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APRIL 2018


Swapping the suburban dream for road tripping in South East Asia ... with kids!

Plus Recipes, Restaurant Review, Health & Beauty, Home Trends, Pet Care, Fishing Tips and Tales, Local Legends and Giveaways

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people 04 our From suburban dream to life on the roads of South-East Asia Adventurous grandad undeterred by Otago Rail Trail Tumble

APRIL 2018


Editor’s note


emember how you’d have to sit through family members’ travel stories as they regaled every minute detail and while feigning interest as they insisted on showing you through stacks of photographs? If you hadn’t been on the journey with them, it just wasn’t the same. Luckily for my family, I didn’t have tons of photos from the OE. The latter part of our 18-months away consisted of a Busabout around Europe and this was in the days before digital photography. I must’ve loaded the film in backwards, for none of our photos turned out. There is no record of ‘holding up’ the Leaning Tower of Pisa, standing among the many pigeons at Piazza San Marco in Venice, or even the table-sized pizza we nailed in Croatia. I just have to rely on my memory… which is getting sketchier as the years go by. However, I do vaguely remember catching cheap overnight travel to the Greek Islands via sleeping on the hard, outdoor deck of a ferry. That night there was a storm and we found ourselves floating in water before a staff member took pity on us and let us sleep on the floor of the cinema! It was pure luxury, I tell you. But I digress and the family members copped it worse than flicking through a stack of photos; there is video footage stored away somewhere and upon our return, we insisted they sit down and watch the half-dozen tapes! While they never did watch them all, they did well to get through several. Riveting stuff to us, reliving our adventures but it must’ve been tedious. These days, photos get posted onto social media and you have the option of scrolling through them or not. On pages 18 and 19, we feature a double-page spread of our readers’ top holiday shots. One travel story I was interested to hear was the Baldwin family’s. The thought of travelling through developing countries with no home comforts for months on end with two small

07 fashion Travel Wise with Polwarth Design & beauty 08 hair Sustainable beauty, essential hair care What you need to know about our most advanced skin treatment

10 health Iritis The benefits of physical fitness for personal development

legends 13 local Ashleigh Barchard

14 pets Is what I feed my pet important? 15 travel 26 home trends

Choosing drapery headings & hardware

It’s quite simple, really… basic tips for buying a new bed Decorating your kitchen – white turns to wow

A gem of a spot I like to frequent in Northland - a great tropical getaway for both winter and summer - Ramada Resort Reia Taipa Beach. children in tow would make many shudder. But this courageous family took the plunge. And, not only do they now have priceless family memories and photos to show for it, but a new appreciation of home. Check out their story on pages 4 and 5. Closer to home, we feature a local 72-year-old with a real sense of adventure; he recently took on the Otago Rail Trail, took a substantial spill, then picked himself up and carried on, injuries

31 gardening Ornamental taros Lagerstromia AKA Crepe Myrtle

32 food Recipe – Flat-iron steak with avocado mash Recipe – Sirloin roasted with pumpkin & beetroot Review – Hann Sang Korean Restaurant

36 love it here 38 arts

39 giveaways!

and all. As we embark on another winter, our minds drift off to faraway places. Well you can look no further than our own backyard for a picturesque getaway. There are so many gems to discover around the many nooks of Northland, despite the fact many of us have lived here for years! We touch on just some of them in this edition. Actually, I feel the travel bug coming on … Watch this space!


Jodi Bryant – jodi.bryant@nzme.co.nz


Jan Hewitt – jan.hewitt@nzme.co.nz

Cover Photo

Whangarei local, Jessica Anderson dancing around in the Sahara desert

Published by NZME Northland, 88 Robert Street, Whangarei. savvy@northernadvocate.co.nz www.savvymagazine.co.nz


Next month in Savvy: Mother’s Day! Celebrating the wonderful women in our lives ♥ • We talk to a Northland mum who lost her child and is now helping others through their grief with her amazing talent. • We feature a three-generational photo shoot by a talented local photographer. • Plus Mother’s Day gift ideas, recipes and giveaways.

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From suburban dream to life on the roads of South-East Asia


ast year, Jake Baldwin and Sara Ujdur were living the suburban dream. Their spacious Onerahi home was just several minutes walk to the school where Jake taught and their daughter attended. Likewise, the kindy, where Sara, a stay-at-home mum, would take their youngest before having the peaceful house to herself. But the family of four have traded in this lifestyle, opting instead to spend almost a year travelling around South-East Asia on a single scooter, dining on the likes of

By Jodi Bryant

grass hoppers and sharing two single beds between them crammed into the one room

culture shock for the children’ due to language barrier, lifestyle and culture. They

had an ‘easy introductory’ to Asia, before carrying on through Malaysia to Thailand

at night. For the last seven years, Jake and Sara

also wanted to travel somewhere affordable long-term and with warm weather.

via a combination of train, tuk tuk and ferry. In Bangkok, they obtained visas

have had a yearning to re-live their travels and saved like mad to make it happen.

Jake had been working as a teacher for the last 12 years and, at the beginning of 2017,

for Vietnam and flew to Saigon, Vietnam and used trains to slowly make their way

“We had travelled together as a couple extensively through Europe and Asia when

decided to leave teaching and fully renovate a house with his father-in-law. The process

around the country. Jake describes many of these slow trains

we were younger,” explains Jake. “We felt pretty bogged down in daily life and decided

took five months and, after selling the project house, along with their cars, furniture and

as the wooden seat variety with wind-down windows, toilets that drop straight onto the

that we needed a large change. We wanted to try traveling with children.”

many possessions, they rented out their family home and set off on their adventure.

tracks and full to the brim with humanity. At each stopover, the family all crammed

“Truthfully, I started to get cold feet as we got closer to leaving,” recalls Jake. “This was

onto one scooter, often travelling for six hours a day to sightsee and get around.

due to a bit of anxiety about all the different diseases we would be exposing us and the

Reflecting from Malaysia, where they have made their way back to, Jake says, there has

children to via insects, animals and food in Asia, as well as spending seven years

been a mix of highlights and lowlights. “The highlights were definitely Northern

of our hard-earned savings. However, I did want to know that we could get through the

Vietnam - it’s natural beauty and friendly people, as well as the feeling of

potential tough times of extended travelling 24/7 together.”

experiencing a more traditional way of life that they are leading. Koh Lanta Island

With only vague plans, Jake, Sara, Blaise, 7, and Elise, 3, flew to Australia, where they

really was also a highlight, due to having less tourist development, relaxed daily life,

left their beloved dog Boe with Jake’s sister, before renting a car and travelling around

and crystal-clear warm water. Scootering around wherever we were was also

between family members and cheap units for six weeks. Next it was onto Asia.

fantastic as we always enjoyed seeing what natural beauty, hidden temples, beaches,

They arrived in Bali, where Jake, a keen surfer, got his surfing fix, and the kids

rivers or mountain roads were just around the corner.”

They chose Asia as it would be a ‘complete

Blaise and Elise playing with two Malaysian women on a seven-hour wooden-seat local train.


We let our work do the talking.

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OUR PEOPLE Another highlight has been witnessing the

The couple have mixed feelings about returning home, where the plan is to look

Asian people gravitate toward their children. “They would soften to them and become very helpful. We had so many people, who

for a job, buy cars and save for their next adventure.

own very little, offer and give us food and drinks. At times, especially when exploring

“Coming home to work is always daunting after any holiday. I’m looking

temples and sights, the girls would have a queue of people waiting to have their photos

forward to surfing in nice, clean, cool water, and not being in a sea of humanity

taken with them. It was all a bit surreal really, like they were little pop stars.”

at times. We, of course, are looking forward to seeing family and friends and the girls

He cites the lowlights as the accommodation and lack of down-time as a couple.

are really looking forward to being reunited with their toys again.”

“We thought two-bedroom units would be easy and cheap to find. Most of the trip

Does he think it will be hard to slip back into their former lifestyle?

we have been in one room, with no tv, two beds if we are lucky, and a smelly bathroom.

“You know, I think adventures never real sink in until it’s over. Often the hard times are

Sharing a single bed for the children and sharing the other single bed for us has become the norm. As we didn’t pre-book hotels, shacks or huts on the beach ahead, we often had a stressful and hot 12-hoursplus of travelling, followed by the stress of

Life lessons really are the main course, with reading and maths a side-order at best.

Jake himself says he has taken away the

all too raw while traveling, and never turn into the adventure in your head until you

feeling of wanderlust again. “It has made me want to see even more

process them at home. At times, we are really ready to slip into ‘normal’ life again, at other

of the world and proven that, just because we have kids, it shouldn’t stop us as they

times I’m trying to formulate plans as to how I can extend this all.

finding somewhere to stay - perhaps not the best idea at times!”

out-weighed the negatives; the couple

are incredibly adaptive and resilient. Their attitudes are truly amazing, certainly helping

“It has been both amazing and frustrating spending 24/7 with my partner and

Home schooling was also a challenge. While it started out well, life on the road,

have watched the girls’ confidence grow, interacting with different nationalities and

me to look on the bright side of some stressful experiences of our trip. It has also

children, and I think anyone who has done extended travel with their family and says

changing location every three-four days, sight-seeing, heat and frustration all took

witnessed their joy experiencing various modes of transport, while making Blaise and

made me appreciate how amazing and pristine New Zealand is, and that I would

otherwise is perhaps stretching the truth. However, I would never exchange this

their toll on lessons, says Jake. “Life lessons really are the main course,

Elise appreciate what they have back home. Sara believes she has a new

like to see more of our own country. Finally, it has made me realise that, sometimes I don’t

experience, it has been amazing. We have done things together as a family that I never

with reading and maths a side-order at best.” In hindsight, he says, they would probably

understanding of her daughters and appreciates their differences and the travel

react the best to stressful situations, and that I should, in the future, take a breather, and

dreamed of. The memories, the cultural experiences and social interaction, plus the

shorten the trip to around three or four months, as opposed the eight-12 months

experience has opened her eyes to how lucky we are in New Zealand.

trust in my/our ability to solve the problem, as life certainly doesn’t always go as

family bonding is priceless. “So, I guess to answer the question, yes, I

they are doing, which would allow for a larger budget.

“She is also looking forward to having some personal space, especially when I go off to

expected. It is always nice, I believe, to return home with a goal that will make me a better

think I will view home differently, I think I will view it as an amazing place to live, and play,

work and the kids to school,” jokes Jake.

person and father.”

while saving for the next family adventure.”

But life-lessons and experiences have


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Tutukaka Surf, Oceans Resort, Tutukaka Marina

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Adventurous grandad undeterred by Otago Rail Trail Tumble By Jodi Bryant


hings often happen in threes and when Terry Andersson cracked three ribs, followed by a mysterious itchy rash, before undertaking the 152km Otago Rail Trail, he was probably wondering if and what the third thing would be. It happened but let’s rewind back to the first incident. Four weeks before the event, the 72-year-old retired grandad had chopped a tree down on his Onerahi property when he tripped over the small tree stump, landing in the rockery. “I had the chain saw in one hand, it was on but it wasn’t turning, so I thought the best thing was, the chain saw goes one way and I go the other,” he recalls. The result was three cracked ribs for which he was given pain killers. But then came a mysterious and nasty rash up his arm. “Even the doctor didn’t know what it was from, if it was a reaction to the pain killers.” He was given a steroid cream but then began the extreme itchiness, the likes of which he’d never known. “It was two weeks of itching. I was getting up at 2am and having a cold shower. I’d have taken breaking three ribs over this itch, it was terrible. You can get pain-killers but you can’t get itch-killers.”

Terry with daughter Joe

As a result of his injuries, Terry, a keen cyclist, didn’t do any training four weeks prior to the Otago Rail Trail, which he’d planned to do with two friends and his daughter Joe. By the time they set off in February his injuries had healed and, while the rest of us in Northland sweltered in recordbreaking humidity, Terry and co enjoyed glorious days of 24 degrees and 14-degree nights. The 152kms is a four-day organised trail on a compacted gravel pathway, which was the former railway line. Bikes, maps and accommodation are provided and the group started at Middlemore, covering between 40-50km a day and finishing at Clyde. “It was an excellent ride,” says Terry. “I’d recommend it to anybody. We went through fabulous scenery and there were many people on the ride of varied ages. “I found the South Island very interesting and very honest as well. There was no need to lock the bikes up overnight – they were just left outside!” Following the rail trail, the group did a tour around the area before undertaking one last riding stint; a two-day Roxburgh trail from Alexander, following the Clutha Mata-au River to Lawrence.

Whangarei is proud to be the home of the


Jam Tse Dhargyey Ling “from which Love and Compassion flourishes”


Visit us and - Enjoy the spectacular views of Whangarei from our Stupa, Peace Monument. (10am - 5pm) - Take part in our Buddhist Teachings, Meditation Classes and Retreats. - All our classes are open to everyone. It is not necessary to be Buddhist.

For more information or program details please visit www.mandala.org.nz or phone 09 435 4444 159 Parakiore Road, off Pipiwai Rd, North of Kamo 6 | SAVVY

The middle section of the trail is not accessible by bike so riders and their bikes travel by boat for 12km down the river, before continuing. “It was the best bike ride I’d ever done. The scenery was just stunning but the problem was I started to look more at the scenery than the track. It was a gravel track and I had been really high up and was coming down and got to the bottom near where the river was and went around the bend. It was such a wonderful sight of the Clutha River and consequently there was a little ridge in the track and I came off.” The stunning scenery was rapidly replaced with close-up gravel as Terry connected and skidded along it. The rest of his group, 50m around the bend behind him, heard the commotion and expletive which followed. Covered in gashes and grazes and with no cell phone coverage, after the shock subsided, he had no choice but to carry on cycling the rest of the 15km to Roxburgh where he was treated, bandaged and given pain killers in a medical centre. “That 10km was the hardest ride I’ve ever done I can tell you, it wasn’t easy. But there is no doubt my accident would have been much more serious if I hadn’t worn a helmet. I was very disappointed because I was really enjoying it so much. But I had absolutely fantastic treatment at the medical centre – they said it was the most interesting thing to happen in months - and the camp ground owners, where we were staying that night, came out and collected me.” Amazingly, a brave Terry mounted his bike the following morning to carry on the remaining 45km to finish the trail. So, has this deterred the courageous grandad from future cycling endeavours? “My wife was a bit shocked when she saw me,” says Terry. “But I’ve healed up now. Actually, I’m going to do a four-week bike tour of Europe in June from Amsterdam to Budapest.”



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Travel Wise


Karen Matich, Polwarth Design


he world is such a small place to traverse these days and the destination choices are endless. In three short hours you could be dipping your feet poolside, at the Sofitel, Denarau, or perusing the Sydney Opera House from above. Double that plus a few more hours and you could be arriving at LAX before you even left home, hankering for that maxi-burger with double mayo and fries. Thanks to Qantas you can now be sipping a real ale beer at The Dog and Duck in London’s Soho seventeen and a half hours after take-off - if you live in Perth. Travelling has become such an enjoyable experience for many. Whether cruising, flying, tramping, sailing, cycling, busing or just driving, destination activities and climate are an important pre travel consideration. In some cases, a three-week travel itinerary can comprise of two different seasons in one trip, but you don’t get to take a bigger bag. Clever packing for your trip away can make or break your holiday. “On your trip you’ll meet two kinds of travellers: those who pack light and those who wish they had.” Rick Steves. Getting it right needs planning, unless you prefer that ‘packhorse’ experience for the duration of your trip. One great tip which resonated was that the ‘just in case’ additions are never needed. How often I have travelled with those back-up pieces, usually two pairs of shoes as well, that never see the light of day. Staying neutral is always a good tip, classic, in style, but not ‘wow’ garments. Keep the standout pieces as accessories – bold scarves or jewellery, which

Some ‘precise’ travellers have been known to narrow down their travelling wardrobe to three colours ... can be stuffed in socks and packed into walking shoes. Choose roomy garments in easy laundered fabrics that don’t require ironing with a sleeve or cold shoulder. They can be worn for cooler evenings or as an outer shell garment, over a base and thermal layer in cooler climates. Some ‘precise’ travellers have been known to narrow down their travelling wardrobe to three colours e.g. red, black and beige, ensuring every clothing combination works. Could become slightly tedious six weeks in though, unless you went ‘all out’ with fluro nail polish and dyed your hair purple. Another essential is your NZ merino scarf or cape. This garment is a great rug or neck pillow during a cold flight and it can be worn as a scarf, cape or jumper throughout your journey. Folded, it fits into a roomy handbag, emerging as an edgy cardy in a thunderstorm. Packing your holiday into a 23kg bag with 7kg carry-on luggage can be as challenging as you make it. One thing to remember, your destination will often have reasonably-priced local items that you can purchase en route, unless of course you are heading to Asia and have a size 12 shoe size. Remember to do your homework, if you forget the ‘just in case’ little numbers, you’ll have more room.

Polwarth Design

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Sustainable beauty, essential hair care


he old ‘practice makes perfect’ adage is actually a brilliant business model. Case in point: Davines. Founded in 1983 by the

Bollati family in Parma, Italy, Davines Group was a research lab that produced high-end hair care concoctions for global cosmetics companies. Fortunately for us, after a decade of carefully refining their products, the Italian brand decided it was time to



branch out on their own. Their products are made from eco-friendly ingredients with an emphasis on scientifically-proven effectiveness, and packaged in reusable containers made of reusable, food-grade materials. The result is a line that our


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The Strand Arcarde, Whangarei www.xtremeshampooshop.co.nz

each individual’s distinctive style and spirit. Essential Haircare is the daily haircare product line that best epitomizes the Davines brand and embodies the company’s values more than any others. It represents the good soul of a project: each product offers the perfect balance between their function, nature and its exuberant generosity. Each family in reformulated Davines Essential Haircare line contains a specific

Beauty will save the world

smoothness and daily care. All products are free from sulphates and

minimise impact that our actions have on

Product features: • 100% renewable resources • Natural active ingredients • Free from sulphates and parabens • Anti-irritation • Reusable packaging

on crafting quality products that are scientifically engineered to work, and express

characteristic and function: nourishment, hydration, volume, shine, protecting, elasticity,

Davines see sustainability in regard to their products as: the commitment to

An all-natural-ingredient hair care range that focuses on creating sustainable beauty. Davines has stayed true to creating high-quality products that are not only eco-friendly but provide incredible results.

Essential hair care Since the beginning, Davines has focused

combination that’s absolutely perfecto.

Beauty and sustainability are the two central ideals in the Davines philosophy.



hair, and our conscience can love — a

the environment, and the privileged and respectful use of natural ingredients.

parabens, and are enriched with active ingredients sourced from slow food presidia farms in Italy to contribute to the biodiversity of Davines planet.

By creating beauty sustainably, Davines encourages people to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live & work, and of the things they love.


This is a rich and nourishing multi-benefit leave in treatment spray for all hair types.



Benefits: • Adds shine, softness and silkiness • Has an excellent detangling power • Facilitates combing of dry and wet hair • Controls frizz & moisturizes hair • Has an exceptional conditioning effect • Gives body without weighing hair down • Facilitates blow drying & heat protection • Provides a longer-lasting hairstyle

RRP $38


What you need to know about our most advanced skin treatment Looking to target advanced signs of ageing? Find out why this treatment could be for you.


hen it comes to treating lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing, our most advanced skin treatment here at Caci is our Fractional C02 Laser, available as part of our Reformaskin treatment plan. For more information on how the treatment works and who it’s best suited for, we talked to Caci National Trainer Brandy Wehinger.


1. Who is Fractional CO2 Laser best suited for, and why would they benefit from getting this treatment?

Caci National Trainer Brandy Wehinger

This treatment is our most advanced, so is ideal for clients who are concerned with treating signs of ageing, skin texture and tone. It treats much deeper into the dermis than other treatments so can provide truly long lasting results. Age isn’t such a factor with this treatment, but generally clients with more advanced signs of ageing are well suited to Fractional CO2 Laser.


2. What’s the downtime like? Are there any other considerations you need to be aware of before having the treatment? Fractional CO2 Laser is a laser that helps resurface and tighten the skin. Small areas of the skin are targeted, while neighbouring skin is left healthy and stimulated. This allows for quick healing and a beautiful result. However, this treatment does require a little bit of down time. Clients are often quite pink after treatment for a few days and have a small grid pattern on their face. Sun protection is essential following this treatment.


3. What other treatments would you recommend alongside Fractional CO2 Laser to get the best results? On a treatment plan, we will start with some skin conditioning treatments (Microdermabrasion, sonophoresis infusion or derma rolling) to prep your skin before having the laser treatment, this will ensure you’re ready for the more advanced treatment and receive the best results.



At Caci we know that when you look your best, you also feel your best. Book your free consultation today. Caci Whangarei 110 Bank St

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IRITIS By Carina Dalziel, Eye-Centre Primecare

Iritis (i-RYE-tis) is inflammation that affects the coloured ring around your eye’s pupil (iris). The iris is a circular pigmented membrane that provides the eye its colour and is made up of muscular fibres that control the amount of light entering you’re eye, so that you can see clearly. It does this by making the pupil smaller in bright light, and bigger in dim light.


Iritis - note increased redness around the outer ring of the iris

he iris is a part of the middle layer of the eye (uvea), so iritis is a type of uveitis, also known as anterior uveitis. Iritis, the most common type of uveitis, affects the front of your eye. The cause is often unknown. It can result from an underlying systemic condition or a genetic factor. Iritis attacks the eye quickly and in most cases, occurs in one eye at a time. There are two forms of iritis, acute and chronic. Acute iritis if treated immediately will improve and heal quickly. Chronic iritis doesn’t respond as well to medication and can take months or years to heal. Chronic iritis can also cause serious visual impairment if not treated, iritis can lead to glaucoma or vision loss. If you have symptoms of iritis, see your doctor as soon as possible. Symptoms It usually develops suddenly, and can last six to eight weeks. Signs and symptoms of iritis include: • Eye redness • Discomfort or achiness in the affected eye • Sensitivity to light (photophobia) • Decreased vision Iritis that develops suddenly, over hours or days, is known as acute iritis. Symptoms that develop gradually or last longer than six weeks indicate chronic iritis. Your eye doctor will conduct a complete eye exam, including: • External eye examination. • Visual acuity. • Slit-lamp examination. Dilating your pupil with eye drops enables your doctor to see the inside of your eye better.

• •

10 | SAVVY

Complications If not treated properly, iritis could lead to: • Cataracts. • An irregular pupil. • Glaucoma • Calcium deposits on the cornea (band keratopathy). The secrets to the successful treatment of iritis is early detection and proper choice of medicines. Therapy consists of antiinflammatory and dilating drops. These drops often must be instilled 1 hourly -2 hourly. These medicines decrease the inflammation, reduce the scarring that can occur, and improve comfort levels. Dark glasses will also aid in making the eye more comfortable. Persistent cases may require more intensive treatment. Successful treatment of iritis depends on careful and consistent compliance by the patient. Follow up care is essential.

Your eye doctor may work with your GP to pinpoint an underlying cause. In that case, further testing might include blood tests or X-rays to identify or rule out specific causes Risk Factors & causes of Iritis include: • Injury to the eye. Blunt force trauma, a penetrating injury, or a burn from a chemical or fire. • Infections. Shingles (herpes zoster) on your face. Other infectious diseases, such as toxoplasmosis, histoplasmosis, tuberculosis and syphilis, can be linked to other types of uveitis. • Genetic predisposition. People who develop certain autoimmune diseases due to a gene alteration (labelled HLA-B27)that affects their immune systems might also develop acute iritis.



Diseases include ankylosing spondylitis, reactive arthritis formally known as Reiter’s syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and psoriatic arthritis. Behcet’s disease. An uncommon cause of acute iritis in Western countries, this condition is also characterized by joint problems, mouth sores and genital sores. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Chronic iritis can develop in children with this condition. Sarcoidosis. This autoimmune disease involves the growth of collections of inflammatory cells (granulomas) in areas of your body, including your eyes. Certain medications. A rare cause of Iritis Sexually transmitted infection. Certain infections, such as syphilis or HIV/AIDs, are linked with a significant risk of iritis. Smoking tobacco.

• Consultation $165.00 Follow up $103.00 Includes retinal photos • OCT $102.00 • Cataract surgery from $3138.00 per eye * Price inc GST but not including cost of pre-operative consultation Southern Cross affiliated

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Human Eye Anatomy



David Dalziel and Andrew Watts Ph: 09-972 7022 12 Kensington Ave, Whangarei Fax: 09-972 7026 Email: pceyes@xtra.co.nz Website: www.bit.do/EyeCentre


THE BENEFITS of physical fitness for personal development



ersonal development can seem like a daunting task when you think about all the improvements you want to make in every area of your life: health, money, career, relationships, education, family, travel/leisure, sports, spiritual growth and so on. So often it seems like you succeed in one area only to see another one neglected. It’s not that you’re not achieving successes, you may be wildly successful in one area and it just seems so hard to succeed across the board. Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could simply do one thing to improve yourself and there was a ripple effect? Imagine improving one area of your life, and every other area of your life was improved as a result – kind of like the “all ships rise with the tide” phenomenon. I believe there IS such a thing, and I believe that one thing is physical fitness. We often think of our personal fitness as being all about “workouts and nutrition” – but TRUE FITNESS is much more about PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT… The benefits of physical fitness are many. It keeps your muscles and bones strong, controls your weight, disease proofs your body, improves your mood, improves brain function, helps you sleep better, boosts energy and improves your sex life. And of course, there’s confidence, which

“The distance is nothing; it’s only the first step that is difficult.” is perhaps the most under-rated benefit of being in shape. Nothing boosts your confidence like practicing the habit and discipline of exercise and reaping the rewards – having a level of energetic health and a feel-good body you love. Simply put, fitness can make you happier and help you enjoy ALL of life more. That is because there are key personal development benefits in good physical fitness. Honing the mind, creating selfdiscipline, treating the body with respect and setting and achieving goals are all excellent attributes to cultivate. The mental aspect is one of the key benefits of physical fitness. If you learn the principles of success in fitness you can use them in other areas of life. The attitude it takes to succeed is the same, whatever it is you are trying to achieve. The physical body is an excellent place to learn and develop the principles of personal development. You can see it and measure it. Progress or lack of it is easily apparent. So many people do not see results because they set weak goals with weak

intentions and give up far too easily. Somehow we have forgotten that our most important asset is our body and its health and wellness. We cannot reach any our goals, do our work or fulfill our mission and purpose in life if our body cannot support us. There is no mystery as to what is required to succeed. Proper exercise supported by REAL food is what it takes over a long period of time. You WILL see results if you stick to it. Once you learn to master the art of goal setting, hone your self-discipline along with developing higher motivation levels you will be able to set your mind to other life goals. Martial arts are an excellent example of how the body can be used to learn and understand deeper spiritual and mystical aspects of oneself and of life in general.

The importance of physical fitness goes beyond mere physical benefits. The body and mind are deeply interconnected. The benefits of physical fitness are that it sets the tone of constant improvement in a very tangible manner and it has flow on effect throughout the rest of your life. Improving health and fitness is the easiest one of those to control and it is the easiest one to gain mastery of. Developing your skills there is a good stepping stone to making more serious changes in other areas of your life. The mental transformation that must take place in sync with the physical changes is what makes this a fast path to life transformation. You will not only be stronger and fitter, but calmer, happier and saner as well. Try it and see for yourself how well it works.

Get More Out of Life…

More strength, more energy, more FUN! Challenge yourself to change your life… And we can help you get there…



Come and experience our facilities that will make your decision to include fitness in your life an easy one. We’ll help you to a healthier place. You’ll love the results and you’ll feel better about everything you do. Call 438 8863 • 95 Walton St, Whangarei www.anytimefitness.co.nz SAVVY | 11

Hospitality stars in Northland


ospitality is an industry which continues to grow throughout Northland, and this is opening up a world of opportunities for students. Every year People Potential’s Hospitality team plays an integral part in educating around 200 learners who are interested in the industry and the team has attracted many young people of Northland to a hospitality career. Students are introduced to the industry through a short entry-level Hospitality course which covers barista, café services and food safety, and runs for 14 weeks with a lot of practical experience along the way. If you are looking at hospitality as a career choice, then you can continue on to the Hospitality Level 3 programme. The Hospitality courses specialise in front-of-house training and students learn food safety and barista skills, with a focus on café services, quick service restaurants, bars and clubs, functions, and restaurant services. Students also gain their LCQ. In addition, there are options for people already employed in the industry to have their skills and experience recognised with a nationally-recognised qualification. To ensure the Hospitality students at People Potential get the best and most extensive hospitality experience, the Peep’s

12 | SAVVY

Café was established to provide work experience preparing and serving delicious kai to staff and students on campus. As well as running the student cafeteria, the students are very hands-on working in the community, providing food and beverage service at various events in Whangarei. They work with the Cancer Society, Volunteers Whangarei, Rotary, Hundertwasser fundraisers, Business Awards and art exhibitions, to name a few. Absolute Caterers provides work opportunities for enthusiastic learners to put their knowledge to work. “We have employed several People Potential students both in the kitchen and the function rooms and their skill-set when they come to us is of a very high standard.” The Level 3 Food and Beverage students also assist with the Westpac Northland Business Awards each year. “We really value our relationship with People Potential and

see having the students as part of the awards night as a great opportunity to introduce the business community to the upand-coming hospitality stars in Northland,” says Kate Blundell from Collective Concepts. Shona Pivac has been tutoring in the hospitality department at People Potential for 14 years and has over 40 years of experience in the industry. She has instilled her passion into the tutoring team which she now manages, all of whom keep their skills up-to-date by also working in the industry. A new block of Hospitality classrooms was built in 2016 to accommodate the large numbers of students wanting to join the programmes and a recent expansion of the organisation to include campuses in Papakura and Hamilton has left People Potential excited to embrace yet another year making an educational difference!

“We have employed several People Potential students both in the kitchen and the function rooms and their skill-set when they come to us is of a very high standard.”

By Jodi Bryant


any people feel uncomfortable talking about their traumatic pasts but Ashleigh Barchard’s is literally an open book. After creating a blog about her experiences of abuse and lack of self-worth as a form of therapy and in a bid to help others going through similar trauma, she was stoked when it took off. Ashleigh grew up with an abusive father and struggled until her mid-twenties. “I struggled with my direction and my own thoughts, as well as anxiety and constantly feeling like I wasn’t worthy and, even though I had a strong support network with my amazing family and friends, I honestly felt like no one understood and I didn’t want to bug anyone with my problems,” she recalls. She began writing and found it therapeutic. “I had been wanting to start a blog for over two years and had all the content but couldn’t figure out a name for it. One of my close friends suggested Journey With Me and I loved it. “I wanted the blog to be an open, safe space where I could share my experiences and others could too and I feel like it is exactly that.

“I believed if even one person resonated with a story, then maybe I could show them how supported they were and I was so humbled when it took off. I am blown away by the support and the growth of it in the five months it’s been going. I have so much more to share and I am excited for the journey.” One of Ashleigh’s posts reached over 10,000 people and she receives many messages from people who want to share similar experiences, advice or just want to be heard and feel supported. She also gets approached on the street by people expressing their gratitude for her honesty. “I love conversing and listening to all of them. There have been a few times that I have reached out to qualified people to assist because I felt that ongoing support and assistance was required. It has definitely made me think about pursuing (a career in this field) because I have so much passion to help people in any way I can.” Ashleigh, 28, says the prevalent Northland suicide rates and its effect left her pondering

how she could take things a step further from her blog and make a difference in the community, showing those suffering that they were important and valued. An idea began to form. “As someone who has been in that headspace before, I know that the majority of people just want to stop hurting and they feel that there isn’t another way. It is a subject that needs to be approached gently, with love, care and support as there are risks around discussion so I wanted to ensure I went a different angle that empowered, promoted and supported our community. I wanted to make sure the day was happy, positive and full of resources that could assist everyone.” She is talking about the Choose Life suicide event she held at Cafler Park in February. Hailed a success, the event was attended by around 500 people and featured stalls from various organisations, entertainment and competitions. Throughout the day, a number of youth reached out for assistance or guidance and

that was what it was all about, says Ashleigh. “We had amazing entertainers and each one of them was approached because they were connected to the cause, they each had an important message to share and it resonated with so many people. I had many people of all ages approach me - some were young kids, parents and one was a lovely lady in her 80s - they all came along because they wanted to help or needed assistance in some shape or form and that to me is so special. It also reminded people that talking is a good thing, we encouraged everyone to share their stories and to reach out for help because we were there for them.” All proceeds from the day were donated to Whangarei Youth Space. “I am an avid supporter of Whangarei Youth Space because I believe the work they do is invaluable. They provide a safe space, free healthcare, meals and overall support for 12-24-year-olds. They open their doors for anyone to help them in any way they can and the work they do is admirable. “For anyone who wants to just talk to someone, they can utilise the 1737 number which you can call or text free anytime of the day. This will connect you with qualified counsellors who can help with resources or just by listening. We have so many amazing resources in our community to help with everything.”

Ashleigh is this month’s recipient for our Local Legends $100 New World Kerikeri Gift Card. If you know of a suitable nominee, please email us at: savvy@northernadvocate.co.nz


Bringing the New World service, selection, smiles and low prices to Kerikeri and the Bay of Islands

Nominate your class from ANY mid North primary or intermediate school and that class could win lunch for a day courtesy of New World Kerikeri and The HITS Northland.

All you have to do is register your class at Kerikeri New World.


Check out our gluten free and organic choices www.newworld.co.nz 99 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri Hours: Mon-Sun 7am - 9pm Phone (09) 407 0200

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Is what I feed my pet important?

our pet’s diet is just as important as your own! When it comes to our pets, all we really want is for them to live long, happy and healthy lives. Diet plays a huge part in, not just their physical condition, but also how our pets learn and develop. This is especially important in our younger pets. Muscle tone, body condition, skin and coat health, digestion, immunity and prevention of disease are just some of the main reasons a balanced diet is important for your pet. There are more options now available to pet owners than ever before. Dry diets (kibble) are great for the busy household and, if you want to find the best balance for your pet, then there are plenty of formulated foods available. However, with dry diets, there is the need for plenty of drinking water to be available as the moisture content is very

low in kibbles. There are formulas available for puppies right through to senior citizens and size-specific. In some brands, even breed-specific. Wet foods (cans, rolls, pouches etc), while good for pets, can be harder to find nutritional balance when fed on its own. Wet foods are best fed in tandem with dry food as they add much-needed moisture to the diet, especially for the cats and kittens of the world who are not as active drinkers as dogs. Raw feeding (minces, diced meats, bones etc) is probably the most controversial part of the pet feeding world, as It is a little more complex than others. In its purest form meat is just meat and there are no formulations or additives meaning finding the nutritional balance your pet needs, takes a little more work. Feeding raw does have some great benefits for your pet; there are no preservatives in raw meat or artificial

colours and, because there are no fillers, there is little your pet doesn’t absorb, meaning they are getting the most out of what’s going in and leaving less left on the lawn or in the litter box! Raw feeding is always best done under the guidance of an experienced vet or pet specialty store to ensure your pet gets the best out of it. As with any food, there are always different levels of quality and affordability. It is understanding the different options that we can struggle with the most as it can be quite daunting walking into a supermarket, pet store or vet clinic to choose a food! But take the time to visit your local pet specialty store or vet clinic and have a chat with one of their pet nutrition specialists. It will be the best conversation you can have for your pet!

‘Your Pet is one of a kind’ We have the largest Premium Pet Food range in Town Let us help you find the right one for your pet!

32a Commerce Street - Phone (09) 4388835 - petessentialswhangarei.co.nz 14 | SAVVY

Spectacular yet diverse coastlines, marine reserves, kauri forests, picturesque trails and two oceans that collide make Tai Tokerau Northland an unmissable and unforgettable destination. This is a land of contrasts where every area is steeped in history, and every season provides an opportunity to discover more of what this stunning region has to offer. Spring starts earlier and summer lingers longer in Northland, making New Zealand’s northernmost region an attractive destination for visitors wanting to make the most of the subtropical climate. Autumn and winter are mild; ideal for enjoying the many walking tracks, cycling trails, and five road and one water-based Northland Journeys that are off the beaten track and showcase even more of this idyllic region. This unique set of superb and stunning touring routes tells the stories of our region and people, while revealing more of our favourite places and hidden gems. Northland’s east coast is dominated by sparkling harbours, long

BY THE NUMBERS Measured in terms of guest nights, Northland is the sixth largest tourism region in New Zealand. Northland’s tourism industry … •

injects $1.1 billion into Northland’s economy each year

is the region’s third largest sector

• •

employs 8,800 people, and generates 8.9% of the region’s GDP

stunning stretches of pristine white sandy beach and sheltered bays. By contrast, the west coast is rugged and soulful – crashing waves, pounding surf and an unspoiled coastline. Both coasts can be enjoyed year round - the ultimate playground

and coastal paradise in the warmer months; an ethereal and somewhat mystical retreat when it’s cooler. Long and narrow contrasting coastlines make it easy to hop over to the other side of the region if the weather is less than ideal where you are. Northland’s restaurants and wineries showcase the region’s fresh produce, quality cuisine, and award-winning wines, and the many roadside stalls showcase the best of locally grown fruits and vegetables including Kerikeri oranges and avocados, and west coast kumara. There is a wide range of accommodation, ranging from luxury lodges and upmarket retreats, to hotels, motels, farmstays, B&Bs, holiday parks, self-catering holiday homes and AirBnB options. Whether you are drawn to Māori culture and stories about our heritage and people, natural wonders and contrasting coastlines, or adrenaline adventures, golf courses and world luxury resorts, we welcome you to Northland and know you will find something special here. By Northland Inc

Pay It Forward Wednesdays!

Every Wednesday in April, The first 10 medium coffees of the day are free! You just need to pay the favour forward!

Open for: • Breakfast • Lunch • Delicious Cakes • Functions • Paintings • Glass Works • Carvings • Jewellery • Sculptures • Ceramics • Gift Vouchers

1392 Old Russell Rd, Hikurangi Phone/Fax: Gallery 09 433 9616 or Café 09 433 9934 Hours: 7 days - 10am to 5pm www.galleryhelenabay.co.nz www.facebook/galleryhelenabay

Gold card members get 10% discount on their total conditions apply

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FIRST LANDING – HOKIANGA Travel one hour north of Whangarei to unearth

Check out the historic timber mill town Kohukohu and the second oldest European settlement, Horeke, which was a historic ship

the giant kauri trees of

building town. Nearby Mangungu Mission House is the site of the second signing of the

the Waipoua Kauri Forest

Treaty of Waitangi. Hokianga has a wide range of

– the sentinels for the undiscovered jewel of Northland’s west coast, the historic Hokianga Harbour.

TAKING IT IN: Locals often pause to take in the view at Omapere overlooking the Hokianga Harbour. PHOTO/MALCOLM PULLMAN

accommodation, suiting the needs of all budgets. People can rest their weary heads after days of pony trekking, exploring the craft trail, carving, bush walks, sand dunes, fishing, boating, swimming, golf, museum, great food at many cafes and eating establishments or just taking it easy in this wonderful relaxed atmosphere. FULL OF EXCITEMENT: Waimamaku, in south Hokianga, comes alive every year at their annual Wild West Fest – this year they celebrated their 10th annual Wild West Fest. PHOTO/PETER DE GRAAF.

Tracks give access to notorious giants, 1,400-year-old Tane Mahuta and 2,000-yearold Te Matua Ngahere, as well as other forest walks including Yakas Track, Lookout walk and the Waiotemarama kauri and waterfall walks. People can stomp along several fabulous coastal walks — including the Signal Station walk complete with amazing sand dune views. The Hokianga landscape is dotted with many quaint villages, such as the twin settlement of Omapere and Opononi made famous in 1955-56 by Opo the dolphin with trips to 300 metre high sand dunes from here. Rawene, New Zealand’s third oldest MAJESTIC: Tane Mahuta, New Zealand’s largest kauri. PHOTO/RON BURGIN

European settlement has historic Clendon House to share with visitors.

HOKIANGA COPTHORNE One visit to the Hokianga and it will hold a special place in your heart forever. Arriving at Hokianga is sure to take your breath away with the spectacular vista of the Harbour opening out before you. The Copthorne Hotel and Resort in the beautiful Hokianga is a wonderful place to stay in summer and winter. The latest addition to the Copthorne’s selection of accommodation are the Heads Villas. Luxury, style and space abound in these villas. Designed with privacy in mind, each villa features a private courtyard with a hot tub, an outdoor shower, loungers and landscaped garden. Relaxation is complete, with an indoor fire, lounge area a super king bed as well as a walk- in wardrobe. The indoor bathroom is fitted with a double monsoon

Enjoy your stay in the gorgeous rooms or for luxury, style and space, The Heads Villas

Copthorne C th H Hotel t l and dR Resortt

State Highway 12, Omapere, Hokianga Phone: 09 405 8737 16 | SAVVY

shower and luxurious bath. For coffee lovers there is a Nespresso machine. Whether it is for a romantic weekend away or just to get away, The Heads Villas is the perfect place to relax - all year round. Simplicity. The new luxury.

HOUSE OF TRAVEL House of Travel Whangarei has been helping thousands of Northlanders with their travel plans for nearly 30 years and are currently ranked in the top three of House of Travels nationwide. At the recent House of Travel Awards held at the TSB Arena in Wellington, House of Travel Whangarei were also recognised for achieving the most sales on Emirates Airlines of any retail office in New Zealand. Stephen Gillingham, Director of House of Travel Whangarei, says there are many reasons why so many people choose to book with them and travel so often and so far. “The main reason, ahead of all others, is that we are absolutely committed to having customer service and customer experiences at the forefront of everything that we do.”

“For many of our customers, they have been dreaming, planning, saving and anticipating their next trip away and we see it as a privilege that they have chosen us to help bring the holiday experience to reality for them,” says Stephen. “This is a big responsibility for us, which we do not take lightly, and so each consultant takes time to listen and understand each of their client’s aspirations to ensure that each traveller’s expectations can, not only be met, but exceeded at every opportunity.”

The awards day also saw five consultants receive outstanding sales awards, which came as a result of the excellent work they do for their customers. They were Jan Crisp, Anne Millard, Sharon Waipouri, Emily Johnson and Jan Cook. House of Travel have recently introduced a feedback programme called Voice of the Customer (VOC), which is a feedback loop, designed for the truth to be heard and ensure that consultants continue to strive for excellence in their customer service.

... we are absolutely committed to having customer service and customer experiences at the forefront of everything ...

The team of very experienced and insightful travel consultants are frequent travellers too and use their experiences and expertise to full advantage for each and every one of their clients. For peace of mind and for your own protection, Stephen strongly advises to ensure you check that you are booking your travel arrangements with a bonded member of the Travel Agents Association of New Zealand (TAANZ). “At House of Travel Whangarei, we have been fully bonded to TAANZ since 1990 and we take pride that, when you book with us, we are there for you every step of the way, providing back-up 24/7 wherever you are. In most cases, it costs no more and, in some cases, less – to book with a travel agent rather than online, particularly on more complex travel arrangements. We are constantly updated on travel deals and packages from all of the major operators. Stephen says the biggest advantage of using a travel agent over booking online is definitely the trust relationship that underpins all the engagement with customers. “A great travel consultant will be very intuitive to a client’s travel needs, requirements and preferences, ensuring your time away is, not only great value, but tailor-made uniquely for you.” Cruising is the fastest-growing travel category and House of Travel is leading the way with worldwide cruise specials. To help inspire and inform, House of Travel are taking their cruise information sessions on the road to Dargaville, Whangarei and Mangawhai. These sessions are open to the public and are designed to inspire and inform those interested in ocean and river cruising with featured presentations from P & O and Princess Cruises and Avalon Waterways.

Cruise information sessions Dates & times: • Dargaville Tuesday April 10, 5.30-7.00pm • Whangarei Wednesday April 11, 5.30-7.00pm • Mangawhai Thursday April 12, 5.30pm-7.00pm

River and Ocean Cruising Info Evening

Come and join us for an informative evening with expert advice featuring Avalon Waterways, P&O and Princess Cruises. Also showcasing House of Travel's exclusive Escorted fly/cruise packages. Date: Time: Where: RSVP:

Tue 10 April - Dargaville, Wed 11 April - Whangarei, Thu 12 April - Mangawhai 5.30pm - 7.00pm Dargaville - Dargaville Club, Whangarei - House of Travel, Mangawhai - Mangawhai Museum Please RSVP Email whangarei@hot.co.nz or phone 09 438 2333


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Walking the city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia August 2017


Nyhavn Harbour, Copenhagen February 2017


Mayfield Lavender farm, U.K. July 2017


King Henry VIII’s home - Hampton Court Palace December 2017


Dancing around in the Sahara desert being pelted with sand


Lagos, Portugal August 2017


REBEKAH THOMPSON 1. Rebekah (left) and friend (Sakina) stopping at the Tropic of Capricorn in Namibia. 2. This was at a giraffe Sanctuary in Nairobi, Kenya. 3. Rebekah at Devils Pool at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. 4. This was in Malawi after we visited a local school. I spent some time with a young girl who was selling beans on the streets.





ROBYN ANDERSON 1. Robyn Anderson standing outside Midhope Castle in Scotland. This was the location of “Lallybroch” from the Outlander series of which Robyn is a fan. 2. Robyn Anderson with the London Eye in the background, on a beautiful sunny London day, September 2017. 3. Jessica and Kerry Anderson swinging high on the “Over The Edge” swing at the A’dam Lookout in Amsterdam. The swing is set on the rooftop and swings out over the edge of the building.



4. Kerry Anderson at the Parthenon, September 2017. The Parthenon is a former temple, on the Athenian Acropolis, Greece. Constructed about 447 BC.


5. Robyn Anderson standing outside Kensington Palace. “We were there at the time of the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. Was a very sombre feeling being there.” September 2017. 6. Robyn Anderson up the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world. “I’m not a fan of heights but I surprisingly didn’t find this scary at all.” August 2017.

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ANDREA HAWCRIDGE 1. Santorini Catamaran. 2. Mohammad & Fatima. 3. Andrea & baby camel

O N E R T N A S $249.90




LYN COCHRANE Inside the Crown of the Statue of Liberty, much smaller than you would think, and quite a climb $249.90

Light weight and flexible

Superior Comfort



3 $269.90





MEGAN CHARLESWORTH 1. Sahara dessert Morocco, with Alex Hall, Emma Close, Ricardo Butturini, Sam Robson, Blake Davies, Hamish Clarke, Matt Dackers, Kim Nathan & Megan Charlesworth. 2. Amalfi coast Italy Megan Charlesworth & Ricardo Butturini.



3. Hot air balloons in Cappadocia turkey, with Ricardo Butturini, Megan Charlesworth and Alex Hall. 4. Gallipoli Turkey Travel Talk Tours (Megan and Ricardo)




CHELSI SMITH 1. Sky diving with NZONE in Queenstown. 2. Bungy Jumping in Taupo (scariest thing ever!)

The Mall, 69 Cameron St, Whangarei Phone 09 438 2224

Locally Owned & Operated

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DISCOVERING EDEN P&O Cruises still know how to throw a party but this revitalised line has come a long way since the 80s and 90s, discovers Tiana Templeman


ver run into someone you haven’t seen in years and been amazed by how fabulous they look? That is exactly how my husband and I feel when we board P&O Cruises’ Pacific Eden. We have not sailed with P&O since the 1990s, when our South Pacific cruise was memorable for all the wrong reasons, and cannot believe how much the line has changed. The hard-partying, low budget vibe of old has been replaced by glamorous bars, upmarket specialty dining, attractive public spaces and family fun.

New Itinerary It had been a long time coming but we decided to give P&O Cruises another try because it was one of the few lines cruising regularly to Papua New Guinea, one of the South Pacific’s most stunning emerging cruising destinations. P&O Cruises launched its first Papua New Guinea itinerary in late 2013, and the region’s growing popularity has seen departures available from Brisbane, Sydney and Cairns, with itineraries of up to 14 nights. Our route would take us to four ports in the Milne Bay Province, including the area’s capital, Alotau, and three stunning and culturally rich islands. Being first-time visitors to Papua New Guinea we decided on a modest seven-night round-trip cruise from Cairns. We agreed this would be long enough to get a feel for the destination (and the new look P&O) but not too long if we didn’t like it. It takes one day to reach Papua New Guinea from Cairns, which gives our family time to explore the ship. At around half the size of megaships such as Ovation of the Seas, Pacific Eden shows that sometimes good things come in small packages. It might not have the bells and whistles of larger ships, but Pacific Eden’s compact size means it can dock at

more ports and there is still plenty to do. We challenge ourselves at the P&O Edge Adventure Park, an outdoor activities area on the top deck with 14 options to scare ourselves silly, such as walk the plank, ropes courses, funnel climbing and abseiling. While this costs extra it is worth the spend. We fly through the air on a zipline high above the pool deck, waving at passengers far below, then have lunch at The Pantry, a light and airy dining area, which has replaced the traditional cruise-ship buffet. With a choice of eight different outlets ranging from salads to fish and chips and spicy Indian, this spot is another pleasant surprise. Dining Unlike many cruise lines, dining at almost every onboard restaurant including the specialties, Angelo’s and Dragon Lady, is free. Our son’s favourite is Angelo’s, a contemporary Italian restaurant with white linennapped tables and a shiny Vespa out the front. Surrounded by classic black-and-white photographs, we dine on fennel-and-spinach risotto and carbonara with a twist. Angelo’s, and the entire ship, is impressively luxe for a mid-priced cruise experience. However, in some ways, this is also P&O’s greatest downfall. Like all of P&O Cruises’ Australian and New Zealand ships, Pacific Eden once sailed for another cruise line. Previously known as Holland America Line’s Statendam, the 24-year-old ship was treated to a multi-million dollar refurbishment prior to joining the P&O fleet. When you are surrounded by such upmarket surrounds, it is easy to forget this is not a five-star cruise line, except perhaps when you are inside your cabin. These have not been renovated and still feature traditional old-world Holland America Line decor, which does not match the ship’s otherwise modern look.

However, our oceanview cabin is more than comfortable and has plenty of room for our family of three. Provided you keep your expectations reasonable, P&O Cruises generally overdeliver. Island life The first stop on our cruise is Alotau, the capital of Milne Bay Province in south-eastern Papua New Guinea, which played a pivotal role in the Battle of Milne Bay in 1942. War history tours are popular here but other options, such as sightseeing bus trips, cooking classes and village visits, are also available. While there are no formal cruise-ship shore excursions at many of the other ports, this is a delight rather than a disappointment. At the tiny island of Kitava, located just off the larger Trobiand Island of Kiriwina, barechested islanders greet us with flower leis and shy smiles. Rows of elaborately decorated bamboo rafts line the shore, ready to transfer passengers to a sandy atoll that looks so idyllic it resembles a postcard. Our rollicking boat ride to the tiny island costs 5 kina ($2.50) and is accompanied by a fierce yet friendly race with another raft. Our win is heralded with a conch shell fanfare and we spend the morning snorkelling over pristine coral and sitting under shady trees, chatting with fellow passengers. With no mobile phone coverage or internet access available on the tiny atoll, we disconnect with the outside world and reconnect with each other. That night we move from bar to bar to catch some of our favourite musical acts. With talented musicians and groups playing everything from jazz and blues to rock, R’n’B and cocktail piano tunes, there is music to suit every mood. Our next stop is Kiriwina Island, the largest

Call into the Boatshed down at the Town Basin to check out swimwear and resort wear for your next cruise or tropical holiday. Chrissy and the team will help you chose the perfect outfits and swimwear for your trip. From glorious sundresses, colourful sarongs and flattering swimwear they have a huge selection to choose from. No matter what your body shape you will find the perfect bikini, tankini or one piece to suit.

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in the Trobriands, which is home to over 10,000 islanders, yet similarly undeveloped. We awake to discover Pacific Eden anchored impressively close to shore, in a deep natural harbour created by sheer rock walls that plunge into the sea. The island looks so close it feels as if we can reach out and touch the ruggedly picturesque shoreline, shallow coral reef and white beaches. We cool down in the shallows and chat to kids who cruise alongside us in dugout canoes, handling their craft with the skill of seasoned sailors. English is spoken more widely here and it is easy to strike up a conversation. Back on shore, woven mats form a makeshift marketplace, selling exquisite wood carvings inlaid with mother-of-pearl. Kiriwina is famous for its carving and many passengers return to the ship with souvenirs. We don’t buy anything but our memories of this unique cruising destination are priceless. Conflict Islands Our last port is the Conflict Islands, a privately owned archipelago of 21 untouched islands surrounded by a cerulean blue lagoon, with one of the most biodiverse coral reefs in the world. P&O Cruises has exclusive visiting rights for the Conflict Islands and this is our family’s most anticipated stop of the cruise. We are up early with our snorkel gear packed, marvelling at the beautiful day outside and ready to board the first available tender boat. However, an onshore wind makes tender operations impossible and, after a sincere apology from the captain, the ship departs for the journey back to Cairns. This P&O Cruise may have been our first for many years but it won’t be our last. As the ship pulls away from the island, we are already planning our return visit.

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RELAXING RUSSELL Russell is a charming, elegant and historic township. Heritage buildings to visit include a tour of the Catholic Mission ‘‘Pompallier’’,

shore leave destination for sailors, whalers

bookstores, Russell offers numerous

historic Flagstaff Hill, or try the new full

and traders during the 19th century. Today Russell is still a favoured spot for

galleries, craft and boutique shops and a range of chic cafe´s and waterfront

circle day walk Russell-Okiato-Opua-Paihia. For self-drive explorers, take State

Christ Church, which still carries the bullet holes from the Maori Wars and The Duke

boaties with sheltered bays, a yachting club and New Zealand’s oldest game-fishing club,

restaurants serving the best of Northland’s food and wine.

Highway 11 to Opua and catch the vehicular ferry to Russell or leave State Highway 1 at

of Marlborough which holds NZ’s first pub licence. At the museum you can discover

The Bay of Islands Swordfish Club made known by world famous angler Zane Grey.

From here you can take a Hole in the Rock or dolphin cruise, hire a yacht, go fishing,

Whakapara and travel the fully tar-sealed scenic coastal route via Oakura.

Russell’s exciting past when it was known as ‘the hell hole of the Pacific’’ as it was the

As well as covering the basic needs of grocery, hardware, pharmacy and

parasailing, kayaking, visit Paihia, Waitangi and Kerikeri. Enjoy the 360deg views from

There’s also a passenger ferry service from Paihia.

Come and experience our boutique resort, 5 heated pools, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sunset. Make the most of our award-winning day spa – La Spa Naturale, dine in the Provenir, where our head chef will cook you up the freshest food in the Bay, sourced from high quality local ingredients. Treat yourself to indulgence, Paihia Beach Resort & Spa awaits you.

Freephone: 0800 870 111 info@paihiabeach.co.nz 22 | SAVVY

Phone: 09 4020 111 www.paihiabeach.co.nz


Outdoor enthusiasts wanting to get some fresh air while drinking in some beautiful sights can don their sneakers and try the Waitangi to Haruru Falls walk. This is a sheltered 6km tramp from the Treaty Grounds at Waitangi, along the bushclad banks of the

spectacular—and Maori legend states that a taniwha (water monster) lives in the lagoon below. Head out on the water to enjoy the scenery as you voyage past the Cape Brett Lighthouse and arrive at the impressive Hole in the Rock

Waitangi River to Haruru Falls and can take around 2.5 hours to complete.

— hold your breath as the skipper navigates through the narrow space and appreciate the

The track is suitable for families and offers features such as the boardwalk section

rock walls towering above you. Be further impressed by the Grand Cathedral Cave

which provides an opportunity to pass through the, usually inaccessible, interior of a

before returning to the sheltered waters of the Bay.

mature mangrove forest. As you approach the

Many people come to the Bay of Islands with marlin in mind. Take part in keenly

end of the walk you will hear the thunderous roar of the falls with the name Haruru loosely translated to mean ‘‘big noise’’. The water falls in a horseshoe shape—very rare and quite

contested tournaments or you can hire a boat and reel in your own private battles with the denizens of the deep.

The Bay of Islands Country Rock Festival features good music and friendship in the stunning setting of the Bay of Islands, New Zealand - one of the top tourist spots of the country. Each year the festival features more than 50 acts from NZ and Australia, performing at multiple venues. Street music and line dancing are also popular features.

The Warratahs

Michelle Plozza

Country Rock Festival this May. The festival is being held May 11, 12 &


60 $ 40 1-day pass

13 at seven venues in Paihia, Waitangi and Russell. With a free shuttle bus and discounted ferry

3-day pass

passes for the weekend, the festival venues are within easy access for badge holders. The Warratahs offer a unique blend of lyrical poetry on a bed of country rock and roll, a lot of which embraces the NZ landscape. In 2016, they were inducted into the NZ Country Music Hall of Fame. Other top musicians at the festival include Eddie Low, Brendan Dugan, Kevin Greaves, Gray Bartlett and the Toner Sisters, and Australian musicians Baylou and Michelle Plozza. More than 50 bands will feature, and badges give access to all performances at any of the seven venues.


3-day Badge $60 Day Pass $40 More details and badge sales are available through the festival website: www.countryrock.co.nz Toner Sisters


Iconic Wellington band The Warratahs is one of the headline acts for the Bay of Islands





11, 12, 13 May 2018


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In October 2009, the store was a Hammer Hardware for 10 years or more. In November

the job. Positive feedback has been encouraging about our prices.

Come and share Whangaumu Bay with us at the Sands Motel, absolute beachfront.

2009, day one of our ownership, we joined the Buildlink Group – a buying group, with a great

We can do deliveries depending on access - just ask.

Enjoy a roast dinner in our fully-equipped kitchens or dine out at a choice of

to clamber up to the awesome look-out at Ngunguru end of the Bay. Whangaumu Bay is a beautiful, safe

team at Head Office working to support stores. The first few years were a struggle as the

Our range of stock continues to grow, including… well almost everything. We do

restaurants only a short drive away at either Ngunguru or Tutukaka.

beach set on a coastline, packed with other beautiful beaches and bays. While staying

economy continued to slide downwards. Hardwork, perseverance and resilience has

get challenged by customers specifically wanting to catch us out. Yes, it does happen

Ideal location for family or friends needing a catch-up, rent out all 6 units for

here you can do as much or as little as you like. Tutukaka is the doorway to the Poor

bought us through the other side and we are now on a positive journey.

but we’re happy to get it for you if we can and will say if we can’t. It feels great to

a private reunion under our majestic old Pohutakawa trees.

Knights for another adventure you will never forget.

Breaking down the attitude of: ‘they’re a small store in the sticks so they’ll be too

have built some strong relationships with our valued customers. We look forward to

Beautiful sunsets abound and keep a watchful eye out for the playful dolphins

expensive’, has been a challenge but we are now being asked for quotes and winning

meeting you if we haven’t already… we will eventually remember your names!

that sometimes come to visit the bay. Bring your paddleboards or fishing lines,

-AA&F!!D F!!D EA;= &7FB #$'& -%EC=; + .F;@"F;= We a ran lso st ock g Irrig e of: a a Han tion S sen upp Ele lies Fit c , Plu trical tings, mbin and Gar gS d u Pain en pr pplies o , Gre t, Gif ducts, t e and ting C s and wra ard p. s

: US es PLing Supplient Iff you have ideas to share or would like us to consider new stock lines, let us know. Thank you for keeping local business in Ngunguru. And in case you didn’t know we’re here. Pop in anytime.

h m Fis Equip g e Hir Cuttin , . y Ke s more t got it ’ t & lo haven et it g e If w try to ll we’ ou ! son y rea for hin it ...w

Our Mission is: “To Grow a Successful Business of High Integrity Where People Matter”


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91 Waiotoi Road, Ngunguru, Phone: (09) 434 3171


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sandcastle buckets or your walking shoes




Rated one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, the Tutukaka Coast is truly

Not surprisingly, the islands have a rich cultural history and were home to a local

The Perfect Escape from the Hustle and Bustle…a true Holiday Haven.

spectacular. The journey through local farmland and lush native forest opens

Maori tribe (Ngati Wai). But since their bloody massacre in 1822 the islands have

Welcome to Kowhai Lodge-Self Catering holiday home in Tutukaka: Gateway to the

It is situated on the idyllic Tutukaka Coast overlooking the Marina and

up to reveal peaceful coastal villages, spectacular seascapes, secluded bays and

been labelled tapu (sacred), with no one allowed to set foot ashore thus becoming a

Tutukaka Coast and the Poor Knights. Families or small groups looking

harbour entrance, just a short drive to the many stunning beaches the Coast

tranquil estuaries. Tutukaka is fast gaining a reputation

very special Nature Reserve. The Tutukaka coast boasts some of the

for excellent self catering holiday accommodation need look no further than

has to offer. It would be hard to find a better location.

as a holiday resort with an abundance of accommodation for all budgets and tastes

finest beaches in the country—Matapouri, Whale Bay and Sandy Bay are all nearby

the 4-star plus Qualmark rated holiday accommodation offered by Kowhai Lodge

Your hosts Steve Moase and Fiona McClurg will bid you a warm welcome and

as well as great cafes, restaurants and a purpose-built marina.

and will spoil you for choice. Matapouri Bay is a spectacular white sand coastal beach

in Tutukaka’s Kowharewa Bay. The Lodge is entirely self-sufficient, and

are proud to show you around their fine collection of local art.

The coastal area, only half an hour northeast of Whangarei, is the gateway to the

that is popular with families, and connects to a peaceful estuary ideal for kayaking.

guests can enjoy exclusive use of onsite facilities that includes large, outdoor

Within, you will find an amazing array of fine art, paintings and drawings, prints,

Poor Knights Islands marine reserve. The Islands, 25km off shore, have been rated by

Explore the local coastline including a walkway via the coast to Whale Bay with

entertaining area and barbeque, spa, petanque area and lawn croquet.

bronze and glass sculptures, jade carvings, ceramics, flax weaving and jewellery of

the famous Jacques Cousteau as one of the top-ten dive sites in the world — the water

splendid coastal views along the way (20 minutes one way).

Just a short stroll at the end of the treelined driveway lies one of the best bays

unique and unusual design. All work is done by Artisans from within

is known for its clarity and an abundance of sea life. Sea currents and visibility up to 30

And close by is Ngunguru—a delightful coastal village nestled on the shores of

in the region; Kowharewa Bay, a popular swimming bay which is also ideal for stand

the Whangarei District, many of them recognised as masters of their chosen

metres underwater allow the diver, kayaker and snorkeler to see a highly-populated,

an estuary. Great for water sports, the estuary is ideal for launching boats and

up paddleboarding and kayaking. Guests to Kowhai Lodge will have the use of both so

fields. The ‘High standard of workmanship’ is a constant comment by visitors and

rich and diverse tapestry of marine life. The world’s largest sea cave can be found here, a

waterskiing, or hire a canoe to further discover the local waterways. Amenities

as to make the most of the bay. With the beach only a short walk away,

locals alike. The Tutukaka Gallery has been operating

record claim lodged with the Guinness Book of Records. It is an amazing 7,900,000 cubic

and attractions include general store, nine hole golf course, bowling greens,

many guests do also enjoy the tranquility of the manicured gardens and bush

for over 10 years and is now a ‘must-see’ for locals, visitors from overseas and from

feet with over a hectare of sea surface area inside the cave itself.

tennis courts, surfboard hire, café and local crafts.

surrounds which are best experienced from one of six garden loungers or from

within New Zealand. A visit to the Coast is not complete

the shade of the terrace with comfortable outdoor furnishings.

without dropping in to take in the Gallery’s collection. The variety and high quality

The high level of repeat visits by guests of Kowhai Lodge are testament to the

of the work will impress and delight the senses of all who venture within.

FISH TUTUKAKA Fish Tutukaka is a small, family-owned company specialising in fishing, snorkelling

Ask about our “Coastal Adventures Experience” or the “Combination Day”, where

relaxing and enjoyable experience they encounter both from the Lodge itself and its

Here there is something for all tastes and there is always the chance of

and sightseeing tours on the Tutukaka Coast and Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve.

you can fish in the morning then explore the Poor Knights in the afternoon, a very cool

hosts, Lyn and Dave Snedddon. For the hosts, Kowhai Lodge is a labour

discovering your next ‘art treasure’ from amongst the range.

Friendly crew keen to make sure you have a great day out.

day out! Contact Luke

of love and their aim is to provide guests with an environment that guarantees the

With a regular flow of new work arriving, there is always something new to look at and

Flexible hours and schedules to cater for individuals and small groups.

Phone: 021 033 7040, Email: info@fishtutukaka.nz

best possible and most relaxing holiday experience.

admire for locals and visitors alike. Be prepared to be inspired by a visit to

Half-day and full-day options.

Or Facebook - Fish Tutukaka

Find out more at www.kowhailodge.co.nz

the Tutukaka Gallery...

021 033 7040 info@fishtutukaka.nz Facebook.com/FishTutukaka

Salt Air Cafe 1983 Ngunguru Road, Ngunguru 09 434 4422 SAVVY | 25


Choosing drapery headings & hardware With Tracey the Showroom Interior Design Consultant at Frazerhurst.



Enquiring on Google for Drapery Headings and Hardware types will likely lead you down the Pinterest pathway but what you really need to know is which Heading and Hardware

Drapery Headings

will suit the chosen fabric and intended look and style. I have put together a list for you this month of the most popular Headings in New Zealand homes and next month we will look at the most popular Hardware options.

Double Pleat – forward facing

Double Pleat / Dutch Pleat / Provincial pleat – forward facing Blending Classic and contemporary double pleat is less formal than the triple pleat. A soft structural look with more fullness and drama than the single pleat. Most fabrics will look lovely with this pleat.

Triple pleat / French Pleat

Pencil Pleat Informal and relaxed with variable fullness to suit the weight of the fabric. Great for very long floor-toceiling drapes. Works with most fabrics but especially suitable for sheer, lightweight fabrics with romantic puddling on the floor.


Single pleat – forward facing

Single Pleat – reverse facing

A neat structured, uniform Heading with the minimum amount of fabric. Accentuates the height of a high ceiling. Slender, elegant and stacks off the window well. Suitable for most fabrics with plain textured fabrics and subtle stripes looking fantastic in single pleat.

Reverse, Inverted, New York, Manhattan.

A classic, formal look with fullness and luxury. Just the style for villas and character homes. Many fabrics will look amazing but classic Jacquards and Damasks will continue the theme.

Wave Fold / Ripple Fold

Structured and uniform. Contemporary and sleek with a flat face. Less fullness with a minimum amount of fabric required. This treatment will suit most fabrics. Print, plain and textures all complement this style.

Soft structured minimalist and casual. Emphasis on the folds and fall of the fabric. Looks especially good ceilingmounted. Sheer fabrics with weighted hems just off the floor look elegant.


We will discuss the best Hardware options or visit the Frazerhurst Temporary Showroom at 148 Lower Dent Street, Whangarei.


Wave Fold / Ripple Fold

Minimalist, playful style with the emphasis on the folds and fall of the fabric. Best for light-weight fabrics.



CUSTOMERS COME FIRST AT FRAZERHURST. Romans • Curtains • Drapes • Roller Blinds Vertical Blinds • Whispers • Shutters Enjoy our Free sample service on all products.

“Customers come first at Frazerhurst”

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Solutions tailored to your requirements 146 Lower Dent St, Whangarei Ph 09 438 3986 | 0800 102 710 | www.frazerhurst.co.nz

Umbrellas I Awnings I Blinds I Shutters


COME IN FOR YOUR DREAM BEDROOM It’s quite simple, really… Basic tips for buying a new bed


uying a new bed can be confusing, but at BedsRus buying a bed is easy, you just need to follow this simple guide to help you make the right choice. • Size does matter. Is the bed big enough for you and your partner? Ergonomic research has confirmed that couples sleep better in bigger beds. Part of being comfortable in bed is making sure you have enough room to spread out. By Corgi Smit, You should buy the biggest bed that fits your budget and Beds R Us Whangarei your bedroom. • Seek support. Correct support is vital to a healthy sleep. A good mattress and foundation will gently support your body at all points to keep your spine in the same position as a good standing posture – whether you’re lying on your back or your side. • Choose comfort. Comfort is just as important as support in a mattress. After all, you can’t truly relax and have a peaceful, restful sleep if you aren’t completely comfortable. • You can have both. Support comes from the innerspring or core unit and the comfort level comes from the type of layers and padding on top. You can choose from softer or firmer comfort layers while being sure you have good support at the same time. It all depends on your personal comfort level. • Be selfish. When you share your bed with a partner, you don’t want to be affected by their every turn and shift in the night. Find a bed which allows you both independence of movement so that your side of the bed doesn’t bounce and creek every time your sleeping partner moves. • Quality counts. The old rule of “you get what you pay for” applies to beds as in everything else. If you scrimp and buy a poor quality bed now, you may be paying later in terms of lost sleep. Shop for the best value, not the lowest price. You spend one third of your life in bed so buying the best bed you can afford is a healthy investment in your lifestyle. • Accept our help. We at BedsRus are always happy to give you expert help and advice you need on how to choose a bed or mattress.

on selected l t d bedsides, b d id d dressers, frames and other furniture. Only while stocks last.

30 Day Comfort Guarantee*. At BedsRus, we are committed to matching you to your perfect sleep. We believe buying a bed is a valuable investment in your health and wellbeing and comfort is ultimately a very personal choice. We are trained to help you choose the bed that will support you and your sleeping style. This assists in the overall comfort the bed delivers, but only you will be able to determine if the feel is perfect for you. What is the BedsRus Comfort Guarantee? We will exchange your mattress, with a mattress of equal or greater value, should you not find comfort within 30 days of delivery. We do not offer refunds on purchases. Why 30 days? The reality is that it could take several nights or up to 4 weeks for your body to adjust to the new sleeping surface and it is not uncommon for minor aches and pains to develop as a result, but they will very quickly dissipate. If your mattress feels too firm check that your sheets are not too tight or have shrunk…(when you’re fighting to get that last corner of the fitted sheets over the mattress!) If the mattress feels too soft around the middle of your body, try using a lower pillow. All we ask is that you sleep on your new bed for 3 weeks for the bed to adjust to you and for you to adjust to the bed and if you are not completely satisfied with the comfort levels, call us. PS: Remember advice is always free, so if you have a question or concern, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 141 640, 7 days a week. Till next time…. Cheers, Corgi

Beds R Us Whangarei 7 Gumdigger Place 09 4383 550 • OPEN 7 DAYS *Offer valid to 30/04/2018 or while stocks last. Q Card, GEM Visa & CreditLine accepted, normal lending criteria apply.

*Conditions apply: an Elite guaranteed waterproof mattress protector must be purchased from BRU. SAVVY | 27



– white turns to wow


ondering what colour to paint your kitchen? Look to the current trends for inspiration. While natural wood remains popular in kitchen decor, sophisticated hues have been gaining ground in recent years. Deep greens and steel blue greys are set to take centre stage, with even darker hues making a dramatic appearance. “The white on white look is on its way out and we are now starting to see more darker colours like black and charcoal for both cabinetry and benchtops,” says kitchen

designer Shannon Pepper of Shannon Pepper Design. “Going forward, I think we will also see more appliances in darker shades and colours. Timber accents are still very strong as a trend, but the timbers too will start to darken. The trend has almost flipped to dark on dark.” Colours like Resene Bokara Grey (a charcoal black), Resene Nocturnal (a deep grey black), Resene Blackjack (carbon black) and Resene Fuscous Grey (a burnt charcoal grey) are right on trend, says Shannon, with accent colours like Resene Tangaroa (a deep marine blue-green) and Resene Atomic (a

Now all under one roof

gridiron grey blue) coming into play. Resene colour consultant Rebecca Long has seen a change too. “People are beginning to become confident by introducing the likes of greys into their kitchens, rebelling against the all-white palette. Black kitchens are on the rise matched with brass, copper and gold accessories. Finishes are clean and smooth, as opposed to antique and rustic.” Rebecca is seeing colours like Resene Jaguar and Resene Nero (both deep inky blue-black), and encourages homeowners to experiment with them.

“Make sure to build up your scheme with a variety of textures to add further power and interest. Sleek, gloss cabinets work in contrast with a decorative tile. Geometric patterns are proving very popular.” If you’re not an admirer of moody blacks, try the classy grey tonalities, or mix a more traditional black and white scheme with coloured accents. The Scandinavian style continues to inspire the world over, with a monochromatic black and white scheme combined with iconic light wooden furniture. This scheme creates a sophisticated

Flowers for all occasions

Paint Wallpaper

from your tile & stone experts.

Carpet Timber Floor Vinyl Blinds www.guthriebowron.co.nz



Come and see our new range of Shutters

188 Bank Street, Regent, Whangarei Phone: 438 6234 or 438 7370 2 Homestead Rd Kerikeri Ph 407 1135 - Next to REPCO 28 | SAVVY

SHOP ONLINE www.flowersonbank.nz

HOME TRENDS off white walls to create an abundance of natural light. To amp up the luxe factor, pair dark grey

If you want to add drama to your space without breaking the bank, consider a paint revamp. “Paint is such a great way to update your

with warm tones such as rimu and browns. If your benchtop is charcoal grey, look into

take is a testpot.” Or Resene Write-On Wall Paint can be

whites such as Resene Sea Fog and Resene Half Concrete. Some soft blues that I would

used on an inside cupboard or pantry door to make your kitchen interactive. Mask out

with steel blue and gold or brass accessories. Choose gold bar stools, gold tapware or a

kitchen,” says Rebecca. “Not only will a fresh paint job modernise your kitchen, but it is

recommend include Resene Duck Egg Blue and Resene Unwind.”

a rectangle and paint it with one of your favourite colours. Coat this with Resene

gold or copper coloured butler’s sink. Or incorporate oversized lighting fixtures in

certainly a lot cheaper to paint your kitchen than completely replace it.”

The inside of your kitchen drawers and cupboards can be a fun place to introduce

Write-On Wall Paint and you’ve created a handy chalkboard - perfect for your

colourful hues. Smaller accessories, like tea and coffee canisters and coloured glass

Make sure you discuss your paint options with a professional first, as kitchens and

colour if you’re still a little hesitant to add fullon colour to your walls or cabinetry.

shopping list. Kitchens are undeniably the heart of

jars, can be displayed on opening shelves or behind glass cabinet doors where they

other wet areas require special care. “It is important that the correct primer is

“How fun would it be to open your knife and fork drawer and see a pop of yellow?”

today’s homes. Make yours the star of the neighbourhood with an ultra-modern,

create a stylish look. Or simply breathe new life into your

used to ensure that your brand new colour adheres to the cabinet,” says Rebecca. “And

says Rebecca. “The best thing is, all it would

stylistic update.

kitchen by painting a larger standalone piece – a hutch, a kitchen island or a buffet

Resene has a range of water and oil-based enamel topcoats that will ensure that your

sideboard – in an on-trend colour. To finish the look, add deep blue, sparkling metallic

kitchen is hard-wearing and washable. Kitchen walls need to be cleaned more than

greys or light or hot pink accents by way of accessories.

others and steam can be hard on standard acrylic paints. Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen

When it comes to kitchens, grey-black is the new white, but look out for other trends too.

Kitchen & Bathroom is a waterborne enamel that offers your kitchen a hard-wearing,

“Lots of open shelving, glass inserts to cabinet doors with mesh, rough sawn

wipeable finish. It also contains a mould inhibitor, which reduces the risk of mould

timbers, handle-less cabinetry, and rangehoods tucked behind cabinet doors

growing in damp, steamy areas.” If you’re reluctant to go the whole nine

are all strong trends at the moment,” says Shannon.

yards, try painting small sections of your kitchen instead.

So are leafy highlights. A vase full of large leafy greens, as opposed to delicate florals

“If you’re looking to update only sections of your kitchen, make sure to work with

is seen in every trending kitchen. Or small vertical modular indoor kitchen gardens are

the existing features that aren’t changing,” says Rebecca. “While it is exciting to pick a

a smart vehicle for housing herbs or other greens – an ideal way to bring the outdoors

brand new colour, it’s important that it works with the existing colours in your kitchen.

in and to provide a touch of organic to your kitchen space.

Creamy, soft whites, like Resene Bianca and Resene Rice Cake are nice whites to pair

understatement that allows light to bounce

Specialising in all Gas Home Heating Systems and Specialising in all Gas Water Home Heating HeatingSystems needs. and Water Heating needs.

Energy Saver Heaters

Freestanding and Inbuilt Gas Fires

Gas Water Heating

Specialised Services: Plumbing, Gas-fitting, Under Floor Heating, Mechanical Services, Sheet Metal Fabrication Contact us for a free/no obligation quote on all your gas home heating or water heating requirements Corner of Poto St & Porowini Ave, Whangarei Hours: Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5pm Phone: 09 438 0192 www.gasworksandplumbing.co.nz SAVVY | 29



oing it yourself is a popular Kiwi approach to tackling renovation projects but how do you know when it’s time to engage a professional? It’s almost a rite of passage as homeowners to pick up some tools and attempt a DIY project. While it may seem straightforward to take this route throughout your home, there can be hidden costs, not least the value of your time — and your personal safety — so think hard before deciding how to proceed. Good planning is essential, so sit down and type up the pros and cons of each approach before you do anything else.

THE GREAT OUTDOORS Practically anybody can paint a house. It’s hard work preparing and repairing surfaces, sanding and priming until you apply the top coat. However, it is very time intensive and if you can’t work at it full-time, you could find yourself in the situation of completing one side of the house each summer, by which time the work you did earlier may need fixing up already. So, the options are to hire a professional painter who will do the job quickly and efficiently or roping in family members to help you. Around this time of year, students are looking for work so Student Job Search may be your best port of call.

HIT THE DECK The rules around deck-building have changed quite significantly over the past few years.Adeck standing below 1.5 metres tall no longer requires council approval — although it’s unwise to assume anything and still pays to check things thoroughly with the local authorities. If you’ve never built a deck before, find some relevant YouTube videos or sign up for classes at your local hardware store. It’s not hard to build a good-looking, safe and secure

Is DIY right for you? deck but if you hire a tradesperson, you may be pleasantly surprised by the low cost and high standard. You’ll also save lots of time and trouble — plus the effort and expense of buying or hiring tools.

BATH TIME BLISS A lay person can’t undertake plumbing work, which requires certification but you can certainly do the demolition; getting the area ready and the basics in place for your tradies to work with. Doing the tiling yourself is possible, but not as easy as you might imagine, and expensive mistakes can take the gloss off the experience. If you’ve never done it before be very careful, take your time and remember there are loads of online tips and tutorials available. Accuracy and careful measuring are crucial to your success. When it comes to finishing touches such as painting, most of us are able to manage a spot of DIY. Just be sure to discuss the surfaces involved with paint shop staff to ensure that you are choosing appropriate hardworking, long-lasting products that will repel mould and other nasties.

KITCHEN CAPERS Once again you’ll need the big guns for plumbing and electrical work but if you’re doing a relatively simple project, such as installing store bought joinery and benchtops you may well be able to tackle this project. Bear in mind it will inevitably take a reasonable length of time, especially if you only have weekends to work with, so figure out if you can handle the mess and disruption before starting. Accuracy and keen attention to detail is vital here because you can’t afford to have anything that’s crooked or uneven. If you’re a first timer, actually working with the tradesperson as their apprentice will equip you for further projects and hopefully save on labour costs.

Simple flooring materials such as lino tiles and boards can conceivably be installed by a savvy novice, but do seek professional advice first.

WINDOWS AND WALLPAPER Keeping windows in good order is vital for the ongoing maintenance of your home. Cleaning the glass and the frames is essential and if the glass needs replaced for any reason, it is possible to do it yourself. Be very careful, especially if broken glass is involved and always wear gloves. Removing the putty can be onerous but it’s important to start from scratch with a clean surface. Some people are able to hang wallpaper like a pro, but if you’re not one of them you’re in danger of wasting a great deal of money with many modern papers costing hundreds of dollars a roll. Hanging it straight, matching a pattern and ensuring that you have no air bubbles is surprisingly tricky so don’t rush in, and if you don’t feel confident, calling in a professional may be money well spent. Ask if you can observe the process and in doing so, you’ll pick up useful tips and tricks.

SAFETYFIRST Every year, ACC receives around 35,000 claims relating to DIY projects in the home. That’s a lot of people with bad backs, eye injuries or sore digits thanks to an out-of-control hammer. If you have any reason to believe that a job you’re planning has the potential to hurt or even kill you, then just don’t do it. Find somebody who has the skills and experience instead. Now that the renovation is over, you can take pride in the things you achieved yourself, having learnt new skills in the process and you can also feel pleased that the work you’ve had done by professional tradespeople is up-to-scratch and will last for many years.

Come home to the warmth, ambiance and convenience of an Escea gas fire. Visit Home Heating – we have a variety of operating fires on display and expert advice on the best solution for your heating needs.

For the widest range of fires in Northland SHOWROOM: 4 Skippers Lane, Waipapa, Kerikeri T: (09) 407 9666 E: heating@homekerikeri.co.nz www.homekerikeri.co.nz FREE SITE APPRAISALS 30 | SAVVY


e have four gorgeous varieties of Ornamental Taro for you to look at. They are bright, colourful, largeleaved, tropical looking plants that may be good for that difficult part of the garden. You know the one, it’s a bit damp and a bit shady

Colocasia White lava A lovely clumping taro with large glossy green leaves with a wide band of creamy white down the centre of each leaf spreading out as they age. Hardy. Height and width 90 x 90cm

and not much will grow there. Well these Colocasias will! These plants prefer full to moderate shade but will also grow in full sun if provided enough moisture. They require moist, organic-rich soil and will tolerate quite damp areas (but not stagnant). They can even grow directly in shallow water, so may

Colocasia Maui Gold This taro has a tidy clumping habit and bright, limey - green foliage held above ivory white stems a great contrast foliage option. Hardy. Height and width 1.2 x 0.9m

– By Debbie Oldfield

be good in a pot in your shallow pond. If you grow this plant in a pot, make sure it is a very large one with a nice deep saucer, and be sure to give it a consistent supply of moisture over the warmer months. Colocasia are evergreen in mild climates. However, if you live in an area that gets

Colocasia Blue Hawaii It is a spectacular foliage plant. Its large green leaves have bluish purple edges and leaf veins, and dark purple stems. It has a tidier, runner-free habit. Hardy. Height and width 1.2 x 1.2m

severe frosts, your taro will be winter-dormant and will die back to a starchy corm. (Will re-sprout in spring) If grown in a pot, these frost-tender plants can be brought indoors for the winter or placed under the eaves of the house.


Ornamental taros

Colocasia Black Coral It has gorgeous, huge, glossy jet black, corrugated, arrow-shaped leaves with deep blue veins on jet black stems. Height and width 1.2 x 0.9m

Lagerstromia AKA Crepe Myrtle

– By Rose Kraakman

Don’t be put off by the name, it’s not actually a Myrtle, that is just its common name. Lagerstromia indica (meaning of India, but also from China, Korea & Japan), is a beautiful round-headed or flat-topped small tree which has ruffled crepe-like flowers in late summer through autumn. They thrive in hot, humid climates so are perfect for Northland and are not fussy about soil, their only requirement is good drainage. You can see them flowering around Whangarei at the moment, as they have been for several weeks - there are some pale pink flowering trees in the Okara shopping centre. They also come in shades of cerise, purple and white. The bark is a prominent feature being smooth, pinkish-grey and mottled, shedding each year. Leaves also shed each winter, after a spectacular colourful display. Bare branches re-leaf early in the spring; leaves are small, smooth-edged,

circular or oval-shaped, and dark green changing to yellow and orange and red in autumn. Frost-tolerant, Lagerstromias can be pruned in winter to manage size and encourage more profuse summer flowers. Growing 3-4m, they make a fabulous shade tree, often planted as a street tree and small enough for a court yard.

Proudly brought to you by Alter-Natives Nursery & Landscaping

r e t s a E assive

e l a S t n a l P M

urs N s e v i t a a t A l t e r- N

er y.

All plants on sale - Fruit trees, Natives, Exotics,

Big trees, Grasses, Shrubs, Hedging, Groundcovers, Palms, Reveg, Climbers and Succulents.

Final days of the sale! Last day Sunday 8th April

101 Kioreroa Rd | 09 974 8733 | sales@alter-natives.co.nz | www.alter-natives.co.nz SAVVY | 31


Flat-iron steak with avocado mash


ilver Fern Farms Flat-Iron Steaks are skillfully removed from the shoulder and expertly trimmed to guarantee tenderness. As a cut that is full of flavour, they require little more than a quick pan fry and mashed potatoes made creamy with avocado rather than butter or oil.

INGREDIENTS • 550g - Agria potatoes, peeled and chopped • 1 tsp - Salt

DIRECTIONS 1. Place the potatoes in a saucepan of cold, salted water, bring to the boil and cook until tender. 2. Meanwhile cook the steak: Heat a frying pan. Sprinkle Silver Fern Farms Beef Flat-Iron Steaks with salt and paprika, drizzle with oil and fry for 3 minutes each side. Remove and rest, covered for 5 minutes.

3. Drain the potatoes and mash well, then mash in the avocado. Season with salt and pepper. 4. Slice the steak to serve on top of the mash with a tomato and basil salad.

Pyrolux Roast & Grill 3pc Set Highly affordable cookware of exceptional quality! 2 Roasters – 34cm & 24cm Tempered glass lid with silicon rim and stainless steel lid knob PFOA free non-stick surface Suitable for use on all cooktops including induction

RRP $159.00

• 1 tsp - Smoked paprika • 1 packet - Silver Fern Farms Flat Iron Steaks • 1 - flesh Avocado

@ Northland Hospitality

106 Lower Dent Street, Whangarei

QUALITY KITCHENWARE WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL DO POTATO RICER Make creamyy mash potatoes in seconds s with the potato rice er.



SCANPAN TAGINE Perfect for traditional slow-cooking and for braising meat and vegetables at low temperatures.

The best seasoning for your casseroles.

Available in 24cm & 28cm.

3 disks 18 8/8 Stainless stee e l.

FROM $75.00 $




American made since 1896. Brutally tough for decades of cooking.

106 Lower Dent Street, Whangarei | Phone (09) 430 0218 | Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm | www.northlandhospitality.co.nz 32 | SAVVY

FROM $145.00

@ Northland Hospitality


Sirloin roasted with pumpkin & beetroot Ray McVinnie

INGREDIENTS • 600 g – Pumpkin, peeled, deseeded, in 3cm pieces



Heat the oven to 220°C. Line a large, shallow roasting tray with baking paper.


Put the pumpkin and beetroot on the tray, add 3 Tbsp of the oil and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Mix well so that the oil is evenly distributed, spread the vegetables out and place in the oven for 15 minutes or until the pumpkin is just tender.

• 100 ml – Red wine

• 250 g – Baby beetroots, bought, precooked, dried on paper towels and halved

• 250 ml – Beef stock

• 4 Tbsp – Extra virgin olive oil

• 1 Tbsp – Butter

• 1 kg – Beef sirloin, in one piece

• 1 large handful – Watercress, or micro watercress sprouts

• 3 – Garlic cloves, squashed roughly


• 2 sprigs – Rosemary, each 15cm long

Put the beef into a large bowl and add the remaining oil and the garlic. Turn the beef over several times.


Heat a frying pan over high heat and brown the beef well, especially the fat.


Once the pumpkin is tender, remove from the oven and make a space for the beef in the middle of the tray. Place the beef (and the bits of garlic) in the middle, fat side up.

• 1 Tbsp – Balsamic vinegar


Pour the fat from the frying pan and reserve.


Put the rosemary sprigs on either side of the beef. Place back in the oven for 25-30 minutes for medium or less or more until cooked the way you like it.


Remove from the oven, transfer the beef to a warm dish, cover loosely with foil and rest for 10 minutes. Keep the pumpkin and beetroot warm.


Place the frying pan over high heat and add the wine. Let it bubble for 20 seconds then add the stock. Boil until reduced by a third, add the balsamic and butter, mix well, remove from the heat, taste and season.

10. Serve the beef sliced across the grain of the meat with the red wine and stock mixture in a bowl or jug with the vegetables on the side and the cress around the beef.


Quality and care passed from generation to generation. Come and experience the difference… Open: 7am-6pm Mon-Friday 7am-2pm – Saturdays Closed Sunday







Specials going for a week or while stock lasts.

Shop 18 Paramount Plaza Paramount Parade Tikipunga

Phone: 09-971 8032

Roger and John

Winz cards accepted

SAVVY | 33

FOOD REVIEW Come visit us by the bridge on Rust Ave & experience

AUTHENTIC KOREAN BBQ & CUISINES With complimentary side dishes*


Buffet Lunch Mon - Sat only $14.50 pp 14 Rust Ave, Whangarei Phone 09 459 6195 Open Monday to Saturday LUNCH: 11.30am-2.30pm DINNER: 5pm-9pm

Hann Sang Korean Restaurant 14 Rust Ave,Whangarei

By Jodi Bryant



8 Waverley Street Onerahi, Whangarei 0800-132610 info@flameshotel.co.nz www.flameshotel.co.nz

34 | SAVVY

GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE. UNLIMITED FREE WIFI. 50+ SKY TV CHANNELS. Set amongst lush tropical gardens overlooking Whangarei Harbour, Comfort Hotel Flames offers all you might need in one convenient location. We are fully equipped for conferences, private functions and weddings. So book your next stay in Whangarei with us. We would love to have you.


ucked away up the tiny lane alongside the overhead Rust Ave railway track, is one of the newest restaurants to Whangarei. Earlier in the day at an appointment, I had half-listened as the group around me talked about the new Korean restaurant in town so when I next checked my emails and coincidentally found a request to review it, I decided this was the place I was meant to be. The venue with its attractive outdoor seating area, was the site of several former restaurants and bars but, as it’s not in view from the road, I think many forget to go there. That’s when it’s up to the owners to make it an unforgettable experience. I was pleased to see the familiar layout. However, the tasteful décor popped as soon as we entered. The waiting area looked very modern but cosy and I was almost disappointed to not have a reason to sit there as we were greeted and shown to our table by the friendly waitress. Drinks were served with a small plate of complimentary nibbles as we studied the extensive menu. To be honest, I was overwhelmed by the variety which consisted of a range under the headings: Appetizers, Traditional Entrees, Table Top Grill, Hot Sizzling Plates, Soup and Stews, Rice and Noodles, Big Pots, Set Menu and Kids Meals. A unique feature of this restaurant is the traditional bbq grill plate in the centre of each table, where diners have the option of choosing their ingredients, having them brought out and cooking (while sitting down!) to their satisfaction. While this would be a fun experience, I

was keen for a night off the cooking and coupled with the afore-mentioned overwhelm, instead, pointed at one of the appetizing-looking images. Fittingly, it was the one the waitress had earlier recommended: the Korean Seafood Pancake with Spring Onion. My dining partner was eyeing up the image of a pile of fried chicken, until I pointed out he could get that up the road at KFC so he opted instead for Traditional Marinated Chicken with Seasonal Vegetable. But first came our entrée. I, as usual, went for the mushrooms – Stir-fried chicken breast on mushroom with sesame dressing. This came out beautifullypresented and was exquisite, as was the Bulgogi (beef ‘fire meat’) on lettuce with herbs and bean paste sauce. Even the fried chicken entrée was well-presented (yes, he found a way to still get the fried chicken!) Meanwhile, the place was filling up for a Thursday, with groups of jovial dining parties’ banter joining the breezy music. Our mains were wheeled out on a trolley by the owner herself. Not only did we get what we ordered, but several small dishes of extras, such as noodles, fancy rice and dipping sauces.

The seafood pancake is like an omelette with all sorts of ocean goodies to discover and was very good with the provided sauce. The chicken was also very tasty – two meals in complete contrast but both certainly worth a try. Before we knew it, every single plate and dish was empty. I loved the ‘all-hands-on-deck’ factor of this restaurant with owner Lisa greeting and both preparing and serving the meals while her husband, who owns a business in another industry in town, also helping out his wife front-of-house, serving diners. This restaurant, with its pleasant venue and staff and unique menu, is definitely one to try and I think, between them, this couple will make Hann Sang Korean Restaurant at its hidden venue, one to remember.

Models at Storytime

School Holidays

Many of you will remember Neil


Proudly brought to you by Storytime

Lambess and Replicant models in Quality Street. This month we’ve brought him over to Storytime and

Our event team is looking forward to the holidays in our new event area. Gone is the cold concrete, replaced by

Some events have limited numbers so bookings are essential for Model Making, Snoopy and

an expanded product range and carpeted activity area. These holidays we have something on every day, with

Pottery Painting. Snoopy is a show performed by the Whangarei Theatre Company in the

Neil is now running our Hobby and Construction toy department.

activities like Story Time, Play Time, Pottery Painting, Model Making, and even a model exhibition to admire.

Riverbank Centre. All other events are held at Storytime’s event hall in the Town Basin.

Now that we have Neil with us we can run some model building classes,

For bookings visit our website and select the Events page, or call the team on 09 438 4406.

and these school holidays we have arranged for some starter kits where you can learn the skills of model assembly, painting and decaling.






11 am

Story time



3 pm

Play time



11 am

Story time



3 pm

Play time



Wed 18th


Pottery Painting

Per Piece


Thu 19th


Pottery Painting

Per Piece


11 am

Model Making

$ 29.95


3 pm

Model Making

$ 29.95



Snoopy @ WTC

C$ 15 / A$30


11 am

Model Making

$ 29.95


3 pm

Model Making

$ 29.95


2pm / 7pm

Snoopy @ WTC

C$ 15 / A$30


11 am

Story time



3 pm

Play time



11 am

Story time



3 pm

Play time



Wed 25th

10am – 5pm

Model Exhibition



Thu 26th

10am – 5pm

Model Exhibition



Fri 27th

10am – 5pm

Model Exhibition



Sat 28th

10am – 3pm

Model Exhibition



Sun 29th

10am – 3pm

Model Exhibition



Mon 16th

Check out the event calendar for details, bookings are limited to six per session so get in quick.

Book Reviews Wildboy: The Boy Who Walked Around New Zealand - $20.00

Tue 17th

By Brando Yelavich This is the true story of Brando Yelavich, also known as Wildboy, who slept in a tent, hunted and fished for his food and came up close to seals and sharks on his 8000 km journey around the coast of New Zealand. In 2015 he published his Wildboy story for teenage readers. In this new picture book Brando retells his epic adventure for younger book lovers who long for adventure. The fun, lively illustrations by his mother Donella Yelavich will capture the imagination of all younger readers.

Mon 23rd

Go Girl:A Storybook of Epic NZ Woman - $45

Tue 24th

By Barbara Else GO GIRL is a collection of true stories about New Zealand women who have done extraordinary things. This stunningly illustrated book features amazing women whose stories will inspire you with their powerful can-do message. Discover the stories of Dame Whina Cooper, Janet Frame, Farah Palmer, Lucy Lawless, Lorde, Rita Angus, Te Puea Herangi and many more. This is a book that should be on the bedside table of every Kiwi girl, from age seven to one hundred and seven.

Fri 20th

Sat 21st

SAVVY | 35

First Prize Raffle Quilt 2018

Show and tell

lectures. The annual weekend retreat is an opportunity to socialise and stitch without

over 100 items on show. Included are the club members challenge, the sales table of original

interruption. Satellite groups make and donate quilts to charitable organisations,

handmade items and five local quilt shop merchants, as well as demonstrations by the

The Whangarei Patchworkers and Quilters Club was founded in 1987 by a group of

Monthly meetings are a great time for catching up, showcasing work through ‘Show

such as Hospice, Starship and rest homes. The Whangarei Patchworkers and Quilters

guest exhibitor and members. In addition are a raffle of three fabulous

enthusiastic, like-minded patchworkers and now has a strong membership of 120,

and Tell’, enjoying the exploits of a guest speaker and merchant or demonstration of

Club are a cheerful bunch and pride themselves that sharing and interaction

quilts made by members and professionally quilted with proceeds to charity, a selection

including eight life members. Several of the members are recognised nationally and

techniques or products. With an extensive library of books and magazines, the club

through their common interest in the creation of patchwork quilts and textile art is paramount.

of stunning bags made by members for raffle with proceeds going to the Northland

internationally for their expertise as quilters and tutors in their specialist area.

regularly engage local, national and international tutors for workshops and

The May 12 meeting is an Open Day when visitors are encouraged to come along to see

Rescue Helicopter and an on-site café selling delicious food and real coffee. The Quilt Show

what they do. The Biennial Exhibition is to be held at

has something for everyone. Come along for a wonderful way to enjoy a special day out

Forum North April 27-29 where there will be

with friends or make it a family event.

2016 Quilt Show

Are you cruising in business?

By Natalie Tolhopf

Whangarei Patchworkers & Quilters Club Presents...



$5 entry


usiness is like an unknown destination we have always wanted

You could be going full steam ahead but about to hit an iceberg. Or worse, one of

to visit. But there was never the right time, enough money or the

your moving parts could fall off. We juggle so much in business and lose

kids were too small! Think of your business like a luxury ocean

liner. And you are the captain. You are proud of your ship, you keep it shipshape!

sight of the basic mechanics. Stop and check regularly. Find a plan that suits the kind of person

Imagine leaving the harbour with no map, no GPS coordinates, no destination and no

you are - Is it intrepid, guided or a mix? Once you know where you are going and are

idea of where the next port is. That would be crazy!

certain of your destination. You can cruise.

Where is your business right now? Ask yourself these questions: • Do you jump on board every day and know where you are heading? Working reactively from your emails and other people’s agenda is a problem. You may find that your own business goals aren’t being met. Take a look at how you start your day, is it from your own itinerary? • Are the actions you are taking, moving you closer to the destination? Sometimes we don’t want to do the harder tasks first. So we keep ourselves busy doing the fluffy stuff. But that ‘stuff’ isn’t moving us closer

• Exhibi"on of Members’ Work • Special Exhibi"ons • • Guest Exhibitor • Merchant Stalls • Challenges • • Sales Table • Raffles • Café •

FORUM NORTH 27-29 April 2018 Fri/Sat 10am - 4pm Sun 10am - 3pm

Whangarei Patchworkers and Quilters Club 36 | SAVVY

EFTPOS available

to achieving our goals. • Do you even have a destination? If you don’t know where you are going, you can’t look forward to it and prepare for it. Having clear ports of call - smaller destinations, a plan for the day, month, quarter and year makes decisions easier and you become less reactive. Plus a plan becomes your anchor. Powerful! • What about the moving parts of your business, how often do you maintain them?

Natalie Tolhopf is a business coach and founder of Natalie Tolhopf.com, helping business owners to smash through imperfection and mindless scrolling, to create a business of simplicity through action and intuition. www.natalietolhopf.com


WW2 Willys Jeep Geraldine Craw There are a few stories floating around about how the ‘Jeep’ got its name. The main story

country reconnaissance vehicle. In July 1940, U.S automobile manufacturers

is ‘Jeep’ came from the initials GP (general purpose) as pronounced in American

were asked to submit a design for a ‘general purpose, personnel, or cargo carrier

English slang. Another story claims the name was influenced by Pop-eye the sailor’s pet,

especially adaptable for reconnaissance or command, and designated as ¼-ton 4x4

Eugene the Jeep, in the 1936 E.C. Segar comic strips. Whatever the source, the Jeep fulfilled

truck’. Because the war was underway, manufacturers were given 11 days to put in

ft-lb of torque and have a maximum empty weight of 590kg. Only two companies bid

In the end, Willys won the military contract due to its more powerful engine – the Go

its purpose of being a light-weight, fourwheel-drive, general purpose vehicle.

a bid, 49 days to submit their first prototype and 70 days to complete 70 test vehicles.

but the only company able to deliver the pilot model in 49 days was the American Bantam

Devil – which soldiers raved about, and its lower cost. The weight, however, was raised

During WW1 the American military used larger 4x4 trucks, motorcycles and light

The technical specifications were equally demanding. The main features being, it had

Car Company. However, Bantam was unable to produce the quantities demanded by the

to 980kg as the lower weight was unrealistic. The original Jeep was manufactured from

motor vehicles, including some model T Fords, but, by the late 1930s, they wanted to

to be four-wheel drive, hold a crew of three on a wheelbase of no more than 75 inches,

army, so the War Department forwarded the Bantam blueprints to Ford and Willys,

1940 to 1945 and inspired many other light utility vehicles, including the ‘CJ’ civilian jeep.

replace this aging fleet with a light, cross-

be powered by an engine capable of 85

claiming the government owned the design.

Our jeep was built in 1940.

Fishing tips & tales with John Vowless Throughout the North, the snapper are in good condition and of good average size.

undersized snapper. They moved and tried a few other spots which was not great. They

Although at times there are smaller fish to be carefully released, there are plenty of very

moved again, then when the tide changed, the bigger snapper came on the bite. It was

tasty snapper 350-500 long with some much bigger fish being caught.

another limit bag with many snapper around 50cm - great fishing!

deeper water and poppers and livebaits in the shallows. Anglers livebait fishing off the rocks have been catching some good-sized kings and even harbour snapper fisho’s are catching legal-sized kings on snapper bait occasionally. I have also heard rumours of good results with slow jigs … I hope to have more to tell next month.


My harbour skills improved heaps with advice from local legends Pete S, David D and Glen B - thanks guys! Very recent conversations with these guys turned up that Pete and David were in the inner harbour at their favourite spot where there was heaps of

kingfish are being caught in reasonable numbers. The kings are responding to jigs in

John is a familiar and friendly face at

day?” etc. Fisho’s generally are a friendly lot and a lot can be gained in a 10-minute conversation with a skilled angler.

With water temperatures remaining warm, the very good snapper fishing continues.

As well as snapper, trevally (especially on small oily baits) kahawhai and good

Onerahi Garage – serving as a trusted mechanic for over 40 years and renown for sharing a good fishing yarn with

strike up a conversation: “How was your

Whangarei Harbour snapper fishing is hot; limit bags of good-sized fish are being reported by many anglers. From the One Tree Point area, right down almost to the Port Wharf area, small dinghies are catching limit bags in sight of the Onerahi boat ramp. Some

A typical Whangarei Harbour Catch good snapper catches are coming from the Onerahi jetty and along the points jutting out from the foreshore - a good surfcasting rod can make a difference. I would think other harbour jetties would be giving similar results and harbour rock fishing will also likely be worth a shot. Many launch owners are fishing inside the harbour because the fishing is so good. Running rigs with the bait well behind the boat is working very well. Freshly-caught baits are the best for big snapper. Alternatively, wellrigged mullet or tough baits are also good. Ledger rigs cast well away from the boat are also getting good results. A tip - when you encounter other fishers,

Glen B and another local legend, another Glen B, usually always fish their preferred incoming tide, but on a suitable weather day, the tide was going out. They went anyway, not quite confident, lines in and 45-minutes later, had 14 very nice snapper on the wrong tide! Tide movement is very important inside the harbour but, at the moment, direction is less important, so get out there whenever you can. David D was fishing with Pete S when a large fish pulled his rod and reel out of the rod holder and he watched it disappear. Disappointed, he carried on with his other rod and, when he wound it in to check his bait, he had snagged the line from his lost rod! Careful retrieval and he got his rod and reel back complete with the monster 60cm kahawhai that had pulled it into the water.

Start-Up Tours at WOF • REPAIRS SERVICES • MAINTENANCE BATTERIES AND TYRES Your local garage for honest, friendly service

We are running START-UP Tours to answer the question DO THEY RUN?


The Old Dairy Factory, SH 14, Maungatapere Open Wed to Sat 10am to 4pm | Ph: 09 434 8214

Proudly supporting y the community MALCOLM & SALLY MEEK rahi 1 Church Street, Onerahi

Phone: 09 436 5971 E: admin@onerahigarage.co.nz ge.co.nz .co.nz W: www.onerahigarage.co.nz

Boat trailers B avail now. SAVVY | 37


The Whangarei Art Museum is proud to present Kushana Bush: The Burning Hours. In December 2016 the Dunedin Public Art Gallery (DPAG) launched a significant exhibition of works by Dunedin-based New Zealand artist Kushana Bush.

A Kushana Bush, Life, 2014, gouache and pencil on paper. Private collection, Wellington.

s one of the most exciting contemporary painters to emerge in recent years, Kushana Bush has received serious attention, nationally and internationally, for her original subject matter and distinctive style. The exhibition focuses on works produced between June 2014 – late 2016, with the aim of illustrating the shift that has taken place in Bush’s recent practice. While her early works characteristically positioned the subject matter centred on the page, her newer paintings have grown larger in scale and are more visually rich and compositionally complex. This new body of work is rich with detail – each surface, of gouache and gold, is filled with references to illuminated manuscripts, Persian miniatures, European art history and modern life. These disparate sources bind Bush’s works to both the past and the present; the historical and the contemporary. Human interactions, humour, dramatic tension and intimate scale are her tools to draw viewers into a private conversation and, in some cases, a spiritual space. This sense of a spiritual space is the cornerstone of the body of work presented in The Burning Hours – a title that pays homage to the medieval illuminated manuscript, ‘The Book of Hours’. In 2014 Bush visited the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, where she viewed illuminated manuscripts, miniatures and decorative arts from Islamic, East Asian and Western traditions. This experience was the closest thing to a spiritual event that she, as secular individual, had experienced. With her source material extending from thirteenth-century manuscripts to twentieth-century painters (including Stanley Spencer), Bush is interested how religious themes blend with secular narratives, often manifesting in ritualistic violence. This interest is permeated by Bush’s enquiry into

Kushana Bush, Shamsa, 2016, gouache and pencil on paper. Collection of the artist.

grand narrative constructions, resulting in a series of works that examines what spirituality, ritual and community might mean in a contemporary world. Kushana Bush: The Burning Hours is accompanied by a substantial and generously illustrated book, which is the first major publication focusing on Bush’s practice to date. The book will include three essays; by the exhibition’s curator Lauren Gutsell, Heather Galbraith (Massey University) and Justin Paton (Art Gallery of New South Wales). Exhibition closes at Whangarei Art Museum on May 27, 2018.

Curator’s Talk Saturday April 14 at Whangarei Art Museum. Dunedin Public Art Gallery Curator Lauren Gutsell will take a tour through Kushana Bush: The Burning Hours, discussing the recent development of Bush’s work, her influences, her process of making and the origins of her practice. Free entry, all welcome!

Kushana Bush, Us Lucky Observers, 2016, gouache and pencil on paper. Collection of Dunedin Public Art Gallery. 38 | SAVVY

A natural approach to maintaining digestive and bowel health has arrived in New Zealand, boasting a unique combination of herbal extracts to support

GIVE aways

gastrointestinal movements, bloating, gas and overall digestive health. Iberogast is one of the most documented plant-based natural herbal solutions for supporting gastrointestinal health, helping people in over 25 countries for more than 55 years – and the dietary supplement is now available in New Zealand. Harnessing the power of nine plant


extracts, Iberogast helps support the body’s normal digestive function. To celebrate the arrival of Iberogast in New Zealand, Savvy Magazine has two packs to giveaway.

WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET JUST SIMPLE, NATURAL GOODNESS… THAT’S ALL! WE HAVE FIVE PRIZE PACKS TO GIVE AWAY WORTH $20 EACH With our NEW Peanut Caramel Made Simple Wholefood Bars, what you see really is what you get. We make them with only natural ingredients – the kind of stuff you’d have in your own pantry. So when you’re in need of a snack but want something you know will taste delicious, and you can feel good about eating, these are the bars for you! They have no added sugar, and are free from nasties like artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Thanks to Savvy Magazine five lucky winners will have the chance to





NEW L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask – Anti-Blemish RRP$19.99 For the first time, L’Oréal Paris have selected three Pure Clays and combined them with Marine Algae extract, known for its anti-blemish properties. The creamy texture targets deep into the pores, to unclog blackheads and clear imperfections, leaving the skin pure and fresh without drying it out. Ideal for spots / blemish prone skin. L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask - Purify & Mattify RRP$19.99 Transforming skin in just 10 minutes, L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask in Purify & Mattify with 3 pure clays and eucalyptus works to combat oil and shine. Skin is visibly healthier and more beautiful in just one use. Created for clogged pores, the power of eucalyptus provides a soothing and refreshing spa-like experience, working to reveal a clarified, mattified and rejuvenated complexion. mplexion.

L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask - Detoxify & Brighten RRP$19.99 To detoxify and illuminate the complexion, L’Oréal Paris skin experts have created a super charged clay mask, using the benefits of charcoal, to transform the skin in minutes. Potent clays and charcoal act like magnets to draw out and rid pores of impurities, revealing radiant skin that feels healthy and rebalanced. L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask - Exfoliate & Smooth RRP$19.99 Enhanced with red algae extract, L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask in Exfoliate & Smooth provides a multi sensorial, fragrant experience that will transform skin in minutes. Complexion is visibly healthier and more beautiful in just one use. Skin texture is smoother and imperfections are less visible as the Pure Clay Mask works to exfoliate and refine pores.

MAKANA VERY BERRY TOFFEE CRUNCH OR MACADAMIA BUTTER TOFFEE CRUNCH HAND-MADE CHOCOLATES Traditional toffee made with wicked amounts of real New Zealand butter, laced with macadamia chips, coated with milk chocolates on both sides and dusted with macadamia fines. Served in serious slabs. 250g box RRP $25.00.


try the whole range of Made Simple Wholefood Bars. Yum!

to enter

To enter the SAVVY give aways, go online: www.savvymagazine.co.nz and fill out the form. ■ Entries close 5pm, Wednesday April 27, 2018 ■ Winners will be notified by email, and, unless otherwise stated, your prizes will be posted out.

Congratulations to our March winners: Kimera

Mangawhai Walking Day Passes

- Valerie West-Hill

- Fiona Sweeney

- Lynne Howse - Maureen Ross

- Rochelle Currie

Flock with Grace ‘Folley’ Leather Clutch

Opera in the Garden Tickets - Sandra Caley

- Heather Routley

- Janine Pickens

International Women’s Day Tickets

- Lynne Tucker

- Judy Hansen

- Jennifer Lovatt

- Sue Ansell

- Brian Barach - Jennifer Smith

Two nights at the Copthorne Hokianga - Natalie Hermansen

“I'd like to enter my husband and I in for the competition for two nights at the Copthorne Hokianga - we got married in November but have yet to take our honeymoon as we have three young daughters, two of them toddlers and having just paid for a wedding, the honeymoon is not top priority. My husband has been a stay at home Dad for most of the last year so that I can go back to work full time and everyone should know how hard it is to be a full time parent! It would be nice to get away for a weekend but not too far away from the kids to have some time for ourselves.”

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