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Northern Sky Theater

In These Pages 5 Welcome from the Chairperson of the Board

22 Writing The Fisherman’s Daughters

6 Tell Me a Story and Sing Me a Song!

26 Not Even Remotely A Pandemic Curveball

14 Silver Linings –OR– Why You All Are So Dang Special

32 Local Is Magical

18 California Dreaming

by Jeff Herbst

by Cyndy Stiehl

by Jeff Herbst

by Molly Rhode

by Fred ‘Doc’ Heide

61 A Tribute to Neen Rock

by Katie Dahl

by Stephen Kovacs

by Dave Hudson

36 The “Magic” of Theater 44 Out of the Woods by Fred ‘Doc’ Heide

48 Constellation Campaign & Campaign Donors 79 The Fisherman’s Daughters 85 Tongue ‘n Cheek 89 Not Even Remotely 95 Whatever Happened to Karl Janko? 103 Naked Radio 122 Northern Sky Donors 148 Volunteers 151 Index of Advertisers 152 Sponsors 153 Donation Form

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Northern Sky Theater acknowledges that the land we now call Door County was nurtured and revered for centuries by native peoples, including the Bodéwadmiakiwen (Potawatomi), Omaeqnomenew-ahkew (Menominee), Ojibwa, Ho Chunk, Sauk, Myaamia (Miami) and Odawa nations. May we honor their legacy with respect.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2021 Cyndy Stiehl

Mark Breseman

Jeff Herbst

Susan Caldwell

Dave Maier

Vice Chairperson

Katie Dahl

Michael J. McCoy

Thomas A. Moore

Eric DeJardin

John Sawyer

Board Chairperson

Heidi Ling


Frederick J. Heide



Northern Sky Theater

MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRPERSON OF THE BOARD Thrilled! We are thrilled! Did I say we are THRILLED! Yes, we are elated to be able to provide “in person” seasons at both of our venues in Peninsula State Park and at our Creative Center in the Gould Theater.

Cyndy sat down with Jeff Herbst to talk ALL THINGS NORTHERN SKY.

Our brilliant artists have scheduled five titles that will be presented between June and November. Of course, things will appear different this year (Check Covid-19 protocols). But we will be together in person, laughing, crying, appreciating, and applauding all of the marvelous songs and characters we will see and hear from stage. So much gratitude is sent to Peninsula State Park for their continued cooperation and efforts to help us use our beautiful amphitheater this year. Also, so much gratitude is heaped upon our creative staff, actors, singers, and tech people for providing a brilliant Winter Virtual Season. And a million thank yous must be sent to all of our patrons, donors, and sponsors. We are here and healthy because of all of you. It cannot be said enough! Thank you for your continued support and faith that we would persevere. So often, from the amphitheater stage in the Park, after the play is over, Jeff Herbst or another actor will thank and bid good-bye to the audience with the same phrase. There is more poignance in the phrase this year as we anticipate gathering. It brings to mind the joy of hearing our favorites songs, laughing with our whole family, and making lasting memories. So I end this message as they do from stage. “We will see you... under the stars!” Cyndy Stiehl

Board Chairperson


TELL ME A STORY AND SING ME A SONG Jeff Herbst, Artistic Director For over fifty years, the park amphitheater has come alive in the summer with stories and songs wafting through the pines into the ether to the stars above. We’ve decided to draw on that core experience of storytelling and singing, like our predecessor the Heritage Ensemble, to craft our 2021 Northern Sky season. Because of Covid safety issues and delays in getting permission to perform, we have chosen and created shows that are designed to be presented within any ongoing constraints governed by forces still beyond our control. All of the shows truly celebrate the characters, their story, and why it is they need to burst into song in order to express themselves. Rather than present shows in repertory as we usually do, we’ll run each show 4-6 weeks at a time, in order to minimize the number of people working together at any given time. This also allows us to hire more people, albeit for shorter periods, giving contracts to over 40 artists, all of whom have been out of regular theater work for over a year now. To ensure Covid safety, the shows in the park have been developed to be performed with minimal staging and without traditional scenery and props. We simply had no way of planning for (finding, hiring, housing) a full crew to handle putting up and taking down sets, managing a dressing room and all of the costume needs, etc. As a result, the shows that we’ve chosen to do in the park aren’t at all compromised, but are customized for our circumstances. That’s the beauty of doing original work. In the Gould, we’ll be able to put up a set and leave it up and the shows being presented indoors are small cast and self-contained. As a result, they will be performed with full production values.


Northern Sky Theater

At the Park I’m hooked. The Fisherman’s Daughters (by Katie Dahl; runs in the park June 14-July 10) tells the story of two sisters in 1908 Fish Creek who must reckon with their differences when Wisconsin’s governor decides to turn their homestead into part of Peninsula State Park. We had intended to do a world premiere, full production of Fisherman’s Daughters this year, but instead will do what we’re calling a preview production that will be fully acted, sung, and orchestrated. Customized for our circumstances! We have a stellar trio of musicians (Andrew Crowe, Dennis Johnson, and John Lewis) and a crackerjack arranger (Alissa Rhode), who will be collaborating on realizing Katie’s score and bringing it to colorful life. The cast of four will comprise Kelly Doherty, Eva Nimmer, Chase Stoeger, and Alex Campea, all of whom have been associated with the show since its first reading in 2016. Molly Rhode, who has spearheaded the development of the piece, will direct. Jimmy Balistreri will be on hand, after interning with us in 2018, as our assistant technical director, and he will create all lighting designs for the three park shows. Shawn Galligan has been promoted to our Equity stage manager position. He will be joined by Isaiah Spetz and Hayden Hoffman as his assistants for all things needing to happen to manage the park operation. Dan Klarer will facilitate a single clothing look for each of the actors, which will help minimize backstage and dressing room traffic. Although we don’t have a full intern crew this year, we will have an audio intern, John Johnson, on board at the park.


TELL ME A STORY AND SING ME A SONG (continued from page 7) No cows were harmed (or milked) during the making of this musical. Tongue ’n Cheek (by Fred Alley and James Kaplan; runs in the park July 12-August 7) is an old-time radio comedy about a long-suffering farm wife, her work-averse husband, a snake oil salesman, and the young woman he tries to woo. Tongue ’n Cheek was the first book musical that Fred Alley wrote for Northern Sky, in 1991. All the songs for that production were existing folk songs that Fred used to enrich his story. Fred was inspired by Prairie Home Companion and wrote the show to be performed like a live radio play. The five characters step up to mics to tell the story and provide musical accompaniment for the songs. In 1997, Fred augmented the show by adding opening and closing musical numbers with music composed by James. The initial production was specifically written for the actors who originated the roles, a trademark of Northern Sky shows that continues to this day. Although the cast this time around will all be new to the piece, they have all appeared on stage at Northern Sky, and, in every case, had roles written for them to premiere. I will direct the veteran cast comprising Dan Klarer, Lachrisa Grandberry, Isaiah Spetz, Jamie Mercado, and Anna Cline. Andrew Crowe will provide musical direction and play multiple instruments for accompaniment, augmented by cast members. This show will be staged as originally intended. Customization built in!


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Northern Sky Theater

Unsolved mysteries. Whatever Happened to Karl Janko? (by Matt Zembrowski; runs in the park August 9-September 18) is a musical mystery comedy based on a real-life unsolved mystery in small-town Wisconsin. Matt, who wrote Doctor! Doctor! and Dad’s Season Tickets, is always at work on the next project. He had a couple of things that were in the pipeline before the pandemic hit, but he quickly realized that his writing skills might be better used for the immediate circumstances we were facing. So he changed course and started working on a show he had in mind inspired by a missing person’s case in Door County that had never been solved. The similarities basically end there, with Matt focusing his attention on the made-up characters, including Karl Janko, who is the missing person, and how those in the town he disappeared from respond to an outsider coming in to find out the real story. Matt has written the play to be performed by five people, all taking on multiple roles. The cast of five will be Doc Heide, Doug Mancheski, Karen Mal, Lachrisa Grandberry, and me, Jeff Herbst. Molly will direct and Alissa will provide piano arrangements, musical direction and live accompaniment, which will be augmented by the cast. Isn’t it amazing that we have writers at Northern Sky who customize on the spot to bring you another Northern Sky world premiere?

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TELL ME A STORY AND SING ME A SONG (continued from page 9)

In the Gould It’s Alive! Not Even Remotely (written by Richard Carsey and Stephen Kovacs; runs at the Gould July 12-August 7 and virtually May 30-June 3) tells the story of two actors who are forced to mount an extravagant musical version of Frankenstein over Zoom. Richard and Steve, with a story assist from Corrie Beula Kovacs, set out to create a piece completely reflective of the circumstances we all had found ourselves in with trying to present theater once the pandemic hit. Every theater company’s season, no matter where they were in the process of rehearsal or performing, was immediately shut down. Well, these two actors aren’t content to let the piece they had poured their creative spirits into just lie fallow. For starters, they have an obligation to present something in order to keep a grant they had been awarded, so in their case, the show had to go on. You can imagine how much might go wrong as two actors have to play all the roles in a sprawling musical and what hilarity could ensue from their attempts to pull this off. We have engaged Richard and Steve as authors but also as part of a creative team of five to get this show ready in all aspects for a live virtual run. That team also includes director/stage manager Nadja Simmonds and actors Doug Clemons and Alex Campea. Not Even Remotely had its premiere virtual performance as the culminating event of Raise the Curtain on May 30 and continued with nightly live performances (streamed from a condo in Milwaukee!) through June 3. The wonderful thing about this show is that it also lends itself to being done in a theater with a live audience. So we will present it in the Gould and run it for four weeks concurrent with Tongue ’n Cheek, playing in the park. This will be our first experience with doing two shows at once in both venues. It’s our answer, this particular season, to doing repertory theater. Dave Alley will make the transfer to the Gould from the park to design lights and run sound for this production.


Northern Sky Theater

Where’s your pants? Naked Radio (written by Dave Hudson and Paul Libman; runs in the Gould August 23-November 6) is the story of two local DJs forced to improvise programming when a snowstorm knocks out their station’s pre-programmed feed. We premiered Naked Radio in 2017 at the Door Community Auditorium and had planned on remounting it in 2020. This show is particularly apt this season because it’s entirely self-contained. The three actors provide everything that is needed for musical accompaniment and are all onstage almost the entire show. Molly Rhode will reprise her tour de force portrayal of all the townspeople. Chase Stoeger, who was in the original cast, will be joined by Andrew Crowe, who did the very first reading of the show back in 2016, but this round Chase will play the character Bart while Andrew will take Chase’s previous role, Mike. We will remount the show using Lisa Schlenker’s set and Karen BrownLarimore’s costumes. Naked Radio addressed the issue of how to quickly pivot before anyone knew that it would become the word of the year in 2020, especially for theater companies. In order to keep things consistent between venues and to adhere to prescribed safety protocols, we will be doing all of our inperson performances at 7:30, Monday through Saturday. We are also going to experiment with going almost three weeks later in the park than we usually do, by running ...Karl Janko through September 18th. We trust that you’ll find your way, out of curiosity or habit, back to the park and now the Gould, as audiences have done for over fifty years. We also hope that your desire to share a laugh in good company is keener than ever. This season was, as always, designed with you in mind. We are eager to be together with you again, under the stars, sharing stories and singing songs.

Jeff Herbst Artistic Director


JEFF HERBST Artistic Director / Performer / Director Jeff Herbst has been with Northern Sky since 1991 and became Artistic Director in 1993. He began his collaboration with the Heritage Ensemble, Northern Sky’s predecessor, in 1985 as part of the Governor Dodge State Park troupe and then migrated north to direct for the Peninsula State Park group in 1988 and 1989. He has worked on over sixty original productions with Northern Sky, including Guys on Ice, Lumberjacks in Love, Packer Fans from Outer Space, and Bone Dance. Jeff was instrumental in developing Northern Sky’s New Works Program and the Fred Alley New Musical Fund, nurturing writing teams in bringing an original work “from the page to the stage.” Jeff has an MFA in Acting from the Asolo Conservatory and has performed on and off Broadway, as well as at regional theatres throughout the United States. He and Fred Alley were honored in 2017 with the Distinguished Alumni Award from their alma mater, Mt. Horeb High School, for their work in creating original musical theater.

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Northern Sky Theater

DAVE MAIER Managing Director This is Dave’s fourteenth year with Northern Sky and his twelfth as Managing Director. He met his muse, Barb, when they attended the UW-Madison Theatre program together. Later, after graduating from the American Conservatory Theater Advanced Training Academy in San Francisco, Dave joined the A.C.T. acting company as an Equity actor, eventually assuming additional roles as a conservatory trainer, literary coordinator, and stage director. He was also production manager of A.C.T.’s Plays-in-Progress Program, where he helped produce over thirty premiere productions, many of which he either designed or directed. He co-founded and served eight years as Artistic Director for Encore Theatre Company in San Francisco, a critically acclaimed experimental theater company. Dave and Barb have two beautiful grown sons, and they’ve been blessed to call Door County home for almost thirty years now.

Exhibits and events that highlight the culture of the Belgian settlements



AUG. OCT. Booyah To Go Traditional Great Fire 15 Kermiss Festival 8-10 Remembrance Drive-Thru WWW.BELGIANHERITAGECENTER.ORG

Hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 1255 County DK Brussels, WI 54204


SILVER LININGS –OR– WHY YOU ALL ARE SO DANG SPECIAL Molly Rhode, Associate Artistic Director Did you know that when we gather in the theater to have a shared experience as an audience, our heartbeats synchronize? It’s true. Isn’t that simply wonderful? It’s what I missed the most in the early part of last summer–not having the chance to laugh and cry with you, and to be in sync, in that awesome elevated state of community. But I was in for a surprise. In pausing to reflect on all Northern Sky has accomplished since cancelling our 30th anniversary season, I’m kinda gobsmacked at how much connection we created anew. We’ve been hustling, brainstorming, inventing (and reinventing) for 14 straight months; and we’ve rarely taken the time to come up for air. By my count, we’ve had 58 distinct special events to offer our fans this past year. Fifty-eight! I couldn’t believe it. But it’s true. 3 Cabarets (with Doug Clemons, Allie Babich, and Ray Jivoff) 2 Playlist Concerts (hosted by Mary Seeberg and Doug Mancheski) 6 Archive Concerts (Love Songs, Silly Songs, Lipstick Optional, Songs of Hope, Decade of Delight, and A December to Remember) 2 Author Events (Trunk Songs, and The New Year with Northern Sky– featuring 21 of our beloved authors!) 4 Winter Season Concerts (with Eric Lewis, Doc Heide, Claudia Russell & Bruce Kaplan, and Karen Mal & Will Taylor) 5 Reunion Events (Lumberjacks in Love, Guys on Ice, Bone Dance, And If Elected, and Heritage Ensemble!) 1 Full Production Archive shared for the first time ever (Malarkey!: 1993 in the Park)


Northern Sky Theater

1 Lumberjack Car Wash (I think Dirty Bob washed over 100 cars.) 26 Jeff & Katie Shows (You read that right, 26! Featuring MORE than 26 special guests!) 5 Meetings of Play Club (where we read Northern Lights, Our Night In Frog Station, Tongue ’n Cheek, The Passage and See Jane Vote. All over Zoom, of course.) 3 Huge Gala Events (Raise the Curtain: Wherever You Are, Home for the Holidays: Wherever You Are, and Raise the Curtain: Take a Leap!) And this list doesn’t even account for the over 250 videos uploaded to our YouTube Channel in the past year–videos made by our artists that were shared on social media and in our Northern Sky at Home email series. I’m just gonna say it. I am REALLY stinkin’ proud of us. The year was crazy-pants. We all know it. But we were all in it together. And it felt SO GOOD to stay connected with you. We threw as much creativity as we could muster at a seemingly impossible task: how do you make theater when you can’t assemble an audience? Well, it turns out that a pretty good way forward is to have unflinchingly loyal fans who will follow you into the unknown without hesitation. You all did that for us. You made the critical difference. You tried any goofy thing we cooked up. You tuned in, you reached out, you let us know that what we were doing mattered to you. And the unexpected silver lining is that after a year of being apart, we’ve never felt more connected to you. That same glorious silver lining we found with our audience also applied to our artist family. The reunions and special events enabled us to re-connect with artists from all generations of our organization. And while we kept plenty busy with the events listed above, we were also hard at work on new play


SILVER LININGS (continued from page 15) development. We did 14 play readings this past year for eight brand new shows and even held our first-ever virtual workshop. Jeff and I also met with new writing teams that pitched us superb show ideas, and we launched our first-ever writing circle, in which artists are flexing their muscles and taking inspiration from each other. New works are alive and well! All this activity means we have worked with many more artists in the past year than we could usually engage in an average season. All this connectivity, with both our audience and our artists, has both buoyed me and anchored me. That aspect of this pandemic experience has been pretty magical and utterly unexpected. I feel closer to my colleagues and more uplifted by our audience than I’d ever really envisioned as possible. I am immeasurably grateful. Before closing, I must acknowledge the grit, gumption, and good faith of our board of directors. In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, they made the bold decision to keep our staff at full employment. Without our whole team in place, we never could have managed the extraordinary amount of activity and programming we offered since last spring. Thank you to those lovely, intrepid leaders. It was a gift to be able to continue creating new work in new ways, with artists I love, for fans that we love. Now, let’s get back together and synchronize our heartbeats.

Molly Rhode Associate Artistic Director #PossumTrotChallenge 2020


Northern Sky Theater

MOLLY RHODE Associate Artistic Director / Performer / Director Molly is blissfully exhausted from this past year of new creative horizons, and she’s crazy proud to have gone through it all with the Northern Sky family. She joined the company as an actor in 2007, directed her first new work in Pen Park in 2013, and joined the staff as Associate Artistic Director in 2014. Her focus is New Play Development, and she is honored to work closely with so many extraordinary authors. Molly sends big love out to all the Northern Sky artists, both current and alumni, that made the past year an unforgettable journey of community. Big love to all our fans too–thanks for stickin’ with us–we get to do plays again, ya’ll!

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CALIFORNIA DREAMING Doc Heide, Artistic Advisor & Co-Founder “Ho, boys, ho! To California go! There’s plenty of gold, so we’ve been told, on the banks of the Sacramento!” These lyrics from a folk song in the 1983 Heritage Ensemble show Badger 49ers capture the thrill generations of Americans have felt seeking their fortunes in the Golden State. At the end of a summer performing in that show at Peninsula State Park, I joined their ranks. I was launching a new career, teaching clinical grad students at the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) in the San Francisco Bay Area. Though I left that job last spring and moved home permanently to Wisconsin, what we now call Northern Sky Theater is still being significantly shaped by the Land of the Setting Sun. By 1983 I’d been in the Ensemble for a decade, having joined during college at UW-Green Bay and returning here most summers from my Pennsylvania doctoral program to perform in it. In fact, I loved it so much that I negotiated with CSPP to let me leave a month early each spring so I could drive home to rehearsals. The CSPP job was ¾ time, which proved fortuitous when Ensemble founder Dave Peterson asked me to write yearly shows starting in 1984. Working part-time allowed travel for show research to Wisconsin, Colorado, New England, Ireland, Belgium, and Scandinavia, as well as to conduct New York City auditions. California itself held riches such as the John Muir National Historic Site, useful in creating The Mountains Call My Name. By the end of the 1980’s, Ensemble member Fred Alley moved to Berkeley to produce a CD of my original songs, which became


Northern Sky Theater

Lessons I Learned from the Moon. He found a job selling stereos at a funky Telegraph Avenue store and soon befriended a recent arrival from New Jersey, Jimmy Kaplan. Fred and Jimmy’s first shows were written in California (e.g., this year’s Tongue ‘n Cheek, chockful of Wisconsin sayings and folksongs despite its West Coast birthplace). Many of their projects became icons for our newly founded American Folklore Theatre (AFT), including Lumberjacks in Love and Guys on Ice. And Jimmy’s sister-inlaw Claudia Russell (a Bay Area resident), became a valued contributor to our troupe. Fred lived on and off for several years in the Bay Area, at one point crashing 6 weeks on the floor of my basement apartment. One night shortly before Christmas 1992, we watched a video of Oliver Stone’s The Doors. I was moved by how their lead singer Jim Morrison, for all his failings, at least followed his artistic dream (in contrast to my self-induced pressure to be an academic psychologist). Talking this over with Fred, he suggested writing a journal. I did. The logjam in my brain began to break up. Then one morning that spring, Fred got frustrated because I was on a period of vocal rest and had to communicate by writing. While running in the Berkeley Hills, I had the quirky thought, “What if Fred and I had been reincarnated through eternity to resolve our conflicts together?” I came home and wrote the synopsis for Belgians in Heaven, eventually asking Jimmy to contribute music to that and other shows. A few months later, resting against a regal 2000-year-old tree in Sequoia National Park, the show’s opening scene unfolded in my mind. Soon I’d also be collaborating with Lee Becker, whom Fred had hired to perform Mildred the Chicken in Belgians. To finance Lee’s trips to California to work on Packer Fans from Outer Space, we began teaching my psychology students improvisational acting skills we’d learned at AFT from Second City’s founding director Paul Sills. (At first, we had no idea why this was relevant to


CALIFORNIA DREAMING (continued from page 19) clinical psychology, but eventually realized that improv promoted everything from charismatic communication to mindfulness). For the next 20+ years, Lee flew out to the Bay Area every spring for a week or two to work on our latest project. Our writing procedure was to stroll the towering bluffs of Point Reyes National Seashore or sit on a bench deep in Redwood National Park, inviting Nature to be our muse. We’d continue work over a dinner of hot Thai curry or sag paneer, then return to my Berkeley apartment to watch a video while the sun sank behind the Golden Gate Bridge. The last time I saw Fred was in the spring of 2001. We’d gone to St. Orres, a resort he loved north of San Francisco, to work on a show to be titled Big Fat Liars. Fred passed away a few weeks later after returning to Wisconsin, and I transformed material from that unfinished show into Bob Dumkee’s Farm with help from Lee and Amy Chaffee (another Wisconsinite who found her footing in California). To this day California continues to contribute writers to our team who’ve generated shows such as When Butter Churns to Gold, Oklahoma in Wisconsin, and the forthcoming Love Stings. As you see, California was the launchpad for much of our work. The gold we found wasn’t on the banks of the Sacramento River, but in the dizzying freedom to create, the inspiration from impossibly tall trees, the sense that anything was possible. Long a refuge for dreamers and rapscallions, California opened its arms wide to our inchoate longings to be artists. Would we have written these shows in some other state? Perhaps. But it wouldn’t have been as half as much fun. Doc Heide Artistic Advisor


Northern Sky Theater

DOC HEIDE Artistic Advisor / Co-Founder / Playwright Doc, who’s been on the Peninsula stage since 1973, is co-author of 20 musicals including Belgians in Heaven, Packer Fans from Outer Space, and Guys & Does. He retired from fulltime teaching last spring at the California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco and now lives in Door County. This year he’s been supervising doctoral theses, publishing research, writing songs, and forgetting the lyrics of songs he previously wrote. He also presented online courses on mindfulness and self-compassion through Northern Sky and was the final performer (with his wife Jody) in our virtual Winter Season.

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WRITING THE FISHERMAN’S DAUGHTERS Katie Dahl, Playwright & Composer Thirty years ago this summer, my grandparents, my mom, and I tramped down a trail through the Peninsula State Park cedars to the Northern Sky amphitheater for the first time. I was eight. I didn’t know it then, but when I sat my eight-year-old self down on one of those hard wooden benches (no seat cushions back then!), a little root planted itself. The fact that decades later I became a Northern Sky playwright feels both as natural and as miraculous as any woodland flower. Other musical theater writers grew up revering Sondheim; I didn’t know who he was. The theater writers I grew up revering were James Kaplan, James Valcq, Doc Heide, and Fred Alley. And the stories and songs they wrote took place on the peninsula where my family had been living for 150 years. I learned from them the beauty of clear-eyed, heart-filled songs and the music that lies in even the most mundane small-town Door County interactions. And so it makes all kinds of sense that my latest play is set against the backdrop of the creation of the very state park where that playwright root planted itself thirty years ago. The Fisherman’s Daughters tells the story of two sisters trying to heal their ruptured relationship and trying to stop the state of Wisconsin from turning their family homestead into—you guessed it—Peninsula State Park. 1 2/6/18 1:10 PM CHR_program Mar 4_75x1_625 copy2018.pdf

Experience Exquisite Views

1,100' shoreline, 27 wooded acres Private, water view balconies Whirlpools, fireplaces & suites We welcome adults & children 13yrs+ Dog friendly rooms by adv. resv.


2468 Sunnyside Road Sister Bay, Door County, WI 54234


Northern Sky Theater

4.75 x 1.625

*** After Victory Farm (the show I co-wrote with Emilie Coulson and James Valcq) closed following its second run in 2013, I felt theatrically antsy. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a show brought to life onstage and viewed by audiences, wonderful enough to almost make you forget all the time and angst you put into the show in the first place—six years’ gestation in the case of Victory Farm, and now eight in the case of The Fisherman’s Daughters. So I went on the lookout for a story to write. In a fit of impatient desire for inspiration, I drove to Peninsula Bookman (located along the Fish Creek main drag, a spot that would turn out to be central to my show) and bought a copy of Fish Creek Voices, a collection of oral histories published in 1990. On page 32, I read a personal account from the book’s editor, Edward Schreiber: “Two very interesting spinster sisters lived quite spartanly in an old house in the park, high upon an escarpment facing the waters of Green Bay. Their names were Ella and Vida Weborg. I used to deliver groceries to their home, sometimes having to climb up the icy hill with a fifty-pound sack of flour or a five-gallon can of coal oil (kerosene) for their lamps and oil stove.” On the bottom of the page, I wrote: “The Spinster Sisters of Peninsula State Park???” and thus began the journey of The Fisherman’s Daughters. Three of the four characters—two sisters and their delivery boy—were conceived in that very paragraph. When I read that the Weborg sisters had fought the state’s attempt to assimilate their family homestead into the nascent Peninsula State Park, and also that Ella Weborg liked to walk downtown for seemingly no reason, wearing a man’s coat and wheedling folks into giving her a ride home, I knew I had enough for a great story—though it would be three years before I finished my first full draft.


FISHERMAN’S DAUGHTERS (continued from page 23) The Fisherman’s Daughters is not an account, factual or otherwise, of the Weborg sisters’ life—it is entirely a fiction, an act of wild imagination. Because I neither wanted to weight my imagination down with reality nor to represent the lives of these real-life women inaccurately, I gave the two sisters in my story new names: Sarah and Nora Peterson. I gave Nora a life in Chicago (though she travels home to Fish Creek at the beginning of the play). I called their delivery boy Charlie, and I invented a government employee, John Murphy, and a state department for him to work in: The Department of Land Preservation. And I wrote about the lives I imagined for them. *** The Fisherman’s Daughters is story about love: the love two sisters share for one another, the love they share for the place where they live, and (on a meta-level) my love of storytelling that took root in that same place. And like any good love story, all these relationships are full of complexity and frustration and longing. Looking back, the creation of Peninsula State Park seems to me so clearly a public good—yet I also empathize entirely with two sisters who would vehemently fight not to have their beloved home swept up into it. The public good is fine and dandy until it creates a private loss, at which point we have to reckon with the gap that creates. In some ways, The Fisherman’s Daughters is about the difference between the kind of love we’re best able to perceive with the benefit of distance, chronological or geographical, and that which we’re better able to see close up. As we emerge from a year of pandemic, I feel more keenly than ever Sarah and Nora’s loneliness, the disparity between what’s good for many and what’s good for a few, and the precious gift of space and nature we’ve been given here in Door County.


Northern Sky Theater

KATIE DAHL Playwright / Composer / Lyricist Katie is a playwright and nationally touring singersongwriter who makes her year-round home in Baileys Harbor. Katie is known to Northern Sky audiences for her musical Victory Farm (co-written with Emilie Coulson and James Valcq), her singing and baking on The Jeff & Katie Show, and her frequent appearances on stages throughout Door County and beyond. Katie’s latest album, Wildwood, spent several months near the top of the national folk radio charts, and esteemed songwriter Dar Williams has called Katie’s work “the very best kind of songwriting.” You can learn more about Katie’s music at katiedahlmusic. com. Katie spent her pandemic performing Curbside Song Dropoffs in her bright blue “Songmobile” van, writing plays, hanging out with her husband, Rich, and five-year-oldson, Guthrie, and wrangling a new puppy. This one’s for Neen.





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New in 2016... A wonderful selection of local/regional brews and fine red/white wines!

The Clearing FOLK SCHOOL


920.854.2034 | Corner of Church Street & Hwy 42 (Water Street) | Downtown Ephraim OPEN YEAR ROUND | CARRY-OUT | OUTDOOR SEATING | WIFI

920 - 854 - 4088 WWW.THECLEARING.ORG


NOT EVEN REMOTELY A PANDEMIC CURVEBALL Steve Kovacs, Playwright “When are you guys gonna write another show?” – numerous audience members, summer of 2019 “Another show? Give us ten years.” – Corrie Beula Kovacs and Steve Kovacs, authors of We Like It Where? In the spring of 2020, Corrie Beula Kovacs and I were looking for ways to keep our vocal studio connected to our theater community. Like so many other businesses, we had pivoted (I know, the dreaded “p” word) and moved our lessons online. But with quarantine also came the cancelation and closing of all theatrical productions, professional, regional and amateur alike. That’s when we decided to start a series called Livestream Singing Saturdays on Facebook. We performed musical theater songs with weekly special guests in a cabaret-style format. As I checked the stream during the shows, I would inevitably monitor the viewer count. I found myself irrationally disappointed when only 12 or so people (usually the same dozen every week) tuned in. We were working hard to put together quality shows. Why was the viewership so low? However, disappointment was replaced by satisfaction when I reframed the situation for what it was. In a strange time when almost everything shut down and moved to a virtual format, we had 12 people who cared deeply about who we are and what we do…enough so to tune in every week. And from that standpoint, we accomplished what we set out to do: we stayed connected to our community. The experience caught my attention as an interesting premise for a show. “Corrie”, I said, “Wouldn’t that be funny? A show about two people trying (and failing) to do musical theater online?” She liked the idea instantly. With extra time on our hands due to


Northern Sky Theater

work lost from the pandemic, we suddenly went from wanting a decade off writing to jumping back in headfirst. Then life threw us another curveball: Corrie had been hired fulltime in a non-profit small business advisory role. That was great news for us, but between the new job and studio hours, it meant she would have next to no time for writing a show. And being that the songs I wrote for We Like It Where? were the first musical theater songs I’d ever written, I was confident it would take me five years to write all the music for another show by myself. Enter the incomparable Richard Carsey! Richard helped us develop We Like It Where? and we absolutely adored working with him. He is a rare breed in theater: a brilliant musician who is also a brilliant storyteller. He is also one of the kindest, most compassionate collaborators we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. When Richard climbed on board, he had an immediate, positive impact on the show. He suggested moving away from the idea of a cabaret-style show and have the characters attempt a musical with a narrative. Something familiar that the audience can easily track as they watch the two performers struggle. A meme he’d seen of Mayor Larry Vaughn from Jaws provided a creative spark to use an old horror story with similar themes to Jaws and its very own patchwork monster: Frankenstein! Richard also kept the writing focused on the sincerity of the show-within-the-show. Sam and Chris believe in the Frankenstein musical they’ve written. It’s a bold, elevated take on the classic story in the style of Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables and Jekyll and Hyde. It proved challenging to essentially write two shows: the sweeping epic written by the characters and their ill-fated attempt to perform it virtually. The other substantial challenge was realizing that this show is relevant and eminently producible right now; the quicker we could write it, the better. Richard and I have been living in the


NOT EVEN REMOTELY (continued from page 27) shoes of our characters, trying to put something together on a very tight schedule. We know the challenges of creativity on a countdown timer! The pandemic has taken away so much from so many that it can be hard to find silver linings, but the simple fact is that Not Even Remotely wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the pandemic. Aside from the probability that the idea never would have crossed my mind, I likely would have stuck to my “decade off of writing” mantra and Richard, being a highly sought-after Broadway conductor, would have been far too busy to write a musical. It’s a small consolation in the midst of a world turned upside down, but we’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this show and we’re very proud of our little monster!

B B the Green painter BoB Ryan (920) 746-0549

a nd V ertica l Su r face S

Much the same as the livestreams that inspired it, we have delighted in staying connected to our Northern Sky Theater community through the development of this show. We are so proud to be a part of Northern Sky’s grand reopening season. As is echoed by our characters, we are humbled to be able to present this show on behalf of all the theaters that can’t right now. And we are thrilled for our audience to see the show. If all goes to plan, it will leave you much the same as our monster: in stitches.

Interior & Exterior Environmentally Friendly Paints Available SpecializinG in horizontal


Northern Sky Theater

STEPHEN KOVACS Composer / Lyricist / Playwright

Stephen is thrilled for the world premiere of Not Even Remotely. A former music teacher, Stephen co-owns and operates Show How, LLC with his wife, Corrie. Together they provide performing arts training and services in the Fox Cities. Previous credits include co-author, composer and lyricist of 2019’s Northern Sky world premiere We Like It Where?, Play-by-Play Theatre’s production of Baby: The Musical (Nick), Guys on Ice (Marvin) and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Panch). Thanks to Corrie for her support, Molly and Jeff for their guidance, Alex, Doug and Nadja for their enthusiasm, and Richard for sharing your creative gifts.

RICHARD CARSEY Composer / Lyricist / Playwright Richard enjoys a varied career as conductor, pianist, actor and writer. He is the Music Director for Disney on Classic, a concert tour of Japan, featuring 8 singers from the US and the 50-piece Orchestra Japan. US national tours include The Phantom of the Opera, La Cage aux Folles, and Little House on the Prairie, the Musical. For many years he was Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the Skylight Opera Theatre in Milwaukee, conducting over 60 productions including several world premieres. He is a frequent guest conductor for symphony orchestras across the US, often working with Windborne Music, which presents classic rock and roll with orchestra. As actor, Richard has appeared in the play 2 Pianos, 4 Hands in regional theaters across the US and Canada. As a pianist and arranger, he has performed in over 25 countries. At Lincoln Center Theater in New York he was music supervisor for the world premiere musical A Minister’s Wife. On Broadway he was music director for The House of Blue Leaves starring Ben Stiller. He is currently a conductor for The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, where he also recently conducted the revival of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel with Joshua Henry, Jessie Mueller, and Renée Fleming. Richard is thrilled to be working with the artists of Northern Sky!


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7643 Hillside Road | Egg Harbor | 920.868.5162

Northern Sky Theater

CORRIE BEULA KOVACS Playwright / Performer / Pun-maker Corrie is delighted to be connected with Northern Sky Theater again! You might have seen Corrie in We Like It Where? ( Dotty) or in Dairy Heirs (Elsie) during the 2019 summer season with Northern Sky Theater. Favorite roles include The Bachelors (Kate), Baby (Pam) with Play by Play, Hairspray (Penny Pingleton), I Do! I Do! (She/Agnes). Corrie owns and operates Show How Studio, with her husband, where they provide lessons to aspiring performers. She loves animals, sunshine, and books. Thanks all for the opportunity to be in the Zoom Room and part of the team.

The look

that’s right for YOU.

165 N. 3rd Avenue, Sturgeon Bay 920.743.2020 •


LOCAL IS MAGICAL Dave Hudson, Writer & Lyricist I’ve always been someone who likes ‘local’. When I go to new towns and cities, I always look for the local things; the tiny history museum (I still want to visit the mustard museum in Middleton when I get the chance). Of course, I also look for the unique restaurants. While Olive Garden and Chili’s offer consistency, they don’t offer that local flavor. It was this curiosity of mine that led me to the Possum Trot Supper Club in Oakwood, Illinois, just outside of Danville. It’s a really nice supper club with great food and service. It also has a great name. By the way, as I understand it, a Possum Trot means a style of house (they are also sometimes called dog trots). It is the kind of house that has two parts and a breezeway in between. My guess is that the Possum Trot started out in a home like that. Point being, that name always stuck with me, so when we wrote Naked Radio, I decided to try and write it into a song. The idea behind the Possum Trot song is that sometime in the 30s or 40s, a local band got together and wrote the song and recorded it in one of those little studios that used to exist back in the day… and that is the only record the DJs have available during the show. To be clear, I never had any intention of making fun of the Possum Trot Supper Club; the song is really making fun of the not-so-good band that recorded the song. But local is magical. That’s the message of Naked Radio - that it takes a local radio station to serve as the rallying point for the community. Funny story about that. I graduated from high school in Troy, Montana and we didn’t have a radio station. We didn’t have radio. We were in an isolated valley and we had to drive out of


Northern Sky Theater

that area to pick up any stations. Our only sources of music were cassettes (yes, I’m that old), records, or MTV and Night Traxx on Friday nights. So, yes, I would have loved it if we’d had Sirius XM. But there were still things that bound us together like the local newspaper (remember those?). I don’t think I’m unique in this. I think that’s why so many of us like Door County. It is still ‘local’ in all the best ways. From the Red Putter to Mink River Basin, from Door County Brewing to Island Orchard Cider, we have so many places that are uniquely from ‘here’. One that always stands out for me is the White Gull Inn. By focusing locally, they made the national scene with their best breakfast in the country. What was breakfast? French Toast stuffed with cherries grown right here in the County. And, of course, that brings me around to Northern Sky Theater, a place that I consider a local AND national treasure. Here, we create plays that focus on the local flavor, but also do something that nobody else does anywhere in the country (or the world for that matter). We create new musicals every year, sometimes more than one. So, come on back to Door County and enjoy the most ‘local’ place you’ve ever visited. On your way in, grab some groceries at the Main Street Market (not a Safeway). Looking for somewhere to stay, try the Parkwood Lodge (not a Holiday Inn), then head over for an early dinner at the White Gull Inn (not a Red Lobster) before going (you guessed it) to the local, wonderful Northern Sky Theater to catch a brand new, local musical!

We love The Parkwood Lodge (and not just because they’re Northern Sky sponsors)! Author Matt Zembrowski put together this nifty little jingle to tell you how much we love it.


DAVE HUDSON Playwright / Lyricist Dave is the bookwriter and lyricist for almost 10 Northern Sky shows, including Muskie Love, Cheeseheads, and, of course, Naked Radio. With Paul Libman, he is a two-time winner of the Richard Rodgers Award for New Musicals. His plays have been produced around the country and around the world. With composer Denver Casado and bookwriter Jessica Penzias, their virtual play The Show Must Go Online was the most produced musical of 2020, with over a thousand productions in schools and theaters around the world. Dave is the proud father of three amazing grown children. Above all, he is always proud to say he is married to the amazing theater artist, Gigi Hudson, who runs her own theater in Oak Park, Illinois where she presents classes and musicals year-round (many of them written by Dave).

Great Food & Drinks!

On Kangaroo Lake




3026 County E • Baileys Harbor • 920.839.9192 •


Northern Sky Theater

PAUL LIBMAN Composer Musical theatre is Paul Libman’s latest stop on a journey that began with playing jazz piano, composing for television and radio commercials, and producing records. After winning the Richard Rodgers Award twice for two different musicals with collaborator Dave Hudson, Paul relocated to New York, where he currently is a member of the Lehman Engel BMI Advanced Musical Theatre Workshop. Now, having had eight successfully produced musicals, he continues to write with Dave Hudson and others. With lyricist Jack Lechner (The Kid, Off-Broadway) and film writer/director Ron Shelton (Bull Durham, White Men Can’t Jump), he’s composing the score for a new musical based on Blaze, a 1989 movie starring Paul Newman. This year, Paul is especially excited about the return to the Northern Sky stage of Dave’s and his most recent musical, Naked Radio.

Old Crow

Medicine Show


Marty Stuart and His

Mavis Staples AUGUST 19

Fabulous Superlatives


• Mighty Mouth with Special Guests JUNE 25 • Todd Carey JULY 8

• North Mississippi Allstars AUG. 16 • Dead Horses AUG. 28

• Eli Mattson JULY 24

• JC Brooks Band AUG. 4

• John Hiatt & The Jerry Douglas Band AUG. 22

• Steely Dane SEPT. 25

• Buckets of Rain OCT. 9 & 10 • Ballet Hispánico OCT. 20

• The Special Consensus JULY 2

• A Tale of Two JULY 17

• The Cactus Blossoms JULY 30

The Wailers SEPTEMBER 19

• Paula Poundstone OCT. 3

• Manitowoc Minute’s Charlie Berens OCT. 17

• The Four Tops OCT. 22

• Joanne Shenandoah NOV. 27

• The Glenn Miller Orchestra at Christmas DEC. 11



THE “MAGIC” OF THEATER Jeff Herbst, Artistic Director At Northern Sky, in a normal year, under normal circumstances, almost all of the details of our summer and fall performance season are settled at least a year before we open. By then, we have already vetted whatever premiere we might be staging through readings and workshops, and secured the actors and musicians attached to that project. A costumer has researched and sketched, a prop designer has started scouring bargain stores, and a scenic designer has drafted ground plans in readying the world of the play to come to life on the stage. Our admin team has discussed marketing, playbill, sponsors, and box office concerns and put action plans in place to make sure we have as many ways as possible to secure an audience and generate excitement. We then focus our attention on securing all the personnel needed to carry out the incredible amount of work it takes to do repertory theater, outdoors, six nights a week for eight performances. And do the same thing in another venue at the same time! We need a bevy of interns and technicians and the requisite housing to bring them in from out of town for the duration of our usual 15-week summer season and extended 9-week fall season. We need to line up hundreds of volunteers and a house staff to facilitate patron needs and comfort. Northern Sky might seem like a “small” theater company that magically makes things happen in the middle of the woods and now in the Gould Theater. Poof! A new show! But, as I just described, the machinery behind the curtain has been cranking away and the Wizard is really a steadfast crew of professionals who put in the hours and apply their expertise to conjure up delights well in advance of the moment anyone walks down the paths to the amphitheater or Gould. That’s a normal year, which, as we all know, was not 2020 and is not 2021. As COVID continued to loom from March of last year through to this new year, we knew that our upcoming season would be a difficult one to conjure up. How could we possibly


Northern Sky Theater

plan for anything, really, given that the park, under the auspices of the state-run DNR, was at a 50-person limit for any group gatherings? How could we possibly plan for professional theater when the actors’ union, Equity, was protecting their members’ safety by enforcing volumes of mitigation requirements before issuing any contracts? And even if the DNR upped the attendance allowance to 50% capacity, how could we plan a season that would make any financial sense at all with such reduced numbers? We scratched our heads and then, once again, started writing a new playbook linked, as needed, to a gazillion spreadsheets that included various options for getting live performances up and running. Budget sheets, personnel scenarios, start and end dates—anything we thought we needed to think about and even some stuff we were pretty sure we didn’t. For instance, we put together a 40-page document detailing our plan for COVID mitigation in order to satisfy the union and reassure the park that we would proceed safely. Well, all of those factors were fast becoming outdated as science played catch up and then surged ahead once the vaccination roll-out started to happen. Soon, we were being offered the option of operating as a “fully vaccinated” company, which meant we’d have our staff, visiting artists and volunteers all agree to be fully vaccinated two weeks before our first official rehearsal date. And then, after numerous email exchanges and drafted mitigation plans, the DNR relaxed the gathering maximum and is allowing for 25% capacity with the possibility of revisiting that cap based on how things develop. Luckily, we had put together our Plan A with the hope that both of these developments would eventually happen. We kept proceeding “as if” they would and kept at all of the detail work that would make Plan A possible. Even so, Plan A, by dint of circumstances, couldn’t be a plan that would overcommit us up front, especially financially. And also, because COVID was still a factor, we had to plan for an ultra-safe season, especially before we knew anything about the efficacy of the vaccines. We couldn’t be sure that our dressing rooms


would be a viable space for gathering, or if costuming would be problematic. We had no way of anticipating what our housing needs would be unless we planned something that minimized that need, no matter what developments took place. We had no way of guaranteeing employment, so we reached out to our artists to find out about availability and interest in returning if we got the go ahead. It was definitely an exercise in precariousness. Still is, really. But, we had enough to go on that we knew we had a real shot at having some kind of season, which led us to deciding what that season might look like given all the constraints. And, instead of seeing the limitations as an impediment, we decided to embrace them. Why not have a slate of shows that really emphasized our roots of singing songs and storytelling, like our predecessor troupe, the Heritage Ensemble? Why not employ our vast experience at creating new material that we knew our audience







Northern Sky Theater



5773 Highway 42, Sturgeon Bay

would find engaging because it’s a Northern Sky original? In other words, why not create exactly what we needed? Amazingly, coming out of a year of having no live performances, we will have two world premieres and a preview production on our stages this season. We will also revisit the very first book musical written by Fred Alley for our 1991 season, and we will bring back one of our hit fall shows for a run in the Gould. Plus, we will also launch the season with a premiere musical performed virtually to kick off Raise the Curtain on May 30th in anticipation of our first performance in the park on June 14th. And we’ll bring that show from the virtual world to the magical world of theater and present it live in the Gould, too. Poof! Out of nothing—something. Like a rabbit from a hat, right? See you under the stars—at long last—once again.





























Where Great Lakes maritime history comes alive!

ONE HISTORY… THREE PORTS OF CALL Door County Maritime Museum Sturgeon Bay Jim Kress Maritime Lighthouse Tower NOW OPEN

Ahoy! The Door County Maritime Museum is one of the peninsula’s treasures. Here to tell you all about it is our longtime actor and author Lee Becker, whose bass voice was made to sing sea shanties!

D o o r C o u n t y Wat e r f ro n t

Historic Village of Ephraim

relax at one of Door Countys

most historic waterfront resorts. Classic suites feature whirlpools, fireplaces, kitchens, living rooms & harbor view Open verandas! Year-Round

Cana Island Lighthouse Baileys Harbor Death’s Door Maritime Museum Gills Rock

920.743.5958 | | #dcmaritime 40

Northern Sky Theater

800-603-5331 w w w. e d g e - w a t e r r e s o r t . c o m

FRED ALLEY Co-Founder & Playwright Fred Alley collaborated on over 20 original shows at AFT. He wrote the book and lyrics for Lumberjacks in Love and Fishing for the Moon, and was a contributor to Bone Dance. Fred also wrote perennial favorites Guys on Ice and The Bachelors with composer James Kaplan. Fred’s work has been celebrated throughout the country and in particular at both Madison and Milwaukee Repertory Theatres. The Spitfire Grill, which he wrote with composer James Valcq, earned them the Richard Rodgers Award and has been produced over 600 times from Off-Broadway to Europe and East Asia. Fred was also an accomplished performer and created many memorable characters, including Moonlight in Lumberjacks in Love, Lloyd in Guys on Ice, and Leo in Belgians in Heaven. Fred’s ability to help us laugh at ourselves, through his characters, makes his shows entertaining and timeless.

JAMES KAPLAN Composer James has written music for shows here at the park starting with Fishing for the Moon in 1992. With collaborator Laurie Flanigan Hegge, he created Northern Sky’s See Jane Vote. In addition to the opening and closing songs in Tongue ’n Cheek, his shows written with Fred Alley include Northern Lights, Lumberjacks in Love, The Bachelors, and Guys on Ice, all directed by Jeff Herbst. James collaborated with Jacinda Duffin and Laurie Flanigan Hegge to create Loose Lips Sink Ships. James conceived and created musical arrangements for the Northern Sky revues Beneath the Northern Sky, Goodnight Irene, Harvest Moon, Old Friends, Fish and Whistle, and Sweet Baby James. His music also appeared in Belgians in Heaven, Packer Fans from Outer Space, Ya Ya You Betcha, Fool Me Once and the original 1995 Bone Dance.

The Jeff & Katie Show Episode 4 June 21, 2020 Special Guest: James Kaplan



~ Relaxed Lodging With a Harbor View ~

Ephraim Shores Welcomes Another Enjoyable Season of Fine Entertainment credit: Forty three 6







ephraim - door county, Wisconsin

Northern Sky Theater

920.854.2371 • 10018 Water Street P.O. Box 168 • Ephraim, WI 54211 ~ ~

MATT ZEMBROWSKI Playwright / Composer / Lyricist Matt is thrilled to be back in Peninsula State Park! (He also wrote the show you’re about to see.) Previously, Matt supplied the book, lyrics and music for Doctor! Doctor! (premiered 2016) and Dad’s Season Tickets (premiered 2019) for Northern Sky. He also wrote music for and performed in Sunsets and S’mores in 2009. Matt spent the last year recording several “At Home” videos for Northern Sky, and co-headlined Nerd Night with the incomparable Katie Dahl in October. He is grateful beyond words for all those who have helped bring Karl Janko to life, especially Molly Rhode, and the fabulous artists on stage tonight. Matt is a lifelong Wisconsin resident, and currently resides in West Allis with his wife Lori, his daughter Kathryn, and their cat Tom Tom.

Door County Land Trust

Protecting Door County’s Exceptional Lands and Waters...Forever

Discover Door County. 8,000 acres protected. 28 miles of trails. Adventure awaits!

Join today. Explore tomorrow. Protect forever.

Spring Peeper at Legacy Nature Preserve at Clay Banks | Photo by Joe Taylor

Mr. August, himself! Grab your own Northern GUY Calendar on the Northern Sky website in the online Gift Shop!


OUT OF THE WOODS Doc Heide, Artistic Advisor & Co-Founder What have those in the Northern Sky family been doing during this year of non-doing? In approximate alphabetical order of those we heard from: LEE BECKER writes that “my main focus was taking care of (son) Wilbur and being his main homeschool facilitator. Other than some Northern Sky online events and some videos, it was a strange, quiet year.” Moving back to Chicago, ALEX CAMPEA was involved in several readings with Zooming the Movies, allowing him to perform while live theatre has been unavailable. Some favorite roles have been Luke Skywalker (Return of the Jedi), C-3P0 (Verily, a New Hope), Voldemort (HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone), Ed Wood (Ed Wood), and The Master (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). RICHARD CASTLE wrote a 15-minute musical called Virtual Happy Hour, which was produced online by Theater Resources Unlimited. He adapted it into a play, which was produced by Left Edge Theater and is also part of the Geneva Theatre Guild new play festival. Both versions had readings at Northern Sky. After the 7-country tour of AMY CHAFFEE’s show and her teaching (at Tulane) were cancelled by the pandemic, she contracted Covid and survived. She then led a team of 22 voice teachers on 5 continents to gather cuttingedge research on vector-spreading of the virus. Together, they wrote a white paper on best practices for voice teachers. Then she coached a show shooting in England called The Girlfriend Experience for STARZ network. She just turned in her preliminary tenure dossier and is coaching Swedish accents on a Netflix film, The Tall Guy 2. Finally, she writes that, “More importantly, I got a dog. He is a handful. We have been together 5 months and he is ALMOST convinced that I am in charge.” After a successful run at Northern Sky’s Raise the Curtain last May, DOUG CLEMONS took his Dance Jam fitness classes completely virtual. He offered weekly classes for close to 200 global participants, including fundraisers for other Wisconsin theatres such as Skylight Music Theatre, Forward Theatre, Milwaukee Opera Theater and Sunset Playhouse. KATIE DAHL worked on a new play about midwives


Northern Sky Theater

and moonshine, baked a lot for The Jeff & Katie Show, and started her own music/talk show called Katie Dahl Has Friends. JAKE ENDRES tells us, “Over the past year I’ve been up to mostly three things: 1) done everything I could to help keep my wife and daughters well-fed, safe, healthy, and sane (so far so good!); 2) taken a deep dive into the Shakespeare history plays, getting to know them all really well, along with the actual history upon which they’re based (and leading to a staged reading of Richard II on my backyard stage next month); and 3) gotten really really good at cooking beans.” LAURIE FLANIGAN has been serving as Artistic Associate at History Theatre in St. Paul, “where we’ve been continuing the development of new plays and musicals anticipating the day we can return to live performance. Having had several planned acting gigs canceled in the last year, JON HEGGE kept his creative juices flowing at a day job he loves, building exhibits for children’s museums and libraries around the country. Our aerialist daughter Celia continues to train with Circus Juventas in St. Paul.” After spending the last 37 academic years in the San Francisco Bay Area, DOC HEIDE retired from fulltime psychology teaching and moved back to Wisconsin a year ago, just in time to snuggle in with his wife Jody during the pandemic. In addition to supervising doctoral theses and getting a research article accepted by a professional journal, he produced virtual content for Northern Sky, headlined an online Winter Season concert in April, and worked on new songs for a forthcoming album. DAVE HUDSON writes that he “has kept somewhat busy on the writing front this past year. With DENVER CASSADO (Life on the Mississippi) and Jessica Penzias, Dave wrote the lyrics to The Show Must Go Online, a virtual musical for the youth market that was the most licensed show in the world in 2020. Dave and his wife Gigi also wrote A Year of Magical Drinking, a book of cocktail recipes inspired by the 12 months of the year we’ll never forget and the libations more than a few of us drank to help smooth out the rough patches.” CHRIS IRWIN shot the short film Hunters with DOUG MANCHESKI and started work on a new album. DAN KLARER has been in Door County for the pandemic. He helped organize and create content for Northern Sky’s Raise the Curtain and Home for the Holidays.


OUT OF THE WOODS (continued from page 75) JOEL KOPISCHKE was delighted to be part of Northern Sky’s 2020 season, singing Milk of Human Kindness (cut from Dairy Heirs) and Taking the Leap from a forthcoming musical he is writing. He also accidentally became a dancing Santa (DanceSantaDance) social media sensation, with over 750,000 views on TikTok. STEVE KOVACS has been hard at work developing a new musical with RICHARD CARSEY, called Not Even Remotely. CORRIE BEULA KOVACS has been digging into her new role as a Small Business Advisor with WWBIC, taking a certificate program in Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership from UWGB, while teaching dance classes, workshops, and masterclasses remotely. Both Steve and Corrie have been able to continue teaching voice remotely and in-person, with studio modifications over the last year. Since the pandemic began ERIC LEWIS has enjoyed some down time from touring at home, played at church when possible, performed virtual or livestream concerts, created artwork, recorded tracks for clients from home with his new recording gear and started a fulltime job in December 2020 at Performance Distributors where he discovered he has other talents and shop skills aiding in the production of high-performance racing and ignition systems. PAUL LIBMAN has been working on two projects in NYC. One is a musical adaptation of Blaze, a 1989 movie starring Paul Newman. He’s also finishing up Big Shot, a commission from the Chase Brock Experience dance company. The score comprises 20 original pop songs inspired by the Golden Age of rock n’ roll (1960-1975) and is anticipated to be staged late in 2021. KAREN MAL has been writing songs and playing weekly musical broadcasts since the world changed. She also has a project with her partner Will Taylor:, where they take folks on guided hikes in nature, with meditations and acoustic music. Though this past year was difficult, it was not entirely bereft of creativity for EVA NIMMER. Besides shooting a scene in a new Door County-based short film, Eva also wrote a monologue that was selected to be featured in Forward Theater Company’s 2021 festival. You can see her piece onstage this June 24-27.


Northern Sky Theater

ALISSA RHODE has edited over a year’s worth of audio and video for virtual church services in her capacity as Lead Music Director for the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee. Alissa has also been collaborating with LACHRISA GRANDBERRY and AIDAA PEERZADA on Sunflowered, a new musical in development. BILL THEISEN has just completed his eighth year as Director of Opera at the University of Iowa. Because fully staged opera productions have not been an option, Bill has focused on staging professionally recorded aria events for broadcast nationwide, showcasing the talented vocal performance majors in the opera program. JAMES VALCQ reports that he “spent the year as part of the team supervising the renovation of Third Avenue Playhouse (TAP), where he is the co-Artistic Director. He was also hard at work on a new vintage musical comedy restoration for future production at TAP. And he watched Netflix in pajamas. A lot.” And finally, COLIN WELFORD (last seen doing music direction for Hamilton in Chicago) reports, “Aside from a brief visit to England to bid my dad farewell in November I’ve been in North Ephraim, or Ephraim-on-the-Hill, as we like to call it. Doing secret and creative things to my Green Gables property, practicing and playing the organ at Ephraim Moravian Church with ever-increasing fervor (and volume), teaching composition online and collaborating on the high school musical at Sevastopol School, playing virtual concerts with choirs in England, a Milwaukee Symphony trumpeter, and New Across from the bay, on Ephraim's historic York pianists. But most of all, main street, our bed & breakfast and I’m creating a large rock garden, whirlpool suites provide the perfect balance with truckload upon truckload of B&B charm and luxury resort amenities. of huge quarry rocks. It will Book your stay at either turn out to be my artistic magnum opus, or my tomb. Or 9914 Water Street | Ephraim, WI 54211 both.” (920) 854-2121 | @eagle_harbor_inn


Because of you... In 2016, Northern Sky launched the Constellation Campaign to ensure our future. Because of folks like you, our creative center, on the corner of A & F, featuring our new indoor space, The Gould Theater, is now complete. In fact, we celebrated the opening of the new theater in the fall of 2019 with the world premiere Dad’s Season Tickets playing to sold out audiences on more nights than we can count and we are so looking forward to welcoming you back there this summer live and in person. We are also looking forward to welcoming you to the park with perhaps one of the most exciting pieces of this project: New restrooms! With, get this, flush toilets! They really might just be the best seats in the house.

Ribbon Cutting with Barbara Gould


Northern Sky Theater

And while our plans for our celebrating so many anniversaries in our 2020 season, including 50 years in partnership with the park, 30 years as a professional company and our first season in our new home, needed to be put on hold, we can’t help but marvel at the list of names on the following pages. And so, at this moment, we simply want to say,


Thank YOU for holding this place dear to your heart. Thank YOU for believing in our future. Your faith in us has never wavered and we never take that faith for granted.

Holly Feldman Director of Development

If you are feeling inspired to support our ongoing building projects, we are still accepting gifts for the Constellation Campaign! In fact, you can be permanent part of this legacy with your name on a seat at the Gould Theater or a bench in the park. Your continued $2,000 belief in what we do is the key component to the success of this campaign. Reach out to Holly to make your gift: Park Bench Theater Seat Sample

Donors may name a seat or bench after themselves, in memory of a loved one, or $1,000 in honor of a family member or friend.


We thank the following donors for their leadership in generously supporting our Constellation Campaign. CASSIOPEIA $1,000,000 + UP Barbara & Spencer Gould URSA MAJOR $500,000 – $999,999 Susan Crawford & Jeffrey Rosemann Mike & Marge McCoy MMG Foundation, Inc. ORION $100,000 –$499,999 Alexander Charitable Foundation, Inc. Helen & Bruce Ambuel E.H. Barker Claire CaJacob & Debra DuMont Jim & Susan Caldwell Laurey & Phil Clampitt The Jeff J Rosemann & Susan E Crawford Fund Joseph & Gwenn Graboyes Skinner Family Fund Chuck & Jan Harmon Jim & Judy Kottmeier Werner W. & Susan M. Krause Family Fund Martin & Alice Krebs Carla & Ellsworth Peterson Charitable Foundation Emmy & Steve Stanley Tim & Sue Stone SCORPIO $50,000 – $99,999 Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant The Cordon Family Foundation John & Kathy Leach Tony & Judy Licata Tom & Kathie Moore Jean Russell & Bob Childers Maury & Ann Sullivan


Northern Sky Theater

CAPRICORN $10,000 – $49,999 Tom & Sue Alt Katy Andino Sue & Louie Andrew Bonnie & Barry Behnken Pam Blanchard O. C. & Pat Boldt Tom & Renee Boldt Vonnie & Dave Callsen Carlson Erickson Builders Andy & Jan Coulson Jack & Betty-Jo Dahlman Robert C. Davis III Anne & Richard Egan Charitable Fund Shanna & Wendell Ellsworth Iris & Jim Friedlieb Bill & Mardi Glenn Dave & Mel Johnson The Pam Kriger Donor Advised Fund Heidi & Bob Ling Main Street Market Dennis & Eileen Mayborne Nancy Mills Helen & Earl Neville Nicolet National Bank Bob & Rita Radke Luzern & Joann Richter John & Jackie Sawyer Mary Seeberg Grainger Foundation CRST International Karen & David Studebaker Dave & Shaun Tauber Barb & Glenn Timmerman Roy & Sandra Uelner Don & Jane Vaughan Greg & Wendy Vichick Kathy Voelz Mr. & Mrs. David Wenberg Duane T. Williams Jim & Elise Wilson

LYRA $5,000 – $9,999 Helen Allen Martha Bagley Priscilla & Anthony Beadell Trish & Jim Black Linda & John Blossom Mark Breseman & Jane Hillstrom Jennifer & Jeff Bridges John & Nancy Brock John & Nancy Brock The Virginia Burns Private Charitable Foundation Dave & Robbie Carlson Jim Cauley & Brenda Andrews Janet & David Daniel Bob & Lois Dittus Marc & Kris Dubick Jacinda Duffin, Realtor Chuck & Joanne Dull Mike & Marcia Eischen Miriam Erickson Jason Feldman Landscapes Holly & Jason Feldman Gail Fischer Diane & Pat Ford The Franz Family of Poynette, WI Steve & Mary Gerndt & Liz, Clay & Brody Natalie & George Gorchynsky Paul & Gloria Halverson Jami & Joe Hanreddy Bob & Donna Hays Doc Heide & Jody Jessup Darrell& Dina Herbst Jeffrey Herbst & Charles Williams Kandy & William Higley Mark, Michaela, Michael & Oliver Holey Jim & Nancy Huebner Roger Johnson Brian & Kristin Johnson Richard & Charlotte Johnston Jan Kemble

CONSTELLATION CAMPAIGN DONORS (cont.) LYRA (cont.) Cheryl & Rob Kopecky Kovar-Koschalek Family Connie & Tony Kreif The Kroll Family Grandchildren Jeff Kuchenbecker & Char Braun Ron & Kelly Leuzinger Tom & Bev Lisle Paul Mahon Jim & Nancy Marsho Howard & Sara Miller True North Real Estate LLC Laurie & Mark Murphy Joe & Judy Novicki Tom & Mary Oehler Jerry & Pamela Okarma Jeff & Barb Ottum John Parrish Dee & Eric Paulsen Judy Perkins & David Keen Barb & Bill Perloff Walter J. & Catherine Piper Patti Podgers & Jim Johnson Jeff & Sue Rattner Bill & Patsy Reichert Randall & Julie Roenigk Lloyd & Sandra Rowley Jeanette & Tom Sadler Jim & Diane Sheehan Family Ann Sheridan John & Tricia Shinners & Family Clark & Diane Slipher The Scott Steinke Family MMG Foundation, Inc. The Stillman from Parkwood Lodge Strang, Inc. Deanna & John Swanson Chuck & Lana Tencate Steven & Susan Van Kirk Midwest Wire Jeff & Dawn Welter Bill, Trudy, Phillip & Kate Wessels Judy & Harold Williams Dan & Joyce Williams Jim & Kathy Wochinske Dennis & Karen Wojahn Peter Yaeger & Leslie Dittus-Yaeger Rob & Marsha Zoll

CYGNUS $2,000 – $4,999 Marilyn Backer The Beck Family Jacqlynn Behnke Steve & Carol Capp Dr. Kevin Dahlman Family Greg & Julie Diltz Yvonne & John Dwonch Hank & Mary Fasciotti Patricia Feldman Al & Sally Ferguson Reid & Terri Firestone Barb Gilman Robert & Lisa Heiderman Stacie & Josh Heier Stacy & Stacey Jackson Family Jean & Rod Jacobson Cynthia & Al Johnson Jim Jauquet & Andrea Kinsey-Jauquet Fred & Greta Kubsch Jerry Lecy Jim & Ellie Lincoln Doris Lukas Charli & Tom Lundstedt Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Monroe Doug & Pamela Moore Sherry Lee Mueller Brad & Kelly Mullins Lisa O’Hearn Lauren & David Peck Fre & Jan Peterson Gary & Penny Pfister Cal & Trish Pierson Steve & Jan Rhode Dave & Louise Rogers Greg & Barb Sheehy Glenn & Judy Siebert Rich & Carolyn Sommer David Stevens Hobler & Kathleen Paniagua Dennis & Jeanne Trittin Deborah Webber & David Alley Dick & Jan Whittow Paul & Sandy Wysocki Sylvia Youell Jerry & Joan Zaug

PISCES $1,000 – $1,999 Sandy Abler & Paul Baek Adelaide Aime & David Cahill Ron & Lisa Armstrong Jeanne & Robert Barnard John & Jennie Barnes Penny & Tom Beerntsen Bill & Barb Berkley Ann & Bryan Birnschein Cindy Brito & Tony Costello Mary Lynn & Randal Brotherhood Buckingham Family Gil & Joyce Carlson Trudy & Tony Chelmecki James & Cathy Collins Chris Cramer Larry & Cynthia Crock Jan & Karen Dickson Dick & Pat Dornaus Nancy & Hans Feld Mike & Tonya Felhofer Revs Richard & Peggy Feyen Tom & Barb Florack Fred & Barb Frey Tim & Marsella Fults Susie Gebhardt Kathy Falk & Dan Goyette Priscilla Grittner William A. Guenther Jim & Barb Hansen John & Grace Held Ed & Beth Herbst John Herbst Craig David Hiebing Robert & Rebecca Hoover Amy & Mark Huftel Sue & Joe Jarosh Jim & Joyce Kalscheur Joann & Wally Kilgus Paula & Dave Kocken Tom & Cynthia Kraack Mark & Linda LeMahieu Paul Libman & Marcia Iacobucci Rob & Becky Lonergan Lisa & Tom Madsen Dave Maier & Barb Cihlar Lee Marquardt The Sandstrom-McGrath Family 51

CONSTELLATION CAMPAIGN DONORS (cont.) PISCES (cont.) Chuck & Barb Merry Fund Suzan Miller Lon & Carol Mishler Rick & Sara Noel Family Steve & Kaaren Northrop Kevin & Linda O’Neill The Otto Family Bill & Betty Parsons Sylvia K. Pratt Meredith Pye John & Mary Roberts Robert Robinson Bill & Marcia Rock Jim & Ladona Rowings Julie Rowley Michel & Judy Roy John & Susan Schaper The Allain-Schertz Family Tom & Jane Schneider Liz & Brent Schultz Nicole & Brad Smith Keith & Helene Stadtmueller Karen Steele & Patrick McDonough Shelly & Roger Stoeger Jane & Bruce Stoehr Dr. & Mrs. Gerard Sublette Hide Side Stores Bill Theisen Mary & Roy Thilly Ron & Patricia Trellue David & Barbara Tuch Brian & Joan Wake Merrilee & John T. Waldron Bob & Deb White Family Baycare Clinic Foundation Kevin & Cindy Wienkers Clyde & Marsha Williams Patty & Howard Williamson Richard & Emily Woldt Bill & Kathy Wolff Wolf Brothers, Inc. - Cap & Mary Wulf Lori & Bry Yost and Family Matt & Lori Zembrowski GEMINI $500 – $999 Tom & Kathy Adrians Sara Ellen & James H. Anderson Jim & Roberta Arndorfer Northern Sky Theater


Dave & Kathy Averbeck Beth & Gene Bastedo Betsy Baumann Bay Area Garments & Specialties Gerry & Jane Berg Greg & Meridith Berry Bob & Dianne Beyer Susan & Jim Birger Andrea Boehmer & Lisa Hocevar The Bonovich Family The Bouche Family Jeff & Nancy Braatz Family Sue & Jim Buck Archie & Kathe Budzak Jim & Barbara Bunning Kevin & Kim Butler Lisa & Larry Buvid Bonnie Cady Lynn & Kathleen McKee Sue & Jerry Cataldo Susan Cattle Al Curtis & Jan Livingston Daniel & Donna Danielson Janice L. Davis Meg & Chuck Deem Richard & Patty DeJong John & Pat DeLeonardis Gib & Gail Docken Marilyn & David Doerr Doug & Judy Drew Bob & Mary Ann Dude Jennifer DuPont V. Daniel Elvira & Cecilia E. Gerber Deirdre Fellner George & Julie Fiedler John & Kristine Fox & Family Tom & Mary Grace Pam Graper Mark & Gay Gross Mrs. Joan B. Guasta Helen & Jim Haase Ken, Lynn, Scott & Emily Hacker Kit Haggard Gail Hanson & Richard Graebner Cathy & Dale Hardel Ann & David Harsh Laurel & John Hauser Holly Hebel & Ann Fiorello Jon Hegge & Laurie Flanigan-Hegge

Rochelle & Jim Heinz Pat & Tom Heller Joyce Herbst Llody Herbst Family Tom & Jill Herlache John & Nell Herlache Judy Hoard & Beth Ringgenberg Ron & Alice Holden Steven & Tiffany Horn Bruce & Marla Horwitz Mark Huber & Nari Haig Larry & Diana Hudson Joseph & Sandra Hurley JoAnn C. Hutchinson Erling & Ann Isely Amy S. Jensen Kristi Johnson Richard & Sue Ellen Johnson Dennis & Janet Johnson Steven & Dawn Johnson Larry & Deb Johnson Deb & Gary Jones Susan Jones Jim & Susan Kinney Mark & Anne Kinzer Family Judy & Tim Klatt Polly Knudsen Ed Kottmeier The Boat People Merriel Kruse Keith & Ursula Leedy David & Cynthia LeMieux Fred & Sue Lewis Charlotte Lukes Barb & Mike Madden Martin & Andrea Maguire Liz & Mike Mahoney Gary & Helen Martin David & Denice Martin Jeffrey McCollum Mike & Carol McIntyre Florence McMillan William & Diane Miller Fred & Debbie Moseley William C. Neumann Camilla Nielsen Anne Notley Gerald & Diana Ogren Greg & Sarah Olef

CONSTELLATION CAMPAIGN DONORS (cont.) GEMINI (cont.) Mark & Sandra Oliszewicz Steven & Kaaren Oreck Scott Origer Wayne & Kate Orsted Jim & Diane Otto Ken & Stephanie Pabich Dave & Mary Pader Patrick Palmer LuAnn Papile & Dan Behles Chuck & Nancy Pawluk John & Patricia Pospisil Tony & Evelyn Puerto Marla Putnam & Casey Collins Ann & Jim Reeve William & Karen Reifsnyder Martin & Robin Reynolds Milt & Mary Risgaard Rachel & Abigail Rock Grace & Glen Rossman Christine & Phil Salmon Nancy Sargent Diane & Jim Sarosiek Martha Sauter Bob & Carolyn Sawicki Schnackenberg Family The Schneider Family John & Kris Selk Jeff & Margaret Harding Ross & Ginny Siegel Leah Slaten Arlene & Janine Sopata Rick & Dawn Sorgea Mary Steffens Brian & Amy Stephens Lee Straate & Diane Carr Barbara Strom Bill & Cheryl Surbaugh The Tonnell Family Carol & Richard Valley Toby Vanden Heuvel & Jen Norden Eberhard & Catherine Veit Brad & Andrea Votava Susan Walz David & Rose Warner John & Brenda Warren John & Kathleen Westberg Hannah M. Wetzel Jan-Ann & Richard White William & Sharon Wildman

Dan & Ann Wilson Albert & Valerie Yard Ron, Beth, Katie & Rebecca Zitzow

Russ & Chris Czarnota Carla Dahl & Tom Papesh Jean & Roger Damrow Michael & Priscilla Daniels PLEIADES Nancy Davis $100 – $499 Nancy & Jeff Davis Ann Ann Abbott Del & Jo Davis Theo & Jan Abrahamson Verlan & Karen Den Adel Thomas L. Aerts Amy Dercks Bruce & Joanne Aldrich Andrew, Janelle, Drake & Judith Amberg Kamila Dicks Mary Anderson Scott Dickson Matt & Rita Andis Bob & Liz Dickson Anschutz Plumbing & Heating Chris & Gail Dockry Dennis Appleton Robert & Lynn Doneff Kathryn Arnold-Stauffer Tom Dorner Roy & Terri Back Ed & Adèle Douglass Ted & Christine Balistreri Dr John & Sheila Dovorany David Barnes Kurt & Marlene Dramm David & Jean Baumann Jamie Drexler Susan & Bruce Bauter Tad & Andy Dukehart Beverly & Larry Bayless Michael & Deborah Duncan Randy & Anne Behm Mike & Dorothy Dybas Bruce & Victoria Behnke Stan & Jo Dziewa Betty Behnke Mr. & Mrs. William Emerson The Beisenstein Family Judy Endle Debra & David Boden John & Clare English Barb & David Boes Coleen & Keri Ernster John & Anna Borchers Fran Faller Carl & Diane Braaten Rosie Farrell & Daughters Lonnie Brown Mary Jo Feeney Gebhardt Peter & Ruth Budic David & Diane Feenstra Jim & Maribeth Buggs Eugene Fenner Dave & Marge Bultman Deb Fett Kevin Burow Mike Fischer & Elaine Griffin Jillaine Burton & Andrew Seefeldt David Flores Richard & Gloria Burzynski Laurie Foster Melinda Butcher Bryce Foster Robin & Avis Byers Barbara & Larry Freidig Paul & Sandi Cain Bob & Rhonda Friday Frank & Rochelle Candioto Bruce & Grace Frudden Judy & Charlie Catlin Terry & Kris Fulwiler Dave & Kathy Cecil Jerry & Lois Garrity Lisa Champelli Roy & Judie Gauger Carl & Pat, Chris & Diana Chan Lynn & Gilbert Gerdman Steve & Rosemary Clark Dorothy Gerrits Mikkel & Beth Clay Marvin & Lois Getty Jill Clymer Kay Glessner Tamar Cohn & Family Patricia J. Goldberg Darcy & John Cox Chuck & Cathy Gress Amanda Crowley


CONSTELLATION CAMPAIGN DONORS (cont.) PLEIADES (cont.) Philip Biebl & Kevin Grohskopf Joyce & Kenneth Gulliford Heather Hafeman Denise & Richard Haight Curtis & Shelly Hall Nancy Hammen Carl Hanson Fred & Judi Hardman Ms. Joyce Harris Deb Hartsock Pamela Harvey-Jacobs Bob & Lisa Heider Paul Heim & Julie Watkins John & Janet Helin Giz & Linda Herbst Earl & Eugenie Hildebrandt Ron Hilton Stewart & Linda Hoar Leon & Sue Hoffmann John & Judy Hollingshead Randy & Kathy Hoth Hal & Joyce Hothan Dean & Kathy Hunter Terry Hynous James & Michele Isaacson Bob & Judy Jaeschke Wayne & Marcy Janssen John & Mary Jelinek Carol Jensen Wayne & Donna Jensen Debra & Dennis Jepsen Joy Jester Mark & Ann Jinkins Mary & Bruce Johnson David & Jessica Johnston Jane Kayser Jack, Carrie, Katie & Conor Kelly Richard & Roxanne Kenitzer John & Kathy Kenneavy Sandi Keyser Lucy Kile The King Family Beth Ann Kingsley Diane Kirkland Joel Kitchens & Sherry Billett Kitchens Sarah J. Ford & Randall Klumb Sue & Ray Koch Kohler & JosephSky GruberTheater 54Kim Northern

Steven & Carol Konetzke Lenore Konkel Kraemer Family M. Susan Kraft Lawrence & Mary Kraft Edward. Kraus Sue & Altfrid Krusenbaum Michael & Anne Kryger Kathy Kurth Nancy & Ted Laitner Marian Lake Bill & Joanne Lammers Mark & Ann Lampereur Jim & Diane Lang Rick & Jan Lange Brenda & Jeff Lange BJ Larsen Don & Sheri LeBombard Jennifer & Katie Levendusky Ronda & John Liebmann Dennis & Lucille Ligman Ron & Diane Little Anne & Fred Loperena Bernard & Joy Lucier Bob & Lori Machacek Carol, Marsha & Mark Mankowski Jim & Carole Maronek Susan Martin Randy & Karen Mathewson Rev. Gerald & Susan Matzke Ron & Lois Mauermann Thomas May Noreen McCann David & Colette McDonough Gerard & Alice McKenna Tom & Lydia Meisenburg Shaun & Susan Melarvie Christine & Russ Melland Jennifer Merkel David & Kathy Michaelis Tom & Vicki Mielke Orie & Chris Milton Joe & Ricki Mitchell Sara L. Moe Barbara Moen Larry & Janet Mohr Mr. and Mrs. William H. Moore IV Michael & Ann Morgan The Upland Morgans Lee & Suellen Mueller

Ken & Judy Mueller Jill Newcomer Brian & Debbie O’Mara Joseph Ordinans Wayne & Phyllis Orrison Paul & Beverly Ozburn John & Harriet Paral Jim & Elaine Parker John & Lisa Balistreri John & Eileen Phetteplace Rachel Pindel Marcia Pliefke Innovative Printing, LLC John Plume Gary & Rose Marie Pollatz Paul & Vicki Pollowy Jerry & Lynn Pomprowitz Steve & Linda Pont George & Mary Rather Richard & Jan Rau Glen & Christine Reichelderfer Donna Richter & Michael Judd Riley Family Fund Barb Ristau Rich & Jackie Ritchie Ann & Tom Roeder Emily & Bob Rogers Kathy Rogers & David Pritchard Anna Rominger & Joseph Lisak Allan & Nancy Rooks Mary Rosecky Judy & Bernie Rosenstein Kathy Rowe Nora Rowley & Robert Ulicny Denny & Nan Ryan Charles & Janice Sable Judi Sanders Alan & Roberta Schimek Lisa Schlenker & Steve Gillingham Kathleen Schluter Susan & Thomas Schouten Ted & Mary Lou Schroeder Kay & George Schueppert Gigi Schumacher Pete & Carol Schuster - Lfp Design! Mark & Maria Schwan Richard Schwartz & Christine Slowinski Cindy & Chuck Schwierske Bob & Pat Scieszinski

CONSTELLATION CAMPAIGN DONORS (cont.) PLEIADES (cont.) Jan & Linda Scott Lisa & Alberto Segre Rob & Becky Shaw Becca Sheehan Becca Sheehan Suzanne Shetney Walton & Tiggy Shields William & Gloria Sinclair Jan & James Sinclair Dale Skaggs & Linda Lambert Carla & Edward Sloan Dr’s Charles & Barbara Sloan Forrest & Barbara Smith Steve & Connie Sopel Lynn & Vern Tucker Mark Spreitzer & Philip Gorman Nancy Stengl What Next? John & Jane Stevenson Charitable Fund Kenneth Sullivan Maureen Sundeen Mike & Lois Swanson John & Sherry Swearngin Colleen Teska Way & Jackie Thompson Stuart & Christine Tipping Glen & Janet Trigg Thomas Turriff Barbara & Tom Tuszynski Julia & Thomas Ulen Dave & Mary Van Dyke Peggy Welsh & Leslie Van Vonderen Bob & Joni Vanden Heuvel Jim & Bonnie Veitch Red & Carol Vermeire John & Tracy Vreeke Dan & Michelle Wagnitz Teresa & Jack Wall Norman & Mabel Watkins David & Sally Weber William & Christine Wehrs John & Jaci Weigandt Ron & Barb Weir Thomas & Linda Weisensel Dave & Liz Westen Jay & Sally Whitfield Michael & Martha Willett Robin & Shelley Williams

Jim & Betsy Williamson Paul & Kay Wilson Shyla Wollman David & Jean Wolski Jane Doughty & David Wood Jane & Gary Woodward Gertrude & Joseph Wycech Connie Young Eklipse Hair & Nail Studio Gary & Elaine Zarcone John & Susan Zientek Dan & Irene Zimmerman Gloria D. Zimmerman Debbi & Paul Zulaski

Harley & Jean Chapman Maetta Chase Peter & Carol Clikeman Margaret Coker Doug & Laura Coster Susie & Tracy Cotter Pat & Harold Crabb Karen Cruz Helena Campbell & Craig Cullum Christy Curry & Kevin Hoyland Delmar Dahl Katie Dahl & Rich Higdon Don & JoLynn Damitz Shellie Specter & Robert Davidson Jean Davison AQUARIUS Mary Dement $1 – $99 Patrick & Natalie Dempsey Josef Aalbue Jan & Richard Denney Shirley Adams & Eric Johnson Elaine Dixon Jim & Linda Adams Barbara Dixson & Alan Smith Randy & Anna Adkins Kit Donahue Michael & Sandra Aebly Anne Donahue Larry & Joyce Alber Door County Rubber Stamp, LLC Anne & David Bachem Tim & Karla Dorweiler Brian Baird Draeb Jewlers Joe & Jackie Baldyga Jennifer Drake Susan Banks Merton & Carol Drake John & Dianne Banta James & Dorothy Duffield Nancy Barkman Bonny Duffney Kris & Dave Bate Douglas & Rose Duncan Kathleen Beaver Elizabeth Dustman Lisa & Dan Bee Patty Dzurick & Family Jon & Kathy Beggs Thomas & Phyllis Eckhart John & Alice Belmont June D. Ehrbar Pete & Sandy Benson Bill Elder Lucy Betz Paula Englebert & Family Gene & Patricia Bitterberg Brad & Martha Eshbaugh Penny Boehlen The Esry Family Dan & Gaye Boland LuAnn Ferron Donna Bossow-Lueders & Catherine & George Fjelstad Donald Lueders Jack & Gail Florin Julia M. Van Roo Bresnahan Gayle & Glenn Fritsch Susan & Jim Bricker David & Dolores Fryd John Fox & Su Brodsky Marilee Gardner & Jim & Brigid Brooks Randolf Schmirler Lois Brown Linda E. Gerke Kate Buggs Steven Gillhaus Bill Calkins Betsy & Russ Zabler John & Kathy Campbell Scott & Sarah Godfrey Richard & Sybil Carlson 55 Paul Gordon Tom & Sheryl Cerniglia

CONSTELLATION CAMPAIGN DONORS (cont.) AQUARIUS (cont.) Joan Gorsuch Sandra & Arthur Greaves Mary J. Hackett Ronald Hansche Peggy & Timothy Hansmann Pat & Nordy Haugen Dick & Beckie Hawker Mr. Robert E Hayes Cheryl & Larry Hebel Lyle & Christine Hendrickson Hoban-Walker Family Judy & John Hoffmann Dawn Holsen Carol Holz Jim & Joy Hooyman Arthur & Dee Hopper Diane & John Hotynski Stephen Hudson Mairet Mark & Kim Ivers Pamela Jeffcoat & Michael Beaster James & Wanda John Gary Jugenheimer Abe & Linda Kahan Karen Kant Ralph & Sandy Katt Tracy Teltz-Kiederlen Donna & Wayne Kiefer Bob & Ruth Kitzman Shelly & Missy Kjellenberg Patricia Kleppin Pam & Jon Koch Greg & Kathy Kolacinski Tom & Darlene Kolp Janice Kresin Jay & Wendy Kummer David & Ruth Anne Landsverk Ann & Ron Lang Gerry & Mark Langgut Twyla Lato Lorraine Lee Mike & Arlene Lee Larry & Sue Lemay Ed Lenard Kathleen Lenz Sheila & Eric Lewis Suzanne & David Loft Deborah Logerquist Dave & Nancy Lokken Northern Sky Theater 56 Robert & Doris Loss

David & Alicia Lundal Family Susan MacLean Gail Magowan Patricia Maier Stas & Mary Therese Maslanka, Jr. Mary & Fredric Matestic Gail Matyas The McDermott Family Diana McVey Richard & Jean Mehring Diane Meiborg & Roger Zacek Mr. & Mrs. Steve Menden Neal & Mary Meyerson Larry & Joanne Michaels Ken & Carol Michels Fred & Karen Mikolajewski Teresa & Nick Milich Alan & Barbara Miralgio Jake & Katie Mitchell Marie A. Moe Rev. Michael & Jolene Morris Tom & Elaine Mulligan Mary Beth Murphy Katy & Terry Murphy Jim & Joanie Musiel Bill Neddersen Dr. Melissa Nelson Brad & Colleen Niswonger Lee & Nancy Nordgren Gale Oakes Carolyn Ottman Mike & Deb Palm Jim & Mary Lou Pate Judy B. Phillips Joan Pleuss Diane Plugge Janet Process Ann Quale Michael & Carole Raap Joan & Paul Radomski Chris Ramos & Lisa Berry Barb & Mike Rawling Susan Reich Kay & Gunter Reiche Margaret Reisenauer Rick & Jan Rickert David & Susan Rieder Ann & David Rindt Ed & Stevie Ritger William & Jerri Rix

The Rodenberg Family Bruce & Jean Rogers Lauri & John Rosenthal Savannah & Mark Rounds Dick & Mary Runge Bill & Diane Russell Teresa Scalise Nick & Rosann Scalise Lee & Judy Scherkenbach Greg & Renee Schmill Barb & Bob Schuelke Richard Schultz & Diane Haldane Scott & Kathy Schultz Jim & Judy Schwengel Paul & Amy Seiler Debra Serchen Kari & Bruce Shatzer Alice & Bill Shepherd Phil & Val Skultety Loretta & Bruce Smith Kim Sorbet Carolyn & Ron Staszewski David Stefanik Pamela & Dennis Stefanowski Phil & Pamm Steffen David & Mary Ann Steinke Chris Stiefel Bonnie & Raymond Stolarczyk Molly Sullivan Emmali Sweeney Nancy Teale Dan & Nancy Tepfer Ms. Jane Tesch Bob & Chris Thompson Leighton & Amy Timm Russ Tomjanovich Ian & Margaret Turner Dan & Ursula Twombly Jan M. Smith & Scott E. Valitchka Michael & Sandra Van Dan Arnold & Carol VandenBush Rachel Veal Alan & Shirley VerHage Rick & Deb Wagner Al & Marilyn Wahlgren Bert & Deb Watson Jack & Linda Watts Carolyn Wells & Dennis Loeffler Bob & Peg Wepner Beth Coleman & Curt Wessel

CONSTELLATION CAMPAIGN DONORS (cont.) CAPITAL CAMPAIGN TEAM Pam Blanchard Mark Breseman Susan Caldwell Katie Dahl Holly Feldman Doc Heide Jeff Herbst Judy Kottmeier Molly Rhode Mary Seeberg Dawn Welter

AQUARIUS (cont.) Ann & Jim White Larry & Sara White Glen & Kris Wiesman Susan Wilfert Tom & Suzie Wilkinson Adam Williams Jim & Sandy Wrangell Craig Wrobel & Anne Beckman Rita Yaeger Armando & Mary Zeledon Dwight & Pam Zeller Elizabeth & David Zerrien Anita Zipperer & Patrick O’Hearn Donna Zwicke

CONSTELLATION CAMPAIGN DONORS CORPORTATE MATCH American Family Insurance Matching Gifts American Online Giving Foundation Boston Scientific Matching Gift Cellcom Door County Community Foundation GE Foundation Grainger Foundation Johnson Controls Foundations Microsoft Matching Gifts Morgan Stanley Matching Gifts Noble Energy Matching Gifts Raibrook Foundation Inc. SPX Foundation State Farm Co Foundation Matching Gifts Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation US Bank Foundation Matching Gifts WE Energies Foundation Wisconsin Public Service Foundation

BUILDING COMMITTEE Craig Coursin Jeff Herbst Dave Maier Molly Rhode John Sawyer Mary Seeberg Tim Stone

CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE ADVISORS & ALUMNI David Alley Kenneth Boyd Gwenn & Joe Graboyes George Gorchynsky Jim Jauquet Paula Keller Charli Lundstedt Thomas A. Moore CONSTELLATION CAMPAIGN DONORS Carla Peterson IN KIND Neen Rock Nic Trapani CR Welding, LLC DC Engraving Becky Fewell Robin Hartel Innovative Printing, LLC Woodwalk Gallery


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The Neen Rock Costume Shop Northern Sky worked with Neen’s siblings and Brian to determine the best way to memorialize her. It is our honor to report that Neen’s name will forever grace our Costume Shop at the Gould Theater and will also have a place of honor on our donor wall in the lobby.


Northern Sky Theater

Lloyd & Sandra Rowley Jennifer Rupp Don & Barb Sanford Lisa Schlenker & Steve Gillingham David Schmiedicke David Schnepp Mary Seeberg Gregory & Barbara Sheehy Mike Shouldice Joshua Siegal Pamela, Michael & Abigail Skocir Rich & Kathy Smith Family Heather Sopel Kirk F. Stantis Cyndy Stiehl Tim & Sue Stone Karen & Dave Studebaker Kurt & Lizz Thomas Tracy & John Vreeke The Bill & Marge Walsh Family Elly Walsh-Rock Greg & Peggy Walters Teddy Warren Joyce & Dan Williams Jeff & Dawn Welter

A TRIBUTE TO NEEN ROCK Production Stage Manager 1990 to 2020 Neen Rock, longtime production stage manager and designer at Northern Sky Theater, died unexpectedly on Sunday, January 3, 2021. The cause was a cerebral aneurysm. Neen worked at Northern Sky for over thirty years, and her contributions to the company as a designer, stage manager, mentor, and beloved friend were numerous and farreaching. Neen began her work with Northern Sky in the late 1980s. She first worked with Northern Sky as a lighting consultant, assisting the company with its first use of theatrical lighting when the company was known as Heritage Ensemble. The variety of Neen’s playbill credits throughout the 1990s, as the company became American Folklore Theatre, makes clear the breadth of her talent and expertise: Neen is variously credited as technical advisor, production coordinator, set decorator, and designer of sets, costumes, and props. “Neen was an inventive, resourceful, problem-solving designer with extensive knowledge in all areas of theater,” said artistic director Jeff Herbst. “I worked with Neen for thirty years and she never ceased to amaze me with how she could make magic out of seemingly nothing.” Neen contributed design elements to every show the company produced during its first decade, placing her among the handful of artists that forged Northern Sky’s identity from its outset. Her designs of sets, costumes, and props were central to such iconic shows as Belgians in Heaven, Bone Dance, Lumberjacks in Love, Goodnight Irene, Fishing for the Moon, and Guys on Ice. Towering bunkbeds and old screen doors, fishing poles and angel wings, skeleton suits and welding masks: Neen imagined, sewed, and


As we continue to grieve Neen Rock, the backbone and heartbeat of Northern Sky, we have found it healing to look back at video that we are lucky to have in our collection. To hear her voice, see her face, and experience her infectious laugh is a joy and a balm. We hope you take some comfort in this tribute above. If you would like, you can leave your own memory or photograph at:

Jeff Herbst and Katie Dahl, along with their friend Eric Lewis, sang songs and shared memories and bakery as they paid tribute to Neen Rock, Northern Sky's beloved stage manager, who died the week prior to this recording.


Northern Sky Theater

NEEN ROCK (continued from page 61) hammered nearly all of Northern Sky’s most memorable shows into being. “Her ingenuity in figuring out how to outfit two guys in real snowmobile suits, with trick zippers and Velcro to facilitate choreography, altered lining to keep the actors from over-heating, and embroidered vintage patches for authenticity—that alone puts her in the Northern Sky Hall of Fame,” said Herbst. In 1999, Neen became Northern Sky’s first-ever production stage manager, coordinating all of the various artistic departments of the theater throughout rehearsal, production, and performance. In addition to these added stage management responsibilities, Neen continued as the company’s prop designer and builder, adding to her extensive credits with props for dozens of shows including Loose Lips Sink Ships, Packer Fans from Outer Space, Muskie Love, Victory Farm, The Bachelors, Dairy Heirs, We Like It Where?, and Dad’s Season Tickets. “Neen was our go-to person for just about anything you needed a solution to,” said associate artistic director Molly Rhode. “Her contribution to Northern Sky really cannot be overstated.” Neen was also instrumental in developing Northern Sky’s extensive intern program, serving as a teacher, manager, and mentor to hundreds of young actors and technicians over the years. Each spring she could be seen huddling with her new group of eager theater students, instructing, guiding, and molding them into the team they needed to be in order to tackle their many challenging tasks. “Our interns are the de facto, all-around crew for Northern Sky. Neen had to turn them from often very green theater practitioners into a well-oiled collective practically overnight,” said artistic advisor Doc Heide, who started working with Neen in the 1980s. “Neen possessed an unparalleled combination of professionalism, hard work, and kindness. People not only responded to her, they revered her.”


NEEN ROCK (continued from page 63) Neen was instrumental in determining the design and layout of Northern Sky’s new creative center and Gould Theater, which opened last fall, and once the new theater was built, Neen applied her usual expertise in organizing the storage areas and costume shop. “There is hardly a thing in the artistic side of the new building that Neen didn’t have a say-so in finding a home for,” said development director Holly Feldman. “Whenever I give tours of the building, Neen’s name comes up. She was thrilled to have everything in one place to make her life and job so much easier. Walk into almost any room and you’ll see some of Neen’s handiwork.” Neen’s singular presence and impact at Northern Sky extended into every area of the organization. Neen was loved by the artists, office personnel, house staff, board members, countless volunteers and patrons with whom she interacted over the years. “In most theaters, a stage manager is not visible to the audience. But Neen’s stage management post in the park was visible, making her role quite public,” said board chair Cyndy Stiehl. “It was commonplace to see her interacting with fans and volunteers. Fortunately for Northern Sky, she was incredibly warm and friendly in that role, often making a lasting impression, even during brief interactions.” The loss of such a key contributor and friend was expressed by technical director Dave Alley, who worked in tandem with Neen starting in 1988. “Neen was my work wife. My time at Northern Sky is marked by working side by side with Neen, often through dinner and late into the night. She was as dependable and inspirational as they come. We will all miss her tremendously.” In addition to her Northern Sky family, Neen had an extensive network of colleagues and friends in Madison, where she grew up. She worked at many venues there, including Children’s Theater of Madison, Madison Ballet, Madison Opera, and the


Northern Sky Theater

This is a short interview we did with Neen in 2017 while we were in the midst of our Constellation Campaign. Gosh. She was so lovely. Listen to her talk about the spirit of Northern Sky and her love for the theater and its people.


On Sunday, February 21, we gathered on Zoom to share thoughts and stories about Neen. Neen’s friend Dan Klarer facilitated the evening. We encouraged anyone to share a story or reflection about Neen. Watch the YouTube recording above.

On Wednesday, February 24, Northern Sky hosted a candlelight walk/vigil at Peninsula State Park to remember Neen. The path, about twothirds of a mile long, was lit with luminaries.


Northern Sky Theater

NEEN ROCK (continued from page 64) Overture Center. She was a proud member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, IATSE Local 251, and Actors’ Equity Association. Consistent with her life-long generosity, Neen made the ultimate gift as she left this world. As a registered organ donor, she gave new life to at least five individuals.

Northern Sky extends its sympathy to Neen’s partner, Brian Smith, and her family. “We developed long-lasting relationships with Brian and Neen’s family over the years,” said Herbst. “Neen’s mom, Joan, choreographed for us. Her physician dad, ‘Doc’ Rock, was a go-to for any ailments we had. Neen’s niece Libby interned with us. Many in the company worked side by side with Brian over the years, as Neen often recruited him to be part of Northern Sky activities.” Neen’s obituary can be found here: “There are just so many ways that she could be remembered,” said managing director Dave Maier. “We will do our best to honor her legacy to ensure that Neen’s contribution is longremembered.”


SHAWN GALLIGAN Production Stage Manager With a background in performance, Shawn switched to stage management in 2011. But that’s not to say he would balk at being dragged back onstage for fun. He has worked for theaters in Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin, both onstage and backstage. He joined Northern Sky in 2014 first as an intern then an Assistant Stage Manager, and has come to make Door County his home. Shawn is also a company member with Interrobang Theatre Project in Chicago. He is a recreational cyclist, bike mechanic, and a lover of board games and miniatures gaming. The Northern Sky Intern Team: They work hard to make it seem like it’s easy. We celebrate our interns throughout the years with fun photos from backstage.


Northern Sky Theater

DAVID ALLEY Technical Director & Lighting Designer David is happy to be back for another great season of theater under the stars. David is excited to be part of Northern Sky’s seventh season, continuing to oversee technical operations as he did for 25 years with AFT. He has been the theater’s resident lighting designer since 1990. Outside of Northern Sky, David works as a live sound and recording engineer in addition to lighting and sound design work for other local theatres. Enjoy the show! Who let those interns and production staff loose on stage? We see you, Dave Alley!

Where Treasured Memories Begin

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Perhaps the best view in all of Door County. Relax on the water in historic Fish Creek all year long. Enjoy the warmth and charm of an antique-filled Tudor guest house. Create an intimate dining experience in our fully appointed kitchens or unwind in your spacious living room with a crackling fire in the fieldstone fireplace. Create your own distinct Door County memories. 920-868-2284 • 888-868-2284 9484 Spruce St., Fish Creek, WI 54212


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THERE’S NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME TO JOIN US With three restaurants, a waterfront pool, ample wedding and events facilities, and the premier private golf course in Door County, the next 20 years at Horseshoe Bay Golf Club are sure to be our best yet. Contact us about membership information. 920 868 9141 @HorseshoeBayGolfClub

KAREN BROWN-LARIMORE Costume Designer Karen is a resident of Madison and is thrilled to be designing shows at Northern Sky. Her costumes have graced the stages of Madison Opera, Madison Ballet, Capital City Theatre, Madison Savoyards, Opera for the Young, Skylight Music Theater, Madison Rep and Children’s Theatre of Madison. Her recent designs include On the Town for Capital City Theater and A Little Night Music for Madison Opera. She is a proud member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees in Madison (IATSE 251). Her design work may be found in your own home as she is the designer of original Molly, Samantha, and Kirsten doll clothes for the American Girl Doll Collection.

LISA SCHLENKER Scenic Designer Lisa is delighted to return to the Northern Sky family after this long year away. Playing on a creative team with such a rich and diverse bunch of collaborators surrounded by the beautiful north woods is her happiness and joy! When not helping Wisconsin’s native bat population as a wildlife rehabilitation specialist with Wisconsin Humane Society, Lisa works as a Milwaukee-based freelance Scenic Designer and serves as Florentine Opera’s Production Manager. Lisa’s book with co-author Sandra Strawn, The Properties Director’s Tool Kit, is available on Recent design projects include The Blacksmith for Opera Lafayette, The Tragedy of Carmen for Florentine Opera, and The Niceties for Forward Theater. Thanks for supporting live local theatre!









Welcome to our new location ...

10740 Bay Shore Dr., Sister Bay / 920.854.5724


ALISSA RHODE Musical Director & Supervisor / Arranger Alissa is elated to return to the woods! She is the composer of Dairy Heirs and encourages you to order the original cast recording, now available through the Northern Sky website. Past Northern Sky productions for which she has served as music director, arranger, orchestrator, keyboardist, and/or conductor include Dad’s Season Tickets, We Like It Where?, Naked Radio, Lumberjacks in Love, Victory Farm, Home for the Holidays, When Butter Churns to Gold, No Bones About It, Life on the Mississippi, Bone Dance, Cheeseheads, and Muskie Love. Other Wisconsin credits include Door Shakespeare, Third Avenue Playhouse, Milwaukee Opera Theatre, Skylight Music Theatre, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, First Stage, Children’s Theater of Madison, and Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua. Alissa is a proud member of ASCAP, Dramatists Guild, and Maestra Music. She is also thrilled to be collaborating with Lachrisa Grandberry and Aidaa Peerzada on Sunflowered, a new musical in development. Deep gratitude to all who have made this return to live performance possible.

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Theatre Communications Group

DENNIS KEITH JOHNSON Bass / Guitar / Music Arranger Dennis’ theatre credits include Boxcar, Muskie Love, Windjammers, Dad’s Season Tickets, and We Like It Where?, (and orchestrated); Dennis has recorded/ performed with bands/artists Chase, Jim Peterik, Survivor, Software, Dennis DeYoung, Jerry Butler, B.B. King, Larry Carlton, Paul Wertico; at Newport Jazz Festival, Carnegie Hall, Hollywood Bowl, Budokan (Tokyo), Radio City Music Hall; jingle recordings include Sears, Red Lobster, Cheerios, State Farm, Old Style Beer (composer) and United Airlines. Founder of the Dennis Keith Experience ( Dennis has provided music for ABC-TV, Abbott, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cellular One, Citibank, CNA, Kraft, Merck, Miller Brewing, and Motorola and for national and international events.

JOHN LEWIS Guitar John, masters in jazz pedagogy, University of Miami, is a full-time performing musician / guitarist / educator, currently based in Fish Creek, Wis. John has performed extensively, coast to coast and abroad, has appeared on the Oprah Show, at a presidential inaugural ball, and at a number of iconic venues including The Cavern Club (Liverpool), Paradiso (Amsterdam), the Shepherd’s Bush Empire (London), NBC Studios (Rockefeller Plaza, NY) and the Palace Theater (Hollywood, CA). He has published compositions as a songwriter and as a composer of contemporary instrumental music. Currently John is performing with Northern Sky Theater and The Cherry Pickers and recently released an album of original songs entitled ‘Graffiti’.


For broken bones, bumps and abrasions. Get the best care 365 days a year in a state-of-the-art facility located steps from our ER. No appointment necessary.

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A-woooo! Check out this Wulf Brothers jingle, written and performed by Northern Sky author Dave Hudson.

MISSION STATEMENT The mission of Northern Sky Theater is to create, develop, and present professional musical and dramatic productions which will further the knowledge and appreciation of the culture and heritage of the United States. Northern Sky is dedicated to maintaining standards of artistic excellence; celebrating and illuminating the human condition; reaching a large audience of all ages, including families; and fostering a humanistic work environment with adequate and appropriate emotional, financial and creative support for all those associated with us.

To learn more about services, from senior living to skilled nursing, call (920) 854-2317.

All faiths or beliefs are welcome.


ALEX CAMPEA Performer Alex cannot express how much it means to him to be back on the stage at Northern Sky. After two years away, he’s home and there is no place he’d rather be!! Since his last stage performance, Alex moved back to Chicago, did a summer of commuting to work at Blue Horse (and get his yearly Door County fix), and found another performing home with Facebook group “Zooming the Movies,” where he has been able to perform movie scripts over Zoom. Some favorite COVID-era roles include: Luke Skywalker (Return of the Jedi), Lord Voldemort (HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone), Ed Wood (Ed Wood), King George (Hamilton), The Master (Buffy), and C-3PO (Verily, A New Hope). Catch him at Blue Horse in Fish Creek for a good cup of coffee! Many thanks to friends, family, patrons, and of course Neen Rock, without whom none of us would be here. Enjoy the show and welcome back!

CHASE STOEGER Performer Going on fifteen years Chase couldn’t be happier returning to the stage at Northern Sky Theater! After a year of silly online videos and crocheting hats, he’s ready to walk the planks out in the woods. Some favorite roles at Northern Sky include Jim Olson in Doctor! Doctor!, Samuel Clemens in Life on the Mississippi, Rufus in Fishing for the Moon, Will Hannah in Main-Travelled Roads, and Moonlight in Lumberjacks in Love. Thank you to everyone for supporting us through this challenging year and we are so glad you can join us out in the woods and in our new Gould Theater!

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Northern Sky Theater

A Note from the Author of The Fisherman’s Daughters Book, Music & Lyrics by

Katie Dahl

I couldn’t have written The Fisherman’s Daughters without the books Fish Creek Voices, edited by Edward Schreiber, and Door County’s Emerald Treasure, by William H. Tishler. Many individuals also helped to shape The Fisherman’s Daughters, especially the entire creative team you see listed in the playbill. A few contributors you won’t see on the company list include Anna Cline, Carla Dahl, Jacinda Duffin, Laurie Flanigan Hegge, Rich Higdon, Susan Jaret McKinstry, Jeremy Lindsay, and James Valcq, as well as our deeply missed friend and colleague Neen Rock. – Katie Dahl

BREAKFAST • LUNCH • DINNER Traditional Fish Boils Overnight Lodging

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KELLY DOHERTY Performer Kelly is overjoyed to be returning to the stage in Pen Park. This is her sixth season with Northern Sky, having first appeared onstage during the 2015 season and most recently appearing in the inaugural production in the Gould Theater, Dad’s Season Tickets. Kelly moved to Milwaukee after graduating with a BFA in Theater Performance from UW-Whitewater. She has appeared with Forward Theater, Milwaukee Chamber Theater, Next Act Theater, and First Stage Theater, to name a few. Favorite roles include Trunchbull (Matilda), Gangster 2 (Kiss Me Kate), Bodey (Lovely Sunday for Creve Ceouer), and Williamina (Silent Sky). As always, love and gratitude to her parents who have attended every single one of her shows and managed to stay awake through 99% of them. And Mikaela is right. Kelly is the funny one.

EVA NIMMER Performer Eva is an actor, writer, and musician whose work has been featured on the Northern Sky stage since 2013. Having performed in several original musicals, Eva also co-authored Dairy Heirs in 2018, along with collaborators Joel Kopischke and Alissa Rhode. Other selected Wisconsin stage credits include: Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, Next Act Theatre, Third Avenue Playhouse, Milwaukee Opera Theatre, Children’s Theater of Madison, and Forward Theater Company, where Eva’s monologue, To the Young in Heart, will premiere in their Monologue Festival, Within These Walls: Stories of Home, this June 24-27. Eva is so glad to be back in Door County. Thanks for supporting live theatre!

Alex Campea and Jeff Herbst sing "Look at That" from the "The Fisherman's Daughters" on the Jeff and Katie show last August.


Northern Sky Theater

Book, Music & Lyrics by

Katie Dahl

Director Molly Rhode Music Director Alissa Rhode Stage Manager Shawn Galligan* Lighting Designer James Balistreri Sound Designer Ben Werner Costume Coordinator Dan Klarer

Scenic Elements Lisa Schlenker Vocal Arrangements Alissa Rhode Orchestrations Dennis Keith Johnson, John Lewis, and Andrew Crowe

Fish Creek, Wisconsin. 1908.

Cast of Characters

Sarah............................................................................. Kelly Doherty* Nora................................................................................. Eva Nimmer* Charlie ......................................................................... Chase Stoeger John.................................................................................Alex Campea Musicians: Andrew Crowe | Dennis Keith Johnson | John Lewis Alex Campea | Chase Stoeger *Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

The Fisherman’s Daughters is sponsored by Door County Medical Center, Door County Candle Company Main Street Market, White Gull Inn


ANNA CLINE Performer Anna is delighted to be back at Northern Sky where she was last seen as in Dad’s Season Tickets. Other regional theater credits include Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Third Avenue Playhouse, and Milwaukee Chamber Theatre. Anna would like to thank her friends and family for their never-ending support, as well as everyone at Northern Sky for working so hard to bring some theater magic back to Door County. We made it!

LACHRISA GRANDBERRY Performer Lachrisa, a Milwaukee-born native, is an actress, singer, and writer who has made Chicago her home. Prior to the pandemic she was performing She the People at The Second City. She is the author of Eeny Meeny Miny NO! a new dramatic play in development, as well as the lyricist, co-writer and co-composer of Sunflowered, a new musical in development. She is ecstatic to be returning to the stage with one of her favorite theatrical families. Other theatre credits include work with The Milwaukee Rep, First Stage, Skylight Music Theater, Black Arts MKE, Forward Theater, Madison Children’s Theater and more. Her television credits include The Thing About Harry, and Chicago PD (guest artist). Lachrisa is an alumna of Wisconsin Lutheran College. She gives thanks to God, her family, friends, and Paonessa Talent Agency for the continued love and support.

Your partner in Renewable Energy!


LAKE MICHIGAN WIND AND SUN ltd Sturgeon Bay, WI John Hippensteel, PE 920-743-0456


Northern Sky Theater

DAN KLARER Performer / Costume Coordinator Dan has been seen on Door County stages since 2006 starting in Peninsula State Park at Northern Sky and is so grateful to return home. Dan is based in Chicago, but has worked across America and internationally in the UK where he received his master’s degree from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. Recent theater credits include: First Folio, Artists’ Ensemble, Third Avenue Playhouse, Door Shakespeare, Peninsula Players, Theatre at the Center, Children’s Theatre Madison, Go Fish Productions, Chicago Kids Company, and Goodman Theatre. THE MOOCH-A-THON: Ernie da Moocher talks to HIMSELF! 5 different Moochers (da Klarer, da Becker, da Irwin, da Valcq, and da McNurlen) Zoom each other for da holidays.

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Photo credit: Lisa Johnson


Björklunden, Lawrence University’s northern campus in Baileys Harbor, sends warm wishes for health and community to our Door County neighbors. We look forward to welcoming you back to our gorgeous grounds and lodge for natural beauty and lifelong learning when it is safe to do so. For the latest information about our seminars, please visit


Northern Sky Theater

A Note from the Author of Tongue ‘n Cheek Created by Fred Alley Additional Music by Fred Alley & James Kaplan (The following is from the 1997 Playbill) Tongue ’n Cheek is a day in the life of Wisconsin’s laziest farmer and his long-suffering wife. I wove it together from old Wisconsin folk songs, proverbs, jokes, cures and hearsay. Our new production features two additional “old” folk songs that James Kaplan and I wrote. Tongue ’n Cheek is done at microphones like a radio show. That’s how we did all of our shows back in the old days. What’s called “acting from the neck up.” It’s not as much work for the actor or the audience. I prefer it. I’ve spent my life avoiding work, much like George Sutter, the hero of Tongue ’n Cheek. Tongue ’n Cheek is a favorite of many long time AFT fans, myself included. It was a challenge to knit a bunch of old folk songs together into a sweater that didn’t have three arms and two necks. We mostly succeeded. Enjoy. (The following is from the 1991 Playbill) Tongue ’n Cheek is a true story. If art has been forsaken in the pursuit of accuracy, it is only that art was unable to stand up to the demands of truth and deserved to be forsaken. If anyone says this show is inaccurate, they are a liar and fraud and liable to appear in a future show as a three-legged dog or half-wit mule. – Fred Alley

Doc Heide, co-author of the fan favorite musical comedy Belgians in Heaven, invites you to visit the Belgian Heritage Center in Brussels, WI.


JAMIE MERCADO Performer Jamie is so happy to be returning to the theater after such a crazy year and is especially excited to be back in Door County with Northern Sky! Although Jamie has appreciated the time to pursue other hobbies and spend time with loved ones, she is ready to be performing once again. She was last seen on the Northern Sky stage as Cordy Kosinski in Dad’s Season Tickets, as well as in the We Like It Where? and Windjammers casts. Other credits include: Newsies at Skylight Music Theatre, Matilda at First Stage, and Songs for a New World at All In Productions. Jamie would like to thank her family and friends for their unconditional support! On Instagram: @jamielynnmercado

ISAIAH SPETZ Performer & Assistant Stage Manager Isaiah is a bee-keeper, singer-songwriter, and actor originally from Door County and is celebrating a third season under the stars. Spetz now resides in New York City, a recent graduate from NYU Tisch’s New Studio on Broadway. You may have seen Spetz regionally and in Northern Sky’s Victory Farm or We Like it Where? Other recent credits include: Elegies for Angels, Punks, and Raging Queens (NSB), Tell Me How This Ends (Playwrights Horizons Downtown), Cabaret (Tisch, NSB), and The Clouds (Tisch, NSB). Search locally for the Spetzes’ Mother Sun Honey and handmade crafts.

Spotlight on Tongue ‘n Cheek during Raise the Curtain May 30, 2021 on The Jeff & Katie Show with James Kaplan


Northern Sky Theater

Created by

Fred Alley

Additional Music by

Fred Alley & James Kaplan Director Jeff Herbst Music Director & Arranger Andrew Crowe Stage Manager Shawn Galligan*

Asst Stage Manager Hayden Hoffman Costume Coordinator Dan Klarer Lighting Designer James Balistreri Sound Designer Ben Werner

Cast of Characters

Narrator .......................................................................................... Anna Cline George Sutter............................................................................... Dan Klarer* Naomi Sutter .............................................................. Lachrisa Grandberry* Doc Johnson................................................................................ Isaiah Spetz Lorna Thornson......................................................................Jamie Mercado Understudy for Doc Johnson........................................Hayden Hoffman Musician: Andrew Crowe *Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

Tongue ’n Cheek is sponsored by Door County Medical Center The Cordon Family Foundation Tony & Judy Licata


NADJA SIMMONDS Director Nadja is excited to be back with Northern Sky Theater after appearing in Boxcar and Muskie Love back in 2018. After leaving her hometown of Cincinnati, she attended Marquette University and received degrees in both theater and digital media. Since then, she has worked with regional theaters around Wisconsin and Ohio including Forward Theater, Milwaukee Chamber Theater, The Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Northern Sky Theater, Summit Players Theatre, CATCO, and the Children’s Theater of Madison. Favorite shows and roles include Home with the Milwaukee Black Theater Festival, Pilot in Grounded, and Luciana in The Comedy of Errors. Lots of love goes to her family and those continuously fighting for justice and equality. Black Lives Matter.

Not Even Remotely’s director, Nadja Simmonds, is here with Molly Rhode to tell you all about the show!

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Northern Sky Theater

53 West Spruce Street Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235 Email:

A Note from the Authors of Not Even Remotely Book, Music & Lyrics by

Richard Carsey & Stephen Kovacs Resilience. It’s a valuable life-skill. An indication of character. But unlike kindness, empathy, imagination, and a host of other traits, resilience only emerges when we face adversity. And who the heck wants that? So we muddle along, clinging to things we know, sticking to our habits, and hoping for the best. However, we all have challenges. We rise to them. We’re defeated by them. Sometimes it’s a little of both. And sometimes we surprise ourselves. Steve Kovacs and I came face to face with our own resilience in the last year. Because we both work in the entertainment industry, our livelihoods disappeared for a while. Not Even Remotely is our response. It’s a celebration of resilience, even when resilience is tested in a very public way. Our heroes, Chris and Sam, have invested heart and soul in the Frankenstein musical they created for their beloved Little Theatre on the Park. When the opportunity to present their creation as it was intended is snatched away from them, they punt. Using their imaginations and passion, they try to breathe life into their creation— for one night only, online. “Little Theatre on the Park” is a stand-in for community and regional arts organizations everywhere. Though fictional, it represents all those groups that—by hook or by crook—create art because they love it. But it’s not just theatre. It’s any local restaurant, any start-up, any family business. Any organization that takes a leap of faith, finds itself tested, and must rely on its resilience. What’s at the heart of those organizations? People. Like Chris and Sam. Like Steve and I. Like you. – Richard Carsey


DOUG CLEMONS Performer Ecstatic to be back with the Northern Sky family, Doug has been seen in Dairy Heirs, Boxcar, Muskie Love and Windjammers. Doug has also been seen on Wisconsin stages including Fireside Theatre, Skylight Music Theatre, Milwaukee Opera Theater, First Stage, and Third Avenue Playhouse. Regional and concert credits include the New York Musical Theater Festival, Chicago Musical Theater Festival, Utah Light Opera, Florentine Opera, Racine Symphony Orchestra, and backup vocals for Michael Bublé. Love and thanks to Matt.

Celebrating Diversity in Door County with Inclusion for All to learn more about us


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Northern Sky Theater

Book, Music & Lyrics by

Richard Carsey & Stephen Kovacs Story by

Richard Carsey, Corrie Beula Kovacs & Stephen Kovacs Director Nadja Simmonds Music Director Richard Carsey Choreographer Doug Clemons Stage Managers Nadja Simmonds & Shawn Galligan* GOULD Sound Designer Ben Werner Lighting Designer David Alley Associate Lighting Designer Brian Weinkauf Scenic Elements Lisa Schlenker

ONLINE Props, Costumes, Lighting & Scenic Designers Nadja Simmonds, Alex Campea & Doug Clemons Sound Designer & Tech Support Stephen Kovacs

Special Thanks: Anna Cline, Kelly Doherty, Chase Stoeger, Silvia Stoeger, Niki Espy, Clay Zambo

Chris’s basement. The scheduled opening of Little Theatre on the Park’s production of Frankenstein: The New Modern and Musical Prometheus

Cast of Characters

Chris Mozog, et al......................................................... Doug Clemons Sam Hardt/Victor Frankenstein........................................Alex Campea *Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

Piano Accompaniments: Richard Carsey

Not Even Remotely July 12 - August 7 is sponsored by On Deck Clothing Company

Online sponsors:

Pam Blanchard, Susan Crawford & Jeffrey Rosemann, Richard & Charlotte Johnston, Werner & Sue Krause, Heidi & Bob Ling, MMG Foundation, Inc., Quantum PC


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Northern Sky Theater

HAYDEN HOFFMAN Production Intern & Understudy Hayden, returning as a production intern, is extremely grateful to be joining Northern Sky for their 2021 summer season. Hayden vacationed in Door County annually as a child, and has been a year-round resident since 2011. He has always loved the theater culture that’s such an important part of the the Peninsula. He was a staple in his school theater program and played the role of Lukas Beineke in The Addams Family and Edward Bloom in Big Fish. He also played the role of Boyo in the Northern Sky Theater production of Windjammers and Nathan in the Peninsula Players rendition of The Full Monty. Hayden is extremely thankful for this opportunity. He looks forward to working alongside such talented actors and hopes you enjoy the show!

HEATHER SOPEL Stage Manager Heather spent her first summer at Northern Sky in 2015 as a Production Intern and is grateful for the opportunity to return to stage manage Whatever Happened to Karl Janko? this summer. She has also worked at American Players Theatre (Spring Green, WI), Nashville Repertory Theatre, Nashville Children’s Theatre, and Studio Tenn Theatre (Franklin, TN) as an assistant stage manager and carpenter. When she’s not working, Heather enjoys running, eating ice cream, and listening to podcasts.

ABBY SIMMONS Assistant Stage Manager Abby is excited to be joining Northern Sky for Karl Janko! Abby is a theatre artist currently residing in Rapid City, South Dakota. In 2019 she received her BA in theatre design and performance from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. She was introduced to the Door County theatre scene through way of Third Avenue Playhouse, costume designing the 2019 summer season. Abby is so thankful for her loved ones supporting her theatre career and for James Balistreri for introducing her to the awesome Northern Sky community. Enjoy the show!


KAREN MAL Performer Karen is delighted to be returning to the beloved Northern Sky stage in Peninsula Park. She appeared in the original casts of Northern Sky classics Lumberjacks in Love, Belgians in Heaven, and The Passage, and more recently appeared in And if Elected and Home for the Holidays. In the strange days of the last year and a half, she’s been busy writing and recording songs and videos, performing in a weekly live broadcast to fans far and wide, acting in Shakespeare’s Pericles (via zoom), and has contributed/appeared in tons of content for Northern Sky’s virtual offerings. She also co-leads a hybrid outdoor concert/nature hike series called Strings in the Woods and homeschools her 9-year old daughter Coralina (who is also thrilled to be back in the county!) With all her heart, she misses Neen Rock this season.


Northern Sky Theater

A Note from the Author of Whatever Happened to Karl Janko? Book, Music & Lyrics by

Matt Zembrowski

The world is full of mysteries. Some mysteries have rational explanations; others are so far beyond the realm of our understanding that we could never hope to unravel them. But in either case, we cannot help but be intrigued by the unknown. The internet is full of YouTube videos, podcasts, and news stories about events that cannot be explained. And though many remain unsolved, we love experiencing them anyway and letting our imaginations fill in the blanks. One of the world’s great mysteries is: where does inspiration come from? I’m always on the lookout for stories that inspire me, because you never know where they might pop up. As was the case with Doctor! Doctor!, the inspiration for Whatever Happened to Karl Janko? came to me while I was waiting for a table to open up at Al Johnson’s. I was reading one of the local papers when a story about a real-life unsolved Door County mystery caught my eye. I had no idea at the time that it would eventually lead me to write a musical during a once in a lifetime pandemic about a young man who vanishes without a trace right before the biggest day of his life. But then I’m sure nobody ever thought Bubble Boy would one day be turned into a musical, either. All of this leads us to one essential question: what really did happen to Karl Janko? Maybe you can spot the missing clue that has eluded the citizens of Liddleton, Wisconsin, for a generation. Perhaps this Mystery is destined to remain Unsolved. Or perhaps the Truth is Out There. In either case, we hope you enjoy your evening watching live theater under the stars. We missed you. – Matt Zembrowski


DOUG MANCHESKI Performer Doug has performed with Northern Sky Theater for over two decades. In fact, his first season of acting roles included one in Tongue ’n Cheek (one of the current season’s shows). Other favorite shows he has performed at Northern Sky include The Bachelors, Muskie Love, Victory Farm, Bone Dance, Dad’s Season Tickets, and many others. He is perhaps best know for Marvin in Guys on Ice. Don’t ask him how many times he has performed the role, since he really doesn’t know, but it’s safely hovering around 1,500, he believes. He has performed with all major theaters in Wisconsin after having acted in New York City for several years. Catch Doug in Hunters, a short film directed by award-winning Rebecca Weaver, due to be released in late 2021. And God willing, Guys on Ice during the holidays at the Barrymore Theater in Madison, WI.

Spotlight on ...Karl Janko during Raise the Curtain May 30, 2021 on The Jeff & Katie Show with Matt Zembrowski





4075 Main Street | Fish Creek | 920.868.2371


Northern Sky Theater

Music, Book & Lyrics by

Matt Zembrowski Director Molly Rhode Music Director Alissa Rhode Arrangements Alissa Rhode & Matt Zembrowski Stage Managers Shawn Galligan* Heather Sopel Costume Coordinator Dan Klarer Lighting Designer James Balistreri Sound Designer Ben Werner

Liddleton, Wisconsin. Present Day.

Cast of Characters

Host.................................................................................... Jeff Herbst* Maggie Sternberger/Gertie Gurkin........................................Karen Mal Brenda Willems/Irma Herman............................. Lachrisa Grandberry* Sam Kalkoff/Rick Zepnick......................................... Doug Mancheski* Lenny Chesniak/Norm Lugee.............................................. Doc Heide For performances September 6 - 18: Brenda Willems/Irma Herman will be played by Anna Cline *Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

Musician: Alissa Rhode

Whatever Happened to Karl Janko? is sponsored by Door County Medical Center Coyote Roadhouse Parkwood Lodge


JOHN JOHNSON Audio Technician Intern John is a professional engineer, recording across musical genres in a wide range of settings. Whether it’s a soloist playing classical music, a small vocal group singing ballads, an ensemble performing jazz standards, and theatres small and large, John has worked with it all. Building on his 10 years as an instrumental musician, he understands the challenges and rewards of creating music. And his listening capability is unmatched. John’s academic training augments his music experience and natural talent. He is completing his music degree, focusing in music tech, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

DERLY VELA Audio Technician Derly is a recent graduate from Marquette University where he studied Theatre Arts and Criminology and Law Study. He has acted at Marquette University (Working, Little Women), sound designed at Marquette University (Arnie the Doughnut, Dead Man’s Cell Phone, Antigone, The Revolutionists) and at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre for the 2020-2021 Young Playwright Festival. He enjoys what he does and takes opportunities as they come. Derly is very excited to be working with Northern Sky Theatre and hopes you enjoy the show. Wilson’s has been keeping our bellies happy for decades. We dearly appreciate their sponsorship through the years and are proud to offer this delicious jingle from our authors, Ron Barnett and Richard Castle.


Northern Sky Theater

BEN WERNER Audio Technician & Designer Ben is excited to be back for his third season with Northern Sky. He is currently in college studying sound design and hopes to work as an A/V consultant in Chicago. As a Wisconsin native from Milwaukee, he enjoys and appreciates Door County’s unmatched beauty. He hopes you enjoy your time at Northern Sky Theater and Door County. He would like to thank the Northern Sky family for their constant support. See you under the stars at Peninsula State Park! “Malarkey!” 1993 in the Park! Enjoy this pre-show sound check featuring the entire original cast. Delight in Doc Heide’s flowing locks, Jeff Herbst’s vintage Village Cafe shirt, and Fred Alley’s cover of The Doors while the whole gang tunes up and checks levels. Summer 2021 June 18 - Labor Day

“Exciting, pulse-pounding and riveting” live and virtual concerts with world-class chamber musicians in beautiful venues throughout Door County

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JAMES BALISTRERI Lighting Designer & Technical Director James is thrilled to be back at Northern Sky this summer! This will be his fifth summer season in Door County and second with Northern Sky. Some highlights of his time in The Door are his internship at Northern Sky and his time at Third Avenue Playhouse in Sturgeon Bay. Once this summer comes to a close, James will be making his way to California to begin working towards his MFA in lighting design at UC-Irvine. He sends his love and thanks to his wife for her constant support. Welcome back to live theatre and enjoy the show!

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Northern Sky Theater

BRYCE FOSTER Lighting Designer Bryce is delighted to be back for his fifth summer. He was the lighting designer for We Like It Where? and Dairy Heirs. Northern Sky and Door County have become his escape from the busy city life. He got his bachelors in Colorado and his MFA at University of Missouri, Kansas City. He designed many shows around Kansas City, and is now starting to building his professional career in Chicago and is currently doing system design for Mainstage. You can also find Bryce this summer at Good Eggs in Ephraim, cooking famous burritos and scones for tourists and locals alike. We hope you enjoy the shows in Peninsula State Park under the northern sky.

MICHAEL TRUDEAU Lighting Technician Michael is happy to be working with Northern Sky again. He was recently seen for a brief week in the summer of 2019 in the booth at the park behind the light board. When not popping in at Northern Sky, he lives in Chicago and works full time at Northwestern University as the lighting and sound technician for the theater department. He is also the Master Electrician at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and spent six seasons as the Master Electrician for Peninsula Players Theater. Enjoy the show and your visit to Door County!

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Spotlight on Naked Radio during Raise the Curtain May 30, 2021 on The Jeff & Katie Show with Chase & Molly

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Northern Sky Theater

A Note from the Author of Naked Radio Book & Lyrics by Dave Hudson Music by Paul Libman In the fall of 2001, I remember going to see a play in Chicago. This was a few weeks after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Attending the talkback after the show, someone asked the question of the director about how the play had shifted in meaning after the events we had just been through. In that case, the truth of the matter was that it hadn’t shifted much, but the director did an admirable job of fielding the question. Reflecting on what we’ve been through in the past year, if you asked the same question, Paul Libman and I are rather proud of how our show resonates with the times we are in. Naked Radio centers, essentially, on a ‘snow pandemic’. People are stuck in their homes, unable to go anywhere, but they still find ways to connect with the rest of the world. When I think back on last spring, I am struck by the challenges we faced… and how we connected. For many of us, it was Zoom and the Internet that assisted, as opposed to DJs and silly call-in shows. But, there was silliness. I know our family started a tradition of ‘Fancy Fridays’ where we all dressed up according to a theme. We had Hollywood 40’s night. Camping night. Hawaiian night. When we posted pics of those nights on Facebook and other social media, we were surprised and heartened at how many people looked forward to what we had done and the fun pictures. In Naked Radio, one of the sub-plots centers around someone who trudges through the snow to help someone fix their furnace. There were SO many amazing stories during 2020 of people checking on neighbors, delivering groceries, and so many other stunning acts of kindness. As challenging as Covid-19 was, that was absolutely a bright spot that I will never forget. So, audience, welcome to our ‘snow pandemic’ on stage, but our nonpandemic gathering in the theater! I am so overjoyed to know that there will be people gathered together to experience the wonders of live theater once again. If I could, I would be in the back of the auditorium every night to hear your laughs and join with you in this wonderful, communal thing we call live theater! Welcome back! – Dave Hudson


ANDREW CROWE Performer / Musician / Music Director Andrew is an actor, musician, and songwriter from Franklinton, NC. He has travelled extensively on the national tours of Cabaret, Sweeney Todd, and Stand By Your Man, and over 75 regional theatre productions. Andrew is thrilled to be joining the Northern Sky family after plans to do so last summer were thwarted by the Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020 - or something like that. Andrew lives in an RV on a little piece of land that he calls Narnia.

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Northern Sky Theater



Music by

Paul Libman

Book & Lyrics by

Dave Hudson

Additional Jinglefication by Paul Libman Director & Choregrapher Jeff Herbst Music Director / Arranger / Music Supervisor Alissa Rhode Stage Manager Shawn Galligan* Asst Stage Manager Isaiah Spetz Scenic Designer Lisa Schlenker Asst Scenic Artist Adam Stoner Lighting Designer David Alley

Assoc. Lighting Designer Brian Weinkauf Sound Designer Nic Trapani Assoc. Sound Designer Ben Werner Costume Designer Karen Brown-Larimore Props Designer Kathleen Rock

Middletown, ‘Somewhere’ USA, far from a large city – Present Day

Cast of Characters

Mike Young, newest radio disc jockey............................. Andrew Crowe* Bart Dunwood, radio disc jockey..................................... Chase Stoeger Maggie Wheeling, et al....................................................Molly Rhode* Understudy for Mike and Bart........................................... Isaiah Spetz *Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.


Naked Radio is sponsored by The Cordon Family Foundation Tony & Judy Licata Nicolet National Bank



Northern Sky Theater

NIC TRAPANI Audio Designer Nic has been working with Northern Sky Theater for eight years. He has his BA from Marquette University. Some of his work includes Boxcar, Oklahoma in Wisconsin, No Bones About It, Naked Radio and When Butter Churns to Gold. Nic works at MainStage Theatrical Supply as the Director of Sales. When not spending time in a theater, Nic enjoys golfing, boating, brewing beer and helping his wife Christiana (and the new owner) at Door County Candle Company. He hopes you enjoy your time at Northern Sky!

BRIAN WEINKAUF Lighting Technician & Designer Brian has been helping Dave Alley with lighting at Northern Sky for nearly 10 years. Born in Wausau, he has lived in Madison for 25 years. Brian toured with Phantom of the Opera, Music Box Company, from 2005-2010. He is currently the head electrician for Capitol Theater at the Overture Center for the Arts and Production Manager for Madison Ballet. Brian is a proud member of IATSE Local 251. He is sends his love to his wife Sabra and their cocker spaniel fur babies Zoey and Gio.

In July 2020, Heritage Ensemble members gathered in the Peninsula State Park amphitheater to sing some songs and celebrate the 50th anniversary of performances on that stage.


ADAM STONER Scenic Artist A North Carolina native turned northerner, Adam is happy to join Northern Sky Theater for the best weeks of the summer! A Milwaukee-based painter and scenic designer, he and his pooch spend most of their time in the studio painting the day away. Past shows in Milwaukee include Skylight Music Theatre’s Hair, Les Miserables, and In the Heights; Renaissance Theaterworks’ Train Driver; and Milwaukee Chamber Theatre’s The Good Father. Claudia Russell and Bruce Kaplan performed their song “Highway 5” during the Northern Sky Theater winter season event on February 6, 2021.


Northern Sky Theater

ER: Open Hearth Lodge

STEWART DAWSON Head Carpenter (Master Sawdust Bouncer) Stewart is overwhelmed with the burden of beguilement that Northern Sky would dare concede to have him back again for yet another summer of this musical madness. He is still working on his new book, but since he could never find a big publisher to give him a fat advance, it’s still on the shelf, so to speak. He hopes you have a great summer! Enjoy the show! Here's a little taste of the music from our Dec. 31, 2020 show, The New Year with Northern Sky": "The Covidler," by Doc Heide and Craig Konowalski.

162-303 COVE - 2.25x3.625SisterBay.pdf

T H E A T E R Productions are supported in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.










No radio? No problem! Find us on Facebook, Twitter and at


Northern Sky Theater

RICH HIGDON Facilities Manager Rich is an Iowa-born potter and multi-instrumentalist who lives year-round in Baileys Harbor. He is known for his skills on upright bass, washboard, spoons, jug, and ukulele, all of which he plays as a founding member of Sheboygan-based string band The Water Street Hot Shots. He’s also a frequent stagemate to songwriter Katie Dahl (who happens to be his wife). As an actor, Rich worked extensively with Paul Sills, pioneer of story theatre. When he isn’t hanging out with his family (Katie, their five-year-old son Guthrie, and their puppy Rosie), Rich can often be found gardening, cooking, or tapping trees for maple syrup.

“No Place That I’d Rather Be” from Dairy Heirs 2018


ANN BIRNSCHIEN Marketing Director This is Ann’s eleventh season with Northern Sky working year round, though she’s been involved since 2001. This native of Door County has been active in theatre since age eight and has enjoyed shows in the park for years with the Heritage Ensemble / AFT. Ann holds a BA in theater and graphic arts. In her spare time, she sings with the Peninsula Singers and church choir, plays trumpet with the Peninsula Symphonic Band, acts on stage in community theater, and enjoys biking in Century rides. Favorite acting credits include The Christmas Schooner, Side by Side by Sondheim, The King and I as Anna, Working, Striking 12, and directing Cover of LIFE. She thanks loved ones for supporting her journey in life. Northern Sky Fashion Spy: 4th of July Parade Edition with Doug and Lachrisa

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7353 Horseshoe Bay Road, Egg Harbor, Wisconsin 54209

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Northern Sky Theater

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HOLLY FELDMAN Director of Development & Public Relations Holly brings more than 15 years of experience in philanthropy and nonprofit leadership to Northern Sky in her role as director of development and public relations. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point’s arts management program, Holly has supported the fundraising success of United Way of Door County, Isadoora Theater Company, the Volunteer Center of Door County and Sturgeon Bay Rotary. A passionate advocate for Northern Sky’s mission since she first sat on a bench under the stars at the age of eight, Holly is honored to thank the generous supporters who ensure the future of this special place which she now shares with her own children. In addition to her behind-the-scenes contributions, Holly has been seen singing on stage with Katie Dahl, Doc Heide, Jeffrey Herbst, Jimmy Kaplan, Eric Lewis, and Karen Mal. If you haven’t met Holly, you’ll recognize her not only by her curly hair… she’s also usually the one getting very emotional at the back of the theater as she watches all of you enjoy a show. It can’t be helped. Especially not this year.

20 Years of Experience in Residential and Commercial Landscape Design and Management 920.495.7022


CAREY HALE Business Manager (outbound) After 12 years of working for Northern Sky, Carey is saying goodbye in order to start her own Door County business, Carey Hale Bookkeeping. She is so very grateful to all the patrons, volunteers, board members and coworkers who have made her time with the theater such a learning experience. She is so very happy to be passing the torch to the incoming business manager Katie Maples and is looking forward to her new business venture.

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Northern Sky Theater


KATIE MAPLES Business Manager (inbound) Katie is a Door County local living in Sturgeon Bay. With a background in science from St. Olaf College and UW-River Falls, this season is Katie’s debut on the Northern Sky roster. She’s been attending performances since 1993 and started bringing her kids along as preschoolers. The family favorite remains Lumberjacks in Love. She taught chemistry and physics for over ten years at Sevastopol High School. She has also enjoyed past work with the Door County YMCA and Edgewood Orchard Galleries and highly recommends incorporating a visit to both while in the county. Katie is pivoting her love of numbers to the back-office activities at Northern Sky. She’d like to thank her friends and family and for all their support! 920.743.6505



BECKY DELISLE Ticket Sales Manager & Volunteer Coordinator Becky was born and raised in Green Bay, WI, graduated from Ripon College with a mathematics major and a music minor. Shortly after being hired by IBM, she moved to Massachusetts and became a technical sales manager. She lived there for 30 years while raising a son and a daughter and recently moved back to Green Bay after retiring from IBM to be close to her parents. Her Door County roots are deep – her dad built their family cottage on Kangaroo Lake when she was five years old and she has spent time there every summer since then. The summer of 2019 was her first season working in the ticket office at Northern Sky and she enjoyed it so much that she re-joined the team full-time in November 2020!

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Northern Sky Theater

KATHLEEN JACKSON Assistant Volunteer Coord. & House Manager Kathleen is returning for her sixth season as a part of the Northern Sky family. She is very excited to finally be out of quarantine and return to a little bit of normalcy as we return to live performances. When she isn’t at the theater or Northern Sky offices, you can find her drinking yet another cup of coffee at a café around town or sitting on the beach reading yet another fantasy novel. Her passion for the arts keeps bringing her back to Northern Sky, as well as the atmosphere of the company. She is ecstatic to be starting in the new position of Assistant Volunteer Coordinator and is ready for summer to start!


ANNE HERRING Ticket Office Staff - Park & House Manager Anne is excited to be returning to Northern Sky! She has previously worked in the fall Northern Sky season at Door Community Auditorium and at their new Gould Theater. During the cooler months you can find her working as a teaching associate in the Sturgeon Bay School District. When she isn’t at the theater she’s spending time with her husband, Ryan, and son, Phineas. A trunk song from "Dad's Season Tickets" by Matt Zembrowski. Sung by the original Kosinski sisters: Anna Cline, Kelly Doherty, and Jamie Mercado.


Northern Sky Theater

SUE PIPER Senior House Manager & Volunteer Manager Sue has been a part of Northern Sky since 2007. She has worn many hats over the years since joining the company, from volunteer, office staff, to house manager. After a year without live theater, Sue is very much looking forward to summer in the park with our amazing company and volunteers! In the off-season, Sue works for the Sturgeon Bay Schools where she is a part of the 4th grade team as a special education teacher. She enjoys singing and playing fiddle and mandolin. In her down time, Sue loves hiking, kayaking, camping, and anything outdoors. Sue shares her home with two furry felines named Sammy and Birdie.

Virtual choir! It might not feature quite 1,273 People, but it’s as strong as if it did. If you saw last year’s “We Like It Where?”, you know that the town of Winneconne seceded from the state of Wisconsin back in 1967. On Winneconne’s Sovereign State Day (July 21 – the day that marks that secession) “WLIW?” author and composer Steve Kovacs put together this virtual choir singing “1,273 People,” the show’s anthem.


ISABELLE AUSTGEN Ticket Office Staff Isabelle is currently in her senior year at UW- Green Bay, studying theatre and dance. In her free time, she enjoys composing piano music, sewing, singing, and crafting. This is her second summer working with Northern Sky’s box office and house management. She is excited that the theater is reopening, and has missed watching all the fun productions; in the past, her favorites have been We Like It Where? and Windjammers. She is happy to get back to meeting all the new people and creating lifelong memories in the theater. A brand new song “Just Like Today”! A little postcard from Karen Mal in Austin, Texas.

Cathy Wiese Realtor 53 W. Spruce St. Sturgeon Bay, WI 920-493-8004

Sometimes, all you really want is a simple, old-fashioned diner. Home of the oldest and longest-running fish boil in Door County w w w. t h e v i k i n g g r i l l . c o m 12029 Hwy. 42 • Ellison Bay, WI 54210 • 920.854.2998 Serving Homestyle Food Since 1939


Northern Sky Theater

NINA STONEHAM Ticket Office Staff Nina is thrilled to return to Northern Sky Theater for a second season. Over the course of this extended intermission, she sang as part of the Northern Sky Virtual Choir during their performances of One Thousand Two Hundred Seventy-Three People and Silent Night. In addition, she was interviewed in a video segment for the virtual content portion of Home for the Holidays 2020. Nina spent the majority of her time, in the off-season, portraying the role of Self-Checkout Host in “Walmart: The Retail Musical”. She is ecstatic about this in-person 2021 season and hopes that you enjoy the performance.

Your Door County Destination for



BARB STAFSLIEN Ticket Office Staff Barb is fired up to be joining the Northern Sky crew! She has been a regular patron since the early 90’s. The past six years she has volunteered in multiple capacities including ushering, concessions and parking. Many will recognize her Bernese Mountain Dogs and Saint Bernard as “unofficial greeters in the park.” No newbie to theatre, Barb has been involved in numerous productions in numerous venues on the western side of the state including acting, directing, producing and tickling the key boards. In her “off-season” she is a family nurse practitioner. Thank you Northern Sky, for welcoming us to the family! Barb & Dale Stafslien with their Canine Fans

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Totally Unique

Gifts and home decor for all seasons. Open May through November Shop online at 920-868-2334


Northern Sky Theater

DALE STAFSLIEN Ticket Office Staff Dale is a retired music educator and principal from the “other side of the state”, Tomah, Wisconsin. He is no stranger to theater. Dale’s favorite roles include Fiddler on the Roof (Tevye) and Forever Plaid (Frankie). He has directed multiple high school musicals and toured Europe with his show choirs. Many patrons may know him from his hanging out parking cars at Northern Sky. He will entertain patrons and crew alike singing onto his walkie talkie, thus paving the way for their theatre experience. Dale expresses a heartfelt thank you to Northern Sky for the opportunity to join the family in this challenging post-pandemic era. “A virus cannot stop our appreciation of the arts! We were just in intermission!” Patiently waiting for a return to the park – Felix and Osker show off their new attire for volunteering!

Washington Island Ferry Line

The essence of Door County in an historic setting

Strong supporting cast. Dramatic scenery. 800-223-2094




Despite the financial wallop of the pandemic, Northern Sky was able to retain its entire year-round staff. That staff presence allowed the company to keep its creative fires burning in 2020, launching a robust season of virtual programming that continued throughout the winter and spring of 2021. That virtual season allowed Northern Sky to employ (at least in limited fashion) a few of the 63 performers, designers, and crew members whose contracts were canceled in 2020. 2020-21 Virtual Events: Trunk Songs Songs of Hope When Life Gives Ya cLemons Mancheski Playlist Back-to-School Cabaret Home Again Cabaret Nerd Night Lipstick Optional I Love A CabaRAY! Bone Dance Reunion A December to Remember Home for the Holidays

The New Year with Northern Sky Self-Compassion with Doc Eric Lewis Concert Claudia Russell & Bruce Kaplan Concert Love: It’s Not Just for Lumberjacks Jeff’s Presidential Palooza Karen Mal & Will Taylor Concert Malarkey! 1993 in the Park Only the Silly Songs Doc Heide Concert Raise the Curtain

Thank you to the following donors who participated in the virtual season premiere events. Cheryl Abaravich Theodore & Janet Abrahamson Craig Parker Adams Mark & Lori Adrian Mike & Pat Ahern Patricia Albers David & Marci Albrecht Thomas R. Albrecht Debra Alden Sharon Alexander Bryan & Aline Alexander Jim Alexander Bryan & Aline Alexander Sharon Alexander Larry & Linda Alfred Melissa Allen Mark Allgaier


Allan Allweiss & Emily Corbett Tom & Sue Alt Helen Ambuel Barb Anderson Jill & Bruce Anderson Elma Anderson Jim & Jane Anderson Richard & Janet Anderson Mark Andrew Stuart Annen Ron & Lisa Armstrong Jim & Roberta Arndorfer Kathryn Arnold-Stauffer Douglas Arterburn Irene Artiushenko Diane Aschmann Keith Atkinson Dave & Kathy Averbeck

Northern Sky Theater

Allie Babich Debra Babich Jane & Mark Babich Martha Bagley Linda Bailey Linda Ballard Rosa Barbosa E.H. Barker Nancy Barkman Francha Barnard Jeanne & Robert Barnard Ron Barnett Donna Barrow Tessa Bartels Noreen Bartelt Bob Bartlett & Nancy Wenzel Bill & Ruth Bartz Sylvia Bartz


Barbara Basche Susan Bayer Barbara Bearden Barbara Beaver David Becker Donny Becker Judy Becker Grainne Beckett Dennis & Lynn Beckman Lisa & Dan Bee Randy & Anne Behm Donald Behrens Michael Bellavia Amanda Bennett Jeff & Mariana Benson Sandra Bergman Eugene Bernier Greg & Meridith Berry David & Polly Bertelsen Robert & Ellen Bertram Neil Bessett Bill & Mary Bestor Susan & David Beula Corrie Beula Kovacs & Steve Kovacs Diane Beulke Bob & Dianne Beyer John Beyer John & Lynn Binder Ann & Bryan Birnschein Trish & Jim Black Linda Blackwell Sarah Blackwood Joan & Tom Blackwood Elinor Blake Pam Blanchard Adrianne Blanks Linda & John Blossom David & Barbara Boes Amy Bond John & Anna Borchers Pam & Bill Borgeson Janet Borggren Donna Bossow-Lueders & Donald Lueders Francis Bowden David & Madonna Bowman Bill & Betty Boyd Carl & Diane Braaten Jeff & Nancy Braatz Tami Bradford John & Norma Bramsen


Susan & Greg Bratt John Breen Sharon & Robert Brenner Jamie Breseman Mark Breseman & Jane Hillstrom Jennifer & Jeff Bridges Mark Brinkman John & Nancy Brock Robin Brodie Suzanne Bromley Jim & Brigid Brooks Lois Brown Lonnie Brown Jay Brunswick Theresa Bryan Karen Buchanan Peter & Ruth Budic James Budnar Tess Burkart & Mike Paulson Greg & Kathleen Burns Margaret & Jeffrey Burrell Rick Burton Jillaine & Andy Seefeldt Richard & Gloria Burzynski Melinda Butcher Kevin & Kim Butler Lisa & Larry Buvid Robin & Avis Byers Carla Byrnes & Sara Oswald Bob & Barb Cable Marti Cagwin Claire CaJacob & Debra DuMont Susan Caldwell James Calvert Steven & Kris Campea Frank & Karen Cape Glenn Carlos Carol Carpenter Meredith Carpenter Tom Carpenter Caden & Mikey Carvell David & Lee Ann Casper Joe & Ann Cataldo Susan Cattle Jim Cauley & Brenda Andrews Tom & Heather Cavanaugh

Dave & Kathy Cecil Amy Chaffee The Champelli Family Tai Chang Don & Deb Chapman Davinder Chawla Trudy & Tony Chelmecki Brian Chisnell Betty & David Chomeau David & Tinya Christensen Eileen Clemons Joan Cleveland John Clevenger Jack Clifton David Clowers Tommy Cochran Candi Cohen Margaret Coker Pat Cole & Jon Platt Danita Cole Medved Valerie Coll Laura Congdon Karin Connelly Susie & Tracy Cotter Rickie Cowin Amanda Cox Darcy & John Cox Chris Cramer Susan Crawford & Jeffrey Rosemann Ken & Jean Crisler Larry & Cynthia Crock Karen Cruz Carol Curtis Mitch & Sandie Custer Russ & Chris Czarnota Carla Dahl & Tom Papesh Sally Dahl Diane, Deb, Michael & Betsy Michael & Priscilla Daniels Daniel & Donna Danielson Felice & Scott Danielson Glynn & Barbara Davidson Elyse & Tom Davies Alyssa & Ashley Davis Rod & Kathy Davis Melissa Davis Maureen Davitt Beth De Stasio Dar Debruin-Hein Jim & Cindi DeBruine


David Debruine Kathryn Dechamps Meg Deem Eric & Nellie DeJardine Becky Delisle Kathy Demets & Greg Bollom Dianna Dentino & John Gielow Jan & Karen Dickson Carol Dikelsky Lisa Dimberg Rick & Mary Dittemore Bob & Lois Dittus Gordon & Cynthia Dockerty Frank Dodge Patricia Dodson Margaret Dolan Carol Dolphin Douglas Domine Tom Donoghue Callan & Sarah Donovan Gregory & Donna Doro Charles & Rita Doyle Paul & Mary Ellen Dreutzer Doug & Judy Drew Jamie Drexler Susan Driscoll Jane Drury Marc & Kris Dubick Bob & Mary Ann Dude David & Chris Duecker Petra Duecker Joy Dueno Sharon Duerkop Jacinda Duffin Mary & Bob Dunworth Kristen Durant Sandra Dykstra Russ & Patty Dzurick Robert Eames Tim Ebenreiter Thomas & Phyllis Eckhart Kim Eckstein Mike & Marcia Eischen Carl Eisenberg Jessica Eisenman & James Densow Jenna Elberts Craig Elderkin Diane Ellis


V. Daniel Elvira & Cecilia E. Gerber Chuck & Dolly Emerson Jan Emery Kelly Emery Carol Emmons Debbie Endres Lewis Engel Paula Englebert Amy Ensign Hugh Epping Mary Erickson Coleen & Keri Ernster Gary & Judy Ertel Daniel Esposito Helen Fandrei Hank & Mary Fasciotti Larry & Linda Fass Joe & Beth Feest Tim Feist & Laurel Braatz Chad Feld Nancy & Hans Feld Holly & Jason Feldman Al & Sally Ferguson Judith Ferrenbach LuAnn Ferron Deb Fett George & Julie Fiedler Angela Filer William & Paula Fink Max Fischer Mike Fischer & Elaine Griffin Kelly Fitzpatrick-Mckee Robert Flick Lisa Forsman John & Anne Frame Marisa Frank Kathleen Fransen Iris & Jim Friedlieb Tom & Laurie Friedrich Catherine Fritz Sarah Frudden & Jeff Bergman Mike & Tarra Gallagher Steven & Mary Galligan Jennifer Gamez Rebecca Gapinski Julie Garand Jeff & Debbie Garbers Christina Garcia Fred & Carol Garner

Northern Sky Theater

Catherine Garr Sharon Gaskill Steohen Gauger Paul, Jody & Josh Geibl Warren & Kathleen Gerds Lillian Gerlach John Gesme Neil Giarratana Kevin Gibson & Elizabeth Lentini Ned Ginsburg Bill & Mardi Glenn Ann Glessner Wanda Glitz Eliza Godfrey Kurt Goetzka Lynn Gohlke Kendra Gohr Colleen Golomski Suzanne Gomes Natalie & George Gorchynsky D Gorrill Debbie Gough Barbara Gould Joseph & Gwenn Graboyes Tom & Mary Grace Bonnie Graeve Barbara Grande Stacy Granner Pam Graper Tim & Barb Graul Charles Graupner Aaron Greenwald Nancy Greuel Victoria Greuel Nancy & Kurt Grube JoAnn Gruca Maya Grueneberg Jean Guenther Scott Guy Erick Gyrion Helen & Jim Haase Kenneth Hack Mary J. Hackett Emily & Kevin Haggard Barb Haig & Dan Schley Karen Haigh Bruce Hake Carey Hale Curtis & Shelly Hall Paul & Gloria Halverson


Bob Hamilton Roger & Janice Hamilton Maureen Hammond Pam & Mike Hampson Jami & Joe Hanreddy Barb & Jim Hansen Carl & Donna Hanson Diane Hapke Carole Harbeck Jeff & Margaret Harding Susan & Bennette Harris Tim Harris Ann & David Harsh Marsie Hartman Deb Hartsock Laurel & John Hauser Alona Havel Amy Hawthorne Alissa & Grant Hayden Sherri Hayes Amy Healey Elizabeth Healy Jon Hegge & Laurie Flanigan-Hegge Ronald Heideman Bob & Lisa Heider Stacie & Josh Heier Karen & John Heim Steve Heinecke & Raeanne Hytone James Heinz Linda Helf Kristin Hem Jean Henderson Mike & Gail Heneghan Elly Henriksen Scott & Cathy Henry Dina Herbst Jeffrey Herbst & Charles Williams Joyce Herbst Melinda Herbst Sandi Herbst Victoria Herian Casey Herman Greg Herman Ann Herrbold James Heup Richard Heuring Sue Hewett Elna Hickson Dave & Dorothy Higdon


Bill & Kandy Higley Rob & Nancy Hilliard Judy Hoard & Beth Ringgenberg Hoban-Walker Family Julie Hobbs Heidi Hodges Elizabeth Hoffman Andrew & Cynthia Hogan Ron & Alice Holden Mark & Michaela Holey Phyllis Hollyer Lisa Holmes Patty Holton Jan & Cheryl Hook Dee Hopper Deanna Horschak Bruce & Marla Horwitz Hal & Joyce Hothan David Hubbard Mark Huber & Nari Haig Gigi & Dave Hudson Larry & Diana Hudson Jim & Nancy Huebner James Hughes Dean & Kathy Hunter Julie Irish Rebecca Isaacson Marissa Ische Stacy & Stacey Jackson Winifred Jackson Amy Jacobs Gary Jacobs Dr. Peter H & Jean Jacobsohn Bob & Judy Jaeschke Jo Jaskolski Pamela Jeffcoat & Michael Beaster Mary Jelinek Brian & Barb Jensen Wayne & Donna Jensen Wendy Jensen Laurel Jessup Beverly Jirsa Kathryn Jivoff Lorraine Jivoff Melanie Jivoff Natalie Jivoff Ray Jivoff James & Wanda John Carrie Johns

Cynthia & Al Johnson Dave & Mel Johnson David & Priscilla Johnson Jeff Johnson Libby & Emily Johnson Lindsay Johnson Steve Johnson & Dianne Byerly Steven & Dawn Johnson Tristan Johnson Richard & Charlotte Johnston Carol Jonen Gary & Debbie Jones Maja Jurisic Frank & Rita Jury Laura Just R Kacz Diane Kane Jimmy Kaplan & Kay Stiefel Jolene Kappes Donna Karlen Janis & Jeff Katz Dennis Kavanaugh & Cynthia Thorpe Sheila Keaton Mike & Sue Keber Paula & Bob Keller Gretchen Kelley Michelle Kelley William Kelly Natalie Kemp Paula Kerscher Kurt & Jone Kiefer Kathy Kieper Joann & Wally Kilgus Vikki Kinsler Matt Kirchner Diane Kirkland Gary Kirsch Kitching Family Linda Kleisch Jane Klep Brandy Kline Karl Klug Sarah J. Ford & Randall Klumb Nancy Knoerl Thomas Knoerl Diane Knutson Sue & Ray Koch Tom & Roberta Kocim


Paula & Dave Kocken Robert & Alice Kohn Greg & Kathy Kolacinski Craig & Trish Konowalski Alan & Karin Kopischke Joel Kopischke & Anne Heid Jim & Judy Kottmeier Richard Kovacs Timothy Kowols Kathy Kozak Tom & Cynthia Kraack Christina Krasovich Werner & Susan Krause Pam Kriger Santosh Krishnan & Lynn D’andrea Alan & Nancy Krogness The Kroll Family Merriel Kruse Anne Kryger Charles & Edie Kubicek Konrad Kuchenbach Hank Kulesza Sharon Kuzel Diane Kuzma Tomasz Kuzniar Tina La Prest Linda Laarman Mary Lou Lager Gayle Laird Judith & Howard Landsman Carmen Lang Rick & Jan Lange Tim Lange Gerry & Mark Langgut Ben Larsen Dan & Donna Lavold Brian Law Kathleen Lawless Bob & Barb Lawrence John & Kathy Leach Linda Leclair Jerry Lecy Conlan Ledwith Ann Lee Jayna Legg Mark & Linda LeMahieu Christi Lemery Tim Lenihan Harlan & Sharon Lenius Ann Leonard


Justine Leonard Richard Leonard Jr. Joe & Jan Lescher Edward Lesniak & Kate Mallon Phyllis Lesniak Ron & Kelly Leuzinger Sheila & Eric Lewis Kimberly Liedl Liguori Family John & Laura Lijewski Jim & Ellie Lincoln Karen Lindberg-Schuppe Casey Ling Heidi & Bob Ling Larry Linman Tom & Bev Lisle Marjorie Lloyd Suzanne & David Loft Dave & Nancy Lokken Ron & Judy Lokken Rob & Becky Lonergan David Loritz Peggy Lott Jean Lotter Bill Love Marya Lowry Katherine Lubar Sara Lubbers Paul Lucca John & Mary Ann Lundquist Charli & Tom Lundstedt Charles Lynch Paul & Jean Mack Lisa & Tom Madsen Dave Maier & Barb Cihlar Jim & Anne Manes Kathryn Manion Glenn & Edie Manke Katie Maples Jim & Carole Maronek Imelda Marquardt Edward Martin Helen & Gary Martin Natalie Martin Robert & Sue Martin Randy & Karen Mathewson Terry Matier Dennis & Eileen Mayborne Thomas McBride Frances McCain Paul McCarty

Northern Sky Theater

Tracy McCauley Pamela McCluskey Sharon McConnell John & Shelley McCoy Mike & Marge McCoy Dave & Colette McDonough Duke & Della McGrath Maureen & Robert McGrath Kathleen McKenna Mark McKibben Rebecca McMillion Marcia McNiff Tim McNurlen Paul & Danita Medved Diane Meiborg & Roger Zacek Daniel Melling Mary Menzel Sally Mergener Jill Meyer & Chuck Manske John & Karen Meyer Kristi Meyer Rick & Avis Meyer David & Kathy Michaelis Larry & Joanne Michaels Lawrence Midtbo Maureen Milbach Howard & Sara Miller Karen Miller Keith Miller Kris Miller Laura Miller Suzan Miller Valori Miller Sue Millin Alan & Barbara Miralgio Marc & Renee Mitchell Joe & Ricki Mitchell Jane Moeller Ann & Dave Moffat Glenn Mohs Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Monroe Barbara Mons Karen & Robert Montgomery Tom & Kathie Moore Karen Moran Ann & Michael Morgan Laura Morgan William Morris


Betty & John Morrison Emily Morrison Wendy & Mike Mospan Kylowna Moton David Mouri Avi Mowshowitz Greg & Terri Mueller Ken & Judy Mueller Sherry Lee Mueller Susan Muir Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Mulvey MF Mumbach Renee Muneses Katy & Terry Murphy Cheryl Myers Daniel Myers Mary Myers Scott & Karin Myers Robert & Carla Myerson Robert Nack Winifred Nathan Margaret Needelman Meg Neggers Douglas Neis Greg Nelson John & Kathy Nelson Melissa Nelson Mike & Karen Nelson Patti Nelson Sally Nesser Carol & David Nestingen Julianna Neuman Helen & Earl Neville Scott & Jill Newcomer Kay Newell Madelynn, Leah & Kayleigh Newmann Richard & Carol Ney Barbara Nichols Dennis Nichols Dan & Penny Niesen Eric & Ramona Nimmer Judy Nixon Becky Njaa Lauren Noel Roxane Nordbeck Jennifer Norton Neal Nottleson Jack Nowak Brigid O’Brien Kathleen O`Brien Marjorie O’Connor


Steve & Lisa O’Hearn Paul O’Keeffe Craig O’Leary Kevin & Linda O’Neill Ken Obrecht Kathy & Randy Odem Jenifer Oechsner Tom & Mary Oehler Ric & Cathy Offerman John Oglesby Patricia & John Oleniczak Robert Olsen Lynn Olson Gary & Sari Oosta Ray & Carol Ann Osinski Diane Ostermann Doug Otopalik Jim & Diane Otto Mike Ottum Jeff & Barb Ottum Mike Ottum Megan Owens Paul & Beverly Ozburn Scott & Jen Page Cindy Paley Patrick Palmer Patrick & Mary Jo Para Holly Park Marijo & Jay Parsons Ellen Passage Dawn Patel Joannne & Bill Patterson Marsha Patterson Emily Paulsen John Pawlak Roberta Pawlak Nancy & Chuck Pawluk Mark & Anita Payne Lacy Pearl Susan Peck Lauren & David Peck Bill & Kathleen Pennoyer Jeff Perley Eric Perlman & Janelle Peotter Barb & Bill Perloff Rachel Petermann Mollie Petersen David & Julie Peterson Janet Peterson Mark Peterson Sandra Peterson

Paul & Karen Pfeffer Jeff & Sally Pfeifer Gary & Penny Pfister Judy Phillips Tom & Jane Pick Lisa Pildes & Michael Sehr Sue Piper Walter Piper Nancy Piper-Jankovich & Bill Jankovich Joan Pleuss Patti Podgers & Jim Johnson Steve & Linda Pont The Porter Family Natasha Posey Sylvia K. Pratt Gary Puljas Christina & John Quinlan Margaret Quinnette Holly Rabe Ken Rabideau Maddie Rackley Nancy Rafal Marshall Ramme Tim Rand Bruce & Lyn Ranta Sheri Rasmussen Loren & Maggie Rathert Holly Rausch Dr. Nancy & John Raymond Mark Reasa Sharon Redinger Lisa Reineke Bob & Jane Reinke Susan Retzlaff Marty & Robin Reynolds James Rhea Angelyn Rhode Steve & Jan Rhode Jaqueline Rice Karla Rice Kathy Richter Luzern & Joann Richter Mary Rick Susan Riggers Beth Ringgenberg Carmen Risi Barb & Paul Ristau George & Cindy Ristau Michael Ristau


Ed & Stevie Ritger Dawn Roberts Joan Roberts Leslie Roberts-Tolliver Susan Robinson Julie Rock Todd & Sheryll Rockway Jim Rodrian Emily & Bob Rogers Mike Rogusky Sharon Rohn Bernadine Rolnicki Doyle Karr & Tamara Rood Vicky Rosenbaum John & Mimi Rosing Noelle Rowdon James & Ladona Rowings Lloyd & Sandra Rowley Heather Rubio-Cockroft Claudia Russell & Bruce Kaplan Bill & Diane Russell Linda Rutledge Susan Ryan Michael Saeger Christine & Phil Salmon Steve Samson Bob & Gloria Santilli Mary Sass Brenda Savic John & Jackie Sawyer Jim & Lynn Saylor Teresa Scalise Thomas Schaefer Susan Schall Allison & Brendan Schallert Katie and Mike Scharf Sarah Schaubroeck Gary & Rhonda Scheller Susan Schlachtenhaufen Lisa Schlenker Jeff Schmeckpeper Randy Schmeling Gretchen Schmelzer Greg & Renee Schmill Shirley Schmill Catie Schmitt Tom & Judy Schmitt John Schmuhl Charlie Schneider & Ellen Penfield-Schneider Cheryl Schneider


James Cahan & Linda Schneider Kriss & Jim Schorer Katherine Schouten Susan & Thomas Schouten Jean Lila Schroeder Karen Schubert & Jim Woodcock Marcia Schueller Liz & Brent Schultz Megan Schultz Tom Schuppe Pete & Carol Schuster Henry Schwarz Jim & Judy Schwengel Carol Scott Lori Scruton Mary Seeberg Mary Seehafer Monica & Michael Seehawer Amy Seguin Michael Seidman Paul & Amy Seiler John & Kris Selk Debra Serchen Michael Sergi Gwen Severson Bailey Share Judy Share Lisa Share Robin Share Rob & Becky Shaw Mark Sheets Bob Shelton & Ann Bersi Ann Sheridan Mary & Roger Sherman Mary Sherman Patti & Don Sherman Mark Shropshire Judy & Chuck Shultz Kathleen & Tom Siberz Ross & Ginny Siegel Estelle Siegman Carl & Lori Sieracki Elise Sieracki Erick Silva Susan Simms Andy, Hillary, & Eric Simon Jan & James Sinclair Dennis Skahen Kara Skahen

Northern Sky Theater

Pamela & Michael Skocir Phil & Val Skultety Sara Smeby Ann Smejkal Anita Smith Frances Smith Glenn Smith Joyce & Stan Smith Marcia Smith Nicole & Brad Smith Paul Smith Teresa Smithrud Nancy & Dave Sonntag Arlene Sopata Wendy Sorenson Rick & Dawn Sorgea John Sparks Kathleen Speck Kathie Spegal Bethany Spielman Lee Sprifke Sandra Stadler Frederick Stamer Steven Stanger Emmy & Steve Stanley Gary Stapelman Elizabeth Stasiak Karen Steele & Patrick McDonough David Stefanik Crystal Stefanko Andrew Stemp Andrew Stemp & Julia Bragg Brian & Amy Stephens Cheryl Stepniewski Joyce Stevens David Hobler & Kathleen Paniagua John Stiefel Cynthia Stiehl Glenn Stith Shelly & Roger Stoeger Chase Stoeger & Molly Rhode Shelly & Roger Stoeger Tim & Sue Stone Sandra Stoneham Julia Stoneman Merri & Dave Stoneman Clare Stoner Fehsenfeld Roger Stover


Lee Straate & Diane Carr Mark Strautman Debbie Streeter Karen & Dave Studebaker Joe Suchy Kathleen Suhovecky David Sullivan Mary Sullivan Rita & Bob Sullivan William & Cheryl Surbaugh Hannah Sutton Deanna & John Swanson Michelle Swanson John Syvertsen Jan Szczepanski Greg & Ann Szeflinski Peter Tan James & Mary Taylor Phyllis Taylor Victor Tenore Jennifer Terreau Megan Terry Colleen Teska Josephine P. Thiell Paul & Susan Thierfelder Natalie Thompson Pamela Thomson Rosemary Thurow Susan Tiffany Dennis Timm Tom Tollette Christine Townsend Beth Traylor Ron & Patricia Trellue Connie Tresch Linda Tresner Janet Trigg David & Barbara Tuch Ian & Margaret Turner Thomas Turriff Barbara & Tom Tuszynski Andy Tuxen Roy & Sandra Uelner Liz & Victor Ulloa Barbara Underwood Matt Valley Dave & Mary Van Dyke Teri Van Tassel Toby Vanden Heuvel & Jen Norden Wayne & Rose Vander Velden


Sandra & Randy Vandersee Marti Vandervest Renee Vandlik Don & Jane Vaughan Eberhard & Catherine Veit Catherine Velasco-Cappozzo Greg & Wendy Vichick Bruce Victor Aina Vilumsons Amanda Vinicky Kathy Voelz Isabel Vreeke John & Tracy Vreeke Gayle Wade Sharon Wagner Merrilee & John T. Waldron Pat Waldron Mark Walker Wayne & Jeanette Wallace Donna Wampach Meredith Ward John & Brenda Warren Jack & Linda Watts Deborah Webber & David Alley Michael & Michelle Weber Pamela Weber Jonathan Wedell Don Weimer Kevin Weinfurt Mary & Phil Weinfurt Downers Grove Fans Carolyn Wells Jeff & Dawn Welter Phyllis & Ted Wempe Ben Werner Beth Coleman & Curt Wessel Bill, Trudy, Phillip & Kate Wessels John & Kathleen Westberg Dave & Liz Westen Marcia Wewers Greg & Gloria Weyenberg Ann & James White Jan-Ann & Richard White Marilyn White Bob & Deb White Jay & Sally Whitfield Dick & Jan Whittow

Cathy Wieland Blaine Wieland Michael & Beth Wiest Eric & Margaret Wilcots William & Sharon Wildman Donna Wilkinson Cathy & Art Wille Clyde & Marsha Williams Dan & Joyce Williams Duane T. Williams Judy & Harold Williams Patty & Howard Williamson Pat Willman Eleanor Wilson Gingie Wilson Nancy Wise Jane & Karl Wise Fred Wittig Dennis & Karen Wojahn James Wojciechowski Joan S. Wojtal Barbara Wolf Leah Wolf Terry Wolf Ryan Wolosek Bonnie Wolslegel Jane Doughty & David Wood Tom Wood Jane Woodward Michael Wright Timothy Wright Sheila Wurmser Peter Yaeger & Leslie Dittus-Yaeger Norma Young Leslie & Duane Youngsteadt Susan Zach Jay Zahn Mary Zakula Clay & Melissa Zambo Zimmermann Family Rebecca Zitzow Ronald Zoutendam Donna Zwicke Jeffrey Zwicky


Fred Alley New Musical Fund 2021 Donors

In 2006 Northern Sky Theater established the Fred Alley New Musical Fund to honor the memory of Fred Alley, co-founder of the company and playwright of many of our most popular productions, including Guys on Ice and Lumberjacks in Love. Contributions to this fund are used exclusively for the creation and development of new musicals. Recent productions benefiting from the fund include We Like It Where?, Boxcar, Dairy Heirs, Doctor! Doctor!, No Bones About It, When Butter Churns to Gold, Strings Attached, Windjammers, Victory Farm, and Guys & Does. 2020-2021 Contributors were: Ann Abbott Tom & Kathy Adrians Mike & Pat Ahern Larry & Linda Alfred Helen Ambuel Linda Ames-Boman Jim & Jane Anderson Sara Ellen & James H. Anderson Katy Andino Sue & Louie Andrew Ed & Kim Anglemyer Jim & Roberta Arndorfer Jane & Mark Babich E.H. Barker Francha Barnard Betsy Baumann Lynn M. Beckman Ann E. Behrens Greg & Meridith Berry Judy & Al Beyer Judith Blahnik Pam Blanchard Linda & John Blossom Margaret C. Boehm Mary Boie Austin & Judy Boncher John & Anna Borchers Sharon & Robert Brenner John & Nancy Brock Sue & Jim Buck Melinda Butcher


Northern Sky Theater

Fishing for the Moon 1999 Photo by Roger Hamilton

Susan Caldwell Steven & Kris Campea Doug & Janie Carlson Tom & Heather Cavanaugh Dave & Kathy Cecil Tom & Sheryl Cerniglia Amy Chaffee Trudy & Tony Chelmecki Pat Cole & Jon Platt Linda Colson, Sarah & Lisa Perlstein Susie & Tracy Cotter Sally M. Covyeau Larry & Cynthia Crock Carla Dahl & Tom Papesh Michael & Priscilla Daniels Daniel & Donna Danielson Jean Davison Eiizabeth DeFelice Becky Delisle Dianna Dentino & John Gielow Greg & Julie Diltz Lisa Dimberg Gib & Gail Docken Kit Donahue Marc & Kris Dubick David & Chris Duecker Sharon Duerkop Karen & Bill Dushek Jean Eckrich Carl Eisenberg Michael Elkow

Fred Alley New Musical Fund 2021 Donors

Diane Ellis The Emrich-Muise Family Lewis Engel Elizabeth Evans Hank & Mary Fasciotti Angela Filer Reid & Terri Firestone Mike Fischer & Elaine Griffin Karen & Jerry Franz Gayle & Glenn Fritsch Judith Fronek Marilyn D. Gandt-Hudson Gary & Carol Gapen Lori Gasik & Kate Cazares Susie Gebhardt Kevin & Susie Gerarden Linda E. Gerke Bill & Mardi Glenn Ann Glessner Patricia J. Goldberg Juanita R. Gorden Barbara Gould Tim & Barb Graul John W. & Barbara Hansen Diane Hapke Sherri Hayes Eleanor Heeringa-Owen & Carl Owen Dina Herbst Tom & Cheryl Heth Richard & Jane Hoffman Ron & Alice Holden Mark & Michaela Holey Bruce & Marla Horwitz Bob & Judy Jaeschke Chuck & Barb Jajtner Sue & Joe Jarosh Wayne & Donna Jensen James & Wanda John Bob & Ruth Jome Jimmy Kaplan & Kay Stiefel Robert & Jolene Kappes Dennis Kavanaugh & Cynthia Thorpe Paula & Bob Keller Gretchen Kelley Lucy Kile Joann & Wally Kilgus

Tammy Klaty Pam & Jon Koch Susan & Raymond Koch Jon Krause The Pam Kriger Donor Advised Fund of The Jewish Community Foundation Merriel Kruse Diane Kuzma Loren & Grace Kyllo Mary Lou Lager Rick & Janet Lambert Judith & Howard Landsman Jerry Lecy Mark & Linda LeMahieu Larry & Sue LeMay Justine Leonard Edward Lesniak & Kate Mallon Tony & Judy Licata Liguori Family Heidi & Bob Ling Tim Linton & Cindy Linton Dave & Nancy Lokken David Loritz Patty & Paul Lucca Beverly Luethge John & Marita Madigan Lisa & Tom Madsen Paul Mahon Jim & Carole Maronek Natalie Martin Robert & Sue Martin Stas & Mary Therese Maslanka Randy & Karen Mathewson Mike & Marge McCoy Maureen & Robert McGrath James & Sally Mergener Betty Meyer David & Kathy Michaelis Patrick & Mary Mickelsen Fred & Karen Mikolajewski Carol Miles Suzan Miller Kris Miller Karen Miller Alan & Barbara Miralgio Chuck Misky


Fred Alley New Musical Fund 2021 Donors

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Monroe Barbara Mons Doug & Pamela Moore Linda Moore & Rich Kanas Sherry Lee Mueller Brad & Kelly Mullins Sally Nesser Judy Nixon Kevin & Linda O’Neill Gary & Sari Oosta Dave & Sue Otis Jim & Diane Otto Jeff & Barb Ottum Kimberly-Ann Palazzo & Randolf Warnke Donna & Darnell Pettengill Lisa Pildes & Michael Sehr Jerry & Lynn Pomprowitz Michael & Carole Raap Nancy Rafal Lolly & Dave Ratajczak Ron & Marilyn Reed Lucy Reeve Kay & Gunter Reiche Glen & Christine Reichelderfer Lou & Sharon Remer Robin Jay Music & Gifts Maragret Robinson Bill & Marcia Rock Jim Rodrian Susan Crawford & Jeffrey Rosemann Noelle Rowdon Lloyd & Sandra Rowley Nick F. & Rosann Scalise Susan Schall Alan & Roberta Schimek Susan Schlachtenhaufen Charlie Schneider & Ellen Penfield-Schneider Liz & Brent Schultz Carol Scott Lori Scruton Mary Seeberg Mary Seehafer Paul & Amy Seiler Rob & Becky Shaw


Northern Sky Theater

Mary Sherman Andy, Hillary, & Eric Simon Arlene Sopata Sue & Izzy Sorce Emmy & Steve Stanley The Staszewski Family Carolyn, Kim & Zach Bea & Roman Statz Karen Steele & Patrick McDonough Mary Steffens John Stiefel MMG Foundation, Inc. Merri & Dave Stoneman Karen & Dave Studebaker Megan Terry Josephine P. Thiell Mickey & Karen Towns Christine Townsend David & Barbara Tuch Andy Tuxen Dennis & Eileen Vaccaro Julia Van Roo Bresnahan Charitable Fund Terry & Vicky Van Straten Aina Vilumsons Merrilee & John T. Waldron Mark Walker Watson Family Jack & Linda Watts Mike & Becky Wendt Dave & Liz Westen Eugene & Darlene Weyker Marilyn White Bob & Deb White Family Blaine Wieland William & Sharon Wildman Marian Wilkerson & George Maling Duane T. Williams Dennis & Karen Wojahn Caleb & Trudi Wright Norma Young Jay Zahn Matt & Lori Zembrowski Sally & Jerry Zogg Carol & Randy Zwickey

Northern Sky Theater Donations Experts tell us that running a professional theater that solely creates and produces original musicals priced so the whole family can attend is impossible. We do it anyway. We exist because of you. Individual and foundation gifts account for over 30 percent of Northern Sky’s operating budget. A heartfelt THANK YOU to the contributors listed below. Northern Sky Theater is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, so your donation is tax-deductible. Donations from April 1, 2020, through March 31, 2021, are acknowledged in this playbill.

Thank You to our Generous Donors! BELGIAN ANGEL Alexander Charitable Foundation, Inc. Helen Ambuel E.H. Barker Claire CaJacob & Debra DuMont Jim & Judy Kottmeier

Mike & Marge McCoy MMG Foundation, Inc. Emmy & Steve Stanley Dave & Shaun Tauber

VICTORY FARMER Pam Blanchard Susan Caldwell Dave & Vonnie Callsen Susan Crawford & Jeffrey Rosemann Jim & Nancy Huebner Tony & Judy Licata Heidi & Bob Ling Nancy Mills Tom & Kathie Moore

$10,000 - $24,999

Carla & Ellsworth Peterson Charitable Foundation Jean Russell Skinner Family Fund Maury & Ann Sullivan Roy & Sandra Uelner Greg & Wendy Vichick Duane T. Williams

SPITFIRE GRILLER Renee & Tom Boldt Mike & Marcia Eischen Iris & Jim Friedlieb Kalscheur Family Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

Main Street Market Helen & Earl Neville Bob & Rita Radke Jim Wilson

WINDJAMMER Katy Andino Trish & Jim Black Bob & Lois Dittus Jason Feldman Landscapes Holly & Jason Feldman Reid & Terri Firestone Irene Fox The Pam Kriger Donor Advised Fund of The Jewish Community Foundation

$25,000 & UP

$2,500 - $4,999

The Kroll Family Maureen & Robert McGrath Mary Seeberg Theda & Tamblin Clark Smith Family Foundation Don & Jane Vaughan Bob & Deb White Family


ICE FISHER Sue & Louie Andrew Marilyn Backer Martha Bagley Dave & Terri Beck-Engel Jacqlynn Behnke Steve, Julia, Mike & Nick Berndt Jennifer & Jeff Bridges Cindy Brito & Tony Costello John & Nancy Brock Anthony & Andrea Bryant John & Judy Busey John & Rose Bykowski Frank & Karen Cape Laurey & Phil Clampitt James & Cathy Collins Larry & Cynthia Crock Dr. Kevin & Mrs. Kristine Dahlman Del & Jo Davis Peter & Gina Deschler Jacinda Duffin, Realtor Chuck & Joanne Dull Annie & Dick Egan Randi Fay Patricia Feldman Diane & Pat Ford Karen & Jerry Franz Natalie & George Gorchynsky Barbara Gould William A. Guenther Jan Harmon Ronald Heideman Rebecca Herb Dina Herbst Roger Johnson Albert & Cynthia Johnson Richard & Charlotte Johnston Leolyn & Kenneth Jones Paula & Dave Kocken

Cheryl & Robert Kopecky Ed Kottmeier Steven Kruse & Nell Cady-Kruse John & Kathy Leach Tom & Bev Lisle Lee Marquardt Dennis & Eileen Mayborne David G. & Marion S. Meissner Adam Minton Doug & Pamela Moore Ann & Michael Morgan Judy Nixon Dustin Overbeck Dee & Eric Paulsen Janet Peterson Cal & Trish Pierson Margaret Poole Lloyd & Sandra Rowley Sharee Allain & David Schertz Family Glenn & Judy Siebert Sandra Stoneham Deanna & John Swanson Casey & Dolores Sylla Josephine P. Thiell Dennis & Jeanne Trittin Vanderson & Gehrke Family The Virginia Burns Private Charitable Foundation Andrea & Brad Votava Merrilee & John T. Waldron Jeff & Dawn Welter Brenda & David Wenberg Jan-Ann & Richard White Judy & Harold Williams Wilson’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor Jim & Kathy Wochinske Dennis & Karen Wojahn

HAPPY LUMBERJACK Bob Bartlett & Nancy Wenzel The Beck Family Corrie Beula Kovacs & Steve Kovacs Linda & John Blossom Andrea K. Boehmer Nancy T. & David A. Borghesi Fund Carl & Diane Braaten Mark Breseman & Jane Hillstrom Jim & Barbara Bunning Kevin Burow Carlson Erickson Builders Lynn & Kathleen Casey-McKee Susie & Tracy Cotter


Northern Sky Theater

$1,000 - $2,499

$500 - $999

Jack & Betty-Jo Dahlman Robert C. Davis III Janice L. Davis John & Pat DeLeonardis Robert A. & Lynn I. Doneff Dick & Pat Dornaus Bob & Mary Ann Dude Bay Area Garments & Specialties Tad & Andy Dukehart Michael Elkow Fred & Barb Frey Tim & Marsella Fults Kurt Goetzka

HAPPY LUMBERJACK Pat Graham Emily & Kevin Haggard Barb & Jim Hansen Don & Coggin Heeringa Doc Heide & Jody Jessup Gerald & Marie Henning Joyce Herbst Ed & Beth Herbst Dave & Dorothy Higdon Bill & Kandy Higley Ron & Alice Holden Horseshoe Bay Farms & Golf Club JoAnn C. Hutchinson Erling & Ann Isely Mary Jelinek Mark & Ann Jinkins Judy & Tim Klatt Santosh Krishnan & Lynn D`Andrea Jeff Kuchenbecker & Char Braun Mary Lou Lager Paul Libman & Marcia Iacobucci Jim & Ellie Lincoln Rob & Becky Lonergan David & Denice Martin Suzan Miller Howard & Sara Miller Jack & Bonnie Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Monroe Sherry Lee Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Mulvey Scott & Karin Myers Nicolet National Bank Steve & Kaaren Northrop

Gary & Sari Oosta The Otto Family Jeff & Barb Ottum John Parrish Walter J. & Catherine Piper Christopher & Kathryn Poling Sylvia K. Pratt Reinhard Plumbing, Inc. Mary Rosecky Charles & Janice Sable Alan & Roberta Schimek Lawrence & Hollis Schuetz Greg & Barb Sheehy Robert & Jane Shiffler John & Tricia Shinners Karen Steele & Patrick McDonough Robert & Rochelle Steininger Lee Straate & Diane Carr Karen & Dave Studebaker William L. & Cheryl S. Surbaugh The Tonnell Family Ron & Patricia Trellue True North Real Estate LLC Carol & Richard Valley Toby Vanden Heuvel & Jen Norden Kathy Voelz David & Nancy Wahlert Dick & Jan Whittow Jim & Sandy Wiederholt Kathleen Wingler & Kari Pantol Ron & Susie Zellmer Rob & Marsha Zoll

MUSKIE LOVER Ann Abbott Theodore & Janet Abrahamson Jim & Roberta Arndorfer Inge Alverson Bacon, CPA Susan & Bruce Bauter Bay Ridge Golf Course Bruce & Victoria Behnke Greg & Meridith Berry Bob The Painter Margaret C. Boehm Lance I Brolin Ann K. Buck Sue & Jim Buck Robin & Joseph Caprile Pam Carrier Beth & Marshall Collins Mary Alice & Peter J. Costello Carla Dahl & Tom Papesh

$500 - $999

$300 - $499

Jan & Karen Dickson Judy & Doug Drew Jacinda Duffin, Broker/Owner/Realtor Stan & Jo Dziewa Ecology Sports Carl Eisenberg Fran Faller Roy & Betsy Gill Ginny & Jim Gilmore Ann Glessner Nancy Hunt Grant Deb Hartsock Stacie & Josh Heier Kristin Hem Giz & Linda Herbst Ann Hobler Stan & Susan Hoffert Steven Hughes


MUSKIE LOVER Wayne & Donna Jensen Dennis & Janet Johnson Dave & Mel Johnson Gary & Debbie Jones Kerber Rose, SC Lucy Kile Joann & Wally Kilgus Dave & Becky Kimbell Dave, Kendall, Makenize, Kirschen & Felix Koehler Linda Laarman Beatrice A. Lapp Lautenbachs Orchard Country Winery LFP Design Jim & Nancy Marsho Ken & Judy Mueller Open Door Bird Sanctuary Paul & Beverly Ozburn Barb & Bill Perloff Steve & Jan Rhode Jim & Lynn Saylor

John & Susan Schaper Charlie Schneider & Ellen Penfield-Schneider Kathy Schultz Shallows Resort Lynn & Vern Tucker David Hobler & Kathleen Paniagua Joe & Sally Stiehl Tim & Sue Stone Karin Suesser Michael & Judy Surges Mary & Roy Thilly Scott & Wende Tucker Leo & Louise Van Sistine Wes Warren IV Family Deborah Webber & David Alley Jon Wenberg William & Sharon Wildman Adam & Andrea Woerpel Woodwalk Gallery Bill Youmans

GALACTIC PACKER Mike & Jody Abrahamson Shirley Adams & Eric Johnson Tom & Kathy Adrians Thomas L. Aerts Jamie & Amy Alberts Allan Allweiss & Emily Corbett AmazonSmile Foundation Linda Ames-Boman Sara Ellen & James H. Anderson Anschutz Plumbing & Heating Inc. Richard & Elaine Bader Francha Barnard Ron Barnett Richard Basham Chuck & Laurie Baum Daniel Baumann Kim & Janine Beck Judy Beerntsen Penny & Tom Beerntsen Randy & Anne Behm Aralda & Brion Bell Todd & Carla Benzschawel John & Lynn Binder Terry & Darlene Blanz The Bley Family Mary Boie


Kay & Marty Bonk Sarah & Brian Bonovich Ed & Helen Brady The Mark Brinkman Family Diane Brockington Robert Brogan Peter & Linda Brooks Greg & Kathleen Burns Richard & Gloria Burzynski Ken Naujock & Chris Bushey Kevin & Kim Butler Robin & Avis Byers Dave & Ardis Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Frank Candioto Ryan Cantzler & Jill Parak Roxy & Wade Carlson Dave & Kathy Cecil Trudy & Tony Chelmecki David & Tinya Christensen Jeffrey & Susan Clark Glenn & Mary Ruth Clayton Karen Cowan Scott Crane Jeanne Crowbridge-Wenzel Kevin Czarnota Russ & Chris Czarnota Elyse & Tom Davies Ray & Chris DeCarlo Eric & Nellie DeJardine

Northern Sky Theater

$300 - $499

$125 - $299 Becky Delisle Kathy Demets & Greg Bollom Andrew, Janelle, Drake & Kamila Dicks Bob & Liz Dickson Gib & Gail Docken Lori & Chuck Doherty Michael & Laurie Dolan Anne & Tim Donahue Door County Lavender & Lemon LLC Kurt & Marlene Dramm Paul & Mary Ellen Dreutzer Jamie Drexler V. Daniel Elvira & Cecilia E. Gerber Bob & Connie Erickson Margaret Falkenstein Nancy & Hans Feld Bruce & Chris Fenner George & Julie Fiedler Doug & Fay Fleming Tom & Barb Florack Mr. & Mrs. William C. Foote Francis Hardy Center for the Arts Barbara & Larry Freidig Joe G Fry Michael & Orlaine Gabert

GALACTIC PACKER Steven & Mary Galligan Brenna Garrison-Bruden Linda E. Gerke Susan Gigot-Klein & Charles R. Klein Andy & JoAnn Ginger Patricia J. Goldberg Michael Golla Terry & Pam Goode Priscilla Grittner Mark & Gay Gross Ken, Lynn, Scott & Emily Hacker Douglas & Susan Hahn Curtis & Shelly Hall Carl & Donna Hanson Sherri Hayes Eleanor Heeringa-Owen & Carl Owen Bob & Lisa Heider Paul Heim & Julie Watkins John & Grace Held Charitable Fund Linda Helf Ross Hemphill John & Nell Herlache Jim & Linda Hoelzel Maurine Hoeppner Henry Hoge Mark & Michaela Holey Lisa Holmes George & Nancy Hoppa Bruce & Marla Horwitz Mark Huber & Nari Haig Mark & Amy Huftel Joe & Sandy Hurley Terry Hynous Bob & Judy Jaeschke Joy Jester Robert Judd Frank & Rita Jury Robert & Jolene Kappes Mike & Sue Keber Jan Kemble Sandi Keyser The King Family Joseph Klapatch & Michael Jinbo George Knuth Greg & Kathy Kolacinski Tom & Cindy Kraack Natalie A. Krah Diane Kuzma The Lambert Family

Brenda & Jeff Lange Keith & Ursula Leedy Harlan & Sharon Lenius Steven & Bonnie Lind John & Cheryl Lindley Bob & Jan Lintvedt Peggy Lott Holly Lynn Jeannette Marlow Helen & Gary Martin Randy & Karen Mathewson Susan Matthies Rev. Gerald & Susan Matzke Ron & Lois Mauermann John & Judy McBroom John & Shelley McCoy Mike & Windsor McCutcheon Neal & Mary Meyerson David & Kathy Michaelis Craig & Wil Mickelson Fred & Karen Mikolajewski Joe & Ricki Mitchell Frank & Cheryle Mitvalsky Lee & Suellen Mueller Robert & Carla Myerson Joe & Judy Novicki Lawrence & Sylvia Nyberg Kevin & Linda O’Neill Kathy & Randy Odem Tom & Mary Oehler Ric & Cathy Offerman Gerald & Diana Ogren Jerome & Sandy Orsted Wayne & Kate Orsted Kristy Page Neal & Linda Paul Nancy & Chuck Pawluk Eric Perlman & Janelle Peotter Laura & Don Piven Joanne Platke James & Sadie Podewils Paul & Vicki Pollowy Caroline & Steve Polster The Porter Family John & Patricia Pospisil Jeff & Therese Postles David & Janet Primus Greg Procknow Harold & Judith Proctor Michael & Carole Raap Alyssa Rader Bruce & Lyn Ranta Richard & Jan Rau

$125 - $299 Ann & Jim Reeve Kay & Gunter Reiche Glen & Christine Reichelderfer Kyle & Susan Repp Bill Robbins Jerry & Lisa Roche Sharon Rohn Judy & Bernie Rosenstein Savannah & Mark Rounds James & Ladona Rowings Claudia Russell & Bruce Kaplan Denny & Nan Ryan Diane & Jim Sarosiek Bill & Mary Jo Schaars Alice & Fred Schleg Tom & Judy Schmitt Susan & Thomas Schouten Liz & Brent Schultz Dan & Linda Scott Paul & Amy Seiler John & Kris Selk Jim & Mary Simcoe Andy, Hillary, & Eric Simon Bill & Gloria Sinclair Sarah & Eric Slaby Steve & Diane Smits Nancy & Dave Sonntag Arlene Sopata Rick & Dawn Sorgea Bea & Roman Statz Dave & Louise Stephenson Elieen & John Sterling Jane & Bruce Stoehr Cyndi & John Sturtz Peter Tan & Rachel Durfee Laraine Taylor Jim & Cathy Teska Steven Tietz & Catherine Markwiese Mia & Tim Turek Tom & Barb Tuttle Dennis & Eileen Vaccaro Aina Vilumsons Bob & Tina Wagner David & Rose Warner Jack & Linda Watts David & Sally Weber Cindy & Steven Weina Peter Welkin Mike & Becky Wendt Dave & Liz Westen Nena & Kristen White


GALACTIC PACKER Jay & Sally Whitfield Cathy Wiese Eric & Margaret Wilcots Michael & Martha Willett Clyde & Marsha Williams

Patty & Howard Williamson Gene & Carmen Witt Caleb & Trudi Wright Randall Wyatt, Psychology Professor

BONE DANCER Mike & Pat Ahern Kathleen Alagna Bruce & Joanne Aldrich Sharon Alexander Annette Andersen Jill & Bruce Anderson Anderson Family Julie & Tim Anheuser Samuel Avichai & Suzanne Baltes Roy & Terri Back Brian Baird Charlotte Baker Robert Barton Dave & Paula Battermann Jon & Kathy Beggs Betty E. Behnke Ann E. Behrens Elizabeth & Robert Bellock John & Alice Belmont Floyd & Shirley Bethke Susan & David Beula Ken & Liz Birnschein Sandra Boggs Dan & Gaye Boland Austin & Judy Boncher Joyce Bouche Ken & Sue Boyer John & Norma Bramsen William & Sylvia Brauer Harriet Broom Donald Brown & Judy Barkalow Lonnie Brown Neal & MarJean Buck Peter & Ruth Budic Michael & Karen Buoscio Carlyle Scott Bush Katie & Chris Callen Bill & Char Carle David & Verna Carlson Carl & Pat Chan Don & Deb Chapman Betty & David Chomeau


Brigid Christenson Jerry & Elaine Ciszewski Dennis & Bonnie Connolly Steve & Margie Cooper Douglas & Laura Coster Amanda Cox Rick & Patti Cron Dean & Debra Crumpacker Christy Curry & Kevin Hoyland Mitch & Sandie Custer Sharon L. Daanen Don & JoLynn Damitz Barbara Daniels Chuck & Mary Kay Deery Jan & Richard Denney Sandy & Rich Derks Theresa Desai Rick & Sue Detienne James & Nancy Dickson Rick & Bette Diehl Lisa Dimberg Chris & Gail Dockry Tom Dorner Charles & Rita Doyle Paul Dribin Marc & Kris Dubick Wayne & Jan Dyson Mark & Janet Eastman Thomas & Phyllis Eckhart June D. Ehrbar Judy Eichacker Diane Ellis Lewis Engel Jim & Pat Engelhardt John & Clare English Miriam Erickson Tom & Andrea Esau Mary Jo Feeney Gebhardt Don & Norma Fenner LuAnn Ferron Patricia & Daniel Fetterley Tom & Monika Fiedler Carolyn & Paul Finch

Northern Sky Theater

$125 - $299 Jay Zahn Ron, Beth, Katie & Rebecca Zitzow Jane McKie & David Zuhlke

$75 - $124 David Flores Linda K. Ford Bill & Terri Forst Dennis & Nancy Fredrick Judith Fronek Paul & Sharon Fuerst Mike & Tarra Gallagher Vickie Bartolini & Larry Galuszka Jerry & Lois Garrity Dorothy J. Gerrits Todd Giese Barbara & Larry Goldberg Ellen Goodrich Paul Gordon John Granzow The Gregg Family JoAnn Gruca Ed & Becky Guzman Helen & Jim Haase Vernice Haase Mary J. Hackett Ken Hall Nancy Hammen Fred & Judi Hardman Kathryn & Michael Harvey Lynn & Paul Hass John & Janet Helin Juergen & Chris Helm Charlie & Kathy Henriksen Mike & Debbie Herzfeldt Tom & Cheryl Heth Ron Hilton Hoban-Walker Family Richard & Jane Hoffman Bob & Klaudia Hollander Barbara & Dave Holman Connie Holzinger Sue & Howard Hopeman Randy & Kathy Hoth Faye & James Hughes Greg & Terri Hummel Mark Huntoon Hilary Ince

BONE DANCER Stacy & Stacey Jackson Winifred Jackson Julie Jagemann Carol Janossy Lisa Jauch Donald Johnson Mary & Bruce Johnson Nancy & Tom Johnson Steve Johnson & Dianne Byerly Ann & Michael Johnson Bob & Ruth Jome Bruce & Laurie Juppe Dennis Kavanaugh & Cynthia Thorpe Robert & Nancy Kelley Edward Kelly Evan & Carla Kenyon Jeff Kita Kaye Knutson Pam & Jon Koch Lenore Konkel Jill Konopasek Keith & Jann Kostecke Ron & Jane Kraemer Lawrence & Mary Kraft Edward G. Kraus Jerome Krebs Karl & Jean Kroeplin Terry & Ann Krueger Sue & Altfrid Krusenbaum Pauline & Gene Kussart Tomasz Kuzniar John & Rosemarie Lajka Rick & Janet Lambert Judith & Howard Landsman Rick & Jan Lange BJ Larsen Glenn & Linden Laurent Keith A. Lemburg Dave & Cyndi LeMieux Tom & Mary Liddell Ronda & John Liebmann John & Laura Lijewski Patrick & Mary Limoni Dave & Nancy Lokken Myron & Judy Losinski Charli & Tom Lundstedt Thomas & Shelly Malin Glenn & Edie Manke Marathon Sportswear, Inc. Randolph J. Mark John & Dee Martin Virginia & William Mashak

Meg & Brian McElligott Paul & Christine McGinnis Mike & Carol McIntyre Mike & Mary McKee Cynthia Mehl Quentin & Nancy Meracle Peg & Jim Meyer Stacie & Wally Meyer Maureen Milbach William & Diane Miller Orie & Chris Milton Robert E. & Judith C. Minahan Tom & Claire Minahan Alan & Barbara Miralgio Michael & Margaret Modl Sara L. Moe Ann & Dave Moffat Barbara Mons Laurie & Richard Moone Jim & Susan Morrell Pat & Gail Mullaney Tom & Elaine Mulligan Jim & Joanie Musiel Alan Nass Sally Nesser Paul Neuman & Jean Barrett Scott & Jill Newcomer Eric & Ramona Nimmer Steve & Lisa O’Hearn Janice Olson Dave & Sue Otis David & Mary Pader Tom & Jane Pick Pamela Pidgeon Marc, Beth, Kristina & Diana Pietrzak Fred Pike & Cecilia Taylor Nancy Piper-Jankovich & Bill Jankovich Joan Pleuss Jerry & Lynn Pomprowitz Bob & Barb Pragalz Nancy Rafal George & Mary Rather Bob & Jane Reinke Laura Riley Milt & Mary Risgaard Todd & Sheryll Rockway Emily & Bob Rogers Ron & Marianna Rohde Karen Ross Donald & Edith Rouse Jennifer Rowe

$75 - $124 Nora Rowley & Robert Ulicny Randy Rubens Mark & Nancy Ruen Mary A. Ruetten Stan & Dorothy Russell Sharon Sadler Mark & Robin Sahagian Jack & Diane Salentine Paul & Rae Sanders Nancy Sargent Chris & Bruce Sautebin Nick F. & Rosann Scalise Dale & Penny Schaber Ned Schechter John & Deb Schilling Kathleen Schluter Jeff Schmeckpeper & Susan Ramsey Sandra Schmitt Barb & Bob Schuelke Tom & Mac Schueppert Carol Schuster Mark & Maria Schwan Chuck & Cindy Schwierske Jan & Linda Scott Kelly, Wayne & Hailey Seitz Rob & Becky Shaw Walt & Tiggy Shields Jeff & Chris Siefker Claire Silverman & Matthew Dregne Carol & Sid Simmons Alan Skell Patricia Smith Smolinski Family David Sonnenberg Steve & Connie Sopel Roger & Donna Sorenson Gerald & Paula Sosalla James Stangle The Staszewski Family Carolyn, Kim & Zach Mike & Jean Steele Irv & Judy Steinhauer Scott & Karen Steinke Jim & Tori Stephens Mary Ann Stiglitz Mark & Lori Stolaski Kathleen Suhovecky Maggie Sullivan & Dan Murrish Mike & Lois Swanson James & Mary Taylor


BONE DANCER Richard Klemm & Harv Thompson Way & Jackie Thompson Bob & Chris Thompson Joseph & Terryl Treleven Jim & Dixie Tubbs Lisa Vallone Dave & Mary Van Dyke Gerry & Janet Van Gheem Bob & Joni Vanden Heuvel Eberhard & Catherine Veit Carole Vogts Dennis & Lisa Voight

Stephen & Mary Wadle Gary & Linda Wallace Susan Walz Jonathan & Cynthia Wargo Norman & Mabel Watkins Carole & Frank Weaver Michael Weiland & Shelley MacGregor Ron & Barb Weir 2 Fans From Downers Grove Ann West John & Kathleen Westberg Joe & Joyce Wilson

$75 - $124 Richard & Emily Woldt Jane & Gary Woodward Joe Wright Peter Yaeger & Leslie Dittus-Yaeger Ronald & Patricia Zager John & Susan Zientek Jack & Barbara Zilavy Dan & Irene Zimmerman Anita Zipperer & Patrick O’Hearn Leonard & Janice Zittlow Larry & Nancy Zuelke

CHEESEHEAD _____$25 - $74 Josef Aalbue & Sally Schlachtenhaufen Jim & Linda Adams Kathleen & Brian Aden Adelaide Aime Patricia Albers Eric Albrecht Judith Amberg Michael & Joanne Ames Garry & Sandy Andersen Richard & Janet Anderson Debbie & Dave Anderson Greg & Ruth Anerino Penny & David Anschutz Diane B. Arnkoff Andrew Baker Joe & Jackie Baldyga Lynn Barkinge Dennis & Carol Barkow Sally Barta Marsha Bathke Dolores Bauer David & Jean Baumann Lynn M. Beckman Lisa & Dan Bee Gerry & Jane Berg Tom & Kellie Bergen Bill & Mary Bestor Jan Beyer Terrence Bishop Mark Bitzan Wayne & Paula Bley Edward & Amy Blumenthal Debra & David Boden Jocelyn Boor Pam & Bill Borgeson Tony Bouche


Joe & Terri Bourassa Connie Brandt Sharon Brecklin Roger & Eileen Breitrick Nancy Brejcha Susan & Jim Bricker Ed & Sharon Brud David J. Brusky Susan Burchell Jim & Anita Burow Rick Burton Jillaine & Andy Seefeldt Peggy Busalacchi Melinda Butcher Kevin & Cynthia Bute John & Kathy Campbell Jeni & Joe Carey Harley & Jean Chapman Nancy & Doug Charles Maetta Chase Shelly Chmielewski Tom & Nancie Chmielewski Peter & Kathie Clay Pat Cole & Jon Platt Kathy Conner John Conroy Marlene Corey Helena Campbell & Craig Cullum Tom & Cheryl Culver Betty & Corkey Custer Rose & Jim Dagostino John & Sandra Dean Steven Delarwelle Jennifer Dickinson Elizabeth Dickman Lynn & Larry Dolecki

Northern Sky Theater

Callan & Sarah Donovan David W. Dorn & Ken Krajewski John & Patricia Dorr Dan & Julie Doucette Douglas Dowell Michael & Deborah Duncan Douglas & Rose Duncan Karen & Bill Dushek Karen Dustrude Russ & Patty Dzurick Family Don & Mary Ann Eggleston Paula Englebert Marc & Katie Ennis Virginia Erickson Coleen & Keri Ernster Ava & Declan Farriday Hank & Mary Fasciotti Marlene Fehling Audrey Fendius Lynn & Linda Ferrell Jeffrey & Donna Figueroa Dave & Lisa Fink Bonnie Flaeschel Jack & Gail Florin Kathie Fox John & Anne Frame Carol Frazier Mark & Sue Freeman Tom & Laurie Friedrich Gayle & Glenn Fritsch John & Lynn Gallagher Gary & Carol Gapen Jerry & Becky Gapinski Fr. Jim Garvey Cheri Geiger Kevin & Susie Gerarden

CHEESEHEAD _____$25 - $74 Michael & Marcia Gevers Kevin Gibson & Elizabeth Lentini Tom & Gigi Giunta Sandy & Greg Glander Denise Gothier Jane Gottfried Richard Grams Barbara Grande Mike & Holly Green H. Paul & Marie Grevsmuehl Thomas Grey Amanda & Joseph Grigsby Kenneth Hack Rick & Linda Hallstrand Laurie Hamachek Hamilton Family John & Lori Hammer Maureen Hammond Jacqueline Haney Peter Hansen Dave & Jane Hansen Jodi Hanson Diane Hapke Tim Harris Marsie L. Hartman Pamela Harvey-Jacobs Dick & Beckie Hawker Debbie Hawkinson Amy Hawthorne Amy Healey Ann & Eric Hearn The Hebel Family Sue Heck Karen & Al Hediger Bob & Geralyn Heffron Paul & Ruth Heinecke Jim & Judy Heinecke Pamela Hendricksen Lyle & Chris Hendrickson Dan & Margie Hennig Ann Herbold Pat Hickey Dan & Margaret Higginbotham Judy Hoard & Beth Ringgenberg Barbara Holm Dawn Holsen Joy & Jim Hooyman Hal & Joyce Hothan Jim Houfek Matt Hunter Aimee & Tom Huntsha

William & Diane Hyson John Jackson & Kay Josten Mary Jackson Chuck & Barb Jajtner Wayne & Marcy Janssen Barbara Jenkin Debra S. & Dennis E. Jepsen Carl & Jean Jeziorski Bruce & Nancy Johansen James & Wanda John Richard & Sue Ellen Johnson Vicki Johnson Katherine & Roger Jones Abe & Linda Kahan Lynn Kaliski Rich & Barb Kallan Marie Kallman Jimmy Kaplan & Kay Stiefel Allen & Carol Kazmierczak John Keene Natalie Kemp Matthew & Debbie Kenady Dan & Linda Kettner Tracy Teltz-Kiederlen Donna & Wayne Kiefer JoAnne Kleinedler Teresa Klier Sharon Klint Julie Kohlbauer Jim & Karen Kohler Kim Kohler & Joe Gruber Suzanne & David Kolb Peter & Marylu Kramer Gerald & Nancy Krause Raymond Kremer Steven Krings Merriel Kruse Konrad Kuchenbach Wayne & Bonnie Kuenzi Rev. Robert Kuhn Darryl & Ellen Kupecz Sherry Lacensk Kellie Lala Jim & Diane Lang Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Langer Gerry & Mark Langgut James Langlois Twyla & George Lato John & Kathy Ledvina Cheryl LeeVan Larry & Sue LeMay Ed Lenard Phyllis Levin William Levine

Lenore LeVoy John & Karen Ley Linda Lightcap Bruce & Peggy Lindsay Glen & Barbara Link Tim Linton & Cindy Linton Ron & Patti Lis Amy Lohmiller Dennis & Mary Lokken Jean Luft Doris Lukas Charlotte Lukes Thomas Lutsey John Maclay Jim & Eileen Macri Lisa & Tom Madsen Anne Maimares Jim & Anne Manes Elizabeth Markon Stas & Mary Therese Maslanka Jennifer Mason Tony & Linda Mass The Matthys Family David & Marjorie Mau Pat & Debbie McCabe Dan McCormick Dave & Colette McDonough G.M. Duke & Della McGrath Joan Mead Richard & Jean Mehring Diane Meiborg & Roger Zacek Christine & Russ Melland Coleen & Steve Menden James & Sally Mergener Jennifer Merkel Maureen & Peter Mewies John & Karen Meyer Larry & Joanne Michaels Ken & Carol Michels Carol Miles Marcia Milhaupt Laura Miller John Minogue Marie A. Moe Ron Moens Jan Morin Ron Morken William Morris Linda, Ted & Micah Moskonas Betty Mourning Katy & Terry Murphy


CHEESEHEAD _____$25 - $74 Kelly Murphy Katherine Nakis Juliana Neuman Judy Newbold Joseph & Mary Nimrod Helen & Stephen Noskowicz Neal Nottleson Debra O’Connell Gail O’Connor Gwen O’Loughlin Megan O’Meara David R. & Dorothy G. Oprea Debbie Osicek Mike Ottum Amanda Pachniak Patrick Palmer William & Peggy Palmer Wendy Pasowicz Ellen Paul Mark & Anita Payne Joan & Bruce Pikas Anne Pilkington Peter & Jean Pittner

Leslie & Nancy Poch Maureen & Mark Polczynski Steve & Linda Pont Ronald Powell Kristin Pressler Corinne Prohl Keri & Fred Prueter Ann Quale Sharon Raimondo Don Rathbun Ginger & David Ready Dan & Laura Reger Dennis & Sue Reich Joyce & Roger Reinmann Margaret Reisenauer Jim & Chris Rescheske Donna Richter & Michael Judd Susan & David Rieder Glenn Rieker Marlene Rinderle Mike & Dori Ritland Maragret Robinson

Allison Rock & Chris Wuthmann Barb Rogers Barbara A. Roob Linda Rosenbaum Lauri & John Rosenthal Richard Roth Paul Rowland Alan H. Rubenfeld Matt & Angela Russo Susan Ryan Jim & Rachel Sauder Steven Schantzen Pat Schellenger Lee & Judy Scherkenbach Nancy Schiro Horst & Mary Schmalandt David Schmaltz Lee & Tamara Schmidt Greg & Renee Schmill David & Pam Schmitz Terry Schneider Jack Schofield


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CHEESEHEAD _____$25 - $74 Carl Schopp Pat & Joyce Schrauth Henry & Kathy Schroth Bonnie & Charlie Schuknecht T.M.Schultz & W.J. Krypel Dan & Kari Schultz Gigi Fourre Schumacher Joe & Kathryn Schumacher June Schuppel Karen & Dennis Schwedrsky Norbert & Diana Scribner Debra Serchen Kathy Severson Kathleen Shanahan Deborah Shaw Diana Shay Becca Sheehan Mary Sherman Bruce & Janice Sing Rick & Mary Skelley Wayne & Mary Skelton David Smith Mary Smith Barbara Speare Cindy Sporleder Carl Staub & Alexandra Moore-Staub Gary Stechmesser Phil & Pamm Steffen Mark & Jackie Stencel Kathy & Ken Stenzel Patricia Stierna Ann & Howie Stiff Spence & Rose Mary Stoner Roger & Vicki Stover Kristi Sufferling

Rita & Bob Sullivan Tom & Karen Swenson Tracy & Tim Taylor Nancy Teale & Kevin Dorner Patricia Terry Dorothy Tevoert Susan Penl & Richard Thiede Mike & Donna Thomas Erik & Marilee Thoresen Paul & Eilene Thormodsgard Barbara J. Tigges Leighton & Amy Timm Russ Tomjanovich Meggie Tonks Joan & Patrick Toohey Mickey & Karen Towns Dan & Ursula Twombly Joan Vahey Mikki Valona Peggy Welsh & Leslie Van Vonderen Dawn & Bob Volpe John & Tracy Vreeke Mona & John Wade Al & Marilyn Wahlgren Dan Waisman Bob & Pat Walbrun Mike & Betty Walden Mark Walker Wayne & Jeanette Wallace Alice Wallner Joe & Kay Walsh Elly Walsh-Rock Suzy & Tom Wegner Steve & Pat Wehrley

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David Weinhold Ron & Donna Welch Carolyn Wells Tom & Karen Wenzel Bob & Peg Wepner Robert Westby Gayle & Larry Westrum Eugene & Darlene Weyker Ann & James White Jeff & Kathy Whitehead Joanne Widowski Blaine Wieland Dave & Linda Wielock John & Tina Wiersma Dave & Patti Wilke Marian Wilkerson & George Maling Jim & Betsy Williamson Mary E. Wilson Dan & Ann Wilson Mark Wilson Yvonne Wiltse Robert & Therese Wis Pat & Jack Wisner Shyla Wollman David & Jean Wolski Connie Young Phyllis Zatlin Joseph W. Zeilermeir Armando & Mary Zeledon Leon & Sharon Zellner Bonnie Zick & Nevaeh Daul Sharon Zimmerman Louis & Elizabeth Zink Joanne Zintel Dave & Carol Zoerb

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Kevin & Susie Gerarden Linda E. Gerke Patricia J. Goldberg Wayne & Donna Jensen Mark & Ann Jinkins Sally J. Killoran Pam & Jon Koch Loren & Grace Kyllo Mark & Linda LeMahieu Fred & Karen Mikolajewski Marian Miller Paul & Karen Pfeffer Joan Pleuss Jerry & Lynn Pomprowitz Michael & Carole Raap Lloyd & Sandra Rowley

Northern Sky Theater

John & Deb Schilling Jim & Judy Schwengel Paul & Amy Seiler The Staszewski Family Carolyn, Kim & Zach Ann & Howie Stiff William L. & Cheryl S. Surbaugh Josephine P. Thiell Jack & Linda Watts Dave & Liz Westen Bob & Deb White Family Tom & Suzie Wilkinson Dennis & Karen Wojahn

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Read. Write. Roam. Find your way to Write On, Door County’s Writing Center, a new destination for creativity and inspiration in Fish Creek. Take part in weekend conferences or weeklong writing workshops for youth and adults. Wander our pathways. Dive into a good book. Visit Write On. Where you can have a singular experience – and write home about it.

Find classes, workshops, and events for all ages online: | 920.868.1457 Write On, 4210 Juddville Road, Fish Creek Door County Top ©The Kubala Washatko Architects, Inc.


Estate Planning is all we do!


Estate planning - the greatest gift you can give your loved ones. ESTATE PLANNING -

the greatest gift you can give your loved ones. It all starts with a conversation…... It all starts with a conversation......

Bob Ross & Jane Seusy

North 14th Avenue, Sturgeon Bay, WI. 218 North 218 14th Avenue • Sturgeon Bay, WI • 920-743-9117 920-743-9117

w w ss estate pl anning .c om

Bob Ross & Jane Seusy

Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), founded in 1913, represents more than 45,000 actors and stage managers in the United States. Equity seeks to advance, promote and foster the art of live theatre as an essential component of our society. Equity negotiates wages and working conditions, providing a wide range of benefits, including health and pension plans. AEA is a member of the AFL-CIO, and is affiliated with FIA, an international organization of performing arts unions. The Equity emblem is our mark of excellence.




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Northern Sky Theater

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Volunteers of Northern Sky Theater Do you love theatre? Do you love the outdoors? Do you enjoy sharing that experience with others? If your answers are “yes!” then we have the perfect opportunity for you! Northern Sky offers many different ways to get involved with the theatre experience – ushering, selling concessions, guiding parking and assisting our disabled guests, as well as assisting with special events. Volunteers can choose what job they would like to do and their hours – no matter what you enjoy doing and when you enjoy doing it, there is a task for everyone. If this sounds interesting, we’d love to hear from you. No experience is necessary – just a willingness to help and a desire to be part of something original in Door County. Please call the Northern Sky office at (920) 854-6117 or e-mail We proudly present our 2019 volunteers... Tom & Sue Alt Brenda Andrews & Jim Cauley Alexa & Ean Armstrong Ron & Lisa Armstrong Matthew & Valerie Austgen Robert & Jeanne Barnard Emily Barnes John & Jennie Barnes Vickie Bartolini & Larry Galuszka* Chuck & Laurie Baum* Susan Birger Bryan & Ray Birnschein* Ken & Liz Birnschein* Laura & Peter Bjorlin Pam Blanchard* Jack Bloom Terese Boeck Joyce & Tony Bouche Keith & Lou Ann Brandstetter Jeanine Brennan Mark Breseman* Ruth Budic Paul & Jan Burgess Yvonne Burrows Peggy Busalacchi Carla Byrnes Susan Caldwell* Nancy Caldwell Bridget & Greta Carlson Wendy Carpenter Tony & Trudy Chelmecki Brady & Hannah Clay Susan Crawford & Jeffrey Rosemann*


Jim Crawford* Lois Cross Al Curtis & Jan Livingston* Chris, Russ & Erin Czarnota Katie Dahl & Rich Higdon* Donna Danielson Micah Daubner Italia De La Torre & Cecily Gray Jim & Cindi DeBruine Carol Deguties Eric DeJardin* Mia Diedrich Sharon Doersching Amelie Doneff Pat Dorr Pat Dudasik* Yvonne & John Dwonch Pat & Jim Eggers Mike & Marcia Eischen* Hank & Mary Fasciotti Scout Feldman Diane Felhofer Heather Fellner-Spetz Becky Fewell Liz Finkler Karen Foelker Iris & Jim Friedlieb* Avery & Toby Galson Judith Gauger Ellen Goodrich Natalie & George Gorchynsky* Barbara Gould Joe & Gwenn Graboyes* Tad & Debbie Greene

Northern Sky Theater

Karen Haigh Dennis & Bonne Hale Margaret Hayes Mary Heinrichs Bob & Judy Henseler Dina Herbst* Carol Hoffman Susan & Leon Hoffmann* Jim & Nancy Huebner Marian Irmen Kayin Jackson Bob & Judy Jaeschke Sue & Lon James Joe & Sue Jarosh* Mary Jeanquart Jody Jessup Donna Johnson Carol Jonen Rich Kanas & Linda Moore* Jan Kemble Andrea Kinsey-Jauquet Polly Kudsen Makenize Koehler Kathy & Greg Kolacinski Mark & Kolina Koszycki Karen Lambeck Mark & Ann Lampereur John & Kathy Leach Jean & Mitch Leavitt Jim & Ellie Lincoln* Heidi Ling* Anne & Paul Lings Diane & Ron Little* Rob & Becky Lonergan* Dennis Lonstine*

* Ambassadors or Tuesday Crew

Volunteers (continued)

Branden Loos Charli & Tom Lundstedt Alex Luque Lisa Madsen Linda & Paul Malmgren Jan Marlett Jim & Nancy Marsho Miriam, Ben & Julia Martin Cindy & Gary Matzke Dennis & Eileen Mayborne* Sharon McConnell Mike & Marge McCoy* Linda Meyers Marcia Milhaupt Nancy Milne Joe & Ricki Mitchell* Thomas A. Moore* Rev. Michael & Jolene Morris Dennis & Marie Mulvey Keith & Vivian Nienow Bryson, Letty, Naisbert & Naison Nyamatutu Virgean Ostrand Beverly & Paul Ozburn Dianne Palmer* Beth Partain Carla Peterson* Jan Peterson Ella & Hayden Pfeiffer Cal & Trish Pierson Nancy Piper-Jankovich Sue Piper* Joan Pleuss Demi & Mya Ploor

Caroline Polster Patti Quinn Sharon & Chip Rasmusson Jan Rastl Laura & Hatcher Reetz Bill & Patsy Reichert Michelle Reinhard Luzern & Joann Richter* Sharon Rohn Lloyd & Sandra Rowley* Julie Rowley & Magdalyn Rowley-Lange Christine & Phil Salmon Karen Sandmire John Sawyer* Ernest Schluster Lynne Schon Denise Schramm Marion Schreiber Ted & Mary Lou Schroeder Rosalind Schulze Carol & Pete Schuster Mary Seeberg* Jody & John Selenica* Ann Sheridan Judy Siebert Andrew, Eric & Hillary Simon Ann Smejkal Forrest Smith* Linda Sordo Isaiah Spetz Dale & Barb Stafslien Cyndy Stiehl* Chase Stoeger*

George & Gillian Stolz Tim & Sue Stone* Nina Stoneham Karen & David Studebaker* Christy Sully Bill & Cheryl Surbaugh* John & Deanna Swanson Mark Theys Patricia Treinen Ron Trellue* David & Barbara Tuch* Noah Underhill Paige Vaughn Pepper Walker Diana Wallace Sue Walz Dr. Deborah Webber Christine & Bill Wehrs* Zach Wehrs Ron & Barb Weir Dawn Welter Liz & Dave Westen* Nena White Charles Williams Dan & Joyce Williams* Patty & Howard Williamson* Bill & Kathy Wolff* Deb Woodbury Paula Wright-Keller* Linda Wurst Nola Yuenger Meg Ziegelmann

Chase, Molly, and Silvia sing new lyrics to a "Dairy Heirs" song to celebrate Northern Sky Volunteers!


Northern Sky Theater Staff ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Jeff Herbst








TICKET OFFICE & FRONT OF HOUSE STAFF Isabelle Austgen Becky DeLisle Nathan DeStigter Scout Feldman VIDEOGRAPHERS Door County Digital Bill Youmans & John Nelson Molly Rhode Chase Stoeger PHOTOGRAPHER Len Villano


Northern Sky Theater

Larry Galuszka Anne Herring Kathleen Jackson Sue Piper

Barb Stafslien Dale Stafslien Nina Stoneham


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Oneida Nation ..................... INSIDE BACK COVER Open Door Bird Sanctuary ...................................98 Open Door Pride Festival .....................................88 Open Hearth Lodge ...........................................106 Parkwood Lodge...................................................90 Peninsula Golf Course .......................................109 Peninsula Pulse & Door County Living ..............104 Pinkert Law Firm LLP ......................................... 113 Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf .............................107 Plum Bottom Gallery...............................................1 PortSide Builders................................................ 112 Reinhard Plumbing ............................................. 112 Ross Estate Planning .........................................146 Seaquist Orchards ............................................. 110 Shallows Resort ................................................. 110 Skyway Drive - In Theatre .................................. 114 Sweetie Pies ...................................................... 115 True North Real Estate ...................................... 116 Viking Grill .......................................................... 118 Washington Island Ferry Line.............................121 Welcome Home Realty ...................................... 118 What Next? ........................................................ 119 White Gull Inn ......................................................77 Wilson’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor ....... BACK Wisconsin Public Radio .....................................108 Wood Orchard Market ........................................120 Woodwalk Gallery ..............................................121 Write On, Door County .......................................145 Wulf Brothers .....................................................142 Yore Place ..........................................................143

In Memory of Pete Schuster

Pete was one of our original community board members, volunteered for and donated to Northern Sky often, and was our longtime graphic designer. He was always quick to offer a smile, story, note of encouragement, or helping hand, and we, along with countless others, sure will miss him.


Our Sponsors Please join us in thanking our generous sponsors! Northern Sky’s show sponsors help to offset production expenses, allowing us to create new musicals year after year while keeping our ticket prices affordable. Northern Sky Theater serves as a centerpiece of tourism and entertainment in Door County. Our sponsors ensure that our brand of heartwarming and original musicals will continue to entertain folks of all ages for years to come. Thank you!





Main Street Market is one of Northern Sky’s longestrunning sponsors, and we love the way this jingle (created by “Windjammers” authors Clay Zambo and Robin Share, with fantastic animation by Hannah Saidiner) captures the Market’s real-life sparkle and shine.


Northern Sky Theater


“Naked actors alone in the dark with nothing to say or sing… that’s what we would be without your support. Scary, huh?” – Fred Alley Name(s): (Printed in Playbill) _________________________________________________ ❍ Anonymous Address: ____________________________________________________________________________ City: _________________________________________________ State: ________ Zip: ____________ Phone: ___________________________ Email: ____________________________________________

Use my gift where needed most ❍ $25,000 & up - Belgian Angel ❍ $10,000 to $24,999 - Victory Farmer ❍ $5000 to $9999 - Spitfire Griller ❍ $2500 to $4999 - Windjammer ❍ $1000 to $2499 - Ice Fisher ❍ $500 to $999 - Happy Lumberjack ❍ $300 to $499 - Muskie Lover ❍ $125 to $299 - Galactic Packer ❍ $75 to $124 - Bone Dancer ❍ $25 to $74 - Cheesehead

CLICK HERE to Donate Online

Thank You!

Designated Funds Fred Alley New Musical Fund ❍ Please accept my gift of $ _________ for the Fred Alley New Musical Fund. Northern Sky Endowment Fund ❍ Please accept my gift of $ _________ for Northern Sky’s Endowment Fund. All gifts, regardless of fund, will count toward the Rekindle campaign goal. Northern Sky Theater is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law.

❍ My check # ______________ payable to Northern Sky Theater is enclosed. ❍ Please charge $ ______________ to my: ❍ Mastercard ❍ Visa Account # ______________________________________________________________________ Expiration Date ______________________

CVV 3-digit code__________________________

Your gift of $25 or more from 4/1/2021 through 3/31/2022 will be recognized in our 2022 playbill. Mail to: 9058 County Rd A, Fish Creek, WI 54212


Locally Owned Family Restaurant! Serving omelette wraps, fresh Restaurant! bakery, and coffee Locally Owned Family Serving omelette wraps, fresh bakery, and coffee

Open Daily 7am located on Hwy 42 in Ephraim, south of the beach Open Daily just 7am

located on Hwy 42 920-854-6621 in Ephraim, just south of the beach 920-854-6621

W ilson’s r e s ta u r a n t a n d i c e c r e a m pa r l o r

~ Great Food ~ ~ Ice Cream Specialties ~ ~ Home Brewed Draft Root Beer ~ OPEN MAY THROUGH OCTOBER


Just north of the park in Ephraim 920-854-2041 We have been preparing for your visit since 1906