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The New Zealand Fudge Farm Shop 3, Town Basin, Whangarei Phone 09 438 3327 www.nzfudgefarm.co.nz Open 7 Days

SNAZZI GIFTS FOR ALL YOUR MYSTICAL NEEDS Available on our website and in store.

83 Victoria Street, Dargaville Phone 09 439 8779 Open: Mon to Fri 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-1pm www.snazzigifts.co.nz

Photo: Simon Devitt

HIHIAUA CULTURAL CENTRE Come visit the Hihiaua Cultural Centre to see our ever-changing exhibition and shop filled with authentic Māori art and unique local creations from nationally renowned artists.

Hihiaua Cultural Centre 56-58 Herekino Street, Whangarei Open from January 4, Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm, Friday 10am-3pm, Saturday 10am-2pm

WE LOVE ALOHA SHIRTS -3 K.WE (6L. +(. THE SO7)2(> MUCH, HAVE 49**.-+ -.8.2+935 95 BIGGEST SELECTION IN 53/+(8650? NORTHLAND! ,C$G P! us $FBQnext Q# to Third Wheel Coffee Find C"G KDFF& 2#EEFF 76 - 94 Marsden Rd, Paihia, < M; 7J"!GF$ /G> 1JCDCJ Bay Islands JA #E of 9!&J$G! www.kombination.co.nz OOO='#%IC$JQC#$=H#=$@

THE BOATSHED ITS ALL ABOUT THE BEACH… The largest range of swimwear and now the Best Beach Bags and a lot to choose from.


Open 7 days, 9am-5pm 20 Quayside, Town Basin, Whangarei Phone 09 438 7828

FRESH KIWI FAVOURITES As well as our traditional menu featuring our Famous Gourmet Burgers and other Tasty Treats, our brand new Snapper Shack menu features Fresh Kiwi Favorites and Fresh seasonal Specialties. Recipes enjoyed over generations now fresh straight to you! *All items and prices are subject to availability

OPENING HOURS: Open 7 Days 12pm-8pm ORDER: 9 Yorke Rd, Haruru, 0204 Ph: 09 402 5513 www.snappershack.co.nz


Marina Rd, Tutukaka Call 09 434 4135 Now Open 7 Days 9am - 5pm


STYLE YOUR DÉCOR Unique floral arrangements Home & Garden treasures

37 Mains Avenue, Kensington Open Thursday - Saturday 10am-4pm Phone: 09 437 0731




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12 - Water safety 13 - Don’t let a small problem ruin a day on the water!


Freshly-caught fish at Cable Bay.

View from Mt Aubrey. Photos Jodi Bryant

appy New Year! If you’ve recovered from the Christmas madness and the New Year’s party and are facing a bit of a lull (which is sounding really pleasant, pre-Christmas, as I write this), we have some ideas for you. Last year, we did a fair amount of road tripping around Northland hoping to shine the spotlight on what is in our backyard and here we’ve compiled the highlights. Whether it’s some of our best beaches, walks, history, Kiwi summer traditions or getting away from the heat and going caving, hopefully you will find something within these pages that piques your interest. With limited space, this is only a glimpse – you can find more ideas at: www.northlandnz.com. Enjoy.

FASHION 14 - Top-selling summer ‘Must Haves’ 15 - Understand what you are buying HEALTH 17 - Meet the team! BEAUTY 18 - A New Year's Resolution – but for your skin! 19 - Free beauty therapy, nail technology, spa therapy & massage training offered in Whangarei 20 - Introducing Serie Expert Pro Longer PETS 21 - Hair of the dog

22 - Hihiaua Cultural Centre – Reflecting on the year that was 24 - Packard Motor Museum – vehicle of the month 24 - Fishing tips & tales SAVVY HOMES


Jodi Bryant – jodi.bryant@nzme.co.nz


Jan Hewitt – jan.hewitt@nzme.co.nz


Bryce Zhang

26 - Inside-out ingenuity Published by NZME Northland, 88 Robert Street, Whangarei. savvy@northernadvocate.co.nz www.savvymagazine.co.nz

28 - Don’t let the sun cause you concern this summer 29 - How to sleep: Six ways to get back into your routine after New Year's sleep deprivation 30 - How to avoid the guest bedroom freak-out


The promise of a fresh start, a beautiful reset. A full stop on what was, with both eyes, excitedly fixed on what will be. Here we are. A brand New Year! With the glow of holiday happiness, you may have found yourself looking forward to one of life’s greatest questions and, along with it, a great promise. The promise of forever. It is a beautiful thing and your symbol of forever should be equally matched and truly divine. From the heart, a Global Diamond engagement ring captures it all. The

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Exchange stories and inspirations, each adding a layer of their own special influence to your most important jewellery decision. Take your time and become enveloped by the experience that is Global Diamonds. Here you will find an enchanting place to view a brand new year with excited eyes! Promise yourself a Christine Price visit to Global Diamonds – Goldsmith for before you pop the Global Diamonds question!

Global Diamonds will reopen Wednesday January 6.

Your Handmade Jewellery Specialists

Repair, Redesign, Refresh Do you have treasures hidden away? Let’s repair them or create something new! Let’s do something beautiful! Let’s wear them again! 12 Cameron St, Whangarei • 09 430 2375


Our friendly local team are here to help you with your jewellery based insurance claims. SAVVY | 3


Whangarei Heads The Whangarei Heads area is rich in history with stunning scenery and enchanting places to explore. It has a variety of different extinct and weathered volcanoes that erupted over a period of about four million years to approximately 20 million years ago and, as a result, formations were formed below. Little Munro Bay has some good examples of these formations and another fascinating formation is the natural wharf at Taurikura Bay. Myths and legends abound in this area, with one being that the natural volcanic rock causeway disappearing into the sea is an unfinished work for the great chief Manaia whose wahine was across the harbour. Before it was finished, he had tired of her and the bridge was never completed. Two great maungas loom adjacent at Whangarei Heads and are part of the remains of the ancient chain of volcanos. Scattered with volcanic rocks – both small and large, Majestic Mt Manaia has a lot of steep stairs that seem to go on and on but the view at the top is worth it - and you definitely feel like you’ve conquered something. The more inconspicuous Mt Aubrey is easier-going with flat sections in between inclines and look-outs along the way. Whichever you chose, there are ample stunning beaches to choose from for either a quiet dip to cool down, or a frolic in the surf, an ice cream shop and even a watering hole nearby.

The Abbey Caves Reserve is scattered with giant, limestone rocks that date back millions of years and, in their midst, three significant caves: Organ, Middle and Ivy. The Organ Cave is the largest of the caves; you will see the large over-hanging stalactites which look similar to church organ pipes. Middle Cave and Ivy Cave are smaller caves but equally interesting and it is possible to enter and exit at different points. In all the Caves you will see thousands of glow worms. Take a torch and expect to get your shoes wet as you will be wading through water.

Tahi Café & Walks – Pataua North The Tahi Café in beautiful Pataua North is now open for the summer season – open daily from 8.30am-4pm until early February. Tahi is a privately-owned nature reserve that covers 315 hectares of replanted and regenerating native forest. With three boutique holiday cottages located on the property, Tahi also produces a range of award-winning manuka honeys. The Café offers a range of brunch and lunch dishes, cabinet food, People’s Coffee and specially-made Kohu Road Manuka Honey Icecream. The Tahi property has been restored over the last 16 years with over 349,000 native plants added, lakes and wetlands reintroduced and a vast network of walking tracks and pathways. These walks are open to the public every Sunday from December 27 until February 7. Sign in at the Café, grab a map and head off to explore the property; you may spot some of the 71 species of bird that now call Tahi home. Tahi Café is a flat 2km walk from the Pataua footbridge, or a 27km drive from Whangarei via Whareora or Harris Roads. Tahi NZ, 1824 Pataua North Road, RD5, Whangarei Phone 09 436 0082 | tahinz.com

Whangarei Skin Clinic

Waipu Caves have stalactites, stalagmites and a galaxy of glow worms. Bones of bats, birds, amphibians, and reptiles are commonly found in caves. Some caves also contain remains of fossil invertebrates, often of previously unknown or locally extinct species. Torches a must and wading through water and clambering over mud banks may be necessary. There is a cold shower outside the cave that you can use to clean up afterwards. Kawiti Caves (aka Waiomio Caves), several kilometres south of Kawakawa. The caves are owned and operated by the Kawiti family, who have guided thousands of travellers over the past 50 years, including American billionaire Bill Gates who visited in 2007. The 30-minute guided tour follows a wooden boardwalk through a 200m limestone cave, complete with stalactite formations and glow worm displays. Note: Caves can fill with water quickly. Before entering, always check the previous week’s rainfall.

Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery

Cosmetic Medicine

•S Surgical/Non-Surgical gi l/No Su ical Ski Skin Cancer treatment • Radiofrequency Surgery • Complete skin cancer checks

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Enjoy your summer holiday, remember to keep your skin happy and safe from the sun

Re-open for 2021 Jan 11th Opening Hours Monday to Friday 9am - 4.30pm Exception Thursday 10.30am - 6pm (Evening Surgery) 4 | SAVVY

Phone 09 4370852

E Info@whgskinclinic.co.nz www.whangareiskinclinic.co.nz

85 Hatea Drive, Regent Whangarei 0112

Rainbows Relics We are the most diverse Antique shop you will come across. We stock vinyl records, clothing, jewellery, china, glasswares, vintage tools, tin toys, books, advertising, toys, board games, period furniture, pottery, the famous Howard products, old cameras, radios, silver & brasswares, kitchenalia, lamps, rugs, collectibles, tins, cutlery - you name it and we will probably have it! And if we don’t, we will try to hunt it out for you! We offer LAYBYS AND PROP HIREAGE TOO. We basically have everything from rusty tools to diamond rings. We also have a full-on mancave room. Come on in and find the most amazing shop in Northland! 49 Clyde Street, Whangarei Phone 09 38 3150

5 Friday Big Green Steak & Egg Night from only - $25 Saturday A La Carte 2 Course Menu for - $49 Sunday Famous Roast only - $25

Wedding Season Is Upon Us! Please call ahead to confirm opening hours. Wedding enquiries weddings@stablesmatakana.co.nz

The Bay of Islands The Bay of Islands is often thought of as a water playground – but you can also fill your days on the land with great adventures; walking, cycling, culture and history! There are a huge variety of walks to choose from, that cater for all abilities. Cycling is a well know kiwi pastime and the Bay of Islands has created a cycling mecca suited to everyone. The mountain bike hub has bike hire, a café and the most superb pump track – great for kids and anyone wanting to try a trick. The award-winning Waitangi Treaty Grounds which is New Zealand’s most important historic site, is easy to spend a day or two at immersing yourself in the culture and history. The grounds are incredible, there are two interactive museums, cultural performances, tours and more. Russell is another beautiful and historic place. Russell holds an important place in New Zealand's history, being the country's first seaport, its first European settlement. There is a decent hike up through magnificent Kororareka Point Reserve to Te Maiki Hill where a party led by the famed Maori chief Hone Heke felled the flagstaff for the final time

in 1845 sparking the Battle of Kororareka, the first of the Northern Wars. Take in New Zealand's oldest surviving church, Christ Church built 1836, where bullet holes from musket fire of the Northern Wars can still be seen in its walls, and New Zealand's oldest factory - the 1841 Printery, Tannery and Bindery at Pompallier Mission. Of course, you have all the restaurants and cafes to enjoy there as well – many of them part of the history.

Bay of Islands Health Retreat Treat your mind, body and heart to a luxurious and transformative experience at the Bay of Islands Health Retreat. Our carefully-designed and luxurious accommodation was made to make you feel at home. Within a peaceful, relaxing environment, our retreats create a positive and healthy state of mind. Enjoy the one-on-one attention of our dedicated and expert team, as we create the retreat you want and need. We will help you plan and achieve your goals for 2021, whether they are a healthier body and mind, improved sleep, a therapeutic and healing experience, an active and challenging adventure, or simply to relax and renew your joy for life.

www.smithsmatakana.co.nz enquiries@smithsmatakana.co.nz

“You certainly set the bar high in comparison to everywhere else. You played a key role in making my stay so fun. I feel good and physically from all the incredible food, activities and workouts and especially the yoga. '' - Anna Contact us today and make 2021 incredible. 457A Wiroa Road, Kerikeri www.bayofislandshealthretreat.co.nz Phone 027 537 0088

“Lovely setting, very capable team who genuinely care about making your experience enjoyable and also productive in regards to “changing habits” – a lovely all round environment!”

The Warkworth Hotel is a classy little piece of town history that will be affordable and casual enough for anyone to enjoy, whether you’re looking for an after work beer or a three course meal.

THE LOBBY open 7 days 11:00am - late

THE DINING ROOM Thurs - Sat 5:00pm - late Sundays 11:00am - 3:00pm


Phone 09 422 1862

9 Queen Street, Warkworth www.warkworthhotel.co.nz SAVVY | 5

Kerikeri K ik i

varieties from all over the world. Paths lead through subtropical gardens with water features flanked with

Kerikeri’s central location makes it perfect for exploring the Bay of Islands and the rest of Northland but Kerikeri itself oozes charm and character. An attractive, vibrant and progressive town, rich in history, it boasts the country’s oldest wooden building, Kemp House (1821) and the oldest stone building the Stone Store (1832) both set on the riverside amongst walks and eateries. The Old Packhouse Markets are open Saturday and Sunday. Northland’s largest market, as well as the hub where many locals conduct their weekly catch-up, there is a wide variety of fresh produce and edibles and stalls of jewellery, fudge, homemade soaps, as well as on-site cafes, artisan bakery and deli selling local cheeses. Kerikeri is blessed with a unique river system, incorporating an abundance in waterfalls, including the breath-taking Rainbow Falls, which eventually runs out to sea at the Bay of Islands via the Kerikeri Basin. The Parrot Place is a Bird Display and Breeding Centre with approximately 300 birds, including 50

both open and closed aviaries. The colourful array of exotic birds is a sight to behold with many entertaining the visitors with their antics and cheeky calls. There is also a large activity park for kids alongside the coffee kiosk ‘Sweet Tweets’. Aroha Island is a 12ha sanctuary in the Kerikeri inlet linked to the mainland via a causeway about 12km north-east from Kerikeri. It is a natural haven with a wide diversity of New Zealand plants and birds, including the rare North Island brown kiwi. Visitors are welcome by day or to stay in the range of accommodation which includes the Aroha Kiwi Holiday Home, beach or bush campgrounds and cottages where they can enjoy swimming, bush walking and kiwi spotting in peace and tranquillity. At nearby Waipapa is the TeeTree Café Golf & Archery Range where, set on beautifully-manicured and peaceful surrounds punctuated only by rooster calls, you can while away time aiming balls at targets. Kid

Carrington Resort – Open Air Cinema Two-night movie night, January 8 and 9, 2021 Great Music, Great movies, Great Sound, Great Food, Great Company. Bring your own blankets or chairs, relax on the grass while listening to music, enjoying a glass of wine and delectable food from the on-site restaurant. Start planning your summer road trip to Northland and listen to live music and movies under the stars in our beautiful piece of paradise. Great experience for the whole family. Bouncy castle and putting green for the kids’ enjoyment. Live music with DJ Venom, Chemamari Jackson Taylor Band. Movies - Friday night Jumanji, Saturday night Mamma Mia. Ticket sales available at Carrington or go to Eventfinder - Gates open at 12pm. Carrington Resort, 109 Matai Road, KariKari Phone 09 408 7222

and dog-friendly, there is an adjoining café, small animal farm and large children’s play area.

Hone Heke Lodge Kerikeri

Delightful Trio Soy Candles There is a little gem of a candle and gift shop just 2 minutes along Matakana road from Warkworth that definitely warrants a stop. Natural soy candles are hand poured on-site and scented with a range of divine fragrances. With a unique range of gifts, you’ll find something special for yourself and also make a dent in your Christmas shopping list. Visit today!

m: 021 028 43938

Proud to be an award-winning family-run flashpackers in the heart of Kerikeri. A super-friendly ‘home away from home’ for international backpackers and intrepid kiwis alike, Hone Heke Lodge is nestled in a peaceful location with a big off-street carpark. It’s only a 10-minute walk from town and a short walk to wonderful river tracks, waterfalls and the Stone Store, plus a short drive to amazing beaches. They have worked hard to build close relationships with local businesses, giving their guests the opportunity to integrate with locals, learn new skills in industries, such as horticulture and various other job roles across Northland. They feel proud to allow backpackers a place to call home, where they can earn some money so they can explore our beautiful country. If you’re coming to Kerikeri then get in touch. They’d love to see you. Also known as New Zealand’s Best Working Hostel - or so they’ve been told. See you soon! Hone Heke Lodge , 65 Hone Heke Road, Kerikeri Phone 09 407 8170 www.honeheke.co.nz

304 Matakana Road Warkworth w: triosoycandles.co.nz



Ti Point Reptile Park is New Zealand’s largest collection of Reptiles,displaying over 40 species from Aotearoa and around the globe. See Geckos, Tortoises, Tuatara,Green Iguanas, Lace Monitors American Alligators plus much more. Bring your picnic and enjoy the park grounds set amongst native bush with stunning sea views.



Treghan Lodge

Doubtless Bay

If you are looking for that somewhere perfect where you can relax and unwind, Treghan luxury self-contained guesthouses offer you private boutique accommodation in the Bay of Islands. Nestled on over two acres of lovely secluded landscaped gardens, there are three options – the one-bedroom Owner’s Cottage and two two-bedroom luxury cottages, Birdsong Retreat and Tranquility Retreat. All three are beautifully appointed and equipped to a high standard. Breakfast provisions (organic where possible) are provided throughout your stay. The cottages are designed to give guests the freedom to enjoy their stay in peace and quiet together with kiwi and ruru. You can make a new discovery every day – beaches, historic buildings, sailing, exploring the Bays, diving, walking, golfing and so much more. Or you can just relax and unwind and forget the outside world in this welcoming haven. Perfect for a relaxing holiday, a golf retreat or a romantic get-away. And all within walking distance of the vibrant township of Kerikeri. 394B Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri Phone 09 407 1311 www.treghan.co.nz

With its varied and plentiful enticing beaches, Doubtless Bay is a popular summer holiday destination. It has several small settlements stretching in a horseshoe from Coopers Beach and incorporating Cable Bay, Taipa, and around the long sweeping Karikari Peninsula expanse of Tokerau to Puheke Whatuwhiwhi. In amongst these stunning beaches is Coca Cola Lake. Despite its red/brown colour, due to the natural peat and tannins staining the water, Coca Cola Lake, officially known as Rotopokaka, is usually safe to swim, though not always recommended due to algae. Although very steep, Puheke hill is worth a climb for the sweeping views from the top. Rangiputa is a fabulous place for a picnic lunch at a table overlooking the Fiji-like white sands and clear water which is just too tempting not to swim. Mangonui wharf is usually lined with fishers and has quite the success rate, not to mention ambience. Why not take your fresh fish to the nearby Mangonui Fish Shop and have it cooked up for dinner along with beer battered chips? It can be enjoyed onsite from the closed in jetty overlooking the bay or on the apricot-hued sands of nearby Cable Bay.

Whale Bay and Matapouri Whale and Matapouri Bays have been recognised by the Lonely Planet guide as being among the best beaches in New Zealand. While Matapouri can be accessed by road, Whale Bay can only be accessed by foot. Either park at the top of the hill at the car park on Matapouri Rd and walk down the well-maintained but steep at times, track. This will lead through groves of ancient native trees with spectacular views along the way, to idyllic white sanded beach, great for picnics, snorkelling and swimming. Whale Bay was an ideal location for Māori to launch their early whaling missions and gives it the name popularly used today. The track should take around 30-minutes return or, if you are feeling like a longer and scenic walk, park at Matapouri and walk across. Matapouri boasts a vast, circular stretch of pristine sand, with rock pools for the kids to explore. What’s more, fish n chips and ice creams are sold nearby.


04.12......... WHITE CHAPEL JAK 8.30pm SOLD OUT / POSTPONED DATE FROM 14.8 06.12......... THE DESOTO’S 5.30pm 12.12......... CUTTIN’ LOOSE Vol 3 9.30pm 13.12......... DIANNE MORGAN & THE JADE RIVER UKES 3.00pm KOHA 18.12......... SOJOURN 9.00pm 20.12......... GOOD TO GO 7.00pm 7 days a week 30.12......... THE CHILLS 9.00pm 9am – Late


02.01.......... BEACH BALL: DAFFODILS, SOAKED OATS, MARLIN’S DREAMING 7.00pm 07.01.......... SANDTRAP 8.30pm 09.01.......... FRISKY BUSINESS 8.30pm 10.01.......... THE AGM 5.30pm 14.01.......... PAUL UBANA JONES 7pm 17.01.......... AETEAROA BLACK GIANT SOUND SYSTEM 2.30pm KOHA 24.01.......... RIDDIM YARD 2.30pm KOHA 29.01.......... OPEN MIC NIGHT 8pm KOHA 31.01.......... NAIROBI TRIO 5.30pm KOHA 21.03.......... MARLON WILLIAMS 7.00pm SOLD OUT

Breakfast, Cabinet Food, Lunch & Dinner ‘The Leigh Sawmill Bottle Shop’ (9am – late)

© Mike Thornton


DOC manages more than 200 campsites throughout New Zealand and 13 locations in Northland. They are places to relax, enjoy and explore the outdoors.












The DOC camps are great fun and tend to attract more down to earth people looking for a more genuine camping experience. DOC campsites are often in some of the best locations around the country, and especially in Northland. DOC sites are often described as quite basic, offering ‘back to nature’ style accommodation and facilities – and this is reflected in the price with adults generally $13 a night. In the top 10 list of most popular DOC campsites, Northland takes out four of the top spots- Otamure Bay, Maitai Bay, Puriri Bay and Uretiti Beach- and it’s not hard to see why. For more information please visit: www.doc.govt.nz




Relax at New Zealand’s northernmost campsite; go surfing or walk the Te Paki Coastal Track.

Camp in a picturesque setting, and swim or walk the tracks.

Directions: Camp located at the end of Tapotupotu Rd off Cape Reinga Rd (SH1), 3 km south of Cape Reigna. Access: Gravel, steep sections. Booking: Not required - first come, first served

Directions: Follow signposts from Waitiki landing, off SH1, for 16km along Te Hapua Rd and then Spirits Bay Rd Access: 16km of gravel Booking: Not required - first come, first served







Camp among trees behind the white sand beach; go surfing and fishing.

Camp on the outer Karikari Peninsula in sheltered and private campsites.

Directions: 3km north of Ngataki along SH1 turn into Rarawa Beach Rd Access: 4km of gravel Booking: Not required - first come, first served Note: Take care in the water as the beach may be dangerous.

Directions: 25km southeast of Kaitaia on SH10, turn into Inland Rd at Karikari Peninsula and follow, then into Matai Bay Rd Access: 2km of gravel Booking: Not required - first come, first served.





It’s inland along STH1 and sits at the foot of Mangamuka Gorge northern side. Directions: 18km southeast of Kaitaia along SH1, at Mangataiore. Follow the ‘Raetea Reserve’ sign, and cross the stream ford to the campsite. Access: Gravel


Camp close to kauri trees and look out for kiwi and shorttailed bats. An 18-bunk hut is also available Directions: Turn off SH10 at Pungaere Rd, 600m north of Waipapa and follow signs to the camp Access: 7km of gravel Note: Fires only allowed in the firepits provided. No fires in Prohibited season.

Northcity Caravans bottom of Piano Hill, Kauri, SH1

0276007759 • 09 4338542 Email: info@northcitycaravans.co.nz www.northcitycaravans.co.nz 8 | SAVVY


Motorhomes • RV’s • Caravans • Cabin Sales • Caravan Rentals

Campsites 7 – 9 are on Urupukapuka, an island of significant historical and cultural importance. A great spot for fishing, swimming and water sports.


Camp among pohutukawa trees beside a sandy beach. Look out for rare brown teal/pateke

Directions: Ferries to Otehei Bay leave from Paihia and Russell daily during the peak season, water taxis run year round, or arrive by private boat Information & booking: Phone Paihia i-SITE on (09) 402 7345, book online during peak season or phone the DOC office on (09) 407 0300. Access: Boat only

Directions: From Whangarei, turn off SH1 at Whakapara into Russell Rd. Turn right at Helena Bay into Webb Rd. Continue to Mimiwhangata Coastal Park turn off Access: 9km narow, winding gravel road not suitable for campervans and large vehicles Bookings: Essential over Summer, ph (09) 433 6554. Tent only





Directions: From Otehei Bay Wharf, walk for 15 min east along marked Otehei Bay track to the top of the hill from where you can see the campsite.








Camp in a beach-front setting with large pohutukawa trees for shade.


Directions: Go past Hikurangi on SH1, turn of at Whananaki North Road and travel 27km. Campsite is 4km past Whananaki shop and school Access: Sealed Booking: Essential over summer, ph (09) 433 8402

Directions: From Otehei Bay Wharf end, turn right at the end of the wharf and follow the track towards the southwest end of the island, about 30 min





Directions: From Otehei Bay Wharf end, turn right and follow the track towards the southern end of the island, about 30min.





Nestled on the edge of an ancient kauri forest. “Shh... can you hear that? It’s a kiwi!”



90 Directions: Turn off SH12 at Trounson Park Road, 35km north of Dargaville Access: Sealed from South, gravel from North


14 URETITI Overlooking the mouth of the Whangaruru Harbour, with sheltered waters for swimming and boating.



Camp behind the sand dunes at Uretiti Beach and explore the nearby Waipu Caves or walk the coastal track at Mangawhai Heads.

Directions: Turn off SH1 into Russell Rd, 15 km north of Whangarei. After 30 km (north of Ngaiotonga), turn into Whangaruru North Rd. Access: Sealed. Booking: Essential over summer, ph (09) 4336160. Note: There is limited hardstand parking available year round.

Directions: Signposted directly off SH1 Access: Sealed


Summer is here! This is your time to holiday in comfort & hit the road to see the amazing sites our country has to offer. We sell on behalf as well as buy and sell NZ classic caravans, always have a great range of stock on the yard for you to check out. We are looking for more stock to keep up with the demand, so if you have a Caravan, Motorhome or RV to move we can and would love to help.

The Team At North City Caravans Would Like To Wish You All A Happy New Year - Thank You For Your Support Over The Last Year And We Are Looking Forward To Seeing You In 2021! CANADIAN IMPORTED CARAVANS NOW AVAILABLE SAVVY | 9

Being safe on our roads RULES & REASONS Road safety is everybody’s responsibility. Police is committed to reducing death and injury on our roads, and we work alongside our road safety partners to do this. But we cannot do it alone, we need everyone’s help to keep our roads safe. Seatbelts A third of drivers and passengers who die on our roads aren’t wearing their seatbelts – seatbelts save lives. Regardless of how fast you’re travelling, wearing your seatbelt properly will reduce your risk of getting injured – or even worse, dying. Being properly restrained reduces your chance of death or serious injury in a crash by 60 percent in the front seat and 44 percent in the back seat. That’s why New Zealand law requires drivers and passengers in cars and other motor vehicles to wear seatbelts and child restraints. In the last three years, over 284 people who died in NZ crashes were not wearing their seatbelt. Many of these people would still be alive today if they were safely wearing their seatbelt.

lights. Things can change around you in a split second, and if you’re not paying attention you may not have time to react and avoid a crash.

Driving and hand-held mobile phones Nobody wants to share the road with a driver who isn’t paying attention. When you’re driving, your focus should be on the road and getting everybody in your car to the destination safely. Put the phone away and keep your eyes on the road, this includes when you've stopped at traffic

Alcohol limits when driving Alcohol and/or drugs are a factor in about a third of all fatal crashes. If you are in any doubt at all about being safe or legal to drive after drinking, don’t – it’s not worth it.

10 | SAVVY

Under the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004 drivers can't use, while driving, a handheld mobile phone to: • make, receive or terminate a telephone call • create, send or read a text message or email • create, send or view a video message • communicate in a similar or any other way. • Penalties are an $80 fine and 20 demerit points. Drivers can use a mobile phone to make a call while driving only if it is an emergency situation and unsafe or impracticable to stop the vehicle to make the call.

The alcohol limit for drivers – aged 20 and over is: • 250 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath (mcg). • The blood alcohol limit is 50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood (mg). Aged under 20 is: • The limit is zero. The law says you must not drive if the amount of alcohol in your blood or breath exceeds these limits. The number of alcoholic drinks you can have before you reach these limits depends on many factors, including whether you are male or female, your size and how much food you have eaten. Even small amounts of alcohol can affect your driving, so if you drink at all, don’t drive. • Call a taxi. • Take a bus or get someone who hasn’t been drinking to drive you home. • Think ahead - it’s always easier if you have a plan. If you’re driving and a breath test shows you have more than 250mcg of alcohol per litre of breath, you will be required to take an evidential breath test (EBT), usually in a booze bus or at a police station. If this confirms you are over

250mcg, you will likely be forbidden to drive for 12 hours. You will need to arrange a lift or have someone come and drive your car. Drugged-driving As with alcohol, it is an offence to drive while impaired by drugs. Qualifying drugs may be legal, illegal, or prescription medicine. The impairment offence treats illicit drugs and prescription medicines the same because both can impair a person’s ability to drive safely and be a road safety risk. Police may carry out a compulsory impairment test (CIT) on drivers they suspect of driving under the influence of drugs under the Land Transport (Enforcement Powers) Amendment Act 2009. If the test shows that the driver is impaired, it will be followed by a blood test. The compulsory impairment test (CIT) The CIT involves: • an eye assessment – pupil size, reaction to light, lack of convergence and nystagmus (eye movement – irregular eye movement is a marker for impairment) • a walk and turn assessment • a one leg stand assessment.

For more information visit www.police.govt.nz/advice/driving-and-road-safety/being-safe-road-rules-and-reasons.

Northland motorists urged to ‘ARRIVE ALIVE’ Motorists are being urged to remain vigilant in driving safely for the remainder of summer as Northland roads remain flooded with tourists.


hat means driving slower, not drinking and driving, not driving distracted, wearing seatbelts and being respectful of all road users – says Northland’s Acting Road Policing Manager Steve Dickson. Of particular concern to Mr Dickson is the ongoing spate of vehicle crashes into power poles throughout 2020 which has prompted a group of Northland lifelines services to collaborate on a public safety campaign around the dangers of downed power lines. Northpower and Top Energy have teamed up with the Northland Transport Alliance, Fire and Emergency NZ, Police, St John, Training 4 Safety, Forest Protection Services and the Electricity Engineers’ Association (EEA) to help keep people safe on our roads in Northland this summer. The collaboration will continue throughout 2021 with an array of initiatives planned to help educate people about the dangers of electricity and downed powerlines. But Mr Dickson is also keen to spread other road safety tips in the hope motorists will slow down and stay safe.

“Unfortunately we see the same themes occurring with vehicle crashes on our roads because people are simply not taking enough precautions,” says Mr Dickson. “We know there are four main behaviours which contribute to death and injury on our roads; people driving too fast for the conditions, driving while impaired (by alcohol, drugs, or fatigue), driving while distracted – including using a cell phone – and not being properly restrained. So these are the behaviours we focus on as we know if people take these basics on board, lives will be saved on the road. “Police can’t control the actions of every driver 24/7. We can’t be beside you in the car telling you to slow down, or to put your seatbelt

on. Road safety is something we all have to take responsibility for. So please, when you’re on the road; make safety your priority.” Mr Dickson says, frustratingly, alcohol and/ or drugs are a factor in about a third of all fatal crashes. “That’s a lot of lives, a lot of people who could still be here today had they mad a different choice. My message to people is don’t drink and drive so they arrive alive.” He also has a message for speeding motorists - the faster you’re going, the greater the impact. “In a crash, speed is the single biggest determinant in whether anyone is killed, injured, or walks away unharmed. Those extra few kilometres over could cost you your life. Less

speed means less harm, slow down. Again, it’s pretty simple. In a crash, speed decides the outcome – whether you arrive alive, injured, or lose your life. “So my message is to use your right foot wisely in the car. Take it off the accelerator and take it easy when you’re on the road this summer,” says Mr Dickson. “It’s our job to save lives. We’ve attended crashes, we’ve seen the impact of speed in a crash. We know what it does to the human body, what it could do to your body. We don’t want to knock on your family’s door and tell them you won’t be coming home again. So we will keep talking about speed until everyone listens and slows down.”

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Water Safety We are surrounded by water in Northland and enjoying our beautiful beaches, lakes and rivers is part of our way of life, but too many people continue to lose their lives needlessly every year in the water.


n 2019 there were 16 preventable drowning fatalities in Northland – double the 8 in 2018 so it is critical everyone learns about and thinks about water safety. Water safety education is an important part of the solution. Sport Northland delivers Water Safety New Zealand’s Water Skills for Life program to Northland schools - to date 88.5% of Northland primary and intermediate schools since 1997. Water Skills for Life gives our children critical water safety skills and knowledge about the risks in our waterways so they can keep themselves safe. The safest place for your family to swim is between the flags at a beach patrolled by Surf Life Saving NZ. Go to findabeach.co.nz to find a safe place to swim. But remember lifeguards are not babysitters and are there for emergencies. Babies and toddlers especially need to be kept within arms reach at all times around water. It takes less than 30 seconds for a child to drown. The most important message for the under-fives is constant active adult supervision at all times around water. Do not leave older children in charge. It is

the responsibility of parents and caregivers to ensure children are kept safe. We all know how quickly toddlers and small children can move. A moments inattention can have tragic consequences around water. If you are camping or staying away from home with small children it is important to identify possible water hazards and make sure children do not have access to them. Check that latches and gates are working on pools and never use a chair or other object to prop a pool gate open. Empty paddling pools after use and never leave a child unattended around water. It is also important to talk as a family about rip currents at beaches. A rip current (often called a rip) is a narrow body of water moving out to sea. These pose a risk to swimmers as they can sweep people out to sea quickly. Discuss what to do if you get caught in one: • RELAX and float to conserve your energy. Stay calm, relax and float. The rip current will not pull you under the water and is just taking you for a ride offshore. Try to fight the urge to swim back to shore against the current; this will use up energy that you

need to stay afloat before help arrives. Most people can float for a lot longer than they can swim! • RAISE your hand to signal for help. Signal for help by putting your hand up to attract attention from lifeguards, surfers or someone on the beach who can get help. • RIDE the rip until it stops and you can swim back to shore or help arrives. Remain floating until the current weakens. Many rips will circulate and bring you back into shallower waters closer to the shore where you may be able to stand. When the current has subsided, and only if you are sure you can swim to the nearest point on the shore, should you attempt to swim to safety. If you see someone in trouble in the water dial 1-1-1 for emergencies. If you can get them some type of flotation device to keep them afloat. Do not enter the water as all too often it is the rescuer who drowns. Rivers too can be dangerous. More people have fatally drowned in rivers than beaches in New Zealand since records began. Avoid deep fast moving water as well as waterfalls and dams

Northland Regional Council Proudly funding lifeguards at six Northland beaches this summer: » Mangawhai » Waipū Cove

» Baylys Beach » Ruakākā

» Whangārei Heads » Ahipara/Ninety Mile Beach

Find out when the lifeguards will be on duty www.nrc.govt.nz/lifeguardduty 12 | SAVVY

and stay clear of rivers after heavy rain. Check for hidden objects before jumping in and establish an exit point first. Boaties need to always wear lifejackets and take two forms of waterproof communication and always check the forecast. Rock fishers and net fishers also need to check the forecast, wear lifejackets and always take a buddy. Divers also need to always take a buddy and make sure their equipment and fitness is up to the task. Whereever you are planning on swimming get local knowledge about the risks. It is critical that everyone takes responsibility for their safety and remembers the Water Safety Code: Be prepared, watch out for yourself and others, be aware of the dangers and know your limits.

Don’t let a small problem ruin a day on the water! Now we’ve bid farewell to the crazy year 2020 was, it’s time to enjoy a well-deserved holiday with family and mates out on the water.


oastguard volunteers are now geared up for another full-on boating season – despite the effects of COVID-19 on last year, there seems to be more boaties than ever hitting the water now. Over October and November 2020 the Coastguard Operations Centre took almost 23,000 Trip Reports and calls for assistance from boaties in the upper Waikato, Auckland and Northland regions, compared to over 19,000 over those months in 2019 – and all this, before the peak of the summer weather! Even though 2020 is over, now is no time to get complacent if the rest of that year has been anything to go by. Typically over 65% of calls for assistance to Coastguard are for simple mechanical, electrical or fuel-related issues, some on boats that hadn’t been touched for months or even since winter. Don’t let a small problem ruin a day on the water!

Before you head out, make sure you check: • Your batteries are holding charge. A small solar trickle charger can keep your boat batteries topped up if you’re not going to use the boat for a while. • You’ve got fresh fuel, with extra for the journey. Remember the rule of thirds: 1/3 fuel to get to your destination, 1/3 to get home, and 1/3 in reserve. • All of your safety gear is in good nick. Check your lifejackets are in good condition, check your flare and emergency beacon expiry dates, and make sure your VHF radio is in good working order. • Your Coastguard Membership up to date – give us a bell on 0800 BOATIE (262 843) if you’d like us to check.

Don’t forget to always make a Trip Report before you head out, even if it’s only for a short journey. You can make a Trip Report via your VHF or the Coastguard App lets you make a Trip Report straight from your cellphone – you can also check the real-time weather situation with Nowcasting. Get the free Coastguard app here: www.coastguard.nz/app And as always, you can contact Coastguard on your local VHF channel: Whangaroa: Ch05 Bay of Islands: Ch04 Hokianga: Ch65 Whangaruru and Tutukaka: Ch62 Bay of Islands: Ch04 Whangarei: Ch05

Or call *500 from your cellphone. Our Operations Centre is available 24/7, 365 days a year – even public holidays. From the team at Coastguard, we wish you a restful and enjoyable holiday season, and safe boating into 2021!

Northland Regional Council Proud to help fund these life-saving services

Working together to keep Northlanders safe thanks to funding collected through our emergency services rate.

For more info visit www.nrc.govt.nz/emergencyservices SAVVY | 13





SUMMER and ear? o to g at to w Q BB w wh a t Go ’t kno don

We’ve got you covered with our edit of the best summer outfits for ny days! casual sunny

Macjays Paris Capri Pant

Top-Selling Summer ‘Must Haves’


ur top-selling garment this summer would have to be our Macjays Paris pants. These elasticwaisted trousers are a cotton/polyamide mix with a pinch of spandex resulting in a super lightweight finish that is all comfort without being clingy. Available in capri, three quarter length or cropped, in six colours, they are the perfect travel companion, teamed back with cotton t shirts, floaty tops or a fabulous white linen shirt, they will take you where you want to go. The Newport linen shift dress, with or without sleeves, has been a winner as well this summer. Sporting a flattering V or crew neckline, with side splits and patch pockets, these boldly-coloured summer dresses are coolness at their best. Nothing beats natural fibres for comfort in summer and linen leads. Shorts are always a high priority and getting the right cut is crucial. Vassalli shorts with their knee length finish, fitted waistband and snappy pockets are a perfect choice for women of all ages and in light-weight cotton or denim, they look great downtown, at the beach or on a golf course.

Minx Bandit


Open 7 Days | Okara Shopping Centre Phone 09 438 9697 | Now open till 6pm on weekdays


Open Mon-Sat | 78 Victoria Street Phone 09 439 7341

www.polwarthdesign.co.nz 14 | SAVVY

Vassalli Straight Leg Denim Short

White Florence Wedge

Macjays Paris Pant

Karen Matich, Polwarth Design

Shoes are getting flatter and more casual every year if Minx has anything to do with them. White is an absolute must for summer and the more sneaker-like the better. Elevated on chunky striped soles or flat with a perfect leather finish, they are easily teamed back with pants and shorts and, more recently, dresses. One of the biggest shifts in summer essentials this year must be the return of long floaty feminine dresses. Gradually they have eased their way onto the fashion scene, nudging the polyester/elastane clingy numbers into the background with refreshing results. Zaffina, Curate, Et Ali, Seduce, Loobies Story and Trelise Cooper have all embraced full skirts, florals and frills in their own way, giving us a rich variety of styles and colours to choose from for day-wear through to that special event. If you have missed out on some of these summer essentials so far, or need some inspiration, be sure to pop in store and check them out. We always love to see you and there is still a lot of sunshine left yet. Thank you for all your support in 2020. May 2021 be all that we hope for.

Newport Diana 20V Dress

Loobies Story Copacabana Sun Dress


Wonderlust by Togs Foil print, flattering zipper style. Power net for tummy toning.


what you are buying At Anne of Craicor we find many customers are confused about the properties of fabrics and how to care for their garments. Here are some hints. RAYON/VISCOSE: are the same yarns. It is known as Rayon in the U.S.A, Viscose in the UK and Europe. It is not a synthetic but made from wood pulp. It is a soft comfortable cloth and is the most absorbent fabric of all cellulose fibers. It is the coolest fabric to wear. It can be blended with other fabrics. E.g. cotton/viscose. MODAL: is a cellulose fabric made of wood pulp from the beech tree. It is a section of the viscose/rayon family. It is very soft and drapes well. We recommend hand-washing and laying the garments flat to dry. COTTON: a natural fiber made from the cotton bush. 100 per cent cotton garments tend to wrinkle and need to be ironed. Cotton Knit garments can shrink with the first wash. Look for pre-shrunk cotton. Lower quality cottons are prone to pilling.

Do you know seven out of 10 women wear the wrong size bra? Visit us during your holiday and let us size and fit you. This is a free service provided by Anne of Craicor.

WOOL: comes from animals coats. It will absorb up to 30 per cent of its weight in moisture without feeling damp. The finer the wool, the less piling, and not scratchy to wear.

BAMBOO COTTON: is regenerated cellulosic fiber. It has excellent moisture absorption and ventilation qualities.

POLYESTER: is man-made and chemically based. It is strong and resistant to creasing. It is the easiest fabric to wash and does not need ironing.

SILK: is made from the fibers of the cocoon of the Chinese Silkworm. It is spun into smooth, shiny, sleek fabric. Silk absorbs moisture making it cool to wear in summer and warm in winter. Silk garments require hand-washing.

LYCRA SWIMWEAR: there are many grades of lycra. Less expensive lycra garments tend to stretch and fade quickly especially in swimwear. Always dry your swimwear inside out and out of direct sunlight.

Enjoy your holidays in our swimwear Swimsuits, bikinis and tankinis All sized in cup sizes. A-F 10-22.



84 Kerikeri Rd, Kerikeri Phone 09 401 7295 www.anneofcraicor.co.nz SAVVY | 15




Season’s greetings and best wishes for the New Year. We are closed until the 10th of January 2021. “Great service, competitive prices, family friendly atmosphere & world class technology” • Southern Cross Affiliated Provider • RSA Agreement Holder • War Pension/Veteran Affairs Approved ACC Approved (No ACC surcharge)

• WINZ Quotes • Government Subsidy for 15 years and under with community or higher use card.

Medical necessity criteria applies for Southern Cross members


Eye Specialists: David Dalziel and Andrew Watts Ph: 09-972 7022 | 12 Kensington Ave, Whangarei PO Box 8122, Kensington, Whangarei 0145 Fax: 09-972 7026 | Email: pceyes@xtra.co.nz | Website: www.bit.do/EyeCentre

Visiting Specialists: Associate Professor Polkinghorne - Retinal Dr Keith Pine - Maxillofacial Prosthetist For other fees or advice, you are welcome to phone our rooms for an estimate 16 | SAVVY

Meet the team!

Health “You get to support and witness someone transform not only their bodies but their mind and entire being! Nothing beats it!”

We are very excited and proud to introduce our super star team of fitness experts. Not only are they super passionate about health and fitness, but they genuinely care about each individual that they work with.


eing surrounded by a supportive and enthusiastic team can be crucial for achieving your goals. At Snap Fitness Whangārei, we pride ourselves on really caring about each person who walks through the door and making sure that they have a great experience with us. We want you to feel like you belong and are getting the results that you want. Getting fitter and healthier has a natural flow-on effect to all areas of our lives; we take that positive, refreshed feeling back home to our families, workplaces and to our communities. Supporting members on this journey is big picture stuff for us; we know first-hand what it can do and cannot wait to share that with the community here.

Sherilyn Walsh - Club Manager

Ben Lucas - Personal Trainer

Krystle Peachey - Personal Trainer

Somebody once commented that ‘’passion and gusto’’ was an understatement when describing Sherilyn, they were right! An experienced Personal Trainer and Club Manager, she has dived straight in, finding out what members want, bringing the team together and ensuring that we meet people where they are at each and every day.

It is about the long game for Ben; finding and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for himself, his clients and those around him; which will last a lifetime, not just for the next few months or years. The programmes which Ben creates aim to do just this, specifically to improve clients’ quality of life, increasing balance and stability in the hips, reducing back pain and increasing general flexibility and function. He has helped clients manage osteoarthritis, activate weak muscles to help them walk normally and increase mobility to make daily life easier. Working closely with health professionals, researching and really listening to his clients are immediate actions which Ben takes in order to help you feel safe and confident in his skills as a Personal Trainer.

Hard work and fun go hand-inhand for Krystle; one minute spent with her and you will feel accepted, motivated and laughing all in the one hit. Helping clients to get past those moments of self-doubt, overcome their fears and experience that moment when you learn that you are capable of so much more than you may have ever thought possible; this is what drives Krystle to be the best for each client that she trains. Training is more than just physical, it is emotional and also a mental game of learning to push through those boundaries. With Krystle’s unique approach and enthusiasm, she has helped many clients reach far beyond what they ever thought was possible.

“Seeing clients find balance and develop their bodies to be able to do the things that they love and that bring them joy…such a great feeling.”

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A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION – BUT FOR YOUR SKIN! Whether you want to banish blemishes, improve skin texture or say goodbye to those frown lines, the Caci team are here to help!



ollow their top five tips to setting your skin goals for 2021 below. Soon you'll be looking back on the year of 2021, and you'll see how far you've come!

1. Get specific Skin goals, like 'good skin', is a nice to have — but how do you measure it? Pick something specific like: • Decrease hormonal breakouts on my chin • Wear SPF every day • Prevent or reduce the appearance of frown lines • Remove my make-up before bed • Get repetitive with retinol Setting a specific skin goal will help you better track progress plus it means you'll be able to recognise once you've achieved it (and celebrate accordingly)!

2. Where's the measuring tape? It’s important to ask yourself — 'can I measure the progress I do or don't make?' If the answer is yes, great. Proceed by outlining how you will measure your progress in achieving that skin goal. If not, it's best to find a goal you can measure. It’s nice to have a goal to work towards with a reward in place too!

3. Is it within reach? Be real with yourself. If you don't — it might lead to disappointment. Everyone’s skin is unique so be kind to yourself. Ensure your goals are motivating but don't set them out of reach. 4. What's it to do with skin? Ensure your skin goals are relevant to your skin, and to the treatments, products, and lifestyle changes you're going to make to achieve those goals. 5. Progress makes perfect If you can't see the progress, then it's easy to lose motivation and give up. To keep track, use the following page to outline your skin intentions for the year. Take photos, set reminders and get glowing! We encourage you to have a chat with the team in clinic at Caci when setting these goals. They can take a close-up look at your skin and will be able to help you create goals and make accurate recommendations on treatments and skincare products that will do their best to help you achieve them.

Visit Caci.co.nz to request a free consultation with the expert team at Caci Whangarei, 14 Clyde Street. Bring on 2021!

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Beauty Is 2021 going to be a NEW YEAR, NEW YOU? Find out why so many graduates say studying at Evolution School in Whangarei changed their lives.


hese programmes could be FREE for you. If you are not eligible for fees free, don’t worry as all programmes are NZQA-approved and have student loans and allowances available. NAIL TECHNOLOGY: NZ Certificate in Nail Technology covers manicures and pedicures, acrylics, gel nails, nail art, business and more! Attend only three days a week for 20 weeks and then only two days a month for five months (and earn while you learn in the second half!)


Beauty therapy, nail technology, spa therapy & massage training offered in whangarei

BEAUTY THERAPY: The NZ Certificate in Beauty Therapy covers facials, waxing, make-up, manicures, pedicures, body massage, electrolysis, spray tans and gel nails and a whole lot more! It’s the perfect allround qualification for anyone wishing to work as a beauty therapist. Attendance is only three days a week with the theory being done in the comfort of your own home and you have all school holidays off! International Diploma exams are available with this programme. MASSAGE: The NZ Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage covers Swedish relaxation massage, pre and post event sports massage, pregnancy massage, infant massage and on-site chair massage as well as lots of other really interesting

stuff. Attendance is only two days a week in term time with the theory being completed in the comfort of your own home. SPA THERAPY: The NZ Certificate in Spa Therapy covers treatments such as wraps and scrubs, hot stones, aromatherapy, reflexology, hydrotherapy, Indian head massage, Reiki, EFT and lots more. Attendance is only three days a week for nine months and only in term time. Theory aspects are completed in the comfort of your own home. Some prior massage skills are required for this course. Evolution School is the only NZQA-approved nail tech, massage and spa education provider in Northland and is an NZQA Category ONE provider which means a very high quality. Evolution has small classes to ensure there is plenty of tutor/ student attention. Give Evolution a call today to ask about your new, exciting career on 09 438 6583 or pop in and have a look around at 115 Cameron Street, Whangarei. www.evolutionschool.co.nz

EVOLUTION SCHOOL OF BEAUTY, MASSAGE & SPA FEES FREE for eligible students! NZQA approved. Student loans and allowances available. NZ Certificate in Beauty Therapy

Covers facials, waxing, make up, manicures, pedicures, body massage, electrolysis, spray tans, gel nails and more

NZ Certificate in Nail Technology Covers manicures and pedicures, acrylics, gels, nail art, business and more

NZ Certificate in Spa Therapy Includes Indian head, hot stones, aromatherapy, reflexology, hydrotherapy and more

NZ Diploma in Wellness & Relaxation Massage

Covers relaxation massage, pre and post event sports massage, infant, chair and lymph massage plus much more

40 weeks & 3 days a week attendance 20 weeks & 3 days a week and then only 2 days a month

30 weeks & 3 days a week attendance

40 weeks & 2 days a week attendance

115 Cameron St, Whangarei • 09 438 6583 • info@evolutionschool.co.nz • www.evolutionschool.co.nz SAVVY | 19


INTRODUCING SERIE EXPERT PRO LONGER Long hair lovers always had to choose between hair health, thickness, and length, as often the longer the hair, the thinner the ends. At the salon, hairdressers have to cut their client’s hair because the longer the hair, the thinner the ends.


ard-cutting used to be the only way to give an even thickness from root to tip. Not anymore. Today, L'oreal Professionnel brings innovation to the next level. L'oreal Professionnel presents Serie Expert Pro Longer, the first professional line that renews lengths and fills-in ends, powered by the patented thickening technology Filler-A100. No more trade-off between length and thickness. • FILLER-A100 a patented technology owned by L'oreal Professionnel only, penetrates the fiber core to thicken ends, and resurfaces. • AMINO ACID allows the renewing of lengths and brings strength to the fiber. For longer, thicker, better hair.

THE PROLONGER RANGE L’Oreal Professionnel’s Serie Expert ProLonger range includes an Ends Filler Concentrate, Lengths Renewing Shampoo, Conditioner, Masque and Cream.

LENGTHS RENEWING SHAMPOO Shampoo twice: first to cleanse, secondly to treat. Perfect treatment for hair suffering from thinned ends. LENGTHS RENEWING CONDITIONER The fibre is instantly renewed, and the hair is stronger and shinier. LENGTHS RENEWING MASQUE Its professional formula leaves the fibre strong and shiny through the lengths all the way to the ends.


For hair density and strengthening, look no further than L’oreal Professionnel’s ProLonger! Pop into Xtreme Shampoo Shop & Salon to find out if this range is right for you!

GIVEAWAY Glamorous Floral Lipstick



ENDS FILLER CONCENTRATE The go-to treatment provides strength and durable thickness to ends.

The first professional range that renews lengths & fill in ends for longer, thicker hair that never ends.


20 | SAVVY

RENEWING CREAM FOR LENGTHS AND ENDS Brings a lightweight texture to long hair suffering from thinned ends, helping renew the fibre instantly and protects the hair from heat up to 230°C/450°F*.

A classic rich red with a silky satin finish, Living Nature’s Glamorous Natural Lipstick is the most powerful shade to pull out of your purse. For a limited time, this New Zealand made shade is presented in premium floral packaging with gold accents, perfect for gifting! RRP: $33.00.

We have 5 to giveaway!

Ph 09 438 1933

The Strand Arcade, Whangarei www.xtremeshampooshop.co.nz

Enter to win now at TheHits.co.nz/Win



The importance of Dog Grooming We all like to look and feel our best so why shouldn’t our dogs?


rooming is not just about keeping your dog clean, smelling nice, and looking their best, it’s also about maintaining your dog’s physical health and wellbeing. Grooming your pet is a good opportunity to check them for any abnormalities or skin problems such as ticks, fleas, hot spots, lumps, or issues with their nails, teeth, ears, and eyes. These easy checks are a good way to spot potential issues early and find a suitable solution. Ideally you want to begin training your dog to adjust to being groomed while it is a puppy. Even just the process of washing and drying initially is a good start. If you leave it too long to start grooming training or you start it as your pet's an adult, it may have a little trouble adjusting to the new experience, especially with areas such as ear cleaning and nail clipping. This early start to the grooming experience is also a great beginning in socialising, especially if you use a professional groomer as your dog will have contact with other dogs in the salon and different people other than their immediate family members. Regardless of how you decide to groom your pet, it should always be a positive experience and reinforced in a positive manner in the form of treats and lots of love and affection when starting and completing the grooming process.

Grooming is especially important for long-haired dogs, especially in the Northland summers as they feel the heat more than their short coat counterparts. They also generally require longer grooming sessions compared to short-haired dogs, as they take longer to dry and a little longer to brush their coat. Also they spend more time standing with the scissoring or clipping. This is not to say dogs with short coats do not require grooming; grooming is beneficial for all breeds regardless of the length of coat. Simple brushing can help to remove dead hair, dirt, and dandruff. It also helps to bring out the natural oils in the dog’s coat. The natural oils are spread over your pet’s coat as you brush giving it a healthy shine. Always check with your local pet supply store on the appropriate brush for your dog’s coat as this can be confusing when being confronted with 20 different options! People, now more than ever, are going down the road of having their dog professionally groomed as it can be less stress on the owner and the dog. Just be sure when choosing your groomer, you take into consideration your pet’s temperament and previous exposure to grooming as an experienced groomer can make the world of difference to your pet’s initial experience and future experiences. Looking good is one thing but feeling good is the most important!

Always check with your local pet supply store on the appropriate brush for your dog’s coat as this can be confusing when being confronted with 20 different options!

Dog Grooming Help keep your dog cool this summer

Book Now!!!

TO BOOK CALL (09) 438 8835 SAVVY | 21

Supporting our community

Hihiaua Cultural Centre – Reflecting on the Year That Was Printapalooza with Te Kowhai Print, a steamroller at the door, And Dr Maia with her thesis, presented to cheers from the floor. In August we took a moment, to reflect on what had been, The community invited to share their thoughts, and many of you were keen. In September we welcomed two new staff, to join our busy team, And held Shane Hansen’s exhibition, which had a native manu theme. The opening of Te Hononga, was next up on the list, A trip to Kawakawa, to see our pou with a twist. November was a busy one, the TUIA truck rolled in, And our portrait exhibition finished, with a gathering of kin. The camera obscura opened, across the Hatea River, With one of our carvers helping to deliver

Reflecting on the year that’s been, it’s brought us many gifts, A pandemic and a lockdown, and a few cultural shifts. But even when the hugs were banned, the aroha was here, Looking back on 2020, a wild and wonderous year.

Northland’s arts collective TTMAC, mounted our biggest show to date, Hihiaua won the top awards for architecture - isn’t that great? Our final exhibition highlighted the skills of the deaf community, And a very special gift of sign for Hihiaua - a place that’s building unity.

We started with a bang, a unique film screening shown Of Antarctica's first carving, and done by one of our own. A road trip further north was next, to open the new museum, Our carvers up til dawn at least, the pou, you have to see ‘em.

We finished 2020 the same way that we started, Full of food, and smiling faces, and remembering those departed. We hope to see you soon, sweltering in the sun The future’s looking bright, it’s 2021!

The month just kept on rolling, with the Pasifika Fusion fest, An exhibition full of treasures, and the dancers at their best. The sculptors came in after, with stone and wood in hand, The results were unbelievable, beautiful and grand. Then March rolled round, we closed our doors, and spent some time at home, Some became the teacher, others a garden gnome. June arrived and we were back, our doors were open wide, We were expecting you to trickle in, but were soon bursting at the sides.

Keep up-to-date by joining us on Facebook or Instagram. Our usual eclectic range of high-quality artworks will be on display and available for purchase when we reopen January 4.

A visual encounter with 2 local artists and their work Shane Evans &

Richard Cranenburgh

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Waitangi by Night. Experience Waitangi like never before with after hours museum access, a kiwi barbecue, dessert at the Upper Grounds and lawn games on the Treaty Grounds. Beat the crowds and soak up the evening atmosphere at Aotearoa’s most important historic site. Available from December to March, from 5.30pm to 8.30pm December: Saturday evenings January: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings February & March: Saturday evenings. www.waitangi.org.nz info@waitangi.org.nz

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i love Fat Camel Cafe ISRAELI FOOD




12 Quality Street Whangarei CBD Open 7 Days - 9am â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;til 9pm Fully Licensed - Dine In / Take Away Park in Vine Street Walk through from Cameron or Vine Streets Indoor and Outdoor Seating For Full Menu visit fatcamelcafe.co.nz

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KB3 International Truck BY GERALDINE CRAW


he KB3 International is part of another interesting collection found at the Packard Motor Museum – our display of International Trucks. The KB3 is part of the International KB series trucks that were built from 1947 to 1949 and part of a huge range of industrial and farm equipment produced by the International Harvester Company. The International Harvester Company was formed in 1902, from the McKormick enterprise which pioneered the McKormick reaper in 1831 - a significant agricultural invention. International Harvester went on to develop a comprehensive range of industrial machinery, farm equipment, earthmovers and tractors, as well as trucks and 4WD vehicles. Trucks were an early addition to the International line with the first one developed being the Auto Buggy in 1907. As truck usage increased, International Harvester broadened their range of vehicles and, in 1928, International ‘stole the show’ with its production of a Six Speed Special. This new model incorporated a three-speed transmission

and Eaton twospeed rear axle, giving six forward gears and two reverse. In 1940, the ‘K’ series (replacing the earlier ‘D’ series) trucks were produced. These were widely used during WW2. The ‘KB’ models, designated from KB1 to KB14, (Half tonne to eight tonne) followed in 1947. These were similar to the ‘K’ trucks but included the addition of extra chrome trim, including a hood ornament and chrome lettering which indicated the model designation. The KB1 – KB3 models were a light duty truck, with the KB3 having a heavier frame, larger brakes and rear axles supported

Fishing tips & tales Best wishes for 2021! I hope Santa delivered new fishing rods and flash new fishing gear and that we get good fishing weather and your bosses have given you plenty of time off to get out on the water. Whangarei Harbour from centre harbour up to and including the Limestone Island/Onerahi area has been not bad - plenty of nuisance undersize snapper, but a few good-sized fish as well. On the bright sunny days, when using ledger rigs or running rigs, get your baits as far away from the boat as possible. Fishing is better on overcast days or late evenings and nights. Fish the edges of channels or sandbanks - berley and current will help. If, after three quarters of an hour, you have no good fish, move about 500m; this can often make a difference. If still no results, move again. Generally, mullet fillets are the best snapper bait but recently anglers, who have struggled, have changed to squid and had better results and bigger fish. Keep trying different places and methods - experienced anglers are doing this and getting results.

by two roller bearings on a free-floating rear end. Our KB3 is a tidy running example which was restored and purchased from a Dargaville owner. It is powered by a sixcylinder side-valve 82hp engine.


Mawha Bedggood caught this 20Ib-plus snapper Golden snapper reef bait. fish outside Ocean Beach in around 35m using soft

Dianne Sketchley landed this frost fish at Bream Bay

The outer harbour has been fishing quite well recently and the harbour fishing will continue to improve for a few months yet. Outside has been good; the Mad Mile from Busby Point to Whangarei Heads is always worth a look; berley and straylines, ledger rigs cast well away from the boat, and softbaits/lures all can work well along here. Off Ruakaka beach, from the Refinery right down to the golf course in depths of 8-30m is a good area for softbaits/lures on the drift. A sea anchor will help you catch good snapper. Keep an eye out for school fish/bird activity - magic for lures/softbaits/straylines for snapper, kingfish, kahawai, and trevally. Then we have got our Islands, the Hen and Chicks and the Mokahinaus and the deeper water heading over to these Islands - always watch your sounder for fish activity while travelling. We live in a beautiful, magic area and are spoiled for choice. GOOD LUCK.

WOF • REPAIRS SERVICES • MAINTENANCE BATTERIES AND TYRES Your local garage for honest, friendly service

Proudly supporting y the community MALCOLM & SALLY MEEK 1 Church Street, Onerahi rahi

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B Boat trailers avail now.

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Residential, Commercial & Industrial Rats & Mice • Ants Spiders • Wasps • Borer • Carpet Beetle • Flies Cockroaches • Fleas • Bed Bugs • Silver Fish Mosquitoes Providing pest control services Northlandwide for your home, bach or business.


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Watchmakers & Jewellers Finest selection of clocks in Northland Two watchmakers on premises Specialist in watch, clock and Jewellery restoration

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How to create a feature wall to protect, define and anchor your outdoor space


olour, pattern and texture are all popular methods for creating interesting feature walls inside the home, but they can also be useful techniques for both practical and decorative reasons to liven up the spaces just outside your doors. Not only can a feature wall help inject some much needed style to a boring backyard, it can also provide protection from the elements or privacy from neighbours, break up an open or awkwardly shaped area for a more intimate space, or even be used to create an illusion that there is more space than there actually is.

Gimme shelter With the right design, an outdoor feature wall can provide much needed shelter from the sun, cut down on glare or slow down breezes. “Don’t put in a solid wall to divert the wind completely,” advises Lynn Cairney of Fusion Landscape Design. “It will just find another path and create swirls. Try using a screen to tame the wind into a gentle breeze rather than a surface where it’ll hit it and go around.” If you have an unsightly outlook you want to distract from or hide a gloomy forgotten area that needs energising, introducing a feature

wall could be the magical solution to shift focus to something much more attractive and make the area more inviting, says landscape designer Xanthe White. “They’re especially useful when you want to create a closed view rather than an extended view. You might borrow an aspect of the view – like some beautiful trees – and link them to your outdoor room. It’s almost like pulling the curtains, allowing you to control the space with a vertical ploy.” If you decide to put a feature wall into your garden, don’t do it half-heartedly, suggests Xanthe. Get creative and inject your personality into the area. “Like all design, you need to have a strong idea and a deliberate focal point. It’s about building the right frame to create a beautiful picture.” Xanthe says to start by deciding whether the view you want is inside or outside your garden space. “If it’s an inward composition, do you want everything to lead outside the space, or do you want to hold the composition within it? Work out the direction of the view. Consider where you like to sit in the space and what direction you view it from. Maybe it’s the kitchen bench, so that’s where your focus needs to be.”

The Redwoods Revamp – SAVE THE DATE – Saturday 30th January

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Open 7 days 8.30am-5.00pm | Thursday 8.30am-8.00pm | 1526 Springbank Road, Kerikeri | 09 407 5462 www.redwoodsgardencentre.co.nz | Follow us on Facebook 26 | SAVVY

Colour considerations It’s important to understand the scale of the garden space to get the proportions right. And if you’re using colour, consider what happens to colour when you use it on a bigger scale. In the bright light of day, colours are a lot more intense outside. Xanthe recommends that, if you have an iPad, find a drawing app to help you mock up your idea. “Take a photo of your space and create a backdrop in the same colour or texture as your feature wall to see how it looks. Bearing in mind, the image will be a lot flatter on the screen, so this is a good way to test what the volume of colour looks like.” “For an outside feature wall, the natural light is a lot stronger and has more impact than if you used the same colours indoors. Consider how the light changes in the space during the day. It is a lot different in the morning to the evening.” You can use all sorts of materials to create a feature wall. Paints and wood stains are the most affordable and effective for a quick impact, but be aware that colour affects the temperature of a space. You can attract heat with warmer colours or reflect it with cooler hues. Bring a little drama Dark exterior colours have always held appeal. While there will always be a place for black and charcoal, the trend has moved towards more character dark colours. Think sooty faded black like Resene Dark Web, brackish green like Resene Waiouru, bruised purple-grey like Resene Rocky Mountain, bitter brown like Resene Sambuca and briny blue like Resene Liberty. These are stormy, twisted colours that on the one hand can be brooding and torrid, but on the other hand can be comforting and enclosing.

Perspective play “Look at the space and say to yourself, ‘I don’t like it because it’s dark, or it’s glary, or it feels narrow, or it feels like I’m looking at the back of something. “Colour can claim that space so you control it with your own composition. But remember, blue makes spaces bigger and red makes them shorter. If you want to expand the space, move into the blues.” People have personal connections to colours so choose one you love. Then contrast it in your planting. “If you paint a wall red, plant something purple in front of it. Go in the opposite direction to make it pop. If you’ve been bold, work with that colour,” says Xanthe. Part of the beauty of a garden feature wall is that it doesn’t have to look shiny and new. A weathered look is perfect. Rusted metal, worn timber, mossy stone or distressed paint can give a natural appearance that blends in with your landscape. You can use glass or Perspex, even mirrors to enlarge the space, says Lynn, but take care that you don’t position them where they reflect sun. A shaded area is perfect. Strong and sculpted Think about durability, says Xanthe. “If you’re attaching a screen to a wall or fence, consider the effect of growing things on it and what that will do to the materials.” Any soil put against the screen can affect it, and if you are planting on the wall or screen, you’re creating depth. It’s not just a flat surface you’re dealing with. It’s three-dimensional. Climbers grow out, not straight up. While garden sculptures are commonplace, art and photography is usually limited to the indoors due to the difficulty in protecting it from the weather. However, Resene testpots contain exterior grade paint so can be

easily used to create a feature mural or artwork in your backyard. A vertical wall of planting is another option that creates a lush green backdrop for most of the year, then a plant like a flame vine produces a hot shot of seasonal colour for a short period. Use wires to train plants up your wall for an espaliered effect which creates a graphic visual form. You can be as creative as you like with these forms. Light it up Of course, you will want to enjoy your garden at night so smart lighting is essential. Cool light makes spaces cooler and warm light enriches. Before deciding on the lighting, get two torches, one with a warm light and the other with cool and shine them through your greenery at the wall to see which effect you like best. Look for opportunities to create shadows using the light at different angles from high in the trees or off to the side. Shine the light through the greenery to explore beautiful textures from the leaves. Move the torch in different directions and have fun seeing what you find. When you put light into the space, suddenly you have movement and a changing palette of light and dark. Autumn’s ideal When there’s a lot going on during summer, rethinking your garden design is probably just one too many things for your to do list. It’s better to wait until autumn, advises Xanthe. “Look at how the spaces change with the seasons and do it while there’s a happiness factor – in between seasons. Autumn is a great time to take stock, get organised and experiment.”


• While a white picket fence is certainly a desirable look, using white outdoors can create a lot of glare and isn’t ideal in areas where you’re looking to pull up a chair and stay awhile. Try mid-range and darker colours or Resene timber stains for a look that’s easier on the eyes. • If you are choosing a dark colour for exterior use, ask for Resene CoolColour paint or wood stain. It has been specially formulated to reflect some of the sun’s harmful UV light, and protect your paint, stain and cladding. • An outdoor feature wall is a great place to try out some fun timber stain colours. Resene Woodsman natural wood stains come in a whole spectrum of garden friendly shades such as Resene Totem Pole, Resene Woody Bay and Resene Heartwood. • If light autumn showers try to derail your DIYing, Resene Umbrella Additive is an additive for exterior waterborne coatings providing rapid protection from light showers even before the coating has dried. Once applied, a coating containing Resene Umbrella Additive quickly starts to build a protective shell that then extends throughout the whole coating. Water is able to evaporate from the coating allowing it to dry but showers and light rain simply roll off.

Looking for extra inspiration? Visit your local Resene ColorShop or www.habitatbyresene.co.nz for more colour and paint ideas and inspiration.

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Weathermaster® Roller blinds from Frazerhurst Curtains and Blinds are a favourite, thanks to a combination of style, value and flexibility. You’ll find the solution that’s just right for any style of interior.


hey deliver exceptional value for money over their lifetime because their simple styling means they don’t have to be replaced when new decorating trends come along. Weathermaster® are quality New Zealand-made to suit New Zealand conditions and have a five-year warranty! So, what are your choices?

Sunscreen Shade the sun and glare while also offering a level of daytime privacy, and you can still see the view. Kitchens and conservatories often only need sunscreens.

Light filtering A smart choice if you want light and privacy at the same time. A great option for a bathroom. Blockout If you want darkness and privacy such as in a bedroom. - You will enjoy a better night’s sleep when your window coverings block all light. Consider outside fit or installed with side channels. Your sleeping space can stay dark until it’s time to wake. Twin bracket system Offering day time privacy and sun-screening and a night time blockout in one window. For high sun areas, dual shades are perfect. Linked system and Clutch Mechanism Large or extra-wide windows and doors need special options that make them easy to raise and lower. Duraguard® and Sanitized® fabric options Wet environments benefit from window coverings treated with stain repellent, and dust mite allergy sufferers will love the Sanitized options. Child safety A critical issue that has been addressed with specific safety devices, such as child-safe tensioners to eliminate the risk of strangulation on cords and hands-free options.

Automation For hard-to-reach windows like in an atrium or foyer that are way beyond your reach, an automated roller blind is an ideal solution. Shades can be raised and lowered using a remote control or with a Smart phone application. Choose from the traditional hard-wired or rechargeable systems. Join us in the Frazerhurst showroom to view your options.

Make summer more enjoyable with the right window treatments At Frazerhurst we know which window treatments can beat the heat. From shutters and sunscreen to awnings and umbrellas, see how you can transform your home and cool down this summer.


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Six ways to get back into your routine after New Year's sleep deprivation With Christmas and New Year’s over for another year, it’s time to get back to our regular sleeping patterns.

3. Improve your lifestyle What you do during the day can affect how well you sleep. Seek out ways to improve your lifestyle. Overhaul your diet, caffeine consumption and exercise regime. Small changes can have a huge impact on your sleep quality and quantity.


ut after the busy festivities and the endless late nights, getting your forty winks can be more difficult than first thought. Try the following six tips to help you get your much-deserved night’s rest. Sleep is integral to a person’s health and not getting enough can have profound consequences. It’s recommended we get around eight hours of good-quality sleep a night in order to function properly. But during Christmas and New Year’s, as well as the period after, getting this amount of sleep doesn’t always come easy. The team at Beds R Us Whangarei offer six tips to help sleep come easier. 1. Create a sleep routine Going to bed at a certain time each night is considered key. Why not try going to bed and getting up at roughly the same time, all the time – you’ll be amazed at how your body will love you for it. 2. Make the ideal sleeping environment Try new ideas in the bedroom – think curtains, lighting etc – to make it the ideal sleeping environment. Your bedroom should be kept for rest and sleep so if you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep, consider removing gadgets (TVs, tablets, phones) from the room.

4. Try new ways to relax before bed What you do before bed can have a big impact on your sleep. Think about the hours before bed. Experiment with new ways to relax, like warm baths with calming scents, quiet soothing music, reading, gentle stretching and yoga. 5. Keep a sleep diary If you find dropping off hard, it may be interesting to see what you’ve been doing. What you’ve eaten and where you’ve slept on the days you sleep well to compare with the days you don’t sleep well. It could help in finding the answers to some of your questions. 6. Think about what you’re sleeping on If it’s an old mattress, more than seven years old, perhaps it’s time to look at a new one. What you sleep on affects how you sleep – research has shown that a new mattress can increase the amount of sleep you get by 42 minutes. Pop in to BedsRus Whangarei today. The friendly team are equipped with knowledge and products that’ll have you snoozing and your health improving in no time.





Swisstek Ultra

Queen Size Mattress & Base







Swisstek Deluxe Queen Size Mattress & Base

Selected A cool and comfortable sleepStock Using technology developed for managing body heat in outer space no less, Sleepyhead and Kulkote can help you achieve your justright, night temperature. For a super stellar sleep, ask about Kulkote.

PLUS 24 MONTHS INTEREST FREE* on in-store purchases $999 & over ‘til 2.2.21

EVERYDAY SPECIAL - Mattress from $299; Mattress & Base from $529

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the guest bedroom freak-out


It sounds like the beginning of a bad holiday movie: friends and relatives are gate crashing your place and you have a look of dread on your face.


n a real life scenario it is not because you don’t like the visitors, the dread comes from figuring out where they will sleep, and wondering whether it will be comfortable for them. Unless you have a sprawling estate of endless rooms, the guest bedroom is usually known as the “slash room”: guest-slash-storage/office/ laundry room. So at this time of year, move that bike and ironing board out of there and look at a few essentials to get your guest room looking welcoming and beautiful.

The biggest thing that your guest will remember about their stay is their sleep, so start with the bed. Make sure you have a decent mattress to minimise the princess and the pea scenario, and invest in a luxurious feather topper for even more comfort. Then think about bedding. When styling your bed, you can’t go wrong with a white waffle duvet cover for that hotel feeling, otherwise a stonewashed look in an olive, or denim blue looks smart. The key here is to keep to calming tones rather than lots of bright and bold colours so that guests, whatever their personalities, can feel calm and rejuvenated in the space. Comforters should have a bit of weight to them to provide structure to the look of the bed, so keep an eye out for a velvet or cotton linen blend. Figuring out pillows can be tricky as there are so many options. I personally like to style my beds with two big square euro pillows for height, two reading pillows in the duvet accent colour, and two slightly thinner sleeping pillows in the same colour as the flat sheet. I then finish with two purely decorative cushions: square or rectangular ones in a pattern, texture or colour.


I like to keep a set of bed-linen dedicated just to use in the guest room, as that keeps it looking fresh. Keep the colours neutral, as matching the accent colour can look too matchy-matchy. If you like to change your accent colour as the seasons change, a neutral pairs back with either summer or winter looks. As a finishing touch, add a comforter blanket at the foot of the bed that guests can access easily for that afternoon nap. All of that layering with the comforter and cushions makes the bed look cozy and inviting, a perfect sanctuary to jump right into. Bedside tables in guest bedrooms are often recycled from other bedrooms, so have a look at them and see if they need to be refurbished. If you are in the market for new ones, I wish you luck! As a designer I am constantly disappointed with the price and inventory available to choose from.

Guests generally won’t need a lot of drawer storage, just somewhere to put their water, phone and a book. So for a contemporary look try a concrete round table. For style that will fit most spaces, try a white, timber or black single drawer with wooden or steel frame. Be mindful of the style of the legs to keep the bedside looking light and airy rather than heavy. Lastly, make sure your bedside lamp is proportionate to your bedside. Put those large fabric shades away and go for a sleek light that complements your style type whether it is rustic, traditional or contemporary. To finish off your room, add accessories with love! Experiment with styling the guest room with more flair – it is different from a family bedroom that requires more of a utilitarian touch. Think at least two plants and repeating the accent colour through artwork and decor if you have a storage unit or bookcase. I would recommend temporarily de-cluttering your storage unit especially if the guest room is a ‘slash room’ for the rest of the year. If you have space, perhaps add a bench seat, guest chair or luggage stand and layer a collection of guest towels and linen on top. This simple guide gives you the perfect ending to your holiday movie as you accommodate your visitors with confidence and a little bit of indulgence for their special time away with you.

Standard Plans · Altered Plans · Your Plans Hi, I’m Wayne Pick kerill, Managing Director & Project Manager for your new Fowler Ho ome. We will havve exactly what you need to know about building your new home an nd guide you thro ough the process. En njoy quality and benefits of an efficient,, low overhead nationwide company. Fowler Homes have done it this way since the early 1980’s.

Wayne Pickerill, Managing Director

Enjoy dealing with one person start to completion.

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At A1homes we’re here to make things easy and it couldn’t be easier when using all the good stuff from home. So whether it’s your first home, second home, or home away from home, call A1homes or visit our website and discover the easiest way to get the home you want.

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Life at The Falls Estate means spending time enjoying the things you love.

The Falls Estate isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just retirement, but an appetite for living. 94 BOUNDAR Y ROAD, TIK IPUNG A , WHANG AREI

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