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The40thAnnualWestfort StreetFairGreatSuccess! TheCanadianLakehead ExhibitionSince1890!O,TheINTERESTEDINSIDEINGETTINGPAID?CanadianLakeheadExhibitionSince1890!PeopleLikeTheirVehicles!MyAchyBreakyFeet!NorthSuperiorPublishing@tbay25 PeopleLike TheirVehicles!




Science North’s Northwest Expansion Project is currently in its schematic design phase which largely focuses on community engagement, architectural and visitor experience design – that involves working closely with Indigenous communities, private sector partners, community organiza-

Science North announced recently that Waterfront’s Pool 6 site would be the preferred location to build its new 34,000 sq. ft. science centre. With the potential to welcome over 80,000 visitors annually and generate 5,000 overnight stays in the city with a projected $6M in visitor spending and operations, the facility would provide year-round activities for residents of the city and tourists – while also hosting residents from surrounding Northern Ontario communities to enjoy science-based education and entertainment. Science North's satellite base in Thunder Bay was established in 2010 and reaches close to 30,000 youth in Northwestern Ontario (NWO) through school outreach programs, public outreach events, First Nation outreach and camps on an annual basis.With NWO on the rise in economics and infrastructure, and a proven model to fill the gap in culture, recreational activities and education through entertainment, Science North believes it is one step closer to achieving its vision through the development of a permanent facility in the city.

tions and the City of Thunder Bay to create champions and ensure the new attractions reflect the region and its heritage. Outputs of the schematic design phase include the development of detailed visitor experience, program plans, completed surveys, site plans, architectural schematic designs and the development of detailed operating plans for the attraction in Thunder Bay. This phase is being funded in part by the NOHFC, FedNor, the Thunder Bay CEDC and the City of Kenora. The City of Thunder Bay has played a key role in informing this project; in addition to supporting the project financially, key staff have participated in stakeholder workshops and provided feedback and guidance on the next steps. The city also played an essential role in assessing and recommending potential sites for the science centre. Following this work, the Waterfront’s Pool 6 site has been chosen as the preferred location for the build and Science North will continue to work with the city and other partners on the terms moving forward.

If you have no agreement how much interest your customer will pay, currently you are left interest at 1.8 per cent. Chances are you are paying more than that if you were borrowing money from a bank or other Aclender.ontractual rate of interest takes priority. That works fine if you have a written contract and the interest rates in that contract are enforceable.

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If your written contract does not accurately calculate your interest charges on an annual basis. or does not make the compounding and calculation methods clear, then the Interest Act, a federal statute, applies and restricts you to 5% interest annually.

The Thunder City Rumble Auto and Sled Show was held August 13th at the Thunder City Speedway. I didn’t know really what to expect here but as soon as you parked you could see the level of enthusiasm from people about their special vehicles. Most of the cars were vintage being up to 70 years old. They were driven to the site so are still street legal. That must require quite a bit of mechanical work which I think is part of the attraction to the activity. Not all cars were old as I talked to man who had his 2022 Camaro with 445HPon display. He wanted to buy it locally but in this environment we are in of chip shortages and limited inventory had to get it out of town. If you want a vehicle today you have to jump on it or wait for months or longer it seems.

interest to borrow money as a result, or you are losing the profit you could make off depositing or investing the money, or you are losing the enjoyment that you could gain spending the money.

There is a lot more to interest than meets the eye, or than I can cover here. If you want to get paid, please feel free to discuss it with my colleagues at Weilers Law, preferably before you grant the credit.

The Thunder City Speedway owners were happy to have a different event at their facility. They have brought back weekly dirt track racing to Thunder Bay with races every Wednesday that are attended by around 3000 fans. People are definitely enthusiastic about their cars and trucks and it was evident at this event! IN

People Like TheirVehicles!Publisher’sNote SumnerScott INTERESTED

It was quite a while ago that I wrote a short series about how to better prepare for collecting accounts, and how to not only collect them, but to get the ultimate recovery of money that is “getting paid”. Always a good topic to revisit in times of inflation, and back to school costs, particularly the aspect of interest, which was not the focus of any of the previous articles. Not being paid for your goods or services costs you money. Either you are paying

GETTING PAID? MattersLegal


You need evidence showing that they had been advised of the interest term and had accepted it- perhaps by paying prior Allcharges.ofwhich could be avoided by having a proper written contract to establish the rate of interest in the first place. This might be a credit agreement, for instance.

Since the drafting of contracts is a tricky business, if you want to be sure that they reflect current law, it is always good practice to have them either reviewed or drafted by a lawyer with experience and knowledge about the issues.

If you do not have a written contract but you can convince the court that you have a verbal contract, you do not have to settle for a lower rate So how do you prove that?

The Canadian Coast Guard crest was created in 1962. It includes the following symbols: • blue for water • white for ice • maple leaf for Canada • dolphins, known as friends to mariners • rope for life at sea • royal crown for being in the service of the Queen The Latin motto“Saluti Primum, Auxilio Semper”means “Safety First, Service InAlways”.theearly years the Coast Guard significantly expanded its fleet. The Marine Service ships were scheduled for replacement, so new ships were commissioned. The Canadian Coast Guard College was established to train hundreds of new officers and crewmembers.w In 1995 the Coast Guard moved to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to save costs. The Department’s Science and Conservation and Protection fleets were incorporated with the Coast Guard fleet. This joined the 2 largest civilian fleets in the federal government under one depart2005ment. to present In 2005 the Coast Guard was declared a special operating agency of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. In 2012, the Government of Canada announced the National Shipbuilding Strategy to renew the Canadian Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Navy fleets.

The Coast Guard announced in 2014 that it would replace its existing helicopters with 23 new ones. The final helicopter was delivered in September 2021.

Continued History of


In 2017, the Government of Canada announced the Oceans Protection Plan. The Oceans Protection Plans has helped the Coast Guard:• enhance its search and rescue capacity• become better equipped to respond to marine oil spills • increase Indigenous peoples participation in marine search and rescue and environmental response the Canadian Coast Guard

Various governments patrolled the East Coast and the Great Lakes with their own vessels until Confederation. In 1868 the Government of Canada established the Department of Marine and Fisheries. This department was responsible for: • government vessels • marine infrastructure including:. aids to navigation . lifesaving stations . marine regulations . canals and waterways .• marine safety and search and rescue under its Marine Service In 1936 the Department of Transport became responsible for marine transportation and the Marine Service. As ocean commerce expanded and the St-Lawrence Seaway opened, the need for a national coast guard grew. On January 26, 1962, the Honourable Leon Balcer, Minister of Transport, created the Canadian Coast Guard. 1962 to 2005

THUNDERBAYBUSINESSSEPTEMBER2022PAGE5 Continued In 2018 we announced the creation of a fourth Coast Guard region, in the Arctic. Establishing the Arctic Region helps us: • improve collaboration with organizations and governments of the: . Inuit . First MétisNationNation . better meet the unique needs of Arctic communities Related linksDiversity, accessibility and AtinclusiontheCanadian Coast Guard, people are our strength and main priority. We aim to: • recruit a diverse, skilled workforce• represent the communities we serve We are committed to fostering an inclusive work environment where all employees: • have equitable opportunities • feel accepted and valued • can thrive in workplaces that are: . welcoming . secure . safe Coast Guard is taking steps towards a more inclusive and accessible workplace. Some of these steps include: • removing "male" and "female" labels from uniform descriptions • adding the hijab and turban as uniform options • creating an accessibility network for employees • developing the Department's first Accessibility Action Plan with Fisheries and Oceans Canada • implementing the Government of Canada Workplace Accessibility Passport

History of the Canadian Coast Guard

National Shipbuilding Strategy

The National Shipbuilding Strategy is a long-term project to renew Canada's federal fleet of combat and non-combat vessels. We formed partnerships with 2 Canadian shipyards to deliver much-needed vessels to the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard. The strategy provides economic benefits to Canadians and rebuilds our country’s shipbuilding indusCongratulationstry. on 60years of service!

Both plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia are treatable with conservative care. However, as with any health problem, the longer it has intrenched itself the longer it will take to heal. Athorough approach should include assessment not only of the feet and toes but also of the ankle, calf, knee, hip, and lumbosacral spine.These areas if injured, will often translate down to the feet during weight bearing and gait causing excessive stresses on the foot structure.As such, a comprehensive approach to care would not only address the painful foot points. But also address the root cause of the problem.Often this would include tight calf muscles and biomechanical restrictions around the ankle and forefoot.Conservative therapeutic interventions could include soft tissue techniques, manual adjustments of the feet and ankles, home stretch and strengthening exercises for the feet, calves and lower limbs, acupuncture, laser, shockwave therapy, education on proper footwear, and if needed custom made foot orthotics.

O, My Achy Breaky Feet!

Chiropractors are trained to both assess, diagnose, and treat people with these ailments and they have the skill set to use many if not all the above-mentioned therapeutic options.Before rushing for a cortisone shot, which at best will give you short term relief and has the potential to cause more long-term problems, I would recommend a thorough attempt at using various conservative approaches.


Some of the most common foot pain problems that I see are plantar fasciitis and Plantarmetatarsalgia.fasciitis is a degenerative condition in which microtrauma causes a breakdown of connective tissue around the heel and arch of the foot and the surrounding musculature.The sole of the foot has four layers of muscle and connective tissue which supports the foots ability to weight bear and spring forward.Excessive weight bearing activities, poor shoes, constant standing and walking on hard surfaces are all regular contributors to causing plantar fasciitis.The classic symptoms are described as sharp heel or foot pain, usually as you get out of bed, which mildly improves as you move around but progressively worsens by the end of the day.If the condition is chronic bone spurs may begin to form at the bottom of the heel, as a result.It is important to note that the bone spurs are not the cause of the pain ratherbutan indication that the problem has been longstanding.

James DiGiuseppe is a local chiropractor with a busy family and wellness practice.For more health information or to contact Dr. DiGiuseppe visit: www.portarthurchiropractic.com

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Metatarsalgia is an inflammation of the metatarsal joints (the toe joints in line with the ball of your foot).It can also be a result of wearing poorly designed shoes, bunions, walking on uneven surfaces, arthritis of foot joints and diabetes.


The 40th Annual Westfort Street FairGreat Success!

Every vendor had sidewalk sales, showcasing different merchant wares that are special and interesting and also items that you just can’t find just any-


Westfort held its 40th Annual Street Fair, August 20th, 2022 This year was a great success especially after Covid. For me it was fun to see so many people out on a warm sunny day enjoying themselves and seeing everything the Westfort Village Association has to offer. This is a very unique area for Thunder Bay and a great place to support local entrepreneurs! The Westfort Village Association presented a day of great fun for the entire family and visitors alike!Frederica Street is closed each year for the event when local vendors set up for the days event.This year, like every other year, vendors offered great food of different cultural cuisine, that is said to satisfy any appetite. Patrons casually sauntered up and down the avenue, meeting friends, being entertained by great, live, local musicians and that just makes the fair that much more, lively and happy.Everyone was in great spirits during the entire event and it seems that no one wanted it to end!


Awhere.bitof history about Westfort. Westfort Village is a self-contained shopping district and in fact, many Thunder Bay residents will travel across the city to shop in the unique stores and shops and is one of the oldest and most famous corners of Thunder Bay. The community of Westfort, grew up around river traffic and the railway, home for working families. Early business owners established their own busy downtown area, complete with clothing stores, banks, restaurants, hotels, professional offices, pharmacy and food store. Historic Westfort Village... This historic village in Thunder Bay was once the focal point of a community that worked at the local grain elevators, factories and in the rail yard. Its proximity to the Kaministiqua River made it an ideal location for the docking of the smaller ships of the time. BYSCOTTA. Thunder Bay



The fort was first settled in 1860. The Fort William Town Plot were surveyed in 1859-60 by the Province of Canada's Department of Crown Lands and opened to settlement.Once the Fort William Town Plot (later known as West Fort) was selected as the eastern terminus for the Canadian Pacific Railway, and construction of the railway began in June 1875, Fort William began to grow, but very slowly. It would take the federal Department of Public Works, and later the Department of Railways and Canals, seven years 1875-1882 to build the Thunder Bay Branch from Fort William to Winnipeg.By1883-84 it was clear to all but the residents of Port Arthur that the Montreal-based Canadian Pacific Railway syndicate, in collaboration with the Hudson's Bay Company, preferred the low lying lands along the lower Kaministiquia River to the rocky shores of Port Arthur, and the Company subsequently consolidated all its operations there, erecting rail yards, coal handling facilities, grain elevators and a machine shop.Library services for Fort William began in 1885 when CPR employees opened a bath, smoking and literary room, with a library attached in the Round House, West Fort William. Fees were $1.25 per year for CPR employees; outsiders were required to pay $1.25 for use of the tub.The Mary J. L. Black Library, 151 West Brock Street, opened in 1938. Mary J. L. Black was the librarian of the Fort William Library from 1909-1937. She was one of Canada's leading librarians in her day and was the first woman president of the Ontario Library Association. It seems appropriate that the Westfort Branch was named in Miss Black's honour.

The 40th Annual Westfort Street FairGreat Success!


Continued There is still extensive evidence of the areas past. Now a unique antique and collectible shopping opportunity, this community of specialty shops makes an enjoyable destination for Thunder Bay visitors.

THUNDERBAYBUSINESSSEPTEMBER2022PAGE9 The 40th Annual Westfort Street FairGreat Success! A famous griller, Dark Side of the Grill from Edmonton was brought to ThunderBay by Heartbeat Hot Sauce to help showcase theirproducts!


Continued Many families enjoyed taking their children out to this well, established, annual event and even though we could not interview everyone at the event, those we did speak with said that they make this an annual family event and never fail to have a great time.If you haven’t seen certain people in a very long time, maybe it is time for you to venture out to the 2023 Westfort Street Fair. Thank you for coming out and see you next year!


The Annual Westfort Street FairGreat Success!


CLE runs for 5 days and usually attracts 55,000 people. This year they announced attendance at 74,000 which has got to be the biggest single outdoor event in the Thunder Bay. It acts as a major contributor to the CLE financial operations and draws many out of town attendees from Northwestern Ontario that make the trip each year.That is also good for our economy as they have to stay here, eat and can shop especially for the upcom-


It is starting to become a tradition for me to attend the annual CLE Summer Family Fair. I’m not really a person who would go on the rides but it is fun to see the kids enjoying themselves with their families. I do like the food and the atmosphere in general! Upbeat, happy, colourful is the name of the Ofgame!course my main reason for going to the CLE is the music. There is always a great line up of Canadian rock artists which I enjoy. This year my choice to hear play was Kim Mitchell! I just like his sound and have seen him live several times in Thunder Bay. Kim has had many well known hits over her career which has been a long one!

Roclandwonderland, Expedition Sailers, Rock N’Roll Duty, and my favourite All We Are. Kim is now 70 years old and still performing quite a bit according to this website. He suffered a heart attack in 2016 but is doing well now and enjoys performing Thelive.

ing school year. Yes the CLE is an important event for Thunder Bay. Well done! The Canadian Lakehead Exhibition Since 1890!


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