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Thunder Bay has a New State of the Art Dental Office!


NEW THUNDER BAY ZONING BYLAW : MAKING IT EASY ZZ Top at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium Lakehead University welcomes elementary school children to campus through the Achievement Program North Superior Publishing


Gwayakocchigewin Limited Partnership and Hydro One enter into an agreement

One of Northern Ontario’s Biggest Festivals is Back!



Gwayakocchigewin Limited Partnership and Hydro One enter into an agreement to advance the Waasigan Transmission Line project Through this industry-leading agreement with Hydro One, First Nations communities will have the option to invest in a 50 per cent equity stake in a new transmission line that will support electricity reliability and economic growth in northwest Ontario

A ceremony was hosted on the Fort William First Nation, Hydro One Networks Inc. (Hydro One) and Gwayakocchigewin Limited Partnership (GLP), a consortium of eight First Nations, advanced their collaboration through entering into an agreement on the Waasigan

Transmission Line project. The agreement provides the eight First Nations communities represented by the GLP with the opportunity to invest in an equity stake of the project. In total, nine First Nations in the region will have the opportunity to invest in a 50 per cent stake in the transmission line.

This industry-leading agreement will transform the way in which First Nations participate in critical infrastructure development. It will provide generational revenues for these First Nations communities and is a strong signal as to how Hydro One intends to move forward on new large scale transmission line projects. "As Canadians, we have a responsibility to reflect on our past and take meaningful action towards Reconciliation with Indigenous communities," said Mark Poweska, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hydro One. "Indigenous communities have historically borne the impacts of infrastructure development in their territories without seeing the benefits. This announcement is a progressive step to increase opportunities for First Nations communities to participate with industry and with Hydro One as we collectively build the electricity grid of the future."


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ZZ Top at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium you think of all they have to do to perform 15 songs for about 1 hour and quarter to many fans.

Several years ago the iconic ZZ Top band came to Thunder Bay and I wasn’t able to get tickets. I had heard many of their songs growing up and liked them. It was then that I started researching ZZ Top and lead singer guitarist Billy F Gibbons on You Tube, and was intrigued by his story and amazing rock guitar sound. It was therefore a real treat to see them perform early May at the TBCA, an excellent venue to see really any artist. There is something about the simple clean sound of a lead guitar, bass and drums playing rock tunes you have heard before and like. The sound quality at the TBCA was excellent for ZZ Top and let you really appreciate the clean rock sounds. Sometimes I have been at rock shows where the music is so loud it really takes away from the performance and can also leave you’re ears ringing for days! The sound guys were enjoying the show as well as I was next to

The last ZZ Top show here easily sold out and this new show after two postponements was maybe half capacity at the TBCA. This time ticket prices were $175.00 and up which may have played a factor for people.

them for awhile during the show. ZZ Top singer Billy Gibbons is 72 years old and has been performing for over 50 years. Their tour schedule in 2022, after

two years off because of the Covid pandemic, is over 60 dates across North America rolling along in 4 tour buses with 2 transport trucks as well. Seems like a pretty grueling schedule especially when

I really enjoyed the show, hearing so many familiar songs and shooting some short videos on my I Phone. My favourite ZZ Top song “My Heads in Mississippi” I got to film entirely so I can listen back from time to time. The one thing about music is it almost always lifts your spirits, makes you feel better! When you see an iconic band perform live it’s always as the Mastercard commercial used to sayPriceless!

Acupuncture in Health Care Described Acupuncture therapy is a mode of therapy where fine needles are inserted into the body at various points to affect a person’s health. It has been used for thousands of years to help people with both acute and chronic health problems. Acupuncture originated in the far east, most likely China, but has been adopted as a traditional form of therapy by all the surrounding regions including Japan, Korea, and India. Every region has developed their own style and technique. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupuncture is only one component of care which also includes cupping, moxa, and various herbs. It is based on the premise that the body has life energy and that there are lines or meridians of energy that run throughout the body on which acupuncture points are found. In the past century, western scientists having studied these meridians of energy and have noted that many of them follow

the major nerves that run through the arms, legs, and spine. Based on the extent of their training most western trained health practitioners that use acupuncture in their practice will use a combination of TCM points and anatomical points while others will stick strictly to common muscle and tendon points. Techniques can range from leaving needles in place for 20-30 minutes to quick in and out needle insertion of trigger points. Other than needles, acupuncture points can also be stimulated using massage techniques, cupping, and most recently laser therapy. I find that the public is often confused by the various terms and labels of acupuncture. As mentioned previously TCM is the original mode of health care that use acupuncture. A TCM practitioner has many years of study and are the only ones in Canada who can be referred to as acupuncturists. All other health practitioners use acupuncture as a modality or extra tool in their practice. Their level of acupuncture training may range from a few dozen hours to as many as hundreds of hours. Different schools may choose to use terms such as anatomical acupuncture or medical acupuncture which infer that they are using a western system. Lately I have noted that some western practitioners have adopted the term “dry needling” which I find creates a lot of confusion. Modern day acupuncture uses very thin, almost thread like needles. In fact, they are supported by a plastic tubing so as not to bend while they are inserted. All acupuncture is dry needling. It is not the same type of needle as one that draws blood or gives you an injection of medicine. Those needles are much thicker and in essence are a hollow tube with a knife-like edge. Those

needles are examples of wet needling. In terms of how effective acupuncture is, the results are mixed. There are good studies that show it can have significant effects on pain management. When inserting a needle into an acupuncture point the needle will influence the immediate (local) area, the surrounding tissue (regional) and if inserted into nerves can even effect parts of the body far away (distally) from the needles. By reducing the tension and inflammation of the area the needles help reduce pain, improve function, and speed up healing. The skill and training of the practitioner and their ability to know where to put needles for a particular condition can impact the likelihood of successful treatment. In a western society that has an overdependence on medications, it is important to highlight conservative health care

options. Safe therapies with minimal to no negative side effects, that are nonaddictive and that can do more than just mask that pain. Acupuncture is one of those options that may help improve a person’s quality of life.

James DiGiuseppe is a local chiropractor with a busy family and wellness practice. For more health information or to contact Dr. DiGiuseppe visit: www.portarthurchiropractic.com



Thunder Bay has a New State of the Art Dental Office: Pawliuk Dental (we currently had 3), additional staff, Covid compliant workability, accessibility and also on-site parking” said Dr Pawliuk.


Thunder Bay BUSINESS Local dentist, Dr. Jonathon Pawliuk and his wife Rachelle, Registered Dental Hygienist, are excited to have just opened their new state of the art dental building. The new office has also been rebranded from Pawliuk Family Dental, to PAWLIUK DENTAL as it transitions into new protocols, business expansion and construction of its new facility. PAWLIUK DENTAL provides a broad range of dental services. The newly constructed, fully accessible 5,000 sf building is located at 1170 Oliver Road, between Golf Links Road and the Thunder Bay Expressway, in the vicinity of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. Dr. Pawliuk has been practicing dentistry in Thunder Bay since graduating from McGill University in 2004. He

Dr. Jonathon Pawliuk, Dentist and his wife Rachelle, Registered Dental Hygienist returned to Thunder Bay and has owned his own practice for the past 15 years. We are a family-based practice, and our patient base has increased over

the years, leading us to outgrow our existing space. “We decided to look at various options for expansion, which would include additional operatories

We had looked at various options for a new location to grow the practice; however, we couldn’t readily find anything that was suitable, and in 2019, we purchased the property located at 1170 Oliver Road. At the time, we had proposed to start building in the spring of 2020, but then Covid happened, so we decided to wait and reconsider our options and construction. In 2021, we made the decision to proceed with the new facility, while being mindful of the new science and health protocols which we are now required to follow as a result of Covid. Some of which included implementing additional air handling and purification, additional space requirements, and accommodation for personal protective equipment and screening for the safety of all staff and clients. Continued



Thunder Bay has a New State of the Art Dental Office: Pawliuk Dental \Continued So, while we knew we were anticipating the new construction, we were also conscious of these new requirements with the building design. When we decided to proceed we had to consider what dentists had to do to deal with during the pandemic - at first all having to close our offices, then dealing with the new Covid office protocols, to be compliant with all of the new regulations. “We had to evolve and make changes to continue to keep our work environment safe for our patients and for ourselves” said Dr. Pawliuk”. My father and his company Pawliuk

his field. It was very rewarding for him to work on this project, stressful at times, but I think he will look back and be glad he was part of it and we feel

Interplan Design designed the building, in conjunction with several other professionals in the construction and dental field. “My father still loves what he does, and continues to work in

the same way.” We were so fortunate and thankful to have such a great team of designers and local contractors helping us through this entire process. Susan, Joris, Darek and the team from

Henry Schein were instrumental in the planning and installation of all the dental components incorporated in our

new facility. Continued



Thunder Bay has a New State of the Art Dental Office: Pawliuk Dental Continued Aurora Construction, their subcontractors and other subtrades were fantastic to work with; always keeping us informed and maintaining our construction timelines, while still having to deal with supply chain issues etc. Gino, Peter, Joe and Nick have been very meticulous and careful, and provided exceptional quality construction along with my uncle Mike. Last August, the construction of the building began and we made excellent progress throughout the next 9 months and the office opened for business on May 16, 2022. The structure has many excellent features such as a boiler heating system with in-floor heating of the slab and an extensive air purification and ventilation system in the new building. PAWLIUK DENTAL will be contributing to the City’s economy, by employing an additional 5 professional staff members, including an additional associate dentist who will be joining our team in early June 2022. Our total staff complement will increase from 7 to 12 and we are proud of our expansion, going from three operatories at our previous location to now seven operatories with the potential to have even more. We are ready for the future and look forward to that.

As well, Dr. Pawliuk is a member of the Department of Dentistry at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center so the location is ideal. “I also feel because the office is centrally located between the North and South sides of town, it is in a good location for all patients that visit us” said Dr. Pawliuk. I asked Dr. Pawliuk how he enjoys working in a new state of the art dental facility? “I don’t know if it has quite sunk in yet, but every day the reality of the new building sinks in a little bit further and I feel more comfortable and excited about it. The enthusiasm and collaboration from our entire team has certainly made for a great office environment”. Continued


Thunder Bay has a New State of the Art Dental Office: Pawliuk Dental Continued “I am very happy to be living in Thunder Bay, and love all the patients that come to see us and I am pleased to provide the highest quality of care that we can. Most of our staff have been with us for years and they are just as much responsible for our success and we are definitely proud of and appreciate our staff. It’s really a great team” Dr Pawliuk said. “I feel dentistry is a really great career and I’m proud of being part of it. It also gives me a chance to do some artistic work with dental esthetics that people are interested in and is a very gratifying part of it for me.” Dr. Pawliuk and Rachelle are both lifelong residents of Thunder Bay. They have three young children and are very proud to call Thunder Bay home.

They are welcoming new patients to the new Pawliuk Dental office located at 1170 Oliver Road – or by calling 807-623-1707




Thunder Bay has a New State of the Art Dental Office: Pawliuk Dental About Pawliuk Dental: Dr. Jonathon Pawliuk was born and raised in Thunder Bay and he takes pride in having lived and practiced dentistry in the community since 2004. Although he once thought he would follow in his father’s footsteps to pursue a career in architecture, Dr. Pawliuk developed a keen interest in science before embarking on his postsecondary education. He completed an Undergraduate Science Degree from Lakehead University in 1999. The study of human anatomy and biology, as well as a few influential mentors, catalyzed an interest in Dentistry. Dr. Pawliuk completed his doctor of dental medicine degree from McGill University in 2004. Dr. Pawliuk is married and the proud

father of three little girls and loves watching them perform their passions of singing, music and dancing. In his free time he enjoys travelling, the great outdoors, and golf. Being a father, and understanding how to communicate with kids, has also helped comfort and communicate with the many children in his practice. Continued



Thunder Bay has a New State of the Art Dental Office: Pawliuk Dental Continued Pawliuk Dental offers a wide range of dental services including restorative and cosmetic procedures such as crowns, bridges, dental implants, and veneers, root canal therapy, tooth whitening, dentures and more. Dr.

Pawliuk is also a staff member of the Department of Dentistry at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre offering dental services under general

anesthesia to pediatric patients and to patients with mental and physical disabilities. Dr. Pawliuk and the professional staff at Pawliuk Dental strive every day to provide you with the highest standard of care at your dental visit so please

contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Services Dental Hygiene We provide both preventative and corrective dental treatments and procedures to ensure proper oral health. In addition, we are excited to offer our patients access to several cosmetic dental procedures to help them achieve the smiles they desire and deserve. Our range of procedures and treatments, includes, but may not be limited to crowns and bridges, composite fillings, veneers, root canal treatment, complete and partial dentures, dental emergencies, whitening and extractions.

Brushing your teeth every morning and night doesn't guarantee you're giving your mouth all the attention it needs. Even a regular oral hygiene routine could be leaving gaps if you engage in a few not-so-great habits with your time at the sink. By understanding proper brushing technique and ensuring you have the right tools in your cabinet, you can make sure you have all of your bases covered when pursuing a more thorough clean.



NEW THUNDER BAY ZONING BYLAW : MAKING IT EASY ©2022 Brian Babcock Ok, the title is a tad misleading. Although the new zoning bylaw makes it easier to develop or redevelop property, zoning is

Legal Matters never easy. For decades. the business community, led by the Chamber of Commerce, have begged the city to replace the antiquated

zoning bylaw with a fully rewritten document for modern times. The city deserves to be applauded for their efforts. Most of the major concerns have been addressed. The confusing, narrow, and highly restrictive commercial zoning has been simplified and modernized. Not only are the number of different zones reduced, and labeled with more meaningfully descriptive names, but some of the best work has been done in the definitions. An office is now an office, so you do not have to spend $15,000 on a rezoning to change an insurance office into an office for him not for profit. Retail is now mostly simply retail. No longer do video rental stores have their own definition. Up until now, if the last of

the few video stores went out of business, the property owner would have to get a rezoning for most other purposes. The simplification not only encourages business development, it will make it easier to keep up with the times. Residential zoning is also simplified. This may have been considered a bit more controversial, as it will now be possible to build up to four units without rezoning. Lot size and other building requirements will provide the necessary development control. This change is consistent with the provincial policy of intensification, which is an important strategy for increasing housing supply at a reasonable cost. We all worry about taxes. One way to keep taxes

lower is not to build new infrastructure such as roads and sewers where existing services can handle more people. Granny flats or tiny houses in backyards may be permitted more broadly then under the old bylaw. This will allow more flexibility in allowing people to use their property as they wish and provide more housing options. The new by law is not perfect, but it is infinitely better than what we had before. Hopefully, the few modest objections will be overcome quickly so the bylaw can come into force. We at Weilers Law remain ready to assist you with all your zoning and planning needs.

Lakehead University welcomes elementary school children to campus through the Achievement Program Lakehead University’s ActiveU staff hosted more than 80 young people on Friday, May 13 as part of the annual Achievement Program Day on Campus. Lakehead started the Achievement

Program in 2011 to help students obtain a post-secondary education at Lakehead University.

Program has and will continue to benefit our students for their upcoming post-secondary education.

“The Achievement Program is Lakehead University’s commitment to supporting access to postsecondary education by pro-

“We are proud to partner with Lakehead University, as this incredible program hones the confidence and skills our students need to achieve academic success and flourish into their adulthood,” Belisle said. Lakehead University's Achievement Program Day welcomed the next generation of Lakehead students to the CJ Sanders Fieldhouse gym.

Dr. Moira McPherson, Lakehead's President and Vice-Chancellor, said the Program is about encouraging students to see themselves as Lakehead University graduates at an early age.

viding opportunities to students who experience socioeconomic barriers,” said Dr. Moira McPherson, Lakehead’s President and Vice-Chancellor. “This program is about hope and opportunity. It’s about encouraging students to see themselves as Lakehead University graduates at an early age,” Dr. McPherson said. The Achievement Program offers children who might otherwise not have been able to attend University the opportunity to experience it. School boards choose eligible schools based on socioeconomic status and families self enrol. Children in grades 4-12 participate in programming yearly in their school, community and at Lakehead University, and in return earn financial support for Lakehead University once they graduate high school. “When this program began, our charter class students were in the fourth grade at St. Ann’s,” said Omer Belisle, Superintendent of Education at the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board. “Today they are in their final year of senior elementary school and will be entering high school next year. The Achievement

Lakeishia Meekis is an Achievement Program alum who encouraged the students to continue to push themselves.

Amanda Stefanile, Achievement Program Coordinator, said she was happy to have the students back on campus for the day. “I'm so excited to be able to host our students on campus this year as the last two years have been cancelled due to COVID,” Stefanile said. “The smiles on the kids’ faces as they participate in recreational, educational and cultural programming is the highlight for me. I really want to thank the Lakehead faculty and staff for their assistance in providing hands-on programming for our students.”



One of Northern Ontario’s Biggest Festivals is Back! Wake the Giant Music Festival will return to Thunder Bay, Ontario this September with a mashup of hits! Today the festival unveiled its full 2022 lineup that promises epic performances and an awesome cultural atmosphere.

Headliners include Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace, legendary DJ Steve Aoki, and hit 90’s group Aqua. There will also be sets from Digging Roots, Neon Dreams, Crown Lands, Aysanabee and Grammy nominated drum group Young Spirit Singers. “This will be a day to remember! This year festivalgoers can expect acts from a diverse list of genres that will have them screaming lyrics to some of their favourite throwback tunes, a ton of Canadian content and emerging Indigenous artists that are sure to be crowd pleasers. We are stoked,” says Wake the Giant Organizer, Sean Spenrath. “Building inclusivity and celebrating Indigenous culture always remains a top priority for the Wake the Giant Music Festival. This year’s lineup is very reflective our goals and brings several Indigenous artists to the Wake the Giant stage- the most ever to date,” says Wake the Giant Organizer, Greg Chomut. Wake the Giant Music Festival will be held on September 17th, 2022 at the Thunder Bay Waterfront against a backdrop of the iconic Sleeping Giant— the inspiration of the Wake the Giant movement that launched back in 2019. Tickets are on sale now at wakethegiant.ca. This year the festival has moved to a tiered ticket sale system with Tier 1 tickets now available for $120 and limited VIP tickets for $150. Children 11 and under are free but still need a ticket to attend. Among the homegrown talent set to take the stage is Aysanabee, an Oji-Cree singer songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who uses folk, soul and alt-pop to tell stories about his life (you also need to check out his sexy, sexy sax!). This year Wake the Giant Music Festival will also feature a very special performance from Dennis Franklin Cromarty (DFC) High School student and piano sensation Malachi Beardy, who will perform just before the final act of the night. Jingle Dress Dancers comprised of youth from DFC High School are also expected to make another appearance on the Wake the Giant stage along with other very powerful cultural performances.

"Wake the Giant continues to help make our students and their communities feel more welcome and more connected to the City of

Thunder Bay through the movement and more specifically, through this incredible event. Each year, the Wake the Giant Music Festival creates an atmosphere that helps build stronger bonds in our community by providing an opportunity to get to know each other a little better," says Wake the Giant Organizer, AJ Haapa. Wake the Giant

Music Festival was created as a communitydriven event to welcome hundreds of Indigenous youth to Thunder Bay from Northern remote communities. It brings cultures, music, and festival fans together, while promoting Indigenous artists. The festival is a part of the largest student orientation event in Canada. The 2022 Wake the Giant Music Festival will also include

celebrity appearances, a live art installation, an Indigenous Craft Market, and yummy

local eats!