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annual report



Timothy J. Nelson President

Continuing a legacy of philanthropy

As we look to the future, it is apparent that the continued generosity of our supporters will be vital for the college to progress.

Perhaps no legacy casts a better light on what has made Northwestern Michigan College such a great success than the spirit of philanthropy that has always been a hallmark of everything we do.

For more than six decades, generous gifts of time and resources have made it possible for NMC to continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of our learners. As we look to the future, it is apparent that the continued generosity of our supporters will be vital for the college to progress. In early December, our Foundation Board held a half-day retreat to discuss the challenges and opportunities before the college, and what resources we will need going forward. It was a meaningful discussion, and a reminder of how fortunate NMC is to have such committed and engaged supporters.

We identified four areas that will require increased resources: Student access: While NMC remains an affordable option for most, rising costs and decreased funding from state and local sources imperils access for a growing number of our students. NMC is responding, as we always have, by creating greater scholarship opportunities. Facilities and technology infrastructure: NMC has set itself apart from colleges and universities of all sizes in our ability to provide unequaled hands-on opportunities for our students. Specialized, experiential learning in top-notch facilities on state-of-the-art equipment gives our students a leg up in their careers. Leadership and talent: Great people work at NMC, and as we grow and intensify our focus in certain areas we need to be able to attract and retain more of the dedicated experts who will lead the programs of the future. Dennos Museum Center: For more than 20 years, the Dennos has brought world-class art, artists and performers to our little corner of the world. In order for us to continue to provide the quality you have become accustomed to, the Dennos needs even more of the great support it has always received from our community.

I thank you for your support of NMC at this exciting time as we take the next steps in our continued evolution as an institution. As always, I encourage you to let me know your thoughts at Explore each focus area in the following pages.


Rebecca M. Teahen, CFRE

Executive Director of Resource Development & NMC Foundation

The view from Founders Hall this time of year is priceless. Snowflakes fall from the sky, the sidewalks are quiet while students are home for the holidays, and I am reminded of how fortunate we are to have this tremendous resource, NMC, within a community that truly appreciates “our college.” As you read in the previous letter from Tim Nelson, we recently took some time to reflect on all the gifts our community has bestowed on NMC. The college was established in 1951, thanks to the vision of our community leaders and the philanthropic support of many. Today, that tradition of philanthropy continues, thanks to generous friends like you who have chosen to support the NMC Foundation. The Foundation is the fundraising arm of the college and exists solely to assist NMC in realizing its mission and vision. This annual report serves as one vehicle to keep you informed of the impact your gifts make in the lives of our students and the amazing work of our faculty and staff to create new programs and re-invent others.

Over the past fiscal year (July 2012 through June 2013), the Foundation Board and staff began work to implement a new strategic plan which will position us well to meet the evolving needs of the college. As a result of this ongoing work, I hope you’ll enjoy hearing more about the impact of your gifts and find more meaningful ways to engage with programs and people at NMC. As part of this plan, we have set some ambitious fundraising goals. I hope we can rely on you to renew your support of NMC and consider ways that the NMC Foundation might help you achieve your lifetime philanthropic goals. We are counting on you to help us build the foundation of support required to create the NMC of tomorrow – a college that continues to shape the future of learners and build a stronger community. Thank you for everything you have done to help us get this far. As always, the team here at the Foundation (located in Founders Hall on NMC’s main campus) would love to hear from you in person. Please drop by or give us a call and let us know how we can serve you better. For more information 2

Student access

It is thanks to support from friends like you that NMC continues to thrive and provide timely, inspiring learning opportunities to our students and community members. When asked to use one word which best describes NMC, our Foundation Board responded with these thoughts:

Above: Ninth grade students are inducted into the Commitment Scholarship Program which provides mentoring throughout high school and, upon successful completion, a full tuition scholarship to NMC, funded through charitable contributions to the NMC Foundation. to learn more

$ = $$ $ $ $ For every dollar a student spends on education at NMC, they earn, on average, $5.30 in future income


621 SCHOLARSHIPS There were 621 scholarship recipients in 2013, a 13% increase from 2012

=100% 100% of the recent Maritime Academy cadets were employed the Monday following their graduation


NMC’s annual impact on the Grand Traverse economy is $188 million.

The NMC Annual Fund is the resource for establishing a broad foundation of sustainable funding for NMC’s programs and scholarships. Gifts made to the Annual Fund support a range of needs that impact current and future students who come to NMC for innovative programs and life-changing opportunities. You can make a difference by seeding the future so knowledge and education will continue for generations.

YOUR GIFT WILL: Open doors to deserving students, change lives with the promise of education, broaden horizons by bringing art and culture from around the world to our community, and inspire others to give.


Leadership and talent

Great Lakes Water Studies Institute Students Take Their Studies Abroad

Students in the Freshwater Studies program completed their internship in Costa Rica in the summer of 2013. After a two-week boot camp with Lisa Dohm, instructor of Spanish, students experienced two weeks in Costa Rica with Great Lakes Water Studies Education and Outreach Coordinator, Dr. Constanza Hazelwood.

NMC students joined a team of faculty and students from EARTH University to install a biodigester at a small local farm in the community of Las Lomas. The application of this low-cost technology helps farmers treat their organic waste and produce gas to power generators and supply energy for cooking and heating water.

Upon arrival at EARTH University, the group was greeted by students from all over the world. Every day, NMC students had opportunities to interact with other students at EARTH and exchange ideas about “America” and its people. “Interestingly, they had an image of the United States that I did not anticipate,” said Mara Penfil.

NMC has been invited to be a part of EARTH University Consortium for Sustainability, a group of ten U.S. universities that offer study abroad using EARTH’s resources. NMC Water Studies staff, working with EARTH University, will create a 2014 itinerary to serve a diverse group of students with multiple interests. The new itinerary will include cultural, social, and science related activities for students with minimum or no Spanish skills. Contact the Great Lakes Water Studies Institute to learn more: (231) 995-1722.

One of the highlights of this trip was the opportunity to engage in community service projects at a local one-house school. Our students taught the Costa Rican children English, and the children taught our students Spanish. “It is a lot easier to practice Spanish with children!” said Miriam Owsley.

Nat Geo and Costa Rica photos

NMC’s Freshwater Research Featured on National Geographic NMC’s Great Lakes Water Studies Institute and students from the Freshwater Studies degree program recently conducted a two month research investigation in the Manitou Passage area of Lake Michigan. This research was focused on providing baseline information of the subsurface environment for further understanding of recent avian botulism outbreaks occurring in the region as part of a research award from the Department of Interior – National Park Service, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Utilizing an EM3002 multibeam acoustic sonar from Kongsberg Underwater Technologies, NMC collected bathymetric (depth) data at resolutions never before gathered in the region. The work of our students was showcased in the internationally televised National Geographic program Drain the Great Lakes. The students who participated in the research program have gone on to global employment opportunities directly related to the skills gained during this project. NMC continues to work closely with the National Park Service in support of further understanding of Great Lakes issues affecting our region.

This program is a great example of NMC’s commitment to preparing students for success in a global society and economy. The research conducted will also serve as an important tool to understand and protect our freshwater resources. You can help to support this program by making a gift to the NMC Foundation in support of Freshwater Studies. Your charitable support will ensure that we are able to continue this important work well into the future.

From National Geographic: Drain the Great Lakes North America’s Great Lakes are the largest system of free fresh water on earth, wielding huge influence on the continent. Over 34 million people live by their shores in some of the greatest cities in the world. This groundbreaking television program pulls a virtual plug on the huge lakes, using computer-generated imagery to reveal hidden secrets of their human history and changing geological past. 6

Dennos museum

National Geographic

Brings Birds of Paradise to Dennos Museum

Birds of Paradise: Amazing Avian Evolution from the National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC, highlights a year of outstanding programming at the Dennos Museum Center. That old line “it’s not what you know, but who you know” came into play in a big way for the Dennos when Fred Hiebert, Nat Geo archeologist, the son of Dennos Museum volunteer Toni, and Talbert Hiebert, encouraged National Geographic to open the national tour for the Birds of Paradise exhibition at the Dennos Museum Center. Fred has been a friend of the museum for many years and lectured here during the River of Gold exhibition in 2009. Birds of Paradise was unlike any prior exhibition to come to the Dennos. It was composed of numerous interactive exhibit modules that required careful dismantling at National Geographic which were then packed and shipped on four semi-trucks and reinstalled over two weeks in the Dennos galleries by a crew from National Geographic working alongside museum staff and volunteers. Prior visits by National Geographic staff to the Dennos and visits there by our staff worked out the logistics for all of this to happen. On June 15th, over 400 museum members and guests saw the results of that effort with an opening featuring one of the researchers/photographers, Edwin Scholes, who told the story of the years of effort on the island of New Guinea that led to this spectacular exhibition. Birds of Paradise: Amazing Avian Evolution was an expensive undertaking that came with short notice for the Dennos and was only possible thanks to significant support from the Herrington-Fitch and Biederman Foundations. The exhibition closed on September 22, having hosted over 10,000 visitors at a premium admission price. “Birds of Paradise opened a new avenue of connection for the Dennos Museum Center with National Geographic that is already leading to exploration of new exhibition opportunities,” says Gene Jenneman, Executive Director of the Dennos, “I fully expect it will not be the last time we engage in an important project with them. Stay tuned!”

Each year, up to 25% of Annual Fund dollars are allocated to the NMC Innovation Grant program. In 2007, the NMC Board of Trustees made this statement: “We will continuously improve the learning experience and its relevance to those we serve through innovation, agility, and thoughtful risk-taking.” To help encourage and support innovation, the NMC Board of Trustees asked the NMC Foundation to establish Innovation Grant Funds for faculty, staff, and students. Over the past fiscal year, the Foundation awarded grants to six different projects, including: ENGAGE: Living by Leading and Learning Identifying and Supporting At-risk Students

This is an innovative program to help improve retention, grade point average, and leadership skills among NMC residence hall students. Two cohorts of students residing on the same floor are divided into leadership students and academic support students. Results are promising, as student success has begun to improve. “I love what I do. To see students helping other students, and ultimately to see those students I’ve helped walk across the stage on graduation day…it’s just the best feeling!” – Marcus Bennett, Director of Residence Life & Judicial Affairs Mobile Education Technology at the Dennos Museum Center

The introduction of Mobile Education Technology (MET) at the Dennos Museum Center will create new and as-of-yet underutilized avenues for teaching and learning among all of NMC’s communities. The Dennos Education Department has been using iPads in a variety of capacities and

is training docents to use them on tours. iPads have been utilized for staff and visiting guest lectures, docent resource materials including audio, video, and tour demonstrations. Exploring the Potential Benefits and Challenges of L.E.D. Vertical Agriculture Indoors

Dr. Constanza Hazelwood, Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Great Lakes Water Studies Institute, is leading a team of students, including NMC’s research assistant Tanner Ciganick, EARTH University’s intern Luis Miguel Gomez, and NMC students in the Freshwater Studies program to design, monitor, sustain, and evaluate a sustainable model for indoor farming, using artificial lighting. The team completed the design and construction of its first prototype “VERDEL,” a fourseason indoor “vertical farm” last September. “VERDEL serves as a model of sustainability for its high yield, low construction costs, and low maintenance footprint.” said Constanza Hazelwood.

facilities and technology infrastructure

NMC Annual Fund Supports Innovation


of Northwestern Michigan College Please join us in congratulating our 2013 recipients

The Fellow is Northwestern Michigan College’s highest honor, awarded annually since 1964. Fellows may be nominated because they have demonstrated influential networking on behalf of the college, have demonstrated a pattern of outstanding financial or personal time contributions to NMC, or as a retiree of the college continue to contribute back to their academic or professional fields as volunteers, mentors, or advisors. Exceptional contributions in one or more of these areas may justify nomination. No staff, faculty, or trustee shall be named a Fellow while still employed or in office.

Don A. Good, M.D. Dr. Good practices gynecology and surgery with Grand Traverse Women’s Clinic. His service to NMC spans three decades, beginning when he joined the NMC Foundation Board in 1984. He served as Annual Fund co-chair in 1986 and on the Great Lakes Campus campaign. Personally, Dr. Good has supported a variety of initiatives including the Ferguson-Osterlin Endowed Scholarship, Commitment Scholarships, the Dennos Museum Center, as well as general unrestricted gifts. He plays a key role in the annual NMC Scholarship Open and served as chairman for three years. Dr. Good has also been instrumental in engaging the medical community in supporting college initiatives.

Walter J. Hooper As an alumnus, a trustee, and now a Fellow, Jay Hooper’s connection to NMC stretches back more than 40 years. A partner with Great Northern Benefits Insurance, he was an elected member of NMC’s Board of Trustees from 2000-2012, and served as board chair for three of those years. He also served as a member of the NMC Foundation Board from 1992-2000. In addition to his direct involvement at NMC, Hooper positively affected the mission of the college through his many other public service commitments in Grand Traverse County. Hooper was also the recipient of the Outstanding Alumnus award in 1999, being a 1968 graduate of NMC. Search fellows at Nominate someone you know to be an NMC Fellow!

NMC Fellows 2013 Don A. Good, M.D., Walter J. Hooper 1979 2012 Hettie Molvang 1978 2011 Terence S. (Terry) Malone 1977 2010 James MacInnes, Elaine C. Wood 1976 2009 Jean Howard, Ted & Phyllis Kidd, D. Jerome & Margery Slack 1974 2008 Charles E. & Barbara S. Benson, Louise Hagerty, Wayne H. & Terry Lobdell 1973 2007 Donald Oleson, Sr., Gerald Oleson, Jr. 1972 2006 Walter E. & Elaine L. Beardslee 1971 2005 William G. Janis, Jacqueline E. & Mark L. Ribel 1970 2004 Rotary Charities of Traverse City 1969 2003 Christia P. Kamm, Shirley S. Okerstrom 1968 2002 Marvin & Luella Rorick 1967 2001 George C. Comden, Bart T. Stupak, Norman & Marjory Veliquette 1966 2000  Nick & Frances Rajkovich 1965 1999 Robert T. Hughes, Robert & Grace Rudd, Capt. George J. Ryan 1998 Thomas C. Jones, Edward C. Walker 1964 1997 James J. Beckett, Al Shumsky, Dudley & Barbara Smith III 1996 David Lee Gray, Paul T. & Frances B. Johnson, Donald W. & Gail M. Nugent 1995 Dr. Charles D. Kesner, Richard W. Olson, Dr. C. Russell Wentworth 1994 Dr. Charles & Dolores Kelly, Barbara I.C. MacFarlane, Jane E. Norton, Frank E. Noverr 1993 Walter Holland 1992 Susie (Kildee) Janis, Paul Welch 1991 Sen. George A. McManus, Jr. 1990 Helen W. Milliken, JoAnne M. Zimmerman 1989 Gordon Lightfoot, Arthur M. & Mary E. Schmuckal, Adm. Willard J. Smith, U.S.C.G. 1988 Robert L. Goff, Jack B. Stegenga 1987 Marie G. McCarthy, Gretchen Votruba 1986 Bernard C. Rink 1985 Frank W. Tezak, Ralph J. & Mary E. Lautner, Joseph H. Rogers 1984 Alice A. Drulard, Blake Forslund 1983 Michael & Barbara Dennos, V. Adm. Paul E. Trimble (Ret.) 1981 Lester M. Biederman, Dr. Warren W. Cline 1980 Lt. Gov. Connie Binsfeld

Doris Nerbonne, Everett R. Hames John L. Horton Julius C. Sleder Ferris N. Crawford James P. DeLapa, Andrew L. Olson Dr. Harry L. Weitz, Sen. Robert P. Griffin Dorothy C. Hall, Preston N. Tanis James E. Clune, Arthur G. Whitelock Harry T. Running, Helen Osterlin Corrine J. Naar Julius H. Beers Eugene B. Power Wilbur C. Munnecke George I. Altenburg, Gov. William G. Milliken, Leslie Tremaine, Bernice Tremaine Arnell G. Engstrom, Gerald & Frances Oleson, Ferris J. Rennie, Harold & Imogene Wise, Ellis A. Wunsch, Ph.D.


Outstanding Alumni This honorary award was established in 1988 to recognize NMC alumni who are noteworthy for their: • Continued donation of time, talent, resources, and enthusiasm on behalf of the college • Significant professional achievements • Exemplary leadership in community and professional activities past Honorees

2013 2013 2012 2012 2012 2011 2011 2010 2010 2009 2009 2009 2008 2007 2006

Paul Britten Peg Jonkhoff Kathleen McManus Steve Rawlings Timothy Young Ruth Ann LaMott Glenn Wolff Ross Biederman Susanne Janis Verna Bartnick Bruce Byl Timothy M. Dunn Todd McMillen John Robert Williams James DeLapa

Peg Jonkhoff 2013 Honoree

2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1993 1991 1990 1989 1988

Larry Inman Jean Rokos Jason Allen Maurie Dennis SGA Presidents John Pelizzari Walter Hooper III James Clancy* Honorable Richard Benedict* Dr. Lloyd Hackley John & Gloria Lyon Alexander Galligan* David* & Sally Viskochil Morris Thomas Dr. Charles Kesner

Peg Jonkhoff, of Traverse City, graduated from Northwestern Michigan College in 1976 with an Associate of Commerce Degree. Peg is now co-owner and administrative director at the Reynolds-Jonkhoff Funeral Home where she works with her husband, Dan, and their two daughters, Chris Jonkhoff and Lindsey (Jonkhoff) Rogers. Prior to joining the family business full-time in 1992, Peg earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Ferris State University, the latter through NMC’s University Center. She also taught for five years in NMC’s business academic area. As an active community member, Peg is a member of the Zonta Club of Traverse City and The Friendly Garden Club (life member and Master Gardener). She is a founding member of the Botanic Gardens of Northwest Michigan, past chair of the Board of Directors of the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce, History Center of Traverse City board member, member of the National Cherry Festival Board of Governors, member and past president of the Board of Directors of the Traverse City Golf and Country Club, and a member of First Congregational Church. Nominate 2014’s outstanding alumni * Deceased

Outstanding Alumni Continued

Paul Britten 2013 Honoree

Paul Britten, founder and CEO of Britten, Inc., took an unconventional path to NMC, literally. As a nine-year-old in the mid-1970s, he cut through the woods behind his home on Apache Pass to the then-new NMC Art Building to take pottery classes. The faculty he met shaped him and prepared him for a future as an entrepreneur in commercial art. Britten’s Traverse City-based company is the leading provider of creative production services, event signage, and large-format digital printing. “I just spent basically an exorbitant amount of time in that Fine Arts building. I was this little kid that was always there,” Britten said. “I do believe today, 30 years later, that the culture of my company is partly a reflection of a lot of those wonderful years at NMC.”


Making a Difference and Continuing a Tradition

Schneider Story | Seabrook Story

When Gary Seabrook was a junior high student in Traverse City back in the 1960s, he kept what he calls a “dignified distance” from his mom, Joanne. After all, she was the principal’s secretary. That can make things a little rough for a kid. But five decades later, Seabrook is plenty proud of his mom’s profession, and overseeing a $100,000 bequest she made to NMC’s business program. “It’s more than answering the phone and taking messages and typing,” Seabrook said. “She saw it as a strategic position in which you could make a difference.”

Joanne Seabrook died in February 2013 at the age of 95. Widowed when Gary was just two, her profession also allowed Joanne to provide for her son. Seabrook graduated from Traverse City High School in 1971 and from NMC in 1973. He went on to medical school and is now director of surgical services and a professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin. But it was the instructors at NMC whom Seabrook remembers best.“Clearly the faculty were very vested in my education and my success,” he said. With his mother’s gift, NMC will now have more resources to continue that tradition.

Losing a Spouse After 43 Years of Marriage Changes Everything For Kingsley resident Clair Schneider, the January 2013 death of his wife, Mary Ann, was a window through which he saw his own mortality for the first time. “We discussed wills, but we never did anything about it,” said Schneider, 65. That’s no longer the case. Following his wife’s death, Schneider made arrangements for a planned gift to NMC, where Mary Ann taught sign language for 22 years and both worked as sign language interpreters. The couple had no children, and Schneider wanted to ensure matters are handled according to his wishes after he, too, is gone.

“To me, colleges are just a big deal,” said Schneider, who earned a degree from Lansing Community College. After the couple moved up north, he enrolled in a variety of classes at NMC, from AUTOCAD to Spanish. “Working there and being a student, I was totally impressed by the instructors,” he said. While he still grieves the loss of his wife, the decision has given Schneider some peace of mind. “I decided to do that right away, so I wouldn’t have to think about it,” Schneider said. “Her death made me conscious of my own mortality.” For ways to support NMC

Biederman Society The Biederman Society offers a way to recognize donors who provide for the future needs of the college by including a gift in their estate plans. The Society is named for Lester M. Biederman whose inspiration and dedication led to the founding of NMC. It is with sincere appreciation that we recognize the donors below who have chosen to invest in the future of our college by making a planned gift to NMC. Thomas & Garnett Anderson Robert & Charlene Barko Walter & Elaine Beardslee James Beckett Dr. J. G. Marc Bertrand Ross & Brenda Biederman Mary Ann Bush Bruce & Mary Byl George Comden Marguerite Cotto & Andrew Craven James & Judy Delapa Patricia Delonnay Barbara* & Michael* Dennos William & Phyllis Donberg Dr. Ilse & Ronald Dove Monon Dunn* Alvin Eckhardt Richard & Isabelle Firestone Leonard & Charlene Gerow Robert* & Dorothy Gerrity Francis & Jacqueline Gingras Gordon Lightfoot Concerts Kathleen & Mark Guy Kim Hanninen Nancy Johnson & Timothy Nelson

Thomas Jones Christine & Terrance Keenan Dr. Charles & Dee Kelly Edwin* & Phyllis Kidd Sally King & David Reed William & Bonnie King Wayne & Terry Lobdell Richard Lord Terry & Sally Malone Craig & Kathi Mulder Clarine Olson Kenneth Pickering Anne Robinson Dr. Edward & Sharon Rutkowski Thomas & Karen Sabin Terry & Janet Sanborn MaryAnn* & Clair Schneider Carol Shaw Barbara & Dudley Smith III Vern Strassburg Margery & Kenneth Taylor David & Diana Terrell Dr. William & Shirley Weiss Richard Zehner * Deceased For more information 14

Thank You NMC Donors! Founder $10,000 and over The Les and Anne Biederman Foundation, Inc. DTE Energy Foundation The Hagerty Group and Hagerty Charitable Fund The Herrington-Fitch Family Foundation, Inc. Interlake Steamship Company William G. Janis & Susanne M. Janis Family Foundation Christian Kamm Gordon Lightfoot Concerts Diana and Richard Milock, Milock Holdings, LLC NMC - BBQ Board The Oleson Foundation Rotary Charities of Traverse City The Art and Mary Schmuckal Family Foundation David Sheetz Foundation Barbara & Dudley Smith III Richard & Kimiko Williams Zonta Club of Traverse City


Scholar $5,000 – $9,999 Sally & Nathanael Adamson American Waste The Bank of Northern Michigan Beers Family Foundation Lawrence & Susan Burks The Coleman Foundation George Comden H. Cox & Son, Inc. Mary Christine Dennos Fifth Third Bank

= NMC = Dennos = WNMC = Great Lakes Maritime Academy

Great Lakes Forge, Inc. Huntington National Bank Hurst Mechanical Jordan Exploration Company, LLC Merjel Foundation Michigan Humanities Council Timothy Nelson & Nancy Johnson Dr. Edward & Sharon Rutkowski Dr. Ramin Sarrafizadeh & Dr. Amy Noffke TBA Credit Union Utopia Foundation Teacher $2,500 – $4,999 Bonnie Alfonso George & Patricia Bearup Douglas & Virginia Bishop Elaine Bridges Mary Ann Bush Maria Carbajal Economic Club of Traverse City Ford Insurance Agency Francis & Jacqueline Gingras, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Northern Michigan Group Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation Sara & Eric Harding, SNH Holdings, Inc. Niel Haugen Devin & Robin Hill Illinois Tool Works Foundation John & Jane Matz, June 8th Foundation, Inc. Wayne & Terry Lobdell Magnum Hospitality, Inc.

Mesick Dental Center Hettie Molvang Craig & Kathi Mulder Marion & Joseph Nied Northern Michigan Advertising Club Northpointe Food Ventures, LLC Noverr Enterprise, LLC David & Kelley Peterson Lori Reinhart Robert & Grace Rudd Schuberg Agency Inc. Dr. Stephen & Peg Siciliano Mary Jo Sleder Yen Yoga & Fitness, LLC Mentor $1,000 – $2,499 ABCD Marine, LLC Peter & Geralyn Adamski Alden Volunteers American Great Lakes Ports Association Inc. Doris Bautch Walter & Elaine Beardslee Richard & Lorraine Beers Charles & Barbara Benson Jay & Maureen Berger Brian Blood Brandt Fisher Alward & Pezzetti PC Patricia & David Burtch Bruce & Mary Byl Chemical Bank Cherry Republic Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program Comfort Keepers Cone Drive Operations, Inc. Jane McNulty Cook & Jonathan Cook

Note: Total gifts based on full amount given and do not account for the value of any items received. Gifts given between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

Cornerstone Architects Casey Cowell CRM, Inc. D & W Mechanical Dr. Raymond & Julie Dean Craig Dilloway Dr. Ilse & Ronald Dove Stephen & Carolyn Drake The Donald & Doris Duchene Foundation Daniel & Debra Edson Richard & Isabelle Firestone William A. Fisher II Family Foundation The Honorable Charles & Dianna Forster Douglas Gage & Cheryl Sisk Richard Ganfield Gilbert’s Service Oil Company Global Remediation Technologies, Inc. Gosling Czubak Engineering Sciences, Inc. Margaret & Richard* Gove Grand Traverse Distillery Grand Traverse-Leelanau-Benzie County Medical Society Grand Traverse Resort

Susan & B. Jay Griner Kathleen & Mark Guy Richard & Debra Hall, Debra J. Hall Real Estate James & Cynthia Hart Agnes Hayden Independent Wealth Management J & R Services Thomas Jones Dr. Charles & Dee Kelly Phyllis & Ted Kidd John & Jacqueline Kindra Susan & Robert Kuras James & Miriam Longcore Lulu’s Bistro Kay & David Lurie Susan & Michael Maasberg James & Christina MacInnes Peter & Anne Magoun Terry & Sally Malone Carole & Sam Marlatt Bill Marsh Family Auto Paul Maurer, Paul Maurer General Contracting Michael McNamara

Todd McMillen, McMillen’s Instant Framer James & Rita McPhall Peter Meyer William Millar Patrick & Dolores Miller Ruth Moenkhaus Epting Dr. Jayne Mohr & Cal Karr, Wendy’s of Marquette, Inc. Northwestern Bank Dr. James Rae* Richard & Leslie Redmond Rehmann Ann Rogers Marvin* & Luella Rorick Arthur Schmuckal* T. Kathleen Schuberg Seafarer Chapter Inc. Jill Send Dr. David & Susan Sheldon Yvonne Simsa Spaghetti Jim’s Joanne Sprouse State Savings Bank Robert & Kay Stehouwer

Richard & Nancy Steiger Dr. Douglas & Jeane Stetson Sun Tel Services Dr. Gene Tang T.C. Convention & Visitors Bureau Terrapin Network Services Thermal-Tec Michigan, Inc. Bobby & Karen (Dolan) Thompson Todd’s Welding Traverse City State Bank Veterans for Peace Chapter 50 Mike & Dawn Wesenberg Avace & Bruce Wildie Randy & Joan Woods Robert & Pauline Young Leader $500 - $999 Charlene Abernethy & Michael Gill Gerard & Susan Achenbach John Steve Adler Edward & Mary Arbut Dr. John* & Sharon Bartone Dr. Jerry Beasley & Dr. Fleda Brown Marcia Bellinger & Irwin Stoner Thomas & Jennie Bender Benzie Area Women’s History Project Ross & Brenda Biederman Richard Bingham Blodgett Oil Co. Inc. Bloxsom Roofing & Siding Co. Lisa Boike Boride Engineered Abrasives Boskydel Vineyard Melba Bram Burritt’s Fresh Markets Sharon & James Carlin

Bill & Sandy Cartwright Catt Development Cherry Bowl Cruisers Sonja Cline Susan & Al Cogswell Susanne & Jerome Colligan Connemara Concerts Aaron C. Cook Marguerite Cotto & Andrew Craven Barbara Cox Critter Control Custer Workplace Interiors Lindsey & Robert Dickinson Andrew & Beri Dolan Dow Chemical Foundation Daniel & Judith Druskovich DuHadway Kendall & Associates Dutmers Family Endowment G. Thomas & Monica Dutmers Electro-Optics Technology, Inc. Doris & Rick Ellery Edward English Michael & Rhonda Estes Dr. Stuart Everett Kathryn & Stephen Fisher Gordon Friese & Mary Anne Rivers-Friese Adam Gahn & Anne Gahn Frank Geib Scott & Ruth Goethals Dr. Don & Barbara Good Great Lakes Maritime Academy Alumni Assoc. Great Lakes Maritime Task Force Kristen Gresock Cristian Gross

* Deceased


Thank You NMC Donors! Richard Hamper Jr. Donna Hirs-Halloway Robert & Jane Holdeman The Homestead James & Joan Hook Dr. William & Jean Howard Richard Hurst IPEX Ann Ivers-Moore Jenkins Group, Inc. Carolyne & Arnold Johnson Jill & Steven Johnson Kristen Joppich Charles & Susan Judson Kari & Chad Kahler Theodore & Shirley Kempton Dr. Amjad Khan & Jan Durkhanai Edwin & Phyllis Kidd Randall Kiessel Brigid Klodzinski Charles & Susan Konieczny Larkin Group Mark & Catharina Lundmark Steve MacQueen Jilma Marriott Memorial Trust McJunkin Redman Corp. Members Credit Union Delbert & Sally Michel Nancy Moore Vita & Christopher Morse William & Lauren Moss Jeffrey Motl Munson Medical Center Maurice & Jo Anne Nelson Dr. Walter & Dr. Susan Noble North Georgia Community Donald & Patricia Pirkle Foundation Fund

= NMC = Dennos = WNMC = Great Lakes Maritime Academy

Northwest Michigan Council of Governments Northwest Michigan Street Rod Assoc. Laura Oblinger Dr. Keith & Wendy Overbaugh Patisserie Amie Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. Roger & Heather Perry PNC Bank Pam Prairie Priority Health Propeller Club of United States Port of Detroit Jeff Rademacher William Rastetter & Carolyn Weed Darrell & Dawn Rogers Laura A. Schmidt Schmuckal Oil Company James & Jan Schroth Wallace & Patricia Schroth Gregory Seman Richard & Jean Shoquist Rob & Andrea Sigworth William Skinner Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge PC Jonathan Smith Sodexo Wendy & Richard Steele Cheryl & William Sullivan Terry & Michael Tarnow Rebecca Teahen & Ben Purdy Herman & Laurie Thomas Traverse City Products, Inc. Robert & Katharine Turner Nancy & Don Vangilder Karen Viskochil Carl Walker

James Weakley Chris & Steven Weber Dr. Charles & Ann Weitz Paul & Delphine Welch David & Jean Werling George & Rosalie Whyel Y Concrete, Inc. John & Jennifer Young Matthew Young Megan Young R. M. Young Company Timothy & Kathleen Young, Food For Thought, Inc. John & Jacquelyn Zimmerman Learner $100 - $499 ABI, Inc. Sam Abood Dwain & Christina Abramowski Mary Acosta Keith Adler Admiralty Maritime Services Inc. Michael & Laura Alanson Sandra & Marc Alderman Jeannie & Alan Aldrich ALL Automotive Kathryn Allen & Richard Hylwa Thomas Allerton & Ann Parker Alpers Excavating, Inc. Assad & Sandra Al-Shamma Fred & Helen Altman Martha & Leroy Alvarez American Merchant Marine Veterans Golden Gate Chapter William Amstutz George & Carolyn Anderson Karen Anderson

Note: Total gifts based on full amount given and do not account for the value of any items received. Gifts given between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

Dr. Sallee & Thomas Anderson Larry & Sharon Andringa Philip & May Lis Andrus Anonymous Anytime Fitness of Traverse City Kimberly Arbour Kriss & Carol Arbury John Arlt Maritza Armagan Jon & Mary Armstrong Sarah Armstrong Thomas & Arden Atkinson Gerald & Kristine Auger Glenn & Mary Bader Randy Baidas Bruce & Judy Balas Gary & Christi Bardenhagen Donald & Jeanette Basch Patricia Batta Ruth Bay Beach Bards Aaron Beach Kevin Beaudoin Bryce Beckett Douglas Bedell & Linda Offenbecker Nanette Bedick Alan & Martha Beer Adam & Allison Beers Jerald Bell DuaneMiriam & Gary Bender Dr. Carl & Sara Lynn Benner Marcus Bennett Eugene Berg Kirk & Julie Bergsma Ralph & Lynda Bergsma Linda Berlin Dr. J. G. Marc Bertrand


Ernest & Betty Beutler Dennis & Patricia Beyer Dr. Flora Biancalana & Robert Brown Carole Bielak Big Apple Bagels Dr. Henrietta Barnes & Dr. Philip S. Thomas Nancy & L. Randell Billingsley Kimberli & Kendall Bindschatel Ueli & Janice Binkert John & Bonita Biolchini Jeffrey Birch Dorothy Bird Black & Williams Black Rock Forge Robert & Carol Blackmer John & Annette Block Felicia Bloom Barbara Bloomer & Kay Wentzel Edwin & Laurie Blough Dottie Blue Sanford & Maxine Blumenfeld Gilbert & Anne Bogley Andrew Bonczyk & Janice Heuer Alfred & Joan Bonney Maurice & Linda Borden Onlee Bowden & Lee Torrey Lee & Carol Bowen Bowerman Bowden Ford Clulo & Luyt PC Gary & Barbara Bowerman Sue Bowerman Dr. Andrew & Angela Boyce June & George Boyd Garry & Janet Boyer Marinan & Lyle Bradford Shaunna Bradford & Mikel Wojtkowiak

April & Christopher Branson Brauer Productions, Inc. Kurt Braun Jeffrey Brearley & Christina Drake Brearley Marcia Brewer Robert & Nancy Brick Wayne Brimhall Robert Brotebeck RADM David Brown Patrick Brys Michele & A. Michael Buday Jeff Budz Deborah Bull Jo Bullis Linda & Dave Burkey Julie Burks Joanne & Keith Burnham Jack Burton* Don Butkovich & Gae Ellery Matthew & Supapan Butler Steven & Sara Jane Bye Harvey & Kathy Calcutt Douglas Campbell & Sandra Robey Fieldon & Sandra Carden Steve Carey Jerry & Linda Carlson Laura Carlton Laura & Gary Carmickle Karen Carmody Martin Carpenter Colin & Gloria Carrier Grant & Terry Carrithers Robert Carroll Charles Cart Chris Casciano Marlene & Terrance Caszatt

Richard & Marlene Cenci Robert & Carol Cenci Ralph & Maureen Cerny Timothy Cerny Gregg Chance & Mary Anne Macy Randall Chapman Mary Ellen Charlton Linda & John Charters Bryan Chartrand Garrett Chase Robert & Elaine Chauvin Melissa Chenault K. Ross & Helen Childs Susan Childs Mary & Hacheck Chobanian Michael Chobanian Emmy Lou Cholak & John Shields James & Roberta Chrestensen Judy Chu Deborah Cikalo Cisco Matching Funds Clarke-Everett Dog & Cat Hospital Karen Cline Matt Cody Donald & Marylou Coe Ellen Cohn Dr. Keith Cohrs Dick & Betty Coleman Jo Ann Collins Consolidated Financial Corp. Dean & S. L. Coobac Howard & Mary Cook Dr. James Cook Tim & Vicki Cook Melvin & Marsha Cooke Cathleen Cooley David & Lisa Cooper

Beverly Copeland Bradley Copeland Harold Cortwright Karen Costley & Paul King Nicholas & Mary Covell Shirley Crandall Anna Crane Ronald & Elodie Crawford Anne & Keith Crowe Melissa Culver Patrick & Nancy Curley Marcia & Ted Curran Patrick & Margaret Curtin Nicholas Curto Dr. Daniel & Gail Dall’olmo David Dalquist Amanda & Paul Danielson Catherine Davidson Susan & Christian DeCamillis Bernard & Carol Deering Annette Deibel Kelly & Mark DeLonge Robert & Sherron DeLonge Anthony Demerle George & Janice Dendrinos M. Anne Dennany Patricia Denton Dr. Steven & Lynn Derr Richard Deskin Dewey Insurance Christine Deyo John* & Rita Dick Sherri Dittman Donna & Larry Dodd Lisa & Thomas Dohm William & Phyllis Donberg Pamela & John Doneth

* Deceased


Thank You NMC Donors! Robert & Karen Dopke Robert & Nancy Doughty Julia & Chris Doyal Sam & Linda Drelles Harold Drews Michael & Aideen Dudek Terrance Dudley Robert & Maria Duff John & Beth Dumala Dr. Arthur Dundon Donald Dunlop Judy Dunmire & Mark Plamp Dunn Construction Kathleen & Donald Dupont Michael Durocher James Dutmers Patricia Dutmers Darcy Dye Mark & Renee Eckhoff Edward Jones Investments Roger & Brenda Ehle Eleanor & John Elashkar Elk Rapids Rotary Club BPO Elks Lodge #323 John & Sally Ellinger Judy & Dale Elliott Mark Elliott & Heather Kingham Dr. Diane & Thomas Emling Gary & Kathlyn Engelhardt Kenneth & Janet Engle Thomas Epple Ronald Erskine Carol Evans Barbara & Gordon Evans Keith & Gail Evans John Failor Margaret Fako

= NMC = Dennos = WNMC = Great Lakes Maritime Academy

Dr. Richard Faller & Barbara Einhaus-Faller Richard Fasi David & Toni Ferris Fig Northern Properties LLC Financial & Investment Management Group Lynnette Firman Kathryn Fischer Andrea Fisher Ann & G. Stephen Fisher Nancy & Jeffrey Fisher Mary Fisher & Michael Venditto Thomas Fisher Michael Fitzgerald William & Kathryn Fitzgerald Sharon Fitzpatrick Ellen Fivenson Bob Flannery Cheryl & David Follette Joanne & Edward Folsom Eric Force Gordon & Christine Forsyth Forward Corp. Lora & Charles Frankel Col. Leonard & Karen Franseen Linnea Fraser Egan Fritts Phil Fritts Karen & Donald Fritz Dr. David & Claudia Fry Margaret Fry John & Kristen Fuller Mary & James Fuscaldo Carol Galligan Patricia Ganter Josee Garceau

Karen Gardner Sheila Garner James & Lauri Gartner Cheri & David Garvin Janet Gasnik Emily Gavitt Kevin Gay Diane* & James Gilbo Susan & Timothy Gillen Dr. Ward & Mary Gillett Sarah & William Gittlen Dr. Cynthia Glines & Dr. Robert Hall Douglas & Helen Glover Bob Gluszewski Susanna & Paul Godwin Carol & Robert Goff Eleanor Golden Daniel & Barbara Goodearl Kathy Gordon Holly & Terry Gorton Daniel Gould Margaret Gove Terry & Sally Grady Thomas Graham Grand Traverse Container Rory Grant Brad Gray Karen Gredlein Richard & Marion Grout David & Debbie Gumpert James & Lynda Guyette Jeff Haas Eugene & Maryellen Hadjisky Janis and John Haine Jill Hale David & Jill Hall James & Judith Hall

Note: Total gifts based on full amount given and do not account for the value of any items received. Gifts given between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

Kathryn Hall Mark & Charlene Hamlyn David & Thelma Hanawalt Marie & Steven Hanis Joelle & Jack Hannert Korvyn Hansen Byron & Ann Hanson Donald & Jeanne Harbold Nancy & Richard Hardesty Sara & Eric Harding Jeremy Harnish Harris Group Margaret & David Hauser Melissa Havlin Renny & Lorraine Hawkes Terry Hawn Hayes Manufacturing, Inc. William & E. Kirtland Heald David Healey Nicholas Heary John Heiam Charlie Heindl Patrick & Leslee Heintz Daniel & Beverly Heinz Matthew Heiss Michael & Karen Henderson Lea Henderson-Neider James Hendry* Roger Henry Heather Hess Matthew Hetherington Bill & Heather Hewett Dr. Terry & Nancy Heyns David & Judith Hicks Dr. Talmage & Toni Hiebert Hillshire Brands Company Vaughn Hincks


Janice & James Hinds Jill Hinds* & Raymond Paddock Eric & Diane Hines Joseph Hines Diane & Darren Hinsenkamp Richard Hitchingham Dean* & Brenda Hobbs Mark Hock Gary Hofer John & Florence Hoffmann Dr. John & Catherine Holcombe Heather Holden Rosemary Hollander Margaret Hollyday Valerie Hopkins Michael & Susan Hornby Lucille & Kim House Sherry Howard-Spreitzer & Chris Spreitzer Robert Howe HUB International - Midwest Patricia Huff Nancy & David Hunter Janice & Jerold Huron Dan Iacovoni Jeff Idema Inacomp Computer Center J. P. Morgan Jack’s Auto Sales & Service T. Michael & Joan Jackson Nancy Jacobs Marilyn & Donald Jaquish Gerald & Patricia Jehle Eugene Jenneman & Marcia Borell Jill Jennings & Bradley Chaplin Mary Jennings & Dan Ross Michael & Elizabeth Johns Johnson-Clark Printers

Phia Johnson Ruth Johnson Louis Johnston Michael Johnston* Michelle Johnston Bronwyn Jones & Joseph VanderMeulen Nora & John Jones John Judson Thomas & Sarah Juntune Harry & Elaine Kalajian Kristin Karem Heather & Roger Karsten Annelle Kaspor & Joseph Jonika Dianne & Jerry Keelan Christine & Terrance Keenan Dr. Charles & Linda Kehr Susan Keillor Kevin & Melinda Kelley Linda Kelley Becky Kelly Colin Kelly George & Joyce Kempton Kennametal Foundation Richard & Nana Kennedy Dennis & Nicole Keovongkoth Dr. Charles & Suzanne Kerndt Paula Kersten Dr. Charles & Naida Kesner Keyes Construction Donna Kirchhoff Thomas & Leah Kirchner Christopher & Martha Kitchen Jeff Klemish Brian & Joanne Klumpp Bruce & Barbara Knapp Christine & Paul Knapp Philip & Margaret Knapp

Dr. Robert & Julie Knode Dr. Edwin & Geraldine Knoechel Russell & Leslie Knopp Richard & Sherry Koenig Roger Kolehouse Wendy & Gary Kosch Ann Krantz Edmund & Anne Krigbaum Thomas Krueger Rita Kucera Kristina Kunz Stuart & Sharon Laing Lakeside Automotive Harold & Kelly Lalonde Tina & Vernon LaLone Ruth Ann & Gary LaMott James & Suzanne Landes Pamela & Harold Lassers Jan Latorre Dana Lynn Laursen Margaret & Francis LeBlond Leslie Lee Leelanau Cheese Company Paula Leinbach Lenovo Kelley & Mike Lentz Carrie & Marcel Lenz Lighthouse Insurance Group Sean Liljegren Glenn & Nancy Limback Jann Lindley Michael Lipp Douglas & Jody Little The Little Traverse Lake Part-Time Militia, Blues, Jazz Gib Lucas Lucky Jack’s

Raymond & Nancy Ludwa David & Sharon Lund Arne & Judy Lundmark Christopher & Kristin Lutz Greg Lyman Mary & Robert Lyons M 22 Wash & Lube Kevin MacFarland Anthony MacGirr Dr. Carl & Diane Madion E. Thomas & Gladys Maguire Dr. Deirdre Mahoney & John Hagen Bruce Makie Mary Malcolm Diane Mallory Dennis & Debra Malone Virginia Maloney Leonard Mankowski Marlis Mann Marcia Manseau & Frederick Nelson Linda Marchio Joseph & Norma Mariage Judith Marks Barbara & Karl Marsh Bill & Debbie Marsh John & Jolene Marshall Susan & James Martin Kenneth & Kathleen Masck Keith & Kimberly Matro Vickie Maurer Bonita Mayoral David & Deborah McArthur Linda McCleary Ron McCreery Robert & Lisa McCririe Michael McCulloch Wendy McDaniel

* Deceased


Thank You NMC Donors!


Anne McEnany & David Younkman Jill McFarlane Joseph McFarlane M. Egan McGlynn Joane & Joseph McGurn Carol McIntosh James & Mary* McIntyre Kimberly & Richard McKibben James & Lou Ann McKimmy Victor McManemy The Honorable George & Clara McManus Charles McMartin Nancy & John McNamara John & Elizabeth Melcher Jill & Raymond Merchant Rebecca Mericle Patrick & Laura Michael Dr. Sam Mikaelian Malvina & Phillip Mikesell Mary Lou & Stephen Mikowski Miller Pipeline, LLC Evan Miller Eleanor & G. Robert Miller Richard Miller Elnora Milliken Claud Mills Christie Minervini Michelle Mitchell Peggy Moczul Mike & Linda Mohrhardt Lisa Molmen & Miles Barnes Colby Moore Mary Ann Moore Mary Beth & Hugh Morrison Sharon & Richard Moses James & Loraine Mottern Clay & Mary Jo Mueller

= NMC = Dennos = WNMC = Great Lakes Maritime Academy

Karen Mulvahill & Dan Malski Ardith Murphy Judy & Dennis Murphy Ellen Murray Robin & John Murray Richard & Shirley Murray Dr. Kenneth & Patricia Musson Joshua Myaard William D. Myers Richard & Judy Nachazel Robert & Diantha Naftali Pamela & Thomas Nault Nawbin Beads and Curiosities Neahtawanta Inn, LLC Rose & James Neibauer Al & Maxi Neugebauer The New Look Beverly & Harold Newson Cynthia & Charles Newton Sam Niemi Patrick & Mary Kay Niemisto Kristal Nolf Gerald & Patricia Norris Kevin & Mickie Novorolsky Gail & Donald Nugent Royce & Joan Nye Kathleen & Wayne O’Connell Bruce & Cathy Odom Ole Partners, LLC Gerald & Sharon Oleson Janet & Kurt Oliver Dr. William & Joan Olsen J. Bryan Olshove Sonja & Keith Olshove David & Emily Olson Jack & Carol Olson Dean & Janice O’Neil

Oryana Natural Foods Market Bruce & Mary Kay Otte Michael* & Loretta Ouwerkerk Barbara & Jerry Overholt Dr. Dennis Pace Amber & Michael Paddock John Pahl Marylee Pakieser & William Fowle Susan & Jeffrey Palisin Joel Papcun James Paris David & Mary Parrish Robert Patrick Debra Patterson Cheryl & Michael Paul James Pavelka Kara Peck Richard Peck Jr. Patricia Pelizzari Andrea Pellicci Peninsula Studios LLC Dean Penna Dan Penning John & Michelle Pennington William & Lynne Perkins Patricia & Gordon Peters Jeffrey Peters John & Amy Pflughoeft Debra & Brett Pharo Dr. Clark & Marie Phelps Karen Phelps Jane Philippi Martha & Thomas Phillips Janice & Lisle Pickford John Pixley Jr. Thomas & Gretchen Pixley Georgiana Pomante

Note: Total gifts based on full amount given and do not account for the value of any items received. Gifts given between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

Gary & Rachel Powell George & Nancy Powell Yolan & Barry Powell The Honorable Thomas & Alicja Power Mary Pratt Logan Price Matthew Prime Katherine & Bradford Purcell Clara & Richard Purvis Karen Puschel & Jack Segal Eric Quinting Carol Raabe Linda & John Racine Randy’s Old Towne Service, Inc. Cindy Raupp Steven & Tammy Rawlings Linda & Hugh Rea Mary Reed Michael & Susan Reed Robert Reeves Thomas Reilly Robert Reim Dr. Raymond & Barbara Reinert Kenneth & Susan Rettmann Mary Rettmann Robert & Cassie Revett Floretta Reynolds Reynolds-Jonkhoff Funeral Home Patricia & Joe Rice Palma Richardson Michael Richey Carolyn Riordan Rising Star Wellness Center PLC Carla Roberts Dr. Garyn Roberts Troy & Kim Robertson Jeffrey Robillard


Deborah Robinson Mary Haverty-Robinson & Steven Robinson Dr. K. Patrick Rode JoAnna Roe Christopher & Lindsey Rogers Joseph & Julie Rogers Rosemary Rokita & Larry Waldo Jean Rokos & Michael Spry E. David & Elizabeth Rollert Edward Rom & Martha Christensen Peter & Christine Romeo Jason Romine Tom Rookus Deborah & William Rose Kathryn & James Rose Marcia Rose Ray & Ricky Ross Rotary Club of Traverse Bay Sunrise Deborah Rough Denise Roush Paul & Patricia Roush Barbara & James Rowlett Karen Ruedinger Christine & John Ruppel Dennis Rushton Christine Ruszel Patricia & Lyndon Salathiel Bette & Ralph Samuelson Sand Products Corp. Molly Sauer Eugene & Rita Sauter Louise & William Schang Mike Scharpf Allen & Marilyn Scheck Thomas & Linda Scheuerman Robert & MaryLou Schlegel Claudia Schmidt

Dr. Jonathan & Lynn Marie Schmidt Donald Schmuckal Paul Schmuckal Marilyn Schneider MaryAnn* & Clair Schneider Paul & Shaun Schneider David Scholz Dennis & Jamesine Schultz Juliette & Douglas Schultz Matthew Schwarz Donald & Barbara Schwendemann Dr. Gary & Nancy Seabrook Sandra Seppala Eleanor Shaw Joan Sheard Douglas Sheckler Christopher & Nancy Shotwell Janet Shroyer Christine & Duane Shugart Allison Shumsky* Robert & Karen Siekas Barbara & Frank Siepker Karen Simpson Sleeping Bear Enterprises Margaret Slepicka Luke Sloane Dr. Cynthia Smith & Dr. Marc Frick Evan Smith Randall Smith & Paula Gale Dr. William & Mary Ann Smith Rebecca & Andrew Smits James Somers Timothy Sparling & Lynne Tobin Jerome Springer Bradford & Juliet Sprouse David Srebro Sheila Stafford

Stanke Construction Michael Stapelman & Melanie Sutton Lou Ann & Victor Starr State Farm Companies Foundation Thomas & Barbara Steffe Jeffrey Stein Colleen & William Stertz Paul & Sharon Steusel Ronald Stevens Andrew Stevenson Daniel Stiebel Michael & Katherine Stimac Joan & Phillip Stout Jeffery Straw Peter & Karen Strom Dorothy Stulen Gayle Sullivan Joan & Michael Sullivan Kristin & Patrick Sullivan Michael & Mary Surgalski Ann & Gerald Swaney Colleen Sweeney Craig Sweeney Sally Swift John & Sharon Szczesny T C Telecom Carol Taberski Carol Tamulis Tandem Ciders Alice Tang Frederick & Catherine Tank Stephen & Diana Tarsa Thomas & Marilyn Taylor Dr. Roberta & James Teahen Katherine Telma Mary TenHave Amy & Brian Tennis

Tesoro Inn LLC Morris & Carol Thomas Dr. Steven & Lori Thomas Sera Thompson Margaret Thoms Three Sisters Foundation John Timm Susan Titzer Dr. Patrick & Susan Tobin Thomas & Mary Torbet TowerPinkster Traverse City Glass Company Mary Tremblay Melissa Trick Stephen & Sarah Trippe Walter Trussel Robert & Anne Tucker Dori Turner Robert & Peggy Turney Merilyn Ueno & Douglas Zernow Thomas Ulrich Tina & John Ulrich Janet Updike & Dr. Greg Fawcett Mary & Dr. Michael VanderKolk Dr. Russell & Susan Vanhouzen George & Lauri Varga Eileen & Bradley Vaughn Harry & Jeanette Veeder Stevan Veldkamp Hazel & Charles Vickory Todd & Susan Vigland Dr. Frederick Vincent Jack Vliet Christin Vogelheim Norman & Mary Vogt Robert & Sue Ann Vor Broker Don & Kathy Wagner

* Deceased


Thank You NMC Donors!


David & Joyce Walker Senator Howard & Dianne Walker James Robert Walker Douglas & Ann Wallace Arthur & Edwardine Walton Nancy & L. Kent Walton Dr. Jamie & Dr. Lawrence Warbasse Judy & Dick Ward Cindy Warner Neil Warner Adam Warren Dr. Nancy Warren Janet Water & Pat Kernaghan Karen Waterson John & Michelle Watkins Martha & Jeff Watts Elizabeth Weaver Judith & Kennard R. Weaver Keith & Coleen Weessies Jennifer Weil & Jerry Wilhelm Dr. William & Shirley Weiss Arlene Weitz Dr. Thomas Wertz Jerome & Sue West Alan & M. Frances Westerholm Stephen & Debbie Westphal White Tiger Martial Arts LLC John White Maurice White Harold & Susan Wiberg Linda Wichtner Mary Sue Wilkinson Dr. Robert & Virginia Willard Jim Williams Madonna & Jerry Williams Richard & Mary Wilson Scott Wilson

= NMC = Dennos = WNMC = Great Lakes Maritime Academy

Winter Sport Schools, LLC Spence & Marcia Wise William & Jeanne Wise Michael & Laverna Witkop Douglas & Lorraine Wolf Janet Wolf Justin Wolf Richard & Sherry Wolin Wolverine Camps Caryn & Joel Womble William & Jane Wood Gina Woodruff Joan Woods Robert Woodward Jeremy Woolcott Peter Wright Dr. Albert & Lynda Wrisley Joseph Yuchasz Mary Zaborski Dr. John & Peggy Zachman Alan & Mary Zelinski James Zimmerman Pamela & Robert Zimmerman Michael & Ann Zipser Jane & Nick Zlojutro Donor $1–$99 Cindy Abraham-Bishop Michael Absher Perry Adams Judith & Ron Albers Dr. Pete Albers Carol Allen George & Nancy Allen The Honorable Jason & Suzanne Allen Barbara Allison George & Nancy Ammann

Beth Andersen Jeffrey Anderson & Sandra McArthur Joe Anderson Agency, Inc. Loraine Anderson Sallie & Rodney Anderson Trishia Anderson Myra Andrews Allan Apter Kerry Argyle-Kohler Michelle Arlt Jane Arney Judith Arnold F. Josephine Arrowood Shelly Ashmore Lorraine & Dale Aurand Linda Austin Jan Avakian-Kopatich Ragnar & Kristine Avery William & Judith Avitts Jacqueline & H. Stephen Baase Stan & Marilyn Bagdonas Chris & Robin Bahle Diane & Michael Bair Bank of America Deena Barshney Ethan Barth Marcia Bartlett Leanne & Peter Baumeler Fred & Nancy Baumgartner Patricia Bauer Janet Bay Robert & Loretta Baynton Anna & Kenneth Bazarnik Rebecca Beach Jessica Beachy Deborah Beadle Beatty Environmental Services, LLC

Note: Total gifts based on full amount given and do not account for the value of any items received. Gifts given between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

Brian Beauchamp Alice M. Beeker Jay & Sally Beery Karen Bellows Susan & Thomas Bennett Thomas & Candis Bensley Ethan Benson John & Cindy Berck Sara Bergsma, DDS Ralph & Dorothy Berry Jill Bert Gwyn Besner Donna & John Beutler Ethel & Dennis Beutler Linda & Gale Beutler Bewbush Manor Properties, LLC Bickb80 LLC Marcia Bingham Janice & Ueli Binkert Michael Binsfeld John Birdsong John Birge Christine & Randall Bissonette Blarney Castle Oil Company Linda & Brian Blaser Diane & Daniel Blinka Wilma Blood Ruth Bloomer & Fred Shipman Cheryl Bloomquist Craig Bloxsom Sandra & Bruce Bodjack David Boertman Brooke Borgeson-Gray Dean Bott Nancy Bottomley George Bourdo George & Catherine Boursaw Robyn Bowden


Nicholas Bowlby Jennifer & Vern Bowling Ben Bowmaster III William & Joyce Braeuninger Dr. Susan Breuer Brew Diane Brickley & Edward Jorge Jay Briggs Diane Bromelmeier & Thomas Brown Blake & Marci Brooks Bill & Julie Brown Gifford Brown Nancy Bruns Richard Buckhalter Margaret Bunn Nancy Burmeister Kristy Burns Ruth & W. Arthur Burns Beverly Cady Law Office of Thom Cafferty Russell Cage Marina Call Bridget Carefoot Jenifer Carmody Eric & Genevieve Carpenter James Carruthers James & Holly Cartwright Jessica & Benjamin Cavender Richard Cerrini Chapter Ev Peo Dennis & Judith Chase Charles Chelseth Michael & Susan Chesney David Chown Beverly & Thomas Christensen Marian Christenson Kay Christian

Mary Christian Mary & Thomas Clark Krin Clary Sonia & Gary Clem Linda Cleveland Dr. Robert & Susan Cline Frances & Raphael Coiman Melissa Colby Theresa & Brian Cole Kathleen & Jack Colletta Charles Collini Kathryn & Jeffrey Collins Gary & Lori Conard Cynthia Conlon Gale Cook Kathleen Cook Richard & Betty Core Kevin & Mary Corning Michael & Virginia Coulter Gerald & Ann Craig W. Scott Craig Helen Crandall* Pamela Cribbs Ronald & Kristine Crofoot Robert & Charlotte Crosby Bryan Crough* Richard & Rosa Cude Amador Cuellar Jr. Donald Cunningham Gregory Czach Jennifer Czach Roxanne & Walter Czapiga Louis & Mary Czubak John Czyrka Laura & James Dagwell Michael & Sharon Dakoske Evan Dalley

Ann Dane Sophia Danielson Carol & Peter Danly Carla Darrah Jeremy Day Frank & Jean DeDecker Victoria Deering Bonnie Deigh John DeKorne Shirley Delaney Michael & Kathleen Dell Linda Deneen Mary & Reinhold* Dengel Jock & Suzanne Denio Susan & Joseph Denoyer David DeRain

Paul DeRue Donald & Catherine Dierkes Alan Dika M. Jane Diller & John Stevens Scott Dinse Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary #38 Linda & Terrence Distel Stephen & Morgan Dix Charles Doe Elizabeth Doerr & A. Timothy Wells Debra Donovan Richard & N. Patricia Dormitzer Mark & Cheryl Dost Robert Dost Mary Jane Draper

* Deceased


Thank You NMC Donors! Jerome Drummond Mary Drury Luana Dueweke Susan Duke-Tyler James Dulzo Jennifer & Brian Dykstra Aaron Edick Thomas Edman William Edmondson Trina Edwards Brian Ehr Nikoline Elhart Fred & Patricia Ely Matthew Esckelson William & Teresa Estes Dr. Jerry & Barbara Evans Dennis & Erika Ferguson Teresa Fetterley Nicole Fewins Mary Jo Fifarek Dave Findlay Mike Finnila Bruce Fisher Paul Fitzsimons Patrick & Marilyn Flaherty Flatsnoots Christmas Trees Kate & Daniel Flewelling Jane & J. Michael Flinn Ben Flynn MaryAnn Force Margaret Forgione Charles Forman Samuel Foster David & Penny Fox Alta & Robert Frears Friday Morning Golf League Jon & Julie Friley

= NMC = Dennos = WNMC = Great Lakes Maritime Academy

William Fromm Ryan & Nicholeen Frusti Furlough Therapeutic Massage Ainsley Gabriel Gerald & Cheryl Gadwa Walter Gallagher & Helen Dowling Lara Galnares & Hans VanSumeren Helen Gancarz Camille Garber Gary Gardner Thomas Garner Carolyn Gates Alisha Gauthier Branko & Diane Gegich Lois Geiwitz Douglas & Shirley Gembis John & Mary Gergel Dr. Roger Gerstle & Marjorie Rich Christine & Thomas Gibson Colleen Giddens Robert & Deborah Gilbert Thomas Giles Michael Gillman Ted Gilmer George & Cathy Gilmore Nicolle Girard Carol & David Gleason Janice Golding Alan Goldsmith Allen Goldsworthy Kimberly Goll Daniel & Melissa Goodchild Bethany & Charles Goodman Janet Goodwin Ted Graham Thomas & Leone Grams Dr. Kent & Brooke Gray

Susan Green Karen & Robert Gregor Rhonda Greiner Arlene & Kurt Grockau Paul Grohs Beverly & Nathan Gross Irina Grougan Christian Guest Bonnie Gustafson Jeff Guy Robert Habes Steve & Ann Hagman Darla & Charles Hajinian Lucy Hajinian The Honorable Michael & Mary Haley Dr. David & Judith Halsted Carl Hamilla Anne Hamilton Georgienne Hammer Rochelle & Stephen Hammontree Christopher J. Hancock Grace Hanninen Kim Hanninen Anne Hansen Marlene Hanses Davis & Jane Harcourt Daniel & Anka Harkness Barbara & Donald Harmer Dr. Philip & Mary Harmeson William Hauxwell Richard Haynes Christopher & Elizabeth Hedden Todd Heger Steve Heika Gerald & Jamie Heim Sarah & Aaron Hemminger Daniel Hendrix

Note: Total gifts based on full amount given and do not account for the value of any items received. Gifts given between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

William Hershey Scott & Tracy Herzberg Jeanne & Michael Heuser Al Hewlett Dannielle Higgins Curtis Hill Dr. Darby Hiller-Freund & Mr. Kevin Freund Carol & Richard Hilton Andrea Hinsenkamp Michael Holman Craig & Patricia Holmes Joey Holmes Walter & Marie Hooper Ana Maria & James Hopkins James & Susan Hopson Sherry Horn Nancy & Allen Horstman Stosh & Janese Horton Tim Hosper Julie Houdek Kelly & J. Michael Howard Mary & Phillip Howard Barbara Huegli Anita Hunt Donald Hunt Andrew Hyde Terence & Christine Ibbotson Ikebana International Maxine Imanaka Ardeth Inman Interlochen Lock Shop Irish Boat Shop Jack’s Appliance Service Milton & Karen Jacobi Richard Jacobs Lee Jameson & Barbara Nelson-Jameson


Chet & Jane Janik Josh Janowiak Colleen Janson Wares Cheryl Janz Sheila Jefferson Anthony & Jill Jenkins Judith Jenkins Kevin Jenkins LeGene Jenkins Geraldine Jennings Marie Jensen John Jessup Beverly & Jerry Johnson Debra Johnson Dr. Mary Johnson Melanie Johnson Robert Johnson Nancy Kalchik Rosalie Kaminski Helen & Arthur Kashian Carol & Tom Kasper Charlotte Kassuba Laurie & Michael Katafiasz KC Services Thomas* & Barbara Keen Paige Keith Anne & Thomas Kelly Bryan Kelly Susan & Kenneth Kelly Mark Kelly Sandra & Robert Kemp Debra & Peter Kendra Diane & Mark Kepic Karen Kerwin Jeffray & Susan Kessler Edward Kiessel Bradley & Amanda Kik

Sarah Kime Robert Kingon Norman Kjome Amy Klei Barbara Klingelsmith Dr. Dean and Mary Klinger Gary & Pamela Klotzbach Chad Knight Marilyn Koons Carole Kornmiller Chad Kotlarz Catherine Kowaleski Sharon Kowalski Harold Kranick John Kras David & Barbara Krause Karen Kuehlhorn Matthew Kuhn John Kumjian Marie Lamothe Sandra Langdon Wendy Laudermilch* Frederick & Linda Laughlin Peter Laughlin Cathryn & Terry Lautner Mary Lautner Jonelle LeClair Amanda Lennington Richard & Sally Lewis Patricia Light Josh Linder James Lindner Michael Lingaur Lawrence Lisk Michael Lloyd Carrol & Bonnie Lock Barbara Lockrey

Rodney & Kathleen Lofquist John & Patricia Lohman Gary & Ellen Longcore Peter & Carol Low Glenn Loy Kip & Dawn Lucas Sheri & Michael Luchenbill Walter Ludka Catherine Lundy Melissa & Robert Lurie Lee Lutes & Terri Christie-Lutes Dr. Jonathan Lyon Susan Mabee Charles & Janet MacDonald Frederick MacDonald Laura Macke Todd Mackey Herbert Steed Eric & Karen Macleod Pamela & Douglas Madden Jim Madison Rosemary Malocsay Reverend David & Carolyn Mann Amanda & Gregory Manning Aaron Mansfield Samuel Mansfield Kenneth & Priscilla Marek Virginia Marrow Linda Martin Terry & Pedro Martinez Lindsey Mason Corey Mather Brianna Mathias Matrix Group Hannah Matthews Christopher & Lisa Matts Kirk Maynard

Karen Mayo Stacey McCalpin Stacey & Patrick McCalpin Gloria McClay Nicholas & Sarah McClure Shayrrl McCready Dr. Phil & Kim McCuien Katherine McDonald Shelly McDonald Kerry McFarlane Michelle McKerchie Daniel & Sarah McNamara Mark & Kathy McPherson Maxine Meach Michael & Brenda Meindertsma William Melick Roberta Mesko Melissa & Michael Michalski Marcella & Andrew Mikaelian Bernard Mikowski Cassondra Mikses Donna Miller Laura Miller & Andrew Rockwood Robert Miller Marissa Milliron Greg & Diane Mischel Dan & Lynne Mixer Marsha Mixer Margaret Moceri James & Cindy Monroe Wayne & Kimberly Moody Lisa & Jimmy Moore Rich Morey Diana & Stephen Morgan Robert & Marellene Morrell Chris Moser Jerry Moskwa

* Deceased


Thank You NMC Donors!


Deana Mosley Nova Mroz Wayne & Heidi Mueller Clifton Murie Kevin Murphy William Murphy Taylor Nash nClosures Inc. Joanne & Jonas Neihardt Reverend Joseph & Reverend Judith Neiman Chelsea Nester Dorothy Nickerson Sarah Niederpruem Jeffrey Noble Cari Noga & Michael Henderson Susan Nolff Beth & Craig Norconk Richard & Sondra Nordin Karen Norris Elizabeth Nowka Laurie & Robert O’Brien Ann & Robert Ogur Old Mission Massage Therapy Old Mission Women’s Club Karen Olmsted Jennifer Olney Arthur & Bonnie Olsen Tamie & Jerome Olshansky Sandra O’Niel Sharon Osborne Pamela & James Ostling Matthew Otte Robert & Laura Otwell Jack & Ann Ozegovic Marylee Pakieser & William Fowle Dennis Palmer

= NMC = Dennos = WNMC = Great Lakes Maritime Academy

Jo Ann & Robert Panter John & June Pate Lisa Peele Roy & Elaine Pentilla Vincent Pernicano Douglas Perry Dr. Elmer & Ruth Peterman Jean Peters John Peterson Tricia Phelps Phil’s On Front Robert Pierson Chris Pieser Eleanor & Darrel Pifer Shirley & Peter Pigeon Jeanette & Allen Pivitt David & Judith Pohlod Ronald & Bridget Popp Timothy & Donna Porritt Calvin & Kathy Powell Susan Priest Derk Pronger Dorothy Prouty Lyn & John Pugh Jane Purkis Jean Putnam Roger & Ruth Quinn Helen Rafeld Quinn Raftery Edna & Frederick Ramey Mary Pat Randall Jeannine Ransom Suanne Rapanos Ellie Rawlings Jack & Donna Rawlings Lilly Rawlings Judith Reinhardt & James Schwantes

Norman & Mary Remington June Rengo Amber Ressl Sarah Rewold Raymond Rich Curtis Rideout Maxine Rideout Richard & Teresa Rieck Andrew Rink & Myra Oliver-Rink Sean Rivard & Kristen Bowes-Rivard James & June Robberts John & Rachel Roe John & Evelyn Roeser Suzanne Rogers Jeffery Ross Nikki Rothwell Jack Rowell RPM Records Steven Rubinas Linda Ruby Kenneth Ruiter Martha Russell Rodrick Russell Deborah Rysso Kristin & Ken Sadler Ronald Sanchez James Sarkella Constance Sarya Norma & Reverend Rozell Sattler George Savage Jr. Linda & James Scamehorn Katherine Schafer Dr. William Scharf Jenna Scheub Janice Schmidt Harold Schmidt Ronald Schmidt

Note: Total gifts based on full amount given and do not account for the value of any items received. Gifts given between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

Allan & Barbara Schmuckal Gabriel Schneider Jo Ann & David Schopp Nicholas Schratz Penni & Stanley Schratz Martha Schultz Gunnar Schwartz Debra & David Schweitzer William & Laurie Sears Timothy Seguin Jennifer Sepell David Sexton Rebecca Sheick Evelyn Shelder Charles & Janine Shelley Owen & Nelita Sherberneau William & Judy Shoskey Jennifer & Kevin Shoults Richard Sibello Marjorie & Allan Siefert Jennifer Simons Scott Simons Gregory & Bonita Skokut Stacy Slater Thomas Slater Joseph Sloan Margaret Smedley Bonnie Smith-Kurtz James Smith Janice & Vernon Smith Leonard Smith Richard & Joanne Smith Dr. James & Hortencia Snaden Richard & Sue Soderberg Melissa Sole Mary & Roger Soloman James & Frances Sommerman


William & Angela Soper Ethan Sparrow Carol & Joseph Spaulding Betty Stacey Stacy Stafford Leo & Linda Stallman John & Pam Stanek Mark Stanger Bethany Steffey Douglas & Odette Steiger Maxine & Jim Steinmiller Linda Stephan Carol Stephany Claire & John Stephenson Merrily & Douglas Sterrett John Stevens Dr. William & Patricia Storrer Thomas Streasick Michael & Amy Strom Steve & Cindy Strong Stephanie Studzinski Jessica & Ryan Sullivan SunDog Boarding Kennel Kristen & Jason Surface Elizabeth Swartz Kimberly Szatkiewicz Nicholas Talantis Carl & Emily Taphouse Anna Taylor Laura Taylor Stephen & Laurie Taylor Robert & Elaine Tell Mary Terpstra Rosemary Terrell David & Mary Thayer Donald Thomas & Kathleen Vezina Donald & Lois Thompson Holly Thompson Larry & Joann Thompson

Patricia & Robert Thompson Carol & Richard Thompson Ryan Thornbury Kathleen Thornhill Jackie & Martin Thorsberg Alison Thornton Patsy & Scott Tompkins Michael Tornow Jeff Townsend Toy Harbor Dan Trahey Traverse Bay Area Republican Women Duane & Gay Travis Carol & Dirk Tuinstra Harold & Shirley VanSumeren Michele Veatch Joshua & Kathryn Veith Thomas Venhuizen Pauline Viall Mike Vincent Todd & Nadine Vipond Rob Vogelheim Ralph & Margaret von Walthausen Rhea VonderHoff Cassandra Wagner Renee & David Waldron Harriet Wall & Vance Marshall Walmart Pharmacy Marvin & Linda Walter Amanda Warfield Rick & Raelene Warfield James & Susan Warner Jesse Warner Joseph Warner Richard & Sharon Waterman Alan & Karen Waterson James & Carol Watson Price & Jane Watts Nancy Gallagher

Robert Weiler Jr. Elliott Weitz Sheryl Weitz Dan & Pauline Welburn Susan Welsh Elena Wentz Marsha Wheaton Bonnie & Kurt Wheeler Cheryl Wheeler Donald & Jean Wheelock Thomas White Sara Wilk Cleo & Glenn Williams David & Roberta Williams Megan Williams Barry & JoAnne Willis Kirk Wilson Barbara Winchester Ciehl Windiate Janet & Norbert Winkler Janine Winkler Mike Winnell Dirken Wissbaum Dorothy & Terry Witt Elizabeth & Maurice Witteveen Martin Wolf

Guy & Elaine Wood Roderick & Theresa Wood Dr. James & Susan Woodburne Barbara & Robert Woodrow Emily & Michael Woods Richard & Kathryn Woods David Yost Yvonne Zammit John & Norma Zelenko Michael Zimmerman Patricia Zoyhofski Mike Winnell Dirken Wissbaum Dorothy & Terry Witt Elizabeth & Maurice Witteveen Martin Wolf Guy & Elaine Wood Roderick & Theresa Wood Dr. James & Susan Woodburne Barbara & Robert Woodrow Emily & Michael Woods Richard & Kathryn Woods David Yost Yvonne Zammit John & Norma Zelenko Michael Zimmerman Patricia Zoyhofski * Deceased


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Nancy & Allen Horstman Kelly & J. Michael Howard Mary & Phillip Howard HUB International - Midwest Anthony & Jill Jenkins Judith Jenkins Marie Jensen Nora & John Jones Charlotte Kassuba Sandra & Robert Kemp Kay & David Lurie Melissa & Robert Lurie Pamela & Douglas Madden Terry & Pedro Martinez Christopher & Lisa Matts Michael & Brenda Meindertsma Lisa & Jimmy Moore Pamela & James Ostling Jeanette & Allen Pivitt Edna & Frederick Ramey Schmuckal Oil Company Jo Ann & David Schopp Jennifer & Kevin Shoults Janice & Vernon Smith Merrily & Douglas Sterrett Michael & Amy Strom Jessica & Ryan Sullivan Sally Swift Jackie & Martin Thorsberg Hazel & Charles Vickory Walmart Pharmacy Bonnie & Kurt Wheeler

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In Memory of Debra J. Faas Carlson Dennis & Judith Chase Arlene & Kurt Grockau Susan & Kenneth Kelly Carole Kornmiller Charles & Janine Shelley In Memory of Richard C. Gove Kriss & Carol Arbury Ruth Bay Alice M. Beeker Wayne Brimhall Ruth & W. Arthur Burns Chapter Ev Peo Linda Cleveland Dr. Robert & Susan Cline Shirley Delaney Kathleen & Donald Dupont Bob Flannery Margaret Gove Barbara & Donald Harmer Milton & Karen Jacobi Carolyne & Arnold Johnson Ruth Johnson Brian & Joanne Klumpp Arne & Judy Lundmark Donna Miller North Georgia Community Donald & Patricia Pirkle Foundation Fund Ann & Robert Ogur John & June Pate Patricia & Gordon Peters David & Judith Pohlod Dorothy Prouty Helen Rafeld Norman & Mary Remington June Rengo Deborah & William Rose

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The Art & Mary Schmuckal Family As the founder of the Schmuckal Oil Co., father of four, and longtime philanthropist in the Grand Traverse area, most would say Art Schmuckal accomplished plenty in his 91 years. Art’s daughter, Barbara Benson, recalls that despite all that, a question persisted in the back of her father’s mind: “I always wonder what I could have become if I’d gone to college.” In the absence of his own answer, Art and his wife Mary made it a mission to do all they could to enable others to answer it for themselves. Art, who passed away in 2012, was among the community leaders who created the NMC Foundation in 1980. In 1993, the couple established the Art and Mary Schmuckal Scholarship, which has since been awarded to 115 students. Schmuckal Oil


Schmuckal story

A Legacy of giving

Co. provided scholarships to employees as well. Art also cochaired the capital campaign for NMC’s University Center, which has enabled more than 2,000 area residents to complete advanced degrees without leaving home. Mary Schmuckal preceded her husband in death in 1999. Most recently, a generous bequest from Art and Mary’s estate, earmarked for both their endowed scholarship fund and the Dennos Museum Center, insures their legacy will continue virtually in perpetuity. “They both got a lot of joy in being able to help people better their lives, and reach their goals,” Benson said. Art and Mary saved and treasured the thank-you letters they received from scholarship recipients, highlighting passages and sharing them with guests to their Chums Corners home. Whether Art and Mary were out for dinner or

visiting the hospital, they would ask chefs and nurses alike if, by chance, they had happened to attend NMC. They were delighted, Benson said, when the answer was yes. In 1955 Art Schmuckal co-founded what is now Schmuckal Oil Co., a group of 28 Shell gas stations and convenience stores, and then set about working to improve their community. Besides NMC, Art and Mary were instrumental supporters of the Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools, Munson Healthcare, and established their own family foundation in 1999. Education, of course, is one of the causes the Art & Mary Schmuckal Family Foundation supports. Just as important as financial support were the ideals of community involvement and service that Benson said both her parents instilled in her and her siblings. All four have returned to

the Grand Traverse area and are involved in multiple community causes and non-profit boards. Benson fondly recalls attending NMC Foundation Board meetings with her father when she joined him on the board in 2002. “ ‘If you’re going to be involved, be committed to it. You want to make a difference,’ ” Benson said of her father’s advice. Clearly, the Schmuckal family, which extends three generations, lives by patriarch Art’s words.

(231) 995-1021 or Contact us to learn more about creating an endowed scholarship

50th Anniversary Scholarship Don Agosa Scholarship John V. Alfonso Memorial Scholarship Dale Anderson Memorial Scholarship W. R. Angell Biology Fund Arms & Cole - Brad McNamara Memorial HVAC Scholarship Vivian J. Hedden Bassett Endowed Scholarship Joanne Baur Endowed Scholarship James J. & Dorothy A. Beckett Endowed Schlarship Julius & Barbara Beers Endowed Scholarship Barb and Chuck Benson Endowed Scholarship Erich Blough Scholarship Kristine Sue Boike Memorial Scholarship Chef Pierre Scholarship Clancy Memorial Family Scholarship George C. Comden Alumni Scholarship Commitment Scholarships Cone Drive Operations Scholarship Barbara Cox Scholarship H. Cox & Son Inc. Scholarship William Cunningham Memorial Scholarship James P. DeLapa Culinary Scholarship Edgar & Etta Derbyshire Memorial Endowed Scholarship Kathleen Donnelly ADN Scholarship Alice Drulard Scholarship Ted Durga Endowed Scholarship Easling Engineering Scholarship Elks Club B.P.O. #323 Endowed Scholarship Richard Bracken Engstrom Endowed Scholarship Exchange Club of Traverse City Scholarship Matthew Brian Feko Memorial Scholarship

Harold & Ida Murner Nursing Scholarship Corrine J. Naar Scholarship NMC Student Government Association Endowed Scholarship Angela I. Nolf Scholarship Jane & John Norton Scholarship Joseph Noverr Endowed Scholarship Laura Olmstead Memorial Scholarship Daniel R. Olson Memorial Art Scholarship Dr. Travis N. and Lucille M. Olson Endowed Scholarship Paron Financial Company LLC Endowed Scholarship The Allen and Marjorie Pifer Family Scholarship Endowment Peggy A. Pronger Nursing Scholarship Patricia Ann Prout Endowed Scholarship Richard & Lucy Quinn Memorial Scholarship Gordon & Marlene Rady Scholarship Nick J. Rajkovich Memorial Scholarship George W. Raymond Memorial Scholarship Reffitt Family Scholarship Genevieve Steiger & Harold Richardson Scholarship Donovan Rodriguez Aviation Endowed Scholarship Ann Rogers Family Scholarship for Environmental Studies Bob & Maybelle Round Memorial Scholarship Bob & Grace Rudd Physical Science/ Engineering Scholarship Robert & Grace Rudd Culinary Endowed Scholarship Catherine Strom Schmidt Zonta Scholarship Art & Mary Schmuckal Endowed Scholarship

Ferguson/Osterlin Health Occupations Scholarship Sgt. Dennis Finch Memorial Scholarship Fivenson Memorial Scholarship Ruth & Clifford Foster Endowed Scholarship Margaret Furney Memorial Scholarship Ernest and Donna Rae Gaunt Scholarship GLMA Superintendent’s Scholarship Kathleen Guy Commitment Endowed Scholarship Guyot-Belcher Endowed Scholarship for the Arts Earl & Theresa Hathaway Scholarship Home Builders Association of Grand Traverse Area Scholarship Dorothy Helms Memorial Scholarship Maxine V. Hurley Memorial Endowed Scholarship - GLMA Lena Christine Jensen Scholarship Jane M. & Chester R. Jones Scholarship Christian P. Kamm Scholarship Arlie Mae Lessard Grant Scholarship Award Olive V. Longcore Memorial Scholarship Mary Lee Lord Zonta Scholarship Captain Lewis Ludington Scholarship Barbara MacFarlane Endowed Scholarship Marriott - Marlatt Scholarship William C. & Delrose M. Martino Scholarship Jerry McCarthy Memorial Scholarship Missy Memorial Scholarship Arthur Moenkhaus Engineering Scholarship Eric and Hettie Molvang Scholarship Harold C. & Ida Murner Commitment Scholarship

NMC Student Government University Center Scholarship of Excellence Captain Ray Skelton Maritime Scholarship D. Jerome & Margery C. Slack Endowed Scholarship F. W. “Bill” and Annette Sorensen Memorial Scholarship Molly Jean Spenceley Memorial Scholarship Margaret A. Stace Memorial Endowed Scholarship Stewart R. Stetson Aviation Scholarship Endowment Mary Alice Strom Zonta Scholarship Frank & Dotty Stulen Endowed Scholarship Swift Nursing Endowment Fund Tapawingo Endowed Scholarship Frank Tezak Endowed Scholarship James G. Thero Bridge Scholarship James G. Thero Scholarship Barbara Thompson GLMA Endowed Scholarship Thompson Carless Scholarship Admiral Paul E. Trimble Maritime Scholarship University Center Scholarship Votruba Family Scholarship Nellie A. Walker Memorial Scholarship Marion Weigand Memorial Endowed Scholarship Harry L. Weitz MD Memorial Scholarship Peta Williams Memorial Scholarship Imogene & Harold Wise Memorial Scholarship Patricia & Gene Wolff Memorial Scholarship Ralph E. & Eva B. Wynkoop Scholarship

Student access



For 33 years the NMC Scholarship

Open has helped to raise more than

$1,300,000 to provide access to higher education for our most promising

students through Honors, Presidential, and Academic Area scholarships.

Thanks to these sponsors, this premier golf event nurtures NMC students

as well as great camaraderie among

golfers and community members who

come together each August to support NMC scholarships. Be a part of the fun, be a part of the fund

Tournament Sponsor

Major John & Gloria Lyon Corporate Custer Workplace Interiors Midwestern Broadcasting/WTCM Radio Affiliate Ballard Benefit Works Inc. H. Cox & Son Inc. DMO Properties LLC DTE Energy Interphase Interiors Laser Printer Technologies Maple Hill Builders LLC Bill Marsh Family Auto Rehmann Arthur M. Schmuckal Windemuller Electric Partner Alden State Bank Consolidated Financial Corp. Cooke Sheet Metal Inc. Energy Quest, Inc. Feyen Zylstra Integrity Business Solutions IPEX K & D Industrial Services Chad & Kari Kahler Northwestern Bank Reynolds-Jonkhoff Funeral Home Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge PC

Thompson Pharmacy & Medical Steve Trippe Associate Alfie Logo Gear Allegra Print & Imaging ASR Health Benefits The Bank of Northern Michigan Bishop & Heintz PC Bonek Agency Inc. Calcutt Rogers & Boynton PLLC CDM Mobile Shredding LLC Cherryland Electric Cooperative Elster Perfection First Community Bank Grand Traverse Ophthalmology Clinic PC Grand Traverse Women’s Clinic Huntington National Bank James & Rebecca Kalajian Kuhn, Darling, Boyd and Quandt PLC McCardel Culligan Microline Technology Corp. Newton’s Road Progress Printers Smith & Johnson Attorneys, PC Jacqueline Southby Photography Spence Brothers Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce Traverse Outdoor, Inc. Tri-Gas Distributing Co. Wicksall Distributors Inc. Contributing Alpers Excavating Inc. American Proficiency Institute Edgar Boettcher Masonry Contractor Inc. Business Helper

Casciano Traverse City/ Burger King Restaurants Center for Plastic Surgery Warren Cline, CPA ABV The Copy Shop Credit Bureau of Traverse City Dennis Gartland & Niergarth PC East Traverse Catholic Federal Credit Union Electro-Optics Technology Inc. Environmental Solutions Inc. Ford Insurance Agency Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools Grand Traverse Packaging & Janitorial Supply Grandview Dental Great Lakes International Trading Hertler Construction & Restoration Hubbell Law Office PC Inland Seas Engineering Inc. JenTees Custom Screen Printing Johnson-Clark Printers Mike Kelly Builder, LLC Kelly Oil & Gas LLC Lautner Irrigation Inc. McJunkin Redman Corp. David P. Michelin, MD MPH Molon Excavating Inc. The Pioneer Group Robert S. Portenga, DDS Vincent R. Prusick, MD Judith Ramsdell, MD Schaub Team-Coldwell Banker Schmidt Schmuckal Oil Company Bart T. Stupak Svec Construction Tool North Inc.

Note: Total gifts based on full amount given and do not account for the value of any items received. Gifts given between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.


NMC Scholarship Open 2012

Traverse City Products Inc. Vanderwal Spratto & Richards PC Walton Smith Phillips & Dixon L. E. Williams & Company, PC Save the date for the 2014 outing on August 7!







Year Ended June 30, 2013 Year Ended June 30, 2012 STATEMENTS OF ACTIVITIES AND CHANGES IN NET ASSETS Temporarily Permanently Temporarily Permanently Restricted Restricted Unrestricted Restricted Restricted Total Unrestricted Total Revenue, support and gains $133,702 $969,600 $178,233 $1,281,535 Contributions $130,298 $1,357,926 $351,368 $1,839,592 - 65,768 - 65,768 Special events - 90,404 - 90,404 130,651 522,204 - 652,855 Dividend and interest income, net 148,728 569,171 - 717,889 - (26,848) - (26,848) Change in value of split-interest agreements - 4,882 - 4,882 Net realized and unrealized (loss) (85,672) (332,813) - (418,485) gains on investments 477,110 1,848,381 - 2,325,491 1,447,005 (1,447,005) - Net assets released from restrictions 2,015,281 (2,015,281) - 1,625,686 (249,094) 178,233 1,554,825 Total revenue and support 2,771,417 1,855,483 351,368 4,978,268 Expenses - - Program expenses 1,811,886 - - 1,811,886 1,329,771 237,072 - - Management and general 338,202 - - 338,202 230,917 - - Fundraising expenses and special events 302,326 - - 302,326 - - Total expenses 2,452,414 - - 2,452,414 1,797,760 Net assets transfers Change in net assets Net assets - beginning of year Net assets - end of year



261,124 1,947,827 3,337,352 15,774,612






1,329,771 237,072 230,917 1,797,760


316,903 2,525,854 (221,844) (204,194) 183,103 (242,935) 9,924,566 29,036,530 3,559,196 15,978,806 9,741,463 29,279,465

$3,598,476 $17,722,439 $ 10,241,469 $ 31,562,384 $3,337,352 $15,774,612 $9,924,566 $29,036,530

2013 NMC FOUNDATION BOARD Christopher E. Branson, Chair Mark A. Lundmark, First Vice-Chair Timothy J. Nelson, Second Vice-Chair Randall J. Kiessel, Treasurer Bruce L. Byl, Immediate Past Chair Rebecca Teahen, Executive Director


Bonnie S. Alfonso

Terence Malone

George W. Anderson*

Thomas C. Jones

Michael A. Ascione

Bill Marsh, Jr.

Robert M. Andrews

Charles B. Judson

Barbara S. Benson

Paul W. Maurer

James J. Beckett (Secretary Emeritus)

Barbara J. Kausler

Douglas S. Bishop

Diana Milock

J. Kermit Campbell

Jayne Mohr

Melvin R. Cooke, Jr.

Gail M. Nugent

Stephen M. Fisher

Harlan W. Peterson

Francis J. Gingras

Richard L. Redmond, Jr.

Don A. Good

Juliette Schultz

Kim Hagerty

Susan K. Sheldon

Sara Harding

Martha A. Watts

James W. Hook

Kennard Weaver

Terry Lobdell

Timothy F. Young

Megan Madion

Alan Zelinski

Kenneth P. Kleinrichert, Sr.

Robert M. Boeve

Douglas E. Linder*

James Brown, Jr.*

James D. MacInnes

John Dancer

Patrick J. McCafferty*

Robert L. Goff

Robert R. McDonald

David L. Gray (Treasurer Emeritus)

Hon. George A. McManus

Kathleen Guy Thomas C. Hall* Walter J. Hooper Jean Howard Susanne M. Janis

Shirley S. Okerstrom* Gerald E. Oleson, Jr. Helen C. Osterlin* Timothy G. Quinn

Faculty Representatives

Diane Emling


Wendy Steele, Secretary

Gregory LaCross Student Representative

Derek Roush Honorary Members

David L. Gray John E. Pelizzari Barbara A. Smith

Edward C. Walker

* Deceased


NMC Main Campus

Map to the NMC Foundation 1 Dennos Museum Center 2 Scholars Hall (SH)

3 Osterlin Library (O) 4 Power House

Eastern Avenue North College Drive

5 Tanis Building (T) 6 Les Biederman Building (LB) 7 Health & Science Building (HS)

Elm Lot

8 Founders Hall 9 West Hall 10 East Hall

Cherry Lot

Map Legend

11 Fine Arts Building (F) 12 Phys Ed Building (P)

Campus Entrances

13 James Beckett Building (JB)

Parking Lot

14 Campus apartments

Accessible Parking


MichiGan coLLeGe

15 Oleson Center (OC)

Conifer Lot

Bus Stop

16 Maintenance Building

Juniper Lot

Dogwood Lot


Chestnut Lot

Welcome Center



Cedar Lot


Maple Lot


Pine Lot

Birch Lot 7

E Front St






Poplar Lot

2 Scholars Hall (SH) 3 Osterlin Library (O) 4 Power House 5 Tanis Building (T) 6 Les Biederman Building (LB)



1 Dennos Museum Center

14 E


Indian Woods E




College Drive

Tamarack Lot







Founders Hall







Fair Street

E Front St

Aspen Lot

Indian Woods W

College Drive


7 Health & Science Building (HS) 8 Founders Hall 9 West Hall 10 East Hall 11 Fine Arts Building (F)

(231) 995-1021 (877) 922-1021

1701 East Front Street Traverse City, MI 49686 You can also find NMC on:

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Map Legend

12 Phys Ed Building (P)

Campus Entrances

13 James Beckett Building (JB)

Parking Lot

14 Campus apartments

Accessible Parking

15 Oleson Center (OC) 16 Maintenance Building

Co L

Bus Stop Welcome Center

Cedar L Birch Lot

NMC Foundation 2013 Annual Report  
NMC Foundation 2013 Annual Report  

Perhaps no legacy casts a better light on what has made Northwestern Michigan College such a great success than the spirit of philanthropy t...