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First time to market, choice of 18 freehold sections; Boutique subdivison, maximum 35 sections; Situated at end of quiet cul-de-sac (Argyle Street); Section sizes 500m 2 - 729m 2 all level. superior quality, fully serviced; 5 minute safe, easy walking distance to Waipu Primary School, Bowling / Rugby club, cafes, restaurants, supermarket; - Prices start $280k, titles expected early 2019.

WGreen A IEstate PU

Open Days Sat & Sun 2:00 - 4:00 PM on site sales office ( 30 Argyle Street, Waipu )

Phone owners: Janine & Adam Jones 0800 2 GRASS ( 0800 247 277 )


The new gem of the North






PROCESSING AND SUPPLY COMPANY Locally owned, locally staffed using milk from local farms Suppliers to local dairies, supermarkets, restaurants and accommodation providers. • Standard milk • Lite milk • Full cream milk • Trim milk and cream Suppliers of A2 milk to specialist stores, Countdown and Foodstuffs supermarkets throughout New Zealand.

PHONE: 09 432 0142



The new gem of the North

Waipu Cove at dawn on a tranquil mid-October day with Sail Rock, off Bream Bay in Northland, on the horizon; shot on 35mm film. IMAGE/Michael Cunningham



ith cruise ships planning to arrive at Marsden in two years, the region’s port expanding with containerisation, and tourism plans being made at a speed faster than the SailGP catamarans that recently baptised Bream Bay with their business, the area is now more than the epicentre for Northland’s freight transport and is beginning to shape up as a tourism hub. Last winter, it was announced that the first cruise ship to anchor at Marsden Point in 2021 will be the Oceania Cruises’ ship Regatta, a 30,277-tonne vessel carrying 684 passengers and 400

crew. It will arrive with the opening of the $26 million Hundertwafsser Art Centre and Wairua Maori Art Gallery and the $200 million and entertainment complex in Whangarei. It is hoped that Whangarei will benefit from up to 60 ships stopping at Marsden Point each year and business leaders are hoping that tourism product operators will be ready for the masses of cruise ship visitors looking for Whangarei’s red carpet. Tim Robinson, acting CEO of Northland Chamber of Commerce, says Bream Bay is ripe for tourism product growth and is bursting with opportunities for new business. He said investment from the Provincial Growth Fund would have secondary benefits and the area was also going to see road, rail and broadband improvements which would boost the area’s attractiveness as a business environment. He praised those working to increase the visibility of Bream Bay, saying many private and public organisations were working together. He says the challenge facing the area now was ensuring that there was a suite of options business-ready in time for the arrival of the cruise ships. This, he says, meant there was opportunities for new tourism products and associated businesses, such as quality coach buses, for example.


Meanwhile, New Zealand First is continuing to advocate for the movement of the vehicle import trade from Auckland to Northport. As part of its coalition deal with Labour, NZ First secured the establishment of the Upper North Island Supply Chain Strategy, which was set up by Northland MP Shane Jones, Minster for Regional Development and Associate Minster of Transport to examine the future of North Island ports. The working group is chaired by former Far North mayor, Wayne Brown, and

is expected to deliver its controversial report to cabinet next month. Northport has capacity to increase its port area and deep water berthage, says Northland Inc CEO David Wilson. “Northport can provide solutions for Auckland for freight in and freight out.” He says Northland Inc’s hopes for the working group’s report was a resulting “integrated multi-modal system for Northland’s freight industry”. Meanwhile, Provincial Growth Fund funding of about $500,000 was granted for the recent KiwiRail geotechnical investigation into the design and construction of the Northport spur line to Marsden, which will inform a business case for Northland rail for the Ministry of Transport. Mr Wilson says that KiwiRail needed the commitment from central government before pressing ahead with the study. “It was the nudge that they needed.” He says Bream Bay’s tourism scene held opportunities for interested businesses and Northland Inc was keen to support any ideas for improving the tourism product south of Whangarei. “The cruise ship passengers will be coming off those ships for about five hours – we need bookable products to be ready in time for their arrival in two to three years.” He says the area needed to provide more than just restaurants and tourists needed valuable, experience-based activities. Wilson adds that the area will also benefit from its proximity to the Hawaiki Cable in Mangawhai, and that Bream Bay is open for digital industry, which Northland Inc is keen to support under its Digital Enablement Plan 2022. Northpower Fibre’s Ultra-Fast Broadband was also rolled out to Waipu, Ruakaka and One Tree Point in 2018. Northpower has confirmed it will boost electricity infrastructure in Waipu with a $3.3 million substation investment over five to ten years, and $1.8 million investment in a Bream Bay substation in the next one to four years. Both are to cater over expected growth in demand for electricity supply in the area.

MARINE PRECINCT There is more than just the tourism industry developing at Bream Bay. Felix Richter, CEO of Marsden Maritime Holdings (MMH), says its marine precinct is growing and has potential to expand. In November, SailGP – a new, international yacht racing league created by Sir Russell Coutts and American billionaire Larry Ellison - took up residence on the windy waters of Bream Bay with professional teams from all over the world testing high performance, fullyfoiling, 50-foot catamarans ahead of the 2019 inaugural season. It is hoped that Northport, the hardstand at Marsden Cove and the Bream Bay community, will continue to host the international teams each year as they test drive their catamarans which travel at speeds of up to 50 knots or 90km/h. Richter says SailGP’s arrival to Whangarei was fantastic for the area and had been staged on the MMH boatyard platform. He says SailGP’s catamaran testing placed a positive spotlight on Bream Bay and showed the area’s capability to host such activities. MMH - which owns a 50 per cent share in Northport and is itself owned by Northland Regional Council, Port of Auckland and public shareholders - has a total of 185 hectares of heavy industrial zoned land at Marsden, with about 160 of that available for development. Some of the other 2019 projects for MMH, he says, is the construction of its four new commercial units on Marsden Bay Drive, as well as looking into the development of its recently opened trailer boat yard. Northland business leaders will be hoping that the supply chain study will result in the success of the golden triangle of Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga, expanding to a golden diamond with the inclusion of Northland, and Bream Bay the new gem outshining them all.

Brand New Premises for Lease - Light Industrial, Workshop, Office Units Marsden Point’s newest commercial building – available March 2019 Only 2 units left! Unit 1

Unit 2

Located beside Marsden Maritime Holdings Ltd’s offices at the corner of State Highway 15 & Marsden Bay Drive, close to Northport, Refining NZ and Marsden Cove Marina.

Unit 3

Unit 4

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Versatile space to grow your business. Four units of 250m2 each. High street visibility. Road front access off Marsden Bay Drive. Access lane to roller doors at rear. 7 sealed parking spaces per unit. Kitchenette, WC & shower included. Act now to secure and plan your complete fit out!

Ph: (09) 432 5053 or Mbl: 0220 289 096

Proudlyy develop ped byy


The new gem of the North


The concept of a Safe System, in the context of road safety, originated in Sweden and the Netherlands in the 1980s and 1990s. At the time, scientists and policy makers began to question the prevailing view that the safety of road users was, in the last instance their own responsibility and that the task of road safety policy was thus primarily to influence road users’ behaviour so they would act safely at all times. Yet as the decades-long decreases in the number of road fatalities and severe injuries were levelling out, it became clear a predominant focus on education, information, regulation and enforcement was no longer delivering progress. A rethink was needed.

in a way that takes into account the failings of humans had long

It was then that experts began to explore the notion of traffic as a Safe System. The approach to conceive complex systems

countries and cities in bold policy frameworks under banners such

Source – International Transport Forum – Zero Road Deaths & Serious Injuries – Leading a Paradigm Shift to a Safe System

been applied elsewhere, notably in occupational safety. For road transport, however, it was novel and even revolutionary, for it requires a fundamental change in mind-set. Adopting Safe System starts with accepting the validity of a simple ethical imperative: No human being should be killed or seriously injured as the result of a road crash. Once this imperative is accepted, it is logically inescapable that a traffic system should be designed and used to this end — a notion that has been conceptualised in a number of as “Vision Zero” or “Towards Zero”.

Do you support Zero road deaths in your family or loved ones? A wish and philosophy we should all have for ALL road users. Drive to the conditions and get home safely


The new gem of the North



preading from the vibrant One Tree Point, Marsden Cove and Ruakaka settlements down to the golden arms of Langs Beach, Bream Bay is a truly spectacular part of the Whangarei District. Every year we see the development of new subdivisions in Bream Bay, as more people make the move to this wonderful beachside area. It’s no surprise to me that the population here continues to grow, with it’s communityminded residents and stunning natural environment. 2018 has been a year of consultation and future focus for Bream Bay. The adoption of our Long Term Plan (LTP) has given a framework and timeline for capital projects, including many that directly impact the Bream Bay area. In particular, we’re looking at the treatment, supply and reticulation of water infrastructure in this area, including an upgrade to

the Ruakaka Water Clarifier. We’re focused on maintaining and improving the important infrastructure facilities and services that make sustainable growth possible, including improvements to footpaths and roads, and management of recreational spaces. The community has had a great level of input into the current LTP, and as part of the process, we received a lot of feedback about local recreation areas. Within our LTP, we now have detailed programmes for new fields, drainage and lighting to enhance the excellent sports facilities already in place. We are very grateful to all of you who responded to the call for input. An important project for the new year will be the implementation of a long term plan to deal with erosion of cliffs, seawalls and coastal areas within the Bream Bay area. With a 4.3km coastline to manage, we are committed to looking at the area as a whole rather than simply managing sections or individual parts, creating a plan that will identify the best types of erosion control for each section. Once this plan is complete, we will manage construction to ensure the highest-need areas are given priority. Again, this has been a process of community consultation, with excellent constructive feedback and input received from many Bream Bay residents. I want to pay tribute to the ‘Friends

of the Berm @ Takahiwai’ who came together with members of the community and local school, to complete the Takahiwai Group Project titled: ‘O matou taonga: All our treasures’. The beautification of the Takahiwai and Pirihi Road bus shelters and surrounds is a sight to behold. Dr Benjamin Pittman worked with the local school to create the bus shelter designs, which he stencilled onto the shelters for children to paint. A school competition was run to decide on the signage; with the whole process developing a sense of kaitiakitanga for the community. Well done. As a final note, we are all excited by the prospect of welcoming Whangarei District’s first passenger cruise ship into Northport in January 2021, bringing up to 684 passengers and 400 crew to our District. This will coincide with the opening of the Hundertwasser Wairau Maori Art Centre in Whangarei. And with the Women’s Rugby World Cup games also in 2021, Bream Bay is in a prime position to capitalise on this tourist influx. I can’t think of a more stunning natural environment for our guests to experience. The future is bright for Bream Bay, into 2019 and beyond. Nga mihi, Her Worship the Mayor

Showhomes: Cnr of Sandford Road & State Highway 1, Ruakaka Mon-Fri: 8.30am-4pm, Sat: 10am-2pm

13 Podgora Avenue (off Station Road) Huapai, Auckland Mon-Fri: 9.00am - 3.00pm, Sat & Sun: 11.00am - 3.00pm

Contact Steve Hart T: 09 433 0200 E:

Contact Dan Bennett T: 09 946 3121 E:

Call 0800 A1homes 2 1 4 6 6 3





e live in a wonderful part of the country and I am excited for all the opportunities we have right in our back yard. Bream Bay in particular is a growth area which I have been watching with interest. In the 2017 election, I campaigned to strengthen our local marine industry including a marine lift and a dry dock. I have worked on these projects over several years and was pleased to be at the announcement of a marine lift at Oceania Marine. This will attract even more marine work to Whangarei and will keep our competitors at arm’s length. The marine lift will allow work on boats up to 500 tonnes. A dry dock, however, is much bigger and has the ability to service ships weighing thousands of tonnes. I met with international dry dock experts in Whangarei, and in Wellington, and it was explained to

me that Whangarei was in competition with Picton (Shakespeare Bay) for a dry dock. I lobbied vigorously for Whangarei, pointing out our better marine infrastructure, our proximity to Devonport Naval Base, our deep water port and many other features. Furthermore, I showed images of containers thrown all over the Picton wharf during the Kaikoura earthquake. I did what was right for our city, and I fought for our corner. I remain committed to my campaign promise to bring a dry dock to Northland, and I will stay vigilant around the noise and environmental issues.

MEDICINAL CANNABIS I led out medicinal cannabis in 2018 which was a big step for the National Party caucus. In my hands, medicinal cannabis is just another medicine like any other medicine and will pass through MedSafe and other safety and quality measures. We want doctors to have another tool in their tool box to ease the suffering of New Zealanders.

RADIOTHERAPY CANCER UNIT IN NORTHLAND This has been a project I have worked on for the past few years to help the 30 Northlanders per day who receive cancer radiotherapy in Auckland. I am making good progress with the DHB and the funds they need which is around $4M per machine. Coincidentally, this is exactly the amount we pay Auckland DHB each year for radiotherapy services.


The end of year call-to-arms remains “we need four lanes – not sticks”! The cancelled four lanes from Whangarei to Ruakaka roundabout was a blow to our economic hopes. The reference to sticks is the yellow soft-hit posts in the middle of the road. This section of road is the deadliest Police hot spot road anywhere in New Zealand. Safety, efficiency and economic certainty is what four lanes would bring and I will keep working with the Northland community to lobby hard for the four lanes to be reinstated.


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The new gem of the North


BREAM BAY ROCKS I welcome new residents that have made the decision to move into Bream Bay. You will Love it here. Get to know your neighbours and communities and find out their values as their place is now your place. We are enriched with many volunteers in our society. In schools, museums, libraries, sport clubs, neighbourhood patrols and beach ambassadors, please join in. It is a great place and our local communities have had a hand in planning our future. We have seen massive growth in One Tree Point, Ruakaka, Waipu and the coastal strip in between and lead the statistics for the highest residential building consents across the wards at WDC. Industry is now filling in the spaces many thought would not take off only a year or so back. Congratulations to the Port board and management for

PLEASE CONTACT OUR WAIPU TEAM FOR THE CARE YOUR PET DESERVES Our experienced and friendly vets can help with anything from health checks and vaccinations to complex diagnostics, treatments and surgery CLINIC HOURS ARE:

Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am – 12:30 noon Phone: 09


the investment in infrastructure that is changing the way we do things here in Northland. Marsden Cove and Maritime Holdings have and continue to provide new ventures and with the whole area providing local employment. In the rural sector we continue to see steady production increases and horticulture areas are expanding. One of my early learning’s as a councillor was to plan, plan and then modify that plan as consultation with our communities continues. The Marsden Point Structure plan was a prime piece of work that allows Heavy industries and residential housing to co-exist with well defined buffer strips. It is a councillors key role to lobby council to place essential infrastructure ahead of development . The big four still rank, Roads, Safe drinking Water, Waste

Water disposal and Rubbish collection provisions are all in place. I am a Trustee on two of our retirement homes Saorsa and Stonehaven , both well governed and managed by generous local people, both with development options ahead to consider. Both are fully occupied, with many active retirees. Rail is years away, so we need all of you to support our lobbing to Government that long term safety improvements in our State Highway network are vital, as it is our economic lifeline into Auckland and beyond.

Best Wishes Phil Halse Bream Bay Ward councillor. Whangarei District Council

Ruakaka Motors

FOR ALL YOUR AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS • WOFs, Trailer Wofs & Repairs • Mechanical Repairs • Batteries & Tyres • 24 hour AA Roadside Assistance Salvage


Greg Wheat

Phone: 09 432 7233 | Mobile: 021 0266 4606 Email:

Corner of Sime Road and Marsden Point Road, Ruakaka


The new gem of the North



onique Cherrington knows how vital the speedy service of the Northland Rescue Helicopter is - it’s saved the lives of two family members. Thriving 6-year-old Kiarn Cherrington had a pretty shaky entry into the world but, thanks to the rescue chopper team, he got the immediate medical attention he needed. His mum, Mrs Cherrington, said without the rescue service she doesn’t know if she would have her son or her father still in her life. The annual appeal to raise money towards the operating costs of the rescue service is such an important focus annually. Mrs Cherrington said it was nearly six years ago that she was due to have a booked caesarean to deliver her baby, who had been diagnosed in utero with spina bifida. However, Kiarn had other ideas and wanted to come early.

Free Quotes. No job too small We’ll come to you Phone

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021 0296 2675


Address 669 One Tree Point Road Post

PO Box 198, Ruakaka 0151

Due to his condition, Kiarn would be born with an opening in his spine, and ter would require immediate surgery after birth. “We were living in Kaitaia and I went into labour two weeks early. We drove to Whangarei and they tried to stop the labour on arrival, but I went back into labour and was flown from Whangarei Hospital to Auckland,” Mrs Cherrington said.

Fast-forward a few years, and the helicopter crews helped save her father. “Last year my mum came to stay with me for a few days to help with my newborn baby, leaving dad in Kaitaia. My nana popped over to see dad and realised he didn’t look well and he said he had been having chest pains. She convinced him to visit our local doctors.” Things took a turn for the worse when he collapsed following a massive

“YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WHEN IT MIGHT HAPPEN TO YOU” “It was pretty intensive stuff. Flying while in labour is not ideal and, when he was born, his spine had been in a bit of a bubble that just burst as he came out. “We were very thankful that we had been able to be at the hospital and he could get the care he needed.” At just 24 hours old, tiny Kiarn had surgery to close the opening in his back. One week later he underwent brain surgery to insert a stent. “For us, to be able to use this service, essentially saved Kiarn’s life. He is so full of life now, such a great kid. The neurological surgery he required was not available at Whangarei and we had to be down there. They got us there, and we will be forever thankful.”

Specalising in:

• • • • • • •

Maintenance Fabrication Mobile Welding House Beams Wrought Iron Balustrades Aluminium Fabrication

coronary, fortunately in the doctor’s office. Three doctors on duty rushed to his aid, resuscitating him and getting his vital signs stabilised as a rescue chopper headed to collect him and transport him to Auckland Hospital. “He had surgery at Auckland Hospital and they inserted a stent in his heart - it is amazing he survived. We were concerned he would have lasting brain damage as he was 20 minutes without oxygen, but he has recovered well. “We are so very grateful for the rescue helicopters. There are so many isolated families that live in the Far North that just don’t have access to specialised medical care in an emergency situation,

and they can help break that barrier. The helicopters help to save people’s lives and to be honest honest, there would be a lot more deaths if they weren’t around.” She urged everyone to support the appeal. “You never think it could happen to you but, in our case, it did.” This year the campaign focuses on people of all walks of life, from tourists and sportspeople, to farmers, forestry workers, water sport enthusiasts and those people who live in the rugged rural spaces of Northland. Check out the campaign at:

LIFESAVERS: Kiarn, 6, and his mum, Monique Cherrington, are thankful for the services of the Northland Rescue Helicopter crew. PHOTO/SUPPLIED

C H I L D C A R E a fun


of love

C E N T R E &



The new gem of the North


– LIVING THE BREAM – How paradise really can be in your own backyard I n the year 1966 an 8 year old boy sat sobbing in the back of the family MRK 2 Zephyr, sad to be leaving the place he called home, sad at leaving his friends, his school, and the only life he had known thus far: Meremere on the banks of the muddy Waikato River. His sadness dominated the long journey until the point at which the Mark 2 topped the brow of the Brynderwyn Hills and suddenly there it was: a stunning sight. A new unknown world lay before him as if it was a post card with a top, bottom and sides, he could see it all, North to South and West to East. His new life was about to begin and sadness began to give way to curiosity upon seeing this place for the very first time. Bream Bay is clearly defined, contained geographically on all four sides. Bream Head to the North, Bream Tail to the

South, green hills and farmland to the West and the sparkling blue of the Pacific Ocean to the East. It’s a spectacular vista, the more you look the more you see. Bream Head is at the seaward end of a striking landmark known as Whangarei Heads jutting skyward, mountainous and mystical a place of legend and lore. Tucked within this rocky border lies the mouth of the Whangarei Harbour, gateway to the sea for an extensive aquatic environ that stretches all the way to the city of Whangarei. The Harbour entrance also marks the start of a long curving stretch of sand intersected by rivers and streams. At its southern end Bream Tail concludes a beautiful stretch of rocky outcrops and sandy coves. Flowering Pohutukawa add a crimson tinge to an already idyllic setting. Islands to the East dot the seascape adding a further dimension to

021 719 773

the panorama which is different every time you look at it. Every day starts afresh, no two ever the same, sometimes still and quiet sometimes violent and moving with a roar. It didn’t take long for that 8 year old boy to discover the delights of coastal living, sand, shells, sun, sea, secret beaches and surf. So content was he with his new life by the sea that he is still here in “Dream Bay” living the “Bream”. It’s been that way for 52 years now and he won’t be looking for greener pastures anytime soon. He’s gaining fresh appreciation on a daily basis for what has become a very special place, a happy place and a life defining place. He has seen many changes over his time here, think big projects, industrialisation, housing developments, it’s a big list and a lot has happened but just as rust

never sleeps, the sands of time continue to shift, Bream Bay is a living breathing thing of beauty and it’s magic prevails on a daily basis. To appreciate Bream Bay is to get out amongst it, walk upon its beaches barefoot, feel the sea swirl around your feet, and feel the heat of the rising sun on your face. If you let it, Bream Bay with charge your batteries and set you up for the day, take away your worries and guide you on your way. Pick a beach, harbour side or surfside, go down to the river, visit an estuary or set out upon the sea, you’re sure to find that Bream Bay’s the place you love to be. These days and all those years later when I think about that 8 year old boy in the backseat of the family Mark 2 Zephyr with his bottom lip resting on the floor pan: Just what a lucky boy he turned out to be!

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The new gem of the North

– ONE TREE POINT – COMBINED ARTS EXHIBITION One Tree Point focus a place to experience a cultural taste of Northland JANUARY 26-27, 10AM-4PM. MARSDEN COVE MARQUEE RAUIRI DRIVE



3229 SH1 (between Waipu and Ruakaka turnoffs) Phone +64 9 432 0259 Website: Email: Officially ranked 36 in the top 50 golf clubs in New Zealand, and voted Northland Golf Club of the Year 2018 by Travel and Hospitality Awards! Links style course with breathtaking view of Bream Bay. Naturally sand based all-weather course with some challenging holes, testing rough and superb greens. Covered practice range. Golf clubs, trunders and electric carts available for hire. Open 364 days of the year. Situated on State Highway 1 approximately 90 minutes from Johnson’s Hill Tunnel, Puhoi, and a similar distance from Kerikeri. Visitors welcome, but tee bookings are essential phone the Golf Shop 09 432 0259. Tee Café open from 8.30 daily with great food (gluten free a specialty), great coffee and great views.

Bream Bay Accommodation creates a home away from home atmosphere ensuring you and your family/group/ workers have a relaxed and enjoyable stay with all the comforts of home. Photo by Paul Gordon


Bream Bay Accommodation

Sherri McKay Owner


7 Cove Road, Waipu

09 432-0318

The Black Shed Homewares & Gifts

17 Camellia Ave, Ruakaka Phone: Brent Casey (09) 432 7025 or 021 272 2739 Email:



he One Tree Point Combined Arts Exhibition and Sale returns this coming Northland/Auckland Anniversary Weekend, January 26-27, 2019. It will be in its third year and is expected to draw large crowds to the Marsden Cove Marquee. The original event was conceived by Colin and Anne Coutts and the group behind the event held their first working exhibition in 2017 with just 12 local artists exhibiting at the One Tree Point Yacht Club. With the support of the Hopper Group, the opportunity arose to exhibit again at the marquee in January 2018. The exhibition was an overwhelming success and attracted over 1,600 visitors. Organisers say the exhibition, now in its third year, aims to raise awareness of local arts, break down barriers, and celebrate the creative diversity within the community. Organising committee chair Gillian Corban says the number of artists has been reduced from 50 to 40 in order to improve the flow of crowd traffic, thus enabling a better opportunity to ponder and enjoy the exhibits. It will be a fantastic opportunity to meet creative, imaginative and inventive artists and will feature painters, sculptor, jewellers, potters, wood turners, felters,

photographers, as well as a range of textile artists. The exhibition includes many awardwinning artists demonstrating their craft, live, at some point across both days. Corban says the star working attraction will be muralist Rodrigo Rozas who will be demonstrating his air brushing techniques. Rodrigo is currently involved in the beautification of Kamo’s main street, painting five large murals there. “I am extremely lucky to have the continued support of an amazing organising committee who have been working very hard all year to bring this event together,” says Corban, while thanking sponsors Creative Northland, the Hopper Group, Noel Leeming, NZ Artist Magazine, Macsway Scaffolding, Generation Homes and Bream Bay Realty. Even if you are not currently participating in arts activities or have never visited the exhibition before, come along and, for a gold coin donation, be inspired and get involved in some of the creative things happening in our community. There will be music, food and coffee and a guaranteed enjoyable time, plus the opportunity to purchase original art and crafts.


• Groceries, • Fruit & Veges • Wine & Beer • Dive Fills • Gas Bottles

MARSDEN COVE MARINA GENERAL STORE Bait • Ice • Fishing Supplies • Groceries

TAKEAWAYS NOW AVAILABLE Fish & Chips Chicken & Chips

Your Local Store OPEN 7 Days HOURS: 6.30am – 9.30pm Phone (09) 432 7660

OPEN 7 Days HOURS: 7.00am – 7.00pm Phone (09) 432 8346


The new gem of the North


on the hill

estled in the foothills of the Brynderwyn Mountains, near the small town of Mangawai in Northland, sits the picturesque olive grove, Olives on the Hill, owned by Chris and Linda Smith. With its unique climate, the beautiful rural setting is ideal for the 1,300 olive trees that produce the award winning extra virgin olive oil. “All our oils are certified by Olives NZ, the national body for olive growers in New Zealand” says Linda, “and this year we were awarded three silver awards in the national competition, which we were very happy with”. The extra virgin olive oils are beautifully fresh, with variations in taste due to the different varieties of olive tree.

The Olives on the Hill Ascolano oil has a hint of pepper at the finish and sets off a summer salad beautifully, their Leccino is smooth and buttery (try it drizzled over ice cream!) while the Frantoio has a lovely fruity flavour that is perfect for all cooking and, with a squeeze of fresh lime, is delightful drizzled over a summer fruit salad. Deeply passionate about New Zealand’s growing olive oil industry, Chris and Linda say their visit to Spanish groves last year was very encouraging and that New Zealand olives could well become as successful as New Zealand wine is today. “I really believe that the olive industry can compete on the world stage but we have to compete on quality not quantity. I think

we can definitely do that,” explains Linda. “We just have to discover the best way of doing that for our climate.” The grove in King Road is also home to The Grove Supply Co. that provides anything a small to medium olive grower would need. This includes harvesting equipment such as the fantastic Mambo Karbonium, brilliant de-leafers, along with nets, rakes and bins. “We have a huge range of fustis and stainless-steel tanks, taps, filters, cappers, fruit presses and an amazing olive press/malaxer combination,” says Linda. “We also have equipment for orchardists to crush and press other fruits.” The Grove Supply Co. are the sole official distributors in New Zealand for Sansone and Zanon, the top

two Italian suppliers of storage solutions and grove machinery respectively. While customers can buy products online by visiting their websites – www. for sales of their award winning extra virgin olive oil, or www. for olive and fruit growers looking for equipment or storage solutions, they also have a stall at the Mangawhai Tavern Market every Saturday morning (www.mangawhaitavernmarket. and Chris and Linda also welcome customers to call in at their grove where they can chat about olives, taste the oil and view the equipment. Thanks, and have a wonderful Christmas season!

To make the BEST of your produce, you need the BEST equipment! NZ extra virgin olive oil

Olive Grove and Orchard Equipment Phone 09 945 0890

435 King Road, Mangawhai, New Zealand


Find everything yo ou ne eed to kno ow about real esstate e in n the e Bre eam Ba ay arrea a Alll und der On ne Ro ooff


The new gem of the North MIKE CUNNINGHAM


K, so I’m not a true local of Bream Bay but I’ve always had a calling for the place, the long sweeping coastline, clean white sand beaches but, more importantly, the great people who surf, fish, dive or simply walk the vast shoreline. As a child I spent many hours in Bream Bay with Mum and Dad kontiki fishing, swimming, walking along the beach and collecting shells. Mum and Dad had a strong connection to Bream Bay as well because their first NZ home after leaving England for a better life was in Waipu, a place they often spoke fondly of.




A selection of cabins to 4 bedroom homes with budgets to meet, come talk to us about your future project.

34 Lakeside Park Drive, Ruakaka

Ph 021 026 67200

Open 7 days in the Ruakaka Town Centre Licensed, delicious food made on the premises, friendly staff and amazing Atomic coffee.


The new gem of the North

After many trips to Australia for The Alley Fish Fry, run by former Dargaville lad Grant Newby, the baton was handed to me to organise a NZ Fish Fry, a gathering to celebrate the Fish surfboard, surfing and the surfing culture. So it was decided with the help of good friend and my surfboard shaper Roger Hall from Ruakaka that Waipu Cove was to be the spot – and what a spot it is! The Cove is one of the most stunning places in Northland plus a perfect venue to put boards on display at the reserve under the Pohutukawa, and for people to gather and spend time in and out of the water discussing surfboard design,

waves, surfboard projects and the pure joy of riding waves. The Fish Fry is not just for surfers or surfboard shapers, it’s a family event for anyone who has an interest in surfing or simply wants to spend a day at the beach and have a look at all the amazing shapes, designs and beautiful artwork. There are many Fish Fry events around the world but, at the risk of sounding biased, I believe we have the best location. Here is a little wrap of what the event is, taken from The Cove Fish Fry Blog http:// The Cove Fish Fry is a gathering of

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■ The Cove Fish Fry Roger Hall, mum Dorothy Hall and Chris Hall

positive and like minded surfers and shapers sharing a day at the beach. The original format of the Fish Fry was based around the Fish surfboard but as the event has evolved and spread throughout the world it has become open to all forms of surfcraft, Fish, Logs, Hulls, Alaias, Handplanes, Mats, the list goes on. The

Cove Fish Fry is a non-competitive and non-commercial event and will be held at Waipu Cove, Northland, NZ, on the 10th of March 2019. More info on The Cove Fish Fry Facebook page. Hope to see you there, Mike Cunningham.

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Bream Bay - the new Gem of the North - January 2019  

Bream Bay - the new Gem of the North - January 2019