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Contact: Steve Hart t: 09 433 0200 m: 021 588 351 e: Showhome: Corner Sandford Road and State Highway One, Ruakaka New Showhome: 95 Barbados Way One Tree Point

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Shelley Deeming



have a deep connection to the Bream Bay ward I’ve represented for the past 12 years. My roots are well established and anchored with fond memories linked to Waipu, Ruakaka, Marsden and the surrounding areas. I grew up at Oakleigh where my brother’s still own the Service Station built by our father in the 1940’s. I remember travelling to school every day in Roy Vaile’s green school bus to attend Waipu District High School where I spent my entire school career. Us ‘Price’ kids spent all of every Christmas school holiday under canvas at the Ruakaka camp ground; in the early days crossing the estuary in farm trucks before the bridge was built. The influx of English kids wearing shoes when the Oil Refinery got underway has stayed firmly imprinted in my mind as if it were yesterday. Today, I believe the impact of our footprint; how we care for the environment and each other is of paramount importance. It is a privilege to live and work in an area that genuinely cares for its people, their livelihood and environment; values that have given me a strong foundation to help the growth and development for future generations to thrive in.

A1 Homes, Northland.............................................. 2

Shelley Deeming Bream Bay Ward Councillor

Salute to Scotland – Art n Tartan Wearable Arts Awards ....................... 15

Shelley Deeming & Steve Price................................ 3 Waipu – The Celtic Heart of Bream Bay................... 4 The Highland Games – the best of all things Scots...................................... 5 Fiona Southorn – back on track .............................. 6 Waipu Cycle and Walkway ...................................... 7 Lions Celebrate ....................................................... 8 Hammer Hardware.................................................. 9 Fish Fry – Surfing action at the Cove..................... 10 Cove Ambassadors................................................ 11 Heritage Precinct – Manse, Men and Bulldozers .............................................. 12 Heritage Precinct – Mens Sermon Shed ................ 13 Health to Oceans & Fair Trade Village ................... 14

Marsden – A Mariners Paradise ............................ 16 Marsden Cove Marina........................................... 17

Steve Price


sn’t crazy how things work out? When I started this latest journey I had no idea where in the North Island I would get my store. I have now been the owner of Waipu Four Square for over 12 months. As a kid growing up in country Queensland, I always dreamt of living near the beach; something I hadn’t achieved until now. I was fortunate enough to be born in a small town that had a proud history of hard work and looking after each other. Working and living in a community who're exceptional proud of their roots, hard working and who look out for one another - ALL this in my dream location. Bream Bay district is one of beauty both in landscape and people. Everyone has been very welcoming and I love the tight community atmosphere. I am blessed to have amazing staff who are all local. Mostly born and bred. They’ve been invaluable in helping me make Waipu Four Square the best store it can be.

Land & Sea Café.................................................... 18

I have thrown the boots back on through the year to play Rugby - yes I know it surprised me too! But not only did I do that, I did it in a Kilt for the ‘Men in Kilts Masters’ game played against Kerikeri. I have also had the privilege of speaking at a fund raising event for the new Celtic Barn; a brilliant new facility provided by a lot of vision and hard working locals. Tragically two young lives were lost last summer holidays in the Bay. So as the locals do, they put their heads together and decided to get donations to purchase a Jetski to make the beautiful beaches a lot safer. I call Bream Bay ‘Rural by the sea;’ a haven that has farmland and beautiful white sandy beaches where many kiwis and visitors enjoy especially in Summer. Thank you Bream Bay for making me and the thousands of others you share your Northland paradise with, feel so welcome. If you are in Waipu drop in and say g’day and check out our beaut little shop and meet our amazing staff. Be Good and Safe Steve Price

Beach and Boat Fishing Competition .................... 19 Craig Cogan – It’s all about being local ................ 20 Ruakaka – the fastest growing town in Northland..... 21 A Community of Support for Water Safety ...............22 Ruakaka Citizen of the Year .................................. 23 NIWA ................................................................... 24 Ruakaka Skate Park .............................................. 25 Northport reaches new heights............................. 26 Bayleys.................................................................. 27 Town Centre Properties......................................... 28

Thanks to Philippa Ross for the concept and creation of the publication and contributors from the Bream Bay community for their help. Richard Robinson for the front cover “Evenings Rest” Rusty Russell for aerial shots throughout the publication.


F a M i Ly

f U n a T t H e r Ac Es

With live music and free kids entertainment, this is the perfect start to your New Year!


Hospitality options available OUR SPOT NOW BO O K Y Free return buses will be operating from Kamo, Kensington, Whangarei City, Marsden Cove Marina and Ruakaka Beach Motor Camp.


Waipu – The Celtic Heart of Bream Bay


akahiwai on the southern shores of the Whangarei Harbour is the Marae of the Patuharakeke hapu, who ancestral lands covered the whole of the Bream Bay area. Patuharakeke are the kaitiaki (traditional guardians) of the district. Waipu was the centre of a significant Presbyterian settlement led by Reverend Norman McLeod, a Presbyterian Minister who led his people from the Highlands of Scotland to New Zealand via Nova Scotia and Australia. Five shiploads containing over 800 settlers arrived at Waipu in the 1850’s. Waipu tells a Scottish story that sets it apart. Here they sought and found paradise in Waipu and set up a Gaelic speaking community. Waipu honors its Scottish roots with the Highland Games held on New Years Day and a month o all things tartan throughout July to celebrate International Tartan Day to remember the lifting of the ban on wearing tartan that was passed in 1782. Schools were formed in the Waipu area at Waipu Cove, Waipu

Centre, The Braigh, North River, Bream Tail and Waipu Caves – the latter two closed before 1930. The remaining schools and one at Mata north of Ruakaka, were consolidated into Waipu District High School in 1940, which provided both primary and secondary education on a single site on St Mary’s Road. In 1956, the secondary department moved to a new site in Argyle Street. By the late 1960’s Waipu was the largest District High School in the country. The school was split at the beginning of 1972 into primary and secondary divisions. Waipu Primary

school remained on site and a new secondary school named Bream Bay College was set up in Ruakaka in 1974. The Waipu Caves area just off State Highway One, features a karst/ limestone landscape and weathered rocks. The term “karst” refers to a type of topography that is formed over limestone, dolomite or gypsum by solution of the rock and is characterised by closed depressions or sinkholes, caves and underground drainage. The 175 metre long cave

The image has been supplied by “Stoked for Saturday”

houses the tallest stalagmites in New Zealand and covers four square kilometers; home to millions of glow worms; the subject matter captured in a spectacular timelapse image by Jordan Poste that won him New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year. There is a track that starts at the cave’s entrance and takes you along the ridgeling where you can enjoy panoramic views right across the Whangarei Harbour to Bream Head and out to the Hen and Chicken Islands named by Captain Cook in 1769. The islands are the remains of long dormant volcanoes, once part of the Pacific Ring of Fire; know to the Maori as ‘Marotiri and Taranga’, they are now a wildlife sanctuary and strictly no landing on them without a permit. If you enjoy walking, be sure to take the coastal trail that goes from Waipu Cove to Ding Bay, known locally as ‘The McKenzie Trail’ to honor the late Alan McKenzie who dedicated 20 years of his life to realising his dream to create the walkway.



aipu Joint Venture recently completed the $2m Celtic Barn in the Caledonian Park, located in the centre of Waipu village. The Celtic Barn was officially opened on 3 July 2015 by Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Bill English. The ambitious project received a great kickstart with the donation of a stand of pine trees from Ian McCallum.

From this ...

... to this

... to this

As used in the new Celtic Barn, Waipu

Northbeam timber beams from Northpine are made exclusively from pine grown in Northland because it is stronger, denser and stiffer than pine grown anywhere else in New Zealand. ,38 =A%#5A! )5&% <3;$<8 6;5 &98<$)85&' 7;5%3>8A@(& ./42"85$)8: timber beams are available in lengths up to 7.2 metres. They enhance the elegance and aesthetic charm of your building in ways that cannot be replicated by steel or other materials.

Northpine and Rosewarne Cable Loggers combined their resources to maximise the value of the donated trees. Rosewarne felled, logged and carted the logs, all at no charge. Northpine then purchased the sawn logs, paying a premium rate. Thanks to all involved, the value of the logs increased ten-fold to benefit the Celtic Barn. Northpine followed this by offering a very favourable rate for MSG8 framing timber used in construction of the Barn. Waipu has a long, distinguished history of support for community projects. Local companies and individuals contributed in excess of $500,000 in cash and kind to the Celtic Barn, the new flagship for the annual Highland Games held at Waipu each New Year’s Day. The main area inside the Celtic Barn can be used for a variety of sports (such as basketball, netball and indoor soccer). Seating capacity is 400 for dinner or 600 auditorium style. The lobby area is ideal for weddings or other functions. It can seat about 180 auditorium style and roughly 130 for dinner. Excellent commercial-grade kitchen facilities all open out onto the Caledonian Park. This fine new multi-purpose building and its first-class facilities are a lasting testimony to superb community support.

Insist on Northbeam for your next building project.

Northpine Ltd is a keen supporter and sponsor of local people, events and organisations.

A: P: F: E: W:

We congratulate Richie Guy, his team and everyone involved in the creation of this outstanding legacy project.

+*- 1;#=:5? 0;A:' .$!"85:A!8 09 426 4104 09 426 7226

A product of Northpine Ltd


Highland Games – The Best of all things Scots


he 145th Highland Games lived up to it’s worldwide reputation for being the biggest in the Southern hemisphere and the best in the world. Waipu locals take great pride in hosting the event, sharing all things Scottish, including the newly completed Celtic Barn with thousands of people who came in droves to enjoy seeing the behemoths of men and women compete for one of the very prestigious Highland Games Heavyweight titles.

day, being judged by their senior peers. Celtic food was for sale in the Avenue of Tents where clan members decked out in their traditional garb showcasing a vast array of Scottish fayre. The Ballistic Blondes thrilled the crowds again with a sky dive into the main arena at noon. Tartan Fashion in the Park was a real picture this year. The new huge Celtic Barn proved a wonderful addition to the Highland

Games. The Fiddling Competition filled up the Supper Room, while the main hall served as a combined bar and café providing welcome respite to those in need of a comfy seat and refreshments. After the fun of the fair, a full scale Ceilidh was held in the Barn led by Twisty Willow providing stirring music to dance to. The Ceilidh or Barn Dance is a real Waipu tradition where so many locals and visitors go to get their Celtic fix for the year.

The event is both entertaining and educational. Crowds enjoyed watching the competitors juggle technique, timing and balance – all made more impressive by them sporting a kilt! They learned the history of tossing both sheafs and cabers – activities that hark back to times when Kings and Clan Chiefs assessed the agility, cunning and physical strength of their followers.

Huge men in kilts hurling sheafs, tossing cabers, tugging ropes, carrying massive stones for miles, competing in the extensive all day battle for winner of the Heavyweights. The mighty caber is up to 130 pounds and 18 feet long. Twenty two pound rocks are thrown in the style of the shot put and the sheaf pitching is a reminder of when men tossed wheat up into the top of the barn above the animals stowed away for the winter. The young at heart were able to have a go at all things Scottish from tossing a mini caber to throwing a sheaf.

Hundreds of girls danced in full Scottish attire with judging from the best in the country. The pipers competed all


TALLOW WOOD (Rustic light tone)

This Month’s Special

Black Butt (Pilularis) Flooring

Rustic 130 x 19 $75m2 + GST

or M 021454476 GRANT

Waipu residents, Barry Keil and Steve Worthington are proud to be the first car dealership in Bream Bay. We offer a range of hand selected, quality used cars with AA certified mileage sourced both domestically and from the Japanese auctions. Let us help you find your next dream car.

Phone: Barry 022 601 6241 or Steve 021 982 111 Visit our yard at 4 Kepa Road, Ruakaka


Fiona Southorn – Back on Track


hat started out as a new means to get to work 25 years ago has morphed into a whirlwind of personal and fitness challenges with high and lows that would put most people off track. Fiona Southorn may be petite, but she has the power of a giant when it comes to accomplishing what she loves doing. Her love of fitness and a genuine desire to not let other people’s perception of your capability get in the way of achieving what you want, have been the driving force behind her tenacious ability to keep going.

Now in training for the 2016 Para Olympics in Rio, Fiona shares the journey and obstacles she endured to get where she is today. ‘I got to know a few regular cyclists on my way to work. One of them encouraged me to join the local club and before I knew it, I was road racing with other handicapped people as a national representative for the club. I gave mountain biking a go at Redwood forest. Now that really tested me,’ she laughed, eyes rolling to the ceiling. ‘It was bloody hard work cycling over uneven ground and negotiating tree roots with one hand! I fell off on more than one occasion. The camaraderie and travel made up for all the hard knocks. I competed nationally three times and was encouraged to compete in the Para Olympics at the end of 2002 in Germany where I got a silver medal. Somewhere along the line, someone suggested I learn the art of cycling on a velodrome. It was a complete contrast to mountain biking and took a whole summer to get used to cycling on steep curved banks that tilt at 180 on the bends; all with no gears or brakes. I was selected and competed in the 2004

Athens Olympics winning a respectable fourth place and again in the 2008 Bejiing Olympics. It was at this point my personal life took a nose dive. The whole scenerio really took the wind out of my sails. I learned not to compromise what’s important to you to please others and, however manipulative a situation is, no one can take your dignity unless you let them. I got back on my bike and created my own training programme. I knocked 12 seconds off my personal best and

have since achieved a bronze medal at the London Para Olympics, won Gold at the World Duathlon Championships in October 2015 and have a place on the team for the Rio Para Olympics later in 2016. I’m totally self-funded, so am truly grateful to BDO for donating a time trial bike to me. Asked what keeps her going Fiona said it’s the little things that really count. ‘It’s funny,’ she says, ‘the less I have the more I give away. The most rewarding moments are chance meetings I’ve had with parents of young children with a disability who’re looking for reassurance that their kids will be able to get on in life. I just tell them to give them time to find their own way and don’t let other peoples perceptions get in the way of giving them a chance to try anything. If you tell us we can’t, we’ll sure find a way to prove you wrong. I remember a white water rafting instructor telling me I couldn’t. He sure had to eat his words,’ she laughed, beaming from ear to ear. Fiona has a hearty $11,000 goal to achieve to get her to Rio, so if you feel you’d like to help her on her way, you can make a donation on her ‘Give a Little’ page cause/helpfionatorio/

Logan Maclean

S NEW OWNERS TANIA AND MURRAY OFFERING A FRESH NEW MENU AND RELAXING AMBIENCE • Healthy, Nutritious food including gluten free, vegetarian and dairy free options • Organic and Fair Trade Coffee, and everything that can be organic is sourced and made that way - slices, cookies, wraps, sandwiches, quiches, cakes... • Wholesome childrens menu and table with colouring books to entertain them • Look out for the Scottish shortbread made from Tania’s grandmas recipe along with other Scottish fayre If your name is ‘Logan Maclean’ we’ll give you a free cup of coffee (proof required)

45 The Centre – next to 4 Square

ometimes the universe shows you the way. Murray was working in the IT industry, but he was tired of his job and just ‘going through the motions’, Tania was studying, but wanted to get out of Auckland and be near the beach and have a lifestyle. Their life was similar to a mouse on a wheel - doing lots but not getting anywhere. Then Tania got Pancreatitis a potentially life-threating condition. “I thought to myself “if this was ‘it, had I lived a life with no regrets? Was I living the life I wanted.” The answer was a definite ‘no’. With that light bulb moment, they decided to sell their house in Auckland and buy a business where they could both work for themselves at and live within a cooee of the beach. “Life is not a rehearsal. Sometimes a life changing experience, in this case Pancreatitis, is a gift – it gives clarity and points you in the right direction. We didn’t want to have ‘what if’s’ or ‘should haves’ later on in life. Deciding there was no time like the present, we followed the signs that took us North to Waipu. So, the name - Logan MacLean is a collaboration of both families Scottish heritage. Logan is Tania’s Scottish grandmother’s maiden name and MacLean is Murray’s family ancestry. As Waipu is a Scottish heritage village we wanted to honour our Scottish roots and embrace the town’s Scottish tradition. The café will have Scottish foods incorporated into the menu

including a family secret shortbread recipe. We were lucky to inherit the staff from the previous owner and have employed three fantastic new members. Everyone is enthusiastic, bubbly, fun and full of great ideas. Logan MacLean is about good vibes, good times and yummy food! Tania calls herself a ‘serial student’ she has completed a degree in Visual Art & Design and is still studying and about to embark on an advanced nutrition course. The menu will have organic, fair trade ingredients where available with a focus on nutrition and health. The café will also be showcasing only NZ designers’ artworks which will be available for purchase. Murray enjoys meeting new people and ensuring that they are enjoying themselves when having something to eat or drink. He’s usually the person you see behind the counter when ordering, loving every moment of it!


Waipu Cycle and Walkway


he Waipu Cycle and Walkway Group is a community initiated and supported project that was orignially proposed by children at Waipu Primary School 5 years ago. The children presented their ideas to Whangarei District Council which they then included in the Walking and Cycling Strategy 2012 - a plan that envisioned cycleways linking rural and coastal villages, eg Waipu Cove to Marsden Point, Whangarei Heads to Whangarei, Whanagrei Falls to Ngunguru. The group consists of eight members who have now formed

a charitable trust to raise funds to create their long term vision of a multipurpose cycle and walk way track between Waipu Village and Wapiu Cove. They have spent the last year working with Council and the community to develop the feasibility plans, consents and raise money to start the first stage of the project from Waipu village to Riverview Place. Presently there is not a safe verge for pedestrians or cyclists to use on Cove Road; and with the increase in traffic and the need for Cove Road to be used

as a State Highway One diversion route when the Brynderwyns are closed, there are very real safety concerns. As there are no plans to upgrade the existing one lane bridge over Waionehu Stream there is to be a separate 2 metre wide pedestrian/cycle bridge situated nearby. The Trust is especially grateful for the support and collaboration from local land owners Northland Steel Products and D & M Mitchell to enable this to proceed. The community has backed this project with nearly 15h of private land donated by D & M Mitchell, via a legal

easement for some of the track. There have been additional pledged donations of materials and machinery by local businesses and contractors. Substantial funding has been secured from Foundation North, Transpower, Lotteries, Alex McLean Trust and the Whangarei District Council. On its completion, the Whangarei District Council has agreed to maintain this track and during its construction, oversee aspects relating to the safety management. Whilst the Whangarei District Council supports our endeavours they are not in a position to fully fund the track. Our next fundraising event is a gold coin donation afternoon at Waipu Cove Beach called ‘Painted Bikes@The Beach’ on Friday 15th January at 4pm – a fun afternoon of entertainment, food and music. Keep an eye on our webpage If you’re able to offer ideas, pledges, donations or material support please contact Angela Stolwerk on 021 823 966 or email her at Donations can be made through our ‘Givealittle’ page on waipucycleandwalkway



• Petrol & Diesel Sales • WOF • Workshop • Trailer hire • LPG gas refills

BEST STEAKS THIS SIDE OF THE BRYNDERWYNS New Manager, Maria Clark invites you to drop in for a drink and nibbles with friends, enjoy a relaxed meal or book a table for that special occasion gathering.

• Aged Angus steaks are our speciality • Fresh locally sourced fish • Special childrens menu



TILL LATE • Gluten free and vegetarian options • Outdoor Garden area • Fully licensed bar • Available for private functions

Stay the night. 12 fully serviced motel units just 200 metres walking distance from the Centre 30 Cove Road, Waipu Phone: 09 432 0424

See our Facebook page for updated hours and specialities – Waipu Clansman Motel


Lions Celebrate


he Lions Club was established in June 1917 in Chicago, to serve the community, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding. It is now the worlds largest service club organisation with 46,413 clubs and 1,386,128 Lions worldwide. While Interantional celebrations are on the horizon, the Waipu Lions Club are planning their half century birthday. They were first charted on the 2nd August 1966; and of the original

Jemma Ferris - 2015 Deputy Head Girl who thought of the idea talking with one of the children

thirty members, a number still reside in the district. At present the club enjoys a healthy membership of forty male and female Lions. Local Lions, Chantelle Murray and Juanita McGoldrick saw an opportunity to engage local youth in the double Lions celebration, so they invited Jemma Ferris, 2015 Deputy Head Girl at Bream Bay college to become part of the International Centennial Service Challenge that required youth to lead a service project that highlighted the importance of the organisation to the younger generation. Jemma and the 2016 newly appointment Head Boy and Girl, Jayden Rudolph and Krystal Ryan decided on an art project that would reflect what being a part of Bream Bay meant to students from neighbouring schools at Otamatae High School, Waipu, Ruakaka and One Tree Point Primary. They chose Ultimate Care Ranburn Rest Home as the recipients of their work as a way to give back to the older generation for their contribution to the community. Parents and children gathered at the Celtic Barn at the end of November to paint three large paintings that now have pride of place in the communal

areas of the home. Each of the 65 residents were given a personalised small painting, one of whom happened to be Ted Cochrane, Waipu’s eldest Lion member - a great reward for the contribution he’d made to the organisation over the years.

• • • • • •

• • • Funds raised by Waipu Lions are spent locally where possible, with regular contributions to the Highland Games and the publication of the local Bream Bay telephone directory Other projects and activities they contribute to are: • The construction and continuing maintenance of the Alan McKenzie

Coastal Trail (a walk between Waipu Cove and Ding Bay.) Sponsoring local youth for sail training on the R. Tucker Thompson. The annual Senior Citizen’s Dinner in Waipu. Various youth projects throughout the year. The inaugural beach walk for the Child Mobility Foundation. The Waipu Lion’s Cup for Citizenship in Senior School at Bream Bay College. Regular annual collections for organisations/charities e.g. Daffodil Day; Parkinsons; Guide Dog Appeal, etc Waipu Primary School Calf Club Day. Providing marshals for the annual Bream Bay Fun Run. Involvement with other Lion’s Clubs in the Whangarei Fireworks Evening.

The club will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary on the 6th of August 2016 with a dinner that’ll be held in the Coronation Hall to mark the momentous occasion. Past and present members and invited guests will be dined and entertained, with a distinctly Waipu flavor and hospitality.

Treatment Providers Limited Now open 5days a week in Waipu


For appointments phone: 09 438 3144 •

hangarei’s leading clinic for integrated health care, has grown from a small band of practitioners to the present seventeen dedicated practitioners who work together to focus on the best way to manage health issues. This is the essence of an integrated health approach across a range of modalities, and is increasingly in demand year by year. As the practice continues to grow, we have seen new practitioners joining our team from overseas. These new practitioners bring different and new approaches to their fields of practice and look forward to being of service to the people of the North. Any injuries or accident conditions can be treated under ACC and the practitioners will be able to assist you in making a claim. No need for referral. You can also get professional advice on supplements, vitamins, and minerals by Treatment Providers in-house naturopaths. Now with satellite clinics in Dargaville, Waipu and most recently , Western Hills Drive, we are able to provide our services to the wider community. As Bream Bay has continued to grow we have been able to commit to 4 days

a week to cover the increasing demand. Our Acupuncturists, Osteopaths and Massage Therapists are available in our clinic situated at 5 The Centre, Waipu, and our Naturopaths are only a phone call away. Our friendly and helpful team on the front desk are always there to help with any enquiries you may have at our main clinic in Whangarei. Treatment Providers have been dedicated to serving the community’s health needs for the past eleven years and continues to grow and expand giving an excellent range of services and variety of practitioners to suit most people’s needs. “Leaders of Integrated Healthcare”



in Waipu staffed by people with BIG hearts

I was born and raised in Waipu and moved away to Dunedin after High school to study. I completed a pre apprenticeship course in electrical engineering. I lived there for five years before I moved back to Waipu 5 years ago and started working at my family’s business, Waipu Hammer Hardware. I am a volunteer firefighter with the Waipu brigade and have been doing this for just over two years now. I have done the Firefighter Sky tower stair climb the past two years and have signed up to do it again in May of 2016. I am keen on cycling and have just done a stage of the lake Taupo cycle challenge and have plans of doing the full course in 2016. I’m interested in gardening, not that you could tell by the lack of garden I have at my house! In my spare time I play hockey and like to ride my motorcycle. I enjoy working at Waipu Hammer Hardware because it’s such a relaxed and friendly environment. I love being able to help the great variety of customers who come into the shop. I’m currently doing a retail management development course and in the future, I plan to own Waipu Hammer Hardware mwhahahahah!

Janine Roberts I’m Dorothy Honey. Dot to most I have lived off the grid for 20 years in the Eastern Brynderwyns overlooking beautiful Bream Bay with my partner Peter, our cats, chickens and ducks! Here I tend to our large vegetable garden, orchard and property. I also love to ready (spy stories at the moment) to knit and ride my bike (ha ha) and travelling. Before joining Hammer Hardware I worked at Northland Polytech, Ranburn Rest Home and Koanga Gardens. I have been at Hammer hardware for 5 years now and really enjoy wokring with plants, the staff and the friendly Waipu community I find it rewarding to help a customer to h h right i ht plant l t ffor th i h place and give choose the the right advice so that they have a successful outcome and to share my gardening experiences from over the years. Dorothy Honey

Coralie and Bruce Roberts purchased the hardware store in Waipu from local identity, John Finlayson in 1998. Their youngest daughter Rachel was just 4 months old. At that time they also owned the Waipu Four Square, and ran the two businesses for two years, before selling the Four Square. Bruce’s grandmother Maggie Schultz used to come into the store every day to help care for baby Rachel, and continued to do so until she passed away at the age of 88. Rachel has now just finished high school, and can be found working these holidays in the Hammer Hardware, before going to University in Auckland in 2016 to do a media studies and communications course. Bruce has spent the last 13 years working part time on the restoration of their home, a relocated Church which was moved from Dargaville to their lifestyle block on the outskirts of town, so they have plenty of experience to advise about home renovations. (#1 don’t buy a derelict church!). They can also draw on eight years of sharemilking experience, so know a thing or two about water fittings and fencing. Bruce and Coralie are keen cyclists, and in their spare time, can be seen riding around the back roads of Waipu, sometimes training for cycling events such as the round the lake Taupo event or the 100k Flyer from Rotorua to Taupo. Walking the coastal walkway from Waipu Cove to Langs Beach, and The Waipu Caves walkway are also favourite pass times for Coralie, who often takes young WWOOFers staying with them on these beautiful walks. Bruce uses that time to work on restoring old motorbikes. Coralie, Bruce & Rachel Roberts

I’ve been with Waipu Hammer Hardware for just over 12 months. I started my working life as a motor mechanic and then specialised in small motors for 20 years with Kaiwaka Yamaha. Then with my wife, Dalleise, my brother and sister in law, bought the family business Jacques Four Square in Kaiwaka, operating it for 16 years. I joined the Kaiwaka Volunteer Fire Brigade in 1977, and enjoyed serving the community for 33 years. I enjoy the work at Hammer, I think we (the staff) gel together and we compliment each other as we all have our different strengths. When I’m not at work, I enjoy gardening as we have a large residential property in Kaiwaka, fishing, travel when we can, walking to keep fit and reading and cooking for the family. Having raised two fine sons, we have just been made Grandparents twice over in the last 12 months. We love being part of our grandsons lives as much as we can. Glen Jacques

Nicky Drummond is a fun loving team member at Waipu Hammer Hardware. Her hobbies are innovative cuisine and care free gardening. She advocates healthy living, contributes to Starship hospital and supports Fair Trade and the prevention of human trafficking.

She has a diploma in applied arts with a passion for industrial design and upcycling. Nicky finds it hugely rewarding working at Waipu Hammer Hardware ‘great management, great team and great customers.’

I was born in London and moved to New Zealand in 1974. I lived in Glenfield for a couple of years, then Browns Bay for nearly 30 years. I came to Waipu and absolutely loved it! I have two daughters and four grandchildren, two in Waipu and two in the UK. I have been working at Hammer Hardware for over 6 years now and love our customers. Our store holds almost everything you could wish for.

Nicky Drummond

Jan Bradley

Nicky has a diverse background in youthwork, Commercial horticulture and pharmacy winning national and international awards with her creative merchandising skills and event co-ordinating.

I spent the first 22 years of my life in Te Kauwhata. At the end of my schooling I completed a butchery apprenticeship at the Te Kauwhata Butchery and then moved to work at Raglan Meats. In 1982 Glenice and I were married and later that year we made the shift north and bought the Parua Bay Store. In the 1986 we b ht the th W Wai bought Waipu Butch Butchery which we owned for 10 years. During this time I trained three apprentices and built up a large home kill business averaging 10 beasts per week for the whole year. Our two children Karl and Laura were born during this time. After selling the Waipu Butchery I started the Crew Cut lawn mowing franchise in this area. Two years down the track I sold this business to accompany Glenice who went to work at Oakland University in Michigan, USA for two years. My next career move was nine years at Carter Holt Harvey LVL Plant at Marsden Point. I have been working at Waipu Hammer Hardware since 2013. I am pleased to be working back in Waipu and enjoy the variety of work and the contact with the wide range of people that come into the shop. Over the years I have pursued a variety of interests playing and watching rugby, duck shooting, deer stalking, karate, cycling, snow boarding, kayak fishing and tramping. Highlights for me have been gaining my black belt in karate, completing six out of nine of DOC’s NZ Great Walks and cycling from Cape Reinga to Bluff for my 50th Birthday. Larry Andrews


OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: Monday to Friday 8am to 5.30pm Saturday 8am to 4.30pm Sunday 8.30am to 4.30pm The only hardware shop open on Sunday between Whangarei & Warkworth

35 The Centre, Waipu Phone: 09 432 0292


Fish Fry – Surfing Action at the Cove


he Cove Fish Fry 2016 is set down for the 13th of March at Waipu Cove - the third annual gathering of surfers and shapers celebrating surfing and it’s many forms. The Fry is a non-competitive and non-commercial event that was originally started in San Diego, California by an enthusiastic group of Fish surfboard riders and shapers. The format has grown and spread throughout the globe with Frys in Bali, Japan, Australia to name a few. The basic idea behind the current Fry format is to bring a board or a

quiver of boards, the kids and your lunch for a day at the beach with like minded surfers; giving you the opportunity to check out what other wave riders are shaping, riding and interested in. The 2016 Fry will showcase local, national and international shapers and their eclectic mix of surfboards and surfboard builders. The 2015 Fry was a huge success with hundreds of boards. It was standing room only at Waipu Cove, with many of the shapers bringing boards that they’d made especially for

Craft beer, fine wines and everything else you expect with great service 15 The Centre, Waipu. Open 7 days a week ‘Family owned since 1996’

the day. It was fantastic way to see so much talent, share board making skills and learn a few tricks of the trade. This innovative event means that long time surf board makers and back yard builders are sharing ideas in a social environment which takes away the competitive nature of the surfing industry; making way for some free thinking. After spending time in Australia at The Alley Fish Fry on the Gold Coast, it only seemed right to have a New Zealand Fry. Waipu Cove is the perfect location with a beautiful

backdrop of Bream Bay, waves, a large grass area and of course a great cafe with good coffee, all bases are covered. A big thanks to Roger Hall at Surfline Custom Surfboards and Grant Newby the Alley Fish Fry organiser for all their support with this event and a massive thank you to all the regular Fry goers. Please visit the covefishfry. for regular updates on what’s happening with the Fry and features on local surfers and shapers. Looking forward to seeing you there in March. Mike Cunningham.



12 Self-contained Apartments, Swimming Pool & Heated Spa, Sky 50+ Channels TV, BBQ’s, FREE Guest Laundry, FREE 250mb WIFI per day

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Cove Ambassador


nce again, Camp Waipu Cove and the Waipu Cove Reserve Board have funded and appointed Beach Ambassadors for the busy summer period at Waipu Cove. After the success of the first Beach Ambassadors last summer, the camp’s managers Anton and Lucy Trist did not need to deliberate too long before deciding to continue providing the same service for this summer. It was recognised that there was a need for better access to information around the recreational uses of the reserve and beach; i.e where and when can people can walk their dogs, where you can launch your boat, how to find out about beach conditions and other local information. It was the discussion of exactly these issues lead to the concept of the Waipu Cove Beach Ambassador coming into being. The role is intended to be that of an advocate - to be a source of help and information to any beach and reserve users who may need it. Two young locals have been appointed to be the Beach Ambassadors this summer. Demi Levell and Ella Stolwerk. They

both have a track record of being involved in the Bream Bay community, so were a natural fit. Ella, who is returning to the role after doing such a fantastic job of it last summer, is a student at Auckland University who is part way through a combined Law and Arts degree. She has previously been involved with the WDC Youth Council and has been a lifeguard

with the Waipu Cove Surf Lifesaving Club for many years. Demi has also been a lifeguard at the Waipu Cove Surf Lifesaving Club, and just last summer, had an unpaid placement with NIWA in Ruakaka. She has just completed a degree in Marine Biology at Auckland University - so the role of Beach Ambassador is one that perfectly complements her knowledge in this area.

The Ambassadors will work closely with the DOC Fairy Tern Warden, ENL’s Dog Control Officer for Waipu, the Waipu Cove Surf Lifesaving Club and Camp Waipu Cove as most of the issues that arise on the beach and reserve, concern all those organisations. The aim is to have another fabulous summer at Waipu Cove, helped along by the friendly ambassadors who are ready to help wherever they can.

The café restaurant & bar Waipu Cove

OPEN 7 DAYS 7am to 11pm 7 days a week

From December 1st through to May 1st


910 Cove Rd Waipu 09 432 0234


The Heritage Precinct – Manse, Men & Bulldozers


aipu Museum volunteers have been ‘beavering’ quietly away at the old Waipu hall that was moved last March from its site next to the RSA across Nova Scotia drive through the paddock next to the fire station and on to the back area of the old Church ‘Glebe’. For those who don’t already know, a Glebe is an area of land traditionally associated with the Presbyterian Church. The land allowed the minister to expand his stipend by raising a few head of cattle. It is our understanding

that the remaining part of the Waipu Glebe is one of two remaining in the country. The subdivided area which has both the old Manse and the old hall sited upon it is now called ‘The Heritage Precinct’. The Heritage Precinct has been a part of the museum’s vision for over a decade. The restoration of the Old Manse was largely completed in 2013 (after many years of anticipation) and engaged more than 30 volunteers in the project. There are still a few bits and pieces left to be done including

Renovated Manse

Renovated Hall

Hall moved by Men and Bulldozers

Licensed Roofer


with some good old Nova Scotian volunteer ‘can do’ ethos. With this in mind, he appointed his father Peter as project manager, and instead of a bullock team, a very large bulldozer and a bunch of blokes were deployed. The move was filmed, photographed , and naturally, accompanied by piper Fraser Sim! The Old Hall arrived in its predestined position on a sunny day in March 2015; proving to be an amazing example of combined ‘Bloke and Bulldozer ‘power!

Old Manse

New Roofs, Re-Roof, Commercial Residential, Farm

Supply & Install - We do it all!

the erection of a picket fence and the development of a heritage garden. Likewise the moving of the Old Hall had been a topic of discussion for almost an equivalent number of years. Many quotes for moving the building had been gathered at different times, ranging from $25,000.00 to $70,000.00. A previous move of the building from the centre to its site by the RSA had been achieved with a bullock team, so Chairman Ken Couper decided it was time to have a go at moving it


The Heritage Precinct – Mens Sermon Shed!


ince that time, Kit Singleton and a small crew have been engaged in the first stages of making it ready for its probable use as a ‘Mens Shed’, the slow process of settling in the building, and setting it up is quietly moving forward!

Restoring the old Sermon Shed

In the back garden of the old Manse was a very dilapidated but enchanting little shed in which (the story goes) the minister would prepare his sermons. At various times, the Manse would have been a noisy place, full of social activity and numbers of children, so the shed would have served as a welcome retreat! Following the triumph of completing the job on the old manse, the sermon shed still languished in the garden, and after a storm, even had a tree fall through it. Secretary of the Waipu Museum Board, and long time exponent of the “Mens’ Shed’ concept, Kit Singleton enlisted the help of volunteer heroes Bruce Hayes, Richard Cullen and Ian Hannah. They rescued three walls worth of cladding which were restored and rebuilt and a third wall had to be replaced with new timber. At the same time they restored the very ‘cute’ little chimney

which is such a charming feature of the little building. These two major projects were part of an overall Long Term Plan, which was established almost ten years ago. The vision for the Heritage Precinct has continued to evolve over the past decade and has also included a walkway with a suggested plan designed by Helen Francis, as part of her landscape degree. Accompanying the vision of a Men’s Shed was manager Patsy Montgomery’s dream of engaging keen people in traditional boat building crafts (in particular the restoration and building of clinker dinghies). ‘We have great hopes that we will see the rest of the dreams achieve fruition - so we can witness and enjoy the evolution of a great additional community asset and an attraction for visitors and locals alike,’ says Patsy Montgomery Waipu Museum manager. “in the meantime, unfortunately, while the site is being developed there is no public access, because until further down the track the Manse is rented privately and the old hall is under restoration. We are however very keen to enlist more volunteers to help with the projects. Anyone keen to be involved either with the restoration or with the evolution of the ‘Mens Shed’ please contact Kit Singleton on 4320436.

Old Sermon Shed

Restored Manse & Shed

Waipu Lotto & Post

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Kit Singleton by renovated Sermon Shed

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Heathy Oceans’


aipu resident, Philippa Ross’ lineage to the great British Polar explorer, Sir James Clark Ross fuels her passion for the environment; in particular the health of our oceans. Philippa’s Great, Great, Great Grandfather discovered the Ross Sea in Antarctica – the last and most pristine eco marine system left in the world. “The environment and protecting the ocean is such a huge problem; but I’m a firm believer in the power each individual has to make a difference, so I’ve started a local initiative to reduce the plastic bags choking the sea called ‘H2O – Health to Oceans, Waipu.’ The Waipu Business and Promotions Group are backing the initiative, funding the printing of reuseable bags, linking the town to a cause that cares for the ocean. Businesses and residents have pledged their support so the bags will be available for the thousands of visitors who come to the area; helping to keep Waipu Cove, Langs and Uretiti beaches cleaner this summer. Philippa has set up a facebook page ‘H2O – Health to Oceans, Waipu to share the progress of the campaign

and create awareness about ways in which we can all contribute. She’s encouraging other people to form groups and care for their community. “Collectively, we’ll have a ripple effect which will have a big impact on the vast expanse of water that sustains all life,” she says enthusiastically.


Waipu Fair Trade Village


aipu is investigating becoming a Fair Trade village which is a great way of acknowledging a commitment to Fair Trade. It also enables groups that are promoting Fair Trade to have their own work recognised. Fair Trade lets us know about the origins and source of a product and that it has been ethically produced. Fair Trade helps small producers by paying them the proper value for the work they do and from which we all benefit. Fair Trade certified products come from all over the world. While coffee, chocolate and bananas are the most well known products there are many more. Jan Francis, who runs a consultancy business for employment and economic development from Waipu was working with the Fair Trade network group in Whangarei which is seeking to make Whangarei the first Fair Trade district in the country

Madly Authentic


Dine in or take away

Dine in or take away

Open 11am to 2.30pm and 4.30pm till late 7 days a week

Open: 11am to 2pm Tues to Sun and 4.30pm till late 7 days a week 163 Port Marsden Highway, Ruakaka (at the Big tomato complex) Phone: 09 432 8484

1 The Centre, Waipu Phone: 09 432 0103

Madly Authentic Group of Restaurants


Takeaway and delivery

Takeaway or Delivery

Open: 11.30am till late 7 days a week

241 Kamo Road, Whangarei Open: Mon & Tues - 4pm to 10pm

7 Wood Street, Mangawhai Phone: 09 431 3132

Wed to Sun - 11am to 10pm Phone: 09 459 5913

when she saw an opportunity for Waipu. She took the suggestion to the Waipu Business Association who agreed to umbrella the application. Jan is now working to get individual businesses to sign up to be Fair Trade workplaces before making the application to the Fair Trade Association. Schools, faith groups and community groups are also eligible to take part. Becoming a Fair Trade village not only supports local producers internationally, but also makes good sense for local businesses and ties into a “buy local” campaign which encourages citizens and businesses to support one another. It will also give Waipu another point of difference. Waipu has a great history of working together as a community for the common good and becoming a Fair Trade village is just another example of how this awesome little community cares for people locally and internationally.

onu Sharna is the owner of the Madly Authentic group of restaurants and take away businesses you can find in Waipu, Ruakaka, Whangarei and Mangawhai. He brought the reputation for ‘Very Indian, Very Authentic’ food he earned in Kerikeri to Mangawhai in August 2012 when he opened a new Madly Indian restaurant and takeaway, then opened another in Waipu in June 2013. In 2014 he created an Italian twist to the group adding Mad 4 Pizza in Kamo, then reverted back to Eastern style cuisine in 2015 when he opened Madly Thai in Ruakaka. The Kerikeri outlet has no connection to the newly formed group of Madly Authentic restaurants. Sonu takes great pride in the quality of the food he provides. “The authenticity of the flavours makes a significant difference to the whole dining experience,” he says, “which is why we grind and roast our own spices to create a magical blend of the right spices in the right quantity. It’s an exact science to make a perfect sauce which we then marinate the meat in overnight and cook in our charcoal clay ovens.”

“It’s a labour of love,” he says. “Food gives people the opportunity to come together and is a great source of wellbeing as the flavours spark the tastebuds into feeling a mouth to mind experience. My staff and I get a great deal of satisfaction from seeing and hearing the difference our food makes to people.” Madly Indian has gained a Certificate of Excellence with Trip Advisor for consistently earning great reviews; a real testimony to the authentic experience Sonu and his staff set out to create. ‘Me & my friends throughly enjoyed our meal here. Having spent 7 months travelling throughout India I know what a decent curry tastes like & it was delicious!’ ‘Extraordinary flavours, service and atmosphere. Proper authtentic – love it.’ Their in house guest book also reveals equally enthusiastic comments like ‘First class – best Indian I’ve ever tasted’ and ‘Best naan bread ever,’ along with an array of other adjectives like ‘Excellent,’ ‘Amazing,’ ‘Fabulous,’ ‘OMG,’ ‘WOW,’ Outstanding,’ ‘Amazeballs,’ and ‘Wicked.’ So whether you want Indian, Thai or Pizza, you can guarantee the Madly Authentic group will provide you with a meal that’ll feed your heart, mind and soul.


Salute to Scotland – Art n tartan Wearable Arts Awards


The finished product is an emotionally evocative piece of artwork. For Annie, the Trow is a playful creature that represents peace and gratitude, while others see it as a scary character you’re more likely to see in your nightmares; words also echoed by the judges. ‘It plays on many levels of emotional response fear, longing, regret, whimsy. The finishing was exceptional as was the attention to detail in producing a fully resolved concept. Not out of place in a professional environment. This is the piece that we (the judges) couldn’t wait to see again - a creature from the imagination comes to life. As a true artwork, it was the complete package providing the WOW factor.’

he brief was to ‘create a piece of wearable art that paid homage to any aspect of Scottish culture and to explore Celtic fireside stories, myths and legends.’ The result for Supreme winner, Annie Newall was so much more than the ‘S’ioch’ana’ the Scottish Hill Trow’ costume she designed for the Art n Tartan Wearable Art Awards.

The Trow is still very much a part of Annie’s life, as is the doll size version that evolved during the creative process. The idea grew organically – piece by piece – starting with a pair of green goggles she found one morning while taking a walk on the beach. The discovery of a red ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ dolls head, inspired her to make a mini model. As she made a body stocking for the doll, she developed a soul connection to the child like creature, which in turn

The spirit of the Trow lives on in Annie’s life, taking pride of place on a mannequin in her home. “It still has much to teach me. Our magical tale has not ended yet,” she told me beaming with excitement. “I’d encourage anyone to enter the show. Have fun. Go with the flow. It’s a spellbinding experience that’ll give you the chance to create your own fairytale and make it come to life.” There’s a meeting at the Celtic Barn, Waipu on Wednesday 3rd February at 7pm for anyone who’s interested in being a part of the 2016 show. Entries close on the 29th April with the show being performed on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd July 2016.

created a mother-type relationship with the Trow. Annie shared how it was as if the spirit of the Trow took on a life of its own and she’d been given the task to help the creature express itself. Words echoed by the judges who said ‘This stopped being a costume and became a creature. The myth surrounding it was quite unique to wearable arts and has a very real presence.’ It has been told … anseo thios … here beneath the earth of the rocky outcrops of the Waipu hinterlands, there dwells a mystical, shrewd and sagacious old trow-like creature. At nights it prowls the land in search of a new kith and kin for its offspring Carlin … for it believes it has ‘supernatural’ powers that will ‘enlighten’ humans to live with gratitude and peace. There was a period of about four weeks when Annie found herself totally engrossed in the artwork; drawing inspiration from walks in nature, taking photographs and scouring op shops for scraps of material; drawing on her lineage to the Johnstone clan to weave a tartan aspect into the costume.


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Philippa Ross - PIP - Enthusiologist

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Marsden – A Mariners Paradise

Sections starting from $235,000 | Waterfront sites from $510,000

PH:(09) 432 0879 W W W. M A R S D E N C O V E . C O . N Z


Northland’s Premiere Coastal Destination


a marine service precinct, public ramps and fuel berths. The Cove has proved a popular site for monthly markets, concerts and the now annual Beach and Boat and Chics @ the Chicks Fishing events. The area has it’s own Fishing club which was established in 2009 by locals to foster fishing and other aquatic activities for members and families, and to encourage all to have a go at fishing in a sustainable way. Close by is One Tree Point, another popular growing area with a new housing estate at Kowi Lakes offering residents exclusive golfing facilities. The local primary school was established in 1972 now has a role of 250 students. Northlands economy is predicted to grow by 40 per cent over the next 10 years.



ome to New Zealand’s only oil refinery, Marsden was chosen as New Zealands preferred site because of its deep water port, expanses of flat land, the low risk of earthquakes and closeness to population centres of the North island. Construction of the refinery began in 1962 and officially opened on 30 May 1964. The port has just acquired a new mobile harbour crane, which will give Northland businesses the opportunity to access international container lines without having to ship freight by road to or from other North Island ports. Nearby is Marsden Cove Marina; a rapidly expanding area that’s becoming Northlands premier boating destination with a world class 230 berth marina and waterfront lifestyle village with homes offering private jetties and boat ramps. The clean and safe swimming water is ideal for paddle boarding, swimming and kayaking. The scope of the area will play a significant part of Northland’s future, with almost 1000 homes, and a mix of retail outlets, cafes, apartments, high quality free standing homes, a retirement village, dry stack berth, recreational reserves,

Marsden Cove - Stage 3

FIRST CHOICE FOR MARINERS IN THE NORTH Big things are happening at Marsden Cove Marina: to the range of services and amenities, the occupancy levels and, most importantly, the new vision and drive of the management to make it Northland’s premium boating destination.

“Our goal is to provide the services and facilities local and international sailors and boaties want. Our staff are trained to go the extra mile for our clients; living up to our motto “The customer comes first. How can we help?” Brent explains with pride.

Manager, Brent Wilson has a big vision for its future of the 230-berth Marsden Cove Marina complex which is situated in the lee of the ancient volcanic peaks that guard the entrance to Whangarei Harbour.

“The local restaurant has a great ambience and serves a superb range of food throughout the day. We have pretty much everything you need at the marina, but if it’s not available on-site, we have a ‘resort-level concierge service’ to ensure our customers can source whatever they want.

“We want all mariners, New Zealand sailors, boaties, fishers and weekend warriors or overseas adventurers travelling around the world, to know Marsden Cove Marina has the facilities and amenities you might expect from an international resort – a place they can call their home-away-from-home (or even their live-onboard port). If you’re sailing, cruising or just looking for that favourite fishing spot off Northland’s beautiful coastline, Marsden Cove Marina is your one-stop destination if you need a mooring with power, fuel, repairs, maintenance, Wi-fi, water and waste disposal facilities do your laundry or stock up on victuals.

The marina is about to begin development of a solid concrete hardstand to increase their storage capacity. The new hardstand, on adjacent land over the road from the marina slipway, will have shedding and a full range of marine service, repair, marine painting, engineering and fitting, chandlery, retail and brokerage facilities

We offer both rental and courtesy vehicle services for grocery runs or trips into Whangarei to meet with trades people and service providers such as marine engineers, mechanics, sailmakers or ships’ chandlers.

Brent took over as Marina Complex manager of Marsden Cove Marina in January 2015 and has set about creating a client-focused work and recreational environment, backed-up by a service and performance ethic that aims to ensure clients have access to amenities and services on a par with any marina or resort in the South Pacific. We run our own fuel dock, so we can guarantee supply to our customers. We’re aiming to be the major fuel stop for Whangarei harbour, where boat owners can tieup anytime and be confident they can get all the fuel they need (diesel or petrol). We can also offer international sailors heading off overseas GST-free fill-ups. Marsden Cove Marina is also a New Zealand ‘Port of Entry” and has Customs & Immigration and MPI (quarantine) clearance facilities,” he adds.

Getting boats in and out of the water, and to and from the new hardstand, will be the job of Marsden Cove Marina’s new 80 tonne haul-out machine. Built in the Netherlands, the new machine will be able to quickly and easily lift boats ranging from a small five metre long tinnie to larger multi-hulls, yachts and cruisers up to 33 metres long (110ft), with drafts of up to four metres and with beams up to eight and a half metres. The hauler has adjustable hydraulic rams and multiple lifting pads which means less pressure on boat hulls during lifting and transportation. The hauler’s design also means boats can be stored gunnel to gunnel, allowing for better use of space at the hardstand area. A smaller 20 tonne haul-out machine that can handle vessels up to 16 metres (50ft) is also under evaluation.

Phone: 09 432 7740 Email: Web: 48 Rauiri Drive, One Tree Point


Beach n Boat February 19th and 20th 2016 – Marsden Cove


he Century Batteries Beach and Boat Fishing contest is back in 2016, and will be celebrating its 11th anniversary at Marsden Cove Marina. The event still has huge support from the South Island fishermen with contestants traveling from Invercargill, Dunedin, Christchurch and the West Coast. The Beach and Boat fishing contest is the largest snapper fishing contest in the southern hemisphere. Since its inception, the Century Batteries Beach and Boat has generated

over 17 million dollars into the Northland economy and have awarded over 2 million dollars in prizes. More than $45,000 have been donated to local schools and over $90,000 to Coastguard. There will be fantastic changes in 2016. From new prize categories to exciting new food stands, a new layout to accommodate the growing crowd and no more “funny” money. Thanks to Surtees, in 2016 we will be making use of the AWOP system, a smart cashless payment system specifically designed for events.

We are pleased to announce that Isuzu has once again come on board and will be giving away a brand new Isuzu D-Max Ute to one lucky contestant. There will be prizes and promotions up for grabs, including two Surtees Honda Boat packages worth over $45 000. The Ultimate Snapper prize is a Furuno Fish Finder and will also include a $10 000 cash prize in 2016 and five Viking Fishing Kayaks will be given away as mystery weight prizes. Over the last few years we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of children entering the competition and we are delighted to confirm that the children’s section will also be returning for 2016 with fantastic prizes from The Warehouse on Friday and Saturday. Junior prizes include ages 6 and under, 7-10 and 11-15. The 2016 Century Batteries Beach and Boat will again see the $100,000 Tagged Snapper Challenge. Three days before the weekend of the event, Graeme Sinclair from Gone Fishing will “hopefully” catch, tag and release a snapper. If the tagged snapper is caught

during the event, one lucky angler will catch $100,000 Cash thanks to Lion Red and Century Batteries. Buy your tickets before December The 2016 Century Batteries Beach and Boat event will be limited to 2000 entries, so get in quick as tickets are selling fast! The Century Batteries Beach and Boat is a unique fishing contest for the serious and not-so-serious angler. It is a meeting place for families, mates and people from all walks of life that enjoy the ocean, fishing and just having a great time. If you haven’t attended a Beach and Boat, put it on your list and become one of the thousands that return year in and year out.

Situated at Marsden Cove Marina

Land & Sea café is growing along with the local community at such a fast rate. In just 18 months, owners Kimberley and Steven Smyth have transformed the very run down business into a vibrant establishment that mirrors the ambience of its surroundings at Marsden Cove Marina. They’re proud of the results they now see from investing time and energy into making both structural and ethical changes so their customers enjoy a memorable experience. ‘We have an incredibly dedicated core team who have literally given 110% into making the café something we can all really be proud of - and we are,’ beams Kim. ‘When we first took over it was a whirl wind; with so much to do and so many changes that needed urgent attention. But, now we’ve caught up a little, we can

spend more time on making the small improvements we’re really passionate about, like connecting with great New Zealand suppliers like Hawkes Bay Brewery and Orb Coffee to complement the quality fayre we can offer our customers Our head Chef is the master at sourcing exciting new products and being really creative with flavours.’ The team have launched a delicious new summer menu with loads of kiwi favourites as well as some unique Land & Sea dishes. The most exciting part for us is we’re now developing our menu in line with our own values and a growing market who are conscious about what they’re eating. Our focus is on providing home made healthy nutritious food so our customers leave feeling energised from being well fed and cared for in a beautiful setting.

Great Food, Great People, Great View

Open 7 days and Wed - Sun for Dinner Phone: 09 432 7097


19th - 20th FEBRUARY 2016 Marsden Cove Marina, Ruakaka HEAPS OF PRIZES AND GIVEAWAYS


Photo CM-1000 Sport Camera


Mystery Weight Mystery weight prizes for all DK2 DNO N<24B2N R;=? FBAB>Q :6H6AN7 IBK2 :6H6AN M= 52 WON!





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All Fish C aught an d weighe are sold d at marke proceed t and s go to th e commu nity.

Tickets on sale at



Craig Cogan it’s all about being local…..


raig Cogan was born and raised in the Ruakaka area and following 13 years away from home returned determined to build a business he was proud to call his own. Craig spent years gaining valuable work experience in London and San Fransisco, but in 2006 decided it was time to return home to fulfill a life long ambition to have his own local business in the area he loves. Craig established Craig Cogan Builder Ltd as a sole trader, building his brand through quality workmanship, trustworthiness and determination. Satisfied clients became repeat customers who spread the word of Craig’s ability. Craig now employs an experienced team of 11 including 2 apprentices. Craig believes it is important to engage and train new talent into

the industry to ensure a professional standard is maintained in the future. In addition to employing 11 locals, Craig also has strong relationships and enjoys working with other sub contractors in the area. Craig and his team of experienced builders specialise in architecturally designed homes, renovations and are reclad specialists in the Bream Bay area. Craig and his team are gearing up for another busy summer as building activity in the Bream Bay area is on the rise and has completed several homes at Marsden Cove. Craig says ‘It’s great to see the area grow and flourish and to be a part of that’. Craig balances his work commitments with plenty of time to enjoy the local environment including fishing, golfing and kite surfing. Craig has a show home in One Tree Point where he and his family live. The show home is open (by appointment) for viewing if you are interested in building, renovating or just looking for ideas and inspiration. Craig takes great pride in sharing the dreams and vision of clients. Simply give Craig a call to make arrangements or view his website for further details.


Ruakaka - The Fastest Growing Town in Northland


he name Ruakaka derives from the combination of the two Maori words, ‘rua’ and ‘kaka’. Rua being the word for ‘two’ and ‘kaka,’ a native parrot. Ruakaka is part of the Bream Bay district named by Captain Cook when he first voyaged to the region on 25th November 1769 after he encountered an easy catch of near to one hundred bream fish (the delicacy we enjoy today as snapper). Today, Ruakaka has a community of almost 4,000 permanent residents. It is forecast to be the fastest growing town in Northland with over 9,000 residents by 2017. The local primary school pride themselves on providing strong health and environmental education. Last year they were awarded a Green Gold Award by Enviroschools. Originally a small beachside community, Ruakaka has seen development due to its proximity to the country’s only oil refinery at Marsden Point. During the 1980’s. Services were required to support the large influx of workers from all over the world who were involved in the project. One of



in Ruakaka

the governments requirements was for a percentage of revenue to be invested in the project that would support the local community providing services not so common in communities of this size like squash courts and sports grounds. Ruakaka Primary School opened in 1898 in north Ruakaka. Bream Bay college opened in 1972. Ruakaka is known for its stunning surf beach. It provides the gateway to Marsden Point Oil Refinery, Port Marsden, Ruakaka Racecourse, Marsden Bay marina with boating facilities and a yacht club around the corner at One Tree Point. Nearby is the small, mainly Maori Takahiwai community; a settlement at the Whangarei harbour shore, west of the One Tree Point and Pukekauri range which is accessible only by one road from One Tree Point Road. Ruakaka beach lies near the mouth of the Ruakaka river which boasts a rare bird reserve and popular summer camping ground. The wildlife refuge is home to shore birds, waders, dotterel, wrybill, reef heron, oystercatcher and the critically endangered fairy tern.

Bert Rowsell established Rowsells Collision Repair Centre Ltd in Kamo over 40 years ago; branching out to Ruakaka 30 years later – an area he loves because it’s just 5 minutes to the beach! so he can go fishing! Bert is well known in Bream Bay for his down to earth, no nonsense, relaxed, old-fashioned top quality service. If it’s broken, he’ll fix it. In fact, you won’t get it back until it is. • All insurance and private work • Panel repairs • Chassis alignment • Spraypainting • Courtesy cars • Tyres new and used • Stockists of Century batteries • Smith & Smith Service centre on site


A Community of Support for Water Safety Beach Ambassadors to man popular crab fishing spots at Johnson Point, Uretiti Tip Road, Uretiti Reserve, Ruakaka and Mair Road during the busy season. The Ambassadors role being more of an advisory one; informing people about the tides and weather conditions and serving as an extra pair of eyes to call on the Surf Life Saving services using hand held radios if they see anyone in distress. A specially modified jet ski provides an additional lifesaving toolkit at the Ruakaka Surf Life Saving Club serving both Bream Bay and waters as far north as Whangarei Heads for 7 days a week through to the end of January. Funds to secure the $25,000 jetski were raised by Whangarei Lions Club, The Northern Advocate and Whangarei Racing Club with a


he Bream Bay shorelines will be safer this summer thanks to a swell of initiatives and community support. A new Jetski, signage translated into Chinese and Korean and beach ambassadors at both Waipu and Ruakaka will all strengthen Surf Life Saving Club patrols; ensuring the vast stretch of water is free of drowning incidents. The sea becomes a playground for residents and thousands of visitors over the summer season. For the majority, a day on the water is filled with fun - swimming, surfing, kayaking, fishing or crab fishing. Sadly, some lose their lives and drown. It’s not only family and friends who’re affected by the incidents. People working for the emergency services and police feel the impact too. Waipu Constable, Martin Geddes being one of them. Last year he was called out to Uretiti after 25 year old Heng Li drowned in rough seas while fishing. The distress of dealing with grieving family and friends and seeing people naively battling rough seas to rescue crab pots alongside numerous other rescues that day inspired him to implement strategies to help the public understand how to keep themselves safe in the water.

Constable Geddes has talked to members of the Auckland Chinese community and Chinese language media outlets to help get the message out to people about the need to be cautious when venturing into rough seas and reiterating the necessity to wear life jackets when crab fishing. With the help of funding from Whangarei MP, Dr Shane Reti and signage supplied by Greg Maddox of Think Tank Creative, water safety signs with messages in both Chinese and Korean have been erected at the main beach entrances. WaterSafe Auckland have also helped organise a water safety seminar targeting the Chinese and Korean population in Auckland which was followed up with a beach day at Uretiti. Martin also put out an appeal for volunteer

Your one stop tyre shop for premium friendly service

• New and Used tyres • Wheel alignments • Batteries • Fleet Service Locally owned and operated by Ray Silvester Handy location at 2622 State Highway 1, Ruakaka (next to G.A.S) Phone: 09 432 7421 or 027 444 0101

donation from local Rugby legend, Steve Price to honor his friend and teammate Sonny Fai who drowned in 2009. Parahaki Engineering also came forward with a discount on the construction of a launching trailer for the jetski. The beauty of the jetski is its ability to roam the water, so when we advise people of dangerous spots and provide a speedy response where necessary. Jetski patrols on the Auckland west coast beaches have proved successful over the past decades, so it’s hoped the new one in Bream Bay along with signage, beach ambassadors and Surf Life Saving patrols at Waipu and Ruakaka will make for a happy, fun summer this year. Be sure to take care on the roads too so you come back to our safe waters again next year.

Open: 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 8am to 12 noon Saturdays

Restoration Rust Repairs Panel Fabrication Insurance Work Plastic welding General panel beating ting

Contact: Kevin Koellner 7 Kepa Road, Ruakaka

09 433 0490 or 021 145 5055


Ruakaka Citizen of the Year


he Ruakaka community are brimming with pride after six of its residents were nominated for the Ruakaka Citizen of the Year Award. Now in it’s third year, award organiser Sharon Booth continues to be astonished by how many people generously give of their time to help others. “When I moved into the area 8 years ago,” she says, “I was made to feel so welcome. The genuine caring attitude people extended to me really made a difference to my feeling a sense of belonging to my new community. I noticed how they went out of their way to help the many facets that make up this incredible community. Although you’ll always find people who volunteer their services are natural givers who’re not seeking reward, it’s important to acknowledge their efforts, so I came up with the idea for the awards to honor them. It’s hard to choose a winner as everyone plays an invaluable part and this year was no exception.” Simon Currie was acknowledged for his great sense of humor and ability to make people feel good, particularly the disadvantaged. Yvonne Judge of Scavengers for turning cash from trash,

raising $400,000 in the last 15 years. Dorothy Kelly for 30 years service to the Pony Club and inspiring young riders. Marc Sands for his work with Lions, The Variety Club, Coastguard, Recreation Centre and the new Skate Park. Maree Wright for her inexhaustible energy supporting children in their sports and the great street parties she’s organized over the years. The 2015 Award went to Warren Daniels, a retired Vet who’s lived in Ruakaka for 47 years. Warren’s ability to take a middle, impartial ground has enabled him to take an active part in a number of organisations concerned with public health and the environment; particularly the Ruakaka Treatment Plant. He linked his love of the ocean to helping the Surf Life Saving Club and setting up and teaching sailing at the Marsden Yacht Club where he’s been honored with a Lifetime membership for his services since 1974. Strong support from the business community was shown by Bream Bay Landscapes, Bream Bay Merchants, Gordon’s Mowing, Need a Bloke, Two Birds Café, Point Timber, Fresh Choice, Hay Presto Lawns, Tui Massage, Francie Stokes of Ray White

Close enough to be far enough away - Bream Bay the ideal place to move to hile chatting with one of our customers the other day in the yard the topic of how great it was to have escaped Auckland again


came up. After they left, I thought about what we had left behind from a business and lifestyle point of view and this poem came into my head.

A silver stream flows ever north Campervans and boats in tow With no way to stem the flow

House prices - then Rate’s rises - they said were never planned Everything completely out of hand

Decade upon decade did they struggle Amongst the dowdy suburbs in a huddle Whilst their gangly region was a divided muddle Super size us came the cry As each local bodies finances ran dry Who will lead this mighty jug- a- naught Then a great battle was fought From the voters of the right came the defining shout Len Brown is the man we want around The SS City was set a float Soon enough Len did begin to Gloat The SS City it’s the place to be Every weekend is now a party Transport links faster than they could blink But in the end the traffic jams still grew While out of control the budgets blew

It seems from some that I have spoken to that our region is better off not to follow Auckland in to the ‘super size us’ model. Maybe they are right. As far as residential population growth is concerned, ask any over worked builder in our area and the answer seems to be, ‘yes we are certainly doing okay.’

The SS City broke her moorings While the mayor was busy whoring Now the Port and People are in court On almost every front a battle is being fought All a twitter it can be heard The not so little anonymous bird Shoddy housing issues is the new word Alice’s tunnel choked with congestion on day one Auckland Transport simply does not run. For Len this job is now no fun. Who will stand and face the Gun The SS City under siege Every corner of the region screaming need The bureaucrats have bled her with their greed Each little council now plotting to be freed.

However, I do feel it would be great to get a bigger share of the commercial sector from Auckland. But I am guessing our Council may need to look more closely at their own policies if they want to provide support for increased business development in Bream Bay.

Real Estate, Sea Change Café, Revita Glass and Ruakaka Recreation Centre who all donated generous prizes to the winner.

Last years winner, Eric Bettridge (right) who won it for his dedication to charities and the community presented the award to Warren Daniels (left).







• No more hiring a trailer OR Heavy steel bins in your front yard. • These are lightweight but can hold up to 600kg of waste.

What can you put in the bag.

• Any green waste • Concrete • Demolition materials (wood, plasterboard bathroom and kitchen fittings etc) • Plastics (if not recyclable) • Any household items you no longer want. • Fridges and stoves (place these on the top as they are recycled) • Soil • Rubble

What can’t you put in the bag

• Batteries (keep them separate and we will collect them when we pick up the bag). • Glass • Hazardous waste • Asbestos • Chemicals • Paint • Tyres

What will it cost you for this service.

The bag is $30.00 delivered to you The pick up and disposal is:

• $150.00 - Ruakaka, One Tree Point, Waipu and north of Ruakaka up to Mata area • $170.00 - Waipu Cove, Langs Beach, Mangawhai, area




Hāpuku at Bream Bay Aquaculture Park. (Irene Van de Ven)

World-class marine science centre in the making NIWA’s recent purchase of land adjacent to its Bream Bay Aquaculture Park marks the beginning of an ambitious expansion phase by the Crown Research Institute that will see the region play host to one of the world’s most sophisticated marine science centres. Since 2002, NIWA has conducted world-class research at Bream Bay in support of New Zealand’s $400 million aquaculture industry. Now NIWA has its sights firmly set on developing a largescale hub that conducts comprehensive research and offers applied-science services across a wide range of marine science disciplines. “We’re talking about sustainable, collaborative, high-value commercial aquaculture and aquatic science activities of regional, national and international significance,” says Andrew Forsythe, NIWA’s Chief Scientist, Aquaculture.

Mr Forsythe says the area has proven ideal for the venture. “The former power station pipelines afford unparalleled access to large volumes of high-quality seawater. The proximity of Whangarei and Auckland, favourable zoning and the range of local services available all support our expansion plans. “This is very exciting for us, and for the region,” he adds. “We look forward to sharing our plans and successes with the community as the Northland Marine Science Centre takes shape over the coming months and years.”


A n d rew Fo rsy t h e e n q u i r i e s @ n i wa . co . n z

enhancing the benefits of New Zealand’s natural resources


Ruakaka Skate Park


e are super excited to report that the Ruakaka Skate Park will soon be a reality! From the $55000 needed to build the Skate Park, we have managed to raise an impressive $35746.00 for the project to date. We have worked tirelessly throughout the year to raise funds for the Ruakaka Skate Park project by organising numerous fundraising events. Here’s a run-down of all our fundraising activities for the year. We kicked off with our first fundraising event of the year, which was a roller disco held on the 26th January at the One Tree Point School. On the 22nd February 2015 the organisers of the Snake Bank challenge invited us to hold a sausage sizzle and also donated most of the sausages. Another successful fundraising event was held on the 8th March 2015 at Atlas Concrete with a big car boot sale, hotdogs and chips, cake stall and the Roller Derby Girls from the Northland Nightmares and it was a great turn out by the community, all eager to support our event. The first fundraising event held at the Rec Centre on the 5th April 2015 with raffles, a cake stall, sausage sizzle, mussel fritters, bring and buy and car boot sale was also a big success. The Bream Bay Music Club were also there and

entertained everyone with a medley of songs and instrumentals. One Tree Point School held a Wheels Day fundraiser on the 26th March 2015 raising an impressive $416.50. RAZZA restaurant organised a quiz night fundraiser and raised $750. The Ruakaka Fire brigade organised a car wash fundraiser and raised $551.90. Another event was held on the 1st August at the Rec Centre and our finale events for the year was the Halloween Costume Ball which raised a huge $4220 and the Ruakaka Christmas Parade where monies are still being counted. We received a total of $20706.40 in cash donations this year from Macsway Scaffolding Ltd, Des Olney, Bream Bay Landscapes, Marsden Yacht & Boat club, Bream Bay Anglican Parish OP shop, Beach & Boat Fishing Competition, Marsden Lions, Warren Daniels, G.Abernethy – cash for scrap metal, Ruakaka Super value and Foundation North. We would like to thank everyone who supported us with their time and money to bring this project to life so our youth have an incredible facility that will bring hours of enjoyments. The date for the construction of the skate park is set and works will start on the 18th of January 2016. We hope to finish the skate park at the end of February 2016.

Open 6am to 10pm 7 days a week

(Fuel now available 24/7 - payment at pumps)

Find us at 596 Port Marsden Highway – at the intersection of Port Marsden Highway and Marsden Point Road

FOR ALL YOUR AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS +#0 .-) 6E06> & 7-)!, =#;C<0# 75$! ' A0%;C#! 106E;8C6;< ;83 A0%;C#! ?E5% 658!B:;9<0!* /;DD0#C0!, 5C<, !%;#> %<B"! ;83 :5#0 (4 E5B# 22 A5;3!C30 2!!C!D;860 ?;<@;"0 ;""


• LPG bottle refills and swaps • Trailer hire • Pet food • Cakes and flowers by tracee • DVD hire • Hot food Phone 09 432 7979 or 020 444 7000

Ruakaka Motors

Greg Wheat

Shiv welcomes you to Gas Point Ruakaka

Phone: 09 432 7233 | Mobile: 021 0266 4606 Email:

Corner of Sime Road and Marsden Point Road, Ruakaka


Northport Ltd


orthport Ltd has commission a $5m GHMK 4406 mobile harbour crane, which has given the port the ability to load dedicated container vessels for the first time. The move gives Northland businesses the opportunity to access international container lines without having to ship freight by road to or from other North Island ports. The company’s immediate intention is to make Northport a low-volume ‘feeder’ port for container traffic destined for export from other North Island ports. It can now load containers onto gearless vessels for shipping either to other New Zealand ports or directly overseas. Chief executive Jon Moore said Northport was already in discussions with shipping lines about establishing these coastal feeder services. “This would reduce freight and handling costs incurred by a wide variety of Northland exporters and importers. Businesses across the region had expressed solid support for this and we’re excited by its potential.”


“We estimate that, until, now Northland businesses have had to transport cargo equivalent to about 45,000 20 foot containers each year

southwards down State Highway 1, right past the road leading to our port,” Jon said. ‘We’re now able to cater for that business, providing a cost effective alternative link to international container lines. Suddenly Northland businesses have some new options available to them and this has stimulated some really interesting conversation.” Northport has expanded its hard storage area by 1.3 hectares to accommodate the anticipated increase in container handling. It can now store 1,000 containers and when required, has plans to buy an empty container high-stacking forklift that will boost this capacity still further. The port is now able to handle up to 64 ‘reefer’ (refrigerated) containers. All the infrastructures are in place to expand its reefer capacity by up to 200 units, quickly and easily when we need to. Jon said Northport’s Board had approved the acquisition of a second crane once traffic volumes or ship turnaround times justified the investment. The crane can lift up to 100 tonnes. For container handling, it is equipped with a Bomma twin-lift spreader,

Happy New Year from your full service supermarket / <&)7" &7-%) ,' (>78!". '&)$# 6)7" 7-+ *&,+>4) / 2=)& 531000 %&,4)&. !")6$ !-$",&) / 9#,>$7-+$ ,' $*)4!78$ )74# :)); 74&,$$ )=)&. +)*7&"6)-"

which enables it to lift a single 20 foot container, a single 40 foot container or two 20 foot units. The spreader can be exchanged quickly and easily for a grab, a bucket or a hook, meaning that the crane can also be used to handle a wide range of bulk goods. Being fully-automated, the crane adjusts its maximum reach according to the weight of the load it is lifting. It is built to European quality standards and has also been certified as meeting all NZ quality and safety criteria. The entire process, from identifying a need and deciding to purchase a crane, through to researching options placing the order and taking delivery of the locally assembled product, took just 12 months. The German-built crane arrived at Northport in August this year in a shipment of 30 packages which was assembled by the manufacturers and Whangarei engineering contractor Black Dog Steelworks. It is a diesel electric unit. A generator driven by the diesel engine supplies sophisticated electronic systems that control all its functions, including the boom’s huge hydraulic lift frame. Northport has the ability to run the crane direct from the port’s electricity network, so if there was an issue with the diesel engine, the crane would still be operational. The unit weighs 398.5 tonnes, has a 7,850 litre fuel tankfull and a 10.7 tonne spreader attached. It moves on six axles and 24 rubber tyre wheels with the ability to crab sideways up to

25 degrees. It is stabilised by outrigger pads which have been doubled in size from the standard configuration for increased stability and reduced ground pressure. Northport Ltd have appointed its first crane operator, Wayne Anderson. Wayne’s very much a local lad; born in Hikurangi and attended Kamo High School. In fact, his appointment marks a return to Northport where he started his career as a general hand for Northland Stevedoring Services (NSS) in 1991; a job he’s really looking forward to returning to in his new role and ability to help take the company to the next stage in its development.

We look forward to seeing you instore soon! Michelle and the team Work long hours and don’t think you have time for the gym? Well now you do! Don’t want to travel into Whangarei just for the gym? Well now you don’t have to! Come and go as at whatever hour suits you • 24 Hour access • Brand new equipment • Bathroom facilities • Secure building 5 p/w • Low weekly memberships - $12.95

&>7;7;7 FreshChoice Ruakaka Shop 24, Ruakaka Town Centre Ph 432 7400


Opening Hours 7am – 9pm, 7 Days

Drop in and see us for more info Z 24Hour Fitness

Derek Taylor is proud to bring to a brand new gym facility with 24Hour Access to Bream Bay On the corner of Port Marsden Highway





182 One Tree Point Road, One Tree Point


4 Albany Road, One Tree Point

Location and harbour views, what a combination. Walk a couple of

For Sale View Sun 11-11.45am

Your time to own this waterfront home. Walk from your deck across

Price by Negotiation View Sun 12.15-1pm

minutes either way to a white sandy beach where kids can learn to master watersports in safety. Handy to boat ramps, Yacht Club,

the level lawn to the reserve and water´s edge. No roads to cross, no

steps to climb. Three bedrooms, master has water views and opens

Marsden Cove Marina and the Ruakaka Surf Beach. Four bedrooms,

Melva Hartnell

to the deck with an ensuite and walk-in robe. Living, dining and

Christine Ridley

ensuite plus rumpus room. Open plan kitchen, dining and lounge

M 0274 998 463 B 0800 80 20 40

kitchen are well proportioned. A conservatory extends the living. Two

M 021 495 598 B 0800 80 20 40

great indoor/outdoor flow to the spacious deck - fabulous views of the harbour with Mt Manaia and Whangarei Heads in the background. Double garage, internal access plus a carport, plenty of parking for MACKYS REAL ESTATE LIMITED, BAYLEYS, LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008.

additional bedrooms, bathroom and separate laundry complete the cottage. A large triple garage has room for the boat, beach toys and workshop. Drive through the property with your boat to the launching

the boat and motorhome, fully fenced 696m² section.


Building report available on request.

This is an Estate sale, it will be sold. Waterfront homes such as this MACKYS REAL ESTATE LIMITED, BAYLEYS, LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008.

rarely come to the market.

All companies within this composite are Members of Bayleys Realty Group

Come &


Ruakaka Town Centre is the central location within Ruakaka with

plenty of space available to expand. With approximately 4 hectares under development, Ruakaka Town Centre will remain the largest shopping precinct south of Whangarei. In order to reserve your opportunity, you need to be in early.

is now being planned.

Resource consents are in place. Custom built shops and positions are available.




Your Future

Sim e

Ro a

Taku t

ai P la


∞ Is adjacent to Bream Bay College, Kindergarten,

Recreational Centre, Library, Whangarei District Council Service Centre, Police, Community Trust and other local government services.

∞ The Town Square has now been renovated to a


modern standard complete with refurbuished courtyard to create a community focal point complete with restaurant and specicalty shops.

Peter Snell Road

∞ Anchor tenant is a supermarket recently

Ma rsde

nP oin t

Ro a

upgraded to the “Fresh Choice” brand due to sales growth. There is also an expanded medical centre and updated Unichem Pharmacy. Other health services (Dentist, Physiotherapy etc) and Westpac Bank are also present.

∞ Ruakaka is growing. New shops are available adjacent to Fresh Choice Supermarket.

∞ Existing businesses will relocate to larger

premises in stage 4 making spaces in the existing building available.


∞ An extension to the carpark will be built to accommodate the existing and new shops.

Be Successful and Join the Growth at Ruakaka. We welcome enquiries for stage 4 More information on the Ruakaka Town Centre opportunity is available at RUAKAKA


Please review the website first then contact Ken Orr - or 0275 70 60 50

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