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NORTHERN MICHIGAN’S WEEKLY • april 29 - may 05, 2019 • Vol. 29 No. 17



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100K Merckx Style Race & Team Time Trial

Tours (30, 45, 62 or 100 mi.)

B I K E B E N Z I E .O R G



FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2019

25 per ticket • AMC CHERRY BLOSSOM 14 DOORS OPEN: 6:45 PM • SHOWTIME: 7:00 PM $

For Tickets Contact Michael’s Place: 231-947-6453 • • 1212 Veterans Drive, TRAVERSE CITY friends of michael’s place

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2 • april 29, 2019 • Northern Express Weekly

and the Sarafa Family.

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Tower Power Thank you for publishing the cover story by Patrick Sullivan concerning the plight of the bees [“Up North’s Bee Colonies Haven’t Collapsed — Yet”] n the April 15 issue. would like to point out something that was not addressed in the story: Radio rrequency radiation contributes to the devastation of bees worldwide. In “Bees, Birds, and Mankind: Effects of Wireless Communication Technologies,” German scientist Ulrich Wamke states, “Bees and other insects, just as birds, use the earth’s magnetic field and high frequency electromagnetic energy such as light. They accomplish orientation and navigation by means of free radicals, as well as a simultaneously reacting magnetite conglomerate. Technically produced electromagnetic oscillations in the MHz range and magnetic impulses in the low frequency range persistently disturb the natural orientation and navigation mechanisms created by evolution.” Wamke says that many other maladies could also explain the bee colonies collapse. However, none of these convincingly explains the fairly sudden and countryspanning appearance few years ago of the dying bees phenomenon. Should the bees simply be too weak or ill, they should also die in or near the hive. But no ill bees were found in research into this phenomenon. In May 2009, the U.S. Fish and wildlife Service urged Congress to investigate the potential relationship between wireless devices and bee colony collapse. Ferdinand Ruzicka, a scientist and beekeeper, organized a survey of beekeepers through the magazine Der Bienen Vater. All 20 beekeepers who replied to his questionnaire had a transmitter within 300 meters of their beehives. Compared to the bees’ behavior before and after the transmitters were in operation, 37.5% observed increased aggression from their bees, 25% found that their bees had a greater tendency to swarm, and 65% reported that their colonies were inexplicably collapsing since the transmitters became operational. Jaime and Joe Chimner, Cheboygan

Moving Forward The Mueller Report has helped us turn a corner. I don’t believe Congress needs to take action to impeach Trump. Let time and the[Democratic] party take care of that. Let us pursue those matters in our country that need attention and trust the process. The report provides chapter and verse of the behavior of our president. The integrity of Robert Mueller is beyond charges that his report has been a witch hunt or that what is written is Democratic fake news. The Republican Party will needto defend this man as worthy of another four years. You might point to economic gains, which should naturally come when businesses are provided more money to expand. Successes will be difficult to determine because of hispresidency. Chaos he has created is more certain. His narcissistic personality generates continual tragedy. Would a community continue a school superintendent’s tenure with such a record? Would the president of a university find support from the board if this kind of material was presented? Would even a mayor or governor? Let the document be what Conservatives have to explain in defense of their leader. Bob McQuilkin, Frankfort The King Cyrus Canard When white evangelicals are confronted with their stunning hypocrisy for supporting Donald Trump, they’ll tell you that he is the modern-day Cyrus, a pagan Persian king who freed the Jews and led them back to Israel. In evangelical circles they refer to Trump as “The Last Trumpet,” who will galvanize the second coming. Lance Wallnau, a business consultant who has a doctorate in ministry, was the first to advance the Cyrus/Trump theory in his book “God’s Chaos Candidate.” In 2016, before Wallnau met candidate Trump, “the Lord spoke” to Wallnau, telling him: “Donald Trump is a wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness.” God speaks FOX talking points! Wallnau is not alone. The number of Republicans/evangelicals who’ve announced that God speaks to them about the advancement of their political careers, Biblical support of punitive Republican policies, and God’s support of Donald Trump is disturbing. Because in that same Bible, there is scripture that mirrors the Trump/evangelical phenomenon, depicting a darker but just as convincing a scenario. The Lord warns in Matthew to watch out for “many who come in My name.” In Jeramiah 14:14 the Lord describes these false prophets: “The prophets prophesy lies in My name, I did not send them or appoint them or speak to them. They are prophesying to you a false vision [Make America Great Again through soft ethnic cleansing], a worthless divination, [Trump will restore a white patriarchal Christian nation], and the deceit of their own minds” [insistence that God’s paramount concerns are not for our treatment but eradicating abortion and gays]. Evangelicals/Republicans want you to believe that to disagree with them is to disagree with God himself. If only history was not replete with examples of corrupt ideologues cloaking themselves in divine providence to defend the indefensible. Julie Racine, Marion

Non-user: Use Facts, not Fear A news-item reminder from last November: “In approving Proposal 1, Michigan voters joined 32 other states in legalizing marijuana.” At recent meetings of various regional city and county councils and commissions, some impassioned residents have been speaking-out about the imagined dangers posed by the legalization of marijuana (both medical and recreational). The usual NIMBY opposition has devolved into NIMPUD: Not In My Pure & Unspoiled Downtown! Often — despite the evidence of decades of extralegal-but-widespread and non-addictive use of cannabinoids by millions of Americans — their “reefer madness” words are painting lurid pictures of all legal weed consumption, for any reason. While — as a retiree and a non-user of that substance — I can understand those concerns, I do respectfully disagree with my neighbors on several points. Even if opponents don’t care to end this unsuccessful and expensive portion of our decades-long “War on Drugs,” or believe ample evidence from other states re: increased tax revenues from legalization, how, for example, would a few well-regulated dispensaries detract from our communities any more than do the many upscale bars, breweries, and distilleries currently in place? (If anything, these “adults only” establishments are often touted by tourism promoters as reasons for outsiders to visit and spend money.) By the same rhetorical token, legal pot (like other such controlled substances) is highly regulated by the government. How valid is the frequently heard point that “Highpotency street pot sold today is nothing like that sold to young people of earlier generations?” The same type of “antilegalization/normalization” argument was likely trafficked during Prohibition, when poisonous, unregulated bathtub gin killed thousands. In any case, I therefore urge our elected officials to utilize facts over fears in their ongoing deliberations concerning this nowlegal substance.

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Frank W. Hawthorne, Petoskey I Concur I would like to add a thought to Ronald Marshall’s April 22 Letter to the Editor. I feel Mr. Marshall brought out some good points about President Trumps behavior. I feel it basically comes down to the fact that Mr. Trump is disrespectful to the citizens of our country. David H. Goldsmith, Traverse City

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this week’s

top ten Former Golf Course to Become Mitchell Creek Meadow Preserve A swampy, long-shuttered golf course is the region’s latest protected natural area after the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy finalized its purchase of the 166-acre property. Mitchell Creek Golf Course along Three Mile Road in Traverse City is home to the Mitchell Creek watershed, which feeds into Mitchell Creek and East Grand Traverse Bay, as well as wetlands, open land, and forests. The overgrown golf course will from now on be known as the Mitchell Creek Meadow Preserve. Chris Sullivan, director of land protection at the conservancy, said the property serves significant importance to the region’s environment, protecting fish and wildlife habitats and wetlands in an increasingly developed watershed. GTRLC continues to raise funds to support the project. The conservancy has raised over a million dollars and still needs to raise just over $390,000.

mud, sweat & beers The 10th Annual, Mud, Sweat & Beers Fat Tire Fest is held on Sat., May 4, beginning at 9am at Mt. Holiday. This spring mountain bike race features plenty of options for all rider levels and a post party. Choose from the Stout (25 miles), Pale Ale (13 miles), Ginger Ale (2 miles) and Root Beer (1/4 mile). Info:


Hey, read it! City of girls

It’s the summer of 1940, and 19-year-old Vivian Morris is fresh out of her sophomore year at Vassar College — freshly expelled, that is. In retribution, her well-to-do parents have relegated her to a summer as the seamstress at Lily Playhouse, her Aunt Peg’s adorably dilapidated revue theater in Manhattan. But as Vivian quickly discovers, living as a New York City exile is nothing short of exhilarating. And with the war in full swing, the Big Apple belongs to the ladies. From New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert comes “City of Girls”, a cheeky bildungsroman to remind us that sometimes rules are meant to be broken. Rife with scandal, intrigue, and plenty of romance, this dazzling period piece crams in more color than a vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles. Just do your best not to blush at the beach.



tastemaker Scovie’s Cherry Brie BurgerTreats

There’s technique to eating the Cherry Brie Burger at Scovie’s Gourmet in downtown Charlevoix. First, roll up your sleeves. Second, grab the burger with two hands and lean directly over your plate. Third, sink your teeth in and let all the sweet, salty, cheesy, and greasy drippings drizzle down onto your chips — to be enjoyed after you’ve downed the burger. This half-pound of Black Angus beef is a study in welcome excess, one built with a solid burger’s necessaries — lettuce, tomato, pretzel bun — and made better with the unexpected: Traverse City dried cherries, a hefty schmear of spreadable brie, and a dollop of locally made Washburne’s sweet mustard. Vi Keller, the owner of Scovie’s Gourmet for 17 years, says the burger has always been on the menu, but they’ve made a series of adjustments over the years to get its current state of nirvana. Case in point: “We used to do chunks of brie, but it just didn’t melt enough,” the owner said. “It has been a work in progress.” We’d call it a job well done. Enjoy takeout, or dine in while enjoying the view of Round Lake at 111 Bridge St. in Charlevoix. (231) 237-7827,

4 • april 29, 2019 • Northern Express Weekly

Lynne Olson


Elizabeth Berg

Elizabeth Letts


It’s never too early to head out to the beach with snacks, sunblock, and a luscious book to dig into. Yep, we’re talking hot summer reads, and that’s what the National Writers Series is serving up on May 10 at the City Opera House. Show up at 6pm for a Milk & Honey Ice Cream social (plus Morsels!). All top New York Times bestselling authors—will be on hand to sign books. At 7 pm, guest host Doug Stanton will take the stage with Lynne Olson, who just released the stunning World War II spy novel Madame Fourcade’s Secret War. Elizabeth Berg is promoting The Story of Arthur Truluv, a hearttugging novel of three lonely souls. Finally, Elizabeth Letts’ new novel, Finding Dorothy, tells the story behind the story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. For ticket information, go to


Three Rivers Awarded Cash for Cleanups

Three northwest Lower Michigan rivers will get special attention, thanks to clean-up grants awarded in honor of Earth Day. The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (formerly known as the Department of Environmental Quality) awarded more than $29,000 in grants to fund river, stream, and creek cleanup events in 14 communities around the state. That includes $2,180 for the Grand Traverse Conservation District’s 15th Annual Boardman River Clean Sweep, $1,406 for the City of Petoskey Department of Parks and Recreation’s Healing the Bear – Bear River Cleanup, and $980 for Benzie Conservation District’s Betsie and Platte River Clean Sweeps. The grants are part of Michigan’s Volunteer River, Stream, and Creek Cleanup Program, which encourages local units of government and nonprofits to clean and improve Michigan waterways.

Stuff we love Kathleen Stocking’s Latest In 1991, New York Timers writer Peter M. Leschak called northern Michigan author Kathleen Stocking a “seer.” “All of us are watchers,” he said. “Of television, of time clocks, of traffic on the freeway—but few are observers. Everyone is looking, not many are seeing.” Stocking, he noted, was an exception. And, with her latest book, a collection of essays entitled “From the Place of the Gathering Light,” she proves that she continues to be. The well-known daughter of the equally well-known Pierce Stocking (to the uninitiated: He’s more than just a pretty drive in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore), Kathleen Stocking in “Gathering Light” wades deep into the personalities of both the people and places that intertwine on Michigan’s pinkie. Her prose — poetic and sensory, but never fawning — draws readers deep into the soil, sand, and waters of Leelanau County, as well as its early pioneers, old and young farms, iconic artists, and even her own family — mother, father, and genius grandmother included. In today’s frenetic national culture, where celebrity is less a result of talent, and a sense of place is something most gather from glossy travel magazines, Stocking’s frank, probing essays seem an utterly novel and revealing entry into our own backyard. Find Kathleen Stocking on Facebook for a list of local booksellers.

Notre Dame, Interlochen & Kismet When a group of Interlochen Arts Academy students saw the images of fire engulfing the Cathedral of Notre Dame, they were shocked and saddened like so many others. But for them it was personal; they were prepping for their performances of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. “The weight and importance settled on the students more,” said Bill Church, director of theatre arts at Interlochen. “The French title [of the novel] was Notre Dame de Paris. In many ways, the Cathedral of Notre Dame is the main character.” This musical version of Victor Hugo’s tale incorporates many of the songs from the 1996 Disney animated film. (The film featured Interlochen alum Tom Hulce as Quasimodo; when the musical based on the Disney film premiered in the U.S. (in La Jolla, California, in 2014) another Interlochen alum, Michael Arden, played Quasimodo;) restores much of the original story’s darkness and the tragic ending of the novel. For all that, Church said this presentation is very accessible. Showtime at Corson Auditorium is 7:30pm May 10, and 2pm and 7:30pm May 11. Go to




Bottoms up the amethyst Diamonds might be the best friend of some gals, but for the workin’ women we know, it’s all about The Amethyst. A vibrant violet post-work pick-me-up available at TJ’s Pub in Manistee, this gem of a cocktail is as sweet as you’d suppose but hardly a lightweight: It pairs blueberry vodka with cherry vodka, then goes not one but two better with the addition of Hpnotiq and Blue Curacao liqueurs. Although The Amethyst isn’t part of the equally sweet martini specials included on TJ’s Tuesday Tini nights (let’s face it, The Amethyst is special any night of the week), it’s worth trying on a Tuesday anyway. That’s also when TJ’s offers its Tini Trios deal, where you get to choose three of TJ’s eight classic appetizers (think: house-made meatballs, smoked whitefish sliders, jumbo wings, southwestern egg rolls … ) for $12. Add in The Amethyst for $8, and it is a happy evening indeed. Find TJ’s Pub inside the historic Ramsdell Inn, 399 River St., Manistee. (231) 398-9174.

Northern Express Weekly • april 29, 2019 • 5


Mother's Day at Stafford's Sunday, May 12, 2019 She gets the smiles, you get the thanks! We would be honored if you joined us this Mother's Day. Bay View Inn - Traditional Brunch 9 am to 3 pm • $29.95 adults, $15.95 children 231-347-2771 Perry Hotel - Classic Buffet 9 am to 2 pm • $34.95 adults, $14.95 children 231-347-4000 Pier Restaurant A la Carte Brunch Menu • 11 am to 3 pm 231-526-6201 Weathervane Restaurant - Classic Buffet 11 am to 3 pm • $34.95 adults, $14.95 children 231-547-4311

spectator by Stephen Tuttle Four armed men entered a schoolhouse near Greencastle, Pennsylvania, shot and killed the school headmaster, and then murdered nine children. It was July 26, 1764. We haven’t stopped since. We recently commemorated, if that’s the right word, the 20th anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado. Too many of us see that as a kind of starting point for school shootings when it was just one in a long, continuous string of such acts.

In fact, we haven’t missed a decade since 1840. Our attention was first captured when Charles Whitman randomly killed 16 people while shooting from the University of Texas clock tower. And there were more before Columbine: seven dead at a school in Fullerton, California, in 1976; multiple deaths in Oregon and Mississippi in 1997; five killed in Oregon ... and then Columbine.

Thirteen states have now passed “red flag” laws that allow for gun confiscation if a person is deemed a threat to themselves or others. The noble idea is to stop gun deaths before they happen, to connect the dots at the beginning instead of the end. But there are troubling Second, Fourth, and 14th Amendment issues the courts will need to sort out.

Grieving family members and survivors formed advocacy groups to try and stop it all from happening again. But happen it did.

In the meantime, more than half the sheriffs in Colorado, all from rural counties, say they won’t enforce that state’s new red flag law. That could raise some thorny liability issues in a worst-case scenario. Rural sheriffs in Illinois are trying to establish a nationwide network of “gun rights sanctuary cities,” presumably to ignore state and federal gun restrictions they find objectionable.

Altogether, there have been 230 shooting incidents at K-12 schools since Columbine, resulting in 200 deaths. We’ve turned schools into fortresses, but still the shooters come. School shootings horrify us, but despite all of the above, schools are still the place our children are least likely to be killed. The mystery is why we aren’t horrified by what’s happening outside of school.

423 s. union, traverse city, 231.922.9515

6 • april 29, 2019 • Northern Express Weekly

The U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that the Second Amendment’s right to individual gun ownership does not require membership in “a well-regulated militia.” But they also made it clear some limitations were acceptable. We just haven’t enacted many.

School shootings horrify us, but despite all of the above, schools are still the place our children are least likely to be killed. The mystery is why we aren’t horrified by what’s happening outside of school.

Seven dead at Red Lake Senior High in Minnesota in 2005, another 32 gunned down at Virginia Tech in 2007, 26 children and teachers murdered in the grotesque Sandy Hook Elementary massacre in 2012, seven more at Oikos University in California the same year, nine more at Umpqua Community College in Oregon in 2015, 17 at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High in Florida last year, and another 10 at Santa Fe High, in Texas, in 2018.

Thai Chicken Tacos 14 BBQ Mahi Mahi 19 Brisket Burger 16 BBQ Baked Potato Sundae 13

ground checks, despite strong public opinion that supports closing that loophole. A ban on so-called assault weapons was allowed to expire during the Bush administration and, overall, gun possession has become easier in the last 20 years.

Since 1999, 27,000 kids 18 and younger have died by gunfire — just part of the 600,000 gun violence deaths. Maybe guns don’t kill, but they’ve certainly been involved in plenty of killing in the last two decades: 227,000 murders; 361,000 suicides; 7,200 accident; and 6,900 legal actions by law enforcement or citizens. So, what’s the solution? Guns are now the most divisive political issue in the country, separated neatly between urban and rural areas, red states and blue states. The Trump Justice Department has banned bump stocks, but guns can still be purchased at gun shows without back-

All of this is playing out while gun violence, which had waned for more than two decades, is once again on the rise, including a precipitous increase in suicide-by-gun. Gun-rights advocates recommend arming teachers and rabbis and others who occupy soft targets. That won’t much help prevent suicides, the leading cause of gun deaths. The other side wants fewer and less deadly guns in the hands of fewer people. Neither side is ever willing to give a millimeter. We’re told the best defense for a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Fewer bad guys with guns might help, too, but we don’t know how to accomplish that since we are awash in guns. There are more guns than people in the United States. Most are in the hands of legitimate hunters and good citizens. But way too many are not. And we’ve found no solution that satisfies the Second Amendment while also disarming those bad guys. Public opinion about guns is starkly divided, positions fixed and intractable. As gun deaths rise, hopes for middle ground solutions grow ever dimmer. We’ll talk about it again after the next massacre. Won’t be long. You know, after the candlelight vigils and funerals are over.

Crime & Rescue SUPECT ACCUSED OF FORGERY A woman forged a court document as a ruse to get somebody off of her back about money she owed, according to charges. Jessica Lynn Edwards, of Detroit, faces charges of forgery and lying to a police officer. A man told Traverse City Police that he lent Edwards money, and she didn’t pay him back. When he confronted her, she sent him a text message with an image of what appeared to be a legal document that showed Edwards was supposed to receive a large settlement. The case began when the Traverse City attorney who supposedly had drafted the document, Paul Jarboe, learned of it and, knowing it was fake, called police, according to the court file. Edwards at first denied to a TCPD detective that she had anything to do with the forgery, but later she admitted she was responsible, according to the charges. MAN WANTED FOR THREATENING KIDS A group of kids told Cadillac Police that they were threatened by a man with a knife. The youths called police at 9am April 24 after they said they were walking down a sidewalk and got into an argument with a man in his 20s or 30s. The man pulled a knife and threatened to stab one of the boys, according to a press release. The man fled on foot, heading south near W. Cass Street. Officers checked the area and could not find a suspect. The man had a stocky build, stood five feet, six inches tall; had a red-colored beard; and wore a camouflage baseball cap backward, a dark hoodie, and jeans. Anyone with information should call police at (231) 775-3491. GIRL DROWNS IN POOL A 14-year-old girl drowned in a resort pool. The drowning occurred at Boyne Mountain Resort’s Clock Tower Lodge pool on the evening of April 18, according to a press release from Ed Grice, the resort’s president and general manager. “Our security department received the call of a possible drowning at 6:08 p.m. Thursday; 911 had also been called, and first responders arrived shortly after,” Grice said. “Resort security, EMS, and the Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Office rendered assistance. The victim was then transported to McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital.” The teenager was accompanied by her parents and sister at the pool, which is not staffed by lifeguards. It’s unknown how long she was underwater. The girl was found unresponsive in three feet of water. The girl was not identified. Grice added: “The loss of a child is unfathomable. The parents, family and friends of this young lady are in our thoughts during this time of sorrow.” OFFICE MANAGER CHARGED An Elmira woman faces charges after state police determined she took $100,000 from the business where she worked as an office manager.

by patrick sullivan

Tracey Stites, 47, faces embezzlement charges in Kalkaska County. She is accused of siphoning money from Northern Design Services over several years. Stites turned herself in and faces a May 6 court hearing on charges of embezzlement over $100,000 and nine counts of forgery. DOMESTIC CASE BRINGS FEDERAL CHARGES A Suttons Bay man was sentenced in federal court to 37 months in prison in a domestic violence case that involved a Native American woman. Joaquin Ramon Alfonseca, 41, was sentenced on the charge of assault by strangulation of a Native American woman, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s office in Grand Rapids. Alfonseca also faces a three-year term of supervised release. Alfonseca pled guilty in October and admitted that during an argument, he had used both of his hands to grab the victim by the neck and apply pressure, causing the woman to have trouble breathing. The victim told investigators that Alfonseca had earlier strangled her until she lost consciousness. The case was investigated by the Grand Traverse Band Tribal Police Department and the FBI. Federal prosecutors handled the case because it occurred on the reservation of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. PASSENGER KILLED IN ROLLOVER CRASH A 51-year-old Mancelona man, who was a passenger in a car that crashed in Kalkaska County after it failed to yield to another driver, died from injuries he sustained. Michigan State Police said Randy Arbuckle died in the crash, which happened on County Road 612 and Crawford Lake Road the afternoon of April 20. Two others suffered critical injuries in the rollover crash, which troopers said might have been caused by alcohol use. SUSPECT ARRESTED AMID DISPUTE Three Grayling residents called police when a man broke a window and tried to enter their home. State police responded to Alexia Street at 9:35pm April 13 and searched for the suspect, who had fled on foot and was thought to be carrying a handgun. The suspect, 22-yearold Shadrick James Bencheck, was tracked down at a business parking lot where he was arrested — unarmed — without incident.

Troopers determined that Bencheck and the people in the house knew each other and were involved in a dispute. Bencheck, who apparently did not enter the house, faces charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and malicious destruction of property. INDECENT EXPOSURE ESCALATES A man who was arrested on indecent exposure charges was released from jail, only to be accused several more times of lewd behavior. The 52-year-old Traverse City man first came to the attention of Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s deputies when a resident of Scenic Ridge, a Garfield Township retirement community, called police to complain about a naked man. The witness told deputies he was looking out his balcony window, watching birds early in the morning of Thursday, April 18, when he noticed a suspicious vehicle driving slowly through the neighborhood. When the vehicle stopped directly below his window, a naked man jumped out and appeared to walk to the apartment below the witness’ window. Another resident reported spotting a naked man in the neighborhood earlier that morning. Deputies arrived, tracked down the suspect, and arrested him. By Sunday afternoon, the suspect had been released from jail, and deputies received a complaint about someone walking near the Rite Aid at Chums Corners, exposing his rear end to passing drivers.

Deputies questioned the suspect — the same 52-year-old — who told them his pants didn’t fit and were slipping down accidentally. Deputies took the man home and submitted another report to prosecutors. The next day, the suspect exposed his buttocks to a 13-year-old as she played in her front yard in Blair Township. He left the area and, while walking farther along the road, pulled down his pants, exposing his front and back side to a 38-year-old woman who was driving down the roadway. Deputies responded, arrested the suspect, took him to jail, and requested that a felony charge of sexual delinquency be charged against him.

emmet cheboygan charlevoix






grand traverse




crawfor D


Northern Express Weekly • april 29, 2019 • 7

Know someone who loves sunshine, friendly faces and flexibility?


{And the other perks aren't bad either.}

bY Gary L. Howe While spring is renewing everything all over, I wish to ask each reader of this column to define, in a single word, the most important challenge facing our community. Or, you might prefer an alternate framing of the same question: What is the most important opportunity before our community?


| 3:00 – 6:00 PM














231.947.9140 . TCGCC.COM






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apply at any of the restaurants all positions • competitive pay

Some of us will vociferously proclaim our chosen issue to be a grave threat or our community’s salvation. But most of us will settle on something that falls somewhere between a challenge and opportunity. The best answers so often fall somewhere in the middle. Our answers are likely to be mercurial. In the springtime, potholes will receive more votes than they deserve. Five summers ago, when we were suffering from Festival Fatigue, the top answer in Traverse City might have been events. It’s not easy to pull back from the hot topic of the moment and capture in one word the long-term challenge/opportunity our community most needs to face. It’s even harder to step back from our own milieu and interests to see the larger picture. My lifelong interest in urban planning is the determining factor of my first thoughts — sprawl. Parking. Transportation. Density. Affordability. Livability. Curb cuts. But if I’m honest, none of these are broad enough in scope to rank as the most important issue before us. The environment springs to mind: climate, pollution, trees, the water. If I could get a text from each reader with their answer, I wouldn’t be surprised if many came back “the water!” intended as a proclamation and a statement of fact. And the water may indeed be the most important issue, but I’m uncertain what to do with that information compared to other proclamations. Some answers would be more abstract. Health. Equity. Systems. Inclusivity. These things seem to be as important as they are meaningless in a shared understanding of their import and impact. Visioning sessions could dive into the nuances of each of these issues. A year later, we’d wander out wondering where all the time had gone. What is my answer to my own question? The warm weather has me in a feisty mood, so I refuse to agree to my own request for a single word. Being a lover of libraries, I’m fond of the alphabetical, so I considered approaching my answers from A for accessibility to Z for zoning. But I’m also feeling whimsical, so I will settle on a geeky quintuplet of Ts: traffic, tourism, talent, taxes, and TIFs. Traffic is a challenge before it’s an opportunity. On that, can we all agree? Traffic stresses us out and gets in our way. It invades our neighborhoods and makes our streets unsafe. We spend millions a year to make it “better,” while discounting our own individual contributing roles. But traffic is more of an opportunity than we care to admit. By choice and by design, many of your neighbors turn the frustration with traffic

8 • april 29, 2019 • Northern Express Weekly

into an opportunity to get from here to there using non-automotive means. It’s exercise, stress relief, and environmental action all rolled into one. Mode-shift is also good for bottom lines, both public and private. Tourism is like religion and politics; as a topic of discussion, it is best avoided when sharing cherry pie with friends and family. But it is, and is likely to remain, an enormous part of our economy, and it opens a window onto a larger world. At the macro level, tourists generate some of our best jokes and are at the root of financial burdens for our municipalities. But no one can deny that we view individual tourists more warmly. They are our summer neighbors, who give our dogs a treat every morning. They are our guests, our friends visiting for the weekend, our families up for the Cherry Festival, fellow athletes bunking with us during the triathlon. These beloved tourists remind us of ourselves before we moved to the region. “We always summered here, and now we live here (except, of course, for the six months we spend in New Mexico).” I struggle to decide which of my remaining Ts ranks higher on the list of challenges and opportunities. Talent is still in short supply in our region, along with living wages and housing. Coincidence? At some point, will talent drawn here by tourism break the dam of “half the pay for a view of the bay” wages and NIMBY downtown housing policies? Taxes fall lower on the list than they once did. Most of us don’t mind paying taxes when we see value in return. But when commissioners start talking about big ticket items like bridges and street reconstruction, arguments about how we should pay for nice things arise, and we have a challenge on our hands. And that brings us to TIFs, our region’s ultimate challenge/opportunity. I’m not sure anyone can clearly explain what TIFs are or how they work — I have a running challenge with my editor to come up with an illuminating analogy, and I’ve gotten nowhere. Still, everyone seems to have an opinion. Ideally, Tax Increment Financing allows local jurisdictions to invest in projects that would otherwise not be possible. But when and where do we use this powerful tool when even the experts struggle to explain how it works? Greater Grand Traverse isn’t so different from other rural resort regions. We might be the most beautiful place in America (this week), but other beautiful places grapple with similar challenges and opportunities. I hope you will share your top issue with me. If you do, I promise to send you my thoughts on that particular day, because, be forewarned: My answer is different each time I ponder. Gary L. Howe served as a city commissioner for Traverse City from 2013-2017. He is a New York Times-published freelance photographer and the new advocacy director at Norte. He invites you to send your one-word answer (or your geeky quintuplet) to garylhowejr@gmail. com or @glhjr on Twitter.


Entrepreneurial Spirit Scientists are aghast at an eBay listing offering a rare baby T-rex fossil for a $2.95 million buy-it-now price. Fossil hunter Alan Detrich, who discovered the fossil in 2013, is believed to have created the listing in February for the 68 million-year-old artifact, which until recently had been on loan to the Natural History Museum at the University of Kansas. CNBC reported the specimen has a 15-foot-long body, 21-inch skull and serrated teeth, and Detrich estimates its age at death to be about 4 years. The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology issued a statement expressing concerns that “the fossil, which represents a unique part of life’s past, may be lost from the public trust. ... Only casts and other replicas of vertebrate fossils should be traded, not the fossils themselves.” Another Day at Walmart -- At around 8:30 p.m. on April 10, things got interesting at an Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Walmart store. Lisa Smith, 46, entered the store with her unleashed dog, Bo, according to police, and as Bo distracted shoppers and store staff, Smith pulled apart store displays, putting them in her cart. After being asked by workers to leave the store, Smith went out to the parking lot and started practicing karate moves. Bo grabbed a box of Jiffy Cornbread Muffin Mix and also attempted to leave the store. Meanwhile, Smith’s son, Benny Vann, 25, had made his way to the back of the store, where he completely undressed, exposing himself to other shoppers, and grabbed new clothes from store racks before attempting to run over police officers with his scooter. WHO TV reported Smith was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and misdemeanor bail jumping. Vann racked up charges of lewd and lascivious behavior, disorderly conduct and retail theft. Bo, police said, received only a warning for his theft of the muffin mix. -- Crossville, Tennessee, police officers pulled over Sally Selby, 45, at 5 a.m. on April 5 as she motored down Highway 127 -- in the slow lane -- driving a Walmart mobility scooter. She was on her way to the Waffle House, she said, to buy a cup of coffee. WTVF reported that Selby initially told officers she had built the scooter, but Walmart confirmed it was one of theirs and had surveillance video of Selby driving the scooter out of the store to back up their story. She was arrested for theft. The Continuing Crisis -- In Cary, North Carolina, Wake County Deputy J. Rattelade, responding to a report of a car crash on the evening of April 5, found one of the drivers, Derwood Johnson, 36, of Fort Worth, Texas, had gotten out of his car and removed all his clothes before starting to walk across the street. As Deputy Rattelade tried to arrest him, Johnson hit her on the head, reported WTVD. With the help of other first responders and some pepper spray, Rattelade was able to subdue Johnson, who was charged with assault on a government official. Rattelade was unhurt; Johnson was taken to an area hospital for further evaluation. -- On April 13, a family in Newtown, Connecticut, returned home from a morning shopping trip to find Joseph Achenbach, 35, wandering around inside their home naked. The Watertown man had crashed his SUV in the homeowners’ backyard and moseyed

inside through an unlocked glass door. Achenbach’s clothes could not be found at the scene, leading police to believe he had been naked when he crashed. FOX61 reported that he was charged with second-degree criminal trespassing and driving while intoxicated. Stay in School When the Wilkinson School in El Granada, California, received a bomb threat on the morning of April 11, it didn’t take long for administrators to empty the building of staff and students. But law officers searching the grounds found nothing -- because the threatening phone call actually came from 2,100 miles away, in Woodville, Mississippi. That’s where a 15-year-old student intended to threaten her own Wilkinson County High School, reported The San Jose Mercury News, but apparently didn’t check her Google search thoroughly enough before dialing. Ewwwww! We’ve all swatted at pesky sweat bees buzzing around our heads, but a Taiwanese woman suffered a more invasive form of irritation after participating in the Qingming Festival, or Tomb Sweeping Day, when Taiwanese people visit their families’ graves to spruce them up. The 29-year-old woman, identified by her surname, He, thought she had gotten dirt in her eye, but when the eye later swelled shut, she went to Fooyin University Hospital for help, The Washington Post reported. Hung Chiting, the hospital’s head of ophthalmology, looked in her eye through a microscope and was startled to see insect legs wiggling in her eye socket. The doctor eventually extracted four sweat bees from her eyelid. The bees, which crave salt, were feeding off of He’s tears, he explained. He is expected to fully recover, and the bees, still alive, were kept for further study.

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Congratulations to our patient of the month, Ashley King of Petoskey for good oral hygiene and great cooperation throughout treatment.

Suspicions Confirmed A concerned animal lover in Devon, England, contacted authorities on April 8 to report that a fox she had been watching hadn’t moved for several days, reported Fox News. In response, Ellie Burt, an officer with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals, suggested trying the “broom test,” which didn’t make the fox stir, but Burt was told it “tracked them with its eyes and seemed to be breathing well.” When Burt arrived on the scene, she quickly diagnosed the problem: The fox was a fake, “stuffed by a taxidermist. He’d clearly been placed under a bush outside of the houses as a prank,” Burt said. “Someone had been moving it around the neighborhood.” Burt discarded the fox “to avoid any further calls.” The Litigious Society An unnamed 40-year-old man in Muncie, Indiana, is suing his parents for trashing his collection of porn videos and magazines, which he estimates was worth $29,000. According to the Associated Press, the man had been living with his parents for 10 months following a divorce, and after he bought a new house, his parents delivered his possessions -- minus the 12 boxes of porn. His parents admitted dumping the collection; in an email quoted by the lawsuit, the father told his son, “I did you a big favor by getting rid of all this stuff.” The son is seeking $87,000 in financial damages.

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Northern Express Weekly • april 29, 2019 • 9

Jerome, a 20-year-old formerly homeless youth, lives at East Bay Flats in Traverse City.


In rural northern Michigan, finding young people who are experiencing homelessness has always been difficult. Once found, however, helping them has gotten easier, thanks to a $1.6 million youth-centric housing program now underway.

By Patrick Sullivan Growing up, Jerome didn’t have many of the things that other children had. When he became an adult, he didn’t have the skills he needed to make it on his own. Today, after a couple years living on the street, the 20-year-old has stable and secure housing, thanks to a Department of Housing and Urban Development-funded “demonstration project” program, one of 10 across the country aimed at combatting homelessness among young adults. The program for 18- to 24-year-olds is being carried out by Goodwill Industries and the Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency, plus help from other partners, like Traverse City Area Public Schools and Rotary Charities. (There is a parallel, separately funded program in place for teenagers ages 14–17.) Just over two months ago, Jerome moved into his one-bedroom home at East Bay Flats, a former motel that’s being converted into apartments on the east side of Traverse City. He is one of four recently homeless young adults who have been placed there; when construction is complete, there could be room for up to 15. “I DIDN’T HAVE ANYBODY” Before East Bay Flats, Jerome lived on the street, couch surfed, occasionally stayed with his mom or a cousin, and spent a few nights here and there at the Goodwill Inn. Once, he was cold and desperate enough to go to Safe Harbor for a night, but he said it wasn’t for him; he ended up leaving before morning arrived, fending for himself in the cold.

“I just don’t belong in that kind of environment. There was a lot of drunks,” he said. “Just being in that building, I was getting angry.” Jerome said he grew up “in the system,” in and out of state homes and juvenile detention. “I didn’t have anybody,” he said. “No family. No nobody.” Jerome reconnected with his mom when he was 16 and lived with her, near Chums Corners, briefly when he was 17, but that didn’t work out, and he got kicked out again. He spent the next two-plus years bouncing around.

became one of the first young people placed in housing through the project. He said it happened even without him asking for help. “It wasn’t that I didn’t want help,” Jerome said. “It was that I didn’t know how to ask, and I was afraid to ask for help.” SEARCHING FOR A GHOST In the last homeless count, there were 34 “unaccompanied youth,” ages 18 to 24, identified in Grand Traverse, Antrim, Benzie, Kalkaska, and Leelanau counties, said Ashley Halladay-Schmandt, clinical

“It wasn’t that I didn’t want help,” Jerome said. “It was that I didn’t know how to ask, and I was afraid to ask for help.” Jerome can thank the HUD-funded Northwest Michigan Plan to Prevent and End Youth Homelessness for getting him into stable housing, but he said he’s not sure exactly how it happened — how he went from sleeping outside to having his own comfortable apartment. He’s a member of the Grand Traverse Band, and someone who works at the band’s Medicine Lodge, home to medical, dental, behavioral, and other health services, helped him. A woman at the Department of Health and Human Services also nudged him toward the program. Before long, Goodwill Industries street outreach was working on his behalf, and he

10 • april 29, 2019 • Northern Express Weekly

manager of homeless programs for the community action agency. The trouble is, people who work with those experiencing homelessness believe, because young people can be especially difficult to find and identify in rural settings, the actual number of homeless young people is likely much higher. It’s the job of the Goodwill Industries’ youth and young adult street outreach workers, Chelsea Peplinski and Madison Lawlor, to find them. It’s not an easy job. For example, someone from Traverse City had recently called the youth homeless hotline looking for help,

but the caller left incomplete information. Peplinski and Lawlor spent part of a recent Tuesday looking for them. They didn’t have much to go on. They had a name, but they didn’t have a cell phone number to call, because the caller didn’t have one. The person didn’t have an address, other than Safe Harbor overnight and, most days, the Traverse City Area District Library in the mornings. Peplinski and Lawlor headed to the library that morning and asked around. There was no sign of the person. They planned to check Safe Harbor that evening after 7pm, the time everyone must be inside. “That might be the next step, since we weren’t able to find them in the community today, stop by Safe Harbor,” said Lawlor. The women, who have been in their positions since October, when the project launched, said homeless youth are particularly hard to find because they are more likely to bounce around different homes. Peplinski and Lawlor have been working to make themselves familiar with the rural small towns in the region to learn where young people hang out and to let people know that they are available. “I would say one of the biggest surprises is getting out into the outer communities,” Peplinski said. “It’s not been as easy as we had planned or thought it was going to be.” “THAT’S THE BIG CITY” The hotline gets as many as a dozen calls per day, and each one might represent a new young person whose housing is unstable, said Halladay-Schmandt. After that first call, the person gets triaged through a diversion caseworker to

receive the services that are appropriate for their circumstances. The program’s goal is, whenever possible to intervene before homelessness occurs. Otherwise, if the young person is living on the street, they get assigned to a street outreach worker, whose job then becomes to get them into housing as quickly as possible. “We need to get the word out to folks who just out of the goodness of their heart have taken people in and don’t know what to do,” Halladay-Schmandt said. “It’s a lot of, ‘I got this kid. He’s friends with my teenager. He’s staying at my house — I don’t know what to do.’ That’s where street outreach, and some of our support can come in and help out.” The community of organizations around Traverse City that offers services to the homeless became concerned about youth homelessness, learned about the HUD grants, and applied several years ago. They were awarded the grant in January 2017 and then had 22 months to develop the program before launching it in October. The HUD grant was $1.2 million, which was matched by state and local funds; the total budget for the year is $1.6 million. The grant is renewable every year, but the program organizers hope that success will lead to gradually scaling back the program as youth homelessness becomes rarer. The region is just one of 10 across the country that have received this funding to combat youth homelessness. Of the 10, it’s the most rural location, which makes it a unique experiment, Halladay-Schmandt said. “I think HUD is really trying to understand how homelessness in rural areas is different from homelessness in urban areas,” she said. “I think maybe four of 10 were rural — and the closest to us, or the next smallest, is Anchorage, Alaska, which is a big city. We are the most rural of the first cohort.” Being the most rural of the demonstration project grant recipients means what’s learned through the program in northern Michigan could be replicated to address youth homelessness in rural settings around the country. “Now we have a direct voice to HUD, so we get to be informing the federal government on what it means to be homeless in rural America, as oppose to Chicago,” HalladaySchmandt said. What is different about homelessness in rural America? Halladay-Schmandt said she believes youth are more likely to drift from home to home because everyone knows everyone in a small town, so even though [the youths] are homeless, they don’t appear to be. “Traverse City is the main hub of our five counties. If you are a young person out in Mancelona, for example, the only option you have for shelter is to come all the way to Traverse City. And what we did with these focus groups is, we started talking to youth and asking, ‘Why don’t you come into Traverse City?’” she said. “We weren’t finding a lot of people from these counties, and they were saying, ‘Well, that’s the big city. I don’t want to go there. I want to stay in my community.’” PILLOWS FOR HOMELESS STUDENTS The most common reasons that young people end up homeless are because they’ve aged out of foster care, because their parents abuse drugs and alcohol, or because they identify as LGBTQ and have been shunned by their family. “I think one of the misconceptions is that young people don’t want to follow the rules and so they leave or get kicked out or whatever,” Halladay-Schmandt said. “And what we’re finding, and what has been super surprising, is that it’s not. It’s that their family structure is really dysfunctional and a lot of times they have no choice but to leave. I would say that’s probably every single one of them.”

Before this program, teens and young adults were cared for by the region’s makeshift network of services that developed over the years, but they were more or less lumped in with everyone else, even though the circumstances of an 18-year-old on the street are far different from those of a 49-year-old. “People that are young — we don’t expect [them] to need permanent supportive housing, which is a permanent subsidy and permanent supports for the rest of their lives,” said Ryan Hannon, street outreach coordinator at Goodwill. If the causes of youth homelessness are generally different than for adult homelessness, so are the priorities in addressing it. For adults, caseworkers take time to find housing for long-term placement, while caseworkers in youth cases make it their first priority to find the youth housing as quickly as possible. For years, Halladay-Schmandt said there was one voice at meetings about homelessness in northern Michigan that kept on pointing out the differences and raising the same question: What can we do about the youth? That was Abigail Jordan, coordinator of the STEP (Students in Transition Empowerment Program) for Traverse City Area Public Schools and the chair of the Homeless Youth Initiative. Jordan said she’s been passionate about fighting youth homelessness for years now and said that she kept asking for a better program because, previously, there was a lot she could do to improve the lives of homeless students and make them better equipped to be in school, but there was nothing she could do to directly address homelessness. “I’ve been working with this population for several years now, and the real issue is that we have some great programs, but there was no solution to end their instability,” Jordan said. “It was super frustrating.” That meant that, say, for a student who lived with her parents in a car, Jordan could provide pillows, bedding, free meals, school supplies, help with transportation and laundry services, but she couldn’t help the family find new housing. Now she can. “It’s changing lives already, and it seems to be working in a lot of ways,” she said. DREAMS OF A LONE WOLF Jerome, at East Bay Flats, is slowly getting used to having stable housing. “It took a while for me to accept that I had my own place, that I could be happy about it,” he said. He said his life goal is to become a rap artist. Despite the darkness of his childhood, he said he’s been given the gift to be able to create freestyle rhymes that are marked by their positivity, something he said he believes will resonate with people. That positivity comes as a reaction to the loneliness and despair of his past, he said. “It made me want to love even more, because I know what it’s like not to have any love,” he said. Jerome, who raps under the stage name “Lone Wolf,” said he was never able to rap until one day, all of a sudden, he could, and for that he said he thanks God. “I know what it’s like to feel dead inside. I know what it’s like to have no hope inside,” he said. “It was just, God gave it to me. And since then I’ve been trying to figure out how to use that gift.”

Hotline: Teenagers and young adults ages 14 through 24 who don’t have a place to live can get help by calling (844) 900-0500.


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Northern Express Weekly • april 29, 2019 • 11

Chef’s notes a local chef’s recipe we love, brought to you by fustini’s

Register now at and help our local cancer community. Join us for a family-friendly fundraising event in the North Peak Brewing Company parking lot. Live music, BBQ, free Moomers ice cream, a bounce house, face painting, arts & crafts, Mohawk shaving, and a faux-hawk styling station for kids.

Long, snowy winters are known for heavy, comforting preparations — pot roasts, chili, goulash, and the like. But as spring nears, the switch to more fresh and flavorful dishes is a welcome one. This delicious bruschetta recipe, which I’ve borrowed from my lovely wife, hits the seasonchanging mark. It’s one we’ve prepared for many years as a quick appetizer for family get-togethers and can be as basic or as complex as you’d like. We, at home and at the restaurant, opt for Fustini’s oils and vinegars to easily give it a superior taste. — Rob Sargent, executive chef, Stafford’s Pier

Poached Shrimp & Cherry Tomato Bruschetta Ingredients: • ½ lb. peeled and deveined tail-off shrimp, poached and diced. (Precooked shrimp may be substituted) • ½ lb. heirloom cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters • 1 tbsp. roasted garlic puree • 2 tbsp. minced shallot • 1oz Fustini’s Tuscan Herb Olive Oil • 1oz Fustini’s Balsamic Vinegar • 1 tbsp. chiffonade basil • ½ tsp. kosher salt • ¼ tsp. ground black pepper • Fustini’s 18-year Balsamic Vinegar for drizzle Directions: Place all ingredients in a medium mixing bowl, mix thoroughly, adjust seasoning to taste. Top crostini (see recipe below) with mix and arrange on a platter. Finish with a drizzle of Fustini’s 18-year Balsamic Vinegar.


Ingredients: • 1 sourdough baguette, sliced into ½-inch slices • Olive oil, as needed • Salt and pepper to taste Directions: Arrange slices on a sheet pan, drizzle with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper. Bake at 350 degrees for 7 to 10 minutes, or until golden brown. Set aside to cool; serve with Bruschetta

Come for the dunes, stay for the deli.


Expanded Deli and Wine Selections Local Delivery - Family Friendly Pop-up Events


12 • april 29, 2019 • Northern Express Weekly



HALF MARATHON, 10K & 5K RACE MAY 26 | 8AM Get a running start into summer at Crystal Mountain’s sixth annual Half Marathon, 10k and 5k race! This is a great spring race for beginners and experienced runners! Plus, all racers are welcome to join the Micros at the Mountain after-party, held at the slopeside tent. Enjoy Michigan microbrews, barbecue favorites and live music. Register online at C R Y S TA L M O U N TA I N . C O M 888 .968 .7686 ext . 7000

42631 Northern Express, 4/29, Crystal North Mitten Ad r01.indd 1

4/22/19 10:54 AM

Northern Express Weekly • april 29, 2019 • 13

In the Driver’s Seat Thanks to a short supply and increasing demand, truckers and truckers-to-be are having a career heyday. Need an insta-job? Just four weeks and a few thousand bucks could get you on the road.

By Al Parker An ongoing shortage of qualified truck drivers is having an impact across the nation, including at businesses in northern Michigan. Industry experts estimate that between 60,000 and 100,000 drivers will be needed over the next decade to meet an already robust and steadily increasing demand for trucking services. The shortage stems from several factors: an aging workforce, high driver-turnover rates, reduced capacity as a result of regulatory changes, increasing freight demand linked to online purchases, and lifestyle priorities that make competing industries look a lot more attractive. “It’s a bit of a challenge,” said Lee Padgett, operations director of the Petoskey market for Preston Feather Northern Michigan Building Centers and Design Showrooms, whose fleet of trucks provides building materials and more for contractors across the region. “We offer competitive wages, a profit-sharing plan and a very nice benefit package to be competitive.” In addition to Petoskey, Preston Feather has locations in Traverse City, Gaylord, and Harbor Springs with about four or five drivers and delivery trucks at each location, according to Padgett. On its website, the company lists an opening for a driver in the Petoskey store. The new hire will replace a veteran driver who’s been with the company for 22 years but is relocating to North Carolina. Other northern Michigan companies that have recently listed opening for truck drivers include Munson Healthcare, Wimsatt Building Materials, Central Transport, Great Lakes Wine and Spirits, Vesco Oil Corporation, Gordon Food Service, Pepsico, Ready Mix, NuCO2, Sysco, Schilli Transportation, JRGO LLC, Four Star Transportation, A&L Iron and Metal, Ryder, Northern Logistics, and ABF Freight. The leading issue is turnover, said Kara Deniz, communications coordinator for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the labor union that represents thousands of

drivers and warehouse workers. “High turnover in the industry ties back to dissatisfaction,” said Deniz. “Turnover is a reflection of poor wages and working conditions, such as being away from families for a long period of time.” Thanks to driver demand, however, those factors are changing. Schneider trucking, known for their fleet of orange big rigs, made changes over the past few years to make driving more attractive, said Tim Martin, who co-owns and operates Pinnacle Truck Driver Training with Tim Baker. “Two years ago, Schneider drivers would be out for three weeks, then home for four or five days,” he said. “Then they went out for two weeks, then out for one week. Now their drivers are home every weekend. That’s going on in the industry.” In addition to lifestyle changes, pay has been steadily rising, said Martin. Now it’s not unusual for a rookie driver to make $40,000 to $50,000 in their first year. He and Baker are doing something about putting more big rig operators on the roads; their Pinnacle Truck Driver Training has trained more than 500 grads since the Cadillac school opened in 2013. They hold classes Mondays through Thursdays, from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. After 160 hours, grads are road ready, qualifying for a Commercial Driving License, or CDL. “We train them to think like a professional driver and to act like one,” said Martin, a former business school dean at Baker College in Cadillac, who serves as the company’s president. Tuition for Pinnacle’s four-week program is $5,995. Many trucking companies offer tuition reimbursement programs. Schneider, for example, will cover $3,000 of the cost if the driver will work for the company for 90 days after graduating. “Other companies put together packages to attract drivers,” said Martin. “Some make it possible for students to almost come for free.”

14 • april 29, 2019 • Northern Express Weekly

Pinnacle also works closely with Michigan Works to secure tuition help for students. Current federal regulations do not allow CDL drivers who are under 21 years old to cross state lines. They can drive within a state, but not outside it. “A qualified 19-year-old driver can drive from Monroe some 600 miles up to Iron Mountain in the western U.P., but he can’t drive 30 miles from Monroe to Toledo,” said Martin. “It’s not right.” California Rep. Duncan Hunter has introduced the DRIVE-Safe Act, which would establish an apprenticeship program for individuals under 21 years old who hold a CDL, allowing them to driver state to state. Rep. Jack Bergman is one of several co-sponsors of the legislation, which is currently languishing in a transportation sub-committee. As demand for freight transportation services keeps rising, driver pay also keeps climbing, according to 2018 data from the American Trucking Associations. “The latest survey, which includes data from more than 100,000 drivers, shows that fleets are reacting to an increasingly tight market for drivers by boosting pay, improving benefit packages and offering other enticements to recruit and retain safe and experienced drivers, said ATA chief economist Bob Costello. According to the ATA study, the median salary for a truckload driver working a national, irregular route was more than $53,000 — a $7,000 increase from ATA’s last survey, which covered pay for 2013. That’s an increase of 15 percent. Drivers in private fleets saw their pay climb to more than $86,000 from $73,000 a gain of almost 18 percent. In addition to rising pay, fleets are competing for drivers by offering generous signing bonuses of several thousand dollars, plus benefit packages to attract and keep drivers, according to Costello. “Our survey told us that carriers are offering thousands of dollars in bonuses to

attract new drivers,” he said. “And once drivers are in the door, fleets are offering benefits like paid leave, health insurance and 401(k) to keep them. This data demonstrates that fleets are reacting to concerns about the driver shortage by raising pay and working to make the job more attractive. I expect that trend to continue as demand for trucking services increases as our economy grows.”

Trucker Lingo

As they roll across America, big rig jockeys have their own distinctive, often rhyming, ways with the English language. How many of these do you know? Motion Lotion – Fuel Town Clown – Local police officer Skateboard – A flatbed trailer Jumpy Juice – Coffee Wiggle Wagon – Truck with more than one trailer Organ Donor – Motorcyclist with no helmet Salt Shaker – Snowplow Gator Guts – Shredded tire on the road Evel Knievel – Police officer on a motorcycle Turtle Race – Speed limit under 45 mph Dragon Wagon – Tow truck Nap Trap – Motel room Pregnant Roller Skate – Volkswagen Beetle Driving Award – Speeding ticket Fighter Pilot – Driver constantly changing lanes Lunch Box – Box truck with a refrigerator trailer Cheese Wagon – School bus Chicken Coop – Weigh station Travel Agent - Dispatcher

WEEKEND INVESTMENT. LIFELONG RETURNS. Now is the time to invest in your future. The Broad Executive MBA is the best EMBA value in the Big Ten. In less than two years, a short-term weekend investment can bring you lifelong financial, professional, and personal returns.   Elevate

yourself among your peers   Grow your earning potential beyond the ordinary   Nurture essential leadership and business skills   Build a lasting and powerful professional network Join us for an Information Session & Networking on Thursday, May 16 at 5:30pm in Traverse City at Amical.

Paul ReiseR saturday, May 4 Tickets $45

Voted one of Comedy Central’s “Top 100 Comedians of All Time,” Paul Reiser has spent the last 30+ years acting in Oscar and Emmy award-winning movies and TV shows. Don’t miss a night of stand-up from one of the best humorists around.

seasON PReMieR PaRTY Monday, May 6 Free to attend, ticket required

Get the advance look at the Performing Arts at City Opera House season plus secure the best seats, save 10% on packages, “Enter to Win” and more. Join City Opera House as we reveal the 2019-20 Performing Arts at City Opera House 10th Anniversary season.

Call (517) 355-7603 or visit to get started.



NOW HIRING SUMMER STAFF! • Maple City Northern Express Weekly • april 29, 2019 • 15


COOLERS & SMOOTHIES Raspberry, Strawberry-Mango, Wild Cherry, Strawberry, Mango, Blackberry or Blueberry


Topped with: Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Peaches or Wild Cherries

Come on in to your local Culver’s restaurant: Culver’s of Cadillac, Gaylord and Traverse City (Two Locations)


© 2019 Culver Franchising System, LLC. Limited time offer. At participating Culver’s restaurants.

The Munson Community Health Center has a new name:

Foster Family Community Health Center. Join us Tuesday, May 7, 1 - 2:30 pm at 550 Munson Ave., Traverse City, for a ribbon-cutting ceremony! The new space includes:

The Community Health Library and internet access area

An updated café featuring new and expanded healthy menu options

A new Urgent Care area, with a more private and comfortable waiting room

The ribbon-cutting begins at 1:30 pm, with brief remarks by Ed Ness, Munson Healthcare CEO. Refreshments will be served. The event also will feature information about these resources. • Cardiac Rehab • Coumadin Clinic • Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation • Pulmonary Rehab • Childbirth Services • Healthy Weight Center • Pharmacy • Sleep Disorders Center • Community Health Library • Home Health Services • Pre-operative Assessment • Urgent Care • Comprehensive Pain • Imaging Clinic Management • Lab

We thank the Foster family for their generous gift, which created this beautiful healing space.

16 • april 29, 2019 • Northern Express Weekly

Skoric Hearing Aid Center


to try new DIGITAL

Technology in Hearing Aids. SkoricLOSS? Hearing Aid ARE YOU, OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW, STRUGGLING WITH HEARING We need 25 people with difficulty hearing, especially in noisy situations, to evaluate the Hearing Loss can lead to dementia, latest digital technology from Beltone. Beltone will perform comprehensive hearing emotional strain and fatigue. be asked to evaluate consultations FREE of charge to all callers. Candidates selected will Hearing Loss can lead to Dementia, emotional strain and fatigue. the latest nearly invisible hearing aid technology. Imagine a hearingHearing aid that lossautomatically can be caused by adapts to your surroundings. If you hear, but are having trouble understanding age, infections,conversations, heart conditions or • Open Ear Comfort stroke, head injuries, week.and you owe it to yourself to take advantage of the FREE demonstrations offered thistumors,

Trust™ Technology

certain medicines and can be dangerous if left untreated.

- Beltone for 78 Years, The Most Trusted NameScreenings In Hearing Aids! help detect the start of hearing loss and prevent further Call Beltone today for a no obligation appointment. hearing issues.

• Virtually Invisible • Automatically Adjust • Same Day Fit

Hearing Loss can lead to Dementia, emotion


Hearing loss can be caused by age, infections, heart conditions She’s or stroke, head injuries,wearing tumors, and certain medicines andnew can be Candidates selected will receive tremendous savings, due to their participation. If your evaluation Everyone overdangerous age 60 should a baseline if left have untreated. open shows hearing improvement with the new instruments, you may choose to retain them and receivehearing screening and should be checked Screenings help detect the earstart of similar to an eye exam. $500 OFF* one instrument or $1000 OFF* a complete set as a token of our appreciation! Participants regularly, hearing loss and prevent further technology! Hearing loss can behearing an earlyissues. warning sign or who choose to keep the hearing instruments will also receive FREE In-Office Maintenance for the is linked to ailments including: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer’s. life of the hearing aids. This technology may not be appropriate for all hearing losses. That’s why it’s so important to be proactive about your health and take advantage of this advanced screening technology to see if you have immediate or long term issues. Everyone over age 60 hearing screening an regularly, simila DO NOT CASH • THIS IS NOT A CHECK Expires February 28, 2019 Hearing loss can be a Helping the world hear better is linked to ailments in DOLLARS CENTS disease, diabetes, dem We accept most insurance plans or we * why it’s so imp $1000 00That’s THE SUM OF: One Thousand Dollars and 00/100* about your health and will match your plans offer or benefit advanced screening te PAY TO THE ORDER OF: have immediate o Your Name Here!

Why Should I Get a Free Hearing Screening?

Those interested must call today!


Why Should I Get a Free Heari


Skoric Hearing Aid Center

10, 2019. 123 Oak May Street City, State, Zip

Authorized Signature

DO NOT CASH • THIS IS NOT A CHECK 9 based on twoHelping *Towards the purchase of the Beltone Trust™ 17 or 9 hearing system, instruments. $500hear off ofbetter a single instrument. Discount taken off MSRP. the world Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Not valid on prior purchases. Limit one check per person.


One Thousand Dollars and 00/100*



123 Oak Street City, State, Zip

CALL TODAY: (989) 607-4576 & (810) 356-0559

*Towards the purchase of the Beltone Trust™ 17 or 9 hearing system, based on two instruments. $500 off o Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Not valid on prior purchases. Limit one check per per

Northern Express Weekly • april 29, 2019 • 17


If Adam McMarlin had continued on the path that most everyone around him expected him to take, northern Michigan would have missed out on one very talented chef. Those who have already discovered Wren, the new restaurant he opened in Suttons Bay in August of last year, must certainly be glad that he took the road less traveled. By Janice Binkert “All though my teens, I worked parttime at Vince and Joe’s, a really nice gourmet Italian market, butcher shop and deli just outside Detroit, in Clinton Township, that carried imported foods and high-quality produce. It was a great experience,” said Adam McMarlin. “I learned a lot, and I got to be good friends with the owners. But I remember one day, I was getting carts out in the parking lot when this guy yelled over at me from his car, saying, ‘Go to college!’ He didn’t know me or anything about me. I was still in high school, and I was a very good student. But he probably thought, ‘Hey, you’re just pushing around shopping carts — you need to do better than that.’ And it was the same in high school — they made you feel like, as soon as you graduated, you had to go to college. So that’s what I did. I went to Western Michigan University, in Kalamazoo, and I picked a major I thought I would like — psychology. But I didn’t really want to do it.” FROM DISH TANK TO EXECUTIVE CHEF During college, McMarlin took on his first restaurant job. “I started as a host, and I was terrible at it. I couldn’t really chitchat with customers — I’d be like, ‘Here’s your change,’ and that was that. The owners tried having me bus tables, and I was probably even worse at that. So finally, they had me washing dishes, and that third time was the charm. Eventually, they started letting me prep and cook food, and when they opened a second restaurant, they put me on the line there. I liked that a lot, and I was really doing well, so I started going to work more and going to class less. I eventually left college [he later went back and finished], bought a motorcycle, and started traveling

around the country, working in restaurants in places like Charlotte, North Carolina, and Phoenix, Arizona, along the way.” He ended up in San Diego, where his girlfriend — now his wife — was attending college, and was hired as chef de cuisine by a French chef who was opening a new restaurant. “It was an education in classical French techniques working there,” he says, “and I still like that kind of cooking a lot.” In 2010, his future bride’s father told him about the Bay Leaf, a new eatery about to open in Traverse City, where she had grown up and planned to return after college. They needed an executive chef, and McMarlin was given the opportunity to step into that position. Unfortunately, although the restaurant was popular and got great reviews, it had a short run. After a brief hiatus from the restaurant business, Mc Marlin landed at The Cooks’ House in Traverse City, where he worked alongside chef-owners Jen Blakeslee and Eric Patterson. “Eric is pretty heavily French influenced, and Jen can do just about anything, which is why I loved working with them,” he said. “Not only was it a place where I felt comfortable cooking, but I was also exposed to a lot of things that I had never seen before. They were definitely a big influence on me. Being with them reminded me of why I wanted to cook. I had been discouraged for a little while after the Bay Leaf closed but going back and working with them was the best thing I could have done.” THE ROAD TO SUTTONS BAY With Patterson’s and Blakeslee’s blessing, McMarlin left after three years to start his own business, Wren the Butcher, just a few blocks away in the State Street Marketplace. There, he used the butchering skills he had honed at the Bay Leaf to specialize in hearty

18 • april 29, 2019 • Northern Express Weekly

dishes built around handcrafted sausages. But when he was offered the chance to buy the former 9 Bean Rows restaurant in the old firehouse building in Suttons Bay and open a full-scale restaurant, it was too tempting to resist. Wren Suttons Bay opened on August 1, 2018. But this Wren is completely different from its State Street predecessor. Though there is still meat on the menu, it is not the main event. Wren Suttons Bar is wholly focused on being a reflection of place. “I believe that your menu should represent where you are and when, so to me, what makes sense is cooking with ingredients that you can acquire from sources nearby at various times of the year,” said McMarlin. In northern Michigan, that means proteins like trout, walleye, chicken, and rabbit. Lately for him, it has also meant sourcing foraged wild rice, beets, quail eggs, cultivated mushrooms, parsnips, and maple syrup from his many suppliers. Wren has a relatively small menu that changes often. “It starts with what is available,” he said. “If you asked me to just sit down and write a menu, I probably couldn’t do it. But if you gave me an ingredient, I could go from there. It’s fun to work that way. For example, we have a pork chop on the menu right now because Loma Farms texted me and said they had bok choy. And I thought, ‘That would be good with a pork chop.’ We’re just searing the bok choy partially, with some mustard and onions, so that it’s half wilted and half raw, making it both crunchy and juicy. It all started with the bok choy, and I added the pork chop, a bacon vinaigrette, and apricot mostarda.” Based on that model, one can also play a fun guessing game about the key ingredient that inspired other items on the current menu: Starters like the parsnip soup (with apples and gastrique), mixed

left to right: Wren offers indoor and outdoor seating overlooking St. Joseph’s St., Sutton’s Bay’s main thoroughfare. Braised carrots with saffron, chili oil, and aioli. Chef Adam McMarlin.

green salad (with carrot, fennel and daikon radish), and spinach salad (with quail eggs, smoked walleye and currants); or entrées like chicken (with poached turnips, beurre blanc and radish), walleye (with foraged rice and roasted parsnips), and fettucine (with trumpet royale mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and sage). A recent dessert list included a butterscotch pot de creme (with bourbon maple syrup and Scottish shortbread) and chocolate cake (with pear, hazelnut and chocolate syrup). A “LIVING” MENU “As far as ingredients go, there’s nothing that’s off limits or permanent for me — anything can change at any time,” said, McMarlin, adding however, that Wren’s menu will always include a steak dish, a pasta dish, and one or more fish dishes on the menu, albeit with varying preparations. “When people come here, I hope and I want it to be because they are looking for the experience that we’re going to give them, and they can kind of let go of the reins a little bit and know it’s probably going to be different every time. That thing they liked so much the last time they were here might not be on the menu anymore, but I think they will also really like what we’re doing now. For me, it makes the menu feel almost like a living thing. It’s always evolving. It keeps everybody on the staff interested, too. We have a couple of really good customers who have been in about seven times since we opened, and they told us recently, ‘It’s better every time.’ And it should be — if it’s not, then I’m not doing my job.” While the wine list at Wren is not huge, it is impressive. McMarlin’s father-in-law,

Mon - Ladies Night - $5 martinis, $5 domestic beer pitcher, $10 craft beer pitcher. with Jukebox

Tues - $2 well drinks & shots 8-9:30 TC Comedy Collective

then: open mic/jam session w/Matt McCalpin & Jimmy Olson

Wed - Get it in the can night - $1 domestic, $3 craft w/DJ Ryan Zuker

Thurs - $1 off all drinks & $2 Coors Lt. pints

W/Skin & Marshall Dance Party Fri May 3 - Buckets of Beer starting at $8 (2-8pm) Happy hour: Chris Smith Then: Galactic Sherpas

Sat May 4 - Galactic Sherpas Sun May 5 - KARAOKE (10PM-2AM) 941-1930 downtown TC check us out at

Mixed green salad with carrot, fennel, and daikon radish.

who had been in charge of the wine program at the Bay Leaf, helped put it together, and his bar manager, Hanna, takes care of all of the ordering. “She does a really excellent job with cocktails, too,” said McMarlin. “I was surprised to learn how much goes into that. Katie, our front of the house manager, has her level-one certification for spirits, so she is also involved there — the two of them are coming up with new cocktails all the time. Hanna lets me help think up names for them, so many of them are comic book or cartoon character themed, but they’re really vague, so you’d have to be as big of a nerd as me to know what they are.” Although he admitted that it has been nice to have been able to start his new business slowly over the winter, McMarlin is very much looking forward the upcoming summer season. “I like to work, and I’m excited to be busy again,” he said. “We now have a whole season of fresh ingredients ahead, too, which was not the case last year, since we didn’t open until August. A few of the farmers have already talked to me about

Parsnip soup with apples and gastrique.

what they’re going to have and whether there’s anything in particular that I’m looking for. And basically, I told them, ‘I’ll take whatever you have.’ A lot of them, if you have something specific that you want, will even grow it for you. We are so lucky here. I am able to use more local food in northern Michigan than I could in California.” Mc Marlin lives in Traverse City with his wife and two young daughters, and when he bought the restaurant, he was a little concerned that he would have a long drive to and from work, robbing him of precious family time. “But what I soon realized — and what I hope others in the region will also realize — is that Suttons Bay is actually not that far away,” he said. “It’s only 20 minutes from Traverse City, and it’s a beautiful drive.”


with family histories Leelanau Cheese

Wren is located at 303 N. St. Joseph St. in Suttons Bay. Dinner served Wednesday through Saturday from 5pm to 9pm. (Check website for days/hours in summer). (231) 271-1175, visit

TRUTH. PURPOSE. RESPECT. These three things embody the Wren philosophy. “It’s about being a craftsperson and staying true to your craft,” McMarlin said. “I’m buying ingredients and working with them and feeding people. There are plenty of other things that I could do, but I feel like, when I’m building or making something it’s very honest — there’s nothing hidden about it. That’s truth. It’s what gives me purpose. We work in a way that’s supporting our community and economy, sourcing things responsibly and making choices that are better environmentally. In doing that, we are respecting the food and those who grow and raise it. People put a lot of work and effort and energy into growing their vegetables or raising their chickens, and when I get those ingredients into the kitchen, I don’t want to mess them up or waste them. It’s respect for the customer, too. What we do is an intimate thing. We’re making things that people are eating. So I want them to be able to trust that what I’m doing is good.” E. TENTH STREET | TRAVERSE CITY |




Northern Express Weekly • april 29, 2019 • 19


sponsored by

NOW HIRING! Welcome to our spring 2019 “Now Hiring” section sponsored by Hagerty! Here you’ll find more than 200 jobs now open across northern Michigan, some seasonal, some part-time, some full-time. Explore away! HAGERTY TRAVERSE CITY Application Security Engineer Hagerty, the leading provider of classic car insurance, valuation tools and roadside service for people who love cars, has an opportunity for an Application Security Engineer. This person will be responsible for leading the cloud security engineering and operations efforts in advancing the Company’s cyber security program. Responsibilies include: • Serve as a hands-on subject-matter expert in the field of application security. Work with developers, architects, project leads/managers, business analysts and others, in identifying security requirements for projects; ensure that requirements are met as part of the software development life cycle • Develop and grow a risk-based Application Security program which meets regulatory requirements and aligns with industry-leading information-security practices • Work closely with product and platform teams to engineer application security controls based upon policies, standards, and best practices Hours/Pay: To be determined. Hagerty offers a progressive work environment along with a competitive wage/benefit package. Apply!

HAGERTY TRAVERSE CITY Collaboration Engineer This individual must demonstrate superb technical competency delivering collaboration and conferencing solutions, as well as the ability to engage business stakeholders, assist, train and coach non-technical business peers. Responsibilies include: • Work with multiple internal technology teams such as network, hosting and security to support and implement conferencing, messaging and collaboration platforms across the enterprise. • Drive employee adoption of collaboration and conferencing toolsets through change-management communications, training, and internal marketing. • Ensure consistent and reliable operation of the company’s video conferencing and collaboration

platforms, including physical endpoints as well as desktop and mobile applications. Hours/Pay: To be determined. Hagerty offers a progressive work environment along with a competitive wage/benefit package. Apply!

HAGERTY TRAVERSE CITY Compensation Analyst Hagerty, is seeking a skilled and experienced Compensation Analyst to provide compensation and market analysis for the U.S., U.K., and Canada. Responsibilies include: • In collaboration with Accounting, direct and execute the annual wage budgeting process. • Partner with Recruiting and business leaders to manage the execution of wage budget and maintain the position management structure. • Create position descriptions and tiers/levels for internal and external roles. Hours/Pay: To be determined. Apply! at

HAGERTY TRAVERSE CITY Corporate Communications Design Specialist Hagerty an automotive lifestyle brand for people who love cars and love driving them has an opportunity for a Corporate Communications Design Specialist. This individual will support all internal communications and executive stakeholders. We seek a versatile, strategic thinker with a keen artistic eye who is able to translate complex business and technical concepts into compelling visuals conveyed through a variety of communications channels. Responsibilies include: • Design and create materials for a variety of projects based on quality standards and creative direction; final review from Creative Manager. • Work with the Creative Manager and teammates to create and tailor original and strategically focused designs and communications for internal client and executive stakeholders. • Ensure daily deliverable targets are met while being flexible and managing multiple projects in a fastpaced environment. Hours/Pay: To be determined. Apply!

HAGERTY TRAVERSE CITY / ANN ARBOR Front-end Developer Hagerty is seeking a skilled and experienced Front End Developer. This individual will be responsible for the production and maintenance of front-end code (Angular or React, SCSS, HTML, JavaScript/TypeScript) in an agile software development environment. This person will have opportunities to design and build web applications, content management

20 • april 29, 2019 • Northern Express Weekly

system features, integrations with web services and many other types of complex software systems. Responsibilies include: • Write code that satisfies requirements and adheres to standards and best practices. • Collaborates effectively with release engineers, test engineers, systems analysts, agile coaches, and stakeholders to deliver great software • Participate in all aspects of the agile software development life cycle. Hours/Pay:

Responsibilies include: • Collect and analyze needs of project stakeholders and website users. • Define functional requirements for websites and applications based on business goals and user needs. • Design high-level navigation, content organization, and labeling structures that incorporate the necessary functional requirements and achieve business goals (e.g., increase site conversion rates). Hours/Pay: To be determined. Apply!

HAGERTY TRAVERSE CITY Part-time Front Desk Associate This individual will provide assistance to members and trainers, as well as perform various administrative duties as directed by the Wellness and Fitness Manager. Responsibilies include: • Enthusiastically greet, check in, and register members and guests into the gym. • Administration of accounts and programs. • Show members how to use equipment. Hours/Pay: To be determined. Apply!

CORNERSTONE STAFFING TRAVERSE CITY Chopping Machine Operator Hours/Pay: hourly; $9.50 Apply!

HAGERTY TRAVERSE CITY / ANN ARBOR / GOLDEN, COLORADO System/Cloud Engineer This person must demonstrate superb technical competency, delivering mission-critical on-premise and cloud infrastructures, and ensure the highest levels of availability for all systems. This person will also help in enabling technologies to support a digital platform. Responsibilies include: • Support and deploy cloud computing services, including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS deployments • Implement configuration management and infrastructure as code (Chef, CloudFormation, Terraform) • Research new technologies and prototype new ideas. Hours/Pay: To be determined. Apply!

HAGERTY TRAVERSE CITY UX Designer Hagerty is seeking a skilled and experienced UX Designer. This individual will be responsible for designing user-centric, functional, simple, and beautiful interfaces for the Hagerty digital experience. This individual will collaborate with product managers, engineers, stakeholders, and UX researchers to understand and define project goals, constraints, and user needs. This individual should be a self-starter who can own a design project from discovery to implementation. This individual will collaborate with other UX designers to ensure consistency across all Hagerty products and services.

MS. GREEN, LLC - CADILLAC Waste Recycler Helpers, Laborers & Material Movers Hours/Pay: hourly; $10 Apply! LAJOY GROUP - PETOSKEY Cashier Hours/Pay: hourly; $10 Apply! GRAND TRAVERSE BAY YMCA TRAVERSE CITY Child Watch Assistant Ensure a clean and safe program environment for all children by following all YMCA rules, regulations, and guidelines. Provide appropriate supervision to all children. Provide a warm and engaging environment for all children, staff, and families. Supervise children and assume accountability for all children in care. Hours/Pay: part-time; $10+, based on experience Apply! PELLSTON GENERAL STORE PELLSTON Various Positions Hours/Pay: hourly; $10 Apply! MICROTEL INN AND SUITES MANISTEE Front Desk Agent /Hotel Customer Service Agent Hours/Pay: hourly; $10.15 Apply! LITTLE RIVER CASINO RESORT MANISTEE Service Bartender Hours/Pay: hourly; $10.22 Apply! ORYANA COMMUNITY CO-OP TRAVERSE CITY Entry Level Staff Oryana Community Co-op is seeking candidates for positions throughout the store, including prepared foods staff, stockers, baggers and cashiers; potential full-time as well as part-time positions. All positions require a great attitude, excellent customer service skills, and the ability to excel as part of a team. We offer competitive wages and a comprehensive benefits package for full-and part-time employees, including paid time off. Hours/Pay: part time; hourly wage, store discount and benefits Apply!

KIMCO FACILITY SERVICES CADILLAC PM Cleaner Hours/Pay: hourly; $10.50 Apply! CORNERSTONE STAFFING TRAVERSE CITY Manufacturing Sewing Machine Operator Hours/Pay: hourly; $10.50 Apply! CORNERSTONE STAFFING TRAVERSE CITY Automotive General Assembly Hours/Pay: hourly; $10.50 Apply! LISTENING EAR KALKASKA Direct Care Worker Hours/Pay: hourly; $10.75 Apply! HOWARD JOHNSON TRAVERSE CITY Housekeeping Positions We are looking for dependable housekeepers and laundry attendants with a great attitude and attention to detail to join our team. Year-round and seasonal positions available. Hours/Pay: full-time; based on experience Apply! BEARDS BREWERY PETOSKEY All Positions Beards Brewery is located in downtown Petoskey, with gorgeous views of Little Traverse Bay. Here at Beards we are passionate about craft and make as much of our product from scratch as we can. The right candidate must be passionate about food, service and, of course, beer! Hours/Pay: seasonal; based on experience Apply! careers CORNERSTONE STAFFING CADILLAC Assembly Line Workers Hours/Pay: hourly; $11 Apply! CORNERSTONE STAFFING CADILLAC Traffic Regulators Industrial/Manufacturing Technology Hours/Pay: hourly; $11 Apply! CORNERSTONE STAFFING CADILLAC Manufacturing Floor Floater Hours/Pay: hourly; $11 Apply! MANSFIELD LAND USE CONSULTANTS TRAVERSE CITY EIT Looking for an engineer in training (EIT), or similar. This person will work with our design team in providing our customers with permitting and design services. You will be assisting team members in working with our customers and interfacing with various government officials. Hours/Pay: full-time; depends on experience Apply!


sponsored by

CORNERSTONE STAFFING TRAVERSE CITY Commercial and Office Cleaner Hours/Pay: hourly; $11 Apply! RIVERSIDE CANOE TRIPS – HONOR Various Positions Hours/Pay: hourly; $11 Apply! CRISDEN, LLC – TRAVERSE CITY Insurance Sales Agent Hours/Pay: hourly; $12 Apply! VISIT UP NORTH VACATION RENTALS – TRAVERSE CITY Administrative Assistant/Reservations Agent Hours/Pay: hourly; $12 Apply! OLD MISSION RECEIVING OLD MISSION Hi-lo/Lift-truck Drivers An opportunity not to be missed. We work hard preparing cherries for purchase by two nationally distributed products for 4-5 weeks and then take off the rest of the summer. Hours/Pay: seasonal; commensurate with experience Apply! HALLSTEDT HOMESTEAD, LLC NORTHPORT Orchard Worker Responsible for assisting field manager by executing all agricultural tasks at the orchard. Needed 7/78/4, 50+ hrs/week. Tasks include but are not limited to: mowing, harvesting, farmer’s markets, U-pick operations, getting fruit in from the orchard via tractor, weighing fruit picked by each worker in the field. No experience needed; we will train. Must be able to lift 30lbs and work long days. Hours/Pay: seasonal; $12/hr Apply! WFE INC., DBA LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT – GRAWN Landscape Laborer Hours/Pay: hourly; $12 Apply! landscapemanagement@ MCCARDEL CULLIGAN – PETOSKEY PT Customer Service Representative Hours/Pay: hourly; $12 Apply! CATERING BY KELLY’S TRAVERSE CITY Server/Bartender Come join the busiest catering company in northern Michigan. Work a flexible schedule, make great money, and see locations all over northern Michigan! Hours/Pay: part time; starting $15/ hr + gratuity Apply! Please apply online at www. INHABITECT, LLC TRAVERSE CITY Landscape Laborer Inhabitect is looking for qualified laborers to join our team. We work throughout Michigan, and we are seeking a candidate who has experience in landscaping, roofing and/or carpentry. This job requires the candidate to work at heights, lift heavy items repeatedly, and work outside through

varied conditions. Hours/Pay: seasonal; $14.00$18.00/hr Apply! UNITED ENGINEERED TOOLING TRAVERSE CITY General Labor CNC Operation | Machine Operators Hours/Pay: hourly; $12 Apply! NORTHERN MICHIGAN DOCKS, INC. CENTRAL LAKE Installation Team Member Hours/Pay: hourly; $12 Apply! KNORR MARKETING TRAVERSE CITY Media Planner Work closely with Account Executives and Account Managers to outline media campaigns for order, production and billing processing after researching the client market and available media channels, and submitting proposals for client consideration. Outline, maintain, and oversee advertising budget proposals, entering associated details in Google sheets. Research, analyze and recommend media opportunities within each market. Maintain positive relationships with vendors. Analyze and present post-buy reports. Comprehension of traditional media planning tools (ComScore, Scarborough, Arbitron, Nielsen, etc.) Strong research and analytical thinking required. Hours/Pay: full-time; commensurate based on experience Apply! STT, INC – TRAVERSE CITY Full-time Security Officer Hours/Pay: hourly; $12.50 Apply! DAN BRADY PAINTING SERVICES, LLC – TRAVERSE CITY Painter Hours/Pay: hourly; $13 Apply! CORNERSTONE STAFFING TRAVERSE CITY Machine Operator Hours/Pay: hourly; $13 Apply! MCCARDEL CULLIGAN - PETOSKEY FT Service/Installer Technician Hours/Pay: hourly; $13 Apply! CHATEAU CHANTAL TRAVERSE CITY Kitchen Staff Hours/Pay: hourly; $13 Apply! GARDEN CAFE AT PINE HILL TORCH LAKE - KEWADIN Cooks and Customer Service We are looking for great people to add to our team at the Garden Cafe for the summer season, May-October. If you are passionate about food and like to work in a team environment, this is the job for you! Competitive pay with tips shared by all hourly employees; full time or part-time available. We have a small kitchen, outdoor woodfired pizza oven, grill and a garden just for the cafe! Looking for friendly faces to cook pizzas, take orders, and fulfill daily tasks.

Hours/Pay: full time; based on experience Apply! TALENT INVESTMENT AGENCY PETOSKEY Farmworker/Trabajador de Campo Hours/Pay: hourly; $13.54 Apply! CINTAS CORPORATION - FIFE LAKE Loader/Unloader Hours/Pay: hourly; $13.72 Apply! PLASCON INC. - TRAVERSE CITY Customer Service Representative Hours/Pay: hourly; $14 Apply! TRAVERSE BAY CANVAS HARBOR SPRINGS Installer Hours/Pay: hourly; $14 Apply! NATIONAL VACUUM EQUIPMENT TRAVERSE CITY Purchasing Specialist Responsible for supplier sourcing, negotiations, and procurement consistent with quality and company standards. Submit RFQs, work closely with vendors. Requires organization, high energy, attention to detail. Fulltime with benefits, pay commensurate with experience and education. Please email resume. Hours/Pay: full time; negotiable Apply! TRAVERSE BAY CANVAS HARBOR SPRINGS Seamstress Hours/Pay: hourly; $14 Apply! TRAVERSE BAY AREA ISD TRAVERSE CITY Paraprofessional Position Hours/Pay: hourly; $14 Apply! LELAND MERCANTILE LELAND cashier Seasonal cashier position available. Flexible schedule, 3 days/week to 5 days/week. Easy hours: Not before 8am and not after 8pm. Looking for friendly, outgoing, person with great customer service skills. Efficient and effective in a busy atmosphere, works well with others. Not afraid to use a cash register/ computer. Some lifting and overall store maintenance required. Responsible person to work with cash and fastpaced front of the store. Must be 18. Mornings/nights/weekends. Hours/Pay: seasonal; negotiable Apply! TRAVERSE BAY AREA ISD TRAVERSE CITY Teach Consultant VI/O & M Hours/Pay: hourly; $14 Apply! TRAVERSE BAY AREA ISD TRAVERSE CITY Teacher Assistant - Traverse Heights Hours/Pay: hourly; $14 Apply! NORTHERN DECK AND DOCK BOYNE FALLS Maintenance Worker Hours/Pay: hourly; $15 Apply!

GAME ROOM MASTER, RAMSDELL THEATRE MANISTEE If you like puzzles, technology and working with people, the Ramsdell Theatre in Manistee is looking for a Game Room Master for its interactive Escape Room. “We built it to engage new audiences in a different way,” said Executive Director Xavier Verna. If you haven’t yet heard of escape room games, the concept behind them is simple: A group of people has to work together to escape a room they’ve somehow been trapped in. The backstory typically explains how they got trapped, and the Ramsdell’s includes actual history from Manistee and the theatre. “Right after vaudeville, the Butterfield Theater Company built the Vogue Theater and planned to mothball the Ramsdell to take it out of competition,” Verna said. From there the story takes off, as Vaudeville Harry (the Game Room Master) is angered at the situation and traps the Butterfield investors (the players). Verna said the position demands both people and technology skills, as the person has to welcome players and explain the situation to them. “If something goes wrong, they have to be able to fix it,” he said. (Not to worry, the players are not technically locked in.) Hours/Pay: Year-round part-time job $9.45/hour. Get the Job! Those interested should contact Verna at (231) 398-9770 or email

TURTLE CREEK CASINO & HOTEL WILLIAMSBURG F&B Various Positions Hiring for various positions for the Season’s Buffet at Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel beginning in May 2019. Hours/Pay: seasonal; $3.86 + tips $10.50/hr Apply! Please apply at www. careers CHERRY STREET MARKET KALKASKA PT Semi-truck Driver Hours/Pay: hourly; $15 Apply! CUSTOM STEMS TRAVERSE CITY Glass Screen Printer Hours/Pay: hourly; $15 Apply! CORNERSTONE STAFFING TRAVERSE CITY Welder Hours/Pay: hourly; $15 Apply! TIMBERWOLF TREE CARE, LLC HARBOR SPRINGS Arborist Trainee Hours/Pay: hourly; $15 Apply! AMO INC. OUTDOOR SERVICES TRAVERSE CITY Irrigation Crew Leader Looking for an experienced irrigation crew leader to manage the operation, installation, maintenance, and repair of irrigation systems. Experience is required as is a valid Michigan chauffeur’s license. This is a full-time/ year-round opportunity. Hours/Pay: full-time; based on experience Apply! Call Sherry from AMO Inc. at (231) 499-4799.

Hours/Pay: hourly; $16 Apply! LITTLE TRAVERSE BAY BAND OF ODAWA INDIANS HARBOR SPRINGS Great Lakes Fisheries Biologist Hours/Pay: hourly; $17.37 Apply! JOLLY PUMPKIN - TRAVERSE CITY All Positions Jolly Pumpkin and Mission Table are now hiring all positions: servers, cooks, hosts, bartenders, server assistants, dishwashers. Hours/Pay: full-time; $10-$14 depending on position and experience Apply! or stop in and fill out an application. CINTAS CORPORATION - FIFE LAKE Route Service Sales Representative Hours/Pay: hourly; $17.50 Apply! CORNERSTONE STAFFING TRAVERSE CITY Purchasing and Shipping and Recieving Manager Hours/Pay: hourly; $18 Apply! MANTHEI, INC. CHARLEVOIX Redi-Mix Truck Driver Hours/Pay: hourly; $18 Apply! TRAVERSE BAY AREA ISD TRAVERSE CITY School Social Worker Hours/Pay: hourly; $19.01 Apply! EMMET COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION HARBOR SPRINGS Mechanic Hours/Pay: hourly; $20.74 Apply!

LITTLE TRAVERSE BAY BAND OF ODAWA INDIANS HARBOR SPRINGS Deputy Law Enforcement Officer Hours/Pay: hourly; $15.43 Apply!

WECONNECT - VARIOUS Home Ent. Specialist / Satellite Cable Technician Hours/Pay: salary; $30,000 Apply!



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Hours/Pay: salary; $32,000 Apply!

Hours/Pay: salary Apply!

DOWN TO EARTH OUTDOOR SERVICES, LLC - TRAVERSE CITY Landscape & Lawn Care We are seeking experienced, motivated, hard-working individuals that enjoy working outside with a great group of guys, plus have a fine eye for detail. Candidate must have reliable transportation, valid drivers license, cell phone, positive attitude and ability to represent professionalism to clients along with offering a friendly work environment around other employees. Pay dependent on experience. Partor full-time positions available. Type of work includes but is not limited to: lawn care, pruning, weeding, mulching, planting, grade work, patio and boulder-wall installs, and more! Long-term hires are desired. Hours/Pay: full-time; $14-$20/hour Apply! (231)620-4018 dteoutdoors@

UNITED LABOR GROUP, LLC TRAVERSE CITY Electrician Hours/Pay: hourly Apply!

BLACK STAR FARMS SUTTONS BAY Property Manager Hours/Pay: salary; $36,000 Apply! NORTHWESTERN MICHIGAN COLLEGE - TRAVERSE CITY Financial Aid Specialist Hours/Pay: salary; $40,138 Apply! SCHNEIDER NATIONAL CARRIERS, INC. - CADILLAC Driver Regional Truck Driver Class A CDL Hours/Pay: salary; $66,000 Apply! SCHNEIDER NATIONAL CARRIERS, INC. - PETOSKEY Driver Dedicated Truck Driver JCPenney Class A CD Hours/Pay: salary; $77,000 Apply! TRAVERSE BAY AREA ISD TRAVERSE CITY Supervisor, Oak Park Elementary; Programs for Autism Spectrum Disorder Hours/Pay: salary; $90,000 Apply! STERICYCLE, INC. PETOSKEY Part-time On-site Service Technician

HALLSTEDT HOMESTEAD, LLC NORTHPORT Orchard Field Manager Manager is responsible for overseeing sweet cherry harvest. We hand-pick, weigh each harvester’s poundage, and move via tractor to cooling station. Harvest is 7/8-8/4; 50 hrs./week. Also need PT help in June, prepping for harvest and other chores. No training needed; we will train you. Great fit for teachers! Must be able to lift 30lbs., work long days. Hours/Pay: seasonal; $19/hour Apply! AJS EXCAVATING LLC BEULAH Project Foreman Hours/Pay: hourly Apply! RENT A GARDENER LLC CADILLAC Landscape Worker Hours/Pay: salary Apply! MENARDS TRAVERSE CITY Courtesy Patrol A Team Member has multiple responsibilities of varying significance, the most important of which is customer service. Team members will need to communicate effectively with guests, answering any questions they have. This requires team members to be available to guests by walking the sales floor. Team members will have to stand and walk for extended periods of time. Team members will occasionally use a computer to complete tasks such as creating invoices (picking lists), checking if an item is in stock, and processing returns. Further, team members will have to frequently communicate with each other in assisting guests. Hours/Pay: part time; $11/hour Apply! TAWAS TOOL ELK RAPIDS Manufacturing and Quality Engineer Hours/Pay: salary

Apply! CADILLAC CUT STONE CADILLAC Office Help Hours/Pay: hourly Apply! PEOPLEFIRST REHABILITATION PETOSKEY Physical Therapist HRS PRN McLaren Northern Michigan Hours/Pay: salary Apply! candy.allison@ SUN COMMUNITIES PETOSKEY Resort Housekeeping Supervisor Hours/Pay: salary Apply! WOODLAND SCHOOL TRAVERSE CITY Teacher Woodland School, a tuition-free, K-8, public charter school, is seeking a full-time teacher for the 2019/2020 school year. The current opening is for a 3-5th grade classroom. Applicants must hold an elementary certification and be able to creatively meet the diverse needs of a multigrade classroom. Hours/Pay: Starting salary is $31,000 and will adjust upwards for experience/advanced degrees. Health benefits included. Apply! Email a letter of interest and resume to Woodland School Director, Jeremiah Stieve jstieve@ TRAVERSE BAY CANVAS HARBOR SPRINGS Seamstress Hours/Pay: hourly Apply! MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS, INC MANISTEE Process Engineer Hours/Pay: salary Apply! cathleen.mccarthy@ NORTHWESTERN MICHIGAN COLLEGE - TRAVERSE CITY Faculty, Culinary Arts, Garde Manger Hours/Pay: salary Apply! TURTLE CREEK CASINO & HOTEL WILLIAMSBURG

Casino Cashiers Do you have cashier experience or have worked as a bank teller? Try a position at Turtle Creek Casino as a Casino Cashier! Hours/Pay: full-time; $11.00 + tips Apply! experience/careers GREAT LAKES WINE AND SPIRITS TRAVERSE CITY Sales Consultant - Retail - Spirits Hours/Pay: salary Apply! HOLLI CARE LLC KINGSLEY Caregiver $2,000 bonus available for this position. Flexible schedules. Paid training. Part-time and insurance available. Hours/Pay: full-time; depends on experience Apply! AKER OUTDOOR PRODUCTS TRAVERSE CITY Warehouse Associate We’re hiring for the 2019 summer sales season and possibly longer. Jobs will be on probationary period of 90 days before decision regarding a full-time position is made. Ability to lift 80+ lbs. and forklift experience is preferred. Hours/Pay: full time; negotiable Apply! nickrader@ MORTON SALT INC - MANISTEE General Labor Hours/Pay: salary Apply! THE CROW’S NEST OF HARBOR SPRINGS - HARBOR SPRINGS Executive Chef Hours/Pay: salary Apply! crowsnestrestaurantandcatering@ MICHIGAN BLOOD - TRAVERSE CITY Donor Care Apheresis Specialist Hours/Pay: salary Apply! ESS/WILLSUB TRAVERSE CITY Substitute Teacher Are you great with kids? Do you have at least 60 college credits? Ever thought about Substitute Teaching? ESS/

willSub in partnership with Traverse Bay Area ISD, has an immediate need for Substitute Teachers! Hours/Pay: part-time; $95.00 per day Apply! MICHIGAN BLOOD - TRAVERSE CITY Phlebotomist Hours/Pay: salary Apply! WILBUR-ELLIS COMPANY - ACME Field Scout Agriculture Seasonal Hours/Pay: salary Apply! CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF CHEBOYGAN - PETOSKEY Universal Banker Hours/Pay: salary Apply! TENTCRAFT TRAVERSE CITY Business Development Attention recent college graduates! Business Development Interns will be responsible for outbound prospecting and lead management. This position will work with our sales teams by qualifying paid leads and ushering them into the sales pipeline. You will work to make contact with interested leads that originate via our marketing efforts, then work with our sales professionals to deliver quotes, overcome objections, and close opportunities. Hours/Pay: seasonal; hourly base plus commissions Apply! TRAVERSE BAY AREA INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL DISTRICT TRAVERSE CITY Teacher for ASD Valid Michigan Teaching Certificate with AI endorsement. Apply online under employment opportunities Hours/Pay: full-time; $41,821 (pay based on qualifications/experience) Apply!

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INTERLOCHEN CENTER FOR THE ARTS - INTERLOCHEN Campus Safety Officer - Part-time Hours/Pay: hourly Apply!





Call the guys Clean Red T

NOW HIRING • Flexible Hours • Competitive Pay • Fun, Positive, Fast Paced Enviornment • Pizza Cooks • Salad/Prep Cooks • Dishwashers Call 946-8168 Text 633-3700 or APPLY IN PERSON TODAY!

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Septic Pumping • Plumbing and Sewer Technicians • Portable Restroom Technicians Competitive Wages, BONUSES BENEFITS! • Septic Pumping Specialists Plumbing & Drain and Cleaning Apply online at call 231-228-7499 Call theor guys in the G, Portable Restrooms Clean Red Trucks G, @) Septic Inspections =

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AMERICA’S JOB EXCHANGE CHARLEVOIX Merchandiser Hours/Pay: salary Apply! gcowan@ COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT TRAVERSE CITY Housekeeping Attendant Responsible for cleanliness and sanitation of the hotel and maintaining established quality standards. Hours/Pay: part-time; $11/hour Apply! MAMA LU’S TRAVERSE CITY FOH & BOH Join the Lu Crew! Mama Lu’s in Downtown TC is hiring full-and parttime positions including: hostess, bussers, servers, bartenders, cooks and dishwashers. Please see our Facebook page for current availability, wages, requirements and details on how to apply! Hours/Pay: full-time; up to $15/hour Apply! AMERICA’S JOB EXCHANGE MANISTEE Outside Sales Representative Hours/Pay: salary Apply! gcowan@ DAIFUKU AMERICA CORPORATION HARBOR SPRINGS JBW Material Planner Hours/Pay: salary Apply! DAIFUKU AMERICA CORPORATION HARBOR SPRINGS JBW Painter Hours/Pay: salary Apply! NORTHERN CLEANING SERVICE LLC BEULAH Seasonal Housekeeper Hours/Pay: hourly Apply! AMERICAS JOB EXCHANGE TRAVERSE CITY Arcade Attendant Hours/Pay: salary Apply! jaclark@

WILLIAMS & BAY MAPLE CITY Septic Pumping Specialist We are looking for full-time septic tank drivers. Must have valid CDL Class B with air brakes and tanker endorsement or able to attain. Excellent health insurance package with benefits. Job requires septic tank pumping and inspections. General labor is expected and may include working on septic system installation, lot clearing, and general trucking. General knowledge of equipment maintenance is a plus. Average work week would be MondayFriday and occasional Saturdays. Hours/Pay: full-time/seasonal; $15-$18 plus benefits/bonus Apply! GREAT LAKES HOME CARE UNLIMITED - TRAVERSE CITY Caregiver We are a private duty home care company looking for caregivers to help clients with activities of daily living such as: bathing/bathroom, grooming, dressing, light housekeeping, meal preparation/feeding, grocery lists, errands, doctor appointments, Medication cassette checks, playing games, or just being good company. Hours/Pay: full-time; $12-$15 / hour Apply! GRAND TRAVERSE PAVILIONS TRAVERSE CITY Universal Worker Hours/Pay: hourly Apply! GRAND TRAVERSE PAVILIONS TRAVERSE CITY CNA Hours/Pay: hourly Apply! RECLECTIA TRAVERSE CITY Social & eCommerce Someone who can take excellent product photos, create catchy posts for social media, and develop our best eCommerce approach. Website and Wordpress experience helpful. Perfect spelling a must! A knowledge of furniture, home decor, and decorating is needed. This position has a flexible schedule of about 4 hours per week. Hours/Pay: part time; negotiable Apply!

AVON PROTECTION SYSTEMS CADILLAC Soldering Technician/Light Assenokt Hours/Pay: hourly Apply! JERVIS B WEBB COMPANY HARBOR SPRINGS JBW Material Planner Hours/Pay: salary Apply! JERVIS B WEBB COMPANY HARBOR SPRINGS JBW Painter Hours/Pay: salary Apply! CUSTOM STEMS TRAVERSE CITY Screen Printer - Glass We are a growing company that screen prints glass for hundreds of wineries and breweries. We are seeking individuals to help out during our busy season at our expanding glassware company. No previous experience needed. We will train people who are hard working, work well in fast-paced environments and team players. June-Sept, 15-30 hours per week, flexible Hours/Pay: seasonal; $15/hour Apply! BOYNE HIGHLANDS RESORT HARBOR SPRINGS Summer Season Positions Once in a while, you find a place that fits. A place where everything feels natural. Familiar. Like it was made just for you. And that’s exactly the kind of experience you’ll find while working at Boyne Highlands, where you’ll feel right at home. Boyne Highlands Resort is hiring for summer positions. Hours/Pay: full-time; varies Apply! employment. PC CONNECTION INC. TRAVERSE CITY Collaboration Engineer Cisco Conferencing Hours/Pay: salary Apply! EAST JORDAN AUTO PARTS EAST JORDAN Attendant/General Laborer Hours/Pay: salary Apply!


LICENSED SALES AND SERVICE AGENTS Love cars and boats? Then Hagerty may be the place for you. The provider of classic car insurance, valuation tools and roadside service for people who love (like, seriously love) cars, is looking for licensed sales and service agents. “It’s a role we constantly hire for,” said K.K. Trucco, vice president of recruiting. That’s the case for several reasons: Hagerty is experiencing continual growth, the position provides an intro for those new to the industry, and it’s a position from which the company frequently promotes. “It’s a great way for people to come in and learn about [Hagerty],” Trucco said. She said the company is interested in finding those who want a career in the industry, who can promote and sell its insurance and hobby-related products while providing exceptional service. Responsibilities include all sales activities, including initial sales conversations and quotes, educating clients on policies and new products, and, of course, closing the sale. Requirements include use of computer applications such as Microsoft Office, the ability to efficiently deal with a large volume of telephone business, and being able to multitask and prioritize. Hagerty provides necessary training and education to obtain licensing as well as materials and licensing fees. Hours/Pay: To be determined. Get the Job! For more information and to apply for this position, please visit our career site at TRAVERSE OUTDOOR, INC. TRAVERSE CITY Irrigation Scheduler/Customer Service Hours/Pay: hourly Apply! CORNERSTONE STONE STAFFING SOLUTIONS - TRAVERSE CITY AREA General Manufacturing, Machine Operator and Assembler Cornerstone Staffing Solutions has general manufacturing, machine operators and assembler positions available in the Traverse City area, with pay ranging up to $13 per hour. All shifts and overtime are available. No experience is necessary, just a strong desire to learn and contribute to the team’s overall performance. Medical, dental, vision and 401k are available. Hours/Pay: full-time; $10.50-$13 / hour Apply! or call (231) 412-2363 KRISTI SCHUBERT PETOSKEY Sales We are looking for someone who can work 1-3 days a week, and cover for vacations, and occasional personal days. We are hoping to find someone with a pleasant personality, who likes people, and is eager to provide great customer service. Hours/Pay: full time; $10 / hour Apply! THE DAVEY TREE EXPERT KALKASKA Trimmer Kalkaska, MI Hours/Pay: salary Apply! METAL PUNCH CORP. - CADILLAC Inspector / Machinist Hours/Pay: salary Apply! METAL PUNCH CORP. - CADILLAC General Machinist Hours/Pay: salary Apply! SPARTANNASH ASSOCIATES, INC. VARIOUS Various Positions Hours/Pay: salary Apply! kathryn.marion@spartannash. com

MUNSON MEDICAL CENTER TRAVERSE CITY Nurse Assistant Join our world-class healthcare team and make a difference in patient’s lives every day. Munson Medical Center has immediate positions available on all shifts for certified and beginning Nurse Assistants. Excellent benefits for fulltime and part-time positions. Tuition reimbursement is also available for those interested in pursuing a registered nurse degree. Hours/Pay: full-time; starting at 13.66/hour Apply! munson/#/job/13389 ARMOR EXPRESS - CENTRAL LAKE Ballistic Planner Hours/Pay: salary Apply! ARMOR EXPRESS - TRAVERSE CITY Technical Services Engineer Hours/Pay: salary Apply! ALCOTEC WIRE CORPORATION TRAVERSE CITY Technical Services Engineer Hours/Pay: salary Apply! SAMARITAS NORTHERN MICHIGAN Various Positions Hours/Pay: salary Apply! CORBIN DESIGN TRAVERSE CITY Environmental Graphic Designer Corbin Design is currently seeking an entry level or experienced environmental graphic designer to join our team. This position is fulltime with benefits, and we are an employee-owned firm. The designer is responsible for supporting project teams with sign design and specifications, map design, sign location plans, sign message schedules, sign standards manuals and providing input on wayfinding logic. Hours/Pay: full-time; negotiable Apply! or

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RESCARE PETOSKEY Speech Language Pathologist Hours/Pay: salary Apply! MANTHEI, INC. CHARLEVOIX AND PETOSKEY Business Consultant Hours/Pay: salary Apply! MESYN BUILDERS - TRAVERSE CITY Construction laborer Hours/Pay: hourly Apply! CLEAN HARBORS ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, INC - KALKASKA Environmental Field Technician Hours/Pay: salary Apply! GRAND TRAVERSE CONTAINER TRAVERSE CITY Material Handler/Forklift Driver Grand Traverse Container is a leading producer of corrugated products in Michigan. We have full-time first and second shift opportunities for experienced forklift drivers to work in our Traverse City facility. GTC offers a competitive wage and excellent benefits package. Hours/Pay: full-time; $12/hour Apply! LIFE BEYOND BARRIERS REHABILITATION GROUP TRAVERSE CITY Licensed Clinical Social Worker Hours/Pay: hourly Apply! CONSUMERS ENERGY COMPANY BENZONIA Electric Journeyman Lineman Hours/Pay: salary Apply! SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY TRAVERSE CITY Customer Service Specialist Hours/Pay: salary Apply! shannon.n.coleman@sherwin. com PAINTING WITH A TWIST TRAVERSE CITY Artist/Entertainer Fun, BYOB, innovative painting instruction business in Traverse City looking for energetic, fun artists with teaching experience to work in a creative and exciting environment! Must be able to guide classes of up to 20 people to paint an acrylic painting in two hours. This is no ordinary art class — we are all about having FUN! Must know how to paint and how to convey instructions. Primarily evening and weekend classes. Flexible hours. Ability to make your own schedule. Will train the Painting with a Twist teaching method. Hours/Pay: part-time; $12-15/hour Apply! Please send resume with samples of your work to: studio159@ PERFECT CUT LAWNCARE OF MANISTEE LLC Lawncare Specialist Hours/Pay: salary Apply! WATSON BENZIE - BENZONIA Quick Lube Oil Change Technician

Hours/Pay: salary Apply! WEATHERVANE TERRACE INN & SUITES - CHARLEVOIX Housekeeping Hours/Pay: salary Apply! JPMORGAN CHASE TRAVERSE CITY Teller As a Teller at Chase, you will play a vital role in ensuring our Customer Promise comes to life for our clients. You will also play a key role helping customers understand our latest technology-banking products and proactively helping them access that technology via multiple self-service ways. This will allow our customers to bank and invest when, where, and how they want. Hours/Pay: part-time; $15/hour Apply! BECKMAN PRODUCTION SERVICES, INC. - KALKASKA Rig Hand If you want to be a part of a company that values employees, their families, and their safety, then Beckman Production Services, Inc. is the place for you! Excellent benefit package - affordable medical, dental, vision single/family coverage. Secure and established company. Work/ life balance. Paid orientation, safety training, and much more! Hours/Pay: full-time; $14/hour Apply! amy.witer@nineenergyservice. com AMO INC. OUTDOOR SERVICES TRAVERSE CITY Lawn Care & Landscape Positions Looking for individuals in grounds maintenance, landscaping, and hardscapes available for full-time/year round employment. Whether you are experienced in the Green industry, or just looking to start a new career, a positive attitude, being able to adhere to a time schedule, dress code and safety work practices is all it takes to get started. Compensation is based on experience. Hours/Pay: full time; $12/hour Apply! or call Sherry at (231) 499-4799. AMO INC. OUTDOOR SERVICES TRAVERSE CITY Sales & Project Manger Looking for an individual to act as an intermediary between residential and commercial clients and its employees. Must be able to provide supervision and leadership to the assigned Crew Leader and establish the expectations for each project to AMO standards. Duties would include providing prospective customers with a professionally prepared estimate for requested services in QuickBooks. Experience in ground maintenance, plants, pest management, landscaping, hardscapes and other related outdoor services is required, as is a valid Michigan chauffeur license. Previous project management experience is preferred. This is a fulltime/year-round opportunity. Hours/Pay: full-time; based on experience Apply! or call Sherry at (231) 499-4799.

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AMO INC. OUTDOOR SERVICES TRAVERSE CITY Landscaping Crew Leader Looking for an experienced landscaping crew leader to manage a small crew by planning and prioritizing projects, assigning work tasks, maintaining records, insuring crews safety, and providing performance feedback. Experience is required, as is a valid Michigan chauffeur’s license. This is a full-time/year round opportunity. Hours/Pay: full-time; based on experience Apply! or call Sherry at (231) 499-4799. CORBIN DESIGN TRAVERSE CITY Project Manger Corbin Design is currently seeking an experienced project manager to help us manage our large-scale wayfinding and signage design projects. This position is full-time with benefits and we are an employee-owned firm. The project manager is responsible for: Being the central point of client contact; taking part in on-site project meetings; creating and managing project schedules; developing and adhering to budgets; and assisting with the development of project documents. Hours/Pay: full-time; Negotiable Apply! or STARDUST MEMORIALS TRAVERSE CITY Warehouse Assistant & Customer Service This position serves as an assistant to our Warehouse Supervisor and helps with receiving, inspecting, and stocking inventory in our warehouse. The right candidate will be detail-oriented and understand the importance of accuracy. This work does involve standing, lifting up to 40 lbs., and moving goods in a warehouse environment. This position is crosstrained to help fulfill orders when needed. 24-30 hours per week. Hours/Pay: part-time; $12.50-13.50 /hour Apply! STARDUST MEMORIALS TRAVERSE CITY Customer Service Specialist Support to customers who contact us regarding all aspects of the online purchase of cremation urns and memorial products. The right candidate will possess a kind phone manner and excellent verbal and written communications skills (including proper spelling and grammar). This position is involved in all aspects of the order process, from assisting customers via the phone to preparing orders for shipment. 24-30 hours per week. Hours/Pay: part-time; $12.50-13.50 /hour Apply! marcy@stardust-memorials. com STARDUST MEMORIALS TRAVERSE CITY Engraving Assistant & Customer Service This person serves as an assistant to our Engraving Supervisor and ensures that our high-quality memorial products are engraved to company standards. The right candidate

will possess superior spelling and punctuation skills and will pay careful attention to detail. If you enjoy working with machines and technology and would appreciate learning how to use computers with state-of-the-art engraving equipment to personalize memorial products, then this position is for you. The position also is crosstrained to help fulfill orders when needed. 20-24 hours per week. Hours/Pay: part-time; $15/hour Apply! BLUE TRACTOR TRAVERSE CITY All Positions Blue Tractor is hiring full and part-time front and back of house positions. Hours/Pay: $10-$13 Apply! 423 S. Union St., Traverse City, MI 49684 PINESTEAD REEF RESORT TRAVERSE CITY Resort Maintenance Seeking a self-motivated maintenance person for our 46-unit resort. Previous maintenance experience is preferred. We have a part-time year-round position. Primary shift will be Sunday, midshift and Monday, Tuesday from 4pm-midnight. May be asked to cover other shifts when needed. Knowledge of general painting, plumbing, carpentry, drywall, lawn care required, plus mechanical and technical skills. Paid vacation and holidays. Hours/Pay: part-time; $12/hour Apply! 1265 US 31 North, Traverse City. No phone calls please. PINESTEAD REEF RESORT TRAVERSE CITY Housekeeper Experience preferred but willing to train. Day shift; Friday, Saturday, Sunday combinations available, or Sunday only. Paid holidays and vacation time. Hours/Pay: part-time; $11/hour Apply! Please apply in person at 1265 N US 31 N. Traverse City. No phone calls please. TURTLE CREEK CASINO & HOTEL WILLIAMSBURG Casino Housekeeping Looking to fill six full-time housekeepering positions. Turtle Creek employees enjoy perks such as $3.00 employee meals, gas discounts, concert tickets, and major medical and dental plans! Hours/Pay: full-time; $10.50 + tips Apply! experience/careers TURTLE CREEK CASINO & HOTEL WILLIAMSBURG Beverage Servers The F&B department is hiring Beverage Servers for the bar. Hours/Pay: part-time; $4.36 + tips Apply! experience/careers TURTLE CREEK CASINO & HOTEL WILLIAMSBURG Dealers The table games department has begun hiring for dealers for the summer season 2019! Hours/Pay: seasonal; $6.07 + tips Apply! Please contact the department for training information at (231)5348900 or experience/careers

MOORE MECHANICAL HONOR Plumbing/HVAC Apprentice Hours/Pay: full-time; $10-$15, benefits Apply! mooremechanical@mooremech. net or apply in person at: Moore Mechanical 12760 Honor Hwy., Honor MOORE MECHANICAL HONOR Journeyman Plumber Hours/Pay: full-time; $20-$30, benefits Apply! mooremechanical@mooremech. net or apply in person at: Moore Mechanical 12760 Honor Hwy., Honor TRAVERSE ARCHITECTURE GROUP TRAVERSE CITY Architect/REVIT Draft Team Member Looking for a seasoned architect and/ or a highly qualified draft person to join our diversified group. We have many fun projects to work on all over northern Michigan. Must be a motivated, unsupervised candidate. Hours/Pay: full time; depends on experience Apply! SUHM-THING TRAVERSE CITY Sales Clerk Downtown gift store looking for motivated and enthusiastic individual to help this summer. Must be good with customers and work well with others. Hours available will be weekdays, evenings, weekends and holidays. This position is part-time. Parking on site. Training starts in May. Hours/Pay: seasonal; negotiable Apply! AVFLIGHT TRAVERSE CITY TRAVERSE CITY Aircraft Fueler at Traverse City Airport Perform fueling and de-icing of all types of aircrafts. Direct aircraft to proper parking area, check tire pressure and perform lavatory service as requested. Tow aircraft to secure tie-down area or hangars, pull aircraft out of hangars for departure. Ability to drive heavy equipment such as fuel trucks and other equipment as needed. Hours/Pay: full-time; negotiable Apply! Please apply online at www. AVFLIGHT TRAVERSE CITY ANN ARBOR Customer Service Representative Avflight - Traverse City is looking for an exceptional Customer Service Representative to join our team! Provide superior customer service to crew members and passengers. Assist customers with requested services such as fuel, hangar space, catering, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, etc. Resolve customer requests, questions and complaints regarding Avflight’s services or products. Communicate aircraft arrivals to line service and complete pre-arrival information from customers. Process sales transactions, close out and balance daily inventory, fuel tickets and meter sheets. Ability to work a flexible schedule and work overtime as required. Hours/Pay: full-time; negotiable Apply! Please apply online at www. BLACK STAR FARMS TRAVERSE CITY Winery/ Warehouse help


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Black Star Farms is seeking cellar and warehouse help for our Suttons Bay and Old Mission locations. Full-time, year-round and part-time positions available Pay rate is based upon experience. Must be reliable, self-motivated, willing to learn and improve, have a positive attitude and possess a strong work ethic. Must be willing to work long hours and overtime as needed, especially during harvest. Winery experience is preferred, but not necessary. Hours/Pay: full-time; $11-$15/hour Apply! CATERING BY KELLY’S TRAVERSE CITY Server/Bartender Come join the busiest catering company in northern Michigan. Work a flexible schedule, make great money and see locations all over northern Michigan! Hours/Pay: part time; Starting $15/ hr + gratuity Apply! INHABITECT, LLC TRAVERSE CITY Administrative/Bookkeeping Inhabitect is seeking a qualified Office Administrator/Bookkeeper to join our team. We specialize in designing, building, and growing green roofs and other forms of living architecture for commercial, residential, and institutional clients throughout Michigan and beyond. Hours/Pay: full-time; $14.00-$18.00/hr Apply! CASEY EDICK CONSTRUCTION, INC TRAVERSE CITY Carpenter Looking for experienced and dependable carpenter to work with construction company that has been in business for over 15 years. Wage based on experience. Hours/Pay: full time; $14 -20/hour based on experience Apply! miranda@ UNITED WAY OF NORTHWEST MICHIGAN - TRAVERSE CITY Director of Corporate Outreach and Engagement We are currently hiring a Director of Corporate Outreach and Engagement. The director will preside over corporate relationships to significantly increase UWNWMI overall revenue and volunteer outreach by engaging our corporate partners in meaningful community engagement opportunities. director will execute strategies that recruit, retain and grow the donor and volunteer base; build and grow relationships; and implement new and innovative revenue growth strategies. The full job description is found on our website. Hours/Pay: full time; N/A Apply! NATIONAL VACUUM EQUIPMENT TRAVERSE CITY Assemblers/Pump Mechanics, Welders, Machine Operators, General Shop Labor All positions have room for advancement. Full-time with benefits. Pay commensurate with experience and education. Training available. Join our team and develop lifelong skills! Hours/Pay: full-time; $13+ /hour Apply!

NATIONAL VACUUM EQUIPMENT TRAVERSE CITY Purchasing Specialist Responsible for supplier sourcing, negotiations, and procurement consistent with quality and company standards. Submit RFQ’s, work closely with vendors. Requires organization, high energy, attention to detail. Fulltime with benefits, pay commensurate with experience and education. Hours/Pay: full-time; negotiable Apply! BAY AREA TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY - TRAVERSE CITY Public Bus Operator Under the direct supervision of the Transportation Services Manager, operates a variety of vehicles in the transport of passengers. Responsible for the care, welfare, safety, and security of passengers and the vehicle. BATA is an equal employment opportunity employer. Hours/Pay: full-time; $14/hour Apply! DANA LEPOIDEVIN SUTTONS BAY Painter We’re looking to add to the Bay Light Painting and Remodeling crew for summer exterior painting work. Should be able to work on ladders and handle rigorous physical activity. Our clients have high expectations for detailed work from our painters. Hours/Pay: seasonal; $18/hour Apply! LELAND MERCANTILE LELAND Deli Help Willing to work in a fast-paced deli/ meat room. Variety of responsibilities, preparing salads/sandwiches, lunch items, deli prep, cleaning/shutting down department, dishes. Looking for efficient and effective employee with great customer service skills. Heavy lifting and stairs required. Unloading product and rotating merchandise, use of knives and slicer. Must be 18 Hours/Pay: seasonal; negotiable Apply! LELAND MERCANTILE LELAND Cashier Seasonal cashier position available. Flexible schedule, three to five days per week. Not before 8am and not after 8pm. Looking for friendly, outgoing, person with great customer service skills. Efficient and effective in a busy atmosphere, works well with others. Some lifting and overall store maintenance required. Must be 18. Mornings/Nights/Weekends. Hours/Pay: seasonal; negotiable Apply! LELAND MERCANTILE LELAND Stock Help Responsible for receiving merchandise, unloading, and stocking/rotating merchandise. Store maintenance, helping customers. Looking for efficient employees, friendly, willing to help, punctual. Good customer service skills, able to work well with others effectively. Some heavy lifted is required. Hours/Pay: seasonal; min. wage+ Apply!

ROCKWICH FOOD TRUCK TRAVERSE CITY Food Trucker Rockwich Food Truck is looking for rockstar customer service members for the summer season! Position consists of making smoothies, salads, sandwiches, and great experiences for customers. If you are interested, we would love to talk with you! Hours/Pay: seasonal; TBD Apply! LILIES OF THE ALLEY TRAVERSE CITY Delivery Driver A part-time flower delivery driver M-F. Valid drivers license required. Hours/Pay: part-time; $15/hour Apply! COMFORT INN TRAVERSE CITY Housekeeping Attendant The award-winning Comfort Inn is now hiring for Housekeeping. Full-and parttime positions available. Inquire about our $500 signing bonus. Hours/Pay: full time; $11/hour Apply! Apply in person at 460 Munson Ave. No phone calls please. COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT TRAVERSE CITY Bistro Attendant Responsible for promoting and ensuring guest satisfaction by delivering prompt, courteous and quality restaurant/bar service. Hours/Pay: part time; $7.50/hour plus tips Apply! FUSTINI’S TRAVERSE CITY Sales Associate We are seeking sales associates for our busy Front Street location. Excellent customer service skills and an interest in cooking required. We offer a fun, fast paced, friendly work environment with competitive pay and a great work atmosphere. Ability to lift up to 50 lbs and be on your feet all day. Hours/Pay: seasonal, full-time, parttime; varies Apply! PAUL MAURER GENERAL CONTRACTING TRAVERSE CITY Experienced Carpenters Paul Maurer General Contracting is a premier custom home builder in northern Michigan who is seeking permanent full-time, year-round accomplished carpenters to join its growing team. Applicants must have experience in rough framing construction and carpentry skills suitable to custom home building. Experience as a job-site foreman is a plus. Candidates must like a variety of work, possess excellent problemsolving skills, be flexible in a fast-paced environment, ability to work as a team, and be able to respond to specific instruction. Also, they must be able to communicate job variables from the field, have a strong work ethic, a desire to serve clients, present a clean, professional appearance, provide their own personal hand tools, have a valid driver’s license, and reliable transportation. Hours/Pay: full-time; competitive pay based on experience Apply!

STARTER RANGER, TREETOPS RESORT GAYLORD For those who like order, who like to help others, and who enjoy being outdoors, this may be the perfect gig. Oh, and you like golf? Done deal. Treetops Resort, the sprawling 2,100-acre resort just east of Gaylord, is looking for additional help to keep those rascally golfers in line. The Starter Ranger will be responsible for greeting guests, keeping the tee sheet order (No cutting!), completing cart rental agreements, and maintaining the pace of play. Customer service is a must – the ranger will be the on-course police (replace those divots), custodian (keep those grounds neat and tidy), sales representative (up-selling resort services and products is always a good idea) and jack-of-all-trades. And it’s not just kibitzing with those out on the links – there’s even a technology aspect, as the best candidate will also be conversant with computers, iPads and smart phones. Perks include golf passes (and ski passes for when the fairways are covered with that white stuff), discounts on merchandise, instruction, rooms and the spa, and yes, competitive compensation as well. Hours/Pay: Varies. Get the Job! See

ADAM KAY GROUP TRAVERSE CITY Java Software Engineer Traverse City client is in need of Java Engineers to join their team. Principal responsibilities are the design, development, configure and implement the company’s software products. You will be mentoring more junior level Java Engineers. Also, will working with other departments to make sure the products are developed on time, accurate, and to the clients requirements while providing your own technical contributions. Hours/Pay: full-time; 90-100k Apply!

SEEDS TRAVERSE CITY After school Support Staff Work side by side with other crew members engaging in environmental conservation projects, such as: - planting trees - removing invasive species - building trails - building boardwalks and viewing platforms - engaging in beautification projects Hours/Pay: seasonal; $10.10/hour Apply! To learn more and view a full job description, visit our website at www.

DANA LEPOIDEVIN SUTTONS BAY Painter We’re looking to add to the Bay Light Painting and Remodeling crew for summer exterior painting work. Should be able to work on ladders and handle rigorous physical activity. Our clients have high expectations for detailed work from our painters. Hours/Pay: seasonal; $18/hour Apply!

INEVITABLE FARM TRAVERSE CITY Peony flower farm helper Help with pre-harvest tasks, harvesting the flowers, weeding, and caring for the peonies after harvest. Could require some long days during the height of the harvest. Ability to follow directions very carefully is critical and experience with gardening is also desirable. Work could vary from part to full time, June 1 until at least mid-July. Hours/Pay: seasonal; $10-14/hour Apply!

COMFORT INN TRAVERSE CITY Breakfast Room Supervisor Hiring for breakfast room supervisor at the award-winning Traverse City Comfort Inn. Hours are 5am to 1pm. Responsible for ordering, preparing food, scheduling, and interacting with guests. Hours/Pay: full-time; $11 Apply! Apply at 460 Munson Avenue. PANGEA’S PIZZA TRAVERSE CITY All Positions Looking for a fun yet fulfilling restaurant job in Traverse City? Well look no further! Pangea’s Pizza, located in the heart of Downtown Traverse City, just underwent a huge renovation! To go with our new look, we are looking to add some new people to our team. We are proud to be known as a great place to work, cultivating a staff with a ton of positive energy that strives to work as a team rather than as individuals. We will be hiring for positions including line cooks, servers, hosts, bussers, expos, managers, dishwashers and more. Hours/Pay: full/part time; based on experience Apply! Cross-company benefits included

BEST WESTERN PLUS TRAVERSE CITY Guest Services Assisting guests with reservations. Hotel guest service. Recommending Traverse City attractions. Communicating between hotel departments.Best Western Plus of Traverse City is a highly ranked Traverse City hotel performing consistently in the top 5% of overall guest satisfaction, cleanliness, and guest service for Best Western International! Hours/Pay: full time; $11-$13/hour Apply! NEUCO SEATING INC. TRAVERSE CITY Upholstery Technician Full-time job opportunity for an experienced upholsterer. This position will require the use of common hand tools used for the upholstery process as all work is done by hand. Candidates need to be self-directed and be able to work on their own. This position requires a mechanically inclined individual who is capable of multi-tasking. Applicants must have experience with custom upholstery — Candidates must have experience vinyl, leather and a variety of other

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fabrics. Must be able to create, cut, and sew patterns. We service marine, restaurant, and some residential furniture. A history of excellent attendance and punctuality is required as well as above-par math, measurement, and manual dexterity. Help with installations. Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen and physical. Great earning potential for the right combination of skills and experience! Hours/Pay: full-time; negotiable Apply! KSS ENTERPRISES TRAVERSE CITY Local Delivery Driver You need to have the ability to commute responsibly in all weather conditions and adhere to all CDL laws. Run technology such as Dispatch Track. Safety; OSHA-DOT-HR training. Drive to complete 20-40 stops daily. Valid Class B CDL driver license. Gym reimbursement. Incentive program. Medical, dental, and vision, 401(k). Hours/Pay: full-time; hourly Apply! BBC DISTRIBUTING NORTHERN MICHIGAN Outside Service & Sales To successfully create value by selling and maintaining BBC products. You need to have the ability to build, maintain, and grow customer relationships within the industry. Open to being on call to the hours of the industry when customers have a problem that needs to be fixed or solved within a timely manner. Direct problem solving to repair equipment. Provide training to customers: end users, management, etc. Having the drive to create new sales volume.Keeping customer files updated and organized. Coordinating pricing. Gym reimbursement. medical, dental, & vision. 401(k). Vacation. Hours/Pay: full-time; commision Apply! KSS ENTERPRISES SAULT STE MARIE Outside Sales You will profit by differentiating our offerings of products, services, and knowledge within the marketplace. Direct B2B selling to gain accounts. Provide training to customers, end users, management, etc. Having the drive to create new sales volume. Keeping customer files updated and organized. Coordinating pricing. Gym reimbursement. Medical, dental, & vision. 401(k). Vacation. Hours/Pay: full time; commision Apply! GROUND LEVEL LANDSCAPING & IRRIGATION - TRAVERSE CITY Landscape Laborer Spring/summer help needed! Candidates must have a positive attitude, be dependable, have strong work ethic and willing to work in all weather conditions. Our landscape and irrigation crew covers a wide range of services: brick patios, outdoor living areas, retaining walls, sod, land clearing, light excavating, and irrigation installation/repair. Employees are subject to travel to job sites. Requirements: At least 2 years of experience considered a plus. Valid and clean drivers license transportation (your own vehicle to get

to and from work.) Hours/Pay: seasonal; $12-$15/hour Apply! ALCOTEC WIRE CORPORATION TRAVERSE CITY Technical Services Engineer Superior candidates will demonstrate the ability to promote and improve AlcoTec’s strong technical leadership and product quality role in aluminum welding, mechanical and metallizing markets. As our resident expert, you will provide technical assistance to customers in the areas of weld procedures, equipment, and code requirements; answer technical calls and visit customer sites to ensure technical questions and needs are met; assist our sales team with technical expertise for training, customer concerns and product competition; analyze welds for customers and provide results including recommendations for quality improvement; assist in product and quality approvals and certifications including societal approval testing; and be a key player in our aluminum weld school events. If you hold a bachelors degree in welding engineering, metallurgy or related field, you have or can obtain CWI certification within one year, and have 1-5 years experience, contact us! Hours/Pay: full-time; competitive salary + benefits Apply! MARTHA’S LEELANAU TABLE SUTTONS BAY Dishwashers Clean energetic kitchen needs some new dishwashers for the summer season. Hours/Pay: full-time; $12 to start Apply! MARTHA’S LEELANAU TABLE SUTTONS BAY Servers Daytime servers and bussers needed full and part time. Hours/Pay: full-time; $4 + tips Apply! MARTHA’S LEELANAU TABLE SUTTONS BAY Line cooks Wanted: Daytime line cooks and parttime night cooks, pantry cooks, pastry cooks, prep cooks Hours/Pay: full-time; $14-$16 to start Apply! TACO BELL - TRAVERSE CITY Crew Taking customer orders or making food to standard. Customer service is priority. Fast-paced environment. Full-and parttime available. We will work with your availability. We offer free daily meals for our employees. Join a great culture and team. Hours/Pay: full-time; $11 Apply! TRAVERSE CITY AREA PUBLIC SCHOOLS Bus Driver Why drive school bus for TCAPS? Paid training! Sign-on bonus; A new employee without credentials (e.g. CDL, etc.) will receive a $800 bonus: half paid at end of probationary period and remaining half paid at the completion of the school year. A new employee with credentials shall receive $1,000 paid at the same time increments as above. Attendance incentive Bonus Wage starts

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at $13.40/hour with annual increases up to $15.60/hour at five years. AM and PM routes are available. Opportunity for extra work driving special trips. Medical insurance benefit eligibility at 22 hours/week with regular AM and PM runs. Paid life insurance policy. Paid sick, personal business, holiday, and bereavement time. Retirement plan through the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System. Tuition reimbursement program (up to 50% tuition charges paid by the district upon successfully completion of college courses). Discounts from area businesses extended to all TCAPS employees Hours/Pay: part-time; $13.40$15.86/hour based on previous experience Apply! GRAND TRAVERSE BAY YMCA TRAVERSE CITY Janitor/Housekeeper Responsible for the overall cleanliness of the facility as it pertains to member perception, membership, program growth, and retention. A detailed daily checklist of cleaning duties will be followed. Hours/Pay: part-time; $12/hour Apply! all applicants must apply through TENTCRAFT TRAVERSE CITY Sewing Specialist As we ramp up for our busy season, we are in need of several talented, creative, enthusiastic and motivated people who genuinely care about what they do. This position will start as a seasonal status with the opportunity to be brought on as a benefited employee after your assessment period. The Seasonal Sewing Specialist position doesn’t require previous sewing experience; TentCraft will train the individual who is willing to learn the skills needed to sew. This position is seasonal and will work up to 40 hours through August, MondayFriday, 6:30am- 3:30pm with additional hours that could lead to 10-hour shifts and/or weekend work as needed. This position will work with the TentCraft Sewing Fabrication department, as well as cross training in other areas. Hours/Pay: seasonal; $12/hour Apply! Apply online at HOWARD JOHNSON TRAVERSE CITY Hotel Maintenance We are looking for someone with excellent customer service skills and a high standard for quality. Duties include minor carpentry, painting, plumbing and grounds keeping. Hours/Pay: full-time; based on experience Apply! HOWARD JOHNSON TRAVERSE CITY Housekeeping Supervisor We have a couple of openings for year round, full time housekeeping supervisors. Previous housekeeping experience preferred. Must have a flexible schedule and be willing to work weekends. Hours/Pay: full-time; based on experience Apply!

COLD-MOLDED, WOODEN BOAT BUILDER, APPRENTICE BOAT BUILDER; VAN DAM CUSTOM BOATS BOYNE CITY Van Dam Custom Boats builds high-end wooden boats and is looking to add an experienced, cold-molded boat builder. The company known for its luxury, one-of-a-kind watercraft is also always looking at the apprentice pool (though as of press time there wasn’t a current apprentice opening). If you don’t have experience in the industry, how do you know if you’d be right for it? Well, when the internal Help Wanted ad references Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, you know you’re in for something different. While Shackleton offered small wages, bitter cold, and constant danger, Van Dam offers wages commensurate with experience, regular increases and benefits. More than that, it offers a chance to learn from woodworking masters. For those interested in the industry, it also has relationships with boat-building schools nationwide and encourages such schooling as a way into the marine industry, as some schools offer several career paths that support the boating industry as a whole. The company was started by Steve Van Dam in 1977 and became a family business with his wife, Jean, and their son, Ben, now the company president (and its first apprentice). For more information on its openings, as well as an in-depth history of the company and its cultural values, go to Hours/Pay: Varies. Get the Job! For more information on all these openings, as well as an indepth history of the company, and its cultural values, go to CAFE SANTE BOYNE CITY Kitchen Come join one of the greatest teams in northern Michigan. Competitive wages, health insurance, vacation pay, profit sharing. Prep, AM line, and PM line available. Hours/Pay: full-time; competitive Apply! CAFE SANTE BOYNE CITY Server Come join one of the greatest teams in northern Michigan. Competitive wages, health insurance, vacation pay, profit sharing. Hours/Pay: full time; $3.59 plus tips Apply! APACHE TROUT GRILL TRAVERSE CITY Server, bartender, bus person, hosts Server: flexible schedule, year-round work, upscale casual service. Bartender: flexible schedule, year-round work, shifts may include patio bar. Bus person: flexible hours; day and evening shifts are available Host: flexible hours; day and evening shifts available Dishwasher; full-and part-time schedules available Hours/Pay: full/part-time; negotiable Apply! BRITTEN INC. TRAVERSE CITY Various Positions Britten, Inc. is hiring! We have some great open opportunities for enthusiastic and motivated people ready to get their hands dirty. If you or someone you know might be a great addition to our team, please check out our careers page! Hours/Pay: full-time; competitive wages and benefits Apply! SERRA OF TRAVERSE CITY Entry Level Service Technician Perform work specified on the repair order with efficiency and in accordance with dealership. Test-drive vehicles and test components and systems using diagnostic tools and special service equipment. Diagnosing, maintaining,

and repairing vehicle automotive systems including engine, transmission, electrical steering, suspension, brakes, air conditioning, etc. Communicate directly with the Service Advisor so that customers can be informed if any additional service is needed. Providing an estimate of time needed for additional repairs. Executing repairs under warranty to manufacturer specifications Hours/Pay: full time; $12 / hour Apply! SERRA OF TRAVERSE CITY Lot Attendant / Porter Maintains new- and used-vehicle inventory appearance and performance by cleaning interior and exterior of vehicles, replenishing all vehicle fluids as needed, and replacing batteries when necessary. Places buyer guides and stock tags in vehicles. Keeps newand used-vehicle lots neat and orderly, moving cars as directed by the general manager and in accordance with dealership display standards. Cleans driveway and sidewalks. Drives vehicles to and from service lane, service stalls, and parking lot as needed. Makes key tags for vehicles. Performs other duties as assigned. Hours/Pay: full-time; $12/hour Apply! SERRA OF TRAVERSE CITY Quick Lube Technicion Check and communicate oil level to teammates. Ensure tire pressure for proper inflation. Inspect and refill fluid levels as necessary. Complete vehicle inspection. Install a new oil drain plug and a new oil filter. Clean and lubricate fittings as needed. Providing excellent customer service, keeping in mind that our customer’s perspective comes first. Hours/Pay: full time; $12/hour Apply! MCLAIN CYCLE & FINTESS TRAVERSE CITY Multiple Positions We are looking for amazing people to work with. If you have a passion for bikes, join our team in Sales, Service Tech, or assistant manager. Hours/Pay: seasonal; $9.50-14/hour Apply!


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ODOM RE-USE CO. TRAVERSE CITY / GRAWN Part-time Field Crew and Seasonal Store Help Help needed at Odom Re-Use in TC/ Grawn. Part-time field crew and seasonal store help, starting spring 2019. Avg. 16-24 hours/week. Retirees encouraged to apply. Retail and construction experience preferred, but will train the right person. Hours/Pay: part time; DOE Apply! MENARDS TRAVERSE CITY Outside Yard/Yard/Shipping/Receiving Team Members are responsible for assisting guests with the purchase of merchandise located in the outside yard, and the loading of such merchandise into the guests vehicle(s). Responsible for assisting guests and sales departments by using motorized equipment to pull down merchandise located in overstock locations throughout the store. Yard/ Shipping/Receiving Team Members are responsible for assisting Guests by locating any special order or pre-paid merchandise for them, and making it available for the guest(s). Yard/ shipping/receiving team members are responsible for unloading freight off of trucks coming from distribution centers or directly from vendors, and then breaking the freight down and sorting it by sales Department. Yard/ shipping/receiving team members are responsible for securing any overstock merchandise to pallets. Hours/Pay: part-time; $12/hour Apply! MENARDS TRAVERSE CITY Sales Member is responsible for providing excellent guest service by actively seeking out guests to assess their needs and provide assistance. Sales Associate must have an emphasis on product knowledge, be able to provide information on product lines, features, and related products to sell the entire project. Sales Team Member must greet, qualify, recommend, and close a sale for every Guest in their department. Sales Team Member is responsible for maintaining the in-stock inventory to ensure that the department is clean, organized, and the shelves are full and products properly merchandised. Each Sales Team Member has the responsibility of providing a safe working and shopping environment by following all safety policies and standards, completing specified safety training, immediately correcting hazards and unsafe conditions or reporting conditions to management, and working safely as not to endanger themselves, Team Members, or Guests. Hours/Pay: part-time; $11/hour Apply! GRAND TRAVERSE CONTAINER TRAVERSE CITY Production Workers Grand Traverse Container is a leading producer of corrugated products in Michigan. We have full time first & second shift opportunities for mechanically inclined individuals to work in our production and assembly departments. GTC offers a competitive wage and excellent benefits package.

Hours/Pay: full time; $11 / hour Apply! WILLIAMS & BAY MAPLE CITY Portable Restroom Technicians Currently hiring full-time and seasonal portable restroom route drivers and service technicians. Excellent health insurance package with benefits. Responsibilities include, delivery and pick-up pickup of portable restrooms as well as cleaning portable restrooms on specific route days. Must be able to work outside in warm/cold climates. Some lifting required. Must have valid driver’s license. Chauffers’ license necessary. Expect lots of hours! Hours/Pay: full-time/seasonal; $12-$15 plus benefits/bonus Apply! WILLIAMS & BAY MAPLE CITY Plumbing and Sewer Technicians We are currently seeking experienced Plumbing and Sewer Technicians to join our team. In this full-time position, the Technician will be responsible for all aspects of the installation, maintenance, inspection, operation and repair of septic systems in commercial and residential buildings. We offer competitive pay, insurance package and consistent, long-term work. Experienced and qualified individuals are encouraged to apply. Hours/Pay: full-time/seasonal; $16-$20 plus benefits/bonus Apply! SHANTY CREEK RESORTS BELLAIRE Summer Job Openings Many positions available for the summer season including: Bartender, Busser, Equipment Operator, Golf Course Lot Attendant, Golf course Players Assistant, Grounds Foreman, Grounds Personal, Reservations, Housekeeping, Janitor, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Pro Shop Clerks, Public Space Attendant, Servers and many more. Eligible for resort perks of discounted skiing, golf, dining, lodging, fitness center, spa treatments, logo wear, and much more! Hours/Pay: seasonal; varies Apply! TRAVERSE CITY COUNTRY CLUB All Departments Positions Available: Culinary, Food & Beverage, Golf Course Maintenance, Golf Pro Shop, Pool, Fitness, Sports and Kids Activities, Maintenance and Housekeeping, Administrative and more. We are holding a Job Fair 3-6pm on Friday, May 3rd. Please plan to visit us then at 1725 S. Union St. to learn more about the positions we are hiring for: both full-time and part-time, seasonal and beyond. Hours/Pay: seasonal/full-time; varies Apply! GRAND TRAVERSE PAVILIONS TRAVERSE CITY CNA Full-time afternoon (2:30pm10:30pm or 2:30pm-3:00am) or Midnight shift (10:30pm-6:30am or 6:30pm-7:00am) 8 or 12-hour CNA positions available. Performs basic resident-care activities and related non-professional services in caring for the personal needs and comfort of residents. Must be 17 years of age,

and at least 18 years of age to work the 10:30-6:30 or 6:30pm-7:00am 8 or 12 hour shifts. Must have already completed a recognized Nurse Aide Training program and obtain a current State of Michigan certification. Full-time positions offer a starting wage of $15.23/hour, .40 cents/ hour shift differential and .50 cents/ hour weekend differential, excellent benefits, including health, dental, and vision coverage, longevity bonus, retirement plans, and generous paid time off system. Hours/Pay: full-time; $15.23/hour Apply! MOLON EXCAVATING INC TRAVERSE CITY Excavating Foreman A strong candidate for the position of foreman must be the point of contact for both laborers and operators on a job site, as well as project managers and vendors. This individual must be able to successfully manage job sites, ensuring a high quality product as well as timely completion of projects based on expectations of project managers and customers. This position requires the ability to think quickly and make judgement decisions throughout the course of projects. Hours/Pay: full-time; $18-$28/hour Apply! MOLON EXCAVATING INC TRAVERSE CITY CDL Truck Driver Candidates for this position must have a CDL license and a valid DOT Medical card. Molon Excavating has been a locally owned business for more than 40 years, and offers benefits including health, vision and dental plans as well as a 401(k) plan. Hours/Pay: full-time; $15-$18 hourly Apply! MOLON EXCAVATING INC TRAVERSE CITY Operator, Laborers Successful candidates for this position will work with a team to complete projects efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of our customers. Hours/Pay: full-time; $15-$18 / hour Apply! ESS/WILLSUB TRAVERSE CITY Substitute Aides Are you great with kids? Need a flexible schedule? Ever thought about becoming a Substitute Aide? Individuals selected to this position must be able to assist in the administration of lesson plans and daily learning activities & objectives. Hours/Pay: part time; $11.50 / hour Apply! HARBOR CARE ASSOCIATES TRAVERSE CITY Home Health Care Aides Looking for people who are interested in helping others! We will provide training to fill our client’s individual needs. The right person for this position will be organized and attentive. If you enjoy working one on one in a non-facility setting and have the drive to learn new things. Hours/Pay: part-time; based on experience Apply! (231) 922-1377, www.

BILL MARSH ON BARLOW TRAVERSE CITY Bill Marsh Used Car 90 Percent Inspector 10 Percent Mechanic The primary function is to inspect 4-6 cars per day (90%), Then repair some cars that we inspect (10%). Productivity is measured but compensation is not dependent upon it. We strive to turn a car back around to the lot in six days. There are no heavy electrical or drivability repairs. Tasks include brakes, bolt-off bolt-on parts, fluids, tires, oil change, wipers, bulbs and minor interior work. You do need your own tools for the 10% of the cars that we repair. Hours/Pay: full time; $12 to $15/hour Apply! BILL MARSH HYUNDAI TRAVERSE CITY Technician Mentorship Basic knowledge of automobiles and computers. Positive, friendly attitude along with a customer service mentality. Willingness to earn State of Michigan certifications or have them already. Willingness to learn new technology, new repair and service procedures or specifications. Willingness to learn the best process to ensure that every critical part, every complex system and every component is secure and working properly. Hours/Pay: full time; $13/hour to $90k+ Apply! BILL MARSH BUICK GMC TRAVERSE CITY GM Quick Lube Technician The best candidates for the GM Quick Lube Technician position are comfortable with technology and can problem-solve automotive maintenance tasks. Good written communications skills are important. This is a full-time entry level position with benefits. A performance review happens after 90 days. Hours/Pay: full-time; $11/hour Apply! BILL MARSH CHRYSLER TRAVERSE CITY Chrysler Express Service Lead Technician Conducting visual inspections on vehicles and completing a multi-point inspection form. Coordinating and performing a wide range of maintenance and minor repair, up to 1.5 hours in duration, including but not limited to fuel filters, tires, recalls, bulbs, belts, batteries, and inspections. Responsible for maintaining a clean and safe work environment. Maintaining a technician schedule to ensure efficient and accurate through put Communicating effectively with the Express Service advisor, Service Manager, and customers. Maintaining shop equipment, storage, and work areas in a clean and orderly condition. Hours/Pay: full-time; $28k+ per year Apply! BILL MARSH CHRYSLER TRAVERSE CITY Technician Diagnose customer’s concern with vehicle and perform correction. Examine the vehicle to determine if any additional safety or service work is needed. Operate electronic equipment, power tools and hand

tools. Communicate effectively with team members. Perform and document work as outlined on repair order with efficiency and accuracy. Do so in accordance with dealership and factory standards. Ensure that cars are kept clean, undamaged, and without changes to the interior settings. Attend factory training classes paid for by Bill Marsh. Hours/Pay: full time; $90k+ Apply! BILL MARSH TRAVERSE CITY Sales Administration Ability to work with the sales administration team. Ability to effectively communicate with the team or others within the organization. Flexibility with scheduling retail hours. Ensure all deals are legally compliant. Type deals for delivery with speed and accuracy. Conclude delivery process, report the delivery, apply for incentives and create purchase orders. Break down deals, confirm all documents are correct, then deliver to accounting within 24 hours Hours/Pay: full-time; $13 /hour Apply! BILL MARSH TRAVERSE CITY Prepare New Cars for Delivery to Customers 90% new vehicles and 10% preowned are what need to be prepared for our customers. There is some light lifting, lot washes, filling up of vehicles, light detailing and helping with weather-related duties. A valid driver’s license is required. The new vehicles will consist of GM, Chrysler and Hyundai products. Sometimes demonstration models will need to be cleaned. Hours/Pay: full-time; $11 /Hour plus bonus Apply! PIRATE’S COVE TRAVERSE CITY Mechanic Small engine repair, Go carts, 24 volt systems. Hours/Pay: seasonal; $17 Apply! BILL MARSH CHRYSLER TRAVERSE CITY Chrysler Wholesale Parts Advisor Bill Marsh Chrysler is currently seeking a full-time wholesale parts Advisor. The schedule is MondayFriday, 7:30am-5:30pm, and one Saturday a month from 8am-noon. About 90% of the job is working with wholesale customers over the phone and through online ordering. The other 10% is covering the parts counter, working with retail customers. Provide parts and timely information to wholesale and retail customers. Build strong trusting relationships with new and existing customers and wholesale customers. Hours/Pay: full-time; $30,000+ Apply! MONARCH HOME HEALTH SERVICES TRAVERSE CITY CNA / Caregiver Do you enjoy helping people? If so, caregiving might be for you! Our mission is to enrich the lives of

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every person we encounter. Whether it’s helping an aging adult with help around the house, providing transportation to appointments or errands, or accompanying a vacationer on his or her travels, we’re happy to help. We have flexible scheduling for our caregivers that ensures they can work when it’s best for them. Hours/Pay: full-time; competitive Apply! Call 231.932.0708 or email MONARCH HOME HEALTH SERVICES TRAVERSE CITY RN/LPN Administer skilled nursing care to clients on an intermittent basis in their place of residence. Monitor vital signs, set up medications, observe and assess the health of clients, etc. Performs services in accordance with the plan of care. Do medication set up, change dressings, records vital signs along with a general nursing assessment of each client visit. Maintain records of client care, condition, progress, and problems in order to report and discuss observations with a supervisor or case manager. Hours/Pay: part-time; competitive Apply! Call 231.932.0708 or email GRAND TRAVERSE BAY YMCA TRAVERSE CITY Assistant Summer Camp Counselors Responsible for assisting check-in and check-out procedures. Assisting Lead Counselors with daily camp activities. Provide a fun, safe environment for children to play, learn and grow. Ability to lead and assist in varied group activities and daily routine. Communication to Director regarding issues and/or concerns. Parent communication with each family in assigned group. Arriving to work on time and prepared to start the day, including the designated camp staff shirt and ID lanyard to be worn at all times, arriving with a positive attitude toward each child, all coworkers and inquiring parents. Hours/Pay: seasonal assistant; $9.50$10 / hour Apply! GRAND TRAVERSE BAY YMCA TRAVERSE CITY Swim Instructor Provides direct leadership, instruction and motivation for students in swimming classes in a safe and secure environment. (Please note that all applicants must apply via Hours/Pay: part-time; $10 -$11, based on experience Apply! SEEDS TRAVERSE CITY Conservation Corps Member If you’d like to spend your summer outdoors, connecting with the natural world, and would enjoy engaging in green collar work that helps make your community and the world a better place, consider a job working with SEEDS Conservation Corps. We engage in tree planting, trail building, small construction projects, historic restoration, etc. Hours/Pay: seasonal; $10.10/hour Apply!

JENTEES CUSTOM LOGO GEAR TRAVERSE CITY Production This is a production position that will give you the ability to work and learn many skills. This position demands attention to detail, a willingness to learn and ability to work and communicate in a team environment. Monday thru Friday, Paid Vacation, Benefits and potential for Advancement. Hours/Pay: full-time; $11- $17 / hour Apply! JENTEES CUSTOM LOGO GEAR TRAVERSE CITY Customer Service and Sales Working with clients to source the best products and services to promote their event, business or project, building relationships and earning our clients trust. This position demands attention to details, good computer skills, the ability to learn, educate and willingness to work as a team. Monday thru Friday, Paid Vacation, Benefits and potential for Advancement. Hours/Pay: full-time; $13- $17 / hour Apply! NORTHERN DETAILING TRAVERSE CITY Interior Detailer Northern Detailing is seeking to employ more experienced car detailers on commission, hard working and willing to make good pay that will be discussed at time of interview. Experience highly preferred, potentially willing to train the right candidate. As spring gets closer, there will be opportunities for evenings, weekends, and overtime. We are looking to build a team of the best detailers to keep up our great reputation. Hours/Pay: full-time; commission Apply! FLAP JACK SHACK TRAVERSE CITY Cook You will be responsible for cooking, cleaning, prepping, and doing dishes. Looking for experienced cooksbreakfast, lunch, and dinner. We will discuss wage during your interview. Please follow link below to fill out an application. Hours/Pay: full-time; competitive Apply! text JOBS1310 to 411669 BOONES PRIMETIME SUTTONS BAY All positions Hours/Pay: seasonal; varies Apply! OMELETTE SHOPPE TRAVERSE CITY All Positions Both Omelette Shoppe locations in TC are hiring for all positions: cooks, dishwashers, host/busser, servers. Hours/Pay: full-time; varies Apply! Please apply in person! COSTCO WHOLESALE TRAVERSE CITY Entry Level Seeking part-time and Seasonal help. Must have open availability. Job will require lifting and standing throughout the shift. Hiring for multiple positions however, we require all candidates to be open to work in all areas of the

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warehouse. Great benefits after 180 days. Opportunities for advancement and vacation pay. Hours/Pay: part-time; $15/hour Apply! GRANDSTAY HOTEL & SUITES TRAVERSE CITY Housekeeping, Breakfast Attendant & Front Desk Busy Traverse City hotel is looking for dedicated team members in all positions. Both year-round and seasonal positions are available. We are looking for team members who take ownership in their roles and provide excellent service to our guests and living by our every guest - every time philosophy. Come work for a leader in the hospitality field! Hours/Pay: full-time; $11-$13 Apply! AMERICAN SPOON PETOSKEY Retail Associates American Spoon in Traverse City, Petoskey, and Harbor Springs & Charlevoix Michigan Retail Stores have immediate openings for Seasonal Retail Associates. Successful candidates are passionate about great artisanal foods and service, enjoy working in an active fun environment! Will act as an ambassador for our brand, actively educating customers about who we are and what we do! We prefer retail & customer service experience but we will train the right persons. Will require some nights and or weekend hours throughout the summer. We have late afternoon early shifts available too. Hours/Pay: seasonal; $10.50/hour Apply! Apply immediately, in-person. TEAM BOB’S HEATING, COOLING, PLUMBING TRAVERSE CITY HVAC Technician/Install Ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues to take care of the customer effectively. Knowledge of heat pump and mini splits. Ability to train, mentor and demonstrate leadership skills. Pay: Up to $35/hour DOE + Relocation Assistance! Benefits: medical, paid vacation, paid holidays, company phone, company uniform, company vehicle, dental, vision, matched 401(k) Required Qualifications: High school diploma or its equivalent, valid driver’s license and insurable driving record, Ability to read and interpret wiring diagrams and blueprints. Be familiar with a wide range of equipment and troubleshooting techniques. Experience making repair and replace decisions. Hours/Pay: full-time; $25-$35/hour Apply! TEAM BOB’S HEATING, COOLING, PLUMBING TRAVERSE CITY Service Plumber This is manual work at the journeyman level in plumbing repairs. Work involves performance of skilled plumbing tasks in maintaining, repairing, and servicing a variety of fixtures and equipment. Service and repair work are performed independently. Hours/Pay: full-time; $25-$34 Apply! FIELDSTONE MARKET TRAVERSE CITY Cashiers & Deli Clerks Come work at Fieldsotne this summer

and get lots of great perks! In addition to a great work environment and pay, we offer free food during the summer, free espresso drinks, free gym memberships, direct deposit, digital scheduling and much more! Hours/Pay: part-time; $10-$12 Apply! TABONE VINEYARDS TRAVERSE CITY Tasting Room Attendant Tabone Vineyards is seeking an enthusiastic, outgoing, team player who is passionate about wine. Our ideal candidate will create an amazing customer experience while telling our story and driving sales. Hours/Pay: part-time; $10-12 per hour plus tips Apply! BENJAMIN TWIGGS CHERRY GOODS TRAVERSE CITY Sales Associate Awesome job openings at Traverse City’s first cherry shop. Help us serve TC’s greatest asset. tourists! Assisting customers with products, ringing sales, stocking shelves, making gift boxes and representing our city and cherry industry with a positive attitude. Must be able to periodically lift 30 pounds, stand for more than 4 hours, chat about local attractions (wineries, restaurants), and work some weekends (until 5pm). Full time and part-time positions available. Hiring to begin now and work through December. Hours/Pay: seasonal; depends on experience Apply! Apply in person. CBS SOLAR COPEMISH Installer/Laborer CBS Solar is looking for ambitious, hardworking candidates, with a construction background. To assist our residential installation teams. CBS is a leading installer of residential and commercial solar systems in northern Michigan. High school diploma and experience required. Must have valid drivers license. Hours/Pay: seasonal; $12.50/hour Apply! PAIGE LEE INTERIORS TRAVERSE CITY CPA Boomer interior design/kitchen and bath design firm is seeking a part-time CPA for bookkeeping & accounting needs. Flexible with days/hours but must fit within normal working schedule (M-F 8am- 5pm) Hours/Pay: part time; TBD Apply! PENINSULA MARKET TRAVERSE CITY All kitchen staff We’re seeking several individuals with good attention to detail and high cleaning standards to learn and help improve our BOH operation. These positions are simple in nature but depend heavily on organization and awareness. If you’re handy with a knife, serious about proper food rotation and making a great pizza, we’d love to talk to you. This is a good place to learn — much more tame than a typical kitchen environment. Hours/Pay: full-time; $11-$12.50/hour Apply!

GREAT NORTHERN BENEFITS TRAVERSE CITY Sales Executive Great Northern Benefits is looking for a licensed Health and life agent. Our ideal candidate is a career orientated sales professional that is a self starter and has experience in the group and individule insurance field. Only qualified persons should apply. Hours/Pay: full-time; salary and commission Apply! roote@greatnorthernbenefits. com VACATION PROPERTIES NETWORK BELLAIRE Maintenance Must be able to work on your own. Friendly to guests. Must have a drivers license. Be able to work on many different projects like fixing leaking faucets, garbage disposal, etc. Must be able to be on rotation on weekends. Hours/Pay: full-time; negotiable Apply! VACATION PROPERTIES NETWORK BELLAIRE Housekeeper Housekeeping for condos, hotel and houses. Flexible hours. Bonus Pay. Get paid per unit. Must have transportation and phone. Good Pay. The more days you are available, the more money you will make. Hours/Pay: part time; per unit Apply!

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SALON DES REFUSÉS, REDUX: Old Art Building, Leland. This exhibit will showcase more than forty 2D & 3D works that were not juried into the 2019 Dennos Museum Center’s Regional Exhibition. Hosted by the Leelanau Community Cultural Center. Runs April 27-28 from 10am-4pm. On Sat., April 27 at 1 pm Sara Bear-up Neal will present a visual conversation & discussion, “Not Accepted: A Conversation About Rejection.”


CHARLEVOIX RESTAURANT WEEK: April 22-28. Featuring deals at participating restaurants & special menu items. Check website for participating restaurants & to browse menus.


NATIONAL TROUT FESTIVAL: Kalkaska, April 25-28. Today includes the Rotary Wood Memorial Run, kids’ fishing contest, Winterfest Craft Show, Grand Royale Parade, K.A.M.P.S. Fun Fly Air Show, Spring Fling Bump-n-Run, fireworks & much more.


TC TRAIL RUNNING FESTIVAL: Timber Ridge Resort, TC. Today includes the 50K Run at 8am, 25K Run at 8:30am, 10K Run at 9am & a post-race celebration from 10am-3pm.


EPILEPSY STROLL: 9am, 615 E. Front St., TC. Enjoy a fun filled morning supporting the Michigan Epilepsy Foundation. $25/adult.


INLAND SEAS: VOLUNTEER SCHOOLSHIP INSTRUCTOR TRAINING: 9am-5pm, Capt. Thomas M. Kelly Biological Station, Suttons Bay. New Instructor All-Day Training. Free.


INTERNATIONAL SCULPTURE DAY TOUR & MIXER @ MI LEGACY ART PARK: Free admission all day at Michigan Legacy Art Park, Thompsonville. Enjoy a guided tour of Michigan Legacy Art Park. Learn about the 50+ sculptures that make up the park’s permanent collection & temporary exhibits along two miles of hiking trails. Following the tour, join artists & art lovers for social time at nearby Iron Fish Distillery. Free. international-sculpture-day


STEWARDSHIP DAY - ART PARK SPRING CLEANUP: Help keep Michigan Legacy Art Park beautiful by lending a hand. There are a variety of jobs for many people of all ages & abilities. Arrive at the Art Park trailhead at 9am. Bring work gloves, a rake, water, leaf blower & other outdoor maintenance tools. Expect to work no later than noon. michlegacyartpark. org/events/stewardship-day


WEST BAY BEACH CLEANUP: 9-11am. Help clean up the shoreline of West Bay Beach in downtown TC. Meet at the volleyball courts.


GAYLORD’S FIFTH ANNUAL 5K COLOR TOUR: 9:30am, Downtown Gaylord Pavilion. A fun run/walk for the whole family, team or group. cerOneColorataTime


TART TRAILS’ AMBASSADOR TRAINING: 9:30am-noon, Traverse Area District Library, McGuire Community Room, TC. TART Trails staff & current ambassadors will give a brief overview of the program. Learn about the different ways in which you can become involved with TART Trails & local trails. Following will be break-out sessions & then head out on the trails to shadow a current TART Trails Ambassador. Free.


YMCA’S HEALTHY KIDS DAY: Start with a 5K race. Participants will traverse the Buffalo Ridge Trail behind the West YMCA starting at

9:30am & enjoy the Healthy Kids Day festivities upon completion. Inside - Healthy Kids Day will run from 10:00am-noon. There will be local vendors with games & activities. Free.




DISCOVER WITH ME!: 10am-noon, Great Lakes Children’s Museum, TC. Dirt Day! Plant some seeds. Make a seed ball. Discover what worms are all about. Sensory activities.


GAME DAY: NCMC, Student & Community Resource Center, Iron Horse Café, Petoskey. An all-day special event will be held today from 10am-midnight to celebrate International Tabletop Day with prizes, food & more. 231-439-6370.

send your dates to:


SPRING CRAFT SALE & SOUP LUNCH: 10am-4pm, Summit City Grange, Kingsley.


FIRST ANNUAL AUTISM AWARENESS WALK: Meet on the corner of Hall St. & Front St. in TC at 10:30am & walk through downtown. Participants are encouraged to bring posters & wear blue to help spread awareness. Free.


INTERNATIONAL SCULPTURE DAY AT DENNOS MUSEUM CENTER, TC: Join docents to take part in a guided experience of the indoor & outdoor sculpture collection at 10:30am. Free.


3RD ANNUAL RECYCLE SMART EARTH DAY EVENT: 11am-3pm, Civic Center, TC. Presented by GT County Parks & Recreation. Learn about recycling, composting, water protection, invasive species, energy conservation & more. Featuring a live raptor program from Wings of Wonder, meet Smokey Bear & Woodsy Owl, enjoy stories & music from the “Alaskan Troubadour” Susan Grace & more. Free. Find on Facebook.


CELEBRATION FOR YOUNG CHILDREN: 11am-1pm, Downtown TC. Enjoy a day of entertainment & fun for the whole family. Includes free theatre workshops presented by Parallel 45 at 11am inside State Street Market.


FUNDRAISER FOR THE 3RD ANNUAL DREW KOSTIC MEMORIAL 5K TOUGH RUN (DK5K): 11am-9pm, Moomers, TC. Featuring a custom DK5K ice cream flavor. A portion of all sales from that day will benefit the DK5K, held on Sept. 21.


AUTHOR SIGNINGS: Horizon Books, TC. 12-2pm: Heather Shumaker will sign her book “The Griffins of Castle Cary.” 3:30-5pm: Terry Wooten will sign his book “The Stone Circle Poems.”


FRESHWATER STUDIES & NEW TECHNOLOGY NMC CAREER EXPLORATION DAY: Noon, NMC’s Great Lakes Campus, Room 112, TC. After learning to work with a range of tools, from simple visual tests through digital sensors, participants will build a water profile on Grand Traverse Bay. For ages 11-20. Contact: Mark Ewing: 231.631.7490; mark.ewing@scouting. org Free.


GLEN LAKE RESTAURANT WEEK: April 26 - May 4. Featuring an array of options, “from French Fries to French Cuisine.” Book your reservations & follow the Facebook page @ eatglenarbor for event updates, photos & the special event menus. Restaurants will offer their own 3 course, prix fixe menus from $25-$35. Participants include: Art’s Tavern, Blu, Broomstack Kitchen & Taphouse, Cherry Public House, Trattoria Funistrada, Glen Arbor Wines, Nonna’s at The Homestead, La Becasse, & Western Avenue Grill. visitglenarbor. com/event/glen-lake-restaurant-week-2019


JORDAN VALLEY FIDDLERS JAMBOREE: Civic Center, East Jordan. The Jamboree runs from noon-5pm, followed by a dance from 7-10pm.

“The Art of Coming Undone” exhibit opens on Fri., May 3 at Michigan Artists Gallery, TC during the Downtown Traverse City Art Walk from 5-9pm. Featuring over 40 artists interpreting the work of Daniel Belardinelli in both 2D and 3D formats. Belardinelli will be at the opening reception on May 3 and will speak at 8pm. The exhibit runs through mid-June.

INTERNATIONAL SCULPTURE DAY AT OLIVER ARTS CENTER, FRANKFORT: 12:30pm. Join artist & sculptor K.W. Bell for a hosted tour of her exhibit “Body of Works,” featuring projects in clay, copper, metal, acrylic & watercolors. Free. international-sculpture-day.html


STONE CIRCLE DOCUMENTARY: 12:30pm, State Theatre, TC. A 30 minute Q & A with the poets will follow the film. Filmed 30 miles north of TC, & directed by Patrick Pfister, the film was produced in Barcelona, Spain with the sound mixed & mastered by Tom Weir, a Grammy Award winner in Los Angles. The Stone Circle is a triple ring of 88 large boulders forming a natural amphitheater. There will be a book signing at Horizon Books at 3:30pm. Free.


EARLY SPRING WILDFLOWER WALK: 1pm, Grass River Natural Area, Bellaire. Search for tiny signs of spring popping out of the ground of the forest. You will learn about early spring wildflowers & then take a hike to explore what you can find on the trails. Registration fee, $5.


CTAC SCHOOL OF MUSIC GARAGE BAND BASEMENT SHOW: 2pm, Crooked Tree Arts Center, Lower Carnegie Studio, Petoskey. The jazz & rock programs present this first-ever “underground” concert. Free. event/ctac-petoskey/ctac-school-music-garage-band-basement-show


THE WORLD OF CHILDREN’S BOOK WRITING: 3pm, Traverse Area District Library, McGuire Community Room, TC. A writing workshop by Heather Shumaker Simon & Schuster children’s book author. Register on EventBrite or at the door. Details: Susan: 231-392-6843. Free.


SHORT’S ANNI PARTY 15: 4-9pm, Short’s Brewing Co., Bellaire. The streets of Bellaire will be turned into a block of party with Short’s brews, Starcut Ciders, live music & local foods. Bands include The Pod, Toppermost Beatles Tribute, The Insiders, a Tom Petty Tribute Band, & the Detroit Party Marching Band. $35$70.

13TH ANNUAL EAST JORDAN ROTARY VARIETY SHOW: 7pm, East Jordan Community Auditorium. Enjoy live music with Bob Bryan & Full Circle, along with slapstick comedy. Tickets: Online: $15 + internet fees; $10 general admission.


COMPANY DANCE TRAVERSE PRESENTS “SPRING DANCES”: 7pm, Dennos Museum Center, Milliken Auditorium, NMC, TC. Enjoy watching ballet, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, tap, musical theater, & hip hop by dancers ages 9-18. Dance Arts Academy’s Mini, Junior & Senior Fusion Companies will also perform, as well as guest stars. 941-4234. $15.


KATHERINE RYAN & OWEN JAMES: 7-9pm, Red Sky Stage, Petoskey. Katherine & Owen will weave their life experiences into the melodies of bossa nova, blues, jazz & other Americana styles to create this night of music. $12.


RHUBARBARY HOUSE CONCERT: 7pm, 3550 Five Mile Creek Rd., Harbor Springs. Featuring Madison, WI’s Bad Philosopher, an electric jazz trio who fuses elements of classical, pop, funk & jazz. 231-499-8038.


SATURDAY NIGHT CONTRA DANCE: 7-10pm, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Grand Traverse, TC. Enjoy live music & guided dancing. 947-3117. $10; under 16 free.


2019 ROTARY SHOW: 7:30pm, State Theatre, TC. Enjoy homespun humor & music performed with enthusiasm by local Rotarians. Proceeds from the show go to local organizations doing important things in arts & culture, basic human needs, education, the environment, health & safety, & recreation. $15.


THE WHO’S TOMMY: 7:30pm, Old Town Playhouse, TC. By Peter Townshend & Des McAnuff. After witnessing an accidental murder, a young boy is so traumatized that he loses his ability to see, hear, or speak. He also ceases to care about life & suffers various abuses until he discovers pinball. Tickets: 947-2210,

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27-05, or at OTP Box Office. Adults: $30; youth under 18: $17.

---------------------“PRIDE AND PREJUDICE”: 8pm, Crooked Tree Arts Center, Ross Stoakes Theatre, Petoskey. Presented by Little Traverse Civic Theatre. This play is a lesson in jumping to conclusions about others & follows Elizabeth Bennet as she learns to appreciate that the difference between the classes might not matter. $15 adult, $12 student (18 & under). season-events/2019/4/25/pride-amp-prejudice


SUMMER 2019 JUNE Saturday, June 8 JOSH GROBAN Tuesday, June 25 STEVE MILLER BAND MARTY STUART and his FABULOUS SUPERLATIVES June 28, 29 & July 5, 6 RICHARD III by William Shakespeare


Interlochen Shakespeare Festival

JULY Monday, July 1 BÉLA FLECK & the FLECKTONES Saturday, July 6 DORRANCE DANCE Thursday, July 11 CASTING CROWNS

AUTISM AWARENESS BENEFIT CONCERT: The Workshop Brewing Co., TC. Enjoy music from Hannah Pinegrove from 8-9pm & The Jon Timm Band from 9-11pm. The Workshop will donate $1 of beverages purchased to Autism Alliance of Michigan. Free.

---------------------SIPS & GIGGLES FEATURING RUSS WILLIAMSON: 8pm, ECCO Event Space, TC. Enjoy stand-up comedy headliner Russ Williamson (NBC, USA, Winner Best of Midwest at Laughfest 2016) while sipping on Leelanau Peninsula wines, cider & local brews. Tickets: $20 advance; $25 door; $125 VIP table for 4. events/sips-giggles-featuring-russ-williamson

apr 28


SALON DES REFUSÉS, REDUX: (See Sat., April 27)




NATIONAL TROUT FESTIVAL: Kalkaska, April 25-28. Today includes the National Trout Festival Car Show, open fishing for kids & veterans, a pizza eating contest & more.


Tuesday, July 16 I’M WITH HER

ELITE WEDDING EXPO: 12-4pm, The Park Place Hotel & Conference Center, TC. Featuring a vast collection of wedding planning professionals to help you choose everything for your wedding, from cake to favors to photographers & DJs. $10 advance; $15 door.

Wednesday, July 17 DIANA ROSS


Friday, July 12 REBA MCENTIRE

Saturday, July 20 JOSHUA DAVIS with STEPPIN’ IN IT Tuesday, July 23 PETER FRAMPTON The Farewell Tour Thursday, July 25 “WEIRD AL” YANKOVIC


Music and Lyrics by Dolly Parton

Friday, Aug. 9 LADY ANTEBELLUM with KYLIE MORGAN Tuesday, Aug. 13 JONNY LANG and JJ GREY & MOFO Wednesday, Aug. 21 VINCE GILL

ON SALE NOW! 800.681.5920


“LOOK & SEE: A PORTRAIT OF WENDELL BERRY”: 12:30pm, The Bay Community Theatre, Suttons Bay. A screening & panel discussion. A $5 donation is suggested at the door.

---------------------EARTH DAY IN CADILLAC: 1-4pm. Takes place on Lake St., between the city park & the Rotary Pavilion. Featuring live music from Zak Bunce & Denny Richardson, as well as presentations & info from the Michigan Bluebird Society, DEQ, Cadillac Area Land Conservancy, Carl T. Johnson Center, Ezra’s Bees, Power Homes Solar, & more. There will also be crafts & seedling trees for kids, & canvas bags for adults.

---------------------YARN BOMB MAKER DAY: 1-3pm, Glen Arbor Arts Center. This is the first of four Makers Days leading up to a Sept. 15 yarn bombing/installation in Glen Arbor. This yarn bombing is part of the upcoming exhibition “Fiber Without Borders,” Sept. 13 - Nov. 7. 231-334-6112. Free.

---------------------“PRIDE AND PREJUDICE”: 2pm, Crooked Tree Arts Center, Ross Stoakes Theatre, Petoskey. Presented by Little Traverse Civic Theatre. This play is a lesson in jumping to conclusions about others & follows Elizabeth Bennet as she learns to appreciate that the difference between the classes might not matter. $15 adult, $12 student (18 & under). season-events/2019/4/25/pride-amp-prejudice

---------------------BOB JAMES & MICHAEL COONROD PIANO RECITAL: 2pm, Central United Methodist Church, TC. An afternoon of jazz & classics, including the two pianists playing a Schubert duet. Free will donation.

30 • april 29, 2019 • Northern Express Weekly

COMPANY DANCE TRAVERSE PRESENTS “SPRING DANCES”: 2pm, Dennos Museum Center, Milliken Auditorium, NMC, TC. Enjoy watching ballet, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, tap, musical theater, & hip hop by dancers ages 9-18. Dance Arts Academy’s Mini, Junior & Senior Fusion Companies will also perform, as well as guest stars. 941-4234. $15.

---------------------SELECTED SHORTS: FOOD FICTION: 2pm, City Opera House, TC. Featuring Sonia Manzano, James Naughton & Kirsten Vangsness. $37.50, $27.50; $15 students. cityoperahouse. org/selected-shorts

---------------------THE WHO’S TOMMY: 2pm, Old Town Playhouse, TC. By Peter Townshend & Des McAnuff. After witnessing an accidental murder, a young boy is so traumatized that he loses his ability to see, hear, or speak. He also ceases to care about life & suffers various abuses until he discovers pinball. Tickets: 947-2210,, or at OTP Box Office. Adults: $30; youth under 18: $17.

---------------------NMC CHILDREN’S CHOIRS: 3pm, Lars Hockstad Auditorium, TC. $15 adults, $10 students & seniors.

---------------------THE ACCIDENTALS IN CONCERT: State Theatre, TC. Local band The Accidentals are wrapping up their Jack Pine Tour Spring Tour with a special hometown concert & album release. Shows at 3pm & 7pm. $20-$50.

---------------------THE CABIN FEVER STRING BAND: 4pm, NMC, Scholar’s Hall, Room 117, TC. Featuring Tom Fordyce on harmonica & vocals, Jonah Powell on fiddle & mandolin, Mark McManus on banjo, Joe Wilson on dobro & peddle steel guitar, & Kevin Gills on bass. 995-1090. $20 advance; $25 door.


GREAT LAKES CHAMBER ORCHESTRA PRESENTS: VIOLINS OF HOPE: 7pm, Great Lakes Center for the Arts, Bay Harbor. The Violins of Hope are a collection of restored instruments played by Jewish musicians during the Holocaust. Join the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra for an evening of historic music featuring Music of Terazin by P. Haas, G. Klein, H. Krasa, & selections from Schindler’s List by John Williams. $35, $25, free for 18 & under.

apr 29


BOYNE APPÉTIT! RESTAURANT WEEK - SPRING: April 29 - May 5, Boyne City & surrounding towns: Advance, Boyne Falls, Horton Bay & Walloon Lake. Participating restaurants & other merchants offer specialties with affordable price points for both lunch & dinner.

---------------------GLEN LAKE RESTAURANT WEEK: (See Sat., April 27)


CHRONIC PAIN? ILLNESS? STRESS? WHY TOUCH MATTERS: 2pm, Cowell Family Cancer Center, Room B103, TC. Cindy Pascoe, Asian Bodywork practitioner, will discuss what it is about touch that the human body craves. Learn how the use of skilled touch techniques can contribute to pain relief, healing & well-being. Register: 231492-8492. Free. Find on Facebook.

---------------------CROSS-THE-CAMPUS DANCE EVENT: 3:105:10pm. NMC dance students & guest dancers will cross the NMC campus with improvisational dance. Live accompaniment by Dede Alder. Info:

---------------------“SHEETS OF SAND” MOVIE PREMIERE: 6pm, State Theatre, TC. Proceeds are being shared between Disability Network Northern MI, Project Cinema MI for future projects, & the State Theatre. This short movie was written by Natalie Lomske, who is from Northville & has muscular dystrophy. $5 per person.

6:30-8:30pm, WINTERFOLK CONCERT: Charlevoix Public Library, Community Room. Featuring Bruce Ogden & Scott McCarthy. Free.

---------------------“TO HONOR, TO REMEMBER”: 7pm, American Legion Post 35, TC. The Le Grande Traverse Society of the Children of the American Revolution is invited to hear State Society President Alice Kraatz speak to members of the Grand Traverse Area Veterans Coalition. Her presentation will be about the Michigan State C.A.R. Society’s 2019-2020 theme, “To Honor, To Remember” & its project goal to raise funds to put Vietnam veterans on an Honor Flight to honor them as the heroes they are. Info:

---------------------GLEN ARBOR PLAYERS AUDITIONS: 7pm, Glen Lake Community Reformed Church. For “The Scarlet Pimpernel.” Seeking five plus men & five plus women for roles in this play based on a true story.

apr 30


SMALL BUSINESS CELEBRATION TOP 10 BREAKFAST: 8am, NMC’s Hagerty Center, TC. Help honor 10 amazing small businesses within the Grand Traverse region. Breakfast & coffee is included in the ticket price. The top 10 small businesses competing for three awards are: Corida, Exit Realty, Cultured Kombucha, Anavon, Pets Naturally, Pathways, Glitz & Spurs, Farm Bureau, Dave’s Garage, & Venturi. $30 per person for members; $35 for non-members.

---------------------BOYNE APPÉTIT! RESTAURANT WEEK SPRING: (See Mon., April 29)

---------------------GET CRAFTY: Great Lakes Children’s Museum, TC. Rainbow Hunter Glasses! Decorate a pair of colorful glasses to use when you search for rainbows. Held at 11am & 2pm.

---------------------GLEN LAKE RESTAURANT WEEK: (See Sat., April 27)

---------------------INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS FORUM LECTURE: 6pm, State Theatre, TC. “World Press Freedom Day” with Rami Khouri, Beirutbased journalist & international commentator. $5; free to students & educators. news/2019/02/iaf-spring-events.html

---------------------INTRODUCING THE PRACTICE: 6pm, Ecco Event Space, TC. Annie Clark, host & creator of “Lifelines” on Z93 Today’s Best Hits, walks you through an intro of “The Practice,” a realistic process to sustain lifelong happiness. Annie will share the solution to what’s holding you back from getting what you want, saying what you need, & managing your emotions to move beyond the daily struggles that derail you. For ages 21+. Free.

---------------------OVERDOSE RECOGNITION & RESPONSE: 6pm, Traverse Area District Library, Thirlby Room, TC. Harm Reduction Michigan offers their monthly workshop to recognize & respond to an opioid overdose. Naloxone to go will be given to all who attend. Free.


AUTHOR TO SPEAK ON NATIVE AMERICA 400 YEARS AGO: 6:30pm, Charlevoix Public Library. Robert Downes presents “Life in Native America 400 Years Ago.” Downes is also the author of “Windigo Moon.”

may 01


MUNSON NUTRITION SERIES: 10:30am-noon, Great Lakes Children’s Museum, TC. Includes a hands-on education activity, healthy snack & takehome materials to help families “choose well” together.

ap 13





------------------------------------------RAISE THE AGE: Noon, Leelanau County Government Center, lower level, Suttons Bay. “Raise the Age,” a campaign that aims to raise the age of juvenile court jurisdiction from 17 to 18 years of age, will be the topic of this League of Women Voters Leelanau County forum. Jason Smith, director of Youth Justice Policy at the Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency and Joseph Povolo, Family Court administrator for Leelanau County will be the guest speakers. A LWVLC business meeting will follow. Free.

---------------------SECRETS OF AIR FORCE ONE: 12:30pm, Fife Lake Public Library. Chief Master Sergeant & TC native Rose White will talk about her time as a stewardess aboard “Air Force One.” She traveled with Presidents Carter, Reagan & Bush. As the first female steward aboard “Air Force One,” White will share stories about her travels & how each president treated her. Optional lunch at noon; suggested donation of $3 for 60+ or $5 all others. Must pre-register. 922-2080. Free.

---------------------ASK THE LAWYERS: 4-7pm, Petoskey District Library Classroom, Petoskey. Local attorneys will volunteer their time to answer legal questions in the areas of criminal law, domestic/family law, probate/estate planning, personal injury, general civic, business, & real estate law. The 2019 Law Day theme is “Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society.” Free.

---------------------BOOK SIGNING WITH JAMES MCCULLOUGH: 4-6pm, NCMC Library, Petoskey. This English instructor’s most recent book is “Echoes,” a “compilation of essays in honor of old men who taught him how to fish, and philosophies for living.”

---------------------INLAND SEAS: ROV TRAINING & VOLUNTEER LEAD INSTRUCTOR TRAINING: 5:307:30pm, Capt. Thomas M. Kelly Biological Station, Suttons Bay. Free. news-events/volunteer-training-events

---------------------FREE BEGINNER BELLYDANCE CLASS WITH AMIRA HAMZAR: 6pm, Traverse Wellness Center, TC. Taught by Amira Hamzar, certified Bellydance instructor, this class is for beginners of any age, gender, size, or shape. Reserve your spot: 231.313.5577 or

---------------------PICKIN’ WITH THE CHAMP: 6pm, Indian River Area Library. Learn about morels from the five-time National Morel Hunting Champion Anthony Williams. Free. event/pickin-with-the-champ

---------------------TC RIDES - FREE COMMUNITY CONCERT: Enjoy a TC Rides to The Little Fleet for a free community concert featuring the students of Matthew Cochran, an Interlochen guitar professor. Meet at F&M Park, TC at 5:45pm.

---------------------PARENTING AND MR. ROGERS: 6:30pm, The Presbyterian Church, TC. Hear from a panel of parents in the community who have been part of the Parent Leadership Cohort. Featuring the documentary, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” about Mr. Rogers & the wonderful things he did for children in early childhood & beyond. Free.

may 02


CAREGIVER’S COFFEE BREAK: 8am, Table 12 Coffee House, TC. Sponsored by Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group. A meetup designed for nonprofessional caregivers to connect with others for ideas & support. Free.

------------------------------------------THREE TENORS OF CLIMATE CHANGE LUNCHEON: 12-1:30pm, Stafford’s Perry Hotel, Petoskey. Using personal stories, long-term study, & decades of documentation & participation, Santer, Duncan, & Garzon, The Three Tenors, have teamed up to bring their climate story of science, art, & global health activism. Tickets are $35 & include lunch, gratuity & presentation. Advanced registration required: 231-347-1181.

---------------------NMC AUTOTECHS YEAR END COOKOUT & CAREER FAIR: 3-6pm, 2510 Aeropark Dr., TC. NMC’s Automotive Technology Department invites all past NMC Autotech students & all current automotive techs. See some of the projects the students are working on & network with area automotive repair employers. Free.

---------------------“ADDICTION + RECOVERY IN THE SERVICE INDUSTRY”: 6-8pm, Park Place Hotel, TC. This event aims to provide education on the current addiction crisis, & talk with employers who currently work with those in recovery. It will feature a keynote address by Mark Wilson, owner of Maxbauer’s in downtown TC. A panel discussion featuring professionals & those in recovery, as well as a resource fair, will also take place. Register. Free.

---------------------ARTS FOR ALL OF NORTHERN MI SPRING CELEBRATION: THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH: 6-9pm, Kirkbride Hall, The Village at GT Commons, TC. Today features the Spring Celebration fundraiser. This ticketed event includes an evening of entertainment, student art, silent auction bidding, heavy appetizers, local beer & wine, & a live auction. $50.

---------------------FATHER FRED FOUNDATION BENEFIT: 6-7:30pm, Blustone Vineyards, Lake Leelanau. Featuring wine tasting & cheese pairings. Tickets: 947-2055, ext. 118. $45.

---------------------POTLUCK & OFF THE WALL MOVIE NIGHT: 6pm, Helena Township Community Center, Alden. Call the library to sign up for the potluck: 231-331-4318. Free.

---------------------SONS OF NORWAY POTLUCK & MEETING: 6:15pm, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Suttons Bay. The Sons of Norway is an international organization which promotes the Norwegian culture & history. The local Christian Radich Lodge meets the first Thurs. of every month for a potluck & meeting, April - Nov. Please bring a dish to pass.

---------------------FULFILLAMENT #14: 6:30pm, The Workshop Brewing Co., TC. A storytelling event where five local community leaders & entrepreneurs take the stage to tell their journey of how they found fulfillment through vocation - the inside story. Each storyteller will issue a challenge for the audience to do something to find fulfillment in their own lives. A $500 grant is awarded to an audience member with a good idea that needs some help to get it started. Tickets: $12 online or $15 at the door. Storytellers are Julie Clark, Aaron Dye, Lindsay Sea Wills, Jim Tuller & Erica Heller. $12 online or $15 at the door.


OLD MISSION PENINSULA HISTORICAL SOCIETY MEETING: 6:30pm, Peninsula Township Hall, TC. Laura Johnson & Ann Swaney will present “The Life and Times of Early Old Mission Farmer and Lighthouse Keeper, Jerome Pratt.” They will be joined by Nikki Sobkowski, a Pratt descendant by marriage. 947-0947. Free.

---------------------GAME NIGHT: 7pm, NCMC, Student & Community Resource Center, Iron Horse Café, Petoskey. 231-439-6370. Free.

---------------------INDIE LENS POP UP FILM: “WRESTLE”: 7pm, Dennos Museum Center, Milliken Auditorium, NMC, TC. 995-1029.

THE WHO’S TOMMY: (See Sat., April 27)

---------------------THREE TENORS OF CLIMATE CHANGE: 7:30-9pm, Great Lakes Center for the Arts, Bay Harbor. Using personal stories, long-term study, & decades of documentation & participation, Santer, Duncan, & Garzon, The Three Tenors, have teamed up to bring their climate story of science, art, & global health activism. $25.

---------------------“PRIDE AND PREJUDICE”: (See Sat., April 27)

may 03


AAUW BOOK SALE: 9am6pm, Mercato, Building 50, GT Commons, TC. Books, puzzles, DVDs & CDs. Proceeds donated to scholarships to educate women for a lifetime of success. Free.

---------------------90 OVER 90 CELEBRATION: 11am, Hagerty Center, TC. Celebrate the lives of those who have reached the age of 90 & beyond. Stories, photos, lunch & more are offered. Free for 90+; $20 for all others. Get tickets at the TC Senior Center. 922-4911.

---------------------BOYNE APPÉTIT! RESTAURANT WEEK SPRING: (See Mon., April 29)

---------------------MOTHER’S DAY ESCAPE: 11am, Waterfire Vineyards, Kewadin. Local author & teacher Marcie McQuillan will entertain the children with music & story telling. TC artist Cari Lick of Enchanted Art will be available for natural temporary Henna tattoo. The evening will close with the melodies of Summer Green.

---------------------LUNCHEON LECTURE: 11:30am, NCMC, Library Conference Center, Petoskey. Karen Marietti, director of the Camp Daggett Adventure Center, has spent most of her adult life working & living experientially. Mt. Kilimanjaro was always on her list of places to go and, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided it was time to make the climb. In 2017, she & three other women climbed the 19,340 feet to the summit. Hear her adventure. Reservations required: 231-348-6600. $12, includes lunch.

---------------------GLEN LAKE RESTAURANT WEEK: (See Sat., April 27)

---------------------ANTIQUE APPLE & PEAR TREE PRUNING WORKSHOP: 1-4pm, Port Oneida Rural Historic District, Kelderhouse farm. Register: 231326-4771. Free.

---------------------DOWNTOWN TRAVERSE CITY ART WALK: 5-9pm. Showcasing art exhibits throughout Downtown TC. Enjoy refreshments, food, music & a self-guided tour. Walking maps are available at each participating location & the downtown TC office.

---------------------MICHAEL’S PLACE ‘A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES’ BENEFIT FEATURING AVENGERS: ENDGAME: 7pm, AMC Classic Cherry Blossom 14, TC. All proceeds from this event directly fund the grief support programs offered at no cost to the children, teens & adults served at Michael’s Place. For questions or more info, contact: 947-6453 or $25/person. mymichaelsplace. net/a-night-at-the-movies-benefit-2

---------------------“BLITHE SPIRIT”: 7:30-10pm, Historic Elk Rapids Town Hall. This comedy is presented by the Elk Rapids Players. $15; $12 seniors & students.

---------------------RIVERTOWN FOLLIES - FANTASY ISLE: 7:30pm, Cheboygan Opera House. Tickets: $14 advance, $15 door. Matinee Special (Sun. only): Seniors, $12. $14/person. Find on Facebook.

SKY DANCING! SPRING RITUAL OF THE AMERICAN WOODCOCK: 7:30pm, Little Traverse Conservancy Office, Harbor Springs. Join members of the Ruffed Grouse Society; Al Stewart, MI Department of Natural Resources Upland Game Bird Specialist; & LTC Executive Director Kieran Fleming for a presentation & evening stroll to learn about & observe the spring mating display of the American Woodcock. Afterwards, go to the Hailand Helstrom Preserve Complex to listen for the birds. Preregister: 231.347.0991 or Free.

---------------------THE WHO’S TOMMY: (See Sat., April 27) ---------------------“PRIDE AND PREJUDICE”: (See Sat., April 27)

may 04


BIRDING SERIES: BIRDING BY EAR: 8am, Grass River Natural Area, Bellaire. The birds are singing but may be difficult to see this time of year as the trees start to leaf out. Learn to ID birds by their songs. $5.

---------------------AAUW BOOK SALE: 9am-6pm, Mercato, Building 50, GT Commons, TC. Books, puzzles, DVDs & CDs. Proceeds donated to scholarships to educate women for a lifetime of success. Free.

---------------------ART & CRAFT SHOW: 9am, VFW, Veterans Dr., TC. Held to support Veterans.

---------------------INTERLOCHEN RUN FOR THE ARTS: 9-11am, Interlochen Center for the Arts. This 5K run/walk will support student scholarships & feature student art throughout the course. $25 pre-registration; $30 day-of.

---------------------MUD, SWEAT & BEERS FAT TIRE FEST: 9am, Mt. Holiday, TC. This spring mountain bike race features plenty of options for all rider levels & a post party. Choose from the Stout (25 miles), Pale Ale (13 miles), Ginger Ale (2 miles) & Root Beer (1/4 mile).

---------------------FAMILY BIRDING PROGRAM: 9:30am, Consuelo Diane & Charles L. Wilson Jr. Working Forest Reserve, Harbor Springs. Join LTC volunteer & avid birder Mary Trout for a nature walk at this 245-acre reserve. A variety of habitats lure a diversity of bird species to this property. Preregister: 231.347.0991 or Free.

---------------------EARTH DAY TREE PLANTING: 10am-2pm, Consuelo Diane & Charles L. Wilson Jr. Working Forest Reserve, Harbor Springs. Help plant 1,000 trees to accompany those planted last spring. Pre-register: 231.347.0991 or landtrust. org/events/. Free.

---------------------MACKINAW CITY MAGICAL COLOR FUN RUN: 10am, “The Trailhead”. Register online, or registration begins at 9am on race morning. Color Shower Party follows the race. $25 or $20 as a team member of 4 or more.

---------------------STAR WARS DAY: 10am-noon, Peninsula Community Library, Old Mission Peninsula School, TC. The Force Is With You! Enjoy DIY crafts, Lego play & more. Enter a raffle for a LEGO Star Wars set. Free.

---------------------TC6K: GLOBAL 6K FOR WATER: 10am, Medalie Park, Logan’s Landing, TC. Your registration fee will provide lasting clean water, sanitation & hygiene to one person in the developing world. $50; 18 & under, $25.

---------------------WILDFIRE COMMUNITY PREPAREDNESS DAY: 10am-2pm, Cedar Area Fire & Rescue station, Cedar. Learn to protect your property & be “firewise.” Cedar Area Fire & Rescue is teaming up with the Leelanau Conserva-

Northern Express Weekly • april 29, 2019 • 31

tion District, Michigan Department of Natural Resources Forestry Division, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Leelanau County Emergency Management, National Fire Protection Association & Firewise USA in helping communities learn to take steps to increase their resilience to wildfires by hosting a Wildfire Community Preparedness Day (Firewise Day). 231-228-5396. Free.


ARTS IN ACTION WITH MICHAEL CINCIC: 10:30am-noon, Great Lakes Children’s Museum, TC. Featuring scratch art & creating clay figurines - withOUT seeing! For ages 2-8.




HORIZON BOOKS, TC EVENTS: 11am-1pm: Book Launch: Heather Shaw & Tajin Robles, “The Fisherman & His Wife.” 1-3pm: Author Debbie TenBrink will sign her book “Warped Passage.”


JOB WINSLOW DAR MEETING: 11am, Elks Lodge, TC. This month’s program will present the DAR Good Citizens Award, American History Essay winners, & will celebrate the Women’s Suffrage Campaign. Lunch will follow. Reservations are required. 946-6337. $15.50.


SPRING REPAIR CAFÉ: 11am-3pm, Petoskey District Library Classroom & Outdoor Labyrinth. Volunteer fixers will be available to help repair a variety of items, ranging from small electrical appliances & gadgets, electronics/computers, furniture, lamps, toys, jewelry, clothing & textiles, yard & garden tools & equipment, bicycles, books & paper items.


SPRING SIP & SAVOR: 11am-6pm, Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail. Enjoy a self-guided tour along the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail, where you can visit any of the 27 participating wineries on both Sat. & Sun. Tickets are $40 & include a souvenir wine glass, along with a featured wine & food pairing at all participating wineries.




GRILL ON THE HILL EGGFEST: 12-4pm, Treetops Resort, Gaylord. Big Green Egg Competition. Compete on demo eggs provided by Meyer Ace Hardware or attend as a taster & vote for your favorite team. $30 for tasters; $200 for teams. Free to attend. events/grill-on-the-hill-eggfest-2019


NORTHERN MICHIGAN CHORALE PRESENTS: FROM BROADWAY TO THE SILVER SCREEN: 3-7:30pm, Great Lakes Center for the Arts, Bay Harbor. Featuring popular songs from musicals that made it onto the silver screen... including the first Ziegfeld Follies. The Chorale is a 70-voice, non-auditioned, non-profit group performing under the direction of Julie Pierpont. Joining the Chorale for their Saturday concerts is The Grand Traverse Show Chorus. Prices vary per event.


OLD ART BUILDING DERBY DAY PARTY: 4:30-8pm, Old Art Building, Leland. Celebrate the 145th Kentucky Derby televised on the big screen. Place your bets on your favorite horse & don your best Derby hat & bow tie. Tickets: $20 members; $22 non-members. Includes two drink tickets.


THE DERBY PARTY: 4:30-8pm, The Corner Loft, TC. Watch the Kentucky Derby while benefitting Food Rescue of Northwest Michigan. Derby attire encouraged. $100.


TC ROLLER DERBY HOME OPENER STAR WARS DAY BOUT: 5pm, GT County Civic Center, TC. The Toxic Cherries vs. Dead River Roller Derby. $10; 12 & under, free. Find on Facebook.

---------------------“BLITHE SPIRIT”: (See Fri., May 3)

BLISSFEST COMMUNITY DANCE: 7:30pm, Red Sky Stage, Petoskey. Music provided by Peacemeal. Rounds, reels, contras, squares & more. All dances taught. $5/person, $7.50/ couple, $10/family.



GREAT LAKES CHAMBER ORCHESTRA SUNDAY SERIES RECITAL: WEEKEND WOODWINDS: 4-6pm, First Presbyterian Church, Harbor Springs. Featuring the Woodwinds Ensemble with Jayne Winchester & friends. Free.


---------------------THE WHO’S TOMMY: (See Sat., April 27) ---------------------“PRIDE AND PREJUDICE”: (See Sat., April 27) ----------------------

BOB JAMES TRIO: 8pm, Dennos Museum Center, Milliken Auditorium, NMC, TC. This jazz pianist brings the TC debut of his newest album, “Espresso,” featuring drummer Ron Otis & bassist Michael Palazzolo. $30 members, $35 advanced, $40 door.


COMEDIAN PAUL REISER: 8pm, City Opera House, TC. Voted one of Comedy Central’s “Top 100 Comedians of All Time,” Reiser is also an actor, television writer, author & musician. He has spent the last 30+ years acting in Oscar & Emmy award-winning movies & TV shows. Reiser is well-known for his memorable character, Paul Buchman, in “Mad About You.” $45.


HEAD EAST: 8pm, Little River Casino Resort, Manistee. 50th Anniversary tour of these longtime hard rock hitmakers. $30, $40, $45. lrcr. com/event-calendar/concerts/head-east

may 05


BLUEBERRY PANCAKE BREAKFAST: 8am-noon, Rainbow of Hope Farm, Kingsley. Proceeds benefit Rainbow of Hope Farm. Donation of $7. rainbowofhopefarm.




SPRING PUMPKIN PEDAL: Organized group ride through Old Mission Peninsula, hosted by Jolly Pumpkin, to benefit TART Trails. Registration starts at 11:30am. Please sign a waiver in the Peninsula Room (adjacent to Jolly Pumpkin restaurant) before meeting in the Jolly Pumpkin parking lot for the ride. Ride leaves at noon. Two ride options: 40 miles or 20 miles. Following the ride, reward yourself with $2 liquid carbs (beers) in the Peninsula Room. Free.


AAUW BOOK SALE: 12-3pm, Mercato, Building 50, GT Commons, TC. Books, puzzles, DVDs & CDs. Proceeds donated to scholarships to educate women for a lifetime of success. Free.


SPRING SIP & SAVOR: 12-5pm, Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail. Enjoy a self-guided tour along the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail, where you can visit any of the 27 participating wineries on both Sat. & Sun. Tickets are $40 & include a souvenir wine glass, along with a featured wine & food pairing at all participating wineries.


“BLITHE SPIRIT”: 3pm, Historic Elk Rapids Town Hall. This comedy is presented by the Elk Rapids Players. $15; $12 seniors & students.


FOR THE SPELL OF IT! AN ADULT SPELLING BEE: 2pm, Traverse Area District Library, TC. A fun, stress-free team event. All team members must be adults (18+), but at least ONE team member needs to be 50 years or older. Registration is required & is limited to 20 teams. Free.


RIVERTOWN FOLLIES - FANTASY ISLE: 2pm, Cheboygan Opera House. Tickets: $14 advance, $15 door. Matinee Special (Sun. only): Seniors, $12. $14/person. Find on Facebook.

32 • april 29, 2019 • Northern Express Weekly

THE WHO’S TOMMY: (See Sun., April 28)




FOR THE LOVE OF RIVERS: A SCIENTIST’S JOURNEY: 6pm, City Opera House, TC. The Adams Chapter of Trout Unlimited presents Dr. Kurt Fausch, a fisheries ecologist who spent a career studying how fish make a living in streams, & how streams are linked to their riparian forests. Reserve your ticket at Eventbrite. Free.


NMC DANCE DEPARTMENT CONCERT: 7pm, Dennos Museum Center, Milliken Auditorium, NMC, TC. $12; $7 students & seniors.


VANCE GILBERT: 7pm, Sleder’s Family Tavern, TC. This folk singer/songwriter/guitarist has opened for artists such as Aretha Franklin, Arlo Guthrie, Anita Baker & comedian George Carlin. He has recorded 12 albums & even has a tune on a Grammy Nominated children’s album. 947-9213. $20 advance; $25 door.


“THE ART OF COMING UNDONE” EXHIBIT: Michigan Artists Gallery, TC. Over 40 artists interpreting the work of Daniel Belardinelli. An opening reception will be held on Fri., May 3 from 5-9pm during the Downtown Traverse City Art Walk. Exhibit runs through mid-June.


“MESDAG & THE MASTERS OF THE SEA”: Twisted Fish Gallery, Elk Rapids. A collection of life-sized prints of 30 historic paintings by five of the world’s greatest seascape painters. On Sat., April 27 resident painter, art historian & former NMC Art Department chair Paul Welch will offer insights on the artists’ techniques from 1-3pm. Exhibit runs through May 4.


“PORTRAITS OF WHIMSY”: Charlevoix Circle of Arts. Paintings, assemblages & sculptures that illustrate that “whimsy” can truly acquire the status of sophisticated fine art. Runs through June 8.


40TH ANNUAL SUTTONS BAY ART FESTIVAL POSTER CONTEST: Open to all ages. Include the date: August 3-4, 2019. Marina Park, Suttons Bay in an 11” x 17” format. Deadline: May 10, 2019. Winner receives $350 & the art is used as the official announcement for the Art Festival.


GREAT NORTHERN FINE ART - FINE CRAFT EXPO: An outstanding fine art—fine craft open to all MI artists 18 & older, offering eight juried category awards - $500 each, & a grand award determined by the People’s Choice: $1,500. Can submit through May 31. Downtown Grayling becomes an art gallery during the fifteen days of voting: July 19-Aug. 3. Artists’ demos & the Performing Arts Music Competition will take place on Sat., Aug. 3, concluding with the awards gala at 5pm at Paddle Hard Yard, Grayling. artisanvillage. org/call-for-entries.html


CALL FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS - NORTHPORT PHOTO EXHIBIT: Through May 31. 2019 Northport Photo Exhibit: June 21-30. Limited to 35. Photographers Reception: June 21, 6pm.

2019 YOUTH ART SHOW: Crooked Tree Arts Center Galleries, Petoskey. Artwork created by Char-Em ISD & home school students, kindergarten through grade 12. Runs through May 11.


OLIVER ART CENTER, FRANKFORT: - POP-UP EXHIBITION: K.W. Bell & her torso sculptures will run through May 12. - ANNUAL MEMBER EXHIBITION: Members of OAC are able to enter up to two works of art to be on display from May 3-31. An opening reception will be held on Fri., May 3 from 5-7pm.


GAYLORD AREA COUNCIL FOR THE ARTS, GAYLORD: - 100-DAY PROJECT WEEKLY CHECK-INS: Held each Mon. at 1pm through April 29. Bring the work you’ve been doing or get inspired by others. - JURIED PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT: Runs through June 1. - CREATIVE CROWD: Fridays, 11:30am2:30pm, May 3 - June 28. Bring your own supplies to work on any type of art or craft project.


DENNOS MUSEUM CENTER, NMC, TC: - “ENTIRE LIFE IN A PACKAGE”: Runs through May 5. The story of millions of refugees with millions of packages, suitcases... sacks. “Life packages” that hold the desire to survive. In this exhibition Ben-Ami sculpts the packages carried by refugees shown in Reuter’s new photos in iron & then mounts them to the photo in place of the photographic image of the package. - 2019 NORTHWEST MICHIGAN REGIONAL JURIED EXHIBITION: Runs through May 5. Featuring art made by local artists over the last year, juried by a regional arts professional. Hours: Mon. - Sat.: 10am-5pm; Thurs.: 10am8pm; Sun.: 1-5pm.


HIGHER ART GALLERY, TC: - CALL FOR ARTISTS: MODERN ARCHETYPES: An all-female artist exhibit exploring the idea of human consciousness & how archetypes unite all of us. Submit up to 2 pieces each which really capture the idea of the role archetypes play not only in your own life personally, but in society as a whole. Deadline to apply is July 1 at midnight. Exhibit runs Sept. 6 - Oct. 4. - “NEU HISTOIRES”: Runs through April 30. This exhibit by Jesse Jason features a collection of abstract, narrative works with a central focus on the imaginative world that weaves its way through reality. - “DRAWN TO” WOMEN OF CONTEMPORARY ILLUSTRATION: A curated exhibit featuring 14 female illustrators from around the world. Runs May 3 - June 7. An opening reception will be held on Fri., May 3 from 5-9pm (during Art Walk).


CROOKED TREE ARTS CENTER, TC: - “BODIES OF COLOR... RECENT WORK BY DECARLO LOGAN”: Logan’s artwork analyzes the intangible aspects of identity to encourage dialog & understanding. Two recent mixed media series by the artist will be on display. Runs April 27 - July 20. - “BODIES OF ME... RECENT WORK BY LIZ WIERZBICKI”: Held in Carnegie Gallery. Liz creates work that critiques ideas of gender, sexuality & self in a digital age. Runs April 27 - July 20. - “BODIES OF... JURIED EXHIBITION OF CERAMIC ARTS”: Juror Sigrid Zahner selected approximately 60 works by Great Lakes regional artists to be included in this exhibition. Runs April 27 - July 20. An opening reception will be held on Sat., April 27 from 2-4pm.



The Head and the Heart


THE BUZZ Nashville’s Johnnyswim has just released its latest single, “The Last Time,” and will take its tunes on the road this May, making a May 6 stop at Detroit’s St. Andrews Hall … Grand Haven’s Walk the Beat festival, an event that brings musical street performers to Grand Haven’s East Side shopping area, will return Aug. 10 … Bell’s Brewery Summer Concert Season

is starting soon in Kalamazoo, kicking off its first show, May 31, with Steppin’ In It and May Erlewine and The Motivations … Speaking of Michigan singer May Erlewine, she’ll headline this year’s Buttermilk Jamboree 2019, at the Circle Pines Center in Delton, Michigan, alongside East L.A. Chicano band Las Cafeteras … and that’s the buzz for this week’s Modern Rock. Comments, questions, rants, raves, suggestions on this column? Send ’em to Kristi at


$10 cover for ball park fare and beverages UR


LINK OF THE WEEK Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) and Phoebe Bridgers have put together a collaborative band called The Better Oblivion Community Center; it’s just released its cover of the Oscar-winning single “Shallow” from the Lady Gaga/Bradley

Cooper movie, A Star is Born. Check it out at …


SS !



The lead single from the upcoming album of Seattle’s The Head and the Heart, “Missed Connection,” is out this week. The album, Living Mirage, hits outlets May 17, and the band is set to bring its latest in indie-folk rock to over three dozen cities on a North American tour starting this spring. It’ll make a stop in Grand Rapids at 20 Monroe Live on Sept. 11. Snag your tickets at, and your online ticket purchase will also include a digital copy of the album … Las Vegas indie-rock crew The Killers has a new single out, too — “Land of the Free,” which the band performed live for the first time on Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple of weeks ago. The track, a politically focused number that focuses on racism and the proposed border wall, was released with a music video directed by Spike Lee that features real-life migrant families near the U.S./Mexico border. In addition to the single release and promo, The Killers is also prepping for a number of summer festival performances, including the Woodstock 50 in Watkins Glen, New York, and the U.K.’s Glastonbury Fest in June … The Eagles’ Don Henley, Joe Walsh, and Timothy B. Schmit will team up with country singer Vince Gill and Deacon Frey

(son of late Eagle, Glenn Frey) to perform the band’s classic album Hotel California in its entirety during two September concerts at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Hotel California, the third bestselling album of all time in the United States, was released in 1976; its title track snagged a Grammy Award in 1977 for Record of the Year. Tickets for the Sept 27 and 28 Vegas shows are on sale now at Ticketmaster … Blondie (feat. Debbie Harry) and Elvis Costello and The Imposters are teaming up for a U.S. summer tour that kicks off in Bethel, New York, on July 20 and winds up Aug.10 in Seattle. The two bands are a good pairing for a tour; both were part of the late ’70s/early ’80s New Wave roster of bands that swept the country and western Europe, and both have been going strong since then: Costello and The Imposters released their latest album, Look Now, in 2018, and Blondie released its Pollinator album in 2017 …



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It's Derby Time at Diversions. Come down and choose your winner!!!

FOURSCORE by kristi kates

Molly Tuttle – When You’re Ready – Compass While much of Tuttle’s work to date has focused on her guitar skills and bluegrass sensibilities, this album leans more toward her songwriting and alto vocals, both enhanced by the production work of Lumineers/Avett Brothers cohort Ryan Hewitt. This isn’t old-school Nashville but more of a current country-pop effort, best evidenced on tunes like opener “Take the Journey” and closer “Clue,” with its extended notes. The arrangements are a little overwrought at times, but for the most part, this showcases her abilities well.

Tyler Ramsey – For the Morning – Fantasy Records


Teaming up with engineer Kevin Ratterman (Strand of Oaks/My Morning Jacket), Band of Horses member Tyler Ramsey surfaces with his own music on this folkroots effort, one jam-packed with solid guitar work and chill vocal stylings, including top-notch harmonies from a trio of backup singers that includes Joan Shelley and Molly Parden. The entire album was written by Ramsey and include standouts like opener “Your Whole Life,” the emotional “Darkest Clouds,” and the thematic wrap-up title track.


Big Eyes – Streets of the Lost – Greenway Records

With frontwoman Kait Eldridge on vocals and songwriting, Paul Ridenour on guitar, Jeff Ridenour on bass, and Scott McPherson on drums, Brooklyn outfit Big Eyes traverses both the ’00s and the ’90s with its sound, which veers back and forth between melodic pop and garage grunge. Wry lyrics and dense arrangements comprise each track, from first single “Lucky You” to subsequent tunes like “Hourglass,” which marries psychedeliainspired entitlement, battling lead guitar riffs, and streetwise verses.

Happy EVERY Day! Join us at the LOBBY BAR for Happy Hour every day of the week from 4 - 7pm. Food specials. $3.50 bottled beer. $4.00 well cocktails or house wines. Live music Friday & Saturday evenings.

Hotel Indigo Traverse City 263 W. Grandview Parkway Traverse City, MI 49684 t: 231.932.0500 Reservations: 877.8.INDIGO (846.3446)

34 • april 29, 2019 • Northern Express Weekly @hotelindigo

The Suitcase Junket – Mean Dog, Trampoline – Signature Sounds

An amalgamation of Byrds-era folk, ’60s Woodstock rock, and a street performer’s approach to wacky instruments (think: a broken guitar, a suitcase used as a drum) The Suitcase’s latest, overseen by producer Steve Berlin (Leo Kottke/Rickie Lee Jones), continue that eclectic, potpourri-style mix with a dash of the blues added in on tracks like “Everything I Like,” the vast acoustics of “Son of Steven,” and the more country-Western inspired refrains of “Old Machine.”

The reel

by meg weichman

teen spirit missing link


The Teen Vogue and definitely not the Seventeen magazine of teen flicks, Teen Spirit — which follows a teenage girl as she competes in a reality TV singing competition — is a very predictable and slight Cinderella story told through an extremely arty lens. With a dreamy palette, dazzling neon lights, and the perfect dance soundtrack, this glossy pop confection screams “Instagram generation.” And for all of its indie filmmaking artifice, it’s also much sweeter and more traditional in its narrative arc than one would expect, disguising its crowd-pleasing instincts in art-house seriousness. Set on the Isle of Wight, Teen Spirit centers on high schooler Violet Valenski (Elle Fanning), a polish immigrant living on a farm, working at a crappy diner, and struggling to make ends meet, with her mother, who is definitely not going to win any parent of the year awards. Violet is entirely unremarkable, and her life is far from glamorous, but director Max Minghella (son of Anthony, The English Patient, and best recognized as the Winklevi’s No. 2 in The Social Network) uses such stylized music video visuals that even her dreary daily life gives you the impression she’s destined for something more. And this impression is very much needed. Violet is not the most dynamic presence, only really coming alive when she is singing on stage — much to the objections of her religious mother, who would prefer that Violet sings only in church and not at the sleazy dive bar she sneaks off to. So this is largely a story that we’ve seen before, but what I appreciated about it was the way it injects some genuine oddness into the proceedings. After making it through the first round of auditions for the American Idol-esque show that has come to her small hometown, she seeks out her only fan from the bar where she performs, Vlad, a disheveled drunk, to act as her guardian, since her mother objects. In Vlad she also finds an unexpected mentor; before he was living out of his van and a storage locker, he was a Croatian opera star. And while this kind of mentor-mentee relationship is not necessarily anything new, Vlad is initially so off-putting and strange that their bond is distinct enough to keep you interested and charmed. That the reality TV competition is portrayed as cheesy and unnatural as it truly is also garners more good will for the film. But when Violet delivers her performances, it’s slick — definitely not something you would see on basic cable.

The fabulous Rebecca Hall randomly shows up as a villainous corporate suit determined to lure Violet into signing a record contract — though her motivation and bad intentions are never really explained. The film doesn’t fill out many details of its other subplots either. It leaves hanging the teases about Vlad’s past and never does anything with the “mean girls” at Violet’s schools, or the friends she makes that form her backup band. It’s pretty much just Violet, which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if she wasn’t such a blank slate. Although Fanning, who does her own vocals, is mostly convincing as a singing sensation, thanks to the unique and unexpected qualities of her voice, how she keeps advancing when she is clearly not the best performer in the competition might leave you for a loop. What she does have is that waif-like ingénue quality that Fanning so perfectly embodies. Violet pursues her “dream” with a world weariness that is welcome — but also can read as disinterested, as though to try too hard would challenge her cool girl image. She might want to win but not that badly. Fanning can be aloof and ambiguous because the film is so caught up in capturing mood, which does come to the detriment of the story. Because hot damn, is it a mood. Above all else, aesthetic is king here. And it’s a very evocative one, with stunning cinematography and inspired lighting design. Many times Teen Spirit called to mind some of the other pop-star-on-the-rise films I’ve seen in the past year, especially Natalie Portman’s audaciously bizarre Vox Lux. But whereas these other films — A Star is Born included — take aim at the music industry or fame or what it means to be an artist, Teen Spirit is a far more personal story too caught up in its own image to have much of anything to say. An interesting amalgam of artful aesthetic and heartfelt moments, you’ll truly root for Violet and Vlad, and the final performance is as satisfying as one could hope. So, while I did enjoy the film, I left unsure of who exactly the movie is meant for. It acts as though it’s more than “just another teen movie,” but in a lot of ways it isn’t, and only would seem to appeal to a very specific subset of teenagers. So if Teen Spirit smells like anything, I guess it’s potential cult classic.

issing Link is what’s been missing from animated film this year. It’s a gentle and whimsical buddy comedy in the tradition of grand globetrotting adventures (think Around the World in 80 Days or Raiders of the Lost Ark) about a humanoid Sasquatch named Susan (Zach Galifianakis) and a Victorian dandy (Hugh Jackman) looking for Susan’s distant cousins in the mythical Shangri-La. Brought to the screen with true artistry and thoughtful care, the film feels very much like an old school adventure but with very modern and progressive sensibilities. And those sensibilities are very much the product of the boundary-pushing stop motion animation house from where it came. Laika is responsible for some of the most technologically and narratively complex animated stories out there and is a vital voice in children’s entertainment. And for the follow-up to its Oscar-nominated soulful epic Kubo and the Two Strings, Laika makes a refreshing departure into some much lighter territory. So while this is a much simpler story than we are used to seeing from Laika, this relaxed and delightful film is filled with simple pleasures, from its witty banter and truly astonishing visuals to its powerful and effective message about friendship and acceptance.



he latest target of Disney’s seeming quest to release live-action remakes of all the animated classics in its vaunted Disney Vault (Aladdin and The Lion King are just around the corner) is everyone’s favorite flying pachyderm. And at only 64 minutes, the original version of Disney’s bleakest fable was in need of some padding out and updating (no more racist crows!). And so in comes Ehren Kruger, a writer on several Transformers movies, to change the very focus of the film. Here, the animals don’t talk. Instead the film focuses on a bunch of very boring humans (looking at you, Colin Farrell), which means Dumbo and his very effecting pain and fears that left such an impression on so many children falls completely to the wayside. You’re left with another work of bland and sentimental family entertainment. And that’s somewhat of a feat considering cinematic weirdo Tim Burton is directing. Playing it very safe, Dumbo doesn’t feel very Burton-y at all, and, in fact, it won’t make you feel much at all.

Old Town Playhouse 148 E. 8th Street

(Corner 8th and Cass St)


AN ES MC D&D SHEN HEND S N N W W O TO ER T ETER Y PET s by P Book B & Lyric Music

50th ry a s r e v i pera! n W o k n c A ho's ro gloria bell

ith Gloria Bell, Oscar-winner Sebastián Lelio (A Fantastic Woman, Best Foreign Film 2018) has remade his own Chilean film Gloria. Now before you go dismissing this as unnecessary, or claiming that English-language remakes can never be as good the original, did I mention that this remake stars one of the greatest actresses of our time, Julianne Moore, in a role that is tailored made for her magnetic talents? I mean, if this wasn’t a remake, you could almost swear the part was written especially for her. And while the chance to see Moore in this compassionate and relatable story of a divorcee finding herself and coming into her own as she exuberantly lets go on the dance floor is worth admission alone, Gloria Bell also builds upon Lelio’s original in delicately humorous and other interesting ways.

of the


April 26th - May 18th 231.947.2210

Meg Weichman is a perma-intern at the Traverse City Film Festival and a trained film archivist.

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apr 27 - may 05 edited by jamie kauffold

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the ADViCE GOddESS Twisted Sisterhood

Coy Story



: I’m a grown woman in the middle of a feud between two of my female friends. They’re both complaining to me, and I’m just responding “uh-huh” to give them the hint that I don’t want to be involved. Neither’s catching on. How do I get out of the middle of this spat without either friend feeling like I’m being disloyal and without my blurting out, “This is ridiculous. Grow up, ladies!” — Irritated


: If only these two would do as a 60-year-old dude in the U.K. just did to dispute a ticket he got on his motorcycle — invoked what The Telegraph called “the ancient right to trial by combat.” Not surprisingly, local magistrates decided to stick him with a fine instead of accepting his proposal of a duel “to the death” with a motor vehicles clerk, using “samurai swords, Gurkha knives or heavy hammers.” Unfortunately, your female friends are unlikely to break out the Hello Kitty nunchucks to resolve their little squabble once and for all. It turns out there are some differences in how men and women generally deal with disagreements. Psychologist Joyce Benenson explains that women — as the childbearers and primary childcarers of the species — evolved to handle disputes in ways that minimize their risk of being physically harmed through retaliation. This has led to a female tendency toward covert aggression -- sneaky attacks that are often hard to identify as attacks, like sabotaging other women’s status through gossip and social exclusion. Men, in contrast, tend to favor more straight-up forms of dispute resolution, from put-down fests to bar fights (with or without medieval weapons). The thing is, an evolved tendency for a certain behavior (like indirectness) isn’t a mandate that you behave accordingly. You can instead choose to be direct: Inform these two that you refuse to be the prize in this battle of theirs and thus refuse to hear another word about it from either of them. When they forget (aka see whether they can sneak in a rant to you about what a #$%& the other is), be straightforward in reminding them of your retirement as a giant ear. Being direct is sure to be uncomfortable the first few times, but as you increasingly make it a habit, you should find it far easier and certainly more effective than coming up with creative excuses every time the phone rings: “Sorry! Still haven’t found my gavel. Talk soon!

BY Amy Alkon

: A male friend says that a woman who wants a hookup can just blurt out “I wanna have sex with you!” to a man and have him take her up on that. However, he claims that a guy who says this to a woman is taking a big risk and is likely to just offend her and possibly get a drink thrown in his face. Is he right? — Confused Dude


: A guy’s “I wanna have sex with you!” does work on women — movies where the entire plotline is “A nurse gets in the elevator.” To be unappealingly frank, men, in a sexual pinch, have been known to get it on with items in their refrigerator. So, especially in guys’ late teens and 20s, the bar for casual sex partners isn’t set all that high — as in, “Wow, girl, that’s some pulse you have on you!” Women, on the other hand, evolved to be the choosier sex. Female emotions push them to hold out for signs that a man would be willing and able to stick around and commit resources, should a screaming baby result from their naked romp in the back seat of the, um, thing prehistoric people dragged firewood around on. These sex differences were reflected in recent research led by evolutionary psychologist Mons Bendixen on men’s and women’s signaling of sexual interest. Women tended to make themselves out to be more sexually interested in a particular man than they actually were. The researchers suspect this may be a strategy that allows women to hold men’s attention for longer. This, in turn, gives a woman more time to assess a man or “strategically increase his hope of having a chance” with her (translation: keep the dude on the hook while milking his American Express card like it has a set of udders). In contrast, the researchers found that men generally pretended to be far less interested in sex than they actually were — presumably to avoid coming off as a man tramp or the sexual version of a starving Dickensian orphan. In other words, your friend is probably right: Honesty, as a sex-seeking tactic for a man, is only “the best policy” if the photo of his perfect match on a dating site is a tall container of lotion wearing an old tube sock as a scarf.

“Jonesin” Crosswords

"Start the Picture" --all featuring something in common. by Matt Jones ACROSS 1 “Buenos Aires” musical 6 A plus 11 “Power Is Power” singer born Sol·na Imani Rowe 14 Moses’ mountain 15 Renault vehicle marketed in the U.S. with a sortaFrench name 16 Singer Benatar 17 It may be stunning 18 It’s put on when being courageous 20 Decays 22 “___ my case” 23 Cereal with a cuckoo mascot 26 Hercules’ stepmother 30 Social critter 31 Krypton, e.g. 32 Number of novels in “The Chronicles of Narnia” 33 First lady between Eleanor and Mamie 35 Ring arbiter 37 Epic that includes the Trojan Horse 38 Delivery person in a brown uniform 41 He played House 44 Reddit event full of questions 45 Early WWI river battle site 49 Dark-to-light hair coloring trend 50 Gp. led by Mahmoud Abbas 52 It may be a snap 53 Pre-”Happy Days” Ron Howard role 54 Host of “The Voice” 58 Make amends 60 It may come before overcast weather 61 Blockaded 65 PC platform with command lines 68 World Cup chant 69 Flash drives, memory cards, etc. 70 Some laptops 71 Ditch 72 Campus head, in headlines 73 Movie studio that the beginnings of the 5 theme answers have in common DOWN 1 Suffix with winning or best, slangily 2 By way of

3 Category for fleas, but not ticks 4 1990s cardio fad 5 Steering wheel safety device 6 Calgary’s prov. 7 It’s absent in the Impact font seen in many memes 8 Cold-weather wear 9 Roof overhangs 10 ___ leches cake 11 Hotel amenity 12 Efron of “17 Again” 13 Emulated Matt Stonie 19 Early Civil War battle site in Tenn. 21 Hardly packed 23 Ride around town, maybe 24 Undivided 25 Like thrift-shop goods 27 March 16, for St. Patrick’s Day (hey, someone tried it) 28 Big name in camping gear 29 As well as 32 “What’d I tell you?!” 34 Phantasmagoric 36 Address for a monk 37 “Elena of ___” (Disney Channel cartoon) 39 Diner order 40 Little demons 41 Place to go in England? 42 Guitar store buy 43 Where, in Latin 46 Stretchy fabric 47 Nigiri fish, maybe 48 Singer LaMontagne 51 Like most itineraries 54 Software writer 55 Battery terminal 56 Do more repairs on 57 Plural seen way more in Ancient Greek history than in the modern decathlon 59 Short-term worker 61 Took home 62 Comedian Siddiq 63 Superman foe’s name 64 “King Kong” actress Wray 66 “Let You Love Me” singer Rita 67 Lithuania, once (abbr.)

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of what’s possible for you to experience and accomplish. One exercise that might help: visualize specific future adventures that excite you. Examples? Picture yourself parasailing over the Mediterranean Sea near Barcelona, or working to help endangered sea turtles in Costa Rica, or giving a speech to a crowded auditorium on a subject you will someday be an expert in. The more specific your fantasies, the better. Your homework is to generate at least five of these visions.

what we all want,” writes novelist Jonathan Lethem. “To move certain parts of the interior of myself into the exterior world, to see if they can be embraced.” Even if you haven’t passionately wanted that lately, Capricorn, I’m guessing you will soon. That’s a good thing, because life will be conspiring with you to accomplish it. Your ability to express yourself in ways that are meaningful to you and interesting to other people will be at a peak.

algorithms to analyze 300 million facts, a British scientist concluded that April 11, 1954 was the most boring day in history. A Turkish man who would later become a noteworthy engineer was born that day, and Belgium staged a national election. But that’s all. With this non-eventful day as your inspiration, I encourage you to have fun reminiscing about the most boring times in your own past. I think you need a prolonged respite from the stimulating frenzy of your daily rhythm. It’s time to rest and relax in the sweet luxury of nothingness and emptiness.

PISCES (Feb 19-March 20): The Blue Room is

a famous Picasso painting from 1901. Saturated with blue hues, it depicts a naked woman taking a bath. More than a century after its creation, scientists used X-rays to discover that there was an earlier painting beneath The Blue Room and obscured by it. It shows a man leaning his head against his right hand. Piscean poet Jane Hirshfield says that there are some people who are “like a painting hidden beneath another painting.” More of you Pisceans fit that description than any other sign of the zodiac. You may even be like a painting beneath a painting beneath a painting—to a depth of five or more paintings. Is that a problem? Not necessarily. But it is important to be fully aware of the existence of all the layers. Now is a good time to have a check-in.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): “How prompt

May 4th 4:30 – 8:00

creativity; an inspiring talisman or toy that keeps you alert to the key role your fecund imagination can and should play in nourishing your quest to live a meaningful life; a provocative work of art that spurs you to always ask for more help and guidance from the primal source code that drives you to reinvent yourself. So if you don’t have such a fertility symbol, I invite you to get one. If you do, enhance it with a new accessory.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): In my horoscopes,

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Using


The Old Art Building Derby Day Party


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): I invite you to explore the frontiers

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): “I want


APR 29 - MAY 05

we are to satisfy the hunger and thirst of our bodies,” wrote Henry David Thoreau. “How slow to satisfy the hunger and thirst of our souls!” Your first assignment in the coming days, Aries, is to devote yourself to quenching the hunger and thirst of your soul with the same relentless passion that you normally spend on giving your body the food and drink it craves. This could be challenging. You may be less knowledgeable about what your soul thrives on than what your body loves. So your second assignment is to do extensive research to determine what your soul needs to thrive.

I often speak to you about your personal struggle for liberation and your efforts to express your soul’s code with ever-more ingenuity and completeness. It’s less common that I address your sacred obligation to give back to life for all that life has given to you. I only infrequently discuss how you might engage in activities to help your community or work for the benefit of those less fortunate than you. But now is one of those times when I feel moved to speak of these matters. You are in a phase of your astrological cycle when it’s crucial to perform specific work in behalf of a greater good. Why crucial? Because your personal well-being in the immediate future depends in part on your efforts to intensify your practical compassion.


(Aug. 23-Sept. 22): “We are whiplashed between an arrogant overestimation of ourselves and a servile underestimation of ourselves,” writes educator Parker Palmer. That’s the bad news, Virgo. The good news is that you are in prime position to escape from the whiplash. Cosmic forces are conspiring with your eternal soul to coalesce a well-balanced vision of your true value that’s free of both vain misapprehensions and self-deprecating delusions. Congrats! You’re empowered to understand yourself with a tender objectivity that could at least partially heal lingering wounds. See yourself truly!

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): The country of Poland

awards medals to couples that have stayed married for 50 years. It also gives out medals to members of the armed forces who have served for at least thirty years. But the marriage medal is of higher rank, and is more prestigious. In that spirit, I’d love for you to get a shiny badge or prize to acknowledge your devoted commitment to a sacred task—whether that commitment is to an intimate alliance, a noble quest, or a promise to yourself. It’s time to reward yourself for how hard you’ve worked and how much you’ve given.

ScORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Scorpio poet


Come celebrate the 145th Kentucky Derby televised on the big screen! Arrive early for your Mint Julip and Benedictine Place your bets on your favorite horse. Don your best Derby Hat and Bow Tie You could win a prize! Tickets are $20 / nonmembers $22 and include two drink tickets, and lots of fun! Ticket are available at MyNorthTickets or call the Old Art Building at 231-256-2131.

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(May 21-June 20): “We must choose between the pain of having to transcend oppressive circumstances, or the pain of perpetual unfulfillment within those oppressive circumstances,” writes mental health strategist Paul John Moscatello. We must opt for “the pain of growth or the pain of decay,” he continues. We must either “embrace the tribulations of realizing our potential, or consent to the slow suicide in complacency.” That’s a bit melodramatic, in my opinion. Most of us do both; we may be successful for a while in transcending oppressive circumstances, but then temporarily lapse back into the pain of unfulfillment. However, there are times when it makes sense to think melodramatically. And I believe now is one of those times for you. In the coming weeks, I hope you will set in motion plans to transcend at least 30 percent of your oppressive circumstances.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): You Cancerians

can benefit from always having a fertility symbol somewhere in your environment: an icon or image that reminds you to continually refresh your relationship with your own abundant

Sylvia Plath wrote, “I admit I desire, / Occasionally, some backtalk / From the mute sky.” You’ll be wise to borrow the spirit of that mischievous declaration. Now is a good time to solicit input from the sky, as well as from your allies and friends and favorite animals, and from every other source that might provide you with interesting feedback. I invite you to regard the whole world as your mirror, your counselor, your informant.


(Nov. 22-Dec. 21): In January 1493, the notorious pirate and kidnapper Christopher Columbus was sailing his ship near the land we now call the Dominican Republic. He spotted three creatures he assumed were mermaids. Later he wrote in his log that they were “not half as beautiful as they are painted [by artists].” We know now that the “mermaids” were actually manatees, aquatic mammals with flippers and paddleshaped tails. They are in fact quite beautiful in their own way, and would only be judged as homely by a person comparing them to mythical enchantresses. I trust you won’t make a similar mistake, Sagittarius. Evaluate everything and everyone on their own merits, without comparing them to something they’re not.




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