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Indian Bistro, Thunder Bay’s First South Indian Restaurant

Government of Canada announces funding for First Nations organization



Indian Bistro, Thunder Bay’s First South Indian Restaurant BY SCOTT A. SUMNER

Thunder Bay BUSINESS The Indian Bistro, Thunder Bay’s first South Indian restaurant opened recent-

ly in the Waterfront District of Thunder Bay at 250 Red River Road. Anvesh Pallabhatla is the COO and Abhinav Korrapati is the CEO.

Anvesh came to Thunder Bay in 2010 as a student at Confederation College and graduated in 2013. “ My partner and his wife have had a restaurant in Terrace Bay for 1 year now and that is the basis for this restaurant, The Indian Bistro. We were having 80 to 90 students from Thunder Bay going to our restaurant in Terrace

Bay every week to have our authentique our food so it helped us decide to open a similar restaurant here in Thunder Bay. When we were students previously we had trouble finding this food so opening this restaurant was good for us to do.” said Anvesh Pallabhatla. Right now there are over 1200 students from India living in Thunder Bay with 600 attending Lakehead University and even more at the College. “It was very good getting going and in 15 days we opened. We did some interior work and repairs. Since opening 3 weeks ago it has been overwhelming with over 250 people here per day. It was also stressful but we hired more people to adapt to so many people. Pawani is the chef and brings her spices from Indian. She provides food to the customers just like she would to her own family. The average dish is $12 and you can fill your stomach.” “It has been very good here in Thunder Bay as an entrepreneur, the support I have been getting from the government, the CEDC and the building owner. Our landlord has been one of the nicest people I have ever met.We couldn’t have opened without their help.” “We are not competing with anyone else as we are a completely different cusine. The other businesses here are supporting us. Thunder Bay has been very welcoming to us.”noted Anvesh Pallabhatla.


Publisher’s Note Scott Sumner If there is one city in the world that has tremendous interest amongst many people it has to be Dubai, UAE. When I found out I would be going to Dubai I knew by the enthusiasm I was getting about the location it would be a great trip. My journey began with the normal Air Canada flight to Toronto late afternoon. After a few hour wait in Toronto it was on to a Emirates Boeing 777 300 ER for the 13 hour non stop to flight to Dubai. The time change meant you lost 8 hours so I arrived and was off to one of their 5* hotels, The Renaissance Dubai. I had a great conversation on the flight over with a 30 year old Canadian pilot with Emirates. He had started flying small planes here in Northern Ontario and now flew the Airbus 330 for Emirates. His next aircraft in which he was to be trained was the new Airbus 380, a 500 passenger world’s largest aircraft . Emirates had

55 of these $400 million planes on order which gave me an idea of what to expect in Dubai. Incredible would be an understatement I was to find out continually in the next 10 days in the UAE. Jenny Barrow is a Tour Guide for Dubai and Abu Dhabi with Vita Tours. She grew up in South Africa ,


DUBAI: WHAT AN AMAZING PLACE was born in Austria and had a tremendous understanding of the area after coming to Dubai in 2001. “ I love the energy with so much happening and everything possible. Dubai is a clean safe city.” smiled Jenny Barrow.

Dubai had 40 % of the world’s cranes on projects then. A drive through the city reinforced this fact as there are endless construction sites with spectacular architecturally designed buildings going up. For example one area has 20 theme parks either open or under construction such as Dreamworks, Universal Studios, Marvel Comics, an Autodrome where you can drive an F1 car etc. This is all part of a $ 68 billion development, one of many in Dubai. In addition to this are 60,000 new hotels rooms that have to be ready at the same time.There is also a $6 billion metro transportation system under construction to help move people and eleviate traffic which is huge in Dubai. They were going to build the largest hotel in the world in Dubai called Asia Asia with 6500 rooms -half will be 4 star and other 5 star. The highest free standing building in the world was under construction. It is to be between 800 and 900 meters when finished. It will have offices as well as businesses and an Armani hotel with 160 deluxe rooms and 114 Armani apartments all of which are sold out. Next to this building will be the shopping mall, Dubai Mall with over 1000 shops which opened the end of October 2008.There is another mall coming as well which will be even larger. “ The Guinness Book of records should be rewritten the Dubai Book of Records because everything in Dubai is going to be the biggest, the largest, most beautiful and most expensive in the world.” smiles Jenny Barrow. " The malls will bigger than the Mall of America. In the Mall of the Emirates, a large shopping mall, you have the Ski Dubai with a slope of 400 meters where they produce 6000 tons of new snow each day with big blowers on top. It has been open for several years and has had over 1 million visitors in the last year. The children in the UAE have never experienced snow or cold weather before. When the children came to Ski Dubai for the first time they rush back to their mummies when

experiencing the cold and then they rush back in with big smiles on their faces. They love it and cannot have enough of it. A new Ski Dome was under construction and will have a complete ski village in it." The latest population figures for the UAE including 7 Emirates are 5.5 million people with 1.5 million in the Emirate of Dubai including 20 % Emirates and 80% foreigners representing 202 nationalities. Abu Dhabi has 1.7 million people and the other Emirate 2.3 million. Abu Dhabi is the largest Emirate and Dubai second. During our trip we drove through 6 of the Emirates. With all these foreigners there is less than 1% criminal activities. “ They are very diligent and don’t need any problems. The people come for work with a 3 year permit- 5 years for government

workers. In Dubai there are 400,000 new jobs expected in the next 5 years,” said Barrow. “We don’t have any taxes here, except on oil companies and banks. We have a small import tax which they are going to do away. Sales tax is coming next year at about 3%.”

made for some interesting golf games on the many beautiful courses we got to play. There are 19 courses now and they are building several more including the Tiger Woods course. Dubai is going to run out of oil in the next 7 to 10 years. At the moment the GDP is 3% from oil. 97% is outside of oil of which tourism is about 50%. When oil was discovered in the early 60’s they knew the oil was limited so started to diversify right away. The money went into development and was an astute investment. “ The Dubai rulers are different and have pride in their country. In Abu Dabi right know 85% of the revenue is from oil and they are starting to diversify with projects like the $68 billion entertainment development. Many heads of states have marched though the UAE. We are the Switzerland of the Middle East and are interested in business, not conflicts or politics,” said Barrow. “ After 911 it was dead here but immediately the rulers went into action with good offers and by March we were back to normal. In the UAE we have a parliament. Some are elected to Upper House and the Sheiks decide who will be President. We had half elected and half appointed and that will change in the next election. Being close to Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan hasn’t effected Dubai. We are experiencing fantastic growth! If you ever get the opportunity to visit Dubai, I am sure you will as amazed as I was. It is really an incredible part of the world!

The champagne weather in the UAE is fromOctober to April. The air is fresh then and between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius. During our August visit the air temperature was between 42 and 50 degrees Celsius. That was as hot as I have ever experienced and

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Special Olympics Athletes Teach Newmont Goldcorp Employees How to Train Like an Athlete Special Olympics athletes were joined by employees of Newmont Goldcorp Tuesday, for the first of four “Train Like an Athlete” sessions. As presenting sponsor of the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games Thunder Bay 2020, Newmont Goldcorp witnessed first-hand the dedication and commitment local Special Olympics athletes are putting forth as they prepare to compete this February. “It is an honour and privilege for our employees to be able to meet and spend time with our amazing local athletes, especially in this environment, where we are witnessing their passion and commitment first-hand,” said Don Burke, MGM, Newmont Goldcorp Musselwhite Mine. “This is an extremely unique opportunity to share in the heart and soul these individuals are putting forth, and their drive is truly an inspiration to all of us. The passion, and the overwhelming sense of community are, above all, the reasons we chose to take part in this wonderful experience. On behalf of the whole team at Newmont Goldcorp Musselwhite Mine, I would like to congratulate each of our local athletes on their remarkable achievements—we will be with you all the way!”

New Games Manager, Doug Henry, shared that the athletes didn’t take it easy on their guests. “Our Special Olympics athletes know how to work

full speed ahead towards the Games.” Special Olympics athlete Claire Kachur, who will compete in Speed Skating at

have a lot of fun with the other athletes. I want to do my best and have fun and win a medal.” Kachur is one of 15 Thunder Bay athletes who will compete in February 2020. An additional two athletes from the Kenora chapter are also part of Team Ontario. The community can learn to train like a Special Olympics athlete too, by watching for tips and highlights on the Games’ social media pages: • Facebook – • Twitter – • Instagram – @socgames2020

hard and they made sure the employees of Newmont Goldcorp got a true training experience,” he said. “These events are offering a unique way for us to celebrate the skills and devotion of our athletes, while also celebrating the incredible support of Newmont Goldcorp. With the leadership of our presenting sponsor, the contributions of our other sponsors to date, and the hard work of our Games Organizing Committee, we are moving

the Games, knows how important it is to prepare for her upcoming competition. “I am eating healthy food and exercising daily,” she said. “I am training right now by doing dryland training. Speed skating starts up in October and then I will start skating again.”

Members of the public can also play a direct role in helping athletes like Kachur compete at the Games by participating in the “Draft an Athlete” program. For more information about the Games, Draft an Athlete and sponsorship opportunities, visit

About her Special Olympics experience and hopes for the Games, Kachur added “Special Olympics means that I get to

Protein Sources – You Have Many Choices (Part 2) In last month’s column we discussed the various protein sources available, both plant and animal, and how much protein there was in each. In part two I would like to discuss in more detail the various plant based proteins and why it makes sense for all of us to incorporate more of them into our diets, both for our personal health and the health of the planet. People choose to not eat animal products for many different reasons. Some have moral or ethical issues around killing animals for food. Others do it purely for per-

sonal health. Study after study continues to show that the less meat we eat, especially the less red meat we eat, increases our lifespan and decreases risk of cancers and cardiovascular diseases. Others have environmental concerns. If we were all vegetarian we would cut greenhouse emissions by 30 to 70 per cent and water use by 50 percent. So even if meat eaters would go vegetarian a few nights per week there would be a significant environmental impact. Finally for some it’s an economical choice. Simply put its financial cheaper to live off of a plant based diet. With all the different food options at local grocery stores now, plant based eating is

now affordable, versatile, nutritious and absolutely delicious. Here are some of the most common plant based meat substitutes. Tofu: unfermented curds of soy milk pressed into a block. Tofu has lots of protein and very versatile in stir fries. It also has significant estrogen like compounds which might not be to healthy. The key really is to not overconsume. If your only meat substitute is tofu and soy milk you may have a problem. If it is part of a larger group of other products you should be fine. Soy Milk: also has lots of protein. Soy has similar pros and cons as tofu. Tempeh: fermented soybeans pressed into cakes or blocks. Fermented foods are rich in probiotics and do not have the same concerns as tofu. It has a heavier nut feel to it and is great slices marinated and grilled in spices and sauces. Use it as a substitute for bacon. Jackfruit: A very versatile and tasty meat substitute it is somewhat fibrous and when you add bar-b-q sauce it looks and feels a lot like pulled pork. Legumes: beans, peas and lentils are high in protein, iron and potassium. They are also very inexpensive and versatile. Add them to a rice and the two combined provide all the amount of protein you need. Hummus: Hummus would not be a fullfledged meat substitute but it is a great source of iron and fiber. Due to its rich

flavour and creaminess it is a great substitute for mayonnaise in wraps and sandwiches. Seitan: Wheat gluten that has similar texture to meat with similar protein content. However, seitan is often used in processed foods and which is loaded with salt and other additives which reduces its potential health benefits. Bulger Wheat: A form of whole wheat with good amounts of fiber and protein. It is often used as a rice substitute but can also be a substitute for sausages and meatloaf. As with all dietary applications, we should strive to add a variety of plant based proteins in different forms. Plant based diet has come a long way in North America from carrot sticks and celery. We owe it to ourselves and to the rest of the world to make some significant dietary choices that do not include animal products

James DiGiuseppe is a local chiropractor with a busy family and wellness practice. For more health information or to contact Dr. DiGiuseppe visit



Government of Canada announces funding for First Nations organization in Thunder Bay Distinctions-based program empowers Indigenous people to improve skills and find jobs

The Government of Canada is committed to advancing reconciliation and fostering a better future for Indigenous people by ensuring First Nations people have greater opportunities to find and keep good quality jobs. Recently, the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour announced funding of $16,947,730 over a period of 10 years for Anishinabek Employment and Training Services (AETS) in Thunder Bay. This funding is part of the First Nations Labour Market Strategy under the Indigenous Skills and Employment Training (ISET) Program. AETS will support their First Nation community to provide education, training and other relevant services which will assist their members from these communities in developing increased employment skills and pursuing training for higher-quality jobs. Further, AETS will work toward closing the employment, earning and skills gaps between First Nations and non-Indigenous people. The Government of Canada and

of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour “Our organization is pleased with today’s formal announcement referencing AETS as a stand-alone federally funded Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program Agreement Holder for the next 10 years. In addition, AETS is proud to have received a Skills and Partnership Fund approval of $8.6 million, which started back in 2017 and continues until March 2021, known as the MINO BIMAADIZIWIN - Building

over five years, and $408.2 million per year ongoing, to create the new ISET Program. It will improve support for Indigenous partners through increased funding flexibility and longer-term agreements. These enhancements reflect the Government’s commitment to advancing reconciliation and fostering a better future for Indigenous people and all Canadians. • The ISET Program is a result of efforts to renew relationships with Indigenous peoples. The program builds on the success of its predecessor, the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy, which has served approximate-

ly 375,000 Indigenous people. • The ISET Program takes a distinctionsbased approach to recognize the unique needs of First Nations, Inuit and Métis, in addition to a dedicated funding stream to support services to urban and nonaffiliated Indigenous people. • A broad network of Indigenous organizations across Canada deliver the ISET Program to provide skills development programs and job-training services to Indigenous people so they can improve their skills and meet their long-term career goals. Each organization designs and delivers programming based on the needs and priorities of their communities. • The First Nations Labour Market Strategy will receive $1.1 billion over five years and $235.7 million per year ongoing. • As part of the ISET Program’s First Nations Labour Market Strategy, AETS will receive a total of $16,947,730 over a period of 10 years from July 2, 2019, to March 31, 2029. • AETS has been in operation for 22 years and is well-established organization within the Northern Ontario Region, executing long-standing, sound partnerships with various members of the Private, Public and Not for Profit Sectors.

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Indigenous partners co-developed the the ISET Program so that it better responds to the employment and training needs of Indigenous people across Canada. The First Nations Labour Market Strategy recognizes the unique needs of First Nations people and aims to improve employment outcomes and encourage skills training among First Nations people. Quotes “Our government is committed to renewed relationships with Indigenous peoples, based on reconciliation and recognition of rights, respect and cooperation. This partnership puts the power in the hands of First Nations to implement skills training programs and services. We are proud to collaborate with First Nations organizations such as Anishinabek Employment and Training Services to create equal opportunities for First Nations people.” – The Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister

Innovative Pathways to Indigenous Employment. Both initiatives will allow AETS to enhance our delivery services and programs.” – Sharon Ostberg, President of Anishinabek Employment and Training Services Quick facts • The Indigenous population is young and is the fastest growing population in Canada. More than 400,000 Indigenous youth will be of age to enter the job market over the next decade. • The Government of Canada and Indigenous partners are working together to ensure that Indigenous people have the same opportunities for skills development and employment as nonIndigenous Canadians. • In Budget 2018, the Government committed a historic $2 billion investment

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37 th

It was so much fun!! By Sherry Hanes Westfort held its 37th Annual Street Fair, August 17, 2019 and this year, was even more successful as the event continually gains notoriety for its popularity! For the past 37 years, the Westfort Village Association, has presented a day of great fun for the entire family and visitors

alike! Frederica Street is closed each year for the event from 9:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M. when local vendors set up for the days event. This year, like every other year, venues offered great food of different cultural cuisine, that is said to satisfy any appetite. Patrons casually sauntered up and down the avenue, meeting friends, being entertained by great, live, local musicians

and that just makes the fair that much more, lively and happy. Everyone was in great spirits during the entire event and it seems that no one wanted it to end!

mention the little Lakehead Shrine Rail, that one can ride up and down the street for free which is not only fun, but for easy access from one end of the street fair to the other.

An estimated 1,000 people attended the event, enjoying the best of great outdoor activities for children and adults alike.

A bit of history about Westfort. Westfort Village is a self-contained shopping dis-

Every vendor had sidewalk sales, showcasing different merchant wares that are special and interesting and also items that you just can’t find just anywhere. The children enjoyed the big bouncy inflatable castles and the different centers of interest, not to

trict and in fact, many Thunder Bay residents will travel across the city to shop in the unique stores and shops and is one of the oldest and most famous corners of Thunder Bay is. Continued



37 th

It was so much fun!! Continued The community of Westfort, grew up around river traffic and the railway, home for working families. Early business owners established their own busy downtown area, complete with clothing stores, banks, restaurants, hotels, professional offices, pharmacy and food store. Historic Westfort Village... This historic village in Thunder Bay was once the focal point of a community that worked at the local grain elevators, factories and in the rail yard. Its proximity to the Kaministiqua River made it an ideal location for the docking of the smaller ships of the time. There is still extensive evidence of the areas past. Now a unique antique and col-

Canals, seven years 1875-1882 to build the Thunder Bay Branch from Fort William to Winnipeg. By 1883-84 it was clear to all but the residents of Port Arthur that the Montreal-based Canadian Pacific Railway syndicate, in collaboration with the Hudson's Bay Company, preferred the low lying lands along the lower Kaministiquia River to the rocky shores of Port Arthur, and the Company subsequently consolidated all its operations there, erecting rail yards, coal handling facilities, grain elevators and a machine shop. Library services for Fort William began in 1885 when CPR employees opened a bath, smoking and literary room, with a library attached in the Round House, West Fort William. Fees were $1.25 per year for CPR employees; outsiders were required to pay $1.25 for use of the tub. The Mary J. L. Black Library, 151 West Brock Street, opened in

lectible shopping opportunity, this community of specialty shops makes an enjoyable destination for Thunder Bay visitors. Two of the City's three landmark restaurants are located on Frederica Street. The fort was first settled in 1860. The Fort William Town Plot were surveyed in 1859-60 by the Province of Canada's Department of Crown Lands and opened to settlement. Once the Fort William Town Plot (later known as West Fort) was selected as the eastern terminus for the Canadian Pacific Railway, and construction of the railway began in June 1875, Fort William began to grow, but very slowly. It would take the federal Department of Public Works, and later the Department of Railways and

1938. Mary J. L. Black was the librarian of the Fort William Library from 19091937. She was one of Canada's leading librarians in her day and was the first woman president of the Ontario Library Association. It seems appropriate that the Westfort Branch was named in Miss Black's honour. Many families enjoyed taking their children out to this well, established, annual event and even though we could not interview everyone at the event, those we did speak with said that they make this an annual family event and never fail to have a great time. If you haven’t seen certain people in a very long time, maybe it is

time for you to venture out to the 2020 Westfort Street Fair and reacquaint yourself with some bygone days. Here are the great supporters of the Westfort Street Fair: Robins Donuts, Sheparski Auto Body, Mikes Auto Body & U Haul rental, Biidaajiwun Inc, Payford Steel, Midway Alignment, Rob's Automotive. Also, Three new Businesses in the neighbourhood this year, Kozar Engineering Inc., Tontu Cafe, and Trxxx Lounge. Fantastic! Fun! Energizing! Great! Enjoyable! Entertaining! Memorable! Mosaic! Diverse! Amazing and comfort-

able! All said and done, the 2019 Westfort Street Fair was another successful event and it would be safe to say that everyone had a ‘Marvelous time Dauhling!’ The committee is already looking at 2020 in preparation for the street fair. If you, or any group, would like to be part of this celebration, contact Mr. Robert Lem Sr. at 807-577-7048 or Westfort Village Association on Facebook or Westfort Village Association @westfortvillageassociation. Thank you for coming out and see you next year!



BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA -Scotiabank Moves from the Victoriaville area to Arthur Street Marketplace By Sherry Hanes Tom Jones Corporation and the Bank of Nova Scotia, are proud to announce the completion of the newly constructed Bank of Nova Scotia building, in the Arthur Street Marketplace Shopping Centre. The project, which began in October of 2018 and was completed in August, 2019, and has quickly brought increased business and activity to the already busy centre. Parkdale Subdivision and neighbouring residence and businesses, now have the added convenience of another banking service, almost at their doorstep. The new building comes on the heels of the Bank of Nova Scotia’s decision to move their Victoriaville operation to the Arthur Street Marketplace. The site offers the convenience of plenty of free parking, 24/hour ATM drivethrough, along with the ‘one-lot-shop-

ping’, concept in mind, for families and working people, on the go. The marketplace site itself, is home to other main stream venues, such as Metro Grocery, Wal-Mart, LCBO, Dollarama, Canadian Tire, just next door and a variety of other little shops, such as lottery outlets, women’s fashion and sport paraphernalia. The modern, visually appealing, exterior and interior, 3,000 sq. ft. structure offers its customers an updated and modernized banking environment with the latest technology and longer hours. The familiar Scotia Red colour, on the exterior of the new building and can be seen easily from across the parking lot and also from the street. Project Manager – Erwin Kuzmich and Job Site Superintendent – Riley of Tom Jones Corporation, saw the multimillion-dollar project through, on-time and on-budget. People are always interested in ‘what’s new’ in Thunder Bay and even though Victoriaville has lost a banking facility in their area, patrons benefit from a more accessible and convenient location to perform

their daily business in banking. The exterior of the building is vibrant and inviting. It makes one just want to go in and open a new account! The interior is open concept with ample natural light. The staff and customers alike, are impressed with the functionability layout of the floor plan and also the comfort of the aesthetics. Tom Jones Corporation, conjointly worked together with the Architectural services of Dutra Architect Inc. Toronto, Ontario, achieving excellent results, as anyone can see. The Bank of Nova Scotia or as it is called, Scotia Bank, is the third largest bank in Canada by deposits and market capitalization. It serves more than 25 million customers around the world and offers a range of products and services including personal and commercial banking, wealth management, corporate and investment banking.




BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA -Scotiabank Moves from the Victoriaville area to Arthur Street Marketplace

Continued With more than 88,000 employees and assets of $998 billion (as of October

31, 2018), Scotiabank trades on the Toronto TSX: BNS and New York Exchanges (NYSE: BNS). The financial institution was founded

in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1832, and in 1990, Scotiabank moved its executive offices to Toronto, Ontario. Scotiabank has billed itself as "Canada's most international bank" due to its acquisitions primarily in Latin America and the Caribbean, and also in Europe and parts of Asia. Through its subsidiary ScotiaMocatta, it is a member of the London Bullion Market Association and one of five banks that participates in the London gold fixing. The bank launched its branch banking system by opening in Windsor, Nova Scotia. The expansion was limited to the Maritimes until 1882, when the bank moved west by opening a branch in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Manitoba branch later closed, but the bank continued to expand into the American Midwest. This included opening a branch in Minneapolis in 1885, which later transferred to Chicago in 1892.

Following the collapse of the Commercial Bank of Newfoundland and Union Bank of Newfoundland on December 10, 1894, The Bank of Nova Scotia established on December 15, 1894, in Newfoundland. In 1899, Scotiabank opened a branch in Boston, Massachusetts. The bank opened a branch in Kingston, Jamaica in 1889 to facilitate the trading of sugar, rum, and fish. This was Scotiabank's first move into the Caribbean and historically the first branch of a Canadian bank to open outside of the United States or the United Kingdom. By the end of the 19th century, the bank was represented in all of the Maritimes, Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba.




BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA -Scotiabank Moves from the Victoriaville area to Arthur Street Marketplace Continued In an interview with Daniela De. Silva, | Manager, Canadian Banking Communications, Scotiabank | Global Communications and Social Enterprise, 40 King St. W., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Daniela had this to report: “We are excited to be deepening our investment in Thunder Bay with our relocation to a new 3000 square foot branch in the Parkdale community, located at 1195 Arthur St. West, Thunder Bay, Ontario. This branch is equipped with the most up to date tools and leading one-on-one financial advice and services you have come to expect from Scotiabank.

Features of this branch include full digital screens, multi-denomination ABM machines and a 24 /hour drivethru. Our Thunder Bay branch opened its doors on July 15, 2019. We look forward to serving our customers at this new location, with increased hours of operation. Our hours of operation at our new site are, Monday to Wednesday 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Thursday & Friday 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM.” Overall. Speaking generally. It is great to see that our city has, contractors and construction firms that build us up, not only aesthetically, but ecofriendly and concretely, structurally sound as well. Construction made to withstand the forces of our elements, while preserving our indigenous cultures. Their Mission Statement: “At Tom Jones Corporation, commitment to excellence is in our DNA. Our ability

to deliver superior construction and project management services has been nurtured over 100 years of business experience, and continues to pass to the next generations of Tom Jones

Corporation talent through an inherent team culture. We recognize that people are both the foundation and the future of our business success. Tom Jones Corporation people are motivated to overcome the challenges and exceed the goals of every project. Together with our clients, employees, sub-contractors and suppliers, we offer the most expertise and efficiency in the business to deliver excellence in the built environment.




BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA -Scotiabank Moves from the Victoriaville area to Arthur Street Marketplace Continued No matter the project size, sector or scope of work, Tom Jones Corporation has a competitive edge that can withstand the test of time.”

Tom Jones Corporation is a fourthgeneration company and was started by one man with a dream, delivering excellence on every project, based on his company motto,


Located at, 560 Squier Place, Thunder Bay, Ontario. Telephone: (807) 345-0511, Fax: (807) 344-1723, Email:

‘Congratulations!’ to Tom Jones Corporation, on another successful project, the Bank of Nova Scotia, (Scotiabank), Arthur Street Marketplace, 1195 Arthur Street West, Thunder Bay, Ontario.



Home Equity Purchasing a home is typically described as the biggest investment one can make. Home values have increased over the past 30 years in most parts of Canada, and people who have been in their home for a reasonable amount of time usually have usable equity available to access. This can be a very attractive source of

retirement income, especially if you haven’t been able to put a lot of money away for your senior years. Your home equity is the worth of your home above the remaining balance on your mortgage. Accessing home equity isn’t a consid-

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eration for those who have worked with a financial advisor and have a sound financial plan with sufficient assets to provide a secure retirement. Regrettably, this is not true for everyone, and a possible remedy may be to tap into your home equity to make up the gap, supplement your income and help you achieve a retirement with the income you desire. According to Mortgage Professionals Canada, 1.91 million Canadians have a home equity line of credit (HELOC). The Financial Consumers Agency of Canada says that HELOC loans soared from $35 billion in 2000 to $186 billion in 2010 and at the end of 2017 was over $211 billion. Clearly, with marketing and access, the idea is catching on with Canadians. This, even though the Bank of Canada warned in 2012 that Canadians were relying too much on their home equity to fund their lifestyles. Using your home equity in some fash-

ion may seem may seem like a simple solution to retirement financial woes but there are many risks associated with the strategy that should be considered. Think about what will happen to

you, your finances and well-being when circumstances don’t go as planned and you end up “upside down” on your equity – owing more than you have available. At the very least, be sure to think about what possibly could go wrong so that you are not caught by surprise and can be prepared. Accessing home equity can be accomplished in several ways. Some leave you with debt. Some don’t. Some change your life style. Some don’t. Some are significant. Some are not so significant. What you choose depends on how you think and feel about money, cash flow and debt. You might even choose a combination of strategies. The most common approaches to using your home equity are: 1. Selling your current home and downsizing your living accommodations by purchasing a smaller home or a condominium 2. Staying in your current home and acquiring a home equity loan HELOC 3. Staying in your current home and getting a Reverse Mortgage 4. Selling your current home and renting a home, apartment or condominium We always recommend working with a Certified Financial Advisor to ensure you are adequately informed to make the right decisions for your situation. Next time we will dive deeper into the potential pitfalls of using home equity and the home equity access options. Michael Morrow is a Certified Financial Planner and Life Insurance Advisor at Morrow Financial Incorporated. He has authored 4 books for financial advisors and their clients. He can be reached at 807 684 1805, Don’t Worry Retire Happy is available at Chapters.



Cenral Car Wash and Eco Superior Launch “ Keep It Clean” Central Car Wash wants the community to keep it clean and it isn’t just referring to your vehicle. Recently the local business along with Eco Superior launched a keep it clean initiative in Thunder Bay sending a reminder to

washing your vehicle at home in your driveway is better for the environment but it is actually one of the most environmentally unfriendly tasks we can do around the house says Central Canada Carwash manager Craig Loverin.

exhaust along with all the rubble and chemicals on the pavement.

residents that by washing your vehicle at home you were polluting one of our greatest assets, Lake Superior. There is a major misconception that

When you clean off your car what runs off your vehicle slips down the driveway picking debris up along the way creating a loaded witches brew of soapy suds, oil, gas leak residue from

Eventually it runs into Lake Superior although many think that water runoff is treated. Eco Superior explains that most storm drains do not connect to the sewage treatment plant. If it’s on the ground it’s in our lake. Storm drain pollution hurts fish and wildlife.

Eco Superior aims to remind people to properly use and safely dispose of hazardous chemicals. By using a car wash, waste water gets treated by computer control systems and minimizes water usage. Rinse water is recycled and Central Car Wash is able to ensure your vehicle is washed properly and the water runoff doesn’t end up in the lake.

The 129th CLE Annual Summer Fair BY SCOTT A. SUMNER

Thunder Bay BUSINESS It is starting to become a tradition for me to attend the annual CLE Summer Family Fair. I’m not really a person who would go on the rides but it is fun to see the kids enjoying themselves

with their families. I do like the food and the atmosphere in general! Upbeat, happy, colourful is the name of the game! Of course my main reason for going to the CLE is the music. There is always a great line up of Canadian rock artists which I enjoy.This year my choice to hear play was Sass Jordan! I just like her sound and have seen her live several times in Thunder Bay. Sass has had many well known hits over her career which has been a long one! Make you a Believer, Hi Road Easy,So Hard are fun. Sass is doing a new album which will be released early in the new year. It was great to hear her new song The

Key which I really enjoyed. It is something when such an established artist comes up with a great song later in their career. Most can’t do it it seems and have to be content with their past hits. The CLE runs for 5 days and attracts

55,000 people which has got to be the biggest single outdoor event in the Thunder Bay area each year. It acts as a major contributor to the CLE financial operations and draws many out of town attendees from Northwestern Ontario that make the trip each year.That is also good for our economy as they have to stay here, eat and can shop especially for the upcoming school year. Yes the CLE is an important event for Thunder Bay. Well done!



The Humility Advantage How Less Ego Creates More Sales See if this applies to you or your team members in your organization: You’ve been working in your industry for several years. Your responses to requests from customers, prospects and co-workers are fast and accurate. You know your stuff and your product knowledge is one of your greatest strengths. If this is the case, then the bad news is that your extensive knowledge may also be one of your greatest weaknesses. The reason – you may be inadvertently coming across as being arrogant and insensitive. I’m not suggesting that you have a holierthan-thou attitude or that you are unfriendly. It’s just that you are so quick with your answers and recommendations that others feel like you haven’t really been listening to their needs (even though you have). In other words, the greater your expertise, the more likely it is that you are unintentionally rubbing people the wrong way. The good news is that there’s an easy way to prevent this misconception that I call The Humility Advantage ©. Working with over a hundred sales and service teams over the years, I’ve found there are at least seven key opportunities where a little employee humility pays-off substantially. Here are three that I often share in my Influence with Ease ® speeches and seminars. Mention your Homework Several years ago, a couple of branding consultants approached me about enlisting their services. My first thought was that these folks knew nothing about my company or my industry, so why on earth should I pay their sizable fees. I only agreed to meet with them because a colleague said they’d done good work for his firm. When I sat down with the consultants, they did not start asking me lots of questions about me and my industry. (That would have confirmed to me that they really didn’t know my business world and would have ended their chances of selling me their services). Instead, they began the meeting explaining that, by way of preparation, they’d been chatting with some of my colleagues and customers to find out their impressions of my company’s services. Then, they asked if I would like to hear the word-on-the-street. As you can imagine, that got my attention. And the ensuing conversation led me to engage their services. When you talk with potential customers, do you begin the conversation by mentioning the homework you’ve done on their company? If not, you’re missing an opportunity to let them know that you are truly interested in them. Rather than starting a sales conversation by asking about their needs, try commenting on something you saw on their website or read about them in an industry journal. It’s a powerful way to confirm to others that you’re knowledgeable without coming across as one who brags. It’s one of the first steps in applying the humility advantage. Confirm your Understanding

If you’ve participated as an audience member in one of my live presentations, you might have seen me step off the stage pretending to be a waiter taking food orders from several audience members as if they’re at a restaurant. During this skit, rather than order directly from a menu,

ed as a poor listener is a surefire way to kill a sale or curtail your career. Fortunately, by using a little humility, this is easy to correct. In the waiter demonstration, I redo the same order-taking scenario, except the second time after taking the orders, I say, “Let me make sure I’ve

each patron has a special request such as, “I’ll have the salad with the meal.”or “I’d like to have fruit instead of fries,” etc. As the waiter, I don’t write any of this down, and as you’ve likely guessed, when I walk away, the patrons assume that there is no way I’m going to get all the orders straight.

got this straight. You would like yours with fruit instead of fries…” (I then confirm everyone’s special request accurately).

There’s the problem. I may have listened accurately to each request, but the emotions I left with my customers are worry and lack of confidence in my service. As an experienced professional in your industry, you may be a great listener, but are you perceived as such? Being regard-

Suddenly, the restaurant patrons feel good about the quality of my service. Here’s the key; I repeated my understanding of their needs with the phrase, “Let me make sure I’ve got this straight.” Fact is, I knew I had it straight, but the customer didn’t. The catch is, if my ego were running my life I’d never say, “Let me make sure I’ve got this straight.” Hence the Humility Advantage.

Here’s one more application: Ask Permission to Present You’ve probably heard the expression that people don’t like to be sold-to, but they love to buy. That means that before you present the benefits of your products or services, remember to ask for permission. When you thread all these techniques together, a sales conversation might start by pointing out the homework you’ve done on the other person. Then ask about their needs, confirming your understanding with, “Let me make sure I’ve got this straight…” Later, ask permission to present with, “Based on what you’ve told me, I do have some thoughts. Would you like to hear a couple of options that I think would fit for you?” Once the other person agrees, they’ll feel less like they are being forced, and more like they are being helped. Jeff Mowatt is a customer service strate gist, Hall of Fame speaker, and bestselling author. For more tips, training tools or to inquire about engaging Jeff for your team visit



KOZAR ENGINEERING Inc. New Address for Thriving Company WHAT SETS US APART! · COST EFFECTIVE · REACTIVE · EXPERIENCED By Sherry Hanes Kozar Engineering Inc. is a professional engineering service that provides, cost effect, reliant and responsive services, for mechanical, electrical and structural engineering solutions, in the industrial and commercial sectors and is located here in Thunder Bay, Ontario. At Kozar Engineering Inc. you will find this engineering firm to be comprised of, a team of professional, experienced engineers and designers, who ensure, that projects are done, on time, within budget and above all, that meet, and/or exceed, the specified requirements. Kozar Engineering Inc. also specializes in capital projects, sustaining capital projects and providing support to operations & maintenance personnel in or off the field. They understand their client’s needs and the importance of getting their projects operational. They are experienced in both greenfield and brownfield environments.

Keven Kozar, owner and President, was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario and moved to Fort Frances at a very young age, attending elementary and high school there. He studied engineering at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary, achieving a diploma in Engineering Technology. Kevin worked in the Fort Frances, Abitibi Consolidated Pulp and Paper Mill and moved to Thunder Bay in 2001 supporting his wife, with the acceptance of her new position here, at TbayTel. At that time, he attended Lakehead University, earning his Bachelor of Engineering Degree, Mechanical Engineering. He then worked at Wardrop Engineering, then Tetra Tech, until 2012 as a Mechanical Engineer. Kevin and his wife, Amy Johnson, Engineering Director at Tbaytel, have three, extremely active boys, aged 14, 12 and 9. Kevin is not only dedicated to his clients, his staff and his firm, he is also dedicated to and president of KC Minor Hockey, Vice President of a Type 1 Diabetes Advocacy Group and sits on the advisory committee, for a program at Confederation College. Kevin started Kozar Engineering Inc. (KEI) in December 2012. He started his firm because he wanted to fill, what he perceived to be, as a void in the market for small local engineering firms, servicing local markets in mining, forestry, agriculture or power generation and he felt he could offer cost-effective alternatives, to the large firms. Kevin, who started his firm with just himself as his ‘team’, grew rapidly due to the excellence of his service. He quickly found himself hiring professional and experienced engineers, along with graduates, from Lakehead

University, which then he and his team, worked in a one room office until 2014. The firm offered the same expertise in services, as larger firms do but…just in a smaller space! During their time in their south core office on Miles Street, Kevin and his team found the business to be again, growing, and in 2019, Kevin made the purchase of 201 Frederica Street West, (the old Royal bank building) which is historically, located at the corner of Frederica St. W. and Brown Street. Forward and cost-effective thinking, the company wanted to reinvest in an area with vacancies for business, as opposed to finding or building something new. After five months of renovations to the old bank, they moved into their new location in August of this year (2019). The firm currently has twelve staff, offering professional mechanical, electrical and structural engineering services to their over, 130, active clients, in forestry, mining, agriculture(grain), industrial and commercial sectors. In a search of business building vacancies, it took the company six months to find the perfect fit. Kevin was extremely happy to find such a place in Westfort, as it is described as having a real sense of community. There are a number of well, established businesses there, and they have friends at Westfort Productions, so setting down roots here, just made perfect sense. Kevin hired a local contractor to execute the renovation of the old bank into its present working and functional office space. He retained the much desired, ‘wide openconcept’ for physical aesthetics and functionability and he also preserved the original vaults so to remain as part of the building during the renovation. Plans to grow the firm larger still, is the strategy that Kevin has proposed for the future, so this business site is also perfect for future growth. Kevin believes strongly

in supporting local and advocates this by providing career opportunities for local graduates. In working with Lakehead University, most of the engineering team at Kozar, graduated from, Lakehead University and his technologists, graduated from Confederation College. Primarily, there are four major sectors of engineering services that Kozar Engineering provides and they are, mining, pulp and paper or forestry, grain, agriculture and industrial and power generation. Thunder Bay is the perfect place to be located in, for this type of engineering firm, as there is easy access to half a dozen of operating mines here in the north, not to mention, paper facilities and power generation plants. Other services include field inspections, 3D scanning & modeling, preparing studies and audits, providing detailed design services, preparing equipment certifications and pro-

viding commissioning and start up support, feasibility studies, facility layouts and optimization, capital cost estimates, HAZOP facilitation, pre-start health and safety reviews, energy conservation audits, project scoping studies. Visit Kozar Engineering Inc. in their newest location, at 201 Frederica Street West, Thunder Bay, Ontario or call them at 807623-3031 or, visit their website at or and experience, The Engineered Difference.



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