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HIMALAYAN TRADING POST NEW SEASON – NEW JEWELS Delectable new sterling silver in store now! Beautiful designs in different sizes to suit all wishes!

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COMMUNITY EDUCATION WHANGAREI WEEKEND WORKSHOPS @ KAMO HIGH SCHOOL Paint a picture of a seagull on the beach, full of sun, surrounded by cloudless sky, blue water and light sand – a typical peaceful New Zealand scene.


Email: cew @kamohigh.school.nz or phone 435 0889. Visit www. cew.ac.nz for details. Brochures are available from your local library or Kamo High School.

PRINCIPLED IS THE NEW BLACK Our fair trade business model sees that everyone in a product’s supply chain gets a fair piece of the pie. Sometimes this unique model has been typecast in a certain hemp-blurred light. Well yes, we do love natural materials. And yes, we do have a penchant for the exotic and the ethnic. But anyone who’s been into a Trade Aid store knows the truth – that fair can undoubtedly be fresh! And our latest range of leather bags are here to prove it. Hand cut, hand stitched and hand finished in the EMA workshop in Kolkata, India, EMA’s stunning goods make it clear – you don’t need to compromise style to be principled in your purchasing.



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Hanging plants for the small space gardener and instantly upgrade your decor. These gorgeous ceramic pots are in store now!

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THE QUARRY ARTS CENTRE SUMMER DO Get ready for the 2018 celebrated arts programme. Hands on courses for artists, experimenters and the creatively curious. 3 - 5 days of intensive, insightful and inspiring workshops. This years workshops will include; stone and bone carving, print making, wood turning, 3d mixed media, fine art and ceramics. Arguably the best date on the Quarry calendar! Starting from 6th Jan 2018. Keep an eye on the website for further details coming soon.


The Quarry Arts Centre 21 Selwyn Ave, Whangarei (09) 438 1215 www.quarryarts.org

7 KIWICAKES Kiwicakes has a range of delicious iced cakes available straight from the freezer in two sizes - round ($24.95) or slab ($39.95). We can also decorate your cake with a licensed character image or your own personal photo printed right on to the icing. Prices for decorated cakes range from $49 to $85.

Kiwicakes 1C Grant St, Kamo Ph: 09 435 7313 www.kiwicakes.co.nz Hours 10am – 4pm weekdays 2 | SAVVY

YOUR KITCHEN @ NORTHLAND HOSPITALITY TEA ANYONE? The Japanese Tetsubin style cast iron tea pot range is more than a great table decoration as it’s extremely practical. With superior heat distribution properties cast iron will keep tea hotter for longer. We also have a wide range of Tea Total speciality teas.

Your Kitchen @ Northland Hospitality 106 Lower Dent Street, Whangarei Open Mon-Fri 8.00am-5.00pm, www.northlandhospitality.co.nz





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With great care comes great hair Exciting New Massage and Spa Programmes in Whangarei Adaptive technology – smart phones What is successful ageing and are you achieving it?

New look for new season What will homes be dressed in for 2018? Those darn Guava Moths!


Raw beetroot and asparagus salad Jai & Jayla Fraser who turn 10 on October 7.


f you think you’re seeing double when you read this month’s edition, don’t worry, your vision is fine. But we are celebrating multiples as Multiple Birth Awareness Week looms. Funnily enough, it also happens to be my twins ninth birthday today! When Jai and Jayla’s former kindy teacher contacted me to say there had been no twins since they departed for school in 2013 but there were now four sets, I knew it was worthy of getting out the old notebook and pen. Among the four sets of twins at Onerahi Kindergarten are the Wilson twins. Four years ago, I wrote about how their parents, Elaine and Dean, were robbed of the joy of a twin pregnancy when they were told either one or both twins were unlikely to survive in utero. Today, they’re relishing living the life of twin, plus-one parents. You can read about their tumultuous journey and the bond these two delightful girls share on page 4. In addition, one of our Savvy team members is an identical twin. I just loved her tales about how they often get mixed up out and about around Whangarei. They certainly had some fun with it as youngsters. Kat came as a surprise in the delivery room, making her appearance five minutes after her sister because scans weren’t invented. Read their insight into life as a twin on page 34. But if you’re all twinned out, there’s plenty of other reading, including the latest update on our new Gourmet Night Markets beginning next Friday. Enjoy – I’m off to bake two cakes!


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Food Review - flames international hotel

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Jodi Bryant

Published by NZME Northland, 88 Robert Street, Whangarei. Phone 09 470 2899.

Jan Hewitt – jan.hewitt@nzme.co.nz Jodi Fraser-Bryant Yuan Zhang yuan.zhang@nzme.co.nz John Stone Kat Hewson Michael Sharon Gibson Abbey Cameron

Heirloom Rocking Horses Handcrafted in Whangarei The Rocking Horse Place are leading manufacturers and restorers of hand carved rocking horses in New Zealand. Our products include stylish locally designed horses using modern materials, more traditional English designs are also available. All crafted by hand from durable quality timbers.

Keeping it local

Call us now on

021 265 4948

E: shona@therockinghorseplace.co.nz

www. therockinghorseplace.co.nz SAVVY | 3


Best friends forever

After a Russian Roulette pregnancy, Elaine and Dean Wilson’s girls emerged with an unbreakable bond and, as Jodi Bryant discovers, is stronger than ever nearly five years on.


hen in trouble, most siblings would be quick to point the finger at each other but not Abigael and Maria. These two are tight and have each other’s backs. Abigael and Maria’s close bond began in the womb they shared over five years ago. But it wasn’t plain sailing for these twins - theirs was a tumultuous journey of survival from day one after their parents, Elaine and Dean Wilson, were told that either one or both twins was unlikely to survive in utero. The Whangarei parents to Lucy-Joy, then one, were told at their six-week scan that Elaine was carrying identical twins. “We both just started giggling,” Elaine recalls. However, the tone soon changed when the sonographer told them to keep the news to themselves as it was a monochorionic-diamniotic (MCDA) twin pregnancy, meaning a shared placenta, putting the babies at high-risk of cord-entanglement. “That was the beginning of a pregnancy journey with a lot of heartache,” says Elaine. The couple was thrilled when the 12-week-scan showed the babies had their own sac, lowering the risk of cord-entanglement. But that happiness lasted only a month when they were told the pregnancy needed to be closely monitored for Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). An IGUR (a condition causing delayed growth) was confirmed from an abnormality in the placenta preventing enough nutrition and blood flow to Twin A. A cord occlusion was advised as continuing the pregnancy might result in the loss of both babies or, if the smaller baby was still-born, then it could cause a rush of blood to the surviving twin with a 25 per cent risk of brain damage which wouldn’t be determined until 30 weeks. “This pretty much flattened us to say the least.” Umbilical cord occlusion is when an instrument is used to stop the flow of blood to the smaller twin’s cord, resulting in termination and thereby significantly increasing the remaining baby’s chance of survival. However, due to the placenta’s size and position, there was no access to perform this procedure - a blessing in disguise for the fraught parents. Elaine came to dread the weekly routine Whangarei and Auckland appointments. “The sonographer would move the instrument around and my heart would just drop because I knew if they were looking for access then we were still in that zone. But after week 24 it was too far into the pregnancy to terminate.” They then went into ‘survival mode’, concentrating on saving Baby A. At 35 weeks, their daughters were born via caesarean on October 24, 2012. Twin A - Abigael weighed 2050g (4.8Ib) and Maria 2815g (6.3Ib). Abigael spent the first month in Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU). “Maria seemed to miss her twin sister and we could

sense this peace with Maria when I put them both on my chest.” Abigael developed complications, resulting in emergency surgery at Starship. This set her back further growth-wise. But Elaine described her as a ‘little trooper’. “I believe that the mind strength is created in the womb and Abigael has this real sense of survival, happiness and appreciation.” Both girls have no health issues as a result of their start to life. Abigael is still smaller than Maria but has caught up developmentally. While Maria lives up to the role of big sister – a combination of the extra size and her motherly nature - Abigeal regards herself as the little sister, allowing Maria to mother her. However, Elaine is noticing Abigael becoming more resistant of late. “She sticks up for herself and, although she is around 80 per cent the size of Maria, she is able to more than hold her own during the daily wrestling play the girls have developed.” The girls attend kindy together twice a week and a further day each separately, which allows their independence, as well as one-on-one time with mum at home. But despite their evolving individual personalities and, at times, competitiveness, Elaine recons their close bond will never wane and the girls are fiercely protective of each other. “If they feel there has been an injustice to the other, they will voice it loud and clear. They always cuddle when watching a movie and share everything. They tuck each other into bed and kiss each other good night. Whoever wakes first in the morning will wake the other to get up and be a play mate.”

ABOVE: Abigael and Maria (front) have each other’s backs.

Northland twins

There were 14 twin births at Northland DHB hospitals over the last financial year. However, Northland DHB clinical midwife manager Yvonne Morgan says there were likely more twins born in Auckland to Northland parents. “If the twins are premature, under 32 completed weeks gestation, or there are complications, the mother will be referred to Auckland Hospital for the birth. The birth number for Northland is twin births over 32 completed weeks. She added that the Northland DHB lactation team have started a Multiple Support Group at Te Puawai Ora every second Friday of the month. “It will have a breastfeeding focus but all are welcome. It’s a time for mums to meet, greet and share hot tips and things that make it easier.” The next session will be held October 13 10am-12pm and the following session on November 10 will include a special morning tea to celebrate Multiple Birth Awareness. Multiples Northland are also celebrating with a family bbq the following day at the Parents Centre on Te Mai Rd, 9.30am-12pm. Details can be found on the Northland Families with Multiples Facebook page. All families of multiples are welcome.




Your local garage for honest, friendly service

Proudly supporting ty the community MALCOLM & SALLY MEEK hi 1 Church Street, Onerahi

www.lushbeauty.co.nz |

Phone: 09 436 5971 971 09 4073825



E: admin@onerahigarage.co.nz .co.nz o.nz W: www.onerahigarage.co.nz

ABOVE: Jorja and Amelia

ABOVE: Chloe and Lucy

ABOVE: Lockie and Cole


Twins keep teachers on their toes

ABOVE: Abigael and Maria

Having two sets of twins at an early childhood centre would be fairly unusual but Jodi Bryant discovers a local kindergarten that has four…

ABOVE: Head teacher Madhu Graham leads the mat time routines.


hen it comes to remembering children’s names, most teachers have it sorted within a few days. But for the teachers at Onerahi Kindergarten, it’s a little more tricky. You see, in amongst the 60 kids on the roll, there are four sets of twins, three of which are identical. And they certainly like to keep teachers on their toes with the name-guessing game. Head teacher Madhu Graham says in her 21 years as an early childhood teacher she has only taught two sets of twins at the same time and that was many years ago. “When Abigael and Maria joined kindergarten last year, I was delighted to have twins at kindergarten again after Jai and Jayla left in 2013. This year, when Jorja and Mimi and Chloe and Lucy started within two weeks of each other, it

was pretty amazing. I have known these girls since they were little – they used to come in for drop-off and pick-ups when their older sisters were attending kindergarten. The same goes for Lockie and Cole. Their big sister Bella came here; so just quietly, I was expecting them to come to Onerahi Kindergarten.” While Chloe and Lucy (three) are non-identical; Abigael and Maria (four), Jorja and Amelia (known as Mimi) and Cole and Lockie (all three) are identical. Madhu says, although the teachers try their best to call them by their correct names, there is the odd slip-up with the identical twins. Strangely, their peers seem to have it sorted. “Sometimes teachers have trouble distinguishing one from the other. For some reason, our children are able to tell which one is which. Often teachers are apologising because they have used the wrong name but the twin knows who they are and quickly correct teachers. “Parents and whanau are so helpful and try to make things easier for teachers so that we don’t get them muddled up.” However, despite efforts from the families, the twins, at times, change their outfits, leaving the teachers scratching their heads. Explains Madhu: “Jorja is supposed to wear pink and Mimi wears purple. Guess what? They wear whatever they like - even their mum does not have a say in the matter. She made necklaces for the girls using their favourite colors, but that hasn’t helped the teachers as the girls change those necklaces around. Even their mum Jess gets them muddled up. Jess said that sometimes she is growling one of the girls, only to be told by that child that the one she is growling at is, in fact, the wrong one.”

Giving our children an excellent start for life long learning

Madhu says, although the twins are alike, their own personalities shine through. “Nana said that Lockie was born first and he seems to control most situations, whereas Cole just goes along with it. “An example of this was, recently Cole and Lockie were playing in the block area. One of the teachers commented that the boys may need changing. I was toileting the children that day so I approached the boys and asked quietly if someone needed changing. Lockie pointed to Cole and said: ‘It’s Cole.’ I asked Cole if he needed changing and he nodded and came with me to get changed. All was well – no poos. I went back and said: ‘I think you need changing Lockie.’ ‘No, I haven’t done poos,’ Lockie said convincingly. ‘It’s Cole.’ I informed Lockie that I had just changed Cole and it was his turn. Reluctantly Lockie went to the bathroom and got freshened up. When I told Nana about this incident, she laughed and said: ‘That sounds like Lockie!’ “It must be a comfort for them also to know that their brother or sister is nearby,” Madhu continues. “Chloe and Lucy had their big sister Jade until recently. Jade was like a ‘mother hen’ caring for her little sisters. Now she has gone to school, teachers are getting to know the sisters really well. Lucy is independent and goes about doing what she loves. Chloe will often check on Lucy making sure all is well. They are very caring towards each other.” Then there’s Abigael and Maria, who ‘have each other’s back and join forces to stand united when needed’. “The teachers feel privileged to be a part of the twins’ learning journey. It has been fascinating getting to know the four sets of twins and observe the unique bond they share.”

Onerahi Kindergarten • Provides a natural outdoor environment • Promotes sustainability, curiosity, wonderment & imagination • Offers loads of fun, choice, risk-taking in a caring environment 6 Bayswater Place, Onerahi Phone: 09 4361688 Email: onerahi@nka.org.nz SAVVY | 5


Whangarei’s first Gourmet Night Market By Jodi Bryant


he countdown is on, with only six days to go until the opening of Whangarei’s first Gourmet Night Market. The official opening will be carried out by Mayor Sheryl Mai on Friday October 13 before punters can enjoy a wide range of multicultural cuisine at pop-up restaurants in the one place while listening to live entertainment. Held at Whangarei’s Canopy Bridge, there will be around 35 food vendors operating out of trucks, vans, trailers and tents. Menu items include Mexican, Indian, Spanish, Mediterranean and European cuisine, pulled pork, sea food, gelato/sorbet, wraps, crepes and plenty for the health-conscious, including smoothies, gluten free, wheat-free, RAW and organic options. Behind the initiative is Onerahi resident Leeann de Vries. With a taste for multi-cultural cuisine and memories of similar markets in far-away places, she decided it was time to bring the experience to Whangarei. She created a Facebook page to register interest and was ‘astounded’ by the response. “We’ve had emails from ex-pats as far away as Egypt, Canada, and a Kiwi returning from Australia to join the night market, as well as many well-wishes from other market organisers from around the country and businesses alike. As for our local community, people have said they are ready for this and it needs to happen. We need somewhere we can go and take the whole family.” The food vendors hail from as far south as Tokoroa and from the Far North. “For many food vendors, being mobile is their lifestyle.

Many travel to various events around the country to get the exposure they need and bring their twist on food. We anticipate, as vendors learn more about the night market, they will travel the distance,” says Leeann. There will also be a mystery author/tv presenter/food stylist among the vendors and plans are in process for theme nights where he will do cooking demos. “He will be our roving food mentor for our vendors, offering support and advice.” Musicians will include a range of solos, duos and bands, both local and from outside the area. Tables and chairs will be set up around the stalls and there will be a waste station for rubbish that would be sorted and recycled. “I want people to bring their families and have a picnic at the Town Basin. Bring a blanket, bean bag or a chair and enjoy the atmosphere.” Leeann says every inch of space, both inside and outside the Canopy Bridge, will be filled with food vendors and, with the amount of interest received in the night market, expansion may happen sooner than anticipated. “We have big plans on how we will keep the market active, fresh, lively and social fun for all to enjoy. This includes seasonal themes. And, who knows, we may consider a winter market if one can brave the cold with your raincoat and gummies.” Leeann’s says her own foray working with food didn’t go so well. “My only experience was serving it as a waitress very early in my career at The Grand Hotel on Bank Street. I remember

learning then how to cook Chicken Flambe’ on an open grill in the middle of the restaurant and, even under guidance, I burnt the chicken and somehow the juices disappeared. Never again.” She believes her background in management will serve her well with this venture. Her goals are to grow economy and build businesses, revitalize the community and create a social platform for people to enjoy while encouraging environmental sustainability. “We believe, with the support of our community and local businesses far and wide, the night market will sustain a very long and well-developed future.” The first Gourmet Night Market will be wrapped up with a performance from the Hatea Kapa Haka group.

The Gourmet Night Markets begin at 5pm until 9pm and will run monthly. Public parking is available within the Town Basin surrounding area, including Dent St carpark. Dates and other details, including sponsorship opportunities, are on the Gourmet Night Market Facebook Page.



NOW OPEN 7 DAYS 10am - 5pm. Oceans Resort, Marina Rd, Tutukaka | Ph 09 434 4135 www.tutukakasurf.co.nz | www.facebook.com/tsbeachshop 6 | SAVVY

Floral picks of the bunch By Annemarie Quill


Garden Mania dress, RRP $219, Madly Sweetly

RIGHT: Alana off-the shoulder dress, Cotton On, $39.99

LEFT: Island Sun dress, RRP $399, Andrea Moore


pring has sprung and it is not just the flowers in the ground blooming. Floral prints, are of course, always associated with spring, but this year they never went away. We have seen dramatic florals all winter. The boldness of the print is set to continue into the next two seasons. Not for shrinking violets, this means statement florals on backgrounds of black, red and purple. Nothing makes you feel more springlike than a floral dress - the ultimate onepiece solution for everything from long afternoons in the sun to parties by the pool and seasonal celebrations. There are flirty knee-length dresses, or shimmy through the flower beds in a maxi. Neon Gypsy never fails with floral maxi dresses. And I am in love with Andrea Moore’s Zen Aqua dress, and with only 100, of each style made you will be a tall poppy indeed.

Andrea Moore’s Zen Aqua dress, RRP $699 dresses, Andrea Moore

Garden Party dress, RRP $229, Madly Sweetly.

Ketz-ke Appearance dress.

Delectable new sterling silver in store now! Beautiful designs in different sizes to suit all wishes! 89 Cameron Street, Whangarei

Ph: 09 430 2040

Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm Sat 9am-2pm ETHICAL 100% TRADING PROFITS TO Sun 10am-3pm CHARITY Whangarei is proud to be the home of the


Jam Tse Dhargyey Ling “from which Love and Compassion flourishes”


Visit us and - Enjoy the spectacular views of Whangarei from our Stupa, Peace Monument. (10am - 5pm) - Take part in our Buddhist Teachings, Meditation Classes and Retreats. - All our classes are open to everyone. It is not necessary to be Buddhist.

For more information or program details please visit www.mandala.org.nz or phone 09 435 4444 159 Parakiore Road, off Pipiwai Rd, North of Kamo SAVVY | 7



If you’re looking for a study programme to get you into a great career, NorthTec can help! We offer a wide range of programmes throughout Tai Tokerau, all with a strong focus on employment in your chosen field. At NorthTec your learning is highly vocational and relevant to the workplace. You’ll come out prepared to walk straight into employment, with all the knowledge, skills and techniques you need to succeed. NorthTec has all the options you need to plan for your future right here in Tai Tokerau/Northland. You can study for a certificate, diploma, degree or graduate qualification, enjoying the support of our tutors and your fellow students. With small class sizes you’ll get plenty of one-on-one attention to help you with your studies and ensure you make the best of your learning opportunities. “I’m an instrument technician at the oil refinery and several of the supervisors are due for retirement. As part of a succession plan they tapped a few of us on the shoulder to step towards supervisory roles in a more contemporary way. The course has opened my eyes to different aspects of management and leadership. We’ve learnt how to use different styles with different people and ways to approach different situations.” JOE NEHO

Ma täu rourou ma täku rourou ka ora ai te iwi

Business First Line Management

!1#' (#-1 "&/*. &%2 '( "&/*. 0$ 3$#3)$ +,)) "$ +$))


P Are you being you or someone else?

eople come to see me for assistance in their lives for a multitude of reasons. Together, we look at anything that is creating disharmony. We use a questioning technique – one of the key tools of Access Consciousness™ to hone into undiscovered levels of awareness; to recover the information that was always there, buried somewhere un-accessed for some time! I have become increasingly aware that most of the time; issues are created as a result of people not truly being themselves. We become so conditioned by the ‘voices’ of this world – some call it monkey mind, others call it ego, identity is another definition for it, I refer to it as ‘conditioning’ and you may have your own reference point to go with whatever that is for you! So, how do we know when we are not being ourselves? We go down the creek with no paddle, we cut ourselves off at the knees to ‘fit’ into someone else’s life, we become resentful when we feel that our ‘requirements’ are not being met and so on while ‘giving’ everyone else everything they need, desire and require. In the ten or so years in this work, 90% of the time, when I ask the question: “are you being you, or someone else?” the response is “I don’t know how to be me”. We are not taught this in school. Where do we go in the great disappearing act we have perfected so well? Good question! Please ask yourself, anytime you feel yourself disappearing, or anytime you feel less than. Choosing for you does not equal choosing against others and as my friend, Dain Heer says: “Be You & Change Your World”.





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Handbags $299.90 Wallets $169.90 GENUINE LEATHER

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Summer in Northland Our Favourite Season!

Sun Hat $25

Sun Sunflair $165 1

Poncho oncho ncho $39.90 Moana Road ad Sunglasses $45

Sunflair $249

Sunflairr S $189 $189

the boatshed

Sunflair nflair $249

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Su unseeker Sunseeker $2205 $205

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2017 Siren Jacket $159

Moss & Spy Rosa Bo Bouquet Shift Dress $749

Moss & Spy Florentina Dress $789

Explore new styles online and let us know what you love!


12 | SAVVY

Joseph Ribkoff Dress $459

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Sabatini Linen Eyelet Shirt $325

Moss & Spy Rosa A Line Dress $439

Zafina Celeste Pacific Dress $169

DARGAVILLE Open Mon-Sat 78 Victoria Street Phone 09 439 7341

Siren Top $110

Sabatini Linen Pleated Wrap Dress $459

Zafina Celeste Tile Dress $169

Vassalli Ankle Grazer Jean $169

Emily And Fin Isobel Pink Floral Dress $229

Zafina Moongarden Dress $199


30% - 50% OFF BLUE TOP WAS $139

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With great care comes great hair Vikki’s pick of the month XTREME SHAMPOO SHOPPE

KERATIN SMOOTH 2-PHASE SPRAY This instant conditioning and detangling spray is enriched with keratin and silsoft, that work to regulate the moisture balance while strengthening and smoothing the hair. The low pH level soothes the cuticle and enhances the hair’s shine without weighing it down. RRP $26.50


veryone is unique and so is their hair, Whether it’s dull, frizzy or colour treated hair that’s faded… no matter the issue, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. KEUNE Care is the key to the healthiest hair imaginable. This extensive professional care treatment program represents the science-backed way to healthy hair. No matter the hair concern, the best way to deal with it is at the roots – literally. KEUNE discovered long ago that a healthy scalp is essential to healthy locks. That’s why the whole range features top-notch products enriched with essential minerals that intensely nourish the scalp, while conditioning and pampering every strand.

• Zinc – an antioxidant that stimulates the development of new cells; • Copper – promotes hair growth by boosting the formation of disulfide cross linkages; • Silicium – plays a huge role during the formation of collagen and connective tissues that make up hair; • Iron – is absolutely vital for protein formulation and acts as a carrier of oxygen; throughout the body, energizing the scalp and making hair gorgeously glossy; • Magnesium – sustains energy production and ensures a healthy mineral balance.

Essential Mineral Complex

Every single KEUNE Care product is rooted in the brand’s scientific heritage, changing hair for the better with trusted ingredients and formulas since 1922. This year, KEUNE expands its product line to include seven high-performing new products and all of the care products boast a complete modern makeover. The heritage products that offer everything from dry and dull hair solutions to a sunexposed hair regimen transform into a contemporary look.

KEUNE’s essential mineral complex is developed, according to longestablished scientific practices and principles. It’s proven to boost not only scalp health but also hair health. The complex is made up of five different minerals that work together, treating the hair and nourishing the scalp for unparalleled results:

New KEUNE Care Products and Packaging



A wedding would just not be the same without flowers. Pam, with 40 years plus experience as a florist, will ensure your special day to be memorable.

KEUNE’s extensive hair care range enriched with essential minerals that intensely nourish the scalp. And in turn, a soothed, healthy scalp ensures healthy hair.

SHAMPOO SHOPPE Ph 09 438 1933

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Guaranteed to make your big day special

She creates flowers and arrangements to reflect your specific taste, personality, and most importantly to provide the finishing touch to this very special day.


188 Bank Street, Regent, Whangarei Phone: 438 6234 or 438 7370 • SHOP ONLINE www.flowersonbank.nz

CACI CELEBRATING TWELVE YEARS It has been 12 years since former beauty therapist Jenny Lloydd opened the Caci clinic in Whangarei. With extensive industry knowledge, the owner of both the Whangarei and Orewa Caci clinics is committed to providing a friendly, professional and caring environment for clients. Jenny believes, having a comprehensive understanding of the different treatment options available is an advantage in supporting the team. “I am passionate about the business and have a very close-knit team who all pride themselves in delivering results-based treatments,” says Jenny. “The team at Caci

Whangarei continually focus on increasing their knowledge and skills to be able to deliver the best possible results.” Jenny adds that, at Caci Whangarei, the team are encouraged to undergo the Caci Skin Health programme to, not only represent the service they are providing but because, “Yes, we need to work on our skin health too”. “We all use Murad and Ki products, and we all have appearance medicine for that natural refreshed look. Be sure to ask your treatment provider what she is doing and how her skin journey is progressing.”

Meet the professional and friendly team: Kiley - Treatment Coordinator As our Treatment Co-ordinator, Kiley is passionate about overall care for people and meeting their needs. Her passion for beauty therapy and appearance medicine began 15 years ago when graduating from beauty school. Having gained an extensive amount of experience and knowledge regarding skin, Kiley has turned to directing our clients from concerns to solutions. With her bubbly personality and bright smile, Kiley makes all new clients feel relaxed and comfortable.

Laura - RN Cosmetic Nurse Specialist When you visit Caci Whangarei you will be offered expert advice, treatment information and superior service from our cosmetic nurse specialist, Laura. Following regular training programs and with over eight years’ experience as a registered nurse, Laura is gentle and caring with a true passion for appearance medicine. She enjoys achieving results for her devoted client following.

Jenny Lloydd, owner of Whangarei and Orewa Caci clinics

Margy - CIBTAC Senior Beauty Therapist and VPL technician

Nora - Senior Beauty Therapist and VPL Technician

Chrissie - RN Cosmetic Nurse Specialist

Margy gets the long service award, having been at Caci Whangarei since we began in 2005. A more passionate therapist you will struggle to find, and carries with her a wealth of knowledge regarding all things skin. Margy is our most experienced therapist and has completed numerous postgraduate courses in skin conditions and treatments from acne to aging skin.

Nora is our part time senior Beauty Therapist and VPL Specialist, with over 10 years experience in the beauty industry. Nora is passionate about skin health and enjoys making her clients feel amazing. A bubbly personality makes it easy to build great relationships with all our loyal clients.

Chrissie, our Registered Nurse, specialises in all aspects of appearance medicine, including advanced dermal fillers and skin treatments. She has a passion for high-performance skin treatments, and a belief in an ongoing skin care regime as a natural complement for the programmes Caci offers.

Willow - Beauty Therapist and VPL technician

Emma - Receptionist

Keri - Senior Beauty Therapist and VPL Technician

Caci Whangarei’s Eyebrow Queen. You can rely on Willow to create that perfect brow. Not only can Willow sculpt your brows, but you’ll soon find her to be highly-experienced with skin and laser treatments. Willow holds a deep knowledge about Murad skin care and she is passionate about helping her clients create the perfect at-home regime to complement their treatments in clinic and achieve best results.

The first smile you receive when walking through the door at Caci Whangarei will most likely belong to Emma. Emma is all about helping you make choices, scheduling appointments to suit your needs, and directing you to the best person to help.

You may have met Keri from Let’s Glow spray tans. Keri is our part-time senior beauty therapist having had over 10 years experience in the beauty therapy industry. Keri has an extensive knowledge of Caci high-performance skin care and treatments, and will be available to guide you along your skin journey. Keri is the brazilian wax queen of Caci Whangarei.

New Zealand’s Skin and Appearance Experts - Appearance Medicine

- Laser Hair Removal

- Skin Treatments

- Body Shaping

- Free Consultations

- Payment Plans

110 Bank St, Whangarei

0800 458 458

caci.co.nz SAVVY | 15


NEW Level 5 Massage Programme and NEW Level 5 Spa programme in Whangarei With Evolution School of Massage


ollowing the NZQA Tertiary Review of Qualifications (TRoQ), like all other massage providers, our current massage programmes are expiring this year and being replaced by the brilliant new Level 5 NZ Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage. This 1-year programme which we have NZQA approval to deliver as of Feb 2018, includes relaxation (Swedish) massage, infant and child massage, sports massage and onsite chair massage plus A&P, nutrition and other great stuff,” says Lorna Clowes, Director of Evolution School of Massage in Whangarei. ‘This is a great programme for anyone really serious about their massage career. Graduates can work anywhere in the world, on superyachts or cruise ships, or start their own businesses. The earning potential is great. Attendance is only Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with some home study, work experience and only in school term time! Until now our massage programme has only covered relaxation (Swedish) massage. Now we can build on this to create amazing massage therapists with a full range of skills and knowledge in many intervention types. Evolution School is the only massage education provider in Northland and is an NZQA Category ONE provider which means we are very high quality.

We also have a fabulous brand-new NZ Certificate in Spa Therapy programme starting in Feb 2018. This is a really lovely programme for anyone with some experience in massage or beauty and covers treatments such as wraps and scrubs, hot stones, aromatherapy, reflexology, hydrotherapy, Indian head massage and lots of other yummy stuff. Attendance is only 4 days a week for 9 months and only in term time. Again, Evolution School is the only spa education provider in Northland and to enable us to create a completely different look and feel for our spa students, we have renovated a new premise in Whangarei and are in the process of making it look gorgeous. Each day of this programme starts with shoes off, a tea ritual and a meditation session before commencing the learning. We know students will gain a lot more than just the programme content – personal growth, mindfulness & peacefulness to name but a few! Enrolments are being taken now for the Feb 2018 intake and with only one intake per programme per year, with limited places available, applicants are being urged to be quick to secure their spot. Student loans and allowances are available for these programmes. There is no age limit – you just have to be 16 + Give Evolution a call today to ask about your new exciting career – 09 438 6583 or pop in and have a look around – 115 Cameron Street, Whangarei


EVOLUTION SCHOOL OF SPA NZ CERTIFICATE IN SPA THERAPY Includes Indian head, hot stones, aromatherapy, reflexology, hydrotherapy and much more.

Starts Feb 2018

• 30 weeks • NZQA Approved • 4 days a week attendance • Loans & Allowances available



The course covers relaxation, sports, infant, chair and lymph massage plus much more.

Starts Feb 2018 • 40 weeks • NZQA Approved • 3 days a week attendance • Loans & Allowances available


NOW! CALL 09 438 6583

115 Lower Cameron St, Whangarei

www.evolutionschool.co.nz 16 | SAVVY


NOW! CALL 09 438 6583

115 Lower Cameron St, Whangarei



EFFORTLESS STYLE Villa Hairdressing offers natural friendly atmosphere


eresa McInerney’s love of hair salons began as a young girl. Fast-forward almost 40 years and that passion hasn’t waned for the owner of Villa Hairdressing.

With 29 years in the industry, Teresa has owned Villa Hairdressing for the last ten. The bustling Bank St salon is popular with both young and old and Teresa prides her salon on its natural and friendly atmosphere. “It’s a big deal for some people to open that front door and come in and then it’s our job for the customers to have a lovely experience. This is often their one little treat for themselves.” Teresa and another hairdresser, Michelle, began the business from a ‘cute little villa’ in Kensington. However, they quickly outgrew the premises and an opportunity arose to move to their current location. “It was just perfect. It still definitely has a villa feel. It’s open with French doors and I love all the natural light.” Today Villa Hairdressing has five staff, including Teresa, now the sole owner, plus two apprentices. “I feel very proud at the brilliant apprentices we have trained over the years. Some are now working overseas and one has opened his own business. It’s so important to take on apprentices, not only to keep the industry going and to a high standard, but to also help the community. It’s hard for young people to find jobs and we have to keep creating them as much as we can. It’s sad that there are less apprentices as they cost a lot and many salons are just opting for assistance, rather than the responsibility of training an apprentice. To me, it’s worth investing in.” Likewise with their ongoing training. “We do invest heavily into our training and we are continually learning. As a hair

dresser, you first have to learn and perfect the craft of hair dressing before you develop your creativity. Then you have to continue learning and progressing.” The team have had huge success over the last ten years with many local and national wins at hairdressing competitions. “We are extremely proud to have had a gold and silver win at Goldwell Colour Zoom New Zealand competition, which is a global event, and we are soon off to the Supremes where our senior stylist has been nominated for two awards. “At the end of the day, it’s about creating effortless style. We always listen to what the clients want and work with their face shape to create an individual look that suits them and their hair best.” One of the highlights of coming into work every day for Teresa is the conversations she has with her customers, many of whom are regulars who travel from far away to visit her salon. “We have the most fantastic clients of all ages and it’s amazing the conversations you can have in one day. That’s what I love about hairdressing. We had a kid in here yesterday who had us all in stitches.” She adds: “As a young girl, I loved going to the salon with my mum; the glamour of the hairdressers and the smell of the salon. I love everything that goes along with it - including the hard work. I love that we get to make women feel wonderful about themselves and we get to meet the most interesting people. “We’re a glamourous boutique salon but it’s not at all intimidating. The fact that people come in and feel comfortable and we have the power to make them feel great about themselves is truly wonderful.”


OUR BIRTHDAY OFFER TO YOU Conditioning Treatment

worth $50 with any service booked for the month of October

Ph 09 438 4897 • 190 Bank St • Whangarei SAVVY | 17


Adaptive technology – smart phones



here is a large range of computerised or electronic equipment that can help you with low vision. One of the most common problems that many blind and visually-impaired people experience is their day-to-day challenge, in coping with their impairment. Equipment such as Braille, reading glasses, or a walking stick are just some of the few things that help visually-impaired people get along with their lives. With the advancement of technology, a iPhone or Android smartphone have a range of built-in functions, and offer a range of apps (programmes), that are useful for people with low vision. For example, some smartphones have a voice recognition system that allows a user to check the weather, their email or their calendar without having to navigate a series of icons or buttons. Some apps use your device’s camera and light source to magnify and illuminate text. This is a less expensive (although less powerful) alternative to an electronic magnifier. Other apps provide voice-guided directions for you as you travel; for example, street names. If you have a smartphone, browse your Apple or Android app store online to find out about the pricing and availability of these apps. New products are constantly being developed, and existing products improved. A useful website to visit is: https://www. applevis.com/. This site has starting guides on how to get voiceover and set up iPhone and Android phones. Alphabetical listing of apps developed specifically for persons who are totally blind or who have low vision can be found at: http://www.umkelloggeye.org/conditionstreatments/lowvision/ipad-and-iphoneapps-low-vision

Many apps are free such as: Color ID. It uses the iPhone camera, to identify and speak colour names aloud. It offers a setting for basic colours, such as “pale green” or more advanced colours such as “strong greenish yellow.” TapTapSee, is designed to help the blind and visuallyimpaired identify objects they encounter in their daily

VizWiz - Simply take a picture of any object and record your question. Then select whom you wish to send it to. Your choices are Web Worker, IQ Engine, email or Twitter. Web worker is a human volunteer who will review and answer your question. Email allows you to send your question to someone you know from your contacts and Twitter will tweet your question to your followers. For androids, there is https://play. google.com/store/apps/details?id=com. ScanLife take a picture (ScanLife Barcode and QR) Once a code is scanned, the app reads out the name of the product.

lives. Simply double tap the screen to take a photo of anything, at any angle, and hear the app speak the identification. For example it can tell you which is cottage cheese and which is sour cream. http://www.mobileeye.org/ watch you tube info on mobile eye. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZaTrDDel9A



• Consultation $165.00 Follow up $103.00 Includes retinal photos • OCT $102.00 FOR ALL DISEASES OF THE EYE 18 | SAVVY

Be My Eyes If you are sighted you can be the eyes for a blind person in need of help remotely through a live video connection, or be assisted by the network of sighted users if you are blind. WalkyTalky is one of the many apps by Eyes-Free Project that helps blind people get along with their daily lives. The app has an exceptional navigation aid that will greatly help people with visual impairment navigate the streets. Users will be able to get instant updates on their current location as the app has a built-in compass and will always point to the right direction. If a user gets lost, the app will automatically vibrate and tell the user that he or she is going the wrong way. There are also apps available that you have to pay for, for example downloadable audio books from Audible.com. If you need adaptive technology to engage in work or study, Workbridge may be able to provide you with assistance (either equipment or training). Workbridge is a specialist employment service for people with all types of disability, injury or illness: http:// workbridgeincorporated.virtuozzo. co.nz/?page=1 Many websites sell low-vision aids and devices. For example, http://store.humanware.com/nz/blindness/computeraids/ and http://www.lowvision.co.nz/ The Blind Foundation has an online shop: https://blindfoundation.org.nz/how-we-can-help/ shop/

* Price inc GST but not including cost of pre-operative consultation Southern Cross affiliated

Help is only a phone call away 0800 11 0030


David Dalziel and Andrew Watts Ph: 09-972 7022 12 Kensington Ave, Whangarei Fax: 09-972 7026 Email: pceyes@xtra.co.nz Website: www.bit.do/EyeCentre


One constant in life is that you and I will age. The question is: Will we age successfully or unsuccessfully? The classic signs of successful ageing are a feel-good body, good levels of strength and fitness, tons of energy, good posture, optimism, good relationships, not having lifestyle related degenerative disease (and not being at risk of them) along with healthy lifestyle pursuits. Hallmark signs of unsuccessful ageing include low energy, a feel-bad, painful, hurting body, low motivation, and disease states like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and so on. Successful ageing occurs only in a healthy body. It’s not about avoiding wrinkles, but about retaining a strong, youthful body (regardless of age), full of vigor, and a vibrant alert mind. Ageing is inevitable, but deterioration is not - the pace at which we’re pulled along in life IS influenced by our lifestyles. You really have two ages - chronological and physiological. Chronological age refers to how old you are, in years. Physiological age refers to how well your body functions. Those with good strength and fitness and few risk factors for chronic disease are physiologically younger than those who are the same age but less healthy. It is possible to turn back time by being healthier than your chronological age would imply. Scientists note three “levels” of ageing: successful, usual and diseased. “Successful ageing” results in a higher quality of life and requires active participation to achieve it. “Usual ageing” is the average - just hoping for the best but doing little to nothing to improve or change things. Finally, “diseased ageing” results in low quality of life for years (maybe decades) and more time spent in the “disability zone”. Average should be unacceptable, and diseased is no way to live or die. The better you age, the higher your quality of life, the more productive and happier you remain. The younger you are right now, the more you can do to control how well you age. The older you are, the MORE you need to take active steps to control ageing. What you do before age 50 has a huge impact on how well you age. Ageing is a lifelong process. The person you become at an old age is really a function of how you lived your earlier years.


What is successful ageing and are you achieving it? You can influence ageing as much as you can influence disease prevention and most other factors associated with optimal health. The most important factor is taking action. The first step in this process is entirely in your hands - you decide to increase your strength, fitness and health, or, often through inaction, decide NOT to pursue it. Because movement sends mighty messages about the status of our “will to live” and lack of movement is literally “killing” us…we must make “movement” a priority again. Unfortunately, being “busy” throughout the day running around doing errands does not quality. Without a doubt, movement is the primary key to keeping us strong, healthy, diseasefree and alive. Without it, our bodies suffer with weak muscles, weak bones, weak joints, a weak heart and a weak immune system. The most important thing we need to get established into our life is a proper strengthtraining exercise program, to keep our muscles, bones and joints strong thereby strengthening our entire body and its systems. This type of exercise program is essential for optimal health as it stimulates the release of “growth and repair” hormones that are what we need to stay youthful and strong. Next a nutrient-dense diet made up of REAL food (not processed) will support this type of program and high levels of health. Note: Even if you’re eating the healthiest diet in the world, you still need to exercise to reach the highest levels of health, AND you need to be exercising effectively. You are either in “regeneration” mode or “degeneration” mode. What messages are you sending your body? It’s never too late to make important lifestyle and dietary changes. And once that decision is made, you will happily discover that you have only just begun the exciting journey through the rest of your life.


WITH OUR AMAZING FITNESS FACILITIES Come and get started so you can make feeling good a way of life. From new strength, more energy, greater flexibility, stress relief, weight control, improved self-esteem, a calm balanced mind and so much more.

Over 2 million members choose Anytime Fitness. Why? Because it's convenient, affordable, and fun. With 24/7 access to thousands of clubs world-wide, you can work out on your terms. Fitness has never been so easy.



Call 438 8863 • 95 Walton St, Whangarei • www.anytimefitness.co.nz SAVVY | 19


Food frustrations what am i supposed to eat? New book and national tour for Dr Libby Weaver


en times best-selling author, speaker and biochemist Dr Libby Weaver is currently touring New Zealand following the release of her latest book What Am I Supposed to Eat? “I have written this book in response to the single, most frequently asked question that I’ve been asked over the last decade - What am I supposed to eat?” says Dr Libby. “People are confused and frustrated when it comes to food. There has been a huge wave of new health information over the past five to ten years and we have more options and opinions about the ‘best’ kind of foods, and the most ideal ways to eat, than we ever have before.” People hear that they should be eating ‘healthy’ food, but when nutritional information changes so regularly, it can be hard to keep up with whether we should be following a paleo way of eating, living a vegan lifestyle or choosing a high fat or no carb diet. “Somewhere along the way, food became confusing. We stopped trusting that we know For your home,

what our bodies need, and many people started feeling overwhelmed by the conflicting information about what is ‘best’ for their individual bodies,” says Dr Libby. In her informative and inspiring food-focused event, which is visiting 17 centres around the country, Dr Libby strips back conflicting information and share her insights from over 20 years of clinical experience and 14 years of study to answer the question: “What am I supposed to eat?” “In all my years of consulting, I can’t tell you how many people just wanted me to fast forward to the bit where I tell them what to eat. Food Frustrations was born from my desire to help people better understand what works for their bodies nutritionally and how to make better food choices in their busy lives,” says Dr Libby. Dr Libby takes complex biochemistry, applies it to common lifestyle and health challenges, and explains it in an easy to understand way, helping to remove any guesswork from what to eat, when and why. In her warm and down-to-earth manner, Dr Libby helps people to see how small changes can have a profound impact on their health and how they feel every day. Dr Libby will show you that it is possible to change your relationship with food, forever. Dr Libby’s new book What Am I Supposed to Eat? can be purchased from www.drlibby.com and leading booksellers RRP $39.95. For details of her tour, go to: www.drlibby.com

• Club, Work k, The Beach/ Pool & your Vehicle • Certifi fie ed to Intternational Standard ISO 10651-4 • No Expensive Training – Just follow the instructions


Traditional Thai Massage Mixed with Aromatherapy (60 mins)

ONLY $70

Receive 4 results in one - relaxation, deep tissue, stress relieve, pressure point & stretching!

$149.95+GST +P&H Manufactured by Genesis Industries – McCulloch Medical (NZ) 3A Marken Pl, Glenfield Auckland 0627, New Zealand Phone: (09) 444 2115 Fax: 09 444 2312

See video: www.restart-resusitator.com


20 | SAVVY


Gift Vouchers Available

50 Kamo Rd, Kensington, Whangarei | Ph 09 430 7250 • 021 175 4044 Open Mon to Sat 9am – 7pm | Late night Fri & Sat 9am-9pm | www.koy.co.nz


UNFORGETTABLE ‘BUCKET LIST’ ADVENTURES WITH DREAM IT “Life changing”. “Inspirational”. “Epic”. “Unforgettable”. “Breathtaking”. “Mind-blowing”. “An honour and a privilege”. These are the reflections of a group of Northlanders, who set off on an adventure of a lifetime earlier this year with Michael Davis (better known as Mavis) from Dream It, a local Northland company offering epic global fitness adventures for Kiwis. The group’s adventure took them to Peru, travelling the historical Inca Road between the ancient sites of Choquequirao and Machu Picchu and following in the footsteps of the legendary Chasqui runners of thousands of years ago. Teaming up with the award-winning Activ8 Northland to provide training and conditioning, Dream It delivered the journey from start to finish, providing all training and nutritional planning, as well as accommodation, flights, transfers, meals, local guides and special opportunities to experience the local culture and take part in community goodwill projects, plus so much more. The Dream It team prides itself on leading epic expeditions that take you off the beaten track, with the support of experienced local guides to discover people and places rarely encountered. In Peru, the group explored uninhabited landscapes and visited isolated villages, climbing to incredible heights to witness some of the world’s most ancient ruins, spectacular scenery through untouched cloud and rain forests, stunning views across the Andean mountain ranges and glaciers, and of course the extraordinary wonder of Machu Picchu. The group was completely humbled and inspired by the places and the people they encountered along the way, described by one member as “nothing short of life-changing”. In the last four years, Mavis and the Dream It team has also led epic travel adventures to the Great Wall of China Marathon, New York Marathon, the Amalfi Coast Trails in Italy and just recently a trek across the alps of France, Switzerland and Italy.

In April next year, Dream It is leading another adventure back to Peru and the Inca Trails, this time with the incredible addition of four days in the Galapagos Islands – one of the planet’s most extraordinary wildlife destinations. Dream It director Mavis says the trip will combine two incredible ‘bucket list’ destinations in one unforgettable trip, with Activ8 Northland again on hand to provide conditioning and fitness training.

“Our last Inca Trails trip was such an incredible, inspiring and life-changing journey that we decided to raise the bar even higher by adding an additional FOUR days to explore the magical islands of the Galapagos. “For me Dream It is all about relationships, passion and sharing epic fitness-related experiences by partnering with our guides, travel partners, fitness specialists and coaches to deliver a dream experience for our clients. We are with you every step of the way, to ensure you have the right gear, fitness and conditioning to rise to the challenge and enjoy every step of the journey. Our adventures are as unique as the people who join us, so every trip is as inspiring, unforgettable and epic as the last!”

Join the Inca Trails and Galapagos adventure next April!

Contact Mavis today to find out more: mavis@dreamit.co.nz or 021 448 482

www.dreamit.co.nz SAVVY | 21


New look for new season Tracey Harvey, professional interior designer at Frazerhurst Curtains and Blinds

On many other continents it is considered acceptable to pack away the winter drapes and get out the summer ones.


would love to do this. My summer drapes would be light and ethereal like James Dunlop’s Laconia Air in a cool Linen shade to keep things calm on a hot afternoon. All of our suppliers have a range of Linen or Linen look wide width fabrics in an array of natural shades and textures from Winter White through the cool stones and greys and into the warm sand and wheat colours. This is a modern look that will be around for many style seasons yet to come. The colour pallet is designed to complement and soften the current trend of minimalist, semi industrial or Scandi look interiors. Think white on white with hints of grey and a splash of black. Think white The trick to make them work for winter is to have a lining on a separate track to the inside, coloured to match or contrasting to on white with make a statement. hints of grey My winter drapes would be a romantic and luscious velvet and a splash of like Ashley Wilde Alaska in a bold colour, such as Emerald or black. Teal. Yes velvets are very much back in fashion and there are different weights and styles on offer from many of the fabric houses. There is a range of wild colours, such as soft buttery creams through to vivid jewellike hues that only a velvet can hold. If velvet drapes are a bit more than you can handle, consider a couch, an occasional chair or even a cushion (or 12). The one item that would stay all year round would be the newest Hardware available; The Patented Perfekt© curtain suspension system from the Rufflette brand. Elegant, streamlined tracks and rods that have powdercoated components so the end caps and brackets are all a perfect colour match and will stay that way over time. So handsome they will take pride of place over every window all year round and for many years to come.

A BREATH OF SPAIN… A TASTE OF ITALY... Transform your patio, terrace or deck with the Weathermaster Mediterranean awning, from Frazerhurst! A Stunning six metres wide, with robust folding arms and no poles to spoil your space or view. Wh W at could be better than that? Visit weathermaster.co.nz and try the interactive awning simulator to view your awning choice! Solutions tailored to your requirements “Customers come first at Frazerhurst”

22 | SAVVY

146 Lower Dent St, Whangarei | Ph 09 438 3986 0800 102 710 | www.frazerhurst.co.nz

Umbrellas I Awnings I Blinds I Shutters






Solid Wood Furniture

Solid Teak Diving Tables Indoor and Outdoor

WAS $1,695

WAS $299

NOW $995

NOW $175 SAVE $124 Great variety available

SAVE $700

For the Perfect Zen Garden

Indo Furniture Sellout Sale

Open 7 Days 9am-5pm weekdays Saturday 9am-4pm • Sunday 10am-4pm


WAS $895

NOW $525 SAVE $370

Buddhas from $30

Sale on now ends 3pm, Sunday 15th October 141 Lower Cameron Street (opposite Tyre Power)

indofurniture.nz • P: 021 812 005 • E: daryl@indo.co.nz • W: indo.co.nz SAVVY | 23


What will homes be dressed in for 2018?


olour and decorating trends for homes are constantly changing. Colours slowly move from pastel and fresh to weathered and dusty, bright and bold to subdued and soft. While it’s not practical to repaint your whole home every time the colour trends change, you can bring a taste of the new season’s colours in by using them as accent colours. Key colours and decorating trends in the year ahead:

Misty and muted

This is the Scandi look of recent years, but in a slightly stronger way. The colours are still soft but where there might have been just pale grey and cool white, there are now a range of soft muddied pastels. Weathered, aged surfaces echo of times gone by and feed our souls with nostalgia. Try Resene Duck Egg Blue, Resene Soothe and Resene Inside Back.

Spaces defined

Spaces defined


Contact us to get your Solar Water Heating installed and capture your slice of the Sun’s free energy.

Colour defines space in new ways. It visually anchors a desk top or bed to the wall, makes a dining space distinctive, or defines an entry. Half-painted walls, two feature walls not one, a tone change of colour… it’s all possible with paint. Look for colour contrasts, such as Resene Zinzan with Resene Chalk Dust.


Retreat to your safe haven with dark tones of deep charcoals, moody blues and dense greens that ground us but also inject a sense of daring at using such bold tones. Try Resene Nocturnal and Resene Dark Side.


Travel the world… at home. Even if we can’t physically roam, our minds certainly can, gathering up the casual vibes of far-flung places as we dream of adventure. Ethnic prints, artisan crafts, tropical motifs and indigenous art as well as spicy colours, spring greens, plummy browns and sea blues. It’s off-beat and bohemian, certainly not matchy matchy. Try Resene Desperado, Resene Salsa and cooler Resene Half Opal.

Jewel tones

Indulge in rich gem-like shades with glamorous appeal. Pair them with burnished metals for an edgy luxe glamour, or less-than-perfect antiques for a shabby chic vibe. Embellishment is on the way back, as a rebellion to overly earnest, monkish interiors. Try Resene Atlas and Resene Sumptuous.

Hands on

Paint it your way. Paint a pattern on a wall, upcycle old furniture, paint pots, knit a throw, craft a cushion – take time out and rediscover your creative side. Paint effects are coming back, but using more freehand and relaxed techniques. Try combining your favourite Resene testpot colour with Resene Paint Effects Medium and a little imagination.

Nature baby

Specialising in all Gas Home Heating Systems and Water Heating needs.

Bring the outdoors in to enjoy year round. Deep golds, rusty browns and soothing terracotta, are layered up with texture, timber, plants and artisan products. Try Resene Good As Gold and Resene Clay Creek. Or enhance timber with wood stains in Resene Natural and Resene Pitch Black.

Easy neutrals

Sharing spaces means we all need to share the look. The easiness and versatility of neutral colours gives all those sharing a space the chance to add their own touches against a neutral and forgiving palette. Try Resene Alabaster, Resene Black White and Resene Truffle.

Citrus squeeze

Rejuvenating and invigorating, the colours of the fruit bowl are being splashed around our homes. Think zesty lemons, ochre and fun shades of orange, tangerine and lime. Try Resene Turbo and Resene Daredevil.

The unexpected

Delight and surprise yourself and your visitors with an unexpected use of colour, a bold splash of bright colour or a graphic over-the-top wallpaper. Embrace the unexpected and create a talking point. When it comes to decorating, all you need is a little imagination. Remember the golden rule… Your home, your space, your choice! 24 | SAVVY


Chiropractic HD Sandringham Plush

• Endorsed by the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association • Torquezone HD for added support • Pure New Zealand wool - a sustainable, breathable fibre • Hypo-allergenic, dust free & non-toxic

Queen Set

Only $1,999

Serenity Carnation Firm • • • • •

Low partner disturbance Pocket Spring - helps relieve pressure points Nuvole Pure & Dreamfoam comfort layer Comfort Edge NZ Made

Queen Set

Only $1,499

Serenity Dahlia Medium

• • • • • •

May I purchase a mattress only? ABSOLUTELY – YES. If you have your own base or slat bed, you can certainly buy a mattress only. Our pricing in store always offers the mattress price as well as a full set price.

What do I need to be aware of when buying a mattress only? There are a couple of important things you do need to consider. Firstly, is your current base or frame still in good condition and sturdy enough to support the mattress? And you also need to consider the height of your current headboard, as most mattresses these days are a lot thicker than what they used to be. There is nothing worse than realising that your headboard has disappeared behind the pillows, or your bed is now way too high for you to comfortably get in and out of.

What about a new bedframe? If you do need to buy a new frame, we at BedsRus deal with a range of NZ manufacturers. The benefit of NZ made, is we can usually customise the frame to suit your needs. We can have the height of the headboard adjusted to suit your mattress or placement of lights/windows etc. Also we can lift or lower the entire frame so you have the optimal bed height to suit your needs. While on the point of custom design, you can also alter the colour with a variety of different stain options to choose from. Waiting for a special order need not take forever as we have a great relationship with a local supplier who normally completes this work in a couple of weeks. For those who do not like the look of the normal bases that accompany the mattresses, or those who want a bit of storage room, we are able to offer a bedframe which does not include a headboard and has rounded corners, so nothing to bump your shins on. You can still attach your existing headboard or upgrade to the more popular upholstered headboards which come in an array of designs, fabric options and heights. So please pop in to discuss your special requirements and we will do our best to match you to your perfect sleep. PS: Please remember information is always free, so if you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800141640(option2), 7 days a week. Till next time… Cheers, Corgi

Low partner disturbance Pocket Spring Nuvole Pure Comfort Fibre Dreamfoam® Comfort Edge NZ Made

Queen Set

Only $1,599 Real prices, Real savings, No fake discounts. Beds R Us. The Real Bed Specialists. Full range of NZ MADE mattresses available FROM $229 Plus an assortment of clearance furniture - only while stocks last!

7 Gumdigger Place, Whangarei 0 S 0800 141 640 (press 2) · OPEN 7 DAYS Offer valid to 29/10/17 or while stocks last. Limited edition Chiropractic beds applies to the Sandringham and Balmoral models only. Stock is limited, and availability may vary between stores. Excludes Everyday Dream prices and clearance stock. Offer cannot be used iin conjunction with any other offer. Q Card and Latitude Financial Services lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply. Visit bedsrus.co.nz for more information.


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Be sure to ask plenty of questions at

Open Homes I


T’’S EASY to get carried away when you’re

searching through property listings for the house of your dreams. But if you’re not careful, home buying can become a nightmare. “Buying a property is a complex and potentially stressful process, not least because it involves such a scary amount of money,” says Kevin LampenSmith, chief executive at the Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA). “It’s smart to do as much as you can to reduce the risk of unwelcome surprises or unexpected costs further down the line.” In the first instance, Lampen-

Working with a licensed agent gives you improved security

Smith recommends drawing up a list of questions to ask about properties you’re interested in. “Remember that you can ask the real estate agent anything you like about the property,” he says. “They are also required to tell you everything they know and not withhold any details.” If you’re not sure what to ask, here’s a handy list of questions. Open homes can be busy, so ask the agent if you can talk on the phone, or send questions via email. • Have there been any issues with the property, such as earthquake damage or water-tightness? • Are there any offers on the property, or have any contracts been cancelled by potential buyers? • How long has it been on the market? What is the seller’s preferred settlement date?

26 | SAVVY

• What maintenance, repairs or improvements have been carried out? Do these have permits? • Is there a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) available or a building report prepared by an accredited property surveyor? • Is the property well-maintained? What condition are the roof, piles, wiring, and plumbing in? • Is the property insulated? If so, to what degree (eg walls, underfloor, ceiling)? • Is there any risk of methamphetamine (P) contamination? • If there is a body corporate

(usually for apartments), what does that entail? • Are there any issues with neighbours or planned developments? “If you are seriously considering making an offer, you will need to do your own research and seek professional advice. It may well become your home,

so you need to know as much about it as possible to save unhappy surprises later,” Lampen-Smith says. “Knowing the right questions to ask is a good starting point.” • For more advice on buying a property in New Zealand, or to download a free Home Buyers’ Guide, visit buyingahome.reaa.govt.nz.



■ Adult Guava Moth


Feijoa with guava moth entrance hole

uava moth is becoming the bane of most fruit grower’s existence. I have had them for the last two years in a couple of my old feijoa trees and the fruit has just gone to waste.

- Check windfall fruit regularly for markings, such as exit holes, small discolouration or bruised looking fruit Killing those little blighters!

This year I am finally being proactive and doing something about it. I certainly don’t want it spreading to my plum, peach and guava trees.

Pheromone Traps – work by replicating the pheromones produced by female moths in order to catch male moths. This will also give an indication of infestation and tell you when to spray.

Here’s a bit of information on guava moth. - It is well established in Northland and has made its way down to the Waikato over the last year or two. It was first discovered in Northland in 1997. - They attack a wide variety of fruit, such as feijoas, plums, guavas, peaches, nectarines, macadamia nuts, lemons, mandarins etc. - Female moths lay their eggs on the fruit or adjacent leaves and, upon hatching, the larvae burrow into the flesh causing considerable damage and loss. They are very hard to spot at this stage as they leave only a tiny pin prick size hole as they go in. - Guava moth can breed all year round as there are so many different types of fruit they infect. They can build up to quite large numbers if not controlled. Have you got guava moth already? What to look out for. - Check for immature fruit drop, fruit will often drop before it is fully ripe.

Hard to do. Using several methods is your best hope of controlling the population

Neem Oil - Spray your diluted Neem oil all over your fruit trees, taking care to spray all the fruit. Best done when your trap shows the moths are present, and when the fruit is developing. Neem granules – Sprinkling Neem or SeaHume Granules around the drip line of trees, especially where the fruit is falling. This will help control the larvae stage of the guava moths cycle. Removing infected fruit - Remove rotting fruit from the ground and dispose of it and mow regularly beneath fruit trees. This is effective because the moths pupate in the leaf litter and fruit pulp (or so we believe). Avoid composting fallen fruit as the moths can complete their lifecycle in some compost systems. Covering your Fruit - Cover the fruit or the entire tree with fine netting as the fruit first starts to develop. Fruit only becomes infested with the larvae if the moths can lay their eggs on


■ Guava moth larvae and damage. the fruit. Don’t cover the tree during flowering as the flowers won’t get pollinated by bees, birds or other pollinator insects. Biological Control - As the larvae tend to pupate close to the soil surface, chickens may well be helpful in reducing the numbers. Oil/Solar traps – There has been success with homemade solar lights that have been made into oil traps. There are examples of them online if you Google them. For best results, it’s worth talking to, and working together with neighbours and your local community to really get on top of the problem.




101 Kioreroa Rd sales@alter-natives.co.nz

09 974 8733








From $6

Let us help you plan and plant.

Everything from revegetation plantings and effluent fields to construction of your new garden project, our strong, hardworking team can help you! SAVVY | 27


Raw beetroot and asparagus salad (makes one bowl, to serve 6-8 people) Are you heading to a barbecue and have been asked to take something? You can always opt for easy, quick and low-maintenance salad. Raw beetroot is on high rotate at present and the fennel is abundant. This makes a great base for a summer dinner at home - just add your favourite protein and enjoy.

Photo by Michael Craig Recipe by Delaney Mes

Salad 2 medium Beetroot, peeled 1 bunch Asparagus, tough ends snapped off 1 large bunch Fresh mint, finely chopped

Pl8 Professional Mandolin

½ cup Walnut pieces, or chopped walnuts 50g Blue cheese, crumbled

Stre Strength, simplicity and safety are the highlights. safe Slice, julienne and waffle cutt cutting options with four slicing thicknesses. Price $125

Dressing 3 Tbsp Pomegranate molasses 2 Tbsp Balsamic vinegar 1 squeeze Lemon juice 1 pinch Sea salt + add to shopping list Directions Mix all the dressing ingredients together and set aside. You can also buy pomegranate balsamic reduction, on, I used Divinity brand from Matakana. Grate the beetroot using a food processor grating disc or a manual grater. Set aside in a bowl. Slice the asparagus into fine slices on a diagonal using the slicing disc, a mandolin, or a knife and a steady teady hand. Add to the beetroot. Add the mint, walnuts and blue cheese. Drizzle over the dressing and gently toss to combine.

106 Lower Dent Street Whangarei




When functionality meets color, suddenly everyone wants to help in the kitche en FROM



For Asian inspired soups $


Award winning Elea Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Produce of Greece.



Cook authentic, family-style paella in a large, carbon steel pan that distributes heat evenly. The wide, flat cooking surface and shallow sides he formation of soccarat, the delicious caramelized crust for encourage th which paella is justifiably famous..

106 Lower Dent Street, Whangarei | Phone (09) 430 0218 | Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm | www.northlandhospitality.co.nz 28 | SAVVY

@ Northland Hospitality

There’s something new going on at Flames Restaurant & Bar in Onerahi

Comfort Hotel Flames


Top food, good staff! We will return! REVIEW BY JODI BRYANT


t had been 11 years since I’d dined at Flames Restaurant and I was pleasantly surprised. The décor, I was happy to note, was as I remembered it – a Mediterranean-style terracotta-tiled terrace, complete with palms and, inside, a tranquil water feature flanking the bar, but I wasn’t expecting the many diners to already be seated and chatting happily. The maître d’ greeted us warmly, his sense of humour shining through from the beginning and becoming a continuing theme of the night. We quickly settled into the pleasant and spacious atmosphere of Flames, taking in the faint background music and surrounding conversational hum as everyone unwound on a Friday eve. First up we ordered the Buffalo Chicken Stix and the Kumara Bites. The warm oven-roasted kumara bites were the perfect blend with feta cheese and wholegrain balsamic dressing. For mains, my dining partner ordered the Kiwiana Beef with mushroom sauce, seasonal vegetables, two poached eggs and fries. Between mouthfuls, his verdict was “ni-ice!”. Apparently the steak was cooked to perfection. I ordered the Lamb Shank, which came with gravy and served on a bed of mashed potato, accompanied with fresh al dente vegetables. Once again, perfection, with the New Zealand lamb cooked in succulent true melt-in-yourmouth style. Although the meals were certainly filling, a meal isn’t complete without a sweet treat and we opted for the traditional apple crumble, which had a strong and pleasant cinnamon flavor, and the white chocolate and raspberryinfused continental styled cheesecake. One word – Yum! As well as top food, good staff can make or break a dining experience and our jovial and attentive maidre d’ certainly enhanced ours. We will certainly be making a return visit to Flames soon!

8 Waverley Street Onerahi, Whangarei 0800-132610 info@flameshotel.co.nz www.flameshotel.co.nz

It’s a new menu and they are now open seven days for Breakfast and Dinner Flames Restaurant has a focus on fresh, local and healthy food with a fusion of Asian, Pacific and International cuisine. For over 10 years, the team has been creating quality food experiences that warm the soul and relishes on the taste buds. Put something truly extraordinary, something completely delicious in your mouth.

Mediterranean Turkish Cuisine

We are now fully licensed!

Inspired by Mediterranean cuisine with a strong Turkish influence, our café is well known for serving fresh, tasty and good-value food. Come and dine with us for lunch, dinner or something in-between. Now you can enjoy a glass wine or try a bottle of Turkish beer for a change!

P 09 430 2469 26 Rathbone St, Whangarei

Open 7 Days 11am till late

Extraordinary ry Different Th Thai h iC Cuisine i i at an affordable price Proud to be awarded the ‘Thai Select Premium’ by the Prime Minister of Thailand! LUNCH $12.50 Mon-Fri 11.30am - 2pm DINNER from $16 7 days from 5.15pm 69 Bank St, Whangarei · Phone 09 430 0145 · wwww.thaichef.co.nz

Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Out Now!

Plus quality cabinet food, homemade cakes & slices, made-to-orders, plenty of drink choices including organic coffee and catering available!

29 Bank St, Whangarei | Ph 438 0881 SAVVY | 29

Art Quest

By Abbey Cameron Regional Marketing and Communications, Creative Northland

Andrea Eve Hopkins


f you have wandered through the Bank and Cameron Sts walkway through to Farmers via the Quest Hotel in the past year you have may have noticed a constant selection of art works displayed on the large foyer walls. This is the Quest Art Space, a not-forprofit community-based collaboration between Creative Northland and the Quest Hotel, Whangarei. Curator Andrea Eve Hopkins says the space is a walkway that feels like a no pressure art gallery. “We have some amazing artists in Northland. Some people think one has to travel to Auckland or Wellington galleries to see and buy fine arts. I would like to help change that perception. We have it all here.” Andrea is also an artist and says she has had shows in big commercial city galleries for years, but some of her friends and whanau wouldn’t go into them because they felt out of place. “They didn’t feel they could take their children and prams

or they felt pressured from salespeople to buy. There is none of that here. The work is on the walls with information alongside about the art and the artists. You can take your time. Come and go as you please. There is no one telling you how you should feel about the artwork. It’s a great place for emerging artists and community groups trying to raise funds for local projects.” The Paper Mill will be exhibiting in October followed by Habitat for Humanity’s exhibition “The Power of Shelter”. There is the opportunity to buy works either using the QR codes on artist profiles or via the newly-created Quest Art Space Facebook Shop. Contact Andrea on 021 041 9866 for more information or if you would like to book the space

Keely Quaid The Quest Art Space works alongside our region’s other galleries to support local emerging and established artists, all of which can be found in Creative Northland’s newly published ‘Northland Art Guide’. The guide is available from the Auckland Airports and at tourist spots, galleries, i-SITES, accommodation providers and libraries throughout Northland.

A great Hospice fundraiser, that will inspire With The Girls Club


stunning fundraising event described as the perfect day out with friends is set to wow home fanatics for the fifth time in Whangarei. The biennial Hospice House Tour will be held over the weekend of 11 and 12 November this year and calls for anyone with a passion for home décor, DIY, design and home living to rally up their friends and book the weekend in. Since 2009, the first four tours raised over $80,000 proving that these tours are ‘no school bingo night’; they promise to deliver for both North Haven Hospice and eager ticket holders. Generous owners of beautiful and creative Whangarei homes have agreed to open their doors for two full days in November for ticket holders to explore. Event organisers The 30 | SAVVY

Girls’ Club pledge that the houses each hold special features ensuring that a diverse range of tastes will be met and event goers will leave with a tonne of inspiration, tips and tricks. The house locations remain a mystery until a few days prior to the event when an itinerary will be emailed to ticket holders in time to plan their travelling route. The organisers have a delicious handmade, gourmet lunch option available to purchase with the tickets, making it a truly hassle-free day out! The event is run by The Girls’ Club, a group of regular, everyday women who have been touched by the selfless work from North Haven Hospice at some stage in their lives. Levonne, Briar, Pam, Claire, Jo, Kayla and Sue each bring different skills and talents to the fundraising team and

all share a love for home décor, colours, patterns, DIY and creativity. Girls’ Club member, Kayla Tattley says that “In its fifth year the tour is at a stage now where people expect to see something they haven’t seen before so the pressure to deliver is really high. These supporters know they are going to find a favourite to fall in love with, that’s why they keep coming back”. The weekend is renowned for being interesting, well organized and a tonne of fun. To buy tickets and to learn more about the 2017 tour or any of the past tours, visit www.girlsclub.org.nz or search for them on Facebook.

Camera Obscura - time to donate


his innovative project – to build an 8m spiral steel sculpture, within which is a Camera

Obscura to view our bridge Te Matau å Pohe, is gaining momentum!

With the building costs just being finalised (looking to cost $1000,000), the Camera Obscura Team are working towards the final fundraising and funding applications. The team, which comprises of three local women, have been working hard for the past two years and are thrilled to have the Whangarei Rotary Sunrise Club supporting the project. As part of the community contribution, stainless steel name plaques will be laid into the concrete at the base of the sculpture. The Rotary Club are promoting these plaques (200 available for donations of $200+). An Obscura uses the science of light. By creating a light proof space with a hole in the wall, the obscura is filled with the view outside all over the walls floor and ceiling. Sited by the river and viewing the bridge and popular Loop walkway, this sculpture is free to enter and offers a family friendly experience. All the local companies involved in the build, are donating

elements of their service and with a final push from the commuity, the Camera obscura will become a reality! Now is the time to join the team and be part of creating this legacy!

To donate see www.cameraobscura.nz , phone 021 340946 or post a chq to PO Box 3223, Onerahi, 0142. Check out the Rotary at the Home show – they will be happy to see you!



omen have an incredible ability to change course without complaint. I had an insightful conversation this past week with a young mum who has one child at primary school and two babies at home. She’s mid 20s, left high-school, got married, had the odd job but is now needing something more in life. We don’t often speak to younger woman about those transitions – the transition into motherhood. The change from being a stay-at-home parent to entering back into the work force is fairly daunting. When my kids started going to primary school it didn’t take long for me to start thinking about going back to work. As a little family we had had some challenging years financially, and I’d managed to develop my art into a good little money maker that allowed for holidays and treats. Then came a day that I heard myself say to a girlfriend “I’m a racing horse that has been sent to plough a field”. I was mentally bored, unstimulated and needed more to think about. When I look back now I see how “I worked hard, I’m valued” gets re-enforced each pay day. There is an unspoken value in coming home at the end of the week or month with our “salary” women don’t speak of it but we identify it as part of our value. It reinforces our self esteem and confidence. When you’re a mum there comes a point where you need “more”. Those steps back into work are amazingly stressful. The big things matter. “What am I going to do with the kids?” . Gosh the cost of care if you need help, not to mention regular transport and possibly a new wardrobe, all add up. Do the clothes that I have measure up to your expectations? You may be ready to go back to work but your partner may not. It can be big for both of you. As women who have made the transition, we need to talk to those younger women and support them. Know they need your experience and maybe your help with the kids at times. They may not ask, but we can reach out and hold their hands while they work out the terrain ahead.

to provide the much needed support and specialist care for those who are dying and their families/whanau. There are many ways you can get involved in support of North Haven Hospice, Te Korowai Humarie.

You could volunteer too…ask how. We are currently recruiting new volunteers in all areas of our service. If you would like to know more please contact us on 09 437 3355 or pop into the Whangarei Shop to learn more.

24A Takahe Street, Tikipunga, Whangarei Ph: 09 437 3355 www.northhavenhospice.org.nz

Please think of the Hospice shops if you are… • Looking for clothing or bric a brac bargains • Furnishing the home or bach for the warmer months • Wanting to donate good quality items Turning second hand goods into first class care...across the wider Whangarei area


OUTLET SHOP 87 WALTON STREET, WHANGAREI Call us for pick up of heavy items

09 438 1050


09 432 1342

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32 | SAVVY

Habitat For Humanity Prison House Lift.


PHOTO: Laura Welsby, 2016.

Unbeloved Destitution – A Child Of Hope.


the power of shelter

PHOTO: Dawn Dutton, 2015.

o matter who we are or where we come from, we all deserve to have a decent place to live. We deserve to feel strength and stability day after day. We deserve to know we have the power to take care of ourselves and build our own futures. At Habitat for Humanity, this is what unites us. Through shelter, we empower. Our shared vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Because you, me, we — we’re all humans. And every single one of us deserves the opportunity for a better future. Whangarei Art Museum is delighted to be showing The Power of Shelter, an exhibition by Habitat for Humanity Northland. While society may recognise a problem, many are living a crisis and Habitat for Humanity work in our community and around the world to establish real solutions. This exhibition and upcoming art auction is one of them as all proceeds raised at the auction of this work will go towards building a home for a Northland whanau in housing need. The brief was simple - The Power of Shelter. Crafted with this concept in mind, the response features art forms including sculptures, paintings, textiles, and carving created by 13 local artists and 10 prisoners from Northland Regional Corrections Facility near Kaikohe. Habitat for Humanity puts great value on their partnership with Corrections and it goes well beyond the creativity fostered in this project. Over the last four years, prisoners have built three homes. Whilst doing so the prisoners have gained Level 3 Certificates in Building Construction preparing them for a future career while

also giving back to a deserving family in our community who will one day own the home. Corrections and Habitat believe that supporting prisoners into stable employment is key to improving the lives not only of offenders, but also of their families and the community. These homes get lifted over the prison walls and relocated across Northland, to house whanau through Habitat for Humanity’s Home Ownership Programme. This provides simple, decent homes for those living in substandard housing. Habitat’s partner families are involved in building their house and pay for their home on an affordable basis. Rather than providing a hand-out, Habitat provides a hand-up; empowering whanau through shelter. Support Habitat for Humanity by visiting the exhibition, attending the auction, donating to the build or by shopping in their ReStore charity shop (50b Kioreroa Road, Whangarei). Together we can work together to eradicate poverty housing.

Exhibition: October 2nd - 30th 2017, 10am - 4pm, free entry. Art Auction: October 30th 2017, 5.30pm. Tickets $10 available on eventfinda.co.nz or door sales on auction day Where: Whangarei Art Museum, Te Manawa Toi - The Hub. SAVVY | 33


It’s a twin thing BY JODI BRYANT


ack in the 70s and beyond it was not uncommon for multiples to come as a complete surprise in the delivery room and that was exactly what happened for the mum of identical twins Kat Hewson and Viv O’Shea. “Mum found out she was having twins just after my sister Viv was born, just before I made an appearance,” explains Kat, now 46. “The GP actually told mum after Viv was born that she may be having triplets but it turned out it was just the two of us – that was enough for her.” That was the year before scans were introduced and, as there was no history of twins in the family, ‘everyone just thought she was huge’. “Dad always joked that he was going to build her a platform with wheels on it so she could put her stomach on it. It was also in the days that fathers weren’t allowed in the delivery suite so dad was in shock when the doctor congratulated him on his twin girls. His response was ‘Umm no, we were just having the one’.” The youngest by five minutes, Kat lived up to her role of younger sibling, according to Viv. “When we were teenagers Kat tended to get into a bit more trouble than me. I was definitely the more sensible one.” However, they both used their identical looks to pull the odd prank, once swapping classes for the day at intermediate school. “The teachers didn’t have a clue but our class mates all knew there was an imposter amongst them,” Kat recalls with a grin.

“A workmate of Viv’s recently came up behind me in the supermarket and gave me a big hug. It wasn’t until I said: ‘Do you know Viv?’ that she realised she didn’t know me.” “Stuff like that is pretty funny,” adds Viv. “I’m used to saying: ‘You must know Kat.’ The reactions are priceless.” Although they have long dropped their own twin language – speech therapy classes sorted that out the sisters say they are similar in speech and the way they fling their arms around when they talk. “We sound identical on the phone – mum often has to really listen to pick up on which one she’s talking to.” They often meet for lunch and turn up dressed the same and ‘that just looks weird!” exclaims Kat. “We feel people looking at us and we are like, ‘why are they staring at us?’ Then we realise. Other similarities include both having one son, who, along with older sister Janine, never get the twins mixed up. “They probably know us best.” Both Kat and Viv have a close relationship with Janine, who they say, has always been protective of them. “I do feel stink at times because Kat and I are so close, sometimes we unintentionally leave her out without meaning to. She’s pretty cool though, she usually just rolls her eyes and says something about it being a twin thing,” Viv says”. Adds Kat: We live in the same street and I think Janine, who also lives on the same street, gets frustrated with us at times, but the three of us are really close. “Viv and I have always had the twin connection,” continues Kat, who experienced heart burn throughout Viv’s pregnancy. We are very alike in some ways and total

ABOVE: Viv O’Shea & Kat Hewson

opposites in others, I’m a graphic designer and she’s a crime analyst, We often don’t have to explain how each other is feeling, we just instinctively know. Living just a couple of doors down, makes it easy to pop over and make sure everything is ok. “People often ask what it’s like to be a twin, which we can’t answer as it’s the only way we know. I could never imagine not being a twin.” Adds Viv: “I’m glad I’m a twin, although I don’t know any different. Being a twin means you’re never without your best friend.”

The bright side of violent kids

BREAKING DAD So-called parenting advice By Michael Botur


ver a recent weekend, my six year old boy Abe went psycho at two different kids in two different playgrounds. It began when the kids did fairly innocent things – yanking him while he was on the roundabout; pretending Abe was an alien intruder – and Abe took huge offence to these supposed insults and angrily

demanded apologies from each kid. He chased both kids around the playground and had a go at me when I intervened. When we got home and we told mummy Sarah our versions of the story, debating whether or not Abe should get a time out, Sarah blamed me. Why? Because I bring violence into the household, apparently. Don’t complain to the Press Council just yet: I bring violence in the name of love and bonding. • My favourite sport (heavyweight boxing) is one in which hundred-kilo brutes bash each other’s faces until one of the brutes is so injured he cannot continue. My kids are allowed to watch this with me and I have been known to teach my boy how to throw a perfect boxing jab during the ad breaks. It’s a legitimate sport, it’s manly bonding AND it’s self-defence (for when Abe needs protection from fights he himself started) • I sometimes put on my second favourite sport (professional wrestling) and me and the kids get inspired and form a mini wrestling ring on daddy’s king sized bed and they beat their dad into submission while quoting 90s wrestlers like The Rock and Hulk Hogan


• We sometimes watch the six o’clock news, so my kids can learn about (violent) current events. Unfortunately, often the main story is somebody being obliterated by a volcano, runaway train, or runaway train with a cargo of lava. It’s violently educational. Now, the kids’ mummy Sarah – who adores medieval surgical antiques, David Fincher movies and the gruesome short stories of Michael Botur - is becoming increasingly unimpressed with the kids doing anything remotely violent. Mummy Sarah even scrutinised The Emoji Movie last week, looking for what’s been inspiring the violence. I say don’t question it. Violence is a skillset which could really advantage my li’l daughter in her life. Boxing could lead little Violet to become an icon of peace in Ukraine, like the Klitschko brothers. Her wrestling talent could lead to her becoming governor of Minnesota, like Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura. As for the biting and cutting off people’s meat, I don’t know. Corporate restructuring or something?


Often overlooked, but just as important as an Engine Service...

Contact us now for an assessment or Quote.

Advanced Automatics


Ph: 09 430 3505 • Email: office@advancedautomatics.co.nz • 54 Hannah street, Whangarei 0110, New Zealend


34 | SAVVY




With a delicious zesty scent this mousse is easy to apply and develops into a luscious, streak-free bronze colour in between 1-4 hours depending on

Tasti Smoosh Balls


the desired colour depth. DEODORANT The natural coconut creates a pleasant scent helping to keep you fresh all day! Eco by Sonya Driver Coconut Deodorant is free from synthetic ingredients including aluminium and parabens. SUNSCREEN

Sometimes we’re smooshing so much into our day that we don’t eat

An all natural, synthetic and chemical free sunscreen which provides you with UVA and UVB protection. Natural Sunscreen is a non-greasy zinc formula with broad spectrum for protection from UVA/UVB rays. SPF 30 and suitable for the whole family to use! 1x mousse RRP $44.95 1x coconut deodorant RRP $16.85 1x sunscreen (brand new product) RRP $39.95


Goldwell Kerasilk Haircare Pack from Villa Hairdressing WE HAVE 1 PACK TO GIVE AWAY


The team of talents has given Savvy a Goldwell Kerasilk haircare pack worth $200 to giveaway. In October Villa Hairdressing is celebrating their 10th birthday by giving a free conditioning treatment with every appointment. Book now 09 438 4897 or visit 190 Bank St,Whangarei. At Villa Hairdressing, it’s all about you.

inside, these yummy wholefood balls are now available in five fabulous new flavours with only the simplest ingredient lists. To celebrate the launch of the five new flavours Tasti have teamed up with SAVVY and are giving away a prize pack, including packets of each of the five flavours. It’ll be tough to pick a favourite! Check out the entire new range in store now, RRP $2.29



Villa Hairdressing is celebrating 10 years of producing effortless styles for local ladies.

as well as we could. Tasti’s new Smooshed Wholefood Balls are the on-the-go snack you can feel good about! Naturally sweetened with fruit, with only real, natural ingredients






Kylie Springford is owner of the Kamo-based For The Love Of Home, a funky upholstery workshop and furniture re-covering service. She is the only Whangarei stockist for Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint. Kylie is giving away five 250ml pots of the luxurious furniture paint that is not only water-based but is non-toxic. Great news for the environment and for those who want to paint children’s furniture and toys. Most people who want to spruce up their unloved, old furniture can admit to being put off by the idea of sanding down the furniture first. Procrastinate no more - Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint requires no sanding down – you can just go ahead and paint. You won’t even need to apply an undercoat and you’ll still get an incredible even finish. Available in a range of colours, Savvy competition readers can choose from the most popular Classic White or Mermaid (blue).

Bell Tea has launched a brand new range of delicious, yet delicate white teas. White tea is picked from the tip of the plant and minimally processed, the result; a tea that has a similar taste to green tea, but lighter in flavour. With no added sugar, Bell White Tea is available in Pure, Lemon & Honey and Strawberry & Mango. Bell Tea has teamed up with SAVVY to give away a tea prize pack valued at $50, including one of each new flavour infusion and a glass-walled Keep Cup so that you can enjoy your tea on the go. Bell White Tea is available in all major supermarkets nationwide.

to enter

From RRP $3.20.

Congratulations to our September winners:

To enter the SAVVY giveaways go online www.savvymagazine.co.nz, click on Giveaways and fill out the form. ■ Entries close 5pm, Wednesday October 25 ■ Winners will be notified by email and your prizes will be posted out.

Garnier Pure Active Sensitive - 3 packs

- Diane Southey, Mo Pettit &Anne Mansfield

Stir 100% Not Milk Powders - 2 packs

- Bill Huddleston, Daryl Hansen

Advocate Spot On For Cats - 1 pack

- Polly Barach

Red Seal Vita Fizz Effervescents

- Robyn Shanks

Stout Out & Win Picture

- Richard Downey

Winners will be notified by email. Prizes will be posted to the Winners.


2004 Nissan Fuga

102,562km, Heated Seats, Reverse Camera • AA Safety Certified


Monster Motors

$10,995 90 from $7,9 g in t r a t s Vehicles E WITH

NC SIT FINAT RATES O P E D O N ERES -site LOW INTavailable and approved on inance Vehicle F

2007 Mazda Axela 20S Sportt 2000cc, 75,484kms AA Safety Certified


Unit A6, 7 Nell Place, Whangarei

Bethanee Witt

2008 Mazda S Mpv 23S 2300cc, Auto, to, Int io 73,000kms, Black Interior, AA Compliant. 7 Seats.


Phone: 022 640 4669

Email: monstermotorsnz@gmail.com

Georgia Green

Phone: 021 025 23669

Email: monstermotorsnz@gmail.com


022 640 4669

www.monstermotors.co.nz SAVVY | 35

Join us on 27th of Oct to meet some of our residents over a delicious morning tea and then tour the Village

This fabulous apartment could be yours for just $460,000 2 bedrooms with a spacious layout and all day sun Our apartment owners say they are living the best life We also have only 2 townhouses for sale from $470,000 Call Ros for a personal tour today. Don’t miss out!

The Falls Estate lifestyle retirement village provides residents with an active lifestyle and a range of advantages -+' /+'&#,!( ".*"$( (+ %,# ), conventional suburban living. Secure your new home with a $1,000 deposit (fully refundable). *These properties are not for sale on the open market, for retirees only meeting entrance criteria.

Living at The Falls you’re part of a welcoming, active and friendly village community. Secure in the knowledge that your present and future housing needs are being met, you can relax and live life to the fullest. Our beautifully designed homes in our lovely Retirement Village, are available for sale right now. The Villas offer wonderful amenities and

36 | SAVVY

a great lifestyle option on grounds full of colour ($! '() ,"+ -(*% (##-**& The spacious living design provides a bright and open space for you to enjoy your days with friends and family. The décor is in neutral, elegant tones which allow you to add your own personality to your home - after all it is your home.

Call Ros for more information

09 437 5844

or email ros.martin@thebegroup.co.nz

94 Boundary Road, Tikipunga, Whangarei www.fallsestate.co.nz


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Savvy October 2017  

Savvy October 2017  


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