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verything in life is energy – balls of atomic energy that continuously interact and change form. We are small parts of an intelligent universe that emits energetic information to help us make sense of the world and our place within it.


Pause to develop awareness and understanding of what your feelings are telling you

Cosmic balls of energy affect our personal energy every second of every day. We are quite literally bombarded with information that alters the state of the 50 trillion cells in our body – and we can use that information to shape our lives into whatever form we want.

Your body is designed to resonate with your soul. Feelings are your body’s way of letting you know that the connection with your soul has been affected – that the positive or negative energy it is dealing with is impacting your state of mind and physical body.

Each one of us has a unique energy field that vibrates at distinctly different levels. Once you learn how to tap into what resonates with your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical parts you’ll discover what makes you feel whole, so you can confidently navigate your own way in the world without the need to conform to what other people expect from you.

When you feel bad – the body prepares itself to survive releasing adrenalin and cortisol to deal with a stressful situation releasing negative, high density, low frequency energy that makes you feel heavy and lacking in energy. When you feel good however, the body is pumped with dopamine and endorphins; positive, low density, high frequency energy that make you feel light and bouncing with energy.


Connect to what inspires your true nature

As a living organism you have a centre, a nucleus that has specific requirements in order to develop in a healthy way. Your centre is your spirit, your ‘life force’, the heart of who you are. If you connect to the heart of what matters to you, you can direct your energy into stuff that feeds your soul.


positively charged chemicals to keep your mind, body soul connection


Respond with integrity to ensure your soul, heart, mind and body work as a team.

The physical body is like an engine room of organs lubricated by water and chemicals stimulated by sensory information from the outer world. Make sure you provide it with the right levels of sleep, food and exercise so those cells bounce with hope, happiness and health – the way nature intended.

Engage your brain to consciously attend to what mattes to you

Consciously construct and steer your thoughts by creating a positive headspace full of emotions that’ll change your mood and bring about your own sense of balance so your body releases

NURTURE AND NOURISH YOUR HEALTH the way nature intended

Connect. Pause. Engage. Respond Master the Game of Life • Hope – Believe, trust and be confident with who you are • Health – Capture the energy to boost your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.


BSc (Psyc) Hons. Adv.Dip.Ed


• Happiness – Lead a life being true to yourself and put the bounce back in your life

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ometimes conventional therapies are useful in treating cancer, sometimes a blend of conventional and natural therapies work best. In other situations, a pure natural approach works best. Knowing which path to take is an evolving mystery that only time can answer. For those who are in tune with their bodies the question of knowing which path to take is less complex.

I whole heartedly took on conventional treatment as the right course of action in dealing with my Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. After two cycles of chemotherapy treatment I was discharged from hospital and given weeks to live. My circumstances influenced my next step. In fact, if someone had suggested that standing on one leg while balancing a tea cup would help me live, I would have done so without question. Fortunately, I was surrounded by motivated and insightful people who suggested simple practical ways in which to improve my life. I see cancer as a symptom of all the negative influences of my life. With a diet that fuelled my cancer and a mind-set that put aside inner well-being it became obvious that my life needed refocusing. I feel there are so many influences that impact on our bodies cells that a complete holistic approach should be considered to encourage our body’s natural defences. My diet was radically changed to help heal and detoxify the body, as well as creating an environment within my body in which cancer would struggle to survive.

2 An Holistic approach to Hope, Health and Happiness 3 Consider natural healing treatments 4 The Electromagnetic Field 5 The Environment 6 Water – the Vital Resource for Life 7 Spiritual Health - Meditation connecting mind,

body and soul 8 Yoga – The Breath of Life 9 Consciously Creating your Mental Health 10 Therapeutic Massage 11 Emotional Health 12 A-Z of Natural Healing Modalities 13 A-Z of Natural Healing Modalities 14 Macular Degeneration 15 Light Therapy – Providing a Ray of Hope 16 The Power of Colour 17 Home made Herbal Remedies 18 Home made Herbal Remedies 19 Herbs and Spices: Your kitchen as an every day

pharmacy 20 Your Pancreas: A Busy Little Factory 21 Thyroid Health 22 Harker Herbals

Attitude and lifestyle changes 23 Motivational Intelligence are just as 24 Integrative Healthcare important as the supplemental and dietary changes. I know that this is easier said than done, but what I've learnt is that as much as possible, try to de-stress your life. Surround yourself with positive people, seek joy in the small things, speak only of life, be kind on yourself and accept the love that will come your way. Don't live in fear but embrace every moment of life. For a long time I couldn't make any sense of my situation until meditation helped to bring peace and perspective to my journey. It helped me to look at things differently and still provides me with comfort whenever I feel stressed. Because there are so many emotional ups and downs in surviving cancer, you need to find something that calms and enables you to manage your stress through the testing times. I don't claim or know if any of these ideas have "cured" me for good, but I do feel that these simple changes have supported my willing mind and body to enjoy life to it's fullest. It is a privilege to share my journey with those surviving cancer and is it's own therapy in a way. At the end of the day, there is always hope. It is up to us to find our own path in life and use whatever means to live well. I hope people can be less fearful of cancer and embrace a more intuitive understanding on natural healing.

A natural way to retune the bodys endocrine system • Birthing and Infertility difficulties • Pregnancy issues: Morning sickness. Heart burn or Reflux. Sore neck or back. Breech baby to induction of labour. • Gynecology Problems: Period and Menopause issues.

Town Basin Specialist Centre 131 Lower Dent St, Whangarei Email:

Phone: 09 430 7909

Annie Moon – MNZRA Registered Acupuncturist • ACC Provider •


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he entire universe is a mass of energetic matter. Everything that exists has an energetic field with a unique frequency - atoms, cells, seeds, flowers, trees, animals, humans, hurricanes, planets, suns, galaxies and even the cosmos – everything is interconnected – all parts of a whole universal energy field.

the body’s way of making us aware that our frequency is changing.

The electromagnetic energy field is powered by the sun. The sun transmits seven types of energy through electromagnetic waves of radio, micro, infrared, ultraviolet, visible light, gamma and x-rays which sustain the life cycle of life. Earth is the only planet with air to breathe, liquid water to drink, and temperatures that are just right for life as we know it. Energy continuously moves in a toroidal pattern that’s influenced by the earths north and south magnetic polarities – energy flows in through one end, circulates around the centre and exits out the other side.


We are part of a universal field of energy. It responds to us and we to it. Whatever is in our environment affects us on a cellular level, but we’re only aware of it when we experience the energy in motion as ‘emotions’. Emotions are

We do not consciously perceive the microscopic particles of energy we ingest from the radio active waves in the atmosphere, chemicals in the soils or in our food and water. It is the unseen enemy, as the damage it inflicts often has no ‘real’ symptoms. Over time however, it accumulates in the body disrupting the cells and damaging the tissues. The body becomes ill at ease and unable to regulate its natural defence system. Dis-ease manifests and we become ill.

One of the biggest culprits of electromagnetic radiation is produced by all the electrical appliances we have in our homes and work places, coupled with the wires and cables that carry electricity. Electrical gadgets are a part of our daily lives. They’re hard to avoid. We can however lessen the effect they have by taking care of the level of exposure we subject ourselves to. Most of us are aware of the dangers of over exposure to the sun - how it burns and the long potential dangers of melanomas, liver spots and freckles. What you may not know is that the eyes and testes are particularly susceptible to over heating from radiation because they have a relative lack of available blood flow to dissipate the excessive heat load. Problems manifest in the form of cataracts, temporary sterility, change in sperm count and sperm motility. One very good reason why men should NEVER carry a mobile in their pocket. Women should never put them in their bras, and no one should sleep with one next to their heads. If you must use your mobile as an alarm, put it as far away from you bed as possible. Keep your bedroom free of electrical devices so you get a good nights sleep. The bridge between ancient wisdom and frequency science has resulted in an ability to take the positive energetic forces of nature and capture them in protection devices and isopathic remedies to balance our energetic field so we can now experience a full sense of wellbeing.

Electromagnetic Field Chart

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ermaculture (permanent agriculture) is a way of designing your home and garden that’s based on close observation of nature and working with it rather than against it. It’s based on the simple idea that nature knows best and acknowledging that we’ve been overmanaging the process to the detriment of our gardens, our soil and ourselves.

Putting permaculture ideas into practice starts with spending time observing things like, how the angle of the sun changes with the seasons, which areas of your garden are in shade and for how long and noticing which weeds grow naturally in your soil. What you’re trying to learn from these observations is the best way to set up sustainable systems that look after themselves as much as possible. A key aspect of this is finding plants that will grow well and thrive in your area with a minimal amount of input or ‘mangaging’ from you. I like to think of it as finding ‘useful weeds’. Weeds are a perfect symbol of permaculture because you don’t have to water them or feed them. They’re plants that belong in your soil because they’re so well suited to your unique conditions and microclimate. Of course I’m not talking about actual weeds but about useful, edible plants that grow like weeds like Silverbeet, for example which grows just about anywhere. One of the best ways to find plant varieties that grow well where you live is by talking

to neighbours, friends, and local gardening clubs. So many of the plants in my own garden originally came from local gardening clubs and nurseries and I’m lucky to be surrounded by people with an expert level of knowledge and experience in permaculture, biodynamics and organic gardening out on the Tutukaka coast. Once established, a well-designed permaculture system has the right balance of trees, plants and animals and can be pretty much selfsustaining. I was right in the middle of establishing a food forest around my home when my wife Melanie and I started our business, ecostore and moved with our two young daughters, Ahi and Keva to Auckland. Leaving the farm meant that my permaculture plan was interrupted before it really reached the kind of balance required for long term sustainability, and I have needed to start from scratch in some areas but I still love to see that things like cherimoyas and Whau trees have become ‘weed’ trees on my section. Because I was living and breathing permaculture when I started my business, it was a natural step for me to apply the same principles to designing a more sustainable model for business. Ecostore was created to make it easier for people to find cleaning and body care products that were healthier and safer for themselves and for the earth, and also as a way of raising funds for a not for profit called the Fairground Foundation.

Plastic packaging is still a challenge for us, although we do provide bulk sizes and refills as a way to try and cut down on waste but many of our formulations are grey water safe, meaning that with proper systems in place the waste water from your home can safely be re used on your shrubs, lawns and trees. In terms of applying permaculture thinking to your own backyard, one of the easy things you can do is create zones. Permaculture is about zoning. If you imagine five concentric circles radiating out from your home, the inner circle would be zone one and the circle furthest away would be zone five. Basically anything that you might need the most regular access to, such as a herb or salad garden would be planted in zone one, preferable right outside the kitchen door, whereas things you don’t need to do, harvest or maintain very often, such as potatoes, could go right down the back of your section. If you have plants that need a little more attention, make sure you put them somewhere that you walk past them everyday, somewhere close so that when you arrive home you can squish any bugs and slugs on the way past. I’ve touched very lightly on a few things anyone could do to start implementing permaculture design principles in their home gardens but if you’d like to know more, then I would recommend Bill Mollison’s book ‘Permaculture a Designers manual’, or finding out about one of the local courses run at NorthTec.


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ater is the sustainer and purifier of our planet, and the universal medium for all biological activity. The Earth is approximately seventy-five percent water - as are we. Humans depend on water to be a catalyst, a transport system, to maintain correct body temperature, and to supply nutrients, minerals, electrical impulses and healing energies. Wherever each of us may be on our own wellness journey, there is one element that is vital for us all, and that is water. The quality of the water we ingest affects the vitality of the body, and a well-hydrated body offers no invitation to dis-ease. Dehydration is a common source of illness. We need to drink one to two litres of good quality water every day, especially as we grow older. In order for water to maintain its quality and structure, it needs to swirl and dance as it does in a natural stream. This vortexing motion is what it requires to self-purify. Water in our environment and in the municipal systems is no longer whole. It is forced into a semi-stagnant state, fractured and carrying the energetic memory of all it has passed through and that which has passed through it. Vortex technology was developed by Victor Schauberger in the nineteen twenties. We see similar underlying philosophies in the flowforms of biodynamics and in the succession of homoeopathic remedies. We now have the technological innovations that can benefit from these pioneers’ ‘knowledge’ - and the research

is continually expanding. We know that when water is structured it has low surface tension, and can more easily pass from extra cellular to intracellular fluid so is immediately available for the healthy chemical functioning of the cell. With this effortless absorption, energy is freed up to attend to other body processes. Drinking structured water is not only the easiest first step for a person looking to shift chronic health issues, it is also the elegant solution for those who are ready to take their energy to the next level. Start every day with water. Continue to drink throughout the day, at least every two hours, more so if undertaking strenuous energy. Our body has no reservoir for water storage, so constant replenishment is ideal. The symptom of thirst is actually the body’s way of telling us we have neglected to drink, so drink ahead of your thirst. Sometimes thirst is confused for hunger, so you may want to try drinking first. For those who are eager to transition out of flavoured drinks, water may seem plain. A fruit infusion, or sliced citrus can add zing. Sip slowly and savour the thought that you are energising and nourishing your body with the vital ingredient it needs to ensure longevity and to keep you looking and feeling healthy.

Energise Your Water.

Water is life!

Enhance your health with all the elements and energy that exist in nature. Contact: Judi Shirley, N.Z. Distributor Tel: 09 4322109 or 0274322023 Email: Web:


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MEDITATIONCONNECTING MIND BODY AND SOUL The word ‘meditation’ comes from the Latin word ‘meditari’ meaning ‘to contemplate’. Taking time out to contemplate could be deemed a waste of time, but the benefits of regular meditation pay huge dividends; especially in todays busy world. There is no right or wrong way to meditate as its purpose is to give yourself time to clear your mind, promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force (often referred to as ‘qu’, ‘ki’ and ‘prana’) and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity and forgiveness.

Buddhists have continued to practise meditation for centuries. It is a way of life for them – a life dedicated to the philosophy of acquiring and sharing the wisdom and understanding from being mindful of our thoughts and the way our actions impact humanity. Wise words from the Dalai Lama mirror a man dedicated to global peace. “We must recognize that the suffering of one person or one nation is the suffering of

humanity. That the happiness of one person or nation is the happiness of humanity.” You only have to look at a Buddhist Monk to see how continued meditation impacts a person. If you only manage to slot one or two 20 minute times a week into your busy schedule, the time out would reap a priceless reward – even if it’s only a fraction of the serene contentment that the Buddhist monks radiate.

Meditation has been proven to be more effective than morphine at treating chronic pain; pain that relates to diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and a host of other physical conditions resulting in a significant change in the structure of the brain. Fadel Zeidan, PHD, published a report in the Journal of Neuroscience showing how meditation significantly reduced brain activity in the primary somatosensory cortex - an area that is significantly involved in creating the feeling of where and how intense a painful stimulus is. He used brain scans that measure long-term brain processes (arterial spin labeling magnetic resonance imaging [ASL MRI]). Participants were taught how to practice a 20 minute meditation technique that proved a 57% reduction in pain. Two types of mediation are in fact, completely rewiring the medical paradigm – mindfulness and transcendental meditation. They both require the practitioner to focus their attention on the present moment – either the breath, an image, a word, a sound, or a mantra. The mind is taught to be in a state of ‘relaxed awareness’ also referred to as ‘mindful awareness’. The practice stops the brain from jumping from thought to thought – lowering stress levels - one of the biggest indicators of longterm illness and disease. If you’re looking for a credible way to reduce stress and/or pain, meditation offers a proven powerful way to awaken your body up to a renewed state of health without any unpleasant side effects that come from pharmaceutical drugs.

Whangarei is proud to be the home of the

Tibetan Buddhist Centre

Jam Tse Dhargyey Ling “from which Love and Compassion flourishes”

You will find the Buddhist Centre at the top of Parakiore Hill just North of Kamo, overlooking Whangarei and the city surrounded by native bush.

Come and explore our fabulous new shop packed with beautiful clothing; fabrics; jewellery; Buddhist books, CD’s and Prayer Flags; Himalayan salt and salt lamps; mobiles, wind chimes, fairy lights, delicious perfume oils, essential oils and other health & beauty products.

If you are visiting Whangarei please feel free to come and visit us. You are most welcome to wander in our beautiful gardens and walk up to the Stupa (Peace Monument) or take a stroll thru our native bush. Home to three resident monks and a nun, the centre offers a regular program of Buddhist teachings, meditation classes and retreats.

Come and visit us soon

Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm, Sat 9am-2pm, Sun 10am-3pm Ph 430 2040 | 89 Cameron Street, Whangarei |

To visit, you will find us at 159 Parakiore Road, off of Pipiwai Rd, North of Kamo. To make an appointment or for more information, please call 09 435 4401, 09 435 4444 or check out our website:



By Jacinta Aalsma


One of the well-known physical benefits of yoga is improved flexibility whatever your age or ability. During a yoga practice you will create more range of motion in tight areas; including hamstrings, back, shoulders and hip. Other physical benefits are strength, muscle tone, balance and improved joint health. Yoga can also be a great way to prevent pain, especially back pain - a common complaint because we spend so much time sitting at a desk or driving a car. Yoga can also help to improve your posture and thereby preventing pain and other ailments. An important part of yoga is focused on the breath. Within yoga, the breath is considered the link between our mind and body. Deepening our breath can calm the nervous system, which benefits the entire body. Even if you focus

Healthyy Lifestyle Lifestyyl solely on the physical benefits of yoga, you’ll probably experience the emotional, mental and spiritual benefits as well.


Yoga influences three aspects of ourselves that are often affected by stress: our body, mind and breathing. The breath controlled movements will allow you to loosen tense muscles in your body and increase your flexibility. When you’re stressed, your breath becomes shallow and short. During a yoga class you’re encouraged to breathe deeply and thereby you’re sending a message to your brain to calm down and relax. Relaxation and deep breathing are the natural opposites of stress. A regular yoga practice will also increase your awareness and ability to look within - think for yourself and trust yourself with the result of feeling more peaceful and self-confident.


In general during a yoga class, you will practice some asana (postures), pranayama (breath exercises) and different relaxation techniques. You will be encouraged to have compassion and love for your body, so you don’t force yourself into a certain pose if your body is not ready yet. It is best to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely and to have an empty stomach if you start your yoga practice. Yoga will improve flexibility. You don’t have to be flexible at all to start practicing. You’ll be encouraged to work within your limits and range of motion.

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There are many types of yoga and many different yoga teachers. Yoga is for everybody. It is a matter of finding the right type of yoga and teacher for you. Don’t be discouraged by a particular class you didn’t enjoy – try another one until you find your fit. Yoga means ‘union’ – so it’s important find the right bled of style and teacher for you. There’s a range of yoga styles that have different focuses - athletic, therapeutic, meditative, restorative or more spiritual; sometimes referred to as Hatha yoga, Asthtanga yoga, Lyengar yoga, Bikram yoga, Yin yoga and Vinyasa yoga.



never knew what ‘healthy’ hair colour meant, but wanted to give it a try as I hated the chemical smell and scalp pain in previous colouring experiences. Because of this, I decided to give Heads Up on Bank a go.

Walking in, I was impressed with the spacious, stylish interior. The polished wood floors spoke of the history of this 100+ year old, iconic building and added to the welcoming atmosphere. My stylist, Alissa, seemed knowledgeable and friendly and after a thorough consultation and the painless colour application, I was invited to sit in their comfortable ‘processing lounge’ where you can read quietly or watch TV. I was also offered a choice of beverages, including fair-trade coffee and tea. 64 Bank St,Whangarei

438 3010

JUNE SPECIAL Free cut with any other hair service over $100

While relaxing there, I spoke to the owner, Elaine MacKintosh. Elaine had always been interested in Natural Health and thought there was a need for an eco-friendly salon in Whangarei. They don’t use chemical cleaners in the salon and try to recycle as much as possible. The CHI brand of products they stock and use are based on organic silk, which contains most of the amino acids found in hair and had the unique quality of being able to enter the hair shaft to deeply condition, strengthen and repair damage, while protecting against UV

and heat damage. All CHI products are sulphate and Paraben free. The colours are also ammonia and PPD free and tests show they stay vibrant up to 30% longer. Although CHI are not a wellknown brand in New Zealand, they are well known in the USA and were principle sponsors of the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant.

I really liked the fact that CHI do not test on animals. The pampering didn’t stop there! They have wonderful massaging chairs at the basin for a gentle, all-over body massage while the stylist expertly massaged my scalp. After the relaxation, massage and hair colour I bounced out feeling and looking great and feeling like I had made a very healthy lifestyle choice. Would I go back? You bet!


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our point of view creates your reality – your reality does not create your point of view.”

Imagine you’re climbing a mountain. As you make the journey to the peak, you have a limited view of what’s around you from the particular path you’ve taken. Moving left or right will give you a different perspective. It’s only when you reach the top that you discover the bigger picture is beyond anything you could ever have imagined.

Everyday life is the same. It’s limited by what we’ve learned and experienced. We aren’t yet aware of our capacity beyond what we already know. Unfortunately, for many, that conditioning becomes a self-destructing state of mind that leaves them feeling worthless, depressed, anxious and sometimes suicidal. It’s uneasy to shift these

feelings even though we instinctively know something’s not right. Sometimes life intervenes and gives us a wake up call to see things from a new perspective. That becomes clear when we have moved through the trauma and drama”. Sharon Gibson experienced a severe car accident with a year of physical rehabilitation and health issues. It was easier for her to live an isolated existence until she found the courage to look at different therapies. Medication and Counseling were not an option for Sharon who enjoyed the benefits of Naturopathy. It was an Access Bars™ treatment that changed everything. Sharon went on and trained as a Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness© She uses her experience to assist others discover their own potency to out-create limiting conditions so they can realise their gifts”.

The ability to access your innate inner strength to turn wrongness into strong-ness is challenging, as moving away from the familiar path you have trodden can be uncomfortable”. “Asking questions about what you really desire is empowering. Each awareness presents you with a series of choices that expands your perspective in making conscious choices in creating your reality. An Access Consciousness© Facilitator will empower you to make those changes. The Access BARS™ technique lightly touches 32 points on the head that store all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions and conditioning – effortlessly and easily releasing the electromagnetic energy, promoting a deep sense of peace and ease. You know ‘s right for you. The depth of change and freedom that’s possible is tremendous.” Change is just the doors of possibility opening. It’s not good or bad, right or wrong. Ask: what could I change here that would make all of this easier?”

This information is copyright material from Access Consciousness®



SHARON GIBSON LIFE & STYLE COACH Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

Helping you understand the keys to wellness Phone: 021 244 2811 Email: Web:


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By Jayne Higgins


ake care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” –Jim Rohn

Massage is an holistic treatment that gives significant positive changes to your health and well-being; working on the whole body to improve your health.

Life these days demands a lot from us. Work is often stressful and family life is busy. Massage should be looked upon as a treatment, and not a ‘treat.’ Think of it as therapeutic as opposed to a therapy to rectify a specific problem – a treatment that’ll benefit you on both the emotional and physical levels. The holistic nature of massage as a remedial therapy to relax and help the body maintain a healthy balance has been used by many cultures for centuries. Remedial Massage is a hands on treatment that uses various techniques to work on muscle and connective tissue. The benefits go deeper than a relaxation massage by creating the conditions for the body’s return to normal health after injury or muscular – skeletal imbalances. Massage also supports the body’s own healing capabilities.

If you are feeling unwell though, massage can help with short term problems as well as chronic conditions. • • • • • •

Migraines Fibromyalgia Arthritis Pain management Relieving regular and ongoing headaches. Depression and anxiety by reducing the body’s natural cortisol levels • Rota cuff injuries and other joint and muscular injuries • Improving posture and flexibililty. • General aches and pains within your body, back, neck, shoulders and other areas that may cause discomfort. Choosing a Massage therapist is very important. Trust and the ability to relax and feel comfortable in their presence is paramount to help the healing and recovery process. Don’t wait until you’re in pain to have a massage. Book yourself a regular appointment with a therapist as part of your own self-care health and wellness plan.

Benefits of massage are huge – and on many different levels. Relaxation is one of the primary benefits, as for many people taking time for a regular massage may be the only time they fully relax It also helps to relieve day to day stress and tension. Sleep may also improve with many people reporting that they sleep well after a massage. One of the key benefits is the improvement of blood circulation and lymph movement which really enhances the immune system. It’s great for relieving painful muscle and joints as well as having a positive affect on blood pressure. Don’t just think of massage as a curative intervention. Think of it as a holistic preventative practice to bring the body back into balance too. Everyone can benefit, irrespective of their age and condition.

• Therapeutic massage • Hot Stone massage • Working with Rainbow Essences • Access Consciousness ® Bars Practitioner

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r. Bruce Lipton in his book Biology of Belief describes emotions as the” feeling language of the cells”. He explains how our limbic system converts chemical messages into sensations experienced by all the cells in our body. Dr. Lipton explains how “your biography becomes your biology”, in other words your life story and what you believe to be true becomes true for you and physically manifests in your body. The late Candace Pert in her book “Molecules of Emotion” explains the science behind mind-body medicine. Her research demonstrated how the bodys chemicals are the biological underpinnings of our awareness that affect how we feel, what we believe, expect, and indeed, how we respond to and experience the world around us. Research since the 70s has uncovered over 80 chemicals that respond to different emotional states and influence our cells by attaching themselves at specific sites.

Negative thinking causes stress. Stress, whether emotional or physical exacerbates any illness. It has been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, stomach ulcers and diabetes. When we feel stressed our brain sends the body into flight or fight mode which is great if we have to fight a tiger or run away from a bear. More often than not, the stress is just a perception as opposed to a real threat or physical danger. The brain makes no distinction between the two. It responds as if it were a real threat. This constant state of stress has a disastrous effect on our immune system.

just like buried toxic waste. They fester and contaminate the internal environment in our body; disrupting the entire endocrine system, which in turn affects our physical, emotional and mental health. Managing your emotions is key to restoring balance to the body.

Releasing negative emotions is vital for reducing stress and facilitating the body’s natural self repair mechanisms

Emotions are generally divided into positive and negative and many of us have been taught that expressing our negative emotions is not socially acceptable. So what do we do with our anger, guilt, fear, shame or hurt? Deny, repress, suppress? Unexpressed negative emotions are

That the body and mind are separate entities is fast becoming an old fashioned notion. Modern doctors today are beginning to recognize the reality of the body-mind connection - that mind turns into matter. Indian/American author and physician Dr. Deepak Chopra says “you cannot experience the faintest mood without your heart cells sharing it, and at the same time, your lungs, kidneys, stomach, and intestines. These organs participate in your mental life as fully as your brain does.” Happy people are healthier than unhappy people. Having happy thoughts causes biochemical changes in the brain that have beneficial effects on the body. Why do we feel the way we feel and what can we do to change our mood if it is not a happy one? Our feelings are a result of our thoughts - thoughts created by our underlying beliefs. Beliefs are formed throughout our childhood, programming the subconscious mind to use the information as fact. Beliefs are not right, wrong or real, they are just beliefs; beliefs that can limit and sabotage our ability to see life from a different perspective – but you can change them anytime you decide to!

Be all you can be with EFT

Cartoon by Jim Storey from the book ‘Creative Health Beginning the Journey to Wellness’ by Dr Andrew Bell

Emotional Freedom Technique – enhance your life on every level • Release past trauma • Reduce or relieve present pain • Change negative limiting beliefs • Create a better future Personal consultations and workshops to learn how to master your emotions, health and life Workshops: 28th June, 26th July and 30th August

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azing at an am nal h w W O "W g EFT (Emotio course. day doin chnique) e T m o d Free nd to ecomme Highly r doing.” th ll wor e w , e n o any Jayne

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NATURAL HEALTH MODALITIES Alexander Technique: Releases tension within the body and improves posture in order that the mind, body and soul work effortlessly and efficiently. Art therapy: A creative outlet to express feelings, garden art, crafts, clay, poetry Aura Soma: Uses the principles of light,

herbs, essential oils, gems and crystals to stimulate the subconscious mind Aura healing and cleansing: Colour emanates from the body which depicts your energy levels within the chakra system. Naturopaths can work on bringing about a balance. Auriculotherapy: Like reflexology, the ear is a map of the body. The flow of energy throughout the body can be improved through pressure points on the ear as well as stimulating affected areas to improve wellness in a specific area. Ayurveda Based around the five elements, ether, air, fire, water and earth. This ancient Indian way of living incorporates a preventative system to ensure a feeling of vitality and total wellbeing, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Colour analysis: It is a powerful communicator of who we are and how we feel. The colours we love and those we avoid provide an insight into our perception of ourselves. It provides an awesome insight into how we can improve and remove any aspect of our life for personal or professional development. With a heightened awareness we can also learn to improve our home and work environment to bring a balanced vibrant energy that feeds our soul. Colour light therapy: Our receptivity of light is directly related to our receptivity to life. Colour vibrations work at a very subtle and powerful level. The combination of colour and light heightens the frequency vibration and energy level. It can be directed to a particular area to provide healing, pain relief, inflammation and tissue repair. Cranial massage: Massage of the cranium releases pressure on the brain allowing it to operate more freely. At a deeper level it massages the brain, releasing built up tensions, which in turn improves our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Crystal therapy: The natural salt and minerals contained in crystals provide their own energetic fields. Every crystal is unique and each type provides its own properties to bring balance to all areas of your personal and environmental surroundings.

Feldenkrais: A gentle approach to movement, posture and breathing. It works with the nervous system to develop a deeper self awareness, so new options can be explored and old patterns of movement changed. It can also be used to explore other levels of awareness; emotional, cognitive and spiritual.

Flower Essence Therapy: ‘Energetic’ and ‘Vibrational’ nature of flowers used to aid emotional and spiritual conditions, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress.



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Eyebody work: The primary function of the visual system is to co-ordinate the three parts of the brain; the physical, emotional and mental, which then enables us to utilise the information received from the eyes to utilise our innate ability to perceive thoughts, feelings and images at the optimum level. There is a correlation between parts of the eye with part of the body – eyebody patterns, which are in turn connected to pathways to the brain. If we balance the brain, it improves the body, which in turn improves our visual system.

Flower essences: Bach and/or New Zealand plants, trees and flowers. Nature provides essential oils which can be used to assist physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Bowen: Pressure applied with the thumb to align muscle and tissues in the body

• Depression • Nervous and breathing disorders • Painful degenerative conditions • Headaches and back pain • Pregnancy, Newborn and Birth Traumas • Sports injuries

Emotional Freedom Therapy: Finger tapping of the meridians to release emotions. Likened to acupuncture, but without needles.

Feng shui: Harmonises the energetic levels of wind and water in our environment. It is the art of placing objects to increase the flow of energy.

Bodywork: Understanding the physical output of body movements as a mirror of our inner feelings and needs.

A Gentle restorative form of healing to support the body-mind’s wisdom and capacity to self repair.

Dream analysis: Our dreams provide a message to areas of your life that you may not be able to grasp in any other way. They provide clues to your feelings about your life and can be a friend in helping you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, so you can make a more informed choice in your path for change.

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Traditional Thai Massage Aromatherapy Swedish Sports Hot Stone Therapy Foot Reflexology Facial Treatment Body Scrub Waxing

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Deep Tissue Migraines Circulation Neck Problems Stress Shoulders Backache Hips Headache Knees


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Healthy Lifestyle Hellerwork: Combination of soft and deep tissue massage, exercise and dialogue to create awareness of how the body and mind affect one another. Herbalism: The medicinal and culinary uses of herbs for health.

Music therapy: Sound vibrations have an effect on our emotional state, which can lead to improve health. META Health: Arevolutionary science based methodology which transforms your health beliefs and understanding around dis-ease and health to help you understand how specific stress triggers, traumas, conflict shocks, emotions and beliefs affect your physical health,

and physical exercises combined with meditation and visualisation. Reflexology: Foot massage which improves the flow of energy around the body as they represent a map of the body. Blockages can be gently released providing you with a revitalised spring in your step and improved energy all over.

Mickel therapy: Mickel Therapy is a specialist talking therapy developed by a medical doctor, Dr David Mickel, for identifying and resolving the pain and fatigue symptoms of chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, post viral fatigue, burnout, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, irritable bowel and more.

Homoeopathy: Assists natural tendency of body to heal itself. Based on discovery that a substance can cure the same sort of symptom that it can cause. Holistic Pulsing: Rhythmic rocking of the body likened to the same state as the foetus in the womb. The body is made up of 70% water so it is important it is able to flow freely. Heightens all aspects of awareness physically, mentally and emotionally. Iridology: The iris contains a health map of the body’s main organs, so areas that need attention can be clearly seen. Kinesology: Muscle testing to monitor and identify stress levels within the chemical, mental, emotional and energy systems of the body. Magnetic therapy: Magnets are used to balance the body from the environmental effects produced from the electromagnetic fields radiating from today’s technology. Massage: The skin being the largest organ of the body is stimulated as well as improving circulation and the flow of energy around the body. There is an extensive range of massage systems; deep tissue, soft tissue, cranial, abdominal, foot – reflexology to name but a few. Meditation: Learn the art of being still, taking time out and connecting with yourself.

Moativational Therapy: Energy psychology techniques for identifying and remedying the cause of illness and seemingly inexplicable pain. This method really goes to the heart of the ‘emotional intelligence of physical illness’. The techniques were devised by Richard Moat, a highly respected health practitioner. Naturopathy: The root cause of disease can be treated by using the natural healing forces in the body. Neuro Linguistic Programming: (NLP) is the study of the structure of subjective experience and what can be calculated from the predicated belief that all behaviour has structure Numerology: An intriguing method of identifying with ourselves. There are many areas of your life that can be transposed into a numerical formula, one of which is your name. It can provide you with an insight into your personality and life path. Personal Development: Understand your own thoughts, feelings and needs and appreciate your own identity as special and unique and realise your own potential by working with your strengths and weaknesses. It will improve the relationship you have with yourself as well as your partner, your children, your workplace and community. Pilates: A mind/body system of exercising to strengthen abdominal and spinal muscles, improve flexibility and body awareness. Qigong: Of Chinese origin, based on improving the flow of air in our body through breathing

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Reiki: A non-invasive modality of healing Reiki provides a union of “Rei” – cosmic universal energy, “ki”- fundamental life force energy of living things. –The Reiki giver channels universal healing energy vibrations into the body of the receiver to improve their life force energy. It strengthens and harmonies the immune system and replenishes our energy. Rolfing: Frees bonded tissues to align with the bodys structure. Shiatsu: Of Japanese origin. Finger pressure revitalises the “ki” – vital energy flow within the body. Tai Chi: Of Chinese origin. It is a slow and gentle form of exercise to improve “chi” - energy flow Yoga: Uses breath and movement together to improve physical, mental and emotional balance. Tones, lengthens and strengthens muscles, improvise flexibility and overall wellbeing. Increases circulation, stimulates endocrine system and so improving all bodily functions. Also a valuable relaxation technique.

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magine the eye as a camera back in the days when cameras had film (people under 30 may choose to Google this). The retina lines the back of the eye a bit like the film of the camera. The centre of the retina is called the Macular. Unlike a camera film which is really just a bit of plastic with chemicals embedded, the Macular consists of millions of cells in multiple layers, all interconnected and wired together in an incredibly clever manner. The role of the Macular is to capture the image, start processing the visual information, and then send a message to the brain. It does this with extraordinary efficiency. Tiny plates in one of the layers of the Macular contain chemicals that are sensitive to light. Once light has struck these plates and the chemical has been bleached the end of the cell gets chewed up and spat out into the bloodstream. As that happens new plates with new chemicals have to be ready for the next visual image, a bit like a film scrolling through a movie reel but considerably more complex. This processing of visual information is highly energy intensive, in fact the Macular consumes more oxygen than any other part of the body when adjusted for its weight. You can imagine that after doing this for 80 years it starts to get a little tired. Age-related Macular degeneration is usually abbreviated to AMD. It was formerly known

as senile Macular degeneration but people understandably took umbrage at that. AMD becomes increasingly common after the age of 60 although it can start earlier than that. After the age of 80 approximately 1 in 3 people will have some form of the disease. AMD affects the central vision, what you see when you look straight ahead. The peripheral or side vision is not affected. In the worst case scenario it can cause ‘‘legal blindness‘‘, generally defined as an inability to see the top letter on the reading chart. It does not cause the eye to go completely blind in the commonly understood meaning of the word i.e. when everything goes black. Not everyone with AMD will become legally blind; as with many conditions there is a spectrum of disease from mild to severe. Risk factors for developing AMD include age, family history, white race, poor nutrition and smoking. Genes play an important role too. If your mom, dad, brother or sister have it, you’ve unfortunately got a good chance of getting it yourself. There are two main types of AMD, wet and dry. This is a source of confusion for a lot of people. You can think of dry AMD as being ‘‘wear and tear‘‘of the back of the eye. There are various changes that can take place

(beyond the scope of this article) and some of these are predictive of further deterioration. Everyone who has AMD starts off with some dry changes, but about 10-15% of people will go on to develop the wet type in one or other eye. The reason it’s called “wet” is because little blood vessels grow into spaces they’re not supposed to be in and leak fluid and bleed. You don’t see this fluid coming out of your eyes as tears, it’s inside the back of the eye. The dry type causes a gradual loss of vision over months or years, but the wet type can cause rapid loss over days or weeks. Treatment of AMD depends on the type. The single most important thing you can do is stop smoking. Certain vitamin preparations have been show to slow the rate of progression of moderate to advanced dry AMD but have not been shown to benefit early AMD. These preparations are not suited to everyone, for example supplemental vitamin A has been shown to increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers. Wet AMD is treated with injections in the back of the eye (this may sound horrific but we do numb the eye first!) The success rate with injections is very high, especially if it is caught early. If you have been told you have AMD you should discuss your treatment options with an eye specialist.

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ight plays a crucial role in the growth and development of all living organisms. Civilisations from as far back as the Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians and Greeks recognised the importance of the sun’s light rays for wellbeing.

The biophotons we absorb from the sun’s rays affect every biochemical reaction in the body. Concentrations rise and fall with our body clock (circadiam rhythm) and the rhythmic fluctuations of our metabolism over the course of the day are synchronised with the light cycle of the day. Light is transformed into electrochemical energy, increasing the activity of the cell membrane, which in turn boosts cell production of enzymes and energy reserves. The higher the level of light energy in a cell, the greater its vitality and ability to absorb more oxygen, boosting the way the body’s organs function; which then

strengthens the entire immune system and its ability to heal itself naturally. Over the course of history, scientists have discovered how this quintessential element for life can be used in technology to address a diverse range of health problems. In 1903, Danish physician Niels Ryberg Finsen was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for the invention of a device to generate synthesised sunlight to help patients with tuberulosis of the skin (lupus vulgaris). In the ‘80’s, Hungarian Doctor and Physicist Marta Fenyo discovered that polarised light had a biostimulatory affect on cell membranes causing a chain reaction of positive responses throughout the entire body. Her discovery has been transformed into the light therapy tools that project a greater range of light waves from 480nm to 3400nm (polychromatic light) onto the skin without the harmful concentration of UV rays that burns the skin. In fact now, light therapy devices are the burns units of hospitals all over the world to help regenerate cells and repair skin damage.

the cells, means the organs that are sustained by the endocrine system can work at optimal levels. The immune system is strengthened, as well as its defense mechanism so regeneration and restoration processes that heal skin, bones, muscles and tissues can thrive. Research now recognises that the energetic properties of light and colour can be used to address specific health issues such as pain relief, wound healing and skin problems. Rheumatoid arthritis, sports injuries, back, shoulder and neck pain, ulcers, burns, pressure sores, dermatitis, psoriasis, herpes and eczema can all be treated successfully with light therapy. The phenomenal combination of colour and light can be administered by a single, noninvasive device. Adults, children, babies and animals can reap the rewards of a natural resource to balance and heal their body into a healthy state of wellbeing. All of this can be done safely on your own in the comfort of your home.

Powerful technological advances now harness the macrocosmic healing properties of light to make microcosmic differences to the way the cells of the body function. Increased oxygen in

Wound 18 weeks after the burn and one week before light therapy treatment

Burn wound 15.5 weeks after light therapy treatment

• Pain Relief • Wound Healing • Skin Problems • Sports Injuries


THE POWER OF LIGHT Approved as a Medical Device


Safe, non-invasive home treatment for adults, children, newborns and animals.

Boost your health with the quintessential force


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By Thelma van der Werff


olour, just like sound, is a vibration and is an aspect of everything we touch, drink, eat and see. Colour comes from light, and when the frequency of light enters our eyes it goes to the centre of your brain, the hypothalamus. Every colour or frequency gives the hypothalamus a different signal, which in turn passes the message on to other parts of the body.

Behind every colour is an emotion and a message. Colour can be seen as a language; which once you learn to interpret, will reveal aspects of your emotions, talents, potential, your upbringing and the events that have shaped you into the person you are today. Mastering the meaning of colour will enable you to paint a very different picture of your life. Colour can give you insight into yourself, your family and friends. It has the power to change your emotions, experiences, unwanted behavior and the way other people treat you. Becoming aware of our colour choices provides us with clues and an insight into how our feelings influence our behaviour. Discovering the patterns of colour choices we’ve made over the years will help provide a clear picture of what influenced our

lives and why they took a certain course. Take red for example. Red is a colour of passion, drive and motivation. When we stop wearing red, it’s a clear sign we’ve lost our drive, feel exhausted, disappointed or frustrated. If we start wearing red however, it’s a sure sign that something sparked our motivated and we’re full of energy. Say you need more structure and stability in your life, the colour to use is brown. Brown stands for reliability, wholesomeness, nurturing and dependability and if you want others to see you as reliable and approachable, you can wear a brown garment. If you want to get your message across confidently, the colour blue can help you with this. Blue (one of the most worn colours) is a colour that represents communication and trust. It is no coincidence that communication and networking companies like Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter all use blue in their logo. If blue is one of your favourite colours, it is also an indication that you approach problems in an analytical manner and love to solve them. Colour is a part of our everyday life. The clothes we wear and the environment we’re in - the décor of our homes, our gardens and our workplace. They all influence the way we feel, think and behave. Understanding the language of colour can help us see our lives through a different lens so we can view things with a new perspective and make changes that will take us in a direction that can bring out the best in us.

Change your colours, change your life!

Let Colour



Private healing meditations using music. Increase your energy,

• Get Insight into yourself and/or your client • Change and Transform subconscious condition • Experience Wellbeing and Balance in your life

memory, mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Spirit-life

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Earache may be subdued by mixing two drops each of Sage and Fennel oil diluted in double the amount of olive oil, warmed and applied deep into the affected ear. Alternatively a strong tea made from the herbs and used as warmed eardrops is also effective. Mullein flower oil is a traditional specific for earache and has been known to restore hearing. This is made by infusing two or three handful of the flowers in a couple of cups of olive oil in the full sun for 2 or 3 weeks in a clear covered jar.


Rub an incipient sty with a gold ring that has been warmed by rubbing upon wollen cloth. I have used this amazing remedy many times upon my own acute sties and applied often it works very well. It is weaker in effect if not rubbed upon wool.


The principle Coumarin in new mown hay that gives hay its special nostalgic sweet grassy fragrance is a febrifuge, allaying the worst symptoms of hayfever. This old bucolic remedy from county Yorkshire in England calls

for one large cupful of finely chopped newly mown dried hay which is simmered for thirty minutes in a covered pot containing a litre and a half of rain or spring water. A ½ cup of this golden tea is sipped two or three times per day and rarely fails to carry off fever when given early. Adjust ratios to suit. This is an especially harmless yet very healthful brew containing all the nutrient principles out of the wild herbs and grasses in the hay. It is essential that the hay is obtained from organic-orientated farms that use no pesticide and herbicide chemical sprays. Check thoroughly your source first.


A good remedy for uncontrolled fear, induced worry, sadness and other depressing emotions such as mild hysterics, is to mix equal quantities of dried yellow Rose petals, Hops (from the home Brew store), freshly dried Chamomile flowers and Catnip leaf and flower if available. Esoteric traditional lore maintains that unlike red and white Roses, the yellow Rose alone carries the ethereal confidence vibration which gives Lovers strength of heart and admiration for the betrothed one. Chamomile is a renowned nerve-soothing herb as are Hops and Catnip. These herbs are easy to

purchase in Home brew stores and health shops, or can be grown at home. Every nursery has Catnip herb plants and will order others in for you. Make up enough to enable several cups of the tea to be made over several days. Take one or two teaspoonful of this dried mix and make a very strong tea using one and a half cups of rainwater simmered down to one cupful or 230ml. The pot must be uncovered to promote evaporation of the water. Steep the tea for ten minutes or more stirring occasionally to help extract the principles. Serve with a little added honey to take the bitterness of the Hops away. The usual medicinal dosage for adults is two to three cups of this tea daily, before meals and last dose at bedtime. This can be a children’s remedy for nightmares, fitful and grumbling sleep patterns, also over-tiredness through hyperactivity. Childs dose is two to three ½ cups of the tea daily, before meals and last dose of just ¼ cup of the tea at bedtime with a little added honey to promote good sleep. Most ingredients can be gathered locally or purchased from Herbalists and most Health shops. A good supplier that will post small amounts is Puti Puti Ra Organics in Whangarei, phone 09 430 0606.

New Zealand Traditional Herbal Medicine Certificate and Diploma Correspondence Courses An Internationally recognised qualification with the World Health Organisation; allowing you to operate and/or dispense under the NZ Medicines Act

Master of Herbology, Tutor

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isiting the doctor regularly or purchasing ready-made remedies can be a strain on family finances for many people. This article is dedicated to showing how you can make your own remedies from kitchen spices and common herbs around the home. As we rediscover the old common-sense ways of looking after ourselves, it becomes more apparent how easy health recovery is by using good foods and herbs instead of drugs. Country folk developed their own medical wisdom passed down through the ages, and this wonderful tradition is in danger of disappearing now unless we keep the art of making home remedies alive. Herbal knowledge is not just a novelty or a passing interest; it is in fact a survival kit! Should the worst scenario ever hit the country and people could not get doctors medicine, the future would indeed be bleak for many. So, let as pre-arm ourselves with the knowledge of how to turn living plants today into healing potions and lotions for tomorrow.

added last. Simmer in 600ml of rain or spring water for 25 minutes on very low, covered. Do not boil. Add the Ginger and Cayenne five minutes before removing from the heat. Allow to cool, strain and add one dessertspoonful of ascorbic or citric acid and same of sea salt to potentize the brew. Stir in 250ml of glycerine to help stabilize for a few weeks, plus 2.5ml each of Spearmint or Peppermint oil, Lemon oil and either Juniper or Pine oil, or both. Increase or decrease the oils according to the strength you prefer.

several weeks prior to giving birth. Its natural astringency helps heal internal ulcerations and checks diarrhoea, as does Blackberry leaf. A little honey added reduces the astringent taste of the leaves, but not the potency.

Our first home remedy addresses the bane of family youngsters.


Make a strong tea from four handfuls of finely chopped green Beans, two handfuls of chopped lettuce leaves and two handful of crushed oats or barley grain. Bring all to a gentle simmer in a glass pot, stirring occasionally. Remove heat after 25 – 30 minutes, cool and strain. Washing the face with this water every morning, leaving on the skin for up to 15 minutes before rinsing off, and drinking a ¼ cup of the liquid a.m. and p.m., will soon clear the skin. A sugar-free, gluten-free menu will certainly assist to cleanse the skin from the inside through the bloodstream. Remake this lotion fresh as required.


Take one large handful (about 30g) each of dried Comfrey leaves, Manuka leaves and berries if available, Hibiscus leaves and flowers and Pine (radiata) needles, all dried and finely granulated. Add 1 dessertspoon each of Ginger and same of Cayenne powder,

A New Zealand remedy for a head cold: ‘Put your feet upon the table whilst drinking well of the finest Otago whiskey. When you see four feet in front of you be assured that by next morning your head cold will be gone, but your sore head will not’.

DIARRHOEA (chronic)


Gargle with strong red Raspberry or Blackberry leaf tea 3 to 4 times per day, holding in the mouth for several minutes, swilling; the longer the better. Try not to swallow as there will be waste matters in the swilled liquid, though it matters little as the brew is healthful anyway. Raspberry leaf is an especially good blood tonic and invaluable as a pre-birthing assistant, affording a comfortable birth when taken for

Diarrhoea can be checked by drinking strong Orange peel tea, a cupful sweetened with a little honey taken 3 to 4 times per day until relief. Children have a half to three quarters of a cup and respond exceptionally well to this nice tasting remedy sweetened with a little with honey. Collect the skins and dry quickly next to a fire. Crush when crisp dry into granules and store in waxed paper-lined tins or boxes. Steep the granules in a cup of boiled water with a pinch of Cinnamon bark powder to add extra astringency to stop the diarrhoea and to give flavour and zest.

New Zealand Traditional Herbal Medicine Certificate and Diploma Correspondence Courses An Internationally recognised qualification with the World Health Organisation; allowing you to operate and/or dispense under the NZ Medicines Act

Master of Herbology, Tutor

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raditional medicines like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurverda and even Maori Rongoa have always based their cooking practices on plant and plant portions for health and healing. The practice has a spiritual element to it too that relates to the gathering, preparation and utilisation of these edible plants and their products. Whilst the concept of your kitchen is an every day pharmacy, the scientific and ancient holistic belief in the use of herbs and spices in food preparation has been empirically proven that the pharmaceutical by-products have existential health benefits as they provide the building blocks for the body to remain in a healthy condition.

Cutting down fat in your diet and adding herbs and spices in your casserole, meatloaf and vegetables is one way to cut back excess calories in diet; putting less strain on some of the major organs in the body.

The consumption of sodium (table salt) in New Zealand is way above what is recommended for healthy living. High sodium use is related to high blood pressure, which damages the blood vessels causing a chain of reactions that lead to the hardening of arteries. This results in reduced blood flow to your heart, kidney, brain, arms and legs which can lead to chest pain (angina), kidney failure, stroke, damage to eyes and also aneurysms.

Thyme has antimicrobial properties. Its oil has chemicals that can relax the muscles, thin mucus trapped in the lungs and has been used to treat colds and flus for these reasons.

Reducing salt in your diet and adding herbs and spices will enhance the flavour of your food and help you maintain a healthy blood pressure. Many people use fat in their diet for flavouring and satiety. Fat has a high calorific value which can lead to obesity which is a risk factor for heart disease, some kinds of cancer, type 2 Diabetes, gynaecological problems, sleep apnoea and breathing problem.

Herbs and spices have chemicals that have a positive influence on our metabolism, immune system and overall health. Rosemary causes an antimicrobial action against a variety of bacteria, fungi, mold and viruses. It’s also said to have an anti-cancer and anti-asthmatic effect.

Paprika is part of the chilli/capsicum group has a substance called capsaicin that has been shown to have a positive effect on a persons metabolism. Capsaicin has been studied for use in pain treatment, runny noses, coughs and tonsillitis.

HEARTY BEEF CASSEROLE 2-3 SERVES Ingredients • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

450g sirloin, trimmed of fat 1 Tb canola oil 1 large onion diced 2 large celery ribs, diced 3 cloves garlic, crushed 1 tsp thyme 1 tsp oregano 1 tsp paprika 1 tsp rosemary 1 bayleaf ½ tsp black pepper Vegeta salt alternative to taste 150ml water 1 large carrot, diced 1 can (410g) diced tomato


• Heat oil in a pan and sauté diced meat to seal juices. • Place in a slow cooker. • Add all the ingredients above and mix. • Allow to slow cook for 4-6 hours till meat is tender.

Serve with starch dish: rice or potato or kumara. Cost per serve: around $4.50

With winter upon us, it’s an ideal opportunity to introduce herbs and spices into your cooking to boost the familys health and make even more delicious stews and soups.


here’s a global movement hitting New Zealand shores – and it’s leading to a consumer revolution. This is no passing craze; if anything, the desire for people to know more about what they’re eating is growing daily. It’s no longer enough to know the ingredients of a product, we now also need to know where the product came from, how it got to us, and in some cases – such as in the meat industry – how that journey ended. Vicki and Arron Ogle, of Homekill Services Ltd, are all in favour of the increased awareness flooding the New Zealand market.

Our business is about treating the animal with respect throughout the entire process of home killing and butchery – that’s what our customers demand, and we believe it’s what everyone deserves.’

We work hard to give our customers complete transparency surrounding our processes,’ say the couple of their Northland based-business. ‘From paddock to plate, we want our customers to really know what they’re eating; to understand the connection between the health of the living animal to the quality of the meat they eat.

‘We’re all so busy expanding globally, that we forget about what’s truly important, and that is simply knowing what we eat.

With the spotlight on rising commercial meat prices, and the increasing trend for consumers to want locally-sourced, humanelyslaughtered meat products, Vicki and Arron foresee a shift towards more lifestyle block owners and smallholders raising their own meat animals – and it’s a shift they welcome with open arms.

We Guarantee:

• 100% of your meat back • No mix-ups • Hung on the bone for 7-10 days

We Consistently Provide:

• Tasty, melt-in-your-mouth meat • Ease and efficiency for the farmer/ lifestyle block owner from paddock to the freezer

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our pancreas is located deep in the upper abdomen behind your stomach. The size of a pancreas is around 5.7cm to 9.5 centimetres - the size of your little to middle finger.This little organ plays a busy role in supporting the endocrine and exocrine glands. The endocrine gland directly secretes its products to the blood system. The endocrine function of pancreas is to produce and secrete insulin into the your blood. Insulin is the key that opens the door to building a strong cellular foundation so sugar in the blood can enter your cell for energy production. And we all need this energy to keep alive! An exocrine gland secretes products through a duct to some other external environment. The busy pancreas sends its products (enzymes) to the small intestine. After the stomach mixes your food into a liquid (chime) the substance is released slowly into the rest of the digestive system for breaking down into absorbable particles. The pancreatic enzyme is involved in the breaking down of protein, fat and carbohydrate in our food.

produced or the insulin is not produced at all), pancreatitis (inflammation of pancreas) and pancreatic cancer. Although it cannot be said with authority that the onset of diabetes is related to high carbohydrate or sugar consumption or binge drinking and chronic alcoholism, research on populations that have a lower sugar, fat and alcohol consumption have inferred a link. Studies of migrants who move from these areas to a Western country have provided evidence of increased pancreatic related diseases because of a change in diet. Keep your pancreas in good health. Eat a healthy diet of low fat. Minimise your sugar intake and moderate the amount of alcohol you drink. Drive at a safe speed and adhere to safe working practices.

The most common causes for pancreatic damage that can lead to disease are: • Dietary causes - excessive alcohol drinking, binge drinking, fatty foods and perhaps excessive carbohydrate • Strained injury caused by an external force to the pancreas such as car accident or fall • Genetic –the genetic makeup you have inherited. Diseases of the pancreas include diabetes (where either the wrong cut of insulin is

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he thyroid gland is located in front of the neck. It has right and left lobes that confer a butterfly-shaped appearance. The hormones produced by this gland control the body’s metabolism, or the processes by which the body uses energy. Thyroid hormones affect every single cell in the body. The symptoms associated with an under or overactive thyroid can be diverse.

Symptoms of an under functioning thyroid gland (Hypothyroidism) include weight gain, fatigue, sluggishness, low body temperature, sensitivity to cold, cold hands and feet, brain fog, poor memory, slow thinking processes, restless sleep, aches and pains, irritability, depression, hair loss, hearing loss, vertigo, fluid retention, dry skin, hair or mouth, eczema, recurring infections and headaches, bloating, constipation, hypoglycaemia, slow heart rate, high cholesterol, low libido, abnormalities in the menstrual cycle, infertility and cancer. Hypothyroidism is more common in women than in men and more likely in over 50 year olds Over active function of the thyroid gland (Hyperthyroid) can produce signs of weight loss, excessive sweating, heat intolerance, increased bowel movements, tremors, nervousness, agitation, rapid heart rate, anxiety, impatience, fatigue, disturbed sleep, decreased concentration, irregular and scant menstrual flow, loss of bone mass and enlarged thyroid gland. Hyperthyroid affects more women between the ages of 20 and 40.

• A poor diet and an under-functioning digestive system make it very hard for the body, not only to absorb iodine but also obtain the many nutrients needed to help transport iodine into the cells and assist the production of thyroid hormones. • Toxins, especially from the halide family (fluoride, chloride and bromide) compete with iodine for absorption and reeceptor binding in the body. • A lack of minerals necessary for enzymatic processes in iodine absorption and thyroid hormone production and heavy metals, especially mercury from amalgam tooth fillings. • Stress, especially prolonged or repetitive stress. Too much or too little cortisol interferes with thyroid hormone synthesis

Thyroid disorders can cause symptoms that are often mistaken for those of a woman approaching menopause. Both menstrual cycle changes and mood changes can result from the menopausal transition or from thyroid conditions.

IODINE DEFICIENCY: THE SILENT EPIDEMIC Iodine deficiency has a profound impact on our overall health. It has a vital role in thyroid function and is linked to obesity, cognitive impairment, heart disease, psychiatric disorders, and various forms of cancer. The breasts are one of the body’s main storage and utilisation sites for iodine. An iodine deficient state can alter the structure and function of the breasts. The glandular tissues of the ovaries contain the second highest concentration of iodine in the body. As the ovaries produce most of the oestrogen in women, the relationship between iodine and oestrogen and all oestrogen dependent cancers becomes apparent.

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Lugol’s Iodine Solution is especially good for improvig absorbtiion of iodine into the body – only available from a Naturopath or Medical Doctor, but you can obtain a diluted v ersion called Clinicians Iodine Oral Drops from over the counter.

NEW ESSENCE NATUROPATHY Naturopathy supports the body’s innate healing ability to:

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• Amend nutritional and lifestyle habits • Improve digestion and metabolism • Lose weight • Obtain hormal balance • Increase your energy levels • Enhance your immunity • Manage stress • Enhance your mood and concentration • Minimize your risk for degenerative diseases

Ursula Muller Dip.Nat 1. Nat Cert. Natural Therapy 2. Bio Resonance Testing 3. Cellular Matrix Evaluation 4. Nat Cert. Massage Therapy 5. Lympathic Drainage Therapy


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ew Zealand’s most iconic brand of herbal products is celebrating over 30 years in the market with a fresh new look and name in preparation for its next exciting phase. As of this month, the Malcolm Harker range of herbal products will be known simply as Harker Herbals, with reinvigorated branding and packaging. All the herbal tonics will be manufactured in accordance with current GMP regulations in Hawkes Bay.

Originally established by master herbalist Malcolm Harker in 1981, Harker Herbals will continue to manufacture and distribute over 80 top quality herbal products – from the trademark tonics and elixirs, to the soothing salves, balms and skincare - which have been individually crafted and formulated to help a wide range of specific ailments. Retaining harmony in the body and returning it to a state of optimum health and vitality is the underlying philosophy of all the Harker Herbal tonics and elixirs.

markets, thereby building on its three decades of success. “Most importantly, all existing, unique product formulas in the Harker Herbals stable will remain unchanged so our many customers can be assured that the range will stay firmly true to the original, time honoured formulations that Malcolm Harker created. Malcolm’s incredible formulas have provided enormous relief and restoration for the health of thousands of people. It has been an honour to work with this life-changing range of herbal products, ” Tracey concludes.

The fresh new-look will mark the company’s “The move into its next exciting phase,” says Harker Herbals Senior Brand Specialist, Tracey Bennett. “ With additional manufacturing and storage capacity and a name change to Harker Herbals, the brand is poised to expand and build on three decades of enhancing and promoting wellbeing from the inside-out,” says Tracey. She acknowledges that Malcolm Harker has made Harker Herbals what it is today through his hard work, expertise and commitment and promises that this won’t be lost. The company will not only continue to formulate highly effective, life-changing herbal remedies using traditional based methods and advanced herbal formulations, but its production capability will allow the company to expand in both New Zealand and offshore

We have your wellness covered naturally… • 100% Natural new Zealand made herbal tonics, elixirs, salves and balms • Unique formulas using natural herbal extracts that promote healing and enhance wellbeing

Keeping New Zealanders healthy for over 30 years


Healthy Lifestyle


body and replace it with oxygen rich air. A good belly laugh relaxes the muscles, diminishing pressure on the cardio vascular and nervous systems and releasing endorphins; a natural, morphine-like substance that makes us feel good.


he power of laughter as a medicinal remedy was first brought to light by the late political journalist, author, professor, and world peace advocate Norman Cousins in his book ‘Anatomy of an Illness’. He discovered the pain from the spinal disease he had was greatly relieved by a good belly laugh.

Research on stress related hormones and humour has shown that laughter reduces at least four neuroendocrine hormones; including adrenalin, cortisol and dopamine. Each time you laugh, you get rid of the excess carbon dioxide and water vapour that builds up in the

Laughter and a good intake of oxygen has a phenomenal effect on our physiological and psychological wellbeing. Indian physician, Madan Kataria developed Yogic Laughter after he recognised the relationship between laughter and yoga. His book ‘Laugh for No Reason’ explains how the practice can lift a persons spirit, provide hope and improve the health.

The stresses of daily living, including grief, low morale and poor self esteem affect decision making, concentration and productivity – conditions that are hard to laugh about. But laugh we must. It doesn’t have to be a full blown belly laugh 24/7. Being good humoured on a daily basis will lift your spirit and get you out of a vicious cycle of stress, anxiety and depression. Being responsive, in the moment and adapting your perspective to see life from a different angle will shift you out of the doldrums. Laughter is the ultimate antidote – it quite literally stops you feeling dopey and down. It’s free, there’s an infinite supply and it’s contagious – laugh yourself well.

In 1990 the World Health Organisation predicted depression would be the worlds number two health burden by 2020. Dr Robin Kelly says “Human beings are meant to be joyful, light-hearted and happy. We are witnessing an overwhelming epidemic of unhappiness like never before. In recent years we have medicalised this unhappiness – in 2008, more than 164 million prescriptions for antidepressants were written by doctors in the USA.”

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