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Couple’s whopping 100kg weight loss journey! See pages 29-39





Tarnia Clarke opened Tui Massage Therapy in Maungatapere three years ago. Locals get to enjoy a 3 in 1 service with hairdressing and beauty treatments available along with a therapeutic massage.

4-26 October Philip Buffett-McKibbin “Outdoor” - oil paintings

Tui Massage Therapy Corner of Mangakahia Rd and SH14 Maungatapere Phone Tarnia 027 227 4397

1-23 November Gabi Pfaender “Crimson Icon” - prints & paintings


CELEBRATING QUARRY ARTS ROOTS with a week of classes: • Ceramics • Painting • Drawing • Printing • Natural Earth Building & Painting with Clay

Visit Quarry Arts Centre, 21 Selwyn Ave, Whangarei Open Mon-Sat, 9.30am - 4.30pm Phone 09 4381215 www.quarryarts.org


4 TUTUKAKA SURF NORTHLAND NZ The summer range you’ve been waiting for... Quality, style and comfort for every(body)

Marina Rd, Tutukaka Call 09 434 4135 Open 7 days, 10am-5pm fb@tutukakasurfnorthlandnz instagram @tutukakasurf

HANGAR GALLERY 14 Cross St Regent Whangarei Now showing Sub Rosa/Exodus By Lindsay Marks and Richard Burgoyne

Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm Friday 8am-4pm Saturday 9am-12pm Phone 438-1260

6 5

COMMUNITY EDUCATION WHANGAREI WEEKEND WORKSHOPS @ KAMO HIGH SCHOOL Paint your very own floral portrait in this one day art workshop. All materials provided. View an example at the CEW office.

Phone: 09 435 0889 or email cew@kamohigh.school.nz Visit www.cew.ac.nz for details. Brochures are available from your local library or Kamo High School.

NZ FUDGE FARM TREATS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Fudgaccino coffee, Fudge ice cream and Devonport chocolates all at the Fudge Farm. Bring the kids down for a treat during the holidays.

Shop 3, Town Basin, Whangarei Phone 09 438 3327 www.nzfudgefarm.co.nz Open 7 Days


October 2019

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ne in six New Zealand adults have been diagnosed with a common mental disorder at some time in their lives. According to a 2016/2017 New Zealand Health Survey, this includes depression, bipolar disorders and anxiety disorders. But there will also be many undiagnosed. Too many suffer in silence but through the likes of some well-known figures opening up about their own struggles and fronting campaigns, there is definitely more mental health awareness these days. Here, we have one brave local, who has come forward to share her journey with us and how she chose to deal with her own well-being. You can read Mona’s heat-warming and inspirational story on pages 4 & 5. In this health edition of Savvy, we also feature a local couple who, between them, have lost almost 100kg! Daniel and Jaimee realised they were unhappy with their lifestyle and, deciding they wanted to

become positive role models to their son, upheaved life as they knew it. Now, they can’t believe the people in the ‘before’ photos are them! Check out their story on page 6. Whether you’re wanting to give your own lifestyle an upheaval or phase in small changes, you’ll surely find something of interest within these pages.


Jodi Bryant – jodi.bryant@nzme.co.nz


Jan Hewitt – jan.hewitt@nzme.co.nz


Mona de Villiers Portraiture

Published by NZME Northland, 88 Robert Street, Whangarei. savvy@northernadvocate.co.nz www.savvymagazine.co.nz

OUR PEOPLE 4-5 Walking the dark, lonely path to self-worth 6 New lifestyle demonstrtes role modelling to son

SAVVY FASHION STYLE GUIDE 18-21 This season’s latest fashions BEAUTY 22 Bow down to the GHD Curl Revolution LOVE IT HERE 24 Lighting up Diwali celebrations in Northland 25 Packard Museum Vehicle of the Month Fishing tips & tales with John Vowless 26 Artisan Markets GIVEAWAYS 28 This month’s giveaways SAVVY HOMES 30 Sleep tips for children 31 Time to spring into some extra cleaning 32 Make the most of your hallway 34 Building a new home: Q&A with Platinum Homes 35 Simple self-care: How a mindful home can impact on your health 36 Savvy ShowHomes: A1 Homes 38 What to ask when you’re asking for a home loan 39 Gardening with AlterNatives

SAVVY HEALTH 8 Mind, Body & Salt It’s all about quality of life! 9 Are you wanting to get motivated and feel supported in your health and wellness? Elevate your fitness with our best summer offer yet! 10 Take a fresh look at your health Dream Cream 11 The path to holistic wellness 12 Calling all Kiwis to take a stand against breast cancer 13 Pink Loop 14 Three small words that can transform your life, relationships, health and business 15 Blindness / low vision? 16 Free massage, beauty and spa qualifications offered in Whangarei 17 Medical microneedling My self-care realisation

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Our friendly local team are here to help you with your jewellery based insurance claims. SAVVY | 3


Walking the dark, lonely path to self-worth


Tears streamed down Mona Hanekom’s face as she stared at the images of herself. All she could say was: ‘I am beautiful!’


his was the turning point for the then 35-year-old, originally from South Africa, who, unbeknown to her, had been suffering depression for years. ‘Blessed in abundance’, Mona, whose real name is Minette, says she had no reason to feel the way she did. “I grew up on a beautiful farm in a small town in South Africa. I was very privileged and have an awesome, loving family. There was never a shortage of anything – no abuse, drugs or alcohol. So, feeling unhappy in myself made me feel very guilty!” Being a pastor’s wife added to her guilt. “I would think: ‘I’m a Christian, I shouldn’t be feeling this way’.

“I just couldn’t do that to him or them. I imagined them crying and saying: ‘Dad, I miss mum’. Thinking how I would react in a situation like that if I had to lose my husband - it would be heartbreaking.”

Gideon and Mona during their cruise ship Gatsby photo shoot.


Mobility and Daily Living Equipment

34 Rewa Rewa Road Whangarei


Premium Units Available Now Unit accessible from 6am to 9pm Controlled entry, 24-hour CCTV surveillance. Only storage facility in Whangarei with high stud up to 3mtr, insulated and fire retardant. Convenient location, fully concreted drive with easy access off Rewa Rewa Road Weekly rates from $25.00 with units in a range of sizess

And now I can say with honesty, religion has nothing to do with depression!” The couple moved to New Zealand 11 years ago and have called Whangarei home since. However, Mona believes her depression started while still in South Africa. “I left a great job in Cape Town and moved back to the little town I grew up in. I was happily married, but had no job, no purpose.” Six months before immigrating, they welcomed a baby and she believes the excitement of moving to a new country kept her going. However, another baby and raising children without family support, excess weight, the lack of sleep and subsequent bad diet, topped with postnatal depression, eventually took its toll and Mona sunk into a silent, bed-ridden depression. “I never really felt like the ‘beautiful, confident, 63kg girl my husband married again,” says Mona, 37. “I was constantly tired with no energy, no vision, no purpose. “It’s this evil cycle you’re in, a dark pit and it’s so deep and so dark and lonely. It’s someone asking you: ‘How are you?’ and you answer: ‘Great thanks!’ but on the inside, you’re screaming out: ‘Help me!, I’m drowning, I don’t want this.’. “People would say that exercise helps but exercise is seriously the last thing you want to do. All I wanted to do was sleep because, when you sleep, you don’t have to think about it. And every morning you get up thinking: ‘Today is going to be an awesome day!’... and the awesomeness never shows up,” describes Mona.

unit & Book raaw to win a

d go in a

T CARD $ 800 GIFns apply io



• Bathroom/ Toilet Equipment • Walkers/ Wheelchairs/ Crutches • Power Chairs/ Scooters • Kitchen/ Daily living Equipment • Adjustable Beds/ Lift Chairs And so much more.

0508 637 200 09 430 3469 73 John Street, Whangarei equipment@northable.org.nz

equipmentplus.org.nz Contact the team or visit our website for more information (09) 438 8390 • E: info@storageHQ.co.nz • www.storagehq.co.nz 4 | SAVVY

Equipment Agency at Far North Pharmacy 53 Commerce Street, Kaitaia • 09 408 0851

things. I’ll be waiting on the other side. Part of

own cream for my skin and you get some

this is because of the knowing that we’re all struggling in our different ways and a marriage

amazing natural products. Again, just like with processed food, the manufacturers can

resonate with the couples he works with through counselling and, by

needs to be the safe place where we can ‘suffer safely’. So, I made sure she could. We did

hide anything under ‘fragrance’. “Once I switched to more natural products

promise ‘in sickness and in health’ after-all!” Late 2017, the couple had a rare

is when I saw another big difference. Our bodies are like a car - if you put dirty

sharing her story, Mona also hopes it will help those going through it, while contributing to her own heeling.

opportunity to take a three-day cruise and this was when Mona had her revelation.

fuel in it, it’s going to give you problems. Gut health is so extremely important and

She recalls: “There were cocktails galore, shows and dancing every night. I had some

has been linked to depression; diet drinks, aspartame, sweeteners, energy drinks... is the

money saved up and told Gideon I would love to get some studio photographs done while on

worst thing you can put in your body. I followed a very strict Keto/paleo diet,

the cruise. On Gatsby night, we got dressed up, I did my own hair and make-up, and we

except for my one spoon of sugar in my morning coffee - I couldn’t give that one up!”

went for our photo shoot. “We only spent five minutes in the studio

Now, it’s rare for ‘the beast’ to raise its head in Mona’s life but she is aware of the triggers.

and then off we went to celebrate Gatsby night. The photo reveal was the following evening;

“I’m doing great most days but sometimes hormones can play a role, or takeaway food

the first one popped up on the computer screen and I started crying. By the final image,

after a long day of work and no energy for cooking. I know that for me it’s triggered by

It was the thought of her husband Gideon on his own with the kids that kept her from

the tears were streaming down my face and all I could say was: ‘I am beautiful!’

processed food so I just need to take a look at what I’m eating. When I find myself in that

taking her own life. “I just couldn’t do that to him or them. I

“I always felt that I wasn’t good enough, pretty or worthy.”

dark pit again, fasting really helps to get rid of the toxins.

imagined them crying and saying: ‘Dad, I miss mum’. Thinking how I would react in a situation

Mona turned to her husband and, through her tears, told him she wanted other women to

“Gideon can pick up on my energy and he’ll support me until I feel better. And the

like that if I had to lose my husband - it would be heartbreaking.”

experience seeing themselves the way other people see them, as she had just done.

funny thing is, now when he asks me: ‘Are you okay?’, I still answer with: ‘Yes, I am’, even

Mona says it was only her husband who really ‘saw me’.

Although it was a lot of money for just five minutes in the studio, it was money well spent

though I’m not. “I still can’t talk about how I’m feeling when

“He saw the daily struggle of not wanting to get out of bed, not wanting to shower, not

because it kicked off the amateur photographer’s career, sparking the ‘I Am Project’.

I go under. I think something changes in your body that makes it impossible to talk about it.”

wanting to cook or clean, not even having the energy to smile. He was the one that had to pick up the pieces, working two jobs and keeping the kids and household going, while always telling me: ‘You’re beautiful’ and: ‘I love you’, with a smile. He’s the most amazing guy. He is my best friend and I couldn’t even share with him what was going on because I didn’t

“It’s a dark, lonely, hard path to walk and so many people struggle with it. Growing up in South Africa, there was always a bad stigma around depression. It’s the kind of thing that gets swept under the rug. You don’t show that you’re struggling. It’s a hard thing to talk about, even now when I’m through it. But I went from being bedridden


Their journey has helped Gideon

with depression to absolutely loving me and on my journey to health, I realised there’s a lot of people struggling with depression and loving themselves. Today, Mona’s business is thriving and the self-taught photographer recently received an accreditation from The Portrait Masters. “Portrait photography is my passion. If I can help one woman out there who doesn’t feel good about themselves, then I’ll be happy. I don’t want anyone else to feel the way I did. I want to change the way women feel about themselves.”

“Love is tested when things get tough and it’s not reciprocated – but it also grows it. Too many give up when the going gets tough, and that’s the last thing a depressed person needs to also worry about.” The project focuses on portrait photography

know myself, to be honest.” As a trained professional counsellor and

for women, giving them the chance to experience being a model for the day and

relationship coach, it was an extremely powerless and frustrating position for Gideon to be in.

capturing their beauty and worth. Coinciding with this, Gideon’s mother was

He explains: “There’s nothing worse than knowing what a person needs but nothing you

visiting, and Mona opened up a little about her feelings, thereby opening her eyes to the fact

suggest or offer is received or applied. Part of the frustration is perhaps a lack of empathy

she may have been suffering from depression. This began Mona’s heeling journey and,

on the spouse’s part – not really knowing or understanding what the depressed person is

deciding to forego medication, she began a lifestyle upheaval, beginning with cutting out all

going through because it’s so outside of your own experience and framework.”

processed food. “You know, they’ll put anything in processed

Gideon believes a spouse suffers as much, albeit differently, with these feelings, while

food to make it cheaper and taste nice so that you’ll buy it again. They care more about their

trying to look after themselves and the family. “Love is tested when things get tough and

bottom line than human life. So, anything with numbers in the ingredients, I stopped buying.

it’s not reciprocated – but it also grows it. Too many give up when the going gets tough, and

“I lost 22kg and felt so much better but knew I had to make further changes.”

that’s the last thing a depressed person needs to also worry about.

She began thinking, not only about what she was putting in her body, but what she

“I just made it my mission to reassure my wife that I’m here, not going anywhere, and she

was putting on the outside. “Our skin is the biggest organ we have and will absorb

can take all the time she needs to work through

anything we put on it, I now make my

The New Possum Lady range is in store now. The ideal Christmas gift for loved ones overseas coming into winter.



Possum Trendz | 57 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri | 09 407 3527 | www.possumtrendz.co.nz SAVVY | 5


New lifestyle demonstrates positive role modelling to son BY JODI BRYANT

‘Fooling themselves’ with ‘healthier potato chips’ was the first step in a Northland couple’s two-year weight loss journey of a combined almost 100kg and counting. But Daniel and Jaimee Sterling soon realised this method wasn’t going to work so ditched the chips, upped the ante and saw radical changes. “It took several month’s trial and error; we started by eliminating certain things, which led to a time of fooling ourselves, buying ‘healthier

potato chips’ for example, but eventually we knew we had to eliminate this altogether,” explains Jaimee, 37. And this was no easy feat for the Waiotira couple who say they stopped bringing many unhealthy food types into the house because ‘self-control is not high in either of our traits’. When they met in 2009, they describe themselves as ‘Probably middle of the road – not healthy but not at our worst’.

Continues Jaimee: “After we got together, we began to put on the weight, eating plenty of takeaways, baking and junk food. We didn’t lose weight for the wedding (in 2010) – instead we seemed to put on more!” After the wedding, Jaimee joined Weight Watchers and lost around 20kg before falling pregnant with their son Sam, now eight. However, bad habits returned and both Jaimee and Daniel, 39, gained further weight.

Jaimee and Daniel at Pumping Iron Gym.

The turning point came in late 2017 when it became apparent Daniel was reacting to wheat, dairy, soy and nuts. Eliminating these items from their diet, started the Sterlings on a path to healthy eating, although Jaimee admits she took some convincing. “Dan started to push me to join him on eliminating some of the obvious unhealthy things, which initially I was not that receptive

Canada & Alaska

Wildlife & Glaciers <" 1>H -L>MM Departs

I6928 G943): ,926 July 2020

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to. I took it as a bit of an attack on how we were living and, although he was right, I didn’t like it at the time! It took a bit of time before I started along the same track and doing it together made it much more doable.” Seeing results helped also. After both losing weight, they reduced their carbs and sugar consumption, which eventually led to The Ketogenic – low-carb, high healthy fats - way of eating. They also began including exercise. “For the first time, I was doing organised exercise classes twice a week at Activ8,” says Jaimee. “This was very hard to begin with but, with each class I ‘survived’, I figured I could do this. I began to really enjoy it and saw the changes to my body and fitness.” Dan joined Pumping Iron gym and, after several months, encouraged Jaimee to join him so they began doing strength workouts together which helped with body shape. They now incorporate around three-five workouts into their week. Naturally, there have been obstacles along the journey, causing their new habits to take a slide.

Says Daniel: “We both, of course, have our moments when things get tough; lack of time, low motivation. But we work through it and keep going. It is so much easier with all of us eating this way; removing temptations from the house and with both of us going to the gym, it encourages the other.” “It took me a while to realise that it’s ok to have a few days off the gym,” adds Jaimee. “As long as you get back up and go again after that. There will be days where you eat something you shouldn’t, but don’t give up because of it. It’s about realising this is a journey, not any overnight change, and maintaining consistency towards where we want to be.” So far Daniel had lost a whopping 52kg and Jaimee 44kg, having gone from size 22 to size 12. “We both have further to get where we want to go but already the changes have been huge. We now do things that we previously wouldn’t have considered. Improved fitness means more willingness to get out and do things that we previously wouldn’t have and we are loving the extra energy. We go bush walking, we bought dirt bikes so we could all go out together, we work outside all day and don’t need to rest every hour. “Our 10th wedding anniversary is next year and we want to do a three-four day hike to celebrate it, something that previously we would not have been fit enough to consider. We want to be role models for our son, not leading him into a lifestyle that we were unhappy with ourselves.” As well as relishing being able to shop in ‘normal’ shops, they also cite positive mental changes with the strengthening of their relationship. “Prior to this, we were not in a great relationship space and, by doing this together, it has given us shared goals and brought us together.” Both Daniel and Jaimee have received many positive comments of support and several friends have even joined in on their journey. “As cliché as it is, if we can do it, anyone can. Our journey is not over - this is now our lifestyle and not some fad diet. We look back sometimes and can’t believe the ‘before’ people are us!”

Jaimee and Daniel two years ago on a work trip to Poor Knights Marine Reserve ‘not only overweight and fairly unhappy with ourselves, but also too self-conscious to join in on the snorkelling activities’.





Exquisite and Unique gifts for those who have everything. THE GALLERY


The Gallery has a wide-ranging collection of art by established and emerging New Zealand artists, many of which are Northland based – this includes contemporary Maori and Pacific artists. There is an outstanding selection of paintings, wood art, handmade furniture, sculpture, jewellery, glass and ceramics. Our catalogue changes frequently, so please make an enquiry and we'll confirm with you.

Come and enjoy our beautiful garden setting with stunning ocean views. Relax with a cup of coffee, lunch or one of our many treats all made on site on our sheltered deck with breathtaking views or in our garden surrounded conservatory. We are fully licensed, serve breakfast, lunch and a large variety of homemade cakes, cookies and snacks. Hours: 7am to 5pm - Weekdays 9am to 5pm - Weekends

Group Bookings Planning on visiting us with a small group? We are always happy to take group bookings at anytime of the year, and function inquiries are welcome even outside these business hours. Contact Janet Phone/Fax: 09 433 9934 Email: helenabaycafe@gmail.com

THE GARDENS One of the highlights of a visit to the Gallery and Cafe Helena Bay Hill is the beautiful garden setting. You are welcome to wander and relax in the garden during your visit. You’ll find many sculptures placed among the subtropical plantings, giving inspiration for your own landscaping ideas. The Gallery & Cafe are set in a lush subtropical garden with magnificent bush and sea views over Helena Bay on Northland’s east coast, on the scenic coastal route to historic Russell in the Bay of Islands. We are situated approximately 30 minutes north of Whangarei and an hour from Russell. You will find a warm welcome at the gallery and fully licensed café where you are welcome to wander and relax in the beautiful garden during your visit. We welcome enquiries about our artworks and visits to our Gallery, Cafe and garden.

Open for: • Breakfast • Lunch • Delicious Cakes • Functions • Paintings • Glass Works • Carvings • Jewellery • Sculptures • Ceramics • Gift Vouchers

1392 Old Russell Rd, Hikurangi Phone/Fax: Gallery 09 433 9616 or Café 09 433 9934 Hours: 7 days - 10am to 5pm www.galleryhelenabay.co.nz www.facebook/galleryhelenabay

Gift Vouchers available for the Café & Gallery



IT’S ALL ABOUT QUALITY OF LIFE! The most rewarding thing for us at Pumping Iron Gym is that we see so many people enhancing their quality of life. Pumping Iron Gym is your one-stop-shop for:

Salt has been used in healing for thousands of years. Salt therapy, using halogenerator

COPD, emphysema etc. Salt therapy may offer relief from productive coughs and

technology is called Halotherapy which comes from the Greek for salt – halo.

allergies such as hay fever in addition to the symptoms of colds and influenza. Skin

The salt mines of Europe were rich in fine salt particles and workers experienced overall

conditions also may be relieved by salt therapy such as eczema, rosacea and acne.

good health and freedom from chronic lung and skin conditions. A quality salt therapy

The environment in the salt room is warm, relaxing and meditative allowing time out

facility consists of a halogenerator an air hygiene system. Mind, Body & Salt Wellness

from busy lives. People attending the salt room are recommended to wear comfortable

Centre in Whangarei has embraced the latest research and international standards to

clothing, remove shoes and technology such as hearing aids.

develop their facility. Salt is naturally anti-inflammatory,

Mind, Body & Salt Wellness Centre has many happy visitors who have experienced

antibacterial and absorbent. With the use of a halogenerator to grind the pharmaceutical

the benefits of the salt therapy room since opening in June this year. Individual needs

grade salt to a fine powder, visitors to the salt room relax and breathe in the salty air and

vary and sessions required is based on how people respond to their time in the salt room,

allow the salt to settle on skin. The microfine salt particles penetrate the respiratory tract

typically people may experience positive health benefits within 1 to 3 sessions.

and may provide relief to those with conditions such as asthma, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis,

Salt therapy is a safe and natural aid to existing medical treatments.

Dry Salt Therapy can be effective in the relief of symptoms for a wide range of health issues, most notably respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis and skin issues such as acne and eczema. Allergies, acute colds and influenza symptoms may be relieved by salt therapy. Athletes have also discovered salt therapy can improve performance.


Prices are in New Zealand dollars and include 15% gst Adult

40 minutes


Under 12 years old

30 minutes



40 minutes


Concession (10 sessions)

40 minutes

$15 (per session)

Families/ Groups/ Meetings – groups can be accommodated within the space easily. Just contact our reception team who will assist with scheduling a time.

49 Walton St, Whangarei | Ph 09 972 7121 Email: admin@mindbodyandsalt.co.nz | www.mindbodyandsalt.co.nz 8 | SAVVY

• •

Losing weight Gaining muscle

• •

Improving fitness Wellness

• •

Increasing energy Reducing risk of chronic disease

• •

Improving sleep Feeling good

joined us at the age of 70. He had been walking every day for the last 10 years.

• •

Reducing pain Reducing stress

However, he was suffering from a sore back and hip and found the walking was

• •

Building confidence Rehab

aggravating it. So he came to us to help him correct his muscle imbalances and improve

So many of our amazing members have overcome major hurdles and traumatic experiences in their lives.

Another one of our elderly members

his functionality for everyday life’s activities. He loved it so much that he would come five days a week. After a couple of months, he no longer needed any pain relief and

Recently, two of our members were involved in separate, very serious car

he was able to reduce his blood pressure medication. He felt amazing.

accidents and are very lucky to be here with us today.

Deep down, we all know that we should be keeping fit and healthy but actually being

They knew how important their rehab was to get back to a normal life. They have

pro-active is sometimes just a ‘thought’. Just imagine how amazing you could feel if you

shown real determination and commitment to overcome some pretty major injuries.

actioned that ‘thought’! Congratulations to Daniel and Jaimee

The road to recovery is not only physical - the mental fitness is just as important. We

who decided that their health and wellbeing was important and changed their lifestyle to

can help you with both.

incorporate this.

TAKE A FRESH LOOK AT YOUR HEALTH Started in 2001 by Dr Damian Wojcik, the Northland Environmental Health Clinic in Kamo, offers a comprehensive general practice and a range of specialist services including environmental and nutritional medicine and intravenous therapies. High dose Vitamin C (IVC) helps with fatigue, recurrent infections, viral illnesses such as flu, glandular fever and meningitis, wounds, cancer and pre/post operatively for surgery or amalgam removal. IV Metal Detoxification helps with vascular and coronary artery disease, heart conditions, diabetes complications (particularly circulation) and chronic heavy metal poisoning such as lead and mercury. Our skilled and caring nurses cover all needs from immunisations to cervical smears, as well as individual consults around long term conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and asthma, providing lifestyle and nutritional advice. For those suffering from thyroid issues,

menopause, sleep issues, adrenal fatigue and other hormonal conditions the doctors prescribe bio-identical hormones made by Compounding NZ who tailor-make prescriptions to suit each individual. If you are in need of detoxification and treatment of muscular or joint injuries our Far Infra-Red Sauna, therapeutic massage and prolotherapy are all options. Dr Wayne McCarthy offers prolotherapy for joint repairs and all chronic injuries. For more complex conditions including cancer and EMF sensitivity the clinic offers new patient consults of one to two hours including diagnosis, treatment plan, appropriate tests, referrals and notes forwarded to the patient’s own doctor. The general practice team at NEHC is made up of five doctors and exceptional nursing and support staff. Other practitioners provide Naturopathy, Massage and Ozone therapy. Naturopath, Bianca, uses bioresonance, nutrition, homeopathy and trauma release to work with deep seated problems. For more information about this innovative practice, please explore the website at www.nehc.co.nz.

ELEVATE YOUR FITNESS WITH OUR BEST SUMMER OFFER YET! We know you can’t wait for summer to start, so here at Elevate Health + Fitness we’re already getting you in the mood and preparing you to look your best. When you join our locally-owned, Dyer St gym in Whangarei, we’ll give you your first four week’s membership for FREE and we will also give you a FREE Fit3D Body Scan! How’s that for an early summer gift? Not only is our fully-equipped gym open to you 16 hours a day, seven days a week, we also offer a range of fitness classes. So, whether you’re into traditional weight training or classes including HIIT, pilates, boxing, zuu or kettlebells, we’ve got something just for you. Our friendly, qualified trainers welcome new members, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran of the fitness world. Elevate is also proud to be the only gym in Northland to own and have onsite

a Fit3D Body Scanner, to track your body fat percentage, lean mass and body measurements and so much more which is guaranteed to keep you on target to reach your goals. You can also take part in our Fit3D 6 Week Challenges throughout the year for a chance to win prizes based on your improvement results. To help you feel your best, we pride ourselves in only stocking the very best in nutritional supplements including, True Protein Powder, Bullet Proof Brain Octane Oil, bone broth concentrate and kombucha, to name a few. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @elevategymnz to stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on and to see our latest news and tips on fitness and nutrition. For your first four week’s of FREE membership, sign up at elevategym. co.nz or call 09 430 0223.

NEHC OFFERS COMPREHENSIVE GENERAL PRACTICE SERVICES. Our aim is to work alongside each individual patient to achieve their best possible health and well-being outcomes.

Specialist Services: • Complex/cancer consultations • Intravenous Therapies including High-dose Vitamin C, Metal Detoxification, Vitamin B, rehydration and Iron Infusions • Bio-identical Hormone Treatment • Hair Tests and Urine Provocation Tests for Heavy Metals • Far Infrared Sauna for detoxification and injury treatment • Massage • Bioresonance / Trauma Release Nutrition, Naturopathy • Ozone Therapy

Dr Damian Wojcik


Dr Yuki Fukuoka


Dr Heather Guy


Dr Nadine von Enckevort


Dr Clara Pishief


Bianca Haux


Kiri Neumann

Therapeutic Massage

Dr Wayne McCarthy ND

Prolotherapy/Joint repair

To enquire about enrolment or specialist appointments please ring reception 09 - 435 1674


Are you wanting to get motivated and feel supported in your health and wellness? Activ8 Northland have ticked every box to ensure you enjoy your exercise, get results

Not only do they offer bootcamps, but also 1-1 personal training, small group sessions,

and feel part of a community. Their trademark bootcamps started over 10 years ago

yoga classes, lunchtime classes, men’s and ladies’ groups, active ageing classes,

at Mair Park and are now continuing to grow. They have, not only grown with more times

mums club and boxing. With such a range of classes and packages there is something for

and sessions available daily, but have grown with what people need and want.

everyone - and within a wide budget range. By taking that life-changing step to be

When you think of bootcamp, you may think of army-style, lieutenant-yelling, die-hard

part of Activ8, you will, not only see amazing results, but have the opportunity to join them

Dream Cream is a local Northland company based in Whakapara. Owners

carefully developed by Pete with a total man perspective. All amazing products. We are

exercise, but this is not the case. With Activ8 bootcamps, every session is individualised for

in bucket-list exercise adventures world-wide, beach days, social nights, fun runs and their

Pete and Lee Brown are proud to offer you 100 per cent natural and organic

also going to complete the ‘Gold’ series with a ‘Hand Gold’ and possibly an ‘Eye Gold’.

each person - taking into account their goals, injuries, personality and levels. Activ8 is not

upcoming 10-year ‘1920s New York’ ball. Their next bootcamp starts on October 7

products free from chemicals, parabens and artificial fragrances.

We also intend to bring in other products to expand our range in the future.

just a gym, or a place to workout - it is your social life, it is your sanity, it is a place where

(bookings up until Friday 11), and they offer a free trial to every class so you can give it a

These are superior products as we use only the finest ingredients, including liberal

Dream Cream is a truly elegant product initiated to offer you an affordable skin care

everyone knows your name and you are not just a number - but you are family.

go. If you are ready to make a change, get in touch with the friendly team today.

amounts of exquisite essential oils. They are nutrient rich with 100 per cent active

range that uses not only organic products, but the very finest ingredients available from nature.

ingredient, so you need only the smallest amount each time, making them affordable

Our sales are mainly on-line, but we are more than happy to sell direct to locals in

luxury. (A little goes a long way.) Our stunning range of products are

and around Whangarei if we can organise pick-up or delivery to save our customers

mainly for women, with two incredible baby products at this stage, but we are

postage. We do have other stockists within New Zealand, but our local stockist is

very shortly introducing a men’s range as we believe men need special skin

Wholey Health!, a fantastic locally-owned co-op in Hikurangi.

care treatment as well. The range will include a pre-shave oil (Pre-Shave Oleo),

Our focus is for our customers to have only the best in quality skin care at an

an after-shave moisturiser (After Shave Crème), and a hand and body moisturiser

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(Hand and Hide). These have all been

our customers are happy in every way.

Dream Cream New Zealand

100% • Get Motivated • Feel Supported • Fun, Dynamic, Results Guaranteed • Exercise in beautiful Northland parks Mention Savvy to receive $20 off our next 6 week Bootcamp Package, or book in for our 3 Week Summer bootcamp special starting in November.

8 v i t Ac ni Ave

rowi o 88 P 4 16 8 8 228nz.co.nz 0 5 0 activ @ o f in 10 | SAVVY

Beautifully crafted skin care safe Be for the whole family - free of chemicals, parabens, sulphates, BPA, genetic modification and artificial fragrances and chemicals. So totally affordable, as a little goes a long way …..

Natural & Organic

Included in the product range: Oil Cleanse, Face Scrub, Face Cream, Face Gold, Hand and Body, Baby Bum Baby Balm, Lip Balm, Rosie Lips with more coming soon. Available from our on-line store, or Northland stockist: Wholey Health!, a fantastic locally owned co-op in Hikurangi. We also sell direct to locals in ei and around Whangarei

PH: 0274 594 777

Email: dreamcreamnz@gmail.com




olistic Wellness is an ongoing process. Initially it requires a series of essential steps which, after time, become second nature. If you are ready to embark on the wellness journey but need a little guidance on how to get onto the path, here are six principles that will help you get there. Once you are on the path, life becomes a whole new experience. 1. NUTRITION: Good nutrition is imperative for a healthy lifestyle. Nutrient-dense fresh foods are a must for maintaining a healthy body and adequate energy levels. The more you eat healthy natural foods, the more you will find you want to, and you’ll notice a HUGE difference in your energy levels.

2. WATER: Keeping well-hydrated is crucial to staying healthy and maintaining the function of every system in your body including your heart, brain, and muscles. Most of us do not drink enough water.

Generally speaking, adults should drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day. Most of us can drink more. 3. BREATHE!: Just as the quality of our food and our water consumption is vital to our well-being, so too is the quality of our breathing. Take a few minutes out throughout your day and spend some moments just breathing. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly, inhale deeply ensuring that only your belly rises and your chest doesn’t. 4. EXERCISE: We’re always being reminded to exercise and for good reasons. Exercise increases energy levels, improves muscle strength, helps maintain a healthy weight, improves brain function, enhances the immune system, lowers risk of heart disease, improves mood, lung

function and sleep. Even something simple like going for a walk is a good start. 5. SLEEP: Adults should be getting seven to nine hours sleep each night. Getting too little sleep creates a ‘sleep debt’ and, eventually, your body will demand that the debt be repaid, so to avoid ‘sleep debt’, turn off the tv, turn off your mobile devices and treat yourself to some nice early nights.

Shannon Douglas Originally from Whangarei and, after extensive training, focusing on holistic well-being, Shannon owned and operated a wellness clinic in the UK, where she lived for many years. Returning home, she opened The

6. SPEND TIME IN NATURE: Spending time outside has significant and wideranging health benefits. Clinical studies have proven that spending time in nature significantly reduces stress, improves mood and activates DNA segments known to be responsible for healing and repairing the body. We live in paradise! Go out there and benefit from it!

Synergy Centre Holistic Wellness & Relaxation Centre, along with Wellness Wise workplace wellness solutions. She is dedicated to helping people achieve a more harmonious and holistically-balanced life, as well as transforming businesses through sustainable wellness interventions.

We live in paradise! Go out there and benefit from it!

DC0! 378"F+




/?$?%(*+ ' /#5<B?-:+ A@4$2 Fundraiser for Pink Ribbon Month Tuesday October 15th m – hosted by From 5.30pm n KENSINGTON RED DINING in

Open Tuesday and Wednesday, and by appointment other days. Shop 3, 26 Davies Street, Kensington, Whangarei

Call Sue Hoyle on 09 438 2643

ut” R+18 event “Girls Night Out” ubbles on Ar rrival Lindauer Pink Bubbles Arrival OR A GREAT N IGHT IG H OUT HT OUT BRING YOUR FRIENDS FOR NIGHT

ot Prize Giveaways Live Music & Spot ng Canapess aall ll eevening vening RED’s fabulous Roaming

! =C.” C ock ktails Gordon’s “DC0! Cocktails

Sanders’ Garden


280 Cemetery Road, Maunu

served d! 10% off any pink beverages served!

es will give great great advice Local Guest Businesses including on “Girly Things” ngs” inclu uding


> E9& &6A A; )1, DA> E9&6A;

Faceb book Available online via Red Dining Facebook ntfinder.co.nz and www.eventfinder.co.nz Trustt $10 from every ticket sold donated to Breast Cancer Support Northland Trust Gold coin sponsored raffle prize-draw e-draw also supporting BCSNT


SATURDAY 12th & SUNDAY 13th OCTOBER 2019, 9am to 4pm

ENTRY $5.00 proceeds to Whangarei SPCA Refreshments available and plants for sale

No Dogs please Bubbles, the resident cat does not approve SAVVY | 11

Calling all Kiwis to take a stand against breast cancer


reast Cancer Foundation type for Kiwi women, with over 2,500 women a year – or seven a day – diagnosed. NZ (BCFNZ) is asking Kiwis to Every year, more than 650 die. Almost Every year, everyone knows someone affected take a stand more than by breast cancer. against breast cancer 650 New “Thousands of volunteers have on Friday October 11 generously committed their time and Saturday October Zealanders to support our campaign,” says 12 for Pink Ribbon Street die of breast BCFNZ’s chief executive, Evangelia Appeal. Collectors will be cancer. Henderson. “Now we need Kiwis to shaking their pink buckets at give their support and drop a gold coin in nearly 1500 sites across New pink buckets – or you can text PINK to 4499 to Zealand, aiming to raise funds for ground-breaking research into new targeted make a $3 donation. Whether you’re donating time or money, your gift will help us work treatments, medical equipment for hospitals, towards our long-term vision of zero deaths innovative education programmes, and vital from breast cancer,” says Mrs Henderson. support for Kiwis going through breast cancer. BCFNZ urges women to be breast aware Breast cancer is the most common cancer

from the age of 20, as research shows that the earlier breast cancer is detected and treated, the better the outcome. Men can get breast cancer too – about 25 Kiwi men are diagnosed each year. “Everyone should be aware – look and feel your breasts so you can report any changes to your doctor,” says Mrs Henderson. “Consider annual mammograms from age 40, and have mammograms every two years from age 50. Free screening is available between the ages of 45 and 69 through the national breast screening service. Those over 70 should continue to get mammograms every two years, even if you have to pay for them.” About BCFNZ: Breast Cancer Foundation NZ is a not-for-profit organisation that depends on donations and fundraising for its work in breast cancer education and awareness, medical research and training grants, funding medical equipment, advocacy, and supporting women with breast cancer. The BCFNZ’s programmes are evidence-based, overseen by its medical advisory committee. The pink ribbon symbol is a trademark of BCFNZ in New Zealand.

New Breast Cancer Foundation app puts power in Kiwi women’s hands This October, your breast health is in your own hands – literally. Pre Check, an innovative app from Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, will take women into a whole new world of breast health awareness. Visual, tactile and audio cues help you search for signs of breast cancer. When you find one, you can learn more about it before being invited to look for other signs. Once you’ve explored all the symptoms, a ‘how-to’ guide will teach you how to self-check your breasts in the recommended way. You’ll even have the option to set your own reminder for regular self-checks. This will send a push-notification to your phone, urging you to ‘touch, look and check’ and showing you how. “Pre Check is a significant new wellbeing tool for women in New Zealand,” says Breast Cancer Foundation NZ’s chief executive, Evangelia Henderson. “It’s an innovation that empowers women and gives them confidence to take control of their own breast health.” The information has been available before but this is a new way of putting it in people’s

• Pink Ribbon Street Appeal, Friday October 11 and Saturday October 12

hands, Mrs Henderson says.

and ‘know your normal’ – and if

– spend an hour or two as a volunteer, collecting for the street appeal in your

“We encourage everyone from the age of 20 to ‘know

you notice any changes, see your doctor immediately. doc

area, or give a gold coin donation to a collector near you. Phone 0508 105 105

your normal’. We urge women of breast-screening age to stay

“If Pre Check encourages women wom to be more alert to breast changes and to see their doctors cha earlier, earlie it will certainly save lives.”

vigilant between mammograms, and younger women to be breast ast aware at all times. The beauty of Pre Check is that it puts vital

to volunteer. • Pink for a Day – a chance for workplaces across New Zealand to go pink for a day and raise funds for breast cancer research website - https:// www.breastcancerfoundation.org.nz/

About Pre Check: Abo sensory mobile interface As


information, quite literally, at people’s fingertips.

leverages the power of touch, levera sight, audio and 3D motion to help

“Because it’s totally portable, you can check whenever and

women wom gain a better understanding of the nine symptoms of breast

• Community fundraising events throughout October – a full list is

wherever it suits. If your phone is waterproof, you can even do

cancer. Each symptom has been can recreated using different types recrea

available at www.takeaction.org.nz • Boobeads, great for showing the sized

it in the shower! It’s such a great way to be proactive with your

of haptic hap feedback technology to generate a tactical experience. gen

lumps detectable by mammogram, available exclusively at Farmers.

breast health. And because it’s accessible to everyone, it transcends age,

The educational tool allows users to feel around the screen in search of breast

Purchase limited edition pink products from BCFNZ partners https://www.

cultural background, income and education levels,” she says.

cancer signs. You’re then prompted to “get to know your own normal”. Through an easy-to-


“Breast cancer is most treatable when it is found early, so early detection is your best

follow visual guide, women are taught how to do a self-check. Personalised monthly reminders

protection. That’s why it’s vital to know the signs

ensure these self-checks become routine.


If you have had a full/partial Mastectomy, lumpectomy. Reconstruction or a Congenital condition, Local Breast Care Fitting Consultant Susan Doig will assist you with the right choice of Breast Prosthesis and Beautiful Bras available in a choice of colours and delicate laces where comfort is paramount privacy & Confidentiality assured at a fitting room near your, or in your own home. Ministry of health approved supplier of breast prosthesis funding. For an appointment or enquiry Phone 095364220 or 0274519285



• Text PINK to 4499 to make a $3 donation during the month of October

5 Tui Crescent, Maunu | 09 438 7289 hairrazingdesign@xtra.co.nz www.hairrazing.co.nz

COPING WITH HAIR LOSS • Medical wigs, hats and turbans. • For all medical hair loss conditions. • Hair Razing Design is devoted to meeting the needs of women experiencing hair loss. For a personal and professional touch, call us for an appointment on 09 438 7289. Ministry Of Health provider approved, we can help you action your grant.

• The best way to ensure early detection of breast cancer is to supplement screening mammograms with general breast awareness – know your breasts/know the changes to look and feel for – and see your family doctor without delay, if you notice changes that are not normal for you. • Mammograms do not stop the development of breast cancer, but do reduce the chance of dying from breast cancer by approximately 33 per cent.

Pink Loop Today seven Women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. This year 650 will most likely die.Yet 30 per cent of eligible women don’t have regular mammograms. And 60 per cent of young women don’t know the signs beyond a lump. Fact: Cancer can occur at any time. Be breast aware and have a mammogram every year from age 40. Fact: Breast cancer is largely treatable and survivable if detected early enough. Almost 85 per cent of New Zealand women diagnosed with breast cancer live five years or longer. Most of us know to get a breast lump checked out. Changes in the skin (like dimpling or redness), breast shape or size, nipples (turned in or leaking), or unusual breast pain, can all be signs of breast cancer too. Know what your ‘normal’ is and if you notice any changes in your breasts, see a doctor (even if you’ve had a mammogram recently). Most breast changes are not breast cancer but one in nine New Zealand women will develop this disease in their lifetime. These

days, breast cancer is highly treatable if detected early, so start mammograms at 40 and act on changes at any age. • What to do? • Aged 40 - 49 years, have a mammogram every year. • Aged 50 years onwards, have a mammogram every two years. • Aged 70+ in discussion with your doctor • Enroll with BreastScreen Aotearoa (Ph 0800 270 200) for your free mammogram every two years (conditions listed below). • Contact TRG Imaging to book a yearly mammogram if you are aged 40-45. If you are 45 years or older you will also need to book in for the alternate year that is not funded by BreastScreen Aotearoa.

• Mammograms – The Facts • A mammogram is a very low dose x-ray of the breast tissue that can pick up very small breast cancers. • When a breast cancer is found on a mammogram, it can be as small as two millimeters, (the size of a grain of rice) and it is usually not able to be felt at this size. • When a breast cancer is felt, it is on average two to three centimeters in size (the size of a cherry or walnut). • A mammogram involves the breast being carefully placed by a medical radiation technologist (MRT) between two perspex plates on a mammography x-ray machine; the plates gently compress and spread out the breast tissue folds so

anything abnormal can clearly be seen by the specialist radiologists reading the mammogram x-ray images. Around five per cent of women find mammograms painful. For most women, any discomfort is tolerable and lasts for only a short period. The radiation dose from a mammogram is very low and is approximately equivalent to the amount of ‘natural’ background radiation we each receive over a couple of months. The benefit of a mammogram (meaning early detection of a potentially curable breast cancer) far outweighs any hypothetical increased risk of developing breast cancer as a result of the very small amount of radiation exposure received by a mammogram. A mammogram can detect 80-90 per cent of breast cancers. Those missed are often in younger women and women with dense breast tissue.

BreastScreen Aotearoa is New Zealand’s National Breast Screening Programme. They provide free mammograms every two years for eligible women 45 - 69 years. You can have a free screening mammogram every two years through BSA if: • you are aged 45 to 69 years of age • you have no symptoms of breast cancer • you have not had a mammogram in the last 12 months • you are not pregnant • you are eligible for public health services in New Zealand. If you are not eligible for free screening and you have no symptoms, having a mammogram through a private x-ray clinic or breast clinic is your only option. However, if your doctor is concerned about your symptoms, you can get referred to a public hospital at no cost or choose to pay for a mammogram from a private breast clinic.

To enroll with BreastScreen Aotearoa Freephone 0800 270 200

TRG Imaging Kerikeri 09 407 6222 or Whangarei 09 437 0540

Early Detection = Better Outcome Early detection is your best insurance for a cure against breast cancer. Many women wait until they find a lump or notice a change in their breasts before booking a mammogram. This significantly reduces the chance of a positive outcome. TRG Imaging recommend ANNUAL mammogram screening for all women from 40 years of age. Book your mammogram today. Whangarei 09 437 0540 / Kerikeri 09 407 6222 • www.trgimaging.co.nz SAVVY | 13

Three small words that can transform your life, relationships, health and business Having a daily gratitude practice is a hot topic in the health and wellness world.


ositive emotions have been linked with better health, longer life, and greater well-being in many scientific studies. We used to believe that happiness cultivated a feeling of gratitude, but we are now learning that it is quite the opposite. Having an attitude of gratitude is generating more happiness among us. One simple way we can do this is to check whether we are saying three little words that can make us a negative nelly and we probably say them often. These three little words are ‘I got (or have) to’. Cut this phrase out of your vocab immediately. What you can say instead to improve your mood instantly is ‘I get to’. While you won’t necessarily say ‘I get to clean the bathroom!’ with genuine excitement, other situations put the change into perspective. For example: saying ‘I get to go to the gym’ or ‘I get to take my son to soccer practice’, helps you remember that these are opportunities you would miss if they were gone. It’s a simple change that can foster a more gracious mindset and remind you to be thankful and happy throughout your day for the things you normally take for granted. Many of us have conversations that are characterized by a complaint. It makes sense. Human brains have what’s called a negative bias. We tend to notice things that could be a danger. It goes back to our ancestors’ time when being able to spot threats was crucial to survival.


And before you say that you really try not to complain, when was the last time you said that you had to do something? Maybe you had to go grocery shopping. Or you had to work out. Maybe you had to go to your in-laws for dinner. It’s an easy trap we all fall into from timeto-time but it’s one that can not only make our perspectives on life a little bluer, but can also negatively impact brain chemistry. Fortunately, this is where the tiny language tweak can help. Here’s why it works: ‘I have to’ sounds like a burden, an obligation or a commitment. ‘I get to’ is an opportunity. And our brain responds very powerfully to the way we use language when we talk and the way we use language in our thoughts. Framing our behaviours as something you ‘get to do’ helps you lean into it with more enthusiasm (and helps you appreciate the fact that you are able to even do it in the first place). It brings a sense of opportunity - and a welcoming of the experience, which has a positive benefit for us. So, while positive thinking (and all the perks

that come with it) is about positive thoughts, it’s also about positive attitudes, which can, in turn, cultivate gratitude and appreciation, encouraging even more positive behaviours and, yep, thoughts, too. Complaints, on the other hand? They can leave us feeling more vulnerable and threatened in the world, furthering a cycle of negativity and fear. Practicing an Attitude of Gratitude changes perspective - it can sweep away most of the petty, day-to-day annoyances on which we focus so much of our attention - the ‘small stuff’ situations that bring up feelings of impatience,

frustration or resentment. Gratitude is a vehicle to diffuse self-pity and self-centeredness, increase feelings of well-being and prompt mindful awareness of that which is beyond oneself - of belonging to a greater whole, and of connection to others, as well as to the world. There are no guarantees and we can take nothing for granted in this life. Every day is a gift; every breath is a gift. What we do with our gift is a choice. Choose to use those powerful three words – ‘I get to….’ as many times as you can each day.

Become the strongest version of YOU, so you can live the life you want! OPEN


Come and experience our facilities that will make your decision to include fitness in your life an easy one. We’ll help you to a healthier place. You’ll love the results and you’ll feel better about everything you do.

Call 438 8863 • 95 Walton St, Whangarei www.anytimefitness.co.nz 14 | SAVVY

Blindness / Low Vision? Many people think that anyone with impaired vision is ‘blind’. But just as there is more than one kind of vision, there is more than one kind of ‘blindness’.


ny of these visual impairments may be physical handicaps, but they are not necessarily completely disabling. Total blindness may be thought of as the absence of vision or the inability to perceive light. Partial blindness may involve having good central vision but poor or no side vision — or the opposite. Some people have permanently cloudy or fuzzy vision because of disease or aging, but they can read or see shapes with the help of special lenses or other devices. Other people lack vision in only one eye as the result of a birth defect, accident, or disease but have excellent vision in the other eye. The term ‘legal blindness’ is simply a way to define visual ability that is below a certain

WHERE TO FIND SUPPORT • From October 2019, the Blind Foundation takes on a new name: Blind & Low Vision NZ. It offers practical and emotional support for Kiwis who are blind or have low vision. Visit https://blindfoundation.org.nz/contact/ or Phone 0800 24 33 33 •

Firstport Blindness or a visual impairment may mean that you need support or equipment to enable you to live more independently. https://firstport.co.nz/financial-support-disabilities/blindness-visual-impairments/ Phone 0800 171 981 or Email info@firstport.co.nz

• If you need adaptive technology to engage in work or study, Workbridge may be able to provide you with assistance (either equipment or training). https://workbridge.co.nz or Email: northland@workbridge.co.nz Phone: Whangarei 09 430 2120 / Kerikeri 09 401 7387, or Free phone: 0508 858 858 •

Blind Citizens NZ is advocating for and working towards New Zealand becoming a fully inclusive society, where blind, deafblind and vision impaired people can lead rich, full and independent lives with confidence and dignity. https://abcnz.org.nz/contact-blind-citizens-nz/. Email: admin@abcnz.org.nz or Phone: 04 389 0033, Free phone: 0800 222 694

Low Vision NZ sells equipment and hardware. www.lowvision.co.nz

Visual Impairment Charitable Trust Aotearoa NZ (VICTA) is an energetic new charity established in 2013 to address the unmet needs of the growing number of New Zealanders with uncorrectable vision loss. www.visualimpairment.org.nz Email: enquiries@visualimpairment.org.nz or Phone: 0800 206 620



measurable range or level of sharpness. The concept is useful in helping doctors, social service agencies, and others to provide care for visually impaired people. However, only about 10 percent of all legally blind persons are totally without sight. In Australia and New Zealand, an individual is considered legally blind when they cannot see at six metres what someone with normal vision can see at 60 metres. A person is legally blind if their field of vision is less than 20 degrees in diameter. A person with normal vision can see 180 degrees. Low Vision is sight loss, reduced vision or vision loss that cannot be corrected or improved by glasses, medicine or surgery and makes everyday tasks difficult.

people who have limited useful sight, even with their best pair of glasses). Blindness in New Zealand by Age Group 0-21: 2,700 22-64: 8,100 65-79: 4,500 80+: 14,700 Visual impairment is not necessarily totally disabling. Many people with no sight or partial sight may function very well in a variety of dayto-day activities. They all wish to be treated by those they meet with the same thoughtfulness and consideration given to people who have excellent vision. Many will appreciate being warned of your approach by a friendly ‘hello’, so they are not startled. It is also important to remember that people with less-than-perfect sight are usually not deaf, nor are they less intelligent as a group than people with normal vision. There is no need to shout when speaking with them or to ‘talk down’ to them. With so many vital components of the eye, and so many aspects to visual ability, it’s clear that much effort and many kinds of professionals are involved in preserving eyesight and maintaining eye health.

Legally fit to drive. (class 1 or 6) The standard of visual acuity required is 6/12 using both eyes together, with or without correcting lenses. When the vision in the worse eye is less than 6/18 but better than 6/60 corrected, the applicant should be classified as having substandard vision in one eye. It is estimated that there are 30,000 individuals in New Zealand affected by blindness or low vision (low vision refers to

• Initial consultation $172.00 • OCT Scan for Glaucoma & Macula Degeneration $106.00 • Cataract surgery from $3400.00 per eye * Price inc GST but not including cost of pre-operative consultation Southern Cross affiliated

Help is only a phone call away 0800 11 0030



David Dalziel and Andrew Watts Ph: 09-972 7022 12 Kensington Ave, Whangarei Fax: 09-972 7026 Email: pceyes@xtra.co.nz Website: www.bit.do/EyeCentre SAVVY | 15

FREE massage, beauty and spa qualifications offered in Whangarei Anyone considering a new career in the trillion dollar, ever growing wellness industry need look no further than Evolution School of Beauty, Massage & Spa located in CBD Whangarei.

The government’s new free education policy for eligible students means any programme with Evolution School could be FREE! The NZ Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage programme is enrolling now for 2020. This excellent programme covers Swedish massage, pre ad post event Sports massage, Infant massage and on-site massage as well as lots of other really interesting stuff. Attendance is only three days a week and all school holidays are off! Evolution School is the only provider of this NZ Diploma in Northland. The NZ Certificate in Beauty Therapy programme starts again in 2020 and covers facials, waxing, make-up, manicures, pedicures, body massage, electrolysis, spraytans and gel nails and a whole lot more! It’s the perfect all-round qualification for anyone wishing to work as a beauty therapist. Attendance is only four days a week with all school holidays off! The NZ Certificate in Spa Therapy programme is also being offered again in 2020 and is for anyone with some experience in massage or beauty. This lovely programme covers treatments such as wraps and scrubs, hot stones, aromatherapy, reflexology, hydrotherapy, Indian head massage, Reiki, EFT and lots more. Attendance is only four days a week for nine months and only in term time. Evolution School is the only massage and spa education provider in

EVOLUTION SCHOOL OF BEAUTY, MASSAGE & SPA Enrolling now for 2020 Intake! NZ Diploma in Wellness & Relaxation Massage

Covers relaxation massage, pre and post event sports massage, infant, chair and lymph massage plus much more

NZ Certificate in Beauty Therapy

Covers facials, waxing, make up, manicures, pedicures, body massage, electrolysis, spray tans, gel nails and more

NZ Certificate in Spa Therapy Includes Indian head, hot stones, aromatherapy, reflexology, hydrotherapy and more

40 weeks & 3 days a week attendance

40 weeks & 4 days a week attendance 30 weeks & 4 days a week attendance

Fees FREE for eligible students!

All programmes are NZQA approved and eligible for both student loans and allowances.

115 Cameron St, Whangarei • 09 438 6583 • info@evolutionschool.co.nz

www.evolutionschool.co.nz 16 | SAVVY

Northland and is an NZQA Category ONE provider which means very high-quality and now could be FREE for you. You can check if you are eligible by heading to www.feesfree. govt.nz Don’t worry if you are not eligible for fees free though as all programmes are NZQA approved and so are eligible for student loans and allowances. Evolution School is also in the process of applying for approval to run the NZ Certificate in Nail Technology for 2020 so watch this space for more details! Evolution has small classes to ensure there is plenty of tutor/student attention. There is no upper age limit – you just have to be 16+. The majority of graduates say their time with Evolution School was life-changing in so many ways. Come and see why! Give Evolution a call today to ask about your new exciting career – 09 438 6583 or pop in and have a look around – 115 Cameron Street, Whangarei or ‘book an amazing treatment with our fabulous graduates at our brand new graduate clinic on John St. Book by emailing evolvegraduateclinic@gmail.com,” says Lorna Clowes, Director. “It’s a new initiative whereby graduates gain employment within the safety of a mentored clinic until such time as they have built up their clientele and can go out into the world of business on their own.” For more visit www.evolutionschool.co.nz

Medical Microneedling



his is a very popular skin rejuvenation modality and has been shown to enhance and improve skin complexion via activation of the skin’s natural regenerative processes which stimulates collagen synthesis. With expert precision, technique and timing, your qualified skin therapist uses a medical microneedling device to trigger growth factors for building new collagen. Very tiny needles are used to penetrate the top layer of the skin vertically causing localised and controlled damage without substantially affecting the structure of the epidermis. The creation of controlled microchannels in the skin instigates the regeneration of skin cells via a natural process of healing. Awakening the fibroblast that lies within the deeper layers of the skin, healthy collagen is naturally produced. The gentle stimulus provided by medical microneedling is considered far more effective than many other more invasive and expensive skincare treatments. Skin conditions that benefit from medical needling include: acne scarring, fines lines & wrinkles, uneven skin tone & texture and enlarged pores.

Visible results are evident five to eight weeks after the treatment. However, one of the most exciting things about medical microneedling is that after a course of treatments, your results will continue to improve over the next 12 months as the new collagen and elastin settles, strengthens and rejuvenates your skin from within. Before committing to any dermal or microneedling procedure, please make sure your skin therapist is qualified, does a thorough consultation to determine your skin’s suitability, explains to you what happens during the treatment, guides you on the before and after

Patented medical microneedling needles used by Skin Image with tilting plate to adapt to skin surface, preventing tearing and “dragging” of the skin

care, works in a sterile field during the treatment and, most important of all, uses a medical device approved by Medsafe NZ or the Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) as medical devices approved by these authorities would need to have gone through clinical trials to confirm safety and efficacy.

Nina Quan Award Winning Skin Therapist Skin Image Phone 022 394 1184 Skin Image Paparoa: 2004 Paparoa Valley Rd Skin Image Waipu: 86 The Centre


I used to believe that what I contributed and brought into this world, was directly related to my skillsets and abilities.


elieving this, constantly made me on the lookout for ways to be better. If I felt tired, run-down, un-motivated, anxious, or if for some reason I had spare time on my hands, I would simply keep pushing myself to do more. I honestly believed taking time off for ME was a luxury I couldn’t afford. Believing that my worth was attached to what I did, and refusing to care for myself properly, became an anchor to my growth and happiness. It weighed me down in every way possible - I felt less creative, I slipped into bad habits with stress, I stopped moving, I wasn’t present with my family, and the greatest downside was that I forgot what I did for me… I couldn’t tell you what my hobbies or interests were any more. From moving through this experience, I learnt two fundamental things.

“The greatest gift I bring to the world around me IS me. Yet for me to fully BE me, I need to look after me.”

Sarah is an internationally-certified Health and Lifestyle Coach, passionate about helping you live your best life - a life that’s healthier, happier, and way more fulfilling.

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, or struggling to find happiness, I’m here to support you. Let’s work together in getting you back on track and rediscovering the life you deserve. Book your free consultation in today. 1. You aren’t your job, your ethnicity, your body, your skillset, or your abilities… what makes you ‘good enough’ is the magic within you. YOU are what makes you special, and simply BEING you is what you bring into this world. 2. Self-care isn’t a joke. When I didn’t value or prioritise my needs I reached the bottom of the energy tank, and when you reach the bottom there’s no reward waiting for you. You don’t get a slap on the back, a good on ya, or a 2 for 1 refill. You’re just depleted, and everything you produce and give to others is depleted. These two points made me realise that I couldn’t be me or contribute to my life in the ways I wanted to, when I didn’t prioritise selfcare. Therefore, to remind myself, I created this little saying, and I wanted to share it with you today in case you’re finding yourself constantly pushing to be good enough. “The greatest gift I bring to the world around me IS me. Yet for me to fully BE me, I need to look after me.” Have a great weekend, and remember you are worth prioritising. Sarah x

I’ll help you reclaim your happiness, and discover how to live a more energised and fulfilling life. • Private Coaching • Group Coaching • Workshops & Events Once you have the clarity around what you want for your life, you can start creating it.

027 368 5969 SAVVY | 17

Spring is here, time to get ready for summer

The Boatshed

Open 7 days 20 Quayside | Town Basin | Whangarei | 094387828 18 | SAVVY

2019 A great range of handbags in store!


$239.90 $199.90

$259.90 $249.90



$229.90 $199.90

$189.90 $229.90

We havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forgotten the Men $1199 $199.90




The Mall, 69 Cameron St, Whangarei Phone 09 438 2224 Locally Owned & Operated SAVVY | 19

Sterling Silver Rings




Pack everything in the bag and you are ready to go out & have fun!

Ear Cuffs From


Mirror Tee


Blockprint Cotton Sarong


Anklets From


Short Genie Pants


Wide Brim Hat


Yak Wool Shawls


Sol Bag Bracelets





TRADING 89 Cameron Street, Whangarei CHARITY Ph: 09 430 2040 Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm, Sat 9am-3pm, Sun 10am-3pm Shop online: www.himalayantradingpost.co.nz

20 | SAVVY

Trelise Cooper Feeling Peppy Jacket $699


Lania Rocco Top $239

ZaďŹ na Moongarden Dress $179

Lania Strip Jeans $239

Lania Senator Jacket $350

Loobies Story Aloha Blouse $279

Siren Jacket $179

Loobies Story Cabana Dress $299

Loobies Story Kailua Pleat Dress $349

Siren Flare Dress $169

New London Chelsea Jeans $240

Trelise Cooper Layer Cake Dress $699

Sabatini Linen Pants $384

Vassalli Wide Leg Pants $169

Moss N Spy Monet Blazer $595

Minx Tate Mod $189

Minx The Bay Sneaker $169

Minx The Boss Python $209

Minx Crystal Pink Pearl $179

SHOP ONLINE 24/7: www.polwarthdesign.co.nz WHANGAREI: Open 7 Days Okara Shopping Centre | Phone 09 438 9697 DARGAVILLE: Open Mon-Sat | 78 Victoria Street | Phone 09 439 7341 SAVVY | 21




Introducing a revolution in curls and waves from the masters of styling - ONE TOOL, ENDLESS CURLS.

ew from ghd, the oracle curler, uses patented breakthrough curl-zone technology to create curls easier than ever before. Combining the unique U shape, styling power of heat and setting effect of cooling, a vast variety of curls on all hair types is here, all in just one stroke. Oracle is a game-changer for creating curls and waves; there is no more wrapping or rolling hair, for the first time ever you can create the perfect curl!

No matter which section of hair you’re styling, a slight tilt or change of angle will have you producing an array of different curls and waves, from loose and beachy to tighter, more uniformed locks. Exclusively available at Xtreme Shampoo Shoppe, receive your free tutorial with a trained professional, ensuring you get the best out of your curler.

DEEP WAVE ghd oracle™ creates a multitude of curls with just the tilt of the styler; for this look though, style the hair in the same direction for tight ringlets and dress out with the ghd paddle brush for waves that flow effortlessly over themselves. Finish with a spritz of ghd final fix hairspray for a look that will not go amiss on any red carpet.

BEACH HAIR Beach Hair will always be on trend; loose and undone, curls with an air of relaxed control. You don’t need to be on holiday to look like you’ve had a day at the beach with this hairstyle. This look is all about curling in different directions throughout to make hair look natural and carefree - tilting the ghd oracle™ will give you the freedom to make your waves and curls unique to you and the style you long for.



BLOW OUT Achieve the perfect salon Blow Out in your own home with the ghd oracle™ curler. Big bouncy curls can be achieved with just a tilt of the styler to give you the look of just having had your hair professionally styled. Big is beautiful with this step-by-step guide; flip your hair over to create super dressed out curls and spray ghd final fix hairspray to keep them in place all day and night.

Make a purchase over $30 or book a salon service in the month of October you will go into the draw to win a fabulous GHD styler!

WHERE GOOD HAIR DAYS BEGIN *Conditions apply. Prize may vary from the image.

SHAMPOO SHOPPE Ph 09 438 1933

The Strand Arcade, Whangarei www.xtremeshampooshop.co.nz 22 | SAVVY

MODERN STRAIGHT Straight doesn’t have to mean poker straight anymore - add movement and texture to your hair with the Modern Straight style, keeping hair sleek and glossy. It’s time to embrace and enhance your own natural waves with the ghd oracle™. With a slight tilt of the styler, you can create an array of curls; dress out with your fingers and a ghd paddle brush for an undone, laidback finish.

Caci’s had a facelift! The team at Caci Whangarei are passionate about helping people feel confident in their skin. And the specialist in skin and appearance medicine now has a new look of its own at its spacious new clinic on Clyde Street, Whangarei.

pinks and greys and there is a dedicated room for the new Diode laser.


Owner Jenny Lloydd says the newly fitted-out clinic gives a modern look and a fresher style. “Finding these new premises took a lot longer than expected but it was worth it to find the perfect place,’’ she says. “Our customers will notice a huge difference right from when they walk in the door. It’s beautiful.” Caci Whangarei launched in 2005 in a small building on the corner of Bank Street. From those beginnings, the business has grown to employ 10 staff. Jenny says the growth of the business had meant space was very limited. In the new clinic, each therapist has their own large room decorated in soothing

Jenny says skin treatments and appearance medicine have changed substantially over the years with advances in technology. Caci has also introduced memberships, which makes it easy for everyone to access with easy payment plans. Fractional Laser, Caci;s most advanced treatment, is fantastic to rejuvenate ageing skin, to firm lines and reduce wrinkles and scarring, she says. Some of the skin treatments include microdermabrasion, Sonophoresis, light therapy, microneedling, cosmetic injectables, dermal fillers and lip enhancements. “A combination of treatments might be used for different areas of concern,” Jenny says. With Caci’s new Diode laser, hair removal is now a much more comfortable experience and larger areas can be covered more quickly. It’s really good for speed and larger areas such as men’s backs can

now be treated quite quickly. “This October, we are running Caci’s two-for-one laser hair removal offer. Treat two areas for the price of one,’’ Jenny says. Stubborn areas of fat can be targeted with Caci;s award winning ChillSculpt treatment using Cryolipolysis. “Everyone has a finite number of fat cells. ChillSculpt works by freezing the fat cells so that the body recognizes that they are damaged and naturally eliminates them from the body. The good part is that these are not replaced. It’s pretty effective on areas of fat which have been difficult to shift despite diet and exercise,” she says. The clinic also offers a full skincare range, with Murad and Skinsmiths.





Treat two areas for the price of one when you sign up to our laser hair removal plan before Oct 31! Caci Whangarei Visit our NEW clinic at 14 Clyde Street

0800 458 458 caci.co.nz

SAVVY | 23

Lighting up Diwali celebrations in Northland The Northland Indian Association Inc (NIAI) is proud to host the Diwali 2019 Festival of Lights on Saturday October 12 at Forum North, Whangarei from 11am onwards.

Creative New Zealand (Creative

the celebrations. The event has

Communities), and Creative Northland whom all support this

attracted audiences of 500-plus attendees sharing in Indian cultural

fantastic community event. NIAI was formed in 2008 when a

activities and cuisine. Ralph Correa, NIAI Chairperson,

few like-minded individuals of Indian heritage came together to promote

says: “Diwali is a celebration of light, positivity, happiness, prosperity and

and celebrate the Indian culture and heritage within Northland.

all that is good. Our aim is to bring Northland whanau together to enjoy

his will be a fun, familyfriendly event showcasing local talent and the Indian culture with the wider community. Not only will there be spectacular Indian performers, but acts from other nationalities

and cultures will be integrated to create a unique experience. Beyond

Diwali has been celebrated in Whangarei and across Northland

the Indian culture, food and facilitate bonds between Indian and the wider

Bollywood will be the special guest performers on the day who are

by the Indian community for many years. However, since the formation

community.” Tickets are available to purchase

bound to wow the crowd. The event is being sponsored

of NIAI at its Diwali Festival of Lights, more and more people of

from the Shiraz Indian Resturant for only $15 each (under 5’s free)

by the Whangarei District Council,

non-Indian descent are joining in

which includes a buffet lunch. Only a


limited number of tickets are on offer so get yours today to participate in an all-inclusive event which will have live entertainers, henna, a photo booth, spot prizes and more!

Opera North is pleased to present this variety concert in aid of the Cancer Society's Domain Lodge. Young talent both vocal and instrumental, with the soloists and chorus of Opera North will feature at the concert. Come along and be entertained by some of Whangarei’s finest talent and support this very valuable place that provides a ‘home away from home’ for cancer patients and their families. Concert starts at 2pm on Sunday 13 October in the Capitaine Bougainville Theatre (Forum North) Date: Sunday 13 October 2019 Time: 2pm • Venue: Capitaine Bougainville Theatre Tickets through TICKETEK Adults: $30 • Seniors: $25 • Children: $15 24 | SAVVY

Committed to creating opportunities for Northland singers For more details visit www.operanorth.co.nz


1937 Coventry Eagle Pullman Motorcycle BY GERALDINE CRAW


motorcycle manufacturer that most people haven’t come across is Coventry Eagle. At the Packard Museum we have two of these machines on display; a 1936 Coventry Eagle Silent Superb model and also of special interest, due to its quirkily designed pressed steel fabricated frame, a 1937 Coventry Eagle Pullman. Coventry Eagle was originally a bicycle manufacturer. They produced bicycles under the name Hotchkiss, Mayo and Meek but after Meek left the company, they changed their

name to Coventry Eagle. In the late 1890s they started experimenting with motorised bicycles and by 1899 had produced their first machine. They went on to produce motorcycles from 1899 to 1939. The company was based in Coventry, England and were well known for their reliability and care of finish of their motorcycles, some models doing well in the racing scene. Interestingly, the company didn’t produce

their own engines and so their motorcycles were powered by well-known units such as Villiers, Matchless, Blackburne, Sturmey-Archer and JAP during the marques life-time. Our 1937 Pullman is powered by a Villiers twin port single cylinder, two stroke engine running through a four speed Albion gearbox, chain driven to the rear wheel. The Pullman attracts a lot of attention due to its rarity and unusual design. One

Fishing tips & tales with John Vowless


of the oddities of the bike is that the engine sits within a pressed steel frame (unlike conventional tubular frames of the day) and the use of leaf springs fitted for the rear suspension plus a back bumper like a car. In the 1930s, Coventry eagle launched a range of sports bikes under the name of ‘Falcon Cycles’ which became a division of the Tandem group after the Second World War. Production of motorcycles finished in 1939.

snapper and her dad caught another monster snapper. Outstanding fishing for someone so young. Well done Cameron! Frank Chandler travelled over to the Kaipara Harbour and braved the strong currents and conditions which can make fishing difficult at times. He did well, I’ve seen

t’s good news; our fishing has picked up

some big fish amongst them. Most of these

the photos; a great catch of big gurnard up to 3kg, a good feed of nice snapper and a good

considerably. Snapper catches outside Whangarei Harbour have been very good lately. Peter Donker and a couple of mates

were caught using ledger rigs and bait but five were caught using softbaits. Then, a few days later, Peter was out on his own fishing

kingi - well worth the effort. The good snapper fishing out in Bream Bay and off the East Coast and Islands

out from Uretiti and again caught his snapper limit using only softbaits this time. He landed

should continue to get better, although good catches are being taken on bait. At this time

another big snapper of 15lb, which had swallowed his nuclear chicken softbait right down - this is rare when using softbaits.

of year, softbaits, slow jigs and other lures can be very effective also and great fun. Likewise, the West Coast is also likely to get

Other anglers who have done well recently are Bill Boyle, who caught and

even better. Inside our Northern Harbours is still a bit

released several nice snapper and came home with a 15lber, and a few more 35 to 40 cm, in only a couple of hours. Phill Newman

slow but expect this to change as the water warms up. The further north the harbour, the sooner the snapper will turn up, but when I’m

came home with scallops, crayfish and, also out from Ocean Beach, he landed a good

writing next month, I expect to be able to give you some positive harbour reports.

snapper feed. Nine-year-old Cameron White went rock fishing with her dad at Whangarei Heads with

Make sure your boat/motor servicing is up-to-date and your safety gear is in good condition and readily available. Enjoy your time

fished two spots at the Chicken Islands recently and caught their limit of snapper with

spectacular results. Using large fresh kahawai bait and no sinkers, Cameron landed two huge

Cameron White, 9, with her very impressive snapper caught off the rocks.

on the water and good luck. Tight lines.

WOF • REPAIRS SERVICES • MAINTENANCE BATTERIES AND TYRES Your local garage for honest, friendly service

Proudly supporting y the community MALCOLM & SALLY MEEK rahi 1 Church Street, Onerahi

Phone: 09 436 5971 E: admin@onerahigarage.co.nz ge.co.nz .co.nz W: www.onerahigarage.co.nz

Get your Christmas Boat Trailer orders in now! SAVVY | 25


The Market Ladies

Saturdays - from Labour Weekend until Easter

It’s that time of year again when we all start to emerge from our winter routines, spurred on by the lengthening days and softening temperatures.


h, springtime. Robin Williams called it nature’s way of saying, ‘let’s party!’ Fragrant flowers and fresh green buds on the naked trees, bright colours sprinkled across neighbourhood gardens. It’s about this time that we start to dream of the days of summer in ernest, too. And you know what that means, right? Market season! This year you’ll still find Whangarei’s two premium summer markets at the Town Basin but they’re moving along the loop a bit while construction work is carried out to create the much-anticipated City Park. The Artisans Market and the Canopy Night Market will both be spending this one season beside the iconic Reyburn House and the Northland Society of Arts studio. Once again, Labour Weekend will kick off the market season with the Canopy Night Market on Friday October 25 from 4pm, and the Artisans Market from 9am on Saturday 26. The Artisans Market has been around for many years in various locations but always with the best range of local artisan products, fine art, handcrafts and gourmet food items. Hundreds of locals and visitors to the region visit the market every Saturday over the summer in search of those perfect and unique gifts, either for themselves or for someone special. Many of the Artisans are well known far and wide for their distinctive work and every year the market also welcomes new producers of gorgeous hand-crafted products. When it comes to variety in food, the Canopy Night Market hosts a wide array of

street foods at monthly Friday evening markets. This season, in the car park along Reyburn House Lane, you’ll be able to come and enjoy a relaxed evening picnic by the Hatea River. Bring the family and a picnic blanket, be well fed and suitably entertained. If a picnic dinner isn’t your thing you can always take a meal home with you to enjoy at your place. Either way, it’s not a bad way to finish the week, don’t you think? If you haven’t visited either of your local markets for a good look around then you’re

missing a prime opportunity to support local, encourage sustainability and move toward a more environmentally conscious economy. Locally produced items generate less environmental pollution because they have a much smaller carbon footprint and they keep your money in the local economy. That’s good for everyone and all of us doing a little quickly adds up to a lot of positive change. You’ll find that many of the market vendors have made a noticeable effort to reduce their waste. One such innovation is the introduction

of The Plate Exchange at the Canopy Night Market. The idea is simple - rent a plate for your meal and get your deposit back when you return it. The food vendors will put your meal selection straight onto the plate, no packaging to dispose of. That’s smart. Obviously, you’re welcome to bring your own plates if you wish, and we encourage that kind of action. You’ll also notice the presence of a recycling station to encourage thoughtful disposal of waste. We’re all getting better at remembering to take our shopping bags with us to the supermarket and The Market Ladies will be encouraging you to do the same at the markets. Keep your eyes peeled for a bag exchange at the Artisans market as well. Make a visit to your local markets one of the regular features of your summer!

The Canopy Night Market The Market Ladies

26 | SAVVY

THE GIRLS CLUB HOUSE TOUR 2019 www.girlsclub.org.nz

All proceeds go to

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

Standing (left to right): Joanne Slatter, Kerry Aiken, Jules Bennett, Vanessa Crosby, Shari Pickering Seated (left to right): Claire Cave, Gemma Currin, Leeanne Hopper, Briar White, Lisa Anderson

10 Individuals work as a Team Every two years a group of local ‘girls’ get together to organise and host the ‘Girls’ Club House Tour’ with every cent raised going to North Haven Hospice, Whangarei.


Members have come and gone since the Girls’ Club was first started in 2009, but the dedication to the cause has not, with Hospice receiving over $150,000 to date from this fundraising event. The 2019 House Tour focuses on the Bream Bay area from One Tree Point to Langs Beach, and features a fascinating mix of houses ranging from a gorgeous wee beach bach, through to canal-front homes and an original villa. Stunning hilltop locations and waterfront properties will showcase sweeping sea views. Delicious lunches are available to pre-order with ticket purchases, to ensure a special day out. This is an opportunity to support your local hospice while having a ‘fun day’ with friends or family and if you are thinking of building or renovating, there is no better way to spark your imagination with ideas and inspiration. None of this would be possible without our homeowners who generously open up their homes to share their beautiful spaces, thoughtful ideas and their own sense of style.

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

For the two months before a Tour, you can imagine the hustle and bustle behind the scenes as the owners tidy and primp their homes. Some of them laughingly comment, that the Tour forces them to complete a ‘to do list’ which has been teasing them for months! Tickets and lunch pre-orders, are available through the Girls’Club website (www.girlsclub.org.nz), Eventfinda or at The Hub.

Do take the opportunity to join us on November 9th and 10th. You won’t be disappointed!

Sat 9th Nov 9.30am - 4pm Sun 10th Nov 9.30am - 4pm TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM







SAVVY | 27

GIVE AWAYS Savvy giveaways are brought to you by the Hits Northland

Congratulations to our September winners:

For more chances to win, tune in to your live and local Hits Day show with Char from 9am-3pm weekdays!

Whangarei 95.6FM • Bay of Islands 106.1FM • Mid & Far North 96.4FM • Doubtless Bay 105.9FM


THE MIGHTY TANIWHA Prize Pack: Glennis Gibosn


Cocavo Prize Pack: Angela Campbell


Makana Confectionery: Rosemary Ellis Valerie West-Hill Jo Kidd

Three days of walking in the Bay of Islands from October 18-20. There are 18 walks to choose from encompassing the beauty of the bay and bringing to life the cultural and historic elements that are unique to this part of the world. To ensure you get the best out of the walks we have local guides to lead you all the way. Our guides are all passionate and knowledgeable about the Bay of Islands area and bring something extra to the walking experience. Each walk has no more than 20 people, so get in quick to book at BOIWalkingWeekend.co.nz The weekend makes walking accessible and affordable around the islands, many walks are on private land you can only do on this weekend, and many give you a fantastic flavour of the Bay of Islands visiting vineyards, oyster farms and even having breakfast with the locals.


WE HAVE 1 KERIKERI SHOW DOUBLE PASS AND 1 WHANGAREI SHOW DOUBLE PASS TO GIVEAWAY! Night Fever is jetting into Forum North on November 12 and Turner Centre November 13 to recreate the Bee Gee’s 1997 One Night Only Las Vegas concert experience in a theatre-style production with over two hours of LIVE engaging entertainment showcased through vibrant state-of-the-art lighting, impeccable sound and, of course, a handpicked international cast! Tickets are on sale now at your venues box office.

WIN FOR 2 PEOPLE Friday October 18 The Omata Estate Vineyard Walk – which gives you a wonderful walk, finishing up with wine tasting, delicious food and lots of laughs! Saturday October 19 Kayaking through the mangrove forest you will kayak up the Waitangi River – the kayak is a relaxing paddle up the sheltered waters of the historic Waitangi River, experience the amazing unique horseshoeshaped Haruru waterfall, and a lovely bush walk back.

to enter






The Lions Fireworks Spectacular is back for 2019 and is going to be an epic night out for the whole family! With live performaces on stage as well as the huge fireworks display kicking off at 8:30, this is the night you don’t want to miss! Saturday November 2, 2019 at Semenoff Stadium, Whangarei.







To enter THE HITS giveaways, visit www.savvymagazine.co.nz and fill out the form. ■ One entry per person. ■ Entries close 5pm, Wednesday October 23, 2019 ■ Winners will be notified by email and, unless otherwise stated, your prizes will be posted out.

r e t t a n i n E ment e v i L Whangarei RSA at the October/November 2019


October 11 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm ‘BIZARRO NEIL (NEIL YOUNG TRIBUTE)’ October 18 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


October 25 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm





October 26 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

November 1 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

‘BRASS AND COUNTRY SHOW’ November 3 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

November 8 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

November 15 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


November 22 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Monday Bingo | Monday & Thursday Zumba 9:30am - 10:30am | Tuesday Rifle Club | Tuesday Line Dancing


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Savvy Homes is a regular feature in our monthly lifestyle magazine and this is where you will find everything home-related - from new builds, renovations, home trends and more... We have teamed up with local building companies and each month we will showcase one of their homes, outlining their unique design and style. If you would like to contribute or advertise within these pages or offer feedback, please contact: savvy@northernadvocate.co.nz

Capture a Moment in time


• Paperhanging • Waterblasting • Spray Texture • Specialist Finishes • Anti Graffiti • Waterproofing • Fireproof Coatings • Zolatone Application • Tradesmen Quality

Watchmakers & Jewellers Finest selection of clocks in Northland Two watchmakers on premises Specialist in watch, clock and Jewellery restoration

Timeless & Classic Quality

Contact Peter McNabb

Mob: 027 209 2015 Ph: 09 438 5337

Phone: 09 435 2145 |

531 Kamo Road, Kamo, Whangarei www.graemejohnsonclocks.co.nz SAVVY | 29

1. Establish a regular sleep pattern Regular hours of sleep are important. It will help

5. A snack before bed may help It’s harder to sleep on an empty stomach. A light

your child understand when it is time to sleep. Also, your child will have better sleep. Bedtime

snack can help. Your child should not have a heavy meal within one to two hours of going to bed.

shouldn’t vary by more than an hour between school and non-school nights. The same goes for

6. Caffeine is a stimulant

the time your child wakes up.

Caffeine is found in many popular drinks. These include coffee, tea and cola soft drinks. It can make it

2. A consistent bedtime routine It is good to have the same routine before bed

harder to get to sleep. Your child should have as little of these as possible, and certainly not after lunchtime.

each night. This will help prepare for sleep. Quiet activities are good e.g. reading a book or being

7. Take care with daytime naps

read to or having a bath or shower. In the half hour before bed, there are some things you don’t

It is normal for young children to nap during the day. As your child gets older, they will need less sleep.

want your child to do. These are more active games, playing outside, TV, internet or mobile

This means they will need to nap less. The number and length of naps depends on your child. If your

phone social networking and computer games.

child naps after 4pm (except for the very young) it can be harder to get to sleep at night.

3. Make sure the bedroom is comfortable The bedroom should be quiet, comfortable and dark. Some children like a night light. This is fine. Make sure your child sees the bedroom as a good place to be. You can help do this by not using it as a place for punishment.

8. Exercise and time outside Daily exercise is an important part of healthy living. It also promotes good sleep. Time spent in bright daylight does the same. Outdoor exercise achieves both things. However, it is best to steer clear of heavy exercise in the hour before sleep.

4. Bed is for sleeping, not entertainment

Sleep Tips for Children

TV, computers, mobile phones and other things that distract your child are not good for their

9. Work with your doctor If your child is sick or isn’t comfortable, their sleep

sleep. Keep them out of the bedroom. Needing the TV to go to sleep is a bad habit. This can

will suffer. Some children suffer from specific sleep problems such as frequent nightmares, snoring or

easily develop, but you don’t want it to happen. It’s also better if you can check on what your

sleep apnoea. It is important that these problems are dealt with. If you think ill health is involved, discuss

child is watching.

this with your family.

Here at Beds R Us Whangarei, we’re all about helping Northlanders sleep better to live better. We are specializing in beds and mattresses. It’s our core business and we know it better than anyone. Most importantly, we’ve learned how to guide our customers through the purchase process to find their dream bed simply and enjoyably.

Chiro HDX

Features Torquezone HD spring system and new KulKote temperature regulating technology.

Endorsed by the NZ Chiropractors’ Association!

Created for your support, your comfort and your dreaming.

Plus Interest Free til 2022 Offer valid to 24/10/19 or while stocks last. See terms and conditions in store.

Beds R Us Whangarei • 7 Gumdigger Place • Ph: 09 438 3550 • www.bedsrus.co.nz 30 | SAVVY

We often get asked here at Frazerhurst about cleaning drapes and it’s not a simple answer so I have outlined your options: Option 1: By far the simplest and safest – Pay a professional to do it! Option 2: Read the manufacturer’s instructions if any were supplied. Option 3: Follow the below steps: Prevention is the key to long-term satisfaction. Step one: Make your home as dry as possible with air movement so there is a minimum of moisture on your window coverings. Step two: Keep dust at bay. The best way to do this is vacuum your window dressings. Both inside and out. By this I mean get in behind your blinds and drapes as well as the

Time to spring into some extra cleaning?

face side and vacuum up into the pleats.

Tracey Harvey Interior Design Consultant, Frazerhurst

If you do step one and two you will rarely need to do anything else as mould only grows when there is moisture and dust.

CLEANING: Spot cleaning can be done on most fabrics. Always begin with cold water and a soft cloth with no detergents. If you must go a bit deeper, try a very mild detergent. Never use a bleach solution unless you can test it in an inconspicuous corner. If you still want to wash your drapes, check with the fabric supplier if possible. • Vacuum drapes first to remove as much dust as possible then take them down. • Remove hooks, rings and trims before cleaning. • Cold or warm hand wash with wool approved detergent. Do not soak. Do not bleach. Do

UV PREVENTION: Rotate your curtains periodically so that the leading edge that gets the direct sunlight is

not wring or rub. • Do not tumble dry. Drip dry in shade, fabric side down. Do not use pegs or fold over

swapped to the inside edge. Consider a layer of in inexpensive sun protection inside your window frames such as

clothes line. • For best results re-hang to dry (put towels down to collect any drips).

Weathermaster Sunscreen rollers or a sheer fabric from Frazerhurst.

• Avoid wet coated sides touching.

We hope this helps you keep your window furnishings looking fantastic for many years to come. With Compliments from Frazerhurst: 146 Lower Dent Street Whangarei.


Blinds | Awnings | Shutters | Umbrellas

Broken slats, frayed strings, mouldy hems? Time to replace your old and worn out window furnishings. There are so many different options to choose from, whether you’re looking for luxurious bespoke curtains, custommade blinds, shutters or budget conscious choices, we will help you find the best window treatments to suit your style and budget.

Solutions tailored to your requirements 146 Lower Dent St, Whangarei | Ph 09 438 3986 0800 102 710 | www.frazerhurst.co.nz

“Customers come first at Frazerhurst” SAVVY | 31

MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR HALLWAY Corridors and hallways throughout the home are often overlooked when it comes to designing a new house or doing renovations. While these small spaces may often feel simply like avenues to get to and from various rooms in a building, with a bit of knowhow and design inspiration, they can become fashionable and functional areas in their own right.

Make them feel bigger Hallways can feel small and cramped, especially if filled with a lot of clutter. However, this space is often where visitors get their first impressions of your home, so it pays to spend a bit of extra time making hallways feel inviting and spacious. Start by clearing all clutter off the floor possible. Try not to leave umbrellas, bags or shoes in this area, unless they are behind a cupboard door or in a designated holder. Paint walls a white or neutral coloured shade like Resene Quarter Truffle. Light walls tend to make spaces look larger, whereas dark ones can enclose them. Utilise mirrors along walls and in strategic corners to help reflect natural light and open up the space. Windows and skylights are also great for this if you are designing the home from scratch. When it comes to lighting, use uplights to reflect light off the ceiling, which makes them appear higher than they are. Avoid using low-hanging pendant lights as they can make hallways feel smaller.

Just a short stroll to the Tutukaka Marina and the beautiful bays… Your unique opportunity to be part of the Tutukaka Coast community and lifestyle! On the 26 October from 10am to 3pm, Homeworld is launching their latest development with an opening day to celebrate their first show home in this prime location. Conveniently located near the Tutukaka Marina and associated amenities, these sections are some of the last available flat sites in this desirable area. Come by, have a coffee with us, enjoy our display home and find out how you can be part of this lifestyle too.

OFFICE: 401 Western Hills Drive, Whangarei Open 6 Days: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm, Sat 10am-2pm

0800 86 89 86

www.homeworld.co.nz Everything you want in a Building Company

32 | SAVVY

add a built-in bench seat to invite guests and residents to recline with a book in this cosy nook. Wall-mounted bookshelves add to this decor scheme, along with cosy cushions and throw rugs perched on the seat. Bright pops of colour can be utilised with dramatic effects in your entranceway, such as Resene Galliano, especially near your front door or on the ceiling. Unexpected combinations and patterns can add character to your home, so go ahead and wallpaper that feature wall or splash out on that statement rug. Storage solutions While hallways can be small, they also often have a realm of storage opportunities waiting to be discovered. Bespoke shelves can be made to ďŹ t perfectly in these tight quarters, hiding away beneath bench seats or lining the walls discreetly. Unused areas can beneďŹ t from having shelves added to store everything from throw rugs and books Unique decorations One creative way to bring your hallway to life is

through to photo frames and knick- knacks. If you do like to use the hallway for storing

to use it as a mini art gallery or photo exhibition. Hang clusters of your favourite paintings and

items such as car keys, umbrellas, shoes and hats, make sure you do this effectively. A coat

pictures in groups on the walls, or space them out sparsely for a modern, sleek effect.

stand that doubles as a hat holder and umbrella stand can sit in a corner next to the front door

Family photos look great in hallways, especially when displayed in creative ways.

without taking up too much space, as can a shoe rack. Upcycle a second hand one using

Collect antique and vintage photo frames to mount photos in and hang these as a group

Resene paint colours to complement your hallway colour scheme, or paint it in a bright

on walls for a retro chic vibe. Different sizes and shapes look great when hung in clusters

pop of colour for a unique accent. Put hooks on the walls for keys and other

like this. If you have the space in a wider hallway,

small items or keep these tucked away in small shelves.

STONEWOOD HOMES Quality without compromise

House and Land Package Available Now 58 Stace Hopper Drive Marsden Cove $867,000

Lot 20, Te Hihi Stream Estate Maunu (off Te Hape Road) $1,040,000

See us on site Sunday 14th July From 10am - 2pm

Artist Impression

0800 860 000

House and Land Package Available Now

Artist Impression

Julie Scott 021 930 310 Vynka Short 021 120 1163 Michele Ahern 027 513 6517 Master Builders 10 Year Guarantee whangarei@stonewood.co.nz SAVVY | 33

Q&A with

Dean McGonagle, Platinum Homes Northland


Dean McGonagle is the owner of Platinum Homes Northland and has been involved in every aspect of the building trade from small renovations and additions, large coastal homes, light and heavy commercial. Dean particularly enjoys the residential build side of the industry as it entails dealing directly with the homeowner while working towards achieving their desired build in a designed partnership process.

What is a construction schedule?

together for a smooth ride. During the build, it

All reputable building companies or Project Management services will have a construction

is also important to communicate to the client each week on where their build is up to, along

timeline, schedule or planner. In effect, these control the day-by-day activities for the

with the online viewing they have access to. The communication drills down into more

subcontractors and suppliers to help assist with a smooth build process. The smoother the

specifics so they feel part of the process.

process, the faster the build is to complete and all this assists with a good quality outcome.

What specific quality control methods does my builder carry out to ensure

A construction timeline will invariably be signed off 100 per cent once the building

the quality of my home? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every person

consent has been approved. Some companies are providing access for their clients through

involved in the construction industry turned up on time and completed such magnificent

a log-in to the internet so they can follow the progress of their home. These are more of an

work that Project Managers and Construction Supervisors were not necessary? Well life, as I

overview rather than going into it in too much detail. A good construction timeline is one that

have discovered, is about checking, checking and then checking again, no matter who you

does not move too much throughout the build so it is about being realistic without enough

are. This is something we believe in strongly at Platinum Homes and a culture whereby

pressure applied to stick to what is scheduled. At Platinum Homes, we have a regular

everybody is happy to check and be checked as we are all wanting the same outcome which

weekly meeting and, at the end of this meeting, a new timeline is emailed out to

is a beautifully-built home on time for the homeowner.

all stakeholders involved in the process of building the new home. Even if the schedule

Quality control means, to me, regular site visits to check how the home is fitting together.

does not change, it is still sent out so there is true consistency of communication. It becomes

Over 40 contractors and suppliers involved in one new home build means that there is room

crop of contractors and suppliers is key but,

engineering, signed variations and allowances

habit-forming for the contractor and suppliers to look each week to see how the work is

for error or confusion. Add in weather and supply issues, and we have a recipe for things

as I have learnt in life, nobody is perfect and when under the pressure of time mixed with

and the colour charts. These are all points to focus on when doing a quality audit.

progressing in relation to their individual specific works onsite.

to not always go to plan onsite. A good quality control process again relies on consistency,

weather and supply issues, things just happen. It is important that there is also a culture

Yet again, ask your builder or building company what type of construction timeline

It is also very important to have a confident decision-maker in the role of Project Manager.

alertness and, above all, early detection. Early detection is the number one focus for me

of rectifying things quickly so they do not affect the next person on the new build

they use and what your specific quality audit for your home looks like.

This individual is directly responsible for overseeing the schedule and, like a chess

personally as the earlier you find something, the more cost-effective and less disruptive it is

conveyor belt. At Platinum Homes, we have an online quality control system. This way we

This can be another step in your decisionmaking process of ‘choosing the right building

board, controls the pieces so they all fit

for all involved. Obviously having an excellent

have everything at our fingertips – the plans,

company’ to build your new home.

RECAP FROM LAST MONTH’S Q&A Our topic last month explained what ‘best practice’ is when choosing your colours and other personal choice items for your new home. We touched on the various

creates less regrets – everything is also decided ahead of time allowing a more enjoyable process throughout the build. We also talked about demystifying

methods that different building companies or independent architectural or design

allowances and variations. This is really important to understand as these have a

companies will use to achieve the best results for you.

direct influence over your final budget and it is important to track them carefully. The

After experiencing all the different types of systems involved in this personal

focus on this area leads to less wastage of time and potential friction.

selection process, I have found the time period between your initial plans being

Allowances will more than likely involve your kitchen, carpet, tiles and other similar

completed/contract signed to the structural drawings and building consent being

items. Because these choices can vary greatly, there is the need for the allowance

approved, to be the best and most valued time to complete the journey of personal

figure to be placed in your contract specifications.

choice items. This involves colours, floorcoverings, kitchen and final electrical

So, remember to ask the designers, builder or building company before signing

layout. This way you maximise your time without feeling rushed over some very

up, what their processes are in helping you determine your final selections, especially

important decisions. The benefits of this period allows attention to detail and

in relationship to your budget. It is key to getting this step right.



2018 Platinum Homes Salesman of the Year

With over 27 years’ of experience in residential construction industry

Nigel loves the Far North and all that it has to offer. As a local living in the wider Kerikeri area he is very familiar with the whole of the Far North region. If you are looking to build a new home or purchase some land to start the process then call Nigel today. We have standard plans as well as the facility to draw personalised plans.

Danny has designed and sold over 300 new homes in the complex Whangarei and Kaipara areas. He’s worked through the industry’s the ever-changing environment, and his knowledge of design techniques, the building process, and site-related and council requirements is secondto-none. Above all, he respects and understands the investment you have made, and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure a successful build.

Call Nigel 021 687 643 or 09 402 7969!

Call Danny 021 064 1006 or 09 430 0029! Whangarei Showhome: 67 Stace Hopper Dr, Marsden Cove, Ruakaka Tues-Fri 10am-4pm; Weekend 11am-3pm

Far North Showhome: 4 Bosuns Way, Haruru Falls Tues-Fri 10am-4pm; Weekend 11am-3pm 34 | SAVVY



Simple self-care: How a mindful home can impact on your health Alex Badham, Designer & Owner of www.gathered.nz


struggle with the term ‘self-care’. What does it mean? How do we fit it in to our daily routine? Does it really involve expensive supplements, hours at the gym, salt baths, crystals, and weekly facials? How can simplifying my home and routines contribute to my health and wellbeing? I’ve had seasons when self-care was a regular part of my daily life and times when I’ve let a lot of things slide. Because

Well-being could be described in much the same way; only giving space, mentally and physically, to things that are good for you, that make you happy, that fill your cup. Mental health and physical well-being are equally important and I guess both can be influenced by where you live. However, creating a space in your home free of clutter

of my shifting personal experience, I’ve dedicated a lot of energy to find what selfcare really means, developing the actions, behaviors, and habits that are necessary for my wellbeing. Alongside this is the gradual commitment to a more minimal home filled with only the things that I love and appreciate for their simple beauty and functionality. The two are inextricably linked. Minimalism is described as ‘realizing what is impeding your path, then taking action’ and shedding the unnecessary possessions, distractions and impediments to your best life.

where you feel invited and relaxed is the ultimate form of self-care in my mind. It may look different for everyone. It could be a bedroom with fresh linen and treasures collected from your travels or a bath surrounded by candles. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to concentrate on the fact that you have given this time and space to yourself. No matter if your living room looks like a toy shop has exploded in it (like ours currently does), at least here, in your space, you are happy. Until next time, Alex.

GAS WORKS & PLUMBING LTD Plumbing and Gasfitting Contractors

Commercial | Residential Industrial | Maintenance Sheet Metal Fabrication Gas Water and Home Heating


Standard Plans · Altered Plans · Your Plans Hi, I’m Wayne Pick kerill, Managing Director & Project Manager for your new Fowler Ho ome. We will havve exactly what you need to know about building your new home an nd guide you thro ough the process.

Corner of Poto St & Porowini Ave, Whangarei Hours: Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5pm

Phone: 09 438 0192


En njoy quality and benefits of an efficient,, low overhead nationwide company. Fowler Homes have done it this way since the early 1980’s.

Wayne Pickerill, Managing Director

Enjoy dealing with one person start to completion.

63 Walton Street, Whangarei • Ph 09 438 4840


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We’ve been proudly building Kiwi homes for Kiwis for over 15 years

ver that time the Kiwi dream has come a long way since the elusive quarter acre. That’s why we’re proud to still be able to provide a Kiwi solution for your first home, second home, a home where you need a bit more home, or even your home away from home. We offer a range of plans from 60 to 250 square metres. These can be built straight from the plans, or we can use them as inspiration to create your own Kiwi dream. Keeping it Kiwi As a 100% New Zealand owned company, we support local businesses that produce building materials specifically for the New Zealand climate. Wherever possible we’re proud to use the good stuff from home to build Kiwi homes for Kiwis, and help keep our Kiwi communities thriving.

We’re using all the good stuff from home to build yours

Building Kiwi homes for the Kiwis round here At A1homes we’re here to make things easy and it couldn’t be easier when using all the good stuff from home. So whether it’s your first home, second home, or home away from home, call A1homes or visit our website and discover the easiest way to get the home you want.

Showhomes: Cnr of Sandford Road & State Highway 1, Ruakaka Mon-Fri: 8.30am - 4.00pm, Sat: 10.00am - 2.00pm Contact Steve Hart T: 09 433 0200 E: a1northland@a1homes.co.nz 36 | SAVVY

13 Puroto Place One Tree Point Tue, Wed, Thur & Sat 10.00am - 2.00pm T: 09 433 0200 E: a1northland@a1homes.co.nz

BUILD YOUR WAY The choice is yours - take control of the build yourself, or sit back, take it easy and let us look after the job from start to finish. A1 Kit homes We supply building materials, you sort the building process. A1 Kit homes are the ideal option for those wanting to do as much as possible themselves. With an A1 Kit home you will run the job, taking on all the responsibility of building a new home from scratch, contracting subbies or - if you’ve got the qualifications or desire - even completing some of the building work yourself. The A1 Kit home option can be extremely rewarding for those equipped with good project management skills, and it can prove incredibly cost effective.

A1 Built homes We supply building materials, WE sort the building process. With A1 Built homes, we will take care of everything associated with the build project. Simply choose from one of our plans, or work with us to modify one to suit your needs, and then turn the entire running of the build over to us. You will always be involved in the wonderfully inspiring process of building your home, while we take care of the day-to-day development. It is an entirely transparent process and we will keep you up to date at every step of the way.

now selling parklands estate

a Home for every Generation in kamo west

Enjoy the best of Whangarei living by securing your new home in our newly released Parklands Estate next to Jane Mander retirement village at the top of Fairway Drive. To make an appointment to view this location, please contact Tony Watkins 027 706 6590, tonyw@generation.co.nz Visit our show home at 12 Kahukaka Road, One Tree Point, (15 mins north of Waipu). Open Wednesday – Sunday, 10am – 3pm

BUILD GUARANTEE Sometimes in life, things don’t quite go according to plan. When you’re putting so much into building your new home, you need to know you’re covered in case of the unexpected so that you can build with confidence. The Master Build 10 Year Guarantee All A1homes built homes come with a master build 10 year guarantee, so you and your family have peace of mind that your home is protected. We understand that your home build is most likely one of the biggest investments of your lifetime, which is why it is so important to protect it. A Master Build 10 Year Guarantee means that, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong with your home build, registered Master Builders will help resolve any issues and finish your home to the highest standard. Our registered Master Builders uphold the highest craft and ethical standards, and will give you the confidence and help you need throughout the process to build the home of your dreams. The Master Build 10 Year Guarantee

has been developed in New Zealand, for New Zealand homes. It has protected more than 140,000 homes over the past 25 years. Whatever your situation and whichever home you choose, the guarantee can be tailored to suit your needs. Room to grow Too often when moving into a new home, you have to fit yourself and your belongings around your home - rather than the other way around. So when building your new home, it’s important to create one that will suit you - not just now, but in the years to come. It’s at this stage that you get to decide whether you want a double garage or a single, an ensuite, or even a rumpus room for the kids. With flexible plans from 60 sqm to 250 sqm, there’s an A1home to suit your needs.

Call A1homes and discover the easy way to get the home you want.

0800 A1homes www.A1homes.co.nz

NEIL CROFT Neil 0274 952 874 Chris 0224 061 646 e neilandviv@xtra.co.nz


What to ask when you’re asking for a home loan Low interest rates and easing restrictions on home loans may be making property ownership look more attainable for some buyers, but that doesn’t mean mortgages are easy to get. “If you’ve got your deposit tucked away and you’re seriously looking for somewhere to buy, it’s a good idea to start shopping for a mortgage before you need one,” says Real Estate Authority (REA) chief executive Kevin Lampen-Smith. “The home-buying process can move fast, and it makes things much easier if you’ve already got a lender on side. This is known as pre-approval and it can take a lot of the uncertainty out of knowing what you can afford.” First up, a lender will want to know how much deposit you have. Most lenders expect first home buyers to have at least 20 per cent of the amount they want to borrow. With the

average New Zealand house price now at $550,000, that means you’ll need to show that you’ve saved $110,000 if you want to buy a property at that price. They’ll also ask you how much you earn and how much you spend, along with details about any other debts or loans you might have. “While the bank or financial institution needs to make sure you’re a safe risk, there are two sides to this relationship,” Lampen-Smith says. “It’s important that you feel confident about what you’re signing up to before you commit.” He says that your first question – after how much they will let you borrow, and what the interest rate will be – should be about fees: what will you have to pay for taking out this mortgage? For example, will you have to pay a low equity fee if you have less than 20 per cent deposit? Will there be any penalties if you pay off a chunk of the mortgage early? Can they waive your normal account fees if you take out a mortgage? Sometimes a lender may want to loan you more than you’re comfortable paying out of


your weekly income. “Remember that you must be able to afford the repayments and you don’t have to borrow up to your highest limits if you don’t want to,” Lampen-Smith says. “Ask what the best way is to structure the mortgage based on your circumstances, and whether this is flexible if things change.” For example, are you better off with a table loan (where you sign up to make regular payments for a set term up to 30 years), or will you be able to pay it off faster if you have a revolving credit loan or offset mortgage? Also, will you still be able to afford the mortgage payments if the interest rate goes up? If the property needs a lot of renovation work to become liveable, could an interest-only loan work? Lampen-Smith says the lender or a mortgage broker should be able to explain all the pros and cons of these different loan types, including how they’ll affect your payments and the total amount you’ll have to pay. Most lenders will require you to have insurance for a property when taking out a mortgage. You may be encouraged to get this


insurance through the lender or sign up to any number of other insurance policies, such as mortgage protection, income protection and life insurance. “Look at these carefully,” Lampen-Smith says. “Don’t feel pressured to sign up but do think about how you’ll manage if things change for you in the future. Life changes don’t respect the terms of a mortgage and you might find yourself wanting or needing to sell the house and buy another one. Ask the lender if the mortgage (and its terms and conditions) is portable to another property.” Some lenders offer sweeteners to entice people to sign up with them. Examine the conditions of these deals carefully. Don’t let the short-term ‘carrot’ of a $200 gift voucher blind you to a higher interest rate. “Signing up to a home loan is like entering any long-term partnership,” says LampenSmith. “Do your homework before you commit and you’ll be a lot better off in the long run.” For independent guidance and information on buying or selling, check out settled.govt.nz.


Without mortgage

With one mortgage

Without mortgage discharge

With one mortgage discharge

One discharge and one new mortgage






Conditions apply. A non-refundable deposit of $150 will be charged at the time of engagement.

a division of Henderson Reeves Lawyers 38 | SAVVY

P: 09 430 4988 E: mail@smconveyancing.co.nz A: 96 Bank Street, Whangarei W: www.smconveyancing.co.nz

Your planting experts from Alter-Natives Nursery & Landscaping talk to readers on this season’s gardening!



vocados do really well here in Northland, if the soil and drainage is just right. You see, as fantastic as avocados are, they can also be a bit fussy, but with a bit of love and attention, they will fruit just fine. Avocados despise ‘wet feet’, so improve drainage of your heavy clay soil with gypsum and compost well before planting, and consider planting your avo’s on a slope, or a mound. Choose a warm, frost free position for them, remembering that many avocados can reach a height of 5–10m at maturity, so leave room for these gorgeous trees. Over the hot summers you may find your avocado looking a bit average, especially in its first few years. Avocados aren’t known for their vigorous root systems, and this can cause them to dry out much quicker than many other plants, so make sure you water them when it’s really hot. The other thing to remember about avocados is that each variety has a different flowering ‘habit’, which sees avo’s categorized into two groups; A and B. Now, avocados are partially self-fertile, which means they may produce some fruit on their own, but their yields will be increased if you can put in one tree from each group. AVOCADO – BACON (B FLOWERING VARIETY): The best cold tolerant avocado, Bacon will grow to a manageable height of 4m in cooler climes. Fruit is a medium size and quality and appears on the tree from June –

late July and, unlike most other avocados, will fall from the tree when ripe. Can bear fruit in as little as four years. AVOCADO – FUERTE (B FLOWERING VARIETY): Another great cold tolerant variety, Fuerte produces small, pear-shaped fruits with a dark green skin and a fabulous nutty flavour. Fuerte can be quite a large, spreading tree reaching a decent height of about 8m x 12m, so give it some space. Fuerte has a tendency to produce fruit every second year (between June and October), and can take about six years to produce fruit. AVOCADO – HASS (A FLOWERING VARIETY): Possibly the most popular of all avocados, Hass bears incredibly flavoursome fruits that keep well. A handsome tree to about 9m x 10m, Hass is fairly cold and frost tolerant once established, and will bear its delicious fruit between September and January. AVOCADO – REED (A FLOWERING VARIETY): Large, round, thick-skinned variety with a smooth, green skin and a rich flavour. Reed avocados store well in the fridge once cut. This variety grows to a manageable 4m x 2m, and will bear fruit after three years or so. Fruit matures between November and March. A word of warning regarding all avocado types – many parts of the plant can be highly poisonous to some animals such as horses, cattle, goats and birds.

Feijoas, such an easy fruit tree to grow!


eijoas are a really hardy fruit tree. They can handle dry coastal conditions (once established) right thru to damp winter clay. They do grow best in full sun but will grow quite happily in half day shade as well. They grow reasonably quickly into a good-sized shrub/small tree at around 4m tall, and 3m wide. Or they can be kept smaller with regular pruning and they do make a great hedge. All varieties (apart from Unique) fruit much better when planted with another variety to pollinate them. And as the varieties all ripen at slightly different times, you could buy one of each and get a long feijoa fruit season rather than a glut all at once.

Varieties generally available are: UNIQUE – One of the earliest ripening varieties, Feb/March. Very sweet and juicy, medium sized fruit. Self-fertile. GEMINI – Has a smaller, smooth skinned dark green oval fruit with a highly-flavoured flesh. The flesh is a little gritty. Is self-fertile but will crop better with another variety nearby. Ripens in March. APOLLO – A vigorous growing variety with large, aromatic roughskinned very sweet fruit. Partially self-fertile but pollination with a different variety is essential for large fruit. Ripens in March. MAMMOTH – Large round to oval fruit, with gritty flesh but a great flavour. Is self-fertile but will have larger fruit if pollinated with another variety nearby, such as Triumph. Ripens in March/April. TRIUMPH – Medium to large-sized fruit. Flesh is slightly gritty but with good seed to pulp ratio. Lovely sharp flavour. Bears heavily if pollinated with another variety, such as Mammoth. Ripens in April. BRETT’S DELIGHT – An improved selection forming a compact, medium-sized tree. A heavy cropper with delicious, large, thin skinned fruit. Smaller growing at just 1.8 x 1.2m






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