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EXQUISITE JEWELLERY Find that special piece in our range of beautiful handcrafted jewellry. TUTUKAKA SURF BEACH SHOP, Marina Road, Tutukaka. Ph 4344 135 TSbeachshop Find us on Facebook


INDULGE SWEET TREATS Indulge yourself or someone special with an array of both NZ and overseas hand-made chocolates, creamy, mouthwathering old-fashioned fudge, ice creams, coffees and an array of other sweet treats. Gift baskets available in store. Shop 3, Town Basin, Whangarei, phone 09 438 3327



3. LASTRITE FOOTWEAR ICONIC FOOTWEAR MANUFACTURER QUALITY DRESS AND RECREATION FOOTWEAR MADE IN WHANGAREI, NEW ZEALAND New Multi coloured sandals. All leather straps in bright beautiful new season colours. Comfortable day wear. Made to order only $127.00 View our range of colours and styles instore.

Lastrite Footwear, 48 John Street, Whangarei. Phone 09 438 8907.




ICONIC FOOTWEAR MANUFACTURER QUALITY DRESS AND RECREATION FOOTWEAR MADE IN WHANGAREI, NEW ZEALAND For the man who wants to invest in his feet, wear our exclusive dress boats - handcrafted 100% New Zealand made. Newly designed from NZ’s finest leathers. For quality, comfort & traditional style make that investment. View our range of colours and styles instore.

Lastrite Footwear, 48 John Street, Whangarei. Phone 09 438 8907.

5. TUTUKAKA SURF ORIGINAL ARTWORK Make your summer holiday last a little longer! Tutukaka Coast Prints TUTUKAKA SURF BEACH SHOP, Marina Road, Tutukaka. Ph 4344 135 Find us on Facebook


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SUMMER DRESSES New Stock Arriving Daily! Come in and view our latest collection of summer dresses and jandals. Plus a huge range of jewellery in store now! Mon–Fri 9.30am–5.00pm, Sat 8.00am–2.00pm Ph 430 2040. 25 Bank St, Whangarei.


YOUR ONE STOP LUXURY FASHION BOUTIQUE FOR ALL SPECIAL OCCASIONS Red Ruby is specialising in mother of the bride & groom, weddings, bridesmaids, cocktail & evening wear. We also stock a great selection of designer accessories. Professional style consultant in-store to assist. Red Ruby Luxury Fashion Boutique, 71 Cameron Street, Whangarei. Phone: 438 7770. Email:


KAREN WALKER ROCK GARDEN RINGS Introducing Karen Walker’s latest foray into fun things to put on your fi ngers: the Rock Garden collection combines signature Walker-quirk with fancy, grown-up gems. Steve Haywood Master Jewellery. Phone 09 438 2161. 10 Quayside Way, Town Basin, Whangarei.




january 2014

Our people

4 Philippa Mannagh talks to Rachel Diamond ... a model, musician — and cake baker!


Fashion Home trends

5 Julz looks to buy a new coat for a new year

14 Leigh Bramwell visits an award-winning home in Ngunguru

6 Sheer magic


Health & beauty

15 The new Mazda offers luxury and safety

7 Hormones and unwanted hair ... 8 Tips on travelling with baby and dealing to hayfever


9 Pets give clues to kids’ pain relief

16 Lewis Manuera: Diploma in Applied Arts (Visual Arts) — Rawene



17 Scott Pothan visits Korea

12 Cooking with Jamie Oliver


13 The Savvy girls visit Shotgun Betty’s

Giveaways 19 Free for all!





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MODEL Northlander



SAVVY COVER: Photo by Mike Cunningham

the sale you have been waiting for

IS NOW ON Total clearance of all summer fashion garments at crazy mad prices - BE THERE! Cnr Bank & Cameron Sts, Whangarei Ph 09 438 2025 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri Ph 09 401 7208 Shop online at

our people



This Diamond’s the icing on the cake Born and bred in Whananaki, Northland beauty Rachel Diamond juggles her dreams from baking cakes to performing on stage. SAVVY reporter PHILIPPA MANNAGH grabs a few moments of her time to get to know the jaw- droopingly gorgeous and bubbly full-time mum to find out how she does it all ... 120% at a time!

up watching my dad playing every instrument under the sun and singing in his bands (Xtasy, Gridlock and Something Stupid). I was always too shy to say I wanted a turn to sing, but now I’m starting to sing covers in a band and record some favourites. I am just getting familiarised and comfortable with singing having only started this year.

You sound like a busy girl these days, modelling, making cakes, writing music ... I’v been modelling since I was 8 and I’ve been on the cat walk for 14 years, in which I featured in a range of magazines and 3 years at NZ Fashion Week, which was televised on C4. I recently finished a business management course. I graduate early next year and plan to start up Miss Diamond Cakes. I have also just recently finished touring with the Northern Dolls singing and cabaret dancing in shows from Auckland up to Paihia. I’m currently singing for Kiwi Breeze where I’m building my musical talents. I’m also starting to record covers and in the near future want to estanblish my own original music and choreography.

How do you juggle what you do? Ahahaha I either duck or catch ... joking, it’s really hard but I schedule absolutely everything in, staying healthy and working out to keep up. Most of all I make sure I give 120 per cent in everything I do so I have no regrets at the end of the day. I have a lot of overwhelming support from friends and family I’m really lucky to have.


Whangarei is your home town? What keeps you here? I grew up in Whananaki just north of Whangarei. Everything I love doing I can find here. The fresh air, beaches, family and friends ... there are some awesomely talented people in Whangarei.

What passions/ interests fill your days? Setting new and higher bars for myself constantly as a fulltime parent. I have a big imagination so you’ll find me

Cunningham doing anything creative. And I would love to get back into acting.

You have started a cake business, Miss Diamond Cakes, inspired by your nana who taught you what you know, tell us a little bit about that I remember decorating my first cake with my nana ( Hine

Diamond) . She gave my little sister and me heart-shaped chocolate cakes and we copied everything she did as she decorated a wedding cake. It was so beautiful and I had never been more proud of myself ... love you nana!

You are also focusing on writing music at the moment? Slowly starting to yes. I grew

Increasingly recognised on the international design stage, David’s well known plywood signature lights have now extended into jewellery. In many ways it’s an obvious development, taking his gem-like pendant lights into something which can adorn the body - instead of the home.


NOW AVAILABLE AT STEVE HAYWOOD Phone 09 438 2161 Shop 2, Quayside Marina, Town Basin Whangarei

What does the future hold? This has been the longest year of my life, I think I’m going to commit to a holiday. But I may look into teaching a confidenceboosting class for teens to young adults in the future.

What do you hope the new year will bring? I want people to see what I’m really capable of. I’ll be aiming to make new and extreme cakes I haven’t attempted yet for people that order next year, from birthdays to wedding cakes. Hopefully releasing performances I’ve only imagined would happen and finally reach where my talents are taking me.




Fuss free and feminine Here’s to a new year filled with exciting new possibilities. Summer will come to a close but with that we welcome the chance for a new wardrobe change. Noa Noa followers will be happy to know this fabulous European label is now going to be delivered four times a year, so you will always have something new to look forward to. This label is very transeasonal so you can wear your garments almost all year round, just by adding and subtracting. This company does all their own dying, so colours match from season to season offering new addition to your existing collections. Noa Noa offers the latest European trends with accessories to match. Kick back on weekends in soft and feminine separates that let you dress down in style. A pair of comfortable slouchy trousers makes a cool alternative to not so glamorous tracksuit bottoms lean them with a floral chiffon shirt and snuggle up in an oversize cardigan fuss free and feminine, the look for 2014 with Gaabo.

Buy a new coat for a new year by JULZ I’ve always had a thing for coats. Not sure whether it’s just the way they can make a simple t-shirt and jeans look dressed up, or the way that a little bit of tailoring makes you feel like you’re in charge of your world. Coats have always been a way of ‘distinguishing’ someone, whether it be an officer in the military, or a Maori chief wearing a cloak. I guess by now I may have lost half of you — you’re thinking ‘‘isn’t this meant to be a style column, not an English class?’’ Well before your eyes glaze over, here’s some coloured pictures!

begin this New Year, I’m not sure what ‘new adventures’ await you, but one thing I do know is you’ll need a ‘new coat’. All the best as you discover the ‘new mantle’ or ‘new coat’ for the new journey ahead! Happy shopping! Another name for a coat/ cloak is mantle [noun. a loose sleeveless cloak or shawl, worn especially by women] and interestingly enough, it also means - [an important role or responsibility that passes from one person to another.]

But back to coats: I believe a coat is very symbolic of a ‘new journey’ or ‘adventure’. As we


NOA NEW NOA LOOKS ’s hottest trends? Can’t wait to start wearing 2014 w to make the Now is your chance to discover ho most of a fabulous new wardrobe.



15 Rathbone Street | Whangarei 09 430 0339 |




SHEER magic T

he transparency effect is taking over and the see-through look is everywhere on the runway, red carpet and party scene. Sheer is making its barelythere mark with dresses, tops, skirts providing tantalising glimpses of barely-concealed skin. It’s the perfect option if you want to grab attention, without going all the way with the bonus of hiding body parts you don’t want to show without forgoing the sex factor. Sheer was on show at the ARIA Awards this month and celebrities from Erica Packer to Kate Winslet and Jane Fonda have jumped on the trend. When actress Jaimie Alexander stepped out for the world premiere of Thor: The Dark World, in that now infamous frock, all eyes jumped on the -then - relatively littleknown actress. As celebrity shock frocks go, it was up there: Alexander’s black Azzaro Couture number featured a sheer, long panel that went down from her

‘‘ It’s about amping up the sex factor with an illusion of being naked, but-not-really neck and shifted slightly to barely cover her lady-bits. On the back, there was a similar sheer panel revealing one buttock, and plenty of flesh. She’s not the only celebrity to have dared to bare with the sheer effect. Jennifer Lawrence is another fan of all things sheer. At the Los Angeles premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the actress wore a tight bodysuit under a completely see-through overlay. Back home, model Erica Packer wore the same Dior dress on the cover of Vogue Australia in her ‘‘coming out’’ piece following her split from James Packer. And little-known Australian singer

Bonnie Anderson went for a similar look at the ARIA Awards, baring her legs underneath a sheer skirt, revealing her tight underwear and a halter top. There’s a reason why these celebrities have dared to bare: sheer courage. ‘‘It’s one person wearing one thing and it gives other people the courage to wear it as well,’’ say fashion journalist Patty Huntington. Huntington, who runs the popular fashion site Frockwriter, says while the sheer trend began with Stella McCartney in her Autumn/Winter 2011 collection, it’s hit ‘‘critical mass’’ over the last two years. ‘‘It’s since permeated a number of collections and it’s something other designers have been toying with,’’ she says. ‘‘It’s been building up since then with celebrity-driven, fast-fashion retailers jumping on the trend. ‘‘And there’s no underestimating the power of celebrities endorsing a look and generating numerous column centimetres in the media worldwide.’’ Huntington says the appeal of sheer fashion is that it is often figure-flattering. ‘‘There is also the element of celebrities wanting to outdo each other, and definitely a shock factor where you do a double-take seeing the dress on the red carpet.’’ It’s also about amping up the sex factor with an illusion of being naked, but-not-really. ‘‘It’s the fashion version of Wikileaks maybe - seeing things that should normally be hidden. Like in the case of Jaimie Alexander, her left — AAP bottom cheek.’’

All eyes were on Jaimie Alexander at the world premiere of Thor: The Dark World; Jennifer Lawrence, above right, is another fan of all things sheer.






ALL HIGH SUMMER STYLES & LABELS Sale excludes event, wedding & new arrivals.

WHANGAREI Open 7 Days Okara Shopping Centre (2 doors down from Bendon)

Phone 09 438 9697

DARGAVILLE Open Mon-Sat 78 Victoria Street Phone 09 439 7341




Hormones and unwanted hair Jenny Lloydd, owner of Caci Whangarei tackles the prickly problem of hair removal For many women, having excess face or body hair is embarrassing and impacts on self image. You may be surprised to know that unwanted, excess or problem hair is more common than you think. Though recent decades have seen many changes in our concepts of masculinity and femininity, one thing has not changed: women still are not supposed to have hair on their face or body. Unfortunately this is not biologically accurate — most women do have at least some extra hair somewhere — has not changed fashion. Indeed our society seems to have grown more ‘‘trichophobic’’ — phobic about body hair. Even pubic hair is now often shaved or waxed. This dislike of hair is not confined to women — more and more men are opting to have chest or back hair removed. In the past, ideals of beauty were more realistic. In ancient India, a band of hair in the middle of a woman’s chest was considered a sign of great beauty. That body hair was more accepted in earlier times does not help much now since we have to be comfortable in the culture in which we find ourselves. Despite the assumption that women do not have facial and body hair, many do. How bothersome this extra hair is depends on the amount and consistency. Having to tweeze a light chin hair once in awhile can be taken in stride. But if you need to spend more than a few minutes each morning removing hair, or if that extra hair is thick and dark, it tends to be more distressing because it is harder to hide. Unfortunately, women with excessive hair growth are often not believed when they turn to health care providers for help. Some doctors fail to notice the extra hair.Or, if they do, they may tell women that the condition is hereditary with the implication that nothing can be done about it. While there is no question that some families and ethnic groups have a tendency to more hair, this does not mean that they cannot benefit from treatment. There are effective treatments for excessive hair growth and women troubled by this condition are entitled to seek help.

Hope for women with unwanted hair If you have increased facial or body hair, I’m sure you have heard a lot of discouraging messages. Ignore them. Whatever you have been told, it is possible to find out what is causing unwanted hair growth and to get effective treatment. Treatment will not necessarily remove every unwanted hair but can reduce it considerably; making removal less of a burden and reducing insecurity that others will discover your secret. Since there is such a social stigma related to excess hair on women, most go to great lengths to cover it. Removing this

facial and body hair can be a constant battle, but now Caci have made it possible to finally have Freedom™ from unwanted hair.

Treatments for increased hair growth There are basically three approaches: selfremoval at home, use of electrolysis or laser and prescription medication. ■ Home removal: All sorts of methods are in use, but the most common one, tweezing, is the worst — because it pulls the hair out by the root, which injures the skin. Done for a long time it can give a bumpy look to the skin over the jaw. Snipping with a scissors is better than plucking though it does not last as long. Bleaches and depilatories are OK too; but with depilatories, be sure not to leave them on longer than the instructions say otherwise there can be considerable irritation. A razor is an effective way to remove hair but many women understandably do not like to use one. Despite widespread belief to the contrary, removing hair by a razor or other means does not make it grow in faster or darker. ■ Electrolysis: A common method for hair removal that is safe and effective, however it can be quite slow with some discomfort associated so is better for smaller amounts of hair. Electrolysis was the original method of hair removal and is still widely used today. ■ Laser or pulsed light hair removal: By choosing to have your Laser Hair Removal with Caci, you know you will be treated by the best. Caci were the first to introduce Laser Hair Removal to New Zealand more than a decade ago and this extensive experience led them to the develop Freedom™ — a12-month Laser Hair Removal program with a 2-year guarantee! Caci uses Pulsed Light Hair Removal Lasers that are safe and effective. The laser lamplight passes through the skin and is then absorbed by the pigment (colour) within the hair shaft and hair follicle. This generates heat, which loosens the hair and disables the hair forming cells. Caci, New Zealand’s leading Appearance Medicine professionals developed the Freedom™ Laser Hair Removal to take away the uncertainty around the number of treatments and cost required to see results. It is this experience, as well as the highlytrained practitioners and award-winning technology Caci uses that has made the Freedom™ program so successful. Caci is the only

organisation able to offer a 2-year guarantee. Best of all, Freedom™ is designed for your budget with a smart monthly payment plan to spread the cost of the

treatments over a year. If you would like to learn more about Freedom™ call Caci on 0800 458 458 and make an appointment for a complimentary consultation

Over 20,000 clients have experienced


laser hair removal at Caci Caci has been offering laser hair removal in New Zealand for over


Caci are the most

CLINICS throughout

New Zealand


laser hair




operators in at Caci during 2013


Consultations at Caci are free

Caci offers an annual laser hair removal program that promises results.* Ask about our exclusive guarantee* and easy payment options. *Conditions apply, see full terms and conditions in clinics

Caci Whangarei 110 Bank St 0800 458 458






Routine for baby will help on holiday

‘Tis the season to be sneezin’

We travel a lot as a family over the summer time and this year we’re heading away with my sister-in-law to go camping for a couple of weekends. The only difference this year is we now have a 10 month old daughter. I’m a bit worried about disrupting her routine with all of the travelling while we’re away. What can I do to make time away from home a bit easier for her? Yes, it’s that time of year again. The summer months bring weekends away with the family, and that means time away from home. Traveling with kids doesn’t need to be difficult, but, if your baby doesn’t sleep well while you’re away, your holiday experience will be far less enjoyable than you expected! Holidays can be a trigger to a baby developing negative sleep habits if they are bumped out of their routine or parents provide lots and lots more help to settle baby while they are away. Babies who were previously sleeping through the night until they went on holiday may unfortunately take a backwards step with their sleep when they return home! It’s really helpful to have your little one in a well-established routine before you head away on holiday. This way while you’re away, you will know when your baby needs to sleep, be fed and have solids. It’s good to plan your travel around this and make it work for the whole family — such as driving during sleep times and stopping for a picnic or a break under a tree at feeding times. You’re bound to have the odd day on holiday where you can’t stick to the normal routine — this is fine, relax and enjoy your holiday but get back into the routine as soon as you can. Do whatever you can to ensure that your little one has a familiar and comfortable sleeping environment while you’re away. If your baby usually sleeps in her own room she won’t be used to you being close by in the night if you’re all squeezed into a tent, motel room or spare room a the in-laws house.

Herbalist LES helps address health issues the natural way

I’ve been suffering badly this spring and summer from hay fever and have been constantly sneezing. It’s miserable and I’ve been left with catarrh constantly running from my nose down the back of my throat. My chest is clear, I’m not coughing, and I am otherwise very healthy. I can’t cough the mucus out and so am constantly swallowing it which is very unpleasant. I was wondering if there was anything you could kindly recommend that can use to help. Your advice would be very much appreciated.

A few helpful tips to help baby sleep include:

of nights at home before you go. ■ Comfort blankets — like a sleeping bag, you can take this wherever you go to let baby know that it’s time to sleep. We recommend taking at least two blankies away on holiday just in case one gets lost in the travelling! I recommend the Cuski comforter from ■ If your baby uses a dummy, take lots of spares with you! Getting a replacement of the same dummy can be very hard when you are away. ■ Always take a pushchair or baby carrier with you that your baby can sleep in anywhere to avoid an over tired child, as well an enabling you to explore even during sleep times.

■ Use a baby sleeping bag — I recommend the summer weight Woolbabe from Where ever you use it, baby knows that the sleeping bag means sleep time. ■ Take the linen from baby’s cot with you so that her holiday bed smells familiar. ■ If you decide to use a portacot while you’re away, get her used to it for a couple

If you’ve got any questions about getting a new baby to sleep; safe sleeping; encouraging babies or children to sleep more and on their own; or anything else related to child sleep — child sleep expert and mum to four boys, Louise Tanguay from The Sleep Store’s here to help! You can also head to for free articles on child sleep, and products that will help you and your little ones get a good night’s rest.

Allergies are very common and affect about one in three New Zealanders at some time in their lives. Some people have abnormally sensitive blood vessels that react to environmental triggers, but the reasons for this over-sensitivity are unknown. The affected blood vessels become enlarged (swollen) in a similar way to their response to an infection or allergic reaction and the swelling leads to excessive production of mucus, congestion and catarrh. The symptoms are worse in certain environments or at specific times the day year and it seems that a lot of people have been suffering with the same complaint as you over the last couple of months. You can consider an allergy test but if it turns out to be a common allergen it may be difficult to avoid. Unfortunately, some foods can cause throat mucus and the last thing you want to do is add to the problem. Milk and milk products like yogurt, cottage cheese and butter, cause excess mucus in the throat. These items carry protein molecules called casein which increases secretions of mucus and is difficult to digest. Along with milk products, caffeine, sugar, salt and non-herbal teas, all create excess mucus. Soy is one of the most mucus making plant foods there is. People who give up meat and dairy and switch to soy products, have a greater risk of creating

an unhealthy mucus build up in the body. A spoonful of manuka honey and ginger can help the body to get rid of excess mucus. Cayenne pepper and chilli peppers will all help the body release mucus build up in the nose and throat. It is important to make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of pure, filtered water each day to help mucus to pass through the throat. Add vitamins C, E and Zinc which are all helpful. Gargle daily with warm salt water to thin out mucus. Another tried and tested way to get rid of excess mucus, is to add menthol and eucalyptus oil to a basin of boiling water and inhale the vapours which will help to drain the mucus from the throat and chest. Through the summer months I would also take AllicinMax from which can really help with seasonal allergies. If you have a question for Les please email her at

Mum’s diet affects children Eating too much junk food during pregnancy increases a mother’s risk of having children with behavioural problems, new Australian research shows. Deakin University researchers say there is a clear relationship between a pregnant mother’s diet and her child’s mental health. They say a child’s diet in the first years is also a factor. The study is the first that indicates diet is important for mental health in children, lead author Associate Professor Felice Jacka says. The researchers based their finding on the diet information of more than 23,000 Norwegian mothers and children. They also looked at the children’s

symptoms of depression, anxiety, conduct disorder and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder at 18 months, three years and five years as reported by parents. The results, published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, show mothers who eat badly have more children with behavioural problems such as tantrums and aggression. They also show children who eat too much unhealthy food or too little healthy food have these symptoms as well as depression and anxiety. ‘‘It is becoming more clear that diet matters to mental health right across the — AAP age spectrum,’’ Jacka says.




Pets give clues for kids’ pain relief Early treatment key to better results Sick and tired of losing hair? Your hair loss problem is not something that you want to sit on for too long. Why not make it your New Year’s resolution to finally get some expert advice from a professional Trichologist specialising in hair loss. There are a great number of myths and misconceptions about hair loss including that hair loss only affects men or elderly people. However the reality is quite different and hair loss begins earlier than you would think. Men usually start showing signs of baldness in their 20s, whereas women do not usually start losing hair till their 30s. By their 40s, around 40 per cent of men are going bald while women do not usually suffer hair loss in such numbers till they reach their 50s. There are many causes for hair loss, each needing a different approach. Hormone imbalance, stress, wrong food, poor nourishment, incorrect habits of hair care are but a few of the factors that will take their toll on your hair and

scalp and lead both women and men towards a hairless future. Whatever the cause of the hair loss the earlier that treatment is started the better the results. Clive Hair Clinics, who have been operating for over 50 years, offer specialist analysis and a range of scientifically-proven non-drug treatments for the likes of genetic thinning, diffuse lose and alopecia. Our Trichologist (Hair & Scalp Specialist), Mark Thomas, will be in Whangarei on 23rd, 24th and 25th January. To book an appointment for your initial consultation, phone 0800 40 42 47 or book online

Doctors can learn a lot from vets about how to treat babies and other humans who cannot communicate effectively, says an animal pain specialist. A big difference, however, is that although paediatricians may gain insights from a baby’s facial expression, this is not so easy for vets, says Perth veterinary anaesthetist Dr Gabrielle Musk. ‘‘We are beginning to understand the facial expressions of sheep and horses, but these techniques have not been developed in pets like dogs because we are quite good at understanding their behaviour. ‘‘There should be a lot more collaboration between human doctors and vets,’’ says Musk, who has written an article in the latest edition of Australasian Anaesthesia, published by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists. Animals in pain tend to get on with life better than humans because they cannot self medicate and there is nobody to complain to. Some species also tend to hide their pain as it may make them vulnerable to predators. ‘‘They adapt and cope with their pain because the alternative is to perish,’’ says Dr Musk. ‘‘But given how similar animals are to humans we must assume they experience pain in a similar way and dothe best to manage it. ‘‘An adult human who has had a stroke and who knows what pain feels like and understands the triggers is likely to have a more emotional reaction than a newborn baby. ‘‘Chronic pain might be


[Animals] adapt and cope with their pain because the alternative is to perish.

easier for babies and animals who are just living from moment to moment.’’ Pain management, she says, is an inexact science and needs more research. ‘‘The aim, whatever the species, is to get the balance right between efficacy and safety in providing pain relief. ‘‘Freedom from pain is an ultimate goal. ‘‘It is important to refine the scales used to measure pain so there is appropriate relief for people who are unable to report their experience themselves.’’


INTERNATIONAL IT QUALIFICATIONS Come to People Potential and gain international qualifications. A+,MCITP, MCSA, CCNA are available through the AMES Computing and Network Support Diploma. These qualifications are highly sought after by a wide range of industries and graduates can look forward to beginning a successful career in Information Technology. The programmes are designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of computers through safety practices, building a new computer, installing operating systems and problem solving when things go wrong. Students then progress through Server Management using Microsoft Server 2008 Technologies and cutting edge virualisation technology, ending with local and wide area networks using high quality Cisco specific hardware and software.

Careers Careers begin here!

Tutor Anthony Poa says: “With qualifications offered by People Potential this year, students have greater opportunities to enter the industry at a higher level and take credible, recognisable qualifications to the workplace and we are so pleased to be part of it.”

HAIRDRESSING We work with fulltime students working towards the Pretrade Certificate Level 3 and Advanced Certificate in Hairdressing, and with the apprentices working full time in salons to support them in becoming fully qualified hairdressers. The qualifications offer students a wide range of training, from shampooing and styling to advanced colour and cutting, all completed in a purpose-built onsite salon. Tutor Lisa Blagrove says: “ It’s great to be able to pass on the skills I’ve learnt over the years and see students develop their own style and flair. We love watching their careers grow, hearing about their success in national competitions and owning their own salon.”

Sports and Recreation Performing Arts Hairdressing Computing Hospitality Security Forces IT

Students in 2012 pitted their skills against other upand-coming hairdressers by entering the Northland NZARH Hairdressing Awards, taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Pretrade Hair up Section.

HOSPITALITY We offer a fulltime Hospitality Level 3 Certificate starting in February each year. Students get to experience a wide variety of skills. Learn everything you need to know to work in the hospitality industry. Hospitality is Northland’s most important industry. It is an exciting, vibrant, ever changing environment that can open many doors for you. If you enjoy working with people, this is an obvious career choice for you. Northland needs enthusiastic people to ensure the continued success of the industry. Hospitality tutor Shona Meyer, has a wealth of knowledge about her industry. Her enthusiasm is infectious. “Students are able to get plenty of hands on experience so when they enter the industry they are ready.”

0800 FOR A JOB

Come in and join us in 2014. Let us help you enter an exciting career option. Text or Ring 027 513 1251 Rebecca Simper now! Whangarei Campus, 17 Keyte Street - 09 437 7593 Kaikohe Campus, 3 Dickeson Street - 09 405 2525


people potential


As People Potential head into 2014 they reminisce about the exciting achievements of students last year

Holly Chappell has secured employment at Addiction Hair Salon in Whangarei.

Students reaching their potential P

eople Potential have a range of programmes in Hairdressing, IT and Hospitality, many of the students who graduated gained not only National and International Qualifications but employment. To highlight just a few of those successes we look at the Hairdressing Department, where students have achieved amazing results in their studies and gained full time employment in the industry. ALISSA HILL is working at Heads up on Bank, a local salon with a difference, who offer regular services but with a focus on organic based, natural hair colours and products. Alissa has always had a passion for hairdressing and, since she arrived at People Potential on the PreTrade programme, knew what she wanted to do. Her most recent educational achievement is completing the Advanced Hairdressing Level 4 qualification that People Potential offer. ‘‘This has allowed me to build on my skills and confidence and prepare to become a qualified hairdresser’’. NIKKI-JAY WIHONGI is another successful graduate of the Advanced Level 3 and 4 programmes, who is now working at Salon Ataahua, an up and coming local salon with nationally and internationally

From left: Courtney Deeming, Nikki-Jay Wihongi, Alissa Hill recognised staff. ‘‘One of my biggest hairdressing achievements so far was coming second in the PreApprentice Creative Hair Up at the Hairdressing Competitions held in Whangarei. ‘‘I never thought a young mum like me could achieve something this great. The dedication and help from my tutor Lisa and my own hard work and late nights to prepare my model was worth every minute. To top it all off my son was there at the competition to see his mum receive a certificate, giving me the proudest and biggest smile ever.’’

People Potential offers three certificates in hairdresing the first of them being the PreTrade Certificate in Hairdressing Level 3. HOLLY CHAPPELL started this certificate in January and during the year secured employment at Addiction Hair, a premier salon in Whangarei for more than 20 years with award winning professional stylists. Holly has proven that she has the drive and determination to achieve her goals, completing the course while also working at Addiction Hair and has been recognised as Student of the Year. The PreTrade course at People Potential offer students the opportunity to gain fundamental

skills and confidence in Hairdressing, while in a supportive learning environment. Another amazing graduate is COURTNEY DEEMING. ‘‘Through the PreTrade course I gained the National Certificate in Salon Support and employment’’. Courtney now works at Retro Hair Design in Kensington, a small and professional salon for over 6 years. To continue her training and become qualified as a Hairdresser, Courtney started the Hairdressing ITO Off Job training programme where she completed her Year 2 apprenticeship. People Potential

is the preferred supplier of the Hairdressing ITO in Northland for the provision of Off Job Training, allowing apprentices to work in a salon and also gain their qualification. So if you are looking for an exciting and successful place to study Hairdressing, IT or Hospitality, make the most of your opportunities at People Potential -it is the place to be! The tutors are well experienced and determined to see their students succeed, by providing exceptional tutoring in excellent facilities. You have the potential to succeed and start your career — it all begins here!




Save time and money but keep the taste by LINDA HALL

prawns 1 heaped teaspoon English mustard 40g cheddar cheese


’ve said it before and I’ll say it again . . . I really like Jamie Oliver. He cooks with a casualness that I find really appealing in today’s television world of cooking perfection. His ambition to get children eating healthy food is one that I admire. Children are the most honest critics around and I’ve watched Oliver’s disappointment on telly after school kids have turned up their noses at his healthy meals. I’ve also seen the triumph when his perseverance pays off. His latest book is all about cooking healthy and nutritious food on a budget. His book shows readers how to shop smart, cook clever and waste less. Save with Jamie has 120 yummy money-saving meals, hints on how to get the most out of ingredients, save time and money ‘‘without compromising on taste’’. Jamie also says that every recipe in this book is cheaper per portion than takeaways. His waste-less hints include what to do with unfinished wine, stale bread and dripping from a roast dinner. Recipes include everything from baked onion in the hole to mothership roast salmon. I think this is his best book yet. Love it.

METHOD Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/ gas 4. Peel the potatoes and cut into large even-sized chunks, then put them into a large pan of boiling salted water for 15 minutes, or until cooked through. Drain and mash with a pinch of salt and pepper, the zest from the lemon and the butter. Place the frozen peas in a colander, pour over some boiling water to defrost them, then drain well and pulse a few times in a food processor. Fold them through the mashed potato, then leave to one side. Peel and chop the carrots and onions and cook them in a large ovenproof pan (roughly 30cm in diameter) with a lug of oil for 15 minutes, or until softened but not coloured, stirring occasionally. Meanwhile, heat the milk in a pan on a medium heat. Once simmering, add the frozen fish fillets for around 10 minutes, or until cooked through, then use a slotted spoon to remove them to a plate, taking the pan off the heat. Stir the flour into the carrots and onions, then gradually add the milk, a ladleful at a time, stirring continuously. Stir in the spinach until broken down, then season to perfection. Flake in the fish fillets (carefully remove and discard the skin if the fillets have it), add the prawns, mustard and the juice from half the lemon, grate in the Cheddar and stir gently to combine. Top with the pea-spiked mash and smooth out, scuffing it up slightly with a fork to give it great texture. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes, or until golden. Serve with a helping of baked beans — delicious!

SWEET PEA FISH PIE Fish pie is one of my favourites and seems to be one of yours too, so I’ve written this new recipe to be super thrifty and make use of your freezer staples — and I have to say, it’s one of my best (using smashed sweet peas in the mash is a revelation). In theory, fish pies have always been about stretching fish a long way, and by using quality frozen fish fillets you can get in any supermarket, it’s unbelievable how cheaply you can make it. Total time: 1 hour 30 minutes / 398 calories /Serves 8

INGREDIENTS 1kg potatoes 1 lemon 40g unsalted butter

400g frozen peas 2 carrots 2 onions olive oil 500ml semi-skimmed milk

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2 x 150g frozen salmon fillets 2 x 100g frozen white fish fillets 65g plain flour 100g frozen spinach 125g frozen cooked peeled

This extract is taken with permission from Save with Jamie, published by Michael Joseph, Penguin, $65RRP. Copyright © Jamie Oliver, 2013. Photography copyright © 2013, Jamie Oliver Enterprises Limited, Photography by David Loftus.

MODERN PRESERVING A revival in the preserving of fruits and vegetables has come with the popularity of Farmers Markets springing up across the country. Today preserving is much easier. The modern cap now has a built-in rubber compound which when hot-filled creates a vacuum once cooled. For ‘Gifts from the Kitchen’ order your ‘designer’ containers and create a ‘shop bought’ look for your homemade gifts of preserves and cosmetics.

In both glass and plastic.

Arthur Holmes Ltd are wholesalers of NZ’s largest range of glass and plastic jars and bottles available for all types of cottage industries. They specialise in small quantities - no minimum purchase requirement.

NZ’s largest stock lines!

This family business has been running for 102 years!

No order too big or small!

Create your own designer gifts!

9488642AA | Email: ARTHUR HOLMES LTD

FREEPHONE 0508 894 103


food & wine


Saddle up for a great night We’re six SAVVY girls who meet on the last Friday of every month at 5pm for a couple of wines and snacks. It’s just enough to catch up ... and then get home in time for Corrie! Each month we’ll let you know where we went and what we found, and, if you’re keen, join us!

Where we went: Shotgun Betty’s 37 Vine St, Whangarei; 09-459 7461 Hours: Mon, Tue 8.30am-11pm; Wed 8.30am-midnight; Thu 8.30am-2am; Fri, Sat 8.30am-4am, Sun 8.30am-11pm

Parking: There’s plenty of space straight across the road at the Vine St carpark.

First thoughts: BIG! There’s plenty of room with tables and chairs on a raised floor, in the front window and around the bar.The bar staff were awesome, made you feel welcome the minute you walked in. The saddles at one table caught our eye, the young lady behind the bar told us they are easy to get on, comfortable to sit on ... but there’s a knack to getting off. We decided to give it a miss ... this time! The decor is quite eye catching, we loved the tables ... didn’t we see the same ones on the Block NZ?

The menu: A Mexican-style menu with jalapeno peppers, buffalo wedges, chicken wings and tortilla corn chips with dips. We went for hot and ordered the peppers - breaded and filled with cheddar and cream cheese, deep fried and served with a dipping sauce. A bit hot for some of our team ... but for those who like it like that yummy! For $11.90 we got four of these. We also had the buffalo wedges, a big bucket of wedges served with bacon, cheese, chilli sauce and sour cream, costing $12.90.Our wines were $8.50. The snacks were served with cutlery and serviettes, a small plate

each would have been nice.

What was on our mind: Coronation Street of course! It was the night of Frank’s trial and we were divided over whether he would be found guilty or not. Of course he was found not guilty much to our chagrin. We are still talking about overseas holidays. Two of our group have booked their trip to Italy next year, the rest of us are very envious. And doctors, never be afraid to get a second opinion.

The staff: Very friendly, there to serve and they do it well.

What would we change?: We couldn’t think of much that was out of order ... perhaps a few more jalapeno peppers on the plate.

Overall: This southern-style saloon would be family friendly early on. There was one group there for dinner as we snacked. We were surprised at the clientele. With a name like Shotgun Betty’s we envisaged,

young, rough and tough. But there were businessmen there, a family group as mentioned before ... and of course the SAVVY girls. We’re picking it gets busier and noisier as the night goes on. An enjoyable evening.

PRIVATE PRIVATE FUNCTION? FUNCTION? Separate Facilities to cater for individual needs with Multi Zone Music Systems. BOOK NOW! Conference Room (soon to be opened) Bar & Restaurant Night Club, gaming & Pool tables Check out our refurbished premises including our Moonshine e Lounge which plays “greatest hits” even late on Friday and Saturday nights!!

Check out our specials on our facebook page 47 Vine Street, Whangarei 09 459 7461


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‘Bush camp’ a winning home LEIGH BRAMWELL visits an award-winning home in Ngunguru. Photos by JOHN STONE


t’s not often you need to call on a rugby team to help with the building of a house, but Richard Hilton-Jones did just that during the construction of a project at Ngunguru for which he has won two New Zealand Institute of Architects Awards. The design called for an iron roof without breaks, and Richard had to figure out a way to get the 27m lengths of iron to the site in one piece. The truck that brought the iron from Auckland could only get within 200m, and Richard had visions of having to hire a helicopter to airlift the sheets the rest of the way. ‘‘In the end I grabbed a few of the rugby boys and they carried it up there with 10 guys to a sheet,’’ he says. ‘‘It certainly made it interesting.’’ The project has won the ‘home’ and ‘sustainability’ categories in the NZIA awards. ‘‘The architectural concept of a house as bush camp has been wonderfully played out in form and materiality in this captivating family home sited on a tree covered hill top with beautiful narrow coastal views,’’ the citation said. ‘‘ Richard is justifiably proud of his company, RHJ Builders, and his team, saying the project threw up some interesting challenges which they all enjoyed meeting. He was very taken with the plans, and went to Wellington to meet with architect Hugh Tennant of Tennent and Brown Architects and discuss the project with him. ‘‘I was pleased when I saw the detailed information, and I found Hugh really good to work with — he’s a great communicator.’’ The house, designed for a family with two young boys is sited on a hilltop in regenerating Northland bush. Richard was impressed when he first saw the land with its views towards Tutukaka Harbour, and little windows of views through the bush. These narrow views generated an

the facts The following innovations contribute to the sustainability of the building, resulting in the award from the NZIA. ■ The cypress and macrocarpa for the cladding screens and timber joinery was locally sourced and milled, as was the sustainably grown hoop pine plywood used for all cabinetry. ■ There is under floor insulation to the exposed concrete floors, considered to be best building practice, as well as hydronic underfloor heating via thermostatically controlled air-source heat pump in conjunction with passive solar thermal mass heating of the slab.

idea of the house as a bush camp — a collection of single storey rooms along a central path with outdoor spaces between. The main path through the collection terminates in a pool. ‘‘We had to build the pool first, because the land on that side drops away. There’s a big puriri tree on the other side side, and the house had to fit in between,’’ Richard says. ‘‘For that reason, the set-out was pretty critical.’’ The design takes advantage of the northern climate with the exterior spaces between the rooms offering places to catch the sun or shelter from the sea breezes. Richard considers this a very special house. He especially likes the big pivot doors — there are three of them — which open the space totally to the outdoors and the view, and the big,

floating staircase leading to the upper level. ‘‘And the screens are great,’’ he says, referring to the lattices which drape the second story. ‘‘They’re not just there for appearances — they offer shade in the bedrooms, which get a lot of northern and westerly sun, and they cast beautiful shadows.’’ Constructing the screens was another interesting challenge for Richard. They’re made of macrocarpa, and to build them, he made special tables and put them together in sections. ‘‘There was a bit of thought went into that,’’ he smiles. Good communication among the building team, the architect and the owners, all of who had a passion for the project, contributed hugely to its success.

■ Oversized exterior walls and rafters incorporate over-specified insulation up to R5.0 rating, protecting against heat loss and encroachment to upper rooms. ■ Timber slat screens at the upper levels shade bedrooms and office from lower westerly sun. They also act as balustrading for sliding windows. ■ The whole house is double-glazed. ■ There is an independent heat pump for heating hot water, considered by some experts to be as efficient as solar, and available 24/7.

‘‘We had many discussions about the details and the fact that we were all on the same wavelength gave us a great result,’’ he says. ‘‘It was rewarding every step of the way.’’




need to know


Price: Mazda CX-5 Ltd, $54,445


odern sport utility vehicles have become so good, that there’s now just a fine line dynamically between them and the traditional car/station wagon. Mazda, as a company, entered the SUV market early with their early Tribute and its expertise in building family-friendly models shows, there have been a sprinkling of vehicles since — CX-7, CX-9 and, more recently, CX-5. The CX-5 is a classic example of how car-like the SUV has become, but for one difference, its spaciousness. It has an abundance of rear leg and head room which translates into comfort, the CX-5 is a genuine five-seater. In Limited specification looks after its occupants in luxury with leather trim, and all of the elements which adorn Mazda’s high-grade models such as electric sunroof, satellite navigation (Tom Tom platform), dual-zone climate control, heated front seats, cruise control, reversing camera and comprehensive trip computer. It doesn’t stop there, Mazda has built a high safety ingredient into the CX-5, there’s blind spot monitoring, land departure warning, and traction and stability control. Four-wheel-drive could also be seen to be a safety ingredient as well; whereas some models in the CX-5 range don’t get allwheel-drive, Limited specification models do. I first road tested the CX-5 Limited over a year ago. That car was fitted with the 2.2-litre diesel engine which would still be my pick of the bunch. But most CX-5s listed here are petrol powered, either 2-litre or 2.5-litre as in the test’s car case. The bigger engine option has just recently been introduced to the range. It is a SkyActive, twincamshaft four-cylinder unit which is a beauty in terms of performance and efficiency. SkyActive is an engineering programme Mazda are incorporating into much of their line-up. Put simply, it means that the new-generation engines they are building are made to promote fuel efficiency. And it is managed in a fuel efficient manner along with iStop (an idle stop/go function). Mazda claim a

Dimensions: Length, 4570mm; width, 1840mm; height, 1710mm Configuration: Four-cylinder transverse, four-wheel-drive, 2455cc, 138kW, 250Nm, sixspeed automatic Performance: 0-100km/h, 9.2sec

New mazda offers luxury and safety 7.4-litre per 100km (38mpg) combined cycle average. My time with the test car had the trip computer listing around 6.9l/100km (41mpg) which wasn’t that far and helped by a 5.7l/100km (50mpg) instantaneous readout sitting at a steady 100km/h (engine speed 2000rpm). These figures compare well to Mazda’s 5.7l/100km combined cycle claim from the 2-litre model, the reality is that the big engine simply doesn’t work as hard, so its fuel usage is commendable. Not only is the CX-5 in this form frugal, it doesn’t come at a performance cost. The engine is rated at 138kW and 250Nm which is more than enough to propel 1593kg with reasonable impetus. The CX-5 in this form will reach 100km/h from a standstill in 9.2sec and 120km/h from 80km/h in 5.5sec.

These are respectable figures for an SUV, quite clearly it will keep reasonable pace. The engine is coupled to a traditional six-speed automatic transmission but it is managed so that early changes are initiated in the first instance. That is to enhance fuel

efficiency, although the driver can request high engine speed easily through the throttle, if you are gentle then the engine is very relaxed at low revs. My driving style is a little heavy footed but I was pleased with the fuel usage results during my time with the test car,

it delivers power when requested but won’t be tough on the wallet when the tank needs to be replenished. I took the test car on a Port Hills/inland loop and delighted in its on-road feel. It is tightly connected through large Toyo tyres (225/55 x 19in) and loads up the steering in a corner contributing to strong chassis and suspension feel. The spring and damper rates are only moderately firmed yet body movement is controlled and balanced. The CX-5 has suspension which absorbs the big hits, promoting a comfortable ride, devoid of jolts. For that reason the CX-5 is also a capable off-the-seal vehicle. It isn’t an off-roader but it will travel cross-country with reasonable ability. I took the test car through the shingle fans of a river ford which was flowing barely a trickle when I went through. I was never concerned that grip would be lost, drive is channelled in the direction which is less likely to be affected by slippage. And that is part of the CX-5’s appeal, it is a versatile, capable vehicle which the entire family will be comfortable in, no matter what is presented. It’s just a pity that there is so much competition in that part of the market so that getting a foothold and retaining market position isn’t easy. And at $54,445 ($55,990 diesel) the range-topping Limited is a bit of a stretch for young families. However, the range starts at $39,695, it’s a two-wheel-drive version for those who never intend to leave our nation’s roads. Mazda have invested a lot in new technology and it shows, the CX-5 is part of a modern, efficient range of vehicles and they are all worthy of healthy reviews.



9104903AA 91 9446315AB 1104903AA


Pacific Motor Group Ltd

52 Porowini Avenue, P.O. Box 798, Whangarei 0140. Telephone 09 430 4470 Mazda Brand Manager Graham Mitchell 027 211 2393




Seed to carve was sown early Lewis Manuera: Diploma in Applied Arts (Visual Arts) — Rawene Lewis has always wanted to teach. ‘‘I was carving at Broadwood on a project that took three years and the kids there wanted me to teach but I had no qualifications — not even school certificate. Then I saw an ad in the paper for this course and the tutors said they’d help me. I love creating things — in any medium. I sit and draw most of the time — in front of TV, and even in my maths books when I was at school. My grand uncle was a carver so the seed to carve was sown early.’’ When Lewis began the course, he was taken out of his three dimensional comfort zone and given the opportunity to paint. ‘‘It was new to me and I found it hard to know when a work was finished but it started me on the journey of painting my carvings. The traditional ochre colour of carving represented the blood of Papatuanuku, but I’ve broadened out to other colours for more creative expression.’’ ‘‘I love working with the

Nga Taniwha o Hokianga, found Rimu and scorched enamel paint, Lewis Manuera, above; artist Lewis Manuera, right. students and tutors here. We all collaborate and bounce off each other and we have different strengths. All the tutors are working artists and all are specialist in their fields.’’ Computers have been the only challenge for Lewis. ‘‘I’m used to writing everything by hand. I’m applying myself though because

“My life is more exciting and broader than it has ever been. I realise I was wasting my talent before.” Kara Broughton, Mäori Arts


OPEN DAYS 20 - 23 January

Whangarei, Dargaville, Kaitaia, Kerikeri, Rawene and Kaikohe

Enquire about Student Loans and Scholarships

I’m so keen to learn and now I can do power points and write essays on the computer.’’ ‘‘My dream is to teach what I know to others and to be recognized for my art and my teaching. There is opportunity out there. I would encourage anyone — especially the young ones — to go after opportunity.’’

Join us APPLIED AND DIGITAL ARTS Qualification




Cost (approx.) incl.GST



Full time

2 years

$6,208.89 (Year 1)

Diploma in Applied Arts (Visual Arts)



Full time

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$6,208.89 (Year 1)

Bachelor of Applied Arts (Visual Arts)


Whangarei Full time/Part time Kerikeri (years 2 & 3 only)

3 years full time

$6,208.89 (Year 1)




Cost (approx.) incl.GST



Diploma in Applied Writing (Level 5)



Full time/Part time

1 year full time


Diploma in Applied Writing (Level 6)



Full time/Part time

2 years full time

$5,264.35 (Year 1)

Diploma in Advanced Applied Writing



Full time

1 year


MÄORI ARTS Qualification





Cost (approx.) incl.GST

Te Pökaitahi Ngäpuhi-Nui-Tonu - Te Raranga



Full time

1 year


Certificate in Whäkairo (Visual Arts)



Full time

6 months


Te Pökairua Ngäpuhi-Nui-Tonu - Te Raranga



Full time

2 years

$4,845.34 (Year 1)

- iwi, tou - wananga Tou • Your people, your place

For more detailed information visit: Refer to our website for terms and conditions


Diploma in Applied Arts (Digital Arts)

Freephone 0800 162 100 Text 2014 to 226

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Imprint on human cultural history The Korean peninsula has left an extraordinary imprint on human cultural history for over 5000 years. It is a country both divided and united by its past and recent histories. Often it has been swamped and subsumed by Chinese and Japanese colonization, but buoyantly, throughout its history it has retained its unique cultural perspective. Boasting many UNESCO World Heritage Sites from its palaces to the natural splendour of volcanic Jeju Island at its southern tip; Korea is always an exciting destination for me. Since the devastation of the Korean War in the mid 20th century The Republic of Korea has emerged to become the 15th largest economy in the world and New Zealand’s 5th largest trading partner. This is one of the reasons I have been keen to involve the art museum at a national level in the cultural diplomacy the Korea Foundation Workshops provide to international curators like myself. The Foundation reports directly to the Korean Parliament and is highly active throughout the world in promoting Korean culture as part of its global marketing strategy; something we in New

Zealand could learn from. On this trip, I was asked to a private meeting with the New Zealand Ambassador (and fellow Northlander from Kaitaia) Patrick Rata and cultural attache´ Sophie Kang at the NZ Embassy compound, near Deoksugung Palace. The Ambassador was keen to learn about the Whangarei Art Museum and our extensive relationship as kiwi arts emissaries since 2000. We discussed his desire to bring an exhibition of New Zealand art to Seoul and how the art museum might be involved. I suggested that because of Korea’s extraordinary ceramic history that an exhibition of contemporary Maori ceramic artists would be of great interest to both academics and the general Korean public alike. This will become a new discussion point over the next months as we scope an exciting opportunity for the art museum to extend its reach. The highlight of the two-week workshop was the Presidential Inauguration for the stunning new National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in the grounds of Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul. This vast new exhibition complex opened with a suite of

Scott Pothan, right, and Dr Sascha Priewe, left, from the British Museum, with artist Suh Do Ho standing inside his fabric installation Home within Home within Home within Home within Home, 2013. installations — and the most ethereal and rapturously beautiful of all was unquestionably by internationally renowned Korean artist Suh Do Ho. Titled Home within a Home within a Home within a Home within a Home this huge floating fabric installation is a marvel of inventive detail and symbolism. A life-sized ‘floating island’ made entirely of sewn blue gauze fabric, the outer replica ‘Home’ is 12 metres square by 15 metres in height. It is a minutely detailed reconstruction of his Providence Rhode Island residence in 1991(down to Victorian doorknobs and keyplates made of fabric and wire!). Then suspended within this outer structure is a further replica of a traditional Korean family Hanok building.

In a new initiative, a space dedicated to showcasing treasures from Te Papa’s collections is open at Whangarei Art Museum. The first work on display is Louis John Steele and Kennett Watkins’ explosive The Blowing Up of the Boyd (1889) from 12 December 2013 – 12 March 2014. A different work will be shown in the space every three months. WHANGAREI ART MUSEUM Te Manawa – The Hub, Town Basin, Dent St, Whangarei

Conjuring within the skylight space with a quiet monumentality, this work is luminous. It spoke to me eloquently about the pressing biculturalism that being a global artist now implies. I was very pleased to meet this humble and engaging artist standing amidst his blue house with my friend Dr Sascha Priewe from the British Museum. Overall, the exhibitions at the MCCA were titled Zeitgeist Korea and curated by the enthusiastic Choi Eunju who took Sascha and I on a private tour of the exhibitions. These included other wonderful installations such as that by Lee Mingwei in a recreation of his Lyon Biennale work ‘Moving Garden’. This Taiwan/New York based artist has also exhibited in New Zealand in 2009. Another

memorable exhibit was Philip Beesley’s Epiphyte Chamber — a gloriously ethereal glass and liquid suspended installation by this Canadian artist, who also exhibited in New Zealand at City Gallery Wellington in 2012. The exhibitions were universally edgy, beautifully presented, audacious and approachable. MCCA is going to be a powerhouse for contemporary art in Asia and it’s great to see such avid hunger for the contemporary art experience by Koreans who now throng the museum’s galleries since it opened. Since October 2000 I have been an invited kiwi participant in the Korea Foundation’s annual 2 week workshop of theme-based lectures in Seoul and field trips throughout South Korea with curators from all of the leading museums throughout the world. Whangarei Art Museum has since become one of the first of many in New Zealand, profiling Korea’s cultural diversity including the commissioning of what must be the world’s tallest Korean jeungseng or guardian pole at the entrance to the Whangarei Municipal Library, winning awards and accolades from Creative New Zealand and the Human Rights Commission. I would like to thank the Korea Foundation for inviting me to attend this year and also Te Papa, National Services Te Paerangi for the Professional Travel Grant which enabled my flights to Seoul. — Scott Pothan, Director Whangarei Art Museum

Louis John Steele and Kennett Watkins, The Blowing up of the Boyd, 1889, oil on canvas, purchased 1992, (Te Papa: 1992-0019-2)

For further information please contact 09 430 4240 OPENING HOURS: Monday-Sunday 10am-4pm Closed Christmas Day & Boxing Day

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New smiles for 2014

JO DANILO escaped to Northland from wintry England two years ago and finds the Kiwi way of life refreshingly different. She shares with SAVVY readers the things that make her stop and smile.

Wife, mother, journalist . . . PHILIPPA MANNAGH reveals the highs, the lows and the challenges in life

You can’t pass a sausage sizzle


have been listening to the big response out there that, for a lot of people, big life events happened, not so pleasant ones. With a struggling market times were still very tough for the majority and many were keen for a break. If this is you or not, come join the masses in the boat who are looking ahead to 2014 with hope and expectation for new things, grabbing opportunities and enjoying life — us included. Our family have a lot of changes coming up and although bittersweet, I am looking forward to the lifestyle and balance that this will bring. The biggest change is that master four has been hanging out to go to school and although I know mum will shed many tears soon, he is ready. This will also being smiles. Only driving in one direction each morning smiles. New independence smiles. Soon to be walking themselves to school smiles. Much longer days to get work done smiles. Tired children who may start to sleep in smiles. At the time, the preschool years seem to last forever. The nappies, sleepless nights, the crying, random tantrums, the

dependence on you, the thick fog and of course the chaos. Well, I can’t say the chaos seems to fly away with the aging stalk and life is even busier than before, but in a different way. Suddenly, before your eyes, your children know themselves better, you can reason with them (most of the time), you don’t need to use toilet reminders or play the rock-a-bye-baby game. Teachers know more about them than you do and you realise a new season has begun and you need to keep up! Since when were we so uncool? Life rolls in seasons and although sometimes it is hard to move into the next, you will always be met with a handful of positives on the other side.... and, if there are no handfuls

waiting, then just try to find one. Grab all the positives you can. My friends and I call these ‘‘our little moments’’. GRAB THEM! Smell them, feel them, and soak them in further than before, deep into your heart and soul, capture them for as long as they let you. Life moves too fast. www.littlemissfrugalblog Philippa owns LikedMedia, a Social Media Management Service. Email her on or check out her website:

I’ve eaten at sausage sizzles all over the place; at parties and galas, in car parks, up hills, out of the back of a car, as Christmas dinner. It’s difficult to go out anywhere at this time of year without eating a sausage. A quick flick through the local papers reveals a vast amount of ‘sausage sizzles’ to be had outside shops and at events all over Northland. It is the ultimate temptation, so hard to resist, especially at the bargain price of $2. And, as many sausage sizzles are arranged for charity, etiquette dictates that it would be rude NOT to buy a sausage sizzle in such circumstances. Which is why, when I come across a sausage sizzle, I always end up eating one. Even if I’ve only just had one. I haven’t been in New Zealand very long, so I’m hoping this compulsion will wear off before I have to buy a whole new wardrobe for my sausage-enhanced waistline. There are, of course, varying degrees of success in the world of sausage sizzles, and it is the

sausage element that dictates success. If you have a good quality sausage, you won’t go far wrong, but apparently it’s the smell of frying onions that draws people over. The ultimate sausage sizzle in my mind was the one they held outside the butchers in Kerikeri. You went in to buy some sausages then, on your way out, if you provided your receipt, you could have a free sausage Sizzle. Double sausage splendour! Happy sausage sizzle season!

Budget plan will stop the ‘I didn’t realise’ debts DIANNE HARRIS is a budget advisor for the Anglican Care Centre Christmas is over but how many of you have been left with ‘‘I didn’t realise’’ debt? I didn’t realise my credit card bill was so high ... I didn’t realise

Since 1988


25 Please give generously

I actually spent that much over Christmas ... I didn’t realise my bank balance was so low ... I didn’t realise I had eaten into some of my savings money. Getting into debt can be

surprisingly easy. One too many purchases made on the credit

Northland Emergency Services Trust

Electricity Rescue



card (but don’t say I didn’t warn you about this last month), along with extra spending during the holiday season. Then there’s those other financial surprises (car breaking down, the unplanned visit to the dentist ... ouch, loosing your reading glasses etc etc) All can make for a draining of the bank account and debt. Debt can be scary, but, managing it is doable, if you commit to making some lifestyle

changes and shifting your focus from spending to saving. Stuff happens, but it can be helped with a budget plan, an emergency fund (which means saving some of your income) and living within your means. If last year saw the bank account decreasing more than you’d like, maybe it’s time to change — to, ‘‘shift your focus’’. A budget plan is easy enough to put in place, it’s our attitude that needs to change.

Donating is fast and simple:

At any 2 Online – ERH Appeal 12 3106 0046000 00 3 The official freepost donation envelope 1 northland.rescuehelicopter Official Electricity Rescue Helicopter Sponsor

Official sponsors will match public donations, dollar for dollar, up to a maximum of $150,000








GOLDEN ESSENCE OIL-FREE DAILY MOISTURISER, RRP $59.90 (30ml) ............................................................................ This unique anit-aging moisturise helps keep skin hydrated, soft and supple. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and has a high level of anti-oxidant protection. The pure, natural ingredients include Rasberry Ketone (Rubus Idaeus Raspberry) Fruit Extract, nature’s most incredible anti-aging ingredient. This product is good for all skin types and especially for HCG Dieters or anyone who wants a quality product without heavy, oils found in many other face moisturizers. For more information visit

2. REFRESH YOUR BODY, REVIVE YOUR MIND TRILOGY BOTANICAL BODY WASH, RRP $29.90 ............................................................................ Formulated from a delicate blend of aromatherapeutic oils, non-drying cleansers and pure plant extracts, starting your day with Trilogy Botanical Body Wash will revive and refresh the most stressed body and mind. The ultimate unisex shower gel, Trilogy Botanical Body Wash makes for a great morning ritual, leaving the skin soft, smooth and impeccably clean and the mind revived and ready for action.




MANUKA DOCTOR APINOURISH REVITALISING DAY CREAM with SPF15 RRP $47.50 (50ml) ............................................................................ Containing a world-first combination of agedefying key active ingredients; Purified Bee Venom (PBVTM), UMF 18+ Manuka Honey and Royal Jelly, the new day cream works with the skin to instantly boost moisture levels, re-energise tired skin and stimulate natural collagen formation to nourish and

restore the skin’s elasticity. For optimum sun protection Manuka Doctor’s Patented Purified Bee Venom (PBVTM), clinically proven to provide photoaging prevention is combined with Titanium Dioxide to reflect UV light and Cinnamates, to absorb UV light.

4. GUILT-FREE TREAT FOR YOUR EYES MANUKA DOCTOR’S APINOURISH AGE-DEFYING EYE CREAM, RRP $34.95 (15ml) ............................................................................ ApiNourish Age-Defying Eye Cream is a rich and intensive eye treatment cream, specifically formulated to smooth, plump and brighten the delicate skin around your eyes, to encourage a more radiant and youthful appearance. The key ingredient for bee-autiful eyes is Manuka Doctor’s patented Purified Bee Venom (PBVTM) which is proven to nurture the skins’ natural collagen formation and increase elasticity. This hero ingredient is combined with a rich blend of collagen-boosting ingredients such as Certified UMF 18+ Manuka Honey and Vitamin E which work in synergy to boost moisture levels and elastin production to help soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

5. IMPROVING ORAL HEALTH SPRY DENTAL DEFENSE SYSTEM, RRP $19.95 ............................................................................ Spry Sugarfree Chewing Gum is a chewing gum sweetened with all natural xylitol and is free of sugar and artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame and sucralose. It comes in five flavours peppermint, cinnamon, spearmint, green tea and fruit Frequent eating of foods high in sugars and starches can promote tooth decay. Clinical studies have shown that the use of xylitol on a daily basis, spread throughout the day, may reduce the risk of tooth decay and improve overall oral health. We have two to give away. For more information visit

SAVVY DECEMBER WINNERS To enter, write you name, postal address, daytime phone number and your giveaway preference (in order) on the back of an envelope and send it to: Savvy Giveaway, Northern Publishing, PO Box 210, Whangarei; or email:

■ One entry per person


■ Entries close 5pm Thursday JanuaryDecember 26, 2013.

Kio Kio Aromacologie Hand & Body Lotion: Joan Smith Oxygen Women Ultimate Botanical Serum: Christine Goyen Matrix Design Pulse hair shield: Ellaleen Greeb KBiolage Exquisite Oil hair treatments: Vivian Palmer Ecoya Botanicals set: Maree Smith

■ December winners announced in Savvy on Saturday January 23, 2014 ■ December winners please collect your prizes before 5pm Monday January 17, from 88 Robert Street, Whangarei

Worried about Mum or Dad? Christmas is often the time a family realises that Mum or Dad is struggling to cope with the maintenance on the family home. If your parent lives alone and you’re concerned about how well they’re managing, it might be time to start exploring options. Kerikeri Retirement Village has a number of refurbished, modern, sunny 1 bedroom apartments with outdoor patios available now. The apartments allow plenty of privacy and independence but ensure that help is at hand when it’s needed. To arrange a viewing call 407 0070 or for more information visit








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