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Meet Hannah Gough - Survivor contestant

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Keep your eyes peeled for the annual GREAT PLATE exhibition and auction, brought to you by the Quarry Arts Centre in July... 100 hand crafted plates - 100 artists. Each one a piece of art to be collected.

The Cuisinart Food Dehydrator (RRP $179) makes it easy to create nutritious, delicious, dried snacks like meat jerky, fruit roll-ups, veggie chips and more. It can preserve foods naturally, with no additives or preservatives.

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Editor’s Note JUNE 2017

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nother month passes by and the icy winds have suddenly found the North. The fires are on and the food is out. What is it about winter that makes you want to stay sedentary and eat your weight in Kai? At first, I started to go this way. I gave up the calls to go out walking, opted to work from home instead of dressing up and joining the banter at the office. I would go for that comforting red wine and tasty cheese, celebrating that winter is here. I am however on a 20-week challenge, and the nagging thoughts in my head got to me that I would have to be accountable to a tribe of other women. This time, it wasn’t the weight loss that called me, it was the mindfulness, the sleep routines, the #1kaday idea sweeping the internet and the want for a more meaningful life. As I juggled the schedule and created new habits, I was reminded how warm life was when I was looking after myself. It’s funny how we know this. However, we easily fall back into old habits. This winter, my body image is up while focusing on health and not numbers. By moving each day and having fun in life, you’ll find everything else falls into place. Local Survivor heroine, Hannah is a testament to that and can be found shouting her message from the rooftops since being kicked off the show, love your body and wear it! We caught up with Hannah between interviews and loved what she had to say. Keep warm,

Pip x



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Flames - Good old fashioned Kiwi dishes, Thai cuisine and seafood creations

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Kia Soul 1.6 Turbo joins line-up Waipu n Tartan Matariki Whanau Festival 2017

Published by NZME Northland, 88 Robert Street, Whangarei. Phone 09 470 2899.


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The message is very clear, love yourself no matter what you look like and own what you have!

I am not ashamed anymore! As one interview concluded on the Good Morning show, Hannah Gough had a window of ten minutes to chat to SAVVY editor, Philippa Mannagh before her next press meeting.


here has been a media explosion after being kicked off New Zealand’s Survivor series and Hannah is proudly in the middle of it. Speaking for myself, I was proud of Northland girl “Hana Spana” when she confidently stepped out on international television baring her pin up bikini. Many women, no matter what size or shape often talk themselves out of parading the beach in their togs. It can leave us feeling venerable and judged even if we tell ourselves that we don’t care. All this was taken into consideration by Hannah before she ‘raised her brave’ and decided that to change the opinions of society and spotlight issues around confidence, she had to take a big step herself. Not an easy choice when the world is watching. There is nowhere to hide and the scary part she says, was that she had no idea what way it would go. “There was a moment when I thought, what am I doing? But quickly I went back to telling myself no, I am not ashamed anymore!” “My body tells my journey, stretch marks, cellulite and all.” Most of New Zealand are also proud it seems, with the female presenters now thanking her










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The Mall, 69 Cameron St, Whangarei | Phone 09 438 2224

We have moved – next to Dickens Inn! 4 | SAVVY






on national television, the press is all over her and Hannah has made a difference to many female lives from preschool age, right through.


The message is very clear, love yourself no matter what you look like and own what you have! “My message is that you are not defined by a number. It’s your body so be proud and wear it! The support has been amazing, there are so many people behind me,” says Hannah. She spent years being bullied at school and knows first hand about low confidence and negative body image. Hannah is on a mission to share her story, she has come through it and now sees herself very differently. Her power lifting experience saw her as one of the most physically strong contestants on the show, however, even though she was an asset to the team, she heard her body size had her voted off and classed as weaker than others.


“Tribal council was the most challenging part for me. I found an inner strength in that jungle, in the middle of the night, in a strange country, my body was sick and I had no concept of time.” “This showed my fighting spirit; I kept charging through. It was when that last tile broke, I fell to my hands and knees, vomit everywhere as the camera swept past me. I never gave up.” Hannah had hours of life changing time by herself to think about things when she was sent to Redemption Island. Hours, minutes, seconds that felt like they had no end. No idea when the sun would rise and kept company by spiders, scorpions and insects, one whom climbed into her ear and died. Later, this was what had made her ill, stopping to throw up between challenge takes before dropping her bandana into the fire and heading home to the welcoming arms of Aotearoa. The New Zealand Herald ran an article recently which included Hannah’s favourite piece of feedback to date, and we tend to agree, “Hannah, you’re a God damn treasure in reality television.”



We have moved – next to Dickens Inn The Mall, 69 Cameron St,Whangarei

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Winter As winter rolls around, it's the perfect ex xcuse to invest in a coat that does all the work for your winter wardrobe. Your everyday winter coat has to serve a variety of functions - it has to look good, even when the rest of your outfit doesn’t; it has to keep you warm; and it has to last, ideally, for more than one season. Shop a great range of coats at Polwarth Design - team it with a pair of black tights or jeans will see you through to spring!



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he indicator of a well-balanced wardrobe is always a fabulous coat. Timeless and quintessential, it’s the one ‘no fuss’ garment that completes any outfit, with standout results every time. Nonchalantly tossed on minutes before leaving the house, topped with a ‘wow’ scarf and deadly ankle boots, you and ‘this old thing’ can effortlessly give the impression that you’ve just stepped out of Vogue. In balmy Northland, warmer winter temperatures scream light weight cardigans and jackets, rather than coats. So for committed coat wearers it’s a waiting game. Just like the frantic time line of a May Fly, you wait in anticipation of those few glorious southerly blasts, that send you racing to the wardrobe to ‘coat up’. A small window away from our regular weather patterns, yes, but gloriously vicious for all coat enthusiasts. In the long run of winter, choosing a coat in Northland, unlike our colder counterparts, can be a little trickier, although Jack Frost does visit, we don’t have the long term dependency on them for warmth. Therefore we can focus on style. Funky, cheeky, edgy little numbers that ping colour, are lighter weight and fun to wear, or the timeless classic creations in cashmere, merino or gabardine, grazing the ankle or knee length, double breasted or belted, that just keep on keeping on. Sabatini historically tops the bill for coats. Famous for their ‘collector piece’ creations, they tick the ‘classic’ box this year with their tailored merino ankle length coat, with revere collar, deep pockets and a tie belt. The return of their leather bomber jacket has highlighted the return of leather to our fashion plate. Go to coats don’t have to cost a fortune. Siren’s fabulous 100% merino hooded, calf length coat, with back tie and pockets in red, chartreuse, current and black is my ‘throw over everything’ number this year and at under $200 it’s an absolute steal. The ‘I Say’ knitted coat in blocks of cinnamon, black and cream defy the stripes going round theory, giving the wearer an edgy option. Enjoy the choices that the cold snaps give you this winter to challenge your style decisions. Coats can be such fun and need to be aired, so you can step out of Vogue.


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Winter Dresses B est Winter Dresses of 2017: our top picks for the winter season Looking for the best winter dresses of 2017? Take a look at our top picks! Just because Jack Frost is rolling up his icy sleeves and getting to work across the country doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your feminine fashion sense. Why limit yourself to jeans, jerseys and frumpy looks when you can combine comfort AND feminine fashion with these fabulous winter dresses. From t-shirt dresses to tunics and shift dresses, the humble dress is no longer relegated to your summer wardrobe. Step out proudly in one of these winter dresses this cold season!

Tunic dresses for winter weather

We’re just a little smitten with these tunic style dresses. Their comfortable and forgiving cut, their easily-worn length and their versatility make them a staple in any women’s wardrobe, and for winter? You can’t go past them! We’re big fans of the Democracy Embroidered Dress, which combines a flowing, feminine feel with vibrant embroidered patterning. The length and cut of this stylish tunic dress make it simple to wear – simply team with a pair of black leggings and ankle boots, and you’re ready to go! Democracy’s Pleather Inset Dress is another winner in our eyes, featuring a stylish and slimming black centre panel, giving the dress a distinctive look and feel. We also love the longer-length sleeves with button-cuff detailing – all in all, this dress will make you feel like you’ve just stepped out of a fashion magazine. It’s a slightly shorter cut however, so do have your leggings ready! This dress would also look great with a pair of long boots, to offset the shorter hemline.

Tee shirt dresses and long shirt dresses for cosy comfort

If you’re looking for effortless style in a comfortable cut, then the humble tee shirt dress is where you’ll want to start! We’re head over heels with the winter 2017 range of tee shirt dress styles, beginning with Esplanade’s Roll Up Cuff Dress. One of the reason’s this dress has made our favourites list is the lovely soft sweatshirt fabric – you’ll feel like you’ve slipped into your favourite loungewear when you pull this gorgeous dress over your head! Combined with the ¾ sleeves and the slightly longer length (which, for the taller among us, is a little more relaxing), this dress is an easy go-to for your winter wardrobe. Esplanade’s Oversize Print Dress gains major points for it’s 100% cotton soft fabric, but what really sold it to us is the loose, comfortable cut – beautifully offset by the classy metallic print. You’ll feel like taking on the world in this dress – or taking a cup of tea in the sun. It really doesn’t matter, because you’ll look fabulous either way. Rounding off our top tee shirt dress picks is the Augustine Butterfly Creek Dress – undoubtedly tipping the scales into evening wear rather than casual daywear, even though it’s still constructed using a jersey stretch material. With flowing lines, stunning frilled sleeves and sequinned golden butterfly detailing, this is a stunning piece for any wardrobe: get your high heels ready and head out for a night on the town! Long shirt dresses are back in style this season too, with a favourite of ours being the Charlo Barby Dress. Fun, flirty, and completely laid back – this is a dress to wear for any occasion. Dress it up with heels and jewellery, or dress it down with casual flats or sneakers – the choice is yours!


Black classic and classic shift dresses

You can’t go wrong with a Little Black Dress, which is why we love the Augustine Butterfly Creek Dress – undoubtedly tipping the scales into evening wear rather than casual daywear. With flowing lines, stunning frilled sleeves and sequinned golden butterfly detailing, this is a stunning piece for any wardrobe: get your high heels ready and head out for a night on the town! Shift dresses are always a favourite here, and when it comes to choosing a classic shift dress, we couldn’t help but fall for the Democracy Batwing Dress, which ticks all the right boxes for flowing satin-feel fabric, generous cut and loose, easy-wear design. We’re big fans of the design work on this dress too, with the delicious smoke colour working perfectly with a range of coloured tights and boots. Simply pair with your favourite longline coat, and you’ll turn heads wherever you go! Another classic shift to grab our attention is the Esplanade Viscose Shift Dress, which – along with the Loobie’s Story Origami Dress features the same, feminine feel and gorgeous attention to detail.

Chiffon layering dresses

The feminine chiffon layered dress still holds a place dear to our hearts – and with Esplanade’s Overlay Print Dress, we’re feeling more endeared to this style than ever! It’s not just the floaty look and feel, but with this dress in particular, it’s the flattering patterning and sheer effect that had us excited. Layer this dress with a long sleeved top or dress, and team with a pair of your favourite tights and long boots and you’ll be feeling on top of the world.


GIRLS S FASHION for 8 to 14 year olds Come in & be inspired…


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DEALER OF THE YEAR Bernina Northland celebrates national award!

Bernina Northland are delighted to announce that they have been crowned national dealer of the year for 2016 ahead of the rest of New Zealand. Owner Sandy Robinson said “it was a really humbling award to receive, considering that

Northland is not a large dealer by national standards” What differentiated Northland was the personal engagement with both customers and the wider Bernina establishment, and most importantly, using social media to engage with their customer base and generate

ongoing conversations that sparked creative projects and a renewed p enthusiasm of sewing of all types, including quilting, dressmaking & patchwork. “Since we’ve moved into the new premises in the Strand Arcade we’ve focussed on developing our customer’s skills and love of craft and sewing” says Sandy. “This combined with having the only in-store machine technician in Northland, fully certified by Bernina NZ, means that our customers can enjoy full care and support for any project they wish to undertake”. Bernina Northland was also recognised as an early adopter for Bernina’s brand new long arm quilting machines. Not content with just selling the machines, Bernina Northland also provide a “quilt your own” service using the

Q24 long arm quilting machine set up the Strand Arcade store, under the watchful expert eye of Sandy, who has 10+ years of long arm quilting experience. Looking to the future, Bernina Northland has accepted the challenge from Bernina NZ to encourage new sewists of all ages, but especially students, with great pricing on the Bernette range of machines. “As the key sponsor of the Bernina Northland Fashion Awards, we really want to make sewing for students as accessible and enjoyable as possible. We want our young people of today to be the creative sewists of tomorrow”. In conjunction with a great machine offer, Sandy is looking to develop “in the hoop embroidery” projects for sewists to incorporate embroidery work into their sewing creations. The modern day electronic machines enable stunning designs and automated stitching, resulting in creations that wow and amaze.



Bernina Northland is the premium supplier of Bernina Sewing Machines, machine servicing, sewing accessories, quality yarns, fabric and quilting supplies from our shop in The Strand Arcade.

Bernina Northland is committed to assisting you to become the best sewer and quilter you can be. They offer a wide range of classes to lift your skill level and make your sewing experience more enjoyable. Four annual clubs are running currently including Stitching, Bernina, Overlocker and Bernette. Plus there is a range of specialty classes available: patchwork, quilting, crafts and garments. Visit the website for class options and timetables.


BERNETTE B33 The affordable sewing machine for beginners – compact and easy to use This is the perfect model for beginners. Its simple operation makes it easier to learn the basics of sewing. This machine is durable and robust with excellent stitch quality and all the functions a beginner will need. All the settings can be adjusted by turning the two knobs.

Bernette has launched a new range of sewing machines with swiss design and lots of practical features at an affordable price!

BERNETTE B35 The inexpensive sewing machine for beginners, including 23 stitches and seven presser feet (soles) A mechanical sewing machine with no computerised controls. The width, length and pattern of the stitch is easily set by turning the three knobs. The tension can be adjusted during sewing, using an easily accessible wheel.

Inside the Strand Arcade on Vine St, Whangarei Phone 09 438 7654 I

BERNETTE B37 An affordable sewing machine with a wide range of features and impressive stitch quality This is a compact computerised model with simple operation and robust construction. It has many functions, such as the practical start/stop function that allows you to sew without using the foot pedal. You can also use the needle stop up/down function to decide whether the needle should stop in the fabric or up above it. This is a particular advantage when you want to sew corners and turn the fabric around the needle. You can also adjust the sewing speed to suit your individual requirements and the type of material.

BERNETTE B38 The affordable top model in the bernette 30 series of sewing machines, with a wide range of functions This is the top model in the bernette 30 series. This computerised sewing machine offers a wide range of functions at an affordable price–leaving nothing to be desired. It offers 394 different stitches, including the stretch stitch for elastic fabrics. This means you can create fantastic T-shirts from jersey fabric, for example. The bernette 38 also has eight different 1-step buttonholes and three alphabets. In addition, it has a memory function, via which you can store various combinations of patterns and access them again at a later date.



Are you ready for the school ball? BY STACEY MILICH


hat are you wearing? How are you having your hair and makeup? Are you doing it yourself or hiring a professional? The school ball season is such an exciting time of the year, an occasion that many teenagers look forward to. A chance to get a little glam and have an amazing night out with your friends! First up for the girls, and by far this has to be the most important is the dress! Create a memory and standout this year in your ballgown, make sure you LOVE it, it fits perfectly and is the look you are after. Next start thinking about your makeup and hair! Personally, I love hiring a makeup artist and hairdresser for my special occasions – it is the chance to have a little well deserved pampering, and you also have the guarantee that it is going to look amazing! If you are deciding to DIY make sure you are prepared! There are loads of online tutorials out there to help! In the weeks leading up to the ball, there are many other things to think about, that will all help bring the magic of the night together and make it amazing: Flowers... Nails... Spray Tan... Facial... Brow Works... Professional Pre-Ball Photos... On the day it is always fun getting a group of friends together to get ready... it makes the occasion more memorable and exciting – remember to take heaps of photos so you can look back and remember the good times! Whether you go to the effort to do everything or not, hire a professional or not – the most important thing it to make sure you be safe, have fun, make memories, feel beautiful.

Includes hire of suit, shirt and tie Mon-Fri 9 am - 5 pm, Sat 9 am - 12 pm • 2 Rust Ave, Whangarei

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10 | SAVVY

Self Love and Happiness




noun regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.


elf Love is becoming a much talked about topic in my stratosphere - being in the wellness industry and it’s interesting how far-removed people can actually be from knowing how conducive it is to living a happy life. At some stage in life, certain events can create trauma be it emotional, physical or psychological. I personally like to view these as catalysts for change. However, I know full well that it can be a process - learning to breakthrough from being stuck in that trauma, one truly does require a series of whole-life perspective to readjust to new ways of living. This can take a tremendous amount of strength, commitment and trust in oneself to pursue, and if you like me, have had to reinvent yourself even just once in your life as the result of a traumatic event; then maybe, there’s some truth in this for you. So I’m sharing some of my favourite tools to boost your inspiration tank or help you get started:


Learn to let go - holding on to upsets from our past has no value in the ‘being here now sense’ and does nothing to generate a future of possibilities.


Your Body is your greatest gift – every choice you make impacts your body. Check your thoughts and words. Most physical illness starts in the mind. Change your thoughts, change your words, change your life!


Move – moving your body is an act of self love even if it’s 30 minutes of stretching, walking or dancing. Find your happy place and move your body.


Celebrate – every day you are alive is a gift so start seeing the ‘gift’ in all things no matter what your situation. Change your perception.


Say NO – saying yes when you mean no creates a dissonance in all of your life. Practice saying no to the things that aren’t congruent with your targets and no longer work for you.


Environment – check your environment. Your home/work life and the people you surround yourself with are a huge contributing factor that will influence positivity, happiness and wellness or not!


Repeat! Repetition and consistency create different receptors! Have fun!

FABRIC! FABRIC!! FABRIC!!! All new range of craft fabrics! A huge new range of curtaining and upholstery fabrics at unbelievable prices!

moreland’s fabric barn

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SAVVY | 11

Work with us to

WIN a romantic escape to

Imagine a Romantic Retreat just the two of you....

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Cosmetic Tattooing PhiBrows Microblading Eye Brows by Skin Revision REVIEW: PHILIPPA MANNAGH


he closer I drove to my appointment, the more nervous I became. You see, I am not a tattoo person and am quite frankly, scaredy pants these days who would normally opt to stay in her comfort zone. Microblading was something that kept coming up on my radar however and I admired others who had theirs done. They looked amazing, naturally enhancing eyebrow shapes with hair strokes. I listened to comments, advice, reassurance and recommendations before making any decision to go ahead because as we all know, it’s permanent and not to mention... on the face! Skin Revision is the place to go, owners Michaella and Amanda are leaders in their field, now training up and coming eyebrow artists following their high standards. Skin Revision is proud to offer PhiBrows Microblading Techniques, both Michaella and Amanda are certified PhiBrows Artists, a different procedure to a tattoo gun that I had pictured in my head. Not knowing what to expect, I was assured that I was in safe hands as Michaella explained the entire procedure in detail. There are different services and looks that you can go for, we opted for the microblading feathered look for a more natural approach. There are only a couple of beauticians who offer this service in the North and it’s a fast-growing option for many women. After filling in forms and walking through the importance of the aftercare procedure (provided in a pretty toiletry bag to take home), she had already matched my colour and planned our session. It was over to the professionals. Skin Revision is set in a beautiful country atmosphere and accompanied by good music in the background, a place to relax even when

filled with nerves. I got myself comfy on the bed while being fitted out in an attractive cap. My eyebrows were cleaned and scrutinised as I got used to the idea that I was finally getting my first tattoo, cosmetic tattoo. Was it going to hurt? Are they going to shave my eyebrows? Every question I had running through my head Michaella answered confidently without judgement until I was happy to go ahead. The longest part of the consultation was getting them perfect and ready for blading, this came down to the millimetre. Measurements were taken out, apps used and never did we progress until she knew it was perfect. I was there a total of three hours, the attention to detail impressed me. The first eyebrow. It felt like someone waxing a few hairs out at a time. The sound is like velcro. I had been so scared of the pain. However, there was none. The numbing cream was then put on afterwards which was a tad stingy but only for a second, wasabi cream they rightly called it, then the other side completed. Once the area was numb, Michaella went back over the brows and filled them in, one stroke at a time. Microblading is a perfectionist’s heaven and without a doubt, risky business if you choose the wrong professional. I am most impressed with Skin Revision and the high standard that they adhere to in an industry that is often tricky to regulate. It’s a few weeks on now, I have aced my aftercare. My brows have settled down. I am looking forward to going back for a touch up next month with no nerves as I now understand that it’s not a half-hour procedure and complete, it’s a healing journey and well worth the investment.

Skin Revision offers a range of cosmetic tattooing services in Whangarei. Their qualified and experienced staff can assist you with cosmetic tattooing of eyeliner, eyebrows, lipliner and full lip creation.A consultation is complementary where they can discuss the options that are available to you.

Cosmetic Tattooing


The Future of long lasting beauty

FREE CONSULTATION with our highly qualified & experienced tattoo artists: • PhiBrows Microblading • Powdered Brows

• Eyeliner • Lipliner and Full Lip Creation

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Areola – Paramedical tattooing We also offer highly specialised body pigmentation for those whom have gone through breast reconstruction surgery post cancer. Pay With Smile Eyebrow treatments are provided for those who suffer from Alopecia or have undergone Chemotherapy.

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Sebastian Professional Transcends Limits Of Styling With New Dark Oil THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS WHAT IF… was a gel at touch but a hair oil in performance was caring, but also helping the styling. Augmenting shine and doubling the smoothness* for up to 48 hours while providing body and control. …The Oil disappeared into the hair in seconds, leaving no trace behind, just a wonderful, long-lasting effect.





his year, Sebastian Professional shapes a world without labels or limits, where liberated individuals connect across cultures to go against the grain of convention. Sparked by the desire to push boundaries, and taking inspiration from world-renowned tattoo artist, Maxime Buchi, Sebastian Professional’s most recent collection, ECLECTIC, fuses hair, fashion and body art in a celebration of all things eclectic. Graphic tattoo artist Maxime Buchi, known for his collaborations with fashion brands such as Alexander McQueen and Rick Owens, has designed 6 exclusive tattoos for Sebastian Professional; each inspired by iconic styling products and brought to life in partnership with Global Art Directors, Michael Polsinelli and Shay Dempsey, on

• Replenishes hair from the inside out • Disappears in seconds • Smooths for up to 48 hours


SHAMPOO SHOPPE Ph 09 438 1933

The Strand Arcarde, Whangarei 14 | SAVVY

the looks of The Eclectic Collection. Michael and Shay have always been inspired by the future. This desire to realise the future today, has been the creative drive behind DARK OIL; inspired by augmented reality to transcend the limits of styling. After five years of research on hair oil, Sebastian Professional has discovered DiffusX technology, which will change the way you think about oil. Thanks to DiffusX technology, Dark Oil applies evenly and disappears in seconds, leaving nothing more than its effect: hair 2x as smooth’ for up to 48 hours. DARK OIL harnesses precious natural ingredients like Argan, Cedarwood and Sandalwood oils in a unique formula to help replenish the hair from the inside out, augmenting hair body, shine and facilitating style creation. DARK OIL also provides hair protection against UV damage. Now available at Xtreme Shampoo shop at RRP $58.50.


What is skin health, and why is it so important? CACI WHANGAREI TALKS TO SAVVY READERS


e all know how important it is to take care of dental health, gut health and mental health – but what about our skin health? Your skin is the largest organ in the body and renews itself every 28 days; that’s why regular treatments are best to ensure that your skin is fighting fit – and is in the best possible condition for many years to come. With over 20 years’ experience in skin treatments, at Caci we understand how important skin health is to you, and good skin takes time. You can’t expect to go to the gym once, and have a 6 pack – and that’s the same when it comes to maintaining healthy skin. That’s why Caci have developed a Skin Health Plan to help you get your best skin. A Skin Health Plan is tailored for you and your skin goals; with a schedule of skin correcting treatments to help you achieve fresh, bright, healthy looking skin - for $25 per week. Remember, it’s never too early, or too late to start taking care of your skin: For younger skin, regular conditioning treatments will slow down signs of ageing and keep your skin looking fresh for longer. For more advanced signs of damage, or particular skin concerns, we have a range of rebuilding skin treatments to help you get your best skin.

Join Caci’s Skin Health Plan and receive: • 15 skin conditioning treatments tailored to your skin each year • ne Ki Sunscreen SPF 30+ each year

As well as member’s benefits: • Two complimentary treatments from our rewards menu each year • 20% off beauty therapy treatments • 10% off Ki skincare products


For more information about a Skin Health Plan,

Have a free skin treatment consultation and enjoy a microdermabrasion

book a free consultation at Caci today or visit

for only $50! (usually $100)* Caci Whangarei 110 Bank St

0800 458 458

This offer is valid until June 30 2017, not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. *

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Be Your Own Architect, change YOUR life CORINNE AUSTIN


an I please just begin by saying that you have more power than you will possibly ever know. We indeed have so much power in our hands that, if it would magically become available all at once, we probably wouldn’t know ourselves. And possessing that power is an incredible gift. Because that power can create the life you have always dreamed of, the one you so often talk about and long for. I think we, in fact, have so much power that we are scared to use it. Because by using it we may stumble upon territory so foreign to us that we would, for a moment, be lost. Sometimes I just want to throttle people. The ones that are forever struggling with some aspect of their life, and whom seem to weakly succumb to their current circumstances or situation. They moan and groan and just make life seem hard – like a never-ending source of stress, frustration, discomfort, and discontent. They appear powerless and they play victim to their environment. I just want to rescue them, throw my arms around them, shower them with warm fuzzies and confidence boosters, and tell them that there is in fact another way. And help them to see that there is. There is no medal or award for being super woman, or for getting the most done in a day. So, right now, in this very minute, I want you to gift yourself the permission to live life how you wish it was, not the one you wish it wasn’t. Because quite simply, life’s too freaking short. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like. I’ve been at the bottom of a well and in an exhaustive state of adrenal dysfunction, where anxiety and chaos reigned, where sleep deprivation and irritability was the norm, and where life just simply wasn’t much fun. I had it all, all that I possibly needed – I just didn’t realise it at the time. And it’s the realization that life can (and SHOULD) be predominantly cheerful and blissful, now and

forever, that is crucial to our existence being one we are content with. We can make our lives feel free and easy. It is possible and you CAN create a different story. Today. Every thing we do, every action we take, every thing we ‘see’, and the way we see it, is a result of a thought we’ve had. We be, do, and see the way we think. You are the architect of your own destiny, and your thoughts, attitudes, and actions are simply the construction process. What you think in every moment of your life will do one of two things: 1) It will bring you closer to the place you’d rather be; or 2) It will take you further away. One thing is for sure though – no amount of busyness, hard work or wealth is going to deliver you instant happiness. Happiness and ease is the sum of a formula that only you can uncover – it’s different for all. We are in charge! We have power. Unlimited, boundless power. A better life isn’t going to drop into your lap. The truth is better than that – you can actually shape it. On the contrary, allowing external powers to shape us and the course of our lives is soul-crushing – it can suppress our ultimate desires and can even destroy them entirely. There will always be circumstances and situations that are less than ideal – the secret is in how we process and think about these circumstances or situations. We can waste energy dwelling on something we can’t change, or we can accept it and change how we respond to it. The future does not come with extra time, less challenges, nor a magic wand. The longer you wait before you take action the more you delay the rich rewards that are rightfully yours – renewed health, energy, strength, and a happier and more rewarding existence. Where we prioritise ourselves to be energetically, determines the world we live in. Today and always. Change your thoughts, change your world.

The place for REAL Traditional Thai Massage




We are very excited to bring you this beautiful all natural Japanese incense. Available in delectable flavours!

EXCLUSIVE Traditional Thai Massage mixed with Aromatherapy

89 Cameron Street, t, Whangarei

Ph: 09 430 2040 204 040

Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm, 9.30am-5 -5pm, Sat 9am-2pm, Sun un 10am-3pm


4 results in one - relaxation, deep tissue, stress relieve, pressure point & stretching



ome of the Whangarei is proud to be the home


Jam Tse Dhargyey Ling “from which Love and Compassion flourishes”

· Traditional Thai Massage · Aromatherapy Massage · Deep Tissue Sports Massage · Hot Stone Massage · Skull Massage · Foot Reflexology Massage · Back, Head, Neck And Shoulder

Package prices a nd gift vouc hers availabl e!


Visit us and - Enjoy the spectacular views of Whangarei from our Stupa, Peace Monument. (10am - 5pm) - Take part in our Buddhist Teachings, Meditation Classes and Retreats. - All our classes are open to everyone. It is not necessary to be Buddhist.

For more information or program details please visit or phone 09 435 4444 159 Parakiore Road, off Pipiwai Rd, North of Kamo 16 | SAVVY


50 Kamo Rd, Kensington, Whangarei Open Mon – Sat 9am – 7pm Late night Fri & Sat 9am-9pm Ph 09 430 7250 · 021 175 4044



Screw Motivation, What You Need Is Discipline… BY CAROLYN HANSEN say screw it because motivation can be so fleeting. Here today, gone tomorrow... Sure, getting motivated is the start, but if it’s not solidified

into a discipline it usually fades away pretty quickly. We often marvel at the athletes on television when the Olympic Games and other high level athletic events are on and admire the obvious self-discipline they must have to pursue and achieve their goals and dreams at the very highest level. We look up to them and wonder how we can emulate them with our own life or health goals. Often we fail to realize that we actually have access to the very same tool that has gotten them to the top of their sporting ladders, and we can use that same tool to help us achieve our goals. The most powerful mental tool that exists is called selfdiscipline and many people think it is something you either have or you don’t have. What they do not realize is that we all have it and the only difference is that in some of us it is more developed or conditioned than in others. Somehow in our modern day lives that word discipline can sound like a negative thing and mean we have to put ourselves out or get out of our comfort zone and that is something many of us do not want to do. Yet that is a shame because developing self-discipline is something that will cross over in every area of your life and enhance everything you do. Discipline doesn’t sound like much fun but it’s how you see results. That is why a plan of attack is so crucial. You don’t have to decide what you are going to do every single day when you wake up. You don’t have 100 different decision points. You decide once to follow the plan and then wake up every morning and reference said plan. You’ve already decided you are going to do it. You don’t have to decide anymore, you just have to do it. By creating routines you are not leaving it up to chance. When you discipline yourself, it’s like programming a robot.

There’s no more emotion involved. It’s simply “do this…then that.” There is no doubt that being able to act and respond to your own mental requests with zero hesitation or procrastination will make you successful no matter what your goals in life. Discipline is the bridge between your goal and success… and…the very interesting thing about self-discipline is that the more you use it the stronger it gets and the more you can benefit from its power. No longer will you struggle with the ‘Will I or won’t I” scenario. Once you strengthen your self-discipline and it’s in good shape you will no longer have to muster up the energy to do the things you NEED to do rather than the things you WANT to do. A journey to a health goal such as improving strength and fitness, losing weight or achieving a higher quality of health is made up of hundreds of small steps. Each exercise session, each healthy meal is just one of those steps. But each time you perform one of those small steps you are actually working on and building your self-discipline. Think of it like building a house, first you have to build the foundations, and then you start putting up the walls and finally the roof. When you build your self-discipline “house” you will find it will keep you from falling off your journey’s pathway when times get tough (and they will). It will bolster your automatic drive, focus and energy which will power you through those times when you do not feel like making progressive forward steps to your goal. Your autopilot or cruise control will pick you up and keep you going when you need it most. This skill of self-discipline is so powerful that when the dial is turned to “high” there is no way you can fail and it’s virtually impossible NOT to reach your goal. So, be your own coach, get yourself going and start building your self-discipline “house” to ensure you reach your goals this year.

! d e e c c u s This year I will try again with my fitness goals We’ll help you to a healthier place. Call us today to get started and claim your first month FREE!

OPEN 24/7

3 months from now you will thank yourself!

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Glaucoma The Sneak Thief of Sight!


Glaucoma is often referred to as the silent thief of sight. Most people experience no symptoms until late in the disease – the damage occurs slowly and progressively, getting worse over a long period of time.


n estimated 91,000 New Zealanders over the age of 40 currently have glaucoma. What concerns health professionals is that with early detection, blindness from glaucoma is preventable. A glaucoma eye examination can pick up the disease very early and appropriate treatment can halt its progression and preserve sight. It is estimated around 50% of New Zealanders with the disease, don’t know they have it. With the population ageing, and people living longer, more New Zealanders face the possibility of developing glaucoma. The key message for all New Zealanders revolves around early detection of the disease to prevent blindness. In glaucoma the optic nerve, which carries visual information to the brain, is damaged. Vision loss due to glaucoma cannot be restored. The good news is that with early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, the sneak thief of sight can be arrested. You can save yourself from further sight loss. Glaucoma NZ recommends having an eye examination for glaucoma every five years from the age of 45 and every three years from the age of 60. However, at any age, if you notice changes in your eyesight, then you should have your eyes examined at that time. In addition, if you have risk factors for glaucoma, such as family history, then you may need your eyes checked more frequently. There is no cure – once sight is lost you can’t get it back. That’s why it’s so important to pick it up early so treatment can stop its progression. If glaucoma is detected, ongoing treatment, and compliance, is vital. 98% of

those who comply with their prescribed treatment for glaucoma will not go blind. That could mean putting in the eye drops every day for the rest of their lives. But it’s a simple thing to do to save precious sight. Research shows one of the things people fear most in life is going blind. It’s right up there with cancer and heart disease, probably due to the devastating effect blindness can have on quality of life. Studies have shown sight loss is likely to lead to depression, as well as accidents in the home, sometimes resulting in hospitalisation. Then there are the day-to-day changes like the loss of a driver’s license, or the ability to read, watch movies, or see grandchildren grow up.

Glaucoma NZ recommends having an eye examination for glaucoma every five years from the age of 45

Normal vision to Advanced Glaucoma.

Risk Factors

• If glaucoma runs in your family, you are 10 times more likely to develop the disease. • Glaucoma New Zealand advises even young people to talk to older family members about the disease. If they can recall anybody in the family using eye drops on a regular basis, this may indicate they were treating glaucoma. • Other factors that increase your risk of getting glaucoma include being over the age of 60, short-sightedness (myopia), and a previous eye injury. Glaucoma New Zealand is a charitable trust, set up to eliminate blindness from glaucoma in New Zealanders. The trust provides free nationwide educational resources, public meetings, and support to those with glaucoma and their families. An important part of their work is ongoing education for health professionals. The Trust also contributes to glaucoma research in New Zealand.

From the left, Normal optic disc, moderate glaucoma, severe Glaucoma.

Glaucoma NZ is holding a free public meeting at 10am on Saturday, 25th of June in the Cafler Suite Forum North. Ophthalmologist Dr Andrew Watts will speak about glaucoma and treatment options. Free Admission – All Welcome. Don’t let the sneak thief of sight take away your quality of life! For more information phone: 0800 452 826, visit, or email

• Standard Consultation $165 includes retinal photo’s


• OCT $102 • Cataract Extraction and Lens Implant local anaesthetic from $3138 per eye • Ectropion and Entropian $923 per eye • Pterygium Excision plus Conjunctival Graft - local anaesthetic from $882 per eye

• Avastin Intravitreal injection for Macula Degeneration $884


* Price inc GST but not including cost of pre-operative consultation Southern Cross affiliated

Help is only a phone call away 0800 11 0030



David Dalziel and Andrew Watts Ph: 09-972 7022 12 Kensington Ave, Whangarei Fax: 09-972 7026 Email: Website:


I believe that we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us

What community or charity initiatives do you currently support? I sponsor Ronald Mcdonald House (amazing service) and cancer charities. I try and help with kids activities/ clubs/schools as much as possible and I manage my son’s rugby team and am on the committee at the Club.

What is your proudest moment? I have had many proud moments, but nothing makes me more proud than watching my kids have fun and enjoy that they have danced in a show, or scored a try or their faces when they have received a certificate for something! I think most parents get a lump in their throat and are proud of their kids at these times.

Name: Deanna Johnston

Business name and when it was established: Deanna Johnston Travel Broker Limited est. August 2007, working under affiliation of NZ Travel Brokers Deanna Johnston

Describe your business in less than 50 words: To enable ALL of your travel arrangements without the unnecessary stress and time spent planning. Most travel agencies will just book the basics or just quote, but I will go out of my way to ensure all details are taken care of for you. From what is expected, to what suits and what is available. I am also there 24/7 to help! Before, during and after your arrangements.

What has been your biggest business challenge over the past year, and how are you tackling it? The internet has always been a player but advising people that this is a search engine and that what you can seem to get on sites such as Travelgenio and Cheapseats, is not always the case. You don’t actually save anything from booking on these sites and I have had people caught out using these and come back to me for help. They have their place (as a search engine) however, I take the liability and responsibility if you book through me and if something does goes wrong and you need someone there to help or change anything, I am available. If you book online direct, there is no help or someone available to try and sort any issues for you. I am honest, reliable, professional and a real person - this helps!

What do you do in your leisure time? I manage my son’s rugby team. I walk, bike and spend time with family! Travel when the opportunity arises.

What awards or accolades are you most proud of?

What was your first job? Office Junior at NZ Window Glass which became Pilkingtons Ltd and was based where Okara Countdown is sited now.

What do you love the most about your job? The satisfaction of clients and customers experiencing travel. Travel does not always mean overseas. We don’t all have the luxury of hiking around the world where we travel non-stop. It’s also about taking little weekend jaunts a few hours away when you are not on the sports field or dance studio. When kids have a school break, try to take one - two week long trips a year. Otherwise, go domestic and try exploring in your own backyard!! BECAUSE... these are important and will become some of your most valuable memories!

If you could be anyone else, who would you be, and why? I have been fortunate to have travelled and experienced some amazing parts of the world and would have loved to be a travel photojournalist to capture these sites. I believe that we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.

Achieved Level 4 ATTTO in Travel in Tourism and accolades with trips to Las Vegas and Malaysia. SAVVY | 19

Chiropractic Baron Baroness Firm • Endorsed by the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association • Dreamfoam® • Torquezone® • Latex Gold®

Queen Set

Now $1,649 $1,749

Serenity Rose Plush

Swisstek Lugano Medium

• Pocket Spring • Nuvole Pure Comfort Fibre • Dreamfoam® • FusionGel

• Silverline + Bamboo Premium Knit • 7 Zone Pocket Spring • Latex Gold® • Dreamfoam®

Queen Set

Queen Set

Now $1,999

Now $3,059

Sanctuary Iris Soft

Evolve Pop Up Medium to Firm

• Sensorzone® • Nuvole Pure Comfort Fibre • Fusion Graphene® • Dreamfoam® • Latex Gold®

King Single bed with additional Single Pop Up trundler • Dreamfoam® • Torquezone® • Nuvole Pure Comfort Fibre

Queen Set

Only $1,399

Now $4,749

Whangarei - 7 Gumdigger Place W


*Offer valid to 02/07/2017 or while stocks last. Excludes Everyday Dream Prices and clearance stock. Q Card and Latitude Financial Services lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply.

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Painting an effect of mountains on the wall, gives the room a sense of height and allows a dark colour to be used for the base without making the overall room feel too closed in. Resene Prussian Blue and Resene Escape. Styling by LeeAnn Yare.


aint is your friend when it comes to tricking the eye. Does your living room look too long, or just plain wrong? Does the ceiling seem to be falling on your head? And why do you have to turn the lights on whenever you go into the dining room? Before you ring up the builder and ask him to take away or add walls, or raise the ceiling, there’s a much cheaper and cleverer way of correcting weird proportions or disguising architectural oddities and less-than-perfect details. And that’s with paint. Firstly look at the dimensions of your room, where the light comes from and what you wish to highlight or disguise. Used with care, colour will do wonderful things to the most unprepossessing of spaces. It can also link a whole interior together, or break it down into discrete moments of magic. Here are some rules of thumb: • Dark colours make a space smaller or lower. Paint an end feature wall dark in a long thin space to bring it forward, or darker on three walls and light on one of the long walls if you want to improve the proportions. Use a single interesting colour on feature walls throughout an open-plan interior (either in the same strength or tones of the same) and feel the spaces ’talk’ to each other. • Light colours recede and bounce available light around and can’t be beaten in small well-lit spaces. If the room is naturally gloomy, however, it’s unlikely you’ll solve all its problems with a can of white paint. You might do better to make the walls warm and intimate while keeping the ceiling and woodwork pale to give it drama and definition. • All colours have emotional properties. For example, red and orange stimulate, blue cools, green soothes and purple is the moody queen. For the best results it is always better to work with these properties, not against them. For example,

Fixed Fee $12,000

Resene Quill Grey walls and Resene Quarter White Pointer ceiling. Painting the rafters the same colour as the ceiling helps to reduce them impact. If they were left wooden or painted another colour, they would be highlighted and become the main feature of the room.

Using a soft weathered blue or green throughout a master bedroom and ensuite will give an added sense of space. This is Resene Powder Blue with Resene Half Bianca.

a gentle green in the bedroom is always a winner, while soft shades of raspberry red seem to do wonders in a traditional dining room. • Colours can also be perceived as warm or cool. Red, orange, yellow, brown, reddish purples and yellow-greens and their many variations are warm colours which make a room feel, literally, warmer and cosier. These colours are good for south-facing rooms and larger cavernous spaces. Cool colours are blue, grey, blue-greens, blue purples and pure whites. They make a room appear larger and are good for overheated north-facing rooms, or to make a space look crisp and clean.

Devil’s in the detail

The way the architectural joinery details are treated can make or break an interior and, again, much depends on what they are and what you are trying to achieve. If your architraves, skirting and doors are crisply new, you will be able to use their lines and planes as delineators between spaces and objects of interest in their own right. For example, you might want to use shades of off-whites as your main wall colour, but can add definition to the whole by painting the woodwork in a contrasting strong neutral. Double strength of the same colour on the doors links the idea but doesn’t overwhelm. If the woodwork is in poor repair or badly proportioned, however, or if there’s some odd architectural detail you’d like to hide – an obtrusive bulkhead, out-dated balustrading – it is better to let it retreat into the walls and ceiling by painting it the same colour. Changing the gloss level between the walls and the joinery will add any interest you need. Conversely, if you have an element you want to highlight – a chimney breast is a perfect example – you can paint it a different colour or a darker tone of the wall colour. The right lighting and the type of lighting will also help hide


Hide, disguise, enhance

and enhance the various aspects of your room.

Shiny or dull?

Dull is not necessarily a bad characteristic for interior paint. A flat finish deflects your eye from wall imperfections whereas a shiny surface highlights dings and dents in the surface and the substrate below. That’s because of the way light bounces from it. If you have a dark space you want to give life and drama to, this is a trick worth considering. Glossier paint is also easier to clean so is good for kitchens and bathrooms, and other surfaces where fingers might stray. Just don’t skimp on the preparation or underestimate the skill required in application. See the Resene Gloss Levels fandeck to see how the gloss level will affect your colour choices. If your walls are absolutely past saving but the plaster is still sound, consider an anaglypta or textured wallpaper and then paint over it. The Victorians usually used anaglypta below their dado rail as a hardwearing and forgiving surface, but a more contemporary look is to completely paper a feature wall and paint over it in an interesting Resene colour thereby adding texture as well as colour – with the added benefit of disguising a less than perfect surface underneath while you’re at it. Last but not least, never underestimate the power of a Resene testpot. It is astonishing how different a large square of colour can look compared to a stamp-sized bit in a colour chart. Think of the difference in effect between a snapshotsized photo and a wall-sized version and you will know why. The easiest way to use testpots is to paint A3 or larger pages of colour, leaving a white margin around the edge, and move them around to judge the effect of light and colour at different times of the day or night. Once you’ve decided on your favourites, it’s time to get decorating.

inc GST

(no matter what the sale price)

Full professional service Includes marketing

A New Way of Doing Real Estate ...

Contact Shari on 027 278 3794 SAVVY | 21

Artisan Parisian

B A 6 3 + # - + 0 < 1*' & =*8

The Duplex

175 m2 Air Conditioned for your comfort Double Glazed Fully insulated including garage door Quality carpet & drapes Landscaped gardens Bathed in sun Patio Two bedrooms

9A> A2" =*= & =*,

9A> A2" 8*, & =*1

D L O S - A 2 A 2 " =*4 & =*?

%7BA/ =*: & :*:

"+*+" .$1+/$5"-

! @ 2 '*( & ?*. "+*+" .$1+/$5"-

- A 2 A 2 " 8*, & =*8

%7BA/ =*? & :*4

< A B 0 C + 2 :*( & ?*8


"+*+" .$1+/$5"-


"+*+" .$1+/$5"-

3 + - # / / 6 ) ! B @ - 5



=*8 & =*,

3 7 B C # / / 6 ?*8 & ?*.


(*4 & ?*?

9 7 @ 2 - # 5

-1&+1 .,0 )4!

?*4 & '*(

*4 & '*,


; 0

C 7 9 9 '*: & ?*=

C + 3 + 9

! B @ - 5 ?*4 & ?*'


; A # '*, & ?*?

6 7 ! B + # 3 + - # / / 6 :*( & =*1

" 7 # 7 " + :*8 & 4*?

$ A # +

" 7 # 7 " + :*8 & 4*?

:*4 & :*(

+ 2 B # 5 ?*( & ?*'

; 7 9 9

+ 2 B # 5 ?*. & '*1

C 7 9 9 8*' & '*=

6 7 ! B + # 3 + - # / / 6

; A # ?*: & ?*(

; 0 '*: & '*4



"+*+" .$1+/$5"-


"+*+" .$1+/$5"-

< A B 0 C + 2 :*8 & ?*8

9 7 @ 2 - # 5

• • • • • • • • •


! @ 2 =*4 & ?*'

"+*+" .$1+/$5"-


SOLD Artisan




! + # > A 0 + 0 / @ # B

! + # > A 0 + 0 / @ # B

3 + - # / / 6 ) ! B @ - 5 =*' & :*'

"+*+" .$1+/$5"-


+ 2 ! @ A B + ?*1 & ?*8

OR choose from one of our many house plans...

Is this the perfect spot for your new home ?

One of the neighbours

Magnificent Rainbow Falls perfect for your afternoon stroll

333 335



336 340 123

330 410





315 312





301a 303 305 310










203 209

106 106



A hole in one is on your doorstep





125 125A


427 428


River reserve walk




334 Day Spa



206 202 207



Secure but elegant rescued & restored wrought iron gateway

Sold Beautifully Landscaped Entrance

Sold conditionally KKFI Build On Hold

Meet the guy next door Just one of ten fabulous designs to choose from

Pick your own mandarins


Our Vision To develop the Quail Ridge Country Club with style and panache. Drawing on the rich heritage of the region for the design of all the homes, clubhouse and care facility. Beautiful park like surroundings will be created with extensive planting of mature specimen trees and shrubs, thereby creating an enviable lifestyle that has never before been available in this area.

For a walk and talk onsite with Shelley , phone 09 401 6579 – visit us online 22 | SAVVY


Providing Window Furnishing Trends for 34 Years Frazerhurst celebrates birthday month with annual sale


t’s a great time to redecorate as interior trends are very open and broad-reaching. No longer are you forced to pair orange with brown like in the 70s, baby-pink with hard-grey like the 80s and blue with terracotta like the 90s. Frazerhurst showroom consultant of the last three years, Tracey Harvey has this advice and much more after graduating from an interior design course earlier this year. Tracey has over 20 years’ experience in the fashion industry so she is no stranger to fabrics, colour and pattern. Combined with a passion for good customer service and a strong history of decorating her own homes, she is well-qualified to assist the many customers who pass through Frazerhurst’s doors. Speaking of doors, Frazerhurst first opened 34 years ago this month. As a company, Frazerhurst has lasted and grown in strength due to its ability to adapt and respond to new trends and ideas while continuing to move forward to better serve their clients. Being a local business for this many years has given Frazerhurst an advantage. They understand how Northland weather impacts on window furnishings - what works and what doesn’t. Northland has a unique style all of its own and Frazerhurst has endeavoured to stock products that address this local flavour.

Once a year sa Big disco le. un across ts the entire showroom *,

“We like fabrics that reflect and work with our environment,” says Tracey. “Nothing too bright or bold but not boring either.” “We have wonderful suppliers that offer us new product every three months. From the expansive range they offer us, we have to decide what our discerning Northland clients will like.” The current trend for colours is still predominantly in the grey area but there is a push towards warming things up a bit and adding a bit of colour, advises Tracey. “Soft-muted pinks, denim-blues and dusky-greens are showing up from

many suppliers. “Classic-style florals and embroideries are popular as well. I am personally very excited to tell you stunning children’s prints are finally being offered as well. “Don’t be shy to ask for help. Not everyone has a clear image of what they want and that is ok.” Join Tracey and the team in the showroom for their June birthday month and get inspired, along with a great discount and take some special birthday baking home for your tea break.


up to 30%

s Blind & s ter Shut

rsons Charles Pa h Hemptec Ir vines James Dunlop Ken Bimler

Maurice Kain Nettex War wick Romans Weathermaster , Curtain s, Drapes, Aw Voiles & umb nings Nets & s rellas

cree ns

*Some exclusions apply including amplimesh. See in store for details. For the month of June

Solutions tailored to your requirements 146 Lower Dent St, Whangarei • Ph: 09 438 3986 0800 102 710 • SAVVY | 23


How to: Industrial Chic


he colder weather is settling in, and lots of you will be feeling rather cosy in front of your brick fireplaces in the evenings. Fireplaces are a perfect focal point to base your interior design on. They are (usually) centred in a room, and the eye is naturally drawn to them. If you are lucky enough to have bricks surrounding yours, industrial chic is the look for you. Industrial Chic Industrial chic is all about letting the natural elements in the space shine; exposed plumbing, bare brick walls, steel or reclaimed wood beams, and weathered metal fixtures are all on the cards. In contrast to your modern, minimalistic all-white look with copper accents and stark finishes, industrial chic is all about leaving things with an edge. Reclaimed Wood Start with your mantelpiece. A custom-made mantelpiece from reclaimed wood is not as pricey as you may think. Instantly your room will be transformed and you have a space to display your most prized possessions. High Ceilings Be wary of how many you choose to showcase though; perhaps the most obvious trait of a true industrial chic design is open space and high ceilings. These can be faked with a few less of those possessions on display! Metal Light Fixtures Fittings don’t have to be permanent. You can get some seriously cool lamps from a range of homewares stores locally or online. The focus should be on unfinished metal with large lightbulbs. Final Say The industrial chic look may not work for every home, but bringing elements of the trend into your living space is an easy (and affordable) way to update your home.

Quality Aged Care Eat Well Play Well Sleep Well Everyday


Specialising in all Gas Home Heating Systems and Water Heating needs

When you come to Rose Garden Rest Home, you become part of a big family and receive individual care of the highest quality. We make sure all our family members are happy everyday with the three ‘WELL’s!


Long term, respite for rest home care and short term for supported living

68 Morningside Rd, Whangarei

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ll throughout the garden, weeds can be a problem. Ground cover plants are a good solution for this. Ground covers normally grow quickly and create thick foliage that stops the light from getting through to other more problematic plants (weeds!). They can also be a way to add a different colour or texture to your garden without having to remove those bigger plants you have worked so hard to keep looking their best. Ground covers are also a way to fill in the gap between those specimen plants, forming a thick mat with colourful foliage or flowers and you will have very little weeding to do on your time off. They are also a good option for those sloping banks where access is a problem for weeding or mowing.


Easy care with ground covers Leptinella

There are many different ground covers to suit your style. From low creeping plants such as Leptinellas with their lovely miniature fern like foliage, to something slightly higher such as Coprosma ‘Red Rocks’ with its brownie-red divaricating foliage. Perhaps you live on the coast and you want something to grow and spread in that sandy soil, Muehlenbeckia complexa or axillaris , Coprosma ‘Poor Knights’ or Sand coprosma would be just the ticket. In short, ground covers are a wonderful addition to your garden or difficult bank. Come in and see our range of ground covers, you might be pleasantly surprised at what you could fit in.

Coprosma ‘Poor Knights’

Savage lancewood – How’s that for a name? BY DEBBIE OLDFIELD


avage lancewood is only one of many Pseudopanax that we stock here at Alter-Natives. Pseudopanax are tough, versatile, easy care natives that come in many different shapes and sizes. These hardy natives will grow in a wide range of soils and situations. Some perform very well in harsh coastal conditions, while others are more at home in more peaceful garden situations. A lot of the more recently bred cultivars fall into the latter group. They come in some amazing leaf shapes and colours - yellows, bronze, purple and obviously green. They fit in well, in a wide variety of garden ‘themes’. Pseudopanax laetus for example has lush, large, dark green leaves that look wonderful in a tropical themed garden. Where as Pseudopanax ferox or savage lancewood looks great as the centre of attention in a coastal or minimalistic themed garden – lots of pebble, big rocks, driftwood and low growing grasses. Looking after your Pseudopanax is pretty easy, they don’t get many insect or fungal problems and can handle quite dry conditions once established, and if you buy the right one for your situation they require minimal or no pruning. About the only thing they won’t tolerate well are wet soil conditions. An added advantage to this family of plants is that they produce berries that feed the Tuis and Wood pigeons. Come in and check out our wide range of Pseudopanax

Pseudopanax ferox

Pseudopanax laetus



From $6

From $6




From $6.50

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Let us help you put the right plant in the right place With a passion for design and an eye for colour, textures and shapes, let us help you! Design consultations, concept and planting plans, quotes and implementation of the design. From new builds to spicing up existing gardens.



Photograph by Babiche Martens

Leek, Potato and Ginger Soup Serves 4

2 cups cubed potatoes

20g butter

3 cups chicken stock

1 onion, chopped

Salt and pepper, to taste

1 large leek, chopped

1 cup cream

1 stick celery, chopped

To garnish,

3 cloves garlic, chopped

1 cup toasted chickpeas

2 tsp grated ginger

1 cup baby rocket

No dining table is complete without a salt and pepper shaker. These Swissmar salt and pepper mills are the ‘must haves’ - strong, durable, high-density wood with a beautiful lacquer finish. More styles and designs available in store.

@ Northland Hospitality

1. Into a large pot place the butter and melt. Add the onion, leek, celery, garlic, ginger and potatoes. Cover and let it cook for 5 minutes to sweat all the vegetables. 2. Add the chicken stock. Bring to a simmer for 15 minutes until all the vegetables are soft. Blend until perfectly smooth. Season with salt and pepper. 3. Just before serving stir through the cream. 4. Serve hot, topped with rocket leaves and crispy chickpeas.

106 Lower Dent Street Whangarei


Keep soup warm all day with 10ltrs capacity $



P r e p a r e s o u p s a n d ca s s e r o l e s i n a fraction of the time with the Scanpan pressure cooker 8LTRS




C o m m e r c ia l s t a n d a r d heavy duty stock pots & sizes from 10lt - 50ltr PRICES FROM $139.00


When functionality meets color, suddenlly everyone wants to help in the kitchen FROM


For Asian inspired soups




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@ Northland Hospitality

Good old fashioned Kiwi dishes, Thai cuisine and seafood creations REVIEW FLAMES RESTUARANT

• All day breakfast & lunch menu • Quality cabinet food • Homemade cakes & slices • Special requests – made to order • Great drink choices: coffee, tea, juice, smoothie, frappuccino & more Catering available for any event! 29 Bank St, Whangarei | Ph 438 0881

Mediterranean Turkish Cuisine

We are now fully licensed!

Inspired by Mediterranean cuisine with a strong Turkish influence, our café is well known for serving fresh, tasty and good-value food. Come and dine with us for lunch, dinner or something in-between. Now you can enjoy a glass wine or try a bottle of Turkish beer for a change!

P 09 430 2469 26 Rathbone St, Whangarei


lames may not be top of mind yet as a restaurant destination however, it may be one that you might like to add to your list. I loved the fact that we were out of town and near the sea air. The hotel lights at night were a welcoming getaway for my dining partner and I, after a busy week and there was no need to worry about

parking. The service from the maître d’ was excellent and made our night as we chatted about the famous 1970’s and 80’s photographs that lined the lobby walls and the history behind the bands, a great conversation starter. There were a few tables of fellow locals and it was nice to hear that more and more walk in’s were coming through lately, as well as the regular hotel guests. The menu was a mix of good old fashioned Kiwi dishes, Thai cuisine and seafood creations. My love of Thai food was pleasured with a mixed Thai starter. Chicken skewer served in their satay sauce with a traditional homemade Thai spring roll wrapped in rice paper and a filo pastry wrapped around potato, onion and chicken. Delicious! Half a dozen Mexicana green lipped Mussels came out fresh from the grill in a mild Mexican-style salsa topped with cheese, these matched beautifully with the house Pinot Noir. We were drawn to the tasty Gangnam’s Louisiana Fish, described as East meets West. This was a very subtle Cajun-infused pan fried dish, with Korean fusion sauce, basil pesto rice, lemon parsley buttered rice served with a side of fresh vegetables and seasonal salad for $25.00. I opted for the $29.00 Scotch Fillet with mushroom sauce, accompanied with seasonal vegetables, a hearty meal for a cold Autumns evening. Having found a bit of extra room for dessert, we chose the Banana Tri Cream, a twist on the traditional banana boat dessert with a selection of three flavours, perfect for any ice cream lover. We also went for the salted caramel cheesecake of the day. Flames offer a relaxed and friendly night out in pleasant surroundings for when you want to get away from it all and enjoy conversations without the need to shout over the table to each other. Our fellow diners left before us and the comments walking past were positive, obviously happy regulars themselves.

Open 7 Days 11am till late

Extraordinary ry Different Th Thai h iC Cuisine i i at an affordable price Proud to be awarded the ‘Thai Select Premium’ by the Prime Minister of Thailand! LUNCH $12.50 Mon-Fri 11.30am - 2pm DINNER from $16 7 days from 5.15pm 69 Bank St, Whangarei · Phone 09 430 0145 ·

There’s something new going on at Flames Restaurant & Bar in Onerahi

Comfort Hotel Flames

8 Waverley Street Onerahi, Whangarei 0800-132610

It’s a new menu and they are now open seven days for Breakfast and Dinner Flames Restaurant has a focus on fresh, local and healthy food with a fusion of Asian, Pacific and International cuisine. For over 10 years, the team has been creating quality food experiences that warm the soul and relishes on the taste buds. Put something truly extraordinary, something completely delicious in your mouth. SAVVY | 27


Kia Soul 1.6 Turbo joins line-up

Accompanying the power increase are larger brakes to provide additional stopping power, while the suspension is tuned for a blend of ride comfort and good road holding on the special 10-spoke, 18-inch alloy wheels and low profile tyres.


NOTHER Kia model has just received a boost from a direct injection turbocharged engine. Arriving as new flagship for the Soul urban crossover line-up, the 1.6-litre turbocharged model has just gone on sale at a recommended $37,990 plus on road costs. It’s the second turbocharged model to be released by Kia in this market recently, following the release of the Optima GT Turbo. The 1.6-litre T-GDI engine comes straight from the performance oriented Pro_Cee’d GT model with 150kW output and 263Nm of torque which is available from 1500-4500rpm. But unlike the manual-only Pro_Cee’d GT, the power and

turbo 7 sPEED

torque is delivered through Kia’s new seven-speed dualclutch transmission (DCT), which is the first time this gearbox has been fitted to a Kia vehicle in the New Zealand market. The new transmission features a pair of dry clutches and two input shafts, allowing for seamless torque delivery between shifts, as well as the ability to immediately jump to any of its seven gears, depending on what the driver needs at any given time. The driver also has the choice of driver selected Normal, Eco, and Sport driving modes and the new transmission also helps achieve a 6.9L/100km combined cycle fuel consumption figure. Accompanying the power increase are larger brakes to provide additional stopping power, while the suspension is

tuned for a blend of ride comfort and good road holding on the special 10-spoke, 18-inch alloy wheels and low profile tyres. There is also a raised specification with the Soul 1.6 Turbo being distinguished by a prominent grille and bumper with LED fog lights, bi-function HID Xenon headlights incorporating unique LED daytime running lights, SUV-style side body mouldings with a red pin stripe and twin exhaust pipes at the rear. The attitude continues inside, where the Soul 1.6 Turbo carries a distinctive colour scheme featuring black cloth and leather upholstery with orange stitching and a flat bottom steering wheel. The new Kia Soul 1.6 Turbo also features a reversing camera, new USB port in the rear, eight-way power adjustment and electric lumbar support for the driver’s seat, climate control, keyless entry and push-button start, plus rain-sensing wipers. Active safety features include Blind Spot Detection, Lane Change Assist and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert. The Kia Soul 1.6 Turbo is available in three colour choices; Clear White with Inferno Red roof, Titanium Silver and Cherry Black. The turbocharged newcomer joins the 1.6-litre Urban and the 2.0-litre Limited models in the Soul line-up, which also received a minor facelift for 2017.


BE QUICK AT THESE PRICES!! • Auto/Tiptronic • Reverse Camera • Latest technology • Advanced Airbag Safety • Front & Rear Parking Sensors • Stunning Interior

$31,990 +orc TEST DRIVE RRP $3 RR $37,99 $37,990+orc 990+ 0+or orc TODAY PRICE

Northland KIA

111 Port Rd Whangarei Phone: 09 438 5550 - 0800 639 542 28 | SAVVY


$27,990+orc RRP $32,490+orc


From the Big Kids’ Desk


t’s just over a month since we re-opened Storytime down at the Town Basin, and one of the most enjoyable business experiences for me. Storytime is one of the few stores where kids are allowed to touch and play, their smiles, giggles and laughs are our reward. I bought Storytime from long-time owner Annemarie Florian knowing only how I felt transported back to my childhood when I visited. The goal that it continues to be a place kids love to visit was foremost in my planning, as well as continuing the 35 year legacy as a valuable resource for teachers and parents. We have had a 3 year old arrange our toy soldiers, leaf art presented to our lovely store manager Kelly by a 4 year old, and dozens of mother’s day messages left on our window by the kids. The kids tell me every day how much they love Storytime, long may it continue. During May we focused on restoring our book stocks and now have hundreds of titles in store again, many from local kiwi authors. More toy stock is arriving each week and I love walking around the shop seeing what new treasures are available. As winter keeps us indoors I’m sure you will find something to entertain and engage a curious young mind. I can’t wait to tell you what’s happening next at Storytime… - Peter, The Big Kid @ Storytime.

Book Reviews

REVIEWS BY KELLY SHEPHERD, STORE MANAGER @ STORYTIME. JUICY THE PEACH AND THE POPCORN PALAVER Written by Anna Theed, Illustrated by Antony Elworthy. Published by Beeswax Books. Hardback Picture Book New Zealand author Anna Theed brings us Juicy the Peach - the lovable & leftfield babysitter extraodinaire. ‘Juicy Peach and the Popcorn Palaver’ takes us on a wild & wacky ride through the day that Juicy first came. With a touch of magic, a sprinkling of sparkle & a plethora of popcorn, Juicy can help even the most anxious or shy child realise that time away from Mum and Dad can be okay - if only they can be brave for a day This is a great book to read if mum or dad are returning to work, or if a new nanny or babysitter is starting. A fun read that will delight children and adults, alike with his playful rhyme and ridiculous outcome. Beautiful sparkly illustrations by Antony Elworthy help bring the magic alive.




une brings Matariki and the yearly reminder to look up. Whether you eagerly await their dawn arrival, or engage in celebration and fellowship that surrounds our local new year, the night sky at this time of year is rich and rewarding. Prominent this winter are both Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest planets. Notable not only for their stunning views through the telescope, but also for the spacecraft currently in orbit around them. Juno is exploring Jupiter at distances of just a few thousand kilometres and giving us some incredible pictures, and the Cassini spacecraft is diving between the rings and Saturn as its mission comes to an end this year. Throughout June and July at Planetarium North we are running the Stargazers Guide to Matariki every Saturday evening. We explore the history, culture, community and science woven into the celestial curtain of our evening sky. Last year we sold out some evenings and expect this new extended program in 2017 is sure to do the same.

Bookings at

GRANDAD’S GUITAR Written by Janine McVeagh, Illustrated by Fifi Colston. Published by Makaro Press. Paperback Picture Book A delightful picture book, telling the story of a much loved, well-travelled guitar. When Kahu is given his Grandfather’s battered old guitar he is unimpressed but soon learns that a treasure is not always something that is shiny and new. Through the tales his Nana tells of the guitar’s travels, Kahu develops a special relationship with the grandfather he never knew. Northland author Janine McVeagh shares this true story about her late husband and her grandson Kahu. Her enchanting tales of travelling the world with her husband, guitar in hand, transport us to faraway places brought alive by Fifi Colston’s charming illustrations. This is a special book ideal for grandparents and parents alike to share with their children


NOTICE Meet the local author Janine McVeagh at Storytime on Tuesday June 13th at 4pm for the Northland launch of this special new book – Grandad’s Guitar.

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NorthTec serves up great hospitality training! Caitlin Foster – Hospitality “Getting to eat everything I make is a stand-out of the course, along with the students and the absolutely amazing tutors. The tutors are great people with a huge amount of industry experience. The fact that we do food services here for different groups and events is a cool way to get real customer experience. “The workload at level 5 is a bit of a challenge but I like a challenge and it keeps me occupied outside of class hours. I always did well at school, but here we can go beyond what is expected or think outside the square and get rewarded for it.”


id you know that New Zealand’s hospitality industry is experiencing a skills shortage? It means now is the ideal time to study and prepare yourself to score a great job. NorthTec’s hospitality training is highly regarded by employers here in Northland, so our graduates are sought after. We offer a range of programmes from levels 3 to 5, based in Whangarei at our excellent facilities which include a working café and restaurant. You’ll learn all the techniques to succeed in the kitchen, as well as front-of-house duties and restaurant management. Starting in July, you can enrol now for the New Zealand Certificate in Cookery (Level 3). This programme is the essential introduction to professional cookery and will

prepare you to work as a junior chef in a commercial kitchen. You’ll learn how to prepare, cook and present a range of basic dishes, while learning about industry health and safety, food safety and security practices. The New Zealand Certificate in Food and Beverage Service, also at level 3, will start you on your career pathway within the industry, giving you experience in kitchen and front-ofhouse operations. It’ll give you the knowledge and skills you need to provide service in cafés and unlicensed restaurants, teaching you about food preparation and service, kitchen health and safety and customer service and barista skills. NorthTec also offers both of these certificates at level 4 – teaching you more advanced skills and preparing you for employment as an intermediate level chef (NZ Certificate in Cookery) or as a supervisor in cafés, restaurants, bars or

clubs (NZ Certificate in Food and Beverage Service). With this qualification you’ll also learn about wine appreciation and get your Licence Controller Qualification (LCQ). For those who aspire to being a senior chef, the New Zealand Diploma in Cookery (Advanced) is a level 5 programme which will teach you how to produce advanced dishes in a professional kitchen. It’s an excellent way to earn a qualification that will greatly enhance your employment opportunities in the industry. For young people aged 16 to 19, NorthTec also offers feesfree foundation programmes providing a pathway into careers in cookery and hospitality. For more information, go to programmes/hospitality.

Stay close


Noho tata, haere tawhiti

ENROL NOW FOR MID YEAR START We offer over 100 programmes at a range of levels including:

• Short courses • Certificates • Diplomas • Degrees • Graduate diplomas 30 | SAVVY

“The tutors are great people with a huge amount of industry experience. The fact that we do food services here for different groups annd events is a cool way to get real customer experience. This course is giving me the knowledge, skills and confidence I need to step up and step out.” Caitlin Foster - Hospitality student If studying and gaining skills are on your to-do list for 2017, take a look at what NorthTec has to offer. 0800 162 100 Refer to our website for terms and conditions

Matariki Whanau Festival 2017 PHOTOS BY: Mike Cameron, NorthlandPix Photography


atariki is a season rich in tradition and is known as the Maori New Year. It is a time when a group of seven stars known as the Pleiades star cluster appears in the eastern sky sometime around the shortest day of the year. Some iwi, or tribes, start celebrations when Matariki is first seen, however it is the first new moon after Matariki that officially signals the Maori New Year. Some people celebrate the New Year on the day the new moon rises, and others celebrate on the day after the new moon. Matariki is an important time in the harvest calendar as communities determine new crops for the next season, and celebrate the land on which we live. Today, Matariki has a strong kaupapa that presents a platform for both traditional and contemporary events that engage communities and promote and preserve not only our culture and heritage, but also our creative arts across all disciplines.

Whangarei District Council in partnership with the host hapu Ngati Hau and supported by Creative Northland will bring you the Matariki Whanau Festival on Saturday the of 17th June at the Canopy Bridge in the Town Basin, Whangarei. It’s a day you can celebrate with your family. starting with a powhiri at 10am and goes through until 3pm. There will be lots of activities for the whole whanau, delicious kai, cultural performances, storytelling and a place for our kuia and kaumatua to relax. There is a great line up of entertainment with local kapa haka groups, local bands including Otium and special guest appearances from JGeeks and Troy Kingi. As we head into Matariki it’s not just a day event but a month long traditional and contemporary celebration that is celebrated by all Polynesian cultures in a global and all encompassing way. It is a time of manaakitanga (nurturing), whakawhanauatanga (inclusiveness) and



inter is getting her groove on. Wardrobe change over is happening, sandals to boots, skin to tights. I love changing looks and styles and its so kind of Winter to prompt us to do that. The last couple of weeks saw the start of Survivor NZ which got me hanging out with our local contestant and pretty pin-up-star Hannah Gough. What an extraordinary woman and personality. Hannah owns her look and her body image. I L O V E that! I grew up in Wainuiomata/Wellington. I remember my mum’s disco gowns, the hair, nails, ■ Charmaine and her aunt Jacqui owing their style makeup and hair-rollers. Gosh she was in the 1970’s. just beautiful to watch. She would go out and pull on her fur coat. I’m not message from the presenter was “Women sure what dad was wearing. Its a significant be Kinder to other women”, “Girls be kinder memory because now I own 6 fur coats... to other girls”, stop hating on ourselves and just like mum’s. She wasn’t a little skinny each other. She was inspiring and confident woman my mum. She was all curves and and so powerful it was wonderful seeing toward the end of her life quite big but never someone like her connecting with teen worried about it. I landed in radio at 17 girls. Lilly’s book is on shelves now, “How years old, pop culture was massive and the to be a Bawse” by Lilly Singh. Follow her look had to be “on”. I’ve wondered about on instagram: @iisuperwomanii, she’s BFFs how I looked ever since then and am better with Selena Gomez FYI. Own your look, your at owning my body image now. I took my 13 body, be kind and if you get the chance to year old daughter to a bloggers conference buy a fur coat or three, they’re fabulous for in Auckland last weekend and the biggest winter!

whare wananga (learning), key principles that build a strong foundation for the communities we live in. Enjoy!




specials *While stocks last


Tree ripened

Cooking apple

Sweet & crunchy

per 3kg bag

per 3kg bag

per 3kg bag

only $4

only $4

PACKHAM PEARS Juicy, rich flavour

$2 kg

only $4

PINK LADY Great flavour

only $4

per 3kg bag



$3 kg

$3.50 kg

Sweet, honeyed flavour

Plump & juicy

Ph 09 437 5840 At Glenbervie 3 minutes from Tikipunga



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Young new choreographer steps up at Waipu Museum Artntartan Wearable Art Awards

PHOTOS: Tartan Flying Machine, designer Richard Wilson Photos by Peter Grant



JUST KNEW I WAS BORN TO PERFORM … These were the first words spoken confidentially by Jayden Randolph, the new Choreographer for the Waipu Museum Artntartan Wearable Art Awards this year. He radiates a vibrant energy, he is focused, excited and bursting to hit the stage in his new role. Jayden has just left Bream Bay College as Head Boy and is now embarking on a career that he always dreamed of in the arts. He has enrolled in a Degree in Per-forming Arts at Otago University where he will attend summer school at AMTA NYC Performing Art School in New York. The Artntartan Wearable Art Awards offers national wearable art artists an opportunity to showcase their creative artworks in a fabulous venue in Waipu at the Celtic Barn. The Waipu village is known for its Scottish Heritage.

This heritage is more evident in the month of July when residents and visitors celebrate “In Tartan” a series of events celebrating all things Scottish. The festival commemorates the 1792 repeal of the notorious Act of Proscription for forty years after the Battle of Culloden forbade the Scots to wear their tartan. Waipu’s Annual Winter Festival culminates in the now iconic Artntartan Wearable Art Awards. Now in it’s 7th year, it continues to develop its creativity in the presentation of the ever changing high standard entries and local talented performers. The two tier stage lights up with local performance, music and a magical atmosphere will captivate the wearable art and entertain you for days to remember. This year one of the exciting new categories is a Blacklight category, called Dream World - Weird and Wonderful where movement, surprise, illusion and fantasy will illuminate the stage. Jayden has been invited to be Choreographer of the Waipu Museum Artntartan Wearable Art Awards by the Director, Helen Francis. When asked he stated that he was overjoyed to be part of the Artntartan team as this is what I am passionate about. This opportunity gave me the confirmation that it is possible to have a career in the arts. I am extremely excited to create something unique and beautiful for the show that has never been done before, my ideas are buzzing.

He has been involved in the Artntartan Wearable Art since he was 13 years old. From making children’s masks and creating wearable artwork, to dance and per-formance, he has varied experience with the show. For three years he has been actively involved in the Secondary School Stage Challenge. He has competed against 7 different schools, it was during this time he learnt to direct impromptu performance pieces. Some of his creative ideas come to light through listening to music, seeing a video, hearing a social or cultural issue. He says, as a creative person you like to break the boundaries, you want to change things, redefine them, break the mould, turn the box into a circle. That had been my mantra since I got involved in the Secondary School Challenges and the Artntartan Wearable Art Awards. Jayden believes Artntartan is Bream Bay’s “moment of the year” it’s a big part of the communities life. You know when the show is on, you know the people who are working in it, you just want to see it. I don’t think anything will stop people from coming to this annual event in the community who love the arts. There’s always a full house at every performance. There’s one thing for sure after speaking to this up and coming Choreographer, you just know he will be putting his heart, soul and creativity into this local community event and we can’t wait to see what he injects into the show this year.

For more information go to (EVENTS page) or visit Waipu Museum at 36 The Centre,Waipu. Check us out on Show dates - 21 & 22 July. Tickets available through and Waipu Museum from 23 May.

32 | SAVVY

ARTS Image Credit: William Williams Upper Catlins River Otago Jan 1905

Young Country Kerry Hines Whangarei Art Museum – Te Manawa Toi presents Young Country: Kerry Hines.

29 May – 20 August 2017 Young Country is a fresh and engaging exhibition that brings together nineteenth-century photography and contemporary poetry to offer a new and often surprising view of New Zealand’s past. The images are the work of William Williams, a Railways employee who worked and photographed widely through the country. His outstanding photographs reflect the rawness of New Zealand’s changing landscape as well as its beauty, and offer intriguing and unusual portraits of family and friends at work, home and play. Their rich detail, striking composition and absorbing content come as a revelation to many viewers. This is work that encourages contemplation, and rewards getting up close, looking and re-looking. Kerry Hines has researched Williams’s work and context and written poems to accompany a selection of his photographs. Some are presented here as text accompanying photographs on the wall, while others can be heard while viewing images in the DVD work that forms part of the exhibition. The poems are colloquial, vivid and accessible, and include imagined elements as well as drawing on the subjects and contexts of the photographs. Together, poems and photographs combine to create a work that is multi-faceted, immersive, and speculative, inviting reflection on how we envision our history. Wayne Barrar – Hand-made albumen prints Uniquely the exhibition features albumen prints made from Williams’s negatives by contemporary photographer Wayne Barrar. Most of Williams’s archive at the Alexander Turnbull Library is in the form of glass plate negatives and lantern slides, and scans of these would typically be used to make digital prints for exhibition. The hand-made albumen prints produced here, using nineteenth-century processes, not only yield beautiful tones and details (ideally suited to Williams’s work) but provide a similar material and visual feel to the prints Williams and his peers would have produced. Albumen prints are rarely made today since the process is extremely complex, painstaking and time-consuming – including careful separation of egg whites for the albumen base, precise hand-coating of the paper to avoid bubbling, long exposures in UV light, and gold toning. On a few occasions albumen exhibition prints have been made overseas using ‘historic’ negatives, but it appears that Young Country may be the first time this has been done in New Zealand. Toured by Exhibitions services SAVVY | 33


News from the Kiwi Coast Make a clone, never be alone BREAKING DAD

So-called parenting advice By Michael Botur



s I write this from the comfort of home, I look outside to the sheets

of cold rain passing over the

hanks to my pop Christopher Herbert Alfred Botur, I can scale mountains, cycle 40kms, split firewood with a single axe blow,

and win pub sports from snooker to chess to darts. Chris Botur schooled me on Monty

paddocks. When the weather clears and night falls, hundreds of

Python, Stevie Wonder, J R R Tolkien and everything else he’s into. He created a friend who he can force to sit on a couch and watch an entire Men Behaving Badly

Northlanders will head outdoors to a kiwi listening spot in the bush. I will be among those hardy souls who, with anticipation of good

box set. Yes, being a father is about isolating yourself month by month as all your

results, wrap up in layers with compass, torch and pen in hand. The annual kiwi listening programme is underway. We get to see if all our efforts through the year have borne fruit. Conservation of our native environment is an important value we hold as New Zealanders. We like to support the “battlers” like the Brown Kiwi. Fair enough too. They have taken a hiding in the last 100 years, so why not reverse the demise of our national bird? Out listening the other night we were given a real treat. Two kiwi passed by us and we could have reached out to touch them. That experience reminded us once again how special these little guys are. They are frightened by movement and often freeze where they are. They have very little defense against predators. They are just out hunting bugs and putting on weight for the breeding season. Thanks to you if you are a trapper, a kiwi listener, a stream protector, a tree planter, a responsible dog owner, a donor, supporter or a parent who takes their children to a kiwi release. Thanks to you if you are a Northlander cheering us on from the sidelines. We are all part of a big team. If you want to be part of the kiwi listening team, contact a Landcare Group near to you. Friday’s weather looks to be improving, so rather than sit in front of the TV, I’m going to go bush. I want those kiwi to do a walk past again! Puketotara Landcare Group, Kerikeri

personality is concentrated into your progeny, your scion, your mini-me. Dad was right: little boys should have no free will. We created our sons to be sponges, soaking up their dad’s obsessions. Now that I’m a father, here is the brainwashing I have planned for my sponge.

CULTURE FOR MY CLONE Moogs, MacGyver and ass-kicking archaeologists: my five year old son Abe needs to know the 1980s were the peak of Western civilisation. I want Abe admiring the artwork on Garbage Gang cards. I want Abe to learn the air guitar solo on Sweet Child of Mine. I want Abe reading Hellraiser by age 7. And when he hasn’t had enough horror, I’ll make Abe endure a Phil Collins concert film while sitting on his daddy’s lap all Sunday afternoon, just

SPORTS FOR MY CLONE If the sport contains violence, I want Abe to be a fan. Rugby? Check. League? Yup. Wrestling? Definitely. Soccer? Only if there’s a hooligan riot afterward. As for boxing, I won’t allow Abe to go out and play with his friends until he can name all the world boxing titles Anthony Joshua holds at any point in time.

FASHION Marked-down Rebel Sport garb is the height of style for me, so that’s where I’ll be dressing the boy his entire life. Also: Star Wars boxer shorts from K-mart.

VALUES The boy needs to value holding doors open for ladies; helping people carry furniture when they’re moving in next door; and obsessing and binge drinking for months when some stranger online criticises you.

FORDS VS HOLDENS I can’t believe in 2017 this is still an issue. How narrow-minded are some people? Will the world really stop spinning if people say one car over another? Must two virtually identical four wheeled hunks of metal really be so divisive? Honestly, just stop absurd questions like this designed to make people feel partisan. I’m sick of it and I don’t want my son ever to be asked to choose. Clearly the answer is Holden.

like I had to.

INTRODUCING OUR NEW 6.30am START So YOU can be at work on time • HUGE outdoor play area • 100% QUALIFIED teachers • FLOWING indoor space between all areas • Onsite COOK with health, varied meals • SAFE PREMESIS away from cars and busy roads

• FLEXIBLE HOURS with NO session or day charges • SWIMMING sessions for 4 year olds • SCHOOL FAMILIARISATION visits for 4 year olds G fee • NO ENROLMENT or BOOKING • Low ABSENCE fee Open 6.30am-5.15pm • 8a Porowini Ave, Whangarei • Phone 09 438 7171 • email: 34 | SAVVY

Mu Murad AHA/BHA Ex Exfoliating Cleanser

Dermalogica New Anti-Ageing Lip and Perioral Treatment



This iintensive cleanser polishes away dullness and impurities with three exfoliating agents— Salicylic Salicy Acid, Lactic Acid, and Glycolic Acid and JJojoba beads revealing a smoother, younger-looking complexion. you RRP $69 Discover Discov the Murad full range at Caci Whangarei. 09 438 1942, 110 Bank St, Whangarei.

Put lip lines to bed: Dermalogica’s logica’s new Nightly Lip Treatment smooths away laugh and ep. feather lines while you sleep. Available 16th June 2017 forr the recommended retail price of $95, this rich overnight formula rmula firms, hydrates, and restores es skin on and around the lips,, plus improves skin elasticity and d helps control ageing before it starts. arts.





Keratase Paris Aura Botanica Collection from Rodney Wayne Whangarei RRP $250.00 WE HAVE 1 PACK TO GIVEAWAY

GIVE aways to enter

3 Skinfood Organic Coconut Mist Toner WE HAVE 1 TO GIVE AWAY


This gentle, organic toning mist instantly hydrates & revitalises skin with its abundance of organic anic ingredients, as well as helping to balance the skin’s pH levels, remove excess impurities after cleansing & tighten pores. RRP $12.99 (120ml)

Indulgent Ritual Treatment & Finish from Rodney Wayne Whangarei RRP $80.00

WE HAVE 1 TREATMENT TO GIVEAWAY Rodney Wayne Hairdressing, 11 Rathbone St, Whangarei. PH 09 438 2100 Rodney Wayne Whangarei, will have 5 additional stylists available for the school ball season. 3 stylists specialising in do-ups and hair-ups.

to enter

To enter the SAVVY giveaways go online, click on Giveaways and fill out the form. ■ One entry per person ■ Entries close 5pm, Wednesday 21st June ■ March winners will be announced in SAVVY on Saturday, July 1st 2017.

Congratulations to our May winners: Avon LUXE Soft Silk Eye Liner Pencil and Silken Powder Compact C Ballantyne Dermalogics Stress Positive Eye Lift Maureen Moody Makana Butter Toffee Crunch Jennifer Timperley, Suzanne McCartain Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Tania Dixon GrabOne $10 Credit Mary Pullman, Keith Whitehead, Yvonne Edwards, Greg Anderson, Leanne Jackson, Steve Wynn Please collect your prize from the Northern Advocate building, 88 Robert Street (behind Pak n Save) Note: any prizes not collected within the month will be re-gifted, don’t miss out!

Bush Road Medical Centre Serving the Whangarei Community for over 30 years

Looking for a GP?

Open Mondays to Fridays | 7.30am to 5pm Phone 435 0692 | Drs Geoff Cunningham, Andrew Miller, Simon Wilkinson, Alistair Dunn, Grace Couper, Christopher Poplar, Denise Limby, Noriko Noda, Lauren Roche, Jill Rocha, Anna Zender and Vanessa Vallely SAVVY | 35

ONLY 5 TOWNHOUSES REMAINING + 1 APARTMENT Join us on the 9th of June at 10.30am for an OPEN DAY of our new Town Houses

Secure your new home with a $1,000 deposit (fully refundable). Allow yourself the time to plan ahead while your brand new home is being built.

Living at The Falls youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re part of a welcoming, active and friendly village

a great lifestyle option on grounds full of colour ($! '() ,"+ -(*% (##-**&

community. Secure in the knowledge that your present and future housing needs are being met, you can relax and live life

The spacious living design provides a bright

to the fullest. Our beautifully designed homes in our lovely Retirement Village, are available for sale right now. The Villas offer wonderful amenities and

36 | SAVVY

and open space for you to enjoy your days with friends and family. The dĂŠcor is in neutral, elegant tones which allow you to add your own personality to your home - after all it is your home.

Call Ros for more information

09 437 5844

or email

94 Boundary Road, Tikipunga, Whangarei


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