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The Ridgeway Clinic’s New Urgent Care Clinic!

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The 2021 Golf Season Begins - Finally!





Publisher’s Note Scott Sumner Several years ago I spent quite a bit of time working on health information. After all we really only have our health. Nothing else is as important. In recent months I have talked about exercise, your thoughts, reading and so on.This month lets explore what we eat! What do you eat each day? Have you ever really looked at if its good for you. Basically, Canada's Food Guide suggests eating 5-12 grain products like bread, cold cereal, pasta, rice, bagels or buns per day. Next it recommends 5-10 vegetables or fruit servings per day, including apples, bananas, brochili, juice, or salad. You can use fresh, frozen, or canned, depending on your availability or your budget. The milk products are the third part of the program, and as an adult 2- 4 serving per day are required. This includes not only milk, but cheese or yogurt as well. Lastly, meat or alternatives of 2- 3 servings per day are important and include choices such as meat, poultry or fish, eggs, beans, tofu, or peanut butter. The amount of servings you eat depends on your age, body size, activity level, sex, as well as other factors. The first person to


What Do You Eat? start with would be your family doctor, followed by a registered dietician. In Canada everyone can see a doctor at no cost. Many people who are covered by health plans can see a registered dietician as part of their coverage. This is an excellent beginning for you, as it allows a professional to see your own specific circumstances and make an informed plan for you. Eventually you will establish a routine for yourself, but a good start is important. I believe the Canada Food Guide forms a great basis of your own individual program. Remember that most of our body is made up of fluids, and every organ in our body needs water to function. Eight to ten glasses per day of water will allow your body to function well. That is typically more water than most people drink in a day, but the proper amount will allow your body to cleanse itself and operate more efficiently. It is possible to consume all the right food and still eat too much. My dietician has "plastic food" to demonstrate proper portions. For instance, a serving of meat is about 4 inches by 2 inches, and a glass of water is 8 ozs. A bowl of cereal is a normal size, about 5 inches wide, and salad dressing is a table spoon. You have to get a

handle on quantities to be certain of your program. Determining how many calories you should eat is a very personalized custom exercise. Your dietician will make a determination based on your height, weight, activity level, current weight, sex and other factors. Usually this could range from 2000 to 3000 calories per day, but it is always a complex determination. Be sure you get it right. Be comfortable with this decision. I spent 6 years at university in business schools in order to graduate with Commerce and MBA degrees. Perhaps the most important thing I learned in these experiences was to make decisions based on the accumulation of as much relevant information as possible. The more input you have in terms of the facts and data, the better the decision you make. The best thing that happened with my ongoing visits to a dietician was the daily recording of everything that I would eat. Following her advise at first seemed like a chore. The forms to record my meal intake were small and detailed. At the end of the day, I used a notepad to jot down all the data. This procedure illustrates what you really put into your body each day. You quickly get a clear idea of how your eating

patterns stack up to YOUR OBJECTIVES. You gain a notion of the breakdown in the 4 areas of grain products, vegetables and fruit, milk products and meat and alternatives. It is very enlightening, and in my case I could see that I ate too much meat. It's probably a common custom because the amount of meat we should eat daily is really not that large. Each visit to the dietician ends with a trip to the scale. Your weight is an excellent way to determine your progress in choosing foods. When you set your goals you can determine the weight you want to be based on your circumstances, like height sex, body type, and structure. Your doctor can help you with this. Once you starting eating properly you will start to move to the ideal weight . Other tests such as your cholestoral level or blood pressure can also determine how you are doing in your health. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor to test you for these, and then keep your results. When you track your own progress, you will witness improvements.


Germination: You Need the Right Conditions to Sprout One of the best things I love about the summer is my vegetable garden. Despite seeing it happen every year, I am always absolutely amazed at how, within a few months, tiny seeds end up producing huge plants and vegetables. Of course, for consistent success this does not happen all by itself. The seeds need the right conditions to germinate. Temperature is a big factor, as is moisture and nutrients. Some seeds can be planted in early spring while others, a few weeks later and others even later or indoors. Most seeds need moisture to sprout. Once a seed is sprouted it still requires care to give it the best chance of

survival. If I took a pile of beans and left then on the table they would never sprout. But if I put them in the ground and watered them or covered them with a moist cloth and kept them warm, they would sprout within a few days. There are many similarities between plant seeds and germs (bacterial or viral). Germs also need the right conditions to proliferate. Seeds grow better when there is no competition. So do germs. Knock out all the good bacteria with poor diet, smoking, toxins and some medications and you will see how quickly the nasty ones take over. Reduce your body’s immune system with insufficient sleep or excess stressors and the disease causing germs thrive. Germs also need nutrients. Bacteria love sugar and sugar also suppresses your immune system. So consuming high sugar foods and drink is a double hit against your health. A famous study from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1973 is often quoted. It states that by consuming 100 g of sugar in any form, the immune system is suppressed by 40% for up to 5 hours. Although some critics argued against this study, to date no research has been produced to refute it. The bottom line is that germs are everywhere all the time. In my profession I am in physical contact with a large number and wide range of people all day

every day. And yet in over 25 years of practice getting a cold is uncommon and the flu is almost non-existent. When it does happen, I can always trace it back to factors like: lack of sleep, over indulgence of sweets or excess stress of some sort. Instead of blaming the person beside you for “giving you” a cold or flu, we might want to look at our inner and outer environments. Making those environments less hospitable to germs while at the same time strengthening our immune system is a holistic approach to health and well-being.

James DiGiuseppe is a local chiropractor with a busy family and wellness practice. For more health information or to contact Dr. DiGiuseppe visit: www.portarthurchiropractic.com



JASON RASEVYCH APPOINTED TO LEAD DELOITTE CANADA’S INDIGENOUS CLIENT SERVICES PRACTICE Jason joins one of the “Big Four” financial firms to advance Indigenous Reconciliation May 25, 2021 - Robinson-Superior Treaty and Fort William First Nation Territory, Thunder Bay, Ontario: Following is a statement from Jason Rasevych announcing his new role as Partner, Financial Advisory Practice and National Leader Indigenous Client Services for Deloitte Canada: “Anyone who has followed my career knows that my twin passions are advocating for Indigenous rights and reconciliation as well as economic and business development. I’m pleased to announce that I have accepted a position as a partner at Deloitte Canada in its Financial Advisory practice. I am also now the national leader of the firm’s Indigenous Client Services, a newly created position that allows me to make a significant impact at a national

level. As an Anishinaabe from Ginoogaming First Nation in Northwestern Ontario, my First Nation identity, values, and traditional teachings has always guided my career choices. Deloitte’s leadership is committed to enabling me to continue to use my knowledge and skills to advance and advocate for Indigenous peoples across Canada. This announcement is important to me on a personal level. But it’s also important to Deloitte as it illustrates the firm’s commitment to its robust Reconciliation Action Plan, which is built on the pillars of inclusion, education, employment, and economic empowerment. My role is to work with corporate, government, and Indigenous leaders to identify ways we can reach the goal of economic reconciliation and drive Indigenous communities toward economic prosperity. Deloitte’s position as a trusted firm attracted me to this job. Its reputation and influence provide me with a powerful toolbox

to bring together all practice areas of the organization to help facilitate Indigenous ownership of infrastructure and natural resources as well as improve access to capital. This will help ensure that Indigenous peoples rights are respected in projects that affect their communities and land. More than ever before, Canada’s business community recognizes that Indigenous peoples have an important role to play in the country’s growth. According to recent studies, the Indigenous economy will grow to $100 billion by 2024, up from $24 billion today. But more work needs to be done to eliminate the infrastructure gap that exists in Indigenous communities. As an organization, we’d like to become a trusted advisor to Indigenous communities and companies, as well as an integrator to support economic and business reconciliation in Canada. We also aim to help our non-Indigenous clients develop equitable economic partnerships with Indigenous

communities. Fighting for Indigenous prosperity is at the core of who I am. I’ve always been attracted to David-versus-Goliath projects. I’ve been involved in blockades where

Indigenous peoples asserted their jurisdiction to uphold their rights. I’ve been involved in litigation against governments and companies that are not respectful of Indigenous social license and free, prior informed consent. I bring my capabilities and perspective to an organization that I know is serious about its commitment to reconciliation. In my role, I will speak directly to corporate Canada and to federal and provincial governments to make a real difference. I am truly excited to make this announcement. With over 250 Indigenous clients for its audit, assurance, consulting, risk advisory, and other services, Deloitte is already poised to be a corporate leader in Indigenous reconciliation. I look forward to forging stronger relationships between Indigenous groups and Deloitte and helping ensure everyone not only participates but also thrives in Canada’s economic growth and prosperity. “ Jason Rasevych - Biography Jason Rasevych has over 20 years of marketing, finance, strategy, governance, economic development, and management experience with various First Nations and organizations across Canada. In 2018, he was recognized a one of Canada’s Top Economic Developers and has secured more than $150 million for capital projects, legacy infrastructure, and business expansion with Indigenous groups. Jason has deep knowledge of Indigenous rights and the resource sector through his involvement in complex negotiations between First Nations, Industry and Government. He has led Indigenous groups to precedent setting agreements in the mining, forestry, energy and broadband sectors resulting in equity for Indigenous peoples in natural resources and ownership of enabling infrastructure. In 2019, he co-founded the Anishnawbe Business Professional Association to advocate for the inclusion of Indigenous business in pursuit of economic reconciliation in Canada. Deloitte provides audit & assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax and related services to public and private clients spanning multiple industries. Deloitte serves four out of five Fortune Global 500® companies through a globally connected network of member firms in more than 150 countries and territories bringing world-class capabilities, insights and service to address clients' most complex business challenge.



The Ridgeway Clinic’s New Urgent Care Clinic! BY SCOTT A. SUMNER

Thunder Bay BUSINESS Local couple Dr. Dave Wood and Celine Wood have opened what they believe is the first urgent care clinic in Thunder Bay’s south side in the historic Ridgeway Clinic building. Dr. Dave Wood is an experienced emergency care Physician who came to Thunder Bay in the late 90’s from Southern Ontario. His wife, Celine Wood, is a successful business owner in Thunder Bay.

clinic. Other communities have had these types of clinics. If you are having a heart attack or trouble breathing this isn’t the place to come - you should go to the hospital emergency. However here the patient will be able to get lacerations dealt with if you have a cut, splints put on, biopsies done and potentially we will give injections for example,” said Dr Wood. “ This is an urgent care clinic. You could come here for a burn assessment. We have applied for X ray and Ultrasound as well. We also will have tele medicine capabilities so outlining

resources such as the emergency department, especially for those who live in the south ward. In industry it isn’t efficient to have employees go and wait 3 or 4 hours in emergency for somethings we could do here.” said Dr.Wood. Other physicians will be working in the 6500 square main building and the 1200 square foot attached building. Dr. Dave McKee will be working at the new facility doing sports medicine and occupational work. There will be other physicians as well as physician assistants. “We hope to have someone come in to do foot care, wound care, intravenous antibiotics and be able to do nerve

Celine Wood and Dr. Dave Wood The team are totally renovating the Ridgeway Clinic which first opened in 1950. They took over the building in January when there was only one practitioner left working along with the Shoppers Drug Mart location. “ Ridgeway Clinic’s Urgent Care Clinic is an urgent care centre with a higher level of service and care than a walk in

communities and industries can call in. It is Cloud based system. We are trying to avoid more travel for people and hope to decrease the burden on other

blocks to help with pain say with tooth problems before you can get in to see a dentist. We want to get the simple things done well first and then move on to more complex medical care. We can’t do anything if you have life threatening conditions as you can’t be admitted here, but we can do a basic evaluation and procedures here. We are not the alternative to the emergency department,”said Dr. Dave Wood. “ Our goal here though is to not having people wait. We want to have a fast turn around time. As we get going we will add more services. This is what we call episodic care. Each episode is treated.” Continued



The Ridgeway Clinic’s New Urgent Care Clinic! Continued The facility has strong cleaning procedures in place and uses an ultra violet wand to disinfect along with our protocols. There is a Sweden made air ionizer to sterilize the air to kill virus and bacteria in the procedure area. When the patient comes to the Ridgeway Clinic’s Urgent Care Clinic it is first come first served. You need an OHIP number or insurance. Anyone from another province or country can pay.

and wanted some input. I had just finished my MBA at the University of Toronto a year ago. We looked over the Ridgeway Clinic and saw there was a lot of potential here and a huge need. Now because of the pandemic there has been less access at the emergency department. Delayed referrals is a big issue right now. People just need to be seen for their knees or hips for example, or other injuries, and can face long delays even getting a referral which we hope to help with.”said Dr. Wood.

“Dr. Jack Remus called us up to talk as he was moving towards retirement

Celine Wood, Manager of the Ridgeway Clinic, also owns Crown

and Birch on Memorial Ave which is a home design store. They have furniture, artwork, lighting and offer interior design. “ We started doing the design work on the Ridgeway Clinic. I quickly realized the building had great bones and was structurally sound with a good roof. The floors needed to be stripped and polished and that type of stuff,”said Celine. “ The building just needed a face lift. There is a real love amongst design enthusiasts for mid century decor and this building had great design and workmanship.We

went through the building and did drawings. Anything we had to replace we chose materials that looked or actually were consistent with 1950’when the building was built. We reupholstered chairs and the exam tables. At first we though they had been previously stained but realized they had nicotine on them because so many people smoked in the 50’s and 60’s!” X rays are all digital today but Celine and Dave found an old light block used by Dr. Remus and rewired and cleaned it up. It is now a decorative piece. “ There are many very talented people and businesses in Thunder Bay that have worked with us on the renovations here. These are my colleagues and we enjoy working together with them. I choose people I have friendly relationships with.”said Celine who has been splitting her time between Crown and Birch and the Ridgeway Clinic and literally working two full time jobs right now. “When we go home at night we are going online trying to solve issues or order things we need.” The IT software and the website coming soon being used at the Ridgeway Clinic Urgent Care Clinic are being created for expansion. The new physicians coming tothe Ridgeway Clinic won’t have to worry about the administration side and can just concentrate on their work. There will also be some experienced physicians atthe Ridgeway Clinic that can help them if needed.




The Ridgeway Clinic’s New Urgent Care Clinic! Continued “ The reason Dave and I have worked so well together is his medical knowledge and my small business knowledge. My job is to run the back end so the people can come in, see the doctor

and get the care that they need. In the background everything is working well, the staff have been supported, the products have been ordered, the computers are working well, the website is good and that sort of stuff. That is my

Sweden made air ionizer job. The new practitioners want a turn key set up and just start practicing. We will help drive business traffic to them as well with the website, because we are all businesses.” said Celine Wood.

The Ridgeway Clinic want to have family doctors as well because they provide a whole level of care beyond the episodic services. They hope to have sports medicine, concussion care, some orthopedic work, occupational care with the backup of urgent care

whenever it is needed. “ Right now we are having a soft opening to build up the capacity and services offered. Progressively we

hope to work the hours of 10am to 10pm for urgent care as a 7 day a week operation. The other physicians will have their own hours.” said Celine.

Ridgeway’s Clinic Urgent Care Clinic will a great addition to Thunder Bay! Look for their website going online soon for more information.





Thunder Bay Will Have Opportunity to Participate in the Construction of New Icebreaker MP Marcus Powlowski is excited that Thunder Bay will have the opportunity to participate in the construction of new icebreakers sfter advocating for Ontario manufacturing. The new contract for Heddle Shipyards will “be a great boost to our local economy and create more wellpaying jobs for our city’s shipyard,” says local MP Friday, May 7, 2021 Thunder Bay, Ontario MP Powlowski was happy to echo today the Government of Canada’s new announcement that it will be awarding the contract for the Canadian Coast Guard’s new Polar Icebreaker to Seaspan and Heddle Shipyards, as part of the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS). MP Powlowski had the following to say regarding this announcement and his advocacy on this issue: “I was very excited to see that the icebreaker contract was awarded to Heddle Shipyards, which is a key player at the Thunder Bay port. According to my communications with the company throughout the fall and winter, this contract will be a great boost to our local economy and create more wellpaying jobs for our city. We all know how much Ontario’s manufacturing sector has struggled in recent years – something all too apparent in our own city. That is why in December 2020, I organized a joint initiative with two of my colleagues in the Hamilton and St. Catherines area to urge the Government to consider the importance that the Polar Icebreaker contract would have for our province’s shipyards as it evaluated the bids. I am glad to see that the Government did just that. As Ontario MP’s I believe we ought to stand together and fight to preserve and create jobs in our communities.” Heddle Shipyards to Support Seaspan Shipyards in Building Polar Icebreaker for Canadian Coast Guard May 6th, 2021 As part of the National Shipbuilding Strategy, the Government of Canada announced that Seaspan Shipyards will build a Polar Icebreaker, the flagship of the Canadian Coast Guard’s icebreaking fleet. With facilities in Hamilton, St. Catharines, and Thunder Bay in Ontario, and in Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia, Heddle Shipyards: Heddle Shipyards will support Seaspan Shipyards in the construction of a Polar Icebreaker for the Canadian Coast Guard. The Government of Canada’s decision to build a Polar Icebreaker at Seaspan Shipyards means that Heddle’s Ontario shipyards will play an increasingly important role in the National Shipbuilding Strategy and create and sustain hundreds of jobs across its facilities. Seaspan’s pan

Canadian approach to shipbuilding will support thousands of jobs from coast to coast and ensure the Canadian Coast Guard has the vessels it needs when it needs them. Canada’s current largest icebreaker, the CCGS Louis S. StLaurent, is nearing the end of its intended service life and in need of replacement by 2030. Work on the Polar Icebreaker is expected to commence immediately upon contract award. Today’s announcement is a welcome development for the shipbuilding and marine industry in Canada, and for Heddle Shipyards. The Polar Icebreaker construction program will help ensure continuity of work and enable Heddle to grow its capacity and revitalize its Ontario shipyards in pursuit of becoming Canada’s shipyard of choice for constructing vessels less than 1,000 gross registered tons. Heddle Shipyards is the largest

Canadian ship repair and construction company on the Great Lakes and is proud to work alongside Seaspan Shipyards in British Columbia and

Genoa Design in Newfoundland and Labrador to support the National Shipbuilding Strategy and the construction of Canada’s Polar Icebreaker.

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IS THAT ESTATE SMALL? © 2021 Brian Babcock Ontario has introduced a simplified process to process small estates through the probate process- the means by which a Court approves an Estate Trustee, and, if there is a will, verifies that it is valid. Although this is welcomed progress, it is still a daunting procedure. Time will tell how effective it is at reducing cost and delay. To start, a “small estate” must have less than $150,000.00 in value. Given the average home price (transfer of real estate is a common reason to require probate), many simple estates will not be ‘small’. The application process for a small estate

is simplified, but the probate taxes remain, and the application must still be served on all beneficiaries – a simple step that not all trustees will be comfortable with. If there are minors or incapable adult beneficiaries, government watchdogs must also be noti-

Legal Matters fied. Although the government brags about eliminating the need for trustee’s bonds in small estates, they are still required in some situations. The key difference between a Small Estate Certificate and the normal Certificate of

Appointment of Estate Trustee is that the Small Estate Certificate only allows the trustee to deal with assets listed on the certificate, while the usual Certificate of appointment covers all estate assets. That means that if the trustee of a small estate later discovers another bank account, vehicle, RSP, etc., an amendment may be required- more paperwork- whereas the trustee under a normal process need not do that work. If the newly discovered assets bring the value to over $150,000, the trustee needs to start over to apply for a Certificate of Appointment. Simpler? Yes. Simple? Not really. Even the government suggests you need a lawyer if you have questions about: · how to apply

· your legal rights and duties as a trustees · your legal risks or if you believe there may be a challenge to the application or a claim against the estate. In my view, these are good reasons why every prospective trustee ought to consult a lawyer. The duties of a trustee are serious, and knowing the risks is essential. Even if you want to file an application for a Small Estate Certificate on your own, paying for preliminary advice may be a good investment to keep your small estate simple. My colleagues at Weilers Law have the knowledge and experience to give you the help that you need

Lake Superior Climate Action Field School launching thanks to funding from Environment and Climate Change Researchers at Lakehead University, Algoma University, the University of Minnesota Duluth, the Michigan Technical

University, and community partners of the Lake Superior Labs Network have received more than $135,000 from Environment and Climate Change Canada to create the Lake

Superior Climate Action Field School. This August, the Field School will train a diverse group of young Canadians – poised to become regional and national climate leaders – through an experiential program

Lake Superior Watershed,” said Dr. Lindsay Galway, Associate Professor in the Department of Health Sciences at Lakehead University and Canada Research Chair in Social-Ecological Health. The Field School will use hands-on, experiential learning to implement 14 knowledge and skill-building workshops and nine site visits focused on climate action across the Lake Superior watershed. It will connect students with 24 climate leaders from the project’s leadership team at the forefront of community-based climate action initiatives across the Lake Superior watershed.


Dr. Lindsay Galway of virtual workshops, community site visits, and events in coastal communities around the Lake Superior Watershed. The Field School will be implemented using a hybrid virtual and on-site design

Researchers will host a series of public events and webinars following the Field School (September 2021 - March 2022), to raise awareness about climate change and climate action in the Lake Superior watershed. The team will also develop and disseminate a series of tools to catalyze and enable community-based climate action including a video series documenting knowledge and activities from the Lake Superior Climate Action Field School, a digital Lake Superior climate action storyboard, and 14 workshop modules that will be shared with community groups. Researchers and students will share what they learn through the Lake Superior Living Labs Network website (livinglabs.lakeheadu.ca) to enhance longterm impact and develop, build, and support future climate action across the Lake Superior watershed. The Field School is open to ages 18 and up. Details of the application process will be shared through livinglabs.lakeheadu.ca.

Dr. Charles Levkoe that will include hubs in Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Houghton, and Duluth. Participants in each hub will meet in person daily, conduct independent site visits, digitally document the experiences, and connect to share across hubs virtually for workshops. “Our goal is to connect, learn with, and inspire emerging leaders and their communities to catalyze climate action across the

For more information, contact one of the co-principal investigators, Dr. Galway (lgalway@lakeheadu.ca) or Dr. Charles Levkoe (clevkoe@lakeheadu.ca), Associate Professor in the Department of Health Sciences at Lakehead University and Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Food Systems.



The 2021 Golf Season Begins - Finally! BY SCOTT A. SUMNER

Great Outdoors My first golfing experiences were during the summer of 1975 at a golf course in Manitouwadge my father helped create. That year only 5 holes were ready to go, but it was fun. Fast forward 46 years and in this time of COVID 19 my course here in Thunder Bay is opening a little later than usual. As usual golfers look forward to the season but this year things will be somewhat different. Here are some of the new rules for now, they could change but just getting out will be fun! You are allowed on property 15 minutes before your tee time. Our tee time intervals are now 10 minutes apart to practice safe social distancing. You are to be off property 15 minutes after you exit the eighteenth green. • Due to the reduced tee sheet, onesome will only be able to play in quiet times and

we will limit the start times for twosome. • Walk-on will not be permitted. You must have a tee time! • We will not be accepting cash for payment at this time. • Only 2 people at any one time will be allowed in the pro shop for any processing. • The Clubhouse will be closed. There will be no dining, bag storage or locker room facilities.

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• There will not be any league, event or tournament play until restrictions allow. Yes 6 feet apart, no sand rakes, no benches, no ball washers and the ball will stay on top of the hole! No shaking hands at the end of the round. You won’t be entering you score in the pro shop computer! I’m sure conditions will change for the better over the summer. Maybe we will have some tournaments and competitions. It’s going to be interesting! See you on the course!



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