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Local Salvation Army Journey To Life Centre Opens!

INSIDE Top Six Selling Bloppers (and how to avoid them) Please Pause to REMEMBER! The FIGHT for FREEDOM! Where Are You Now With Your Money?

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Take A Hike + Take 2 Boutique Walk Away with Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce’s Clean, Green and Beautiful Award

Team Polaris Racing Poised to Dominate Tracks Across the Snowbelt this Winter



Please Pause to REMEMBER! The FIGHT for FREEDOM! By Sherry Hanes It is not much to ask for when you come to think of it. ‘Pause to Remember’? Take a moment or give a moment. But please have one clear thought for true appreciation for the freedoms and liberties that we all enjoy today in our great nation! Canada is known to be one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries in the world but, when called to defend and fight for the right for freedom…fight for the oppressed, fight for justice and

liberation for those held in political captivity and are murdered and tortured, Canadians from all ethnicities, answer, as they always do, to the desperate call! The horrific wars that were fought in the past and the gruesome conflicts

that are still being fought around the world today, are too much for anyone to imagine. Canada and other nations try to intervene and try to bring peace, or enforce it, if you really must know.

of silence, or just an expression of gratitude, for even just one moment …just think how it might be if you were there yourself? … where they ARE or WERE?

Their days and night are filled with danger and uncertainty. Any second could be their last!

Please remember the message in the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrea: In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below.

Try to imagine yourself being the victim of political ethnic cleansing, brutality, torture, murder of your families right before your eyes…rape, extortion, public beatings, abductions? Must I go on? On this Remembrance Day, take the time to be grateful! Take the time to honour the fallen and the veterans who remain, and honour their families too, for they have also made great sacrifices, missing their loved ones and having them return home broken and misunderstood or…or not at all! Thank them for all man-kind. Thank them because they gave something we couldn’t and didn’t have to…their lives, their time, their freedom, their health, their limbs! Thank them because without them, you would not be standing here today…Thanking them! It is not much to ask for, one moment

We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields. We thank you for standing up and giving your best hearts’ salute to all who gave theirs, when they made the decision to defend.


Publisher’s Note Scott Sumner


2020 Has Proven to be a Difficult Financial Year for Many

Where Are You Now With Your Money? 2020 has proven to be a difficult year for many with the world in a pandemic setting that continues to affect our day to day life significantly. We are fortunate in Thunder Bay to be somewhat buffered financially due to our high number of government funded jobs. In fact 9 out of the top10 employers here are public sector. It is very important now as in the past to have a good handle on your financial affairs. A good financial position will certainly help in life especially in these circumstances. Do you know where you are financially.

What’s your net worth? How much money do you have left over at the end of the month?

Many people, if asked the question "What is your net worth?" will not know the answer. They might have some kind of an idea about what their house is worth, maybe how much they paid for their car, or they might remember an RRSP they bought last February. I don't think they really understand or know exactly what their financial net worth is.

actual business entity. Businesses rely significantly on their financial statements. The financial statement begins with a balance sheet which is a complete financial picture of the firm's assets and liabilities on a short term, and long term base. It is only completely accurate at one point in time, usually the year-end of the firm, but it can be very valuable in analysis. In addition to the balance sheet portion of a financial statement, there is the income statement. It simply records the revenues received by a corporation and the expenses associated with earning those revenues, thereby arriving at a net income in order to determine whether or not the firm has met its financial goals. The conclusion is that the corporation determines how well they performed against budget or business plans.

From my background in business, I have learned it helps to consider yourself as an

A family's or individual's financial statement is exactly the same as a company's. It

The first step in a financial planning process is to analyze exactly where you are at this moment in time. This should be very detailed and cannot be done quickly, but is not difficult work, and can in fact be enjoyable.

might not be in the same magnitude, but it is definitely similar. You can review step by step and in detail your current income from all sources and associated expenses which will allow you to grasp whether you are in a position of excess cash each month and year, whether you have any funds available to invest or save, and whether you are living beyond your current financial means. As individuals, we have to take a responsible view of our financial resources. We must look ahead to long- term capital accumulation,with the expectation of having enough revenue to enjoy a happy retirement. For some simple forms that will help you in this process visit my web site www.scottsumner.com

Your Diet Is Not Only What You Eat I came across this wise quote recently. It is a powerful and thoughtful comment on human lifestyle and behaviour that is eternal. “Your diet is not only what you eat. It is what you watch, what you listen to, what you read and the people you hang around. Be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually and physically.” How true is this. So often today we see or hear the word diet and immediately only think about ways to lose weight. In the dictionary you can find definitions such as: the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats or, a regular occupation or series of activities in which one participates. The actual origin of the word comes from the ancient Greek word diaita meaning: a way of life.

Think of everything we consume daily. For many people, a significant amount of it is junk. Whether it be the food we eat, the social media that we engage in, the videos, computer games or television we watch. Modern society bombards us every second of every day with this diet of over stimulus. It is not easy to get away from it either. We must make a significant effort and have some discipline in order to manage. It is important to remind ourselves that the mind and body are intertwined and complexly linked. What affects us mentally and emotionally will always have some effect on us physically and physiologically. The reverse is also equally true. We find it very difficult to focus mentally when we are physically exhausted. Lack of sleep makes us irritable. Conversely, several research studies have shown that symptoms of depression and anxiety can be improved with moderate exercise. You cannot reach a higher and more optimal state of health with out practicing a lifestyle which combines improvement of them both. Another great saying is that “Food is the most abused anxiety drug. Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant.” In the high paced life of most modernday families, it is easy to get lost in the blur. A high quality and balanced diet or way of life, should include: 1) daily exercise or activity for at least one hour,

2) food intake that is both nutritious, delicious and varied. Stay away from refined carbohydrate such as sugar and white flour and processed foods. 3) Adequate rest, relaxation and sleep. Adults should be striving for 8 hours per night while children need at least 10 hours per night. Eighty per cent of healing occurs while you sleep. Without quality sleep habits, it is extremely difficult to function well either physically, mentally or emotionally. 4) Spirituality, whether that be in a religious or non-religious form is also necessary for optimal health. Daily rituals of gratitude, meditation, thoughtfulness and mindfulness are essential. Modern day advancements

in physical and mental health can not truly flourish without a grounded understanding of our interconnection between the mind, body and spirit.

James DiGiuseppe is a local chiropractor with a busy family and wellness practice. For more health information or to contact Dr. DiGiuseppe visit: www.portarthurchiropractic.com



Expert Evidence in Small Claims Court ©

2020 Brian Babcock

Expert evidence is often necessary in

Legal Matters Ontario Small Claims Court. Although the Courts of Justice Act provides that small claims courts are to resolve disputes in “a summary way” and “make such order as is just and agreeable to

good conscience”, it is a real court, with rules of evidence generally similar to Superior Court. It is nothing like popular tv shows like Judge Judy or The People’s Court. With the recent expansion of the jurisdiction of the court to include disputes up to $35,000.00, the approach to expert evidence is getting greater emphasis. Opinion evidence in most cases is restricted to opinions of experts. In limited situations, ordinary people can give evidence as to matters that do not

require the special knowledge or training that makes someone an expert, such as whether a car was driving fast. In small claims court, parties often arrive with witnesses who are not experts, or no witnesses at all- just documents, or their own opinions. A couple of recent appeal cases provide examples of where you need an expert in court, and one where the Plaintiff did not. The first case involved a fire in a building that started after a plumber

Visit www.thunderbaybusiness.ca

for business information on the Thunder Bay area!

used a blowtorch to repair a pipe. The Plaintiff did not call an expert on the conduct of the plumber, relying on the exception that behaviour which obviously fall below any reasonable standard of care does not require an expert for negligence to be found. Both the trial judge and the Court of Appeal thought differently. The Plaintiff lost the case. In another example, a Plaintiff sued a kennel for failing to provide proper care of her dog, but did not call an expert on the standard of care in a kennel. However, the judge found that the evidence of the kennel’s own vet, and the injuries to the dog, made it obvious that the care was improper. On appeal, a Divisional Court judge agreed. These cases were recently discussed at the annual updating seminar for small claims court judges, so once the court resumes hearing trials, be prepared for the judge to be conscious of this issue. With up to $35,000.00 at stake (or even $70,000 if there is a Defendant’s Claim), you might wish to consult a lawyer to see whether you too need an expert to prove your case.



Local Salvation Army Journey To Life Centre Opens! BY SCOTT A. SUMNER

Thunder Bay BUSINESS Thunder Bay has a great new addition to serve our community with the completion and opening of the new Salvation Journey

Correction Service Canada rooms. They can have 64 people living here at one time with a bit of an overflow possible. In Thunder Bay there are other organizations that can help as well. The protocols with the pandemic care are important.The Salvation Army have been fortunate not having a COVID 19 case

understand our clients and their history, their jobs, past situations that have occurred,what are their needs and their desires.” “The building helps with the clients mood.The building is fresh, bright and clean. The building is set back from the road which makes it safer. One client asked me why did you spend so much money on us? Another said I’ve never lived in any place that was new.” said Gary. “These type of comments touch you.” Gail Kromm,Community Engagement Manager “ We are looking at the whole person,not just to find them a bed or give them food

to Life Centre on Cumberland Street! The 30,000 square foot building is a massive improvement over the much smaller building (15,000 square feet) that was built in the 1950’s and began being used by the Salvation Army in 1971. The new building is a $15.5 million structure with the Salvation Army organization providing $7.5 million and the local capital campaign to provide $2.5 million which is about $650,000 from their fundraising target. In addition funds were provided by the Federal, Provincial and Municipal goverments Gary Ferguson is the new Executive Director of the Salvation Army Journey to Life Centre. “ The old building was ordinally a hotel and then converted. The change here is not only the new building but a new program we have called Journey to Life, a transitional program.” “ The new Journey to Life is a program where individuals will be in an apartment type setting for as little as 6 months or a just over a year. The concept is we look at the skills they will need to transition from this building to the community with their own place and employment. It is a program the is bridging the gaps. We have found that some people may get out on their own in housing and just not have the skills to maintain it. They may need budgeting skills, or understanding an employment culture, or time management. Here they get more structure individualized to their needs say with meal preparation or addiction training. We ask what are your long term goals and try to help achieve those with our own staff and outside resources available in the community.” The Salvation Army have 46 staff here in Thunder Bay including casual. They also have the soup van program and the habitat building apartment located by the casino. The new Journey to Life facility can host 20 shelter short term residents, 20 Journey to Life people, 16 special care beds and 8

within their building. The Salvation Army annual budget is accomplished with their yearly Red Shield campaign and some federal and provincial funding as well. “ This is a new building but the staff here created successes in the the old building which made this happen. The new Journey to Life program is quite unique and we are proud to offer it to the community. The people that come here may have addiction issues, mental health issues or are at a point of crisis in their life and need to be here for that,”said Gary Ferguson. “ It is all about the change aspect, your desire to want to change as a person. We try to

or help with their addiction, but to look at the whole being. What do they already have going for them, what do they bring to the table and what are their challenges and how do we help them overcome them.” “ Right around the time Major Lori Mitchell came here we were told someone from our head office was coming to visit.They agreed we needed a new building and asked would we continue to do the same things here. We had just sat down briefly recently and had a loose idea of the Journey to Life Centre concept. They came back to us and said we are giving a $ 5million gift just to get it started.They said we are getting the new building because of this new program we would offer.” Continued



Local Salvation Army Journey To Life Centre Opens! Continued There is a spiritual component with the Salvation Army. “We have had 49 years in the old building and seen thousands of people. We want to break the cycle for people and have had good success stories. Every bit of work I am doing is towards change for people. Just getting to know the guys so when I walk through the building I can talk to them and get to know them better. It s an humbling expe-

rience to be here. We want to give hope to people.”said Gary Ferguson. Salvation Army History As some of you may or may not know, locally and presently in 131 countries, The Salvation Army is running charity shops, operating shelters for the homeless and disaster relief and humanitarian aid here and in developing countries. The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 in London by one-time Methodist circuit-preacher William Booth and his wife Catherine as the East London Christian Mission, and can trace its origins to the Blind Beggar tavern. In 1878 Booth re-organized the mission, becoming its first General and introducing the military structure which has been retained as a matter of tradition. Its highest priority is its Christian principles. The current international leader of The Salvation Army and chief executive officer (CEO) is General Brian Peddle, who was elected by the High Council of The Salvation Army on 3rd, August, 2018. The Salvation Army (TSA) is a Protestant Christian church and an international charitable organization. The organization reports a worldwide membership of over 1.7 million, consisting of soldiers, officers and adherents collectively known as Salvationists. Its founders sought to bring salvation to the poor, destitute, and hungry by meeting

both their "physical and spiritual needs".

goes unnoticed.

The theology of the Salvation Army is derived from that of Methodism, although it is distinctive in institution and practice. A peculiarity of the Army is that, it gives its clergy titles of mili-

Before the local project could begin, Major Lori Mitchell, Executive Director, Thunder Bay Journey to Life Centre Salvation Army shares this with us: “The current building, (located at 545

tary ranks, such as "lieutenant" or "major". It does not celebrate the rite of Baptism and Holy Communion. However, the Army's doctrine is otherwise typical of holiness churches in the Wesleyan-Arminian tradition. The Army's purposes are "the advancement of the Christian religion ... of education, the relief of poverty, and other charitable objects beneficial to society or the community of mankind as a whole".

Cumberland Street North) was built in the 1950’s and has numerous structural issues, but more than the building, was the need to provide more enhanced services to our clients. We had been using ‘Band-Aid’ solutions – warehousing people rather than helping them to find their best selves and have the best life they can have. Our Journey to Life program will provide skills development training in a safe, residential environment to help move men through the system rather than keeping them in it. The new building will help us to have the adequate residential and program space to do all that we envision and will be purpose-built. The first step was the national Salvation Army offering us $5 million as startup funding. We then had a commitment from our regional Salvation Army and we ourselves committed funding as well.

We at Thunder Bay Business first wrote about the project last October 2019 when the steel structure was just going up. Now that the project is virtually complete we can provide more information on this wonderful addition to serve Thunder Bay and region.

Congratulations Salvation Army Journey to Life Centre

As with any construction project, large or small, before a shovel ever touches the ground, there is a lot to do that really




Local Salvation Army Journey To Life Centre Opens! the new Journey to Life building, the building shape and layout was altered a few times during the design phase to address project budget and programmatic requirements, but the final concept that the drawings for construction were based upon remained intact in its layout, look

Continued Then we went to every level of government and pitched the Journey to Life idea – with the building as a means to an end rather than the end in and of itself.” From Salvation Army team, to architect, general contractor, and the trades, and government officials, these are just some of the people, companies and organizations, that are ultimately involved in this major undertaking: Major Lori Mitchell names those involved “Vinny Mithra The Salvation Army Territorial Property Consultant and Project Manager; Julia Coley-Philips - The Salvation Army Divisional Property Consultant; Major Lori Mitchell, Executive Director, Thunder Bay Journey to Life Centre; Anthony Yozipovic - MBuilds Project Manager, Cory Stechyshyn - Project Architect and Andy Puiatti - Associate Architect - i4 Architecture; Erik Knudsen, Dave Shalley and Franco Gorenszach - TBT Engineering, Lisa Sandham Interior Design and Werner Schwar, Landscape Architect. We have a commitment from CMHC – through the National Housing Co-Investment Fund; from the Investment in Affordable Housing through the Canada-Ontario Investment in Affordable Housing (IAH) for Ontario Extension Program and the Canada-Ontario Social Infrastructure Fund (SIF) Investment in Affordable Housing Program (administered through the TBDSSAB); and from the City of Thunder Bay. We asked Cory Stechyshyn - Project Architect with i4 Architecture some questions on how the project has gone over the last year or so to completion.

How has the final structure turned out from your concept to completion? I4architecture and our consulting team worked closely with the Salvation Army in developing the layout and vision for

and character through to the project completion. Continued



Local Salvation Army Journey To Life Centre Opens! Continued The building information modeling software that we use for our projects provides us with the ability to accurately illustrate the look and character of our designs and the colored rendering used on the project job sign is a close resemblance to what you see standing on the site today. What are the most interesting features of the building from your point of view? The building has several interesting and unique features inside and out, the exterior landscaping is designed to utilize plant material that provide color and variation through all the seasons and for

natural on-site storm water management, the exterior materials are durable and low maintenance, upon arrival inside the building you meet up with a green living wall that provides natural character and air-enhancing qualities, the ceilings throughout the common areas vary in color and texture to provide interest and to visually connect adjacent rooms and spaces, the Chapel provides a spiritual space that is circular to recognize the wholeness of the space with an expression of the vertical using a 2-storey high ceiling with round circular cedar logs cantilevered off the curving walls, tongue-and-groove cedar ceilings and punched windows that are flared to increase the natural interior daylight. Most noticeably on the interior should be

the access to natural daylight and connection with the exterior with both the residents and staff having access to exterior patios, gardens and activity space. Will the building be energy efficient to operate ongoing? The building is designed for enhanced energy efficiency and utilized environmentally friendly and sustainable materi-

als and building strategies as well as triple-glazed fiberglass windows in its construction. Roof and wall construction exceeds today’s energy code requirements for thermal insulation and the building systems design reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 25% when compared to the 2015 National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB) requirements. One of the mandates of the Salvation Army was to

reduce building operating costs long term and the CMHC funding for the project required that the building performance exceed the NECB by at least 25%. How did the construction process go throughout the build? The construction process for this project started while the detailed drawings were underway when MBuilds were hired by the Salvation Army as Project Managers to collaborate with the Salvation Army and the Consulting Team to monitor the project budget and schedule and to share ideas on construction materials and methods. This collaboration carried on as MBuilds contract was converted to a Construction Contract as General Contractors while maintaining their project management role through the construction process.




Local Salvation Army Journey To Life Centre Opens! Continued

The entire team worked collaboratively throughout the construction process to

of the project. Through the efforts of the project manager, contractor and their subtrades – the Salvation Army were able to begin occupying their new facility one week earlier than the revised

trades and suppliers, and the local building officials from day one of the intent to build a new facility for the City of Thunder Bay. We would like to mention these names /

maintain costs and schedule and work through any project challenges that arose, including the COVID-19 pandemic that slowed construction and material and product delivery on the final stages

schedule that was agreed to following the COVID-19 impact. This project certainly demonstrates a collaborative team effort involving the Salvation Army, the consultants, the contractor and its sub-

companies as follows; Continued



Local Salvation Army Journey To Life Centre Opens! Continued The Salvation Army Major Lori Mitchell, past Executive Director Vinny Mithra, Project Coordinator Jonathan Elrick, Director of operations Julia Coley-Phillips, Divisional property Coordinator Michaela Jones, Project Coordinator MBUILDS Anthony Yozipovic – Project Manager Tony Tesolin – Site Superintendent Robert Little – Senior Estimator Graham Belluz – Project Manager / Estimator

Consulting Team I4architecture Cory Stechyshyn, Architect Andy Puiatti, Architect Terry Gunnell, Justin Berube, Evan Chezick (Stephanie Vezina / Neal McLean) – Design Technologists TBT Engineering Erik Knudsen – Structural Engineer Dave Shalley – Mechanical Engineer Franco Gorenszack – Electrical Engineer Don Bowes – Civil Engineer Lisa Sandham Interior Design Werner Schwar Landscape Architect

Gary Ferguson and Gail Kromm Salvation Army Journey to Life Carl Pettypiece – Nova Specialties and Doors Greg White – Landry White & Associates Consulting Inc. (Cladding & Roofing Consultants) Major Lori Mitchell, past Executive Director “The Salvation Army are in process of a capital campaign for $2.5 million, of which much has already been raised with more to go. Gail Kromm is our Community Engagement Manager and I am the communications officer. We have been quite happy with MBuilds. Everyone we have dealt with, from Peter Belluz to everyone on the team, has been very professional and knowledgeable and great to work with. Construction, and all that goes with it, is not my expertise, but Anthony takes the time to make sure I understand what is going on and why.




Local Salvation Army Journey To Life Centre Opens! Continued Tony Tesolin, the site supervisor, is doing an amazing job of coordinating all the trades. Everyone on the site – from any of the subtrades, is respectful and hardworking – there seems to be a real spirit of cooperation. Everyone understands how important this project is, not just from a construction standpoint, but from a service standpoint.” Earlier in the year, Patty Hajdu, the minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, announced a $3 million contribution to the project through the National Housing CoInvestment Fund. M Builds’ Project Manager, Anthony Yozipovic also provides some project details that help us to somewhat, visualize the ‘behind the scenes’ orchestration of this much needed facility. M Builds (previously Manshield Construction) was first awarded the $15.5 project in early February of 2018. Anthony Yozipovic tells TBB Magazine: “From the outset of the award, we have been working in unison with the Salvation Army and the Consultants

through each phase of the design process reviewing and evaluating building systems, building layout/organization, construction processes and construction details to provide cost effective solutions to deliver the building within the Client’s budget and allowing them to meet their program requirements. Following the interdisciplinary design and budgeting phase, tendering of the project and Clients fundraising efforts, we were able to mobilize mid-June of 2019. Speaking of the construction features of the new build, Anthony also had this to say: “One of the unique features of the building that Robert our chief estimator conceived and developed along with the consulting team (I4 Architecture, TBT Engineering) was to prefabricate a panelized wall system that could be erected and secured onto the steel structure in a very short time period. Due to the fact that we have a very short construction

season in Thunder Bay, this system allowed us to enclose the building in record time, which will allow the roof and widows to be installed prior to the onset of winter. This system saved our Client on heating and hoarding enclosure costs and will provide a dry warm environment for the interior construction to progress without the complications of working in the extreme cold that we tend to see in this area. Also, utilizing this hybrid pre-manufactured exterior wood frame wall panel system is unique in a building that will not be sprinklered (due to the Clients program requirements) and is required to be constructed of noncombustible construction. This hybrid system required involvement by a thirdparty fire engineering specialist that have enabled the panels to be pre-fabricated locally out of wood in a building which would have otherwise not been allowed. Other unique features of the new building include a Living Wall, a Wellness Centre, a two-storey round Chapel with locally inspired finishes, a new modern kitchen with a separate gaming kitchen for the preparation of wild game. The Journey to Live Centre is also unique in itself facilitating an environment for the residents to grow and develop new life skills and preparing them for life within

the community.” The general contracting team of M Builds, working together on this project, is Anthony Yozipovic - Project Manager, Tony Tesolin - Site Supervisor, Robert Little - Chief Estimator, Peter Belluz - General Manager. Peter Belluz of M Builds, (previously Manshield Construction), also commented on this great project and had this to say: “The Salvation Army project has been a collaboration between Cory Stechyshyn of i4 Architecture, the owners Vinny and Lori, and M Builds construction management team. M Builds has been fortunate to be involved in the design of the facility as it relates to the construction during the winter of 2018/2019. During that time, M Builds became very familiar with the workings of the existing facility and the Salvation Army staff’s goals for the new facility.

M Builds assisted in evaluating the design concepts for the construction of the new facility, including items related to staff function, circulation and space

get back on their feet and out of homelessness. Major Lori Mitchell: “If individuals, families or businesses want to be part

requirements, decorative features and aesthetics, and constructability of the structure and envelope. The details were ironed out with the project team during weekly construction management meetings, budgeted over the course of the winter, and circulated to subtrades for tender in the Spring of 2019. Due to M Builds involvement in the planning of the construction, there were no surprises to the Owner when the subtrade tenders were received this Spring, and the Salvation Army was able to give final approval of the design and budget in June of this year.

of something great in northwestern Ontario, they can donate to our capital campaign by phoning 807-345-6492 or by mail at 545 Cumberland Street North, Thunder Bay ON P7A 4S2. We appreciate all the support we have received thus far and we are confident that we will meet our fundraising goal.” To date the campaign has $650,000 remaining to meet the $2.5 million goal

The $15.5 million project has also received $7.5 million from the Salvation Army, $1.3 million from the province, and $500,000 from the city. The new Journey to Life Centre and the programs offered, including transitional housing, is focused on helping people recover from all kinds of circumstances,

The Salvation Army, General Contractor, M Builds and i4Architecture … working together for the greater humanitarian benefit of society and the community, as a whole. As they old saying goes: ‘Charity begins at home.’ Please help.



Congratulations M Builds & Salvation Army Journey to Life Centre from the Team at Thunder Bay Business North Superior Publishing Inc www.thunderbaybusiness.ca



Take A Hike + Take 2 Boutique Walk Away with Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce’s Clean, Green and Beautiful Award Recently, the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce announced, on-line, that Take A Hike + Take 2 Boutique was the winner of this year’s Clean, Green and Beautiful Award for improvements made to their new store location on the corner of Miles and McKellar Street. Over the past two years, Take A Hike purchased two older properties on the doorstep of the Fort William Gardens hockey arena and transformed them into a beautifully updated commercial space, surrounded by beautifully maintained green space. Diane Petryna, owner of Take A Hike + Take 2 Boutique, is not new to renovating older properties and giving them new life. In a prepared release, she said that, “With

vision, motivation and investment, we are able to turn neglected spaces in our community into ones we can all be proud of.” Initially award recipients were to be announced in April at a Gala Dinner hosted by the Chamber of Commerce but because of the pandemic, a new virtual presentation format was developed. In 1996, Petryna opened Take A Hike, an outdoor lifestyle store on the corner of Victoria & Brodie. In 2010, she moved her business to a renovated space on Bay Street across from the Hoito restaurant. In 2017, to better promote her womenswear collection, she rebranded the business to the Take 2 Boutique. In 2018, she purchased a century-old home on McKellar Street next to the Fort William Gardens, and after extensive renovations, moved her store once again. The business now operates as Take A Hike + Take 2 Boutique. Take A Hike received a number of Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce awards in past years including: Small Business Excellence Award, Medium Business Excellence Award, Quality Management Award, Customer Service Award, and, on two occasions, the Looking Good Award. Take A Hike + Take 2 Boutique on McKellar Street remains closed to walkin traffic, however, Petryna welcomes phone orders and offers friendly and safe curbside pick-ups. “We’re discovering that our beautiful outdoor space and new off-street location is a real asset. In addition to fun curbside chats, we’ve hosted a few outdoor markets in our parking area earlier this fall. Next spring and summer we hope to take even more of our business outside,” she adds. Since early May, Petryna has also been doing weekly, Thursday evening, Facebook Live virtual shopping shows. The shows, called “Shop with Diane”, are recorded live in the store and are growing a huge new audience of viewers and

shoppers. Recordings of the shows are later posted on Facebook are receiving up to 5,000 views. The store’s Facebook following has grown from 1,300 at the start of the pandemic to over 2,000 people today. According to Petryna, “We’re trying to connect with our customers in an authentic way and in doing so we may very well be re-inventing how people shop in the future.” The link to the store’s Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/take2boutique.takeahike/ Petryna’s leadership in the broader retail industry has not gone unnoticed. In 2012, she was inducted into the Retail Council of Canada’s Retail Hall of Fame and, in July of this year, InStore magazine did a 5-page profile of her because of her continually re-inventing of her business. The article was headlined, “Industry Leader”. She has since been invited to write a column for the national magazine.

Petryna’s first column, called “The Passionate Retailer”, will appear in next month’s edition. In it, she will offer her

views on what’s needed to help rebuild the independent retail sector across the country.



Top Six Selling Bloppers (and how to avoid them) staff may not be aware…” Sports bloopers often about preventable errors that favor the other team. The classic is when players score against their own side. In the world of business, there are similar blunders – particularly during buying conversations with potential customers – that end up favoring the competition. As I explain in my seminars for sales teams, it’s not always a shortfall in your company’s product, price, or service that ruins a potential sale. Often it’s inadvertent comments that put customers off just enough for them to choose your competitor. Unfortunately, sales reps are usually unaware they commit these offences so they keep repeating them. See if you or your team members ever make these top six selling gaffs.

2. Not Listening

customer that he or she made a bad choice. (See point #1 – insulting the customer).

6. Ignoring the influencers Contrary to popular opinion, the most important part of a sales pitch is not your value proposition. The most important part of a pitch is demonstrating your understanding of that specific customer’s unique circumstances. That requires asking pointed questions that

4. Ignoring objections

help customers see for themselves where there are opportunities for improvement. Then verify your understanding with statements like, “Sounds like you…(summarizing their situation).”

your proposal either addresses their concerns, or it provides extra value that could outweigh their concerns. The key is we shouldn’t pretend we didn’t hear or value their initial objections.

If you propose a solution that ignores a customer’s objection or concern, you are essentially saying that you weren’t listening (see point #2 – not listening). That requires being transparent in how

1. Insulting their intelligence Let’s assume that if a customer is in a position of authority in their company (meaning they are trusted to make significant buying decisions) they must be somewhat streetwise and smart. That means that any kind of pushy, manipulative sales approach is going to backfire. You need to enter a buying conversation presupposing that this customer is an intelligent, well intentioned grown-up. Your comments should include a healthy dose of, “You probably already know…”, “At your level, you’ve likely experienced…”, “For you this is obvious; the challenge is your

5. Being a know it all 3. Insulting the competition If your potential customer is currently doing business with your competitor, it’s fine to compare your offerings, but be careful not to criticize the competition. After all, the customer decided to do business with them. So slamming the competition is tantamount to telling the

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knowledge and expertise helps them become more receptive to yours.

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It takes time and effort to gain trust. Yet it’s so easy to lose. It happens when we stray out of our own area of expertise and claim to be an expert in… politics, sports, raising kids, the weather, you name it. Ironically, one of the easiest ways to gain trust is to quickly admit ignorance about anything the customer seems to know a lot about. Showing respect by deferring to your customers’

It’s easy to focus on the key decision maker – presumably the economic buyer. After all, they are the people who will approve the payment. And yet by focusing on that ‘bag of money’ we are inadvertently insulting the people who may have more say in the matter than anyone. The father of the bride may be paying the bill, but imagine the consequences of a wedding planner ignoring the wishes of the bride and her mother! (We all know the groom has no influence – he just needs to do what he’s told). The lesson is no one should feel like they’re being ignored. Bottom line – Effective selling has less to do with pushiness and manipulation, and more to do with good manners and respect. Talk less. Listen more. Allow your competitors to blunder their way out of their customers’ good graces and send them into your capable hands. Here’s to you not dropping the ball. Jeff Mowatt is a customer service strategist, Hall of Fame speaker, and bestselling author. For more tips, training tools or to inquire about engaging Jeff for your team visit www.JeffMowatt.com



Team Polaris Racing Poised to Dominate Tracks Across the Snowbelt this Winter 2021 600R Features All-New 600 Race Engine From the high flying track at the Canterbury Snocross, to the high speed

600 race engine” said Tom Rager, Jr. Polaris Race Manager. With decades of developing industry leading engines, including the Patriot engine architecture, the all-new 600 race engine is

throttle response to a lightning fast level. The new engine, paired with the 600R platform, will be a distinct advantage for Team Polaris racers this winter.

2021 INDY XCR & RMK Khaos Racing provides the extreme conditions that are hard to replicate, and the ideal venue to develop and prove out production snowmobiles. The INDY XCR and RMK Khaos production snowmobiles demonstrate this race ready performance and strength.

action of the I-500 and the ultimate challenge at the Jackson Hole World Championship, Team Polaris racers are ready to dominate, with three race-ready weapons at their disposal. The 2021 600R is the latest iteration of Polaris’s dedication to technology development, and the dominance of the INDY XCR and RMK Khaos are the result of that technology across our snowmobile lineup. “Over the entire history of the Polaris Snowmobiles brand, we have used racing to develop and prove out our high performance snowmobiles,” said Chris Wolf, President, Snowmobiles. “That tradition is strong today, pushing technology with the 600R, and demonstrating the strength and performance of our production sleds with the XCR and Khaos.”

2021 Polaris 600R Race Sled The 2021 600R Race Sled continues on the proven, championship winning AXYS R platform for this season, with industry leading suspension and racer first ergonomics. The legendary Polaris Race IFS and 136” RX2 rear suspension, with the Walker Evans Racing Velocity shocks, are ready to tackle the toughest tracks race after race. The narrow racer first bodywork, the inspiration for the all-new Matryx production snowmobiles, allows the racers to push the 600R to the limit, keeping them in complete control. “The 600R is a proven, race winning chassis that leads the pack in handling and rider ergonomics. For the 2021 season, the powertrain was our primary focus, and that resulted in our brand new, purpose built

purpose built for racing, with proven Polaris Racing technology. The lightweight, low inertia powerplant features an all-new throttle body EFI system, lightweight crank and flywheel, new head and port design, and more. The result – a 10 horsepower gain at peak power, and a staggering 18 horsepower gain in the midrange over the previous 600 race engine. Holeshots and top speed are greatly improved with the increased power output, and the low inertia, EFI engine brings

The XCR’s legacy in cross country racing is storied, and the 2021 600 INDY XCR is ready to write the next chapter. Walker Evans Velocity shocks, Polaris Race Technology spec brakes & componentry, and extensive strength reinforcements put the XCR out front. The lightweight, rigid aluminum chassis of the RMK Khaos produces agile, predictive handling on the hillclimb course and in the backcountry. The power of the 850 Patriot and the Walker Evans Velocity shocks provide the power and response required to dominate the mountain.



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