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contents I

Making airwaves for over 30 years


Kiwi innovation proves a rollercoaster ride of success


Editor’s note

’m not a fan of the microphone. Back in journalism school in the 90s, we were trained for tv, radio and print but, after graduating, I steered well clear of the two former. But The Hits radio personality Charmaine Soljak is right in her element. When we had our chat in the studio, I was a little paranoid we’d accidentally be on air – and that was before Charmaine told me about her on-air faux pas incidences when she had forgotten to press the off-air button. As much as possible, I simply nodded mutely, afraid our conversation was being played out to listeners – not that it would have mattered! Charmaine doesn’t hold back and is open, both in private and with her listeners – perhaps one of her endearing traits that keeps them tuning back in for more.



Linen, linen & more linen


Make it a sunflair summer


Beyond the classics: What to wear this summer


And the winner is ... Northland! Great results from the Bernina Northland Fashion Awards 2018

But I’ve kept most of the juicy stuff off the record for this story – that wasn’t my point in being there. Charmaine has been in the radio broadcasting industry 32 years and experienced it evolve from the days of vinyls, to CDs through to today’s computerized audio system. I thought it was time to take a look behind the scenes. This month we also caught up with two locals whose culinary creation appears to be taking the world by storm. Neville and Chris are based in Whangarei and intend to stay that way. Although they probably never predicted the extent in which their business has taken off, they had enough confidence in their product to know it would be a success and had the foresight to install a fully automated processing line to cope with demand. You can read how their business came about and subsequently took off on page 6. Happy perusing and see you next month.


Nioxin’s solutions 13

What happens at a Caci consultation?


FREE Beauty, Massage & Spa Qualifications offered in Whangarei


The many health benefits of strengthening exercise that all women should know


When should I see a doctor about chemical eye burns?


Would you like a muffin with your coffee? Stop should-ing on yourself



Jodi Bryant – jodi.bryant@nzme.co.nz


Jan Hewitt – jan.hewitt@nzme.co.nz

Cover Photo

by John Stone

Published by NZME Northland, 88 Robert Street, Whangarei. savvy@northernadvocate.co.nz www.savvymagazine.co.nz


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We have

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Christmas gift ideas


Christmas Ham recipes


Local & loved


Packard Motor Museum – vehicle of the month


Fishing tips & tales with John Vowless


The wabi sabi way


Savvy Show Homes with Bella Homes


Selling your property following a split


Your mindful home


A study of natural fibres from animal origin?


Sleeping positions to soothe back pain


Shelter and hedging plants for your garden


Your Handmade Jewellery Specialists

Twenty years of pets in Northland!

This month’s giveaways

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MAKING AIRWAVES for over 30 years


It’s hard to believe radio personality Charmaine Soljak used to get anxiety about speaking to the public.


ut for the first two years on the air waves between the ages of 17-19, she would break into a sweat, go bright red and cry. Fast-forward 32 years and Charmaine breaks off our chat at The Hits studio in Whangarei to slide on the head phones, sit up straight and, beaming, animatedly conduct a 12-second voice break like she’s chatting to her best friends. And in a way she is. “Connecting with the listeners is my favourite thing about radio,” the 49-yearold enthuses. “The people are awesome. Yesterday I had this really beautiful thing occur where one of my regular listeners had rung in to win a prize. She came into reception to collect it and I got to meet her face-to-face and we had a big hug. Actually meeting them in the flesh is just the icing on

the cake. “At the supermarket, people will stop to talk to me and pick up on an on-air conversation I might have been having about my kids. They feel they know me because I’ve been in their bedroom, their kitchen and in their car.” You would be forgiven for thinking Charmaine has always entertained. But, in fact, she started off with other ambitions. Raised in Wellington, she joined her family’s marine construction and hydraulic engineering business as an industrial scuba diver. At age, 17, she moved to her tribal home of Rotorua in pursuit of researching family land. There, she joined Te Arawa Trust Board, which ran Maori access schemes for those wanting to upgrade their skills. The trust decided to launch a community-based radio station and, deciding Charmaine would be a great ambassador for both Te Arawa and Maori, offered her a role. Radio Te Arawa was born and, with it, Charmaine’s career in broadcasting. “Radio was super-exciting at that time. We built the radio station in an empty building.

I don’t think there’s anything sexier than radio because it’s so instant. That first experience was massive because they taught me everything – how to produce music sound, write ads, record it, put it on air. But they told me they thought I was more of an announcer. “Really I had the fear right through until I was 21. You can tell when someone is comfortable on air by their breathing. I’ve still got those first tapes and I sound really awkward and young. I actually can’t believe they let me do that,” she laughs, cringing. “I used to speak like a Maori kid from the bush,” Charmaine breaks off to give a demonstration but now struggles to pull it off. “I had to refine my pronunciation,” she finishes.

Those tapes she mentions became the way of radio after LPs/vinyl records. Charmaine recalls editing involving physically cutting the tape at a certain place before sticking it back together with sticky tape. Tapes evolved to CDs before the audio computer software system used today. By then it was 1997 and love had brought her north, leaving the by-then, renamed Raukawa FM, followed by a six-year stint as creative director and breakfast show host at Lake City 96FM, and nights in the metro market at Mai FM, Auckland, in her wake. “I met my children’s dad and moved to Tutukaka to live the dream,” she says. While the dream was not to last on the

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OUR PEOPLE Charmaine with Jason ‘JT’ Tikao and Paul Flynn

home front, her love of broadcasting has. After several years at the then-named

story and bringing it to colour and life and adding sound effects. It’s headlines and you

KCC-FM with, among other roles, her own Saturday morning show, the already mother

need to be able to project that feeling and vibe but it’s also about listening to people.”

of one, took ten years off to have and raise two more children. She returned to the work

Then there are those ‘wow’ moments of giving prizes to deserving listeners and

force and eventually moved to The Radio Network in 2014 where she now entertains

Charmaine vividly remembers the first time in Rotorua she presented a trip for two to

listeners as NZME’s The Hits day show host from 9am-3pm.

the UK to a lady whose sister was dying of cancer.

Today’s computerized audio system allows the national programme to take over

“Everyone was standing around at the windows watching and it was really

if there is a glitch but Charmaine can recall many a faux pas over the years. In fact, her

emotional. I get those ‘wow’ moments a lot and that first time, I really saw how

first experience at Rotorua is one she now laughs about.

impactful what we did could be.” While her children are now used to their

“The first show I did was a Robin Trower special. I didn’t realise I was playing the

mum, whose role involves MCing events, being approached in public, they are also

whole show at 45-speed instead of 33. My cousins were sitting at home laughing the

right at home in the studio. “They’re radio kids. All three of them are

whole time.” Then there are the times she forgot

comfortable with a mic in front of them and, every day, they come into the studio after

to push the off-air button and listeners were privy to some rather personal

school and, if I’m in a meeting, they set the music to their liking.”

conversations, punctuated with the odd expletive. Or the time she hadn’t pre-read

Besides being a busy mum and radio host, Charmaine’s still into her diving and

the news and its shockingly-rude details gave her a fit of the giggles.

anything around the water. Then there’s CrossFit – she recently returned from the

But back to that question of what she loves about radio.

Master League Games on the Gold Coast with a medal - and she does traditional

“I don’t think there’s anything sexier than radio because it’s so instant. Working here,

Maori flax weaving for both the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa and

a journalist might ring and say there’s a whale stranded on the beach and help is

friends. She also loves riding around their farm on the horse but is about to trade farm

needed. While you can read about that story the next day, I can open up the mic

life for beach life as the family move to One Tree Point.

and instantly direct help to the location, while posting a picture online so I also

It’s now time for another voice break – this time to coincide with an eight-second

make social media work with me. It’s slick and it’s fast.

instrumental and Charmaine, again, slides on the head phones and develops her natural

“Everything is structured but part of the craft is keeping the momentum moving

radio persona that many know and love. “I overcame my fear through years and

forward and making it seem natural,” says Charmaine, adding that she spends an hour

years of training through all the people in radio,” she adds, before:

preparing local content for the following day. “The craft that I developed is in telling a

“This is The Hits, you’ve got Char …” Yes, she is right at home.

Charmaine with Estelle Clifford from The Hits night show

from the EDGE of SPACES 31 August - 11 November www.whangareiartmuseum.co.nz Image Credit: EDWARDS + JOHANN, Detail: Constellations - drawing strength #5, 2014, Drawing on C-type photograph, 1440 x 800 mm Collection Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu



Kiwi Innovation Proves

a Rollercoaster Ride of Success



hen two paramedics’ paths crossed on the job, they could never have envisaged that, almost 30 years later, they’d be taking the world by storm with a popular creation formed from their shared love of good food and wine. Whangarei’s Neville Montefiore and Chris Nathan are the founders and company directors of Cocavo, an increasingly familiar name of late, after securing an estimated $30 million per annum deal with the entire Walmart retail chain – that’s 4,122 stores across the United States – for their healthy cooking oil. “Chris and I have known each other for nearly 30 years,” explains Neville. “We were both paramedics working for St John Ambulance in Auckland and, although we took different career paths – with Chris pioneering the Extra Virgin Avocado Oil process - after finishing with the ambulance service, we kept in touch and, of course, our love for good food and wine never waned.” The pair bumped into one another, having both moved to Whangarei and, around four years ago, began looking into a new project to establish a state-of-the-art coconut oil extraction plant in the South Pacific. During the planning phase of the project, Chris developed a unique blend of organic coconut and avocado oils, infused with ‘on trend’ ingredients, such as coriander, ginger, chili, lime, lemon zest oil and turmeric oil. Apart from being lower in saturated fat than regular coconut oil, it has the health benefits of avocado oil, plus all the high-heat cooking qualities of both oils. “We decided this blend of two of the world’s healthiest oils was such an awesome product that it made sense for us to further develop and market this unique and healthy new cooking oil we named Cocavo and make it available to consumers who we knew were looking for a healthy alternative to the cheap and nasty refined oils on the market.” Cocavo began manufacturing its range of cooking oils in November 2016 and soon three varieties of the product were being distributed to 1,200 stores in the US. It was while exhibiting at the San Francisco

Winter Fancy Foods Show earlier this year, that the Cocavo stand was approached by Walmart. “They loved our vibrant recyclable packaging, the uniqueness of our blend of coconut and avocado oils, the sustainability of our oils and, of course, the versatility of a cooking oil that can also be used as an ingredient.” For a small start-up company operating from Whangarei, the US market proved challenging, but nothing this forward-thinking duo with the Kiwi innovation couldn’t overcome. Luckily, they had the foresight to install a fully-automated processing line from day one to help cope with the demand. “Cocavo is well-prepared to step up to the challenges. We knew we had a great product and there would be consumer demand for it, especially knowing that consumers were starting to demand more information on what they were eating. We understood that

they have been misled over many decades with regards to the supposed unhealthy consumption of saturated fats. This led to food manufacturers removing fats from their products and, in an attempt to keep the product palatable, they added sugar. This trend continued for many years and was followed by an associated global increase in obesity and diabetes. There is a fast-growing ground swell away from sugary products and a subsequent growth in the awareness and consumption of what’s termed the ‘Good Fats’ like coconut oil, avocado oil and olive oil,” explains Neville. “Cocavo, being a blend of extra virgin coconut oil and extra virgin avocado oil, brings to the consumer the ‘perfect oil’ that is jam-packed with healthy fats, vitamins and plant sterols. In addition, we like to promote that Cocavo is not just a cooking oil, but also can be used as an ingredient that can be included in a wide range of cuisines, baking,

We have two packs of each of the five variants to give away. See Giveaways page for details.


smoothies etc, adding health to any meal it is used in.” Neville and Chris describe their journey as a ‘rollercoaster of a ride’ with the Walmart deal a game-changer for the company. “Our senior broker in the US has never seen any product rolled out to such a large number of stores in one hit. It elevates the company into a whole new level of operations, including taking on additional staff, which is good news for Northland. We are also acutely aware of ensuring we continue to look after our loyal New Zealand customers.” Cocavo is currently available in New Zealand from many New World, Pak’nSave’s and Four Squares, plus many smaller retailers across the country. Cocavo is also about to be stocked in the new Health & Wellness sections in Countdown Supermarkets throughout New Zealand. The product is now being exported to the UK and Australia with, after presenting Cocavo at food shows in Shanghai and Hong Kong, the possibility of breaking into the Chinese market. As well as new products in development, including an exciting garlic-infused variant, which Walmart have expressed interest in, the company have big plans ahead, which includes the project from which Cocavo derived. Cocavo’s parent company, EVCO International, has initiated the project in Fiji where the company has established its own extra virgin coconut oil production factory, due to open in May 2019. Using technology developed by Chris, its coconut oil production will be a game-changer for the industry in Fiji and its farmers, producing extra virgin coconut oil at a volume and specification not seen anywhere else in the world. The establishment of this ‘world first’ plant in Fiji will have a significant positive impact on the more than 26,000 Fijian families whose sole income is from coconuts; not only creating employment in the factory and on the plantations, but also increasing family incomes through better prices being paid for coconuts and the huge volume of coconuts required by the factory to meet demand for its superior quality oil. “For many years the coconut industry has been in decline as copra prices fell and the vegetable oil industry and other ill-informed people demonized coconut oil. Recent scientific research shows coconut oil is not the nasty oil the public has been led to believe. The upside for Cocavo is the reassurance of knowing it has a secure and reliable supply of the best quality coconut oil available to produce the Cocavo range of oils.”

New Quirky Café opened in Town

• Artisan Breads - Including Sour Dough • Handmade pies (Entrant in NZ’s inaugural Vegan Pie Competition) • Award winning local organic Fair Trade RUSH Coffee • Restaurant quality Food at Café Prices • Vegetarian / Vegan options • Strongly supporting local producers and growers • Catering - all menus available • Ethically sourced small environment footprint - Spray free/Organic where possible • Ian a qualified Chef and Janet a qualified Nutritionist Open early from Thursday to Monday

Orders taken 09 988 9752

The Handsome Frog Café - Bottom of Bank Street, Whangarei 6 | SAVVY

Dare To Be Different



Step into

& MORE LINEN Summer 2018 trends are very seventies-inspired this season. The persistent inclusion of flared, wide-leg pants and culottes bring back memories and challenge our comfort zone. With an emphasis on waist lines and wide legs, our tops are getting shorter and cropped, so we are tucking in for the first time in 30 years.


he full skirt, that has been so scarce for the past five years, is also making a dramatic comeback. Mid-calf, flared and tied at the waist, this ‘suck-it-in’ look is not for everyone. We seek curvy girls!! Embrace also the double-breasted linen coat dress. Meghan Markle was recently photographed looking

stylish and fresh in the smouldering Fijiian sun, wearing just this look, a perfect fabric choice for the intensely humid weather. Her outfit could have come straight from the Sabatini showroom, as this label has rocked the double- breasted coatdress look for summer with classic linen monochromatic dresses and zip-off coats. Linen has probably made the most dramatic comeback of all for summer 2018, firmly entrenching itself as one of the ‘must-have’ fabrics for this season. A textile made from flax, the fibre is resilient, absorbent and dries more quickly than cotton, Garments made of linen are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot and humid weather and it is one of the oldest textiles in the world.


With the push for everything natural, linen is a perfect accompaniment to clean green. It ticks all the boxes for durability and longevity. A goodquality linen garment can last years. True linen wearers embrace the creases, enjoy the coolness and relish the comfort of a fabric that breathes. It’s a long-term investment fabric that can be easy-care or challenging, depending on your fashion psyche. Although there is a wider range of linen fabrics available that has minimal creasing. A quick flick with the iron or a shot in the dryer works very fabulously for freshening up a linen garment pre-wearing. It doesn’t need to have a laborious care plan and is available in a huge array of glorious neutral or vibrant colour choices. Enjoy experimenting with your new looks this summer. It doesn’t mean, though, that you have to ditch the old entirely. In our global fashion world, anything and everything has a place – it’s about your personal choice and your comfort. My ultra-

All your favourite labels and styles are in and ready to zing up your festive summer wardrobe!

skinny Paige jeans are not going anywhere.

Come in for a personal fashion consultation we love dressing Northland Women!

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Quality European Swimwear that will make you feel stylish, fashionable and confident. Elegant swimsuits, bikinis, tankinis, cover-ups and resort-wear, that will perfectly transition from the coastline to cocktails.


• SUNFLAIR®’s virtually unbeatable fits are

ight-time SOUS Award winner

for swimwear, SUNFLAIR® is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, technical design and innovative fabrics. For nearly 75 years

available in sizes 8 – 28 and cup A to H. • Multistyles, with one-piece styles that are skirted. • A fashionable mastectomy collection.

this family-owned German company has been creating quality swimwear that is a delight to wear. And now the collections are

• Chlorine-proof perfect for pool swimming. • Tummy control to enhance your silhouette. • Beautyform Shapewear for a slimmer

available in New Zealand. Direct from the catwalks of Europe, Sunflair brings the latest style trends, colours and cuts to our shores. Meticulously constructed styles so you can feel and look your best no matter your shape or age.





Blue Charm Sunflair RRP $189.95

• Technical fabrics such as LYCRA® Xtra LifeTM, LYCRA® beauty, Sensitive Chlorine and UV Resistant and ‘spacer’ foam bra cups that are quick-drying. This collection is focused on style and quality using premium fabrics in glorious prints and colours.

slenderizing look. *Last month we published an article by Anne of Craicor about supporting Northland women with choices after breast surgery. The article was accompanied with an image of a woman with, it was pointed out, ‘perfect breasts’. This image was not supplied by Anne of Craicor and sourced during the production of Savvy. We acknowledge it was an inappropriate image to use with this article and sincerely apologise for any offence caused.



Color Composition Sunflair RRP $209.95

Painted Curl Sunflair RRP $209.95

84 Kerikeri Rd, KERIKERI 09-401 7295 www.anneofcraicor.co.nz


BEYOND THE CLASSICS: What to wear this summer


ophisticated classics, investment purchases, normcore - all very sensible and prudent, but

concept of seasonal trends feels old-fashioned (this week it’s 60s, next week it’s 70s; this magazine says

also, well, a little boring. A perfect white shirt, ballet flats and trench coat that you’ll treasure

blue, that magazine says red), there are still particular looks that define a season. Consider these the micro-

forever are wonderful, if that’s your sort of thing. But not everyone wants to dress up to blend in: Sometimes

trends that will define the 2018 summer. In a few months time, you may well look back and wonder what

you want something that feels new. And though the increasing pace of fashion means the traditional

you were thinking - but that’s all part of the fun of dressing up.

r e m m Su als At Arriv

SANTRENO $169.90

1. CULOTTES They’re pants that look like a skirt and aren’t quite shorts. Voluminous and sitting below the knee, they offer a sense of freedom and ease that captures much of where fashion is at right now. They’re also slightly frightening for those who were forced to wear them as a school uniform. The modern grown-up version, seen everywhere from Hermes to Alexander Wang, requires heels and an ability to think tall (just below the knee is more flattering than mid-calf for those who are not models). 2. MULES How you feel about these backless, slip-on heels will likely depend on your age. If you survived the fashion of the 90s, you’re probably about to turn the page in horror - but wait! Celine, Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney have been championing the look. In the lovehate stakes, they’re up there with Birkenstocks, but unlike that low-key style, mules represent a certain type of highly-social, high-maintenance city woman. Think of Carrie Bradshaw in the early days of Sex and the City, Anna Wintour, Ashley Olsen; shoes made for click-clacking the pavement from town car to restaurant. Today’s incarnation tends to favour two distinct styles: chunkier, open-toe versions - where a pedicure is a must - or sleek, pointy versions, like Harman Grubisa’s. Their elegant patent take on the trend is the new brand’s initial foray into footwear. So why the contentious mule? “We worked to create a sexy shoe without neglecting the comfort factor,” explains co-designer Madeleine Harman. “We knew what we wanted to create; a classic, handmade stiletto with the perfect point. The mule was definitely coming back into its own this


EOS $229.90







BRESLEY $189.90



summer so we felt it was the perfect shoe for our debut collection.” 3. MINI BAGS Teeny tiny bags are still big news, featuring on and off the runways at the recent Paris and Milan fashion weeks. Small cross body bags are the best fuss and hands-free version of the trend - if you can cope with editing what you’re carrying to the bare essentials. Diary? Transfer it all to your iCal. Wallet? You only need your card. Five lipsticks? Get rid of four.



4. FRINGING Shaking off its bohemian connotations, fringing has been given a makeover that’s more at home on city pavements than at Coachella. Think of Proenza Schouler’s swishy fringed skirts that looked like they were unraveling, shown recently in New York, or Celine’s raw-edged fringing on midi-length dresses in Paris, made for the woman on the move. Locally, look to Coop’s black textured jacket or Kate Sylvester’s fringing, on dresses and the sleeves of tops - plus this stand-out black and blue fringed cocktail dress, part of a resort update.

Shoes & bags are available at Santreno Shoes


The Mall, 69 Cameron St, Whangarei, Ph 09 438 2224

Locally Owned & Operated SAVVY | 9


AND THE WINNER IS ... NORTHLAND! Great results from the Bernina Northland Fashion Awards 2018

Photos by Sarah Marshall Photography


he Rotary Club of Whangarei South and Bernina Northland, were very proud to present the Bernina Northland Fashion Awards on October 6 at the Forum North Exhibition Hall. The contestants really made the show with one young Junior Wearable Art entrant, Thea Gray, showing the shock and amazement getting second place for her outfit named ‘Kid in a Candy Store’. The judges this year, Sarah Burren, Rachael Robertson and Leanne Kemp, commented that it is very difficult but rewarding to judge the garments entered with so many talented designers. The judges also wanted to make special mention of Rachael Pedersen, as a teacher at Whangarei Girls High School, and also as a contestant in the show. “Every year she is, not only, working on her own outfits to enter, she is also encouraging her students to enter and they did,” says Sarah Burren. This year, several of the Whangarei Girls High students did really well, such as Renee Topp, Ella Jeffery, Kirsty Milton, Caitlyn Salvigny, Zane Lange, Rebekah Wall and then you have Iris Metcalfe who won the Fantasy Fashion Category. This is also the first year we have had entries from Parua Bay School and the Home School

Community who all did really well too. This is the second year that the Rotary Club of Whangarei South has presented a sewing machine to the best school. It is a prize that they don’t take lightly, as they want to encourage schools and students to get involved in the creative world of design and fashion. There are many aspects the Rotary Club looks at, such as students’ outfits, quality, creativity and the ability to use the machine within the school. This year the Rotary Club of Whangarei South awarded the Bernina B350 sewing machine to Parua Bay School. Sandy and Tim Robinson from Bernina Northland were very proud to present to Carole Hebberd the Supreme Northland Designer of the Year Award, with her outfit ‘Me and My Shadow’ modelled by Robert Spriggs. “Me and My Shadow is inspired by the challenges of living with MS, a haunting figure who lurks in the shadows. A surreal medieval-style warrior, his armour is constructed from aluminium mesh, wires, clocks, leather, fabrics and over 500 handmade transparent butterflies.” A special mention to all of the sponsors this year: some of the sponsors have been sponsoring the show for many years and have the same view as the

ROTARY CLUB OF WHANGAREI SOUTH WISHES TO THANK All sponsors and entrants of the Bernina Northland Fashion Awards 2018 for making the event a fantastic success! We look forward to seeing you all at our 42nd event in 2019! "We dont know much about fashion, but we do know how to have fun and fix a copier"

Proud to Support Bernina Northland Fashion Awards! Locally Owned - Operated Since 2008

Ph: (09) 438 2520 • www.ricohnorthland.co.nz

24 Reyburn Street, Whangarei

10 | SAVVY

Rotary Club, by seeing the creative talented people we have in Northland showcasing their talents on the cat walk. Bernina Northland have showcased some of this year’s outfits in store since the show and Kiwi North will be showcasing some of the outfits from the show starting November 2-December 9 for the public to get a closeup look at some of the amazing creations by talented Northlanders. Any photos of the show can be purchased from Sarah Marshall by contacting her on sarah@ sarahjmarshall.com or through her website https://sales. sarahmarshallphotography.co.nz/Bernina2018 Getting feedback from the sponsors, contestants and judges, is what the organising committee are presently working on for next year’s show to be held on September 28, 2019. So, if you are inspired by what you have seen on the night or the photos in the paper, “consider putting your talents in the fashion lights of Northland and get an entry into the 2019 42nd Annual Bernina Northland Fashion Awards,” says Vince Cocurullo, Committee Chair. “Every year we try to make the show bigger and brighter than before, however, this can only be done by the very creative and talented Northlanders entering in the show”.

RESULTS ... Evening Wear Sponsored by Henderson Reeves Connell Rishworth 1st – Laren Thomsen with “The Eden Dress” #2 2nd – Fran Spick with “No. 5” #5 3rd – Rene Topp with “Golden Glam” #6 Avante Guarde Sponsored by Venue and Events Whangarei 1st – Ella Jeffery with “Freedom” #14 2nd – Kirsty Milton with “In Bloom” #21 3rd – Renee Topp with “An Expected Perception” #12 Highly Commended – Doris Pilcher with “Polka Dot Lady” #15 Student Fashion Design Sponsored by Perpetual Guardian 1st – Molly Halvorson with “Madison Pant Suit” #24 2nd – Caitlyn Salvigny with “Spaghetti Pants” #17 3rd – Caitlyn Salvigny with “Peek a Boo” #18 Highly Commended – Lauren Thomsen with “Relax” #16 Open Fashion Design Sponsored by People Potential 1st – Emma Farrier with “Lady in Black” #44 2nd – Levonne Smith with “Kill Bill” #25 3rd – Emma Farrier with “Blast from the Past” #27 Highly Commended – Doris Pilcher with “Sir with Love” #28 Open Street Wear Sponsored by Northland Document Solutions Ltd 1st – Rachael Pedersen with “Nellie” #43 2nd – Levonne Smith with “An Alchemy of Lillies” #41 3rd – Danica Sketchley with “Denim Jumpsuit” #40 Highly Commended – Doris Pilcher with “Fisherman” #10 Student Street Wear Sponsored by Z Northland 1st – Zane Lange with “Hip Hop 80’s” #35 2nd – Rebekah Wall with “Transparent” #37 3rd – Caitlyn Salvigny with “Bluebird” #32 Fantasy Fashion Sponsored by McLeods Brewery 1st – Iris Metcalfe with “Lament” #22 2nd – Rachael Pedersen with “Anguish” #52 3rd – Doris Pilcher with “Bella-Renna” #51 Highly Commended – Diana Davidson with “Golden Belle” #48

Junior Wearable Art Sponsored by the Lottery Grants Board 1st – Greta Charlesworth with “Crocker Bird” #53 2nd – Thea Gray with “Kid in a Candy Store” #55 3rd – Stella Gray with “The Ripple Effect” #65 Highly Commended – Luka D’Anvers with “The Piwakawaka Princess” #64 Highly Commended – Kyla Halse with “Mother Pollution” #68 Open Wearable Art Sponsored by Channel North 1st – Carole Hebberd with “Me and My Shadow” #71 2nd – Margaret Rassmussen and Megan Petchforth with “Wahine Toa Aotearoa” #72 3rd – Doris Pilcher with “Heart beat” #76 From Trash to Fashion Sponsored by Arthurs Emporium 1st – Carol Rhodes with “Not a Winning Ticket” #78 2nd – Chiquela & Violet Blomfield with “Flying Duchess” #77 3rd – Evelyn Taylor with “Wild Garden” #79 Highly Commended – Dyvani-Lee Thomason-Daly with “Paradise Rose” #80 Cosplay Sponsored by Vince Cocurullo 1st – Wayne Carroll with “Gears of War Marine” #88 2nd – Diana Davidson and Justin Smith with “Jedi Temple Guard” #86 3rd – Diana Davidson with “Pocahontas” #87 First Time Entrant Sponsored by People Potential $100 Cash goes to Doris Pilcher Best School Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Whangarei South Bernina B350 Sewing Machine goes to Parua Bay School Northland Top Model Sponsored by Sarah Marshall $600 Photography Session goes to Savannah Sullivan #24 “Madison Pant Suit” Extreme Elegance Sponsored by Steve Haywood Master Jeweller $600 Steve Haywood Jewellers Voucher goes to Levonne Smith #41 “An Alchemy of Lillies” Supreme Northland Fashion Designer of the Year Sponsored by Bernina Northland Bernina B350 Special Edition goes to Carole Hebberd #71 “Me and My Shadow”

Come and see us in-store, Strand Arcade Vine St end, to experience the Gold Rush


09 438 7654

www.berninanorthland.co.nz or view us on Facebook SAVVY | 11


Understand the signs

of thinning hair & discover Nioxin’s solutions


hinning hair is a broad issue, affecting 50 per cent of men and women. Many available solutions serve to camouflage thinning. The innovative NIOXIN approach inspired by skincare is different. Customized technologies deliver thicker, fuller-looking hair without side-effects so you can thrive with newfound confidence.


The 3 D’s of Thinning By identifying the three signs of hair thinning (Derma, Density and Diameter), NIOXIN delivers a complete program and unique personalized solutions for a tailored treatment that works.

Diaboost increases the thickness of each existing hair strand for fuller-looking hair. It delivers visibly thicker-looking hair instantly. The hair becomes manageable, fuller and noticeably thicker after just one use.

• Derma The scalp environment is one of the main reasons of thinning hair. A healthy scalp environment supports healthy hair growth. Healthy, deeply-rooted hair comes from a scalp that is clean and free from debris. Build-up of sebum or products blocks hair follicles and can prevent new hair coming through the skin and maturing. Over time, the lack of new growth will make hair look increasingly thin.

• Hair thickening treatment for thinning hair • Manageable, thicker, fuller-looking hair instantly • Protects against breakage, allowing hair to grow longer • Diameter-boosting

RRP $65



• Density Experiencing fewer hair strands is one of the first signs of hair thinning. Less support from the surrounding hair can result in gaps in the overall silhouette. Hair has three growth phases. In order for the newest hair to mature, the scalp needs to be kept clean and hair needs to be protected from damage and breakage – one of the most common causes of thinlooking hair. 3D EFFECTS: The 3D approach provides 3D effects for thicker, fuller-looking hair, removing the follicle-clogging sebum from the scalp.

which results in weaker hair structure not able to control its own weight. Hair appears fluffy or falls flat. When hair goes through its full lifecycle, it looks full and thick. However, changes in our diet, stress levels, health and living environment can shorten the lifecycle, preventing it from maturing and causing regression to smaller, finer hair. 3D EFFECTS: The 3D solutions help reduce hair loss due to breakage. ADVANCED CARE INSPIRED BY SKINCARE NIOXIN has found inspiration in premium skincare to supply advanced care for thinning hair. As an extension of facial skin, the scalp requires the same attention and treatment. The NIOXIN range of products are designed to strengthen, nourish and repair hair from its foundation. Because scalp health creates hair health, and this provides the perfect foundation for thicker, fullerlooking hair.

• Diameter Finer hair strands is one of the first signs of thinning hair. This means that lower keratin is present,

Visit the Xtreme Shampoo Shoppe to discover the world of Nioxin.




Wicked 100% cotton summer dresses... and that’s just the start!

Each 3-part System contains a unique blend of three technologies, formulated to promote scalp health and combat thin hair in both women and men. 89% of consumers who tried the Systems noticed a thickening effect.*

89 Cameron Street, Whangarei Ph: 09 430 2040 Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm, Sat 9am-2pm, Sun 10am-3pm



Whangarei is proud to be the home of the


Jam Tse Dhargyey Ling “from which Love and Compassion flourishes”



SHAMPOO SHOPPE Ph 09 438 1933

The Strand Arcade, Whangarei www.xtremeshampooshop.co.nz 12 | SAVVY

3D EFFECTS: NIOXIN’s 3D approach amplifies hair texture, delivering thicker and fullerlooking hair.

Visit us and - Enjoy the spectacular views of Whangarei from our Stupa, Peace Monument. (10am-5pm) - Take part in our Buddhist Teachings, Meditation Classes and Retreats. - All our classes are open to everyone. It is not necessary to be Buddhist.

For more information or program details please visit www.mandala.org.nz or phone 09 435 4444 159 Parakiore Road, off Pipiwai Rd, North of Kamo


What happens at a Caci consultation? Booking a consultation is just like booking in a chat. But with us, the experts. “The first consultation can be daunting, but we’re all real people, here to talk about and educate you on the different options to help with your concerns. People often feel like they’re the only one with a particular concern but, after chatting to us, realise it’s actually a really normal concern - and we can help,” Beki, Treatment Coordinator (aka

expert chatter and treatment recommender) Our consultations are always free and are there to help you get the information you need to take control of your concerns. We’re here to help you make the most of our treatment options and understand what results you can achieve, in a budget and timeframe that suits you.

Every consultation is done by one of our skin experts, we call them the Treatment Coordinator because they’re the best at putting together the best treatment plan options based on what you need. They will discuss your initial skin concerns with you, talk through anything you’d like to change or improve and then have a closer look at your skin or area of concern. Typically, a thorough consultation takes around 30 minutes in total.

We’ll talk you through your results and get an idea of the changes you would like to see. Then, we’ll recommend a tailored treatment plan (including clinic treatments and skincare products) that would be best suited for your needs. If you’re interested in booking your own free consultation, simply contact the team at Caci Whangarei on 0800 458 458 or caci.co.nz

Charmaine’s Skin Journey at Caci Whangarei

Charmaine Soljak, local announcer from The Hits Northland

“I’ve been enjoying waving good bye to winter this week and noticing all the bright flowers and blooms coming on. My skin was looking dull after winter and I needed to exfoliate. Here is where my Caci Clinic Skin Health Plan kicked in with a microdermabrasion this week. This is a quick and relaxing treatment. Microdermabrasion is a resurfacing treatment that exfoliates and reduces congestion and leaves your skin looking more supple, refreshed and healthy. The treatment got rid of a problem black head which was thrilling to have gone. When something bothers you for a long time and its gone suddenly, you feel the joy in this treatment.


0800 458 458 | caci.co.nz N LIA RA






ES •





Next came the Vitamin C infusion, some wonderful hydration gel and the yummiest mask with cucumber and arnica which smelt and felt divine. There was an obvious reduction in my tired skin. If you’re hungry to have healthy skin that feels lovely, that is a fab confidence booster, book your appointment today at Caci Whangarei and feel the difference of healthier more youthfullooking skin!”

Caci Whangarei 110 Bank Street


As part of my Caci Clinic Skin Health Plan this will be one of a series of microdermabrasion treatments. Tiny crystals are blown onto the skin’s surface under pressure and suctioned away simultaneously. I guess its like sandblasting your deck and vacuuming it away leaving everything spick and span!

T&C’s: Have a treatment plan consultation during November 2018 and receive a skincare favourites kit, while stocks last. SAVVY | 13




QUALIFICATIONS offered in Whangarei


nyone considering a new career in the billion-dollar, ever-growing wellness industry need look no further than Evolution School of Beauty, Massage & Spa located in CBD Whangarei. The BRAND-NEW NZ Certificate in Beauty Therapy programme starts in 2019 and covers facials, waxing, make-up, manicures, pedicures, body massage, electrolysis, spraytans and gel nails and a whole lot more! It’s the perfect all-round qualification for anyone wishing to work as a beauty therapist. Attendance is only four days a week with all school holidays off! The NZ Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage programme also starts again in 2019 and this excellent programme covers Swedish massage, Sports massage, Infant massage and on-site massage as well as lots of other really interesting stuff. Attendance is only three days a week and all school holidays are off!

The government’s new free education policy for eligible students means any programme with Evolution School could be FREE! The NZ Certificate in Spa Therapy programme is also being offered again in 2019 and is for anyone with some experience in massage or beauty. This lovely programme

be FREE for you. You can check if you are eligible by heading to www.feesfree.govt.nz

of graduates say their time with Evolution School was life-changing in so many ways.

covers treatments such as wraps and scrubs, hot stones, aromatherapy, reflexology, hydrotherapy, Indian head massage, Reiki, EFT and lots more. Attendance is only four days a

Don’t worry if you are not eligible for fees free though as all programmes are NZQA approved and so are eligible for student loans and allowances.

Come and see why!

week for nine months and only in term time. Evolution School is the only massage and spa education provider in Northland and

Enrolments are being taken now for all programmes as places are limited. Evolution has small classes to ensure there is plenty of

is an NZQA Category ONE provider which means very high quality and now could

tutor/student attention. There is no age limit – you just have to be 16-plus. The majority

EVOLUTION SCHOOL OF BEAUTY, MASSAGE & SPA Enrolling now for 2019 Courses: NZ Certificate in Beauty Therapy Covers facials, waxing, make up, manicures, pedicures, body massage, electrolysis, spray tans, gel nails and more

NZ Certificate in Spa Therapy Includes Indian head, hot stones, aromatherapy, reflexology, hydrotherapy and more

NZ Diploma in Wellness & Relaxation Massage Covers relaxation, sports, infant, chair and lymph massage and more

46 weeks & 4 days a week attendance

30 weeks & 4 days a week attendance

40 weeks & 3 days a week attendance

Fees FREE courses for eligible students. All programmes are NZQA approved and eligible for both student loans and allowances.

115 Cameron St, Whangarei • 09 438 6583 • info@evolutionschool.co.nz

www.evolutionschool.co.nz 14 | SAVVY

Give Evolution a call today to ask about your new exciting career – 09 438 6583 or pop in and have a look around – 115 Cameron Street, Whangarei. www.evolutionschool.co.nz






! T H G I N TO 6.00pm n e p O s Gate NTS CENTRE VE E D N A L H T R NO

ds n u ro g e th in d e w o orks all No alcohol or firew ’s Hire Centre, NZME, The Hits, wley o C : y cts ltd), b e it d h re rc o a s n & o p s rs e ly e d in u g ro n P ddes (e e G rn o th w a H , te a oc The Northern Adv rd Trust and Ecosse Business Centre. Oxfo ember, v o N th 4 y a d n u S y Reserve da ils. ta e d r fo s it H : e h T S T listen to E K TIC S ONLY All proceeds go to local Northland Charities

PO T F E N / CASH OL CHILDRE O $5 SCH SINGLE $10 InLoYr M A F 5 r $2Adults, 2 Childdreen) (2

, 3 Chil

1 Adult


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The many health benefits of strengthening exercise that all women should know


ecoming stronger is for everyone no matter their age. Athletes, grandmothers, mothers, desk-bound workers and so on. Unfortunately, too many women don’t bother to participate in strengthening exercise unless they’re playing a sport or chasing a fitness goal. And that’s a shame, because even if you are not looking to get into great physical shape or dominate the playing field, there are still plenty of awesome health-related reasons to strength train. For starters, strength training exercise helps keep your bones strong and sturdy. Not-so-fun fact: Peak bone mass - the point at which your bones have reached maximum strength and density - occurs by the age of 30. Therefore, the crucial time to develop bone mass is when you are young. Just a five per cent increase in peak bone mineral mass can significantly decrease the risk of osteoporosis down the track. The ONLY way to build and maintain bone mass is strength training exercise, including doing anything from full-on Olympic lifts to bodyweight-only exercise. You just need to do something, and do it regularly. Our bones respond to resistance. If we place our bones under stress, the body will respond by sending the material that it needs to make those bones stronger. On the other hand, if your bones seldom encounter any resistance, they will grow weak faster and become more susceptible to breaks and injury later in life. Similarly, strength training can help offset the age-related decline in muscle mass and strength that sets in around ages 30-35. The term ‘sarcopenia’ that is used to describe this progressive loss of muscle mass and strength is strongly associated with bone loss and osteoporosis. The two go together hand-in-hand. All of the attention has been given to osteoporosis - yet our muscles are attached to bone and if muscles are not kept strong, there is less pulling on the bones they are attached to so they weaken as well.


The reason sarcopenia doesn’t get as much attention, is because people don’t break a muscle. Having thin bones translates into broken bones. With lost muscle mass - it’s much less obvious. Sarcopenia is characterized by subtle symptoms - such as difficulty gripping objects - rising from chairs – walking - and maintaining balance. In the coming years - sarcopenia has been labelled a major public health threat. Millions of people have sarcopenia - both YOUNG and old. Because adequate skeletal muscle strength is necessary for optimal quality of life - sarcopenia can be devastating. Sarcopenia is now starting to get the attention it should - by researchers and the medical profession in general and is predicted to be one of the biggest health problems the world faces. It is suddenly a very hot topic in aging research as it has a devastating effect on the quality of the last 20-30 years of a person’s life. Many people believe they are active enough because they are ‘busy’ and often rushing around. But being busy does not work the major muscle groups through their ranges of movement under an adequate load which is the formula for muscle and bone building and maintaining activity. There in no way you would get that sort of muscle stimulating activity from the normal tasks and activities of everyday life unless you happen to have a job as a manual labourer. Not so common these days. These are ‘use-it-or-lose-it’ situations. If you never challenge or stop challenging your muscles, over time they will shrink and waste away (atrophy) and your bones grow weak and porous. Eventually, you may lose the strength to do the ordinary mundane activities like getting up and out of a chair easily or carrying the shopping you likely take for granted today. Strengthening exercise is what is needed to maintain that muscle mass and bone strength that makes up our body structures so we don’t wither away. In the long-term, strength training can help keep you strong even as you age. In the short-term, strength training simply makes everyday living easier.

Get Started On YOUR Body-Recomp Program Call for your free consultation with Matt or one of our personal trainers to discuss your customized program for a metabolic, dietary and exercise overhaul, beginning with a Body Composition analysis to give you:



• Improved strength at any age • Sustainable weight loss • Increased energy • Burn more calories Call 438 8863 • 95 Walton St, Whangarei www.anytimefitness.co.nz

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f the chemical is an irritant (with a neutral pH) and symptoms are only minor or non-existent, then you may monitor your condition at home. Make sure the burn does not worsen. If it does, call your ophthalmologist to arrange an appointment for that day or go to the emergency room if an Ophthalmologist is not available. If you have any question about the danger of a chemical, if you do not know what it is, or if you have significant symptoms, go immediately to the nearest hospital’s emergency department. Any time you experience pain, tearing, redness, irritation, or vision loss, go to a hospital’s emergency department or for immediate evaluation, even if you believe the chemical is only a mild irritant. If possible find out what type of chemical, you have been exposed to or take a bottle of the chemical with you. If accident is at an industrial site, take a Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on any chemicals you have used.

All acid or alkali eye burns require immediate treatment and evaluation by a doctor. You should be taken immediately to the closest emergency department. If you suspect a serious injury may have occurred or are otherwise not able to make the trip to the emergency room quickly, then you should call an ambulance to shorten transport time. Medical Treatment. Doctors will probably continue washing your eye. Usually, doctors use at least one litre of fluid. Depending on the type of chemical involved, the doctor may test the pH of your eye and continue washing until the pH returns to normal. You may receive topical anaesthetic eyedrops to numb your eye to make washing less painful. Doctors will wipe or irrigate away any solid foreign material in your eye. Exams and Tests: The doctor determines what chemical caused the burn and




When Should I See a Doctor about Chemical Eye Burns? completes a thorough eye examination. You are given an eye examination using an eye chart to determine how well you can see. Structures surrounding the eye are checked. Eyelids require careful assessment. The doctor turns them inside out to look for foreign material. The doctor may stain your eye with a dye called fluorescein to help determine the extent of damage. If the burns are minor, you are usually sent home with antibiotic eyedrops and oral pain medications. Occasionally, you may be given dilating eyedrops to help with comfort, and your injured eye may be covered with an eye patch. Any significant burn, especially an alkali or hydrofluoric acid burn, may require admission to the hospital. Medications for Chemical Eye Burns For very minor injuries, you may need nothing more than artificial tears or lubricants made for dry eyes. For more significant injuries, you will need prolonged therapy with potentially many medications to heal your eye. Until the surface of the eye heals, it is at a higher risk for an infection; therefore, topical antibiotics may be used in the form of eyedrops or ointments. Topical steroids are used to reduce inflammation and to facilitate healing early in the recovery period after a chemical injury. These medications should be used judiciously under the guidance of an ophthalmologist, because they can cause long-term complications, such as glaucoma. Other medications used to support corneal repair include topical citrate and ascorbate drops, oral antibiotics (for example, tetracycline, doxycycline), and oral vitamin C. If your eye pressure is too high, glaucoma medications may be used temporarily to control the pressure. Pain medications by mouth may be

• Initial consultation $162.00 Retinal photos $7 • OCT Scan $104.00 • Cataract surgery from $3300.00 per eye * Price inc GST but not including cost of pre-operative consultation Southern Cross affiliated

Help is only a phone call away 0800 11 0030

necessary, and dilating eyedrops are often also used to control pain and to aid recovery. If your eye has been seriously damaged, you may need surgery to control glaucoma, remove a cataract, or other procedures to restore a healthy ocular surface and eyelids. How Can You Prevent Chemical Eye Burns? Safety officials estimate that most chemical eye injuries can be avoided. Always wear safety glasses when working with hazardous materials, both at work and at home. Children sustain chemical burns most often when they are unsupervised. Keep all hazardous home products away from children. What Is the Prognosis for Chemical Eye Burns? Recovery depends on the type and extent of injury. Every exposure to foreign substances or “chemicals” does not necessarily result in injury. Chemical irritants seldom cause permanent damage. Recovery from acid and alkali burns depends on the depth of the injury.

Call Healthline 0800 611 116 if you are unsure what to do or contact The Eye Centre-Primecare 0800 11 00 30

An eye with fluorescein on it



David Dalziel and Andrew Watts Ph: 09-972 7022 12 Kensington Ave, Whangarei Fax: 09-972 7026 Email: pceyes@xtra.co.nz Website: www.bit.do/EyeCentre SAVVY | 17


Bringing the New World service, selection, smiles and low prices to Kerikeri and the Bay of Islands

Nominate your class

from ANY mid North primary or intermediate school and that class could win lunch for a day courtesy of New World Kerikeri and The HITS Northland. All you have to do is register your class at Kerikeri New World.

SUPPORTING THE COMMUNITY WITH HEALTHY EATING Check out our gluten free and organic choices www.newworld.co.nz 99 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri Hours: Mon-Sun 7am - 9pm Phone (09) 407 0200

Kerikeri 18 | SAVVY

Practical ways to do this online look like this:


In the hospitality trade, selling is a normal and expected action


ffering someone an extra large coffee or a dessert, is being of service. However, when it comes to running an online business, we get blurred with not wanting to come across pushy. Restaurant and cafe owners sell EVERY DAY. They have a menu, you turn up, ask to

1. Making the most of your business Facebook page Changing your banner each month and showcasing what you have coming up. 2. Sending emails to your database


Would you like a muffin with your coffee? see it, and you decide if you want to place an order. Most menus have a ladder of prices,

natural process of selling is to take the order and fulfil it. Take a moment and adopt the

meal sizes and so on. Imagine if you walked into a cafe and they

mindset of a cafe owner. Step inside your own business and look at where you aren’t

don’t take your order, or they say: “Sorry, today we are only offering you the space to sit.”

showing your menu, offering some sides, even making suggestions and offering

3. Commenting on each social media post and showing up in

incentives to return (think coffee card).

community groups. 4. Making the sale easier by providing the

You would be very confused as the

reminding them about any special deals.

purchase link. 5. Paying for Facebook or Google ads to reach new audiences and remind warm ones. In this fast-paced world, people need reminding and easy ways to purchase. Offering to take someone’s order isn’t being annoying or pushy, but extremely useful. Following up a busy working parent after they abandoned their cart (online!) is clever and business-savvy. Did you want fries with that?

Natalie Tolhopf is a business coach and founder of Natalie Tolhopf.com, helping business owners to smash through imperfection and mindless scrolling, to create a business of simplicity through action and intuition. www.natalietolhopf.com

Stop should-ing on yourself! BY SARAH TRASS


• Private Coaching • Group Coaching • Teen Coaching • Workshops & Events

an you believe that Christmas is nearly upon us!? The

festive season is such a fabulous chance to connect with friends and family, be outside in the sunshine, and to spend some quality time with ourselves. However, it is

also the time of year where we start to pile on a whole lot of additional pressures and expectations around our workload, our bodies, our finances, and our family’s needs – all of which bring about a sense of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm for a lot

I will help you put in place the steps that enable you to show up everyday as the best version of yourself.

of people. If this rings true for you, listen in on your internal and external dialogue and notice the ‘shoulds’, ‘musts’, and ‘have tos’ (aka the rules), you are putting in place for yourself and others. Often these rules are reflective of what we think we’re supposed to be doing, rather than what we truly want for ourselves. When we live our life governed by these rules, we start to experience the emotions and behaviours that don’t truly serve us, and it often leads to feelings of guilt or resentment. So, I invite you to challenge the role these expectations and rules are playing in your life: • Whose rules and expectations are these? Are they your own or have you adopted them from someone else? • Are these rules and expectations a reality or are they made

Sarah is an internationally-certified Health and Lifestyle Coach, passionate about helping you live your best life - a life that’s healthier, happier, and way more fulfilling.

up? • If they are made up – what difference would it make to your life if you eased up on yourself and let them go? • If they are true – how can you make sure these are met in a way that better serves you? By challenging these rules, it enables you to become more deliberate in doing the things that are truly important to you, and in alignment with who you are – which, in turn, saves your energy, time, and wellbeing for the activities that make you feel

That’s it from me folks, I am signing off for the year to enjoy some time with my family. I wish you all a safe and fabulous Christmas break, and I can’t wait to catch up with you all in February! www.sarahtrass.com

027 368 5969

more present and joyous for the holiday season. SAVVY | 19



very now and then you need a doctor, lawyer or dentist but around three times a day, you need a farmer and this is something Whangarei A&P Society organisers hope this year’s show will highlight. “The A&P Show is a great chance to see where our everyday commodities come from and give thanks to the farmers for milk in your latte, the food in the supermarket that you put on your table, the flash shiny leather shoes on your feet and the clothes on your back,” says Whangarei A&P Society CEO Chris Mason. Held at Barge Showgrounds, Maunu on December 1, the show, featuring over 100 trade sites, is about educating and making memories for your little ones, says Chris. Jam-packed with livestock, indoor and outdoor exhibits and performances, it’s where urban and rural come together in a spectacular mix of colour, excitement and competition – a true celebration of everything it means to be a Kiwi. This year, the Whangarei A&P Society has reduced tickets for school students to only $5, as well as the usual free for children five and under. Chris says this change will allow more people to attend and create great family memories. “A&P Shows are the stuff childhood memories are made of. This year we want the show to be accessible for even more families, so we’ve changed the ticket price to reflect this. Adults are $10 and with children $5 or free, depending on the age of your child, we feel its great value for money, especially with all the free activities on the day. “Our vision is for the show to be a fun, family day out for the whole community. We all have amazing memories of our own A&P Show as a child and we want the region’s future generations to have fond memories of their local show too.”

20 | SAVVY

Children will have lots to see and do with free activities including: pony rides, the Suzie Moo Show, the Big Dig Sawdust Treasure Hunt, haybale tractor rides and the SPCA Petting Arena. A visit to Santa’s grotto for a photo is also a popular attraction for the little ones. Bigger children will enjoy the TeenAg competition, where the fun side of agriculture is promoted while children develop valuable skills and get their hands a bit dirty. The added ‘Teach a Townie to feed a lamb’ will also excite the children, with the chance for the public to have a go at bottle feeding lambs in the show’s lamb arena at 1pm. The stage will be alive with free performances throughout the day, including Whangarei Cheerleaders, Hardcore Dance, Active Attitude Aerobics, as well as children’s entertainment. New this year is a funky show named Sue & Bruce’s Christmas Feast, designed for the younger audience highlighting where our food originally comes from. Another first is a performance by Mrs Wishy Washy.

Saturday December 1st From 9.00am – 4.30pm Gate Admission $10 per adult, $5 for school students and children 5 years old and under are FREE

With no cattle competition this year in a bid to help eradicate the bacterial cattle

Barge Showgrounds 474 Maunu Rd,Whangarei Ph 09 438 3109 www.whangareishow.co.nz

disease Mycoplasma bovis, there will be other features, including a special Sheep Breeds Exhibition – if you thought all sheep were the same, you are in for a big surprise! There will be a stock judging competition, donkeys and mules exhibition and the

The Whangarei A&P Show is proudly supported by NZME

Whangarei Dog Training club will be putting their well-trained pooches through their paces, as well as show jumping and a virtual calf club competition. Doug the Digger and the Excavators will be featuring their talents, with Whangarei being one of only three competition locations where they can really get stuck in and dig. Other activities include bouncy castles, Catch-A-Fish, Mini Jeeps, the Tumble Track with exhibitions and displays from Vintage Machinery, Farm Yard Nursery and Classic Cars. There will also be the usual trade exhibitors including clothing, cars, tractors, machinery, garden and home wares, food, giftware and treats. The Whangarei A&P Show first began in 1877 and, with the exception of three shows during the World War years, this will be the 138th show. SAVVY | 21



OF PETS IN NORTHLAND! This year marks the 20th anniversary of Pet Essentials Whangarei and they are proud to say they have been locally-owned and operated for the entire time, helping provide expert advice and support to pet owners across Northland.


et Essentials was originally opened as Four Paws pantry in December 1998 in the Okara Shopping centre. Owner Mike Tasker comes from a background of owning and operating a vehicle testing station in Whanganui as a mechanic by trade, who decided to move on from the four-wheeled industry to the four-legged! Four Paws pantry offered something different to the local community and, with service being the priority, they built a fantastic loyal

customer base, some of whom are still, to this day, shopping with them.

Pet Essentials moved to a third location in Commerce St

The business soon out-grew the size of the store and it promptly moved down

seven years ago with the aim of becoming a destination store with

the shopping centre into a larger building just next to The Warehouse, changing the

plenty of parking and space, making for a relaxed shopping experience. Pet

business name to Pet Essentials, then, seven years later, due the nature of Northland

Essentials had always offered superb customer service and advice but moving

people and their love for their pets, Mike decided that the business needed more to

to this new premise enabled them to offer much more in the form of dog grooming, a

offer people and that the current location didn’t allow for expansion.

full aquarium with live fish and now also a dog day care facility.

Pet Essentials has also had a great relationship with the Whangarei SPCA and continues to support and work closely alongside them to this day. Being locally-owned and operated for so long means that they have seen pets come and go, but one thing remains the same and that’s the fantastic community of pet owners in Northland who are the reason why Pet Essentials are still able to remain successfully in business after all these years. With a fantastic team of pet lovers, who are genuinely interested in your pets, Pet Essentials have no plans to go anywhere and look forward to continuing working with the people of Northland to keep all those pets happy and healthy no matter the species!


Come celebrate with us on November 3rd & 4th With fun for the whole family and even the dog 32A Commerce Street • www.petessentialswhangarei.co.nz • 09 438 8835 22 | SAVVY


7 Weeks to go…

The store is looking full, the kids are getting excited, and the team at Storytime is ready to help. We suggest bring the kids in to see what they like, then come back for a relaxed secret Santa shop. Layby and Christmas Party Gift buyer service are open too. Chat to one of the in-store helpers to make this holiday a joy for all.




Hape City Rail Set

Passenger & Cargo Trains

Quality wooden railway that is excellent value for money, the Hape range is built to last and their train sets are full of fun.

Load up the powerful LEGO City Cargo Train and deliver the goods on time, or travel

Safety for Bikes & Scooters The Mini Hornit is the ultimate light and sound effect accessory for kids bikes and scooters. And now the Mini Hornit helmets are a bit, no a LOT, cooler than most kids’ bike helmets! Safety gear that kids want to wear.

around LEGO City in the comfortable Passenger Train. Each comes with full set of tracks, Bluetooth remote and accessories.

FLEXO The World’s only Flexible Brick System Bounce, flex, bend, wrap or wear – the choices are seemingly endless. Flexo uses a unique rigid construction brick and flexible tendon that allows you to truly flex your imagination and create designs you never thought possible.

HORNBY TRAINS Flying Scotsman

The most famous locomotive and train in the world features in this superb Hornby train set. The striking apple green liveried class A1 ‘Flying Scotsman’ helps to recreate those wonderful days of train travel in the 1930s when the two great railway rivals, LNER and the LMS vied for the lucrative passenger traffic between London and Scotland.



Disney Figurines

Recycled milk jugs

Bullyland’s Disney figurines are a hit with all ages. Whether you are building

Scoop it! Mix it! Dump it! Just another earth-moving, earth-saving day at the job site for the Green Toys™

up a collection, or decorating a cake these colourful figurines are going to

Construction Trucks, made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs that save energy and reduce

make an impact.

greenhouse gas emission. Chunky, sturdy, and durable.

!&"'%" *)$ #)(

)'!&,*#+, 5$" '%>):78

!* ),,#+% $,"+%(&/'$+ - .,(

=<%% 2</>>7+; >7*3 6> ,51 '%*%.,%<

$#!"#% ($!%,'$" :8<%:: =<%% >/<8- :9)>>7+; 5&5$$ ;7=8: :/+8/#: 9%0>%<: >7*3( 2</> ! '%074%<

SAVVY | 23




Exquisite and Unique gifts for those who have everything. THE GALLERY


The Gallery has a wide-ranging collection of art by established and emerging New Zealand artists, many of which are Northland based – this includes contemporary Maori and Pacific artists. There is an outstanding selection of paintings, wood art, handmade furniture, sculpture, jewellery, glass and ceramics. Our catalogue changes frequently, so please make an enquiry and we'll confirm with you.

Come and enjoy our beautiful garden setting with stunning ocean views. Relax with a cup of coffee, lunch or one of our many treats all made on site on our sheltered deck with breathtaking views or in our garden surrounded conservatory. We are fully licensed, serve breakfast, lunch and a large variety of homemade cakes, cookies and snacks. Open seven days 9.30am - 5pm Kitchen open 10am - 3pm After 3pm we can offer cabinet food.

Group Bookings Planning on visiting us with a small group? We are always happy to take group bookings at anytime of the year, and function inquiries are welcome even outside these business hours. Contact Janet Phone/Fax: 09 433 9934 Email: helenabaycafe@gmail.com

THE GARDENS One of the highlights of a visit to the Gallery and Cafe Helena Bay Hill is the beautiful garden setting. You are welcome to wanter and relax in the garden during your visit. You’ll find many sculptures placed among the subtropical plantings, giving inspiration for your own landscaping ideas. The Gallery & Cafe are set in a lush subtropical garden with magnificent bush and sea views over Helena Bay on Northland’s east coast, on the scenic coastal route to historic Russell in the Bay of Islands. We are situated approximately 30 minutes north of Whangarei and an hour from Russell. You will find a warm welcome at the gallery and fully licensed café where you are welcome to wander and relax in the beautiful garden during your visit. We welcome enquiries about our artworks and visits to our Gallery, Cafe and garden.

Open for: • Breakfast • Lunch • Delicious Cakes • Functions • Paintings • Glass Works • Carvings • Jewellery • Sculptures • Ceramics • Gift Vouchers 24 | SAVVY

1392 Old Russell Rd, Hikurangi Phone/Fax: Gallery 09 433 9616 or Café 09 433 9934 Hours: 7 days - 10am to 5pm www.galleryhelenabay.co.nz www.facebook/galleryhelenabay

Gold Card Cafe Only

Pineapple and rum-glazed Christmas ham with violet mustard ( SERVES 6 ) Heat oven to 180C


Christmas ham with spiced cranberry glaze, broccoli and zucchini ribbon salad with pomegranate seeds ( SERVES 10 )

Score ham and stud with the cloves, then place in a large roasting dish, and drizzle with

Ham is such a classic meat for Christmas, so bring new flavours to

the pineapple glaze. Arrange pineapple pieces around the

this traditional dish with a fruity glaze. I’ve used a champagne ham here –

ham and place in oven until light golden colour approximately 30

this means the large bone has been removed – for ease of carving.

minutes. Drop the temperature of the oven to 130C and continue to cook and baste



For the glazed ham • 300 ml Pineapple juice

for a further 90 minutes until caramelised and warmed through. (I find it easy to

• ½ Ham, cooked on the bone, or champagne ham

1. Preheat the oven to 180C. 2. Remove any thick skin from the ham and

• 250 g Brown sugar • 80 ml Rum, golden

score the ham then place in the oven for 5 minutes to open up the cuts and then it

• 1 cup Cranberry sauce • ¼ cup Brandy, sherry or rum

score the visible white fat layer, if any. 3. Combine the cranberry sauce, brandy,

• ½ tsp Ground coriander • ½ tsp Ground fennel

is much easier to stud the cloves in as the cuts are more visible.)

• 1 tsp Mixed spice • 1 Tbsp Brown sugar

mixed spice and brown sugar. 4. Place the ham in a lined roasting pan and

• 3 Cinnamon sticks • 2 whole Star anise

Serve ham on platter with roasted pineapple pieces and salad or vegetables of

• 2 cups Water

add the water to the base. 5. Spoon over the glaze, patting it on in a

• 1 Champagne ham, free-range, approx 5kg in weight, I use Freedom Farms ham

your choice. At Cibo we serve it with roasted beetroot, heirloom carrots, kiwi quinoa and

Salad • 1 head Broccoli, cut into florets

thick layer. 6. Bake for 25-30 minutes until the glaze is

• 1 serving Cloves, whole, for studding • 1 Pineapple, cut into pieces

goat’s cheese salad.

set and starting to caramelise. Transfer to a carving platter.

with leaves and stem • 2 Zucchini

For the violet mustard

To make the violet mustard Bring the wine, grapes and port to a boil


7. For the salad, heat a large saucepan of hot water and blanch broccoli for 2

• 1 cup Red wine • 2 cups Red grapes

in a medium saucepan. Boil until the liquid is almost gone and the mixture is syrupy.

• 1 Tbsp Honey • 1 tsp Orange, zest

minutes. 8. Add the zucchini ribbons and cook for

• 1 cup Port, I used ruby port • ½ cup Wholegrain mustard

Puree the mixture in a blender and then pass through a fine sieve. Set aside to cool. Add

• ½ cup Dijon mustard

the mustards and stir to combine. Refrigerate until ready to use.

1 minute, then drain well and toss with dressing.

• ¼ cup Olive oil • ½ cup Pomegranate seeds • 1 to taste Cracked black pepper • 2 Tbsp Raspberry vinegar, or red

9. For the dressing, combine the oil, honey, zest and vinegar, and season well. Garnish the dish with pomegranate seeds.

wine vinegar

Cooked on the bone (COB) hams $11.99kg

Directions To make the ham

To serve

Place the pineapple juice, brown sugar, rum, ground coriander and fennel, cinnamon

Serve ham on platter with roasted pineapple pieces and salad or vegetables of

and star anise into a saucepan and bring to the boil, then simmer until all the sugar is

your choice. At Cibo we serve it with roasted beetroot, heirloom carrots, kiwi quinoa and

dissolved. Set aside to cool slightly.

goat’s cheese salad.

Cooked on the bone (COB) hams $11.99kg

Bite Christmas ham Ham and spice crust • 1 Ham, 5-9kg

ginger beer glaze and gently pour it back over the entire ham, including the shank.

• 2 bottles Ginger beer, 375ml each • ½ cup Liquid honey, mild

Make sure you completely cover all of the ham, this will ensure a good tasty covering.

Chilli lime pineapple

• 2 tsp Ground coriander • 1 Tbsp Ground ginger

Continue to roast and, most importantly, baste until completely sticky, golden and warmed

Cut the skin off the pineapple, cut into wedges and remove the core. Rub the lime

• 3 Tbsp Mustard powder • 1 Tbsp Sumac powder

through (1-1½ hours depending on size). Set aside to cool slightly, sprinkle over

zest and chilli over the pineapple. Cook on a medium-hot barbecue, or under the grill, until golden then squeeze fresh lime juice over just before serving.

• 1 Tbsp Sesame seeds • 2 Tbsp Ground coriander


the Christmas spice crust and rest for 20-30 minutes before carving.

• 1 Tbsp Ground cumin • 1 tsp Freshly ground black pepper

Ham Heat oven to 160C. Remove the skin from

Spice crust

• 1 tsp Flaky sea salt • 2 Tbsp Pistachio nuts, toatsed & chopped

the ham as this will allow the fat to render while roasting. Use a small, sharp knife to cut

Mix all ingredients (from sumac) together except for the nuts and fresh herbs. The

• 2 Tbsp Toasted cashew nuts, chopped • 1 Tbsp Chopped oregano leaves, fresh

the skin around the shank bone, then slowly peel back the skin and use your thumb to

spices can be prepared and mixed together a few days in advance. Add in nuts and fresh

• 1 Tbsp Fresh thyme, chopped

help ease the skin away from the fat, being careful not to pull off any fat.

herbs just before serving.

Mustard oranges • 4 Tbsp Mustard powder

Score the fat about 3mm evenly all over, taking care not to cut too deep into the flesh.

Mustard oranges Mix the mustard and sugar together in

• 1 cup Sugar • 2 cups Water

Score in both directions to form a crisscross pattern. This will help the glaze to seep

a wide sauce pan then whisk in the water. Bring to the boil then add the oranges. Turn

• ½ tsp Fine salt • 2 Oranges, sliced evenly into 8

down into the meat. Place the ham in a large roasting pan.

down to a simmer and cook very slowly until

Chilli lime pineapple

In a saucepan whisk together the ginger beer, honey, ginger, coriander and mustard

• 1 Pineapple • 2 Limes, juiced

powder. Bring to a simmer then pour over the ham and place in the oven. Baste every

• ¼ tsp Dried chilli, chopped

10 minutes — use a ladle to scoop up the hot

the oranges turn translucent. Add a little extra water if necessary

Cooked on the bone (COB) hams $11.99kg

Place your Christmas Ham orders now at the Butcher Shoppe! Shop 18 Paramount Plaza Paramount Parade Tikipunga, Phone 09 971 8032

SAVVY | 25

NorthTec Students Take Art Outside The Class


orthTec students took traditional illustration into the 21st century last term with hand-made artworks leaping into life at the Itchy Trigger Finger gaming and cosplay expo. Digital media tutor Jade Morgan said the expo, held in Whangarei on October 1-3, was an opportunity for digital media and visual arts students to create art for a live audience, to network and to practice their business skills. While NorthTec has offered digital media courses for ten years, the opportunities at the expo were new for Whangarei. The event was livestreamed via Twitch and reached thousands of viewers. NorthTec offered a gaming area and handed out postcards printed with students’ artwork. Students who created and showcased

illustrations at the expo included Guillaume Chevolleau, Isaiah Rameka and Ihipera Keefe. There was even an augmented reality image created by student Zakk Hemi. Illustrator Joshua Bradshaw spoke at the expo about Utopia, the computer game he is developing. “Games are inherently artwork,” Joshua says. About to complete his threeyear arts degree, Joshua aims to take the skills he’s learned at NorthTec into a career as an art director. At the expo, “Creative Northland made sure to have a big panel for us to talk about what we do at NorthTec and get that out to the community.” The panel represented the new collaborative agreement between Creative Northland and NorthTec, signed on August 29.

Local & Loved


Meanwhile, traditional art students have been busy putting pen and ink on paper. Lead tutor Lindsay Marks has been showcasing stunning pictures in the Geoff Wilson Gallery created by first-year students purely with ballpoint pens. Also over the past

The committee behind the recently-launched Local and Loved.

and printed cookbook has eight chapters of mouth-watering recipes from local families, staff, and celebrities, including chef Nadia Lim, Black Stick and former Hurupaki pupil Madi Doar, cricketer Tim Southee and a special fish recipe personally sent to the cookbook crew by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Mayor Sheryl Mai has also contributed a special recipe for fruit cake passed down from her mother. Says fellow mum and committee member Jo Postlewaight: “When we began this in December last year, I don’t think any of us knew how much work was involved. From

Restaurant and Bar Flames Restaurant has a focus on fresh, local and healthy food with a fusion of Asian, Pacific and International cuisine. They have a new winter menu and are open seven days for Breakfast and Dinner. Put something truly extraordinary, something completely delicious in your mouth! 8 Waverley Street Onerahi, Whangarei 0800-132610 info@flameshotel.co.nz www.flameshotel.co.nz

few months, Year 3 students held exhibitions in non-gallery spaces, including at marae, a bus terminal and Whangarei Airport, while the Field Notes exhibition at NorthTec was a success, with artists, conservationists and rongoa Māori practitioners collaborating.

Lindsay Marks with ballpoint pen art by Leigh Tawharu


here are school recipe fundraiser books and then there’s the Hurupaki School style: 280 striking pages featuring over 150 delicious recipes from both locals and celebrities, including Prime Minister Jacinda Adern. The idea for the masterpiece – ‘Local and Loved’ - was first pitched to the Parent Support Group by Hurupaki mum Sharn Coates almost a year ago as part of ongoing fundraising to reach $250,000 for the school and community’s AstroTurf. Six other mums jumped on board and combined their efforts to make the professional cookbook come to fruition. “We wanted to create a cookbook that celebrated our local community’s favourite food,” says Sharn. “It’s a collection of everyone’s tried and tested, best loved recipes. There’s something for everyone.” The full-colour, professionally designed

26 | SAVVY

Jade Morgan with year two digital media students

asking families and teachers for recipes, to the photographing and staging of the food, to book design and then finally on to the printers, oh and then the launch, sales and marketing.” As well as the organising, which involved typing up all the recipes, the mums cooked the celebrity recipes for the photography staging with Jo being given the task of

making Jacinda’s fish recipe. “It was quite nerve-racking knowing that you needed to get the celebrities’ recipes, not only cooked well, but also looking fabulous.” All the recipes submitted by families were also cooked and brought into the school to be photographed and then sampled for comment in the book. The committee describe the response and engagement from the community as ‘incredible’ with local foodie businesses sponsoring sections and two local talented photographers capturing the cuisine and children cooking. The chapters cover breakfasts, salads, winter warmers, kids, dinners, baking, entertainment and desserts. The Support Group aim to raise $100,000 as part of ongoing fundraising towards the $250,000 AstroTurf, which hich they hope to have installed within two years.

Priced at $39.95, Local and Loved has only just launched and is already selling by the hundreds. To purchase a copy, go to: www.localandloved.com or from the school office. # We have one free copy to give away. See Giveaways page for details.

Come visit us by the bridge on Rust Ave & experience

AUTHENTIC KOREAN BBQ & CUISINES With complimentary side dishes*


Buffet Lunch Mon - Fri only $14.50 pp 14 Rust Ave, Whangarei Phone 09 459 6195 Open Monday to Friday LUNCH: 11.30am-2.30pm DINNER: 5pm-9pm

Packard Motor Museum – vehicle of the month

1945 Model D Tournapull



ow do you repair an airfield that has been bombed? You drop a dinky little motor-scraper out of a plane (with a parachute attached of course). Snuggled in between the military transport vehicles at the Packard Motor Museum is a Tournapull Model D, motor-scraper, designed by RG Le Tourneau and capable of being airdropped into a battle zone. Robert Le Tourneau was a leading-edge manufacturer of earthmoving machinery and became one of the most inspiring Christian inventors and businessmen of his day. During World War 2 he invented and manufactured a number of impressive machines to meet the needs of the US military. In trials the scraper unit was pulled by a Jeep, but this proved unsuccessful. Le Tourneau then produced the Model D, a selfdriving scraper. It weighed 3 & 1/4 tons and was powered by a 45hp Continental petrol

engine. It shifts two cubic yards of material and came with a front-mounted bulldozer blade. Approximately 200 Flying Tournapulls were built during the war. The machines were used throughout the Pacific Islands and Asia. These Tournapulls were also airlifted into enemy territory to construct advance airstrips. The other interesting aspect of this machine are the large rubber drive tyres, new for their day, which allowed faster movement over rough ground. Our Model D was never used. Graeme Craw bought it in its box and this is the only one of its type in New Zealand. If you have a close look at our Machine, you will discover the ‘D’ hooks to attach the parachute at the back of the scraper and on each side of the driver’s seat. The little scraper was parachuted in two pieces and assembled on the ground.

Fishing tips & tales with John Vowless


t was Labour Weekend, the forecast

snapper here are in the 40cm-50cm range.

was really good for days, but the fishing calendar was not so good until

The fishing at the Chicks has been hit-andmiss but a few reasonable snapper are

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I’m still on holiday and on the water while the

being caught. Softbait specialist Peter Jonker showed me a lovely big 23lber he caught on

calendar in our local Northern Advocate predicts good fishing. I know several good

a ‘Nuclear Chicken’ at Hen Island and he had a few more reasonable fish in his bin.

anglers who fish by this calendar and I have become a believer also. You can catch fish

Snapper are also being caught along the Mad Mile, out in Bream Bay and a few

when this calendar says it’s bad but the fishing is generally much harder, more effort

good fish coming from inside the harbour, the channels, the edges of the sandbanks

oily baits, fished hard on the bottom, can

good- sized and good numbers of snapper,

and with fewer fish. Fishing has continued to improve;

and the shallows all producing a few fish, often of good size. Deeper water, 50m-plus,

return good catches. The good conditions have allowed anglers

kingis, and kahawhai. Cecilia Daly recently landed a 23lb, 84cm

most anglers are getting a few snapper and generally limit bags are hard to get,

snapper, terakihi, blue cod and occasional J Ds are being caught but, at times,

to go well out for hapuka and bluenose. Kerry Gentry recently returned with five nice

snapper fishing in beautiful Rangamu Bay Houhora on a magic flat calm day.

but, some very good-sized fish are being caught. Out off the Power Station has fished

barracoota are a nuisance. Out in the Three Mile Reef area, are reports of good

puka, up to 25kg, and reported being broken off by a much larger fish.

We are lucky, privileged to be able to fish in such a beautiful resource at the top of the

well in 8-12m, particularly when the birds are working in this area and many of the

gurnard catches, not much of a sport fish but very tasty. Number three hooks, small

North of Whangarei, the popular bays, harbours and Islands have all been good for

North Island. Tight Lines

Cecilia Daly recently landed a 23lb, 84cm snapper fishing in beautiful Rangamu Bay Houhora on a magic flat calm day.


We are running a START-UP Tour to answer the question DO THEY RUN?

START-UP TOUR DATES DECEMBER 8th 2018 January 12th 2019

The Old Dairy Factory, SH 14, Maungatapere Open Tues to Sat 10am to 4pm | Ph: 09 434 8214

Your local garage for honest, friendly service

Proudly supporting y the community MALCOLM & SALLY MEEK rahi 1 Church Street, Onerahi

Phone: 09 436 5971 E: admin@onerahigarage.co.nz ge.co.nz .co.nz W: www.onerahigarage.co.nz

Boat trailers B avail now. SAVVY | 27

*RS Model shown

It’s finally here - the new HR-V. The world’s top selling crossover SUV, the 2018 HR-V gets a new look inside and out, a more responsive drive and the addition of a sportier RS model. Packed with features including LED lights, active safety tech, navigation, magic seats and class-leading space it’s no surprise this SUV punches way above its weight.

28 | SAVVY

Whangarei Honda Corner Rathbone & Dent Streets Whangarei Phone: 09 438 2019



Admiral Way features 17 premium ďŹ&#x201A;at, sundrenched sections ranging in size from 561 to 2115 m2, located right beside all the fabulous amenities that Tutukaka provides including the Marina, Restaurants and Shops.

Home & Land Packages are available now through Homeworld, and wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t last long so be in quick. Call our New Home Consultants today. SHOWHOME 401 Western Hills Drive, Whangarei OPEN 6 DAYS Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm Sat 10am-2pm

0800 86 89 86 | homeworld.co.nz SAVVY | 29

First there was hygge, now there is wabi sabi. It’s time to start speaking a different language if you want to understand the latest philosophies behind global decorating.


hile the Danish word hygge is more of a feeling created as a result of the interiors you assemble – cosy and charming – wabi sabi is a Japanese philosophy about appreciating the beauty in imperfection and acknowledging that we live in a naturally imperfect world. Translated into decor, it’s about a looser, relaxed approach with asymmetric layouts, aged surfaces, raw and natural materials, and handmade products. Perhaps we have tired of matchy-matchy interiors where everything is so perfect and lined up that it looks like it has been home-staged for sale. That no-one lives there. No shoes left askew on the floor or throws crumpled on the sofa. The wabi sabi look marries beautiful with the re-emergence of the artisan, someone who creates by hand and whose work bears the imperfections of being made by hand. It’s



NEW HOUSE AND LAND PACKAGES AVAILABLE AT THE NEWEST SUBDIVISION’S IN WHANGAREI These sections have a lovely North Western aspect, Picturesque Sunsets in the Evening. This lovely Brick and Tile, 3 Bedroom home has Master Room, Ensuite and Walk In closet; Large Open Plan Living and Dining with a Spacious Family Kitchen. ENQUIRE WITH LB HOMES TODAY!

Winner of Nulook Supreme Fabricator of the Year 2017-2018 0800 435 003 sales@nulooknorthland.co.nz www.nulooknorthland.co.nz 19 Clark Road, Kamo, Whangarei 0112

30 | SAVVY

Features: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Windows Skylights Balustrades Blinds Doors Commercial Conservatories Wardrobe

a rebellion against all of the mass-produced stuff that fills our world and our shops. Painterly effects are also on the rising popularity stakes, giving our walls and furniture personality and character with finished such as Resene Paint Effect Medium. It doesn’t matter if the effect isn’t perfect;

next palette card instead – the colours will be similar but will have changed slightly in colour composition. So for a soft green scheme, use palette cards R30 (grey-greens), R31 (soft greens) and R32 (greens with a touch more yellow). Taking colours across these three cards will still give you

the wabi sabi way is meant to look a bit wonky. The colours of the wabi sabi look tend towards

a restful look but not a perfectly tonal one. According to census data, New Zealand is

the earthy and neutral tone, lots of neutrals, soft greens and warm greys – think of rocks, sand,

now home to four main cultural groups – Asian, European, Maori and Pacific – and we have always

grasses, pale sued and bark. When it comes to paint schemes, adapting the

been a country of early trend adoption and a desire to take the best influences from abroad and

wabi sabi style may look tricky at first but is easy to do with the way the Resene palette cards are

adapt them to our own homes in our own ways. We’ve always been a nation of jandals and

designed. Instead of using a single palette card to give you a more uniformly tonal look, skip to the

shorts, casual rather than buttoned-up. So perhaps the wabi sabi way is going to become our way.

Specialising in all Gas Home Heating Systems and Specialising in all Gas Water Home Heating HeatingSystems needs. and Water Heating needs.

Now all under one roof ARE YOU BUILDING?? Come and see us for Design & Inspiration….

Energy Saver Heaters

Freestanding and Inbuilt Gas Fires

Gas Water Heating

Specialised Services: Plumbing, Gas-fitting, Under Floor Heating, Mechanical Services, Sheet Metal Fabrication Contact us for a free/no obligation quote on all your gas home heating or water heating requirements Corner of Poto St & Porowini Ave, Whangarei Hours: Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5pm Phone: 09 438 0192 www.gasworksandplumbing.co.nz

Let us project manage your new interiors From floors to walls to windows EURO DESIGN STYLE Home of Guthrie Bowron and Tile Warehouse

2 Homestead Rd Kerikeri Ph 407 1135 - Next to REPCO SAVVY | 31

with Bella Homes


25 Corsair Drive, Maungatapere | PO Box 10024, Te Mai, Whangarei Phone: 09 438 6399 | Fax: 09 438 6396 | Mobile: 0275437751

Come and visit our luxury Award winning show home


Contact Simon on 0275437751 or 094386399

Taking pride of place at Te Mara Estate, Maungatapere is Bella Homes’ stunning

“We have always maintained great relationships with our clients as we offer

show home.As visitors often comment, it doesn’t feel like your average showhome.

a very personalized service. During construction, we encourage our clients to

This is due to the beautiful styling and design which creates a feeling of luxury

come to the site and get involved. We see our clients as a critical part of our team

and comfort – visitors can see themselves living there.

and, the more input they have, the greater the chances of delivering that dream home.

There’s nothing like it in Whangarei, says Bella Homes directors Simon and Margie

Watching your new home that you have had genuine input into evolve in front of you is a

Crawford. “It’s not your standard show home. It’s a well-thought-out design that is

wonderful feeling.” Specialising in design and build, Bella

atheistically-pleasing to look at while not compromising the functionality of the home,

Homes is a multi-award-winning member of the Registered Master Builders of New

which is key to good design.” Simon has been in the building industry

Zealand on both a regional and national level. This year’s three entries have made

for over 30 years and the couple established Bella Homes in 2009. They offer a design

the national finals, including the 275sqm showhome at Te Mara Estate.

and build service which includes an interior design option for their clients.

And it’s easy to see why. The Te Mara showpiece demonstrates the latest

“We’re local and we pride ourselves in the quality we produce. We only take on a certain

building trends, as well as the quality and craftmanship produced throughout all of the

number of homes each year so that we never sacrifice our level of quality and service.

houses Bella Homes builds. Offering the best in family living, this luxury home consists of three bedrooms, plus office. Sizable over wall sliders for both doors and windows


and skylights add to the spacious feel of this house, which has an open plan living area but a separate and cosy alcove tv room which can be partitioned off. Special features include a state-of-the-art kitchen with a retractable bar area at the touch of a button, scullery, precast concrete paneling, extensive north-facing solar panels, polished concrete floors throughout the main living area, and a huge walk-through


Michele Ahern 027 513 6517 0800 860 000

29 Lower Tarewa Rd, Whangarei Master Builders 10 Year Guarantee

32 | SAVVY


SHOWHOME COMING SOON • Specialising in recreating period-style villas, bungalows & cottages • A member of the Master Builders Association • Individualising a plan to suit your unique lifestyle situation • 10 Year Masterbuild Guarantee thrown in

Call Jaimie Duder for an appointment to see all the Heritage homes building options available to you.

wardrobe leads to a large indoor/outdoor his and hers-style ensuite bathroom with the choice of taking a private shower under the stars an option. Perfect for entertaining, this showhome boasts extensive outdoor living areas that come complete with a fireplace designed for alfresco dining. But this is just one of many designs Bella Homes are capable of. While focusing on

HERITAGE HOMES Call our free line 0508 40 30 20

10 Finlayson Street, Whangarei info@heritagebuildings.co.nz www.heritagebuildings.co.nz

design and build projects, they also offer a range of unique architectural plans, which


Simon and Margie say are largely used for inspiration and ideas.


“As each site is different, along with the client’s wants and needs, this means


each project is custom-designed and our set designs can be adjusted to suit the customer’s individual requirements.” Adds Margie: “While receiving awards from industry peers is great – our greatest reward comes from seeing our clients’ reactions the day we hand over their home.” You will find Bella Homes’ showhome nestled on a 2,000sqm site among mature avocado trees at 25 Corsair Drive, Maungatapere. Open Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm and Saturday by appointment only.


Enjoy the best of seaside living in the ‘winterless north’, at one of our subdivisions at The Landing@Marsden in One Tree Point (titles just issued). Visit our Show home: 347 One Tree Point Road, One Tree Point. Open Wednesday – Sunday, 10am – 3pm. Contact: Tony Watkins 027 706 6590, tonyw@generation.co.nz

SAVVY | 33

Selling your property following a split The end of a relationship is tough on everyone involved. Some couples find it hard enough to divide up their furniture, let alone any joint property.


f you find yourself in this position and you own a home together, it’s a good idea to get legal advice on your rights and responsibilities. If you’re not keen to engage a lawyer just yet, your community law centre or Citizens Advice Bureau can be a good place to start. The Ministry of Justice and Community Law also have some useful information online. While every situation is different, most separating couples either jointly sell the home or one of them decides to ‘buy out’ the other. Sometimes they reach an agreement where they continue to co-own the property but just one of them will live in it. If you both decide to put the property up for sale, any proceeds will be split. Ideally, this will enable you both to clear your share of the mortgage and help you start again. If you decide selling is the best option,

it’s crucial that you find a real estate agent that you are both comfortable with. Think about this from the perspective of the real estate agent for a minute – even the happiest couples can disagree about how to sell a property, so things can get very tricky for the real estate agent when they are dealing with a couple who don’t want to be together. The real estate agent you choose has to represent both of you fairly. They must get agreement from both of you (as joint owners) before taking any action. If you can, meet several agents to find one you can both work with. Ask them to provide you both with a current market appraisal, to give you an indication of the estimated price range your property is in,

and present a marketing plan. Remember

sales in your area, a registered valuer will

and stops one partner from lodging a

too, that while you might want to make life hard for your ex at times, it’s not very smart to do anything that will jeopardise

provide you with a more detailed appraisal. This will come at a cost, but you may

caveat or notice of claim that will prevent the sale of a property. It may also be helpful

decide it is worth it for the peace of mind. It may also be useful when you are talking

when it comes to applying for finance, as some lenders may be wary of unresolved

to a lender, as a registered valuation can sometimes be required if you are

relationship property issues. It’s always difficult to set your emotions to one side in

refinancing. Whatever you agree to do with the

a property transaction, especially when it involves such high stakes. Keep focused on

property, you independently both need legal advice – and a written agreement

the end goal and be kind.

that sets out your separate rights and responsibilities. This protects all parties

For independent advice on buying or selling property, check out reaa.govt.nz.

a smooth and successful sale. The faster you can sell your property, and the greater the price you get for it, the sooner you can move on. If you decide that your partner is going to stay in the house and will buy you out, it’s a good idea to get the property valued. While you can get an idea from online valuations that take into account other




Without mortgage

With one mortgage

Without mortgage discharge

With one mortgage discharge

One discharge and one new mortgage






Conditions apply. A non-refundable deposit of $150 will be charged at the time of engagement.

a division of Henderson Reeves Lawyers 34 | SAVVY

P: 09 430 4988 E: mail@smconveyancing.co.nz A: 96 Bank Street, Whangarei W: www.smconveyancing.co.nz


Photo from @gatheredstore


Alex Badham, Designer and Owner of www.gathered.nz

Hi, I’m Alex. A twenty-something Whangarei girl with a love for yoga, slow-living and interior design. I live on the coast with a husband and two beautiful/ hilarious kiddies, who are definitely NOT minimalists.


reating a mindful home is not just about decluttering, although I admit this is my favourite part, but about creating space for the things that matter to you. The little details that make you feel at home and which allow you to live in the space in the way you want to. The items which we surround ourselves with tell our story but sometimes what is needed is a good editing of that story; Stripping back the unnecessary parts and finding the best bits. Instead of having whole albums of photos stashed away unseen, you could frame your favourites and put them on the walls, or digitise them. Gallery walls are a great way to display artwork, photos, favourite postcards and memorabilia in a contained and edited fashion. In our home, the small mementos of travels and family are displayed and stored alongside the practical items which we use every day. I have

one shelf in my bedroom with two small photos, a mirror, jewellery and a beautiful pair of sculptures I was given on my wedding day. That way I get to interact with all of the things I have chosen to keep in my limited space while getting ready for the day. It is refreshing to know that those things which I love are getting daily appreciation rather than being shoved in the back of a forgotten closet. It can seem harsh, but the motto in our house is ‘if you haven’t seen or used it in six months’, it’s time for it to go. Last month I challenged you to throw out five items per day in October. That’s 155 items for the month. How did you go? Was it a challenge? Let me know @ gatheredstore, on Facebook or Instagram, some of the things which surprised you by how easy or hard they were to part with. Until next time. Alex Badham, Designer and Owner of www.gathered.nz

Gathered has just opened our first Pop Up shop in Quality Street, Whangarei. We are open Tuesday-Saturday until Christmas Eve.

Come home to the warmth, ambiance and convenience of an Escea gas fire. Visit Home Heating – we have a variety of operating fires on display and expert advice on the best solution for your heating needs.

For the widest range of fires in Northland SHOWROOM: 4 Skippers Lane, Waipapa, Kerikeri T: (09) 407 9666 E: heating@homekerikeri.co.nz www.homekerikeri.co.nz FREE SITE APPRAISALS SAVVY | 35

TEXTILE FIBRES & THEIR CHARACTERISTICS - AN EDUCATIONAL YARN IN THREE PARTS We are passionate about fabrics and finding the right solutions for our customers. With fantastic support from our fabric suppliers, such as James Dunlop, we have a wealth of knowledge to share, like the different characteristics of textile fibres.

Synthetic or man-made PART fibres from different THREE raw materials Acrylic • Can be manufactured and woven as fine sheers or heavy upholsteries. • Drape and handle is very good. • Durability and abrasion resistance is good if produced for upholstery application, however, can be susceptible to pilling. • Excellent sunlight resistance, most colour change experienced over time can be attributed to varying qualities in the dye stuff used rather than the fibre itself. • Generally not affected by mildew. • Not affected by acidic pollution. • Strong and stable, non-absorbent.

Polypropylene/Olefin/Polyolefin Synthetic yarns which are a by-product of the petrochemical industry. They share the same performance characteristics and are used to manufacture outdoor textiles. They are most suitable for outdoor application when the fabric has been solution dyed. This will give the best possible resistance against colour fading from direct UV exposure. The production of these yarns are generally

Nylon • Can be manufactured and woven as fine sheers or heavy upholsteries.

environmentally-friendly, being recycled and resulting in

• Fibre is generally not affected by mildew. • Long exposure to UV light will affect the fibre over time, weakening the yarn. • Very strong and stable fibre that is often blended with other fibres to improve durability for upholstery.

Polyester • Can be manufactured and woven as fine sheers or heavy upholsteries. • Drape and handle is excellent. • Durability and abrasion resistance is generally very good. • Generally has very good UV light resistance.

minimal waste. • Excellent colour fastness and resistance to fading. • Fast drying. • Highly stain and soil resistant. • It is a strong fibre and has excellent abrasion resistance. • Resistant to fading and mildew. • Resistant to mildew and chemicals, making it easy to clean.

• A non-absorbent fibre, it will move very little in humid conditions. • Not affected by acidic pollution or mildew. • Strong and stable. • Wrinkle resistance and recovery is very good.



Sheer curtains are an elegantly practtical ad ddition to your living sp pace. The semi-ttranspare ent mate erial he elps to mainta ain privacy in your hom me whilst still allowing g sunlight to filte er throu ugh your wiindowpan nes and illumin nate the room. We ha ave a grreat range of sty yles and d colours availablle to add a finish hed tou uch to your roo om – viisit our showroom m and be inspired d.

Call now for a FREE In Home Consultation 146 Lower Dent St, Whangarei Ph 09 438 3986 | 0800 10 27 10 | www.frazerhurst.co.nz 36 | SAVVY

Call into the Frazerhurst Showroom at 146 Lower Dent Street Whangarei to view some lovely examples

“Customers come first at Frazerhurst”

Sleeping Positions To Soothe Back Pain


here’s nothing worse than waking in the night with throbbing back pain – and for a lot of New Zealanders, it’s a daily reality. Recent research has shown that more than 50 per cent of people complain of back pain after sleeping. If this is you, a key thing to think about is the mattress you’re sleeping on. The perfect bed for you should provide correct postural alignment by supporting your whole body, without a single pressure point. Find out more about getting your perfect bed for your perfect sleep. You can also think about how best to position yourself in bed for optimal back support: Sleep Position Tips: • Sleeping on your front: If you suffer from back pain, sleeping on your front is a bad idea. This position causes your back to flex unnaturally and strains your spine and ligaments. If you really can’t sleep any other way, place a pillow underneath your chest, which will help reduce the strain on your back. • Sleeping on your side: The most common sleeping position is on your side – however, many people twist their body so that the legs can rest side by side on the mattress rather than on top of each other. This strains the spine, so place a pillow between your knees and thighs to support your upper leg instead.

• Sleeping on your back: It’s a good idea to place a pillow under your knees when sleeping on your back to help maintain the normal curve of your lower back. You could also try placing a small, rolled towel under the small of your back for additional support.

• Sleeping with the correct pillow: It’s important to invest in a quality pillow that

at Beds R Us to find the perfect bed to support your back.

supports how you sleep. Your pillow can significantly impact your spinal alignment

Most Beds R Us beds come with a 30-Day Comfort Guarantee. This means, if you find

when you are sleeping. If, after adjusting your sleeping position,

you’re not getting better sleep with the bed you selected, we will exchange the mattress

your back is still sore, visit the team

for you (comfort warranty conditions apply). Here at Beds R Us, we don’t just say ‘sleep well’ – we guarantee it. We spend up to a third of our lives sleeping – and, given the enormous impact sleep has on our quality of life, buying a great bed means investing in your health and vitality. And here at Beds R Us, we make it easy!

*Offer valid to 17/10/2018 or while stocks last. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Normal lending credirials apply. T&Cs apply. *While stocks last. Please see in-store for dates. Excludes Everyday Dream Prices and clearance stock. Q Card and Latitude Financial Services lending criteria, fees, terms & conditions apply. See in-store for details or visit www.bedsrus.co.nz

7 Gumdigger Place Whangarei Ph: 09 438 3550 OPEN 7 DAYS

Come see the friendly team for all your bedroom needs! SAVVY | 37

Your planting experts from Alter-Natives Nursery & Landscaping talk to readers on this season’s gardening!

Shelter and Hedging plants for your garden W

hether you are looking for plants to create a formal hedge half a metre high, a 30m-tall shelterbelt for your farm or lifestyle block, or anything in-between, at Alter-Natives Nursery we have a suitable plant for you. Hedging plants can be used to provide privacy, create formal designs, create a sound barrier or filter the wind to give yourself and your garden a nicer, calmer environment. The plant/s you can use will depend on how high you need the hedge, what soils

wind. It is also possible to make your hedge multi-purpose with plants, such as feijoa, olive and guava providing fruit as well. Most plants, even if the label says they grow higher than required, can be trimmed to keep the hedge at the level/height you want. This has the added benefit of thickening up the hedge to block the wind even more or offer even more privacy. We stock lots of plants suitable for hedging and shelter. Come and visit us at Alter-Natives Nursery and our knowledgeable staff will be able to help

you are planting into, how dense you need it to be and degree of salt in the prevailing

you select the correct plant for your situation.




hey make great formal looking clipped hedges, or, if left to their own devices, make a nice-looking informal hedge or standalone shrub in the garden. Corokias are very hardy, can handle coastal conditions, are frost-tolerant and are drought tolerant once established. They prefer a welldrained sunny spot and aren’t too keen on ‘wet feet’.

‘Frosted Chocolate’ has chocolate brown leaves, yellow flowers and red berries. ‘Geentys Green’ is one of the more popular

green corokias. It has a nice bright green leaf with a silvery grey back to it and dark stems. ‘Geenty’s Ghost’ has a silvery-olive green,

smaller rounder leaf and a dense habit which responds well to trimming. ‘Emerald n Jade’ has small blue-green leaves and an upright twiggy habit. And our very own Corokia ‘Grey Fox’ was selected from the wild by Ian Fox – the owner here at Alter-Natives Nursery. ‘Grey Fox’ is a low-growing divaricating shrub which, as its name implies, is a grey colour. It grows to about 60cm tall with a 1m spread. It works really well with smaller-growing, brightcoloured, strappy-leaved plants such as Dianella nigra, and mountain flax, and looks good in rock gardens. If you like that twisted twiggy look then this is the one for you.

101 Kioreroa Rd sales@alter-natives.co.nz

09 974 8733

www.alter-natives.co.nz BUXUS





Alter-Natives Nursery, 101 Kioreroa Road

Hugely successful nursery and retail business for sale as going concern.


from $


from $

6 - $9.50


Let us help you plan and plant.


from $

For revegetation, effluent fields and large garden projects 38 | SAVVY

For Sale $1,250,000 plus GST (if any) bayleys.co.nz/1051039

Neil Campbell 027 452 6024 neil.campbell@bayleys.co.nz MACKYS REAL ESTATE LTD, BAYLEYS, LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008

COCAVO – your ‘go to’ cooking oil


WE HAVE TWO PACKS OF EACH OF THE FIVE VARIANTS TO GIVE AWAY. Cocavo is more than an exceptionally-healthy cooking oil. It can also be used as an ingredient in your cooking to add that extra five per cent pizzazz to your meals. Being a blend of two of the world’s healthiest cooking oils; Extra Virgin Coconut Oil & Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, Cocavo is a versatile ‘super’ oil that is second to none for its cooking properties and health benefits. Available now from your local Pak’n Save, New World, Four Square, Bin Inn, Putiputi Ra, Bream Bay Superette, Kaiwaka Food Mart, The Mad Butcher, Oakleigh Service Station and Penguin outlets across Northland.

Nature’s Kiss Anti-Flamme

WE HAVE THREE PACKAGES TO GIVE AWAY. Do you suffer from frustrating sprains? Don’t let annoying niggles get in the way of doing what you love. Whether its sports, outdoors or even a bit of work around the house. Next time you feel that niggle, make sure to reach for Nature’s Kiss Anti-Flamme. It’s jam-packed with nature’s healers, Arnica, Calendula, Hypericum and Peppermint. It’s great at soothing sore, tired muscles and it works fast. Plus, it’s made here in New Zealand and it smells amazing. Make sure to reach for the ‘purple pot’ next time you need some extra help. We have the following packages containing three products to give away to three lucky readers: Anti-Flamme Extra Creme 90g, RRP: $25.21 ex. GST Anti-Flamme Creme Joints 90g, RRP: $25.21 ex. GST Anti-Flamme Creme 90g, RRP: $23.47 ex. GST


Earth’s Kitchen Sunscreen WE HAVE 4 TO GIVE AWAY


Born in Northland, Earth’s Kitchen are proud to have created a world-first in their sunscreen – BioGro certified natural invisible Sunscreen SPF50 – meaning 100 per cent of their sunscreen ingredients are certified natural, full of potent healing, protecting elements found in nature. Creator, Jules Bright, boasts quadruple diplomas in naturopathy, nursing, body therapy and medical herbalism – specialising in Rongoa, New Zealand native plant medicine. Fusing indigenous ingredients and methods with the latest technology, EK are proud to present a next-level sunscreen that contains nothing synthetic, nasty or unnecessary - just naturally effective ingredients that deliver great, clinically-proven results that feel silky on your skin. $38.00 via earthskitchen.com



Ground-breaking dance company Atamira are weaving their way across the North Island to seven centres in Aotearoa with their internationallypresented PANGO. Bursting with creative talent from some of the best dance, music, spatial and projection artists in New Zealand, PANGO is bringing Kiwi audiences a unique fusion of Maori and contemporary dance, imagery, light and music. These elements come seamlessly together through the collaboration of renowned dance choreographer Moss Patterson, master musicians James Webster and Shayne Carter, along with six of New Zealand’s most exciting and powerful male dancers and award-winning spatial and projection designers. We have 2x double passes to Pango’s only Whangarei show on Wednesday November 7 at Forum North.

Local and Loved WE HAVE ONE FREE COPY TO GIVE AWAY. Local and Loved is a beautiful 280-page cook book teeming with 150 delicious recipes from both local families and Kiwi celebrities. Try Jacinda Adern’s favourite fish recipe or Mayor Sheryl Mai’s fruit cake! Local and Loved has been put together as part of an ongoing fundraiser towards $250,000 AstroTurf at Hurupaki School. Organised and collated by the Parent Support Group, they have kindly offered one copy worth $39.95 to a lucky reader.



aways to enter

To enter the SAVVY give aways, go online: www.savvymagazine.co.nz and fill out the form. ■ Entries close 5pm, Friday November 23, 2018 ■ Winners will be notified by email, and, unless otherwise stated, your prizes will be posted out.

ONE ENTRY PER PERSON Congratulations to our October winners: Earth’s Kitchen Sunscreen - Natasha Graham - Kay Bush - Suzanne McCartain - Margaret Heywood Tasti Smooshed Protein Balls - Liz Wright - Mavis Craw - Sandra Mason Living Nature Lipstick - Kaye Tolra - Peter Galloway - Briar Jaques - M Dagger - Cheryl Ballantyn Anne Frank Exhibition - Susan Lee - Gay Lang Tasti Raw Snacking Packs - Margaret Sandford - Kerri Vernon - Janine Ford - Jenny Bishop Blush Special Occasion Makeup - Charlotte Hansen


The healthiest coconut oil on the market today.

Tipped to be the hottest ticket item in the food sector this decade, Cocavo, tagged as the world’s healthiest coconut oil blend, is a careful combination of extra virgin coconut oil and extra virgin avocado oil. Apart from being lower in saturated fat than regular coconut oil, it has all the health benefits of avocado oil plus all the cooking qualities of both oils. Cocavo have launched five variants: Original; Light; Chili & Lime; Coriander Lime & Ginger and Turmeric & Lemon Zest. Available at all good Food Stores or buy online at cocavo.co.nz SAVVY | 39

The Falls Estate isn’t just retirement, but an appetite for living

Join Us To See What You Are Missing Next Open Day Friday 30 November at 10.30am – 12pm ." '";:(# 8"*( =&&%;-=;'% =& &,% "+%; -=8 +9%=$% '=99 !" &'$ %#&& 24 6"*;-=(8 /"=-7 .1>1+*;0=7 3,=;0=(%1 555!)=99$%$&=&%!'"!;< 40 | SAVVY

Profile for Northern Advocate

Savvy November 2018  

Savvy November 2018  


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