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Third Generation Business Expands With New Building: Tony’s Cabinets and Alyssa Marie Designs!

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The NWMO Celebrates Re-Opening of the Ignace Learn More Centre




The NWMO Celebrates Re-Opening of the Ignace Learn More Centre Listening to people and hearing input from the public about Canada’s plan for used nuclear fuel is an important part of our work. We are excited to re-open our Ignace Learn More Centre and to continue with face-to-face dialogue. We’re also excited to announce that the Ignace Learn More Centre is newly renovated. This is worth celebrating in a big way! The Centre was closed to the public for several months because of public health guidelines related to COVID-19, but since restrictions have been lifted, we’re happy to see NWMO employees and surrounding communities connect in person once again. Please know that safety is our number priority and rest assured we are following all provincial health and safety guidelines including social distancing and mandatory mask wearing indoors to keep everyone safe. We have Learn More Centres in both prospective siting areas – Ignace and South Bruce – which provide the perfect place to engage with the communities, share and listen to different perspectives and have meaningful discussions. The Ignace Learn More Centre was redesigned thanks of feedback from community members. They told us they wanted a

“I am glad that we are able to move forward again and talk to people in person,” said Mayor Lucas. “The 3D model of the deep geological repository in the Learn More Centre is something everyone needs to see because it’s quite amazing. Having the Centre open is exciting for the project and for Ignace as a whole.” Community members had a chance to connect and the opportunity to talk to NWMO and municipal staff about their thoughts on willingness to host the project in Ignace.

Photo Captions: Front Page: 3D Model of a DGR: The Ignace Learn More Centre features a new 3D model of a deep geological repository Above:: Lise Morton and Bill Gascon: Lise Morton, VP of Site Selection and Bill Gascon, Site Director, Ignace, were on hand to welcome people back to the Learn More Centre Below: Elder Paul Watts and Bill Gascon: Bill Gascon (right) Site Director - Ignace, offered Elder Paul Watts (left) a small gift as thanks for his moving opening prayer better way to visualize and gain a deeper newly renovated space. The NWMO was understanding of the project. The centre’s new design has a visual focus. It includes new displays including a large 3D model of a deep geological repository.

And what would a celebration be without food? A free community BBQ was part of the festivities and with the help of the Ignace Lion’s Club, hot dogs and smoked sausages were served. “It’s great to be able to welcome the community back to the Ignace Learn More Centre after being closed due to COVID restrictions,” said Lise Morton, VicePresident of Site Selection. “Sharing infor-

The re-opening featured Elder Paul Watts offering a special prayer to celebrate the

honoured that Donna Chief from Wabigoon Lake Ojibway Nation smudged the Learn More Centre in preparation for it opening to the public. This was followed by special remarks from the NWMO’s Lise Morton, Vice-President of Site Selection, Bill Gascon, Site Director in Ignace. Ignace Mayor Penny Lucas was also at the centre to give a warm welcome to attendees.

mation about Canada’s plan for used nuclear fuel is very important to us and the Learn More Centre is the perfect place to do that. The new displays are a great way to share information about this important topic.” Other NWMO employees also attended the event because they were up North for the NWMO Mobile Learn More Centre (MLMC) Northern Tour. The MLMC was also in Ignace the centre re-opening as part of its tour of northwestern Ontario. Since July 5, the Mobile Learn More Centre travelled nearly 1,500 kilometres and went to over 10 communities. The Ignace Learn More Centre was first opened in 2016 and since then it has been an important site for ongoing engagement with the northwest region on Canada’s plan to safely store used nuclear fuel. About the NWMO The NWMO is a not-for-profit organization implementing Canada’s plan to safely contain and isolate used nuclear fuel inside a deep geological repository in a manner that protects people and the environment for generations to come. Canada’s plan will only proceed in an area with informed and willing hosts, where the municipality, First Nation and Métis communities, and others in the area are working together to implement it. The NWMO plans to select a site in 2023, and two areas remain in our site selection process: the Ignace area and South Bruce, both in Ontario.



We’re Making Progress With the Covid 19 Pandemic

Publisher’s Note Scott Sumner It’s been about eighteen months now since the onset of COVID-19 in our world which meant a virtual shut down of much of the economy. Things are now starting to look better with about 71% of Canadians having at least a first dose and 62% of second doses for the entire population. So what have we learned in the last eighteen months? I tend to ask a lot of questions to business people that you meet and there are always a wide variety of answers. Generally though COVID 19 has had far reaching implications for most people and business. Air Canada is back in operation with jet service flying people to Toronto with it looks like 2 flights a day. On the other

hand Porter Airlines will not begin service anywhere until September 8th with 2 flights daily. Westjet seems to have 2 flight a day to Toronto. There is also a new arrival in the market with Flair Airlines operating weekly on some days. Overall the Thunder Bay airport traffic is still tremendously down which is quite an economic barometer. This is coming back now but a return to pre COVID l9 levels could take some time. Hotel occupancy is still significantly down with some rebound taking place as well. Restaurants have outdoor seating and indoor dining which has some limitations. Also the question is will people want to travel again, go out and eat, attend large scale events? It seems like they will.

Retail seems to be coming back with some indoor shopping allowed with capacity restrictions. Gyms have reopened for indoor activity with limitations. They can offer outdoor opportunities as well. Magnus theatre did some outside performances. The Auditorium has booked it’s first show for December 13th with July Talk. Local dealerships selling cars, trucks, ATV’s etc are still having difficulty getting the inventory they would normally have. There is a shortage of electronic components. This will mean a drop in sales overall.

So what’s next? What can we expect? It’s sort of hard to tell I think. How will

the consumer react after all of this isolation protocol? Will they feel comfortable going to a restaurant, concert or movie again? Will you be able to socially distance 6 feet for the future? How will that affect the cost of doing business? If you are flying to Toronto will you want to be on a packed flight. Could the airline make it on low occupancy and how will that affect ticket pricing? It is definitely somewhat unknown and will require new ways of doing things specific to your business. The best answer is a vaccine for everyone which would allow for somewhat normalcy. I hope everyone gets both shots of a vacinne if they are able. I guess all of us will be watching as we continue on in this COVID 19 environment.

How Much Water Do We Really Need? How much water do we really need to intake daily? The most common advice has been to drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day. That is 8 cups or approximately 2 liters. New research leans more towards 3 liters or 12 cups per day. This may sound like a lot. But, in actuality, you can meet these requirements by also including other fluids such as tea, coffee, juice and milk, although pure water is best. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables also contains 2-3 cups of water. However, how much you need really depends on how much you loose and that can fluctuate substantially. Your environment, time of year, age, health, lifestyle and consumption of various medications and food all influence your fluid retention and excretion rates. Most of us understand that hot humid weather, like we are experiencing this summer, can increase our body temperature and excessive sweating can lead to dehydration. But, were you also aware

that you can lose significant amounts of water in cold weather by breathing in dry air? You also loose significant water with breathing during sleep, especially if you snore or are a mouth breather. A diet high in salt or protein requires more water because your kidneys are working harder to be able to excrete the excess. Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics. You should intake extra water if you drink any alcohol or more than 2 cups of coffee per day. Many medications also have a water-retention or diuretic effect. Being aware of the side effects of those medications is important to minimize the chances of dehydration. Older people not only use more medication, in general; but they also have a lower thirst sensation and make more trips to the bathroom. All of these factors make them more susceptible to dehydration as they age. Mild illness such as colds, flus, bronchitis and kidney infections are the most common reasons for older adults to become dehydrated. Vomiting and diarrhea are common causes of dehydration. Infants and children are most susceptible to dehydration because they have a higher skin surface area to body volume and often cannot tell when they are thirsty. At first sign of any illness, caregivers should give extra water. The only way to effectively treat dehydration is to replace lost fluids and lost electrolytes. Simply drinking more water daily is your best solution. Dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhea will need replenishments with electrolytes also. Soup broths or diluted sports drinks may help. Full strength fruit juice and soft drinks can worsen diarrhea and are not recommended. More severe cases of dehydration need immediate medical attention for intravenous rehydration.

Waiting until you are thirsty is not the best way to monitor your body’s hydration requirements. By then you are already partially dehydrated. Urine colour is a better indicator. If you are hydrated, your urine will be clear to lemonade colour. Urine that is the colour of apple juice or darker is a strong indicator of dehydration. Other signs of more severe dehydration include: dizziness, confusion, fatigue and decreased urination. In infants, look for: lack of tears, no wet diapers and sunken eyes and cheeks. Although dehydration is quite common and easily controlled in many cases, if ignored it can lead to severe health problems. For that reason, the general advice of consuming several glasses (8+) of water daily and regularly makes sense and costs pennies. An easy routine would be to consume one to two cups of water first

thing in the morning and then before each meal. Others prefer to sip on water throughout the day. Do whatever helps you reach your daily water targets. Your health depends on it.

James DiGiuseppe is a local chiropractor with a busy family and wellness practice. For more health information or to contact Dr. DiGiuseppe visit: www.portarthurchiropractic.com



GETTING PAID PART III allows you to send the sheriff or a bailiff out to seize and sell either real estate or other assets of the debtor. The

©2021 Brian Babcock In parts one and two, we looked at how you get a judgment for an unpaid account, or damages. Getting a judgment does not get you paid. In order to get paid, you must collect on the judgment. The process is similar in Superior Court and Small Claims Court, with a few important differences.

Legal Matters

Occasionally, a debtor agrees to pay the judgment, either immediately or on terms. But what if they don’t?

magic of the writ is that even if there is nothing to sell today, the writ attaches to future acquired property. It also may get you paid just by sitting there, if the debtor owns property they later sell or mortgage. We sometimes see old judgments satisfied in this way.

After obtaining judgment, you should file a writ of seizure and sale. This

The next way to get paid is garnishment. This process lets you obtain a

court order to have a portion of wages, bank accounts, or other debts of your debtor, paid to the court to satisfy your judgment, together with other judgments. How do you know what assets to seize, debts to garnish, or employers paying wages to your debtor? You conduct a judgment debtor examination. Here, the process differs markedly between Superior Court and Small Claims. In Small Claims, you pay a modest fee and a deputy judge assists and supervises the examination. In Superior Court, you or your lawyer must arrange and conduct the examination out of court. In either case, failure by the debtor to attend, or to answer questions, may result in them being found in contempt

of court. Again, that in itself does not get you paid, but it sure is an incentive for the debtor to co-operate. Be aware though that money collected through the court will be shared with other creditors. Collecting directly may increase your recovery. This brief outline only scratches the surface of the process, and the cost, or collection. It does not even mention more complex remedies such as receivership or insolvency proceedings. Except in the case of the smallest of Small Claims judgment, consulting Weilers Law about collection may avoid unnecessary expense, and increase your chance of recovery.

10 Ways To Break It To Them Gently Diplomacy tips that keep customers


When corporations ask me to train their employees on enhancing customer retention, I find one skill-set that is frequently weak — how to diplomatically give customers bad news. Unfortunately, the task of giving bad news goes with almost every job. You may have to inform your customers of a price increase, of a product being out-of-stock, or that their children aren’t allowed to use your coat rack for rappelling practice.

When you realize that you may not be able to give the customer what they’re expecting, give them some advance notice. Example: An insurance underwriter or broker calls his customer. “George, I’ve been looking at your application and it’s not looking very promising in terms of coverage. I’m wondering if I might have missed something… ”

Employees facing these scenarios worry that the customer might become defensive, offended, or worst of all, simply take their business elsewhere. Employees get stressed, absenteeism and turnover increases, and customer retention plummets. In other words, everyone loses. So, in our training programs we equip potential “bearers of bad news” with valuable tools to help make the process less painful for everyone. Here’s a sampling:

Warn in advance

You can actually turn giving- advance-warning into a selling opportunity. “Martin, you’re an important customer so I thought I’d better inform you about this right away. Our energy costs have almost doubled over the past year so we’re forced to put through a 10% price increase effective July 1st. As you order items regularly, I thought I’d better check with you to see if it would make sense to reorder now to save you money and prevent any unpleasant last-minute surprises.” 2.

Accept responsibility.

While serving as President of our professional speaking association, I received a ‘bad news’ call from one of our event organizers: “Jeff, I wanted to talk to you about a situation that has just come to my attention. I want you to know that I accept full responsibility for the foulup. It was a stupid mistake that I shouldn’t have made and I will do everything that needs to be done to fix the error. What happened was… ” Since he was already berating himself, my response could only be magnanimous. Accepting full responsibility, while recognizing the consequences of the error, shows that you’re prepared to “take your lumps” like a grown-up. People respect that.




Tone it down.

Avoid “trigger”


Two words that act as hot buttons — “It’s policy.” A better approach is to explain why a policy exists. Compare the word choices of two driving examiners who are dealing with a customer who rolls through a stop sign. First examiner: “You rolled through a stop sign and our “policy” is to fail anyone who doesn’t come to a complete stop.” Second examiner: “The fact that you rolled through a stop sign is a safety concern that we just can’t overlook. So you didn’t qualify this time.” Same information, but the second examiner’s word choices made her sound more reasonable. 7.

Express negatives as positives.

Rather than saying, “Your order won’t be here until Tuesday.” Instead try, “Your order will be here as soon as Tuesday.” Same information, but wording it positively enhances customer perception. Help them find an alternative.

Literally. Lower the tone of your voice and your rate of speaking. Generally when people get excited or emotional about ideas they tend to raise their voice pitch and pace. When you’re giving bad news you want to give the impression that you are thinking clearly, logically and reasonably — not emotionally — and certainly not irrationally. You can do this easily by slowing down the rate you’re speaking and lowering the pitch slightly. That way, you come across as the calm, quiet voice of reason.

If you’re out-of-stock when the customer’s rushed, recommend your competitor. They’ll go there anyway. When you help them find another supplier, the customer associates your service with solving their problem. So, there’s a chance that they may return. In other words, you have nothing to lose and something to gain when you recommend a competitor. Besides, it’s the decent thing to do.


Sometimes customers don’t realize that the ‘bad news’ is in their own best interest. In the example of children swinging on the coat rack, you might say to their parent, “You seem like a nice person and I’m sure you wouldn’t want your children to get injured. Perhaps we can give them some paper and felt pens so they can draw while they wait.”

Begin with the good news.

When you have both good news and bad, start with the good. When people hear bad news they have an internal stress reaction that causes them to tune-out other information. So, to ensure that the customer fully comprehends and appreciates the entire message, make sure you give the good news first.


10. 5.

Remind them of the bigger picture.


Express empathy.

Empathy helps soften the blow. A claims adjustor attending my seminar explained that she used to have difficulty telling clients, whose vehicles had been stolen and damaged, that they still had to pay the deductible — even though they weren’t to blame. Ironically, she ´s had much better impact dealing with these customers since her aunt had a similar experience with her vehicle. Now she shares this personal experience and her clients now feel less like they’ve been singled-out and victimized. Sometimes misery does love company.

With some incidents, a well-timed phone call after the bad news goes a long way in proving to the customer that you’ve gone the extra mile. “I just wanted to check with you to see how things are going with that replacement item we provided… ” That raises the perceived value of your service without spending more money. Jeff Mowatt is a customer service strategist, Hall of Fame speaker, and bestselling author. For more tips, training tools or to inquire about engaging Jeff for your team visit www.JeffMowatt.com



Third Generation Business Expands With New Building: Tony’s Cabinets and Alyssa Marie Designs! BY SCOTT A. SUMNER

Thunder Bay BUSINESS Alyssa DiSimone of Tony’s Cabinets and Alyssa Marie Designs is the third generation of their family working in this well-known Thunder Bay business founded over 53 years ago. “My grandfather, Tony DiSimone, started the business in 1968 and then my father, Vince took over in 1989. Now, I have taken over. My dad still runs the commercial end of Tony’s Cabinets, and I am taking over the entire frontend of the business.” explained Alyssa. Tony’s Cabinets and Alyssa Marie Designs are completing their new 6000 square foot building located at 377 Cumberland Street North which will allow their operations to further expand. “My grandfather started the business out of his basement and then moved to 170 Clarke Street. He still comes to work every day. The business always specialized in cabinetry starting with residential. When my dad took over, he got into the commercial cabinetry end. We also began complete projects from start to finish like a general contractor in the last few years. Now we have branched out into be a complete home design centre that includes cabinetry, custom furniture, appliances, plumbing and rugs,” explained DiSimone. “We also help people design their homes through ALYSSA MARIE DESIGNS as I am an interior decorator. This can include their entire home, a specific room or paint colours.” Alyssa moved from Thunder Bay to study at Conestoga College in the Kitchener – Waterloo area and immerse herself in the two-year interior decorating program. She never thought she would take over the family business. “ I wanted to be a teacher and I was set on that until one day I attended a work conference with my dad and there was a guest speaker named Jennifer Gilmer. After seeing her presentation, I completely changed my mind and knew I wanted to do design as a career. So, I shifted into the design program. It was an easy decision for me to come back to Thunder Bay to work. We had a vision as to what we wanted to do and began the hard work.” At the start there was a 200 square foot

showroom at 170 Clarke Street for Alyssa to showcase their design offer. This new building holds a 4800 square foot showroom to showcase the art of the possible! “ It was a challenge to work out of the

old building, but it worked for us at the time. We decided we wanted to go bigger and go all the way. We bought the vacant land on Cumberland which is three blocks from our manufacturing shop and constructed the new building,” said Alyssa. “We acknowledge

that it is a big financial investment for our family. It is a big move to make but my father and I are on the same page and think the same so we are in it together.” Continued



Third Generation Business Expands With New Building: Tony’s Cabinets and Alyssa Marie Designs! Continued As Alyssa was growing up her father, Vince would take her along to many job sites, quotes and coffee chats with clients, so she grew up in the business. She also has relationships with the trades people that her father and grandfather have worked with over the years so that is a unique attribute that Alyssa brings to the table - a bridge between design and implementation which she crosses - academic and real-world construction. Many designers do not really

think about what happens on the job site because this is typically someone else’s problem. Alyssa always considers what is happening because any issue with design become her dad’s responsibility. “I go to all my job sites and have grown up in this business. I even make laminate counter tops on the weekend. We do what we have to do to get it done.” notes Alyssa. The main focal point over the years for Tony’s Cabinets has been cabinetry but they have branched out to be a general contractor and can do an entire job from the start to the finish with licensed trades. “We begin by talking about what the client plans to do, basically what type of renovation or build. We ask for a rough estimate of the size of their space and their wants list. We then create a 3D rendering, go through it with them and then go through materials choices. I educate the clients on the different products so they can make good choices that are within their budget, explained DiSimone. “We then quote the job and if it is a go ahead, we re-measure, place required orders and start the work. It is plain and simple, and we try to complete our work

as quickly as possible. Once we start the job, we are there until the job is done. We don’t start, leave and come back.” The new building now allows Tony's Cabinets to showcase the plumbing fixtures, furniture and appliances which complements the cabinetry aspect of the business. This has worked out nicely. “It has gone very well. For the last year I have been working out of a catalogue and have sold complete packages. We have brought in high-end appliances which were previously only available out of town. Our goal is to bring in products that people would have previously gone out of town to purchase. We have exclusivity to all of our brands in the area,” said Alyssa. The timing of the global pandemic has posed some challenges for the construction of the new building for the company. Continued .



Third Generation Business Expands With New Building: Tony’s Cabinets and Alyssa Marie Designs! Continued . “The pandemic has honestly been terrifying to keep it going but we have very good trades people. We prebought materials when we saw what was happening with prices and have kept pretty much on schedule, but there were some delays. It was scary,” said Alyssa. “On the other hand the pandemic has got more people renovating their homes. This has probably been our busiest year to date. When people are sitting at home for months, they start looking at their rooms and want to change them. We have been lucky that we are in a field where we could keep working. We are grateful that our clients are loyal and come back to us for all their jobs. It also gave us the reassurance to proceed with our new building.” There are currently 8 employees in the companies including an assistant designer and an appliance specialist. “I designed this building myself and then handed it to an architect and said make it work. I think the economy of Thunder Bay is good. Previously, there was no higher end store, and we are expanding so consumers have that choice. People understand quality and Thunder Bay needs this type of a store.” noted Alyssa. “ I love what I do and don’t see it as work at all. My day looks different every single day and that is what I love. When people come here, they know what they want but just need help putting it all together. Every proj-

Vince DiSimone , Alyssa DiSimone, Tony DiSimone, ect is different. People are investing more in their homes since Covid. It is less expensive to renovate your home than build new given higher construction costs.” Be sure to check out this impressive new store at 377 Cumberland Street North with unique product offerings right here in Thunder Bay!



Third Generation Business Expands With New Building: Tony’s Cabinets and Alyssa Marie Designs!



Third Generation Business Expands With New Building: Tony’s Cabinets and Alyssa Marie Designs!




Great Outdoors This was one of several trips I have taken to Mt Tremblant before the pandemic. I hope to return again soon.

Public Relation Manager for Tremblant. “ In the summer our main specialization is golf with the Le Diable (Devil) and the Le Geant (

can allow you to do so much like take a luge ride, play mini golf or rent bicycles for our trails. The kids can access the beach and tennis club on the shores

www.tremblant.ca There are about 8000 people living in the town of Mt Tremblant which is located about 1 1/2 hours

Giant) courses right on property. In the winter we sell ski tickets and in the summer we sell activity cards which

of Tremblant Lake. There is also canoeing, paddle boats, kayaking, boat tours, pontoon rides, rock climbing, horse back riding, white water rafting and mountain biking.” Mt Tremblant is a family type resort but even as a couple you can find a lot of romantic things to do according to Lacasse. There is casino at Tremblant which has been open since June 2009. It is the middle of the woods on the other side of the mountain. Mt Tremblant is a Intrawest company development.There are about 1900 units from condo to hotel rooms with some on 2 floors. Included are other brands such as Fairmont, Westin or Marriot. The two golf courses are the Le Diable, which is know for it’s red sand bunkers. Le Geant is in the mountains and the views are beautiful with a lot of plateaus. Mt Tremblant have packages for lodging and golf or activities. On the comprehensive website you will find everything.

from Montreal and about 2 hours from Ottawa. There is the Mt Tremblant airport which is about 1/2 hour away. If you fly from the Toronto City Airport it takes about 55 minutes to get here. You can take a shuttle from the airport where they will bring you directly to your hotel. It is a nice drive from the Mt Tremblant airport. You drive through some historic villages. In Tremblant you can walk to where you need to go. You can also take a shuttle to the golf courses and a panoramic gondola to the casino. This gives you a beautiful view of the resort. The fall season is very popular with the leaves,” said Lacasse. “ Our main event in the summer is a blues festival which is held from July 8th to 17th. We have big names like Taj Mahal and all the shows are free. Some can watch the event from their balconies in their hotel rooms.”

The arrival of Porter Airlines in Thunder Bay has been great for creating connections to other parts of the world. Their flights a day to Toronto’s Island airport has made traveling to the destination of Mt Tremblant near Montreal very easy. It was my pleasure to visit Mt Tremblant to play some fantastic golf and see this pretty part of Quebec. You can leave the Thunder Bay airport mid morning with a stop in Toronto and be in Tremblant by 3 pm. That’s a pretty good connection and once there you have the option of picking up a rental car or taking the shuttle directly to you hotel. The Mt Tremblant airport is located about 30 to 40 minutes away Tremblant. This airport is very interesting as well as it is the only privately owned airport in Canada! “ Mt Tremblant is a 4 season resort where you can find anything from everything basically. If you are outdoors there is so much to do that even after a week you can spend so much time you won’t even experience everything,” said Katherine Lacasse,


Next Issue:

Thunder Bay Business Main Topic:

Aboriginal Business Ad Copy Deadline September 27th,2021 Contact Sylvia @807-629-7599


MT TREMBLANT GREAT GOLF AREA TO VISIT Continued “ I think we are very comparable in price to any hotel you would stay at around the world. You also get the added value of a pedestrian village, both summer and winter. The gondola and beach club are free. In the winter there is a ice skating rink and fresh tracks program where you ski on the mountain first in fresh snow. It is the whole deal and you get a lot of value. We have lowered some prices on peak

times to help get people to come,” said Lacasse. “ We hear a lot of languages here with french for sure but you hear lots of different accents.I feel on vacation here all the time. Everything is to make you feel comfortable here.”

My hotel in Mt Tremblant was Ermitage Du Lac located right in the Mt Tremblant village. It was a great place to stay with beautiful rooms complete with fridge, stove, microwave, etc if you wanted to make some of your own meals. A nice breakfast is included during your stay. Another unique feature of Mt Tremblant is their race track 6 kilometers away. There is a Ferrari Driving school there and they have different race events throughout the summer.

My first course to play at Mt Tremblant was La Geant. This course is right at the main entrance to Tremblant and proved to be a very picturesque setting. The Tom McBroom

design offers very undulating terrain which provides a good challenge for golfers. They are investing in drainage here at the Le Geant. Last year $186,000 was spent on Hole number 2 itself. They want to be able to be open more often evenin wet conditions. My day at Le Geant was on a Friday which would have 184 players on the course that day. The cost to play Le Geant is $79 during the week and on the weekend $99. Their season

starts in May until late October according to Denis Marchand, a starter at the course. The summer can be warm at 30 celsius in the area and my day was sunny and warm. I really enjoyed the scenery at La Geant.

On Saturday it was an early 7:20 am tee off at Le Diable. This well known Quebec course was built in 1998 with architect Dan Fry. The first thing you will notice at Le Diable are waste bunkers. They are huge and make you more motivated to hit a ball on the fairway during your game. They do add a nice ambience to the course and are something I have not seen often. The fairways are more flat here than at Le Geant. The quality of the greens are the same at both Intrawest courses with bent grass. At Le Diable they are redoing all the sand traps with new sand and there are many traps. Le Diable is a great challenge for golfers. You have to get used to playing from large waste bunkers especially if you aren’t a straight hitter of the ball! I really enjoyed the scenery at Le

Diable as well. It is just a few minutes away from the Mt Tremblant main centre. My last course at Mt Tremblant was La Bete at Gray Rocks. It was fun to play with Daniel Cordier, one of the owners. “ We bought Grey Rocks 20 years ago and it was a large hotel with over 300 rooms, 22 tennis courts, a ski hill and one golf course at the time. La Belle. We built a second course La Bete around the same time that Le Diable was being developed. La Bete is located on 300 acres and the architect was Graham Cooke along with his partner,” said Daniel Cordier. “ I like the property very much. We made sure that most of the tee shots ended up with an elevated tee which gives a certain feel for the golfer. I have played the course almost 850 times and what

I like the most and appreciate is there is not one hole that looks the same as another hole. I like being here in the spring and summer even though the fall is usually the best time on a golf courses. My wife and I spend 8 months of the year living in France where I live on a golf course. We are crazy about golf!” During my time at La Bete the rate is $99 including the cart which is a good value. You can get twilite rates as well. In the fall it is beautiful with the leaves, the mountain and the lake. It is really worth to come here in the Fall according to Daniel Cordier. It was fun visiting Mt Tremblant and playing some golf. This is definitely a world class resort and one you can get to easily for a nice vacation summer and winter.