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That’s a Wrap! Special Olympics a Great Success; Thank You Thunder Bay

DON’T LET A FALL GET YOU DOWN Child Champion for Children’s Health Foundation Polaris Introduces 2021 Snowmobile Lineup, Shocking the Industry with Technology, Innovation and Performance

THUNDER BAY AUTO SPORT CLUB Hold Ice Racing at Mission Bay, Lake Superior

Polaris Introduces 2021 Snowmobile Lineup, Shocking the Industry with Technology, Innovation and Performance

Snowmobiling: Out On The Trails!

Page 2 Child Champion for Children’s Health Foundation Children's Health Foundation ! Hunter Fernyc is teaming up with Beefcake’s Burger Factory and Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. to make the amazing “The Hunter Burger” with proceeds going to the

From February 20th to end the of March Beefcake's Burger Factory will be offering “The Hunter Burger!” Hunter Fernyc of Thunder Bay was treated at the London Children's Hospital in 2014 for HLH - Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis. He spent 4 months there while they performed miracles saving his life! Since then Hunter spends a fair amount of time in and out of the hospital and still has yearly visits to the pediatric oncology department at the London Children's Hospital. Many people do not realize but when a child is sick beyond the scope of care here in Thunder Bay they are referred to London Children’s Hospital for more critical care. The Hunter Burger will be (in his words...)

-Double double patty with double double cheese, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, bacon, and Heartbeat Hot Sauce secret Hunter blend!

Huge THANK YOU to Beefcake’s Burger Factory and Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co.. for making The Hunter Burger happen!

DON’T LET A FALL GET YOU DOWN The winter season makes for icy conditions at the best of times and as we enter the end of the cold season, the potential to fall on the black ice from daily thaws and freeze is everywhere. There are also many opportunities to fall indoors as well, especially as we grow older. However, falls are not just due to slipping or tripping. Dizziness is another significant reason for falls. Dizziness can be caused by previous head trauma, neck injuries, viruses and illness, dehydration, inner ear disturbances, blood pressure changes and side effects of medication, just to name a few. Falls are the leading causes of injury related hospitalizations for seniors. In fact, one third of all Canadians over 65 will fall each year of which half of them will experience a serious injury such as a fracture or sprain. As a result, 95% of hip fractures in this age

group are due to falls. This translates into almost 2 million hospitalizations this year alone due to falls. With increased and prolonged hospitalizations brings the significantly increased risk of contracting diseases such as pneumonia or other infections. So if the fall doesn’t get you, the cascading side effects of acquiring others illnesses certainly could. All of these statistics support the need for increased information and education on fall prevention. The good news is that there are several simple tips and actions that will drastically reduce the chances of falling. Two very excellent resources for this information from which this column was based are: and . Preventing Falls at home: • Replace old and curled mats with no slip rubber backing rugs in kitchen and bath • Keep stairs clear of clutter and ensure handrails are secure • Place night lights along pathways from bedroom to bathroom • Always sit when putting on or taking off shoes and clothing • Wear shoes with non slip soles • Don’t juggle parcels while trying to enter the house Increasing Leg strength for stability: • Brisk walking should be part of your daily activity. If you can not walk longer distances try an elliptical machine or a stationary bike. • Strength training. There are many exercises such as leg extensions, marching, wall squats and lunges that can all be done at home daily. These exercises can both strengthen the muscles that keep you standing and improve your overall balance.

Boost your balance: • Review your medications and supplements with an MD or pharmacist to make sure you are aware of side effects such as dizziness, nausea or drowsiness. • Eat regularly and get plenty of non alcoholic, non caffeinated fluids. This will help minimize your blood sugars highs and lows and decrease dehydration all of which can make you dizzy and shaky. • Have an annual eye exam • Have your spine assessed. Misalignments in the neck can cause dizziness while problems in the lower back will frequently affect the nerves travelling to your standing and walking muscles. New studies have suggested that neck pain and dysfunction are likely more responsible for decreases in postural control then are physical activity level, ear imbalances, visual sensitivity or decreased lower limb sensitivity.

chi, yoga, golf and dancing can combine to improve your strength and balance so as to minimize the chances of falling. Find what you like to do and do it regularly and often. Don’t let a fall get you down. Following these simple ideas can make the difference between an active, independent and vibrant life rather than one of disability or even death.

James DiGiuseppe is a local chiropractor with a busy family and wellness practice. For more health information or to contact Dr. DiGiuseppe visit

Many activities like swimming, cycling, tai

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THUNDER BAY AUTO SPORT CLUB Hold Ice Racing at Mission Bay, Lake Superior BY SCOTT A. SUMNER

Great Outdoors Rick Mercuri has been an ice racer for at least 25 years now. He took a 7 or 8 year break and got back into it with the 4

wheel drive. “It is a totally different drive going from front wheel drive to four wheel drive, like starting over again,” said Rick Mercuri. Rick’s car is a 2005 Subaru WRX STI package which is like a race car out of the box. They put on a 3 stage program and played with the exhaust and cold air take in to get more air, but pretty much it is stock. In the day Rick runs Central Auto Parts recycling and his brother does service and they also have a body shop. “ I love being out in the car, it is an adrenaline rush.We keep on doing it

because everyone here today has been with us from the beginning. It has been a long standing team. The kids in their 20's that are here today have been with us here since they were babies. I enjoy it more for them than myself.” smiles Mercuri. “It’s a beautiful day to be here

There has been lots of car ice racing history in Thunder Bay beginning in 1959! It was fun to witness racing on a warm,

recorded the fastest time, completing the two laps in 5 minutes and 2 seconds. Tibor Dancz, in a Volkswagen, was second in a time of 5 minutes and 7 sec-

sunny day in March. Their location seemed perfect to me for this event, at the end of City Road at Mission Bay. The cars, especially studded tire versions, seemed to get some pretty good speed and would power slid around the corners similar to what a dirt track race car would do.

onds. Peg Wenting was the only female competitor. A second event was held on February 22 with competitors given three tries to record the fastest time possible. To speed up the trials, two cars are allowed on the track a half a lap apart. George Cummings, driving a Volkswagen, was the top driver with a best time of 5 minutes and 15 seconds. Dawdy was second with a time of 5 minutes and 18 seconds. Tom Jones was third in a time of 5 minutes and 22 seconds in a Volvo owned by Al Albrecht.

but there is less traction for the cars when the ice is soft. We think there is 18 inches of ice, in some corners there could be a 6 to 8 inch rut that builds up.” The ice racers do 2 practices in a day, 3 heats and a feature and there are ten races during the season. This last race there were 6 in the studded class and 12 in the non studded. You can get into a rubber tired car for $2000-3,000 and a studded from $2500 to $4,000 and up tp $50,000 if you wanted according to Mercuri.

The First Race Central Canada Car Club staged the first-ever automobile event on ice on Sunday, February 8, 1959. Nine competitors took part in a timed event called the ‘Dice-on-Ice.’ Driver made two runs around a 1.7-mile ice track on the Port Arthur harbour to record the fastest lap. Oliver ‘Deke’ Dawdy, driving a D.K.W.,

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That’s a Wrap! Special Olympics a Great Success; Thank You Thunder Bay The Special Olympics Canada Winter Games Thunder Bay 2020 wrapped up with the Games cauldron going out on Saturday, February 29. A bittersweet

shared gratitude for all participants in the Games including volunteers, sponsors and donors, venues and community partners, the local Special Olympics Thunder Bay chapter and Cheer Squad, media support-

share with the community. “What a week! Special Olympics athletes from across Canada have been treated to an incredible Games experience,” she said. “From the Opening Ceremony, to the sport venues, the meals and accommodations, to the outstanding volunteers, these Special Olympics Canada Winter Games will long be remembered as one of the very best. Thank you Thunder Bay!” These national games served as the qualifying event for athletes to become mem-

moment for all, the evening concluded with an athletes’ dance and teams returned home March 1 and 2. What was clear to

“We have heard nothing but positive feedback from the Games community and have been told we raised the bar and did in fact host the best Games ever,” said Games Chair Barry Streib. “We should be very proud of all that we have accomplished together. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the overwhelming support we have received from our community. Thank you to everyone who played a role in bringing the Games to life!”

About The Games The Special Olympics Canada Winter Games are a multi-sport national event for athletes with an intellectual disability. The Games will be hosted in Thunder Bay, Ontario from February 25 to 29, 2020 and will welcome over 1,200 athletes, coaches and mission staff from across Canada. The Games will include competition in eight official Special Olympics sports: alpine

ers, spectators and everyone who helped to make the Games visitors feel welcomed.

bers of Team Canada attending the Special Olympics World Winter Games in 2021. The next Special Olympics Canada Games will be hosted in Medicine Hat, Alberta in the summer of 2022.

the Games Organizing Committee and Special Olympics Canada is that the Games were a huge success.


CEO of Special Olympics Canada, Sharon Bollenbach also had words of gratitude to

To review final results, relive the Opening Ceremony, check out Games photos and daily newsletters, and watch the volunteer appreciation video,

skiing, five-pin bowling, cross country skiing, curling, figure skating, floor hockey, snowshoeing and speed skating. These national games are the qualifying event for athletes to become members of Team Canada attending the Special Olympics World Winter Games. Learn more at

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Streib’s sentiments were echoed by Games Manager Doug Henry. “I truly could not be more impressed with our delivery of the Games and how welcomed and supported we made our athletes feel. Every volunteer went above and beyond the call of duty, every sponsor gave far more than dollars, every venue hosted Olympic level competition, and every spectator cheered until their voice was raw. Because of this, every athlete, coach and mission staff member experienced endless moments of pure heart. Thank you Thunder Bay!” The week consisted of an Opening Ceremony and competition in eight sports including alpine skiing, five-pin bowling, cross country skiing, curling, figure skating, floor hockey, snowshoeing and speed skating. A total of 370 gold, 353 silver and 334 bronze medals were awarded to Special Olympics athletes from across the country. Thunder Bay athletes boded well with 4 gold, 9 silver and 3 bronze medals. All 15 local athletes demonstrated pure commitment and inspired spectators and fellow athletes alike. The Games Organizing Committee congratulates all athletes for their achievements during the Games. In reflecting on the week, organizers also

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Tel: (807) 683-4900 Fax: (807) 345-8005 Toll Free: 1-800-465-3915 Page 5

Stay here!The Best Western, Crossroads Hotel! Thunder Bay, Ontario’s, Diamond in the Rough! By Sherry Hanes Appropriately named, the Best Western Crossroads Hotel, in Thunder Bay, is a most conveniently located, cost saving, great place to stay, for your family, friends or business accommodation needs. You don’t necessarily have to be travelling to stay at the Best Western Crossroads Hotel…you may be a student who is awaiting for your residency or a practitioner needing a few days for staying in the city as you are needed at the hospital, or you may be just waiting for a renovation to be completed of your private home, apartment or condo. No matter what the reason, the Best Wester Crossroads Hotel is here to serve you and provide for you, all the comforts of a ‘home away from home’. You know me? A bit of history first: The brand was founded by M.K. Guertin in 1946. As of May 2019, David Kong is the president and CEO of Best Western and Dorothy Dowling is the chief marketing officer. In 1964, Canadian hotel owners joined the system. Best Western then expanded to Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand in 1976. In 2002, Best Western International launched Best Western Premier in Europe and Asia. (The other hotels in the chain were known as Best Western.) In 2011, the chain's branding system-wide changed to a three-tiered system: Best Western, Best Western Plus, and

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Best Western Premier. Best Western Hotels & Resorts is a global network of approximately 4,700 hotels in 100 plus, countries and territories. Their Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Best Western Hotels & Resorts is proud to welcome over 400,000 hotel guests worldwide every night. Best Western Hotels & Resorts' is commitment to excellence and is continually recognized with industry accolades. Named AAA®/CAA®’s Lodging Partner of the Year for the 11th consecutive time, Best Western Premier® being ranked No. 1 in the upscale segment in the J.D. Power 2019 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Study, U.S. News & World Report, ranking Best Western Rewards® (BWR®) as a top loyalty program for the seventh consecutive year, and WalletHub naming BWR a top loyalty program for the fourth consecutive year. Additionally, Business Travel News named Best Western Plus® and Best Western® number one in upper-mid-price and mid-price hotel brands in the 2018 hotel Chain Survey marking the brand's fifth consecutive year of being top ranked by Business Travel News readers. The rooms/suites, at the B/W Crossroads Hotel, are attractive, clean and as we mentioned earlier, so conveniently located, to just about anything you desire. Only five minutes to the Thunder Bay International Airport, a mall anchored by Walmart and Metro Grocery Store. Also, there is TD Bank, CIBC Bank, Scotia Bank, Canadian Tire Store and two Tim Horton’s withing walking distance. Car rental outlet, gas stations, Chinese restaurants, convenience stores, Boston Pizza, pharmacies, LCBO, on the main bus line and sooooo much

more! The Crossroads Hotel sits at the intersection of Canada’s Major highway to the West, Hwy 17 West, and to the East, Hwy 17 East and also South, to the U.S. Hwy 61, at Pigeon River, entering into Minnesota, via Grand Portage. The Best Western Hotels and Resorts are World Wide accommodation specialists that understand customers and how just to keep them coming back and back to their line of this Brand of accommodation. Word of mouth has always been the best reviews and reviews are what this hotel chain invites, so you can tell all your friends, family and business acquaintances about your experience with Best Western and especially, this Best Western…B/W Crossroads Hotel. Manager, Stuart Bagnel, has been providing, without fail, some of the best restful and stress-free stays in Thunder Bay for years now and he invites everyone, to come and stay for the rest and come back for that feeling of ‘home’. Anyone can say, ‘we treat you just like family’ but, the

people at this hotel, really do treat you like family! They provide amenities, plus! 100% smoke-free hotel. Complimentary continental breakfast, choice of breads, cereal, fruit, eggs, yogurt, juice, coffee, hot oatmeal, fried eggs, sausage patties. Fitness Center Open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. equipped with a treadmill, elliptical machine, exercise bike, weight machine, exercise ball and mats, Universal gym, Stationary bike, Treadmill. Elevator and Interior corridors. Safe deposit box and Safes in each room. Free wireless internet access available in public areas and all guest rooms. Business center, 24hour, network/Internet printing, pc and printer available, Internet connectivity. High speed Internet and wireless access. Printer available, Fax services, Fax machine, Computer available. 84 rooms that provide Coffee/tea maker, Free local calls under 30 minutes, Free long distance access, Air-conditioning, AM/FM alarm clock, Hairdryer, AM/FM radio stereo, Microwave, Refrigerator, Iron, ironing board, Desk/work area, Highspeed Internet access wireless in all rooms, also hard wired on the business floor, Direct dial telephone, Speaker phone, Voice mail Non-smoking Rooms: 84, Visual alarms. Photocopy, nominal fee Photocopy machine, Data ports, Courier Shipping. Cold weather hook-ups, Ice/vending machines. Pets allowed based on the availability of pet friendly rooms. Up to 2 dogs per room with an 80/ pound, weight limit. Additional pet types (cats, birds, etc.) may be accepted at the hotel's discretion. Call selected hotel directly for further enquires as for specific site restrictions. MORE Amenities, Airport car, 24-hours. We utilize a local taxi company - to and from the Airport. Grab a cab outside of the airport, tell them you want to go to the Best Western Thunder Bay Crossroads. Driver will receive a payment voucher from the front desk. Guest only pays tip, if they like. Free parking ‘Sleep n Fly’ not available NOTE: Due to space restrictions. Outdoor parking, Truck/RV parking Limited truck and trailer. The Best Western Crossroads Hotel, located at, 655 Arthur Street W. Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7E 5R6, Canada. Toll Free Reservations (US & Canada Only) 1(800) 780-7234,Worldwide Numbers,Hotel Direct Number,+1 807-577-4241, hotels-in-thunder-bay/best-western-thunder-baycrossroads/propertyCode.66007.html, CHECK-IN 2:00 P.M. EST, CHECK-OUT 11:00 A.M. EST. So. Meet you at the Crossroads. Thunder Bay Ontario’s, Diamond in the Rough! I’ll be in the fitness center working out!

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SMART CHOICES THIS SNOWMOBILING SEASON SAY OFSC & OPP Snowmobiling is a very popular winter recreational activity that provides enthusiasts with fun and access to some of Ontario’s most spectacular scenery. Making smart choices while snowmobiling will help ensure that not only will your journey be enjoyable, it will also be a safe one. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) are reminding snowmobilers to take personal responsibility for their own safety and well-being this winter. The decisions you make while snowmobiling may impact your eligibility to drive a vehicle or even worse, they may have consequences which could impact your health or life. Plan your journey Safe snowmobiling isn’t just what happens while out on the trail, it’s part of a process of making smart choices throughout your entire journey. It starts with preparing your sled, gear and equipment before your first ride and maintaining these throughout the season. It continues through the planning and communication of your riding route and by always checking trail availability prior to accessing trails via the Interactive Trail Guide at Smart choices are especially important at the start of the season, a critical period as snow arrives and trail preparations commence although trails remain unavailable for riding. Once on the trail, every snowmobiler has the responsibility to ride with caution and to continually make smart choices. Riders are reminded that snowmobiling is an offroad activity that occurs in an unpre-

dictable and uncontrollable natural environment. What is an unpredictable and uncontrollable natural environment? Quite simply, every snowmobiler needs to recognize that trails aren’t predictable or engineered like roadways. Signage is provided as a courtesy, not as a right and snowmobiles lack the personal safety equipment found on cars and trucks. Sudden dips and rises, curves and bumps are common and are all capable of throwing surprises at you when you least expect it. Always expect the unexpected, you never know what’s around the corner or over the next hill. Know the law, it’s designed to keep you safe OFSC Prescribed Trails are subject to laws governed under the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act and enforced by local police detachments all over the province. Snowmobilers are encouraged to know the law and ride within it. To keep snowmobiling safe and enjoyable for everyone, there are a number of simple things each and every rider can do, including but not limited to: • Know your abilities and ride within them. • Adjust your speed to account for visibility, climate, terrain and familiarity. • Know your machine’s capabilities and don’t push beyond them. • Know your riding area and plan your route.

• • Stay on trails and in areas where snowmobiles are permitted. • of the trail.

Drive on the right side

• Use extra caution when riding during the evening or night. • Do not use alcohol or drugs before or during snowmobiling. Zero tolerance is the only way to ride safely. • Carry emergency supplies and learn first aid and survival skills. • hand signals.

Know and use proper

• within it.

Know the law and ride

Ride with a buddy or a

group. ?Snowmobiling is great fun, and you can ensure your enjoyment by respecting the law and making smart choices. The OPP is committed to saving lives on Ontario’s highways, trails and waterways through the reduction of preventable injury and death. Initiatives are developed and delivered through the OPP Provincial Traffic Safety Program. The OFSC is committed to proactive leadership in promoting safe, responsible riding on and off Ontario’s snowmobile trails, by building safer snowmobiling knowledge, attitudes and behaviours through rider education and safety promotion partnerships.

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Polaris Introduces 2021 Snowmobile Lineup, Shocking the Industry with Technology, Innovation and Performance New Lightweight Drive System for the Mountains, Industry-Changing Performance and Control for the Trail and Unprecedented Technology Ensures Polaris Delivers the Ultimate Experience on Snow for Any Rider on Any Terrain

850 Pro RMK 155 (Photo: Business Wire) Experience the ultimate in performance, breakthrough technology and intelligent innovation from Polaris with the introduction of the model year 2021 snowmobiles. From the legendary trail performance of Indy and the deep snow-dominating RMK to the smooth riding and incredibly versatile Switchback and the extreme crossover capability of Titan, new riders and impassioned enthusiasts alike will find the ideal, industry-leading sled from Polaris. With more than 100,000 customization options available through the Polaris SnowCheck program - enthusiasts can secure exclusive models such as the domi-

(QD2) —a lightweight drive system. QuickDrive2 features a low-inertia design and 10% gearing reduction—resulting in reduced rider effort, an even quicker response and instantaneous lift. Working in tandem with QuickDrive2 is a new Series 8 track available in 155” and 165” lengths. With a flex-optimized design and improved lug stiffness, the new Series 8 track delivers instantaneous lift, superior traction and optimum flotation for all types of mountain riding. An expanded RMK Khaos lineup for 2021 will harness these new, exclusive technologies. In addition to the new QuickDrive2 and Series 8 track combinations, SnowCheck customers can also choose an all-new powder dominating RMK Khaos 163 with QuickDrive2 and Series 7 track with 3” lugs. Not to be outdone, the king of the mountain PRO-RMK series will also be available with the low-inertia QuickDrive2 Drive System in both 2.75” and 3” lug configurations with track lengths up to 174”. Adding more performance across the entire RMK family is the expanded availability of 850 Patriot power in-season; SnowCheck available factory installed low-elevation clutching calibration; the return of the RMK EVO, designed for new riders; and the ultimate deep snow crossover SKS models. New 650 Patriot Engine – Designed for Outstanding Durability, Unrivaled Efficiency and Exceptional Performance

nating trail performance of the all-new Indy VR1, the ultimate 50/50 crossover of the all-new Switchback Assault 146, or the all-mountain performance of RMK Khaos and the unmatched precision and predictability of PRO RMK. Spring customers can also choose powerful engine options such as the venerable 850 Patriot, now also available in-season, and the all-new 650 Patriot, along with industry-leading technology and innovation. RMK – All-New SnowCheck Exclusive QuickDrive2 Drive System The world’s best mountain sled lineup continues to raise the bar in 2021 with the allnew, SnowCheck-exclusive, QuickDrive2

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After shocking the industry with the 850 Patriot, the most powerful snowmobile engine Polaris has ever built, the all-new 650 Patriot will do it again in 2021. Purpose-built to provide unparalleled durability, the new 650 Patriot delivers up to 60% improved fuel efficiency*, 10% more power* and 14%* more torque when compared to the Liberty 600. This powerful combination has the new 650 Patriot destined to become the undisputed king of the 600-class. New Indy VR1 and Switchback Assault 146 - A New Dimension in Dominating Performance For more than 65 years Polaris has defined and redefined the sport of snowmobiling through unprecedented innovation. This relentless pursuit continues with the introduction of the all new Indy VR1 and Switchback Assault 146 models. Both built

upon the rider-first, SnowCheck-exclusive Matryx platform—they unlock an entirely

new dimension of effortless rider control. The dominating trail performance of Indy VR1 combines ferocious acceleration, effortless control and intelligent technology. The Switchback Assault 146 is the ultimate 50/50 crossover delivering pure dominance on-trail and off. The Indy VR1 and Switchback Assault 146 introduce a new level of intelligent technology surrounding the rider. The Indy VR1 and Switchback Assault 146 will boast the industry’s first 7” interactive, touch-screen display. The new 7S Display is equipped with exclusive Polaris Ride Command Technology and integrates an entirely new level of intuitive, touchscreen control and customization options featuring Ride Command mapping, Group Ride tracking and Bluetooth connectivity. Both the SnowCheck exclusive Indy VR1 and Switchback Assault 146 will feature industry-first SmartWarmers - thermostatically controlled hand and thumb warmers. SmartWarmers utilizes temperature sensing technology to ensure a consistent, customized flow of heat regardless of ambient temperature. Joining this breakthrough technology is an all-new NightBlade pro-

jector beam LED headlight with automotive intensity and all-new Lock & Ride FLEX accessory integration. To ensure this level of dominating trail performance and effortless control isn’t limited to just SnowCheck customers, the all-new Indy XC Launch Edition will be available in extremely limited quantities in-season. With both 850 Patriot and 650 Patriot power on tap, the Indy Launch Edition will feature the Polaris Message Center gauge package. SnowCheck customization during the spring-order period March 2nd - April 15th, 2020.

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