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MARCH 2021


06 - Keep on keeping on with 2021 trends


11 - All you need to know about Lip Fillers

07 - Autumn shoe care guide

BEAUTY & HeALTH 08 - Provides 15x more conditioning for dry, brittle hair 09 - Skin 101: Back to basics

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10 - Ways to feel good

his month marks a year since our country was impacted by Covid and we are still riding out the waves of various levels as it lingers. While many people around the globe have been affected in myriad ways, our cover story features delightful Scottish couple Helen and Steve Lewis. After following Helen’s daughter out to New Zealand in 2012, they fell in love with the country (not to mention their new grandchildren) enough to buy a holiday home here. They then spent six months every year exploring the country when not being hands-on grandparents. Then lockdown struck and they’re thankful it was while they were here. They talk about what life is like for them here as well as back home and share their heart-warming story of how they met later in life. These retirees have put in the hard yards over the years and, while sad to see their country and loved ones suffering, are grateful to be in New Zealand. Read their story on pages 4 & 5. March 8 is International Women’s Day and, according to Maori legend, the name Whangarei, derives from twin sisters. On page 19, Mayor Sheryl Mai explains why women are at the heart of our district and shares some insights into her own background. On that note, the annual Easter Weekend Waipu Cove Women’s Fishing Competition is on this month… well finger’s crossed … Turn to page 20 to read all about it.

12 - Minimally invasive nonsurgical thread facelift

FITNESS 13 - Tips for netball beginners

PETS 14 - Settling in your new feline friend!

15 - Packard Motor Museum – Vehicle of the month 15 - Hope for a shared future 16 - Wiapu Cove Women's Fishing Competition 17 - The D.I.Y Cultralists Exhibition 18 - Finding their fit 19 - Women at the heart of our district 20 - Uretiti northbound driver reviver fatigue stops

Have a great month.

SAVVY HOMES 24 - Millen’s Journey to be best in the bathroom Editorial

25 - Warming up our interiors for autumn

Jodi Bryant – jodi.bryant@nzme.co.nz


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Bryce Zhang

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Jodi Bryant

Published by NZME Northland, 88 Robert Street, Whangarei. savvy@northernadvocate.co.nz www.savvymagazine.co.nz

26 - The new, trendy colours for autumn 28 - Diving into total drama 30 - Bedroom ideas to improve your health and happiness

Natural, rare & beautiful ... Rich velvety chocolate, a dash of spicy cinnamon, a tipple of delectable Cognac and the pop of effervescent champagne. The finest things in life come in diamond. Coloured diamonds have been in the headlines a lot of late, with all eyes fixed firmly on last year’s closure of the famous Argyle mine in Western Australia. The increasingly desirable natural tones of chocolate, cognac and champagne have caught the eye of collectors, connoisseurs and celebrities alike – we just have to see the 30ct dream boats that Beyoncé and Jay Z are rocking to know we are onto a good thing here! With a mild ripple of panic running through the core of quality handmade jewellers worldwide, the question is asked. How many have you got? This is where we can be a little proud of our forward planning. Looking into our

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BLESSED to be a long way from home BY JODI BRYANT

When Helen Macdonald posted a Christian charity envelope through the door of atheist Steve Lewis in their home town near Edinburgh, little did she know it would lead to the virtual strangers marrying and landing themselves in New Zealand locked out of their home country.


ot that they’re complaining; as they gaze out at the stunning harbour view from the Onerahi “holiday home” they bought in 2013, the couple consider themselves lucky to have been in the country when lockdown struck one year ago. “We love the UK. We miss the friends and family but also the city lifestyle in Edinburgh but I’d rather be sitting here in the warmth and freedom,” smiles Helen. Back home in their small village just outside of Edinburgh, the pair vaguely knew of each other with their yards almost backing onto one another’s while married to their previous partners. Then after Helen’s marriage ended, she had moved around the corner just two doors down from Steve and Trish. “I had seen Trish around the village but our lives were different as I had kids and was a church-goer,” says Helen, 71. “I recognised Helen as the lady who used to jog by the window,” laughs Steve, 70. However, they didn’t meet until some years later after Steve lost his wife of 36 years to leukemia and Helen took round a sympathy card. “She knocked on the door to deliver a sympathy card and to say how sorry she was and it was special because so many people, they come around in the dead of the night and leave cards but keep their distance because it’s human nature and they don’t know what to say,” reflects Steve. It wasn’t until eight months later in 2011 that they met again. Helen was delivering Christian charity envelopes and popped one through Steve’s door. When she returned to collect it, he was out.

The top of Mt Ruapehu after “a hard slog”.

“People put money in them and you come back and collect them. Steve wasn’t in when I came back to collect it and then I picked up him,” she laughs. Steve explains: “Since I wasn’t at home, she left a new envelope with a post-it giving her number because she wanted to hear about the charity walk I’d done (for leukemia).” “I’d also been a bereavement counsellor, so thought he might like to chat,” says Helen. Steve called Helen and the pair met for a lunch that lasted around five hours. “We had lunch at a discreet hotel,” remembers Helen. “It’s a small village,” she adds, laughing. “It was a lovely first date,” says Steve. “When Trish knew she wouldn’t recover, she was very adamant in dusting myself off and getting on with life. And, in fact, to meet two women to have been madly in love with… We didn’t have kids, not through choice, and to suddenly be a grandad, I’ve been pretty lucky.” At that point, Helen’s daughter Jan was heading to New Zealand to live and Helen was planning to visit. “I said my daughter was going out to New Zealand with my only grandchild and I was planning to retire the following year. Steve was also planning to retire and he cheekily said, ‘Oh, you don’t know I was born in New Zealand, you don’t want somebody to show you around?’” Steve, whose career involved 20 years in the air force and another 20 as a civil air traffic controller, had spent the first 3.5 years of his life in Auckland before his family moved back to Scotland but he had never returned.

The pair arrived in spring 2012 having shipped out a motorhome in which they toured the country for four months. “It was a baptism of fire for both of us in many ways,” says Steve. “We had known each other one and a bit years, but we loved every minute of it.” When their holiday ended, they sold the motorhome and decided to look for a holiday home close to Jan. “We started looking around and we were selling the motorhome and one of the people who enquired lived nearby so we both went round and, while Steve and the guy went on the test run, I started chatting to the lady and she said she’d been a carer for a gentleman around the road who had just passed and his house was coming up for sale.” Several months later, having returned to the UK, and with Steve frequently checking, they spotted the house going up for auction and got Helen’s daughter and partner to bid on their behalf. They were successful and Helen and Steve secured a cute little house just several doors along from Jan and, soon-to-be, two grandchildren. For the next six years, the couple spent six months in each country during summer, becoming engaged on Christmas Day 2013. “We had been on a cruise and Helen had admired a ring that was really just costume jewellery,” recalls Steve. “She went back to get it but I had already bought it. Then, on Christmas Day, I gave it to her as one of her presents and said, ‘If you’ll marry me, you can wear it on your left hand’. Things had been going very well and we just gel and were completely in love with each other, so I thought, ‘what the heck’.”

Helen and Steve enjoyed a New Zealand wedding with their new local friends.


“We were at Jan’s house at the time and she was Face Timing her dad. She said, ‘Oh my God, Steve’s just proposed to mum!’ and he said, ‘Stupid bugger!’” laughs Helen. They married in St Stephen’s Anglican church around the road in 2014 in what they describe as a “lovely little wedding”. “It was very informal and we just decided to invite all the folk we had met basically and then had them back at our little place. There was about three dozen, it was completely brill,” describes Helen.

“Then in November 2019 we came out as usual with return tickets for May 2020 and we’re still here,” grins Steve. “Initially our flights got cancelled so we applied for new flights for June and they got cancelled as well. By the time we got to November, we said well it’s pointless going back now – it’s going back to the cold so we might as well stay and the UK was a mess and New Zealand was just wonderful so it was a nobrainer,” said Helen. After the couple sold Steve’s house in Scotland, they had been living together in Helen’s which now sits empty across the globe. However, as well as Helen’s son keeping an eye on it, they are able to keep things in check from their phones. “Our insurance over there requires the temperature to be kept at a minimum of 13 degrees,” explains Steve. “So, I control the heating from my phone and we can also tell if Helen’s son has been in there.” Helen says Jan was delighted with their extended stay and it gave them their first taste of

a New Zealand winter. “You’ve got warm rain, it’s nothing like a UK winter.” With their house only equipped for summer, they have now prepared it for their second New Zealand winter. “The whole point of being in both places was visiting family and to tour around and we can’t do that over there so it’s pointless trying to get back,” says Helen. “A girlfriend back home said they’re actually frightened to go out it’s so rampant.” Adds Steve: “Edinburgh is a huge social city and we used to go in two times a week and our friends said they haven’t been in since March last year so we’re not missing anything. So, we’re not trapped - this is a joy.” When friends back home ask them to describe New Zealand, they say it is “geographically like Europe in a nutshell”. “It covers a huge range of styles of land but the biggest thing is the people are happy and relaxed on the whole. We find it very uncomplicated compared to home.”

When they’re not being hands-on grandparents, Helen and Steve have been exploring New Zealand.

While Helen and Steve try not to post too much on social media in empathy of their loved ones’ situation, instead, it gets a positive response. “They actually want to know as they see it as a bit of brightness. Seeing it gives them hope.” Although the couple have suffered the losses of Helen’s brother and Steve’s best friend over the last year, they count their blessings to be on this side of the world and have made lots of friends, spending their days walking, cycling, swimming, travelling and being hands-on grandparents. Steve, still an atheist, also helps out at the church which Helen is a member of. “We’re basically blessed, we feel very lucky to be able to do what we are able to do. Thank you New Zealand and thank you mum and dad for my being born here,” adds Steve.

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Arrivals New season, new trends and a new wardrobe! Get the latest in women’s fashion and shop our newest arrivals for on-trend looks you’ll love. Our collection of new clothing includes a huge variety of tops, jeans, dresses, and more.

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Z&P has just landed instore. It’s a lollie scramble of delights for all you sweater lovers.

KEEP ON KEEPING ON with 2021 trends

Boyfriend Distressed Jean - Lania

So, 2021 is all about jeans this year. 2020 saw us reaching for a softer more relaxed style of pant like sweats, leggings, and knits, as we adjusted to our restricted lifestyles, leaving our beloved jeans to quietly shrink in our wardrobes.


ut like leopard print, bob haircuts and polo shirts, jeans will never be overlooked for long and autumn, winter 2021 is their time - with a few changes. While the focus on jeans may have slowed last year, they were by no means dismissed. Behind the scenes designers seized this opportunity to re-revamp the jean to produce fresh looks to complement our altered lifestyles and they have been seriously busy. Making a dramatic comeback in the jean world is the trend-setting slimline bootcut, an overthrow from the 60s bellbottom era, that is super flattering. Sitting at a comfortable mid-rise, this stretch denim jean is fitted tightly through the thighs, flaring subtly from the knees and super-sleek paired with healed ankle boots or sneakers! Coming a close second, given that comfort and ease is of the utmost importance these days, is the relaxed silhouette jean. Preferably in a light wash denim with rips (if you are a member of the everyouthful generation) or no rips depending on your inclination, this jean is often called the Boyfriend or Girlfriend jean, giving a quality laidback casual look and can be cropped, capri or full length. With the influx of lighter washes, the faded profile is dominating this season making these jeans work. Not to be dismissed is the skinny jean. The ‘keep on keeping on’ jean that outlasts all other jeans. With a super stretch fit, these jeans are rocking higher waistlines and versatile finishes such as the ripped skinny, clean Ami Skinny skinny and the shiny coated leather-look Ankle Cuff skinny which will grace our shops as soon Jean - NYDJ as they’re hauled off the containers. Worn

Karen and Cheryl at Polwarth Design are passionate about ‘Inspiring You’ to look and feel amazing every day.

under big and baggie or teamed back with a contoured blazer or coat dress, the skinny jean will always have a place in our fashion world. So, what to wear with your new look bootcut, relaxed fit, light washed, ripped jean then? Jeans and jumpers always work hand-in-hand in autumn/winter, especially the ‘must have’ ribbed sweater which Sabatini, Bridge and Lord and Z & P love. They ooze casual comfort as well as creating sleek flattering silhouettes. One of the biggest trends this season, though, seems to be the sweater vest; an ultimate piece paired back with your denim selection. Z&P have these in quirky twotones and, flicked over a classic white shirt or fitted t-shirt, it creates a great finish. Blazers are always in the stalls waiting for the edgy dresser to snap them up and Trelise Cooper has nailed this with her Triple Effect Riding Jacket, a fitted number with a laced back feature and a dipped hemline. Tossed over a ribbed sweater, skinny boot legs and a Minx boot, it is up-casual dressing to its ultimate. Loobies Story and Curate are creating a ‘wow’ effect with jeans by teaming them with a feminine frilly blouse under longflowing unbuttoned coat dresses for that understated, interesting look that can take you anywhere. We are very grateful that the fashion world is a wideangled machine creating innovative new designs to suit all body shapes and personalities and revamping the old. With new stock arriving daily, we eagerly await our deliveries of trend-setting jeans from our New London, NYDJ, Lania, Junk Food, and Lobbies Story suppliers so that we can throw on our leopards print polo shirts and have a play. We invite you to join us.


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Open Mon-Sat | 78 Victoria Street Phone 09 439 7341

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Button Back Sweater Vest- Z&P

Blue Monday Jean - Curate by Trelise Cooper



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Autumn is a wonderful time of year when it comes to style.


s the weather gets cooler, you can finally play around with layering scarfs, shirts and jackets but it’s not yet cold enough to be restricted to your big winter coat. However, autumn isn’t without its flaws and cold, wet weather can be very unforgiving to your suave leather shoes. At Santreno Shoes, we don’t believe in compromising style for practicality and that’s why we’ve compiled this handy little guide to help you protect your shoes this autumn.

Applying Shoe Protector To achieve the best results, it is advisable to apply shoe protector before wearing your new shoes for the first time. However, if you do want to apply a protector to a pair of shoes that you’ve already worn, make sure you give them a quick clean first. This will remove any dust or dirt and allow for an even distribution across the shoes’ uppers. And, if using an aerosol protector spray, it is best to apply outdoors or in a non-confined space to avoid breathing in any fumes.

Caring for Leather Leather is a pretty durable choice for autumn footwear, but it still requires a bit of care to keep it looking its best. As leather is a natural material it will dry out over time and that’s why we recommend applying a shoe cream or leather conditioner about once a month.

Why Does It Always Rain on Me? No matter how careful you are, chances are you will get caught out in the rain from time to time, but all is not lost! If you take care and follow these simple steps, you will minimise the damage that water can cause to your shoes. • Remove excess water with a dry towel • Dry the insides of your shoes - stuff your shoes with paper towels to help draw the water out. Let the shoes dry naturally away from direct heat and not in front of the fire or in the hot water cupboard. • Ointment or condition and polish once your shoes are dry

Caring for Suede We can’t stress it enough; waterproof protector spray is a must for suede shoes during the autumn! You should spray new suede shoes before you wear them and then reapply protector once every three to four months.

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he All Soft care system combines the best ingredients to replenish moisture and nourishment to your strands. If you are suffering from dry, brittle hair, you need to turn to any of these systems to restore your hair. Redken All Soft vs All Soft Mega: What’s the Difference?


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ALL SOFT The Redken All Soft range consists of a shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask as restorative treatment. The hair care system is enriched with omega-6 enriched argan-oil formula. This formula restores the moisture balance level in your hair. It also replenishes moisture to keep your hair soft and boost manageability and shine. Your hair will also feel more supple than before using the system. When to Use Redken All Soft? Use the Redken All Soft hair care system for the following situations or hair care needs: • When you have normal to dry hair; • When you have normal to medium type hair; • When you have normal to dry and brittle hair; • When your hair craves shine and moisture.

ALL SOFT MEGA The Redken All Soft Mega hair care system brings all the benefits that the All Soft range has to offer. It was launched in 2018 and is designed to provide advanced hair care for that touchable softness that you aspire. The All Soft system is rich in omega-6 and argan oil. However, if your hair is severely damaged, you need a more powerful and potent formula. The nourishing superfood mix of aloe vera gel, sacha inchi extract, cactus extract, and Redken’s unique RCT Protein Complex treats your hair from root to tip. When to Use Redken All Soft Mega? • When you have severely dry hair; • When you have medium to coarse hair; • When your hair is in need of nourishment to revive itself.


Natural All Soft Argan-6 Multi-Care Oil is enriched with omega-6 to provide deep conditioning, lasting softness and shine for hair. • • • •

Provides concentrated softness, deep conditioning and lasting suppleness Intensely nourishes all hair types Provides 15x more conditioning Boosts shine

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SKIN 101:

BACK TO BASICS Skincare can be a little daunting — but it doesn't need to be.


he trick is to start with the key three. The key three builds a solid but simple base to get your regime started. Once you feel confident, get a better understanding of your skin, and want to explore the vast and exciting world of skincare — we'll be right here to help. Like always. Read on to discover Caci’s key three skin foundations: Reformaskin membership, 3-step routine, SPF.

A REFORMASKIN MEMBERSHIP AT CACI The team at Caci know how to get great results. That's why they’ve developed a range of memberships, including their Skin Health Plan — Reformaskin. The Reformaskin membership offers a range of skin conditioning treatments, all developed to help you enjoy skin confidence. These treatments are the foundation to your skincare routine — helping to refresh, hydrate, repair and soothe skin to keep it in its best condition. You can level up these treatments with more advanced options or concerns too. But for now, this is a great starting point. Get a personalised schedule of treatments that best treat your skin concerns including access to member-only benefits (like discounts!) by booking your free consultation. Yep, consultations are free! STEP ROUTINE This is our go-to, fail-proof 3-step routine for everyone who knows they need to be looking after their skin... but doesn't know where to begin. Start here... and then the world (well, your skin) is your oyster. • Cleanser The most basic aspect of skincare that everyone should do at least daily, if not twice a day — already read the label and use as directed. No makeup you say? Still gotta cleanse. With dirt, bacteria, sweat and other surface build-up accumulating on the skin, it's important to rid your pores of all the nasties, regardless of what's on your face. Try cleansing for at least 30 seconds. It's kind of like brushing your teeth, the longer you do it, the better the clean. But don't go overboard

as it may dry your skin out. Not sure on what cleanser to opt for? Look for a cleanser that will target your concern. Acne? Acne cleanser. Pigmentation? Vitamin C cleanser. Dryness? Hydrating cleanser. Better yet, book a free consultation with one of Caci’s skin experts to get a recommendation based on your skin concerns and needs.

The team at Caci love the Skinsmiths Daily Defence Sheer SPF for a weightless, non-greasy option. Want to know more? Book a free consultation with one of Caci’s skin experts. Visit caci.co.nz or head into clinic 14 Clyde St, Whangarei.

Without SPF you will start to see uneven skin tone, dark spots and fine lines in your late 30’s, by the time you are in your mid 40’s you will start to see wrinkles from collagen and elasticity loss and dryness. And by the time you are in early 50’s lines will be deeper and skin will start to feel leathery with obvious collagen and elasticity loss. An easy way to combat this is to incorporate a sunscreen into your regime - every. single. day.

• Moisturiser While we all love cleansing — it can strip some of the natural oils from our skin. This is why moisturiser, our hydrating friend, is so important to keep our skin balanced and nourished. Our skin doesn't make its own water so it's important to give it a drink in the form of moisturiser, twice a day, morning and night. Similar to cleansers, look for a moisturiser that will target your skin concerns. Heavier creams should be used at night while SPF-based and lighter moisturisers can be used during the day. • SPF This is a non-negotiable. If you have to use just one product, make it SPF. This is our number one to protect your beautiful skin whilst fighting signs of aging, pigmentation and more. Sun damage is cumulative and can happen both outside and inside. In fact, blue light from your phone can be doing damage. Make SPF, your BFF. • Protection! It's the final step in your 3-step routine, so you know it's got to have it's own feature on this list. Your skin’s job is to look after you, protecting your body from the world outside (and it does a very good job!). So give it a hand!

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Beauty & Health

WAYS to feel good See the top tips from viva.co.nz for boosting your mood and feeling happier.

STAY HYDRATED Even mild dehydration can lead to symptoms such as headaches and fatigue, so if you struggle to drink enough water, try keeping a water bottle nearby to prompt you to take sips regularly across the day.

50 per cent power, try pushing up to 80 per cent for one minute, then back down to 50 per cent. For first-timers, walk for two minutes, then jog for one. Use trees or lamp posts to mark the distances. When you start finding it easy, make the intervals longer.

CARE FOR YOUR LIVER The liver plays a major role in how you feel, function and look each day. Focus on giving it more of what it loves, and less of what it doesn’t — more whole foods, particularly bitter foods like green leafy vegetables, and less alcohol and highly processed foods.

WORK OUT IN THE MORNING Carve out some time each morning that’s solely for you to focus on your fitness goals. You could go for a run, do some Pilates or light cardio, or even go for a walk while listening to a podcast — anything that gets you up, and active. Exercising in the morning could be more achievable than trying to squeeze a workout into your lunch break, or after work. A high-intensity workout late at night can lead to excess cortisol running through your body, which can disrupt your sleep pattern. The power hour isn’t about giving up sleep to get up early, so it’s important to go to bed earlier too.

MIND YOUR MAGNESIUM For your mood, your muscles, your energy and the health of your mind and body, keep your magnesium level up. Dark leafy vegetables are the richest source — and considering a supplement: most people have low levels and if you have trouble sleeping, taking a magnesium capsule before bed is great for calming the nerves and muscles. SWITCH UP LONG JOGS FOR TEMPO TRAINING This type of bite-sized training will get lungs working and make it easier to run long distances. If you normally go for a jog at a steady pace at

BE GOOD TO YOUR GUT The microbiome is the bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes that live in the large intestine or colon. The microbiome is shaped by genetics, but it can also be impacted by lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise. As we get older, having an abundance of ‘good’ bacteria living in our gut

is increasingly important to fight infection and prevent the onset of diseases. One of the best ways to improve the “good” microbes in our gut is through eating high-fibre foods, as well as probiotic- and vitamin C-rich food. DITCH THE TECH With the term “doom scrolling” firmly in the lexicon — that means endless scrolling through negative news media, social media posts and immersing oneself in general bad vibes — it could be time to try a tech cleanse. Extended time away from our phones and computers, or simply deactivating social media accounts for a while, has a multitude of benefits, from sleeping better to lessening feelings of anxiety, FOMO (fear of missing out) and, most of all, freeing up time for other, more analogue pursuits. JUST BREATHE Diaphragmatic breathing is one of the most effective ways we can reduce stress hormone production — and it’s free! This can have a profound effect on numerous aspects of our health, including energy levels, sleep and digestion, to name just a few. Try taking 20 long, slow breaths, with particular focus on extending the exhalation, and notice if it leads you to experience a sense of calm.

CRAVING MORE CLARITY AND DIRECTION FOR 2021? Start your year off with a 1:1 coaching session. In one hour, we’ll completely organise your year: • Identify your key road blocks • Determine what you need to be focusing on, and • Set realistic actions that will get you moving * Session fee: $75

Make 2021 YOUR year Book now at sarahtrass.com

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Beauty & Health

All you need to know about lip fillers Q&A

with Facedoctors Northland

What are lip fillers? Lip fillers are substances injected into your lips. They fill lines and wrinkles – it is the perfect way to add extra volume and plumpness to lips which may be lacking in shape or elasticity. How do lip fillers work? Lip fillers deliver almost immediate results (within 48 hours). A medically developed semipermanent solution is injected into the lips to enhance their natural shape and plumpness. This type of filler is based on hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring sugar found in the body, and has been purposely designed to make sure that you will have a natural look whether you are laughing or smiling.

Will I Look Dramatically Different After My Lip Fillers? No. During your free consultation your practitioner will discuss the best plan for you for subtle effects, using the natural contours of your face for guidance. Your normal facial expressions will remain unaffected.

What to expect at the consultation? Your lip fillers consultation will be with a practitioner who will assess your lips and determine the most appropriate form of treatment. During your consultation the practitioner will answer any questions you may have about your lip concerns and give you

personalised advice. If your lip concerns can be treated, the procedure will then be carried out in-clinic. Do lip fillers last? Lip fillers typically last between 9-12 months, but this can vary depending on several factors including the volume of filler injected. Lifestyle factors, such as smoking or sun exposure, can also affect how long the results last as well as how quickly your body breaks down the filler. Is it true that your lips feel hard once you’ve had lip filler? After treatment your lips will feel tender and sore for the first couple of days and you may have the sensation of something in your lips. Following your consultation, your practitioner will be able to give you an indication of how your lips will feel in the days and weeks following your treatment so you know what to expect.

Who can have a lip filler injection? Adults of any age can use lip filler to enhance their lips. With different formulations targeting different concerns, lip fillers can address a range of needs. Some address fine lines around the mouth, whereas others focus on increasing volume to the lips, for example.

Want to enhance your lips natural shape and plumpness? Committed to the highest safety standards, Facedoctors Northland only offer expert qualified doctors for lip filler treatments. A comprehensive lip filler consultation prior to treatment is provided, where you can discuss your lip filler options and ask any questions or talk through any concerns you may have.

Do lip fillers hurt? Lip fillers require no cuts, incisions or stitches to be made, although the procedure may involve some light pain or discomfort. Depending on the area being treated, the treatment usually takes between 20 and 30 minutes, and most people will experience a tiny scratch as the needle goes in, with a slight stinging sensation as the filler is applied.

Are you looking for fuller lips? Get your perfect pout with our




Turn back time


Includes: • 4 X Eye Wrinkle Botox Treatments • 12 X Eye Micro Needing • 12 X Full Face Micro Facials


*Conditions apply – see instore fore more details.

KERIKERI - 3 Homestead Rd Ph 09 430 2201 • 021 385 186

WHANGAREI - 8 Quality St Ph 09 430 2201 • 021 385 182

WARKWORTH - 2 Kapanui St Ph 021 385 183

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Beauty & Health

Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Thread Facelift Threads have become very popular over recent years. Today's high-quality products are very effective and safe to use.


issue lift is achieved by inserting Polydioxanone (PDO) threads into the deep layers of the skin. Main target areas are sagging jowls, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and the aging neck. However, threads can be used in other areas of the body too. Threading is not as effective as a surgical facelift but will provide a good effect at much lower cost and minimal downtime. Insertion is a minimal invasive office-based procedure taking on average 30 minutes.

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads have been used for wound closure in surgical procedures for over a decade. The absorbable material PDO is popular with surgeons due to its tensile strength and handling qualities. PDO is the raw material for the threads. Different lengths are available to suit individual requirements. The modern threads have specifically moulded barbs providing tissue lift when inserted. The threads dissolve over 3-4 months but trigger collagen and elastin production resulting in a lifting and tightening effect for 12-18 months. After thorough cleaning and disinfection of the treatment area, local anaesthetic is injected. Using a cannula, the threads are then introduced into the deep layers of the skin. Once in the correct location, they are anchored and cut. There are no sutures or wounds other than 1-3mm insertion sites. The number of threads inserted varies according to individual requirements.

Postoperative pain is usually minimal and can be treated with simple pain killers. To minimize the risk of infection, no makeup or other cosmetics should be used for 24 hours. Over the following weeks, collagen and elastin production is triggered and the blood perfusion of the area enhanced. This adds to the mechanical lifting effect seen straight after insertion. Best results are achieved when combining

a thread lift with other non-invasive procedures, such as platelet rich therapy (PRP) and micro-needling. Not only can it improve the appearance of sagging skin, PDO (polydioxanone) can also help promote the stimulation of collagen and neovascularization, which helps to improve skin elasticity, texture, fine lines, and volume for a timeless rejuvenation.



• Surgical/Non-Surgical Skin Cancer treatment

• Botulinum Toxin Treatments • Dermal Fillers • Microneedling • Advanced Platelet Rich Therapy (PRP) • Skincare products, & certified natural Ocean friendly sunscreens available

• Radiofrequency Surgery • Complete skin cancer checks


• Safe, new minimally-invasive Nonsurgical Thread Facelift procedure by Dr Heike at Whangarei Skin Clinic. • Effective and long lasting. • Speedy recovery resume daily life after your procedure.

Opening Hours Monday to Friday 9am - 4.30pm Exception Thursday 10.30am - 6pm (Evening Surgery) 12 | SAVVY

Phone 09 4370852

E Info@whgskinclinic.co.nz www.whangareiskinclinic.co.nz

85 Hatea Drive, Regent Whangarei 0112


Whangarei Netball Centre

TIPS for Netball Beginners Just getting started in netball? Here are some tips that you can easily employ to get your game off on the correct footing. Get Kitted Out While some basic sports clothing may be appropriate when you first start out, as you progress it is vital that you get proper netball kit that is comfortable and suited to the demands of the game so you can play to the best of your ability. •

• •

Training shoes: Your trainers must have a strong sole with good support as using trainers intended for other sports, such as running, may result in an injury. The game is fast-paced and often demanding on your feet and ankles so a decent sports-specific netball shoe is absolutely vital. Socks: Socks with good foot padding will make for a more comfortable experience. Ankle and knee strapping: Due to the fact that the game often requires you to land from a height, it is often preferred by many players to add strapping to your ankles and

protect your knees with braces to avoid any unnecessary strain. Jewellery, nails and hair: Jewellery is a definitive no-no and should not be worn on court; this will usually be checked by the umpires before the game. The umpire may also check the length of the players’ fingernails and the rule is with the hands reversed the nail should not be able to be seen over the fingertip. Also, hair should be tied back and out of the way at all times.

Get Fit For The Game Netball is normally played at a fast pace and you’ll be expected to move about a lot, so it's important to get fit overall. It is important to do exercises that strengthen your core, stability and balance, improve your speed and heighten your endurance.

Warm Up Well Warming up is an essential part of any preparation before playing. Netball is notorious for injuries due to the movement and abrupt stopping required by players. Warming up before taking part in any physical activity improves performance and reduces the likelihood of obtaining an injury. Practise Passing The Ball With A Friend Passing is the most important skill used in netball, so get out there and practice by throwing a ball either on court or at home. Passes can be one or two handed so practice both and see what you’re comfortable with. Watch Others At Play It may seem obvious, but watching other people playing netball can allow you to pick up plenty of tips. Look at the movement and tactics employed by other people who play in the same position as you.

Check out NetballSmart.co.nz for more tips.


VIDEO GAIT ANALYSIS We use our expertise with the latest technology to take the guess work out of purchasing the correct footwear.

Struggling to decide what netball shoes to buy? Come in and see our friendly team! Whether you are a professional athlete, or a social player, we will find the perfect shoe for you.


Proudly Supporting Northland Netball ASICS GEL-NETBURNER 20 D WIDE

Whangarei Netball Centre is the largest Centre in Northland with around 2,500 members, ranging from juniors aged five years through to seniors and that’s not including the coaches, umpires and managers. While last year wasn’t the easiest of years for sport, and it was uncertain whether Whangarei Netball would be able to provide any form of netball at all, the community pulled together to enable a shortened and exciting season. All of that would not be possible without the volunteers; the countless hours that go into providing netball – from school sports or netball co-ordinators who continue to give for the love of the sport, the mums roped into organising netball for their kid’s school, club committee members working yearround to provide both competitive and social netball opportunities, umpires, WNC officials/supporters, coaches, managers and young netball leaders. They are the true heroes of netball and because of their passion and dedication, netball is a reality and within reach for anyone who wants to give it a go. Over the last few years Netball has continued to grow and to ensure its sustainability it requires funding and sponsorship. Smith’s Sports Shoes are a valuable part of the WNC community and as part of WNC’s Good Sports promotion, Smiths Sports Shoes provides prizes for WNC to acknowledge members who are good role models either through coaching, supporting on the side-line, umpiring, or through playing the game. This year Whangarei Netball looks forward to a relatively “normal” season and while Covid continues to be on our radar, but having played under Level 2 conditions last year coupled with the continued support of the Whangarei Netball Community, a change in alert levels doesn’t seem so scary.



Incorrect Shoe Correct Shoe

FREE PODIATRY SERVICE Do you suffer from foot or leg problems? Get a FREE assessment!

Bridie Hibbert (BHSc. Pod) is born & bred in Whang rei. After completing her Podiatry degree in Auckland Bridie has returned home hoping to give back to the community and start her career. She works in the Whang rei store to help customers who may have foot, knee and lower limb problems, as well as providing advice on the correct footwear for your needs!

1-5pm every second Tuesday

Call 430 8063 to book your appointment. The most supportive and durable model

The lightest and most responsive netball shoe yet

With featherlight feel and essential stability




Whangarei • 72 Cameron Street Phone 09 430 8063 Featuring increased traction and flexibility

With improved arch support and torsion stability

FlyteFoam midsole for reduced weight & outstanding overall comfort

Warkworth • 40 Queen Street Phone 09 422 2212 Open: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm • Sat 9am - 2pm

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Settling in your new feline friend! Bringing home, a new kitten or cat is such a fun and exciting time!


ut you must remember that they are probably not feeling that way initially as it’s quite daunting for them moving to a new home. So we need to take things slowly with them and make sure that they are comfortable in their new surroundings. The first thing you want to do is ensure you have the right equipment for the settling in period; talk to your local pet store to ensure you are fully-equipped for this new adventure! For the first night, make sure your feline is confined to a safe space like a laundry or a bathroom with a litter tray - if they are given the run of the house right away they can have toileting errors in unwanted areas of the house. Remind children of ground rules around your new cat or kitten. Remind them not to startle him or her and to keep the door shut until they are settled. If they don’t eat too much for the first day or two, don’t be too concerned as this is normal behaviour when they are a little nervous and should get back to normal eating habits as it settles. Find a treat they like as this comes in handy when trying to get them back inside once they start exploring.

Introducing your kitten to another pet family member is a very important part of settling in. It is important that you don’t change your existing pet’s world too much as you want them to not to feel threatened. Dogs tend to accept new kittens faster than cats as cats are not fans of sudden change so take your time to introduce them slowly and positively with treats and lots of love to make them know everything is ok. As your feline friend adjusts, he or she will show signs of wanting to explore outside of their safe haven. Make sure pets or other family members don’t startle them as they explore this new territory. And do it in small doses with the use of a kitten harness or just simply carrying your kitten around with you initially before letting them down. Provide your cat with a scratching post that is tall enough for them to extend themselves to scratch. Encourage them to use it by sprinkling catnip or dangling a toy at the top. Your furniture will love you for it!

Adopt a Kitten & change a life! There are numerous stray kittens around Northland and the Whangarei SPCA and their volunteers do a fantastic job of fostering beautiful kittens ready for homes. Adopting a rescue is rewarding, not just for them but for you!

32a Commerce Street - Phone (09) 4388835 - petessentialswhangarei.co.nz 14 | SAVVY

Supporting our community

Hihiaua Cultural Centre

Hope for a Shared Future February was a rollercoaster month for Hihiaua, with many highs and a devastating low with the loss of good friend and former chairperson, Richard Drake.


he Hihiaua Cultural Centre Trust extends its deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Richard, who served tirelessly as chairperson for the trust from 2008 until 2019. He was determined and committed to seeing Stage 1 built on time and under budget for the community of Whangarei and Te Taitokerau, and we are privileged to be sheltered by the fruits of his efforts. His legacy lives on at Hihiaua, which acts as a hub for the community to build relationships and hope for a shared future. Last month we saw this hope for a shared future expressed boldly by HĀ, a group of youth who are passionate about developing education programmes which explore the shared history of Aotearoa.

On February 5, HĀ presented their proposal for a genuine treaty partnership to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her cabinet colleagues at Hihiaua. Then, in accordance with HĀ’s programme, they challenged the ministers to create an artwork which reflected their desire to see history taught in schools. The ministers were supported by students from Whangārei Girls', who had taken part in HĀ's inaugural programme, Kākano, and their pieces then formed part of HĀ's Fundraising Exhibition which helped raise funds to run the Kakano programme in schools. In the week following, we hosted our second ever waka building symposium, Tangata Uta, which saw Billy Harrsion lead a team of seven to


Humber Super Snipe


carve a small waka (canoe) known as a kopapa in four days. Billy Harrison is a student of expert waka builder Heemi Eruera, who himself studied the craft under the late Sir Hekenukumai (Hector) Busby. The crew started on Tuesday afternoon, and successfully launched onto the Hatea on Friday, before celebrating with flounder and fried bread for lunch. The waka kopapa is available for viewing from our deck in the waka shelter. Finally, a brief but big congratulations to our friends at the Northland Youth Theatre whose


lthough the main car collection at the Packard Motor Museum is the American built Packard, we also have a shed displaying English Cars. When people think of luxury English cars, they often think of Bentley, Jaguar, Rolls Royce and of course the Aston Martin made famous by James Bond. But there were other manufacturers in the UK who also produced a good quality luxury car for those who couldn’t afford such high-end vehicles but who still wanted a car which provided comfort and value for money. Our 1966 Humber Super Snipe is such a car with its roomy interior and smooth 3 litre engine. The first Super Snipe was produced in 1938 and was marketed to the uppermiddle-class and professional people. It was respectable price for its generous size and performance and was similar in appearance and style to its American counterparts.

February performances of Hamlet on the Hatea brought Shakespeare to life in Whangarei. For the month of March, we look forward to a bit of recovery time from our busy February but encourage you to visit us and our ever-changing exhibition and shop filled with authentic Māori art and unique local creations from nationally renowned artists. Keep up-to-date with what is happening by joining the Hihiaua Cultural Centre and Friends of Hihiaua facebook pages or see us on Instagram.

From 1946 until 1952, Humber produced the Mark 1 to Mark IV Super Snipes while also producing the smaller four-cylinder Hawk. The Queen Mother had available for use a 1952 Super Snipe to take her to church each Sunday. In October 1959 a new line of Super Snipes with unitary body-chassis construction was introduced as the Series 1. The vehicle at the museum is a 1966 Super Snipe Series V. These new 1 - V series Humbers were powered by a 2.6lt and 3lt Armstrong Sidley derived engine, respectively. From 1953 the Super Snipe was assembled in Australia and also in New Zealand by Todd Motors in Petone. Our car which came from a family in Devonport was NZ assembled. In 1964 the Rootes Group, who built the Humber, was taken over by Chrysler Corp and in 1967 production of the big Humbers ceased.

WOF • REPAIRS SERVICES • MAINTENANCE BATTERIES AND TYRES Your local garage for honest, friendly service

A Collection that began in the early 1950’s on a farm at Anawhata

OPE Wed N: 10am to Sat PH: 0 to 4pm 9 434 8214

Proudly supporting y the community MALCOLM & SALLY MEEK 1 Church Street, Onerahi rahi

Phone: 09 436 5971 E: admin@onerahigarage.co.nz ge.co.nz .co.nz W: www.onerahigarage.co.nz

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Supporting our community

The Annual Easter Weekend Waipu Cove Women’s Fishing Competition is rapidly approaching and the excitement within the community is building.


he competition has been running successfully for many years now and is held within Camp Waipu Cove. The camp kindly hosts the event, supports the competition organisers and sponsors the $500 cash prize for the heaviest snapper. The competition is 100 per cent notfor-profit, with registration fees being used to purchase prizes for the fabulous female anglers and all proceeds from the fish auction are donated to the NZ Breast Cancer

Foundation - a charity that is very close to the heart of the competition. The event is the only fishing competition on the calendar for most of the participants and for some women it’s their only opportunity to get out on the boat all year. It’s always a fantastic day for all and the participants always come to prize-giving with a huge smile and some new cherished memories. The competition is truly an example of grassroots community spirit in action. The organisers

rely heavily on the generosity and support of gurnard - all good eating fish that punters at the local business and families. With the event fish auction will be keen to get their hands on being hosted within Camp Waipu Cove, it also for dinner. adds to the feeling of community. Registration, weigh-in, prize-giving, the annual Competitors and their families all pop down Easter raffle draw and the fish auction are all held to the village green with their camping chairs, at the Village Green at Camp Waipu Cove. snacks and refreshments and get ready to settle Ladies, organise your skipper and head to the Village Green on Friday April 2, 2022 in for a fun evening with the famous Easter between 5pm-9pm to register. raffle being drawn, prize-giving and the fish Fishing commences 7am Saturday April 3 auction. Spectators are also found at the weigh and weigh-in is between 3pm–4pm. Prize-giving station to see the day’s catch and hear some tall and the fish auction will commence at 5pm. fisherwomen tales. Fishing is permitted from land, beach, boat, Many of the participants will be launching jetski or kayak but it is strictly women only! Get from Marsden Cove Marina which is well set a copy of the rules at registration to check the up for the heavier boats but there are still a fishing boundaries and conditions of entry. handful of women that will be getting their legs wet as they launch off the beach at Waipu Cove. A tractor on the beach usually gets the attention of everyone and the fun of launching The organisers are seeking through the surf is the highlight for some thrillsponsorship and donations so please seeking women. get in touch if you have something to Fishing has been fantastic this summer but contribute to the prize pool. we know it gets better as the weather cools Tight Lines! down. The organisers are expecting to see Email: waipucovewomensfishingcompetition some gorgeous fish being weighed in and that @gmail.com could be a mighty kingfish, a moocher snapper, The 'Magic Carriage' is one of Finn's most popular additions. Elysian Wheels provides an alternative to the mainstream traditional funeral service a winning kahawai or a trevally, John Dory or

Craft beer, fine wines and everything else you expect with great service WAIPU LIQUOR CENTRE 15 The Centre, Waipu. Open 7 days a week 'Family owned since 1996'

16 | SAVVY

The event is the only fishing competition on the calendar for most of the participants and for some women it’s their only opportunity to get out on the boat all year.

Supporting our community

Marsden Cove Marina hosts the Emirates Team New Zealand Fan zone

The D.I.Y Cultralists exhibition

With the stunning backdrop of the marina, yachts and Mt Manaia, we welcome you to come along and watch the 36th Americas Cup races live on the big screen. Admission is free and we encourage you to come along with your friends and family with your blanket and picnic and enjoy the exciting event. There will also be a cash bar onsite with the opportunity to purchase from food trucks. Pre-race entertainment from local Bream Bay singers and free face painting for the kids will also be there. The 36th America's Cup races start on March 6 and will take place every two days. The first team to score seven points will become the Defender of the 37th America’s Cup.

Megan and Barry Squire from Hangar Art and Framing in Whangarei are curating an exhibition of D.I.Y art practitioners’ in March at the Thistle Hall art space, Cuba St Wellington.


he exhibition titled ‘The D.I.Y Cultralists’ is planned to coincide with the CubaDupa street festival. CubaDupa is New Zealand's largest outdoor arts and music festival, celebrating the distinctive character of Wellingtons unique Cuba St. Held annually in March, the 2020 festival was cancelled due to the Covid-19 lockdown so this year’s event is much-anticipated. The free, family-friendly event of curated entertainment spans multiple genres and creative mediums. CubaDupa has become synonymous with colour, character, costume and a weekend at which Wellingtonians feel free to bring out their wild side. Past festivals have attracted up to 100,000 people. The festival boasts 12 parades, street theatre, dance, roving performances, family entertainment, and musical

genres from orchestral to Māori dub grooves and indie rock to post-punk. Cuba St will come to life with 450 curated performances by over 1700 artists and the annual street feast which includes over 100 food vendors in the completely pedestrianised Cuba St Precinct. The exhibition at the Thistle Hall space will be utilized to curate D.I.Y culture-based visual art, poetry and music, with a collective of artists predominantly from Northland or with connections to Northland. The synthesis of paint, print, music, digital and sculpture presents the ethos of D.Y.I arts culture that sits within our everyday lives. The exhibition explores an alternative understanding of 'D.I.Y' culture and the personalised experiences that can be reshaped, transformed and retold through art. This exhibition takes on a whole new meaning to New Zealand's well known 'D.I.Y it's in our D.N.A'. This is a collaboration of artists whose works represent and contributes to alternative Aotearoa/New Zealand music, folk art, Tikanga values and avant-garde principles. A live performance of music and poetry is planned for the preview event on Tuesday 23rd March and on Saturday 27th from midday till late a programme of live tunes, artist talks and celebrations will be held at the closing party.

Location: Marsden Cove Marina, Rauriri Drive, Ruakaka * Due to alert level change, the proposed dates have been moved. Please head to www.wdc.govt.nz/events for more information.

Hangar Art & Framing Stockists of quality local art Rex Mundii astride the Sphinx riding the Arc of Venus. Oil on canvas, Barry Francis Squire

14 Cross St, Regent, Whangarei E frameskamo@xtra.co.nz Ph 4381260 | www.hangarart.nz

Marsden Cove Marina resides at the centre of the Marsden Cove canal housing development, situated inside the entrance of the picturesque Whangarei Harbour. The Marina’s extensive facilities include a world class 230 berth marina, complete with customs services, fuel dock, a range of waterfront retail facilities and Northland’s most popular public boat ramp. Offering a full range of marina services, including NZ’s newest Boat Haul Out and Hardstand facility, Marine Engineering, Boat Builders and Painters, Yacht Rigging, Sailmakers, Canvas Store, Chandlery Store plus Electrical Services.

CONTACT DETAILS Ph: +64 9 432 7740 or 021 540 888 info@marsdencovemarina.co.nz | marsdencovemarina.co.nz SAVVY | 17

Supporting our community


If you are struggling with depression or anxiety, please reach out to your family or friends and make an appointment with your GP. Finding Your Fit: Think about what you enjoy doing and take the first step, congratulate yourself for that first step and then take the next. If we can do it, then so can you.

In celebration of International Women’s Week, we share the stories of everyday women who have found their fit and are loving it! From women who are at the beginning of their journey to those who have been on this road for years and even turned it into a career! KAYLA: A stay-at-home mum to three children, Kayla realised that she had been silently battling postnatal depression for years. She isolated herself and was crippled with anxiety. One day she had had enough and took the very brave step of joining a gym and signing up for a Personal Training program. Kayla says that it was the opposite to what she expected. She had worried that she wouldn’t fit in or that she would be judged; instead, she felt welcomed and supported. She says that just walking through the doors and being greeted has been healing on its own. “I am finally feeling me again, my mental health is getting much better, I’m a better mum at home with less mood swings and I have so much more energy to keep up with the little one. I have finally set aside time for myself and am doing so much better for it. If I can do it, you can too!”

KRYSTLE: The lightbulb moment for Krystle was when a friend asked “What do you do for yourself?” Speechless and unable to reply, Krystle decided to do something that she had enjoyed before her three beautiful children were born. She tried working out at home and then joined a gym when her youngest were at kindy. A personal trainer and gym buddy helped Krystle to keep going. With encouragement from her friends, Krystle turned her journey and passions into a fulfilling career. As a group fitness instructor and now a qualified full-time personal trainer, Krystle has come the full circle and is loving being able to help others reach their goals and find what is right for them.


HELEN: Helen uses the analogy of airline safety videos; the instructions say to put your own masks on before you help others. As a parent, her natural tendency has been to put others first and herself last. Being self-employed and a self-confessed workaholic, it wasn’t until she had hit ‘rock bottom’ and was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes, that she took the courageous step to put her mask on first. Realising that to be able to help those you love, you needed to take care of yourself first. Helen’s courageous step was joining a gym. She admits that this was the hardest part for her, taking the first few steps. Three weeks into her journey and she already has great results. Helen still gets the occasional fear crop up but once she walks through the doors, she feels welcomed and confident that she can do this.



T I F R U YO ne

_ i ss Whangare

with Snap Fit



_ Snap Fitness Whangarei 8 Kensington Avenue 027 SNAP WHG (027 7627 944) 18 | SAVVY

JANICE: For Janice, she jumped on the ‘health and fitness bandwagon’ after a friend encouraged her to make some changes. She describes herself as being very unhealthy, overweight and was smoking and drinking. She has seen many friends gone before their time, Janice wanted to break that cycle for herself and has since come a long way. She signs up to as many Sport Northland run/walks as she can including half marathons, enjoys boxing classes and goes to the gym. Having someone walk alongside her, was just what she needed to get started. She now encourages as many people as she can to join her so that they too can break the cycle. Simple things like getting a family team together to do fun run/walks with her, walking the loop with friends, getting her work colleagues to join her and taking a healthy dish to family hui.

Supporting our community

Women at the heart of our district BY MAYOR SHERYL MAI

According to Maori legend, the name ‘Whangārei’ comes from twin sisters Reipae and Reitu, and their journey north on legendary falcon Te Karearea.


hey were destined to jointly marry a northern rangatira called Ueoneone. However, Reipae decided not to commit to the marriage, instead remaining at Onerahi to await the rest of her family. Reipae eventually married Tahuhu Potiki, a local chief, and Whangārei Harbour was named after her – the original name being Te Whanga-a-Reipae (The Harbour of Reipae) - where Reipae waited for her people. Women are at the heart of our district – both in name and in action. International Women’s Day is the perfect chance to think about the inspiring women who shape our lives; from legendary Reipae to our own kuia, mothers, aunts, sisters and co-workers or colleagues. In 1893, New Zealand became the first country in the world where women had the right to vote in parliamentary elections. Women in New Zealand have independence in their blood, which makes the theme of International Women’s Day 2021, ‘choose to challenge’, particularly fitting for our nation. The website for International Women’s Day states “We can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality. We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievements. Collectively, we can all help create an inclusive world.” When I transferred to an all-girls school in 4th form (year 10 in today’s terminology), we had it drummed into us that ‘just because we’re girls, doesn’t mean we’re limited’. I also had the good fortune of growing up through the 70s, which was when woman empowerment was really

frontline. In 1972, the Equal Pay Act 1972 came into force, requiring men and women to be given the same pay for the same work. In 1975, Dame Whina Cooper led a land protest hikoi to submit a petition to the Prime Minister, and in the mid 1970’s Eva Rickard led a protest around land confiscation. My formative years were influenced by strong, loving women who were determined to make a change, and when I look around our district today, I see women who are shaping our business, learning, creative and living environments.

• Ophthalmic Eye Examinations


• Cataract Extraction and lens implant • Pterygium Excision plus conjunctive graft • Injection for wet age related Macular Degeneration • Glaucoma treatment


in Whangārei for the Rugby World Cup 2021. I can’t wait! As I was taught in high school, girls can do anything – so let’s make International Women’s Day 2021 a day to celebrate. As the theme is ‘choose to challenge’, here’s my challenge to you: think of the women who have inspired, supported and challenged you in your life. If they are nearby – give them a hug and say “thank you”, if they are far away, send them a message telling them how much they mean to you, and why. And if they are no longer living, tell someone about their influence on your life and pay it forward.

Today, we have an inspiring female Prime Minister, a woman Governor General, the first female Minister of Parliament for Whangārei, and I am the third female Mayor of Whangārei district. We have world-class artists and musicians, leading health professionals, educators and wahine toa. Women from Northland are successful in business, as entrepreneurs and professionals. We’re actors, lawyers, plumbers, accountants, musicians, counsellors, builders, and athletes. This year, we’re welcoming hugely talented women rugby players from around the world to our district, as they compete right here

• Cataract surgery Help is only a phone call away 0800 11 0030

Wishin ga Northla ll women nd happy W a very om Day 20 en’s 21


David Dalziel and Andrew Watts Ph: 09-972 7022 12 Kensington Ave, Whangarei Fax: 09-972 7026 Email: pceyes@xtra.co.nz Website: www.bit.do/EyeCentre SAVVY | 19

Supporting our community

Uretiti Northbound

Driver Reviver Fatigue Stops Supporting drivers on long weekends since 1995!


atigued driving is a serious issue on Northland roads right throughout the year and around the clock. Studies link risk to periods associated with the sleep circadian rhythm, levels of sleep and sleep apnoea issues to name a few. High risk times are between midday and 6pm. International studies also confirm that fatiguerelated crashes are hugely under-reported. We also know that fatigue-related crashes can be high speed as the driver dozing off will have his/ her foot on the accelerator and won’t be braking to avoid a head-on crash with another vehicle. This may include crashing into a solid roadside object such as a power pole, tree, barrier and, for approximately a third of the fatalities, a seatbelt wasn’t worn causing massive injuries as the human missile is launched through and out of the vehicle smashing into an unforgiving and unsurvivable object. The Northland Road Safety Association and road safety partners in 1995 identified northbound fatigue-related crashes on the 50kms of State Highway 1 between the Brynderwyns and Whangarei as a key issue and blackspot corridor.

20 | SAVVY

Although also occurring on other parts of the network, Uretiti was identified as the most appropriate location to establish Driver Reviver/ Fatigue Stops to encourage and engage with motorists during peak holiday long weekends throughout the summer period when risks increase and weather more suitable for the stops. The crash statistics tells us the very real and tragic story of driving and crashing while fatigued and some of the consequences, not to mention the trauma and heartache for loved ones or the lasting effects from brain injuries that might result if they survive. During the period 2000 and 2020, across Northland there were 1,386 fatigue crashes • 73 fatal crashes taking 87 lives costing $374 million in social costs • 709 injury crashes with 1,035 injuries costing $304 million in social costs • High-risk crash times are between midday and 6pm. These important stops are an opportunity to engage with motorists and raise awareness of risks

of driving while fatigued and also sharing with the driver and their passengers about other road safety issues through discussions and resources. This activity is in line with the government’s current Road to Zero strategy under the Safe Driver pillar. It was identified in the Community at

Risk Register 2020 that Northland is more at risk of having a fatigue-related crash. These photos are a selection over a very long period of time of volunteers (and sadly some no longer with us) who have generously provided their time and energy and visitors to the Uretiti site.


Smoked Salmon Salad Delicious Smoked Salmon served with seasonal roasted vegetables: potato, kumara, beetroot, capsicum & carrot. The vegetables are slow roasted with a thyme, rosemary & olive oil blend. Also has a mesclun, bean sprout salad with a tasty balsamic glaze. Garnished with cherry tomatoes and mixed seeds.

A LITTLE TASTE OF ITALY IN QUALITY ST WHANGAREI CBD Fully Licensed Take Away and Delivery available (Free Delivery over $100) Order online at www.amici.nz

Gnocchi Yummy!!!! Amici ’s homemade gnocchi, made from scratch to the finest taste of Northern Italy. It has the creamy flavour with the gorgonzola & caramelised walnuts. The word gnocchi refers to a variety of Italian dumplings made from potatoes and flour. The best Gnocchi in town.

Tuesday - Sunday Breakfast & Lunch 10am-3pm Dinner 5pm-9pm

Shop 13, Quality Street, Whangarei CBD. Ph: 09 438 2961 – www.amici.nz Follow us on FB: Amiciwhangarei

Faijita (pronounced fah-heetah) The faijita dish was traditionally given to Mexican vanqueros (cowboys) as a form of payment. Mexi Casa uses locally sourced herbs and their secret spices to create this rich adobo sauce. Marinated chicken, beef or prawns are then tossed with capsicum, onion, coriander & jalapeño to create this fabulous fajita dish. Bueno! Enjoy with housemate guacamole, Mexi rice & tortillas accompanied by our popular frozen Margaritas!


Takeout: RED2go 0800REDPIZZA Now delivering via Delivereasy.co.nz Contact for large group enquires: bookings@mexicasa.co.nz

Book Online: www.redmexicasa.co.nz Facebook: Red Mexi Casa Contact: (09) 4595380

Opp Kensington Crossroads Plenty of free customer parking. plenty of parking and easy access.


C AT E R I N G Succulent Pork Belly This succulent pork belly is glazed with honey brown sugar and served with a refreshing apple herb slaw using housemade miso mayonnaise. Crispy lotus root chips adds a stunning texture balance to create a tantalizing flavour packed crowd favourite. Inspired by lazy summer afternoons spent with friends, Nook Espresso sources all ingredients for this dish locally and is proud to have created a cult classic amongst Whangarei residents.


SAVVY | 21

22 | SAVVY

Millen’s journey to be best in the bathroom Millen has recently celebrated 20 years in the New Zealand bathroom ware business. The company was established by Freddy Chen in 2000 with just two staff members managing one store.


he Millen family business has grown to more than 100 staff members operating seven branches nationwide. The Millen brand can now be found in three stores in Auckland – North Shore, Penrose and East Tamaki - as well as in Whangarei, Hamilton, Tauranga and Christchurch. At a gala celebration held recently to celebrate the company’s milestone, Freddy Chen, the founder and executive director of Millen, highlighted the development and progress of Millen over the past 20 years. He said pure perseverance had paid off as the family managed the business through its early stages.

Almost 400 guests attended the event at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland, including a member of parliament, party leaders, city councillors and other key players in the construction industry. Freddy gave a heartfelt thanks to all of the people and businesses that have supported Millen over the years. “All of the Millen employees, working together and innovating, have made the company the success it is today,’’ he said. Millen started with importing solar panels before shifting attention to kitchen appliances and benchtops. From 2005 the company grew substantially and started to make headway in the building industry, particularly among the New Zealand Chinese building industry. In 2011 Millen established a factory in China for better quality control of the manufacturing process. Its factory is in the same area as other top bathware brands used in New Zealand, with the added advantage that Millen’s products have been designed in New Zealand to comply with New Zealand quality standards. Having its own factory allows Millen to offer highly competitive prices, which makes a huge difference for anyone trying to source quality products on a tight budget. Freddy always keeps his eyes and mind open to new ideas in order to keep the business at the forefront of innovation in the rapidly changing landscape of the building industry. He believes this is one of the main reasons for the survival and success of Millen. Millen products have been chosen by the Stonewood Group for its most important projects, notably the newly completed five-star Pullman Hotel in Rotorua. The company has built a large product range for bathrooms, including quality shower units, shower slides, shower domes, bath tubs, toilet suites, tap wares, vanities, porcelain basins, associated accessories, heated towel rails,



Now is your perfect opportunity to build your dream bathroom for less!

Master Bathroom Whangarei 24 | SAVVY

califonts, brass fittings and more. Millen can also customise vanities or a complete bathroom in tailor-made packages to provide a one-stop shop service for homeowners or tradespeople. In 2017, Millen achieved a significant breakthrough by obtaining its first design registration for its popular stainless-steel shower tray. Since then the company has successfully registered a number of designs including one for the brass shower mixer base in 2019. One of the company’s top sellers, designed by Chen, are the stainless-steel shower tray and soap box system which are overlaid with tiles. These protect the bathroom from potential leaks through cracked grout and can be custom made to any size and shape. While Stainless Steel Shower other suppliers in New tray and soap box are installed underneath Zealand have started to the tiles to avoid offer similar products, potential leaks. Chen urges customers to always trust the original products from Millen for guaranteed quality and peace of mind. The company’s range of smart toilets with electronic bidet functions and soft-closing lids and remote controls are proving more popular because of hygiene issues highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Millen also supplies well designed conventional toilets to modern designs.

More innovative designs are planned as the company grows toward its target of becoming the leading bathroom brand in the New Zealand construction market. Millen also believes strongly in being a good corporate citizen, supporting good social causes and community activities. Freddy leads by example: He has been a regular blood donor for several years. During the Covid-19 lockdown the company donated 1000 medical grade face masks to Ronald McDonald House Charities to show its support for the community. Other donations have included bathroom products after the Christchurch earthquake.

Millen Master Bathroom Whangarei is located at 137 Cameron St, offering beautiful, designer bathroom products for a fraction of the cost of some of the bigger players, and the friendly team is committed to helping more Northlanders create beautiful bathrooms without spending too much money. Come and get inspired at the showroom where you can take a closer look and get inspired from Millen’s beautiful range of LED mirrors, toilets, showers, baths, basins, tapware and other fittings.

Millen’s factory was established in 2011

BASIN & KITCHEN TA PS ........FROM $84 TOILETS ..................... .............FROM $259 PLYWOOD VANITIES... ............ FROM $269 SHOWER UNITS ......... ............ FROM $669 FREE STANDING BATH S ........FROM $1069 SHOWER SLIDES...... ..............FROM $75 HEATED TOWEL RAIL S...........FROM $109 LED MIRRORS ............ ............ FROM $269 CALIFONT .................. .............FROM $169

Visit our showroom to be inspired Traders discounts are available

137 Cameron St, Whangarei Ph 09 222 7088 Mon-Fri: 9am-5.30pm www.millen.co.nz

Warming up our interiors for autumn Following on from my article in February’s Savvy* where we looked at yellows and golds making a showing in interior design, I thought we would take this a step further and explore the other autumn shades that are showing up in the new fabrics from our suppliers. The following are abridged quotes about the trend for interiors for 2021. “Interiors ahead will be warm, low-key and nurturing” “A robust palette for autumn/winter 2021 blends our desire for meaningful colour with optimistic determination and purpose” “Packed with rusts, warm greens, deep reds and slubby browns, it's comforting, welcoming... and just what we need for 2021” “With warmer tones now often being favoured over cooler greys this is a key interior trend” “Colours and textures have a hint of craft with warm tones coming to the fore. The new colour palette includes golden beige, moss green, soft olive and earthy orange”

Magnolia by Mokum in Copper


If you can’t quite bring yourself to paint your white walls in Resene shades such as Bordeaux or Buccaneer, then consider adding the warmth with curtains, drapes or blinds. If you have blockout blinds fitted inside the window frames, you could consider layering warm-toned sheer fabrics over the top or if you have drapes, then consider a textured light filter blind inside the window frame. There are fabric choices that will allow you to subtly lift your current interiors without a drastic change and many of the new fabric designs will tone well with white and grey interiors including the Weathermaster Whisper/Honeycomb blinds as well as the roller shades. Call into the Frazerhurst Curtains and Blinds Showroom in Lower Dent St to view some of our lovely fabrics and discuss your options. *Didn’t see the February Savvy article? You can view it on our trends blog at https:// frazerhurst.co.nz/category/trends/

The message is clear; cool-toned blacks, whites and greys are slowly fading into history and the new trend moving forward is warm and inviting tones.

Freedom furniture


Weathermaster ® Whisper® Architella Elan 20mm – Blockout in colour Gingersnap.

James Dunlop Hi-line in Autumn




INSIDE AND OUT • Curtains • Blinds • Awnings • Shutters • Automation



Blinds | Awnings | Shutters | Umbrellas

146 Lower Dent St, Whangarei | Ph 09 438 3986 www.frazerhurst.co.nz | Email: info@frazerhurst.co.nz

“Customers come first at Frazerhurst” SAVVY | 25

The new, trendy colours for autumn This autumn expect to see soft, sun-baked neutral colours bring a gentle warmth to home interiors.

Styling by Bree Leech: main wall Dulux Kauri Cliffs and the corner wall Kuaotunu. Artwork by Ali McNabney "Looking Down From Above #4", Photos by Lisa Cohen.

“Most of us are still spending some time at home and, after a tough year, we’re all ready for a change,” says Davina Harper, Dulux Colour Specialist. “Colour can add interest to every corner of your home, breathing new life into tired spaces and helping you fall back in love with where you live.” The Nourish palette – one of three trend colour palettes identified in the 2021 Dulux Colour Forecast – mixes earthy tones such as buff, ochre and olive with cool, greyish white for a look that exudes calm. “These colours are like a gentle hug – warm, comforting and grounding,” says Harper. “There’s a lightness and optimism to the palette that speaks of better times ahead. With their soft, natural feel, they’re just the thing to surround yourself if you struggle to switch off after a busy day.” Nourish colours are versatile, pairing easily with the soft whites and neutrals that many already have in homes and they suit both traditional and contemporary architecture. “Combine them with raw textures, honey-toned timbers and plenty of natural light for a look that feels fresh and welcoming,” says Harper. “With this look, don’t be afraid to mix furniture and accessories from different eras. This year we’re seeing a more laid-back, sentimental approach to decorating – it’s a bit of 70s, a hint of 80s, a dash of 90s, sitting comfortably alongside contemporary styles – all of which creates a wonderfully relaxed and personalised feel.” Stylist Bree Leech has transformed an open-plan living/dining space in a traditional home using the Dulux Nourish palette: “The home is bathed in natural light and the owners have some great furniture – through this mini makeover, I aimed to add another level of warmth and character to their quite neutral interior,” she says. “There were also some charming period features we wanted to bring out using colour, including sash windows and a decorative fireplace.

• Covered Shopping • Dog Friendly • Wheelchair Accessible • Garden Art • Over 1000 Plant Species • Natives • Water Plants • Tropicals • Ferns • Houseplants • Vegetables • Edible Fruits Open 7 days 8.30 - 5.00

1526 Springbank Road, Kerikeri • 09 407 5462

www.redwoodsgardencentre.co.nz Follow us on Facebook

26 | SAVVY


“The Nourish colours, curated by Dulux, are a fresh spin on the rich, saturated colours we normally associate with autumn – think the soft tones of freshly fallen leaves. They work so well here, adding warmth without sacrificing the light and open feel.” To keep the makeover short, sweet and economical, Leech re-used many existing pieces in the room and smart use of colour: “Paint is your best friend if you’re looking for big impact with minimal outlay. It’s quicker than you might think – a makeover like this can be done in a weekend.” Leech chose Dulux Wash&Wear in Kauri Cliffs – a soft biscuit shade – for the walls and painted the feature alcoves beside the fireplace in a tonal shade of Dulux Kūaotunu. “This tonal combo makes the space feel soothing, and draws you in,” she says. “Adding

colour to the walls also allowed the minimalist pendant lights over the dining table to be a stronger feature – they now contrast against the new colour. We used a Low Sheen paint finish, so there was some subtle illumination.” A couple of coats of Dulux Aquanamel Gloss in popular Haast Half were used to highlight the fireplace, cornices and woodwork. Leech worked with foundation pieces already in the room – the sofa, rug and dining table. She swapped out the classic dining chairs for something more dramatic – curvy upholstered styles in burnt terracotta with a 70s vibe. Chubby occasional chairs in olive and caramel leather add punch and provide an irresistibly comfy spot to sit. “When you’re looking to add comfort to a space, curves are the way to go,” she says. “Curvy furniture with deep cushioning feels relaxing and

inviting, and it’s easy to navigate around.” She also replaced the slender-legged coffee table with a pair of chunky, curved tables. The walls were brought the walls to life with contemporary artwork in colours drawn from the Nourish palette. She created a striking open-shelf display with ceramics in shades of buff, terracotta and white. “This is a quick and affordable décor idea – look around your local op shop for ceramics in a variety of interesting shapes and paint them in tonal hues,” she says. “A soft, layered look like this creates an irresistibly cosy feel that’s perfect for the cooler months,” says Harper, “and while brown-based neutrals can feel like quite a departure after so many years of grey, they’re a pleasure to live with and easy to decorate around.

Texture time: Style an earthy palette like this with raw textures and natural finishes. Choose the right white: Dulux Haast Half is a popular soft white with a subtle beige undertone that works best in open-plan rooms with plenty of natural light. Consider the view: When you’re layering tonal colours like this, step back and view the room as a whole before deciding what to apply where. Add one or two statement pieces in richer hues: This grounds your palette and creates a sense of balance. Avoid clutter: To keep the look calm and open, leave plenty of breathing space around furniture and décor items (this also helps show off their beautiful shapes).

For more information: The Dulux Live Chat team is ready to help: www.dulux.co.nz

“Paint is a great way to try out new decorating trends and you don’t have to go all out by repainting an entire room – create an accent wall behind the bed or in your study nook or add a pop of colour to the front door. It takes little more than a paint brush to create an entirely new feeling and look in a room”

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www.homeworld.co.nz Everything you want in a Building Company SAVVY | 27

Diving into total drama Opting for a deep paint colour can be just the thing you need to take a boring space from drab to dramatic. Are you brave enough to take the plunge?


ark walls are a popular and dramatic design choice – both inside and out – but there are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account, such as lighting and gloss finish levels before you decide to cross to the dark side. Practicalities aside, there is also a certain amount of bravery required before you take the dive into a dramatic wall colour like black, charcoal or midnight blue. But with the right confidence, the result will be unquestionably sophisticated and stylish. Dark colours for interior spaces may seem daunting, but with a bit of Resene know-how it is incredibly easy to incorporate dark shades into almost any decor. If nervous, stylist Annick Larkin suggests trying a dark palette in a small room first, such as a powder room, laundry, entryway or office. “You can soften the impact by contrasting dark wall colours such as Resene Bunting, Resene Coffee Bean or Resene Baltic Sea by balancing

them out with liberal amounts of a lighter neutral. I paint out everything; window frames, cornices, skirting boards and ceilings so that furnishings magically stand out and add that ‘wow factor’ to the room that you’re after,” says Annick. “Even if you are not ready for full-on dark walls, you can always experiment with black cabinetry, dark interior doors and accents to add drama and dimension to your space.”


Standard Plans · Altered Plans · Your Plans Hi, I’m Wayne Pick kerill, Managing Director & Project Manager for your new Fowler Ho ome. We will havve exactly what you need to know about building your new home an nd guide you thro ough the process.

YOUR ONE STOP DECORATING SHOP Guthrie Bowron Whangarei For all your renovation projects Flooring, Curtains, Blinds & Shutters,Wallpaper, Paint We sell it all at Guthrie Bowron 34 Porowini Ave Whangarei

En njoy quality and benefits of an efficient,, low overhead nationwide company. Fowler Homes have done it this way since the early 1980’s.

Wayne Pickerill, Managing Director

Enjoy dealing with one person start to completion.

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28 | SAVVY

One of the richest, most neutral blacks in the Resene palette is Resene Nero. This deep, bold hue is void of any undertones and pairs beautifully with nearly every shade. It is a stunning colour choice for bedroom accent walls or living spaces and makes a statement no matter what room it is used in. A black paint with a hint of a blue undertone, such as Resene Indian Ink, Resene Jaguar or Resene Blue Bark, is a great way to add depth to your space without it feeling too stark or cold. “These colours pair well with lighter blues, greens and metallics; and are perfect for living spaces or entryways where you want to add a lot of dimension, intrigue and glamour,” explains interior designer Emma Wallace. Grey-blacks such as Resene Bastille, Resene Shark and Resene Gumboot are a great alternative to rich blacks and are the best option for rooms where you want to create the sensation of a warm and airy cocoon. “Dark grey walls are the prefect hue for creating snug, cosy and intimate spaces,” says Emma. It is, in fact, a myth that dark colours are unfit for small spaces. However, it is important that you up the lighting when going dark. You will find that you get more shadows and corners blurring into darkness. “This is a good thing, as it can add

depth and mystery to a room, but without added lighting, dark spaces can start to feel gloomy and oppressive. Table lights, from experience, give the most atmospheric glow and there are tons on the market from the high street to the flea to the super expensive,” explains Annick. Unless your walls are freshly skimmed, choosing a topcoat in a gloss finish for your dark coloured room can cause each and every imperfection to show – and likely drive you crazy. Instead, choose a matte finish such as Resene SpaceCote Flat, which looks and feels super luxurious. “It’s almost like having velvet on the walls,” says Annick. For those that prefer a little bounce of light, opt for Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen instead. Adding colour to your dark space is easy. “You don’t have to overdo it,” explains Emma. “Fresh green foliage, a beautiful vase, a shot of colour in your cushions and some wall art – it all works to enhance your space and give a room texture and interest.” Depending on the type of room and the mood you’re trying to create, adding elements of glass and metallics can add to the luxuriousness of the space, as can textiles like velvet or satin. Try Resene Proton, Resene Gold Dust or Resene Rose

Gold from the Resene FX Metallics collection to add a bit of sparkle to your space through smaller painted objects and accessories. When it comes to choosing a dark paint colour for the exterior of your home, you can’t really pick a more striking hue than Resene Foundry – it pops against greenery because of the contrast in tones; and it will definitely make your house stand out against others on your street. “Resene Lumbersider is a great choice of finish for older weatherboards as it will help to hide any imperfections. However, if the timber is in good condition, try using a semi-gloss finish such as Resene Sonyx 101 semi-gloss to really highlight your homes architecture,” says Annick. Dark exterior colour choices such as Resene Cod Grey and Resene Ironsand can do an amazingly effective job of camouflaging odd or unappealing architectural features. “In most cases, an exterior paint job is a lot more cost-effective than construction to correct an architectural eyesore,” explains Emma. Just be sure to do a proper job of prepping the surface first, no matter what colour you land on. Take care when choosing dark colours to choose the right paint. There are several Resene

product options to help with fade and stress on the substrate from heat absorption. Outside, choosing a Resene CoolColour formula will look the same as a standard colour, but surface heat will build up slower and to a significantly lower level than a 'not so cool' traditional colour. Additionally, to help the longevity of bold exterior paint colours, Resene Clearcoat UVS is specially formulated with UV absorbers to filter out harmful UV light and protect the underlying coloured coats. If you are looking for a truly ‘black-black’ look indoor, due to the nature of sunlight in our part of the world, many blacks can end up looking greyed. Resene All Black, Resene Blackjack and Resene Black are good blacks to try, but it’ll depend on the number and size of your windows and the direction your room faces for how the colour ends up looking when you put it on your walls. Be sure to try before you buy and pick up a Resene testpot in your chosen hue and test it out on an A2 size card, leaving a border around the edges. Then, move the card around the room at different times of the day and evening to check how it looks before you commit. If you want a deep black interior look, try adjusting lighting to see if you can bring out the depth of the black. If your first choice ends up looking grey, try a different hue in a deep undertone instead such as Resene Aubergine or Resene Dark Knight. Or lean into it and go for gorgeous grey like Resene Armadillo or Resene Tuna instead. These hues will all still bring the drama you’re after, but with a bit of extra character thanks to their unique undertones. For help getting started with your decorating project, ask a Resene expert at your local Resene ColorShop or on the Resene website with the free Resene Ask a Colour Expert service or free Resene Ask a Tech Expert service.

%$*' "*#&( *)&!

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With over 200 pre-designed architectural plans, there’s bound to be one to suit your land and lifestyle. For more information contact our Sales Team: Tony Watkins 027 706 6590 or tonyw@generation.co.nz Dan Priebs 027 362 4881 or danp@generation.co.nz

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BEDROOM IDEAS to improve your health and happiness Open Windows Daily Stale air doesn’t just store pollutants, it brings down your mood. Open the bedroom windows every day, even if only for 10 minutes.

Flat Pillow? Expose your coverless pillow to sunlight for 30 minutes to remove residual moisture. It will plump back up!

Don’t Make Your Bed! (Straight away) Leave your bed unmade for at least an hour to air your bedding out. It will reduce moisture and any dehydrate potential dust mites.

Night Sweats? If you get uncomfortable or sweat overnight, look to your bed linens. A switch to 100 per cent luxury Egyptian cotton sheets and a natural wool-containing mattress such as Flaxby could improve your nights.

Snake Plants The snake plant is one of the best indoor plants for improving air quality. It’s low maintenance and CO2 reducing. Curtain Call Try leaving your curtains open one night. Your serotonin will rise and you may find yourself an early bird. Plus, Richard Branson does it. No-TV Zone Put a straight ban on TV, smartphone and computer use in the bedroom. Aside from sleepblocking blue light radiation, they reduce air quality and bring unwelcome everyday stress to your chill zone. Close Every Door At Night Make sure you close every door before you sleep to create the feeling of safety and calm. This includes the wardrobe doors, en-suite door and bedroom door.

Dual-Wield Alarms Set a quiet alarm before you need to get up, and a loud alarm for the latest time in the far corner of the room. You’ll wake up naturally on the first, and know you’ll need to get up to prevent the noisy one. Keep A Journal By Your Bed Remove the daily thoughts from your mind by jotting them down before bed and your worries go to sleep with you.

Pop into BedsRus Whangarei today. The friendly team are equipped with knowledge and products that’ll have you snoozing and your health improving in no time.

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Featured in Sleepyhead Chiropractic ranges, Torquezone is endorsed by the NZ Chiropractors’ Association for excellence in postural design, providing support exactly where your body needs it most.

Building Kiwi homes for the Kiwis round here FOR OVER 15 YEARS WE’VE BEEN PROUDLY BUILDING KIWI HOMES FOR KIWIS USING ALL THE BEST STUFF FROM RIGHT HERE IN GOOD OL’ NZ. Over the last 15 years the Kiwi dream has come a long way since the elusive quarter acre. That’s why we’re proud proud to to still be able to provide a Kiwi solution for your first first home, home, second second home, home, a home where you need a bit more home, or evengarage your home away from home. a new or even your home away from home. We offer a range of plans from 60 to 250 square metres. These can be built straight from the plans, or we can use them as inspiration to create your own Kiwi dream.

Showhome Cnr Sandford Road and State Highway 1, Ruakaka

Open Mon to Fri 8:30am - 4pm Saturday 10am - 2pm

Contact: Steve Hart 09 433 0200 a1northland@A1homes.co.nz

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The Falls Estate isn’t just retirement, but an appetite for living

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Next Open Day Thursday 18th March, 2021 10.30am – 12pm We invite you to join us for morning tea and a relaxed discussion about Retirement Living, followed by an opportunity to view the Village facilities and any homes currently for sale. Family or friends are welcome too. RSVP by Wednesday 17th March, please call 09 437 5844


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