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Stop in at The BODYMIND Centre - Celebrating Their 25th Anniversary “Every moment of awareness is our teacher.”

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New Name and Logo for Bay Credit Union

Hospital’s President and CEO and CEO of the Health Research Institute Announces Planned Retirement



New Name and Logo for Bay Credit Union Members come together to announce a modern new brand rooted in local history Bay Credit Union recently introduced an updated corporate name and new logo to reflect the Credit Union’s community roots and growth. Moving into the future, Bay Credit Union will be known as BAY Credit Union – an acronym for Banking About You. Founded in 1946 as People’s Co-operative Credit Union Limited, BAY Credit Union originally served the large Finnish-speaking population of Port Arthur. In 1975, it became Bay Credit Union serving all of Thunder Bay. In 2015, Bay Credit Union merged with Apple Community Credit Union. This new brand announcement aims to consolidate the credit union’s strong local history, while evolving for the next generation of community growth. With the new brand, BAY Credit Union announced a new brand positioning focused on the statement, “Where you’re growing.” The positioning reflects the commitment of BAY Credit Union to serving residents and businesses of Thunder Bay, and the Credit Union’s role as a financial services neighbour invested in the success of local people.

Says Lorne Kellar, Chairman of the Board of BAY Credit Union; “As a Board, we wanted to modernize our brand and create a relevant financial services proposition that would appeal to local people who are emerging financially. The challenge was to update our image without losing the long-standing sense of belonging that our members value. Listening to the community through this process, we have learned what matters most and this is why we are here. Above all, we offer banking services that focus exclusively on the financial well-being of people, businesses and communities in Thunder Bay. We are always here and where local people are growing.”

would find at a bank but at a lower cost to members. Because we are 100% homegrown, we design our products and services for local people

undergoing significant brand transformations, as well new digital enhancements and online banking upgrades are part of the longer-term plan.

BAY Credit Union currently serves approximately 5,000 members and holds over $65 million in assets. The Board intends for the rebranding to attract new members and overcome outdated misconceptions that the credit union only services specific neighbourhoods or employee groups in Thunder Bay. Says Lynne LeGros, CEO of BAY Credit Union; “BAY Credit Union is open and welcoming to everyone. We offer competitive financial products and services that local people need to succeed in their life pursuits. Whether you are a student, young family, new entrepreneur or senior citizen, BAY Credit Union has the services you

and for the benefit of the local community. We are proud to reinvest our profits exclusively in Thunder Bay, and we know this sets us apart.” The new BAY Credit Union brand, which was developed locally by Firedog Communications, will be rolling out over the next several months. Both the Algoma and Cumberland Street branches will be

Says Lorne Kellar; “As our community and brand continues to evolve, our commitment to Thunder Bay remains steadfast. At BAY Credit Union, we are the friendly, enthusiastic and cando people who are invested in the success of Thunder Bay and what matters most to local people.”

2020 Cadillac XT4!

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2020 Cadillac XT 4! 399 Memorial Avenue Thunder Bay, On P7B 3Y4

Tel: (807) 683-4900 Fax: (807) 345-8005 Toll Free: 1-800-465-3915


Publisher’s Note Scott Sumner There is nothing more vital in any human being than their mind. There is no question, doubt, or debate about this fact. Really the mind is a marvel, a miracle that is so complicated it's virtually impossible to figure out. Neurosurgeons for example, have a fantastically complex job when they work on the human brain.

When you survey current computer advertisements, you will notice how the speed and storage space have dramatically increased over a short period of time. My first computer in the early 80's operated at a speed of less than 8 Megahertz, and had a hard drive of under 20 megabytes. At present you can get 1000 megahertz speed and a 100 gigabyte storage easily in a computer. Today's information is much more complex to process, and vaster in scope. HOWEVER, computers don't even register with the complexity and power of the human mind . I think the human mind as a computer, would be a trillion megahertz or more, and our storage capacity unlimited. How a living organ can accomplish such feats is truly a miracle.

So what does that mean for us as human beings? We need to use the magnificent mind that God gave us. We need to maximize our potential, and THINK our way through life with skill and abilities that only human beings have. Unfortunately many people, in fact most people,

PRESIDENT Scott A. Sumner MARKETING MANAGER Sylvia Gomez FEATURE WRITER Sherry Hanes AD DESIGNER Miranda van den Berg AD SALES Elizabeth Youmans


Feed Your Mind: Read! use only a tiny portion of their mind's ability. It is a giant shame and is something we need to change RIGHT NOW! This will be the best thing you could ever do for yourself, bar none. I believe your mind is like your body in that it needs good ideas, just as our body needs good food. You have to continue to feed your mind positive, fantastic ideas on a daily basis, that will change your entire way of thinking and YOUR LIFE. There have been many fantastic individuals who have lived before us in this magnificent world of ours who have developed incredible ideas. These ideas have been available for us to discover in books.

Quite awhile ago at Christmas, my father went to the library with my sister and came home with the book THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING by Norman Vincent Peale. After attending primary school, high school, and 6 years of university and reading countless books on all types of business subjects, I actually stopped reading. However the Norman Vincent Peale book was exactly the remedy I needed to prompt me to start reading once again, and I've been reading books like his ever since. I find the ideas fabulous. They feed the mind with some positive food with which to develop. Now I read the best books usually in the evening, and find it has created in me a positive person. An important point to realize is that, what you think about is really what matters in your life. It is more important than your circumstances, or what happens around you. It's what YOU think about what's going on that matters. How you choose to react to the events that happen to you, and around you, is the only important thing. This sets your attitude and therefore your life. It's really that simple.

This is an exceptionally important point to think about. You can't always choose what happens to you, or how people treat you, but you can choose how you react to it or them. You can try to have complete control of your mind at all times. Anyone, even the prisoner in jail can choose what to think about at any given moment. He doesn't have to feel confined or finished, but can be striving to make life better. It all

starts with the mind. This is the beginning. It's like creating a brand new road map for the life that remains starting now. Visit



Stop in at The Bodymind Centre - Celebrating Their 25th Anniversary “Every moment of awareness is our teacher.” By Sherry Hanes January 2020 In 1995, Erin May of Thunder Bay, Ontario, decided to bring to the world, her vision and services to help people improve their bodies and minds. She opened The Bodymind Centre, a multidisciplinary health and wellness facility with three yoga and pilates studios, a retail lululemon boutique and treatment rooms. Erin and her 35 staff guide people through evolutionary changes that they, themselves, choose, practice, direct and ultimately benefit from in every aspect of their lives. But let’s take a little journey back in time for just a few moments. At one time, we did not worry so much about our health,

physically or mentally. The strains of over usage of muscles and the stresses of daily worry of the job, the home, the family, or just even being out socially, can cause a lot of us to become anxious, depressed, burned out physically and or mentally. Suffering daily from illnesses like colds, flu, arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches and the list goes on, can all be caused by the stressors of all the above, mentioned scenarios and/or life styles which can also increase the risk of stroke, heart attacks, suicide, impairment of physical mobility and lastly…even early death. In other words, we can become, not well daily, age sooner and possibly even expire before our time. We can become confined to wheel chairs, have to use canes, walkers and the like. That’s just a sample of what happens with our bodies when we just let things happen to us randomly, when we don’t take charge of our mind and our bodies. In the last 30 years or so, people have started to wake up to the fact that they possess the power to influence what happens with their health. They take charge of their body and mind, and refuse to allow negative influences dictate what happens to them. They are turning more to natural solutions and have set out on a quest to optimize their health as a whole experience with solution-based options. More people than ever are adopting healthy eating styles, regular exercise, yoga, nutritional supplements and mindfulness practices. There are over 50 million people practicing yoga regularly in North America, 300 million worldwide and 500 million practicing meditation across the globe. Schools and workplaces are implementing mindfulness practices to help effectively reduce anxiety and improve health and well-being and reduce sick time and absenteeism. Doctors are prescribing yoga and mindfulness instead of antidepressants to help patients make long lasting positive changes.

Daily self-care and yoga practice help on all levels, physically creating more strength and flexibility, enhancing the feeling of wellbeing and mental clarity, increasing resiliency and emotional stability. Helping people to be ‘more in control’ of themselves and their circumstances and the level to which they are affected. People notice astonishing differences in themselves and their ability for effectively dealing with daily life, result-

The chronic tension that leads to illness just dissipating away. It’s that easy. The key is consistency. Consistency of practice cultivates long lasting results and the optimum life on all levels. The Bodymind Centre has created a friendly environment much different than a gym, which encourages consistency in practice with a multitude of classes to choose from. From absolute beginners to professional athletes there is something

Erin May owner of The Bodymind Centre ing in personal benefit for themselves and those around them. Self-care fills up our energy tank and therefore we have more to give those we love and we are kinder to ourselves and others and the environment. When one is ‘at one with themselves’ and exercises peaceful approaches, all things become possible even the elimination of prejudice, poverty and war. It begins by becoming mindful with ourselves, with our thoughts and actions and this translates into our interactions in our relationships with our family and friends, coworkers, our community and then on a larger scale globally. It all begins with the first step. For some people that can be their first yoga class, learning how to relax and breathe. Finding sometimes, for the first time, the self-awareness of their mind, noticing the shift into relaxation and calmness. Feeling the tension held in their muscles melt away, tension that they might have been otherwise unaware of.

just right for everyone. You can start in “Yoga for the Inflexible” which is great for beginners and people with physical restraints. People looking to up their game can enjoy one the hot power yogas to develop strength and stamina. There are pilates classes to build the core and Reformer machines that tone and develop full body strength without impact. As we take care of the body, the mind relaxes and we become more self-aware. We feel better on all levels and we get more out of life. Our life quality improves and our life expectancy increases, we have a better sense of our self and how we want to be in the world. For 25 years, The Bodymind Centre continues to successfully help people to be their best. Erin and the life skilled, certified instructors and practitioners honestly love to help anyone, and everyone, achieve new levels of physical, mental and emotional health. Continued



Stop in at The Bodymind Centre - Celebrating Their 25th Anniversary “Every moment of awareness is our teacher.” Continued Erin opened her doors 25 years ago after returning from her training in Structural Integration in Boulder Colorado. She is a certified 1000 hr+ Yoga Instructor / STOTT Trained Pilates Instructor, and possesses an impressive scope of professional and worldly education. Starting in September of 1989 and continuing to April 1994 she attended Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario for a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Bachelor of Fine Arts. Since 1989, Erin has immersed herself in numerous programs that have produced amazing changes, not only for herself, but for others who have sought the expertise of her services. Erin has studied all over the world and began her formal meditation practice in Zen in 1990, Vipassina in 1991, and Tibetan Buddhism in 1992. She has attended many retreats in India, USA, Nepal, Mexico and Canada, including a special Kalachakra Retreat with His Holiness the 14th Dali Lama in 2003. She has travelled throughout the world to learn from masters in various traditions and regularly shares meditation as part of her yoga classes and in workshops, corporate settings and retreats. Erin’s education extends an unbelievable 30-year journey thus far, for her teachings and

training of her skills and she passionately shares them with multitudes of others. As the professional services are too many to mention in this article, you can visit Erin’s website, and learn all about Erin, what her centre offers as well as, what her gifts of healing and teachings are. Throughout her career and her personal evolution in business, The Bodymind Centre, has been the recipient of many

awards, which include, ‘Established Business of The Year’, 2019 by PARO Centre for Enterprising Women. This award recognizes a business with a successful and notable track record for 3 years or more for a woman who has established a business, taken financial risks, managed the business successfully, and given back to the community. Erin comments that “This was our first award from Paro and it was based on our 25 years of business and service for the Thunder Bay community.” Other awards include, The Business Excellence Award in 2005 from The Chamber of Commerce which is presented to a business that exhibits true business excellence. This business has advanced in economic and/or financial growth through sales/earnings and financial management. They excel in quality customer/client service, are a leader in employment creation, diversity and inclusion, and seeks to continuously improve employee relations and are prominently involved in community affairs. Erin also comments “We won The Visionary Award in 2019 from Mindbody for being in the top 25% of sales for yoga studios in world. In addition, we are honored to be chosen” Best Yoga Studio” again this year by Walleye Magazine readers. Thank

you Thunder Bay!” Erin was also honored to be chosen as one of the “Best Yoga Teachers”- Jan 2020 Walleye Magazine. In her continuance to offer effective programs that provide solutions for life enhancement, Erin shares with us this message, “For 2020 and beyond I have developed a special protocol to stimulate the Vagal Nervous System which I offer in classes, workshops and retreats as well as online. The Vagal breathing Protocol switches on the healing and repair, relax

and rest mode allowing people to find balance. Vagal stimulation has been shown to reverse many disease processes including Alzheimer's. inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, Chron's, Diverticulitis, IBS, anxiety, depression, mental fatigue, anxiety and more. We also have Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor Barb Davies on staff who has been trained in a special protocol that is extremely helpful in clearing PTSD. Barb will also be offering hypnobirthing classes which help labor and delivery to be much easier. We have registered massage therapist Shelia Sundell, who is offering specialized movement training to athletes and first responders at The Bodymind Centre. Shelia is also part of an incredible program called Strong Girls which is a non-profit organization with a mission to inspire girls to become their best, happiest, strongest version of themselves

through sports, mindfulness and leadership programming, which will also be hosted at The Bodymind Centre. We continue to have a great line up of classes in hot yoga, gentle yoga, ashtanga, TRX, Ball/BOSU, yin, flow, pre-natal yoga and specialty classes for the lower back and knees. Our reformer classes are amazing for building core strength and conditioning the whole body, great for fit people as well as those needing to get in to better shape or rehabbing injuries. Reformer resistance training helps to prevent and reverse osteoporosis. We have antigravity classes to have fun and swing upside down. Truly there is something for everyone.” Continued



Stop in at The Bodymind Centre - Celebrating Their 25th Anniversary “Every moment of awareness is our teacher.”

Continued More services offered by professional, therapeutic and life enhancing practitioners at the Centre, include, Massage

Therapy, which from this form of regularly scheduled self-care, can play a huge part in how healthy you’ll be and how youthful you’ll remain with each passing

year. Crystal Acupressure, which is noninvasive, involves gemstones cut to a precision point that allow the healer to target specific acupressure points with great accuracy and stimulate healing using the same pathways as acupuncture without the needles. Structural Integration – which can provide relief from impaired mobility and/or chronic pain due to injuries, repetitive occupational and exercise postures, automobile accidents and accumulated stress of daily living and enhance performance. Along with Thai massage, Reiki, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Bodytalk. Bodytalk is

an astonishingly simple and effective form of therapy that allows the body’s energy systems to be re-synchronized so they can operate as nature intended. The Bodymind Centre can help you with any level of healing and wellness you may need or want to enhance. Call them today: The Bodymind Centre, located at #8-105 Villa Street, Thunder Bay, ON. 807-344-1628 or email them at: and see what is instore for YOU!



Nine tips for getting paid without creating hard feelings Ever experience the awkwardness of having to call a customer to remind them to pay their bill? You walk a fine line of diplomacy. Being a pushover won’t get the customer’s attention. Being too pushy can offend risking losing not only money that’s due, but future business as well. Most of the training I do is on choosing words that enhance trust and differentiate your service to make price less relevant. You can use these same trust building principles to gain cooperation with customers who aren’t paying. Consider these nine tips… 1. Do your homework Start by gathering details about the invoice and about how much overall business the customer does with you. Any large volume customer isn’t going to be happy about receiving a collection call over a relatively small invoice. In fact they may rethink continuing to do business with you. On the other hand, a first time customer with a large overdue bill should be contacted sooner rather than later. When it comes to collecting, it makes sense to give long term customers special consideration. 2. Begin with a courtesy email The first reminder can be a friendly email sent soon after payment is due. Keep the tone light and conversational: “Pat, I was looking through our receivables and noticed we haven’t received a payment yet on this invoice. I want to make sure you did indeed receive it and there’s nothing you need from our end. Thanks.”

17th and as of today we haven’t received it. Is there something about the payment I should be aware of?” Listen. Gather facts. Take notes. This isn’t the time to state your position. Instead, summarize you’re understanding of the facts you collected. “So if I understand this correctly, the situation at your end is…?” A huge part of building trust with anyone is demonstrating that you get their circumstances.

After you’ve summarized your understanding of their situation, if they have indeed been experiencing financial setbacks, then empathize. Begin with two magic words: sounds like. “Sounds like you’ve had a run of unfortunate events. I’m sorry to hear that.” Those words make you sound humane and go a long way towards making late paying customers want to cooperate. 6. Don’t make it personal This is the opposite of what I normally share in my Trusted Advisor seminars. Typically, we personalize the service by using the word “you”, as in, “Let me check for you.” In the case of collections however, the last thing we want is for this to be taken personally. So rather than asking, “When can you pay?” Instead ask, “When can we expect payment?” Speaking of word choices, avoid asking if they “want” to pay by installments. Few people want to pay bills. Instead ask, “Would it be helpful if we set up a payment plan?” 7. Express your Grand Intention©

4. Share facts not accusations Certain phrases can inadvertently sound like accusations that put customers on the defensive. Telling people they are late or overdue sounds like a generalization. Instead give specific dates and encourage them to talk, “Payment was due on the

9. Last resorts If you conclude there’s slim hope of collecting all monies or that you no longer want to continue doing business with that

satisfied… we are therefore asking that in future you use the services of (competitor).” Bottom Line– While phoning customers to get paid may be daunting, fortunately by simply being a strong listener and choosing your words more thoughtfully, you can make collecting from customers less unpleasant and more rewarding. Good

5. Empathize

3. Stand up for yourself If the email doesn’t receive a reply, it’s time to pick up the phone. If you’re feeling anxious, stand up when you phone. Your voice will have more resonance and authority, and you feel more confident and in control.

forward…” Then send them a written summary confirming what you discussed. That way if you end up in court you’ll have documentation.

If you are indeed dealing with a normally reliable repeat customer, explain that you value their business and want to help them through this. I call it expressing your grand intention. It sets a positive tone and implies that you’re interested in achieving a long-term mutually positive outcome. Again, the goal is for them to feel motivated to pay. 8. Summarize your understanding Before hanging up, clarify what you and the customer have decided, “For my notes and to make sure I have everything clear, here’s what we’ve agreed upon moving

customer, consider settling for less than the full amount. In most cases, you’ll be further ahead financially than what you’d receive by either suing them or engaging a collection agency. Speaking of unpleasant customers, some business owners have told me they meet once a year with their staff to ‘fire’ their one or two worst customers. These are individuals who create more stress than they are worth. In that case they send the customer a letter along the lines of, “It appears you have not been

luck! Jeff Mowatt is a customer service strategist, Hall of Fame speaker, and bestselling author. For more tips, training tools or to inquire about engaging Jeff for your team visit



Perception vs Reality: Your Brain, Body and Spine Your brain and central nervous system are constantly changing every day. This is called neural plasticity. Your brain receives constant supplies of information from your body and its external environment by the sensory organs (eyes, ears, nose, skin, etc.). This allows the brain to make a 3D map of your body and to know what is going on outside your body. Your brain needs to translate all the information it receives based on what it has learned from your past experiences as well as its expectations for the future and the brain’s preferences. All of this is called the brain’s bias and is happening under the radar of your consciousness. Your experience is not 100% based on reality but rather your perception of reality. So how you or your brain actually sees a situation may not be entirely accurate. Check the internet under perception vs reality and you will find several examples of this. The brain doesn’t just see what the eyes tell it. It also interprets what the eyes tell it based on stored information (past experiences). So what happens if you brain’s map of the body is inaccurate or if it is interpreting information based on faulty perceptions? It may mean that your brain responds to environmental questions ineffectively. Some signs that your brain’s

perception to the environment is inaccurate may include: stumbling, stubbing your toes, hitting your elbow on door frames, golf swing is off, difficulty with concentration or possible emotional overreactions. As I mentioned, your brain receives information from the environment through your sensory organs such as your eyes, ears and nose. But did you know that the muscles in your body are also sensory organs? As your body moves, muscles stretch, and this information is sent to your brain to let it know what your body is doing. There are very small muscles close to your spine and skull that play a very important role. They tell your brain what your spine is doing which represents the core of what your body is doing. But if your spinal segments begin to move in a dysfunctional way, for example due to injury or bad posture, that communication between your spinal muscles and your brain becomes distorted. This

means you have a communication breakdown between your brain and your body. If your spinal segments aren’t moving correctly, it may cause background noise to your brain, or your brain might not get adequate information about what is happening in your body and will therefore have to fill in the blanks. Here is analogy. Imagine that you have lived in a house all your life. In this house there is a long, dark corridor with no windows. At the end of the corridor is an electrical fuse box. Now image that the circuit breaker to the corridor is blown and you are in complete darkness. Would you be completely helpless, or could you walk down that corridor and turn the circuit breaker back on? Of course you could. You lived there your whole life. You would know roughly how long the corridor was and how wide it was. You would be able to get back down there and turn the lights back on. Your brain is that smart. It can function even if there are parts of the body that it cannot see. It will be able to function and control those parts of the body due to past experience. Now imaging that before those lights went out, your kids left a bicycle in that long corridor that you had not seen. What would happen in that scenario? You would likely fall and

hurt yourself. This is what happens when your brain is not fully aware what is going on somewhere in your body or in your environment. You could end up having an accident and hurting yourself. This is where therapeutic interventions like chiropractic adjustments which restores spinal movement or acupuncture or massage therapy which can release tension on the tight spinal muscles can help. These interventions can improve the communication between your brain, your body and your environment. It’s a lot like rebooting a computer. When your brain can accurately perceive what is going on inside and out, it can better control your body for the situation at hand and move muscles in the right order. This means that your body can move accurately, have fewer accident and can function at your best. (This column took excerpts from Haavik Research) James DiGiuseppe is a local chiropractor with a busy family and wellness practice. For more health information or to contact Dr. DiGiuseppe visit

Donation of $501,161 Supports Cancer Care and Cardiovascular Surgery There was a remarkable display of generosity at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre this recently. Marian Boxer, on behalf of the Bachinski family, announced a donation of securities totaling $501,161 that will be directed to both cancer care and cardiovascular surgery. Marian was accompanied by her brother Sam Bachinski and wife Margot Freitag, along with their children Mitchell and Claudia. Her sister Linda Drindak and husband Paul were unable to attend but also contributed. “This donation is from our entire family,” said Marian, “and is in honour of our mother Anne Bachinski (nee Kyryluk), father Samuel Patrick Bachinski and their granddaughter, Susan Jane Drindak.” “Our mother was one of the first patients at this Hospital where she received care for kidney cancer, which came about quite unexpectedly. Her care was terrific – Dr. Anthes in particular was wonderful – however she ended up passing away in May 2004,” said Marian. “We’d always expected my father would pre-decease her as it was him who experienced more health problems, so it was a bit of a shock to see her go.” “Our parents, who were married almost sixty years, couldn’t quite seem to be apart, because our father passed away seven months later after having a heart attack,” continued Marian. “The thing you have to understand about my father is that

he absolutely loved Christmas. And it was fitting that he passed away on Christmas Day. We always said he found a way to be with his family that day and with Mom.”

Eric Zakrewski, Vice-Chair, Our Hearts At Home Cardiovascular Campaign remarked, “Thanks to your generous donation, we’re

local cancer program. I’ve always believed that our community deserves access to the best cancer care without having to leave home. In 2018, while I was preparing to go

“While we wanted to honour our parents, we also wanted to use this donation to honour our parents’ granddaughter Susan, who was only seven years old when she passed away from arthritis,” said Marian. “She was truly loved by us all and will never be forgotten.” Marian specifically chose to make a donation of securities to recognize the excellent care her family members’ received. “It feels great to be able to make this donation, and at the same time, be rewarded with tax saving opportunities. I’d encourage anyone who is looking to minimize their capital gains to consider giving in this way.” “What Marian and her family have given is inspirational and our thanks goes to them for making this impactful donation,” said Dr. Stewart Kennedy, Executive Vice President, Regional Programs, Clinical Supports and Medical Affairs, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. “We know that close-to-home care is a high priority for our patients and their families, and this donation means we will be able to continue to offer local access to exceptional cancer care and a future that includes local access to cardiovascular surgery.”

The Bachinski family announced a generous donation securities totaling $501,161 that will be directed to both cancer care and cardiovascular surgery at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. Pictured here (left to right) are: Claudia Bachinski, Sam Bachinski, Marian Boxer, Mitchell Bachinski and Margot Freitag. Also contributing to the donation but missing from the photo are Linda and Paul Drindak. one step closer to serving 1,000 patients each year who won’t have to travel out-oftown for life-saving surgical care. Not only that, this surgical program will boost Thunder Bay’s economy with the addition of at least 60 new full-time health care positions, with an estimated regional economic impact over a 10 year period of between $130-$150M. This program is great for business development and will bring a much-needed boost to our economy.” For Bob Stewart, Co-Owner of Caribou Restaurant and Wine Bar and The Keg Steakhouse, more customers are always welcome, but he had a more personal reason for supporting both cancer and cardiovascular care. He said, “I was one of the founding organizers of the Caribou Charity Ride, which raised funds to support our

out on the Ride, Dr. Kennedy stopped me because he could see something wasn’t right. That fateful meeting led me to go to the Hospital right away and eventually, after a few days and some tests, it was determined that I needed triple bypass surgery and needed to go to Toronto. Had Dr. Kennedy not stopped me that morning before I got on my bike, I would likely be dead. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to be alive today and incredibly grateful to people like Marian and her family for choosing to support our community’s healthcare and ensure that people like me will no longer need to travel away from home.”



Protect Your Property, Ready Your Outdoor Power Equipment General Safety Tips • Take stock of the machine to ensure it is in good working order before use. Follow all manufacturers’ instructions for operation. • Review owner’s manuals. Look them up online if hard copies aren’t readily available. • Move equipment to a convenient and accessible location so you can get to it quickly when needed. • If equipment is battery powered, be sure batteries are fully charged. For gas-powered equipment, the machine should be turned off and cooled down before refueling. • Use the type of fuel recommended by the equipment manufacturer. It is illegal to use any fuel with more than 10% ethanol in outdoor power equipment and it is always best to use fresh fuel. Use fuel that is less than 30 days old. Never put “old” gas in your outdoor power equipment. If you don’t know the date of purchase, safely dispose of fuel and buy fresh gas. Only store gas in an approved container and away from heat sources. For more information visit

Snow Thrower

Why you need it: Those living in colder climates know that clearing driveways and sidewalks is no small task. A snow thrower (a.k.a. snow blower) can make a big job easy.

or chute; instead, use a clean-out tool or stick. Also, always turn off your snow thrower and wait for all moving parts to come to a complete stop before clearing clogs. Never throw snow toward people or cars, and don’t attempt to clear steep slopes or hills.

Key safety tips: Snow can hide objects that can harm machines, property, people or pets. Clear the area of any door-


be a safe distance from the structure and not near an air intake. Install a battery-operated carbon monoxide detector, which will sound an alarm if dangerous levels of carbon monoxide enter. If you don’t have a transfer switch, use the outlets on the generator. Plug directly into the generator, and if you need to use an extension cord, make sure it is heavy-duty and designed for outdoor use. Chain Saw Why you need it: A chain saw can help easily remove damaged tree branches after a winter storm so they don’t cause more destruction to your home and property.

mats, hoses, balls, toys, wires and other debris. Keep kids and pets inside your home where they can be supervised by someone else while you are using a snow thrower. Always wear safety glasses, gloves and footwear that can handle slippery surfaces. Never put your hands inside the auger

Why you need it: If the electricity goes out – a frustrating inconvenience for home and business owners – a generator can keep power flowing at a reasonable cost. Key safety tips: Never place a generator inside a home or garage. It should

Key safety tips: Always stand with your weight on both feet, and adjust your stance so you are angled away from the blade. Hold the chain saw with both hands and anticipate kickback. This may happen when the moving chain at the tip of the guide bar touches an object or when the wood closes in and pinches the saw chain in the cut. Never over-reach or cut anything above your shoulder height. Always have a planned retreat path if something falls. Pole Saw Why you need it: A pole saw can help prune and remove tree branches and shrubs that are up high giving reach that would normally require use of a step ladder. Key safety tips: Clear the area underneath where branches need trimming. Don’t operate the pole saw if bystanders, children, and pets are nearby. Be sure you are not cutting near electrical lines. Branches should not ever be cut directly over your head.



BOSS of a Weekend for Ishoel . ~ What’s old was new in the world of AMSOIL Championship Snocross, Powered by Ram recently in Fargo, N.D. After two full days of racing in the wind and snow as part of what is considered rounds three and four, the ACS finally held its first official round of racing on Sunday. The flip-flop on the confusion meter was

Despite not winning a heat on Sunday, Ishoel entered the final as the number five qualifier. With the inversion in place, he lined up in the same exact spot on the starting grid as he did on Saturday. The spot again proved prolific as he ripped off the start lined with BOSS Racing teammate Aki Pihlaja in tow. During the 22-lap finale, not even Pihlaja could keep pace as

Yurk, who finished second on Friday but ninth on Saturday. “Yesterday was rough with all of the snow dust,” said Yurk. “We got a bad start last

due to the cancellation of the AMSOIL National Snocross in Duluth two weeks ago due to a major snowstorm that hit the area. Both days of points racing were rescheduled for later dates, and the first round was finally held as a make-up day in Fargo.

The order of events didn’t seem to faze the series defending national champions in the Pro and Pro Lite classes. Both Elias Ishoel and Hunter Patenaude made statements on Sunday, winning easily and taking control of the new season with impressive weekends. Ishoel Impressive in Back-to-Back Nights Ski Doo’s Elias Ishoel couldn’t have written a better script for an opening weekend. After just missing the podium on Friday night with a fourth place finish, Ishoel cruised to the win on Saturday. For the Sunday matinee, the Norwegian left no doubt he’s in control after three rounds.

Ishoel picked up nearly one second-per-lap on Pihlaja for the first half of the race. On cruise control, Ishoel zipped around the Fargo circuit, finishing 15-seconds ahead of his Ski Doo teammate. “The whole team is working so hard with

the sled and it’s just working so good. I can just go out there and race,” said Ishoel following the win. “(The race) was so good, so much fun. I got a good start, with Aki in second and we could just go. It’s good to get the Jimmy John’s sleds up on the box.” Pihlaja was never challenged for second, but there was a lot of position battles behind him. Daniel Benham has been great off the line and came out in third. He was trailed by Jacob Yurk, Lincoln Lemieux and Logan Christian for the first few laps. It was the rookie Yurk who would win out for the final podium spot as Lemieux (the number one qualifier) and Christian fell off the pace. It was a day of redemption for

night and shuffled back. Things changed in our favor today.”



New Ontario safety training for people accessing forest roads “Safe Driving on Forest Roads” course piloted across province Concerned with the safety of community members and workers accessing Ontario forests, a new health and safety training program is now available across the province. The “Safe Driving on Forest Roads” course from Workplace Safety North (WSN) addresses the unique dangers associated with forest roads, with the goal of promoting awareness and reducing the number of incidents. Courses are sched-

industry health and safety report shows logging, tree planting and silviculture forest management companies in the Ontario forestry sector experienced a total of eight vehicle-related fatalities over a six-year period. According to Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) statistics, claims for these types of incidents are slowly declining, but the severity remains extreme.

roads can be dangerous driving, if untrained or unfamiliar” says Maxfield.

New training available to both public and industry

“This training is a must for forest workers, truck drivers and safety-minded forest stakeholders that depend on the forest for lifestyle or livelihood,” notes Maxfield. “It builds awareness; promotes best practices for safe driving and will go a long way toward our common goal to ensure we can all travel safely on forest roads.”

“The ‘Safe Driving on Forest Roads’ course has training modules tailored for

“Soft shoulders, road dust, washboarding, roadside brush, road rocks, pooled water and narrow bridges can all be road hazards. At the same time, forest travellers can expect to encounter wildlife, heavy equipment, large trucks and recreational vehicles.

Course preview YouTube video In conjunction with MTO statistics, the Ontario Ministry of Labour conducted a risk assessment and root cause analysis with the logging industry, which was facilitated in collaboration with Workplace Safety North and members of the forest products industry. Distracted driving top health and safety risk in logging sector Of the top ten risks identified, distracted driving was the top health and safety risk for the Ontario logging sector. Both forestry employers and workers are concerned with the potential for fatalities, seri-

[PHOTO] Mike Maxfield, Certification Superintendent with Resolute Forest Products, and Chris Serratore, Prevention Services Director at Workplace Safety North, announce the new Ontario training course ‘Safe Driving on Forest Roads’ designed for workers and the public to help prevent collisions of large trucks, passenger cars, trucks, snowmobiles, and ATVs on forest access roads. uled for Longlac, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, and Thunder Bay in January. “Many Ontarians live, work, or play in the forest, and they’ve helped shape this training by completing an online survey about their use of forest roads,” says Chris Serratore, WSN Prevention Services Director. “We also reached out to industry and community partners to enlist their support and collaboration in the development of the program.” High rate of fatalities and injuries on forest roads Ontario forests can be a well-travelled workplace for the forest industry, mining, utilities, government, and Indigenous communities. In addition, public use of forest roads often includes hunters, anglers, hikers, campers, berry-pickers, snowmobilers, and ATV drivers. From 2011 to 2016, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) 2016 annual report shows an average of 20 fatalities and 300 injured per year for snowmobile and ATV drivers off-highway. Off-highway road locations may be maintained less frequently, have fewer safety features, and be less accessible for emergency vehicles than provincial or municipal roadways. Vehicle incidents and accidents are not uncommon on our forest roads. A 2015

the audience,” says Serratore, “There’s one for the public who use forest roads recreationally, one for forestry workers who drive these roads for work, and one for professional commercial drivers who drive large trucks. “All training shares the same introduction to forest access roads to help build awareness of how these are a very different type of road than what they might be used to. Unlike city or highway roads, forest access roads are built to a lower standard and less maintained—they’re unpaved and narrow, the corners aren’t banked – they can be steep and rough, with tight curves and sudden obstacles like a fallen tree or a washout. Along the road, there’s often no signage or speed limit, and there’s lots of different types of vehicles on the road. These roads can also be remote; your cell phone might not get reception out in the bush, so communication can be difficult if you don’t have a two-way radio.” Forest roads a different and more dangerous kind of road Mike Maxfield, Certification Superintendent with Resolute Forest Products and past chair of the Central Canada Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Implementation Committee was one of many project collaborators in strong support for this training. “Gravel forest

ous injuries or environmental damage resulting from vehicle incidents on forest roads. Organizations work together to create safe driving course With the input of a training program advisory team, Workplace Safety North facilitated the development of best practices and classroom training materials for safe operation of motor vehicles on forest roads. Organizations involved in supporting and creating the course include Sustainable Forest Initiative Inc., Central Canada Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee, Domtar. and Resolute Forest Products. “Based on the number of incidents happening on forest roads, there is a lot of concern for the safety of communities and organizations accessing Ontario forests,” says Serratore. “This new training program provides valuable guidance to employers, supervisors, forest workers and forest users, to help them control the risks associated with driving on forest roads. We encourage people to attend the training and help make Ontario forest roads safer.” Once the pilot is completed, the course is expected to become available regionally in Ontario by December 2019, with an online version slated for development by May 2020.



Hospital’s President and CEO and CEO of the Health Research Institute Announces Planned Retirement Jean Bartkowiak, President & CEO of Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and CEO of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute, plans to retire at the end of his contract in January, 2021.

Photo caption: Jean Bartkowiak, President & CEO of Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and CEO of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute, plans to retire at the end of his contract in “Mr. Bartkowiak has always been transparent regarding his planned retirement and remains committed to providing effective

leadership as he completes his term,” said Dr. Andrew Dean, Chair, Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute Board of Directors. “While we regret his upcoming departure, it provides opportunity to celebrate Mr. Bartkowiak’s significant contributions to our Hospital and Health Research Institute.” The Boards of Directors are highly pleased by Mr. Bartkowiak’s performance and ongoing commitment to Hospital patients, their families and staff as well as to the Health Research Institute. His leadership has garnered an impressive list of achievements, including the voluntary integration of the Northwest Health Alliance, the development and expansion of several regional clinical programs that foster safe, quality, specialized care close to home, opening the Transitional Care Unit at Hogarth Riverview Manor to improve patient flow, organizational restructuring to better meet the needs of our Hospital, partnering with Indigenous leaders and communities to advance their health priorities, the fostering of “smart health” research, and an accreditation score of 98.4% from Accreditation Canada. Mr. Bartkowiak is committed to leading several more important activities prior to his departure. His priorities for his next and final year include the development of the next strategic plan that will focus on enhancing patient journeys, fostering a safe culture for our Indigenous patients, improving staff engagement, building on system integration, enhancing the Hospital

and Research Institute’s research and academic role, and ensuring the Hospital and Health Research Institute’s financial viability. “Our skilled and knowledgeable senior leaders provide strategic guidance to achieve the best possible experiences and outcomes for patients and families. They will be instrumental as Mr. Bartkowiak fulfills his goals for the next year,” said Matt Simeoni, Chair, Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre Board of Directors. “Under their combined leadership and expertise, we are completely confident that our Hospital and Health Research Institute will continue to improve the provision of safe, quality, specialized

acute care, and health care discovery during and after the transition period.” Mr. Bartkowiak’s tenure is demonstrative that the Hospital and Research Institute’s CEO recruitment process results in strong, effective leadership. The comprehensive recruitment strategy will ensure the most suitable successor to help guide our organizations into a new era of health care. To ensure a seamless transition, the recruitment process for a new President & CEO will begin in the spring of 2020, with the goal to welcome Mr. Bartkowiak’s successor in January, 2021.

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