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3 COMMUNITY EDUCATION WHANGAREI WEEKEND WORKSHOPS @ KAMO HIGH SCHOOL Journals make great gifts – as an everyday diary, a travel record, to record your child’s milestones, a memory book. Make an A5 size journal in this one-day workshop.

Phone: 09 435 0889 or cew@kamohigh.school.nz Visit www.cew.ac.nz for details. Brochures are available from your local library or Kamo High School.


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For Italian artist Anna Valdoni, the act of painting is a direct instinctual dynamic experience. Her wildly gestural paintings are strikingly beautiful. Her solo exhibition “Slash” is on at the Yvonne Rust Gallery at the Quarry Arts Centre 3rd - 20th of August. Opening event Thursday 2nd August 5:30pm.

Traditional Tibetan singing bowls – soothing sounds for meditation, healing or pleasure.

Visit Quarry Arts Centre, 21 Selwyn Ave, Whangarei Open 6 days a week 10am – 4:30pm Phone 09 4381215 www.quarryarts.org

Mon - Fri 9.30am-5pm, Sat 9am-3pm, Sun 10am-3pm Phone 09 430 2040 89 Cameron Street, WHANGAREI himalayantradingpost.co.nz





You Smile, I Smile


Northern Health School




Newborn hearing screening Healthy relationships Healthy boundaries

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5 tips to keep you smiling


Step ahead, learning for life


Childhood immunisation Flu vaccine for pregnant women


n case you couldn’t tell, we have a children and babies theme going on in this edition, with plenty of health information for babies, kids and during pregnancy, along with reviews for a Far North family getaway and child-friendly cafe. We also put a call-out for your newborn baby photos and received some stunning results! Check them out inside. Our lead story is about a courageous 12-yearold girl who has lived with a brain tumour from the age of eight. I was told Emily is a delight and, upon meeting her, this was confirmed. What a lovely ray of sunny energy to have around. And although meeting her idol Justin Bieber has been a definite highlight of her life, I’m pretty sure she would have her positive attitude regardless. Read Emily’s story on pages 4 & 5. You will also find recipes for kids and many of our clever contributors have woven the theme into their articles this month – check out our Pets page and how to prepare them for a new arrival. Our history page even delves into the beginnings of somewhere


frequented by a lot of children – hear a former Parua Bay School teacher’s recollections of being the sole teacher at a small country school when children still tethered their horses in the paddock outside class and swimming lessons were at the beach. If all this child and baby talk isn’t for you, we still have other topics, including fishing tips and tales – this time from the back of a jetski, along with a story from our own Northland rugby mascot, Tane the Taniwha. Happy reading.


Budgeting for a new baby


Readers’ photos


Bringing baby home


Kids in the kitchen: Bacon, egg & spaghetti pies


Review: Fresh licensed café

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Recipe: Crunchy crusted chicken drumsticks The Storytime story…


Sore throats can break a heart


When your babies meet the fur babies!


Far North family getaway


How to make a shoe last


Time flies


Discover the artistry of fanola premium hair care


Why it pays to be on a laser hair removal plan at Caci


Stepping out of the darkness



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by Pastels and Petals Photography


To making health and fitness your number one priority


Glaucoma and cataracts


Published by NZME Northland, 88 Robert Street, Whangarei. savvy@northernadvocate.co.nz www.savvymagazine.co.nz


Chris Youens & Rochelle Hedges


Parua Bay No1 School, Bert Boswell


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Fishing Tips & Tales with Andrew Rawlingson


1938 Packard 4-door convertible Audience becomes third character in party within a play Plan your business like a garden!

40 41

Join us at one of Northland’s largest events! Our Tane - the only travelling mascot


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This month’s giveaways

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Now In Store • Effortless inspiration • Stunning new styles and finishes • Your perfect symbol of love Our friendly jewellers will personally guide you to the perfect ring!

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The moment Justin came out on stage.

You Smile, I Smile BY JODI BRYANT


fter 11 operations and lengthy hospital stays, Emily Peacock has a fairly sound grasp of the medical world compared to most 12-year-olds. In fact, since being diagnosed with a brain tumour, aged eight, understandably, her life’s outlook has changed and she has a nursing career in her sights. Mum Elle Gurnick recons, with her daughter’s caring and positive nature, she’d make a great one. “She’d love to have a hand in it. I think she’d be fantastic because she is so caring and I guess it’s because she can relate.” Adds Emily: “I like helping people and, ever since I got sick, I have always wanted to be a nurse because I understand.” Emily would have empathy in spades for her patients. She was living the life of a normal eight-year-old girl; into her arts and crafts, with a love of the beach, dancing and Justin Bieber when the severe headaches began, followed by the vomiting, doublevision and, later, black-outs. Her concerned parents repeatedly sought professional advice but were only given a viral diagnosis. It wasn’t until an optometrist discovered she had pressure on the brain that she was sent to hospital and instantly things sped

up; the paediatric team were waiting for her and she was sent for an emergency CT scan before the news was delivered that she had a brain tumour. “That was just so horrible,” recalls Elle. “I was devastated. I burst into tears. It was definitely heart-breaking. All I thought of was I was going to lose my daughter.” Emily, however, handled the news differently. “She did what she always does – she smiles. She’s been through so much. She just keeps smiling regardless of how much pain there is and what she is going through. Although, she had no idea, as an eight-year-old.” Elle, a mother of eight with husband Aaron, recalls being whisked off to Starship Children’s Hospital with only her handbag, with the helicopter flying at low altitude due to the pressure on Emily’s brain. “The paramedics asked her on the way if there was a special place in the world she’d like to visit and she said Paris. So, they flew her around the Sky Tower, explaining that it was as close to the Eiffel Tower they could get her, which was really awesome. So, even though she was at her sickest, she was happy.” With both sets of grandparents away, Elle’s sister took time off work in the interim to look after the six other youngest kids,

then aged between two and 16. Emily’s oldest brother was 21. Emily stayed at Starship 16 days, where her condition rapidly deteriorated, the doublevision rendering her unable to stay upright. She was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus - fluid within the brain producing increased pressure inside the skull. Because of the tumour’s proximity to the brain, operating was ruled out so treatment involved inserting a ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt system inside her skull to relieve the pressure on the brain caused by the fluid accumulation. The excess fluid is drained via tubing running down to the stomach to be reabsorbed into the body. However, Emily has since had five shunt revisions, a catheter has snapped off, involving another operation to replace the metre-long tubing, eye surgery to correct the downward pointing of her eyes caused by the pressure, ‘and, on top of that, she needed her tonsils removed’, finishes Elle. “She’s had no chemo or radiation because the tumour sits in a critical area of the brain and is not growing at the moment, but it could change at any time.” In between surgery, there have been many other traumatic experiences, such as her veins collapsing from overuse for the intravenous line. But, out of all the painful procedures Emily has endured over the last

three years, her most loathed was the daily blood tests via her fingers. “They would prick nearly every finger every day and she said it’s like a blade and then you couldn’t use your fingers to pick anything up because of the bruising,” says Elle. For a long time, Emily was unable to brush her hair, which became matted because of the ‘horrendous neuropathic nerve pain at the back of the skull where the same nerve ending kept getting cut over and over during the surgeries’. “We ended up cutting her hair off so she didn’t have to worry about brushing it,” explains Elle. But it was around this time that Emily experienced what could only be a fantasy for many girls; she met her idol Justin Bieber through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He was in New Zealand for his March 2017 concert and Emily was lucky enough to be the only child in the country to meet him backstage after his show. “It was really exciting. I wasn’t nervous, just excited,” she grins, adding that her teenage sister Katie, who she chose to take along with her mum and dad, was starstruck into silence. Elle says Emily was ‘over the moon’. “She just ran straight up to him and gave him a big hug and he just embraced her like a brother. He was fantastic. He engaged in her

.!2&0-15(, '8 /- 7&%)( :(216 #$; 30"(- 4%+(-0) 726 9&%)*%-(1 4 | SAVVY

of Justin’s songs: Tu souris, je souris (You smile, I smile).

Today, sixteen months after the Bieber encounter, Emily is still riding high on the

Elle explains: “So when she goes to hospital, she will take it with her so she

memory. “She listens to him all the time. I’d say she’s

knows they are always with her.” “And, see that pink heart?” Emily points

probably one of his true fans but is silently a bit gutted about his recent engagement,”

out with a mischievous twinkle. “They have to wear pink on their bodies because it’s my

laughs Elle. “But, out of all the obstacles that she’s gone though, she’s had some good

favourite colour.” The day they got their tattoos they told the

come of it, which has made her smile more.” Another person who keeps her smiling

rest of the family they were playing golf. “I thought, that’s strange, they never

is best friend Caitlyn, who Emily met at Northern Health School, where she attends

play golf. They came home and I went to hug Aaron and he flinched from the pain.

twice a week, in conjunction with Bream Bay College.

Then they unveiled them to us and it got a bit emotional.

Today, Emily’s golden hair has grown back, her blue eyes, albeit one on a slight

“We explained the meaning behind the design to Justin and he thought it was

downward angle, sparkle, and the everypresent smile is there.

absolutely fantastic. He’d never come across anything like it before. The only thing is, he

She’s been on an array of meds over the years, developing an allergy to morphine,

signed the glass and his signature is fast coming off!”

and is finally down to two a day to prevent migraines. Another squint repair operation

Elle says that, when Emily’s siblings are older, they also intend getting the tattoo to

is on the cards, she has memory loss and fatigue but her outlook has changed.

conversation and asked her questions and listened and signed a couple of her things.”

show their support. “They’ve struggled with all the attention

“She used to sometimes say ‘It’s not fair, why does it have to happen to me?’ but now

Adds Emily: “I gave him a tiki and he wore it but he put it on backwards but I saw him

being on Emily,” says Elle, who had to leave her three-year-old behind while in Starship

she’s thinking more about doing fun things and she doesn’t take things too seriously.”

on a video afterwards and he was wearing it round the right way.”

and missed her five-year-old’s first day of school. “But, in saying that, they’re all very

Over the last three years Emily’s gone through what most will never endure in their

The experience included three night’s accommodation and arriving to the concert

caring. They know how unwell she’s been and they know that, if it was them, Emily

lifetime but she’s still the little girl with a love for arts and crafts, making slime, and, of

in a ‘hummerzine’, which gained a lot of attention as it rolled down Queen St.

would be just as caring back.”

course, Justin Bieber.

“Everyone thought Justin was in it,” grins Emily, sharing a video of her and Katie

EMILY has been at Northern Health School (NHS) since she was eight and teacher

singing inside the vehicle. The family had been told to expect less

“She bounces back each time with a very matter-of-fact attitude, not dwelling on disability,

than a minute with the celebrity but, instead he gave them five minutes of his time and

Emily and mum Elle today and the framed tattoo design Justin signed.

Justin with Emily’s family.


Hugging her idol.

Jennifer Sergeant says her student takes all her set-backs in her stride. disfigurement, pain or fear of what is happening or is going to happen to her in the future. “Emily loves life immensely - happy in her work and always enthusiastic about what she

one of the items he signed was a framed picture of a tattoo design the men in Emily’s

is doing, especially tasks with others. She greets each teacher in the NHS individually

family had inked. For eight months, they secretly worked

everyone. She sees no barriers to friendship. Her arrival in the unit, I liken to the sun

on getting the design, which includes an anchor as a symbol of the family roots with

optimism in the world.”

a VP shunt, a scroll and the lyrics from one

with a hug on arrival and then finds another student to buddy up with for the day, loving arising, radiating warmth, positivity and kindness to all. A very beautiful girl with all the # Read more on Northern Health School on next page


WEEKEND See page 40 for details

Creativity NEEDING INSPIRATIO ON FOR THAT SPECIAL PROJEC CT OR THAT SPECIAL GIFT? • Fashion and patchwork fabrics • Ashford Wheels, Looms and Yarns • Yarn • Haberdashery • Cross stitch • Embroidery • Crochet • Books and Magazines • Notions • Janome Sewing Machines • Machine Servicing • Scissor and Knife sharpening • Alterations • Classes and Demos • Ashford Products • Kiwiana Quilting Fabrics • NZ Yarn and unique NZ Crafts.

66c Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri (opposite the BNZ)

Phone: (09) 407 7763 Like us on facebook SAVVY | 5


Northern Health School


Few people have heard of Northern Health School but, behind the scenes, it is working wonders for our children with long-term illnesses and selfesteem issues.

With a current roll of 115, students’ ages range from 5 to 19. They attend the school

In the classrooms, there is a steady hum of amicable activity with students sitting

with illnesses such as muscular dystrophy, bronchiectasis or cystic fibrosis and there

alone or in pairs, some with earphones on laptops, others poring over books.

has been a recent upsurge in rheumatic fever, brain tumors and anxiety.

The kitchen area is often used by a food technology student, sewing machines are

It is not uncommon for physical illness to evolve into mental illness, says associate

lined up in another corner. Several teachers will be with students, guiding their work.

principal Karen Abel. Karen is now in her seventh year with Northern Health School

It’s a place where students feel safe and free of judgement and they are used to

and says there has been a consistent increase in secondary school students with

people coming and going in the class, from specialists to parents and school

mental health issues. “They might have eating disorders,

counsellors. There are the usual expected issues with

anxiety, sexuality issues or post-traumatic stress disorder from some catastrophic

absence, says Karen. “It takes a huge amount of energy to attend appointments, get to

event that has happened. Occasionally we have students suffering from psychosis,

school and then concentrate.” However, there are some ‘real high flyers

from here as he’s doing so well.” Then there was the 15-year-old girl with

Although friendships can be difficult to maintain outside the school, Karen

which can, at times, be drug-induced.” Some are taught one-on-one bedside, both

achieving scholarships’ at the school and Karen says there have been many success

high levels of anxiety around her ownage peers, who transitioned to NorthTec

says some of the Northern Health School students form friendships and are very

in hospital and in their homes. The remotelybased can sometimes receive tuition via

stories. “A young man who was with us for anxiety

this year and is studying alongside older students, having obtained early exemption.

protective of each other. “It’s a rewarding job. We have a lot of

webcam. When they are well enough, they attend the student support centre in

and struggled to come in to the classroom, started this year at a new school with our

“She has just completed the first semester with three A-pluses and an A for her four

contact with the families, in particular home visits, and the kids are so grateful for all that

Whangarei, which runs Monday to Thursday mornings.

support. He is now fully-transitioned into his new school and we have withdrawn him

modules. She also achieved 100 per cent attendance,” says Karen proudly.

you do. The families are incredibly grateful that we can give them some normality.”

Traditional Tibetan Singing


Soothing sounds for meditation, healing or pleasure...

!#"$Canada & Alaska

<!:?#; >C%= 5#1D ((71 /@E@DB 0+.$9 !)D)?)$ 36,3*6* A7"%2'%@=C:7E:!#A)4%)7& -7! 8%C7 :71 -:9#!%7 >BD

89 Cameron Street, Whangarei | Ph: 09 430 2040 Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm, Sat 9am-2pm, Sun 10am-3pm



Whangarei is proud to be the home of the


Jam Tse Dhargyey Ling “from which Love and Compassion flourishes”


Visit us and - Enjoy the spectacular views of Whangarei from our Stupa, Peace Monument. (10am - 5pm) - Take part in our Buddhist Teachings, Meditation Classes and Retreats. - All our classes are open to everyone. It is not necessary to be Buddhist.

For more information or program details please visit www.mandala.org.nz or phone 09 435 4444 159 Parakiore Road, off Pipiwai Rd, North of Kamo 6 | SAVVY

HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS Communication is a key part to building a healthy relationship. The first step is making sure you both want and expect the same things - being on the same page is very important. The following tips can help you create and maintain a healthy relationship: • Speak Up. In a healthy relationship, if something is bothering you, it’s best to talk about it instead of holding it in • Respect Your Partner. Your partner’s wishes and feelings have value. Let your significant other know you are making an effort to keep their ideas in mind. Mutual respect is essential in maintaining healthy relationships • Compromise. Disagreements are a natural part of healthy relationships, but it’s important that you find a way to compromise if you disagree on something. Try to solve conflicts in a fair and rational way • Be Supportive. Offer reassurance and encouragement to your partner. Also, let your partner


know when you need their support. Healthy relationships are about building each other up, not putting each other down • Respect Each Other’s Privacy. Just because you’re in a relationship, doesn’t mean you have to share everything and constantly be together. Healthy relationships require space.

WHAT IS NEWBORN HEARING SCREENING? To screen your baby’s hearing, an ear cushion will be placed over your baby’s ear and soft clicking sounds played. Special sensors are placed on your baby’s head, and the response from your baby’s hearing nerve is picked up by these sensors. This is called an automated auditory brainstem response or an ABR screen. WHEN AND WHERE WILL THE NEWBORN HEARING SCREENING BE DONE? Screening is usually done before you and your baby go home from the hospital. If your baby is not born in a hospital or is not screened before you go home, newborn hearing screening will be offered at a community outpatients appointment. It’s best to go earlier than the appointment time so you can feed and settle your baby to sleep beforehand. WILL IT HURT MY BABY?


Newborn hearing screening does not hurt or harm your baby and you can be with them during screening. It is simple and safe - most babies sleep through it.

Creating boundaries is a good way to keep your relationship healthy and secure. By setting boundaries together, you can both have a deeper understanding of the type of relationship

A screen may take 15-20 minutes and is best done when your baby is settled or sleeping.

that you and your partner want. Boundaries are not meant to make you feel trapped or like you’re “walking on eggshells.”


Creating boundaries is not a sign of secrecy or distrust - it’s an expression of what makes you feel comfortable and what you would like or not like to happen within the relationship.

You will be told the results straight away. Some babies need another screen because the earlier screening did not show a clear response in one or both ears. This

Remember, healthy boundaries shouldn’t restrict your ability to:

may be because: • your baby was unsettled

• Go out with your friends without your partner • Participate in activities and hobbies you like

• there was too much noise in the testing room • there was fluid in your baby’s middle ear

• Not have to share passwords to your email, social media accounts or phone • Respect each other’s individual likes and needs.

• your baby may have a hearing loss. If this happens with your baby’s hearing screen, you will be offered a repeat screen, either before leaving the hospital or as an outpatient appointment. If required we will refer you to audiology for further assessment.

0800 456 450


Children have the right to live free of violence

A Healthier Northland

He Hauora Mo Te Tai Tokerau



SMILING ->6;: 9@@9: (79: =6#>7"@ 9##9:!/;9@ ?#> 9(# '7%69@;, 9(7$@ / "/&

3!79, "#%)9 >7%;@ /?9@> .>6;:7%<

*>7%2 (/9@> /%" '712

8/9 / >/%<@ #? :@/19:& ?##";

5488 "@%9/1 $/>@ ?#> 6%"@> 0+;

Protect your family’s


We provide free oral health care to all children/adolescents from birth until their 18th birthday. Your baby will be ready for their first oral health appointment when they are six month’s old.

FREE dental care for under er 18s 18 8s

Call 0800 MY TEETH (0800 698 3384) 4) for an appointment 8 | SAVVY

Step Ahead is a privately-owned kindergarten catering for children from 3-6

Our wonderfully-experienced and

years. We are a small kindergarten licensed for up to 30 children and opened our doors

thoughtful teaching team set up the kindergarten in response to what our current children’s interests or discoveries

in March last year based in a beautiful converted bungalow in Kamo. We are open

are based around. Lots of loose parts in the environment provide the ability for children

from 8am – 4.30pm which allows us to have the same three teachers for the whole day –

to be masters of their own play and, WOW, we have had some amazing journeys with

access to high-quality education, resources and teachers at no charge.

such wonderful consistency for our children and families.

the children. We are very excited to be able to offer our

We would so welcome the opportunity for you to come and visit us to experience, see

Respect is key to our kindergarten – respect for our environment, for each other

parents, come September this year, 30 Free Hours for up to six hours per day. This has

and feel what a high-quality early childhood environment looks like. Call us on 4352825

and ourselves.

allowed us to be able to give our parents

to make a time with our teaching team.


FLU VACCINE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN Immunisation is free for pregnant women Influenza immunisation is strongly recommended for women who will be (or intend to be) pregnant during autumn and winter (usually early March to 31 December each year). You are at risk of Influenza while pregnant Influenza is not a cold. It can be a dangerous illness that poses a serious risk to your life and that of your unborn baby. There are a number of influenza related complications that can affect baby’s development in the womb and can even lead to miscarriage or premature birth. A range of physical changes during pregnancy

(such as changes in immunity) increase a pregnant woman’s risk of serious influenza complications. New Zealand research shows that pregnant women are nearly five times more likely to be hospitalised with influenza than women who are not pregnant. Influenza is dangerous There are a number of factors that make influenza dangerous to an unborn baby. The influenza virus does not actually cross the placenta to infect your baby, the danger comes from your own body as it fights the illness.

Influenza immunisation will not harm your unborn baby It may be reassuring to know that your influenza vaccine does not cross the placenta into your baby. The vaccine simply stimulates your own immune system to make antibodies that can fight off the virus. The good news is that your antibodies are also passed on to your baby so they are born with some protection against influenza for the first few months of life. Newborns and young infants have higher rates of influenza and hospitalisation than other children, so the protection they receive from you in the womb could make all the difference.

CHILDHOOD IMMUNISATION Immunisation is the most effective way to protect your child against diseases that can cause serious, and sometimes fatal, illness. Key points 1. Immunisation protects your child from serious and sometimes fatal diseases 2. Immunisation on time is the most effective way to protect pregnant women, babies and children from preventable disease 3. Immunisations begin when your child is 6 weeks old 4. Vaccines on the National Immunisation Schedule are free in New Zealand for all babies, children and young people until their 18th birthday 5. The benefits of immunisation far outweigh the risks. Why does my child need immunisation? In the past, many children died or were left with life-long problems from diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus, polio and whooping cough. Today, we use vaccines to immunise children against these and other diseases. Vaccines stimulate their immune system to produce antibodies, exactly like it would if they were exposed to the disease. The child will develop immunity to that disease, but they don’t have to get sick first. This is what makes vaccines such a powerful medicine.

IMMUNISE ON TIME FOR BEST PROTECTION Immunisation is the most effective way to actively protect yourself, your children and other vulnerable people in our community from preventable diseases.

10 | SAVVY

BUDGETING FOR A NEW BABY The arrival of a new baby is an exciting event but can pull at your purse strings as well as your heart. If you are planning to extend your family, spare more than a passing thought to how this life-changing event will affect

Calculate your childcare costs. If you work, the second salary may be used up paying for childcare.

your finances. To help keep focused on your family rather than finances, planning ahead is the key.

Babies don’t stay that way for long so when you are making your baby budget it’s a good idea to look beyond

The biggest financial change is likely to be a drop in income as one or both of you may choose to work less.

your new addition’s first year. Consider what costs will go up, go down, or stay the same.

To help work out what it will be like to live on a reduced income, try living on one salary for a while. It will help you

There are lots of ways you can save money: borrow clothes and hand-me-downs from family and friends as babies

plan how much money you need to live on once the new baby arrives.

quickly outgrow their clothes, or ask if they can help you with childcare to save money. Use toy and book libraries. If

Make a baby budget so you can clearly see what changes you will need to make to your lifestyle. Once you

you are working, visit the Department of Labour website to see if you are entitled to Paid Parental Leve, and the Working

know what your reduced income is likely to be, consider what you can and can’t do without. There may be some

for Families website to find out more about tax credits, accommodation and childcare assistance that you may be

things you will be doing less of anyway because you are busy with your new baby. Practicing a little austerity

eligible for. As well as the family changes, there is inevitably a change

can make all the difference to your budget and help you prepare for the extra costs such as nappies and formula

in your finances but, with a good money plan, you will avoid the budget blues and won’t have to tighten your belt too

that come with having a baby.

much when expanding your family.


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Pregnancy, baby and toddler – everything you need

17 - 19 AUGUST ASB Showgrounds, Auckland

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Our baby is named Ava Riley Williams. She is 15 weeks old and such a delight in our lives. She is a very content chilled little girl. She loves to chat, bath time and cuddles with her dadda. - Tamsyn Marshall and Luke Williams Photo: Claire Davey Photography Here is our gorgeous son Malakai with his firefighter father. He is 6-weeks-old. Malakai is a smiley boy who loves going out for adventures in his stroller and splashing around in his tub during bathtime! - Sheldon and Robert Wilson Photo: Pastels and Petals Photography


My name is Brooklyn Leslie Evan Yeates, I was born on the 30th of May and I am growing so fast! I love food and naps and like to smile at my big sister Isla, who is 3. - Bex and Stevie Yeates


Hello, my name is Indi Rose. I am 10 months old. I love the camera and I love food even more. I’m always smiling and always waving to people. - Rachel Diamond and Juan Edwards

5 6

Baby Noah Tony Allen was born March 25, 2018. Noah is a really calm little baby with a beautiful smile and a chilled-out attitude. He loves to chatter with his older brother Lachlan and likes being tickled. - Lucy Mullinger and Brett Allen This is our wee man Jake Hugo Owen. He’s 10 weeks old and such a cruisy boy! Loves nothing more than to sleep soundly, surrounded by the chaos caused by his older siblings. His hair is completely au-natural and, if I had a dollar for every comment on it, I’d be a rich woman! - Lacey and Nick Owen



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BRINGING BABY HOME A newborn baby in the house can be a real shock to the system. If you are a new mum, with little experience of babies or toddlers, you many find this a trying time! Most new mums go through the exact same thing – they can’t believe the sheer amount of work involved, the relentless lack of sleep and the constant worrying of whether you are ‘doing it right’. Sleep or lack of! You are not going to get a lot to start with. All mothers can’t wait for the night their baby sleeps through. It’s a breakthrough moment and a hot topic at mummy coffee groups. All babies are different and you may have the perfect eight-hour sleeper in the first three months or still

Pre-school Gymnastics for under 5’s WHAT WE DO

Our 45 minute class consists of mat time and a circuit taken by our qualified coaches.

Mat time: where the focus is on the development of gross and fine motor skills using music and imagination. Circuit Adventure – children explore the different trails set up around the gym, going on, over and through different pieces

Sleep when your newborn sleeps Most mums will gladly fall into bed when baby goes off to sleep for a much deserved kip – small as it may be. It’s a good idea as looking after a baby’s needs is a full time, very tiring job. Don’t try to soldier on, give your body a break. Even a 10-minute power nap will help perk you up for the rest of the day. Or at least sit down with your feet up.

of equipment. This develops their co-ordination, strength, spatial awareness and confidence. Children are challenged in a fun and safe environment. Studies have shown that a child’s physical and mental development is greatly enhanced from these kinds of activities. This is a great opportunity for parents to work with their child encouraging and learning together.

25 PARK Avenue Kensington ASB Sports Arena 14 | SAVVY

be getting up in the middle of the night when they are a year old – you just never know.


Ph 437 6667

Don’t try to be supermum Housework can take a back seat when you have a baby. It’s difficult for the house-proud to imagine, but finding the time to do housework with a baby at home can be a chore in itself! Some mums do their housework when baby sleeps, sacrificing their own sleep time and further tiring themselves out. As there’s often visitors to a newborn baby’s household, consider just keeping the living area clean and tidy. Try to have time out Most mums are reluctant to leave their precious baby for the first few months, but you will eventually get over that. Hopefully you have a partner or family and friends for support who will babysit while you go out for the odd night off. A trip to the gym, shopping or lunch with a friend will help boost energy levels and do you the world of good. The best part of babies is they just get even better as they get older. Things get easier every few months as babies grow into toddlers and you become an expert in figuring out their moods.

SPECIALISING IN THE CARE OF UNDER TWO YEAR OLDS Babysteps creates a home away from home for you and your child. Our centre is an intimate and nurturing space where your child can discover and experience life in a caring and stress free environment.

Ph: 09 459 1860 Email: info@babysteps.co.nz 11 Deveron St, Regent, Whangarei

Kids in the Kitchen:

BACON, EGG & SPAGHETTI PIES These tasty and hearty pies are perfect for after-school fuel or for a relaxed weekend meal. Fleur (8) can make them completely on her own and her friends love it when she cooks enough to share. Ingredients: • 4 Bacon rashers, middle • 3 sheets Butter puff pastry • 1½ cups Tasty cheese • 1 can Spaghetti, 400g • 4 Eggs • 2 Tbsp Milk Directions: • Preheat oven to 200C. Pan-fry bacon or grill until cooked, allow to cool a little and then cut off any rind and extra fat. • Line 4 x 1½ cup capacity pie dishes with pastry. • Sprinkle over a little grated cheese, then divide the spaghetti between the dishes. • Place bacon on top of the spaghetti and then carefully break an egg into each dish. Prick the yolk so that it runs.

• Top with remaining grated cheese and then cover with a pastry lid. Seal edges well, prick the pastry top, then brush with milk. • Cook for 20 minutes until golden and puffed.

ITALIAN IMPERIA PASTA MAKER The Imperia chromium-plated steel pasta machine is precision engineered in Italy, sturdy and built to last. It is amazingly easy to use and highly versatile, making it possible to prepare fresh home-made pasta in just a few minutes!

Special price $129 @ Northland Hospitality

106 Lower Dent Street, Whangarei

QUALITY KITCHENWARE WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL DO PREP SOLUTIONS VEGGIE PASTA MAKER Turn squash, zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, and other delicious foods into pasta wiith a simple twist.



POTATO RICER Make creamy mash potatoes s in seconds with the potato rice er.

Retro or Modern whichever is your style we have the one for you



FROM $56.00

C o l o u r fu l , h e a t r e s i s t a n t a n d great for use on non-stick surfaces FROM $7.20


Efficient and easy to use

3 disk ks 18 8/8 8 Stainless steel.

FROM JUST $8.95 $


106 Lower Dent Street, Whangarei | Phone (09) 430 0218 | Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm | www.northlandhospitality.co.nz

@ Northland Hospitality

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FRESH LICENSED CAFÉ 12 James St, Whangarei


It was the second week of school holidays, the kids had been pretty well-behaved so I decided to take the tribe out for a treat. It’s a pleasant outlook from Fresh Café, with alfresco dining flowing out to the beautified laneway. But for those after more privacy, there is also dining tucked away at the back. The big table inside by the window drew us, with its plush seating and feature cushions. This café has always been known for its light and breezy feel and its music adds to this ambience.

The savouries cabinet is filled with a range including creamy chicken and mushroom pie, bacon and mushroom egg filo, salmon quiche, salad sandwiches and various paninis and croissants. As well as specials of the day, Fresh’ blackboard menu includes BLATs and CLATs for $17, a B4 (Beef Big Boy Burger) for $18, squid salad, $18, chargrilled scotch club sandwich $21 and a range of snacks including nachos, wedges and fries for up to $11, as well as kids, desserts and all-day breakfast menus.

Between us we shared several mains and sweet treats. The eggs benedict is always a popular option and theirs comes with poached eggs, spinach, kumara rosti, homemade hollandaise sauce and options of either bacon or smoked salmon with avocado on ciabatta for $18. The avocado went well with this, the salmon adding a natural salty flavour and the crispy kumara rosti added a pleasing and unique twist to the usual hash brown. My boys halved a bacon and egg, cheese bagel ($8.50) between them. I didn’t manage to get their verdict but I’m guessing it was good, because, apart from the usual extraction of the onion, they ate the lot, including the spinach! We all ordered a sweet treat and shared them between us. These included the chocolate fudge crunch, $4.50, the sticky date and chocolate pudding, $6, the raw Snickers slice at $5.40, which is gluten and dairy-free, and the rich chocolate mud cake, $5.20.

Being kids, they made a lot of chocolaty choices here but the cabinet also included passion fruit and white choc cheesecake, pecan brioche, apple crumble, almond croissant and banana bread with lemon drizzle, with gluten-free options, such as the carrot cake. Our choices tasted as they sound – we were not disappointed. My boys were unable to finish theirs but my daughter, with her sweet tooth, hadn’t ordered a savoury so ensured there were no crumbs. The coffee, of a competitive culture these days, was up there and with its presentation too. It was nice to be served by the friendly owner at Fresh Café. The service between the staff was prompt, the central locality pleasant and the food filling and spot on.

Come visit us by the bridge on Rust Ave & experience

AUTHENTIC KOREAN BBQ & CUISINES With complimentary side dishes*

A fabulous place to enjoy signature kiwi food, coffee, drinks, and gatherings!

• Full breakfast and lunch menu • Quality cabinet food • Fairtrade & organic coffee • Vegetarian & gluten free options • Special requests – made to order

12 James Street, Whangarei | Ph 09 438 2921

FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST Purchase a Winter Lamb Salad and receive a FREE Cup of Coffee


184 Bank St, Regent, Whangarei

Ph 09 438 9636 16 | SAVVY

Ample side street parking including the rear of the Salvation Army


Buffet Lunch Mon - Fri only $14.50 pp 14 Rust Ave, Whangarei Phone 09 459 6195 Open Monday to Friday LUNCH: 11.30am-2.30pm DINNER: 5pm-9pm

Restaurant and Bar Flames Restaurant has a focus on fresh, local and healthy food with a fusion of Asian, Pacific and International cuisine. They have a new winter menu and are open seven days for Breakfast and Dinner. Put something truly extraordinary, something completely delicious in your mouth! 8 Waverley Street Onerahi, Whangarei 0800-132610 info@flameshotel.co.nz www.flameshotel.co.nz Nairobi Trio, New Zealand

CRUNCHY CRUSTED CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS This recipe will certainly lure the young ones in with the promise of potato chips for dinner! Panko crumbs are Japanese-style dried breadcrumbs, but regular dried breadcrumbs can be used instead.

Ingredients: • 80g Potatoes, chips, ready salted • 1 tsp Curry powder • 1 cup Panko breadcrumbs • 1 tsp

Chicken stock, powder

• 1 tsp Curry powder, optional • 1 cup Panko breadcrumbs • 1 tsp • 2

Chicken stock, powder Eggs

• 8

Chicken drumsticks

Directions: • Preheat oven to 180 degC. Crush chips and mix them on a shallow plate with panko crumbs, curry powder and chicken powder. • Break eggs into a shallow dish and lightly mix with a fork. Roll chicken in the egg and then in the crumb mix. • Place the chicken pieces in a single layer in a baking dish and cook for 45 to 50 minutes until meat is cooked through. Test by piercing thickest part of the drumstick with a skewer. The juices that run out should be clear and not pink. • Tip: Panko crumbs are Japanese-style dried breadcrumbs, but regular dried breadcrumbs can be used instead.


Quality and care passed from generation to generation. Come and experience the difference… Open: 7am-6pm Mon-Friday 7am-2pm – Saturdays Closed Sunday


$10 for 2kg





Specials going for a week or while stock lasts.

Shop 18 Paramount Plaza Paramount Parade Tikipunga

Phone: 09-971 8032

Roger and John

Winz cards accepted

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The Storytime Story… Once upon a time, in a Whangarei Land, there grew a magical children’s store… Almost 36 years ago a group of mothers were chatting about the lack of quality books and toys for their children to grow and learn. So they decided to pool their resources and founded Storytime. Last year the story almost wrote ‘the end’ on the final page, but the community wanted more. At the last minute, a new chapter was started, the business was sold and relocated to the Town Basin and a new generation of laughter is now heard in the store. And with the new location, it has become even bigger. Storytime has grown and now feeds the curious mind of any age. Take a look at the ranges.

Books From baby board books to award winning teen fiction and beyond, we have the range you won’t find anywhere else.

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Toys Do you build a zoo or farmyard, race cars, play games or like solving Rubik’s cube? There are so many toys to choose from, many that our parents remember from their childhood. We’ve always selected the toys that last the distance and can be handed onto the next generation.

Science and Technology The new owner loves science space in particular - so the store is gradually getting more cool stuff. Even the science books have their own area now and soon there will be telescopes to see to the end of the universe. Or how about excavating a dinosaur? So much to discover on our science shelves.

Art & Crafts Give a child a pencil and an artwork will soon appear. But it is not just drawing, there are magicians, fairies and plush craft toys to create.

Hobbies & Models Recently we added this section to the store and it has been so much fun. We ran model building workshops over the school holidays and our resident model man is always keen to find the right model for you to build.

SORE THROATS CAN BREAK A HEART WHAT IS RHEUMATIC FEVER? Rheumatic Fever is a serious disease that can cause serious heart problems. It usually starts with a sore throat. WHO IS MOST AT RISK? • Māori & Pacific Island children between 4-15 years • Families/whānau with a history of Rheumatic Fever • Families/whānau who share their homes with lots of others. WHAT CAN I DO TO PREVENT RHEUMATIC FEVER? Strep A is a bug that can live in your throat and cause a sore throat. If it is not treated it can lead to Rheumatic Fever. If your child has a sore throat take them to a doctor, nurse or other health professional and ask for a throat swab. If the swab shows the Strep A bug you will be prescribed a 10 day course of antibiotics. It is very important to take all the antibiotics to prevent Rheumatic Fever from developing. Covering your mouth when you cough, and washing and drying your hands often will help stop spreading it to other people.

The Manawa Ora Healthy Home Initiative aims to support tamariki and whānau to live in warmer, drier, healthier homes. The Manawa Ora programme provides housing solutions throughout Northland by Manaia Health PHO (Primary Health Organisation).

Services Offered If the referral is accepted the whānau will be allocated to one of six whānau Ora providers located across Northland. A community health worker or Kaimahi from that service will make contact with the whānau, visit them in their home to undertake a comprehensive housing assessment and identify what housing interventions can be provided to make the home warmer and drier. Manawa Ora will then coordinate the supply of these housing solutions. The interventions available include insulation, curtains, beds, bedding, heating, mould removal kits and education. Manawa Ora can help all whānau regardless of their housing situation, if they live in their own home, are renting, living in a HNZ home, or need help to find a home.

To be eligible whānau must meet the following criteria: a) live within the Northland District Health Board catchment area (from Te Hana in the south to Cape Reinga in the north) b) be a NZ citizen or permanent resident c) have a current community services card OR within the income limits to be eligible for one d) and meet certain health and / or social service criteria and be referred by a GP, nurse, midwife or social service.

For more information contact the Manawa Ora Case Administrator 09 438 1015. Email: Manawaora@manaiapho.co.nz

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When your babies meet the fur babies! Pets and children go hand-inhand. There’s no camera roll that doesn’t have numerous pictures or videos of children and their pets interacting and enjoying each other’s company!

Its so natural, the relationship between them, especially young children and young pets. They almost communicate on a different level to us adults. Having a pet in a child’s life is a wonderful thing; they learn to respect animals, how a routine works with feeding, toileting and cleaning and, most of all, they get them active and outdoors more, which today is a bonus. But for the same reasons, children are just as important to our pets; they help our pets adjust to being gentle and relaxed when around our smaller human equivalents and, above all, they help stimulate our pets with exercise and tonnes of play. It’s common to see a dog or cat just mindlessly following a child around for no reason other than they are interesting to them. This relationship, however, does not happen instantly. When introducing a pet to your new baby, there are a few little tips that will come in handy! Having a new baby is an exciting and engaging time for the parents and sometimes during all the commotion, we do forget about our pets and how it affects them. It’s important that before the arrival of your new addition, you start to prepare your pets, if possible, by preparing the nursery a few weeks out and adding other things like bouncers, blankets and toys around the house to let them get comfortable with the new changes. When the baby comes home, the first meet should always be controlled; let your pets use their sense of smell to start to familiarise themselves with the new baby. Always make sure you supervise any interactions just to be safe. It is important to keep the routine of the pets as close to normal as possible, feeding times particularly, also ensuring you can squeeze in that little brush or cuddle time with the cat and the walk with the dog or even just throwing a ball a few times. They need to know that the baby arriving is part of normal life. You may also consider earlier familiarising your dog to a day care environment as they can be great for helping exercise and stimulate them if time does get away from you. As children age, it’s important to teach them to be gentle and respect their pets and that they are not a new vacuum cleaner! Then it’s just time to get more SD cards for the camera, because the cute moments come thick and fast!


www.petessentialswhangarei.co.nz 20 | SAVVY

stop because of barriers and challenges they experience, particularly when they return to work. We congratulate the government for moving to extend parental leave, and legislation around support of breast feeding in the workplace. These are important steps in the right direction. The evidence indicates that we need to go further - extending paid parental leave is linked to mums breastfeeding for longer.” She said other challenges for working breastfeeding mothers include working at night, manual occupations, access to childcare close to their workplace, and a lack of support in workplace. Plunket says the health benefits of breastfeeding are so significant that greater investment in support services to help mums breastfeed would be a significant investment in improving children’s health outcomes. “Breastfeeding is a skill that requires learning for both mother and baby. There is support available for mums, such as PlunketLine (0800 933 922) available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Mums can get in touch with La Leche, their local Plunket nurse or visit a Plunket family centre, where staff and other mums can offer support and information in a friendly Breastfeeding rates in New Zealand are steadily increasing, according to Plunket data released during World

and relaxed environment. However, sustained support would help more mums continue breastfeeding for longer,

Breastfeeding Week August 1-7. Plunket says, in 2013 and 2014, 86 per cent of babies

particularly supporting M ori and Pacific mums, supported by more investment in BFHI and BFCI Programmes,

aged between two-six weeks received some breast milk, the highest rate since 1994.

lactation consultants and breastfeeding peer-counsellors, especially in areas where there is limited access to support

The increases are encouraging. However, the statistics also show the rate of any breastfeeding at 12 weeks is

services. Along with direct support, it’s also about creating a supportive environment, which is why the baby friendly-

consistently lower than the rate at six weeks. In 2014, 76 per cent of babies aged 12 weeks, received some breast milk.

community initiative led by NZBA is so important.”

ABOUT BREASTFEEDING • Breast milk is the perfect food for infants and provides babies with all the nutrition they need for healthy growth and development. It’s the original fast food - it’s always fresh and delivered at the right temperature plus it’s free and readilyavailable. • Plunket supports the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommendation that babies are fed only breast milk for the first six months. After six months, other foods can be added to a baby’s diet, but breast milk remains the ideal milk drink for children up to two years and beyond • Plunket’s goal is to see more babies being exclusively breastfed for longer and extending the duration of breastfeeding. In order for this to happen, breastfeeding mothers need a supportive environment. • The support of the mum’s partner and her family are known to be strong factors in whether - and for how long - she will breastfeed. • Breastfeeding friendly workplaces are another key factor. We all need to continue to support women in all situations so they can breastfeed for longer. • By providing mothers with a supportive environment, we are helping to break down the barriers that many new mothers face when choosing to breastfeed.

The rate of babies at 12 weeks fed breast milk only are increasing slowly year-on-year, but are also consistently around 10 per cent lower than the rate at six weeks. While breastfeeding rates for M ori and Pacific mums are steadily increasing, they are still lower than other ethnicities. The rate of M ori babies receiving some breast milk at two-six weeks stayed at 79 per cent in 2013 and 2014, and, for Pacific babies, it increased from 83-84 per cent. Plunket national clinical advisor Marianne Grant says it is encouraging that, overall, the breastfeeding rates are steadily increasing. “Breastfeeding helps protect your baby against colds, tummy bugs, infections, and allergies, as well as helping your baby feel safe and secure. The high proportion of mums breastfeeding when their babies are very young is great, as this helps give their baby the best start in life. “Babies and mums get the greatest benefits from breastfeeding when babies are fed breast milk exclusively for the first six months of life, and we would like to see those high rates in the first weeks sustained for longer.” She said more support for mums to continue to breastfeed could make a difference. “Some degree of decline is to be expected. However, the high rates initially indicate mums want to breastfeed but

North City Osteo opath hs


Treatment for

Adults And Children

& '5!, .:!0/4$/#; 7<,1 2#,5!;$,,.:1" & )#,"15103 %5:1 & )/!;(2:#;< .:!0/4$/#; & +523 51. 0<:6.#,1 %#/26,4! !90< 5! !6,,%* .:",!;:8, %5:1* 0/6:0 51. !;#5:1! $#/4 ;#5945;:0 2:#;< & -09%910;9#, ;#,5;4,1; ;/ <,6% %#,"15103 :!!9,!

Late night and Saturday morning appointments available

Acc Treatment Providers For Appointments | Phone 09 437 0238

Acupuncture Treatment Available 75 Whau Valley Road, Whangarei 2 Le Ruez Place, Tui Medical Centre, Maunu www.northcityosteopaths.co.nz SAVVY | 21

Far North family getaway The Doubtless Bay and Karikari Peninsula area has long been a favourite holiday spot of mine. For years we lugged

in the pool, spa, playing tennis and surfing. We didn’t use the car once!

everything, including the newborn twins, toddler and two cats, along with all the required paraphernalia you can

With a special family occasion coming up, we asked where they’d like to go to celebrate and so a return trip was planned

imagine you would need for a camping holiday on bare land with no running water or power, to Taipa.

– albeit this time in the winter. Last weekend, we set off north-bound and arrived two

I must’ve had a lot of energy back then. These days, I take the easy and much more luxurious option and treat myself

hours later. As usual, the staff were warm, welcoming and professional. It’s worth mentioning they remain this way

every year to a night or two at the Ramada Resort Reia Taipa Beach.

for the duration, despite my children’s repeated visits to reception requesting and returning tennis rackets, not to

Situated in the midst of Mangonui, Cooper’s Beach and the golden sands of Cable Bay, and further on, the Karikari

mention spare swipe cards every time they lock themselves out!

Peninsula, with its vast array: the pohutukawa-shaded Whatuwhiwhi, Fiji-like Rangiputa and the picturesque sweep

We headed down the huge corridor, and I eyed the racks of magazines with their vast array of reading material, taking

of Matai Bay, it’s a matter of take-your-pick which beach you will visit.

note to return later. There’s also a games cupboard, including petanque, cricket, body boards, board games and books.

And then there’s the long stretch of Taipa Bay itself, suitable for surfing on the right day. This is the outlook for the

Rather than beach-front, this time we opted for poolside, seeing as the kids spend most of their time out the back and,

luxury resort which boasts prime position beachfront. Unlike Cable Bay and Cooper’s Beach before it, Taipa’s jewel is not

being a large family, had adjoining rooms. The kids thought it pretty cool, having their own ‘house’.

apparent from the main road. However, veer east off the State Highway, and within seconds you have discovered it.

The revamped studios are spacious and have everything you could need. With the heat pump on and the sun outside,

At the resort, you are greeted by a scene resembling the tropics. Palms galore border the swimming pool, surrounded

it was easy to forget we were in the midst of winter and the kids donned shorts and jandals the following day. Stepping

with gazebos, recliners, picnic tables, a bbq area and spa. Next to this are the tennis courts, all set in amongst

outside, the cold hit them and they remembered they weren’t actually in the tropics!

beautifully-maintained gardens with blooming hibiscus. Having holidayed here without children, I knew they would

We headed to breakfast with its sunny outlook of the beach, to discover the Northland Rugby Team in residence

love it and vowed to start saving for a family holiday here. Last summer we did that and the kids spent the entire time

and also dining – popular place! After breakfast, it was time for copious rounds of tennis,

MARK THIS ON YOUR CALENDER ALL DAY EXPO Saturday 27 October 2018 At Northcity Caravan’s Yard • Suppliers / Distributors will be on site to answer your queries • Go into the Prize Draw • Bring your vehicle / caravan on the yard between August and October and get a discount on our sales commission rate Northcity Caravans Bottom of Piano Hill, Kauri, SH1

0276007759 • 09 4338542 Email: info@northcitycaravans.co.nz www.northcitycaravans.co.nz 22 | SAVVY


followed by the excruciating game they had started the afternoon before; running from the hot spa into the ice-cold waters of the pool on repeat! There was still down-time, which consisted of either Sky tv or devices (humph) for the boys, while my daughter raided the games cupboard, but they kept active enough. Plus, the warm sunset hues reflecting off the glistening sands at lowtide were just too tempting so we hauled them out for a stroll along the beach before dinner. The classic Traffic Light, Pink Panther, Coke Float and milkshake drinks were a hit and we dined in the restaurant both nights, with friends joining us the second night for the milestone birthday occasion. The onsite restaurant, with bar, and café are constantly humming with the café a regular stop-off for tourist buses, not to mention locals, many opting for alfresco dining, taking in the ever-changing landscape and scene around them. On the final day, after a scrummy cooked breakfast, including The Big Breakfast, eggs benedict, french toast and toasted sandwiches, while watching the mist rapidly rise off the surf across the way, it was time to order yet another of their delicious coffees and take one last walk along the beach where, by then an absolute glorious day had unfolded. All too soon our holiday had come to an end and we promised the kids to their repeated requests of ‘one more game of tennis’ and ‘one more swim’, that they would just have to wait until next time.



Seven winter shoe care tips

$20 OFF ALL STYLES Light & Super Comfortable

$139.90 $139 90

$169 90 $169.90



e all have to wear shoes, most of us all day, every day. It’s not a purchase we can skip out on entirely, but it is one we can save on in the long term by using proper shoe care. This is especially true for the expensive boots and shoes subjected to tough fall and winter weather year after year. Keeping your shoes in good condition is actually pretty simple. You just need to know what to do (and commit to doing it). A little upfront cost to prevent wear and tear could mean avoiding an expensive replacement sooner than necessary.


Use a water protector. Water is one of the biggest offenders for wearing shoes out. You probably can’t pull off never wearing your shoes in the rain, sleet, or snow, but you can make sure they’re better protected when you do. It’s best to cover your shoes in a water protector solution soon after purchasing them and then again once each season. If you’ve never done anything to protect those old shoes before, it’s not too late. Go ahead and buy some water protector and get started.


Replace the lifts on heels with a stronger

version. For high heels, the weakest link is the lift. Many women know the experience of a lift breaking off a


$169 90 $169.90

Mens $179 $179.90 M 90



high-heeled shoe at an inconvenient moment. Most high heels come with plastic lifts, but a shoe repairman can swap those out with rubber lifts that will last much longer.


$ $199.90


Switch them out. Shoes need a break from time to time. The point

$199 90 $199.90


of the post was to help you avoid spending money on a new pair of shoes, but if you only have one good pair you’re wearing most days, you’re not going to get the best bang for your buck.

Super Lightweight

Great Support & Comfort with Antistress Technology

Invest in a second pair so each pair of shoes has a day to dry out and get back to its normal shape in between uses. Both pairs will last much longer if they’re not in constant use. A good pair of shoes can save you the trouble of having to buy new pairs each season and bring you comfort throughout the day. A few simple tricks can

$249.90 $


$249.90 $249 90


Great Walkability Footwear For Men & Women

help you hang on to that good pair once you’ve got it.


Polish your shoes regularly. When your shoes get too dry, it can cause cracks in them or change the shape so they don’t fit as well. Polishing your shoes is like moisturizing your skin; it keeps them from drying out (and makes them look nicer besides).






Use shoe trees (or paper). While rain can cause some problems for shoe longevity, there’s a more consistent threat of moisture with every use: foot sweat. Shoe trees help absorb some of that daily moisture and the odor it causes while you store your shoes at the end of the day. They also help your shoes keep their rightful shape over years of use. If you don’t want to spend the $20 or so a shoe tree costs, you can bunch up some paper to use for the same purpose.

Handcrafted with genuine leather


Let them dry naturally. Don’t try to rush the process of drying out wet shoes with a dryer or heater. That will only warp the shape and potentially damage the material they’re made of. If your shoes have got wet, give them time to dry naturally before wearing them again.


Get sole protectors. Soles are the part of the shoe that will wear out the fastest and many shoes aren’t made with especially strong ones. A cobbler will usually put sole protectors on your shoes for around $20-$30.



See Santreno Shoes for all your shoe care needs!

Genuine leather

$299.90 $


The Mall, 69 Cameron St, Whangarei Phone 09 438 2224

Locally Owned & Operated

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F Each Moss & Spy

piece is designed to last a lifetime with the highest quality, European and locally produced fabrics and go through a meticulous design process to create the best possible garment. The unique styles are for women who know themselves and are unwilling to compromise about who they are...

Brighten your days with these must haves this season!

WHANGAREI Open 7 Days | Okara Shopping Centre Phone 09 438 9697 | Now open till 6pm on weekdays


Open Mon-Sat | 78 Victoria Street Phone 09 439 7341 | www.polwarthdesign.co.nz 24 | SAVVY

or 33 years, we have dressed generations of New Zealand women. Daughters are now mother’s, mother’s grandmothers and grandmother’s great. In that time, fashion has evolved to meet the changing needs and preferences of women. Cyclic trends have returned, but always with that subtle modification that outdates the aged original, ensuring you buy new. That faded denim bomber, for example, lacks the spandex and softness of the new version and the musty leather jacket sporting Grace Jones shoulder pads, remains an 80’s statement. So, what about labels in our 33 years?? Rumour has it that, along with Lisa Law, Louche, Didier, Calico, Bazaar, True Religion, Lifespace and numerous others, Newport,

a label we have stocked forever, have decided to

wind up. A New Zealand icon that’s been around for 60 years – gone. If they’re not closing down, they’re restructuring or changing their designers. Retail across the planet is changing. Look at Verge three years on from changing designers – you never hear about it. Even Joseph Ribkoff, our favourite label, has altered, since selling 95 per cent of its company last year. Exclusivity has been usurped by revenue, and soon it will be found on every street corner. So, what about the brick and mortar store after 33 years?? With the upsurge of online shopping, the buying power of chain stores and off-shore manufacturing, the privately- owned retail boutique is becoming seriously scarce. Identity, Kimberley’s, Andrea More all gone. BUT we have survived!!! And we are here to stay. How refreshing is it to walk into an independent retail store and see garments that haven’t featured in the last three shopping malls. For the robust, independently-owned operator, spring stock is just starting to roll in. Glorious, fresh new looks to brighten up those dull winter days, by designers who value originality and style. Looks that haven’t been mass-produced in chain stores. We are looking forward to sharing the fabulous collections we have selected for you this spring/ summer. After 33 years it’s still exciting!!! Join us.


anola is an Italian professional colour and hair care line. It’s most well-known for hair colour and No Yellow Shampoo. The concept of Fanola was to produce the highest technology care that delivers quality results to the customers at the best possible price. Throughout the years, Fanola has grown and has proven to be a real success for customers all around the world. There is a wide range of Fanola products and there is something for everyone. With an extensive range of lines, Fanola has developed separate programs to cater for the individual and for any needs necessary. If you wish to purchase any product, please visit Xtreme Shampoo Shoppe for more details.


Fanola No Yellow Shampoo Never worry about brassy tones in your hair ever again with this amazing and affordable shampoo from Fanola! Why we love this product: One thing practically all blondes can relate to is our sheer disgust of brassy tones. It is our number-one pet hate of having light hair.

A touch of Kiwiana



It’s not a cheap life of colouring your hair blonde. Getting those icy cool Elsa vibes is harder than one would think. Luckily, this shampoo is hands-down the best for keeping your locks looking fresh from the salon. The Fanola No Yellow shampoo was created to tone your hair and combat brassy tones. Your hair absorbs the shampoo, making it stay an icy colour. It is formulated with a special violet pigment that neutralises undesirable yellow reflections in bleached, blonde, streaked or grey hair. Use with a conditioning treatment and your hair will feel superbly soft, shiny and silky! Features: • Ideal for bleached, blonde, streaked or grey hair • Neutralises undesirable yellow reflections • PH level: 3.3-3.7 • Country of origin: Italy

RRP $35





At Xtreme Shampoo Shoppe, we care about your hair and we understand how important it is to treat your hair well so we are proud to share our knowledge on all our professional brands to you..


A Fa anolo Hair Pack When you book a cut or colour service with Sarah or Amy during the month of August! See in store for more details.

188 Bank Street, Regent, Whangarei Phone: 438 6234 or 438 7370

SHOP ONLINE www.flowersonbank.nz

SHAMPOO SHOPPE Ph 09 438 1933

The Strand Arcade, Whangarei www.xtremeshampooshop.co.nz SAVVY | 25


Why it pays to be on a laser hair removal plan at Caci Ready to ditch the razor? Here’s why joining us on a specialised treatment plan is the best way to get the results you want.


etting laser hair removal is a big step, so it’s important to feel comfortable in your choice of treatment provider. Here at Caci, we’ve been offering laser hair removal for 24 years and have treated over 20,000 clients, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with us. We even created our own laser hair removal plan, Freedom, to take all the guesswork out of the treatment journey and guarantee your results*. Joining us on the Freedom treatment plan means you get access to extra perks and benefits as well. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth it, here’s some key facts you need to know: A treatment schedule just for you For the best results with your laser hair removal treatment, you’ll need multiple sessions in order to target as many hairs during the body’s natural growth cycle as possible. On the Freedom plan, we take care of this for you and create a treatment schedule tailored for your needs – so you get the results you’re looking for. We even give you an exclusive guarantee.

Cost savings Joining us on the Freedom plan means you’ll pay less overall than you would if you were paying for the same amount of treatments individually. In addition, you get the option of payment plans so you can pay off your treatments over time, in a way that suits you. Choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment plans – for example, on the Freedom plan for the underarms area, weekly payments could start from as little as $20. Extra benefits Being on a treatment plan at Caci also gives you access to special benefits, so you can treat yourself! Enjoy 20% off beauty therapy services, as well as beauty rewards, including free facials, eyebrow and lash services the longer you’re on your programme. To find out whether the Freedom plan is right for you, and to get an accurate quote for the areas you’re wanting to have treated, book in for your free consultation with the expert team at Caci Whangarei.

*Terms and conditions apply, see www.caci.co.nz for full details.

Charmaine’s Skin Journey at Caci


Charmaine Soljak, local announcer from The Hits Northland


In the lead-up to my next Crossfit competition, now that I’m feeling stronger and fitter, it made sense to start to get my skin in greater shape too.

Treat two areas for the price of one until Sept 30 with our laser hair removal plan!

Caci Whangarei has started work on my Skin Health Plan to help me get the best skin I can. We’ve worked out a schedule of skin conditioning treatments to make my skin look fresh, bright and healthy. It’s all tailored to your needs. I needed a lot of hydration so we are underway with a plan that will reflect my confident personality and healthy lifestyle. Seriously, the facials are ‘soo relaxing’, indulgent and make you feel lovely.








ES •



26 | SAVVY



Terms and Conditions Apply.



0800 458 458

Keep listening to The Hits Northland to hear the progress and pick up wonderful products that will help you through these cooler months. This month I’m giving away the Murad Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil valued at $149 from Caci Whangarei. Listen for details to win.

110 Bank St, Whangarei

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Stepping out of the darkness

• Private Coaching • Group Coaching • Teen Coaching • Workshops & Events

BY SARAH TRASS Like most of the world, I watched the unfolding of the Thai Cave mission with baited breath. Two weeks in complete darkness,

I will help you put in place the steps that enable you to show up everyday as the best version of yourself.

surrounded by cold murky water, with no real certainty around whether you are going to make it out or not, sounds like a terrifying experience – especially for a group of children! Besides the immense courage of everyone involved, this experience made me aware of a powerful human trait that often gets dismissed in today’s society… positivity. Regardless of the fear circulating the boys’ survival, those involved chose to focus on the 5 per cent chance of getting them out of there, versus the 95 per cent chance of fatality. I feel this is not common in most people today. Pessimistic thinking, aka thoughts focused primarily on the negatives, is more prevalent and has serious side effects in regards to our sense of confidence, esteem, and overall health. In fact, studies spanning

Sarah is an internationallycertified Health and Lifestyle Coach, passionate about helping you live your best life - a life that’s healthier, happier, and way more fulfilling.

To encourage more positive thinking

across the last 50 years show that those who express positivity, live up to 10 years longer than those who go through life believing their

throughout your day, try these two techniques:

glass is half empty. So, what’s the misunderstanding around positivity? People

Dispute negative thoughts – break negative thought cycles by asking yourself

often believe positivity is about turning a blind eye to what is going on in their life. Whereas what positivity really is, is curiosity

what beliefs are being triggered, then challenge these by assessing the cold-hard

and choice – choosing to find a way forward that moves you up and out of situations, rather than downward and in. Hardship is

facts. How do these thoughts compare to the reality of the situation?

inevitable in life. However, if you constantly choose to respond with a pessimistic mindset, you will only ever feel stressed, anxious,

Find the silver-lining – it is rare to find yourself in a situation that is completely

overwhelmed, and hopeless. Pessimism lets the negative emotions and thoughts narrow your ideas about possible action and

terrible, therefore focus on what you have, or can grow from in these moments.

outcomes, whereas positivity enables us to become more receptive and creative in finding alternative solutions, that better serve our

How does the situation play to your strengths? How could you use these to

overall health and happiness.

move you forward?

027 368 5969

Let your natural beauty shine through. Glowing, healthy, rejuvenated skin makes a world of difference to how you look and feel. With 20 years’ experience in all aspects of professional skincare and Appearance Medicine, we offer the latest, most effective treatments to address any of your skin concerns, from wrinkles,

sagging and sun damage right through to unwanted hair, acne scaring, facial veins, enlarged pores or dullness. We take a partnership approach to our consultations, whereby our expert assessment combines with your goals to create a comprehensive treatment plan that is uniquely yours.

To discuss your treatment options phone Skin Institute Whangarei, 67 Maunu Rd, on 09 438 6767 or visit skininstitute.co.nz/injectables

Skin cancer | Veins | Appearance medicine TAPS MR5383

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To Making Health And Fitness Your Number One Priority


ow, let’s start by being honest. Is taking care of yourself something that you REALLY prioritize, or is your health and fitness something you would like to BE a priority, but in reality gets pushed to the side when you’re busy? For so many people, especially women, the true answer is that you are the last person you take care of, after your spouse/partner, children, coworkers and pets, when it should be the other way around! Your overall health and wellbeing -physical, mental and emotional - should always be your number one priority as, without it, nothing else matters. The good news is, when you take the time to take care of yourself, your whole life improves. Here are five tips for how you can prioritize your health and fitness.

1. Don’t try to change everything at once. Pick one thing and stick to it. It seems like we try to change everything at once - our weight, our relationship, our career, our family and our finances - rather than prioritize. But that approach is completely unrealistic. In fact, sometimes the more we try to do, the less able we are to make any of these changes, and everything suffers. So the first step is to prioritize. Make a list of everything you want to change and how each item on the list affects the other, and which makes the most sense to start with. Arrange them in order of importance. Now look at the first thing on your list and set a tangible and achievable goal you know you can attain. Keep your list handy and remind yourself each and every day of your commitment. You are now on the pathway to success, taking one small step at a time. 2.Aim to create a positive new habit, not just a result - Focus on the new behavior you want to achieve, not the outcome. Say you want to lose five


kilos. The way to obtain this goal is by: Cleaning up your diet and getting very active. That’s more effective than just focusing on the scale. 3.When you slip, get back on track quickly There are times when we make choices that we know are not good for us. We grab that sugary dessert or skip a few days of our workout. One of the hardest things to do is to forgive ourselves and move back into our best behaviors as soon as possible. You don’t need to overcompensate to try to undo the damage that was done. This only makes getting back on track harder. Just get back into your healthy routine. Get back to your small changes, back to your positive behaviors and right back to achieving that outcome.

Fitness is like marriage. You can’t cheat on it and expect it to work! 4. Change your thinking - Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your character. Add some positive thinking in this entire process, and the end goal becomes your destiny. If you follow through, you’ll find that achieving your goal was one of the easiest things you ever did because you did it through small, achievable steps. 5. Rinse and Repeat - Use this process over and over again to achieve the goals you laid out at the very beginning. Step-by-step, dayby-day, you will live your commitments and see the strength of your true character. The bottom line is, there’s no secret sauce, no quick-fix. Commitment to developing good habits over time IS the ‘magic bullet’.

Build a Better YOU!

You know living a healthy lifestyle that includes proper exercise will help you feel better and live longer. Its time to build more confidence, more energy, more strength and more zest for living. Team up with us and get started on your plan for success.



Come and experience our facilities that will make your decision to include fitness in your life an easy one. We’ll help you to a healthier place. You’ll love the results and you’ll feel better about everything you do. Call 438 8863 • 95 Walton St, Whangarei www.anytimefitness.co.nz

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Glaucoma and Cataract • A cataract is an eye condition where cloudiness, or opacity in the lens (behind the iris), blocks or changes the entry of

be regained. In cataract surgery, the cloudy lens of the eye is removed and replaced with a clear plastic lens called an

light, affecting vision. • Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that gradually steals sight without warning

intraocular lens implant. The natural lens is surrounded by a capsule which holds it in place.

and often without symptoms. Vision loss is caused by damage to the optic nerve at the back of the eye. Cataracts and glaucoma are both serious


Both cataracts and glaucoma become more common with increasing age. Many people over 60 may have both.

During cataract surgery, an opening is created in the front part of the capsule so the surgeon can remove the lens, but the back layer of the capsule, known as

short-term or permanent. In general, it is not possible to predict whether the eye pressure will rise, fall or stay the same after cataract surgery. However, most

conditions that can cause you to lose vision. Loss of vision due to cataracts can be reversed with surgery. Loss of vision from

the posterior capsule, is left intact to help stabilize the lens. In some patients, after a period of

people have slightly lower eye pressure following cataract surgery. This is often not permanent, and the pressure may increase

glaucoma is irreversible.

time following the cataract surgery, the posterior capsule can slowly thicken and cloud vision. A laser procedure called a capsulotomy can open this membrane,

again after the surgery. Sharp increases in eye pressure immediately after the surgery are called ‘pressure spikes’ and sometimes occur in

Those with glaucoma are usually not at higher risk of developing cataracts. There are exceptions, including those who have

restoring vision without surgery.

patients 1-2 days after cataract surgery. Often these pressure spikes are shortterm and can be treated with medication.

glaucoma due to secondary causes such as eye inflammation, eye trauma, or steroid medication use. Also, at higher risk are those with developmental conditions, such

Cataract surgery is suggested when a person’s vision has declined to the point where it interferes with their usual daily tasks. In some patients with narrow angles,

as congenital rubella which can cause glaucoma and cataract, or sometimes both. Both eye conditions are also more common

the cataract becomes too big and crowds the other structures in the eye (especially the drainage angle). When this occurs,

to worsen over time, causing continual reduction of vision. People can become legally blind from untreated cataracts, and

If both glaucoma surgery and cataract surgery are needed, can the two procedures be combined?

with age, which is why many who have one disease may develop the other.

cataracts can even cause total blindness if left untreated.

Can surgery restore vision loss from a

performing a cataract surgery with a lens replacement may open the drainage angle and improve the eye pressure. Cataracts also makes it difficult for the

The first priority is to control the glaucoma. A person may have a glaucoma procedure followed by cataract surgery, or have both surgeries done at the same time.

cataract? Unlike vision loss from glaucoma, cataract-associated vision loss can often

ophthalmologist to examine the back of the eye and monitor Glaucoma due to the cloudy lens.

glaucoma? Cataract surgery can cause a change in eye pressure. This change may be

Are those with glaucoma at higher risk of developing cataracts?

When is cataract surgery needed?

Sometimes your doctor may give you a tablet or some eye drops to use following surgery to prevent these pressure spikes. In most cases, cataracts will continue

How will cataract surgery affect the

The specific approach will depend on the medical needs of the person with glaucoma. Is there a need to change glaucoma medication after cataract surgery? In many patients after cataract surgery, your doctor may reassess the glaucoma drops that are prescribed. In some instances, glaucoma drops can be decreased, while other times, there may be the need for more intensive glaucoma treatment. This should be discussed with your doctor. For more information, email info@glaucoma.org.nz or phone 0800GLAUCOMA (0800 452 826) or Eye Centre Primecare 0800 11 00 30

Help is only a phone call away – call Eye Centre Primecare 0800 110 030



• Initial consultation $162.00 Retinal photos $7 • OCT Scan $104.00 • Cataract surgery from $3300.00 per eye * Price inc GST but not including cost of pre-operative consultation Southern Cross affiliated

Help is only a phone call away 0800 11 0030



David Dalziel and Andrew Watts Ph: 09-972 7022 12 Kensington Ave, Whangarei Fax: 09-972 7026 Email: pceyes@xtra.co.nz Website: www.bit.do/EyeCentre SAVVY | 29


food once they have paid their rent and bills. Others come along for the

simply because of the need. Rochelle explains that, as a teen, her family,

companionship. “We’ve never turned anybody away

through no fault of their own, once spent a short period living in their car.

before. If they walk through the door, we don’t question them. If someone turned up

“I just really wanted to help others and give the homeless something warm to

in a tuxedo, we’d just hand them a plate and say: ‘Here you go – have a feed.’”

eat and a friendly face to talk to.” The couple both agree they do it

At 7pm, the doors open and people drift in where, chatting quietly, they take

mostly for the joy and happiness it brings. They have also created many

up seats on the benches lining the hall. Once the food is laid, at 7.30pm, they

friendships along the way. In fact, their own love blossomed over Soul Food,

queue patiently while Rochelle thanks everyone and says grace. Any night can

culminating in an engagement for a wedding planned for next year.

vary from between 40 and 60 people. However, one night there was 85.

While Chris says he loves how beautiful and caring his fiancé is, Rochelle says

Every Monday and Friday, Rochelle and Chris arrive at 3pm to the venue, which is open for drop-offs of food, clothing, tents, blankets and personal

Polystyrene containers are provided but some bring their own bowls. They serve to

it’s Chris’ support, compassion and drive which continually impress her.

young and old, families with young children, some well-dressed, some not-so. All are

The couple, who have three children between them say, with Soul Food taking

items from 4pm. They also have a dropoff point at Jennian Homes, Selwyn Ave. Generous Whangarei businesses donate the day’s excess fresh goods, or from over-

polite and very grateful. There’s soup, sausages, scalloped

up around 90 per cent of their time, on top of Rochelle’s job as a caregiver, the

potatoes, meat loaf, lasagne, hangi and the dessert, equally impressive.

wedding plans are coming along slowly. “We have a pastor and I have my dress

catered functions, although pizza deliveries and the like are not uncommon. As well,

With full bellies and takeaway sandwiches and fruit, the people say

and that’s where we are up to so far. As we have learned, good things take time.”

kind locals spend the day in their kitchens cooking up a storm.

their thanks and drift into the night. Nothing gets wasted – what leftovers

The scene at home is chaos with food boxes and bags of donated items taking

While the volunteers busily prepare the food in the hall kitchen, Chris also

can be frozen are and the rest is offered to the volunteers.

over the lounge. “Most nights, our family time is sitting

provides transport to and from the venue from a pick-up point in Otaika. He’s come

Rochelle and Chris usually close up at 9.30pm, although some nights it’s as

talking while we sort. It’s non-stop but we wouldn’t change it for the world.”

to know their regulars over the years and hears many stories.

late as 10.45pm. But even then, they still need to unload the trailer at home and

Not all are homeless, Chris explains. While some are living in cars or on

freeze the leftovers for food parcels. Rochelle and Chris are not opulent

streets, some simply can’t afford

themselves and they continue to do this,


ive years ago, Chris Youens dressed in rags and set off into the night, walking the city in search of people sleeping rough. It didn’t take him long to find some. “As I was walking past one shop, I heard a guy asking if they had any leftovers. The sad thing was, they did, but they told him to p*** off. I later approached the guy and told him I knew where there was a group giving out free food. I looked the same as him so he trusted me.” Word spread and soon there was quite a gathering. One man would turn up every week and say: ‘What’s Cooking?!’, while another declared: ‘This really fed my soul.’ And so Soul Food What’s Cooking Whangarei was born. Soul Food has had various venues around the city and is now based at the Anglican Hall on the corner of Kamo Rd and Deveron St. Today it is run by Chris and fiancée Rochelle Hedges, who has also been with Soul Food since its conception, along with a team of volunteers who both cook and help on the nights.

We have a pastor and I have my dress and that’s where we are up to so far. As we have learned, good things take time.

Chris and Rochelle are this month’s nominees for our Local Legends $100 New World Kerikeri Gift Card. If you know of a suitable nominee, please email us at: savvy@northernadvocate.co.nz


Bringing the New World service, selection, smiles and low prices to Kerikeri and the Bay of Islands

Nominate your class from ANY mid North primary or intermediate school and that class could win lunch for a day courtesy of New World Kerikeri and The HITS Northland.

All you have to do is register your class at Kerikeri New World.


Check out our gluten free and organic choices www.newworld.co.nz 99 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri Hours: Mon-Sun 7am - 9pm Phone (09) 407 0200

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It wasn’t a very auspicious beginning to a new job. I had been appointed sole teacher at Parua Bay No1 School.


here were two Parua Bay Schools in the early 1950’s and the No1 School was the furthest from Whangarei. Parua Bay No 2 School was at Tamaterau, much closer to town. The time came for me to meet the chairman of the school committee and to view my new job. My wife and I headed off in our pride and joy, a slightly beaten up Morris 8. We rattled and jolted our way on the notorious Heads Rd until we almost reached the foot of the hill at Solomon’s Pt. Suddenly there was a crack and the next second we were on our side on the beach extricating ourselves from our poor little ‘Morrie’. One of the steering rods had given up the battle. What to do? We wanted to make a good impression on our yet to be met chairman and we had an appointment to view our new school with him. So, nothing daunted, we dusted ourselves off, checked for broken bones and set off to walk the considerable distance to Ernie Williams’ house along what was then known as the Ridge Rd. We abandoned ‘Morrie’, to be retrieved later, and thought Ernie would take us the rest of the way to the school in his car. We were a couple of naïve Townies. After commiserations, Ernie said: “Ok, let’s walk down to the school, it’s only two or three miles away.” So we walked. We stumbled along the dusty road, along the ridge past the cemetery and down the long hill to my new work place. There it was. One lonely little classroom, a shelter shed, a boy’s and a girl’s lavvy and a tiny bare earth playground, all surrounded by high manuka and gorse. Across the road was the only other sign of civilisation – a cream-stand. However, to me it was a little piece of paradise. My own

The whole school on a nature study ramble at a nearby farm. school, my own job and I would be my own boss! So began eleven very happy years teaching in the country. Having inspected the school, we walked back to Ridge Rd with Ernie, rang my brother, a mechanic, who came and retrieved ‘Morrie’ and a week or so later, safely housed in the old school house in McLeod’s Bay I began my country teaching career. I arrived on the first morning, bright and early to be greeted by the first child, who had already arrived and left his horse in the horse paddock, the only piece of cleared land near the school. Soon the rest of the children arrived – all nine of them, from primer one to standard six. I rang the bell and they all lined up in front of the classroom patiently waiting to check out what their new teacher was going to be like. After the ‘Good morning, Sir’ chant was over, I went in the door expecting them to follow. Instead there was a pause, and a small voice asked: “Are we going swimming, Sir? The tide’s in.”

and played so well together. There was only one cloud on the horizon. There was only nine of them and, if two children left, we would have reached the dreaded number of seven, which was the magic number making a school viable. We hoped for a miracle, and it happened. The school was surrounded by large tracts of old gum fields, poor infertile ground dotted with hundreds of gum holes where the valuable kauri gum had been extracted many years before. Then, the value of trace elements added to the exhausted soil was found to be effective and the waste land could be transformed into productive farmland. That meant farms for returned servicemen, and so the miracle of the rehab farms began for us. First, a project manager moved in and he had children. We knew more would follow as the farms were developed. We were saved, as our roll steadily grew. Suddenly our quiet scrub-covered patch of land was host to the roar of bulldozers and chain saws and, later, the buzz of tiger moth

planes which introduced the new phenomenon of aerial top dressing. As each new farm was developed, it was balloted for and the lucky returned serviceman moved, with his family, in to a brand new home on a brand new farm. Some years later, two of those houses were destroyed by a tornado, but that’s another story. In time our school roll grew so big we were entitled to a second teacher – but only if she had a space to teach in. We still had only the one room, which was beginning to burst at the seams. So, in typical country fashion the school committee said: “Let’s turn the shelter shed into a classroom,” so they did. We had our second classroom, a tiny shelter shed with my wife and a friend as part-time teachers. We had moved in to the big time. We were a two-teacher school! Eventually a proper classroom was added to the first lonely little room and the tiny school on Ridge Rd was consolidated with ours, bringing a full-time teacher, Stella Beasley, with the few children from her school with her. By this time, we had a brand-new teacher’s residence adjacent to the school, and a small school bus to collect children from the surrounding areas. When I left after eleven years, there were 65 pupils. As I occasionally drive past Parua Bay School today, with its cluster of classrooms, I think back to swimming lessons, when the tide was in. I think of nature study rambles on the beach, where we studied the ancient Maori middens on the foreshore where the boys got changed behind one flax bush and the girls behind another. I think of sunlit afternoons when Mick Kunac, who lived along the road would ring up and say he’d finished picking grapes for his wine and would I like to bring the children along to help themselves to what’s left. How our little crocodile of children would head off clutching their school bags to take a few grapes home for mum and dad. They all went home with full tummies and I left their mums and dads to deal with the consequences. There are so many memories, so many happy occasions. There is one constant though; As I roll down the car window and listen, there is still the happy chatter of children at play. Some great things never change!


Parua Bay No1 School Bert Boswell

We went into our classroom. The standards chanted their times tables, the primers, all two of them, drew on their blackboards at the back of the room, and it was time to go swimming. I asked one of the ‘big’ children to lead the way and off we all trudged clutching our togs and towels, along a track, across a field and down ‘The Rolling Bank’ to the beach. When I asked how the steep slope got its name, one of the children told me it was where, in the early days, Kauri logs were rolled down to the beach to be rafted together and towed to a sawmill in Whangarei. When I asked the children about changing into their togs, I was told the girls went behind that flax bush, the boys went behind another, and the littlies got changed where they were. So began countless swimming lessons over many years. I quickly became enchanted with my little family. They worked

Abridged from True Tales of Whangarei Heads. Stories are currently being collected for a second edition: ‘More True Tales of Whangarei Heads’.

Bacon. We’ll bring it home. Online shopping is now available at New World Onerahi.

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Sold on bold Getting noticed is something we all want at some point in our lives; want that promotion? Want to get published? How will you stand out from the crowd? Incorporating a bold colour scheme into your home will inevitably get guests talking!

32 | SAVVY


f you’re one of those people who have never met a colour you didn’t love or if you’re flirting with the idea of using bright colours in your home, a playful new chapter can be made by simply having the confidence to make bold moves. Some of us just need to move past the fear that bold colour will lack sophistication. A bold style can lead to unexpected, pleasant surprises. The result you want is one in which every space feels as unique as the people who inhabit it. The trick – if you’re doing this for the first time – is to do it bit-by-bit. A small room, such as the bathroom or laundry room might be the best place to start if you’re planning to dip your toes in the water, or perhaps painting the front door. Resene colour consultant Carolyn Atkinson says most people approach bold or bright colour with a certain amount of caution - and that is very wise. “Colours in an interior always look stronger or brighter than you might expect them to, often as much as double the intensity in some cases. Painting very large samples on A2 white card allows the homeowner to see a maximum amount of the colour and they can judge how viable it is. Moving the sample card around can also help with deciding where it works best. Sometimes it isn’t the wall that a bold colour is best used on - it may be on furniture or drapes.” Bold interiors incorporated tastefully into a home reveals the unique identity of the homeowner; your own unique brand – you. If that means adding an explosion of yellow, pink with a punch or going all-out with pastel colours, the easiest way to make colour presence known is by painting your walls.

Carolyn suggests not using too much (or too many colours) and balancing the bolder colours against a neutral backdrop to make the room interesting rather than frenetic.

Style 50s flair, art deco, bohemian, botanical and tropical might be your thing. Draw inspiration from what other people have done and don’t be afraid to try out styles or colours which you wouldn’t normally go for – it might surprise you. Colour If you welcome the departure of plain, neutral colours and want to go all-in with bold, start small by trialling bright colours and hues in the form of soft furnishings or ornaments and see if they are colours you could see yourself liking more of. Try Resene Salsa and Resene Pohutukawa if red is comfortable for you; yellow lovers might like Resene Turbo or Resene Buttercup. Ready to tango? Try Resene Adrenalin for a pop of orange. For green, give Resene Limerick a go, or try Resene Maestro if you like teal blues. Indigo blues, such as Resene Resolution Blue and Resene Deep Koamaru are full of energy and vivacity. Wallpaper Wallpaper can easily become a feature wall that complements a dramatic design or can be used as a highimpact feature on a ceiling. Some very bold and colourful large-scale designs are made for large spaces where they can be viewed from a distance in order to appreciate them.


If they are used in a smaller space, you totally miss their drama and excitement and they overpower the room. “It is all about scale and the spatial dimensions of the space you want to use the wallpaper in. If the room is smaller, you need to consider whether the wallpaper pattern is well-balanced and no larger than the size of both your hands when clasped. See the Paradise range in the Resene Wallpaper Collection for examples of large scale, bold-coloured pattern; and the Passepartout range in the Resene Wallpaper Collection for a slightly smaller-scale boldcoloured pattern,” Carolyn says. Decals A bold style will work in any room but it’s important that you feel comfortable in your new space. If you’re still undecided about which bright colours you think will suit the room, alternatively you could give wall decals a go. Rich and vibrant wall graphics will help to showcase your love of colour and can be removed if you change your mind. Wall decals come in many shapes, sizes and styles and might be just what you’re looking for if you’ve exhausted all other options. Furnishings You can keep your promise of a bold theme by using white and/ or black as the backdrop to your favourite colours, while adding accessories, such as cushions, throws, rugs, duvets or kitchen appliances, in daring colours to make the room pop. Light The amount of natural light in a room can have an effect on a bold theme. Rooms with ample natural light can get away with dramatic and darker colours without being overwhelming. The trick to delivering a beautiful bold vibe to a room with little natural light is to use more saturated hues of colour which will reflect more light. Although you may think that using pale colours in small, dark rooms will help to make it feel brighter, if there’s not much natural light in the first place, the neutral colours will end up looking sad and grey. On the contrary, rooms with lots of natural light will make bold colours ‘jarring to look at and make the space appear smaller’. “It’s all about using colour with discretion and making a smaller amount of bold colour look fabulous but not fussy,” Carolyn adds. If you’re new to going bold, start slowly and experiment, then slowly expand into larger projects once your confidence builds.

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Freestanding and Inbuilt Gas Fires

Gas Water Heating

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Tile Warehouse’s Exclusive Winter Collection 2018

EURO DESIGN STYLE Home of Guthrie Bowron and Tile Warehouse

2 Homestead Rd Kerikeri Ph 407 1135 - Next to REPCO SAVVY | 33


Stay simple and stylish for kids



orget pink for girls and blue for boys; today’s children’s bedrooms are a stereotype-free-zone where practically anything goes in terms of colours and furnishings. Better still, you don’t need to spend a fortune creating a special gender-neutral space for a newborn. There are many economical ways to add personality - and often all you need is some imagination and a paint brush. If you’re living in what is set to be your long-term family home, it’s worth considering what changes may need to be made in a child’s bedroom as they get older, and plan for those changes from the start. A simple white scheme is very popular with decorators right now and it’s a look that can easily be refreshed or reimagined. Babies enjoy stimulation but not too much or they’ll never go to sleep. Consider adding simple but stylish touches in crisp, cool, black - and also introducing natural, relaxing, earthy colours. Use low-odour, solvent-free paint products if possible, to protect your little one’s health. Ikea make particularly good nursery furniture and a number of resellers are bringing these pieces into New Zealand now at surprisingly competitive prices, while chain stores such as Kmart and The Warehouse have great ranges

of baskets and bins for storage, cheerful rugs, canvases for the nursery wall and lovely cushions and throws. Remember to always keep safety in mind, fastening chests of drawers securely to the wall so that they can’t tip over and avoiding items such as blinds with long cords that could accidentally become tied around a baby’s neck. Once your offspring is ready to graduate to a bed, you’ll know him or her a little better and bearing in mind the child’s favourite colours, stories or nursery rhymes, a new theme can be introduced. By this stage, storage can be a challenge especially if he or she is regularly indulged at Christmas and on birthdays. Shelves with plastic boxes can work well and by labelling each one, you can begin teaching good habits in terms of tidying. Children at this age tend to be very creative, producing dozens of paintings and drawings, so why not let them turn their personal space into an art gallery. Hang strings across the walls and peg the paintings to that, or frame them using inexpensive frames, maybe painting those too - for an extra pop of colour. There are many paint products available at decorating stores, which used can be used creatively to add extra fun elements to a child’s bedroom.

Blackboard paint is especially popular - Use it on a wardrobe door to provide an opportunity for budding graffiti artists to express themselves, without resorting to drawing on walls with felt pen or crayons. Wallpaper is back in style and, although it can be expensive as much of it is imported, you may not need to paper the whole bedroom. Try using it just for a feature wall, for example. For a truly personal touch, Resene Wallprint turns your own favourite artwork or photograph into a bespoke, easy-to-apply wallcovering. When it comes to the teenage years, the world is your oyster. No longer do most teens want messy rooms with loads of posters on the walls, instead, they’re favouring smart, stylish surroundings - and once more, it needn’t be expensive. Bear in mind that because this age-group spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, it needs to be a space that will work hard - with areas for sleep, study and socialising. Set a budget, say $500, and let your child put his or her own scheme together, maybe pitching in to help with painting. If space is short, a loft bed with a desk underneath may work well and don’t forget to add a couple of beanbags, for visiting friends. Encourage your teen to check out garage sales, charity shops and Trade Me for furniture that can be revived and rejuvenated, using paint. If they’ve opted for edgy, modern decor, garage shelving can be bought for a song from big hardware stores and looks great when hung with fairy lights. Don’t forget to factor in space for shoes and clothing, otherwise it will inevitably end up in what kids refer to as the ‘floordrobe’!

Come home to the warmth, ambiance and convenience of an Escea gas fire. Visit Home Heating – we have a variety of operating fires on display and expert advice on the best solution for your heating needs.

For the widest range of fires in Northland SHOWROOM: 4 Skippers Lane, Waipapa, Kerikeri T: (09) 407 9666 E: heating@homekerikeri.co.nz www.homekerikeri.co.nz FREE SITE APPRAISALS 34 | SAVVY


Pleated retractable insect screens for windows & doors


The next generation of retractable insect door and window screens

• Magnetically latches shut • Stylish and robust

Top-Quality Mesh Venette screens use only the best Japanese-

Venette™ pleated screens from Frazerhurst are an exceptional, modern solution to

• Fully retracts away when not needed Venette screens have a discrete finish that

manufactured, pleated polyester mesh, threaded with high-quality Kevlar™ cords for

the age-old problem of keeping bugs out. Lightweight, user friendly and low-profile,

is semi-translucent, keeping out the worst bugs such as flies and mosquitoes, without

tension and retaining the mesh shape, which helps to prevent mesh blow-outs (especially

Variety of Configurations Unlike retractable screens, Venette Pleated

Venette retractable screens have the following great modern features:

ruining the view. Window handles are incorporated into

in windy conditions).

Screens are not spring-loaded, so they can be parked in any position along the

• Semi-translucent mesh • No bottom guide channel to trip over

the stylish, strong bottom rail and feature a mohair seal, which ensures the screen softly

track and move back and forth with the gentlest of touches. Doors may be stacked

• Open or shut with the touch of a finger

closes against the window sill.

in a variety of configurations, to easily screen openings up to 9 metres wide and 3 metres high. Suitable for: • Hinged Doors • Sliding Doors (including multi panel stacker doors) • Bi-fold Doors No Guide Channel

• French Doors • Patios and Outdoor Dining areas

Venette Pleated Screens install flat to the floor on a 3mm high PVC strip, so there is no guide

• Verandas Custom-made in New Zealand in a wide

channels to trip or step over. This makes the Venette Pleated Screen ideal for situations

range of powder coat colours to match your home joinery and a choice of single, double

where wheelchair access is required.

or multi-screen options.

Call in to see an example at the Frazerhurst Showroom, 146 Lower Dent Street, Whangarei



Speciality Insect Screens for Windows & Doors

• Let the breeze through your home while still being secure • Keep out those nasty insect pests

Frazerhurst can help with selecting the best products for your home, custom make your insect screens to fit most doors or windows and provide a full installation service. Customer satisfaction guarantee!

Call now for a FREE In Home Consultation 146 Lower Dent St, Whangarei Ph 09 438 3986 | 0800 10 27 10 | www.frazerhurst.co.nz

“Customers come first at Frazerhurst”

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Queen Size Mattress & Base

Queen Size Mattress & Base




$999 Medium Firm


Great entry level Chiropractic bed with the expert endorsed Torquezone spring system.

Expert endorsed Torquezone spring system and body form Memory Foam providing pressure relief, support and aids natural spine alignment.



Squire Pop-Up


Queen Size Mattress & Base

King Single with Single Trundler







Medium Features the durable Torquezone HD system and temperature balancing foams to help dissipate heat and provide pressure point relief.

Great space saver for the kid’s room or spare room. Features Chiropractor-endorsed Torquezone mattresses.



*Offer valid to 19/08/18 or while stocks last. Excludes Everyday Dream Prices. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Q Card and Latitude Financial Services lending criteria, fees, terms & conditions apply. T&Cs apply.

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Isn’t life Grape!

Have you got room to grow a grape vine? You can grow them along a fence, or over a pergola, trellis or around a deck railing - anywhere you have a few spare metres of room.


hey are well worth the effort as there is nothing nicer than freshly-picked grapes from your own garden. They beat store-bought grapes for flavour hands down. Plant your grape in a nice, sunny spot - north-facing is best if you can manage it, although I have seen grapes growing on the south side of a small fence doing reasonably well. The vine itself will happily grow along lengths of wire or wire fencing or trellis, attaching itself with its tendrils. Grape vines are deep-rooted and, as such, don’t need a lot of additional fertiliser unless your soil is very poor, in which case, amend your soil with some good-quality compost and some well-balanced general fertiliser. I usually chuck in a couple of slow-release fertiliser tablets when I plant, which feeds them for one-two years. After the first year, apply a balanced fertiliser just when the buds begin to emerge in spring. Ensure the vine receives regular watering, especially over late spring/summer when the fruit is setting. If we get one of


our usual very dry summers, then a deep water twice a week is good. Your grape should be pruned back quite hard every winter when the vine is dormant. There are many ways to train and prune your grape vine. Have a good look online to find a way that suits your setup. There are many varieties of grapes. Here are a few that we usually sell: Niagara – (best tasting grape ever IMO) A lovely aromatic super sweet grape that ripens in late Feb/March. White Diamond – A white grape with good flavour that ripens in March. It is hardy and resistant to fungal problems. Candice Seedless – A seedless very sweet grape that ripens in March with thin red skin. May need some fungal sprays during the fruiting season. New York Muscat – Reddish black grapes with a rich Muscat flavour, ripening in March. A hardy vigorous grower. Buffalo – Has heavy crops of blue/black grapes early in the season with juicy sweet, melting, tender flesh and a marvelous grape aroma. Disease-resistant. Ripens Feb-March Cardinal – Produces large bunches of red grapes that ripen early in the season. A Californian variety used both as a table grape and for making raisins.

Your planting experts from Alter-Natives Nursery & Landscaping talk to readers on this season’s gardening!





101 Kioreroa Rd sales@alter-natives.co.nz

09 974 8733














Let us help you plan and plant.

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Packard Motor Museum – vehicle of the month

1938 Packard 4-Door Convertible The newest arrival to join the museum’s Packard Motor Car Fleet is a 1938 maroon-coloured Packard Straight Eight Convertible Sedan. This car certainly exhibits the style and grace that characterised Packard over their production years. The car was imported in 2017 from Kansas, USA and originally belonged to Associated Press Photographer – Joseph Rosenthal. Joe gained fame by taking the famous photo, ‘Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima’ which depicts six United States Marines raising a US flag atop Mt Suribachi on the island of Iwo Jima. This photo later won him the Pulitzer Prize. (Iwo Jima was a Japanese Island where US Marines fought a bloody battle and won the island off the Imperial Japanese Army in 1945.) Joe exhibited the car at shows and parades winning frequent prizes. It was

sold and eventually ended up in the Kansas Classic Car Museum from where Fenton Craw purchased the vehicle. This car is known as a 120 series, junior model which first appeared in 1935 as a lower-priced Packard line. The straight eight, side-valved engine is 282 cubic inch capacity with 120 horse power. Our car has no side mounts as they were an optional extra. This gives the car a very elegant-streamlined look. It is the only convertible of this model in New Zealand. The car also boasts the famous Pelican mascot (also called the Cormorant) optional from 1932 through to the end of Packard’s auto production in 1958. The Pelican mascot was inspired by the company crest dating back to the original Packard family coat of arms in England. Also available on some model-years was

bonnet ornaments as you tour through

mascot attached to it.

‘Daphne at the Well’ and the ‘Goddess of Speed’, both of which were inspired by the

our collection. Prior to 1929, Packard had a moto-meter (temperature gauge)

The convertible is the perfect car to take to the Napier Art Deco weekend, held in

Greek fables. You will see these delightful

incorporated into the radiator cap with the


move, using the sounder to find fish and features, and the chart plotter to locate areas of interest and revisit previously identified hotspots. In addition, you should always be on the lookout for other clues such as workups. Basic safety equipment would include a lifejacket, VHF radio, phone, first aid kit and torch. I also carry a PLB, compass, flares and an emergency battery starter. No vessel is perfect. If you’re a die-hard bait and burley fisho, a boat is a better

option. Lack of space on the ski makes it a messy affair and anchoring is a relatively complex process. Likewise, if you love fishing with friends and carrying tons of gear, a jetski is going to cramp your style. It also pays to remember that you are exposed on a ski and you are going to get a soaking if you go out in a big chop! That said, a jetski is a safe and fun way to bring home a feed of fish. I’ve had my ski for four years now and it’s a pure fish-catching machine!

Fishing tips & tales with Andrew Rawlingson If you’re looking for a new fishing platform then a jetski could be the answer. Like many others, I came to jetski fishing from a kayak fishing background. I wanted a boat but, in all honesty, couldn’t afford a decent one and those within budget didn’t look capable of leaving the harbour safely! Enter the jetski. Within budget, powerful and stable; no longer than a kayak, easy to store and trailer to the boat ramp. Rigging a jetski for fishing can be as simple or complex as you like. It is common practice to have a chilly bin mounted on the stern platform. This is a good idea because


we want to keep the fish that we catch in perfect eating condition. Most people have rod holders attached to the chilly bin. Complete kits can be bought for $450 $1400, but I have seen homemade setups that cost less and do the job. You will need a fish finder with an integrated GPS chart plotter. I consider this essential safety equipment to help navigate harbours and bars. It is also indispensible for the styles of fishing that are commonly employed on a jetski. Fishing jigs and softies on the drift is the way to go. This is an active process. The fisherman is constantly on the

Hi all fisho’s, This month’s report is a little different; a recent meeting with Andrew Rawlingson meant I got to see his very impressively set-up fishing jet ski, and a look at some of his equally impressive fishing photos. The way he fishes is very different than the hooks, bait and berley methods that most of us use. Andrew offered to tell us a little about his jet ski fishing that I feel we will find interesting and informative. - John Vowless

Start-Up Tours at WOF • REPAIRS SERVICES • MAINTENANCE BATTERIES AND TYRES Your local garage for honest, friendly service

Proudly supporting y the community

We are running a START-UP Tour to answer the question

MALCOLM & SALLY MEEK rahi 1 Church Street, Onerahi


Phone: 09 436 5971 E: admin@onerahigarage.co.nz ge.co.nz .co.nz W: www.onerahigarage.co.nz

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A range of trailers now in stock


DECEMBER 1st 2018

The Old Dairy Factory, SH 14, Maungatapere Open Wed to Sat 10am to 4pm | Ph: 09 434 8214

Audience becomes third character in party within a play An interactive theatre show starring a former Kerikeri High School student is about to kick-off a nation-wide tour in

audience becomes the third character in the party within a play. The tour dates align with Onam, the annual Hindu Festival that celebrates the rice harvest symbolising death and rebirth from August 15-25. Onam is testament to the colourful and riotous parties Indian culture is known for and, while celebrations are going on in the outside world,


“In the spirit of great parties everywhere, particularly colourful Indian parties: laughter

around the kitchen bench for the 75-minute comedic drama. Justin was head boy at Kerikeri High School in 2012 and graduated from

Whangarei. Justin Rogers plays Mrs Krishnan’s boarder James, a

drama school in 2015, subsequently performing across New Zealand stage

well-intentional but overzealous wannabe DJ who invites ‘a few

and screen. His family now lives in Whangarei.

friends’ into the back room of the dairy as a special surprise for his

“I’m really looking forward to taking the show to Whangarei and to be

landlady to celebrate Onam - the annual Hindu Festival. When a bunch

performing at OneOneSix on Bank St. It’s becoming an awesome hub for Whangarei

of strangers turn up and settle in, Mrs K, a widow, has no choice but to throw

Indian Ink is set to bring the same joyous festivities inside the theatre with Mrs Krishnan’s Party.

theatre and I’m excited to be a part of that. It’ll also be great to share the show with my family,

the party of her life as James unwittingly brings everyone in the room face-to-face with the festival’s true

who’ve had to put up with my acting since I was little,” he says.

meaning – a celebration of death and rebirth. As a companion piece to the much-loved and critically-

Justin stars beside former drama school classmate Kalyani Nagarajan, an in-demand South Asian Kiwi actress, who

acclaimed Krishnan’s Dairy, Mrs Krishnan’s Party, run by Indian Ink Theatre Company, will blur the line between audience

plays Mrs K. Together, they create theatrical mayhem in the rapidly-

and performers, seating the audience around the dining table, standing them around the venue and perching them

unfolding, odd-couple drama of a careworn, widowed shopkeeper and a naïve party-mad boarder where the

abounds, tears are shed, stories are told, wine and secrets are spilled, food is cooked and shared, a mess is made, arguments flare, love is found, faith is restored, wonderful music plays, tables are danced on and 100 strangers leave as friends.” – Indian Ink Theatre.

Mrs Krishnan’s Party kicks off in Whangarei at OneOneSix from August 8-11. Tickets are available from Eventfinda.


We have two tickets to Mrs Krishnan’s Party to give away for the August 8 show, starting at 7.30pm. See Giveaways on page 43 for details.

Plan your business like a garden!


Tips to bloom over winter!

pulling your offers off the table too quickly and gives you metrics over time to see areas of strength and weakness.

Planning....Yawn. It doesn’t have to be boring! A business is like planting a garden. You need to plan out

Let me explain.

in seasons. To map out if you plant the runner beans over there, they will impact the tomatoes over here. If you don’t

1. Planning is meant to be simple. When you stick to looking at planning with a bird’s eye view, you will stay out of the

space the lettuces far enough about, you have a mixed salad! Anyway, you get the picture.

how, what-if’s and the detail. 2. Plan from your soul not your ego. Or from your friends fear

Once you plant the seeds, you need to tend the garden with rich nutrients, clean, crystal-clear water and patience. And

of failure. Plan with what you want to achieve. 3. Stick to only five-six key objectives for the year. (12

this is the missing link for many business plans - seeds never get planted, watered or pruned.

Newsletters, 52 blogs, Grow database by 1,000) 4. Take these and break them into quarterly goals.

I believe the importance of having a flexi-plan. One that allows for expansion, creativity and, the best: You get to

5. From here you can start to plan you months in advance (1 newsletter, 4 blogs, create new programme, etc)

create it yourself. Not some strategist who has forgotten what it’s like in the engine room. Hard work! You are the strategist.

6. Each week you can choose a time and tasks to work on the strategic objectives.

You know what kind of business you want. Just like our gardens, we only plant what we care about, can tend to and

A plan is meant to evoke feelings of ‘I can do this!’ and not be kept in the bottom drawer. If this is a reality for you, have

love to look at. Having a plan, keeps your toes to the fire, stops you from

a go at creating your own plan. Grow the seeds you want and see your business bloom!

New Menu Available Now! Open 7 Days

Open for: • Breakfast • Lunch • Delicious Cakes • Functions • Paintings • Glass Works • Carvings • Jewellery • Sculptures • Ceramics • Gift Vouchers

Natalie Tolhopf is a business coach and founder of Natalie Tolhopf.com, helping business owners to smash through imperfection and mindless scrolling, to create a business of simplicity through action and intuition. www.natalietolhopf.com

1392 Old Russell Rd, Hikurangi Phone/Fax: Gallery 09 433 9616 or Café 09 433 9934 Hours: 7 days - 10am to 5pm www.galleryhelenabay.co.nz www.facebook/galleryhelenabay

Gold card members get 10% discount on their total conditions apply

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Join us at one of Northland’s largest events! Grab the girlfriends, Have a Mother-Daughter day out, or simply take time for yourself; head to the Women’s Lifestyle Expo, on this August 4 & 5 at ASB Stadium,Whangarei. If you’ve been looking for the perfect excuse for you and your girlfriends to get

Renee Murray from NZME Events says: “Our aim is to have as wide of a range

together, then here it is. The annual Women’s Lifestyle Expo is back in Whangarei with

of companies involved with the Expo as possible. Women are all different and their

over 100 companies under one roof for one

individual interests are so diverse. One woman may love the latest in skincare

weekend. Featuring lots of new companies with everything, from espresso martini’s and kombucha to giftware, fantastic food, artisan

but the woman beside her may be more interested in chatting to the police about

crafts, unique businesses, eco-friendly products and so much more.

becoming a police officer. We have artisan crafters, like Auckland jewellery artist

Don’t miss this opportunity to see so many wonderful companies under one roof. The

Debbie Edmonds exhibiting alongside national brands like Taking Shape fashion.

gorgeous original products often not found

Expo is a perfect place to meet for a girl’s day out, but it’s also a great place to escape and

It’s great on the weekend to see all the various women visit the show, from

in shops, including handmade leather bags, soaps and beauty products, handmade

have some well-deserved ‘me time’ if you would rather browse the sites by yourself

teenagers to business women, mothers to grandmothers and friends, simply enjoying

jewellery, original art and more. For a ‘tasteful’ experience like no other,

at your own pace. With so much going on and with door sales only $10, there is every

each other’s company.” The popular Craft Zone will include artisan

head to the ‘Taste Zone’ where you can experience, try, and buy a range of fantastic

reason to visit and none to stay at home!

crafters from all over New Zealand with

products, so why not treat yourself? From vodka and espresso martini’s, to raw

bags this year are a mystery bag, including

organic chocolate, to black pudding and muesli products, you can tantalise your

products, a fashion scarf and more. Priced

taste buds with a tasty treat from the Expo Taste Zone.

with Expo visitors. Only while stocks last.

Door sales available all weekend: $10 & under-12 Free. For more details, see www.expos.co.nz or join us on Facebook for all the Expo News.

Grab your girlfriends, mum or daughters and enjoy a great day out! 4 TH & 5 TH AUGUST ASB STADIUM WHANGAREI 10AM – 5PM DOOR SALES $10 CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE Find out more at www.expos.co.nz WomensLifestyleExpo

40 | SAVVY

Grab a Goodie Bag bargain! Only available for purchase at the Women’s Lifestyle Expo, these goodie bags have become famous with Expo visitors who love a bargain. As always, the a variety of skincare and cosmetic at only $20, these bags are sure to be a hit



Everything from wine and food to fashion, beauty & more ! Goodie Bags ! Gold Beauty Bar Lounge ! Taste Zone ! Artisian Craft Zone ! Over 110 exhibitors

Our Tane - the only travelling mascot home and was proud as punch to be the mascot personal. That night I sat down with a plan in mind of what I wanted to achieve in the role. The plan involved how, where and what I needed to do. I walked the streets for weeks looking for sponsors, explaining who I was and what I wanted to achieve. I soon had 25 sponsors and Allkars provided a car, which I have now had for five years. I have travelled New Zealand from top to bottom numerous times, made new friends and seen and done things I couldn’t have dreamed of, both on and off the field. I always promote my sponsors where

Derek Browning is about to don the Tane costume for the 50th time.

possible. I have a Facebook page also. My partner travels with me and helps with

It all began in 2013; laying in my usual position on the couch, having resumed my annual seasonal role as sports ‘selector’, analyzer and supporter. At some point that year, I decided I was better than that and wanted to give back to the sport I loved: rugby. I grew up wanting to be an All Black, knowing Northland was the path I needed to go to get there. I didn’t make either. So, the next day, I walked into Northland rugby headquarters and offered my voluntary help wherever it was needed. The following day I got a call asking if I would like to be Tane. I jumped up and down with excitement and said a resounding ‘yes!’ I went in that day to get Tane, took him

everything. I visit kids in hospitals, do Xmas parades and community events where I can. This was always my dream to get Tane out in the community and promote Northland on away-games. My sponsors have helped me achieve this. I believe Tane is sacred and holds great Maori mana to Northland. He looks over us. I am his caregiver till my time is up, the next person will hopefully carry this on. On August 16, 2018, I will mascot my 50th game against North Harbour in Albany. I hope to make 100. I have made scrap books every year to keep memories and to show grandchildren in the future. One of my dreams is to see all mascots

us a seat to help the mascots out. I would like to thank my family, friends,

travel on their away games. Tane is the only mascot that does! Maybe Air NZ could give

sponsors and Northland rugby for supporting and letting me live my dream.

I’m passionate about Tane’s legacy and am proud to be part of it. Derek Browning – AKA Tane the Taniwha


WHANG AREI 89.2 / AUCKL AND 98.2 /

SAVVY | 41


Timelapse being experienced with VR headset

Whangarei Art Museum is currently showing, Here, now, next: Cracked Ink. a large-scale mural installation wrapping the walls of the Younghusband gallery.

Little visitor River


riginally from the UK, Cracked Ink, has been involved in both the street and gallery art scenes in New Zealand for the last decade. Cracked Ink’s compositions explore attitude and expression, with a quirky character-based aesthetic that is strikingly monochromatic - a nod to his roots in graphic design. Conceptualised first on paper, the art work takes its final form organically on the wall, without a preliminary sketch and leaving no room for error. The result is bold and dynamic, easily engaging the audience. Born in the streets of New York in the late 1960’s, the Graffiti and Street art movement is one of the most enduring movements in the history of art. It has continued to evolve dramatically, with its scale of importance to contemporary visual culture still clearly on the rise. Simon completed a Bachelor of Graphic Design in the UK before moving

to Whanganui, New Zealand, where he currently resides. His work has featured in street art festivals around the world, including Australia, Canada, the UK, Indonesia and the USA. He has exhibited in various galleries throughout New Zealand, having formerly been represented by Sanderson Gallery in Parnell, Auckland.

On NOW at Whangarei Art Museum until August 26 2018


dreaded brush and started having a play

a place called Blackburn. My artist name is Cracked Ink. I kind of almost regret it a little

with that. And I’m not foreign to a brush, it was just something I hadn’t used for a while,

bit now, but I’ve been painting for twenty years and it’s kind of stuck (laughs). So, for a

and I love it now. I love painting with cans but it’s a totally different feeling… I’ll put on some

living I would say I’m a fulltime artist. I paint murals and walls for a living and for fun. You

high-octane music - it’s just that vibe. I grew up painting to that kind of music. But then

know most of it - even though it’s a job, is a total buzz.

when I pick up a brush, I just like to knock it down so much so it’s actually a lot more

I studied my degree in graphic design in my hometown and that’s when I first started

of a Zen feeling. I put on some real mellow beats and kind of get into that zone of trying

painting with aerosol. A new guy started on my course in the second year and he

to work the shades. It’s a good feeling - both sides of it is a good feeling.

was into graffiti. I started hanging out with him a lot, we would be up until 3 or 4 in the

I spend less time these days just treading water. And if I don’t feel like I want to sketch

morning, doing stuff we shouldn’t have been doing, going out, experiencing and learning

- I won’t sketch. I think back in the day I would have made myself sketch but I feel

different things. I can actually remember the first time I went out painting - under a

like these days - I mean I love sketching and that’s where it starts for me, the ideas are the

train bridge, trying to paint with cans having never really painted like that before (laughs).

most important thing - but I feel like I only do it when I want to do it now. Which is a really

I loved it straight away. I’d say for the first ten to twelve years

good thing. If you’re trying to force yourself to create things, then don’t bother … it

of painting I used aerosol solely and was really focused on perfecting it. The graphic

should be something that comes to you and feels good. And I’m always doing something

designer in me wanted to get the image super accurate on the wall - like I could with

towards my art… always, it’s constant. I’m totally addicted.”

pencil and paper. That was a huge source of frustration for me for probably the first five

To watch the interview or 360° timelapse, visit us at the HUB or

years because it was never quite ‘there’. So, I just practiced and practiced and practiced


and consistently used the same paint. I’ve been a 94 guy for the past fifteen years. A 94 cap is a skinny cap - basically, in the end of it is a smaller dot and you can achieve really nice skinny lines. So, I use the standard 94 and something called a New York Fat - which is not super fat but you can get really nice medium to thin lines as well as really chunky lines, I use that for like - filling an area. As my work evolved, I picked up the 42 | SAVVY

FREE entry, daily 10am-4pm. Entry via the i-SITE, Town Basin.


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