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V17/N40 FASHION and
Be Yourself There’s No One Better. – Selena Gomez ” “
Always Autumn / Winter 2024

/ Winter 2024



For Dior’s Autumn-Winter Season ready-to-wear show, Maria Grazia Chiuri reflected on the transitional era of the late 1960s, when fashion left the atelier to conquer the world. The birth of Miss Dior, a women's line in 1967, introduced ready-to-wear — entrusted by Marc Bohan to his assistant Philippe Guibourgé. The challenge for fashion then was to make dresses that could be reproduced and were, above all, suited to a pace of life where imagination was paramount. The collection celebrates shapes and materials set in a landscape of visual culture brought

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together by art, fashion, architecture, and music to devise a spontaneous fresco. Colours echo Marc Bohan's range: white, orange, pink, neon green, with tones adapted to make-up. Choice pieces are in double cashmere, as well as in gabardine, including little dresses, trousers, coats, jackets, and skirts cut above the knee. The Miss Dior logo is represented as a manifesto-signature in a palette of blues, reds, and browns. Studs are replaced by beads, and embroidery makes a bold impact. / P

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INDIGENOUS ART OFF THE BEATEN PATH IN PARIS PLUS COVER: Model: Shannon Andrede wearing fashion by Aaron Moneer, Mission Catwalk 2023 winner. Photographer: William Richards EXPLORES THE UNEQUALLED 40-YEAR CAREER AS A FASHION MODEL AND BRITISH ICON.

Photographer: Marcus Mam

Stylist: Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele

Model: Sherry Shi

Makeup: Kabuki

Hair: Paul Hanlon


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The power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is both mind boggling, as it can be overwhelming.

The power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is both mind boggling, as it can be overwhelming.

So many applications are based on the power of AI, and it is indeed a force for good in many instances, although garnering concern from the talent in our creative sectors who we all admire and cherish.

Tourism and hospitality have much to gain from the use of AI, and some pioneers are creating digital worlds for people to experience our islands in paradise in virtual formats. In this AI powered digital world, you can mimic zip lining over jungle canopies, scuba diving in warm sun-drenched waters among playful schools of colourful fish, or indulging in a spicy meal seasoned with aromatic herbs & spices. But, AI can only activate some of your senses in a limited way for each of these

activities, and for a full engagement of all your senses to include our touch, smell, and taste, you need to be physically here in paradise!

In prepping for your next holiday in paradise, yes use your AI powered apps to give you an insight on the best that is to come, while keeping in mind the real fun awaits you ‘live and direct’ right here in our islands in the sun!

With best wishes from the PARADIS team.

Kind Regards,

Peter Williams
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Editor’s PICK



Breitling’s versatile Chronomat in a limited-edition collaboration with Victoria Beckham. A timeless addition to the modern wardrobe, the new Chronomat Automatic 36 Victoria Beckham collection marks the first collaboration between Victoria Beckham and the luxury Swiss watchmaker Breitling. Victoria Beckhams brings her signature design aesthetic to Breitling’s chic, all-purpose timepiece. The collection sees the Chronomat reimagined in a fresh colour palette inspired by the British designer’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Captured here by legendary Italian fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti.

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Glamour and the joy of giving: The annual fundraising event for Hanover Charities — one of Jamaica's largest charitable organisations held at the renowned Round Hill Resort.

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“ Never pose your subjects. Let them move about naturally. All great photographs today are snapshots” . — Martin Munkácsi 1935

Fashion photography has never existed in a vacuum.

As early as the 1840s photographers have continually pushed the boundaries, and tension between artistic and commercial demands which has generated greater creativity and technical innovation. Whether for fashion pages or advertisements, these images reflect contemporary culture, world events and the dramatic shifts in women's roles throughout the 20th century. Photographer David Bailey described fashion photography simply as “a portrait of someone wearing a dress”.

The 1950s brings a fresh dynamism infected to major fashion magazines as photographers explore a more spontaneous, photojournalistic approach. Models spilled out onto city streets; studio backdrops replaced by city street life and skylines. In 1957 Richard Avedon photographed a model striding along the Place François-Premier in Paris for American Harper's Bazaar. She appears mid-step, her Cardin coat billowing behind her. Both feet are off the ground, as though a gust of wind has lifted her into the air. Avedon titled the photograph In Homage to Munkácsi, a reference to one of the first fashion photographers to work primarily outside the studio. Writing ahead of the trend in his 1935 article Think While You Shoot,

Carmen (Homage to Munkacsi), coat by Cardin, photograph by Richard Avedon, Place Francois- Premier, Paris, 1957, published in American Harper's Bazaar, September 1957. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Martin Munkácsi advised. "Never pose your subjects. Let them move about naturally. All great photographs today are snapshots".

This new cinematic vision was vigorously promoted by the powerful art directors Alexey Brodovitch at Harper's Bazaar and Alexander

Liberman at Vogue. Over the past century women's fashions have dominated magazines, but in recent years more publications aimed at male readers have emerged. V&A Victoria and Albert Museum, London. vam. / P

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Fashion UpFront

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New York City based American fashion designer. Kate’s innovative techniques entice the exploration of shape and form to give purpose and authenticity to each garment achieveing a unique modern classicism. Her geometric cutting and fabric manipulation techniques transform plain rectangles into garments that drape elegantly on the body, offering a multidimensional perspective that defies convention.

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Fashion UpFront



The preference for clean lines seamlessly blends glamour and tailoring. Daytime attire for the Dolce&Gabbana man comes to life in a playful mix of intense, graphic, pristine lines, and expert tailoring. This collection redefines the style codes of masculine charm.

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Fashion UpFront

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Explores the unequalled 40-year career of fashion model and British icon Naomi Campbell (b. 1970). A trailblazer in the field, Naomi Campbell’s celebrated ability to ‘walk’ the catwalk, along with the special alchemy she creates through collaborations with every major fashion house, fashion publication and leading fashion photographer.

The first exhibition of its kind exploring the extraordinary career of British fashion model Naomi Campbell. Celebrating her creative collaborations, activism, and far-reaching cultural impact through the work of leading global designers and photographers.

After four decades in the fashion industry and British cultural landscape, Campbell continues to star in global catwalk shows, advertising campaigns, and editorial fashion shoots. In parallel, Campbell’s cultural leadership, activism and championing of emerging creatives transcend the

traditional parameters of the fashion catwalk model role.

Produced in collaboration with Naomi Campbell and foregrounding her voice and perspective, NAOMI is the first exhibition of its kind. The exhibition draws upon Campbell’s own extensive wardrobe of haute couture and leading ready-to-wear ensembles, along with loans from designer archives and objects from the V&A collection. The exhibition will include around 100 looks from the best of global high fashion and an installation of photography curated by Edward Enninful OBE. / P

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Header image: Naomi Campbell at the V&A, photograph by Marco Bahler, 2023, London, England. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
JUNE 2024 –
APRIL 2025


Watch enthusiasts know the value of luxury timepieces — especially the iconic models from the big four: Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Omega.

It’s our view that a luxury timepiece collection is a great investment if heirlooms are important to you. Although the offering of a fine watch is growing, the brands to watch beyond the big-four are, Hublot, Chopard, Omega, Parmigiani Fleurier, Piaget, Breitling, and Tag Heuer. Rolex and Cartier are top performers, particularly amongst a growing female audience. A luxury watch is also a great way to treat yourself or mark a major milestone. Why not indulge in a beautiful timepiece that will last for years to come? We recommend adding these brands to your family collection which will last far beyond your years. / P

From Top-L: 1. Breitling Superocean Automatic 42, ©Breitling; 2. Omega New Speedmaster Moonwatch With Lacquered White Dial, ©Omega; 3. Hublot Spirit of Big Bang 32 Mm Jewellery, ©Hublot; 4. Piaget Polo Date watch, ©Piaget; 5. Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time, Rose Gold, ©Patek Philippe; 6. Chopard L'Heure du Diamant watch, ©Chopard. 7. Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda PF Sport Chronograph Rose Gold, ©Parmigiani. Audemars Piguet Seven References In 18-Carat Pink Gold, ©Audemars Piguet,
(1) (3) (6) (2) (4) (7) (5) jamaqueparadis com 25 V ol.17/No40 Luxe List | P
Rolex The 1908 Perpetuates The Original Boldness Of Rolex, ©Rolex,


Exquisite craftsmanship defines the crescent shape of the bag combining the beauty of excellent craft with exceptionally soft leather. The Ghiera is a modern heirloom with a refined and timeless style, designed to be passed down from generation to generation. / P



TAG Heuer enters 2024 with a stunning addition to its Carrera collection – the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Glassbox.

Inspired by the iconic DATO layout and embracing a teal green monochrome aesthetic, the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph timepiece pays homage to the brand's rich racing heritage. The Glassbox design features refined ergonomics and a teal green azuré mono sub-dial at three o’clock, symbolising vintage racing car hues from the 20s to the 60s. This meticulously chosen colour is a signature element, connecting once again the Carrera series to the golden age of motorsports, appealing to enthusiasts of both classic and modern timepieces. tagheuer / P


Palace of Holyroodhouse Dry Gin has a delicate and refined botanical recipe with an elegant and sprightly flavour profile. Lemon thyme and mint, handpicked from the Physic Garden. royalcollectionshop. / P


A sensual fragrance of Citrus Aromatic Leather eau de parfum. Inspired by the most powerful colour. Ferragamo Red Leather sensual EDP tells the story of a man exploring his own desires and embracing his authenticity with ease. / P

P | Luxe List
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LAURENCE XU SS24 Photo courtesy of Tag Heuer


The Biopic that Took 40+ Years to “Catch’a Fire”

Bob Marley is the story the world has been waiting for. In full disclosure, my connection with the Marleys began with Bob's passing in 1981. Through working with manager Don Taylor, I met Rita, Chris, Mother Booker, and several children. Relationships evolved with the publication of my Reggae Report Magazine. I enjoyed an enduring bond with Mother B; interviewing and reporting on her life, and the children’s early careers. By M. Peggy Quattro

Forty-three years later, Bob Marley: One Love delivers an opening day box office of $14 million. Director Reinaldo Marcus Green (King Richard) and the family share merely a slice of the Reggae icon's life. One Love condenses 1976 to 1978; Marley's most turbulent years. Surviving an assassination attempt, he fled the country. Creating Exodus led to Time Magazine proclaiming it Album of the Century. In the end, diagnosed with a rare skin cancer.

Kudos to Kingsley Ben-Adir (Barbie, One Night in Miami) for his exemplary portrayal of the rebel-rousing Marley. The British actor committed fully to studying this character. He scrutinised Bob’s distinctive speaking style, performances, emotional expressions, and relationships. Kingsley undeniably carries the film.

Paradis Culture
jamaqueparadis . com 27 V ol.17/No40
"Bob Marley: One Love", Lashana Lynch as “Rita Marley” and Kingsley Ben-Adir as “Bob Marley” in Bob Marley; ©Paramount Pictures.

The movie opens with Bob and his Rasta “bredren” running along sandy Bull Bay. Splashing in the cool waterfalls transports you to Jamaica. But you're swiftly transferred to the festering political chaos escalating within Kingston. Rival political leaders and gangs rule the streets with guns and fear. In hopes of creating calm amidst this political hellhole, Bob Marley announces a free concert. “Smile Jamaica” will be for the city's beleaguered people – his people.

Bob’s not someone you can choreograph or copy.
Kingsley Ben-Adir ” “

Learning to play guitar, sing, and dance, he also felt a duty to capture Bob's innermost feelings. "Bob’s not someone you can choreograph or copy," Kingsley expressed to Entertainment Weekly. “His singing and dancing come from an internal experience...” A linguistic coaching team ensures Kingsley's patois (Jamaica's particular dialect) is spot on.

Lashana Lynch, a stellar British actress (No Time to Die, The Woman King), lights a fire under the Rita Marley character. Having Jamaican-born parents offers a definite advantage. Her understanding of the culture is evident in the preponderance of scenes where she dominates the screen. There's no strict adherence to what’s “true.” Rita's omnipresence—bolstered by Lashana's blazing delivery—saturates the storyline.

The obvious third star is Marley's music. The seamless flow of 22 beloved songs results in a soul-stirring score. Music supervision by Stephen Marley guarantees the soundtrack is compelling and emotionally charged. The additions and revisions utilising elaborate orchestration complement the music's mystique.

Lest we forget, this is not a documentary. There is crafted “movie-language” and creative liberty taken with personas, events, and timelines. Important characters and details are left out that the audience deserves to know. This contributes to an obfuscating narrative. If you are familiar with the life of Bob Marley, you will notice.

Two days before the December 1976 concert, gunmen storm Bob Marley’s Hope Road home. A failed attempt to assassinate the non-political activist leaves him threatened and troubled. Safety is sought high up in the Blue Mountains above the capital Kingston. Spurred to action by friends, associates, and Rasta elder Mortimer Planno (excellently played by Jamaica's Wilfred Chambers), Bob decides to perform for his people. A bandaged Rita Marley appears on stage. Manager Don Taylor, caught in the crossfire, was airlifted to Miami with life-threatening gunshot wounds.

The following day Bob retreats to London. Thus begins a series of unexplained flashbacks. Bob’s a child, back at his birthplace. A tense exchange takes place between his young black mother Cedella Malcolm (noticeably lacking screen time) and his elderly white father Norval Marley (you will never see his face). Norval shows total disregard for "the boy." This pivotal moment underlies future puzzling flashbacks.

The conviction of Bob's Rastafari beliefs is ever-present. HIM

Vol.17/No40 28 jamaqueparadis . com
M. Peggy Quattro is founder and publisher of Reggae Report Magazine, 1983-1998 &, 1999-Present; Author of Reggae Trilogy; 200+ 80s & 90s Artist Headshots; Reggae pioneer.
If my life is for me, I don’t want it ... my life is for people.
Bob Marley

Haile Selassie abides as his stability and compass. The fellowship of Nyabinghi, the sanctity of the chalice, and the privilege of a royal ring, enable and empower Bob to keep his sanity and sense of purpose.

A flashback to the original Wailing Wailers delivers a delightful rendition of "Simmer Down." Sung by teenage Bob (Quan-Dajai Henrique), the ska-fuelled ditty captures the attention of producer Coxsone Dodd.

The London era embraces touring, football (soccer), and the death-dealing toe injury. There are financial conflicts with Don Taylor (Anthony Welsh). Scenes with Chris Blackwell (James Norton) pull the reluctant Rasta into a pop star orbit. His relationship with 1976 Miss World Cindy Breakspeare (Umi Myers), whose speaking character was cut at the last minute, is downplayed although necessary.

Woven together is the oft-stormy yet seemingly romantic relationship with wife Rita. Portrayed as such, it appears more of a tribute; an homage to the relationship Rita would like to have known with the wandering

and womanising Bob. Verging on rewriting history for new fans, the tale sways from Bob's independence and toughness toward affectedly giving Rita the power.

Strangely enough, Bob runs into Kingston's two rival gang leaders in a London park. Their plea that Bob headline a One Love Peace Concert is his impetus to return to Jamaica. Bob's mission: Unify the masses. In the film, Bob speaks often of his longing for peace, love, and justice. He will tell you he "lives for the people." In 1978 Kingston, before a crowd of tens of thousands, the Reggae legend joins the two rival political leaders on stage. With all hands grasped over Bob's head, Jamaica finds a moment of peace and unity. Peace, however, was short-lived.

As was the life of Bob Marley. He died in a Miami hospital on May 11, 1981. He was 36 years old. / P

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Opposite page: "Bob Marley: One Love", Kinglsey Ben-Adir as “Bob Marley” in Bob Marley; This page: Kingsley Ben-Adir as “Bob Marley”, Anna-Sharé Blake as “Judy Mowatt”, Lashana Lynch as “Rita Marley”, and Naomi Cowan as “Marcia Griffiths” in Bob Marley; ©Paramount Pictures.
” “
Paradis Culture
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The Oberoi Concours D’Elegance, The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur by Mr. Makarand Baokar; ©Photo Courtesy of Oberoi Hotels and Resorts

Setting a New Standard for Automotive Excellence in Asia


jamaqueparadis com 31 V ol.17/No40 GLOBAL LIFESTYLES | P OBEROI

Over its 90-year history, Oberoi Hotels & Resorts has been committed to promoting and preserving Indian heritage and hosting prestigious events at its award winning properties.

Vol.17/No40 32 jamaqueparadis com

The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur, served as the majestic backdrop for an extraordinary exhibition of automotive heritage and global luxury lifestyles at the inaugural Oberoi Concours d’Elegance in March 2024.

With a vision to redefine elegance and elevate sophistication in Asia, this event brought together royalty, esteemed judges, distinguished guests, and enthusiasts from around the world to celebrate automotive excellence and timeless glamour. Notably, this distinguished gathering commemorated a significant milestone –the glorious 90th anniversary of Oberoi Hotels & Resorts.

Throughout its illustrious history, the ultra-luxury Oberoi Hotels & Resorts has remained steadfast in its commitment to promoting and preserving Indian heritage while hosting prestigious classic and vintage car rallies around its award-winning properties. In keeping with this tradition, The Oberoi Concours d’Elegance set a new benchmark by showcasing the finest vintage and classic automobiles and motorcycles from India and abroad. Set against the backdrop of scenic Lake Pichola and the traditional domed architecture reminiscent of this Mewar Dynasty inspired resort, this event celebrates the remarkable design and craftsmanship of the world’s most sought-after and distinctive vehicles, many of which are owned by Indian nobility and private collectors. It offered a unique opportunity to view some of the rarest and most historically

Opposite page: The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur domes are inspired by the architecture of the Mewar Dynasty ©Photo Courtesy of the Oberoi Hotels & Resorts
jamaqueparadis com 33 V ol.17/No40
Vol.17/No40 34 jamaqueparadis com

Set against the majestic backdrop of the City Palace and Lake Pichola, the traditional domed architecture of The OberoiUdaivilās offers a magical setting for remarkableshowcasing motoring design craftsmanship.and

Left Top: Best of Show Motorcycle, 1925 New Hudson 499 CC, Mr. Madan Mohan; Left Bottom: Bentley 1935; Right Top: Judge’s Award, Most Elegant Pre-War-1935 Delahaye 135MS- Maharaj Duldeep Singh Ji of Jodhpur; Centre: Poster by Mr. Tim Layzell; Bottom: Watch collection Piaget. Best of Show Automobile, 1939 Lagonda V12 Drophead Coupe, ©photo by Mr. Giacomo Bretzell

significant automobiles restored and preserved over generations.

Each class represented a distinct era and category, showcasing the evolution and diversity of automotive craftsmanship.

The panel of judges, comprising industry experts and automotive connoisseurs, lent their expertise to evaluate the exceptional entries across various classes. Ms. Sandra Button, Chairperson of the prestigious and globally renowned Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, served as Chief Judge, alongside multiple world champions Giacomo Agostini and Jacky Ickx, ensuring that only the finest vehicles received recognition. The event was expertly convened by noted automotive authority Simon Kidston.

Each class represented a distinct era and category, showcasing the evolution and diversity of automotive craftsmanship. From “Motoring for the Masses — India” and “Dawn of the Jet Age — Cadillacs” to “Cars of the Maharajahs — Mysore”, “Post War Sports Cars”, “Custom Classics & Prototypes”, and “Defining Legends of the Modern Age”, each class had a unique story of automotive heritage.

The Oberoi Concours d’Elegance also unveiled an exclusive poster created by the renowned automobile artist, Tim Layzell. Adding regal flair, the event featured cars from various

royal garages, including the locales of Udaipur, Jodhpur, Gondal, Tehri-Garhwal, and Baroda. In homage to the late hotelier Mr. P.R.S. Oberoi, the showcase also presented a selection of Oberoi family cars, serving as a fitting tribute to his legacy.

Mr. Arjun Oberoi, Executive Chairman of The Oberoi Group, expressed his delight at hosting and promoting the celebration of beauty, innovation, and craftsmanship that has defined a century of the world’s most exceptional automobiles. He emphasised the significance of The Oberoi Concours d’Elegance in showcasing India’s automotive heritage and excellence on the global stage.

Mr. Manvendra Singh Barwani, Curator of The Oberoi Concours d’Elegance, echoed this sentiment, describing the event as an exclusive showcase of automotive history and design that elevated

Left: HRH Prince Micheal of Kent, President of the Royal Automobile Club; Centre: Bentley 1935 The Oberoi Concours, Udaipur; Right top: First Runner up, Pre War American Classic 1937 Ford Pheaton, ©photo by Mr. Giacomo Bretzell; Bottom: First Runner up Post War Sportscar 1958 Mercedes Benz 190 SL, Mr. Gautam Singhania.
“ ” jamaqueparadis com 37 V ol.17/No40
Vol.17/No40 38 jamaqueparadis com
First Runner Up Pre War Classic Rolls Royce Limousine 1931 Rolls Royce Phantom II, Mr. Gautam Singhania ©Photo Courtesy of the Oberoi Hotels & Resorts
jamaqueparadis com 39 V ol.17/No40
Vol.17/No40 40 jamaqueparadis com
This page: BMW Classic 328, The Oberoi Concours d’Elegance ©Photo Courtesy of the Oberoi Hotels & Resorts Opposite L-R: Toasts were made with flute of Moet & Chandon champagne; Sabyasachi Fashion House show; watchmaking demonstration

the heritage of automobile culture and the history of India to an international level.

The event included a watchmaking class by IWC and a jewellery display by Piaget, showcasing the intricate artistry

Ms. Sandra Button, Chief Judge at The Oberoi Concours d’Elegance, emphasised the event’s role in preserving and celebrating India’s automotive legacies, noting its significance in an era of automotive transformation.

Adding to the regal flair of the event was an exclusive show by internationally renowned designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. His showcase of clothing and jewellery further enhanced the overall experience of luxury and sophistication, complementing the timeless elegance of the automobiles on display.

A highlight of the event was the presence of the iconic BMW 328, flown in from Germany, which captivated enthusiasts and garnered widespread attention. This classic car symbolises the brand’s rich automotive heritage and enhances the diverse collection of vehicles at The Oberoi Concours d’Elegance.

Highlighting the convergence of horological and jewellery craftsmanship, the event included a watchmaking class by IWC and a jewellery display by Piaget, showcasing the intricate artistry and innovation synonymous with these esteemed brands.

As a proud sponsor of The Oberoi Concours d’Elegance, BMW reaffirmed its commitment to fostering a culture of automotive excellence and heritage preservation. The partnership underscores BMW’s dedication to supporting initiatives that celebrate craftsmanship, innovation, and the pursuit of perfection.

Moët Hennessy India joined as the official celebration partner, crafting extravagant experiences with their exceptional champagnes, wines, and spirits from around the world, while Stefano Ricci showcased their exclusive Sartorial line in a captivating pop-up. Additionally, TimeValle presented a special exhibit of exquisite timepieces, adding another layer of luxury to the event.

Among the notable winners, the Best of Show Automobile winner was 1939 Lagonda V12 Drophead Coupe owned by Mr. Nishant Dossa and Best of Show Motorcycle was awarded to 1925 New Hudson 499 CC TT owned by Mr. Madan Mohan.

The resounding success of The Oberoi Concours d’Elegance drew acclaim from participants, guests, and industry insiders alike, positioning it as a cornerstone of the global concours calendar for years to come. With its unparalleled showcase of automotive heritage and luxury lifestyle, the event embodies a celebration of beauty, innovation, and craftsmanship that transcends borders. / P

jamaqueparadis com 41 V ol.17/No40

Contemporary Modern Design, Minimalist And Modern, The Perfect Union Between elegance and luxury

TMonaco is the perfect definition of elegance and luxury, with a touch of functionality and simplicity. Neutral and enjoyable tones deliver harmony and comfort, through a minimalist and unique aesthetic, that will serve as a clear inspiration. / P

its quality

and materials.

Every woman wants a walk-in closet. This kind of design is not only functional, it’s also luxurious.

Vol.17/No40 42 jamaqueparadis . com Luxe List
he new Caffe Latte contemporary modern penthouse in CaffeLatte walk-in closet Moka Counter Stool The Moka Counter Stool, the epitome of elegance, stands out for design Top: CaffeLatte Kitchen. A kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any house. So, it must be an enjoyable space to spend time with family and friends. ©Photos Courtesy of Caffe Latte



Stemming from St. Maarten’s French (Vie, life) and Dutch (leven, to live) roots,Vie L’Ven captures the essence of island living and creates an idyllic Caribbean destination.

jamaqueparadis com 43 V ol.17/No40

ALESSANDRO MUNGE Architect/Design Director, Studio Munge Miami and Toronto, brings a culture of curiosity, problem-solving and encouraging authenticity through signature narratives.


Toronto-based, multi-generational, full-service development company, Altree Developments (Altree), is set to redefine luxury living in St. Maarten and today announces they have launched sales at their newest development, Vie L’Ven (life to life), a luxury resort and residences with 280 units, that is slated for completion in 2028. “The resort and residences seamlessly coalesces the influences of both French and Dutch cultures evident in this incomparable development through exceptional living, dining and wellness experiences,” says Zev Mandelbaum, founder of Altree.

Vol.17/No40 44 jamaqueparadis com
PARADIS | RESIDENCES jamaqueparadis . com 45 V ol.17/No40

Serving as a love letter to St. Maarten, Vie L’Ven encourages homeowners and guests to embrace living life to the fullest, whilst soaking in the island’s natural beauty and tranquility, where European culture blends effortlessly with Caribbean aptitude. Set in a pristine location on Indigo Bay, on the

Vol.17/No40 46 jamaqueparadis com

southwest Dutch side of the island, Vie L’Ven will feature a collection of fully furnished residences, alongside a luxury five-star hotel. Of the 280 units, 190 units will be hotel rooms (60 of which will be suites) and 90 private residences. The residences, with sales and marketing being led by St. Maarten’s Sotheby’s International Realty, will range from one, one-and-a-den, and two-and-a-den-bedroom suites that will span from 600 to 6,000 square feet and will be available for purchase in a variety of layouts.

jamaqueparadis com 47 V ol.17/No40 PARADIS | RESIDENCES
Vol.17/No40 48 jamaqueparadis com

THE PINNACLE Set to Redefine Caribbean Living

Montego Bay’s luxury gem is poised to elevate the Caribbean living experience. This ambitious project, envisioned by visionary architect Isiaa Madden.

jamaqueparadis com 49 V ol.17/No40 PARADIS | RESIDENCES

Located on Reading Peninsula, Montego Bay, the 17.5-acre development features four 28 stories towers, each offering breathtaking ocean, lagoon and mountain vistas, The Pinnacle 423 residences and 15 exclusive villas, marking a pivotal moment for Jamaica’s economic trajectory and tourism appeal and promises an exquisite living experience. Residents can choose from diverse layouts, including one, two, three-bedroom apartments and four and five-bedroom penthouses, while 15 private villas provide an additional layer of exclusivity and personalised living.

Vol.17/No40 50 jamaqueparadis com
ISIAA MADDEN Architect/Design Director HQ , a leading architectural and design firm headquartered in Montego Bay, Jamaica

The Pinnacle Residents will be pampered by an array of amenities: dedicated concierge services, curated shopping options, diverse restaurants featuring a stunning rooftop bar, a private club, and a rejuvenating spa. Active pursuits are embraced with tennis and multi-sports courts, while a marina, meandering river, intimate beaches, and inviting pools complete the canvas of indulgence.

Construction will unfold in phases, with the first two towers expected to be completed in 2028. This landmark development not only elevates Jamaica’s and the Caribbean’s global standing but also positions The Pinnacle as a sought-after destination, attracting Jamaican diaspora and visitors while creating a vibrant new community on the global stage.

jamaqueparadis com 51 V ol.17/No40
Escape to one of the world’s most sublime and legendary ultra-luxury destinations.
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Throughout the year 2024, Rosewood Little Dix Bay will honour its sixty-year anniversary with a calendar of memorable programmes and partnerships, all meant to recognise the many chapters in the property’s illustrious history while showcasing what’s to come throughout the year. Events and offerings will include a throwback celebration of 1960’s cocktail culture, an exhibit by world-renowned photographer Greg Williams, special culinary journeys, stylish, limited-edition brand collaborations, and more.

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Set on a secluded beach on the most southern tip of the destination, Park Hyatt St. Kitts is ideal for a Caribbean escape. Home to 124 luxurious guest rooms including suites with private rooftop plunge pools and stunning ocean views, the resort offers contemporary accommodations with touches inspired by St. Kitts’ rich history. Guests are invited to indulge in three signature restaurants, two swimming pools, a full-service spa, and engaging resort activities. Elevate your stay with exclusive culinary experiences in beautiful settings; imagine a waterfall cabana or inside an intimate sugar mill under the night sky. Rare and special moments unfold for a memorable stay.

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Embrace the serenity of St. Kitts and the warmth of the Caribbean sun and ocean breezes

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Me Time

A Luxurious Bathroom to Escape the Stress of Everyday Life with a Black and Gold Bathtub

Newton Lip Shaped Bathtub Gold Painted Casted Iron and High Gloss Black Spheres

This bathtub features a curved lip style shape, comfortable details that make it unique, made out of gold-painted casted iron. Its high gloss black and gold lacquered spheres make this the perfect item to own in one’s contemporary bathroom design. Visit Home Society for more bathroom options for your dream home.

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Travelling By Sea A Trending Niche Pyratz

Pyratz introduced a fresh concept to St. Martin, offering luxurious and intimate catamaran charters that combine discovery, gastronomy, and sustainability.

As travellers we are drawn to getting more done in shorter time frames, recognising that a well-planned holiday makes for a much more stress-free way of experiencing new destinations — not planning could mean missing out on great offers and attractions. On the other side of the coin, one still wants to nurture the opportunity to ‘go with the flow’ and let things unfold organically, unplanned, and unforced. Travel planning through an agency has reinspired audiences globally; they realise there are other ways to book a fully curated holiday without losing the

magic of spontaneity. Travelling by boat allows you to discover off the beaten track areas of the island. In the Caribbean, where there is a lot to explore between the different islands, it’s a way to travel which allows for a more private and secluded experience. Pyratz Gourmet Sailing offers a niche opportunity and is a forward-thinking company within the competitive sailing sector. jamaqueparadis

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com 57 V ol.17/No40

This is the ideal holiday for those who want to enjoy the lushness and tranquility of St Martin, with an exclusive escape to the neighbouring islands of St Barths and Anguilla. The 3 islands offer a great trilogy of destinations with each island being so diverse.


Imagine the convenience of a catamaran, with the service and culinary experience of a super yacht. Each catamaran has 2 crew members onboard offering all-inclusive full-service experience, with 4-course gourmet dining, wine pairing, and signature cocktails. Your captain will passage plan your trip based on any preferences or wishes, allowing you to be as involved in the planning as you choose to be.


With the option to overnight for up to one week with a maximum of 6 guests in 3 comfortable cabins, you get to discover some of the Caribbean Coastlines in a very charming, personable, yet exclusive way. The crew are professional and experienced and are all about finding the perfect balance between planning and finding the opportunity for authentic experiences.


Overnight charters include a full breakfast and one meal per day onboard, allowing you to discover Caribbean cuisine at some of the best seaside restaurants as well. Meals are prepared by the crew which include fresh grilled lobster, steak, and catch of the day, as well as interesting vegetarian options accompanied with wine pairing, and the boats operate with an open bar with full cocktail service.

Boats are fully equipped with everything you need to make your travel special — from a comfortable dining area to snorkeling gear, paddleboards, kayak, a large floating mat, beanbags, as well as bath & body care products.


Between April and November, Pyratz also offers an option for those who want to enjoy the combination of both land and sea. The Domaine Kombawa is a stunning property located on the Northwest side of French Saint Martin, where you can enjoy 4 nights in one of the luxury bungalows, followed by a 3-night cruise onboard Pyratz.

The Domaine Kombawa offers a variety of luxury bungalows, where you can decide to stay in separate bungalows, or opt for the tropical house and a bungalow for 2 and 4 persons. Their 4-night stay includes a daily breakfast, as well as a daily activity, from hikes to a yoga class and a sound bath.

Enjoy luxury tranquility, and discovery at sea.

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The Fairmont Rio hosted traditional Carnival feijoada signed by French Chef Jérôme Dardillac

The event featured a full buffet as well as an open bar and musical attractions, such as the Beija-Flor de Nilópolis samba school and DJ Felipe Mar

No Carioca can resist the first chords of the surdo, repique, agogô, cuíca, and pandeiro. The sounds of these instruments herald the arrival of Carnival, and with the country’s largest popular festival, the feijoada season. By creating a perfect blend of festivity and refined gastronomy, the Fairmont Rio hosted the traditional feijoada. The public event took place in the hotel’s RJ lounges from 2 pm to 6 pm, following a perfect samba school parade.

As for the menu — a ten out of ten! For those who appreciate haute cuisine, the specialties were crafted by Executive Chef Jérôme Dardillac. The buffet offered various salad and bread options, such as smoked salmon and green apple lentil salad, as well as appetizing starters like the classic bean soup. Hot dish options also tantalised the taste buds, including irresistible couve mineira with grilled bacon, sautéed garlic, and olive oil, as well as traditional meats such as smoked ribs, sausage, tenderloin, jerked beef, among others. / P

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French chef Jérôme Dardillac, ©Photo Courtesy of Fairmont Rio

Twenty one boats in a highly diverse fleet flying the flags from 8 different nations: (France, Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Monaco, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA) ranging in size from 11m to 30m. The race starts from Arrecife, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, its finish point, some 3,000 nautical miles away in Grenada, West Indies.

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A praiseworthy 10th edition of the


jamaqueparadis com 61 V ol.17/No40 SAILING CULTURE | P
Fleet at the start of the 2024 Royal Ocean Racing Club’s Season Points Championships Transatlantic Race. ©Photo, Lanzarote Robert Hajduk, Courtesy of RORC Transatlantic.

The race took off with 200+ competitors crewed by sailors from 20 different countries ranging in age from 18 to 81 years young, and one boat sailed by just 2 crew. Corinthian crews to professional sailors and round-the-world record-breakers, some competitors are racing across the Atlantic for the first time, others are transatlantic veterans and have sailed across many times.

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After 6 to 18 days of non-stop racing, crews competing in the 10th edition of the RORC Transatlantic Race, organised by the Royal Ocean Racing, were more than ready for an ice-cold beer and dockside welcome at Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina, in the challenging 3,000 mile race across the Atlantic to the Caribbean Spice Island of Grenada.

Beers all round Cocody. ©Photo Arthur Daniel, Courtesy of RORC Transatlantic.
jamaqueparadis com 63 V ol.17/No40

Farr 100 Leopard 3 (MON), skippered by Chris Sherlock has taken Monohull Line Honours in the 10th edition of the RORC Transatlantic Race. Winning the IMA Transatlantic Trophy, the international team of 17 celebrated dockside at Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina in Grenada. Leopard 3 completed the race in an elapsed time of 10 Days 17 Hrs 23 Mins 51 Secs.

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The RORC Transatlantic Race is part of the Royal Ocean Racing Club’s Season Points Championships, the world’s largest offshore racing series, and is the lengthiest organised by the eminent London and Cowes-Based club;

celebrating its centenary in 2025.

AAAs soon as we got into waves off the African Coast our autopilot started oscillating and there was no way we could figure out how to fix it. For a double handed team, hand-steering across the Atlantic is a big undertaking and we were clinging on to the tiler!

“ ”

fter months of preparation and planning, the international fleet set off from the Canary Island of Lanzarote in flat water, with 10 knots of breeze. It was a spectacular sight as the diverse fleet of monohull and multihulls from 36ft100ft (11-30m), headed off on the annual race from outside Marina Lanzarote, where the teams were hosted by Calero Marinas at Marina Lanzarote, Arrecife.

The spectacular volcanic island — designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve — provided a superb backdrop to the start of the 21-boat fleet, flying flags from France, Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Monaco, Netherlands, Switzerland,

and USA. For some Corinthian sailors amongst the 200+ crew members from 20 different countries, this was to be their greatest ever challenge; a non-stop race across the Atlantic; the longest time they’d spent at sea, and a chance to push themselves and their boat in a highly competitive race. With several transatlantic veterans; round the world sailors, and record-breaking ‘pros’ also in the mix, their sights were set on perhaps beating previous race records, or a class win — if the weather gods would allow — and on making the best navigational / routing decisions.

First to finish and catch sight of the beautiful, lush, green island of Grenada was Jason Carroll’s magnificent trimaran, Argo (USA) – one of three MOD70s in the race. The team took 10 hours off their previous crossing in 2022 and won Multihull Line Honours; completing the race in 6 days, 10 hrs. Owner Carroll commented: “It is a really exhilarating experience to travel that fast across the water and getting to do that for 3,000 miles across the Atlantic is a thrill the whole time. When you get up on the foils, we call it sixth gear, you are humming along and the challenge is how long can you stay in that gear.”

Second to finish after MOCRA time correction was Frenchman

Opposite page: ©Photo Arthur Daniel, Courtesy of RORC Transatlantic.
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Top Left: Warrior Won (USA) owned & skippered by Chris Sheehan ©Photo Courtesy of Arthur Daniel/ RORC; Warrior Crew: Christopher Sheehan, Chris Welch, Collin Leon, David Gilmour, Dylan Vogel, Isamu Sakai, Matt Humphries, Richard Clarke, Sam Hallowell, Stu Bannatyne, and Tristan Louwrens. Left Bottom: Leopard 3 with the IMA Transatlantic Trophy ©Photo Courtesy of Arthur Daniel/RORC; Farr 100 Leopard’s crew included both owners and a racing crew of: Michael Pammenter, Paul Standbridge, Luke Molloy, Chris Sherlock, Gian Ahluwalia, Giles de Jager, Guilermo Altadil, Charlie Wyatt, Tom McWilliam, Mark Bartlett, Gerry Mitchell, Jonas Nordlund, Samuel Wright, Mitch Booth, Will Best. Top right: Jason Carroll’s MOD70 Argo (USA) ©Photo Courtesy of Robert Hajduk/RORC; Argo crew: Jason Carroll, Chad Corning, Pete Cumming, Charlie Ogletree, Alister Richardson, Brian Thompson. Centre right: Team Cocody ©Photo Courtesy of Arthur Daniel/ RORC; Owner, Richard Fromentin; Bottom right: Limosa, The Famous Project empowering Women in the RORC Transatlantic Race Skipper Alexia Barrier, Co-Skipper Dee Caffari, Arianne Van de Loosdrecht, Elodie-Jane Mettraux, Jeff Mearing, Marie Riou, Sidney Gavignet, Tom Dawson.

Warrior Won completed the race in an elapsed time of 11 Days 5 Hrs 18 Mins and 28 Secs. Warrior Won has been on a five-year programme of racing, including winning the 2022 RORC Caribbean 600 and competing in the Rolex Middle Sea Race, Rolex Sydney Hobart and Rolex Fastnet Race. For Warrior Won’s owner Chris Sheehan, winning the RORC Transatlantic Race was the ultimate ambition.

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“It was not a comfortable sail but we powered through the big waves with our small jib and one reef in the main.

”Erik Maris’ MOD70 Zoulou, followed by Adrian Keller’s Nigel Irens 84 Allegra (SUI). Becoming the first MOD70 woman skipper to complete the race, Alexia Barrier’s MOD70 Limosa - The Famous Project (FRA) arrived in Grenada in just under 8 days with a majority female crew.

Securing the RORC Transatlantic Race Trophy as the Overall 2024 Winner under IRC was the American PAC52 Warrior Won, owned & skippered by Chris Sheehan. The team completed the race in 11 days 5 hrs and were the first American boat to win the prestigious trophy: “We raced more than 4,000 miles to complete this race and I am so thrilled to have raced across the Atlantic. It has been a fantastic race in amongst a really great crew. This event has been on the schedule for five years and my crew asked me what the goal was. Normally I say let’s win our class, but having looked at the given forecast, I was audacious and told them, I want to win overall, and we delivered, which is phenomenal!”

Monohull Line Honours, winning the IMA Transatlantic Trophy was the Farr 100 Leopard 3 (MON) who finished the race in

10 days 17 hrs. The boat suffered a setback after two days into the race, with rudder damage after hitting, what was thought to be a whale. Skipper Chris Sherlock said: “We made a calculated decision on board to keep pushing on and to see if the rudder held, with options to pull into the Cape Verde Islands, or continue. The rudder held across the Atlantic and we took Line Honours, so we have achieved our goal.”

After two weeks of close competition, three former roundthe-world racing yachts crewed by Pro-Am teams also enjoyed a thrilling finish, led over the finish line after 12 days by Johannes Schwarz’s Farr 70 Ocean Breeze (AUT), followed by Farr 65 Sisi (AUT) and RP70 Green Dragon (SUI).

In IRC One, a fascinating duel played out between two 35ft JPK 1180s; Richard Fromentin’s Cocody (FRA) and Dawn Treader

jamaqueparadis com 69 V ol.17/No40
Opposite page: PAC52 Warrior Won ©Photo Courtesy of Arthur Daniel/RORC; This page Right: Cocody, ©Photo Courtesy of James Mitchell/RORC; Right bottom: Dawn Treader arrived at dawn in Grenada! ©Photo Courtesy of Arthur Daniel/RORC.

Tigris’ next adventure will be the RORC Caribbean 600 and the 2024 RORC Season’s Points Championship. “This will be the sixth RORC Championship for Tigris, our best result was fourth overall, last year Tigris was seventh after falling short in the Rolex Fastnet Race. So Tigris will be racing in the championship, while also doing sailing activities in other boats.”

Vol.17/No40 70 jamaqueparadis com

(GBR), skippered by Ed Bell. Cocody was the only boat in the fleet to brave the northern route knowing that they would encounter brutal conditions from two depressions. Meanwhile, Dawn Treader took a southerly route to Camper & Nicholson’s Port Louis Marina, Grenada. The lead swung in the balance many times, but Cocody won out, with the Breton sailors finishing in 15 days 21 hrs, winning IRC One, taking IRC second overall, and also receiving the Yacht Club de France Trophy for the best IRC corrected time for an owner from the famous club.

“We only decided to go north 10 minutes before the start,” commented Cocody’s Richard Fromentin. “We spoke with weather experts and they all agreed that north would be very hard, but potentially much quicker. We had six metre waves; it was not a comfortable sail but we powered through the big waves with our small jib and one reef in the main; we changed the watch every two hours. It was very tough, especially at night when driving the boat was very difficult.”

One of the smallest boats in the race at 36ft was sailed by just two crew, who had to hand steer for over 2,000 miles after their autopilot failed. Tigris (GBR), a Sun Fast 3600 owned

by Gavin Howe and raced for many thousands of miles together with his co-skipper Maggie Adamson – fiddle player and Lifeboat crew from the Shetlands Islands –approached the finish after 18 days at sea. The double-handers won IRC Two-Handed and were third in IRC One.

“As soon as we got into waves off the African Coast our autopilot started oscillating and there was no way we could figure out how to fix it. For a double handed team, hand-steering across the Atlantic is a big undertaking and we were clinging on to the tiler! We had little time to do anything other than drive, eat, and sleep. As we approached Grenada it was lovely to see land and the island looked very impressive; high, wooded, and lush green. it was very special, as well as our arrival into Port Louis and to receive such hospitality.” / P

jamaqueparadis com 71 V ol.17/No40
Opposite page: Sun Fast 3600 Tigris finishes the 2024 RORC Transatlantic Race, Gavin Howe, Maggie Adamson ©Photo Courtesy of Arthur Daniel/RORC; This page-left: Gala dinner for crews before the start in Lanzarote, ©Photo Courtesy of James Mitchell/RORC; Right top: MOD70 Limosa, ©Photo Courtesy of Arthur Daniel/RORC; Right bottom: Sailing school children in Lanzarote visited some of the boats including Limosa, ©Photo Courtesy of James Mitchell/RORC.



The opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics is to take place by the Seine on 26 July 2024 with the games lasting until 11 August, ending before the Paralympics take place 28 August – 8 September.

Opposite page: Exterior of the Musée
du quai Branly-Jacques Chirac. ©Photo Courtesy of Musée du quai
Vol.17/No40 72 jamaqueparadis com
WORLD—CULTURE | P jamaqueparadis com 73 V ol.17/No40
If you don’t have tickets for the Olympics you can always go to Parc de la Villette in northern Paris, featured in our last issue, where the park will be filled with big screens for viewing.

Opening in 2006, the Musée du Quai Branly - Jacques Chirac contains the collections of its double inheritance: those of the “musée de l'Homme” and of the “musée national des Arts d'Afrique et d'Océanie” (National Museum of African and Oceanian Art). With more than 370,000 objects, 700,000 iconographical pieces and more than 200,000 reference works, the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac is one of the richest European public institutions dedicated to the study, preservation and promotion of non-European arts and civilisations.

Musee du quai Branly-Jacques Chirac hidden from view ©Photo by Laura Tanna/Paradis
Vol.17/No40 74 jamaqueparadis com
Paris 2024 Champions Park
jamaqueparadis com 75 V ol.17/No40
©Photo Courtesy of Paris 2024 Athletes’ Commission

Assuming that you can tear yourself away from all that excitement, there is another place you really must visit, a place near the Eiffel Tower by the Seine, the Musée du quai Branly-Jacques Chirac, a museum featuring the indigenous art and cultures of Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas.

“ ”

Jacques Chirac, then elected President of France in 1995, listened, and in 1996 sought to create a museum by merging the existing Musée National des Arts d’Afrique et d’Océanie with the collections of the Musée de l’Homme (Museum of Man)

Vol.17/No40 76 jamaqueparadis com
jamaqueparadis com 77 V ol.17/No40
Opposite page: Shamanic Visions Exhibition, Ayahuasca Arts in the Peruvian Amazon; This page: Quai Branly Jacques Chirac Museum Exhibit. ©Photo Courtesy of quai Branly Jacques Chirac Museum

Zora Neale Hurston, 1891-1960: Zora Neale Hurston, not only an anthropologist, but also a novelist and playwright, emerged as one of the leading figures in the Harlem Renaissance movement and is today considered as a major influence by many black feminist authors. Recommended Reading: Her cult novel Their Eyes Were Watching God (1937) was set in Florida. The story follows Janie Mae Crawford, a free and emancipated black woman who defies the conventions of every world she navigates.

This year if you get there before 12 May there are two exhibitions of interest. Beyond Anthropology Zora Neale Hurston, Eslanda Goode Robson, Katherine Dunham focuses on three AfricanAmerican women — a novelist, a journalist, and a dancer....

M Vol.17/No40 78 jamaqueparadis com

MMusée du quai Branly-Jacques Chirac results from the controversy over its creation. “The masterpieces of the entire world are born free and equal,” declared a manifesto signed by 300 philosophers, anthropologists, art historians, artists, and writers back in 1990 when leading French intellectuals had long called for an important museum to be created for people whose cultures had once been denigrated by colonists.

Jacques Chirac, Mayor of Paris, then elected President of France in 1995, listened to these suggestions and in 1996 sought to create such a museum by merging the existing Musée National des Arts d’Afrique et d’Océanie with the collections of the Musée de l’Homme (Museum of Man), the former created for the Colonial Exposition of 1931, then revamped in 1961 as a museum of objects from the overseas colonies of France, the latter an ethnology laboratory created for the Paris Exposition of 1937. So, was the new museum of

Opposite page: Zora Neale Hurston. ©Photo Courtesy of Estate of Zora Neale Hurston; Eslanda Goode Robeson (standing), Paul Robeson (center), and Lawrence Brown (right) in a scene from the motion picture Big Fella, 1938. Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. ©Photographs and Prints Division, Courtesy of The New York Public Library.
jamaqueparadis com 79 V ol.17/No40
There are also objects from Quebec to Louisiana from the 17th and 18th centuries of French colonisation of North America. “
Katherine Dunham in a 1952 photograph of Floyd’s Guitar Blues
Vol.17/No40 80 jamaqueparadis com
©Photo Courtesy of Library of Congress

Katherine Dunham 1909 - 2006: Katherine Dunham was not only an anthropologist, but also a pioneer in modern dance and an innovative choreographer. She played an active role in the fight against racial segregation. In 1945 she founded the “Dunham School of Arts and Research” in New York. She filmed both rural and urban dances in the Caribbean where she worked extensively. To Watch: Video extracts are available on the Library of Congress website, and can be accessed by scanning the QR code.

art or anthropology? Pushing the problem along, it was placed under the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Ministry of Education. And after which museum was it to be named? Solving that problem was the establishment in 1998 of grounds for the museum near the quai or wharf Branly on the embankment of the Seine River. Only in 2016 was the name amended to add “Jacques Chirac.”

Next problem. Renowned architect Jean Nouvel won the 1999 competition to design the building, but nearby residents were determined not to have their lives disrupted by a grandiose structure. The problem was solved by designing the museum to be low, hidden by gardens, and following the curve of the river. Indeed, my Uber driver dropped me off half a block away from the entrance to the gardens through which I had to walk before coming to the entrance on the back of the building, beside an exquisite gift shop filled with all sorts of enticing things to buy after your tour of the actual museum.

Construction started in 2001 with the museum opening on 23 June 2006. A spiralling ramp with underfoot centre light guides one upstairs where you can choose which of the continents or cultures to explore first. Over the years I’ve seen everything from a fascinating small video in a seat on the side of hunters in New Guinea (or was it New Caledonia?) to a brilliant examination of the influence of Senghor and The Arts in Senegal to a stunning display of Bollywood Superstars last year.

With over a million objects in the museum’s collection only 3,500 are displayed at any one time, and not all of them may be there in the future. The majority of the 70,000 sub-Saharan African works were obtained lawfully, but some were taken as spoils of war. An Act of 24 December 2020 under President Macron’s government, restitution of cultural property of the Republic of Benin and the Republic of Senegal, 26 pieces were returned to their countries of origin. Connoisseurs of Benin bronzes will know how exquisite they are and many still remain in the

museum, but every care is now taken, with the cooperation of experts in seven African countries who have submitted official restitution requests, to ascertain if other works should be repatriated. There are also objects from Quebec to Louisiana from the 17th and 18th centuries of French colonisation of North America. The museum is filled with all sorts of marvellous things to see.

This year if you get there before 12 May there are two exhibitions of interest. Beyond Anthropology Zora Neale Hurston, Eslanda Goode Robson, Katherine Dunham 06 Feb 2024–12 May 2024 focuses on three African-American women — a novelist, a journalist, and a dancer — who showed there was a different approach than that of white anthropologists. Shamanic Visions Ayahuasca arts in the Peruvian Amazon 14 Nov 2023–12 May 2024 exhibits “visionary images” created by those who partook of ayahuasca, “vine of the dead” used to create hallucinogenic drinks, popularised by the Beat Generation. It is traditionally ingested in shamanic rituals for therapeutic or divination purposes in the Western Amazon which inspired many artists in the Peruvian Amazon.

If you’re there during the Olympics, lookout for something much closer to home. Tainos et Kalinagos des Antilles, 04 June 2024 – 13 Oct 2024, is an exhibition which first appeared in Paris in 1994. It came about at the request of Jacques Chirac who asked collector and art dealer Jacques Kerchache to curate a show on the art of indigenous people taken over by the Spanish conquest of parts of the Caribbean. The exhibition at the Petit Palais was a huge success which initiated a change in the public’s view of art outside the Western world. This presumably also led to the creation of the Musee du quai Branly-Jacques Chirac.

Closed on Mondays and open 10:30am to 7:00pm Tues – Sun. Don’t forget to visit the gift shop filled with choice souvenirs of your visit to Paris. / P

jamaqueparadis com 81 V ol.17/No40

Like a floating diamond, as a simple, strong, and unique design; “Serti sur vide” collection features a diamond which is “set on the void”.

Must haves for everyjewellerywoman’s box

Curating the ideal jewellery collection is about selecting the perfect pieces – the everyday essentials and special occasion luxuries – that reflect your personality.


Vol.17/No40 82 jamaqueparadis . com

If you’ve ever felt like you are not sure what jewellery to invest in, something is missing from your sparkling arsenal, or frustrated because there’s nothing to match your outfit, I have some tried-andtested advice. But before we talk about that, let’s stop and think about why we buy jewellery in the first place. Understanding what function a jewel you have your eye on will play in your life helps to avoid unnecessary purchases that stay in a jewellery box more often than being worn.

As someone who lives and breathes jewellery, I feel compelled to wear pieces from my personal collection every day, no matter the occasion. But to be able to do this – to reach into an organised jewellery box and find the perfect design to match my features, mood, the event I am attending, or the destination I am jetting off to – has taken years of curatorial precision! Throughout the years, I have learned that there is a ‘must-have’ list of jewels for the perfect collection.

jamaqueparadis com 83 V ol.17/No40
Opposite page: (Ring) Van Cleef & Arpels Florence High Jewellery, (Earrings) Repossi Serti Sur vide Emeraude. Mikimoto High Jewellery Brooch inspired by sea life in 18K White Gold with encrusted diamonds, coloured gemstones, and central opal.
Vol.17/No40 84 jamaqueparadis com
There are six reasons for purchasing jewellery: self-adornment, sentiment, self-expression, status, investment, and culture. ” “

Jewellery has many functions, the most obvious being self-adornment. It completes an outfit and serves as the finishing touch, like applying lipstick before rushing out the door. In my experience, it can also enhance how we look by complementing skin tones, adding warmth to the complexion, bouncing light around the cheekbones, and elongating bodily lines to subtly enhance one’s proportions. However, jewellery has other powers. In fact, there are six reasons for purchasing something new: self-adornment, sentiment, self-expression, status, investment, and culture.

Sentimental designs remind us of a moment in time, a special person, the birth of a child, a marriage, or an anniversary. These pieces are often talismanic and, in some cases, are more emotionally valuable than monetarily rich. Then there are pieces for self-expression – the flashy, exciting, and eye-catching jewel that reflects your unique personality and makes a statement of individuality. Status is certainly a reason for buying, as it taps into our shared desire to be respected, admired, and placed in line with our like-minded peers. During my time as a jewellery key opinion leader, I have shifted my understanding of ‘status’ and now believe it to be about knowledge and access. There is talent in knowing the jewels that will be on fashion-forward minds in six months’ time and even more privilege in being able to buy them! The final two reasons for purchasing – investment and culture – are about preparing for the future and respecting the past and the traditions that have come before. Both require thoughtful decision-making and perhaps even the input of a specialist who can provide sage advice.

The next time you shop for jewellery, take a moment to pause and reflect. Why do you need another jewel? What purpose will it serve? And, most importantly, what category does the creation you plan to buy fall into? Is it a piece of adornment, an expressive masterpiece, or a status symbol? This is important because the perfect jewellery collection contains a blend of pieces purchased for all these reasons. It’s a delicate balance of everyday diamonds, striking coloured gemstone cocktail rings, gifts from loved ones, charms, talismans, and branded treasures. If you approach shopping with an analytical mind, then you will soon have all the must-haves for day, night, and everything in between!

Shopping for the self-adornment category can often feel the easiest, but there are pitfalls to avoid. These jewels should be your everyday ‘old faithfuls’ – the pieces that complement any outfit, day or night, thanks to easy-to-match colours, timeless silhouettes, designs that are easy to put on, have safe fastening mechanisms, and are comfortable to wear. Look to pendants on a chain and tennis bracelets, a reliable matching pendant and earring set, a series of stackable bracelets, and an ageless long-line string of pearls for layering over knits and double-wrapping with black evening gowns. Remember, ‘faithful’ doesn’t mean boring. A bold gemstone cocktail ring or stacked and layered jewels can add pizzazz to your self-adornment shopping cart, especially as it can be relied upon to grab attention.

Opposite page T-B:
jamaqueparadis com 85 V ol.17/No40
David Morris Mosaico Emerald Choker; Bulgari Mediterranean Muse
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The sentimental side of your jewellery collection might contain engraved pieces, signet rings, lockets, birthstone jewels, or spiritual talismans. These can be a pick-me-up on days when you rely on jewels to boost your mood, when you want to feel your nearest and dearest closer to you, or when you need something to serve as a reminder to be confident when bravery is in short supply. Of course, it is helpful if your sentimental jewels are in tune with the rest of your collection, whether that be through your choice of precious metal hue, gemstone accents or style – minimalistic versus maximalist – for example. Nowadays, it is not unusual to have your inherited jewels redesigned to match your personal style.

The search for self-expression is where the most purchasing mistakes are made, with many looking at celebrities on red carpets for inspiration or presuming this facet of a curated jewellery collection needs to be large and ostentatious. However, drama can be created with pieces that are small but mighty, often through stacking and layering, creative silhouettes, and colourful gemstone combinations. Imagine buying what you would wish to wear at your most powerful: the pieces that tell your unique story and encourage others to ask for more details. These are your conversation-starting jewels, such as fantastic brooches, sautoir necklaces, ear cuffs and climbers, asymmetric earrings, two-finger rings, hair jewels, and cool stackable suites, like layered necklaces and bracelets.

Status symbol jewels are the ones you’ll be tempted by on social media – the ones everyone seems to be talking about. My advice is to look to the iconic branded collectables, like the Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra collection, the Cartier Panthère, the Bulgari Serpenti motif, and so many more that originated in the 20th century. If you are more tempted by the ‘quiet luxury’ aesthetic, then pieces with large diamond carat weights, significant gemstones, and strings of exceptional pearls will certainly catch the eyes of those ‘in the know’ about luxury. I like to think of this as the ‘raised eyebrow’ effect when someone with insights into fine jewels spots your piece and takes a mental note of the choice you’ve made.

Before you mentally start organising your own jewellery collection, I’d like to share some final pieces of advice that have always served me well. Firstly, make sure that any colours you choose, from gemstones and diamonds to precious metals, match your skin tone. When buying new pieces, ensure they can be mixed and matched with what’s already in your jewellery box. This will save you from an eclectic collection without a common thread to tie it all together. Choose jewellery that highlights your beauty and your individuality, and not what looks good on your friends and the famous faces you admire. Therefore, study your facial features. If they are large, statement jewellery will suit you well; if you wish your neck was longer wear drop earrings; if you feel that your fingers are not long enough avoid wearing chunky rings. And, finally, don’t follow trends blindly. Jewellery is thousands of years of history wrapped into a small package. A temporary fashion trend might be tempting in the moment, but it won’t add value to a timeless personal collection that your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will want to wear. / P

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Left: Cartier new panthere watch; Right-T-B: Piaget earrings; Right-Bottom: Chanel earrings.
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Aaron Moneer


In the landscape of Caribbean fashion, another designer has emerged as a true maestro, Moneer’s triumph is nothing short of groundbreaking. The Trinidadian talent, has claimed the coveted crown in Season 7 of Mission Catwalk, making history as the first from Trinidad and Tobago to clinch the top spot in this fashion design reality TV series. After a four-year hiatus, Mission Catwalk reemerged on Television Jamaica (TVJ) last September with a renewed commitment to sustainability and the allure of showcasing at the prestigious Paris Fashion Week in October.

The show has long been the harbinger of talent, cultivating the creative soil that spans the islands — from Jamaica to Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago to Guyana, and beyond.

In the world of high-stakes creativity and couture, Moneer’s triumph is nothing short of groundbreaking. Despite being characterised as “too confident” by fellow contestants, he stood as the undeniable cream of the crop. In an exclusive interview with PARADIS, Moneer addressed the perception, stating, “As a young businessman or woman, you need to be able to stand up and defend your work.” Moneer’s unapologetic honesty has been a defining characteristic throughout the season. He notes, “I say things as I see it. I’m very truthful. I cannot lie with a straight face. I may come across as harsh sometimes, but it’s just my personality.” Undeterred by labels, Moneer’s honesty became his greatest asset in a competition that demands nothing less than excellence.

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Sweet, Sweet Darling is more than just a resort wear line; it tells the enchanting tale of a rural beauty whose heart is won by a local admirer, creating a narrative of love and lavish affection.

“ ”
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Born in Guyana, Moneer’s family migrated to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago when he was four years old, and he now proudly holds dual citizenship in both nations. His passion for art and fashion found an early foothold, even as his formal education faced challenges. At fifteen, he embarked on evening sewing courses, and by seventeen, he was admitted to the Institute of Technology MIC, completing a three-year programme in dressmaking and design. Moneer’s journey into the fashion realm took flight at the age of nineteen when he launched his debut collection during San Fernando Fashion Week in 2015. His venture continued to soar, gracing international runways in Suriname Fashion Week and Barbados Fashion Week, leaving an indelible mark on each stage.

Crowning his illustrious journey, Moneer’s Season 7 collection, “Sweet Sweet Darling,” stood as an attestation to his artistic prowess. Tasked with creating a twelve-piece collection using only natural fibres, Moneer’s creations told the story of a rural young woman, capturing the essence of Caribbean charm and allure. Describing his collection, Moneer shared, “Sweet, Sweet Darling is more than just a resort wear line; it tells the enchanting tale of a rural beauty whose heart is won by a local admirer, creating a narrative of love and lavish affection. Inspired by traditional village homes, the collection weaves handcrafted elements into its fabric, reflecting a commitment to authenticity.”

While sustainability took centrestage in Season 7, Moneer revealed that ethical fashion has always been part of his design ethos. “I had always been using cotton and linen fabrics. Those materials suit my aesthetic as well as my clientele. Sustainability in fashion is a topic close to my heart, and Sweet, Sweet Darling embodies my dedication to creating not only beautiful but ethically crafted pieces for a conscious and stylish audience,” he shared. The designer also expressed that his favourite task was the fish leather challenge and how this season accentuated his commitment to eco-conscious fashion. “I’ve never heard of fish leather and I’ve never worked with it. It was very interesting to see us creating something with the actual fish skin. And yes, I won that challenge,” he chuckled.

Resident judge Carlton Brown who sits on the panel alongside fellow judge Novia McDonald-Whyte and host Keneea Linton-George, consistently lauded Moneer’s designs. Brown shared in an exclusive interview, “Aaron’s minimalist yet elevated aesthetic is what today’s fashion world is all about. His commitment to the craft and the art form was truly unmatched on this season of the show. I know for a fact he’s going to bring his A-plus game for Paris Fashion Week 2024, no doubts.”

The Grand Finale of Mission Catwalk Season 7 witnessed a lavish showdown, culminating in a triumphant victory for Aaron Moneer. Guest judges Tamu McPherson, a Milan-based fashion entrepreneur and Kerry-Ann Clarke, a Jamaican luxury retailer, joined the panel to determine the fate of Mission catwalk Season 7. McPherson contributed an international perspective to the panel, drawing on her experience as a high-end brand ambassador, while Clarke brought a retail standpoint rooted in her admiration for refined clothing. The competition concluded with Peabo Sampson from Barbados as the runner-up and Monique Morgan Allen from Jamaica securing the third spot.

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Producer: Keneea Linton-George

Photographer: William Richards

Model: Shannon Andrade

Make Up: Frenchy Faces

Production Assistance: Ravekia Stephens

In the annals of Mission Catwalk, Season 7 will forever be etched as the season of Moneer’s ascendancy, a triumph for Trinidad and Tobago, and a celebration of Caribbean elegance, culture, and sustainable fashion. As Moneer sets his sights on Paris Fashion Week 2024, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in his narrative — a story that promises to redefine the very essence of Caribbean couture on the global stage. What’s next for the designer? Establishing his atelier in Trinidad whilst supplying the wider Caribbean region. / P

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PREFERRED PARTNERS Stocking JamaquePARADIS in their rooms, spas, and lounges.


Four Seasons Resort & Residences

Belmond Cap Juluca



Jumby Bay Island, an Oetker

Collection of Masterpiece Hotels

Tamarind Hills


The Ritz-Carlton Spa

Private Jet Terminal


The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort

The Rosewood, Bahamar


Cobblers Cove, Relais & Chateaux

Port St. Charles Villas & Marina

Port Ferdinand Luxury Residences

The Fairmont Royal Pavilion


Rosewood Bermuda

Azura Bermuda


Harbour Village Resort


Rosewood Little Dix Bay


The Ritz Carlton, Spa

The Westin Resort Spa

Kimpton Seafire Spa


Gran Hotel Manzana

Kempinski, La Habana


Baoase Luxury Resort

Airport VIP Lounge


(The Commonwealth of)

InterContinental Dominica Cabrits Resort & Spa, an IHG Hotel


Eden Roc at Cap Cana, Relais & Chateaux

Tortuga Bay Punta Cana Resort & Club

Casa de Campo Resort & Villas


Calivgny Island

Mount Cinnamon Resort and Beach Club


Hôtel La Toubana

Villas Chez Flo


Round Hill Hotel & Villas

Half Moon Hotel & Villas

The Cliff Hotel Negril

Island Outpost Properties — Golden Eye | Strawberry Hill

The Caves

Jamaica Inn


Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa

La Suite Villas


Rosewood Mayakoba, Cancún Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa, Cancún


Four Seasons Resort

Montpelier Plantation Inn


Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Dorado Beach Spa

The Plantation Residences, Dorado Beach

Airport VIP Lounge


Queen’s Garden Resort


Le Guanahani Hotel

Le Toiny, Relais & Chateaux


The Old Gin House

Golden Rock Dive & Nature Resor t


The Park Hyatt

Kittitian Hill Belle Mont Farm, Boutique Hotel


Cap Maison Luxury Boutique Hotel

Sugar Beach, A Vice Roy Resort


Belmond La Samanna


Mandarin Oriental Pink Sands Club, Canaoun Island

Petit St.Vincent Private Island

Sandy Lane Yacht Club & Residences


The Villas at Stonehaven


The Palms

The Shore Club


Ritz-Carlton Destination Club Residences

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A perfect adornment for a ball gown.

Chopard Julia Roberts’ The high jewellery set sparkles with green emeralds, red rubellites, and sky-blue turquoise unveiled at the prestigious Chopard High Jewellery event in Los Angeles. Julia Roberts’ favourite gem comprising a spectacular set in a ring, a necklace, and a pair of earrings, the vibrant hues evoke a blend of traditional Indian jewellery with a modern twist. An Exceptional Gem, the collection’s focus is the Insofu Emerald, a gemstone named after the Bemba word for ‘elephant,’ due to its impressive rough size of 6,225 carats. Chopard’s passion for Mother Earth’s treasures is reflected in the discovery and transformation of this exceptional emerald into jewellery, with Julia Roberts’s personal artistic vision adding a unique touch. / P

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Photos courtesy of ©Chopard

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