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MAY 2019

Celebrating Mother’s Day PLUS


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Stunning Pounamu (New Zealand greenstone) pendant in 14ct yellow gold and proudly New Zealand made $895, Price doesn’t include gold chain.

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The Yvonne Rust Gallery here at The Quarry Arts Centre holds regularly rotating exhibitions with an incredible variety of artists and artistic disciplines. Here’s what we have coming up.

Tutukaka Surf has new swimwear and wetsuits for the changing season.

26th April – 13th May: ‘Brainbows’ by Graham Johnson. Unique photographic artwork.

Keep enjoying the beach this Autumn.

17th May – 10th June: ‘Studio Artists 2019’. Our resident artists exhibit their work in a group show.

Marina Rd, Tutukaka Call 09 434 4135 Open 10am-5pm 7 days a week fb@tutukakasurfnorthlandnz instagram @tutukakasurf

14th June – 6th July: ‘Learning’ by Pete Cernis. A beautiful selection of drawings by this accomplished artist.

Visit Quarry Arts Centre, 21 Selwyn Ave, Whangarei Open 6 days a week 10am – 4:30pm Phone 09 4381215 www.quarryarts.org





ROSS INSULATION BRAZIERS – A UNIQUE OUTDOOR FEATURE Create a tranquil ambiance with the soft glow of a designer brazier. 4 designs – 2 sizes available

Bring beautiful colour and style to your home.

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SALE: First and only sale of 11 gallery art display windows, genuine hand cut and leaded stained glass of heirloom quality, presented framed and ready to hang or in kauri vintage doors.

Viewings and Commissions by appointment: Ph 020 4067 3515 for Quotes and Q’s. MandyWoodStainedGlass.com FB Mandy Wood Stained Glass MandyWoodStainedGlass@gmail.com

6 COMMUNITY EDUCATION WHANGAREI WEEKEND WORKSHOPS @ KAMO HIGH SCHOOL Create a beautiful painting of a Pacific sunset using an amazing range of colours that depict an evening sky. Suitable for all levels of experience. Paint and canvas provided. Painting can be fun and the results amazing!

Phone: 09 435 0889 or email cew@kamohigh.school.nz Visit www.cew.ac.nz for details. Brochures are available from your local library or Kamo High School. 2 | SAVVY

7 HIMALAYAN TRADING POST PURE & NATURAL SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY SKIN TYPE! We are very excited to introduce a new beauty range Sensatia Botanicals. This is one of the most recognisable Balibased brands for its great line of premium natural essential oils, anti-aging face & eye serums, moisturizer and toner.

Mon - Fri 9.30am-5pm, Sat 9am-3pm, Sun 10am-3pm Phone 09 430 2040 89 Cameron Street, WHANGAREI himalayantradingpost.co.nz

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May 2019

contents Editor’s note hen Zandy Snell contacted us for our wedding’s edition in March, it was answering a call-out for second-time round marriages. However, we’d


improved over the years and it’s always accompanied

had a big response to this and, because hers entailed a blended family of eight children, I put her story aside for another edition.

with a sweet little note, all of which I’ve kept

I tried the step-mother thing once. It was hard - and that was only to one child, plus my own. It was the discipline boundary thing that got me the most. Really, there needs to

in my bedside drawer. Some day we’re going to have fun reading through those.

be a hand book. So, I was most intrigued to find out just how Zandy does it. I admired her before she even shared her story.

I like this quote from Zandy: “You’re in their lives for the rest of yours so make the most of everything and don’t sweat the small stuff

Read it on pages 4 & 5 - I hope she enjoys a well-deserved Mother’s Day. I’m looking forward to hanging out with my three. Over the years I’ve received all manner

because most of it is small.” I’m going to try and remember that. Whoever you’re spending Mother’s Day with, make it a special one.

of breakfast in bed; scrunched up pieces of bread with thick chunks of peanut butter, tiny brown diced-up fragments of what was once, I believe, fruit... But, I must say, the menu has


Jodi Bryant – jodi.bryant@nzme.co.nz


Jan Hewitt – jan.hewitt@nzme.co.nz

Cover Photos by gettyimages

Couture designs, vibrant gemstones and edgy-lux statement pieces. This New Zealand brand is powering through the jewellery world and doing all the right things, right now. Join the likes of Rachel Hunter, Gin Wigmore and Ellie Goulding by wearing these iconic pieces. We are so proud to be the exclusive stockists of Silk & Steel in Whangarei. Last weekend at the Rev Up hot-rod show we showcased the range with some exceptional bespoke, one of a kind pieces on display in the windows, right next to the awesome Harley Davidson motorbikes… You still have a chance to check out these stunning pieces in store! Let’s support local ideas. Let’s support New Zealand business and let’s revel in the edgy-lux beauty that is Silk & Steel! Christine Price, Designer Goldsmith from Global Diamonds

Key to blended family of ten


It’s always summer at the Boatshed


The greatest gift we can give our children


Chic lightweight jackets


Eye facts


Make your own remarkable ‘before and after’


Treat yourself to award-winning luxury hair care


3 ways to boost hydration for autumn and winter


Free massage or beauty qualifications


Cosmetic Chemistry 101


Marketing made easy


1937 Packard Super Eight


Fishing tips & tales with John Vowless


The Camera Obscura Sculpture

SAVVY HOMES Published by NZME Northland, 88 Robert Street, Whangarei. savvy@northernadvocate.co.nz www.savvymagazine.co.nz

Relaxed Luxury This is what we are celebrating in at Global Diamonds this month and our fabulous Silk & Steel collection epitomises this.



Your mindful home


Choosing the right drapery lining


Savvy ShowHomes with Stonewood Homes


Simple tips for an Instagram-worthy bathroom design


7 things you should ask a lawyer when buying a house


Storage solutions for the entire home


How many hours of sleep do you need?


Building a new home - Q&A with Platinum Homes


Business as usual at Alter-natives


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BY JODI BRYANT With all the kids (minus Paige)

When Ben Snell had groceries delivered to Zandy’s home while she was sick in bed, before they’d even met, she knew he was a keeper. Less than a year later they’d married and had eight children between them.


he swift family extension entailed a housing up-size so the couple moved into a huge home in Whangarei and, while it’s chaos, it’s a fulfilling chaos, describes Zandy. “Ben and I started talking on June 25, 2017 after we matched on Tinder of all places,” tells Zandy, 35. “We talked online just as friends for a while. Ben was sweet and sent me groceries when I was in bed with the flu for a week without even meeting first. We talked a lot and then he convinced me to meet him two months later, which took a lot of courage from me.” The couple organised a hiking trip the weekend they met and Zandy remembers Ben driving all the way to Auckland to pick her up. “When he turned up, I got butterflies and, as two of my teens ended up coming because their dad was going away that weekend, the whole drive back to Whangarei that night, just watching the way he was with my kids and also seeing how nervous he was but how kind he was, made me get those warm fuzzies. “When we got back to his place we stood out on his deck and he was telling me about the stars - he is a massive space nerd - it was quite romantic and we shared our first kiss. I think it was better that we had become friends first and we let nature take its course.” With Zandy living in Auckland and Ben, Whangarei, weekends were the only chance to grab time together. However, both had children of their own with Ben, 35, having three girls – (now) seven—year-old twins and a nine-year-old, and Zandy four girls, now aged 17, 13, seven and five, plus a 15-year-

old boy. So, it was inevitable the two families should meet fairly early. Zandy recalls: “It was only after a couple of weeks, I brought my kids up to Whangarei to meet Ben’s kids. We turned up quite late at night, so they didn’t get to meet until the morning but, when we got up, all the kids had already found each other and they were all playing together in the bedrooms like they had known each other for years.” Every other weekend, the couple were kid-free so Zandy would travel up alone. However, it wasn’t long before the travel got too much and the decision was made to move north and blend the families. “Our kids had all got along and were best friends from day one so we weren’t really

daunted by it. They were super-excited to have new siblings and being able to share their lives together. “We moved into a huge house – with eight kids in a blended family we needed the room.” When the couple got engaged, family and friends were supportive and Ben and Zandy married June 2018 at Pataua North, where his family hail, with their kids having their own roles in the wedding. It was Zandy’s second marriage and Ben’s first. “I think we knew straight away we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. After failed relationships in the past, we had learnt from mistakes and knew what we wanted. The wedding was just ‘us’. We winged most of it, and just had the people we cared about a lot there. It was about merging our two families together and we did just that in the rain and all.” At home, they soon fell into a routine naturally, although, as predicted, mornings are chaotic with Zandy and Ben both having fulltime jobs – Zandy as a legal assistant and photographer and Ben, a contractor flooring installer. However, both have their roles. “It’s a mad-rush to get everyone organised. It is a little easier now Paige, my eldest, has moved back home as she now drops the Zandy on her wedding day with daughter Paige and best friend Renee

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Asperger’s in the family, but we make it work and the kids all love each other to pieces like blood siblings. They do have their moments like any other siblings; a couple of the kids will be best friends one day and enemies the next but they are close and they always look out for each other, especially at school. They are very protective of each other. Other days they argue like cats and dogs and blame things on each other. Very normal siblings,” Zandy laughs, adding that a new addition is

definitely off the cards. Having a large family was never her plan and people are generally shocked by the number of children. “There are often the old comments like: ‘Do you not own a tv?’ We own several actually,” she laughs. She believes the key to making their large family tick along soundly is taking one day at

“Support each other and always be kind to each other. You’re in their lives for the rest of yours so make the most of everything and don’t sweat the small stuff because most of it is small.”

younger ones at school so I can be at work on time. Ben will take one or two and drop them off and then go to work. Paige will pick them up from school and watch them until we get home, generally around 4:30/5ish. Then I usually take the lead with laundry, homework and bathing kids while Ben cooks and does a bit of cleaning. We always have

his but it can be hard sometimes as usually step-mums just want to be loved as well but

dinner together at the table, we think it is important for everyone to be together at

I know that I am and I know I do so much for his girls and help keep them on the right

that time. Then we get them into bed and we can have the evenings to ourselves, usually

path.” An added challenge is Zandy’s seven-year-

watching a movie or going over Ben’s work admin. I’ll do a bit of photo editing as well.”

old daughter’s high-functioning Asperger’s Syndrome.

The couple have three of the girls fulltime, apart from every second weekend, and Ben’s

“At first it was a struggle as we hadn’t quite got the diagnosis, so it was tough for

girls every second week. All the kids are together under the one roof that weekend

Ben’s girls to fathom why Maddie would say

some sometimes ‘mean’, straight-up things. But they have grown to know Maddie and that she is different and has different needs to them and they know when to leave her alone. With my kids, they have grown up with her the way she is and have always known she was different and know when it’s ok to talk to her or play with her and when to just leave her be. “Life can be interesting with so many different dynamics, especially with an

which leaves every other weekend kid-free, apart from the eldest teen.

have to stay on the same page so that we can keep things ticking along. “I think it is just best for blended families and all families really to take this approach and think about the bigger picture. Think about how you want what you do to impact your kids’ lives, especially when they are grown. Support each other and always be kind to each other. You’re in their lives for the rest of yours so make the most of everything and don’t sweat the small stuff because most of it is small.” And she attributes a lot of the success of their blended family to her husband: “He is loving and kind and compassionate and has welcomed my kids with open arms and is

best thing that has ever happened to me and I love him immensely. I am forever grateful for

goes and does her own thing.” ‘Bubble weekends’ are spent having

him and couldn’t imagine life without him.” So, what does Zandy love about being a

adventures, where possible, including hiking, snorkelling or road trips. “Sometimes if we

mother? “I love being able to watch all these little

don’t want to go anywhere we kind of just go into a bubble where it is just us and we’ll

people grow and learn and being one of the influences in their lives. I’m hoping I’m a

generally watch movies, eat good food and spoil ourselves. We work hard and Ben

good influence… I honestly can’t wait to see how they all turn out as adults. We usually

is slowly teaching me that it is ok to treat ourselves sometimes.”

have our little conversations about what we think the kids will be and how they will be

Zandy admits being a step-mum can be very hard and, like most, she struggles at times.

and where. They turn into funny stories but I really can’t wait.”

“I think the one thing I struggle with the most is discipline. I feel like there is

And how is she spending Mother’s Day? “I don’t think we have the kids that

a boundary there, even though I have no problem with Ben disciplining my kids when

weekend so it will be a ‘bubble weekend’ for us,” she smiles.

they need it. He tells me to do the same with

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 12th

Don’t forget Mum... Send Flowers • Fresh & Artificial Flowers • Plants • Soft Toys & Balloons • Giftware & Gift Baskets 107 Broadway, Kaikohe Phone/Fax: 09 401 1706 Mobile: 027 451 2440 A/H: 09 401 0531

other’s backs and support each other, especially when it comes to the kids. We

always there for them. He is always there for me as well and so supportive. He truly is the

“We have that weekend as our ‘bubble weekend’ – no kids, apart from Paige, who

Bouquets on Broadway

a time and letting things flow. “Ben and I always try and have each

Email: bobflorist@xtra.co.nz Mon–Fri 9am-5pm | Sat 9.30am-1.30pm DELIVERIES: LOCAL, NATIONAL & WORLDWIDE

Ethical gifts and breakfast in bed... Perfect for Mother’s Day. Our beautiful gifts and homewares are made by skilled artisans. We’re helping talented people around the world improve their lives through fair trade.

Trade Aid Whangarei

Cnr Vine Street & The Strand, Whangarei (09) 438 5799 www.tradeaid.org.nz Your local fair trade store

See our Facebook Page for ‘Bouquets on Broadway’ SAVVY | 5



t’s always summer at The Boatshed in Whangarei’s Town Basin. Owner Chrissy Snelgar says The Boatshed is all about everything that is beachy, from clothing and gifts to souvenirs. “Our customers can always find something summery at any time of year, which makes us a great place to find clothing and swimwear for that winter break to somewhere tropical,” she says. Her shop is a browser’s delight, full of colour and fully-stocked with summer clothing, swimwear, gifts, cards and so much more. “We focus on anything to do with summer and the beach, as well as Kiwi souvenirs and gifts,’’ says Chrissy. The shop is celebrating five years under the ownership of Chrissy and her husband Grant. “Our customers come from all walks of life and from all over the world. Our repeat and local customers shop here to decorate their beach house or bach and to spoil that special someone in their life with a gift. “We are doggy-friendly, so we urge customers to not leave them in their cars.We provide free water for them daily and lots of TLC,’’ she says. The Boatshed has a specific hand-picked

collection of Hokitika greenstone. Each item is personally selected by Chrissy. “It’s very important to me and my customers that they are receiving New Zealand pounamu and we know who carved the pieces and that the stone has not left New Zealand to be processed.’’ A huge range of quality New Zealand T shirts for the whole family is also available. “As independent retailers, it is our job to know our stuff,” she says. Chrissy travels overseas and to New Zealand gift fairs to bring the latest looks and styles to her customers which keeps The Boatshed on trend. Tracee, Sharon and Robyn, along with Chrissy, run the seven-day business and are all trained in fitting customers with the perfect swimsuit for each unique body shape and what suits them. “As we branch into winter, I have brought in a range of ponchos in lovely warm and colourful shades. Some have buttons or zips

Sweet treats, delectable desserts and gourmet chocolates Or you can bring mum down for an afternoon on the Waterfront and enjoy together Hot Chocolate, Coffee, and Fudge… Shop online Now nzfudgefarm.co.nz 6 | SAVVY

Free Shipping New Zealand wide for all orders over $50.+

Open 7 days Shop 3, Town Basin Whangarei, Ph: 094383327

and some have fake fur and tassels for ladies who like a bit of fun.’’ Chrissy and Grant became the new local owners of The Boatshed in May 2014. They have been owners of the NZ Fudge Farm, which is also at the Town Basin, for the past 14 years. With more than 20 years of experience as a baker at Northern Bakeries, Grant saw the Fudge Farm retail business as an exciting opportunity to make an artisan handmade unique style of fudge. Over the years, Grant and Chrissy have built that business so that he, not only sells out of their Town Basin location, but the delicious fudge is wholesaled and sold through website orders all over New Zealand and internationally. As well as 11 flavours of fudge, there are 24 ice cream flavours in their huge Seville display cabinet, including dairy-free sorbet and yoghurt options as well, along with fudge sundaes, parfaits and their famous fudge flavoramas. Ice creams have become a huge seller at the NZ Fudge Farm with

“We specialise in making up very popular gift baskets and

many families walking the loop or playing in the park and stopping in on their way past for a treat and grabbing their Allpress coffee

boxes of goodies. Nothing is too big or too small.We will gift wrap it all,’’ Grant says.

fix, whole fruit smoothies, frappes and pure juices while on the go. They also stock Whangarei’s largest New Zealand handmade

“We also have an extensive range of confectionary, including the very popular Kapiti candy range.”

chocolate range and are stockists of Bennetts of Mangawhai, Kako, Bella and other delicious brands to name a few.

NZ Fudge Farm is a ‘one-stop sweet dessert café for the whole family’. With two busy businesses, the couple say it has been exciting to see how the Town Basin has emerged as such a popular place

“We specialise in making up very popular gift baskets and boxes of goodies. Nothing is too big or too small.We will gift wrap it all,’

and destination for both tourists and locals alike. “With the Hundertwasser project underway, it is an exciting time to be here.’’

Grant and Chrissy

Are you Escaping Winter to Follow the Sun..

The Boatshed

Open 7 days 20 Quayside | Town Basin | Whangarei | 094387828 SAVVY | 7

The Greatest Gift we can give our children, and five tips for more flattering photos…


o you have any photographs of yourself that you would be proud to hang on the wall, to pass onto the next generation? Do you have hundreds of pictures of your (grand) kids but do your children or grandchildren have any recent photos of you? What will your legacy be when you’re gone? Have you been avoiding being photographed, hiding behind the camera or at the back of the group? Waiting for the ‘right time’, worried that you’re not photogenic or too big? Or are you waiting until you’re younger, because you couldn’t possibly do it at this age? Whatever your reason to wait until ‘someday’, know that no one is promised tomorrow, you ARE the best you are right now, at this very moment. You deserve to be seen, cared for and shown your most beautiful self exactly as you are today. You deserve images with

those you love; you partner, your mother, daughter, even three or four generations of your family. Here are the five tips to feel more confident in front of the camera and capture flattering photos that you’ll love. 1. Stand 45 degrees to the camera; point your feet slightly off to either the right or left of the person taking the photo. This will slim down the body. This is extra effective if your body weight is on the foot furthest from the camera. 2. Think good posture; you can grow inches taller instantly if you don’t slouch. So focus on standing tall and don’t forget to breathe. 3. But what to do with your hands? Place them in your pockets or your thumbs in belt loops. Or try placing them on your thighs or waist. And always keep a slight bend in the elbow.

4. Do you hate your double chin? Then this trick is for you! Face your head towards the camera and project your head forward from your shoulders, then tip forehead forward so your chin comes down. It’s that easy. 5. Smile; try a big grin, a small coy smile, a half smile, a smirk and full on hearty laugh. There are so many different types, the trick is to continually make small changes so your smile doesn’t start to look forced. And remember it’s all in the eyes they should be smiling too. A good photographer will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. They’ll focus on who you want to be photographed with and why. They’ll help you decide what to wear, they’ll talk you through how to sit, stand and smile. They can make you look 10kg lighter if you want, make the bags under eyes or

Photo: Sarahlee Studio

“The greatest gifts we can give our children and loved ones are timeless portraits that capture the beautiful life we’ve lived with them. Do it for them, do it for you.”

Photo: Sarahlee Studio

dark rings disappear and minimise wrinkles, to show what you really look like on a day-off without all of life’s stresses. A photo shoot can be a lifechanging experience to capture the love you share with those closest to you. Discover your own elegance, which comes with years of experience and life. It will

help you dig deep on hard days because you can see strength and worth, in yourself and the ones you love. Printed photographs are your legacy and they will outlive you and me. They will become prized heirlooms; they will start the stories of your life and be passed down for generations.

Photo Shoot & Make Over

print credit and spa voucher


total value $300



CHIC LIGHTWEIGHT JACKETS For Changeable Weather While the weather is still changeable, a lightweight jacket is a wardrobe essential.

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We don’t often give our eyes as much thought as we should, that is until something goes wrong, and our vision is affected. But when you learn more about eyes, you realise just how amazing they are. Here are a few facts you may enjoy: 1. Eyes began to develop 550 million years ago. The simplest eyes were patches of photoreceptor protein in single-celled animals. 2. Your eyes start to develop two weeks after you are conceived. 3. New-borns don’t produce tears. They make crying sounds, but the tears don’t start flowing until they are about 4-13 weeks old. 4. The entire length of all the eyelashes shed by a human in their life is over 98 feet with each eye lash having a life span of about five months. 5. To protect our eyes they are positioned in a hollowed eye socket, while eyebrows prevent sweat dripping into your eyes and eyelashes keep dirt out of your eyes.

6. Eyeballs are not fully grown at birth. The eyes undergo considerable growth especially during the first two years of life, with a second growth spurt occurring around puberty. The length of the eye of a new born is about 16.5 mm, while that of a full-grown adult is about 24 mm. 7. An eye is composed of more than 2 million working parts.

8. Only 1/6 of the human eyeball is exposed. 9. Corneas are the only tissues that don’t have blood. 10. The human eye weighs approximately just under 7.5 grams. 11. An eye cannot be transplanted. More than 1 million nerve fibres connect each eye to the brain and currently we’re not able to reconstruct those connections. So, no we do not take eyes out when doing cataract surgery. 12. Seeing is such a big part of everyday life that it requires about half of the brain to get involved. 13. The cells in your eye come in different shapes. Rod-shaped cells allow you to see shapes, and cone-shaped cells allow you to see colour. 14. Each of your eyes has a small blind spot in the back of the retina where the optic nerve attaches. You don’t notice the hole in your vision because your eyes work together to fill in each other’s blind spot.

15. Out of all the muscles in your body, the muscles that control your eyes are the most active. 16. The average blink lasts for about 1/10th of a second. 17. You blink about 12 times every minute. 18. Eighty per cent of our memories are determined by what we see. People who are blind can see their dreams if they weren’t born blind. 19. Eyes heal quickly. With proper care, it takes only about 48 hours to repair a minor corneal scratch. 20. There are about 39 million people that are blind around the world and roughly six times that many have vision impairment. 21. Eighty per cent of vision problems worldwide are avoidable or even curable. 22. Humans and dogs are the only species known to seek visual cues from another individual’s eyes, and dogs only do this when interacting with humans. 23. Some people are born with two differently coloured eyes. This condition is heterochromia. 24. Even if no one in the past few generations of your family had blue or green eyes, these recessive traits can still appear in later generations. 25. A fingerprint has 40 unique characteristics, but an iris has 256, a reason retina scans are increasingly being used for security purposes. 26. ‘Red eye’ occurs in photos because light from the flash bounces off the back of the eye. The choroid is located behind the retina and is rich in blood vessels, which make it appear red on film. 27. Eighty per cent of what we learn is through our eyes.

The onion-like structure is an eye, seen from above with the bony roof of the eye socket removed. The profusion of blood vessels and the muscles that rotate the eye are visible.



• Initial consultation $162.00 Retinal photos $7 • OCT Scan $104.00 • Cataract surgery from $3300.00 per eye * Price inc GST but not including cost of pre-operative consultation Southern Cross affiliated

Help is only a phone call away 0800 11 0030

28. Eyes are the second most complex organ after the brain. Who knew your eyes could be so amazing and complex.



David Dalziel and Andrew Watts Ph: 09-972 7022 12 Kensington Ave, Whangarei Fax: 09-972 7026 Email: pceyes@xtra.co.nz Website: www.bit.do/EyeCentre


Make your own remarkable ‘before & after’ that has nothing to do with fat loss What do women’s fitness before and after photos have in common? They are ALL about weight loss - someone was ‘bigger’ in the before photo, and they are smaller (leaner) in the after.


ot that there is anything wrong with people wanting to lose weight to improve their health, feel more confident, or to look a certain way. Women, however, are led to believe that fat loss is the only goal they can have. The only reason to eat healthy is to lose weight; the only reason to work out is to burn fat. Their sole purpose for doing these things is to chase a smaller number on the bathroom scale. Problems arise when women chase fat loss year after year, after year. Analysing every food choice based on its ability to help them lose fat becomes exhausting. Making exercise a chore or an attempt to whittle away parts of their body they wish to change doesn’t provide lasting motivation. Perhaps you just want to reap benefits from your workout and eating efforts that


deliver something more meaningful than a smaller number on the scale. Health and fitness shouldn’t just be about how you look in your ‘after’; it should be about how you feel and the lifestyle you’ve created to ensure you maintain the ‘after’ well into the future. If you’re tired of always focusing on fat loss, then demand more. Choose other goals to focus on, and other great reasons for eating well and moving your body. This new way allows MORE - more food, more energy, more strength, more health, more happiness and more out of your life. See for yourself what can happen to your body, and mind, when you make eating well and getting strong a priority. Make health and fitness a process that enhances and fits into your life, not something that dominates it.

I asked four women to share what fitness was to them before they approached training and nutrition this new way, and after they did so. What did they discover that was more valuable than losing weight or shrinking down? Here’s what they had to say, and their experiences reveal incredible results you would never see in a photo: “As I dove deeper into my own health, I found a woman I was really freaking proud to be. I learned how to communicate with, rather than dictate to, my body and started treating my health as an expansion rather than a never-ending (maddening) exercise in shrinking.” – Courtney

“Before: Too many different exercises, too many repetitions, too much fluff. Now: Mostly old-school barbell training, fewer reps, focus on strength! Several years ago, at age 48, I could not even hold onto the bar; now at 54 I can do 5-6 dead hang pullups, no kidding.” – Helen



“It hit me like a ton of bricks when I realised the journey IS the destination. This isn’t something to get over, or finish, or wait out. No ‘after’ for me. THIS IS IT! I embrace it NOW! I’m learning and growing and becoming. I’m not going to short-change today rushing past it toward tomorrow.” – Stacey




“My before is yo-yo dieting and struggling with boring exercises not sure if they did any good, and eventually giving up. My after is FINALLY finding something I LOVE doing (weight training/cycling) and eating more nutrientdense foods cooked from scratch. Not a ‘good girl/bad girl’ mind trap for me.” – Julie


Come and experience our facilities that will make your decision to include fitness in your life an easy one. We’ll help you to a healthier place. You’ll love the results and you’ll feel better about everything you do.

Call 438 8863 • 95 Walton St, Whangarei www.anytimefitness.co.nz SAVVY | 11



Angel En Provence range is totally unique with the pursuit of the most pure and natural ingredients along with an environmentallyconscious concept.


ighty nine per cent natural, it contains no parabens, no sodium lauryl sulfate, or laureth sulfate, no mineral oil or parafin oil, no propylene glycol, no animal testing, just organic natural ingredients. Using advanced micro-molecule extraction technology to break down plant essences into micro molecules allows for deeper penetration and absorption. Provence is specifically formulated to be gentle and effective creating dazzling results for all hair types. Luxuriously formulated based on fusing a harmonious blend of technology, purest forms of essential oils and plant

extracts. It uses the following natural ingredients: Helichrysum, Verbena, Orange Flower, Lavender, Rosemary, Green Tea, Rose and Grapefruit. Dancoly En Provence range with its ‘pure natural and environmentally-friendly’ concept has aroused great interest in the fashion industries of the world. This has meant Provence has quickly spread worldwide and is experiencing international acclaim. Shop the extensive Angel En Provence range at Xtreme Shampoo Shoppe: ROSE for Curly Hair, HELICHRYSUM for Dry/Damaged Hair, ORANGE FLOWER for

Coloured Hair, GREEN TEA for Dandruff or Extremely Oily Scalp, VERBENA for Oil Control, ROSEMARY to Prevent Hair Loss, LAVENDER for Fine/

Limp Hair, LAVENDER VIOLET TONE CORRECTING for blonde hair, IRIS for restoration, or GRAPEFRUIT for Straight or Chemically Damaged Hair.



This is one of the most recognisable Bali-based brands for its great line of premium natural essential oils, anti-aging face & eye serums, moisturiser and toner.

89 Cameron St, Whangarei • Ph: 09 430 2040 Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm, Sat 9am-2pm, Sun 10am-3pm Visit our new website: himalayantradingpost.co.nz

Whangarei is proud to be the home of the

Organic Natural Ingredients No Parabens Sod No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate No Laureth Sulfate No Mineral Oil No Parafin Oil No Propylene Glycol No Animal Testing

SHAMPOO SHOPPE Ph 09 438 1933

The Strand Arcade, Whangarei www.xtremeshampooshop.co.nz 12 | SAVVY


Jam Tse Dhargyey Ling “from which Love and Compassion flourishes”


Visit us and - Enjoy the spectacular views of Whangarei from our Stupa, Peace Monument. (10am-5pm) - Take part in our Buddhist Teachings, Meditation Classes and Retreats. - All our classes are open to everyone. It is not necessary to be Buddhist.

For more information or program details please visit www.mandala.org.nz or phone 09 435 4444 159 Parakiore Road, off Pipiwai Rd, North of Kamo


3 WAYS TO BOOST HYDRATION FOR AUTUMN AND WINTER Now that colder weather is on its way, here’s how to autumn and winter-proof your skincare routine.


hile we’re sad to see summer go, there’s plenty we’re looking forward to about autumn and winter too – from the chance to pull out our coats and boots again to nights in watching Netflix! Like any other seasonal change, however, it’s a good time to take this opportunity to rethink your beauty routine. What’s working for you right now, what’s not, and what can you do to make sure your skin is fullyprotected and hydrated as we head into the new season? Read on for our top tips and tricks on getting ahead of the winter chill and cold weather-proofing your skincare routine!

cream-based alternative like Skinsmiths Cream Cleanser, and switching to a rich moisturiser with plenty of emollient, occlusive and humectant ingredients to soften, attract moisture to the skin and help seal it in. We’d recommend trying Skinsmiths Hydrating Moisturiser. Hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, mango seed butter, shea butter and glycerin are all powerhouse ingredients to look out for. You can also layer serums and face masks into your routine to provide more hydration and use a face mist to spritz your skin whenever you’re feeling particularly dry. A favourite hydrating mist to use is Murad’s Hydrating Toner.

Smart swaps to make with your skincare products Now is a great time to consider switching some of your staple skincare products for creamier, more nourishing versions that pack a bigger punch in terms of hydration. This is especially important for dry skin types, but everyone can benefit from more moisture in the colder months! Try swapping your gel cleanser for a

Take your hydration levels up a notch For hydration at a deeper level, it’s worth popping into Caci Whangarei and trying out a skincare infusion. This skin conditioning treatment uses sound wave technology and micro currents to push an infusion of skinboosting ingredients deeper into the dermis, where it can more effectively hydrate, reduce redness and encourage collagen production and cell turnover.

The result? Glowing, hydrated, happy skin. Plus, this May, have a free consultation at Caci Whangarei and try a skincare infusion for only $70 (usually $120). Be gentle with your skin When it comes to winter skincare, there are a few small changes you can make on an everyday basis that will make a big difference. For example, did you know that using water that’s too hot while washing your face can irritate delicate skin and contribute to redness? While it might be tempting, we say stick to lukewarm water to be as gentle as possible with your skin, and

use a mild, non-irritating cleanser. It’s also a good idea to avoid heavilyfragranced products as these can cause irritation, and moisturise as soon as possible after washing to minimise moisture loss. With the right prep and a hydrating treatment every now and then, you (and your skincare routine) will be able to take winter in your stride.

Book in for a complimentary consultation at Caci Whangarei to talk through your skin concerns and treatment options. Contact the friendly team of experts today by calling 0800 458 458, or visit the clinic at 110 Street,, Whangarei. 10 Bank St ga

PRODUCT OF THE HE MONTH At Caci we know that every customer is heir own different, so every customer needs their unique skin care regime to help address ess and improve their skin concerns. That’s why we choose to use Murad skincare at Caci.. The Murad range is also available to take home me to ensure an effective at-home skin regime. Pop in to e Murad Caci Whangarei to discuss what from the range will be right for you.

Murad Hydrating Toner

caci.co.nz A



RRP $58

-O N

110 Bank St, Whangarei

SIN C E 199


*T&C’s: Offer valid during May 2019 for new customers only. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Have a free consultation this month and try our Skincare Infusion for $70 (usually $120).


Alcohol-free toner replenishes lost moisture to refresh skin and prepare it for treatment. Provides a lightweight mist that rehydrates while restoring skin’s natural pH balance and neutralizes surface impurities.

skin is always in

SAVVY | 13


QUALIFICATIONS OFFERED IN WHANGAREI Anyone considering a new career in the billiondollar, ever-growing wellness industry need look no further than Evolution School of Beauty, Massage & Spa located in CBD Whangarei. The government’s new free education policy for eligible students means any programme with Evolution School could be FREE! The NZ Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage programme is enrolling now for July 2019. This excellent programme covers Swedish massage, pre ad post event sports massage, infant massage and onsite massage as well as lots of other really interesting stuff. Attendance is only three days a week and all school holidays are off! Evolution School is the only provider of this NZ Diploma in Northland. The NZ Certificate in Beauty Therapy programme starts again in 2020 and covers facials, waxing, make up, manicures,

pedicures, body massage, electrolysis, spraytans and gel nails and a whole lot more! It’s the perfect all-round qualification for anyone wishing to work as a beauty therapist. Attendance is only four days a week with all school holidays off! The NZ Certificate in Spa Therapy programme is also being offered again in 2020 and is for anyone with some experience in massage or beauty. This lovely programme covers treatments such as wraps and scrubs, hot stones, aromatherapy, reflexology, hydrotherapy, Indian head massage, Reiki, EFT and lots more. Attendance is only four days a week for nine months and only in term time. Evolution School is the only massage and spa education provider in Northland and is an NZQA Category ONE provider which means very high-quality and now could be FREE for you. You can check if you are eligible by heading to www.feesfree.govt.nz

Don’t worry if you are not eligible for fees free though as all programmes are NZQAapproved and so are eligible for student loans and allowances. Enrolments are being taken now for the July intake of the NZ Dip in Wellness and Relaxation Massage as places are limited. Evolution has small classes to ensure there is plenty of tutor/student attention. There is no age limit – you just have to be 16-plus. The majority of graduates say their time with Evolution School was life-changing in so many ways. Come and see why!

Give Evolution a call today to ask about your new exciting career – 09 438 6583 or pop in and have a look around – 115 Cameron Street, Whangarei. www.evolutionschool.co.nz

EVOLUTION SCHOOL OF Massage NZ DIPLOMA IN WELLNESS & RELAXATION MASSAGE The course covers relaxation massage, pre and post event sports massage, infant, chair and lymph massage plus much more.

STARTS JULY 2019 • 40 weeks • NZQA Approved • 3 days a week attendance • All school holidays off! • Loans & Allowances available

Call 09 438 6583

115 Lower Cameron St, Whangarei www.evolutionschool.co.nz 14 | SAVVY




e are always so careful about what we put inside our stomachs. We read the ingredients panel to make sure there’s no sugar, fat, salts, colourings, preservatives etc in the foods that we buy, but when it comes to products that we put on our skin, many of us are not so discerning. Here are five ingredients that are used in skincare which do not add any value or nutrition to your skin and my simple guide on how to recognize them.

1. PERFUME/FRAGRANCE is the number one skin irritant that can cause sensitivity. It is used to mask unpleasant smells from other chemical compounds in skincare and as a cue for quality and efficacy. How many times have you opened a skincare product, taken a sniff, then exclaim ‘Oh that smells delicious!’? 2. COLOURANTS - the two most common colours used in skincare are yellow and pink. Yellow is to mask the oxidation process, for example if you cut an apple and leave it for a few minutes, it oxidises and goes brown. Same with products, as soon as you open the lid, the ingredients oxidise (especially Vit C) and become brownish so the yellow tint hides this. Light pink connotes softness, gentleness and luxury. 3. PRESERVATIVES are nasty and you don’t need to be a chemist to spot a product with preservatives in it. If it is something that you can open, dip your fingers in it every day, leave it in the bathroom and it still looks and smells delicious after


COSMETIC CHEMISTRY 101 several months, then you know for sure it has preservatives in it. 4. MINERAL OILS are sometimes called paraffin, liquid paraffin, white oil, paraffin oil or paraffinum liquidum. It is a liquid by-product of refining crude oil to make gasoline. It gives a feeling of smoothness because it just glides on and acts like glad wrap on your skin. It forms an occlusive film which can cause the pores to clog up. 5. EMULSIFIERS – this one is not so easy to identify as there are many agents that can act as emulsifiers. Manufacturers use them as an inexpensive way to combine the oil and water phases of an emulsion. There are too many to list here, but here are common ones I see in all products: PEG-xxx, stearic acid, triethanolamine, ceteareth, cetearyl, cetyl, polysorbates. Emulsifiers bind to the skin and ‘dissolve’ the natural skin lipids holding the cells together, which causes the skin to become ‘leaky’. The skin then suffers from trans-epidermal water loss, then it becomes drier and drier. This is the beginning of an impaired skin barrier. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your skin therapist who should be able to help you interpret the ingredients panel so you can make sense of all the long scientific terms.

Nina Quan - Skin Treatment Therapist at Skin Image Paparoa and Waipu 022 394 1184


Zealand’s top three Best New Clinic of the Year 2017/2018.

Nina brings to Savvy readers a wealth of knowledge and experience on skin health. Her qualifications are including a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry & Genetics, eight years of experience in marketing, product development of personal care products, five years in nutritional health and four years of hands-on beauty & skin therapy.

When treating skin, Nina adheres to the principle of corneotherapy – ‘It’s a methodology with its core principle being the repair and maintenance of the skin barrier defence systems. If this is healthy, the skin is automatically supple, hydrated and glowing’. Corneotherapists are generally skin treatment practitioners or medical estheticians, although some dermatologists also practice Corneotherapy. An understading of skin anatomy & physiology allows the corneotherapist to treat the problems at the root cause as opposed to treating symptoms.

Nina currently operates two Skin Image clinics - out of Paparoa and Waipu. The Paparoa clinic won an award for New

MARKETING MADE EASY - TWO SIMPLE WAYS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS Not all marketing ideas need to be difficult or expensive. BY NATALIE TOLHOPF It’s more important to get your message out there consistently than it is to be fancy. Taking action moves your business forward. Here are two marketing ideas that are simple to use right now in your business!

• Gives you continuous clarity around who your target market is AND how you are solving their problems. A great way to come up with blog ideas is to look at the frequently-asked questions you get. Also, if you are part of an online business group, you will see questions posted. If you are blogging weekly, this is very powerful as you will be seen as an expert in your marketplace. • SEO. Search Engine Optimisation...Those fancy tech words you hear banging about

1.Video Marketing

the place. They are super-important for when someone is doing a Google search.

Hands down, the best way to get your message out to the world is via video. Now

And if you are adding blogs to your website each week or regularly, you are telling the

some of you may just screw your face up and declare that there is no way you are

internet robots you are the master.

going on video. But video easily gives you the authentic identity to stand out online.

The best way to grow your business is to do what scares you. And let’s face it, seeing

It is the fastest way for someone to start building a relationship with you. When someone likes you, they trust you and then

your own face, hearing our own voice… Well it really encourages growth in your self-belief muscles.

they will buy from you. You don’t need to have fancy equipment either. Grab your mobile phone and get chatting to it. 2. Blogging One of the keys to staying in business is having eyes on your website. The fastest way to do this is by blogging. It does two things... (It actually does like a billion but here are two!):

Natalie Tolhopf is a business coach and founder of Natalie Tolhopf.com, helping business owners to smash through imperfection and mindless scrolling, to create a business of simplicity through action and intuition. www.natalietolhopf.com SAVVY | 15

Packard Motor Museum – vehicle of the month

1937 Packard Super Eight



and lighter, ensuring driving became an enjoyable experience. The 1937 Packard Super Eight, the name given

The first woman to drive an automobile over a long distance was Bertha Benz in 1888, the wife of German automobile inventor, Carl Benz. In the United States, in 1900, Anne Rainsford-French-Bush was the first woman

to Packard’s largest and most expensive eight-cylinder automobile, was the epitome of these advancements with

to receive a licence to drive a car. She obtained a ‘steam engineer’s licence’ which entitled her to operate a four-

uring the 1930s, the Packard Motor Company improved their cars to make steering smoother

independent front suspension, hydraulic brakes and an improved clutch and gear shift action. The car retained the classic features and graceful lines of earlier Packards but with a new sloped grill fitted with chrome vertical bars that gave the

wheeled vehicle powered by steam or gas. By the late 1930s the automobile had set women on the road towards greater freedom and job opportunities. The Packard super eight was outfitted specially to attract the eyes of women who preferred quality in fit, finish and handling. Packard salesmen reportedly had a

vehicle a unique look and operated as thermostatically controlled

saying, ‘open the hood to attract a man, open the door to sell to a woman’.

shutters. These opened or closed to control engine heat.

The museum’s 1937 Super Eight was built in Detroit for the English market. Unlike its American counterpart, it uses

By making these changes, Packard attracted a new segment of buyer and driver, the woman.

a 12-volt electrical system and is right-hand drive. This car is approximately 18 feet long, a little longer than the cars most women drive to the supermarket today.

Fishing tips & tales with John Vowless First, I’d like to talk about the moon. The moon controls the tides which obviously affects our fishing.

A Nice Easter Snapper


y grandfather was a commercial fisherman and studied the moon’s effect on fishing. He always said three days either side of full moon was the worst time to fish, the fish are there but don’t seem to feed. Many very good fisho’s also strongly believe this to be the case, so they don’t go fishing either side of the moon, even if all other conditions are good. Over Easter we had some good weather so Trish and I went out for a fish after a six-month lay-off. I expected the fishing to be slow, maybe we would get a feed. Wrong! The fishing was frantic; bites within minutes of bait in the water. We caught and released about 30 snapper around the 28 to 33cm size but came home with a good snapper feed, plus two big kahawai and three trevally and released a decent kingfish. A couple of fisho’s fishing the Onerahi area of Whangarei Harbour also did very well, not as many fish but better average sizes. Mark lost a large kingfish after a battle on light softbait gear as well as landing four nice-sized snapper about six minutes from the Onerahi ramp. Some great results also came from the middle of the harbour, with limit bags of nice snapper. I saw some impressive photos of very good snapper taken off the west coast as well… So much for the moon theory, well for Easter 2019 anyway. Brett and his mates went out for gamefish off our east coast. Poor water quality saw them come inshore to 50 metres and try for snapper, baits in the water and no bites, so one onboard dropped down a stick bait and caught snapper immediately. He repeated this several times, baits still zero, out came softbaits, also with immediate results. They came

A good snapper feed

home with limit bags of nice snapper. I’ve also heard some interesting bait stories. Experienced, very successful anglers, who have their favourite baits, finding that other baits they don’t usually like are completely outfishing their favourites on recent trips. Very long traces have long been the best rig for harbour fishing in the current, but another very good harbour fisherman reported very good results on weighted flasher rigs. It seems that if you are on the water and the fish aren’t biting, try different methods and/or baits. It could make a big difference. Tight lines, John Vowless

Startup Tours In 2019 WOF • REPAIRS SERVICES • MAINTENANCE BATTERIES AND TYRES Your local garage for honest, friendly service

We are running a START-UP Tour to answer the question

START-UP TOUR DATES 1st June 2019 31st August 2019

DO THEY RUN? The Old Dairy Factory, 1146 SH14, Maungatapere Open Weds to Sat 10am to 4pm | Ph: 09 434 8214 16 | SAVVY

Proudly supporting y the community MALCOLM & SALLY MEEK rahi 1 Church Street, Onerahi

Phone: 09 436 5971 E: admin@onerahigarage.co.nz ge.co.nz .co.nz W: www.onerahigarage.co.nz

Boat trailers B avail now.

The Camera Obscura Sculpture


he Camera Obscura Team; Diane Stoppard, Felicity Christian and Trish Clarke are delighted to have been granted funding from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) so that construction of the Camera Obscura Sculpture can commence this October and open in May 2020. The Camera Obscura will be the first of a suite of unique tourist destinations on the popular Hatea Loop walkway. The PGF is doing an incredible job of funding projects which will lift Te Tai Tokerau Region’s tourism potential. Timatatanga Hou (meaning – new beginning), it’s Maori name was gifted to the sculpture which will be sited at the foot of Te Matau å Pohe bascule bridge by the Hatea river. Te Kåpehu Whétu Kura have agreed to be Guardians of the sculpture. The soaring 8m high and wide spiral steel sculpture houses a Camera Obscura room. The public enter via a curved corridor and arrive in a light- filled room. The view outside is projected upside-down and back-to-front all over the walls, floors and ceilings through a hole in the wall. It is a magical experience and also an educational one. An Obscura is

a real- life demonstration of how the light travels in straight lines and works just like the eye or a camera. The fully-consented internal room is wrapped in a steel exterior which reflects Whangarei’s shipbuilding history. Standing at the base looking up will feel like a ship’s hull whilst the stainless steel body wrap will unite the stories of the river. The spiral-stepped roof suggests the aperture of a lens and the form of the snail. The team have been supported by Creative Northland who will ‘umbrella’ the project. Without the support and guidance of Creative Northland and the WDC (who will own and manage the structure on behalf of the people of Whangarei), Whangarei would not be the home of what will be the world’s largest sculptural Obscura! The local community have also hugely supported the project with local contractors, businesses and the public donating funds, materials and services. This is an example of a community-led project being driven by the community, for the community.

Your Eves team has been selling real estate since Adam Eves – our experienced sales team selling real estate for a combined 100 plus years.

EVES, 11 James Street

09 438 0071



EREN Ltd, EVES, Licensed under the REA Act 2008

SAVVY | 17

START YOUR FUTURE TODAY With centres across Te Tai Tokerau, we can help you plan a new future. NorthTec’s hospitality facilities are world-class with fully equipped commercial training and production kitchens. Our tutors are experienced professionals with great industry expertise. With plenty of hands-on learning, we’ll prepare you for the workforce and a great future!

Accommodation and food

Cafes and restaurants second highest number of jobs in Northland


services was the

highest growth industry in Northland

1,648 jobs created


The tourism sector contributes nearly of the

Northland Gross Domestic Product

(6.9% increase)


The first year of tertiary education is now FEES-FREE for many New Zealanders. For details visit www.feesfree.govt.nz

The most common

occupational group for Northland is




Find out more at OPEN DAYS, CAMPUS TOURS, STUDENT FOR A DAY, COMMUNITY POP-UPS For more information email: promo@northtec.ac.nz or visit our Facebook page or website: www.northtec.ac.nz

Programmes starting mid-year include: • • • • • •

Agriculture Agribusiness Apiculture (Beekeeping) Arts & Design Applied Writing Automotive Engineering

• • • • • •

Business Business Administration Carpentry Civil Engineering Commercial Transport Construction

• • • • • •

Cookery Forestry Foundation Studies Health and Safety Horticulture Hospitality

• • • • • • •

Mechanical Engineering Nursing Painting (Trades) Pest Operations Study & Career Preparation Toitū Te Reo (Māori language) Travel and Tourism




study@northtec.ac.nz www.northtec.ac.nz freephone: 0800 162 100

Savvy Homes is a regular feature in our monthly lifestyle magazine and this is where you will ďŹ nd everything home-related - from new builds, renovations, home trends and more... We have teamed up with local building companies and each month we will showcase one of their homes, outlining their unique design and style. If you would like to contribute or advertise within these pages or offer feedback, please contact: savvy@northernadvocate.co.nz

SAVVY | 19

Your mindful home Mindful gifting Gathered.nz is an online home and gift store based in Whangarei and run by mother and daughter, Ashley and Alex.

We would be the first to admit that we love to receive beautiful gifts, after all we do own a gift store.


iving gives us the same, if not greater, sense of joy. The act of giving a well-considered and beautifully-presented gift allows the thoughtfulness of the moment to hold as much value as the gift itself. As you all know, gift giving can be a tricky thing to master. The range of goods available can either be overwhelming or completely underwhelming. Most of the time you are shopping for something that doesn’t quite exist until you lay eyes on it. Attempting to shop more mindfully means paying less attention to aggressive marketing campaigns and taking your time to remind yourself of your own values as well as those of the intended receiver of your gift. Shopping for someone you love should be an enjoyable experience.You know what they are

interested in and you know their style, as well as the things that are important to them. All it takes is a little bit of time and thought. As a consumer you hold the power to change the world. By shopping more mindfully and doing your research on the goods you buy, you are casting a vote for your values. Ethically-produced goods and sustainable practices are becoming more important to us as consumers and as business owners. Many people are choosing to shop

locally and supporting small businesses, which, in turn, creates a vibrant and healthy community. Mother’s Day is approaching. Instead of stopping off at the service station on the way home for a card and a Lotto ticket, ask your Mum what she is loving, spend the time thinking about what it is that makes her happy, go forth and give. Until next time, Alex Badham, Designer and Owner of www.gathered.nz

Building Kiwi homes for the Kiwis round here At A1homes we’re here to make things easy and it couldn’t be easier when using all the good stuff from home. So whether it’s your first home, second home, or home away from home, call A1homes or visit our website and discover the easiest way to get the home you want.

Showhomes: Cnr of Sandford Road & State Highway 1, Ruakaka Mon-Fri: 8.30am - 4.00pm, Sat: 10.00am - 2.00pm Contact Steve Hart T: 09 433 0200 E: a1northland@a1homes.co.nz 20 | SAVVY

13 Podgora Avenue (off Station Road) Huapai, Auckland Mon-Fri: 9.00am - 3.00pm Sat & Sun: 11.00am - 3.00pm Contact Dan Bennett T: 09 946 3121 E: dan.bennett@a1homes.co.nz

Choosing the right drapery lining Tracey Harvey Interior Design Consultant, Frazerhurst

An educational yarn by the textile house James Dunlop and Frazerhurst Curtains and Blinds.


indows play a major role in controlling the temperature within a home. During winter it is easy to lose heat, and in summer it is easy to overheat a home if windows are not appropriately covered. Professionally fitted, lined drapery can reduce window heat loss by 40 – 60 per cent when closed*. There are many advantages to drapery lining: 1. Creation of a thermal insulation layer. 2. Protects soft furnishings from sun damage. 3. Resistance to dust and mildew. 4. Creates a dark room environment (dim or black out). 5. Protects the fabric from harmful UV rays. 6. Improves drapeability. 7. Stronger acoustic properties with more layers.

*Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority - NZ

TYPES OF DRAPERY LINING THERMAL or 1 Pass/layer of coated acrylic suede. Its advantages are insulation and

on colour chosen). It is a popular lining due to its colour options, washability and noise

energy savings, helping to keep rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

reduction properties. It has a soft, thick handle which adds fullness to light weight

A certain amount of light will pass into the room with this construction. Thermal lining

fabric such as sheers.

protects soft furnishings from fading and are also treated to resist mildew.

SILICONE coated lining creates a soft handle and has the benefit of not holding any dust.

BLACKOUT or 3 Pass/layer of coated acrylic

Providing protection from elements such as sun and moisture. This product is washable,

suede. Offers the same benefits of thermal lining but also totally eliminates light. This will minimize any risk of natural flaws in the fabric from showing through. It also adds body to the fabric and provides a stable base for roman blinds. TRIPLE WEAVE lining is a woven construction of three layers of fabric bonded together. The Dimout option can allow a small

not dry-cleanable.

Call into Frazerhurst at Lower Dent Street to discuss Fire Retardant or Environmentallybetter Oeko-Tex Standard 100 options and to view all your choices.

amount of light to pass through (depending


Well installed curtains, blinds and shutters will reduce heat loss through your windows by up to 60%* - which will make a huge difference to your home’s warmth. *Energywise.govt.nz

See Frazerhurst for a FREE CONSULTATION

on how to keep your home comfy and cozy with the right window treatment!

www.frazerhurst.co.nz SAVVY | 21

Stonewood Homes


0800 860 000

Vynka Short 021 120 1163 Michele Ahern 027 513 6517 Master Builders 10 Year Guarantee

Jennian Display Home of the year 2019

Jennian Homes Northland’s stunning Kotata Heights Display Home, was awarded Display Home of the year at Jennian Homes annual conference. Come on over and see for yourself what this outstanding home has to offer. 9 Kotata Rise, Kotata Heights Open: Wednesday to Sunday, 11:00am - 3:00pm Jennian Homes Northland 1 Selwyn Ave, Whangarei P 09 459 5408 E northland@jennian.co.nz jennian.co.nz

22 | SAVVY



his superb contemporary 220m² four-bedroom family home, situated in the stunning Marsden Cove Canal development, showcases a fabulous functional design with many inspiring ideas. Certainly this is an address to be proud of. From the moment you walk in and look through the picture window overlooking the large entertainer’s deck with a sunken garden, you know you are entering a home with a difference. Quality materials have been selected to guarantee a high-end finish that will be admired for years to come. The James Hardie Oblique Cladding and Autumn-toned schist pillars and chimney complement each other beautifully to make this a very modern, cleaned-lined and stylish home. This Pavilion Style House features two separate wings: one for the bedroom/ bathroom area and the other for the roomy

Resort Style family living area which provides easy access to the private sheltered courtyard. The raked ceilings in this part of the home give it an overall very spacious and luxurious feel. A beautifully appointed separate lounge with a cosy gas fire allows for entertaining, while the children can enjoy the benefits of a TV lounge in the other. Completing this wing is the fabulous kitchen with its indestructible and very practical Dekton Bench top. With

IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE You will see this beautiful home being constructed in Kerikeri on the corner of Edkins and Waipapa road. The Bayswater pictured below is a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home with all the charm of yesterday and all the modern features of tomorrow. In the near future you will see all the construction as it takes place, ready for you to view all the features of a Heritage home.

Call Sam on 09 988 9932 or email whangarei@heritagehomes.co.nz HERITAGE HOMES

10 Finlayson Street, Whangarei info@heritagebuildings.co.nz www.heritagebuildings.co.nz

HoUSe & land

paCKa aGeS now Se ellinG

titleS iiSSUed!

its many other up-to-the-minute tasteful and innovative features, this kitchen with Butler’s Pantry is designed to impress. This is a home with a lot of class and appeal. Stonewood Homes Whangarei are a small dedicated team and pride themselves on their good relationship with clients, many of whom are repeat. As well as having a wide range of plans available for perusal which can be customised to suit the individual, clients can also approach the team with their own design ideas. Every care is made to ensure that your build is everything you’re hoping for. Working with clients to achieve their dream home is what sets Stonewood apart and the results speak for themselves.

Michele Ahern 027 513 6517

House and Land Packages Packages available now in Desirable Marsden Cove and the Stunning new Te Hihi Estate, Maunu.

a Home for every Generation in nortHland

The hard work has been done, plans have been chosen. Select your own colours - all we need now is you! Bring your creative flair to put the finishing touches on your own Stonewood Home.

Enjoy the best of seaside living in the ‘winterless north’ by securing your new home in The Landing@Marsden in One Tree Point (titles have been issued).

Call our Sales Consultants today or see them at 60 Stace Hopper Drive, Marsden Cove.

Contact: Tony Watkins 027 706 6590, tonyw@generation.co.nz

new SHow Home now open 12 Kahukaka Road, The Landing@Marsden, One Tree Point, Whangarei. Open Wednesday – Sunday, 10am – 3pm.

Vynka Short 021 120 1163 SAVVY | 23

Simple Tips for Instagramworthy bathroom design

Considering embarking upon that journey into grout, dust and, of course, an over-blown budget?


athroom renovation can be a tricky business but well-worth the effort. How can you ensure that your bathroom renovation project meets the expectation? Check out these quick tips to ensure your project meets the timeline and budget you set for it. Planning Speaking of time and budget, the first step is to work them into a plan. Work out how much money, time and effort you can afford to spend on the project and stick to it. Generally, it’s expected that you’ll go over budget by 10 per cent or more, but adequate planning and clear vision can avoid this. The best way to do this is first decide on your design aesthetic. What do you want the bathroom to look like? Does it need to fit into an overall home décor scheme you envisage? Asking yourself these questions means you won’t figure it out part-way through the build and have to make some last-minute, expensive choices.

in the world of bathroom fixtures. New technologies in Plumbingware means that you no longer have to have chrome, chrome and more chrome: you have the choice of stainless steel or even colour-coated options. Match these with interesting tile patterns or perhaps an unusually shaped bathtub or sink to get a pop of interest in a too-often ignored space. If you’re going for a classic look or aren’t sure if you’ll be selling up in a few years or not, consider adding these touches of interest with non-permanent features, such as artwork or a well-designed vanity stool. This is particularly vital with a monochrome palette. Here you may like to consider adding a broadleaf plant, bronze for a bit of opulence, playing with patterns, or if you’re wanting to make a bold statement, an accent of pink.

Style So what is your style and how can you achieve it? There are endless possibilities

Quality When choosing these fixtures, as important as it is to find the right style, it is vital

‘HOT’ Shower

to ensure your fixtures are high-quality ones. Bathrooms are one of the more expensive rooms to renovate and choosing low-quality fixtures can mean replacing them quicker than you anticipate. This is particularly important with colour-coated tapware. If you’re planning on installing coloured tapware, opt for PVD-coated or electroplated options and be sure to check the manufacturer’s warranty statement, both for length of time and installation requirements.

Final Words Renovating a bathroom can be energy-consuming work but it’s not an unobtainable endeavour and with adequate planning, a bit of soul-searching and product research, you can reap the rewards of your efforts for many years to come.

‘HOT’ Bath Tub




LPG Water Heater JSD12-6DH WAS $399 NOW $189

Heated Towel Rails

M2650 WAS $1365

BF6815 6815 1500MM WAS $1399 NOW $899


BF6522 1500/1700MM WAS $1250 NOW $999

LED Mirror

NOW $839

HTLSQ4 WAS $149 NOW $99 HTLSQ8 WAS $239 NOW $139 HTLSQ6B WAS $270 NOW $179


Portable Induction Cooking Top BONUS POT WITH PURCHASE! EIN211 WAS $159

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Heated Toilet Seat

NOW $149 HTLSQ8B WAS $299 NOW $219

Sm Smart32 WAS $645 WA NOW $499 Sm Smart42 WAS $739 WA NOW $639

Master Bathroom Whangarei 24 | SAVVY

LEDM90A WAS $370 NOW $259 LEDM90B WAS $425 NOW $309 EFM70R WAS $425 NOW $319 LEDM120A WAS $485 NOW $359

137 Cameron St, Whangarei Ph 09 222 7088 Open Mon-Fri: 9am-5.30pm www.millen.co.nz

info@foreno.co.nz 0508 FORENO



you should ask a lawyer when buying a house 7

Most people know that it’s a good idea to seek advice from a lawyer when buying a property.


f you’re signing a binding legal document that involves the biggest financial transaction you’ll probably ever make, it makes sense to engage an expert to help. However, a lawyer or conveyancer isn’t just there to dot the i’s and cross the t’s on the contract. You should see them as a valuable source of support throughout the property buying process, not just someone to push the paperwork through at the last minute. Things can move fast in property transactions so it’s smart to start talking to a lawyer as soon as you start looking through ‘for sale’ ads. Here’s what to ask them in the first instance:


Are you a conveyancing specialist? It might seem obvious, but you really do want a lawyer that specialises in property transactions and knows the insand-outs of what you’re wanting to do. You may already have a great family lawyer, but if this isn’t an area they specialise in, then look elsewhere – you could even ask them for a recommendation.


How much do you charge? Different lawyers and conveyancers have different fee structures, and pricing can vary dramatically, so it pays to have a clear understanding of what they will charge you from the get-go, and when it will be due.


What clauses should I add? Your sale and purchase agreement can include clauses, such as a finance clause that means the offer is subject to you getting loan pre-approval from your bank. Talk to your lawyer about your individual circumstances and what clauses should be included in your contract, to best protect yourself. Talking about this early on will save you time when it comes to making an offer and the real estate agent or salesperson asks what clauses you’d like in the agreement.


Can you explain the LIM to me? A LIM is a council file that includes all the information held about a particular property. These files can be chunky, complex and full of very detailed


information about resource consents, zoning information, natural features that affect a property (like flooding) and more.

Ask your lawyer or conveyancer to look over these documents and explain them to you, so you fully understand all aspects of the information. Your lawyer will know what to watch out for when reading through the documents and is the best person to spot any red flags for you.


What do I need to know about a unit title property? If you are buying a unit title property, the seller must provide you with certain sets of information. Talk to your lawyer about the information you are entitled to and ask their advice on whether you should seek any further information.


Will you check my sale and purchase agreement before I sign it? Don’t sign anything before your lawyer or conveyancer has read over it. Remember, a sale and purchase agreement is a legally-

binding document and there’s no going back once you have signed on the dotted line. Buying a home is a big financial decision, so it’s well worth taking the time to ensure you’ve done your due diligence and received the advice you need.


What will happen on settlement day? Settlement day is when the property transfer goes ahead, and

the house becomes yours. This day is the culmination of a lot of hard work and stress, but before you pop the champagne, several things need to happen in sequence between your lawyer, the seller’s lawyer, and your bank or lender. This can take time, so it’s a good idea not to be sitting outside the home at 9am with a moving truck. You can find a helpful settlement checklist on settled.govt.nz, the independent government website for buyers and sellers.

If you’re not sure where to find a lawyer, you can ask family or friends for recommendations or check out www.propertylawyers.org.nz (part of the New Zealand Law Society) to find one in your area.

For independent guidance and information on buying or selling, check out settled.govt.nz.


Without mortgage

With one mortgage

Without mortgage discharge

With one mortgage discharge

One discharge and one new mortgage






Conditions apply. A non-refundable deposit of $150 will be charged at the time of engagement.

a division of Henderson Reeves Lawyers

P: 09 430 4988 E: mail@smconveyancing.co.nz A: 96 Bank Street, Whangarei W: www.smconveyancing.co.nz SAVVY | 25

STORAGE SOLUTIONS FOR THE ENTIRE HOME Aesthetics are important in your home - you want to achieve the right look with carefully-selected paint colours, furniture and accessories.


hat said, there’s no point decorating your property to perfection if kitchenware, bed linen and all other items under the sun don’t have a place to live. Having adequate storage space will take your home from cluttered to cool. Plus, being able to find items you need at the drop of a hat makes everyday life that much easier. Whether the kids’ rooms are disaster zones overflowing with toys or your kitchen pantry is a mish-mash of canned goods, chinaware, dried produce, pots and pans, it might be time to sort out some clever storage solutions. And the best part? Many of these smart storage ideas look as stunning as they are practical - meaning you don’t need to compromise your home’s style. Stew over these storage ideas Whether you’re a keen cook or prefer to get in and out of the kitchen as fast as possible, extra storage space is always a benefit. If your home has a contemporary vibe to

it, consider frosted glass-fronted cupboards with polished metal handles for a sleek look. Alternatively, clear glass might be a better choice if you want to easily see what’s stored inside the cupboards - a smart move if you’re running around after a busy family. Depending on your kitchen’s existing layout and design, adding cupboards could be a significant renovation job or a minor weekend task. Either way, the end result will be worth it. Consider utilising your vertical space, too. Take a look at your kitchen’s current storage options - are your cupboards and drawers mostly located below waist level? While storage areas beneath kitchen islands and countertops are commonplace, more homeowners are looking toward the ceiling and finding ways to make the most of their space. While overhead cupboards can add extra room, they can quickly crowd out a small space. If your kitchen is on the petite side, consider utilising your vertical space with floating shelves that won’t visually clutter the space.

ADMIRAL WAY TUTUKAKA Homeworld have released a new subdivision in the vibrant hub of Tutukaka, conveniently located near the marina, cafes and shops.

HOME & LAND PACKAGES AVAILABLE Land – 561.5m2 House – 180m2

• 3 Bedrooms & 2 Bathrooms • Generous Open Plan Living • Master Walk-inWardrobe


Construction Has Commenced! DISPLAY VILLAGE 401 Western Hills Drive, Whangarei OPEN 6 DAYS Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm • Sat 10am-2pm Frank Reader 021 383 257 • Rod Langdon 027 4993 239

0800 86 89 86 | homeworld.co.nz 26 | SAVVY

• Large Patio Area

No more storage nightmares Once you’ve rearranged the kitchen, it’s worth turning your attention to the bedrooms. Whether you’re trying to cram four season’s worth of clothing into your wardrobe or have bed sheets spilling out every nook and cranny, a restful space can quickly become your worst nightmare. If bedrooms are feeling cramped, a fresh shade of paint can visually open the space up - think Resene Half Sisal or Resene Half Joss. It’s easier to incorporate quirky or colourful furniture into these rooms if you’re working against a neutral backdrop. Cube-style open shelves against a wall are a smart option - particularly for kids’ rooms. Given that everything can be seen, it’s much easier for children to know where things belong, making tidying up a breeze. Consider painting each shelf or cubbyhole with a different paint colour – it will brighten it up and can help remind children what to keep on each colour level. Let your children help choose the paint colours to use from the Resene KidzColour range. Deep-set windows are a haven for storage - often, window sills act as an ideal space for smaller knick-knacks that can otherwise clutter a room. Beds that are raised off the floor offer a unique opportunity for storing clothing that’s not currently needed. Invest in shallow wicker or plastic containers with wheels attached, ideally with a lid so everything stays dust-free. Simply roll the

A squeaky-clean bathroom Is your bathroom unsightly, with everything

difficulty with, a shelf unit is a smart idea. That’s because you can stack square wicker

you could even colour-code them with your favourite Resene paint colours.

units under the bed for an easy fix to an overflowing wardrobe. After all, there’s no

from the hairdryer to jars of cosmetics and cleaning products taking over the space?

baskets on it - a great way to store loose items. Consider assigning each family

With the right storage options, not only will be things easier to find, but your home will

point having your entire collection of shortsleeved Hawaiian shirts taking up valuable

A simple metal-frame moveable shelf unit adds a pseudo-industrial vibe and

member a basket for their bathroom goods -

feel bigger too.

wardrobe space if you’re in the thick of winter’s embrace.

can fit into the smallest of spaces. Plus, if it’s a bunch of small items that you have


Standard Plans · Altered Plans · Your Plans Hi, I’m Wayne Pick kerill, Managing Director & Project Manager for your new Fowler Ho ome. We will havve exactly what you need to know about building your new home an nd guide you thro ough the process.


• Paperhanging • Waterblasting • Spray Texture • Specialist Finishes • Anti Graffiti • Waterproofing • Fireproof Coatings • Zolatone Application • Tradesmen Quality

Contact Peter McNabb

Mob: 027 209 2015 Ph: 09 438 5337

En njoy quality and benefits of an efficient,, low overhead nationwide company. Fowler Homes have done it this way since the early 1980’s.

Wayne Pickerill, Managing Director

Enjoy dealing with one person start to completion.

63 Walton Street, Whangarei • Ph 09 438 4840


SAVVY | 27


There is a big difference between the amount of sleep you can get by on and the amount you need to function optimally.

feel a lot better and get more done if you spent an extra hour or two in bed. While sleep requirements vary slightly from person to person, most healthy adults need between seven to nine hours of sleep per night to function at their best. Children and teens need even more. And despite the notion that our sleep needs decrease with age, most older people still need at least seven hours of sleep. Since older adults often have trouble sleeping this long at night, daytime naps can help

According to the National Institutes of Health, the average adult sleeps less than seven hours per

fill in the gap. The best way to figure out if you’re meeting

night. In today’s fast-paced society, six or seven hours of sleep may sound pretty good. In reality,

your sleep needs is to evaluate how you feel as you go about your day. If you’re logging enough

though, it’s a recipe for chronic sleep-deprivation. Just because you’re able to operate on six or

sleep hours, you’ll feel energetic and alert all day long, from the moment you wake up until your

seven hours of sleep doesn’t mean you wouldn’t

regular bedtime.


Hours Needed

May be appropriate

14 – 17 hrs

11 – 19 hrs

12 – 15 HRS

10 – 18 hrs

1 to 2 years old

11 – 14 hrs

9 – 16 hrs

3 to 5 years old

10 – 13 hrs

8 – 14 hrs

6 to 13 years old

9 – 11 hrs

7 – 12 hrs

14 to 17 years old

8 – 10 hrs

7 – 11 hrs

Young adults (18 to 25 years old)

7 – 9 hrs

6 – 11 hrs

Adults (26 to 64 years old)

7 – 9 hrs

6 – 10 hrs

Older adults (65+)

7 – 8 hrs

5 – 9 hrs

Newborn to 3 months old 4 to 11 months old

Source: National Sleep Foundation

Here at Beds R Us Whangarei, we’re all about helping Northlanders sleep better to live better. We are specializing in beds and mattresses. It’s our core business and we know it better than anyone. Most importantly, we’ve learned how to guide our customers through the purchase process to find their dream bed simply and enjoyably.


New, Improved &


Sleepyhead Serenity.


Limited Edition

Serenity S Series

Serenity Z Series

Available in Medium Firm & Firm feels Available for a short time, the Serenity Limited Edition features Sleepyhead’s independent pocket spring technology for low partner disturbance and a more d restful sleep. r

Firm Medium, Medium & Medium Plush The S Series features Sleepyhead’s low partner disturbance, NZ Made, Pocket Spring system. This helps relieve pressure points giving you a more restful sleep.

Available in Firm, Medium and Plush feels The Z Series introduces Sleepyhead’s brand new innovative zoned support system, featuring ActiveSense. Provides enhanced & targeted support. g pp

Queen Q Size Mattress & Base

Queen Size Mattress & Base

Queen Size Mattress & Base

W $3,999 WAS

WAS $3,599

WAS $4,199

N Now $1,899 NZ'S LARGEST


Beds R Us Whangarei Store Name Beds R us 7Address Gumdigger Place Details Ph: 09 438 3550 Ph: 00 123 4567 bedsrus.co.nz OPEN 7 DAYS 28 | SAVVY

*Offer valid from 24/4/19 to 27/5/19 or while stocks last. Discount offers apply to selected beds only. Excludes Everyday Dream prices, clearance stock and not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Prices as marked. See in store for details. We reserve the right to correct errors or misprints. 30 day Comfort Guarantee Ts and Cs apply. *12 Months Interest Free Offer: Q Card and Latitude Financial Services lending criteria, fees, terms & conditions apply.

Now from


Now from $2,099

Q&A with

Dean McGonagle, Platinum Homes Northland

BUILDING A NEW HOME Q: Does Your Builder Provide an Independent Guarantee?

Dean McGonagle is owner of the Platinum Homes Northland and he has been involved in every aspect of the building trade from small renovations and additions, large coastal homes, light and heavy commercial. Dean really enjoys the residential build side of the industry as he gets to deal directly with the homeowner and work towards achieving their desired builds in a designed partnership process.

processes are normally pretty standard – from design consultation to the handing


A: Many building companies provide construction guarantees – some don`t. This is a

We discussed the importance of choosing

they will be installing into your home proving

over of the keys is a process that each company should have refined and should

very important part of your selection process. I believe the guarantee process should

the right building company and the suggested processes in how to go about

that they use products that will be fit for purpose and have warranties in place.

be able to provide approximate timeframes and steps where you will be required to

be mandatory, providing the potential new home builder with genuine security of their

achieving this. We described what we thought would be ‘best practice’ when

We discussed choosing your builder as early as you can and working with them

participate in decision-making and also where payment milestones are due. This all

investment. I also believe the guarantee should be independent, meaning that, once

dealing with the size of investment that one normally does when building a new home

in the design of your new home as well. This way you will be more satisfied that the

means you can plan things with payments, site visits and an approximate shift in date.

signed, the building company becomes a third party to the whole process. This way

and what you should be looking for in a building company.

design will fit your budget. Often there is a large disconnect between design and the

Q: Can a building company provide a

the new home builder can rest assured that they will automatically be looked after in

We also described what the legislated documentation building companies must

final contract price. We also talked about letting your builder

timeline to completion? A: In short, the answer is yes. While it

the advent of something happening to the building company. In-house self-funded

provide now to reassure you they are fit to build your new home. Part of this

do all the lodging of consents so they follow the design, costings and final approvals in

will be an approximate date, the building company, as stated above, should have

guarantees have risks attached to them but they are very good if the building company

documentation is also providing the products

readiness to start construction.

refined systems whereby they can provide this. Few building companies will guarantee

is a safe company and this is determined by the legislated documentation they must

way you get an unfiltered list to choose one

content about what has happened, what is

a date as there are so many external agents that can affect this happening but if the

provide as stated last month and above. You should also be looking for a guarantee

or all to call. This is probably close to the largest financial and emotional investment

happening currently and what will happen on your project. If you are building some

building company has good processes then the date should be fairly accurate. Each

that runs alongside other protection mechanisms like the Construction Contracts

you will make in your life so it is important to really know who you are dealing with and

distance from where you live, I feel photos are an important part of the process as well.

company usually has a project management system that they operate off and this is the

Act 2004, Consumer Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act. Your solicitor should be

who will be handling your investment.

Good communication will relieve you of stresses throughout the project as, often,

internal guideline to running a streamline construction process – from this they should

reviewing this robustly on your behalf when reviewing your contract paperwork.

Q: What style of communication should you expect from your builder throughout the

there are things a client needs to do and this can be a prompt for a smooth build

be able to provide the timelines within reason, as explained.

Q: How do you check on a company’s

whole process of building? A: Communication, in nearly everything

process. It can also be used by the company to forewarn when a milestone payment is

reputation? A: The only people who really know what

we do, is the number one ingredient to a successful life. Outcomes, good or bad,

due so, if your money is invested, then you have been given clear guidance of when

a building company is like to do business with are its past clients who have personally

can normally be attributed to the style, quality and quantity of communication you

this will be needed.

experienced the whole process, be it good or bad. Ask the company for references from

receive. Building a new home is no different and, again I stress the size of investment

Q: Can a building company provide you a step-by-step look at the whole process to

past clients, even to the point of requesting if you could speak to some. If you truly value

warrants the respect of consistent and truthful communication.

building a new home? A: This question ties in with the previous

the size of your investment, you could ask for the last 10 people they built for and this

I believe the communication should be in written form and should include serious

one about communication. Building a home is like a complex jigsaw puzzle where the

In June’s edition, Dean will explain: • What quality control measures a building company should have in place; • How to make sure the actual team under the company owner have the skills necessary to put a new home together? • What you should ask when you see ‘allowances’ in your contract; • How transparent is the quotation/ specifications? • And much more...



2018 Platinum Homes Salesman of the Year

With over 27 years’ of experience in residential construction industry

Nigel loves the Far North and all that it has to offer. As a local living in the wider Kerikeri area he is very familiar with the whole of the Far North region. If you are looking to build a new home or purchase some land to start the process then call Nigel today. We have standard plans as well as the facility to draw personalised plans.

Danny has designed and sold over 300 new homes in the complex Whangarei and Kaipara areas. He’s worked through the industry’s the ever-changing environment, and his knowledge of design techniques, the building process, and site-related and council requirements is secondto-none. Above all, he respects and understands the investment you have made, and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure a successful build.

Call Nigel 021 687 643 or 09 402 7969!

Call Danny 021 064 1006 or 09 430 0029! Whangarei Showhome: 67 Stace Hopper Dr, Marsden Cove, Ruakaka Tues-Fri 10am-4pm; Weekend 11am-3pm

Far North Showhome: 5 Admiralty Drive, Haruru Falls Tues-Fri 10am-4pm; Weekend 11am-3pm



SAVVY | 29

Front row: Claudia, Angela Back row from left to right: Rose, Shona, Tilly, Kane, Andy, Kirsten, Ian Fox (old owner), Phil Grindle (new owner), Debbie

BUSINESS AS USUAL AT ALTER-NATIVES You may have noticed some new faces if you’ve been plant shopping at Alter-natives recently. Phil & Rebecca ………… the new owners!


hey joined us here at Alter-Natives a few weeks ago, right in the middle of one of our busiest times of the year, so it’s been a steep learning curve for them. As for the rest of the staff, nothing’s changed, we are all still here, some have been here for quite a while, although you may never have seen some of them. They work behind the scenes in production growing our plants and keeping them in

prime condition for the shop. A key member of production staff is Andy who looks after our larger grade trees, natives and ferns. He also has the job of pest and disease control. Over the last six months, Andy has been using/ trialing organic alternatives to harmful chemical sprays. We have been seeing increased numbers of beneficial insects such as Ladybirds and Praying Mantis throughout the nursery.

Helping with sales are Rose, Tilly, Candace, Keith and Emma. Between the 6 shop staff, they have well over 120 years plant experience! Whether that is selling them, planting them, growing them or even studying them. Keith and Candace both work part time in sales, as most of the week they are selfemployed landscapers drawing up plans for gardens or planting them up. They both have amazing plant knowledge. Rose has owned her own garden centre for 26 years before joining the AlterNatives team a few years ago. She also has an amazing plant knowledge, especially exotic plants. Debbie has been working here the longest at around eight-nine years (she’s lost count) and before this she spent 15 years working in various plant nurseries in Auckland and Whangarei. Tilly has spent one year studying at Northtec before joining our team 10 months ago.

Also involved in the production team are Kirsten, Angela, Shona, and new to the team after studying horticulture at North Tech, Tania. Between them, they have about 10 years’ experience with plants. They all have their areas of plants to look after, and they take great pride in keeping these areas looking good. Busy planting natives for revegetation and effluent fields is Kane. He also makes sure our vehicles are running smoothly and takes care of the irrigation, and anything else that needs fixing around the place. Floating between sales and production is Claudia, who’s been working part time with us for about four years now, she works at one pace (flat-out) keeping the retail area stocked and full of plants. Debbie keeps the office ticking over and running efficiently. A fair bit of crystal ball gazing is part of the nursery business, with forward orders and estimating plant numbers, sometimes over a year in advance.





101 Kioreroa Rd sales@alter-natives.co.nz

09 974 8733

www.alter-natives.co.nz $

50 each

Let us help you plan and plant. 30 | SAVVY


29 or 4 for $100







For revegetation, effluent fields and large garden projects

GIVE AWAYS Savvy giveaways are brought to you by the Hits Northland

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Moccona Packs Mavis Craw Jenn Lovatt Sandra Mason

WE HAVE ONE PACK TO GIVEAWAY! Tahi honey is eco-friendly, carbon neutral and biodiversity positive with 100% of profits going directly to conservation, community and culture. Tahi’s wildly remote location out in the stunning Pataua ranges, the warm sub-tropical climate, and their determination to protect our environment means their honey has a unique taste all of its own. You can grab your own stunning Tahi Manuka honey now from TahiNZ.com

Phantom of the Opera Double Pass Chantelle Yorke Leeann Hansen Makana Confectionery Packs Maurice Kirton Robyn Shanks Shelley Evans


MAKANA CONFECTIONERY WE HAVE TWO BOXES TO GIVEAWAY! Makana Confections specializes in gift-quality confections, all handmade using only the freshest, natural ingredients available right here in Northland. This month we have three boxes of the stunning Macadamia Butter Toffee Crunch, traditional toffee toff offee laced with macadamia chips, coated in milk chocolate on both sides and dusted with macadamia fines.



Whangarei Theatre Company are proud to present Phantom of the Opera live on stage in Whangarei this June. For over 30 years the Phantom of the Opera musical has enchanted audiences throughout the world. The beautiful songs, the drama, the excitement all come together for a truly memorable occasion. You can secure your tickets now at the Forum North box office or at Ticketek.co.nz now, or simply be into win a double pass her.

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r e t t a n i n E ment e v i L Whangarei RSA e h t t a May/June 2019

‘DIRE STRAITS TRIBUTE SHOW’ May 4 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm




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Monday Bingo | Tuesday Rifle Club | Tuesday and Friday Line Dancing

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Wednesday Darts | Thursday Pool | 1st and 3rd Sunday Salsa

Members enjoy discounts on drinks and meals

9 Rust Ave, Whangarei • Phone 438 3792 • whangareirsa.co.nz

Courtesy Coach $3 SAVVY | 31

Secure your lifestyle at the popular Falls Estate. Construction starts soon on spacious new townhouses. Hurry – only three left!

The Falls Estate isn’t just retirement, but an appetite for living. 94 BOUNDAR Y ROAD, TIKIPUNG A , WHANG AREI

W W W. F A L L S E S TAT E . C O . N Z

32 | SAVVY

Profile for Northern Advocate

Savvy May 2019  

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