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MAY 20 2021


Celebrating Mother’s Day Local mum shares her lockdown cancer journey

– what Mother’s Day means to them


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MAY 2021


FASHION 07 - Mother’s Day Q&A with Sandi Oxenham owner of Santreno Shoes 08 - Mother’s Day Q&A with twin sisters at Polwarth Design BEAUTY 09 - Refresh, repair and hydrate your skin! 10 - Treat mum or yourself for Award-Winning Luxury Hair Care 11 - High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) – A revolutionary approach to facelifts 12 - LED light therapy

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hile last year was tough for many, none more so than for local mother of three Marama Flay-Alken. She was actually enjoying the slower pace of life during lockdown with her family when her world flipped upside-down. Her diagnosis was grim but she didn’t once consider making a bucket list; instead Marama fought the aggressive form of cancer that was threatening to take over her body with everything she had, encountering blow-after-blow along the way. And she won. Today, she shares her tale of survival with Savvy readers and has some important messages of advice to others. One is: “No amount of feeling whakama (shame) about having scans and smears is worth the dread of being told you have cancer.” Marama will be embracing this Mother’s Day with her children, as she now does every day with her new appreciation for life. Read her story on pages 4 & 5 and happy Mother’s Day!


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The most powerful of three-letter words. A word that conjures warmth, strength and comfort. It just feels like home. It is the three-letter word that will float through our thoughts on a daily basis. The subtle reminders, the beautiful memories… We may be lucky enough to be running a small errand together or popping out to meet for coffee. It is these things that continue our one-of-a-kind bond or have created a safety net that envelopes us with her presence, eternally cherished and held dear to our hearts. Wherever our Mum happens to be, there will always be love. If there is one thing in life that I am forever certain of, it is that I have an incredibly special Mum.

Robyn is her name and for more years than we care to count, she has wrangled two stubborn, strong-willed girls. From freezing hockey mornings to backing a horse float in front of a

crowd, she has been there, soggy gumboots and all. The big moments, the small moments. The high-heeled days and the Swanndri-clad nights in front of a bonfire. Late study sessions or glittering evenings full of jewels that represent the highlights of my career. No matter the time or place, the event or non-event, the one who was there at the beginning is there for it all. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing Mums, Mas, Nanas and Grannies. You are incredible. You bring harmony and balance to our lives in a way no one else ever will. That is the power of that three-letter word. We love you all so get out there and celebrate with each other. Pop the bubbles, cut the cake, double over with exquisite laughter and don’t forget…every Mum deserves a GD piece! Christine Price – Goldsmith for Global Diamonds

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Mother wins battle to live Whangarei mother of three Marama Flay-Alker never considered making a bucket list when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of stage three cancer – she knew she would beat it. Here, she shares her story with Jodi Bryant.


f it wasn’t for the slower pace of lockdown a year ago, there’s a chance Marama Flay-Alker wouldn’t have seen this Mother’s Day in with her three young children. But, with a close friend’s recent breast cancer journey fresh on her mind, followed by swift yet harrowing action backed by sheer determination, she is here today to tell her story. After her friend’s experience, the 42-year-old had become vigilant with self-exams. “It was Monday in the last week of level 4 and I did a self-exam in the shower when I felt a small ‘marble’ at ‘5 o’ clock’ in my right breast. That night I lay in bed and gave it another feel. It was still there and, in this position, it felt more pronounced, more solid and more foreign. I could push down on it and it would pop up on one side or the other of my fingers,” she describes. “I decided to leave it for a week and hoped it would just go away. I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t want to alarm anyone for no reason.” One week on, the lump was still there. Finally telling her husband Malcolm, together they went to her doctor’s where she was examined and advised to get a mammogram immediately. There were lengthy waits due to Covid but, with private health insurance, the process was sped up. “I had to sit and wait in a small cubby stall, dressed in a gown and wait by myself (due to the lockdown level),” she recalls. “It was a very lonely experience. Both the technicians were eerily quiet while performing the mammogram and scan and when my right breast took 40 minutes to scan versus my left which took five, I knew there was something not quite right.” Malcolm accompanied her to the Thursday appointment with Dr Vanessa Blair the next day where, following an exam, she confirmed there was a high chance of breast cancer. She took a biopsy and said the results would be in on Tuesday or Wednesday. The ensuing weekend was the longest of Marama’s life. “I cried with worry about the ‘what-ifs’, I didn’t sleep thinking about never seeing my kids grow up and all the things I would miss if I died. I stayed awake watching tv till I fell asleep from exhaustion to avoid thinking. I was terrified of dying and angry because I didn’t deserve to have cancer.” 4 | SAVVY

Despite the aggressive diagnosis, Marama was determined to beat it.

Finally, on Wednesday, she was asked to visit the clinic that evening. “If driving to a doctor’s clinic in the dark down a metal road isn’t a cliché to a bad omen, I don’t know what is. “Vanessa got straight into it and confirmed that I had a 1.8cm aggressive stage three triple negative breast cancer. In her opinion, it had only been there a few weeks but was growing aggressively which is how I could feel it after not noticing it earlier. “After a weekend worrying about all the ‘whatif’s’, I was actually relieved to have a diagnosis I could start fighting against. I didn’t cry, in fact my reaction was to ask, ‘Where do we go from here? What’s the plan of attack?’” It was decided on chemo first to shrink the tumour, then surgery (an MRI two weeks after the mammogram showed the tumour had already grown from 1.8cm to 2.4cm). She then went home, poured herself a large glass of wine and for the first time in six days, relaxed. “I had the best sleep that night.” The next day she broke the news to her extended family who were living with her in a bubble of 12. “We called a whanāu hui and I just ripped the band aid and told them I had breast cancer. My two littlies (then aged six and four) didn’t quite understand and asked if they could go back

upstairs and watch cartoons. The other adults and big kids were shocked. However, because I wasn’t upset, they weren’t upset. I honestly answered their questions and explained all the information I had and confidently told them that I was going to be ok, and I truly believed I would be ok. I kept them all in the loop throughout. “I believe that knowledge is power,” continues the primary school teacher. “If my kids were armed with the knowledge, then they had answers when asked, and had some control over the situation. I didn’t want them left wondering or thinking the worst by what they might hear or see.” The next step was an appointment with Canopy Cancer Care oncologist Dr Lisa Dawson who recommended an aggressive clinical trial treatment called BrighTNess before starting AC treatment. This involved two different chemos every Friday for 12 weeks before dropping to a different two each fortnight. Marama describes the first 12 weeks as “rough” as she had a mild reaction to the Paclitaxel which increased each week. “My skin became so sensitive, I couldn’t even tolerate the seams on my clothes touching my skin. It became so debilitating, I couldn’t wear shoes and socks that would rub my feet and set off a reaction. It was pretty depressing not being able to do physical activity, but my sister

suggested swimming and aqua fit, which was a lifesaver. The water helped for both my physical and mental well-being.” As soon as she stopped the Paclitaxel treatment, the allergic side-effect stopped. “However, then I began the AC treatment and it made me so very sick. This treatment was how I imagined having chemo was like based on all the characters with cancer from tv. I lived on a constant regime of anti-nausea tablets and then other meds to counteract the side-effects of the anti-nausea. I had gone from a Panadol every now and then to be literally bursting full of poisons. “My long hair stayed put for two treatments before it started coming out in clumps. So, we sat in the kitchen and each member of my family took turns to shave my head. It was really cool to have them be a part of it. It was liberating and devastating at the same time, but I ended up loving being bald. The rain on my bald head was such a joy.” Marama says the fatigue was “unreal”; After chemo on a Friday, she would sleep most of the weekend. “It was like the absolute worst hangover without the good time getting there. It was miserable.” The tumultuous journey also entailed the bittersweet postponement of chemo twice due to low white blood and neutrophil cell counts, along with several blood transfusions to increase depleted iron levels. “I always cried when it was postponed. I was so impatient to get to the end that I was always disappointed when I couldn’t have a treatment. The upside was that extra days between treatment made the world of difference to how I felt.” The daily cocktail of meds and steroids and having no appetite for anything but toast saw her gain 14kg in nine months. “It felt so unfair to be so sick on the inside and gain so much weight on the outside.” During surgery to have a port-a-cath inserted in her chest, Marama discovered that she was severely anaphylactic to patent blue dye, ending up in ICU in Auckland Hospital and having it inserted with a local anaesthetic. Marama describes this as an “absolute surreal experience

“I was determined to beat cancer. I truly had a mind-set I would be ok. The experts were all confident and therefore I was too. My friend survived and so would I, plus I had too much to live for. ... " to be awake in an operating theatre with a sheet over my head.” “Even though the treatment was tough, and I was utterly miserable, I was so motivated to keep going. After two treatments alone, I couldn’t feel the lump anymore. Vanessa could still make it out, but it’s reducing reaction to the treatment gave me amazing hope and strength to keep going.” Genetic testing showed that Marama had a faulty BRCA 2 gene passed from a parent which meant she had a 70 per cent chance of getting breast cancer at an early age. This made her eligible for a bilateral mastectomy to include preventative removal of the left breast as well as the affected one. She had 12-hour surgery to remove the port-a-cath in her chest, the breast tissue from both breasts and have breast reconstruction using her own body fat removed from the stomach. “It was a 12-week recovery. But I have a fab pair of new boobs with no breast tissue to get cancer!” This positive attitude and her determination paid off when, at home recovering from the surgery, she received a phone call from Vanessa informing her she had a “Pathological Complete Response” to treatment and no signs of cancer cells were detected in the breast tissue and lymph nodes. “I was cancer free! I had a wee cry of relief and then called my mum and closest friends to share the good news.” Marama credits her 100 per cent positive mind-set for getting her through, along with private health insurance, aqua fit classes, the staff at Canopy Cancer Care, her spa pool to ease the aches and pains and the love and support of her friends and family, including “my kids and the job I still had to do as their mum, and my rock of a husband.” “I was determined to beat cancer. I truly had a mind-set I would be ok. The experts were all confident and therefore I was too. My friend survived and so would I, plus I had too much to live for. “Vanessa was amazing throughout. She, right from the outset, said this is a curable disease and she was confident we could treat it with a positive

Marama and Malcolm with their children Kauri, Hurae and Hana.

outcome. Her confidence in the treatment plan made me confident that I would survive.” During her chemo treatment, so many friends came to keep her company that it had to be held in the big room. She also had dinners, baking and care packages delivered, help with the kids and absent friends topping up her pools card and sending vouchers for family outings. In addition, her crossfit gym (Central Fitness and Wellbeing) ran a fundraiser workout for Marama and another member with cancer, enabling her son to attend a school trip to Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits on Great Barrier.

Marama and her “rock” Malcolm.

Alongside her journey, Marama kept a Facebook messenger chat for friends and family who wanted to be included. “I overshared everything on that chat. The good, the bad and the ugly. I found that sharing everything made my load lighter, as well as giving my friends information about cancer they didn’t know or assumed about cancer. That chat was a source of stress relief.” Thinking back to the day the diagnosis changed her life, Marama says: “It was lockdown so we were at home and appreciating the blessing of lockdown for us as a

family. Slowing down and enjoying time together. If it wasn’t for lockdown, I may not have slowed down enough to do a self-exam that day and left it for another week. Who knows? “The ‘life is short’ saying was never truer than when you are faced with a potentially short one. Hug your loved ones as often as you can.” And she has further messages for women: “Early detection is key! Early detection saves lives. If you are familiar with what your normal is, then the abnormal will absolutely stand out. You will know when that’s not right. “No amount of feeling whakama (shame) about having scans and smears is worth the dread of being told you have cancer. Also, get your body healthy and fit. Not to fit into a bikini in summer or to be a size whatever, but do it so if, you ever need it to, your body will be strong for you when you need it most; to support and get you through.” As a carrier, there is a 50 per cent chance Marama will pass the gene onto her children giving them increased risk of breast, ovarian and pancreatic cancer. They will have the blood test for the faulty gene when they are 18 and have risk reducing options made available to them. The faulty BRCA 2 gene also takes her stats of getting ovarian cancer from 1/100 to 1/5 so she is currently in the process of having them removed. Meanwhile, Marama, who returned to work at Morningside School three days a week in term one, is feeling privileged to be here this Mother’s Day - although it’s looking like breakfast in bed is off the cards. “I will be spending Mother’s Day at rugby as it will be (13-year-old) Kauri’s first rugby game of the season… but I’m not complaining.”


Women in Business

The salt of the earth Born and bred in Northland with a rich and colourful background that has seen Stephanie Porowini endure many unique hardships, this is a woman who can be distinguished as the ‘salt of the earth’.


self-made success, not only as a mother and wife but as a highly soughtafter real estate agent at Harcourts Whangarei, Stephanie is determined and dedicated to levelling up. She is a straight talker and has an accomplished air about her, quite likely due to her commitment to making the very best out of whatever life hands over. With a proclivity towards being entrepreneurial, Steph has always worked for herself making income via her own means which has seen her career include house cleaning, telemarketing, online sales and was one of the original cofounders for Savvy. Running a household of five children alongside Mark, her husband of almost 20 years, is a challenge in itself, but together they have created a strong foundation that sees them thriving; not only as the independent individuals they raised their children to be, but as a tight knit family unit with a strong, unbreakable bond. The youngest child Shelby who is now four, was born with a heart condition which soon led to

the comprehension that he had down syndrome which brought the family back to homelands from overseas where Steph was working as a licensed real estate agent. With many surgeries, late nights and emergencies it has been an arduous and surprising journey but one they wouldn’t change for the world as it has been a blessing at best, leading to many healing and inspiring experiences that has seen Stephanie develop into the devoted and compassionate force of nature she is today. Stephanie has a tendency to take others under her wing with an understanding of what it takes to build oneself up, always looking after those less fortunate establishing long lasting relationships with many people of varying backgrounds. She had always wanted to be a real estate agent and by following her dreams through her commitment, she has become an award-winning agent with integrity, ambition and charisma. Steph leads a high-paced, high-demand lifestyle balanced by downtime with her family and one she excels in and absolutely loves.

Steph leads a high-paced, high-demand lifestyle balanced by downtime with her family and one she excels in and absolutely loves.

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Sandi with her mother Shirley Julian

Mother’s Day Q&A

with Sandi Oxenham owner of Santreno Shoes Why are you passionate about the industry you’re in? Oh that’s easy... just a love of shoes

What advice do you give them that they ignore Always make your bed as soon as you get up!

Which piece of advice from your mother has resonated with you the most? Always have a smile on your face and good shoes on your feet.

How will you realistically be spending this Mother’s Day? High tea, wearing my Sunday best.

Which piece of advice did you ignore? None... everyone knows mothers are always right.

And a few words from Shirley (Sandi’s Mum): “I always admire Sandi as she is such a hard-working and caring person. She is a wonderful daughter!”

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What advice do you find yourself telling your own children? Always make your bed as soon as you get up.


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Locally Owned & Operated SAVVY | 7


Dawn and Bill Polwarth – Karen & Cheryl's parents


Mother’s Day Q&A with twin sisters at Polwarth Design CHERYL POLWART Why are you passionate about the industry you’re in? I love making a difference, helping people, and, in the process, solving problems.


Open Mon-Sat | 78 Victoria Street Phone 09 439 7341

www.polwarthdesign.co.nz Like us on 8 | SAVVY

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Be positive, learn from your past mistakes and treat others how you would like to be treated.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Describe your perfect Mother's Day.

I wanted to be an archaeologist. I love Khaki, I love safari suits. Wide leather belts, elephant hunting hard hats, and Doc Martin boots. My perfect occupation. Oh yes, traveling to exotic places and scratching around a few ruins was going to dirty my suit but it did also seem appealing.

Weekend away with the family at the beach. Hanging out with the grandchildren. Wining and dining at our favorite restaurants and having loads of fun and laughter playing board games, singing, E-Biking and walking.


Open 7 Days | Okara Shopping Centre Phone 09 438 9697 | Now open till 6pm on weekdays

What advice do you find yourself giving your children?

I used to tell my twins that they needed to be scientists so they could find us a new planet. They are 10 years older than my other two boys and acid rain was the new terror. Well, that hasn't happened yet. lol

“Watch your figures girls”. Mum was always concerned about overeating and our weight. She didn't want us struggling with weight issues. Hence the constant different eating plans over the years lol, Fasting or feasting!!! Got sorted over time.

With a wide range of knitwear including jumpers, cardigans, sweaters and oversized knits, you are bound to find what you’re looking for at Polwarth Design today!

Mum taught us to drive. But she was a very cautious, hesitant, terrible driver. Probably because she got her license as an adult and not many women drove when we were kids. I ignored her advice given through fear of driving. I love to drive.

This is a 36-year love affair with fashion and people. Polwarth Design is like our home and we share our thoughts, ideas, and stories together while finding the best outfit you can buy to suit your occasion. Often it's something you never expected to try. Nothing is a “given". The boundaries and comfort zones are always pushed and you will never be called “predictable”.

What piece of advice from your mother has resonated with you most?

Now is the perfect time to invest in some great new-season knitwear. These chic, trans-seasonal essentials will help bring style to your wardrobe, playing with proportions and adding texture.

Which piece of advice did you ignore?

Why are you passionate about the industry you’re in? I love fashion and clothes, but mostly I'm a people person. I just thrive on connecting with people, resonating with them, sharing their experiences, and solving problems. Every day is a little part What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be an airhostess. I thought it would be such a glamorous job and you got paid to travel. I’d grown up at the Manukau Heads watching all those planes flying overhead and always wanted to be on one. Which piece of advice from your mother has resonated with you the most? Mother was always well presented. She sewed everything we wore and her own clothes, keeping a close eye on fashion, so much so that we were sporting midi skirts and black patent boots before anyone in our area. First impressions counted, she always said, so remember to always leave the house looking smart as you never know what is around the corner. I have always tried to follow this ‘look good, feel good’ advice so much so that we have made a business out of it. Which actions did you ignore? Coming from a massive family of 19 siblings, mother was never a ‘foodie’, she dished up what was necessary to feed our family of seven. There were no frills and no leftovers. Dried apricots were our biggest treat, requiring a stool, balanced on a chair to extract them from the top cupboard. I always swore that I would never scrimp on food with my family, that there would

What does Mother's Day mean to you? Family, Family, Family.

How will you realistically be spending this Mother's Day? Definitely a sleep-in. Quick house clean as have worked all week. Check the garden and fruit trees for bugs (obsessive). Possibly out for lunch or dinner, depending how sociable l'm feeling as being home is such a treat!! All the time, keeping my phone near to me for my four Mother's Day calls to come through.

always be delicious healthy choices in the fridge and pantry to feed four growing boys and that they had scrumptious school lunches. What advice do you find yourself telling your own children? Find an industry or occupation that you resonate with and it won’t feel like a job, more a passion. What does Mother’s Day mean to you? It’s a time to connect with family and to remember my own mother who would have revelled in the 30 years she missed out on. Describe your perfect Mother’s Day: Having lunch/dinner together with my partner, my four sons, their gorgeous partners and my two granddaughters. How will you realistically be spending this Mother’s Day: Relaxing in a tidy house, chatting with my two boys and their partners in Perth and sharing lunch or dinner with my partner and NZ son, daughter-in-law and my two gorgeous, funny, naughty, delightful, cheeky granddaughters.

Karen and Cheryl celebrating their 21st birthday with their parents


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Shop the extensive Angel En Provence range at Xtreme Shampoo Shoppe: • ROSE for Curly Hair • HELICHRYSUM for Dry/Damaged Hair • ORANGE FLOWER for Coloured Hair • GREEN TEA for Dandruff or Extremely Oily Scalp • VERBENA for Oil Control • ROSEMARY to Prevent Hair Loss • LAVENDER for Fine/Limp Hair • LAVENDER VIOLET TONE CORRECTING for blonde hair • IRIS for restoration, or GRAPEFRUIT for Straight or Chemically Damaged Hair

VIKKI’S MOTHER’S DAY HIGHLIGHTS: “My kids would normally take me out to their favourite restaurant for lunch after Sunday Church service on Mother’s Day. And, of course, my husband and I would end up paying for the meal most of the time. It is more like a treat for the kids than myself. But I don’t mind as we have a lot of fun and laughs.” Vikki from Xtreme Shampoo Shop



MOTHER’S DAY Organic Natural Ingredients • No Parabens • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate • No Laureth Sulfate • No Mineral Oil • No Parafin Oil • No Propylene Glycol • No Animal Testing

GIVEAWAY Wild Fire Lipstick


Great value as you receive a full size mask for free!

RRP $62



10 | SAVVY

Ph 09 438 1933

The Strand Arcade, Whangarei www.xtremeshampooshop.co.nz

Unleash your free spirit with Living Nature’s Wild Fire natural lipstick, a beautiful warm red with orange undertones. Offering a smooth semi-matte finish and vibrant colour in one creamy swipe, Wild Fire will inspire you to tackle your day with confidence. RRP $33.00.

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High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)


A revolutionary approach to facelifts As you grow older, you’ve probably noticed the wrinkles around your eyes have become much more prominent.


hose eyebrows aren’t as arched as they were 5 years ago. Wait, you don’t remember your jawline looking this jowly! You might have considered getting surgery, but it looks far too painful. Plus, you’d be out of work for a couple of weeks, which just isn’t doable. What if you could have a non-surgical face lift to help you fight the signs of ageing? Would you be interested in a non-invasive procedure that has no recovery time, but could still help you retain a more youthful appearance? High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) also known ‘Ultrasound Facelift’ or ‘Ultherapy’ has become one of the most sought-after lifting treatments for face and neck and is a revolutionary alternative to cosmetic facelifts that require going under the knife. The treatment lifts and tones the face, neck and eyes resulting in a dramatic yet natural uplift, without surgery, with longstanding results. Though other non-invasive treatments have had promising results, the ability to target multiple layers beneath the skin is what sets HIFU apart. Unlike surgery, HIFU is affordable and doesn’t require you to have downtime following the treatment. HIFU uses ultrasound energy to apply heat to specific depths of the skin which boosts the body’s healing responses, this naturally increases the levels of collagen in the tissues, helping to reduce the sign of ageing, for a younger and more refreshed appearance.

Who is suitable for treatment? HIFU is suitable for someone who is over the age of 30 and has noticed that the skin on their face or neck has start to show signs of ageing. The stimulated collagen production will help lift and tighten the treated area to help delay the ageing process.

What can be treated using HIFU? • Brow lifting • Jowl lifting • Mid face lifting • Nasolabial fold reduction • Neck lifting and tightening • Overall skin tightening and rejuvenation Does it hurt? Most people do not report pain. There can be slight aching over bony areas or a warm sensation in the skin during treatment. Is there any downtime? One of the benefits of this treatment is that there is no downtime. Most people return to normal activities right away. Are there any side effects? There may be slight redness to the treated area following the session. At most, patients may feel tingling and tenderness to the touch after the treatment. All potential side-effects will be discussed by the practitioner prior to treatment. Can HIFU be combined with other treatments? Often HIFU is used alongside other treatments to enhance results: Thread-lift, Fillers, Botox, Dermalift and Pico Laser Rejuvenation.


30-90 minutes (approx)

Back to Work



Not Required

Sensitivity Period

2-3 days Estimated

No. of Treatments

1-3 treatments


2-6 months*

Results Duration

1-2 Years*

Potential Risks

Mild redness, swelling & tenderness

*Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person and are based on factors such as age, lifestyle habits and medical history.

At Facedoctors Northland, you’ll be at complete ease with our specialists, who have a wealth of experience with the top-class technology and really do care about the results that you want to see. Take advantage of this introductory offer starting from $599 and book your free consultation today!


FREE Eyeworks

when you book a 1 hour facial

Or grab a GIFT VOUCHER for a special mum!


Derma needling • Hair Removal IPL • Makeup • Facials • Manicures Body Treatment/Massage • Waxing • Eye Works • Anti-Aging Treatments Pigmentation Treatments • Acne Treatments • Injectables • Lip Enhancements Vampire Facials • Non-Cancerous Mole Removal • Non-Surgical Double Chin Removal

KERIKERI - 3 Homestead Rd Ph 09 430 2201 • 021 385 186

WHANGAREI - 8 Quality St Ph 09 430 2201 • 021 385 182

WARKWORTH - 2 Kapanui St Ph 021 385 183

www.facedoctorsnorthland.co.nz Follow us on instagram facedoctors_northland SAVVY | 11


LED LIGHT THERAPY LED light therapy is used for a variation of skin problems including acne, psoriasis, perioral dermatitis, rosacea and to enhance the healing of wounds.


t is also helpful after skin surgery, speeding up the healing process and can help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In combination with medicated creams, it is a popular treatment for early stages of certain skin cancers and severely sun damaged skin. It is a non-invasive skin treatment using the good out of daylight without including harmful UV rays. LED or "light emitting diodes", have been available since the

1960s, but only recently have grown in popularity for use as a therapeutic skin treatment. The treatment uses different wavelengths of light including blue, red, yellow, and green, penetrating the skin at different depths. Depending on the wavelength, different biological processes are triggered. For example, blue light interferes with the metabolism of bacteria that cause acne. Red light activates natural healing processes and has anti-inflammatory potency. It activates fibroblasts, fibroblasts play an important role in collagen production. Collagen makes our skin look healthier and younger. Before The LED light is delivered using a high-intensity source. Modern therapy units can be programmed to deliver a variation of frequencies to tailor your individual treatment. Large areas of the body can be treated at a time. One treatment takes between 20 and 30 min on average, it is painless and After usually considered very relaxing.


It is necessary to have several treatment sessions before noticing an improvement in skin appearance. People usually see the best results several weeks after their last treatment. Follow-up treatments may be necessary to maintain results. LED light therapy is considered safe. However, people suffering from serious medical conditions or taking medication that increase sensitivity to light like doxycycline or isotretinoin should consult a medical professional before treatment.


LED does not contain ultraviolet rays, making treatment safe for regular use. Treatments are non-invasive and do not cause burning or pain. Side effects are not common. When they do occur, they are mild and may include short term redness, feeling of warmth and mild tenderness. All this makes LED light therapy a medication free, non-invasive option for the treatment of multiple skin conditions. Please feel free to arrange an appointment at Whangarei Skin Clinic to discuss if this treatment is suitable for you.




• Surgical/Non-Surgical Skin Cancer treatment

• Botulinum Toxin Treatments

• Radiofrequency Surgery

• Dermal Fillers

• Complete skin cancer checks

• Microneedling • Advanced Platelet Rich Therapy (PRP)

“MUM’s The Word!”

Let her know how special she is, give the gift of good skin this mother’s day. Gift vouchers available. Opening Hours Monday to Friday 9am - 4.30pm Exception Thursday 10.30am - 6pm (Evening Surgery) 12 | SAVVY

Phone 09 4370852

E Info@whgskinclinic.co.nz www.whangareiskinclinic.co.nz

• Skincare products, & certified natural Ocean friendly sunscreens available • Nonsurgical Thread Facelift procedure • Led Light Therapy

85 Hatea Drive, Regent Whangarei 0112


Health & Wellbeing

Tour Aotearoa February 2021:

The road less travelled Whangarei local and Savvy contributor Tracey Harvey recently undertook one of the world’s greatest bikepacking trips around Aotearoa. Tour Aoteatoa stretches 3,000km from Cape Reinga to Bluff and follows a combination of cycle trails, tracks, paths and lanes connected by pleasant country roads. Here, she shares the experience with Savvy readers.


here is no need for medication or meditation to form healthy thoughts and find inner peace. To learn how not to sweat the small stuff you just need to ride a bike. When I ride, I live entirely in the moment, in that space at that time. It would be wrong to say that I enjoy it or that it makes me happy but neither does the opposite apply. What I enjoy is losing myself. And, yes, sometimes on my journey I was lost, not only mentally, but physically as well, but they are long stories… Why did I join a hardcore group of cyclists to attempt to ride from Cape Reinga to Bluff in no more than 30 days? A journey of over 3,000kms? No, I do not consider myself a hardcore cyclist! I ride on a Wednesday night with a group of mountain bikers and we usually do between 12-19 kms. Reason number 1: My friend Liz told me to (She is a very compelling person). Reason number 2: My mountain biking buddy Shane wanted me to. Reason number 3: It would be taking the road less travelled.

Reason number 4: It seemed like a stupid thing to do. Reason number 5: 30 days away from a manic and often stressed household. Any mother would understand that reason number 5 should have been enough on its own but when all the reasons combined, they became insurmountable. My journey began in August 2020. Lockdown level 4 had given me the space and time to ride my bike around the block once or twice. It’s about 19kms and I must say I thought myself pretty fly (ask your kids what fly means). I went bike shopping. Truly, it’s no harder than buying shoes, albeit expensive shoes. • Fit for purpose • The correct size • Value for money • Pretty colour From there it’s just rubber to the road. Through all of this, the best resource for me was a Facebook forum called Tour Aotearoa: General forum. There were loads of stupid questions being asked (thank goodness) and answered but also lots of great advice. Then the local bike shop to discuss the advice with long

suffering Brent at Missing Link. In many ways the training and planning was harder than the whole. I had to be reminded many times, “It’s the journey, not the destination” as I professed loudly, “This is too hard” as the deadline loomed and I felt very unready. By now it had dawned on me that 100kms a day, day after day, is a long way from 19kms once a week. I could wax lyrical of how the journey went with a blow-by-blow description of the beauty, the people I met, the tears, the elation and the pain of the 30 days I rode back-to-back from Cape Reinga to Bluff but I think you should do it yourself. On the surface, it seems a physical challenge but it is, in fact, a mental challenge and, as Liz said, “If I can do it, so can you”. There is no need for medication or meditation you just need to ride a bike.


Feeling Stuck? Going round in circles repeating same old patterns, getting the same old results?

GET THE SUPPORT YOU DESERVE WITH LIFE COACHING and experience more... • energy • direction • happiness • confidence 027 368 5969 SAVVY | 13

Rachel Moore

Registered Acupuncturist. ACC Reg.

09 972 7121

Benjamin Malpas Registered Massage Therapist


Your health in our hands!

Siobhan Russell, Exercise Professional

Benji is a qualified massage therapist with over 10 years’ experience. His treatments are therapeutic and tailored to your individual needs whether that’s sports massage, myofascial release, deep tissue, pregnancy or relaxation. With a natural intuitive style, Benji’s pressure is sublime and his hands are guaranteed to unwind the tension stored in the body. Rachel is an acupuncturist and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine with 20 years’ experience. She is highly-skilled in internal medicine, facial rejuvenation, aka facelift, fertility, and musculoskeletal treatments (ACC provider). So when it comes to your health, injuries and beauty, inside and out we’ve got you covered!

Your most important asset is your people (He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata), and it’s good for business to ensure the health and wellbeing of your employees is a priority. Let me help your workplace by amplifying your current Health & Wellbeing systems by providing resources that will only improve your workforce. Customised group exercise sessions, interactive monthly newsletters, nutritional support, and more. Employees who feel healthy and supported are more productive, engaged, resilient, creative, and generally perform better. The Energy Hub, Health & Wellbeing your way. www.theenergyhub.space

Showcasing services and offers to support your health and wellness journey!

Introducing JANE BENNETT

Traditional Thai Massage

Jane joined the Stem Cell Nutrition Team more than five years ago after a major turn around with her own health issues. She is now determined to ‘spread the word’ to anyone who is interested. Jane holds seminars and talks with groups of all sizes. ‘I have got my life back so I’m here to help others do the same.' JANE’S QUALIFICATIONS: • 240V Electrician • Sports Therapy (UK Dip) • Anatomy, Physiology and Massage (UK Dip) • Equine Sports Therapy (UK Dip) • Consultant for Stem Cell Nutrition and IBO (Independent business operator

Thai massage combines acupressure points from China and assisted Yogie stretching from India which opens up the body energetically and physically. Thai massage increases vascular activity which breaks up and moves trapped toxins. Thai massage is unique because it directs all the toxins out, both energetically and physiologically you don’t feel sedated after a session. On the contrary you feel centred and grounded when the massage is over. BOOK NOW with Whangarei Thai Therapy - the most trusted name in Whangarei with over 18 years of industry experience! 60 mins $85 / 90 mins $120


US Biotech giant Cerule brings adult stem cell release support to New Zealand. Experience the benefits like thousands of Americans do, today.

Every time you take 2 capsules you support the body’s natural release of adult stem cells. These can become any cell type in the body that needs replacing. Call stem cell support adviser with 10 years’ experience, Jane Bennett, for a free consultation. Read the label, take as directed.

Phone for a Free Consultation - 021 526 342 Jane Bennett, Waikato TAPS 1260RS 14 | SAVVY

Gift love & relaxation to mum this Mother’s Day




Thai Therapy

Come experience the kindness & efficient benefits of stretching, releasing tension,and relaxation! 2 Grey St, Regent, Whangarei · Open 7 Days 9am – 7pm Ph 09 438 1664 or 021 0296 1004 · www.whangareithaitherapy.co.nz

Health & Wellbeing


About 50 per cent of patients with rosacea experience eye symptoms such as dryness, irritation or watery eyes...


osacea is a skin condition which commonly affects the over 30s usually involving the face including the nose, cheeks, forehead, and eyelids. It is an adult form of acne where the skin becomes thickened and greasy with small dilated blood vessels (Telangectasia) and pimples. The nose often becomes red and enlarged (Rhinophyma) in severe cases. Rosacea has a gradual onset, and usually affects fair-skinned people. In severe cases it is very obvious but in many patients it is more subtle and is only diagnosed when it causes problems with the eyes or eyelids. It is not an infection or cancer, but rather a form of inflammation where the patient’s own body is reacting to the skin glands. It is commonly

thought that it is caused by drinking alcohol, but this is an old wives’ tale and, rather, alcohol causes flushing which makes it more apparent. It may be exacerbated by sun exposure, spicy foods some medications and emotional upsets. Rosacea is not simply a cosmetic problem, however - it often affects the eyelids and hence the eyes themselves leading to multiple problems with vision and discomfort. About 50 per cent of patients with rosacea experience eye symptoms such as dryness, irritation or watery eyes. The eyelids contain oil glands called the Meibomian glands which normally produce a thin runny oil to lubricate between the eyelids and the

Patients with eye problems due to rosacea often need long-term care by an ophthalmologist with ongoing drops and other medications.

• Ophthalmic Eye Examinations


• Cataract Extraction and lens implant • Pterygium Excision plus conjunctive graft • Injection for wet age related Macular Degeneration • Glaucoma treatment


eye itself. These glands are the same sort of gland which are affected by rosacea, and it causes them to produce abnormal thick secretions which lead to recurrent infections on the eyelids (Blepharitis) and blocked glands which become cysts (Chalazion). Over time, the abnormal secretions can cause corneal ulcers, scarring and ingrowth of blood vessels which can severely impact vision (Rosacea Keratitis). Patients with eye problems due to rosacea often need long-term care by an ophthalmologist with ongoing drops and other medications. Rosacea is a chronic condition which cannot be permanently cured but can be controlled well using treatments including topical treatments such as creams and ointments, anti-fungal shampoos, long-term courses of Tetracycline antibiotics which can influence the glands involved, and most recently Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment, which can give sustained improvement both cosmetically and in eye symptoms.

• Cataract surgery Help is only a phone call away 0800 11 0030

Wishin ga Northla ll women nd happy W a very om Day 20 en’s 21


David Dalziel and Andrew Watts Ph: 09-972 7022 12 Kensington Ave, Whangarei Fax: 09-972 7026 Email: pceyes@xtra.co.nz Website: www.bit.do/EyeCentre SAVVY | 15


SUPPORT CREW St John Therapy Pets have been providing furry support in the community since 1998. Johanna Thornton meets some of the team.


eet Mika, Oscar, Ada and Loki, some of St John’s dedicated team of therapy pets bringing support and cheer to hospitals in Auckland. These special dogs are part of a wider community of volunteer dogs and their owners (Anne Shepherd, Sandra Vandenberg and Vicky Parry own Oscar, Loki and Ada) who visit hospitals, schools, rest homes and rehabilitation centres through St John’s Outreach Therapy Pets programme. Founded in 1998 in Auckland by the SPCA, the programme is now available nationwide and today is run solely by ambulance and community service St John. The pets in this programme, which have included cats, reptiles, bunnies and birds, support people’s wellbeing by improving a range of physical, social, emotional and cognitive functions. Bonding with animals has myriad benefits, from reducing feelings of depression, loneliness, boredom, and anxiety, to controlling

blood pressure, heightening sensations and stimulating the senses. For St John Outreach Therapy Pets Auckland Hospital team leader and volunteer Laura Wells, it’s about bringing cheer to someone’s day. “I would genuinely say that this service really makes a person’s day. Being able to make a difference is one of the reasons I do this, and I know it’s why others do it too.” Laura, who is Mika the samoyed’s owner (with husband and fellow volunteer Aldo), has been with the programme for seven years and says it’s not just the value that she and her team of volunteers bring to others, but what they get back too. “I think you get back as much, if not more sometimes, than you put into the volunteering.” She and her team visit Auckland Hospital and Starship on a roster of scheduled visits. Laura says a typical Starship visit will see a hospital volunteer accompany volunteers and their dogs to the family room, where children and their families can come in for a cuddle. For those who can’t leave their rooms, the dogs will do a ward walk and stand outside children’s rooms to say hello. Sometimes they’re allowed to go into the room when a child is unable to leave their bed. No matter a child’s situation, a visit from the dogs


are C r h 4 2

Clockwise from top: Ada the Siberian husky; Mika the samoyed; Oscar the griffon x shih tzu and Loki the staffy. Photos: Babiche Martens

brings smiles and delight, says Laura. “Even when life’s been really tough for them and they’ve had a whole range of procedures or they’re sick from treatments or medications, the dogs can’t help but bring a smile to their face. It’s the comfort, being close to the dog that helps them. We get feedback from families who say, ‘We couldn’t get him out of his room and now, because the dog’s here, he’s going to get up and move.’ And that’s part of the healing process for them – moving around.” Animals’ unconditional love and friendship rubs off on people of all ages. “Dogs don’t judge,” says Laura. They accept ailments, frailties,

If you are interested in finding out more about St John Therapy Pets email chsadmin@ stjohn.org.nz

The newest boarding centre in TOWN Bookings from $29* per night *depending on number of days attending kindy

From just $17/Day/Dog* Indoor & Outdoor Monday - Friday 7:00am - 6:00pm Sat - 7:30am - 5:30pm Sun - 8am - 5:30pm

8 Bounty Place Raumanga, Whangarei P 430 0755 M 022 030 8789 16 | SAVVY

handicaps, confusion, and provide a calming presence that only an animal can. St John’s Outreach Therapy Pets programme is looking for volunteers to continue its work in the community. “Compassion is key for someone who wants to volunteer. If they feel they have a dog that has the right temperament, and they’ve got the desire and the time to contribute, to make a difference, that would be amazing.”

Fully Supervised Fully Entertained Separated Play Yards Great Customer Service

Supporting our community


1920 Packard Truck BY GERALDINE CRAW


n the Steam Room at the Packard Motor Museum is a line-up of pre-WW2 trucks. One certainly stands out from the crowd, our bright-blue 1920 Packard stake-sided truck. The truck is built with a flat deck containing sockets along the sides so upright stakes can be fixed into them. The stakes form a fence around the cargo area allowing the transport of animals and other freight. Initially Packard produced automobiles; but a Mr Henry Joy, wrote to James Packard, proposing that Packard develop an all-season durable vehicle. He saw an opportunity for a delivery vehicle that would replace horsedrawn wagons around city streets. In 1903, Packard built its first delivery truck but it wasn’t until the company moved to Detroit that they became known as a truck manufacturer. By the time WW1 occurred, Packard trucks were popular, especially with the US military. They were rugged, durable and dependable. In the 1915/1916 years, due to orders from the army, the production of Packard trucks far exceeded their automobiles.

truc ucks ks Early trucks used solid-rubber tyres due to their weight. Packard was the first company to introduce pneumatic tyres on larger trucks. In 1920, Packard produced three pneumatic-tyred model models; els; s; our truck being one of these these. The pneumatic tyre gave the trucks higher speed capabilities – almost double that of a solid-rubber

Fishing Tips And Tales Another month has passed with plenty of reports of good snapper catches in Whangarei Harbour and out around the coastline. Inside our beautiful harbour, the snapper quality has been very good; many fish around 400mm and quite often snapper 500-600mm are being caught. These bigger snappers are heaps of fun in shallow water, often being caught in as little as 1.5m. A few stingrays being caught are a nuisance but, with a bit of care, they can be released unharmed. Current flow/direction can make a big difference with many reporting outgoing tide is giving the best results. As I write this, I am looking out at Limestone Island, the tide is going out, there are quite a number of boats visible, mostly anchored in the main channel and there are plenty in the channel all the way down toward One Tree Point. Some boats are drift fishing Grant Couchman found this dead turtle in the harbour at Takahiwai recently, likely to have been hit by a boat.


which can also be successful. Behind Limestone Island in the channel to Portland has also been fishing well. Edges of sand banks and channel edges out of Parua Bay and throughout the harbour are good places to fish. Using “running rigs” and ledger rigs cast well away from the boat, mullet, squid, small mackerel, and bonito baits are all getting results. Congratulations to Tim Mann catching his first striped marlin from his boat, he was using a shotgun lure at the 90m area off Ocean Beach. For those travelling a bit further, some good snapper are being caught out off Ocean Beach and a few succulent terakihi as well. The Hen and Chicks are also giving good results for snapper and occasional kingfish. This good harbour fishing will likely continue for a month or maybe more, as long as the water stays warm. Grant Couchman found a dead turtle in the harbour at Takahiwai recently. By the damage to its shell, it appeared to have been hit by a boat, but as they swim just under the water, it is unlikely to have been seen by a boatie who has likely got damage to his propeller. Sad that this unusual, special visitor has died this way. Tight Lines, John Vowless

tyre. A major drawback of these new pneumatic-tyred 1920 models was their price tag, almost a thousand dollars more than their solid-tyred counterparts. At the end of the war, the Army sold off their surplus trucks and late 1920 also saw an economic downturn. The result was almost a 50 per cent drop in new truck sales. By 1923, Packard ceased truck production to concentrate on their more profitable automobiles.

2021 Waipu Cove Women’s Fishing Competition The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants, skippers and spectators. The weather was absolutely perfect and the wind and swell played the game too, letting the ladies have a nice relaxing morning on the water with a bit of a bump on the way home - knot bad! All skippers stuck to their own limits and everyone got home safely, a job well done. This year we had 79 Female Anglers participating, our largest turn-out yet. With your generous support, we were able to ensure every single woman entered went home with a prize worth more or equal to the cost of her registration. We had 12 main categories this year; First-third in Snapper, Kahawai and Other species, plus Mystery Weight, Skipper of the Day and the Good Sport Award. These ladies and one gentleman, were the luckiest of the day. They had buckets, and bags, and arms and hands FULL of prizes, worth a pretty penny. Your support was huge, and we are so grateful. At our fish auction, we raised $2240 for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation and we are so pleased! So here we are, with 2021 WCWFC all wrapped up. We are already working on our 2022 competition with improvements and changes to be made as well as a new poster with our 2021 Champion on it!

WOF • REPAIRS SERVICES • MAINTENANCE BATTERIES AND TYRES Your local garage for honest, friendly service

A collection that began in the early 1950’s on a farm at Anawhata

OPE Wed N: 10am to Sat PH: 0 to 4pm 9 434 8214

Proudly supporting y the community MALCOLM & SALLY MEEK 1 Church Street, Onerahi rahi

Phone: 09 436 5971 E: admin@onerahigarage.co.nz ge.co.nz .co.nz W: www.onerahigarage.co.nz

B Boat trailers avail now. SAVVY | 17

Supporting our community

City’s historical buildings brought to life by local artists Whangārei Museum’s latest special exhibition Drawing Our Heritage partners with Creative Northland to share local art inspired by our built heritage.

H Artist Alex Moyse, with “The Passing of Time”, Eccles Store 1890’s

undreds of photographs, archival documents and other items in Whangārei Museum’s collection record the history of our city’s prominent buildings. While these items are now the only remains of much of Whangārei’s built heritage, many perspectives can still be enjoyed through our collections and those few buildings that remain standing. Drawing Our Heritage brings these places to life through the perspectives of a selection of local artists. We asked the artists to select a building featured in our museum collection and to consider the place with an artistic and creative purpose to produce new works especially for this exhibition. As visitors, you can appreciate our heritage by seeing it through new

eyes, reinterpreted by the artists. Textures, colours, shapes, landscapes, and personal histories have been reworked to produce an array of media, including ink on canvas, photography, multi-media, prints, carving, and oil and acrylic paintings. Artists on display are Hamish Oakley-Browne, Sally Spicer, Julia Newland, Ros May, Cecilia De Donatis, Judy Woods, Alex Moyse, Josh KiwiKiwi, Katy Davidson, Isaiah Rameka, Olivia Garelja, Murray Gibbs, and Jason Povey. By inviting such a range of artists with different backgrounds and artistic specialties, we have curated a special collection of new interpretations of local heritage. Prints of original historic photographs of the selected buildings in Whangārei Museum’s collection will be on display alongside the artwork.

Artist Isaiah Rameka with his work “Bank Street Crossroads”

You will be able to share in our celebration of Whangārei heritage as all of the works on display are available to purchase. The exhibition is now on display in the Mim Ringer Gallery at Kiwi North until July 26. Open 10am-4pm daily and included in general admission.

Exhibitions Curator Georgia Kerby and artist Josh Kiwikiwi with his “Jane Mander’s House”

B O O K E A R LY !


In Concert




Supporting our community

DIY MANIFEST The elements of DIY Culturalism are the use of mass-produced or minimal technologies and the sense of little or no need for formal training, often evolving from a lack of time and wealth and an unruly desire for the quick expression of one’s creative interests.

Moana by Peter Geekie

T Installation by Robert Scott

he normative response to an artistic vocation is either “go to University to study that” or “go and apply for a job doing that”, an Aladdin’s cave for some but model prisons for others. The DIY response is instead perverse, impatient, and maybe a bit presumptuous. DIY Culturalist work may lack finish, but academic Art has deconstructed finish for decades as a critique of commodification of Art, so that artists can keep commodifying it in our changing times. DIY Culturalists may lack connections but DIY creates its own connections. The ethos is egalitarian but also not, as it lets special qualities shine wherever they exist. There are some forms of artistic production that do not lend themselves to DIY – writing symphonic music or creating immersive narrative fictions in cinema require, respectively, years of training and industrial resources for most, but sometimes these began as DIY projects. DIY media include home recording

technologies (“lo-fi”), blog platforms, digital cameras, older modern and traditional technologies - felt-tip pens, print sets, found objects and bits of old magazines and books. If DIY Culturalists can find it free or in a secondhand shop, we’ll use it. Not forgetting Culture in the wider sense of the frame in which we appreciate everything that we and other people do, which can also be usefully collaged from scraps available free online and in a second-hand bookshop near you, as well as the usual libraries and art galleries. What makes it Art? Various combinations of meaning, mastery, beauty and a million other properties including the ability to embody personality into a thing. George Henderson The DIY Cultralist exhibition featuring DIY artists from around New Zealand is on now at Hangar Art and Framing, 14 Cross St Whangarei.

Hangar Art & Framing Stockists of quality local art Untitled_III, bandage necklace by Christine Cook

A Hump of Hill's by Barry Squire

14 Cross St, Regent, Whangarei E frameskamo@xtra.co.nz Ph 4381260 | www.hangarart.nz SAVVY | 19

Supporting our community Photos: Andi Crown Photography


EVERY BRILLIANT THING Ice-cream… Bumper boats… Stuffing from a hangī…

Silo Theatre, Every Brilliant Thing (2020)


hese are a few of the brilliant things exclaimed by the audience in Silo Theatre’s production of Every Brilliant Thing touring Northland this May. Every Brilliant Thing welcomes you into the theatre like a deep, warm hug from an aunt you have not seen in years. For a play that does not shy away from the tough talk surrounding mental health struggles, it is full of heart and humour, with The Guardian in 2014 calling it "One of the funniest plays you'll ever see about depression – and possibly one of the funniest plays you'll ever see, full stop..." As seasoned performer Jason Te Kare (Ngāti Maniapoto, Tainui) welcomes you into the theatre, you are charged to help list every brilliant thing that sparks joy in life – from Kung Fu movies to peeing in the sea when nobody knows. While the actor and audience together recount every brilliant thing on an everexpanding and life-affirming list, Te Kare’s character recounts his own struggles balancing the light against the dark. Every time we rejoice in the list together, we are reminded of how these brilliant things we surround ourselves with can armour, and sometimes rescue, us when battling our own mental health struggles. The play has been beloved since its premiere

Silo Theatre, Every Brilliant Thing (2020)

in 2014, and Silo Theatre’s production of Every Brilliant Thing was first mounted in a postlockdown Aotearoa in 2020. The work was described as a “flawless production” by the NZ Herald, and received countless standing ovations during its time at Te Tairāwhiti Arts Festival and in Silo’s hometown of Tāmaki Makaurau. Reflecting upon exactly why this work remains so pertinent, Silo Theatre’s Artistic Director, Sophie Roberts, comments “It is profoundly moving, healing and joyful. What really struck me was how uplifting a show about struggles with depression could be, it’s a story that helps people engage with tricky subject matter in a big-hearted and generous way.

Silo Theatre presents


Presenting this show at the end of 2020 after such a tumultuous year in the world felt like the perfect way to return after a period of our theatres being dark due to lockdowns.” Now it is Te Tai Tokerau’s turn to experience the work, coming to Whangarei’s ONEONESIX and to Rāwene Town Hall in Hokianga. Founder and Trustee of ONEONESIX, Laurel Devenie originally saw the Auckland season and felt it would be a perfect work for Silo to bring North “I knew immediately it would appeal to audiences here - it is accessible, delicate and quite irresistible. It touches on current, challenging conversations and appeals to a huge age range. ONEONESIX is excited to be finally hosting a work from Silo Theatre who are one of New Zealand's leading contemporary professional theatre companies.” Every Brilliant Thing is simultaneously cathartic and celebratory. Silo Theatre’s production packs a whole lot of heart, telling the tale in a uniquely Kiwi way, encouraging us to let down our guards a little and share the joy of laughter, even in the face of darkness. Showing for a strictly limited time at ONEONESIX May 5-8 and Rāwene Town Hall May 15, now is your chance to experience “must-see theatre”, and warm your heart with the joy of storytelling.


Silo Theatre, Every Brilliant Thing (2020)

Silo Theatre presents, EVERY BRILLIANT THING, By Duncan Macmillan with Jonny Donahoe, Directed by Danielle Cormack, Performed by Jason Te Kare •

Whangārei, May 5-8, 7PM ONEONESIX, 116 Bank St, Whangārei. Tickets $15 - $25* Tickets via Eventfinda • Hokianga, May 15, 7PM Rāwene Town Hall, 9 Parnell St, Rāwene Tickets $15 - $25* Tickets via Eventfinda *Booking fees may apply


By Duncan Macmillan with Jonny Donahoe

“Must-see theatre”—Theatreview Whangārei 5—8 May ONEONESIX, 116 Bank Street

Hokianga 15 May Rawene Town Hall, 9 Parnell Street, Rawene

Principal Partner Ngā Kaitautoko Hirahira

Sustaining Partners Ngā Kaitautoko ā-Ohu

Book tickets at eventfinda.co.nz ON

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Fully Licensed Take Away and Delivery available (Free Delivery over $100) Order online at www.amici.nz

The Italian risotto balls, arancini, which is pronounced: "a-ruhn-see-ni". Arancini is a diminutive of arancia or 'orange'. The name, which is translated as "little orange", derives from their shape and colour which after cooking is reminiscent of an orange. Arancini are small rice balls filled with roasted pumpkin, baby spinach & parmesan, coated in breadcrumbs and fried, served on Napoli sauce topped with parmesan.

Tuesday - Sunday Breakfast & Lunch 10am-3pm Dinner 5pm-9pm

Shop 13, Quality Street, Whangarei CBD. Ph: 09 438 2961 – www.amici.nz Follow us on FB: Amiciwhangarei


Fresh Gourmet Burger A smoky spiced blend flavours this home-made beef pattie. Finished off with a home-style smoky slow cooked whisky BBQ Flavour spicy sauce. On a bed of lettuce with beetroot, melted cheese, and homemade onion relish plus an egg on top! Served in a brioche burger bun.

Tex Mex Meaty Delights Fabulous TEX MEX meaty delights are not to be missed! Rubbed in our own homemade spices, then cooked low and slow to allow the meat to take on the full flavour, it is then smothered in our housemade texas bbq sauce for a rich earthy flavour that dances on the tongue with a tickle of heat! Pair these with our steak fries, onion rings and housemade slaw and you'll be coming back for more!


Takeout: RED2go 0800REDPIZZA Now delivering via Delivereasy.co.nz

Book Online: www.redmexicasa.co.nz Facebook: Red Mexi Casa Contact: (09) 4595380

Opp Kensington Crossroads Plenty of free customer parking.

LARGE GROUPS & VENUE HIRE Contact bookings@mexicasa.co.nz

The Restaurant offers attentive service and genuine hospitality, delivering rustic and honest New Zealand-inspired fare.

Ora King Salmon Sashimi Aotearoa's premium salmon, sustainably farmed in the Marlborough Sounds. Served with pickled vegetables, fresh shoots and ponzu dressing.

We focus on sharing our passion for food with our guests. Our mission is staying true to our belief in provenance and providing seasonal, sustainable and locally sourced produce. Carrington Restaurant provides a space for you to feel relaxed whilst being mesmerised by the stunning views. We cater for all types of events from weddings, birthdays, corporate functions to live music etc.

Carrington Estate, 109 Matai Bay Road, Karikari Peninsula P 09 408 7222 E info@carrington.co.nz W www.carrington.co.nz SAVVY | 21




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The Gallery has a wide-ranging collection of art by established and emerging New Zealand artists, many of which are Northland based – this includes contemporary Maori and Pacific artists. There is an outstanding selection of paintings, wood art, handmade furniture, sculpture, jewellery, glass and ceramics. Our catalogue changes frequently, so please make an enquiry and we'll confirm with you. Hours: Open from 10am Daily

Come and enjoy our beautiful garden setting with stunning ocean views. Relax with a cup of coffee, lunch or one of our many treats on our sheltered deck

Planning on visiting us with a

with breath-taking views or our garden surrounded conservatory. We serve breakfast, lunch, savoury delights and sweet treats. All made on site.

Group Bookings small group? We are always happy to take group bookings at anytime of the year Contact Janet Phone/Fax: 09 433 9934

Hours: Open from 10am Daily

Email: helenabaycafe@gmail.com

THE GARDENS One of the highlights of a visit to the Gallery and Cafe Helena Bay Hill is the beautiful garden setting. You are welcome to wander and relax in the garden during your visit. You’ll find many sculptures placed among the subtropical plantings, giving inspiration for your own landscaping ideas. The Gallery & Cafe are set in a lush subtropical garden with magnificent bush and sea views over Helena Bay on Northland’s east coast, on the scenic coastal route to historic Russell in the Bay of Islands. We are situated approximately 30 minutes north of Whangarei and an hour from Russell. You will find a warm welcome at the gallery and fully licensed café where you are welcome to wander and relax in the beautiful garden during your visit. We welcome enquiries about our artworks and visits to our Gallery, Cafe and garden.

Open for: • Breakfast • Lunch • Delicious Cakes • Paintings • Glass Works • Carvings • Jewellery • Sculptures • Ceramics • Gift Vouchers 22 | SAVVY

1392 Old Russell Rd, Hikurangi Phone/Fax: Gallery 09 433 9616 or Café 09 433 9934 www.galleryhelenabay.co.nz www.facebook/galleryhelenabay

Gift Vouchers available for the Café & Gallery

s ’ m u M

Make it


Open 7 days 8.30 - 5.00 | 1526 Springbank Road, Kerikeri SH10 09 407 5462 | www.redwoodsgardencentre.co.nz | Follow us on Facebook

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HOW TO WORK IN an eye-catching statement hue into your colour scheme

Are you someone who is naturally drawn to a vibrant colour, and want to bring it into your home in a tasteful way?


he good news is you can! Many of us like to keep colour subtle in our homes, but some of us feel a calling to make more of a statement. Staying true to our tastes ensures our homes are extensions of who we are, and it encourages others to be bold with their decisions too. There are numerous options available. First – and so on-trend at the moment – is the mini mural. You might have a large open-plan living area with limited full-wall space. Why not find a small section of that wall and go for it? Start by drawing your design in pencil on paper, before practising with your Resene testpot in your standout hue on card. Once you’ve decided on the right scale for your design, apply it in paint to your wall. Try using three different colours within your mural for added adventure. For contrast, ensure your background is light. Or you could paint your wall in the dusky red of Resene Half Coral Tree and paint a mural onto it in pale Resene Quarter Alabaster for the reverse effect.


Do you have a dado in your home? Paint it in your bold colour, leaving the area above in a pale neutral for contrast. You may have a section of a room that is suited to one purpose – a sewing area, office or reading nook – such gems may not fill the whole room with four walls, but what they do have can be painted in your vibrant colour. While using these spaces, people tend to benefit from a little stimulation, so what better way to provide this than with a beautiful colour? Leave one of the walls white and colour any shelving on that wall in the bold colour for repetition and continuity. For instance, orange lovers might feature soft Resene Sour Dough on one wall of an office nook, while the perpendicular wall and shelving would resonate in bright Resene Whiskey Sour. One way of adding a bold colour is a simple thin line of it on your wall. You can even try playing around with it at varying heights and angles. You’ll need high-quality painter’s masking tape, a level, ruler and a testpot of your chosen colour. Section the strip you want to paint with tape on either side of it, ensuring it is level and straight, and paint between the exposed gap. Once dry, peel back the tape and you’ll have your horizontal line in your desired colour, stretching across the width of a wall.


• Paperhanging • Waterblasting • Spray Texture • Specialist Finishes • Anti Graffiti • Waterproofing • Fireproof Coatings • Zolatone Application • Tradesmen Quality

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Standard Plans · Altered Plans · Your Plans Hi, I’m Wayne Pick kerill, Managing Director & Project Manager for your new Fowler Ho ome. We will havve exactly what you need to know about building your new home an nd guide you thro ough the process. En njoy quality and benefits of an efficient,, low overhead nationwide company. Fowler Homes have done it this way since the early 1980’s.

Wayne Pickerill, Managing Director

Enjoy dealing with one person start to completion.

63 Walton Street, Whangarei • Ph 09 438 4840


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Capture a Moment in time

Watchmakers & Jewellers Finest selection of clocks in Northland Two watchmakers on premises Specialist in watch, clock and Jewellery restoration

Timeless & Classic Quality

Phone: 09 435 2145 |

531 Kamo Road, Kamo, Whangarei www.graemejohnsonclocks.co.nz

Painting a headboard on your bedroom wall or a curved block of colour on your study wall gives the chance to tie in a powerful colour too. Painting a feature wall or colour blocking, where you apply your bright colour across a section of one or two walls for effect, are also useful methods of bringing in bright colour to your home. It is important to get the balance visually right, so as you layer these tones, also layer your furniture and décor too. This will ensure you get the balance even in the room. Penny Fussell, interior designer from Home Creative says allow for maximum impact by choosing complementary tones in trim colours and textiles that allow your bold hue to sing. "Select the right neutrals for trims and architraves - will a grey-based or yellow-based neutral create the sharpest contrast?" she says. If creating a feature wall in your statement colour, choose a colour for the other walls that will not compete, Penny says. “Pull that colour right back to allow your hero colour to sing,"

she says. "Then, carefully pick your cushions, accessories and window treatments to tie in tonally.” A child never thinks twice about climbing a tree, they just go for it, says Laura Heynike, director of Pocketspace Interiors. “Selecting colour should be the same,” she says. “Find that statement hue you adore and build it up from there. You’ll need a support palette around it, so it doesn’t seem random. Think about the ‘hue family’ and start with another colour in the same line two shades darker or lighter. This will provide a good base. Then you can look at a contrasting colour that doesn’t overpower the eye-catching hue.” “For example, if I choose Resene Nourish as my hero colour, I would opt for Resene Rivergum to complement it and Resene Moccasin to contrast against it. As a result, Resene Nourish will be lighter and come up unchallenged.” The key, Laura says, is to make sure Resene Nourish is replicated in other elements such as cushions, and artwork so the hue makes its mark in the space.

“Alternatively, if you are a monochromatic kind of person, pick your feature colour and build the palette above and below the hue’s depth tint. Just make sure your styling celebrates the statement hue to achieve the best balance in your space.” Brenda Ngatai, colour consultant with Resene, suggests trying a Resene testpot of the colour that you feel may be taking you out of your comfort zone. “Paint it on a large, clean piece of cardboard, e.g. A2 size, ensuring you paint two coats as that becomes the true colour,” she says. Attach it to the wall in the space you’re considering painting and simply live with it for a few days. “You’ll develop a feeling for it. To continue a connection with the colour, different strengths of the colour can be used in cushions, art and mats.” For help getting started with your decorating project, ask a Resene expert at your local Resene ColorShop or on the Resene website with the free Resene Ask a Colour Expert service or free Resene Ask a Tech Expert service.

Design & Build Your Home

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• Comprehensive design consultation covering all your building requirements • Site visit and full sketch design • Personalised specifications and fixed price quotation SHOWHOME: 401 Western Hills Drive, Whangarei

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THE ART OF CHOOSING – the right coffee table A humble coffee table is simpler than it sounds, and goes to show why majority of the homes we go to get it wrong.


o I thought I would set the record straight about how to select your coffee table and why it matters getting it right. Getting the shape right that best suits your lounge frame is the first thing to consider. You either have a rectangle or a square to contend with, and within that some may be thoroughfares to another space and others are not. Generally, the rule of thumb is if you have a square lounge, then a circular table will best balance the space. If you have a rectangular lounge framed with a three seater and two armchairs, then a rectangle


would best suit. And if you have an L shaped couch paired with an armchair, then I would recommend going for a circular shape also. This is because the lounge shape changes because the available space is now squared off. Quite often a nesting round table set would work well in this scenario also which makes for a more flexible living area. It’s all about getting the overall flow and balance in tune with the rest of your furniture and the architectural form of the home. Coffee tables can be selected as a sculptural ‘wow’ piece in your home too. Often people have the mindset of a coffee table as a purpose product, but it is very much a visual item on the list as most of the time they are too far away to actually put coffee on it! Spend some time looking at frame shapes, sculptural bases or an element of craftsmanship that will get your visitors talking.

It was a time of introspection. It made us question what we want, how we work, the way we use our home, what we want for our future. At Stonewood we used the time to learn from you. We surveyed New Zealanders to find out what

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Lastly, materiality is one of the biggest things to finish off your coffee table quest. The main options out there are marble or stone, wood or glass. I personally left glass coffee tables behind in the year 2000 but each to their own! They do work if your have a darker space and if the base is the feature. Just be ready to clean more often and keep those grandchildren away from it! A marble or stone top is a classic that offers subtle texture or pattern detail and available in a wide range of tones that are generally with open steel bases to offset the heaviness. If you have a large space you can get away with a solid stone base to really anchor the living room with a statement. Then there is the trusty wooden coffee table. These are usually in a variety of styles from rustic to Scandinavian, or try your hand at an industrial combo of steel and wood. It really depends on the rest of the wood

they wanted in a home. We discovered the spaces that made you happy, what elements you would change, and the ones you desired in a dream home. We took this unique perspective and have created

in your home. You only want a maximum of three types of wood in your home so try and keep to one that would best compliment your lounge. Whatever shape or material you choose, just remember that darker accents become the anchor of the space. So if you have a heavy dark oak coffee table, your eye will go straight to that and make the space seem smaller. It is quite a large piece of furniture so keep it on the lighter side unless you want a dramatic dark veined marble to draw you into the space. The last piece of advice is to mark it out on your lounge floor before you go shopping so you know exactly what size and what style you are looking for to stop those impulse buys that aren’t quite right! Finish off with styling products that suit your lifestyle and personality. If in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a fancy coffee table book, candle and perhaps a bespoke hand-made piece of decorative art.

something special and exclusive to Stonewood Homes. Introducing ‘The Kiwi’ – The House New Zealand Built – a home designed BY New Zealanders FOR New Zealanders

Three ways to add cosy to your bedroom this autumn BY LAURA HEYNIKE, ONEROOF

As summer turns into autumn, it is time to ditch that cooling fan in the bed room and hit the shops to cosy up instead.


have to confess that as interior designer cushions are my jam, so my husband has enforced a six cushion/pillow maximum on our bed. And I’m the one that has to take them off and put them back on! Keep that in mind and try not get all magazine picture-perfect crazy. Here are some of my favourite ways to style your room with this autumn's trends. This season's colours are rich and decadent: think turmeric-tinged bronzes, forest green, navy and caramels. Pair them in muted versions to give you a layered relaxed style. They are not hugely contrasting, but you will be amazed at how well you can layer bronze or paprika with green hues, especially if there is a botanic pattern that ties them together. Linen is still the go-to fabric give your space an effortless boho feel which oozes luxury. Even a bedding staple, pinstripe, is experimenting with a subtle olive pinstripe which is easy to accessorise with cushions and throws.

Once you have settled on a duvet cover, whether a plain solid, a large print botanical or a classic pinstripe, it’s time to layer up. Depending on the bedhead shape, I usually start with a large square Euro or reading pillow in a more striking colour, then add sleeping pillows in a plain neutral colour and finish with three

cushions at the front. These front cushions can be a combination of a chunky textile square or pattern with a small rectangle in a velvet to finish the look off. Cushion inners are important. Invest in feather inners rather than foam and give them a good karate chop in the middle to make them look plump and styled.

If, unlike me, you have room for more cushions, be playful with one or two more - say another reading pillow in a patterned fabric. Aim for a look that feels feel balanced and play with combinations until you think it looks right. Lastly the key to a cosy autumn bed is layering on more textiles. Throws and comforters have made a huge comeback in the last few years and are the perfect way to complete a bed look like a pro - as you’ll have noticed in every house that’s been staged for sale. I have both a velvet comforter and a wool knit throw for different temperatures throughout the season. I’ve been trying to support the New Zealand wool industry with a classic blanket that will last years (unlike acrylic). A comforter makes a solid statement and you can’t go wrong with the gorgeous velvet ones that are saturated in rich colours, offering a structured contrast the lighter linen look of a duvet. A knit throw brings in a subtle texture or pattern. Layer them together at the foot of the bed or toss the knit throw closer to the pillows. I personally find it quite difficult buying cushions and throws online, as the colours on screen might be just off what they are in real life. Instead, set a nice Saturday morning aside and shop locally to browse the new seasons styles to create a cosy winter sanctuary.

Grill, then chill. Take your flame grilling and party hosting to the next level with Escea’s Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen.


For the widest range of fires in Northland www.homekerikeri.co.nz

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Keeping your home warm BY TRACEY HARVEY, FRAZERHURST

My fondest memory of my mother is when she had a pot of soup ready for when we got home from school on a winter afternoon. Warm fuzzies. I now strive to achieve that same feeling, starting with keeping my home warm. This is what Consumer has to say about home warmth. By James le Page; Technical writer for consumer.org.nz “When it’s time to replace your curtains, most of us only worry about cost and style. But did you know this choice can make a massive difference to how warm and comfortable your home will be over winter? We tested which types were most effective at reducing heat loss in your home”.

Consumer.org.nz identified the problem as follows; If you have an insulated house, you can lose upwards of 45% of your heat through your windows. This shows the importance of choosing wisely when it comes to your curtains or blinds; the right window coverings can save two-thirds of the heat lost through your windows. Consumer tested a variety of window coverings in a controlled environment. The results were a little surprising.

Reverse chimney effect is to blame - Cool air is denser (heavier) than warm air. When it’s cold outside, the inside air close to a window pane is cooled and tends to sink. As this cooled air sinks, it gets replaced by warmer air. This creates a circulating air current that cools the room parts. Curtains that aren’t sealed at the top or bottom to stop these air currents can make the situation worse by forming a channel between the window and curtain. This allows cooled air to flow continuously and chill the room faster. The material a curtain is made from is much less important than “sealing” the curtain so that air movement is stopped. Heat is lost, not so much through curtain fabric, but by air moving between curtain and window. • Make floor-length curtains touch the floor. • Make curtains a generous width, so they overlap the window frames at the sides. Call into our showroom to find out more. 146 Lower Dent St, Whangarei. Frazerhurst…keeping your home warm and healthy since 1983.

Read https://www. consumer.org.nz/ articles/curtains for the full report.

Do you want to minimise heat loss?


Frazerhurst Curtains and Blinds will have you feeling warm this winter with a wide range of custom made curtains and Weathermaster blinds.

Call into Lower Dent Street and let us show you your insulation options!


Blinds | Awnings | Shutters | Umbrellas

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146 Lower Dent St, Whangarei | Ph 09 438 3986 www.frazerhurst.co.nz | Email: info@frazerhurst.co.nz

“Customers come first at Frazerhurst”


Modern life flies by at a blistering pace – we’ve all heard it many times before, and most of us need no reminders!


deally we should be getting eight or nine hours of sleep per night for optimal health, but according to the New Zealand Medical Journal, more than 70 per cent of Kiwis manage less than seven. What’s going on? Shift work, jetlag, anxiety, illness, and the emotional fallout from family demands and personal issues can all make restful sleep difficult to achieve. A medical check-up can reveal underlying health difficulties that might be contributing. A poor sleeping environment can also have a massive impact. Take a look at your bed for a moment. Whether you spend your time in it tossing and turning may depend a lot on your mattress – in particular, how old it is and whether it’s a good fit for you.

Ask yourself: • Do you wake up feeling stiff and sore as well as tired? • Are there visible signs of wear and tear on your mattress? • Does your mattress ever feel uncomfortable? • Is your mattress more than 10 years old? • If you spend a night away from home – for example, in a hotel – do you notice that you sleep better? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it’s time to think about replacing your bed. Why?

1. Old beds provide inadequate support, which can lead to aches and pains as well as poor sleep quality. If your bed lacks the correct support, it’s likely you’ll wake up feeling uncomfortable as your pressure points have been under strain. Also, over time, mattresses begin to sag – less than ideal for your spine and posture, not to mention the discomfort if you’re constantly rolling into the middle (or worse, into your partner). 2. Beds collect all sorts of unpleasant things over time, which can play havoc with allergies and overall health. You know how much you sweat on those relentlessly muggy summer nights? Well, all that fluid has to go somewhere. Beds accumulate sweat, which creates ideal damp conditions for mould growth. Dust also gathers inside the mattress, bringing dust mites (and dust mite droppings). In short, if it’s older than 10 years it’s definitely time to start fresh! 3. We’re all different – and have different needs in a bed. Even if your bed looks fine and isn’t past it’s use-by date, it may not be right for you. If you’re waking up with aches and pains – particularly in your back – you may want to look into getting a chiropractic-endorsed bed. If you want to sleep well and wake up feeling well (and think it might be time to replace your bed), a great place to start is BedsRus Whangarei. Have a chat to the friendly, experienced staff in-store about your needs, and they’ll help match you to your perfect bed. Best of all, if you’re not happy with your new mattress once you take it home, many models can be exchanged free. Sometimes it takes a real night’s rest – not just lying in-store – to know for sure how a bed will work for you.

Make your Escape

50% off. INTEREST FREE ‘TIL 2023 *on in-store purchases $999 & over ‘til 1.6.21

*Offer ends 01/06/2021 or while stocks last. See in store for more T’s & C’s.


Mattress from $309 Mattress & Base from $559


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Whether your taste aligns with minimalism, rustic, coastal or country cottage, white will always play a role in your desired look. Evoking freshness and elegance, whites are versatile, working with almost any other hue.


t’s a colour that always feels at calming, relaxing and never goes out of fashion. No wonder whites are such a popular choice among homeowners; the beautiful thing about whites is that there will be a white for you with the multitude of types available. White can be just as hard, though, if not harder to choose, than a bold colour. The impact of the wrong white can be big, so it’s worth the effort finding one that doesn’t make your home feel sterile or lack in personality. Resene colour consultant Jackie Nicholls celebrates white as a popular trend that is clean and fresh. “Just add your accessories - it sounds simple doesn’t it? However, so many people fall into the trap of using what seems modern and current, only to find it looks cold and unfriendly in their own place." "It’s worth having a careful look at the various undertones in the huge range of white shades available,” she says. “They're hard to spot at a glance, but they become obvious when you sit them next to each other. Resene have colour specialists and staff that can help you with this." The first step is to look at where you want to paint your white. What will it sit beside? White’s nuances are subtle, it is a colour that can change dramatically with the light and

For over 15 years we’ve been proudly building Kiwi homes for Kiwis using all the best stuff from right here in good ol’ NZ. Over the last 15 years the Kiwi dream has come a long way since the elusive quarter acre. That’s why we’re proud to still be able to provide a Kiwi solution for your first home, second home, a home where you need a bit more home, or even your home away from home. We offer a range of plans from 60 to 250 square metres. These can be built straight from the plans, or we can use them as inspiration to create your own Kiwi dream.

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the colours surrounding it, be it in furniture, flooring or paint on existing walls. There are elements of colour in your furniture, décor and lighting that can impact the way your swatches appear. A golden wooden floor will warm up a cool white wall with its warm hue during the day. However, at night, the artificial light that comes from the ceiling will make it appear quite different. "A kitchen is a good place to start when selecting a white," says Jackie, "once you’ve chosen your fittings and surfaces and cabinetry. What undertones exist in these surfaces? Is there greenery outside? What's reflecting into the room? These can all impact the colour of a white room." The lighter the white the more changeable it is and the more effected it is by these factors especially light, Jackie adds. “If you painted a deep, blue green it won’t change much with the time of day. There is more depth in it, it holds its own.” Other points to remember, she says, with white is that everyone sees colour differently. “We all have emotional associations with colour. Light has a massive difference, changing at different times of the day - even the corners of a room can differ. Context – what it is sitting next to - and properties – whether it will cover a large or small area - also matters."

It's still important to try and find a white that makes your heart sing. Look at Resene colour swatches and select what you’re attracted to straight away. Paint your Resene testpot onto a large piece of cardboard (A2 size is ideal) leaving an unpainted border around the edge. Once dry, move your samples around your home and analyse how the natural light and surroundings effect the colour. “Don’t place your swatches side by side, Jackie says, as they can fight with each other and you won’t like any of them.” For the same reason don’t paint your test colour directly onto the wall as the existing colour will affect the new colour. Place them in isolation, hold them next to something staying in the room such as a trim, door frame, artwork or curtain. Carry it around and try it in different aspects.” "Don’t be afraid to have more than one shade in your home, colder rooms will benefit from warmer shades like Resene Cararra or Resene Rice Cake, while a large, sunny space can look

good in Resene Half Sea Fog or Resene Quarter White Pointer." "A clever way to add interest with white is to consider painting the doors throughout in a soft shade such as Resene Eighth Stonehenge. To give the whole scheme an edge, add in a dark moody feature wall that could be repeated in a bathroom or powder room perhaps, like Resene Half Fuscous Grey from the Karen Walker Paints collection." The paint finish can also make a difference, Jackie says. "Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen is normally used on walls, but you could consider

Resene SpaceCote Flat for a sophisticated finish, especially in a media room or around a fireplace. Resene Enamacyl is a full-gloss option for doors and trims, providing a sharp contrast." Pattern and texture bring interest to a white interior. In a kitchen, blend a marble benchtop and wood stained flooring in Resene Colorwood. In a home with a country cottage feel, vertical tongue-and-groove panelling on the wall can look beautiful with a creamy chalky white for a warm heritage feel. If you’d like to bring in some subtle colour, there are ways without it popping too much and

dominating your white scheme. In an all-white kitchen for instance, in a countertop cabinet that houses your breakfast items, paint the background wall of your cabinet in a gentle hue such as the smoky grey-green of Resene Ash. Coordinate with cabinetry painted in Resene Half Thorndon Cream or Resene Quarter Joanna. Or in an all-white kitchen, bring in a sophisticated grey navy or dark olive green on the cabinet doors or on your kitchen-island panels. Décor has its place in softening a white scheme and creating depth. By bringing in luscious textiles, such as sheepskin or thickpile rugs with fringing or tassels, soft throws to snuggle up against and velvet cushions, you’ll create an inviting setting. Flowing curtains will add comfort to your fresh, clean aesthetic too. When bringing in colour, go slowly and gently. Bring in soft colours that won’t appear too harsh on the eye. Try sunset hues – pinks, corals and taupes for a warming effect, such as Resene Soothe and Resene Soulful. For a more Mediterranean feel go for turquoise, greens and coastal blues, such as Resene Breathless and Resene St Kilda. Beautiful lighting is key to adding another dimension. Table and pendant lights in textured shades or a beachy look or glass, brass shades for a sophisticated feel will add another layer of interest especially if the bulbs reflect a soft, warm glow. Don’t forget your flooring – a pale Scandi-style option is ideal in a white setting if you’re laying down new flooring. If you’re repurposing existing floorboards, why not paint the floors white or use Resene Colorwood Whitewash for a soft wash of white while still allowing the timber grain to show through? A light-coloured carpet will bring a sense of luxury to a white interior too, adding softness and comfort.

Whether you are looking to decorate just one room or your entire home, we know you want top quality, real choice and inspiration, as well as expert advice so it’s done right the first time. The team at Guthrie Bowron Whangarei are ready to help, so pop in and let’s chat! Ashley Wilde Montana Collection from Charles Parsons.

Top: Feltex, Salisbury. Above: Dulux Kohukohunui. Photographer: Mike Baker. Stylist: Bree Leech. Artwork: Claire Kirkup 'Gathered and Spun' 2018. Image supplied by Dulux.


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