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Weddings in Northland

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4 .................... Current trends, dreams and themes 6 & 7............ The bride’s dress of her dreams 9 ..................... The well suited groom 11 .................. Mother of the bride 15 .................. The big picture on catering 19 .................. The fashionable wedding cake 21 .................. His and her wedding rings 23 .................. Your beauty makeover 24 .................. Prepare your hair 25 .................. Your hairstyle on the day 26 .................. Flowers and floral trends 28 .................. Bridesmaids and flowergirls 30 .................. The wedding moon or the honeymoon 32 & 33 ...... Your wedding checklist 35 .................. The marriage of same sex couples 36 .................. Make the second time around one to remember 37 .................. Appraising reception venues 38 .................. The venue checklist 40 .................. Northlands wealth of venues 41 .................. Essential venue questions 42 .................. The do’s and don’ts at your wedding reception 43 .................. The romance of a night-time wedding 45 .................. Wine time 46 .................. The ultimate eco wedding 47 .................. Wedding ambience 48 .................. Popping the question 49 .................. The art of giving 50 .................. Wedding vows, customs and beliefs 51 .................. Speeches with attitude 52 .................. The bridal shower and the stag night 53 .................. Your mode of transport 54 .................. Fashionable wedding favours 55 .................. Your invitations 56 .................. The importance of your photographer 57 .................. Technology and your wedding 58 .................. Wedding music 59 .................. The importance of live music 60 .................. Your wedding budget 62 .................. The laws of marriage

Visit our website or our ‘Plan Your Wedding Here’ every Saturday in the classified section of the Northern Advocate Cover photo courtesy of Nicole Jecentho of Nicole Jecentho Photography,

your day, our catering, your way...

ROCK SALT CATERING we specialise in individual, creative options to suit your venue, your guest requirements and budget.

Please contact us to discuss your personal requirements 459 4509 Home Office | 0274 848747 Mobile email:


What’s trending in 2013 Mint

Huge on the runway in 2013 and sure to be incorporated into many weddings

Birds of a feather

Bird themed weddings, centerpieces decorated with peacock and ostrich feathers, feathered veils and fascinators, bird necklaces

Lounging about

A comfy lounge area at the wedding reception, indoors or outdoors, personalised with a pool table, the groom’s home brew, a favourite cocktail?

Colour and patterns

Wedding dresses in bold colours, or just a touch of colour on white. Patterns (chevrons, stripes, paisley and polka dots) in the decor and on the ties of the grooms


Handmade bridal gowns and accessories, custom ties and pocket squares for grooms, make your own jewellery for the big day


Who doesn’t love a barbecue?


The video camera may be a thing of the past, with smart phones taking up the slack. Live stream your ceremony and upload photos and videos to Facebook as soon as you take them.

Live entertainment

Your typical wedding band of the 1960s is now but an historical memory, but why not think laterally and hire some live entertainment talent available now ... clowns, comedians, musicians, tarot readers? ›

Dream it

and theme it

Black and white

Create some dram, pizazz and elegance with a black and white theme. From wedding party attire, stunning table decorations, a `black light’ dance floor, white rum cocktails and black label whiskey.

Red carpet

Blitz your guests with glitz! Roll out the red carpet, posh evening dress and paparazzi style photos, then delight your guests with an award-ceremony reception and big band dance music.

Village fete

Dress up a garden wedding with flags and bunting, set up a hoop-la, wacky races,

Themed weddings are very popular overseas and often involving guests in a custom-made production like a Hollywood movie. While less prevalent in New Zealand, the idea of modestly theming your wedding is catching on - so try these for size and fun! game of cricket or gazebo dance floor and enjoy some nostalgic afternoon tea, a picnic or a marquee reception.


Rig up a big screen with a Bollywood movie in the background, get dressed in spectacular sari silks, put on an Indian food feast and learn some Bollywood dance moves to share with your guests.

Art deco

Recapture art deco style in a sleekly draped dress, vintage cars and dry martini cocktails. Dance up a storm to some jazz or ragtime and serve some elegant finger food with champagne. ›

At the Copthorne Hotel & Resort Bay Of Islands we give you the individual attention you deserve and take care of all the details, to ensure your wedding day is truly special. Your entire wedding can be hosted here at our resort from exchanging vows between the palm trees with a lovely back setting of the PaciďŹ c Ocean to your reception. Contact us today for more info.

Stunning Scener y

Delectable Cuisine


Timeless Memories

ph: (09) 402 7411

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of your dreams The dress

Every bride wants that once in a lifetime dress, finding it may take you on a search of many different options, whether you buy, hire, make, borrow, inherit or have it designed. Sometimes the gown a bride has always imagined wearing is not the one she eventually chooses. It’s a wise bride who goes looking with an open mind to find the style and shade that suits her to perfection.


Having a gown designed and made just for you is the ultimate in individuality, but naturally it will cost you more than a readymade dress. Your designer will want to discuss prospective ideas and styles with you, as well as what suits you and your personality. Bringing an illustration, a piece of lace or item of jewellery is helpful for inspiration.

The designer will have access to a range of fabrics and trimmings to create the dress you have chosen. While white is the obvious choice for bridal gowns, ivory, parchment, magnolia, silver, champagne, gold or blush can be more flattering on some brides.


Beautiful wedding dresses are available “off the peg’’ at specialist bridal shops. As well as New Zealand designs, many are imported, so be sure to allow adequate time for the dress you select to be ordered from overseas. With a wonderful range of styles to try before you buy, your dream dress might be right there on the rack! Once chosen your gown can be expertly fitted and altered if necessary. Bridal shops have an impressive selection of accessories and attendants’ dresses to complement your gown.


Choose a pattern and some stunning bridal fabric and let a skilled dressmaker create an exquisite gown for you. With an inspiring selection of silk, satin, lace, brocade and voile, there won’t be another gown

exactly like yours, and it won’t be as costly as a designer dress either. Be sure to choose a reputable dressmaker and always ask to see examples of their work before you decide.


Hiring a wedding gown often lets you have that dream dress for less than purchasing it or having it made. Unless you plan to keep your gown as an heirloom, hiring can be an excellent option for the budget conscious bride. As well as dedicated wedding hire shops, theatrical costume hire can sometimes provide you with a period gown for a themed wedding, or at least the inspiration for one.


There may be a vintage or heirloom gown belonging to family and friends that you could wear. Borrowed or inherited, such gowns provide special magic on your wedding day and are becoming very sought after. Care must be taken when handling a vintage dress as the fabric becomes fragile with age and requires expert cleaning and storage.


Expensive and exquisite dresses are often to be found in the for sale columns, or on Trademe. Many have been purchased or imported from overseas and you may discover a genuine designer bridal gown at a fraction of the original cost. You can always have it refitted or altered with beading, add a sparkly belt or trim to your personal taste.

Other alternatives:

Your wedding gown need not be traditional bridal style, colour or price. Look at ball gowns, cocktail outfits and maxi dresses. Try summer sales at designer boutiques as well as chain store racks and mail order companies. With style and imagination, a simple dress can always be beautifully and uniquely enhanced with classy accessories.›



Traditionally veils were worn to symbolise the purity and innocence of the bride. Today they remain a matter of personal preference but have recently enjoyed new popularity whether long, short, lacy, sassy or lovingly old. A cathedral veil is long and trailing. It may overlay a train which is part of the wedding gown or be the train itself, but the style is usually worn for formal and elaborate weddings with attendants who carry the train for the bride. A mantilla is a Spanish-styled veil of heavy or intricate lace worn with a concealed comb. Hair can be long or short, but the elaborateness of the veil is best complemented by a simple classic gown. A waterfall veil is a double layer and worn to waist length. Often rolled or lace edged, it complements a long gown and elegant upswept hairstyle. One layer may cover the face during the ceremony of a traditional wedding. A blusher veil is usually chin length or shoulder length with a longer layer at the back and a short layer worn over the face if desired. It looks ideal with a short hairstyle and complements the `tea length’ of in fashion 50’s style gowns.

A birdcage veil with toque or fascinator is very retro 40’s and very popular at present. It works well with a slinky gown, suit or sassy cocktail length dress and looks great with short or low coiled hair styles. An heirloom veil is thought to bestow luck, love and long life to the new bride. It is often a favourite `old’ item to uphold the traditional theme of `something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’. A bride pulling back her veil for the first kiss is less common these days. Modern brides are shunning the regal look of a tulle veil and tiaras. Instead a more contemporary look is jewelled headpieces (a la Kim K), pretty hair clips and combs, or for beach weddings flowers are fitting. With the vintage chic look remaining hot for 2012/13 wedding season, wedding dress designers say that birdcage style veils will still be trending. The birdcage veil can be a fishnet veil either over the eyes or positioned on the hair and secured with combs. In fashion it is a look popular since the 20s and recent celebrity weddings have propelled this look into the mainstream. Birdcage veils can be styled to suit the face shape and dress. They look particularly good with off white, champagne or oyster coloured vintage style dresses. The birdcage can be placed to fit the hair. A birdcage over one eye looks stylish and gives a cheeky nod to the virginal connotations of the veil. For less formal weddings, a head piece is not necessary but instead you can draw the attention to the hair with a well-chosen clip that matches the jewels.›

Hidden Treasures Wedding Gowns ♥ Horseshoes ♥ Cake Knives ♥ Guest Books ♥ Cake Decorations ♥ Ball Gowns ♥ Garters ♥ Wedding Glasses ♥ Jewellery ♥ and much more!

Nep’s Creations is now located at “Hidden Treasures” 115 Broadway ~ Kaikohe Ph 09 405 3130 • 021 034 5496 • Email

Shoes Wedding


Keep an open mind when shopping for wedding shoes. They don’t have to be a one hit wonder. The colour of the dress doesn’t have to dictate the shoes. If you set your heart on a particular shoe you can consider dying it. Have this done professionally. Go for comfort as well as looks. If you are used to walking in high heels then you can feel confident on the day. But if you normally wear flats it is not advisable to try out those four inch Louboutins, no matter how good they look. Practise walking. All eyes will be on you gliding up the aisle. The weather and venue should also be taken into account in shoe choice. On grass, avoid that sinking feeling by using heel stoppers. You can’t control the weather but you can protect your shoes from being ruined by spraying them. It is no use having million dollar shoes if your hobbitlike toes are in view. Schedule a pedicure the week before the wedding. Get your feet waxed. Invest in a bit of toe bling.›

- Suits - Wedding Gowns - Bridesmaids Dresses - Flowergirl Dresses BEFORE THE BIG DAY: We offer a steaming/ pressing service so your suits and dresses look perfect for the day. AFTER THE EVENT: We offer a meticulous, hand finished cleaning and pressing service with our renowned attention to detail. Finally your wedding gown can be carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue and elegantly placed in a purpose designed protective box for storage and preservation.

Cnr Bank & Water Streets, Whangarei Ph 09 438 1124

Suits that LOOK GOOD 8

from DD Gold Ltd

DD Gold Ltd have been supplying suits to locals for a few years now. The Kaitaia shop handles suit hiring, and both the Kerikeri and Kaitaia stores sell our wonderful corporate suiting range. Check the range out online at by selecting either BIZ Corporates or Suit Hire from our catalogue page. We handle the measurements and can supply shirts as well. We also have our mending and alteration service – so whether you hire or buy, we can guarantee that fit you want. (* alterations incur an additional charge) Here are some tips about suits – for guys and gals Fit is everything. Even an expensive suit will look bad if it doesn’t fit your body. Always unfasten your jacket buttons when you sit. No exceptions. A suit jacket should come down to the first knuckle on your thumb. When your jacket is buttoned, you should be able to fit a fist between your chest and the fabric—no more, no less.

Your jacket sleeves should reveal about half an inch of shirt cuff. If they don’t, try a short size instead. Your pants should sit at your waist (not your hips). You should be able to fit one finger into the waistband comfortably. For a classic look, offset a bold tie with an understated shirt. And remember – if in doubt two variations of the same colour always look good together. To vent or not to vent. Go for two side vents if you have a large posterior – that means at least half of us. Only choose plaid for your suit, shirt or tie, or dramatic colours if your partner approves!

Look Good, Play Better

with DD Gold Ltd

09 4086070 Kaitaia, 09 407 1527 Kerikeri,

Buying or Hiring can supply a suit to match your budget!

Kerikeri - 09 407 5217 Kaitaia - 09 408 6070




Today’s grooms are keen to create a look that complements the bride’s style while fitting their own personality and desire for comfort. Brides are usually consulted to ensure the continuity of the wedding theme, but grooms should try a variety of styles to see which suits their height and body shape best. Those of medium height and build can wear almost any style but for other body shapes, the cut, style, length and fit should all be considered.

Tall and solid:

Choose a single breasted jacket possibly with a shawl collar without notched lapels that minimises stockiness. For the same reason select a waistcoat rather than a cummerbund that emphasises the waistline. Ensure the jacket reaches the hips and fits comfortably across the chest and the shoulders and avoid pleated trouser styles.

Tall and thin:

Try a double breasted jacket and pleated trousers that both downplay slenderness. A good fit should not be baggy and be tailored at the waist, while slight padding in the

shoulders can create a more muscular look.

Short and slim:

Either a double breasted jacket or a single breasted one with notched lapels will suggest more broadness. Small ties are best suited for the slim build and a waistcoat should not be of large patterned fabric.

Short and stocky:

Go for a shawl collar on a single breasted jacket which buttons near the belt line, or try a thigh length jacket that makes the torso look longer. Trousers should be flat waisted and well-tailored to give a leaner look. Avoid wing tip shirt collars which make the neck look shorter and opt instead for a spread collar. Discard a cummerbund in favour of a waistcoat. Hire, buy or borrow. Whatever suit style you choose be sure it’s design, fabric and fit will flatter you and that it’s appropriate for the season and the occasion. Ensure it’s cleaned, pressed and tailored for ideal length too. ›

Clothes make the man and getting the right clothes for the big day is just as important for the groom and his party as it is for the bride. Make your choices early. How many attendants you have is up to you and ideally, they should all be dressed with matching ties (if you are going formal) or shirts and casual jackets if the mood is lighter and less formal. If you’re planning an off-shore wedding at a tropical island, matching tropical shirts could also be just the right look for your big day. The option of wearing something

old and something new, something borrowed and something blue doesn’t affect the groom. Check out local suit hire outlets, choose your shirts and ties, and talk to the suit outlet if you are unsure of just the look you wish to achieve. By doing your homework early, you’ll ensure the right outfits are on hand early and someone is not running around on your wedding day trying to lift the hems of your trousers or find a black belt to finish the picture. Formal, casual, country side or tropical island, decide on your theme early with your bride, talk to your suit hire specialists and make sure the delivery of your clothing is timely for your big day. ›

Northland’s Premier Suit Hire Company 2 Rust Ave, Whangarei Phone 09 438 8135 email: web: Open: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm Sat 9am-12pm

Justifications run out the window


when it comes to weddings.

The bride is allowed to be precious, moody and opinionated when it comes to anything to do with her big day and the mother of the bride often needs her permission on what she’s going to wear. Price is not to be mentioned. It is the mother of the bride’s duty to ‘look fabulous’ for her daughter on this monumental ental day. Fun or exhausting depends on how long it takes to find your perfect outfit... the dress, the shoes, the clutch, the jewellery, the fascinator... For the October/ November/ December wedding, start looking in August/September, the stock only lessens from then on. You need to be early. For the Jan/Feb weddings there is a new direction from the wholesalers just coming through that is giving an extra drop of wedding outfits, a small window of ‘fresh’ new looks in Nov/ Dec that most retailers are picking up on . Personally at Polwarth design, we’ve been the wedding specialists for the past 20 years, and have your interests at heart. We make it our point of difference to make you feel and look fantastic. Mothers of the Groom, you are so important too, outshine the mother of the bride if you want. There are no rules and we have heard many times that you don’t

feel as important. You are!!! Remember without you there would be no wedding!!! ‘Beige’ if you don’t want to overexpose. Or this season, Fuschia pink lime, lemon, tangerine, turquoise... the colour world is yours. Own it!!! This season, The Wedding Season, is fabulous. Floral, flower garden prints are a fresh new look. The fabrics are tending to run more into the natural fibres, in silks, cottons, linens, cotton/ silks and rayon. Rich cotton lace adorns the simple 1960’s shifts, Floral dupion silks and cotton jacquards make up beautifully in the full skirted, self-belted 1950’s looks...there are many great looks, many fantastic style, many fantastic colours. Push your comfort zone, be a little outrageous, and have a fantastic fun time. And don’t forget your outfit for…the next day…the reception…the plane… Just milk it!!! He’ll be just so proud of you all!!!›

Your One Stop Y

Wedding Shop We’ve got the dress, the jacket, the suit, the shoes, the handbag, the fascinator, the bling…

WHANGAREI Open 7 Days Okara Shopping Centre (2 doors down from Bendon)

Phone 09 438 9697

DARGAVILLE Open Mon-Sat 78 Victoria Street

Phone 09 439 7341


Mother of the Bride is such a tricky look to get right it has become a fashion stereotype.

You don’t want to look like the Queen Mother, but don’t go so overboard on the glamour that you upstage the bride. The look to aim for is sophistication and elegance. Avoid all black or all white. Dress to the knee. You don’t have to match everything. Choose a boutique with a personal stylist that can help you put a whole look together including accessories. Start with a well-fitted dress or skirt and top, and then find a contrasting jacket or bolero. If you don’t wear dresses, a pair of fabulous draping trousers, silk shirt and sparkly shoes will look amazing. This is a day when you can wear a hat and feel fabulous not awkward. The royal wedding endorsed the hat so treat it as fun. Colour wise - gold and silver always look elegant, or an outfit in a nice teal blue or fuchsia pink. If you have colour in your outfit, go plain with your clutch and shoes. If you have a plain coloured outfit then go bright on the accessories. Shoes complete an outfit and should not be a last minute thought. Nude or metallic coloured shoes work with most colours. Gloves are a trend in 2013. Long fine gloves are suitable for winter or evening weddings. Invest in quality pieces and you will look and feel special. An outfit you can wear again justifies the cost. Have a scarf, shawl bolero, jacket or parasol on hand as you need to be mindful of the weather. It is hard to look fabulous if you get sunstroke, wet or cold. ›


LUXURY FASHION BOUTIQUE for all Special Occasions

♥M Mother oth ot ther her of tthe he B Bride rid ri ide de & G Groom room ro om ♥ Weddings, Cocktail & Evening Wear ♥ Bridesmaids ♥ Designer Accessories

Professional Style Consultant in-store to assist 71 Cameron Street, Whangarei • Phone: 438 7770 Email:

Red Ruby Luxury Fashion Boutique


Mother of the Bride look your best!

As the “Mother of the Bride’ you want to look your best, but it’s hard when the inner glow of pride is marred by the reflection in the mirror that so kindly reminds of how old we are getting. Bellissimo Skin & Body offer skin revision programmes for all ages, skin conditions and genetic backgrounds to help rejuvenate and repair your skin utilizing the DMK Paramedical Skincare system to bring back that outer glow. To address wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin, we must first understand the processes that cause the skin to age. Poor circulation and lymph drainage result in a loss of structural integrity, weakened fragile capillaries, decreased skin density and a decline in collagen production causing the dermal structures to deteriorate and the skin to sag. With the decline in enzymatic activity, cell division slows down and solar keratosis and impact of the environment become evident. Ageing is the result of a decline in skin function.

To turn back the clock our goal is to assist and support the skin in carrying out its function with a long-term strategy to minimize inflammation wherever possible. Currently prescribed and/or recommended treatments over the past several decades promote inflammation or result in immunosuppression of the normal functions of skin, we are facing a situation in which the things that we are doing to our skin only make us look younger temporarily. These actions end up causing long lasting damage and result in more rapid aging. We need to change our approach and do things on a dermal level. We need to stop creating inflammation and compromising the health of our skin.

At Bellissimo Skin & Body our Advanced Paramedical Therapists approach these conditions by revising old and damaged tissue, encouraging the skin to function optimally. We address the decline in processes that occur by revising the underlying architecture of the skin, rather than merely acting on it. The treatments focus on what skin really responds to - in other words, what really works. A great complexion will compliment your stunning outfit and give you an extra glow on your daughter’s wedding day. Phone our salon on 09 438 2964 to book a complimentary skin consultation with one of our Advanced Paramedical DMK Therapists.›

Web: Tel: (09) 438 2964 27 Norfolk Street, Whangarei (Offstreet parking available)

® A 12 week program designed to revise the signs of ageing and the health of your skin. By removing redundant skin cells and tightening facial muscles, the DMK A-Lift® treatment works by stimulating the underlying structures of the skin. It gives the face its own workout; similar to how you would tone and tighten the body with exercise. The treatment is performed over a 12 week period, the DMK A-Lift® uses trans-dermally delivered formulations that work with the skin’s functions to encourage it to function as it did when it was younger. Recommended as a course of 12 weekly treatments - retail value $2000.00


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Corner Marsden Point Road & Sime Road, Marsden Point


Choose Allure

for your wedding

Born and bred in Whangarei, the owners/operators of Allure Weddings, Frances and Troy, are very passionate about Northland and creating affordable and accessible solutions for Weddings and Parties. They love what they do and together their imagination is endless, knowledge is broad and they are continually developing new products in order to provide fresh new options for customer’s events. They pride

themselves on thinking outside of the normal parameters and for coming up with innovative solutions to fulfil the needs and challenges of their clients. At the same time they keep prices competitive that

leaves spare change in their customers’ budgets, complemented with the very best service. Allure Weddings/Northland Party Hire as a business offers a large range of services including wedding and party hire items, a large unique Spit Roaster, tables and chairs, customised made-to-order wedding gowns, candy buffets, set up and pack down services and much more! Don’t look past hiring their recently added service Picarazzi Photobooth for a fantastic experience for any event - Weddings, Parties, Birthdays, Balls, Product Launches and more. From your initial contact, right through to after your event, you will be amazed at the level of professionalism and attention to detail given by this company. Don’t get caught out with a small pokey booth that fits 2 people with a squeeze and that uses a webcam to take your pictures... insist on the best! Their Photobooth uses professional studio quality lighting to complement their high quality Canon DSLR camera. Images are of the highest quality and are able to be enlarged if you wish whilst retaining image quality from a USB stick. Their Photo booth is wheelchair accessible and able to fit up to 4-6 Adults inside, with the ability to open up to create an open studio for larger group shots. Whatever your event, be sure to speak to Allure Weddings / Northland Party Hire first – they have ALL aspects of your event covered. ›


Catering The


big picture

Some of the biggest decisions you make will revolve around catering. Other than the more moving parts of the ceremony, one of the lasting impressions left from a wedding is the food - just think back to weddings you have been to and you will get the picture. Whether you choose the in-house catering of your venue, an independent caterer, or a restaurant, the food is an element of the party you cannot afford to get wrong. Before making any catering decisions, perhaps it is best to determine the overall concept of your ideal wedding. When choosing the catering, set your budget in advance, as it will help the caterer create an appropriate menu. Ask to try sample menus. Check they use fresh ingredients. It is important to `gel’ with your caterer, because they play an important role for creating a great day. Find out exactly

what role they play on the day, do they arrive, set up, serve and go? Or do you want a full on service with bar staff. Of course the size of your budget should be taken into account when you make your final decisions as well. Better to go for an option that is well within your finances than one that strains them. The guests won’t know the difference. When deciding on a menu, remember you are not just catering for your own likes but all your guests. It is not the time to experiment with obscure dishes. Cater for any dietary requirements such as vegetarian and gluten free. Ask about how the menu is displayed on the tables, as you may want a particular design that is coordinated with your table decoration. Will it be tradition or will you personalise it?

Your Function, Our Gear

Is the venue a hotel, vineyard, country hall or family garden? Will it be casual or formal? Once you have your overall plan in place, then catering decisions can be made that are practical and enhance the spirit of your wedding. A set menu with usually three courses served at the table is the most traditional option. A buffet has the advantages of offering a much wider selection of choices and also encourages guests to mix, however, queues can cause a problem. An addition that will please almost everyone is a barbecue option. But don’t forget there are a good number of people who have specific dietary requirements like gluten-free or vegetarian. Between the wedding ceremony and the wedding dinner there is inevitably that time where guests mingle and wait for the bride and groom. This is where finger food comes into its own. Choose options that delight the taste buds and complement the beverages, with portions that are small and manageable. And as a guest, don’t forget that it’s rude to criticise the food at a wedding. Just appreciate the spirit it comes with. Northland caterers report that couples are seeking alternatives to the traditional set menu not just for budget reasons but also to add a point of difference. With the Northland trend for smart casual weddings rather than Royal Wedding extravaganzas, the catering reflects this. Retro vintage themes and afternoon tea parties with dainty treats are popular in garden weddings. A gourmet barbecue suits a summer beach wedding. Bubble and canapés work for an intimate wedding but this wouldn’t suit if guests have come from afar and expect a full meal. Dessert tables are also popular-a contemporary version of the sweet trolley where guests can sample a bit of everything. ›


- Pre-event gatherings - Special occasions - Business functions - Weddings - Funerals


Let us help you take the stress out of organising that big event in your life. Our party hire equipment can be delivered with your marquee making your life easier. Contact us to discuss all your function needs. Full equipment & pricelist available online SHOWROOM 38 Matthews Avenue, Kaitaia Ph: 0800 993 883 Ph: 09 408 3895 Mob: 021 542 246 Email: Websites: |

Co Contact Anita or Jan 021 126 0408 ja ww

Your Ideal Wedding Venue Looking for an elegant wedding venue with modern facilities at an affordable price? Our packages include venue hire, catering, audio visual, theming, personal wedding co-ordination and assistance with entertainment, photographers and local suppliers. We offer amazing service and take care of all set-up and cleaning. We’ll also give you a complimentary suite to use for the bridal party or as a crèche and we can arrange a pre-reception lounge if required. Check out our packages online or pick up a copy from the venue. We are passionate about what we do and will go the extra mile to ensure your day is memorable and stress free.

Phone 09 430 4833 |


OfďŹ ce Phone: 09 470 2595 C/o Toll Stadium, Okara Dr,Whangarei

The team at Absolute Caterers are dedicated to making your special day one to remember Established since 2001, we are fast earning a re reputation for wonderful food and ex excellent service. Expect the best! Big or smal small let our passionate, experience experienced and creative catering team make your function a success.

Located in the Toll Stadium Okara Drive, Whangarei

From ďŹ nger food to a fully serviced formal dinner, Absolute will deliver a great service and product. Corporate catering or private we pride ourselves on tailoring our service and menus to best meet your needs. eds. or call 09 470 2595

Global Diamonds 18

Your First Choice for Engagement & Wedding Rings in Northland

Maybe you are engaged already, perhaps you are planning to be. Whatever stage you are at the team at Global Diamonds can help you every step of the way. From unique handcrafted Engagement Rings, to beautiful Bespoke Wedding Rings, to Earrings, Bracelets and Pendants to complement your beautiful dress, Robyn and the team will work with you to find the perfect item for your big day. If it’s the perfect Engagement Ring that you are searching for Global Diamonds will help guide you towards an engagement ring that will be treasured for generations to come. If Global Diamonds doesn’t have the perfect ring already in their collection, they would love to design and craft one to suit your style. At Global Diamonds you can

choose the stone from a large selection available at the best price, all sourced from ethical suppliers. Global’s experienced staff will help you with choosing the perfect stone within budget. They can help with the design or can work from pictures you supply. If you buy your engagement ring from Global Diamonds you will receive a discount voucher for your Wedding Rings. If you already have your Engagement Ring then Global Diamonds is the best place to visit to get the perfect Wedding Ring to compliment your Engagement Ring. Global Diamonds

don’t hold a large range of these as they prefer to custom make each Wedding Ring to ensure it fits perfectly with your Engagement Ring. If a perfect fit is what you want, then call today, as it’s Global Diamonds speciality. Global Diamonds can also remodel old rings if you want to use old family pieces in your Wedding Jewellery. With a talented and experienced team on site, you will be looked after every step of the way.

Gr Great Service…Best Prices… Quality Workmanship

Global Diamonds is holding a special “Bridal Evening” in store with representatives from Allure Weddings, Villa Hair, Essentially Skin and Floribunda at 17 Rathbone Street, Whangarei on Wednesday 23rd October at 6:00 pm. Please email or phone on 430 2375 to receive your exclusive invitation. ›


17 Rathbone Street, Whangarei 430 2375

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Displaying your cake


Modern wedding cakes are edible works of art, combining the skill of the baker and the artistry of the confectioner. They present creations with stunning colours, designs, shapes and decorations to complement any theme, so why not put it on spectacular show! Dedicate a special table for the cake so that it can be photographed easily and guests can see it as well as taste it. Look at the size and shape of the table when setting it for the cake. A big table can make the cake look small or it gets swamped with flowers, glasses, candles and other embellishments used to fill the oversized table space. Choose the table linen carefully so that it sets off the cake to perfection. A white cake on a white tablecloth looks bland, so add some colour and background with a coloured bespoke cloth. Depending on the size, height and shape of the cake, display it on a plinth, platter, board, tray or special cake stand. Look at the background to ensure it’s not too light beside a window or overly dark. Consider some form of lighting to enhance it such as fairy lights or spotlights and ensure the backdrop wall colour or pattern will not detract from the beauty of the cake. ›

Remember, the wedding cake is the star of the food display at the reception, whether you are having a casual buffet or a silver service dinner. The look of the cake matters just as much as the taste. A good wedding cake company or individual needs to be both a clever designer and expert baker. Once you have decided on your wedding theme and colours, meet with the cake maker to discuss your vision. The key things to take into account are flavours, budget, guest numbers, colour, theme and design ideas. Bring magazine cuttings or photos of cakes you like. White or ivory iced cakes are the most popular. The fondant gives a clean fresh look and you can make the cake unique with decorations attached to the icing. For those preferring coloured icing, pale greens, dusky pinks and even turquoise or sea blues are trending. The fashion for vintage weddings has filtered into cake decoration with icing now including lace and pearls effects, and piping. Another trend is using fresh flowers as well as the traditional iced flowers. Fruitcake used to be de rigueur for wedding cakes but it is not as popular now. If you can’t decide on a flavour, why not opt for different flavours for each tier such as chocolate, lemon and banana with the not so-loved fruitcake as the small top tier. The latest flavour to tickle bride’s taste buds is caramel, say North cake makers. Gluten-free is becoming a more common request too. ›

Intimatevenue Specialservice Wonderfulfood 0800 267 262 238 Commerce St, Kaitaia

Your perfect match



Put the romance back into selecting the jewellery that marks the precious moments in your life. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind handcrafted engagement ring or wedding band, or perhaps you’re looking to have the two designed together as a set, then come in and take a look at our designs – you’re sure to fall in love. We also have a wide range of beautifully handcrafted pieces showcased in our store along with quality branded jewellery and watches. We will listen to your ideas and work with you to create your perfect piece of jewellery that you will love and cherish forever. We have a real passion for our creations and inspiration that will personalise your unique design, all within a friendly atmosphere. Using stunning handcrafted designs, our gemstones and diamonds are selected with the greatest care to ensure a stunning and beautifully finished piece. Everything we make is of the highest quality possible, and we sell it at a fair price. Every piece

is made to last and comes with a lifetime guarantee! We offer free after care service on all our pieces which includes cleaning, polishing and a health check of your jewellery. If you are travelling out of N.Z in the near future we can offer duty free prices. ›


Increasingly recognised on the international design stage, David’s well known plywood


signature lights have now extended into jewellery. In many ways it’s an obvious development, taking his gem-like pendant lights into something which can adorn the body - instead of the home.

Phone 09 438 2161 Shop 2, Quayside Marina, Town Basin Whangarei




When you have just got engaged, adorning your third finger with the rock of your dreams is top of a girl’s priority list. At this stage, few couples give thought to the wedding rings, often leaving their purchase until closer the wedding. While this is good for the pocket, after all you don’t want to shock the groom with a double purchase of bling, it does pay to have an idea of the wedding ring you want when shopping for the engagement ring. Consider if you will want to wear the engagement ring and the wedding ring together. If so, they will have to not only fit well together on the finger but complement each other. Most choose the same metals, but yellow and white gold can also look chic depending on the design. If the setting and style of your engagement ring is very detailed, a plainer wedding ring will offset it better. However, if you are going to wear your wedding ring on its own, you may want something more interesting than a plain band. Jewellers report that wedding rings with stone settings are now more often requested than plain settings. Also consider if you want `his and hers’ rings that give a nod to each other’s design to reflect your romantic bond. You can also request for your rings to be engraved, with the wedding date and initials or something personal to you both. ›

Jewellery Specialists • Handmaking / Custom Designs • Award-winning Jewellers • Remakes • Diamond / Coloured stone merchants • Reputable repair service • Insurance work • Free quotes • All work done onsite

Phone: 09 438 9700

Boutique 22

Nail Room

When planning a wedding there are so many things to consider including where to go for all your beauty needs & requirements. Nail Room Boutique is a small intimate boutique style salon where you receive a personal and memorable experience which sets us apart from the rest. The Nail Room Boutique strives to provide their clients with the highest level of professionalism, with the highest quality products, with their talent and expertise you will feel reassured, comfortable, welcome, pampered and confident in our care. They understand that leading up to your special day can be exhausting and stressful – come in, unwind, relax and get de-stressed in our soothing environment and allow our experts to groom you into a princess. Indulge in the Deluxe Wedding Pack, create your own or choose individually according to your needs.

With waxing, eye essentials, spray tanning, nail enhancements and makeup you’re sure to have everything covered for you and your bridal party from head to toe by the girls at the Nail Room Boutique. Accentuate your eyes with a brow tidy, tint if needed and lash perm or add a few semi permanent lashes for a fuller lash. Give your body a golden glow with a spray tan and beautify the hands with an Acrylic, Gel, Shellac or natural nail enhancement. Hens Night Indulgence? The Nail Room Boutique has beauty packages, and or individual treatments that will pamper and entertain. Enquire for a free consultation on what they can offer. “Let the Nail Room Boutique assist in taking care of you and your bridal party! ›

Specialising in Acrylic, Shellac, Gel and Natural Nail Enhancements for your Wedding or that Special Day! DELUXE WEDDING PACK • Deluxe Manicure • Deluxe Pedicure • Eye Works • Full Body Spray Tan • Lash Extensions




Professional MAKEUP Service * Travel cost not included in makeup cost

Vinylux Nail Polish



Long lasting weekly polish! No need for painting your nails every 2nd day!


Phone (09)

430 0004

Unit 7, 4 John Street, Whangarei


From long lashes

To smoldering shades ... Eyelash extensions:

From being almost unheard of three years ago, the majority of brides are now getting eyelash extensions. Apart from looking fabulous, they last three to four weeks so will be around for the pre and post wedding get-togethers. You also don’t need to worry about the mascara running if tears flow.


The trend is to keep eyebrows fairly natural. If you want to get rid of loose hairs, you should do so about four days before the

But to make sure you look picture perfect all day, have your makeup professionally applied. Book a trial with the make-up artist. Ask what products they use, their make-up should be suitable to look good, last all day and look good in photography. Ace your base. Prep your skin at least six months before the wedding. Drink water, exercise, use a good moisturiser and have facials. Dewy is romantic, but make up sliding off the face is not. Foundation should be matte and set with powder. Mineral make up is a good choice to avoid the caked-on look, and will reflect light without the shine. Use a base with sun protection. Keep eye shadows simple and natural. Have lashes dyed and brows shaped. Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. The eyes can be boldly defined with lashings of mascara or get your makeup artist to apply false lashes or extensions for extra batting power. For lips, stick to soft pinks and natural tones. Use a blush in a soft pink or copper undertone. Have regular manicures six months prior to the wedding to get nails in shape. Neutral tones or French manicure look sophisticated but not overstated. Put disposable makeup cloths, face spritzer, cotton buds and your lip colour in your day bag for freshen ups. ›

wedding. If you get your eyebrows waxed, do it ahead of time and then go back for a touch up three to four days before the wedding. For shaped brows decide on the shape months in advance so you have time to see if you like it, or want to go for something different.

to cool and alternative, but should be in keeping with the style of your outfit and wedding, as well as your personality - glam, patterns, elegant gold, tips, flecks of shine on nude nails, nude metallic, polka dots, floral motifs, animal prints, colour blocking and lots more.

Shellac manicure and pedicure:

Eyeliner and mascara:

It won’t hurt to do a few trial runs before you decide on an appropriate look. It’s best to get then done the day before the wedding when you aren’t under time pressure. The options are huge from classically elegant

Along with your eyelashes and eyebrows, eyeliner helps frame your eyes, bringing out the best in them. Options range from a classic look by lining only the upper eyelids to smoldering dark shades. ›

Brides are beautiful, happiness gives a glow that doesn’t come from a bottle.


Hair Prep Prep your locks for the big day by getting your tresses into tip-top shape in the months before. DIET

Drink lots of water. Follow a well-balanced eating plan and if you are dieting before the wedding make sure your hair doesn’t suffer. Include protein, iron and a vitamin supplement. Green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts and omega 3 rich salmon will help hair look healthy and glossy.


Invest in a professional salon shampoo and conditioner. You will notice the difference and it will ensure your hair is in top shape.


Have regular trims to remove split ends.


As well as your regular conditioner, use a weekly hair masque.


Stay out of the sun and chlorinated waters.


Charlotte Dawn

Head massages will stimulate the scalp and healthy hair growth. Treat yourself or massage when washing hair. For an extra treat before the wedding, an Ayurveda head massage with essential oils is both relaxing and great for hair. ›

Food Platters can be arranged at Charlotte Dawn Salon for an Extra $100 which includes Refreshments. When booking your Wedding through BRIDAL PACKAGE SPECIAL • Book in the bride and 4+ bridesmaids for Charlotte Dawn, we will require 1/2 Hair and Makeup on your Wedding Day. deposit to secure your special day. • Receive Exclusive use of Final Balance is due on the day before CHARLOTTE DAWN SALON we start your bridal party. Please note • Free Spray Tan for Bride deposit is non refundable. • Free Facial for Bride, 426 Kamo Road, Kamo, Whangarei


Wedd Wedding hair needs expert attention for a look that will wow but also stay in place all day.


Book a consultation with a hairdresser who specializes in weddings. Bring photos of looks you like. It helps if you have already got your dress. The style and neckline of the dress influences the hairstyle and whether it suits your hair down or up. Decide whether you want to have your hair done in a salon or if the hairdresser needs to come to the venue. There will be an extra charge for this but it is more convenient and less stressful. Make sure you schedule plenty of time for hair and makeup. If you are going to colour hair before the wedding do it at least a week before so the colour (especially if there is a toner used) has time to soften. Bouncy curls are popular and look contemporary styled with GHDs. If curling hair, do not wash it the same morning, for optimum curls and hold, hair should be not squeaky clean but not oily. Don’t over accessorize too much, little bobby pins with tiny crystal beads look gorgeous. The half-up, half-down style that Kate Middleton chose for her wedding ceremony is easy to achieve for most lengths of hair. Sleek chignons, French rolls or topknot ponytails are also sophisticated looks that impart glamour without the need for a headpiece. Feathers or beads can be added to the knot for extra drama. So that the bridal party is coordinated, the bridesmaids can have a simpler version of the bride’s look. If there are several bridesmaids, it looks chic to have them with the same hair style. ›


Bridal hair and makeup should be specially designed to suit you so that it holds special memories and makes your day even more magical.

Contact us today for a full consultation

Hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm, Saturday 9.00am - 3.00pm 0pm Late Night Thursday - 7. 7.30pm

Shop 4 Marsden Cove Marina One Tree Point

3 Walters Way, Coopers Beach

09 406 0034 n Tress Hair Design

Flowers 26

Flowers are a key part of the wedding style and theme.

It is important to pick a florist whose work you admire, and who can relate to you and the look you want to achieve. Ask friends for recommendations of florists and visit their shop. Don’t necessarily go for the cheapest quote. You get what you pay for and there are many factors that affect the quality of your wedding flowers. Good florists will source the best flowers direct from the growers, other florists may source from elsewhere and freshness may be compromised. Most bridal parties will have a colour theme and flowers will traditionally fit in with the colours of the bridesmaids’ dresses. However a new trend is to have the flowers the main style focal point, with brides opting for large bouquets of big bright blooms such as large roses, with bridesmaids holding smaller versions of the bride’s bouquet. Brides will often have some sentimental attachment to a particular flower. Roses are traditionally symbolic of romance and ever popular in weddings. Also trending this year are lisianthus, calla lilies and gerberas. Hydrangea has been very big this season, styled loosely with lisianthus. The scent is both reminiscent of childhood gardens and fresh and romantic for a bride. Do some research to find out if your preferred flowers will be in season for your wedding date. Winter weddings are becoming more popular with some common flowers including roses, gerberas, calla lilies and orchids. ›

flower trends


Add a real touch of Northland to Your Wedding Our unique approach merges the enduring richness of traditional Maori cultural art and design with contemporary Kiwiana flora. To get the Amber-Lee touch for your wedding, call the girls now!

09 438 4088 Check us out on Facebook or call into our retail store: 37 Maunu Road, Whangarei

• Include bark for a rustic look • Flower curtains • Add succulents • Wild flowers for a back to nature look • Glam up with inexpensive jewellery • Add fruits • Incorproate personal family items





Carol Tracey and flowers have had a very long relationship. Initially a grower and exporter of blooms, she went on to spend 18 years working as a self-employed florist in Kaitaia. She’s still growing for the shop at her home at Victoria Valley, but also patronises auctions in Auckland on a weekly basis.

Carol caters for all floral needs, from weddings and funerals to all manner of events. She particularly enjoys wedding floristry because “it gives you a sense of achievement. The objective is to make the day very special, and I enjoy being part of a bride’s special day.” A pre-wedding consultation is part of the package offered, along with a followup confirmation before the wedding day. Carol says she enjoys experimenting and trying different things; she is always open to suggestions, and welcomes the bride’s input and ideas. She especially enjoys working with Frangipani, but she looks much further

afield than flowers, making use of materials as diverse as peacock feathers and paua. Carol provides flowers and floral displays for weddings from Cape Reinga to Auckland, and regularly has a stall at Kaitaia’s Saturday morning market. See her Facebook page (fresh flowers), phone her on (09) 408-4055 or (021) 183-1655 or email her at for more. ›


Covering weddings from Auckland to Cape Reinga FRESH FLOWERS, TRACEY RD, RD2, KAITAIA PH 09 408 4055 • MOB: 021 183 1655 • Email:




Unlimited style, colour and designs for your bridesmaids can embrace anything from traditional to trendy, vintage to vibrant, or floaty to funky!

While you may head for bridal shops and designers to source gowns for your girlfriends, dresses are back “in” and there are numerous places to go looking on their behalf. You will certainly find signature bridesmaid collections while you are looking for your own bridal gown. The advantage of that is finding a similar style to your own, a complementary design or fabric and the dresses being available in a range of sizes and colours. But if you don’t want to buy bridesmaid dresses that may only be worn once you can also look at hiring them and getting them individually fitted. Don’t overlook fashion shops that stock dresses for evening wear, formals and balls, which are often appealingly affordable. As well as floor length gowns, cocktail length has become extraordinarily popular, while day wear dresses are short and sassy. Full floaty skirts or pencil slim straight with belt or fashionable peplum, they can be dressed up with a fascinator, birdcage veil, gorgeous gloves or wickedly elegant court shoes! Choose style(s) and colour(s) to flatter the size and body shape of your bridesmaids, they’ll love you for it! Wedding party colour trends for 2013 include gentle blush pink, aqua or mint, vivid tangerine, coral and saffron, basic black, posh navy and oh so subtle latte or pewter – a stunning shade to team with almost any flowers and accessories. ›

The Flower Girl and little white dresses

Make your flower girl into a princess with her own LWD! There’s nothing cuter than a gorgeous flower girl in her version of your dress. You can create a dress for her in the same design if it’s appropriate, or use the same fabric in a suitable little girl style. Thai silk, dotted voile, satin, and tulle are popular combinations. Alternatively keep the dress simple and match a detail from your own gown such as a lace bolero or overlay, a rosette or applique, crystal beads or pearl buttons to shimmer and shine. LWD’s can be purchased at bridal and ballet shops or made at the same time as your own gown. But for a less expensive option, find a simple white or cream dress in children’s wear shops or department

stores and trim with your own choice of embellishments. She’ll love it if it’s pretty and enjoy it if it’s comfortable. Make sure her LWD fits well, ensure it’s not too tight, that any straps aren’t loose and annoying, that there are no scratchy linings or itchy lace and that it’s a manageable length so she won’t trip over her skirt. To add colour, match a sash to your bridesmaid’s gowns or flowers or loop the skirt over a petticoat of lace, pastel print or ribbon trim. If it’s chilly, keep your adorable flower girl warm with a bolero, a cardigan wrap or Victorian style coat. ›

a Deco


Dining and Catering Now in its 12th year of operation, à Deco restaurant is well established as the place to dine in Northland. Accolades and awards line its walls. They begin with Cuisine magazine’s 9-out-of-10 for food, given in its 2002 review just a few months after à Deco opened. Amongst others, the standouts are NZ Beef and Lamb Platinum award, NZ Regional Restaurant of the Year in 2010 and 2011, plus NZ Chef of the Year 2012 awarded to Chef Brenton Low. Coming again from Cuisine, this last underlines his consistency in creating outstanding food, year after year.

What is less well known, is that Chef Low also turns his creative genius to catering for weddings and other special events. The pile of unsolicited “thank you” emails à Deco has received from bridal couples and mothers-of-the-bride, unanimously say how good their wedding’s food and service was. They express time and again “even better than we expected”, “really made our day”. Such enthusiastic endorsements don’t come easily, but are earned by the detailed personal attention Chef Low puts into each of his client’s catering needs. Whether it’s a few pick-up platters for a very simple affair, or the other extreme of a multi-course

formal dinner, the staff who prepare the restaurant’s award-winning meals, put the same professional care into their catering. Every wedding is approached afresh, based on the couple’s plan, ideas and budget. Success comes from Low using his wide experience to recommend menus and style of food and drinks service, having considered many aspects, such as: how casual or formal the event is to be; number adults and children invited; any special dietary needs; the venue, its facilities and limitations, whether reception hall, garden, beach, private home, or, for up to 40 people, à Deco’s beautiful art deco restaurant in Kensington. ›

à Deco's catering will make your wedding even more special 11 years of very happy couples confirm that’s true You will love our wide range of creative options to suit your chosen venue We’re happy to work with your budget to design a great menu for the style of wedding you want You’ll be able to relax, knowing our well-trained staff are taking good care of your guests.

(09) 459 4957

Food by "NZ Chef of the Year 2012"(Cuisine)


Island Honeymoon Romantic

New Zealand is such a great place to get married - why? Because it is close too many of the most romantic places in the world to have your honeymoon.

Wedding moons are popular among couples who just want to get away from it all.



It seems many newlyweds agree, with the Pacific islands being among the most popular destinations, although those with a bit more stamina are opting for around-the-world trip. Often their honeymoon finances are given a boost with a honeymoon registry which guests are invited to contribute to in lieu of a wedding gift. Usually the amount given is not noted with the couple simply receiving a list of names of those who contributed. The total amount donated varies greatly but can sometimes add up to a few thousand dollars. Often those who are more traditionally minded, especially older people, will also give a more personal gift. If you are taking your honeymoon overseas, a first port of call should be, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade site that provides information for having a safe honeymoon. Another good website to check out is which informs international airline passengers about security measures in place and provides advice on how best to prepare for international air travel. ›

These are weddings held in a chosen location overseas with the added bonus that the couple are already there for the honeymoon. Exotic locations overseas can be incredibly romantic. New Zealand is perfectly located for overseas weddings with Pacific Islands such as Fiji, Rarotonga, Samoa and Vanuatu in easy reach. Travel agents also report that some couples are venturing further afield to Asia or to Queensland. If considering a wedding overseas, if you still want family and friends to join you, you want to make it affordable for them. Many travel agents have a wedding liaison specialist. Go with an idea of your budget, and they can help you shortlist locations. Overseas venues, particularly in the Pacific Islands, offer a range of wedding packages which vary not only in price but in what is offered, ranging from a basic ceremony, to a lavish full package with photos, food, flowers and even costumes for you and local entertainment. Some resorts will even offer the wedding for free, provided you book a certain amount of accommodation. Using a good travel agent’s wedding service is also useful to make sure you have the correct documentation to register the wedding according to local law. Then all you need to worry about is packing your wedding dress and bikini. Once you reach your tropical rendezvous, you are sure to fall in love all over again. ›

If you’re looking to plan your perfect wedding and you’re considering getting married overseas, then look no further. The team at Flight Centre Kaitaia are experts when it comes to planning your special day, they share their top tips below. Do your Research

If you’re looking to get married overseas, talk to an expert well in advance because there is a huge range of options available to choose from and the rules and regulations vary between destinations.

Choosing a Location

We are lucky that we have such beautiful destinations close by so you won’t be short of options when it comes to planning your special day. Many resorts also offer fantastic wedding packages, specially catered for couples looking to celebrate their big day overseas. From the Cook Islands, to Fiji, Thailand and more, there is something to suit every wedding and every budget.

Combine your Honeymoon

If you’re planning to combine your wedding and honeymoon into one fantastic holiday, talk to an expert to ensure it will be the trip of a lifetime. Whether it’s a wedding in Rarotonga and a honeymoon in Aitutaki, or a relaxing overwater bungalow in Tahiti, we can recommend the perfect place to kick back and relax after your special day.


Consider your Guests

If you’re getting married overseas, consider choosing somewhere that majority of your guests can afford, and a destination where people would want to travel to. This can also include factors such as having a range of accommodation options close by, so there’s something to suit every budget for your guests.

Ensure a Hassle Free Process

If you’re planning for the entire wedding party to travel to the destination together – use a consultant to ensure a hassle free process. They are experienced with group bookings and this will remove the stress for the bride and groom, allowing for them to concentrate on their big day. For expert advice and to start planning your next holiday, call the team at Flight Centre Kaitaia on 0800 252 482 or visit the team at 80 Commerce Street today. ›

Wedding Destination Choosing your Perfect

Are you planning your wedding & need a little help? Book your honeymoon using our Wedding Travel Account; not only will it make the perfect gift from friends & family, but it also helps you plan your ideal holiday! The team at Flight Centre Kaitaia specialise in:

re… ! Overseas Weddings ! Honeymoons ! and much more… Mention this ad to Flight Centre Kaitaia & get $50* off your honeymoon!

Flight Centre Kaitaia | 0800 252 482 09 408 2248 80 Commerce Street, Kaitaia

*Terms and conditions apply: Offer is for $50 only & is only valid for redemption at Flight Centre Kaitaia. One offer per booking & must only be used once. To redeem this offer you must book a minimum of $1000 or more worth of wedding or honeymoon travel. Discount will be deducted from total cost of booking on full payment. Offer is valid for new bookings made before 30 Jun 14. Advert must be presented at the time of booking. Discounts are non-transferable & not redeemable for foreign currency, cash or credit. Ask in store for full terms & conditions or visit


❤ Decide what type of wedding you want, and what the budget is

❤ Meet with your families to establish the number of guests. Prepare to negotiate and be firm, particularly if you are paying for all of it

❤ If you are going to hire a wedding planner, meet with several before booking the one you feel most comfortable with

❤ Decide when and where you would like your ceremony and/or reception to be held, check the availability of the venues and book ❤ Choose your best man, groomsmen and bridemaids and ask them if they’ll oblige ❤ Draw up a provisional guest list ❤ Check out photographers and videographers and book the ones that best suit your taste and budget ❤ Choose and book a celebrant, or meet with the minister or priest of your church ❤ Plan the colour scheme and theme for your wedding ❤ Choose the music you want at your service and your reception – band or DJ. Book a band or DJ if required. ❤ Begin the search for the wedding gown. If you decide to have one made, choose the designer and dressmaker




Wedding Planner 6 12 ❤ Design and choose invitations and get printing/creation underway

❤ Contact a hire company and reserve furniture/equipment if needed

❤ Have a hair trial and make-up consultation

❤ Organise your gift list, and/or set up a registry at an appropriate store

❤ Discuss menu options with your caterer ❤ Choose and order the wedding cake ❤ Purchase/organise suits for the best man and groomsmen, and bridesmaids’ dresses ❤ Book your wedding day transport with your theme in mind ❤ Choose your wedding bands and organise to have them made or purchased ❤ Choose your florist and make an appointment to discuss your requirements

❤ Write and send out invitations, including guest list or registry card ❤ Decide on and purchase accessories for the wedding party ❤ Meet with your photographer to discuss the kinds of photos you’d like and to determine a suitable setting ❤ Inform the right people if you want them to make a speech/reading ❤ Apply for marriage licence ❤ Check the RSVP’s from guests and start keeping track of numbers attending. As soon as this number is finalised, consult your caterer


❤ Finalise the reception seating plan ❤ Write place cards ❤ Attend final fittings for bride, bridesmaids, groom, best man and groomsmen ❤ Try on your entire outfit to make sure you’re happy with it ❤ Visit your florist for final confirmation of details for bouquets and church/ reception flowers ❤ Re-confirm arrangements for honeymoon ❤ Re-confirm delivery details with all your service providers ❤ Re-confirm appointment times for hair and make-up ❤ Wear in your wedding shoes (both bride and groom) ❤ Encourage those making speeches to start planning what to say ❤ Make a list of things that need doing after the wedding (eg: returning hired clothing, taking care of the bride’s gown, removing and storing wedding gifts) and decide who’s doing what. Make sure they know they’re responsible ❤ If you’re having a hen or stag night, have it at least two weeks before the wedding



❤ Finalise your guest list


Month Months hs



❤ Hold a full rehearsal of the ceremony ❤ Drive through the journey (perhaps the same time as the rehearsal) to make sure transport arrangements and times are correct. Ask your driver to plan an alternative route in case of delays on the day ❤ Arrange for someone to collect any hired items ❤ Final checks on all arrangements ❤ Book yourself a massage or pedicure ❤ Try to remain calm – it’s supposed to be the best day of your life


Weddings Rainbow Weddings

@Moon Gate Villa

A villa built in the shape of Cupid’s bow, and gardens overflowing with blooms in all seasons? Moon Gate Villa specialises in elegant, intimate weddings for either seated or cocktail style celebrations. It is

also a special place to stay on the evening and day of your special event. Our Premium Suite villa room is popular for couples celebrating their wedding. If you’re thinking of becoming our guests for

your wedding night or a similar special occasion, please let us know when booking and we’ll do everything we can to ensure an even more special stay. ›

From the 19th of August, 2013, same-sex marriages became legal throughout New Zealand. Kerikeri and the Bay of Islands is a very gay friendly region. We invite all our GLBTI friends to contact us if you’re considering travelling to the Bay of Islands New Zealand for that special occasion. Our sub-tropical climate in the Far North means you can plan your event throughout the year and enjoy our mild climate. From spectacular waterfalls, sweeping beaches and bays, ancient kauri forests and

cliff top vistas, we have the perfect New Zealand location. Our beautiful gardens can become a green and fertile backdrop for sensational photographs, and you have the option of holding the ceremony right here in front of our Moon Gate pond. (A Chinese symbol of good luck)

✔ Photographers ✔ Celebrants We can offer advice on the necessary paperwork to make the entire experience hassle free, and a lifetime memory. Of course,Moon GateVilla is already established as a very special,romantic destination,and we specialise in intimate dinner parties,perfect for groups of friends celebrating that special day. We suggest you contact us by email or phone directly for further information. Moon Gate Villa hosts, Lionel and Rob look forward to hearing from you. ›

We can assist with local gay owned specialists: ✔ Catering ✔ Venues and unique locations ✔ Hair and make up

Sleep in the curl of Cupid’s bow Luxury suites for your wedding day / night a unique venue for intimate functions • dining for up to 30 people • cocktail events for up to 50 • perfect for pre-wedding day

Multi Award Winning

Certificate of Excellence on tripadvisor

• 3 unique & very private suites • romantic, candlelit dinners • over 1.5 acres of secluded, sub tropical gardens • solar heated swimming pool

To make your special occasion truly magical

call Lionel freecall 0800 003 550

462 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri, Bay of Islands

The Marriage of Same Sex Couples

Northland offers itself as a unique part of New Zealand where many choose to come and marry and spend time on their honeymoons.

Historically, it is where it all began for the Nation and what better place to celebrate new beginnings and partnerships. With the new law now allowing same sex couples to marry, Northland is also a great destination for gay weddings and celebrations. A couple from the Bay of Islands were part of the first same sex weddings held in the country and were well supported by the local communities they live and work in. Northland has a strong gay community spread throughout the region and maintains good networking and support through

A Wedding - just for two!

social media sites and close ties within local areas. The new law has given Northland the opportunity to promote the area to New Zealanders and overseas tourists as a place where same sex marriages can take place in an extremely gay friendly, romantic and exciting environment. There are numerous and varied venues in the North that would welcome hosting your event. Northland is a vibrant place and has a huge range of places to stay and is well known for its hospitality. Local cuisine can match anywhere in New Zealand. It is a marine paradise and you are never more than 40km from the coast! Couples would be encouraged to stay on and take part in the sights and activities that abound in the North after their celebrations. Couples have the choice of having their wedding fully planned and catered for by gay businesses and connections in the North, should they wish to do so. This covers all aspects of

making the day a memorable one. Local gay businesses have already hosted civil unions for both New Zealanders and overseas tourists. Venues can be arranged, accommodation, marriage celebrants, catering, music, everything to ensure a very special and significant occasion. Northland tourism stakeholders welcome any opportunity to increase visitor numbers to the North and they show support for same sex weddings through their businesses. The North has already opened the door to same sex partnerships and has shown that it is an ideal, friendly destination with a great supportive community. From the moment you see the coast and the landscape from the top of the Brynderwyns, you know you have made a great choice for your wedding destination. ›

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I offer professional assistance and guidance, so that together we will ensure your special ceremony is everything you wish it to be.

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Back in 1968, movie theatres throughout New Zealand were screening ‘With Six You Get Eggroll’, starring Doris Day. The story followed the lives of a widow with three sons and a widower with a teenage daughter.

time around Second

They date and decide to get married, much to the annoyance of their children. Of course, everything ends happily. These days, families where one or both partners have children from a previous relationship are common. Usually, by the time the couple decide to get married, everyone had adjusted to the new dynamic. Still, some delicacy is required in presenting the news. Some argue that your children should be the first to be told that you are getting married. But this has to be weighed against the fact that some former partners may not enjoy hearing the news second hand, in which case it may be advisable to tell them first and the children quickly after. When you do tell your children it is normally more comfortable coming from the parent rather than their partner. Hopefully former partners and former in-laws take the news well, and it has not been unknown for either or both to attend the wedding. However, no-one wants awkward moments at their wedding so it is probably best to veer on the side of caution, although young children might want their other parent to be there. Having your children at your wedding does make it a particularly joyous and bonding celebration, especially if you include them in the ceremony such as flower girl or ring bearer. Whatever way you approach it, there is many a wedding photo featuring a smiling couple surrounded by happy children. And remember, children do believe in happy endings! ›


reception venues Appraising

Once you have decided the date, size and style of the wedding, it’s time to appraise reception venues, which can be booked up to a year or more in advance. Time of day, type of meal, number of guests and your budget will all come into the equation and if possible you should visit several venues for a fair cost and service comparison to be made. Look at the room(s) available for your reception and find out what flexibility there is to decorate if for your theme. Some venues, particularly heritage ones have restrictions on use of tape, staples and candles. Enquire about catering arrangement, whether there’s an in-house caterer or

options for self-catering. Check if they have a full liquor license or BYO and whether they charge bond and corkage fees. Will the venue be exclusive for your wedding or are other members of the public likely to be using its facilities at the same time? Is there an in-house wedding planner who can coordinate the reception and your suppliers? Will the sound system be adequate for your live music or DJ? Is there a room for the wedding party to freshen up or change and is there adequate

access and parking for guests, with or without valet fees? Ask about deposits, cancellation policies, noise or time restrictions and any additional charges for public holidays, cleaning, breakages or insurance. Get all quotes and bookings and payment plans confirmed in writing. Liaise regularly with the venue’s manager or wedding coordinator prior to the reception and confirm final guest numbers by the agreed date. ›



Whangaroa Harbour - Northland

A stunning waterfront venue in the heart of historic Russell, Bay Of Islands

Accommodation | Bar | Restaurant | Venue | Helipad

Unique Lodge Accommodation Our Secluded Location Overlooking The Upper Whangaroa Harbour Provides The Perfect Location For Your Wedding. Packages Can Be Tailored To Suit Your Requirements. Catering | Cake | Celebrant | Flowers | Photographers | Transport Exclusive Use Of All Lodge Facilities Available With Two Day Packages Weekend And Weekday Options

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There are key issues to consider on which will influence your venue choice. Date and Availability


Wedding Coordinator

Weekend weddings in high season will need booking well in advance. Ask about midweek options which may be a big cost saving.

What do you need for bridal party and guests? Do you want a special honeymoon suite many venues will include this in the hire price.

Does the venue hire include this service? This is helpful as the person can guide you through the day.

If there is no accommodation, are hotels or motels in close range?


Do You Want the Ceremony in the Same Place as the Reception? If your guests are coming from afar this works well as there is no need to arrange transport between different venues.

What bar arrangement do you want? Is there a BYO facility and what is the corkage? Who does what? The set up and break down of the venue, is this included in the venue hire?

Entertainment Does the venue have a sound system and dance area? Does it offer entertainment options or what will you need to bring in?

Is there an In-House Caterer? If you want to bring in an independent caterer and there is an in-house one, check there is no charge for doing this.

Fine Print

Expertise Is the venue used to hosting weddings? Ask to see photos and testimonials.

Be detail-focused in what the venue offers. Find out what is included in the venue price. Does it include set up, table costs, furniture? Ask for a contract which includes everything you have agreed, plus payment terms and deposit information.

A Piece of Paradise


Enjoy this 23 acre Peninsula in a unique and peaceful location on the Tutukaka Coast.


30 Fully Self Contained Units


Boat Parking / Moorings

Every Unit has a View 2 Private Beaches


Swimming Pool Spa Pools


Tennis Court 9391116AA


“you will love it”

BBQ Areas Guest Laundry Facilities

Pacific Rendezvous is a great place to accommodate Large Families or Group gatherings including Clubs, Reunions and Weddings.

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Resort and Hotel Oceans


Congratulations to you on your engagement and pending wedding. We understand that this is a very exciting time for not only you but also your friends and families. When you decide to have your wedding with Oceans Hotel you will also have your very own wedding co-ordinator to assist you with advice and to ensure that everything is exactly as you requested and that you come away with some wonderful new memories as you start your life together. Oceans Hotel provides professional stylish facilities in a relaxed and stunning Marina location. With three dedicated event rooms catering for groups up to 180 guests there is plenty of choice when it comes to selecting the style of wedding that best reflects the two of you. Our venue includes 27 Hotel rooms and 5 two bedroom apartments, an outdoor swimming pool and BBQ area and an award winning Restaurant and Bar. Tutukaka is a coastal destination in subtropical Northland, it is simply a natural choice for special events and functions. With sandy beaches, outstanding

views, the Tutukaka Coast is a year round playground, the perfect complement to your wedding. The area is set amongst some of New Zealand’s most beautiful scenery, voted second best coastline in the world by National Geographic. Contact our team today for your free wedding planner and quote. Email or call us on 09 470 2290 We have designed our planner to ensure that the organisation of your wedding and reception is as simple and stress free as possible. It will give you a comprehensive overview of our stunning resort, facilities and services, and ensure that we are able to provide everything you need to make it a complete success and a memorable one for you and your guests. We would welcome the opportunity to show you around any time that suits. ›

The perfect venue for your perfect day, at a perfect price.

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Northland is a hotspot for its wealth of venues.

It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand ranging from unpopulated romantic coves to the iconic East Coast beaches and harbours.

If you don’t want sand in your bridal slippers, Northland’s varied landscape offers a myriad of other choices from luxury lodges, islands, top class restaurants, romantic wineries, tropical garden settings and beautiful bush. With this plethora of opportunities on offer, how do you decide on a venue? Much depends on the type of wedding you want and what reflects both you as a couple and the day you want to create. Do you want a very traditional formal day or a more casual set up? Beach or garden? Be open minded and take time to consider.

Function and Event Centre Transform our rooms to suit your occasion! suitable for all types of functions such as weddings, parties and seminars. The facilities include: • 270 square mtr room with dance floor • Fully licensed bar at • Tables and chairs for up to 200 people club prices • Full PA system including projector, • 200+ car parks microphone and surround sound • Commercial kitchen • Competitive prices (Leased)

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The venue needs to be selected before a wedding date as popular venues in wedding season may be booked out even up to 12-18 months in advance. Create a wish list and shortlist venues that meet your needs. Book visits with their wedding representatives. Prepare questions in advance and take notes. You may not be able to find a perfect match, and budget will always come into play, but a list will help you hunt for the location of your dreams right here in the North.




When searching for your wedding venue, there are essential questions to be answered. Q. What’s the decor like?

Q. Are there any hidden costs?

Q. Does it fit your wedding style?

Q. Before you sign the contract, read it carefully. What are the overtime charges?

Q. Will you have to spend a lot of money on flowers and decorations to make it beautiful? Q. Is there an in-house caterer, and do you like that type of food? Q. Is there a limit as to which caterer you can use? Q. Are there adequate coat-check and bathroom facilities? Q. Is there a liquor licence and will you be allowed to bring your own? Q. What’s the cancellation policy? Q. Is there a payment schedule? Q. What deposit is required?

Q. Is there room for a band and/or dancing? Q. Is there a space for the bride and groom to change and/or relax? Q. Where will you take photographs? Q. Who will be supervising and troubleshooting on the day of your wedding? Q. Can you meet them now? Q. And don’t forget to check out the parking facilities. If it’s an outdoor location, is there a back-up plan for a rainy day?

Your New Journey starts here... Make your special wedding day memorable at Taipa Beach in Northland Reia Taipa beach Resort Ph: 09 406 0656 Web: Email: Facebok: 22 Taipa Point Rd, Doubtless Bay - 0442, New Zealand


Reception Do’s and Don’ts Flames International Hotel

“Whangarei’s Premier Wedding Venue”

You are now Mr and Mrs. The wedding reception is where you relax after the formalities and really start to celebrate. But this party still needs attention to detail. Remember you are hosts. While you fuss over your photos, guests at your wedding will focus on the venue, food and music. Make sure everyone remembers your wedding for all the right reasons.


IIndoor/outdoor weddings. • Tropical gardens on site Award winning restaurant • Accommodation available on site • Cater up to 100 persons Check webpage for details WAVERLEY ST, ONERAHI | TEL: 09 436 2107

• Stick to the people you really want there. Don’t be afraid to go small in numbers. • Listen to your venue manager’s experience. • Make a schedule of everything that happens and when, and liaise with venue manager and caterers when you do this. • Have an MC. If your guests have to wait for a sit-down meal make sure they have nibbles, drinks and some entertainment. • Schedule the speeches after the main course to avoid overcooked or cold food. • Create a speech schedule and allow for extra time as family members tend to get carried away with their stories. • Include speeches as follows: Father of the bride welcomes guests, toasts the bride and groom. • Groom- toasts the bridesmaids and bride. Thanks the in-laws. • Best Man- toasts the parents and absent friends. • Bride - this is not traditional, but come on girls, you can do it.


• Let the speeches go on too long. • Run overtime with your photographer. • Allow spirits on tab. • Guests may get drunk and your bar tab will be huge. • Let the speech givers get too tipsy. ›


Romance of a night-



Chalets H U A N U I

Wedding packages tailored to meet your needs all set within tranquil grounds nestled in 10 acres of bush in Glenbervie

• Awesome setting for photo opportunities • Enjoy your honeymoon night at our cedar chalet and receive a luxurious breakfast picnic hamper

Contact: Mike & Joy Pyle Phone: 021 565 805 |

time wedding Nothing evokes romance like candlelight and an evening wedding is the perfect opportunity to create some dazzle magic. In church, chapel or garden gazebo, candles and lamps provide a soft glow for the ceremony and an atmosphere of charm and dignity. Continue the theme for an alfresco reception in a lantern-lit garden or courtyard. Solar lights, fairy lights, flares or Chinese paper lanterns are an easy and economical way to light up the evening and dance to the moon and the music. For an informal evening wedding you may choose a barbecue and a bonfire on the beach. An evening wedding gives you plenty of time to get ready and avoids the heat of the day for you and your guests. However it can present some difficulties for the photographer in terms of light and location, so be prepared to have some pre-wedding daytime shots or some indoor photos taken as well.›


Treaty Grounds Waitangi

The Waitangi Treaty Grounds is where, in 1840, two peoples forged a relationship that has grown into nationhood. This historic place of partnership is an auspicious, inspiring venue for a very special wedding. The Waitangi Treaty Grounds offer picturesque wedding locations, on-site restaurant, marquee hire and catering. Create a memorable occasion with panoramic views over the Bay of Islands.

The Treaty’s most historic site is available for wedding ceremonies, receptions and wedding photo shoots. The Waitangi Treaty Grounds offers full wedding venue, restaurant and onsite catering facilities. The grounds offer multiple locations: magnificent lawns with panoramic views overlooking the Bay of Islands, bush settings, beach settings, gardens of national significance and cultural and heritage venues. The Whare Waka Café, located in the Treaty Grounds overlooking the Pacific Ocean has received a serious makeover this winter, with new furniture, new lighting, improved sound system and acoustics. Innovative menus are being designed for special events, like weddings, cocktail and dinner functions with the possibilities for indoor and el fresco Whare Waka Café locations and for marquee sites across the grounds. Wedding parties are able to arrive at the Treaty Grounds by limousine, boat or Ma ¯ori waka. A traditional or contemporary Ma ¯ori welcome by the performing arts group Te Pito Whenua is another option for wedding parties. The Waitangi Treaty Grounds work closely with the Copthorne Resort & Hotel Bay of Islands located along the waterfront in walking distance from the Treaty Grounds for accommodation packages. ›



Wine New Zealand produces many excellent wines, so we are often bewildered when it comes to choosing for an event like a wedding.

While a “good wine” is the one you like, your personal preference may not be to the taste of your guests, so be guided by your caterer who will advise on matching the win to complement the menu.

Wine Varieties

Sauvignon Blanc-the most popular white wine, it is fresh and versatile enough to

go with seafood, fish, chicken, salads, cheeses, pasta, and some desserts without overwhelming mild food flavours. Chardonnay-is flavoured for its fruity sweetness, making it a good white wine alternative to match with white meat, fish and shellfish. Aromatics-Riesling, Pinot Gris or Gewurztraminer, are delicate, crisp whites, but of varying sweetness. They complement Asian dishes well, offset spicy foods and can be served successfully with fruit and other desserts. Sparkling wines- are bubbly white wines that can range from sweet to dry in taste. Ideal for wedding toasts, to serve with canapés, or with desserts.

Rose-has returned to popularity, especially, especially with lighter meals or lunch. It matches pleasantly with most meats and is excellent with salads and cold platters. Merlot- a soft rich red wine. Its blackberry and plum flavours suit red meats, pastas, and salty savoury dishes. Cabernet Sauvignon- a full bodied red that goes with veal, beef, duck and lamb. Pinot Noir-a red wine of exceptional quality in New Zealand. Delicate, clear and fresh it complements lean veal, venison, lamb and poultry superbly. Shiraz/Syrah-a red featuring strong flavours of berry, plum, pepper and liquorice to match with grilled meats and Mediterranean vegetables.›

Unique wedding venues in Northland

The Venue For You


Centrally located overlooking Kensington Park, Whangarei. Can cater for up to 180 guests seated for Wedding Receptions, Birthdays, Dinner & Christmas functions. Bring your own caterer and ample parking available!

Phone: 09 4379232 Email: Web:

Providing you with the wedding you desire Choose ffrom our range of bbeautiful Ch uttiful venues to hol hold ld your C Ceremony andd Reception. Tailored packages to suit the size of your wedding party and budget, including accommodation for the bride, groom and guests.

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The Ultimate Eco Wedding

As people become more conscious of their environment and its conservation, there are ways to “green” even your wedding into an eco-friendly event! Eco-wear

Select natural fibres for your wedding gown and wedding party clothing. Not only are silk, cotton, linen and merino wool sustainable products, they are also comfortable because they can breathe.

Venue & Catering by the River A’Fare offers a unique wedding & catering venue in Whangarei. We pride ourselves on providing delicious fresh food with menus to suit your budget. We are fully licensed or you may byo at either your venue or ours.

Retro and recycle

Reject our “throw away” society and choose re-cycled paper for wedding stationery or even make your own from a paper making kit. Recyclers may also like to source vintage table linen, glasses, china, a bridal gown or wedding rings for eco statement and retro style.

In season and local

Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing items that are in season and available locally. Order flowers that reflect the season you have chosen for the wedding and source cheaper locally produced foods.

Go organic

Look for healthy options for your reception menu with organically grown fruit and vegetables, free range produce and a selection of bio dynamic wines. Encourage your guests to throw rice, organic confetti or rose petals at your wedding. Decorate your venue with flowers, foliage and flax.


Imagination is your only limitation 197 Lower Dent Street | Whangarei Phone 438 8329 | |

Serve finger food to save on dishes and be careful about food wastage. Use hybrid wedding cars for energy efficiency and go for candlelight – less electricity more romance! ›

Wedding Ambience


Winery Weddings

New Zealand is one of the world’s best producers of fine wine and winery weddings have become appealing wedding venues. With beautiful gardens or courtyards for the ceremony, rustic buildings for the reception and photos amid orderly rows of grapes on sun-drenched slopes, the combined ambience offers single venue convenience for wedding couples and great wine too!

Heritage Weddings

With history and dignity, some of our finest heritage buildings offer wonderful wedding photo locations while many privately owned historic homes have been refurbished as exquisite wedding venues. Sophisticated and stylish they may offer elegant reception facilities or the distinctive ambience to host the entire celebration, often with luxury accommodation as well.

Marquee Weddings

The ideal portable function centre – as long as there is enough level ground space, a marquee can be put up anywhere! With various sizes and many optional extras you can have a simple open sided “peg and pole” version or an elegant grandeur beneath silk linings and chandeliers.

Luxury Weddings

Sprinkled throughout New Zealand are a selection of luxury resorts and lodges with spectacular beach, lake, mountain, forest and island locations. Their premium facilities, specialist catering, gourmet chefs, luxury accommodation and attentive service make them an inspirational choice for an exclusive wedding. ›

CATERING SERVICE throughout Northland

Cooked fresh at your venue with tailored cuisine to meet your needs


• Stunning Views

• Bar Facilities

• Up to 145 Guests

Marlin Lounge seats 150 • Port Viewing Lounge seats 80


E: P: 09 409 7755

• Fresh seasonal seafood • Variety of fresh salads • Tasty pre wedding nibbles • Delicious desserts

Locally owned, locally supplied produce served with a hospitable smile Ph: 09 434 6856 Join us on Facebook


The engagement: Popping the question Getting down on one knee is still the most popular way of popping that important question, but there are plenty of other ways you can create a unique memory. Guys often need some help on the romance front, so here are some ideas. Take her out to your favourite restaurant, or where you

had your first date, and ask the waiter to pop the ring in the dessert. Make your proposal into a parking ticket and slip it on her windscreen. Tie a note on to her dog’s collar. Put a ring under her pillow while she is asleep. Plan a romantic getaway to a place she has always wanted to go. Write your proposal on the beach in the sand or with stones. Take her to a gig or show and get them to announce it on the stage.

Once she has said yes, think about how you want to announce the engagement. Tell your respective families first before you announce it on Facebook or Twitter. You could also make the announcement the traditional way in a newspaper. Or you could design a message either by card or email with a photo of you both. Engagement parties are not very common in New Zealand. However if you know you will have a long engagement while you are saving up for the wedding, you may wish to mark the occasion with a small celebration. ›


The art of giving There was a time when the wedding gift was usually something to help the young couple get their lives together, off to a good start. Times have changed. Couples are already living together, may have children, or may be much older. So a wedding gift that is gratefully received is likely to be one which is personally pertinent and appropriate.


While traditional in other cultures, money to many New Zealanders seems impersonal or uncreative. In fact, for many younger couples it will likely help in their plans helping with the honeymoon, saving to buy a house, paying off student loans. You can include a more personal inexpensive gift as well. Online gift registries can ask for a contribution towards a specific goal.

Stand the Test of Time:

This is a very traditional concept. You will still find in the homes of older New Zealanders, an object that was given to them on their wedding day by a relative. It is often not only a memento of the wedding but a memory of the giver. Quality is paramount here, something that is timeless or will date well.

A beautiful object d’art, piece of furniture, or family heirloom.

Not Meant to Stand the Test of Time:

Something Personal:

This is where you let taste rule (theirs and yours). Find something in keeping with their interests. If they both love home renovating, a power tool. If they are into music, an ipod. If you want to be certain, a voucher is often the safest way to go. To really touch their hearts, give them something you have made yourself. ›

The reality is that all our lives are cluttered with objects these days, and a couple may not have the space to store gifts, or their lives may be in a period of change such as travelling or living overseas. In this case something that can be consumed is ideal such as chocolates, a gourmet food basket or wine. Or you can shout the couple a Relax and browse over our great selection one-off adventure such as a • Great gifts • Homeware • Furniture scenic flight in a vintage • Jewellery • Candles • Glassware airplane, or • Toys and much more! tickets to an upcoming So much to see! concert.

Beautiful Wedding Gifts.

OPEN 7 DAYS from 9am - 5.00pm Cnr SH10 & Waimate North Rd, Kerikeri. 3km north of the Kerikeri Roundabout

Ph 09 407 3058

Wedding Vows 50

Your choice of vows and music are a way to make your ceremony uniquely special and reflective of your relationship. Bride and grooms need guidance when faced with a blank page. A good wedding celebrant will meet with the couple to assist them with ideas.

For vows, apart from the legal requirement for wording, anything goes. Celebrants should have folders of ideas from the traditional to the alternative. Many couples search the Internet or write their own. Although there are no rights and wrongs on content of vows, couples should bear in mind the length of the ceremony, including the signing. Remember you are saying these out loud so you should feel comfortable in doing so. Short sentences help you remember to breathe.

Customs, superstitions and traditions ... Many of the enduring customs seen at modern weddings are a blend of cultural traditions, primitive marriage rites and religious ceremonies.


Wedding from the Anglo Saxon word wed meaning pledge Gold ring to represent honourable intentions Unbroken circle of a ring represents eternity

Purity and virginity:

White dress Veil over face Canopy, crown or handkerchief held over the head Love knots stitched to petticoat

Wealth and prosperity: Silver coin in shoe Gifts and money Toasts and speeches Ringing of bells Wedding breakfast


Throwing rice or confetti Almonds, chestnuts, hazelnuts given to guests Almond blossom carried by bridesmaid Wedding cake Planting a ‘bride tree’

Bad luck:

Dropping the ring Groom seeing the bride before the wedding Priest sneezing during the ceremony Sewing the trousseau with black thread Chiming of a clock during the ceremony Passing a funeral on the way to the wedding A thunderstorm during the vows would mean infertility

Good Luck:

Tin cans tied to car to ward off evil spirits Breaking of a glass Throwing the bouquet Receiving a horseshoe The ring fitting well Rising from the altar simultaneously Sunshine ›


Speeches with attitude A good wedding speech is audible, genuine, gracious and good humoured and should always avoid verbosity, pomposity, crudity and bad jokes. However, modern weddings are increasingly breaking speech tradition by becoming interactive and creative.

The days of their lives:

A bit of PowerPoint techno and a little ďŹ lm show of the couple as children, young adults or their romance can be an enjoyable and entertaining introduction to the reception for family and friends.

Flash mob dance:

Get everyone on their feet and teach them a funky new dance to some familiar music like a TV theme tune breaks the ice, creates an atmosphere of fun and is a good guest mixer.

Trivia competition:

Ask a round or two of wedding-inspired trivial pursuit questions between each course of the reception and be ready with a suitable prize for the winners.


Especially good if any of the wedding party are from Ireland or have Irish ancestry. Give each table or group the name of an Irish town or country and during the evening get them to compose a limerick about it and the bridal couple. ›


in NORTHLAND To advertise in this publication in 2014 contact Jan Hewitt on 4702805 or


Stag night


Host a bridal shower The bridal shower can be one of the most enjoyable prewedding events for the bride, her bridesmaids, her friends and family. Usually the chief bridesmaid or matron of honour will host an event, but close friends and female family members might too, especially if wedding party members live out of town and find it difficult to arrange a get together. You may choose to host a brunch, lunch or dinner at a restaurant, cafe or winery, but if that proves too expensive for invitees, you can get creative at home with a barbecue, classy high tea, bring a plate or pot luck meal. Choose a theme to celebrate with the bride ‘country style’ with home baked goodies and hand written recipes

from all her friends; stock the shelves with tins, bins and bottles for her home; organise a wine tasting or cooking demonstration to enjoy together; share a lingerie party or a dance class; book a weekend bach, a girls’ night out or a spa pamper treatment. The purpose of a bridal shower is to wish the bride well in her new married life with the loving support of her friends. So have fun, avoid embarrassing or humiliating stunts however amusing they may seem and enjoy the time together. ›

Stag nights can be a great time to enjoy the company of your mates and celebrate your impending marriage. These `single send-offs’ used to merely comprise a few drinks at the local pub, but today they’ve become anything from a meal out to a weekend away. Usually arranged by the Best Man, let him know your preferences and steer away from rituals that can disintegrate into law breaking, humiliating activities and embarrassing memories.

Sporting chance:

Enjoy your favourite sport together; tennis, touch rugby, cricket or golf. Up the ante by trying ‘speed golf’ only three clubs plus a stop watch in your

hand and a sprint between shots and holes.

Racing challenge:

Devise a local version of The Amazing Race, a car rally with a barbeque or pub meal to follow or organise a bike trail team event with challenges along the way.

Take a trip:

Road trip, boat trip, fishing trip, camping trip or mystery weekend, enjoy a nostalgic visit or head for pastures new. Grab a seat and head to a destination to explore.

Back to school:

Learn a new skill or activity for a great bonding opportunity; wine tasting or brewery tour, cooking school or pub quiz. ›


Transport The theme theme, style or atmosphere of a wedding is often reflected in the mode of transport chosen for the bride’s arrival and sometimes the couple’s departure from the reception. You might want to make your entrance or exit in unique style, but it is wise to check out availability and practicality when making your choice of wedding vehicle.

Classically vintage:

Vintage and classic cars can sometimes be hired from dedicated wedding transport companies. Alternatively you can contact local car clubs and enthusiasts who are often asked to source vehicles and drivers among their members. You may also know someone with a restored vehicle who would drive it for your wedding transport.

On the hoof:

There’s something special about arriving at the wedding by horse and carriage. Look for local listings and ensure you will have experienced drivers and horses with a friendly, unflappable temperament.

Trains, boats & planes:

Arriving by air or sea is a spectacular way to make a wedding entrance. Hot air balloon, chopper, plane or launch may be possible options, if you are prepared for the cost and logistics. But in New Zealand there are fewer and fewer train options unless you hold your wedding in a Heritage Park.

Paying your way:

Wedding transport is generally booked for the estimated time and number of vehicles required to take the bridesmaids and the bride and her father to the ceremony, the bride and groom from the ceremony to the location for photographs and from there to the reception venue. Arrangements other than this can usually be accommodated if they are discussed with the company concerned and a written estimate is provided for your additional requirements. But whatever type of transport you choose, you will still want comfort, punctuality and reliability. ›

Last word in luxury:

Luxury vehicles like a Rolls Royce or Limo provide the bridal couple with ‘once in a lifetime’ grandeur. A bride’s gown, train and veil are less likely to be creased in a spacious limousine and there are the additional facilities of bar, private screen, sound system, and tinted windows for your comfort and relaxation on the big day.

Cool and creative:

You may plan to be unconventional and arrive by truck, motorbike, rickshaw or sedan chair. Perhaps, in European tradition, you’ll walk to the wedding so that local residents can wish you luck.

For details call 434 4936 or

021 932 225

Rent a car:

Rental car and taxi companies are usually able to provide matching vehicles as well as the services of a chauffeur for the occasion if required. They often have a selection of decorations and ribbons that suit the colour and theme of the wedding.

Friends and neighbours:

Your guests may own late model cars that you could use for the wedding, or you could hire identical vehicles from a rental car company and find reliable drivers among family, friends or neighbours.




Exquisite Wedding flowers Real and artificial

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Wedding favours are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or reception. According to Wikipedia the first favours were bonbonniere, a small trinket box made of crystal, procelain, and/or precious stones, containing sugar cubes or confectionary shared amongst aristocrats. These were later replaced by almonds coated with sugar - the bitter sweetness of a marriage, or so they say. Italian weddings to this day often include a small parcel of sugar coated almonds. Today’s bridal couples can be as creative as they like with favours but something sweet to eat is pretty much certain to please without being overly expensive, for instance, a single exquisite chocolate, perhaps with a liqueur centre, or a bag of lollies.

Or to make the favour even more personal, a home made sweet or cookie. Favours don’t have to be edible, however. They could be a candle, soap, or photo of the couple. They can be in character with the theme of the wedding or interests of the couple, for instance, a beautiful sea shell for a sea loving couple getting married on the beach. You could even pop into your local novelty shop and find something that will make guests laugh. Whatever you have as your favours, presentation is important. You can personalise your favours by decorating the box, paper or fabric in which they are contained. ›



Give them a hint

Invitations provide guests with a hint of what’s to come and the delight of wedding anticipation. As well as providing guests with the necessary details about the date, time and place of your wedding, your invitations also convey the style and theme of the wedding. Whimsically informal, imaginatively designed for semi-formal or classically presented for traditional weddings, there’s exquisite scope for invitation inspiration in terms of colour, calligraphy and language whether it’s on paper on on-line! Designer stationery experts will custom make your wedding invitations with printed images, motifs, fancy fonts and calligraphy. This boutique look is more expensive but provides a unique first impression to your guests. Stationery stockists and printing companies have a comprehensive range of imported and locally made cards, paper and envelopes, which can then be printed with your chosen wording and details.

Cost-saving tip - avoid odd shaped or oversize envelopes because if they don’t conform to the standard size they’ll cost more to post. Always proof your printed invitations very carefully and order all your stationery at the same time - it’s cheaper in bulk especially if you need a range of items such as invitations, envelopes, order of service, place cards and thank you cards. DIY invitations allow you to create individual stationery of your own from colourful and imaginative materials in stationery stores, art and craft outlets and bookshops. You can find templates online for invitations and wording and even send emailed versions to your wedding guests if you prefer. Be sure to send your invitation at least 3 months before the wedding or allow more if guests are travelling from overseas.›

The Papermill is a charming place where artists with disabilities craft beautiful paper to international standards.

Handmade paper for wedding invitationss can be made to order and can include shredded banknotes, embossed paper, rose petals, lavender, etc. By placing the focus on the ability, lit nott the th disability, di bilit we build self-esteem and confidence in our artists while giving visitors a memorable place to stop.


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A wedding photographer oto ot ogra grapher is an expensive item on item on a wedding weddi we dding ddi ng budget, bud however it is a worthw wor thwhile investm stment ent to ensure you have beautiful memories of yo bea your day. Choosing a photogr ograph ogr apher aph er comes down to personal taste. Mo Most st wil willl have have their portfolios online and yo por you u can c see se wh which ich style you li st like. Choose a photog Cho gra rapher th that at spe specia cialis cia lises lis es in weddings. Just as weddin ding g venu enues es ca can be booked over a y year in advan van nce ce, we weddi dding ddi ng photographers can pho an also be quic uickly kly bo booke oke oked ed up. As soon as you u have yourr date at se set, t, loc lock k in your photograph apher. aph When meeting ing wi with prospective ve photog pho to rapher hers make a checklist: Ask abo her about ut their ir wed weddin ding experience. din Discuss your venue - are they familiar with it? As then they will kno know w the best spots and backdrops. Are there any challenges ges with it? For example challenging ligh ighting? Ask to look at albums ums. What will happen iff it i rain ains? s? How long will the pho photos tos ta take? ke ke? What do they sugg gge est for po poses ses? se ? You need to con consid sider sid er what you wan want recorded. If you hav ave e re reque quests forr part particu icular lar groups, bring them hem al along ong.. Some of the be bes st phot hotos os are nott pose posed d group shots, bu but mor ore im imprompt mptu recordings of the day day.. Some da Some weddi dding ng photographer hers s off fferr ‘all da ffe day’ y’ pac ckag kages es to tell the sto story ry of the da day, fro from m the t bridal party ge getttin ting g read eady, cap ca tur turing ing the groom’ om’s s face wh when he see se s the bride, right ht thr throug ough to the first dance. Agree Agr ee on a cont ontrac ractt whic which h stipul sti pulate pul ates what your cho chosen sen pac pa ckage includes such uch as a dis disc of photos, what pr print ints s you you wil willl get. Include a backu ckup p plan plan if th the photographer her is si sick. ck. There re sho should uld be a good rapp apport with th the photograp pher be becau cause se if you tr trust th them em and fe feel relaxed with ith th them, em, th this is will transla wil slate int into the photos tos. Photos th Pho that at yo you lo love, ve, recording th the e bigg biggest est day of your ur lif life will then the n be arch rchive ived d fo ever in for n a be beaut autifu aut iful album. Th This is wil willl be be so ething som ing th that at yo turn you rn the pa pages ges of unt until il you grow w old. old. ›


Creative possibilities

abound with new technology

Technology at weddings used to mean a relation intrusively holding a video recorder as the bride walked up the aisle. Times have changed, and not necessarily for the worse. Not only is the latest technology less intrusive, it also offers all sorts of creative possibilities. Websites, Facebook, iPads, iPhones, smart phones, texting, video cameras and a myriad of apps all play a part in the modern wedding. Technology is involved from the moment the engagement is announced via social media. But that’s just the beginning . Then there are the internet searches for services and ideas, and often the setting up of a personalised wedding website with smart phones taking these to another level. Using their mobile, guests can access information on the wedding activities, transportation and accommodation, RSVP and use of GPS to find their way to the venue. There are all sorts of apps available to help with wedding preparations - you can learn more about diamonds from the Gemological Institute of America, create mock centre pieces and bouquets online, or the groom can download an app to learn how to correctly knot his tie before actually tying the knot! Interconnectivity between the different technologies allows much more interaction between the bridal party and their guests.

The wedding day can be live streamed to ‘guests’ who can’t make it physically, and guests who do can upload video and photos from the smart phones to the one site for everyone to enjoy with a suitable app. The bride and friends can get together after the wedding day and share their videos to make a custom-made wedding video. Wedding photo booths have been popular

at some weddings and you can have your own for around $10 with an iPad. All you have to do is provide a few fun props. And taking a slight step back in the use of technology, it is easy to find websites where you can upload photos, design your own book, and then order as many copies as you like to be posted to yourself and others. ›

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WeddingMusic During the ceremony, typically there is a minimum of three musical pieces/instrumentals to accompany the bride’s entrance, the signing of the wedding register, and the exit music. The selection of these pieces doesn’t have to be dictated by tradition but can reflect the bride and groom’s love for each other as well as their own musical leanings. Whether it’s a classical instrumental or a modern

INERTIA band for hire. An experienced five piece band specialising in weddings and private functions at a reasonable cost. References available.

Let us help to make your big day special. For enquiries please contact Richard Pinny Phone: (09) 433 4754 Mobile: 0274 510 624 Email:

Brooke Fraser ballad or even AC/DC, if that is what you want, go for it. But remember to ensure lyrical content is in theme with the day and what is being said. For the reception music, if you are hiring a DJ or a band, when your guests RSVP, ask them to name their favourite song and add it to the playlist. You may choose to make your own iTunes compilation to play during parts of the reception. ›

covers including classic hits to modern rock

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You need to think about what “kind” of music you want at your wedding. It’s pointless booking a rock/pop band and then expecting them to play country music or vice versa. You also need to think about your venue, and how suited a band will be to that venue. Will it be too loud/not loud enough?


A good suggestion is auditioning your band. Go out and check them playing live. Do you like what they play/how they work their crowd? A tip is to try and check them out more than once too, as performances can vary from place to place and depending on the crowd. Feel free to ask for video/ audio footage also to help in your decision making process. Also ask for references. A band that is willing to answer your questions, and emails/calls in a timely fashion shows that they are reliable and

Live Music:

take your booking seriously! Once you’re sold on who you want to perform, be sure to book them in, or at least pencil them in until you want to confirm. When you pencil in a booking you are given the first option at that date and usually around a month to decide if you want to confirm. If the band receives other enquiries about that date, you will usually be notified. When you want to confirm a date, there may be a deposit required. This deposit protects both you and them.

There’s nothing like live music For a Band with years of experience, guaranteed to entertain your guests on your Wedding day, don’t hesitate to call Kurfew e: p: 0800kurfew

It also means that the band is covered in a small way, in the event that the booking is cancelled. It pays to be organised early, this will make your event stress free for both you and the band! Just a tip here… please try and allow a good space for the band, Approx 5m x 5m, as a band who’s not too squashed up on the night play much better than one who’s tripping over each other! (Happy band = Happy people!)


Nibbling away

at your budget

Planning a wedding is a big financial undertaking, so you’ll want to get the most for your money and not be plagued by unexpected expenses. Read the fine print about deposits and refunds. If you decide later to cancel or alter any of the arrangements with your venue, caterer, photographer, chauffer, will you get your money back? Make sure all quotes are GST inclusive and not added later when payment is required. Be aware that extra time and distance to your venue can incur increased charges for transport, photographer, celebrant and catering. Once guest numbers are confirmed with the caterer you will be

charged per head for that number, even if someone doesn’t attend on the day. Standard marquee hire may not include linings and a dance floor. Hire of tableware, cutlery and glasses may incur loss and breakage fees. You may also need insurance cover with some companies. If you hire a hall, you may be expected to pay for commercial cleaning following the event and you can be charge for overtime by the band and/or venue.

Delivery charges may be additional to the cost of your flowers or cake and suit alterations or gown fittings may not be included in the purchase price or clothing hire fee. Even postage of fancy sized envelopes for your invitations costs more than the standard sized ones! Get all quotes, agreements and confirmations in writing and keep them as a record until the wedding is over and all payments have been made. ›


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A1 Homes offers over 63 standard plans from 50sqm to 310sqm, which includes our Essential Homes, Lifestyle Homes, Two Storey, Value and Beach Homes. Build straight from our plans, or use them as inspiration to create your dream home.


More and more, our clients are people wanting us to look after everything associated with the build project. They choose one of our plans that ideally suits, or together we modify to suit, and they turn the entire running of the build over to us. You will always be involved in the process of building your home, while we take care of the day to day development. It is an entirely transparent process and boasts no surprises.

A1 Kit Homes

We’ve been helping New Zealanders into well-priced, well-appointed, durable homes for over a decade. Many of our customers are people who see the value in our Kit Homes and prefer to “run the job” themselves, taking on all the responsibility of building a new home from scratch, contracting “subbies” or completing the homes themselves. This option can be extremely rewarding for those equipped with good project management skills. *Kitset price excludes all construction and labour costs. ›

Showhome Open: Mon-Fri – 8.30 am to 4 pm & Sat by appointment Cnr State Highway 1 & Sandford Road, Ruakaka

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The price we say is the price you pay. No surprises. 0800 A1 Homes (214663)


The letter

of the law


There are strict legal requirements regarding marriage and civil unions. The Department of Internal Affairs website has everything you need to know. You can also find a list of all the marriage celebrants in New ew Zealand on the website. Meanwhile here’s a few facts you may find interesting and sometimes surprising: Registry Office ceremonies are not open to the public. There is no legal requirement that a ceremony before a marriage celebrant be open to the public. Your marriage license is valid for just three months from the date on which it is issued. There is no limitation on what day, or where you can be married, as long as the

ceremony is conducted by a registered marriage celebrant or a minister of a church. Couples may change the form of their relationship between civil unions and marriages. Around 20 per cent of couples who enter a civil union in New Zealand are heterosexual. ›

TThe he only only tthing hing g th that lives forever is love Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

My aim is to create a personal, simple, meaningful and creative ve ceremony for each couple I work with. Visit my website for information on the range of services I offer, r, the cost and a gallery off photographs Feel free to contact me e for an initial consultation on either by phone, Skype or face to face.

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Wedding Ceremony Regardless of the style and venue of the ceremony, a wedding should be a memorable occasion of dignity and celebration. Enhanced by your choice of vows, blessings, music, readings or prayers, a wedding ceremony should have special meaning for the bridal couple. Wedding ceremonies can be religious or civil, in accordance with the couple’s preferences and beliefs. However, for any marriage in New Zealand, there are certain legal requirements that must be adhered to. If you choose to marry overseas, you must comply with the marriage laws of that country, including your legal entitlement to marry there.

In New Zealand: • The Minister or Marriage Celebrant must be licenced to conduct marriages. • The marriage must take place between 6am and 10pm. • The Marriage must be witnessed by two people. • The full names of the couple are used during the ceremony. • Divorce from a previous marriage must be absolute. • The couple must be over 18 or have parental consent if aged 16 or 17. A Marriage Licence must be obtained from the Department of Internal Affairs Births Deaths and Marriages Office. As well as a Marriage Licence fee, you must complete a notice of intention to marry including the full names and ages of the couple, their parents’ particulars, where the marriage will take place and the name of the Minister or Celebrant. Today, marriages take place in churches, registry offices, reception venues, gardens, and private homes, as well as on beaches, on boats and at parks! Regardless of venue, most ceremonies have three phases; opening statements, vows and exchange of rings, and a blessing or closing statement. Each phase may have its own ceremonial features such as music, readings, poems, candle lighting, prayers and special family or cultural traditions. While traditional vows are still popular, increasing numbers of couples choose to write their own words to make the ceremony more personal and relevant to their lives together. ›

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