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The Construction Climate in Thunder Bay and Area

INSIDE Stay here!The Best Western, Crossroads Hotel! Germination: You Need the Right Conditions to Sprout Do You Have A Personal Plan North Superior Publishing


Stay here!The Best Western, Crossroads Hotel! Thunder Bay, Ontario’s, Diamond in the Rough!

Facing Facts: Lakehead alumni cr eating face shields with 3D printers



Stay here!The Best Western, Crossroads Hotel! Thunder Bay, Ontario’s, Diamond in the Rough! By Sherry Hanes Appropriately named, the Best Western Crossroads Hotel, in Thunder Bay, is a most conveniently located, cost saving, great place to stay, for your family, friends or business accommodation needs. You don’t necessarily have to be travelling to stay at the Best Western Crossroads Hotel…you may be a student who is awaiting for your residency or a practitioner needing a few days for staying in the city as you are needed at the hospital, or you may be just waiting for a renovation to be completed of your private home, apartment or condo. No matter what the reason, the Best Wester Crossroads Hotel is here to serve you and provide for you, all the comforts of a ‘home away from home’. You know me? A bit of history first: The brand was founded by M.K. Guertin in 1946. As of May 2019, David Kong is the president and CEO of Best Western and Dorothy Dowling is the chief marketing officer. In 1964, Canadian hotel owners joined the system. Best Western then expanded to Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand in 1976. In 2002, Best Western

International launched Best Western Premier in Europe and Asia. (The other hotels in the chain were known as Best Western.) In 2011, the chain's branding system-wide changed to a three-tiered system: Best Western, Best Western Plus, and Best Western Premier. Best Western Hotels & Resorts is a global network of approximately 4,700

Hotel Guest Satisfaction Study, U.S. News & World Report, ranking Best Western Rewards® (BWR®) as a top loyalty program for the seventh consecutive year, and WalletHub naming BWR a top loyalty program for the fourth consecutive year. Additionally, Business Travel News named Best Western Plus® and Best Western® number one

Universal gym, Stationary bike, Treadmill. Elevator and Interior corridors. Safe deposit box and Safes in each room. Free wireless internet access available in public areas and all guest rooms. Business center, 24-hour, network/Internet printing, pc and printer available, Internet connectivity. High speed Internet and wireless access.

hotels in 100 plus, countries and territories. Their Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Best Western Hotels & Resorts is proud to welcome over 400,000 hotel guests worldwide every night. Best Western Hotels & Resorts' is commitment to excellence and is continually recognized with industry accolades. Named AAA®/CAA®’s Lodging Partner of the Year for the 11th consecutive time, Best Western Premier® being ranked No. 1 in the upscale segment in the J.D. Power 2019 North America

in upper-mid-price and mid-price hotel brands in the 2018 hotel Chain Survey marking the brand's fifth consecutive year of being top ranked by Business Travel News readers. The rooms/suites, at the B/W Crossroads Hotel, are attractive, clean and as we mentioned earlier, so conveniently located, to just about anything you desire. Only five minutes to the Thunder Bay International Airport, a mall anchored by Walmart and Metro Grocery Store. Also, there is TD Bank, CIBC Bank, Scotia Bank, Canadian Tire Store and two Tim Horton’s withing walking distance. Car rental outlet, gas stations, Chinese restaurants, convenience stores, Boston Pizza, pharmacies, LCBO, on the main bus line and sooooo much more! The Crossroads Hotel sits at the intersection of Canada’s Major highway to the West, Hwy 17 West, and to the East, Hwy 17 East and also South, to the U.S. Hwy 61, at Pigeon River, entering into Minnesota, via Grand Portage. The Best Western Hotels and Resorts are World Wide accommodation specialists that understand customers and how just to keep them coming back and back to their line of this Brand of accommodation. Word of mouth has always been the best reviews and reviews are what this hotel chain invites, so you can tell all your friends, family and business acquaintances about your experience with Best Western and especially, this Best Western…B/W Crossroads Hotel. Manager, Stuart Bagnel, has been providing, without fail, some of the best restful and stress-free stays in Thunder Bay for years now and he invites everyone, to come and stay for the rest and come back for that feeling of ‘home’. Anyone can say, ‘we treat you just like family’ but, the people at this hotel, really do treat you like family! They provide amenities, plus! 100% smoke-free hotel. Complimentary continental breakfast, choice of breads, cereal, fruit, eggs, yogurt, juice, coffee, hot oatmeal, fried eggs, sausage patties. Fitness Center Open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. equipped with a treadmill, elliptical machine, exercise bike, weight machine, exercise ball and mats,

Printer available, Fax services, Fax machine, Computer available. 84 rooms that provide Coffee/tea maker, Free local calls under 30 minutes, Free long distance access, Air-conditioning, AM/FM alarm clock, Hairdryer, AM/FM radio stereo, Microwave, Refrigerator, Iron, ironing board, Desk/work area, High-speed Internet access wireless in all rooms, also hard wired on the business floor, Direct dial telephone, Speaker phone, Voice mail Non-smoking Rooms: 84, Visual alarms. Photocopy, nominal fee Photocopy machine, Data ports, Courier Shipping. Cold weather hook-ups, Ice/vending machines. Pets allowed based on the availability of pet friendly rooms. Up to 2 dogs per room with an 80/ pound, weight limit. Additional pet types (cats, birds, etc.) may be accepted at the hotel's discretion. Call selected hotel directly for further enquires as for specific site restrictions. MORE Amenities, Airport car, 24hours. We utilize a local taxi company to and from the Airport. Grab a cab outside of the airport, tell them you want to go to the Best Western Thunder Bay Crossroads. Driver will receive a payment voucher from the front desk. Guest only pays tip, if they like. Free parking ‘Sleep n Fly’ not available NOTE: Due to space restrictions. Outdoor parking, Truck/RV parking Limited truck and trailer. The Best Western Crossroads Hotel, located at, 655 Arthur Street W. Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7E 5R6, Canada. Toll Free Reservations (US & Canada Only) 1(800) 7807234,Worldwide Numbers,Hotel Direct Number,+1 807-577-4241, ok/hotels-in-thunder-bay/best-westernthunder-baycrossroads/propertyCode.66007.html, CHECK-IN 2:00 P.M. EST, CHECKOUT 11:00 A.M. EST. So. Meet you at the Crossroads. Thunder Bay Ontario’s, Diamond in the Rough! I’ll be in the fitness center working out!


Publisher’s Note Scott Sumner In business we have business plans. As a person we can do a plan which I call a personal plan.The first step in making your personal plan is to figure out in your mind what it is you really want. I mean REALLY want. Not something you think you need, but aren't sure of, but what kind of a life you really want at the centre of your being, the centre of your soul. The beautiful thing about the mind is that you can think about and visualize things in full vivid detail at any time or place right in your mind. You don't have to leave the comfort of your bed or chair. You can play out exactly what you want in techni-colour detail. Many successful world class athletes do this all the time. They often call it " visualization". If you're about to make a shot on the 18th hole that could win you the Canadian Open Golf Championship, you look at the hole and your target, and clearly see in your mind the shot before you swing. For instance, at the 2000 Bell Canadian Open, ( amazingly that was 20 years ago!) on the final round, 18th hole, I witnessed in real life, a six iron bunker shot over water to the par 5 finishing hole


Do You Have A Personal Plan? by none other than Tiger Woods. This memorable shot created a birdie and allowed him to win by one shot over his closest competition. Afterwards, listening to him at a live media conference, which I attended, it became clear he visualized the shot before he executed it. He had assessed the risk and knew in himself that he had the ability. In life you can visualize your life as you would like it to be, before your live it. It's much simpler to do this than to try many directions in life that don't work, and then find out you didn't really want them. It's much less costly in terms of time, effort and money this way. I'm sure you can think of things that have occurred in your life that if you could, you would have changed now in a split second. What you did without much thought in the past may have ended up costing you BIG TIME in terms of peace of mind, money and self respect. I like to take this process of developing your mind in full detail, that is what it is you really want more than anything, one step further, and to write it out in simple paragraphs, your dream or Your personal plan -PP. It is really very simple. You write

yourself a story about you that is a blueprint of exactly how you want your life to be. Then you have a written record which you can refer to and analyze day by day, week by week or month by month. So what good is the dream. How will it happen, come true? Will you get your wish? Yes you will when you roll up your sleeves, unbutton your collar and get down to WORK!!!. It's really that simple. The first step is done. You know what you want. Your dream is developed and includes the areas of spiritual, emotional, physical, financial and career. You have an indepth knowledge of what you really want. Remember getting to this stage isn' t something to do in an afternoon. I believe it takes concentrated well-thought out time after you have got good ideas from some of the best minds our world has ever known. BUT once you have a well- developed dream that is exactly where you want to go, you can start to work to achieve it. I think a next step is to break out your written dream into five areas with specific steps or goals in each one. I' ve been doing this for some time, and as a MBA graduate it is really a lot like creating an elaborate business plan for not your business, but for

YOU!! After all you are far more important than a business so why doesn't every one have a business plan for themselves. Your goals are written out in clear language. For example, if in your health you want to get in good shape you might have a goal to weigh 185 lbs. If you now weigh 210 lbs you clearly know your target. The question is how will you get to it? Your plan will list the steps in detail. For example how many calories do you consume each day, what types of food will you eat, what exercise do you do. It will show you the route to your goal of weighing 185 pounds. It will have time lines that are clear. You have to know when you will achieve your goals, and a specific time line will help make things happen. When you have a well thought out dream/ plan that cuts exactly to your real interests of what will make your life EXCEPTIONAL, you need to spend energy working towards it. All the time. If you spend your time on things that aren't leading you to your goals, you are wasting your time. I think when you have a clear idea of the direction you are headed, you become increasingly focused.

Marcus Powlowski Member of Parliament, Thunder Bay—Rainy River MP Marcus Powlowski Applauds Bombardier-O-Two Ventilator Deal MP Powlowski also expressed his hope that this deal would play a role in securing the long-term future of the Thunder Bay plant: “I am proud to have helped facilitate this deal – not just because it will produce a much needed medical device, but because it shows the entire country the skill the Thunder Bay plant has and the importance of keeping it operational. I have been advocating for our plant since I was elected. Each one of these ventilators is another success myself and my

MP Marcus Powlowski recently expressed his support for the announced deal between Bombardier and O-Two Medical Technologies to have Bombardier’s Thunder Bay plant take part in the manufacturing of 18,000 e700 ventilators in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. MP Powlowski, a former Emergency Room doctor at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, initially put Bombardier Thunder Bay in contact with O-Two in mid-March as part of his personal efforts to help

increase Canada’s domestic production of ventilators – an issue the Member had raised as early as January on the Standing Committee for Health in Ottawa. Powlowski said that he was happy to see both companies quickly reach a deal over the following weeks to have the urgently needed medical devices produced with the help of the Thunder Bay plant. “The Thunder Bay rail-car plant is one of the jewels of Canada’s manufacturing industry,” MP Powlowski was quoted as saying. “In World War II, this plant built Hawker Hurricanes to fight the Nazis. Now our country – and the whole world, really – is once again facing a deadly threat, and this plant and its workers are once again playing a key role in the fight. If we are at war with COVID-19, these ventilators are our Hawker Hurricanes.”

provincial and municipal colleagues can point at.” The deal signed between Bombardier and O-Two will see 18,000 ventilators produced for the Ontario healthcare system. Bombardier Thunder Bay has said that the project will temporarily bring back 40-50 workers, three quarters of whom will be called back.



Making More Sales with Fewer Calls As a manager or sales professional interested in boosting revenues, you’ve no doubt heard the expression, ‘selling is a numbers game’. The idea is that the more potential customers you contact, the more likely you are to make sales. Makes sense in theory but in the real world this belief often reduces revenues. Here’s why…

two moving company sales reps for estimates. The representative from the first company seemed willing to take his time. He was interested in hearing about the home we were moving into and the special requests

Both sales reps had spent over 20 years in the industry, so experience was not the issue. The services offered were more or less the same. When it came to price, the second rep’s – who was in such a hurry – was actually lower. Yet, as you might have guessed, the first rep got the business –

The Problem with Quotas For decades, well meaning sales managers have established sales quotas that don’t just measure a sales representative’s monthly sales; they also include measuring and rewarding the number of sales calls the rep makes. But frankly, its irrelevant how many calls your people make – what really matters is how many sales they make. The problem with setting up ‘prospecting’ quotas is that they encourage sales people to rush through sales conversations. It happened to me as a customer when I was interviewing sales reps from two moving companies. My wife, Lydia and I had concluded that my 40-year-old life long pals could no longer be bribed to spend a weekend helping us to move residences. At this stage in life, they know that we can afford to hire movers. And we know that they can afford their own beer and pizza. In fact, we’re pretty sure that if we promise to hire movers, my buddies would even buy us the beer and pizza! So when we were scheduling our move, I set up appointments with

we had for handling certain pieces of furniture. He walked us through his presentation binder and shared tips that we could do to make move go more smoothly. The impression I got was that he genuinely wanted to help. On the other hand, the sales rep from the second company seemed rushed. He dashed through the house checking items off on his clipboard, answering my questions in clipped tones. He also went though his presentation binder – which coincidentally, looked almost exactly the same as that of the first rep. And he provided packing tips. I felt like as far as he was concerned though, I was basically an interruption.

because he took his time. In other words, he got better results by going slower. Keep in mind that shopping for a moving company is not something most people relish. For most of us, even if we love the new home we’re moving into, the thought of the actual move itself is about as welcome as undergoing amateur eyeball surgery. It’s a chore that we want to get overwith as quickly and painlessly as possible. Ironically though, when it comes to the face-to-face time spent between the customer and the company employee, speeding up the process is not necessarily going to be perceived as providing better service. What’s bizarre is that often times, it’s not that the sales representative wants to rush.

Rather, it’s that the company’s quota system-requiring sales reps to make x number of calls per week or month – encourages and rewards this kind of hurried behaviour. The Training Solution A sales conversation with a potential customer is like romance… the recipient doesn’t necessarily think the best thing about it was that it was quick! As was the case of the moving company reps, there are advantages to literally slowing down. When real money is involved, the buyer needs to process the information, and more importantly, believe that the seller thoroughly understands the customer’s needs. That’s why most of the seminars I do for sales teams are about enriching the quality – not necessarily the quantity – of sales conversations. The quality approach results in sales reps recommending products and services best suited to customer needs. Customers are therefore happier with their buying decisions. They in turn refer other potential customers. In other words, new customers end up looking for you rather than the reverse. When that happens price becomes less critical in the ultimate buying decision. Jeff Mowatt is a customer service strategist, Hall of Fame speaker, and bestselling author. For more tips, training tools or to inquire about engaging Jeff for your team visit

Look for the Positive…Respond with the Affirmative! By Sherry Hanes O.K. We all know we are enduring a situation that no one seems to know where it will all settle down or end, for that matter. But, at the risk of sounding too optimistic…here are some positive things that are coming to light in the wake of the COVID-19 Virus….I will just go ahead and list them. People are: Working together more as a community, caring for our neighbours and even strangers.

There are currently no ‘Latch-Key’ kids…parents are home and hopefully recognizing that the kids are part of this too and they are hopefully being brought into the sharing of knowledge for a better foundation of parent – child relationship. Recognizing that they too, meaning the children, have feelings of uncertainty, fears and anxiety…even though they may not know how to verbally share that. It usually comes out in some form of hypersensitivity or anxiety…so we, as parents, recognize this and offer love and support along with knowledge and reassurance for a more solid (emotionally) home. We comfort each other.

Spending more time with our own family members and caring for them and hopefully having some great conversations and maybe even getting interested in each other’s personal interests…. yes …evening taking part in video gaming with the youngers of our families. Spending our money at HOME more. Cooking at home more instead of rushing out restaurants. Hopefully, inviting our family members (in our own homes) …to join in on the food preparation, providing guidance, education and some fun and a good feeling of achievement. Watching movies together and how about even praying together?

There is less Co2 going into the atmosphere… People are spending money with more thought in mind and wasting less. People are getting out and exercising more There are less people rushing to the emergency wards for attention to minor emergencies. People are checking in on each other more, via phone, text, FB video call. People are travelling less throughout their own towns, unnecessarily. Money is offered by our government to help out. We have good food available.

Teaching each other in ways we thought were lost to social media and apps….

We are working on becoming more, healthy, via exercise and vitamins…

Basically, we are now becoming more aware and returning to a simpler time of living, which was lost somewhere along the line between, post WWII and Social Media. We are also making ourselves more aware about what we read and hear in the news…we are learning to question everything and not just take what is said on the media sights, as the gospel truth… So, here are just a few positives that are coming out of these uncertain times…Also, I just want to mention that our children need more support and love than usual…They need our comfort and direction. They don’t need us to be acting like authoritarians like our parents before us did…they need to be protected and included, showing understanding and respect and STILL being a loving guidance force without the yelling, screaming and name calling…you get it…I know you do…. Take the truth and make your home and your world a better place…It all starts in How you look at things and How you respond to them…It’s an inside job as they say, so don’t deny yourself of making a better place for yourself and your family in the world…Don’t let thoughts control the outcome of your circumstances, even if it is just a negative thought in the moment, creating a negative outcome… As far as addictions go, escaping into substance is not the answer…for any reason!…Get your act together and don’t subject abuse on the family, friends, neighbours AND EVEN yourself because everyone is Home bound now. There is help. There is nowhere to run any longer and nowhere to hide. The ‘Man/Woman, in the glass’ looking back at you, knows this.

The effect of victimizing others, who cannot escape the wrath of anyone’s addictions and the imposing of physical, emotional, mental and verbal abuse, must be addressed for all…including the abuser, who greatly suffers as well! There is no crime in choosing a better life and the guilt, anger and remorse can stop here and now, if one is willing to take the first step in a program of daily recovery. Services are available for such matters…especially now when the need to ‘use’ is greater than ever. We all count and YOU count too! We all want to be healthy, physically and mentally. No one actually WANTS to suffer or be addicted, knowing the effects it brings, including death…but certain things like alcohol, crack, cocaine, meth… and even prescription drugs, effect everyone, including and equally so, the user themselves…Feeling good in the moment by taking a mind altering, addictive drug, provides just an illusion in the moment…feeling good all day, for life, is a choice, that anyone can make…ANYONE…just making that choice, one day at a time…. you will receive support in every way….Together we stand ….divided we fall…Don’t let your own pride and disillusionment, keep you from what you truly deserve…a better life for you and a better life, without living in fear of the effects of addiction, for your family and others. Rarely, has anyone failed, who has THOROUGHLY followed the path of recovery on a daily basis….reach out for it…it will be there!



BUILDING OUR FUTURE! Thunder Bay and Region Construction Climate On A Happier Note… By Sherry Hanes (May 2020) In the wake of COVID-19, most places of business are either shut down, or conducting minimal services for their customers but we, here at North Superior Publishing Inc., are happy to say, we are still here and able to provide you with some good news about what’s going on in our city and our region, as far as commercial construction is concerned. For the past 35 years, Thunder Bay Business Magazine has presented articles about what’s positive in economic growth, under the commercial construction sector, in Thunder Bay and region. Even in the midst of the current world situation, there is progress moving us forward in construction, along with other initiatives, such as transportation and energy services, that support our growth as a community and our economy. As far as construction is concerned, Thunder Bay has grown considerably over the last 30 years, especially with the newest additions and reconfigurations with the addition of the CASES Building at Lakehead University, our Salvation Army Centre and a few others that will be mentioned in this article. Not everything is as bleak as it appears…We still must practice due diligence but, we must also keep doing what is possible and only take different approaches when they become ‘impossible’. In an interview with Penny Kok, Director Building Services, Chief Building Official Development & Emergency Services Department, City of Thunder Bay, Penny had this to share with us: Sherry: “In connection with the Covid-19 Virus and of course, just in general… what is the current status for The Thunder Bay Art Gallery? Penny: “Preliminary, review of the plans has taken place and correspondence has been sent to the consultants. We are awaiting they’re response.” Sherry: “What about The Thunder Bay Country Club Condominiums Construction.?” Penny: “The full permit was issued last year (March 2019).” Sherry: What is the status of the St. Joseph’s Care Group, with their $60 Million Dollar Mental Health Wing?” Penny: “This project is complete and occupied.” In a continuum of the conversation with Penny Kok, we discussed further developments in our city and what is on the table for 2020 and moving forward. For example, The New Salvation Army Building on

Cumberland St.? We learned that “the project is ongoing and currently the exterior cladding and the interior gyproc is being installed. This project was exempt from the Provincial Government’s Emergency Order and permitted to continue.”

Thunder Bay has worked diligently with investors, government agencies, contractors, engineering/architectural firms, community leaders and everyone in between, to encourage sustainable growth and eco-

pletion. Yes. Those involved are paid to do this but what is more important is, that there is immeasurable passion in their efforts and commitment to creating a better environment for all. After all, they live

Currently: “What new business, in construction, is, or will be, taking place in our city this year?” Response: · TBCCC – Permit was issued and thus far, the foundation only has been constructed. · Proposed Long Term Care Facility – The application was received. · Hillcrest Condos on High St N (Former Hillcrest High School) – Phase 3 the permit is currently under review. · Conversion of former Grandview Lodge on Lillie St for Matawa Education and Care Centre – is currently under construction. · For the Dome on Golf Links Road – The foundation application is under review. · A new 24 Unit Apartment on Crossbow – is slated and currently, the permit was issued and construction is commencing soon. · Also, a 2 – 28 Unit Apartments on Weiler Blvd – is currently under construction. · The impressive Cargo Facility at our Thunder Bay Port Authority is under Construction. · Temporarily, the Shipping Distribution Centre on Premier Way – Construction has been postponed, due to the Emergency Order. · The School on Churchill Drive – Construction has ceased temporarily, due to the Emergency Order. · We have 2 – 4-plexs on John St Rd – which are under review and… · We also have 2 – 4-plexs on James St S – which are also under review. · Also, building permit applications are expected for various hotel and multi-residential projects this year. Also, Penny Kok, Director Building Services, Chief Building Official Development & Emergency Services Department, informs us that they continue to receive and process building permit applications and issue permits during the Emergency Order and that they do advise the permit holder of the Emergency Order. In the past few years, especially, the city of

The new Marostica Subaru nomic development for all. Millions of dollars have been contributed and generated, to ensure the growth of our community and our region and we should be proud of the unbelievable efforts of the collective bodies that put forth hours and hours of precise, methodical engineering design and processes, that see these projects to com-

here to and that is what makes their contributions for growth even more special.

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Confederation College Supports Students and Communities and Recognizes Courageous Alumni on the Front Lines For the past many weeks, Confederation College has been working diligently to support its students in their continued success during the unprecedented international crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Timely and transparent communication has been the cornerstone of the College’s response efforts and several new programs have been established to assist students in need. “From the moment the first impacts of the pandemic were felt by our College community, we recognized the unique and sig-

nificant challenges our students were facing,” said Kathleen Lynch, President of Confederation College. “It has been of great importance for us to establish measures to address some of these challenges. I am immensely proud of the compassion shown by our entire team of employees as we have swiftly organized a variety of new activities to support student success.” With a transition to an online/alternate delivery format in late March, quickly followed by the mandated closure of College buildings, many students were left without access to the technology needed to com-

plete their studies. Confederation immediately developed a free laptop loan program and despite a limited supply of laptops, managed to meet all identified student needs in this regard. In addition, the College worked to facilitate internet access for students who identified the need for such support. Faculty and student services teams continue to assist students in need offering academic guidance and other supports including counselling. Confederation also established a COVID19 Student Emergency Fund thanks to generous contributions from the Student Campus Director Angelina Anderson helps prepare for the equipment’s delivery. Confederation College’s response has extended to the communities it serves. In recent weeks, Confederation donated thousands of pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the Northern Supply Chain, the shared services program supporting health care supply procurement and distribution for 36 member hospitals and 37 child welfare agencies across the northern Ontario region, along with many associate members of the North East and Northwest LHINs. Union (SUCCI) and various areas of Confederation College including Corporate, Alumni Services and the International Education Centre. Members of the community can still make donations to assist students by visiting or contacting the Advancement office at (807) 475-6460.



BUILDING OUR FUTURE! Thunder Bay and Region Construction Climate Continued from Page 5 So. Here is a recap of just some of the achievements we have reached that working together has afforded us all:

Fort William) airport was home to No. 2 Elementary Flying Training School, part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. The airport was also used as a base

Thunder Bay Airport Photo by FORM Architecture Engineering The Student Wellness Centre at Confederation College: that was completed and officially opened in September, 2017, attaches to the main campus building. The new centre is a student-driven facility, dedicated to supporting our students in their learning and in leading a healthy lifestyle while studying at the College. The new facility is a full-service Wellness Centre that incorporates fitness centre elements as well as the potential to provide space for college services that support students. The new centre is designed primarily to support student needs and our College community. It is supported by the Student Union both in concept and through financial allocation. Our Thunder Bay International Airport, saw its renovation completion, in 2019. The, $9 million upgrade, which was cited for the expansion, included $5 million dollars from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation. (NOHFC), through the (then) efforts of Michael Gravelle, Minister of Northern Development and Mines, and Bill Mauro, Minister of Municipal Affairs and MPP for Thunder Bay-Atikokan, when it first began in September of 2017. The Thunder Bay International Airport was first built 80 years ago, as the Fort William Municipal Airport in 1938, partly as a means of relieving unemployment and during World War II, the Thunder Bay (then

for test flights of fighter aircraft being built at the nearby Canadian Car and Foundry factory. Before the two cities of Fort

William and Port Arthur merged, it was called the Canadian Lakehead Airport. The airport went under major renovations in 1994 with the construction of a new airport terminal building, including two jetways, a large food court, a gift shop and an arcade. The airport was handed over from the gov-

ernment in 1997 to the Thunder Bay International Airports Authority, a nonprofit organization. The airport handled over 600,000 passengers in 2006 for the first time since 2001. Continued Next Page



BUILDING OUR FUTURE! Thunder Bay and Region Construction Climate Continued From Previous Page As of February, 2019, the airport is, one could say, getting better with age. The primary reason for the much, needed addition and upgrade to the Thunder Bay International Airport, was to expand the

The Biomass Utilization Laboratory, The Prototype Development Facility, The Nano-Material and Advanced Technologies Innovation Centre, The Laboratory for Integrated Freshwater Science, The Community Ecology Energetics Laboratory, The Human Origins Laboratory, the Office of

The new Salvation Army Residence

address helping businesses move their goods to market. With an investment of $1 million through the province's Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC), Thunder Bay Port Authority is building on its Keefer Terminal operations.

you provide…City workers, construction workers, grocery store and department store workers, pharmacy workers….and everyone else who provide the necessities of life! Also, in conclusion, it would only be fitting to say that, construction of any kind, cannot take place without the skilled

Lakehead University Cases Building

secure departure lounge and entryways, giving the airport the ability to accommodate the extra growth in traveler traffic and to help for any changes in the aviation systems now, and into the future. Lakehead University CASES Building: Thunder Bay Lakehead University, Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering and Sciences, CASES Centre, developing and promoting inspiration, innovation and ingenuity. CASES plays an extremely important roll, for attracting researchers and top students

Sustainability, and INGENUITY a business incubator space, which will allow students to develop their own start-ups in Northern Ontario, possibly the next origin of world, technological advancements in computers or the worlds next on-line retailer? The Reconfiguration for Port Expansion Project: (2020) Port of Thunder Bay: is proud to partner on this $15 million dollar project with the National Trade Corridors Fund and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation. In July, 2018, The Honourable Marc Garneau, Port of ThunderBay new Terminal Expansion

Despite the COVID-19 having such an impact on country and community, advancements are still going forward in certain sectors of industry, such as construction. Everyone is practicing all the necessary measures for prevention and spread of the virus, so it is important to know that all is not lost. A lot of people are working from home these days, as we here, at North Superior Publishing Inc. currently are.

The new Bank of Nova Scotia

from all over the world and boasts a list of programs and facilities that have been in the making for a very long time now. And they are: The Centre of excellence for Sustainable Mining and Exploration, The Aboriginal Mentorship Program,

Minister of Transport, and the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, announced a major investment of $7.5 million for improvements to our port’s infrastructure, that will

We are happy to bring you current information about what is happening in our city with respect to construction and also to provide encouragement for post-covid. We also would like to pay paramount tribute to our Front Line Health Workers and Science Health Research Workers for all they do, risking life and limb in the interest of mankind and to all who remain working, despite what services

professionals that we have the great fortune to have in our fine city. Contractor companies who grow their companies and takes financial and physical risk in providing construction services here in Thunder Bay, and literally, everyone involved in the process of construction, deserves great respect and applause for making all these magnificent structures come together. We thank the investors, the private businesses, who see Thunder Bay and region as a place that is worth the investment of their hard-earned dollars. Also, it would be remiss on my part, not to mention that. Get on board and be part of the great changes in the construction climate, here, in our great city, our region, our country … We can always make things better…Together! Together, WE can build the future we want!



Germination: You Need the Right Conditions to Sprout One of the best things I love about the summer is my vegetable garden. Despite seeing it happen every year, I am always absolutely amazed at how, within a few months, tiny seeds end up producing huge plants and vegetables. Of course, for consistent success this does not happen all by itself. The seeds need the right conditions to germinate. Temperature is a big factor, as is moisture and nutrients. Some seeds can be planted in early spring while others, a few weeks later and others even later or indoors. Most seeds need moisture to

sprout. Once a seed is sprouted it still requires care to give it the best chance of survival. If I took a pile of beans and left then on the table they would never sprout. But if I put them in the ground and watered them or covered them with a moist cloth and kept them warm they would sprout within a few days. There are many similarities between plant seeds and germs (bacterial or viral). Germs also need the right conditions to proliferate. Seeds grow better when there is no competition. So do germs. Knock out all the good bacteria with poor diet, smoking, toxins and some medications and you will see how quickly the nasty ones take over. Reduce your body’s immune system with insufficient sleep or excess stressors and the disease causing germs thrive. Germs also need nutrients. Bacteria love sugar and sugar also suppresses your immune system. So consuming high sugar foods and drink is a double hit against your health. A famous study from

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1973 is often quoted. It states that by consuming 100 g of sugar in any form, the immune system is suppressed by

40% for up to 5 hours. Although some critics argued against this study, to date no research has been produced to refute it. The bottom line is that germs are everywhere all the time. In my profession I am

in physical contact with a large number and wide range of people all day every day. And yet in over 25 years of practice getting a cold is uncommon and the flu is almost non-existent. When it does happen I can always trace it back to factors like: lack of sleep, over indulgence of sweets or excess stress of some sort. Instead of blaming the person beside you for “giving you” a cold or flu we might want to look at our inner and outer environments; making those things less hospitable to germs while at the same time strengthening our immune system.

James DiGiuseppe is a local chiropractor with a busy family and wellness practice. For more health information or to contact Dr. DiGiuseppe visit

Facing Facts: Lakehead alumni creating face shields with 3D printers A group of people in Thunder Bay is working together online to create face shields that could protect local health-care workers from COVID-19, created using 3D printers. This group is comprised of individuals who went to school at Lakehead University and who work at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, as well as anyone else who owns a 3D printer and wants to help.

“My friend Kevin just got his second printer, and mine is on its way, somewhere in the ether of the shipping company,” he said. “When that happens, production is going to double. I am also trying to borrow any 3D printers that may be lying around so I can set them up in my woodshop. I can fit at least five more printers in there if I can

“And that has made people ignore medical information and science because there is more misinformation online than actual information, and people believe it rather than trusting the scientists.” Poling said even he has a difficult time figuring out what is true and not true when doing research on the internet.

He is working with Lakehead alumni Michael Poling (HBPE '93/MSc.'95), who is the Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, and Kevin Carlson (BA Anthropology '98), a digital forensic analyst for the Ontario Provincial Police. Bilyk has not met Poling or Carlson – who have known each other for 25 years – but he is working with them through, a Facebook group where you can seek advice on using a 3D printer to create PPE for those in Thunder Bay who need it. Poling said he is making face shields and mask clips, but he is also looking into respirators. They have created more than 150 masks but “we are just getting started,” Poling said.

The university also has an employee creating face shields for health care workers.

He will be using the university’s two 3D printers to create 30-40 face shields per day in the CASES building.

Bilyk is using the 3D printer that Goldcorp donated to CARIS out of his home all day, every day and overnight, to create face shields for health care workers in the area including his wife, who is a nurse in the emergency room at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.

“These are an emergency item of last resort,” Bilyk said. “It’s not a replacement for commercially graded PPE. These masks are in case we run out.”

“Of course it’s scary – but fear can often be a good thing though, as it drives people to come together in times of crisis. I think we are seeing that happen now, all over the globe.”

Mohammad Darzaid is in his fourth year in Mechanical Engineering at Lakehead and he has worked as the student assistant in the Chancellor Paterson Library’s Makerspace for the last two years.

Alex Bilyk is a PhD candidate in Natural Resources Management at Lakehead who runs the University’s Centre for the Application of Resource Information Systems.

He is making 18 to 20 face shields per day along with mask straps that take the pressure off the wearer’s ears.

19 in recent history, Carlson said.

In Lakehead’s Ingenuity business incubator space, also located in the CASES building, manager Alyson MacKay and Taylor Gynane, Development Officer, are printing 10 to 20 face shields per day.

borrow them.” Poling said he has known many local physicians and nurses for years – they are his colleagues and friends. “Additionally, many are students I have trained and become friends with in my 16 years at NOSM, so I want to help protect them in any way I can. Given the lack of PPE right now, my knowledge of medicine, and my skills as a maker, this seems the most effective way to do that,” he said. He is currently making around 75 face shields per day using his 3D printer. Although he said they are not pretty, the shields will work if required. “If I could slow down, I could make them look awesome – but that isn't the goal.” Poling said times have changed from when he worked in a hospital during SARS in the early 2000s. “We were nervous then, but we weren’t scared. This is different, but not because the disease is so bad. It’s different because we have this society of information at our fingertips and everyone believes they are experts because they Google something.

“It takes time and asking the right questions, which I am trained to do after 11 years of university and 26 years as a healthcare professional. So, if I have a hard time, others will too.” He said members of society shouldn’t be scared and suggested ways people can be helpful now. “We should be determined, careful, thoughtful and caring,” Poling said. “Being scared makes people do silly things and ignore each other. We can’t afford to do that now. Determined, careful, thoughtful and caring. That is how we will win this.” Carlson said he had heard there was a need for PPE and this is something he could do while working from home. “My girlfriend used to say that I never printed anything useful – so I thought I'd prove her wrong,” he said. He is currently making around 25 to 30 comprehensive and basic face shields per day, but he could soon ramp up production by getting a third 3D printer running. The world hasn’t seen a virus like COVID-

The group is requesting donations to purchase needed supplies such as acetone sheets and plastic rolls of filament used in the 3D printer. You may donate using this link: For more information, visit or email Lakehead University is a fully comprehensive university with approximately 9,700 full-time equivalent students and over 2,000 faculty and staff at two campuses in Orillia and Thunder Bay, Ontario. Lakehead has 10 faculties, including Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Graduate Studies, Health & Behavioural Sciences, Law, Natural Resources Management, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Science & Environmental Studies, and Social Sciences & Humanities. In 2019, Maclean’s 2020 University Rankings, once again, included Lakehead University among Canada’s Top 10 primarily undergraduate universities, while Research Infosource named Lakehead 'Research University of the Year' in its category for the fifth consecutive year. Visit







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