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To learn more about the Sacramento campus, visit or call 916.856.5677.

saying yes From the Office of the President Dr. Joseph L. Castleberry, Ed.D.



hen James Braddy, the Superintendent of the Northern California & Nevada District of the Assemblies of God, called me to ask if Northwest University would consider working with the district to reach its higher education goals, I immediately said “Yes!” I knew God was up to something exciting. With energy and enthusiasm, we began to plan for our work together to serve churches, pastors, and students with a campus in Sacramento. Although we all mourned for the loss of our sister school, Bethany University, we knew that God had more in store, if we would work and pray together. The vision expanded when we asked an additional question: “Would Pastor Rick Cole and the team at Capital Bible College be interested in joining Northwest University so that together we could launch a campus that had a regional impact?” They said “Yes!” As a result, we now announce the thrilling news that Northwest University Sacramento launches in the Fall of 2013. Our programs enjoy the highest level of accreditation in the country—the same level as Stanford, the University of California, and Cal Poly. But we will not just focus on achieving top academic results. We will focus on training men and women to serve Jesus Christ. As our mission states, “We, the people of Northwest University, carry the call of God by continually building a learning community dedicated to spiritual vitality, academic excellence, and empowered engagement with human need.” We’ve done that in Kirkland, Washington for almost 80 years, and now the mission drives us to Sacramento. The new Northwest University Sacramento campus will offer classes at Capital Christian Center as well as the District Resource Center. Our first degree programs will include the Certificate in Ministry Leadership (online and on-campus), an Associate in Christian Leadership, a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministries, a Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (fully online), and a Master in Ministry (fully online). So I have a question for you: would you join us in this exciting new venture and help us launch our new campus in Sacramento? Maybe you’re in ministry but you haven’t finished your degree yet. Maybe you’ve done a couple years of college and you want to finish with a highlyrespected degree. Maybe you lead a church and want to send your young people to a vibrant, Spirit-filled university where Christ stands at the center of the academic experience. Whatever your situation, if you feel God stirring your heart about how you can partner with Northwest University, I hope you’ll join us in saying “yes!” God has called you by name and has great things in store for your future. Blessings,





itting in church, Sara Ribeiro listened intently as missionaries from Brazil spoke about their work teaching English to people in extreme poverty. She also heard another voice that day: God’s. “I was just sitting there when I heard the Holy Spirit say, ‘This is what I want you to do.’ Ever since that day, I have had a burning desire to serve the poor,” Sara said. She obeyed God’s calling and began pursuing an education to prepare her for ministry. “I had a bad attitude about Bible college at first. I didn’t want to go because people were dying. I just wanted to go help them, but God led me to school. I realized this is where I am supposed to be in this season of life.” After graduating, Sara will be working with a ministry in Mozambique. “I want to build


community centers to teach English in Brazil and Africa. I hope to help end the cycle of poverty in these communities.” While looking for a Christian university, Sara struggled to find a place to belong. The cost of education was a roadblock. For this reason, she is excited about the transition to Northwest University Sacramento and what that means for ministry students. “Northwest University brings a legacy of excellence and the highest level of accreditation. Now, we get one-on-one access to our professors, a family-like community, an affordable education, and access to financial aid. I am blessed with the opportunity to be a part of Northwest University’s legacy of training missionaries.”

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Spiritual Vitality


Why choose NORTHWEST UNIVERSITY Sacramento?

Distinctly Christian Community

• Pursue God with your classmates and professors in a deeply spiritual environment. • Engage with campus ministries and local outreach. • Build lifelong friendships with classmates and professors alike.

Northern California Location

• Conveniently located right off the Highway 50 Corridor and just minutes from downtown. • Opportunity to gain practical ministry insights with hundreds of ministries in a vibrant, 6,000-member church that is active in its community.

Highest Accreditation

• Northwest University is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. This is the highest level of accreditation in the United States.

KEVIN NEWTON Dr. Newton graduated from Bethany Bible College with a B.A. in Ministry. He went on to earn his Master’s in Theology and Doctorate of Ministry in 2006. He is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God and has been the Senior Pastor of Valley Community Church of Sacramento since 1998. Along with pastoring, Kevin has taught college courses at three Bible colleges in California: Global Outreach Bible College, Capital Bible College, Craig College, and now Northwest University Sacramento. He currently resides in Sacramento with his wife and children.

What would you like to say to students considering Northwest University Sacramento?

What makes Northwest university Sacramento different from other Christian schools?

What is your favorite class to teach and why?

What gets you excited most about teaching future ministry students?

If you are considering a biblical education, this is a good place to come. You have professors who are committed to the Word and its practical application. Something that was valuable for me in my education were professors who were willing to engage with students. Teaching is my way of giving back what was given to me years ago.

There are two courses I have been blessed to guide students through over the last 22 years, which have provided the most spiritual transformation in my personal and ministry life. The first has been “Galatians/Romans” and the second has been “The Life of Christ.” While I have taught through both of these courses many times, the content never fails to bring about meaningful reflection and a heart of gratitude for the person and work of Christ. The impact on students who engage the content of these courses also gives evidence of why the Apostle Paul declared with such boldness that he was not ashamed of the Gospel because it is the power of God for salvation.


What makes any school unique is community. There are values in this community that will serve the students well. What makes an education community valuable is not just the content you are receiving, but the relationships you are building that will last a lifetime. The size of the school here makes this more likely.

My professors showed me a way to communicate the Word in a practical way. They taught me it is not about just doing something clever, but communicating the Word in a way that transforms one’s spiritual life. For 27 years, this principle has kept me going. It changed my life and ministry. It provided a perspective in ministry that I want to share with my students.

What about the transition to Northwest are you most excited about?

I am excited about the reputation and resources of Northwest University providing students in Northern California with an environment where they will be spiritually and academically challenged. They can enjoy all of this while belonging to a community where the calling of God on their lives will be nurtured.

DEL TARR Dr. Tarr’s B.A. is from North Central University in Ministry/Missions. His M.A. and Ph.D are in Cultural Anthropology and Cross Cultural Communications. Dr. Tarr has over 50 years of pastoral and missionary experience in 70 countries spanning North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Academically, he has served as a professor, dean, and president of theological seminaries. He is currently serving as the Missions Pastor at Capital Christian Center and as Chancellor Emeritus of Northwest University Sacramento.

What are you most passionate About teaching?

Many teachers make the mistake of thinking they have to be the source of all information. The best teacher should not be judged on what they put into the student’s head, but what they bring out. Bringing out his or her potential is what that student will never forget.

What makes Northwest university Sacramento different from other Christian schools?

It’s the context of where the school is located. The New Testament model for almost everything rotates around a vibrant local church. Why not come and learn theology, Bible, and ministry in the environment of a 6,000-member church? A student can participate, join, learn, and observe an incredible New Testament church that is reaching its community for Jesus.

What would you like to say to students interested in coming to Northwest University Sacramento?

What about the transition to Northwest are you most excited about?

After 27 years, Capital Bible College has been successful at creating disciples. Now, by partnering with Northwest University, we combine all of that past value and upgrade it to a regional accreditation, and still maintain the personality of a small, intimate school.

What are several interesting things people might not know about you?

A few facts about me. I received my private pilot’s license in 1958. Although “officially” retired, I spend five to six months each year in Africa, Europe, and Asia training world ministers in cultural sensitivity. Once while on a hunting trip in Africa, I was chased by a herd of 17 elephants. I am also fluent in French, Mori, and Ewe (Southern Togo), have conversational knowledge in Kasem (Southern Burkina Faso), and studied Mandarin, Tagalog, and Amharic.

It’s an incredible opportunity to gain an accredited education for a lot less than what you would pay at any other private university. Northwest University is a 78-year-old school with an incredible reputation, and you have the chance to tap into that heritage right here in Sacramento. My advice: come!


A Christian’s Journey

pastoral ministries at Northwest university Christian Dawson

Kirkland, Washington


hristian Dawson knew in high school that he wanted to study ministry. Upon graduation, he started applying to schools but realized something was missing from his search. When he discovered Northwest, Christian found what he was looking for . . . a place to belong. Christian shares his experiences at Northwest University’s Kirkland, WA campus: “You assume when going to college that the programs are going to be good. I visited a class at NU Kirkland and it blew me away. So, I knew it was going to be academically challenging. For me, the final decision came down to belonging. Finding that place where I just knew I would belong made a huge difference. This inspired me to come, to learn, and to be engaged in the community here. Who you are will be challenged and stretched, but you will also be celebrated. You will be refined as an individual. NU won’t ‘cookiecutter’ you. You will be allowed to become everything that God has called you to be. You should not just go somewhere to a get a degree, but find a place that makes an impact on your life and where you can contribute.” After his first year, Christian switched his major from music to pastoral ministries. He shared his experiences in the pastoral ministries program. “On average, a pastoral ministries student’s day would include a Bible elective. This may look like studying a specific book or style of writing in the Bible. In addition to Bible classes, we have some really hands-on classes like preaching; we work on our hermeneutics and help each other improve our communication skills. We travel to different churches to listen to other

Areas of Study Majors & Certificates

at nU sacramento - Associate in Christian Leadership Apart from studying pastoral ministries, Christian is NU’s Worship Director.

styles of preaching as well. Additionally, there are other classes that teach finances, dealing with staff, and leadership. These classes are practical and address a lot of assumptions in ministry. Finally, we intern at local churches or serve as part-time staff members. Overall, it is a collaborative environment where you get hands-on experience on how to lead a church.” Working in the local church is a key part of Christian’s education as a ministry student. He encourages students to get involved, too. He said, “A larger church gives you a lot of opportunities to interact, so enjoy them. There is a protection and covering that allows you test and even fail. It’s a safe environment to discover your strengths and the strengths of others that complement your own. They are a people who will forget your mistakes and celebrate your successes.” After graduating, Christian wants to work in the local church, create music, and help with a holistic restoration of the arts in the church. Additionally, he hopes to help pastors develop as leaders. He said, “I want to spend much of my life helping to sharpen people . . . to take care of people who are taking care of people.”

- Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministries - Certificate in Ministry Leadership (Online and On-Campus) - Master in Ministry (Online) - Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Online)

For students & Parents More Information Classes will be held both at Capital

now it’s your turn to connect with us Apply Today!

Christian Center and at the Northern California and Nevada District

Resource Center beginning this Fall 2013.

Northwest University is regionally accredited by the Northwest

Commission on Colleges and

Universities, the highest level of pick up the phone: 916.856.5677

accreditation in the United States.


9470 Micron Avenue Sacramento, CA 95827

5 Easy Steps to Preparing for College 1 Research 2 Visit While academics are important, college is about The best way to find out if a college is a lot more than potential majors. Check out college websites and request information to learn more about what makes each school unique.

the right fit is to visit the campus. Sit in a classroom, talk to current students, and meet the faculty.

Aid 4 Financial The cost of college can seem intimidating, but there are many ways to help

make it affordable. Find out about available scholarships, grants, and loans. The first step to apply for financial aid is to submit the FAFSA with the NU school code of 003783.

3 Apply After you have narrowed down your list of schools, apply for admission! Follow the application requirements and contact the Admissions Office with questions.

Questions 5 Ask Throughout the process, you’re going to have questions.

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Connect online to get the answers you need.

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