizens, professional stakeholders and researchers in processes of developing, implementing and evaluating action. A hands-on activity to test the pros and cons of the CAR approach in your city and the newly established CAR-Network to strengthen the action phase of Cities Changing Diabetes will be presented.




PEER SUPPORT Ed Fisher, Peers 4 Progress Sun Zilin, Southeast University, Nanjing







PRACTICAL INFORMATION Hotel Address: Royal Sonesta Houston Galleria, 2222 West Loop South, Houston, TX 77027, Tel: +1 713 627 7600






Bjarne Bruun Jensen, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen David Napier, University College London CHAMPIONS CONFERENCE CENTER VI+VII


Within the Cities Changing Diabetes movement, the concept of the ‘user’ includes both people with diabetes, relatives as well as various at-risk groups. Examples from among others Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen will be used to initiate exchange of experiences among the workshop participants on how to involve users as active participants to increase the effectiveness of the health system.



Dinner Venue: The Astorian, 2500 Summer Street, Houston, TX 77007, Tel: +1 832 460 6695 Emergency Phones: Ali Geisler, Meetings & Incentives Worldwide: +1 262 488 7975 Cynthia Blake, Meetings & Incentives Worldwide: +1 262 770 2739



The workshop will describe the potential of peer support in community health, especially reaching and engaging vulnerable people to prevent and manage type 2 diabetes. Emphasis will be on the fundamentals of setting up peer support activities, including the necessary capacity-building. Examples from China will be used to spark to the exchange of experiences between workshop participants.

The workshop will present a state-of-the-art approach to ‘making cities for people’ based on culture analysis and a methodological data collection process for assessing public space and public life. Based on experiences from a recent international masterclass in Copenhagen led by Gehl and C40, it will also be discussed how cities can be (re-) designed to encourage active transportation and better health for people.


EIGHT CITIES WORKING TO BEND THE CURVE ON DIABETES The interactive fair demonstrates the bright spots in diabetes treatment and prevention across the eight Cities Changing Diabetes partner cities. The fair is a possibility to engage with practitioners and network among delegates.

MEXICO CITY Bringing the doctor to the doorstep: Taking diabetes screening into people’s homes Translation: Spanish to English all 4 rounds

The interactive fair session is organised as four rounds of 15 minute sessions:

JOHANNESBURG Taking the first step towards action: Collecting research to facilitate a deeper understanding of the sociocultural factors of diabetes Translation: Round 2 – 1.45 PM from English to Spanish Round 4 – 2.15 PM from English to Mandarin

13.30 13.45 14.00 14.15

1st round of presentations 2nd round of presentations 3rd round of presentations 4th round of presentations

HOUSTON 1 – Faith & Diabetes Initiative: Empowering faith leaders to champion diabetes prevention 2 – Diabetes Resource Center: Providing easier access to information and services Translation: Round 2 – 1.45 PM from English to Mandarin 3 – Employer Diabetes Prevention Program: Putting prevention to work Translation: Round 4 – 2.15 PM from English to Spanish VANCOUVER All ages and abilities cycling: Taking a policy-driven approach to active transportation Translation: Round 3 – 2.00 PM from English to Mandarin COPENHAGEN Addressing health inequality: Using peer-to-peer support to make lasting lifestyle changes Translation: Round 1 – 1.30 PM from English to Mandarin Round 3 – 2.00 PM from English to Spanish

TIANJIN Laying the foundation for diabetes prevention and control: Training General Practitioners (GPs) in diagnosis and management Translation: Mandarin to English all 4 rounds SHANGHAI Strengthening local capacity for diabetes care: Providing diabetes care through specialised Community Health Centres, screening and training Translation: Mandarin to English all 4 rounds



Mexico City


Houston 3

Houston 2


Houston 1

ROME Active citizens: Walking routes to prevent urban diabetes Translation: Round 1 – 1.30 PM from English to Spanish








Senior Vice President and Global Chief Medical Officer Novo Nordisk

Coordinator of Home Care and Chronic Diseases Ministry of Health, Mexico City

Chairwoman Obesity Action Coalition

Alan Moses was educated at Duke University and Washington University School of Medicine and received medical training at Barnes Hospital, the National Institutes of Health, and Tufts-New England Medical Center. He spent the early part of his academic career at Harvard University doing bench research on signal transduction, working with diabetes and thyroid patients.

Dr Alberto Gallardo Hernández works as Coordinator of Home Care and Chronic Diseases in the Ministry of Health of Mexico City and responsible for the medical program El Médico en Tu Casa. Prior to that role Dr Gallardo served as Coordinator of Quality Assessment Ministry of Health of Mexico City. In 2008 he obtained the Mexican National Award for Innovation in Quality by a Home Care Program.

Amber Huett-Garcia is the Chairwoman of the national 50,000 member nonprofit, the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC). A long-time member and advocate, Amber chaired the national Your Weight Matters Convention for three years and currently chairs their Convention Scholarship Program, which she developed to increase access to the convention’s strong weight and health education. She is also the 2014 OAC Chairman’s Award recipient.

In his professional career Dr Gallardo has been Head of the Department of Control of Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases of the Public Health Services of the State of Tamaulipas and also has held various positions at national level within vaccination and regulation programmes.

Amber is a surgical weight loss patient and has battled the disease of obesity since early childhood. In her advocacy of health care access and quality education, Amber looks forward to continuing to fight for equity for those affected by obesity through her work with the OAC to connect the dots with patient advocacy and better health outcomes for people affected by obesity.

Dr Moses co-founded and directed the Clinical Investigator Training Program at Beth Israel Deaconness-Harvard Medical School-MIT until joining Novo Nordisk in 2004. From 1998 to 2004, Dr Moses served as Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of the Joslin Diabetes Center with specific responsibility for the Joslin Clinic. He serves as the Global Chief Medical Officer in Novo Nordisk in which role he provides support for the full range of Novo Nordisk activities in diabetes from discovery through drug development with a focus on translating clinical trial results into clinical application. Shanghai, China

He has published several articles, the most recent on the Cost of Diabetes in México. Dr Gallardo Hernández is a medical surgeon with a degree from UNAM. Also he holds Master’s degree in Public Health and Diploma of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Preventive Medicine.







President Health City Institute, President of the National Committee for Biosafety, Biotechnology and Life Sciences of the Italian Prime Minister

Head of Service and Competency Development The Danish Diabetes Association

Special consultant Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

Secretary general Cittadinanzattiva

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine Houston Methodist

Director of Public Health City of Johannesburg

Anne Sander has since 2014 led the Danish Diabetes Association’s service and competency development activities.

Anne Skov Jensen, master in education, and special consultant at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen and is manage and coordinate the Community Action Research (CAR) Network within Cities Changing Diabetes.

Antonio Gaudioso is the Secretary General of Cittadinanzattiva, Active Citizenship Network, working with citizens’ rights, welfare systems and corporate social responsibility. In 2002 he contributed to the drafting of the European Charter on Patient Rights promoted by the Active Citizenship Network.

Dr Sadhu completed her undergraduate studies at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiological. She then obtained her medical degree at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Dr Sadhu is board certified in Internal Medicine, as well as Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism since 2004.

Dr B Desai qualified as a medical officer in 1980 at the University of Natal Medical School (now known as University of KwaZulu Natal). He has worked in the public sector health services most of his career; three years at public hospitals, and seven years at Primary Health Care clinics in Soweto as a medical officer and ultimately as a Senior Superintendent of the Soweto Community Health Centres.

Andrea Lenzi is a Professor of Endocrinology at Sapienza University of Rome and responsible for the Endocrinology, Metabolism, Obesity and Andrology branch at the Policlinico Umberto I of Rome. He is President of the Italian Research Foundation of Endocrinology and President of the Italian Committee for Biosafety, Biotechnology and Life Sciences operating under the President of the Council of Ministers and President of the Ministry of Education, University and Research’s National Since 2016, professor Lenzi has been the President of the Health City Institute, a think tank dedicated to study health determinants in cities. He has produced more than 750 publications, including papers, books, monographs and chapters, including more than 400 original articles published in international journals.

Based in Copenhagen, Anne leads a national team of 15 special consultants and 45 project employees who guide members, run information and training courses, and optimise the contribution of some 1,200 volunteers. Anne is responsible for the Danish Diabetes Association’s partnership with the City of Copenhagen’s Center for Diabetes, which includes development of a mentor programme targeted at vulnerable citizens. Before joining the Danish Diabetes Association, Anne led similar activities at the Danish Red Cross, including several major projects and partnerships. Anne holds an MA in Communication and a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship.

From 2012–2017 Anne Skov Jensen worked as an educational consultant within Higher Education with teacher training programs and participatory curriculum design at the Southern University of Denmark. Anne Skov Jensen will work to strengthen global partnerships in the CCD Community Action Research Network, to facilitate participatory dialogue, to create a reflective and interactive platform for knowledge sharing and to promote community-owned, appropriate and sustainable interventions in health promotion.

Among other projects, he has engaged in the process of adopting the first 2000 Pain Law; participated in the “Quality Alliance” Roundtable initiated by Cittadinanzattiva, involving pharmacists, hospitals and doctors in the discussion on the quality of health services, and participated in numerous information campaigns on the protection of rights. Mr. Gaudioso has been a part of many campaigns and initiatives devoted to improve health for citizens such as access to medicine, the creation of the Coalition of Associations for patients with chronic diseases; Promotion of the “Alesini Prize” – an annual award for best healthcare practices; Promotion of the prevention of safety and risks in hospitals; and civic audit of healthcare facilities.

After completing her training, she began her career as a faculty member in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Also she was the Director of the Inpatient Diabetes Program at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center. In 2010 Dr Sadhu joined the faculty at Houston Methodist in the Division of Diabetes, Obesity, and Lipids. She currently serves as the Director of System Diabetes Management Program, Director of Transplant Endocrinology and is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Weill Cornell Medical College.

Since 2002 Dr Desai has been employed by the City of Johannesburg Health Department where he has been responsible for the implementation and monitoring all public health priority programmes including maternal, reproductive, women’s health; child health including immunization; noncommunicable diseases; HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Tuberculosis, as well as Epidemic Preparedness Response. Dr B Desai obtained his specialty degree in Public Health Medicine from the University of Witwatersrand in 1998.







Professor and director of Health Promotion Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

Executive Vice President, Commercial Strategy & Corporate Affairs Novo Nordisk

Senior Transportation Planning Engineer City of Vancouver

Director Center for Diabetes, Copenhagen Municipality

Executive Director Houston Business Coalition on Health

Deputy Director Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and family planning

Bjarne Bruun Jensen is a professor and director of Health Promotion at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen in Denmark.

Camilla Sylvest was appointed executive vice president in charge of Commercial Strategy & Corporate Affairs of Novo Nordisk on 1st October 2017.

Carol is a Transportation Planning Engineer at the City of Vancouver. In the past year, she has been working with local communities on multi-modal transportation plans. She has also consulted on transportation projects across Canada, including small and large communities in Alberta and in the Greater Toronto area.

Charlotte Glümer is director of Center for Diabetes in the Municipality of Copenhagen. The center delivers rehabilitation to all citizens with type 2 diabetes.

Dr Chris Skisak is the Executive Director of the Houston Business Coalition on Health. HBCH is the leading resource for Houston area employers dedicated to providing all benefits under the health investment portfolio at a sustainable cost while improving the quality and experience in their delivery. HBCH currently has 75 organizational members representing more than 700,000 local and 1.5 million national employer-sponsored lives. Dr Skisak also serves on the Board of Governors of the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchasing Coalitions and Board of Directors of the Texas Business Group on Health.

Ms. Cai Chun holds the position as Deputy Director of the Division of Disease Prevention and Control at the Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission. For more than 15 years, she has worked with prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases.

Bjarne Bruun Jensen is Adjunct Professor at Aalborg University (Denmark) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He is one of the leading researchers in health promotion, including the concepts of salutogenesis, empowerment, health literacy, and action competence. Bjarne Bruun Jensen has recently been elected as the Regional Vice President of Europe at The International Union for Health Promotion and Education where he also serves on its Executive Board. Bruun Jensen holds a PhD in Education and a Master of Science degree in Ecology from The University of Copenhagen and is involved as referee and in editorial boards at many international journals. Previously Mr Jensen has been employed as a professor in health and environmental education at the Danish University of Education.

Until then she served as senior vice president and general manager in charge of Novo Nordisk’s operations in Region China, a role she was appointed in August 2015. She started her career in Novo Nordisk in 1996, following which she had roles in headquarters and regions in Europe and Asia within pricing, health economics, marketing and sales effectiveness. Camilla Sylvest holds an MSc in Economics from University of Southern Denmark and an Executive MBA from Scandinavian International Management Institute.

Transportation is a central component of everyone’s life, and Carol is an advocate for active transportation and having mobility options. Although she owns a car, it stays parked in the garage 6 or 7 days a week. She prefers to walk, ride her bike (or a ‘Mobi’ shared bike), drive a car2go, or take transit.

The Center is together with the Danish Diabetes Association and Copenhagen University responsible for development, evaluation and implementation of a Mentoring/peer to peer support to vulnerable people with diabetes. Charlotte is a medical doctor and held a position at Steno Diabetes Center from 1998–2004. Charlotte has a PhD in epidemiology and Public Health, and has been researcher for 16 years with focus on screening, primary prevention and public health with focus on social inequality. Charlotte Glümer is professor at Aalborg University, Denmark.

Prior to HBCH he was President and Founder of Corporate Health Management Solutions, an organizational health and productivity management company which provided consulting and software to employers and their health management partners. Dr Skisak received his M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Texas School Of Public Health.

She holds a Master of Public Health from Fudan University. In 2009, she was awarded the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Programme and completed one year graduate study at Tulane University, Louisiana. Following her stay in the US, she was awarded the UK Government’s international award scheme, the Chevening Scholarship, and moved to the UK, where she earned a master’s degree of Science in Global Public Health and Policy at Queen Mary University of London. In 2004, she received a governmental award for her efforts against the SARS epidemic, and again in 2010, for her preparation and response in relation to the World EXPO in Shanghai.







Deputy Division Chief Tianjin Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning

Director, Dept. of Endocrinology Tianjin Medical University Metabolic Disease Hospital

Public health medicine specialist University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Executive vice president, North America Operations Novo Nordisk

Professor and Global Director University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Peers for Progress.

Lin Chunguang, Bachelor of Science in Medicine, Master of Administration, started to work in 2003. He holds the position of Deputy Division Chief of Tianjin Health and Family Planning Commission Primary Health Department. He has been engaged in urban community health and rural health management for 15 years.

Ms. Shan Chunyan holds the position as Director of the Department of Nephropathy at Tianjin Medical University Metabolic Disease Hospital.

Professor of Medical Anthropology and Director of Science, Medicine, and Society Network. University College London

Prof Deb Basu is a Public Health Medicine Specialist and Clinical and Academic Head of Public Health Medicine based at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital and University of Pretoria in South Africa. He is involved in both post- and under-graduate teaching and supervision of masters and doctoral students in the University covering the areas of preventive health care and health system management.

Doug Langa joined Novo Nordisk in 2011 and in 2016 he was appointed Senior Vice President of Market Access in the US. In this role he was responsible for securing formulary access with key payer customers for Novo Nordisk brands. In March 2017, Mr Langa was appointed senior vice president, head of North America Operations and president of Novo Nordisk Inc., and in August 2017 Mr Langa was promoted to executive vice president, continuing his responsibilities as head of North America Operations and president of Novo Nordisk Inc.

Edwin B. Fisher, Ph.D., is Professor in the Department of Health Behavior in the Gillings School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is also Global Director of Peers for Progress, a program that builds the evidence base for peer support interventions, disseminating resources for program development and quality improvement, and promoting networking to pursue integration of peer support in health care and preventive services around the world. From 2002–2009, he served as National Program Director of the Diabetes Initiative of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Ms. Shan Chunyan has a Bachelor in Clinical Medicine and a Master in Medical Science in Endocrinology and Metabolism from Tianjin Medical University. In 2002, She studied one year at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium and in 2018 she became a Doctor of Medicine in Cardiovasology from Tianjin Medical University. Throughout her career, Ms. Shan Chunyan has published more than 70 publications nationally and internationally and five medical treatises. She has managed projects with Tianjin Education Commission, Tianjin Health Bureau, the National Natural Science Fund of China and Tianjin Natural Science Fund. She has been awarded the second prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award.

Prior to coming to UCL in 2004, Prof Napier was fellow of Harvard University, New York University, Johns Hopkins University, and several colleges, including All Souls College and Green Templeton Oxford, and Middlebury College, Vermont. He is the Global Academic Lead for Cities Changing Diabetes, having designed with the UCL team the vulnerability assessment carried out in Mexico City, Copenhagen, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Houston. He leads CCD’s fieldworker and academic training program, the analysis of global data, and co-chairs the Cities Changing Diabetes Publication Planning Committee. Napier’s special interests in applied research include primary health-care delivery, vulnerability assessment, human wellbeing, caring for ethnically diverse populations, migration, homelessness, new and emerging technologies, immunology, and creativity in scientific practice. He has also published on law and anthropology and intellectual property and biodiversity, as well as being the author of six scholarly books and numerous articles, essays, and book chapters.

In addition, Basu is involved with teaching at a number of international Universities in India, Italy, Kenya, and USA. He was the pioneer in South Africa for creating the first Masters programme for hospital managers in South Africa. He was also involved with the College of Public Health Medicine and South African Society of Medical Managers for professionalizing medical management education. In 2015, he was nominated as the course coordinator by WHO for training of trainers course in the ‘Health In All Policies’ in Africa.

Mr Langa joined Novo Nordisk from GlaxoSmithKline. Prior to GlaxoSmithKline, Mr Langa spent the majority of his career at Johnson and Johnson. Mr. Langa has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Mr Langa graduated from Widener University, US, in 1989 and has an MBA from Fordham University, US, from 1997.

The Diabetes Initiative demonstrated the feasibility, effectiveness, and cost effectiveness of diabetes self-management programs in real world settings such as Federally Qualified Health Centers and community based programs. In addition to his work in diabetes, his research has addressed health challenges in asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, smoking and weight management.







Operations Director Bold Goal, Humana

Head of the Council for Overweight, Obesity and Eating Disorders Prevention and Care. Mexico City

Assistant Director Houston Health Department

Professor of Endocrinology University of Siena

Chief Operating Officer The Fountain of Praise

Senior Editor and Author The Atlantic

Erik is a director in the Office of the Chief Medical Officer responsible for the operations and expansion of Humana’s Bold Goal population health initiative to make the communities Humana serves 20% healthier by 2020.

Dr. Eugenio González is a medical surgeon from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) specialised in internal medicine and a Master of Administration from ITAM. Currently he holds the position as Head of the Council for Overweight, Obesity and Eating Disorders Prevention and Care in Mexico City.

Faith E. Foreman, DrPH, MPH, LVN is Assistant Director for the Houston Health Department. Faith is a seasoned public health practitioner and academician. As an expert in public and community health promotion, evaluation, and planning, Faith has led the design, implementation, and evaluation of numerous health interventions at the local, state, and federal levels.

Prof. Francesco Dotta is full Professor of Endocrinology and Director of the Diabetes Unit, Department of Medicine, Surgery and Neuroscience of the University of Siena. He is President of “Umberto Di Mario Foundation”, Secretary General of IBDO Foundation, member of the Tissue Prioritization Committee (TPC) of JDRF and Chief of the Roma Cities Changing Diabetes publication planning committee.

George currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer for The Fountain of Praise, a ministry with over 24,000 members. George initiated the formation of FountainLife Community Development Corporation to expand the church’s economic development and communitybased programming. In 2013, he founded the Dr Richard E. Wainerdi Wellness Institute to institutionalize the church’s health education and disease prevention programs and provide primary care services.

James Hamblin is a writer and senior editor at The Atlantic, where he hosts the video series “If Our Bodies Could Talk.” The author of a book by the same title, Hamblin was previously a Yale University Poynter Fellow in journalism and lectured at Harvard Medical School, Wharton Business School, Columbia Mailman School of Public Health, and SXSW. His writing and videos have been featured in The New York Times, POLITICO, The Guardian, Mother Jones, and others. TIME magazine named him one of the 140 people to follow on Twitter, Greatlist named him among the most influential people in health media, and BuzzFeed called him “the most delightful MD ever.”

In his 16 years at Humana, Erik has led Humana’s Group Segment Consumer Experience Practice and the start-up and operations of Humana’s European commissioning consulting and technology subsidiary in London, England; has consulted with Virgin, Samsung, and England’s Department of Health; and has led numerous innovation, international business development and digital health initiatives. Erik received his MHA and BSPH from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Public Health and served as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines.

Dr. Eugenio González has held various senior management and administrative positions in the Central Bank of Mexico, development banking, the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Finance. Previously he was in the Ministry of Health of Mexico City where he served as Executive Director of Public Health Services. Dr. Eugenio González teaches seminars on Analogic Hermeneutics, Philosophy of Science at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Recently he published a publication called: Study of the Social Determinants of Health in Mexico City.

She has managed staff in public and notfor-profit health centers, as well as led multi-disciplinary teams in conducting large scale community assessments and interventions. Faith leads a dynamic team of health educators, wellness professionals, community health planners, and nutritionists. Under her leadership, the Health Department has been awarded more than 1.2 million dollars in grant funding.

Before joining The Fountain of Praise, George spent twelve years in management consulting, insurance and healthcare. For five years, he served as the Executive Director of the UCC South Side Health Project, a W.K. Kellogg Foundation funded agency that operated ambulatory health care centers in partnership with Advocate Healthcare in Chicago, Illinois. George is an alumnus of Purdue University, where he studied Biology with a concentration in Management.







Associate Manager, Health and Productivity, Global Health and Medical Chevron Corporation

Partner and Managing Director US Gehl

Dietiation and diabetes educator UTHealth’s McGovern Medical School

Founder of the diaTribe Foundation

Deputy Executive Director C40

Chief Nurse – Office of Chronic Disease Prevention & Management Houston Health Department

Dr. Janis Davis-Street manages the Health and Productivity group of Chevron’s Global Health and Medical department.

As Partner and Managing Director of Gehl in the US, Jeff leads the San Francisco and New York based teams. In his time at Gehl, Jeff has worked with both public and private clients as well as nongovernmental organizations in Europe, the USA, Latin America, India and China. Jeff’s background and design experience provides him with a unique insight into the technical, as well as social aspects of urban design.

Joy Cornthwaite, MS RD LD CDE, is a registered dietitian and diabetes educator at UTHealth’s McGovern Medical School, working within UT Physician’s Women’s Clinics. She earned her Master’s in Clinical Nutrition at Florida State University and her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from Rice University.

Kelly Close is the founder and Chair of the Board of The diaTribe Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of people living with diabetes and prediabetes, and advocating for action. Since 2006, she has been the Editor-inChief of diaTribe, our free website focused on making people with diabetes healthier and happier and advocating for action.

Kevin oversees all of C40’s programme delivery, operations and finance functions as well as contributing to global thought leadership and innovation in urban climate change issues. Kevin joined C40 from the Greater London Authority where he was responsible for External Relations for the Mayor of London. His previous role at the GLA included Head of Olympic projects, leading the delivery of the major city-related elements associated with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games.

LaQuisha Umemba is the Chief Nurse in the Office of Chronic Disease Prevention & Management at the Houston Health Department.

Dr. Davis-Street’s qualifications include a doctorate in health education (University of Houston) and a Master’s degree (University of Alberta) in nutrition. She began her career at Chevron as a Health and Productivity Advisor in 2006. Since then she has contributed to Chevron’s leadership in the area of global worksite wellness, including management of Chevron’s global wellness programs focused on cardiovascular health. Prior to working at Chevron, Dr. Davis-Street spent 15+ years as a nutritionist at NASA. She is the co-author of an upper elementary textbook – “Space Nutrition”, a brief history of human space flight and the role of nutrition, and she has coauthored more than 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers in the areas of nutrition and spaceflight.

Jeff is an active teacher and lecturer, speaking at conferences around the world. Jeff has spoken for the World Bank Group sponsored TEDx talk, contributed to a podcast with Carol Coletta of Knight Foundation, and a webinar on Putting Public Life back into Public Space at SPUR SF.

Her experiences include critical care Medical Nutrition Therapy, diabetes self-management training nutrition, and wellness education. She has worked to promote and develop programs to impact positive outcomes for patients with acute and chronic diseases. Her work includes the development and presentation of programs in adult obesity, childhood obesity, and diabetes self-management. She was also a core team member of the inaugural group of Canyon Ranch Institute’s Savannah Life Enhancement Program, providing an integrative wellness program focusing on empowering participants to embrace healthy behaviors and lifestyle changes through health education and knowledge.

Since 2002, she has also run Close Concerns, a healthcare information firm exclusively focused on diabetes and obesity. Each year Kelly and her colleagues attend over 50 scientific, regulatory, and economic conferences around the world, focused on diabetes and obesity; they read the key medical literature in the field and write regularly about 50-plus private and public companies and nonprofit organizations. Kelly’s passion for diabetes comes from her extensive professional work as well as her personal experience as a type 1 patient for nearly 30 years.

Between 2002 and 2009 he served as Head of Transport, advising the Mayor of London on all aspects of transport policy. In earlier years he worked for a major consultancy advising clients on project implementation and economic appraisal He has a Masters in Transport Planning and a Doctorate in Civil Engineering from Leeds University.

She currently manages the Diabetes Awareness & Wellness Network (DAWN) and Colorectal Cancer Awareness & Screening programs. She also serves as the Program Coordinator for the Health Department’s AADE-accredited Diabetes Self-Management Education program. LaQuisha is a Registered Nurse, Certified Diabetes Educator and diabetes content expert, and a Certified Lifestyle Coach with over 15 years’ experience in health education, health promotion, and disease prevention. LaQuisha holds a Bachelor’s degree in nursing as well as a Master’s degree in Public Health. Her interest lies in health education and health behaviors in disparate, minority, and vulnerable populations.







President and chief executive officer (CEO) Novo Nordisk

Partner Brunswick Group

Associate Professor Texas Southern University – Thurgood Marshall School of Law

Managing Director Social Policy City of Vancouver

Former Mayor of Philadelphia

Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Health and Social Development. City of Johannesburg

Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen joined Novo Nordisk in 1991 as an economist in Health Care, Economy & Planning and has over the years completed overseas postings in the Netherlands, the US and Japan. In 2004 he was appointed senior vice president for IT & Corporate Development. In January 2013 he was appointed executive vice president and chief information officer assuming responsibility for IT, Quality & Corporate Development. In November 2014 he took over the responsibilities for Corporate People & Organisation and Business Assurance and became chief of staff. Mr Jørgensen was appointed president and chief executive officer in January 2017.

Lucy Parker is co-author of ‘Everybody’s Business: the unlikely story of how big business can fix the world.’ She is a strategic advisor at the Brunswick Group, working with senior leadership in business. With her co-author, Jon Miller, she leads Brunswick’s offer focused on one of the world’s most contentious challenges: helping companies get to grips with their role in society. She has more than twenty years’ experience with global corporates across a range of sectors, from pharmaceuticals to engineering, from retail to telecoms.

Marguerite Butler started her career at the Texas Southern University in 1982 now working as an Associate Professor focusing on Teaching Appellate Litigation, Legal Writing, Legal Research, Civil Procedure, Torts and Commercial Law. She is also NASA CBER Co-Investigator at School of Science in the Department of Biology, assisting with the Workforce thrust that includes training for legal consequences of scientific research. Previously she was working as Director of Law Library and Technology Services.

Mary Clare Zak has over thirty years of public service experience at various levels of government and the non-profit sector.

Mr Michael A. Nutter served as the 98th Mayor of the City of Philadelphia, his hometown. He served 22.5 years as an elected official in Philadelphia, serving 14.5 years as a City Council member, and then 2 four year terms as Mayor, leaving office on January 4, 2016 due to term limits.

Dr Mpho Phalatse is the Member of the Johannesburg Mayoral Council responsible for Health and Social Development; a role she assumed in August 2016. Prior to this she was practising as a general practitioner in the Public and Private Sector, having also worked for various entities including the Gauteng Department of Health and a platinum and coal mine in the North West Province of South Africa.

Mr Jørgensen has a MSc in Finance and Business Administration from Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University, Denmark, from 1991

Lucy began her working life making documentaries for the BBC, before moving into the business arena helping companies communicate with the investment community and employees, and with civil society and government. In government, from 2008–2010 she led the Prime Minister’s Taskforce on Talent and Enterprise, focused on the importance of skills to competitiveness in the global economy.

Marguerite Butler obtained and Bachelor of Arts (Wilberforce University, OH) and a Juris Doctor before (Syracuse University, NY) completing her studies with a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Texas. She is actively committed to the Brown Chapel AME Church in Houston, including Assistant teacher at the Lowrey W. Aitch Church School.

Her experience has included fields such as immigration, multiculturalism and anti- racism, programs for women and people with disabilities, children’s rights policy, and crime prevention through social development. Mary Clare began working at the City in 2007 and is currently Managing Director, Social Policy. Currently, her key priorities include implementing a social sustainability strategy for Vancouver that aims to create a “Healthy City for All” in partnership with leaders from government, business, the non-profit sector and Vancouver residents. Overall, Mary Clare has a keen interest in supporting social innovation, including collective impact and social enterprise that will enable the City’s social, economic, and ecological goals to be realized.

Mayor Nutter was considered one of the foremost leaders in innovation, tackling challenges of public safety, increasing funding for educating children, revitalizing the economy and spurring economic growth, restoring ethics and integrity to city government, ensuring fiscal discipline and making Philadelphia one of the great green and sustainable cities in America. Mr Nutter is a Professor at Columbia University, a Political Contributor on CNN, a Senior Fellow with Bloomberg Philanthropies What Works Cities Program, Chair of the Mayors Advisory Board for Airbnb, and holds numerous Fellowships and Advisory positions in academic, political, non-profit and corporate entities.

Mpho obtained her medical degree from Sefako Makgatho University, previously known as MEDUNSA in 2005. She is currently studying towards her MMed Degree (Public Health Medicine) at WITS University. She has also completed courses in Sexual Assault Care, male circumcision and tuberculosis to name a few.







Vice President Novo Nordisk

Mayor of Health and Care City of Copenhagen

Gulf Coast Regional Health Promotion Coordinator The Dow Chemical Company

Senior Researcher Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

Vice president of the Italian Municipalities Association Mayor of Valdengo

Executive Director Texas AHEC East – Greater Houston Region

Niels Lund is Vice President for Health Advocacy in Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare company with more than 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care.

Mrs. Ninna Thomsen is Mayor of Health and Care in the City of Copenhagen.

Pam Murphy received her Master’s in Health and Human Performance from The University of Clear Lake. She joined the Dow EH&S Department in 1999 and has dedicated her career to helping employees improve their well-being.

Dr Paul Bloch a senior public health adviser and scientist with 23 years of experience in health promotion, disease control and research in developing countries. He holds a M.Sc. degree in biology and a PhD degree in immunological epidemiology. As a senior adviser, Dr Bloch has served as expatriate manager of two large health projects in Africa and furthermore he has been adviser for the Gates Malaria Partnership and its training centres in Tanzania, Malawi, Ghana and Gambia.

Roberto Pella began his career at the age of 25, when he was elected Mayor of Valdengo (Biella), an Italian Town in the Piedmont Region and became a member of ANCI, the National Association of Italian Municipalities, where he is now Vice President Vicar and responsible of Health department.

Sandra Cooper , Executive Director of the Greater Houston Region oversees all aspects of activities in the local AHEC center; supervising staff, monitoring project direction, analyzing project data, integrating activities, administering grant funds, developing project activity and evaluation reports.

Mr. Pella is a member of the Committee of the Regions (CoR) in the EU and President of the European Confederation of Small Towns. This year during the plenary session of the CoR, he presented the opinion “Health in Cities: the common good”, which was approval by the Members of the Committee with 98% votes in favour. It contains the proposal for the adoption of effective tools within five priority areas of policy interventions and to study and monitor, at urban level, the determinants of health and to give life to multilevel multi-sector governance.

As an advocate for healthy living, Sandra promotes Transforming Texas in Waller County to prevent heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other leading causes of death or disability through evidence-and practice- based policy, environmental and system change approaches and OH SNAP! Houston, a program designed to increase access to healthy food and to improve opportunities for healthy living. Sandra has championed the cause for the AHEC marketplace 101 training intended to train health professionals about the different components of the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Niels Lund is responsible for the Changing Diabetes® portfolio of programs and activities, including flagship programs such as Cities Changing Diabetes, Changing Diabetes in Children, Team Novo Nordisk and Changing Diabetes in Pregnancy. The department is also responsible for the access to insulin commitment and for the corporate patient strategy. Niels joined Novo Nordisk in 2007 as a health economist and worked in various functions before joining Corporate Stakeholder Engagement in 2012. Before joining Novo Nordisk, Niels worked in international development with assignments for UNICEF in India and the World Bank in Washington DC.

In her political career she has held various positions within the Socialist People’s Party among others member of the Executive Board and the Executive Committee. She has been Mayor in Copenhagen since 2009. Ninna Thomsen holds a Master Degree in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen.

She has 20+ years of experience in Corporate Health and Wellness and oversees two staffed Wellness Centers for Dow Chemical. She is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and has served as project leader on several US and Global Health & Safety improvement projects. She is currently the lead in Health Promotion and Wellness Services for the Gulf Coast Region.

As senior researcher at SDCC Paul Bloch is involved in a health promotion project entitled “Health and Local Community”. The project addresses food and physical activity and aims to affect the lifestyle of families with small children living in selected local communities in Denmark. The project intersectoral and interdisciplinary and applies structural, social and pedagogic interventions based on the principles of empowerment, community participation and local ownership.







Professor Simon Fraser University

Senior Program Officer Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Senior Vice President ChangeLab Solutions

Honorary Director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University Dean of Xiamen Diabetes Institute

Director of the Institute for Health Policy UTHealth School of Public Health

Vice-President Institute for Spirituality and Health Texas Medical Center

Dr Scott Lear is a Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University and the inaugural Pfizer/Heart and Stroke Foundation Chair in Cardiovascular Prevention Research at St. Paul’s Hospital. Dr. Lear is also the Director of Community Health Solutions and his research spans the breadth of prevention of chronic diseases at a population level to the management of chronic diseases at an individual level.

Sharon Roerty, AICP/PP/MCRP, is a senior program officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. She joined RWJF in 2011 and is an urban alchemist who has spent a lot of time at the intersection of health and transportation.

Shauneequa Owusu is a Senior Vice President at ChangeLab Solutions working at the intersection of community development and health. She leads a multidisciplinary team that supports localities and organizations across the country and helps them create healthier communities.

Professor Yang Shuyu currently holds the positions as Honorary Director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University, Director of Xiamen Diabetes Hospital, Dean of Xiamen Diabetes Institute and Chairman of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diabetes Branch.

Dr Stephen Linder is the Director of the Institute for Health Policy and a Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Department of Management, Policy and Community Health at UTHealth School of Public Health. Dr Linder is also the Associate Director of the Health Policy Institute at Texas Medical Center.

As Vice-President of the Institute for Spirituality and Health at the Texas Medical Center, Stuart Nelson manages a team that organizes educational programs, performs research, and engages in direct services that explore the connections between spirituality and health.

Previously, Shauneequa worked for the New York Academy of Medicine, where she served as Director of Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement. In this capacity, she led community development and participatory planning initiatives and oversaw government relations. In addition, Shauneequa worked for Seedco, a national community economic development corporation advocating for support for small businesses, workers, and families.

Professor Yang is a Doctor of Medicine, a chief physician, and honored as the expert of the Minister of Health with remarkable contributions, the winner of State Council special allowance and awarded Chinese Physician Reward. He established the Xiamen diabetes model of “three-doctor joint management” when positioned as Director of Xiamen Health and Family Planning Commission.

He was on the faculty of UCLA and Tulane University before coming to the University of Texas School of Public Health in 1984. Dr Linder received his doctorate in Political Science from the University of Iowa.

This includes the identification of environmental characteristics that may act as facilitators and barriers of healthy lifestyle habits, investigation to identify the role of ethnic background in risk for obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and how technology can help improve health care access and delivery.

Previously, Roerty was the CEO of the National Center for Bicycling & Walking. She also served as capital program manager at the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, and as senior project manager at the Voorhees Transportation Center at Rutgers University. Her early career was spent at environmental management firms, where she led and contributed to regional growth and environmental impact studies for land development projects in the New York Metropolitan Region. Roerty earned a BS in environmental science from Stockton State College and a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning (MCRP) from Rutgers University; and was a Lead NJ Fellow (2004).

She holds an MS in urban affairs from Hunter College of the City University of New York and a BA in international relations from Roanoke College.

Professor Yang has been long engaged in prevention and treatment of diabetes and metabolic diseases with integrated traditional and western medicine. He established the Xiamen Diabetes Institute and an academic team with a series of scientific papers published on high-level peer-reviewed journals.

Dr Linder has been honored with the prestigious Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation Award, which is given annually to Texas professors for superior teaching at the college level and the Regents Outstanding Teaching Award, which is given to a select number of faculty members from across the University of Texas system.

received his master’s degree in religious studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara under the tutelage of Dr Ann Taves, and his bachelor’s degrees in cognitive science, religious studies, and psychology from Rice University under Dr Jeff Kripal. He is interested in applying theories and methods from religious studies and cognitive science to help healthcare professionals understand the religious and spiritual dimensions of their work.






Mayor Houston

Associate Health Director The Dow Chemical Company

Managing Director Gateway to Care


Vice dean of Medical School and head of Diabetes Institute, Southeast University, Nanjing

Mayor Sylvester Turner was elected Mayor of Houston on December 12, 2015, to serve a four year term beginning January 4, 2016. Sylvester Turner was born and raised in the Acres Homes community in northwest Houston.

After graduating from Duke University Dr. Hamel received his M.D. in 1997 from The University of Texas Medical School at Houston. He trained and practiced in Family Medicine in Portland, Oregon for the next 8 years. In 2005, he moved back home to Houston where he worked with two large Health Systems before making the move to corporate medicine in 2010. Dr. Hamel served as Chief Medical Officer for Quanta Services, a leader in specialty infrastructure construction in the electric power, pipeline, telecom, and renewable energy spaces. He began came to Dow Chemical in 2013 and is currently responsible for all health services operations across Texas. Dr Hamel is a Fellow in both the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Over the past quarter century, Mr Verma has built BLUE LANCE into a global provider of Cybersecurity products and services that help companies assess and remediate the security of their information systems. Banks, corporations, health care organizations, education institutions, retail outlets and government agencies in over 40 countries use Blue Lance’s software solutions.

Prof Zilin Sun is Vice dean of Medical School and head of Diabetes Institute, Southeast University, Nanjing.

Sylvester graduated from the University of Houston and Harvard Law School before joining the law firm of Fulbright & Jaworski. He later founded the Houston law firm of Barnes & Turner in 1983.

Tracei Wilson, Managing Director, came to Gateway to Care in 2016. She brings with her over 25 years of experience leading organizations, managing teams, and developing programs in both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. She has experience at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, East Texas Area Health Education Center, United Methodist Church, and Silverado Hospice. Her passion is in leading organizational change, creating company culture, growing organizations and new leaders.

Mr Verma started his software career developing algorithms as an Environmental Engineer at Brown & Root. Thereafter, he developed oil-rig operations and control software for Shell Oil before founding BLUE LANCE.

In 1988, Sylvester was elected to the Texas House of Representatives to serve the people of House District 139 in Northwest Houston. He served until his election as mayor, working on the House Appropriations Committee for 21 years and serving as Speaker Pro Tem for three terms. He was appointed to several Budget Conference Committees to help balance the state’s budget and served on the Legislative Budget Board.

She is active in the community and in Fort Bend County where she resides with her husband and two children.

Mr Verma is actively involved in several organizations. Among other things he is Secretary/Treasurer of the American Diabetes Association as well as Chairman of the Board of The Center for Houston’s Future. Also, Mr Verma is a Greater Houston Health Connect (GHH) Board Member.

Prof Zilin Sun has been a long standing Committee member of Chinese Diabetes Society and has since 2009 been Vice director of diabetes education and management group of Chinese Diabetes Society. Until 2016 he was Chairman of Jiangsu diabetes society. Prof Zilin Sun holds a PhD in clinical pharmacology from China Pharmaceutical college and he has studied clinical medicine at Ulm University, Germany where he has also been a Senior visiting scholar. Prof Zilin Sun is author of 16 articles in international journals since 2009 and his research interests are molecular and cellular mechanism of Islet fibrosis, Mechanisms and intervention strategies of diabetes and its complications and novel model of diabetes education and management.









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2017 Cities Changing Diabetes Summit Houston  

Summit programme book with full speaker bios, agenda and workshops.

2017 Cities Changing Diabetes Summit Houston  

Summit programme book with full speaker bios, agenda and workshops.