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Contents Foreword

A word from our Directors Frances Conlon and John Fleming


Crystal Symphony

This newly refurbished cruise ship was our first major marine project


Working with Glass

Creating bespoke, high quality and exclusive glass pieces


Orient Isrotel

The Jewel of Jersualem, working on Israel’s newest Hotel



The launch of our Metallurgy range


Colmore Tang HQ

Developing the light fittings for the brand new Colmore Tang HQ


Bar and Restaurant

The launch of our new Bar and Restaurant range



Foreword Welcome to Edition 15 of Enlightened Only 5 months in and 2018 has already been a busy and exciting year for us. We have seen our first cruise ship project with AD Associates come to successful fruition, stunning public area installations in the Colmore Tang headquarters and beautifully nuanced fittings in the Isrotel Jerusalem which was designed by HBA. We have also launched a new Bar and Restaurant collection and added new designs to our standard range, including handblown custom glass pendants in Amber and Teal. Our Metallurgy range of finishes continues to inspire our creative clients. As an established supplier to UK and International hospitality brands for installations, public areas and roll outs we have a good reputation for delivering quality fittings to required deadlines. Over the last 18 months we have been developing our high-end, small batch manufacturing capabilities. Investing and training our already experienced craftsmen to deal with the requirements this market demands. The level of detailing, finish and materials that are specified for these exclusive projects has been a challenge we have successfully embraced. Our ability to balance very different markets is something we manage easily due to our manufacturing abilities and inhouse capacity. We are pleased to be the go-to Lighting Company for all bespoke requirements no matter what the budget. We hope you enjoy some of our highlights of 2018 and we look forward to realising more of your concepts and ideas soon. Kind regards Frances Conlon and John Fleming

Directors Northern Lights


Crystal Symphony The Crystal Symphony cruise ship is another great example of how diverse we have become in our 30 years of manufacturing bespoke lighting. The newly refurbished cruise ship was our first major marine project and it has already won ‘Cruise Critics Editors Pick Award for Best Refurbishment’. We were originally asked to develop the design and manufacture of some of the larger public area installations. However, this soon expanded into various other areas when the designers and lighting consultants (DPA) saw the value we could add to the fittings through design development together with our passion for the whole interior design scheme. Northern lights embraced the challenges, design restrictions and limitations that make marine jobs so interesting. Working with the designers, AD Associates and numerous contractor teams, we developed fittings that could deal with the usual visual and functional constraints such as budgets, tight lead times, aesthetics and ease of installation. On top of this we had to deal with low ceilings, a common feature on cruise ships, whilst still giving the impression of grandeur and a sense of a scale that matched the huge ship.

The real challenge the space presented was the risk of vibration noise. Looking at solutions already in place on other ships, we were not happy with the ‘fill it with silicone’ solution that seemed to be offered. This resulted in us engineering and developing fixings that were designed to last, easy to install and had no chance of working loose due to vibrations. The main feature pendants used mirror polished stainless trim plates. These were a cost-effective way of doubling the impact of the fitting. The low ceiling height made this vital in the large public areas where presence was most needed. The use of incandescent G9 lamps was not only practical for the existing circuitry but the lamps also suited the warm copper and brass tones in the space. 6

We developed the floor lamps and wall lights in various areas to avoid an over-engineered look, thus delivering a balance of function and elegance. The stresses placed on these fittings mean a lot of existing marine based products can look chunky and generally ill-conceived for the premium interior design schemes sought after by the end users. We are pleased to have avoided this completely with our design solutions. 8

Visiting the cruise ship whilst in dry dock pending refurbishment was the first time we truly appreciated the scale and challenges that face the architects, interior designers and contractors. Overseeing the installation with numerous international teams and seeing our craftsmen’s hard work come together and finish the interior scheme gave us great pride in our fittings. 9


Working with Glass Glass pendants have been ubiquitous in the hospitality market since the swag pendant boom took off in the last decade. Because of this our customers are always seeking ways of standing out from the crowd. No longer satisfied with off-the-shelf designs, they rightly look at ways of creating bespoke, high quality glass pieces that are not available anywhere else.

We have spent the last 18 months developing a close relationship with several high-quality glass blowers to add to our in-house glass facilities. This mix of companies allows us to hit various lead times and budget requirements and offers flexibility without compromising the finished product 12


Otto and Xavier are great examples of what can be achieved from borosilicate glass. The complex shapes are uniform even though free-blown. Each joint is meticulously finished to create a flowing, soft, viscous form. They are coloured, so the warm filament lamps typically used within these pendants really enhance the depth of the colour within the glass. 13


Fluted glass has been making a resurgence following the recent revival of the art deco movement. Sitting beautifully alongside brass, fluted glass offers another level of detail. The Milo and Viola pendants take inspiration from classic Victorian pendants. By abstracting these shapes and adding vibrant smokes, teal and ombre effects, we create something much more contemporary. These fluted glasses were the starting point for the exclusive Dirty Martini reeded glass pendant. These pendants were free-blown and designed to take into account the limitations of the material from the start. Working closely with Darren Grapes of Grapes Design, we created a unique amber pendant to enhance the new areas he wanted to highlight within the scheme and this resulted in an exclusive glass piece for the client. Glass has always played a big part in lighting design, but we are constantly pushing what is possible with this timeless material. We continuously develop new glass designs using both traditional and contemporary methods and we look forward to sharing our new glass collections with you in the coming months.

Left Viola, Right Dirty Martini bespoke glass pendant


The Orient Northern lights were asked to develop and manufacture all the light fittings for the public areas and the presidential suite for the newly opened Orient. HBA’s design brief was clear from the start: the light fittings needed to be high quality, contemporary and complement the natural Jerusalem stone that is so prominent in the area. The screen light embodies all these core principles. The framework was created to give a definitive boundary to the bar area while allowing visitors to look through the space and take in all the different elements.



The ‘random’ layout was meticulously designed to give an even coverage of light and density. The client challenged us to make these large screens with very small tolerances, leaving the contractor with very little work to do when the fittings arrived on site. All fixings were hidden to make the frame as minimal and seamless as possible. We even went to the length of developing a unique hand-hammered finish that gave character, texture and depth when viewed up close. Other standout fittings in the bar included the central chandeliers. Made from a series of lightweight translucent French crochet curtains with a delicate drop, they have an elegant flowing movement which is sympathetic to the space they inhabit. The chandelier over the main stairwell was another piece that needed to have a presence without being overpowering. The client wanted the design to focus on details such as gold-leaf caps on the glass shades and the extra loops of flex filling the empty spaces. Due to the complicated location and fixing points we attended site to help oversee the installation of this fitting.


With so many natural and quality materials on show, our continuing focus was to develop finishes that would complement the rest of the interior scheme and showcase the original designs by HBA. 20


Metallurgy This month we are launching our Metallurgy range which focuses on our exclusive hand-crafted in-house finish options using acid patinas, metal leaf, paint and powder coat.


We have the facilities to offer an amazing spectrum of finishes, all created in our factory. This is something that is unique to us. We have a range of over 50 standard finishes and are constantly experimenting with new techniques that evolve alongside our new product designs. We can also develop more bespoke finishes when working on projects that require a point of difference or a new finish to complement the design schemes. Our artisans spend many hours developing and refining finishes that look just as good on large flat surfaces as they do on small intricate cast parts. With the continuing trend utilising raw materials such as alabaster, marble and granite, we have been focusing on finishes that really enhance these natural stones. The deep rich patinas of our brass and bronze finishes work beautifully with these delicate materials, allowing the quality of the metal and craftmanship to speak for themselves. We are currently working on a range of natural stone designs which will perfectly complement our Metallurgy finishes.

The lights shown here are just a small selection from our diverse range. Our new steel finishes of Carbonne and Tarnished Steel have a painterly effect that has the appearance of stone. These are a more luxe, as opposed to an industrial, steel finish that expose the rich deep blues and jade greens within the body of the metal. If sealed with a matt or satin lacquer this then creates a different effect. These finishes are showcased in our new designs Seneca and Arlington.


All the finishes will vary from piece to piece creating highly unique and individual fittings. The Arlington wall lights also showcase Tarnished Brass, a stunning and layered effect which perfectly complements the on trend Deco-inspired reeded glass that we are using to diffuse the lamps.

The new Scuro pendants and wall lights are finished in patinated gold – a metallic gold base distressed with a burnt umber pigment. These are finished with glass spheres in opal, teal or smoke options. We are also developing a range of more luxurious metallic powder coats including blackened steel and pewter. These are ideal for hospitality projects for both cost-effectiveness and longevity. Examples of these finishes can be seen in our Rune range.

If you would like more information or to develop a new finish for any forthcoming projects, please call our sales team for more information. 25


Colmore Tang HQ Having worked closely with Tibbatts Abel and Colmore Tang on many successful projects, we jumped at the chance of manufacturing and developing the light fittings for the brand new Colmore Tang headquarters.

The close working relationship we have formed with both the client and the designer has helped us deliver something that truly reflects the company’s values and beliefs. High quality unique fittings that really have the ‘wow’ factor from every angle. Brass, stainless steel and acrylic forms were used throughout the modern office space, incorporating a mixture of brushed and polished faces to add depth to the glistening drops. Every curl was formed by hand and finished by our craftsmen to ensure a truly original design. Each light fitting influences the others while remaining unique in its own space. The addition of small crystals in the drops helps the fittings catch the light and small movements in the curls create a moving shimmer.


The custom laser-cut fretwork shades on the floor lamps were designed to fit in with the acid-etched glass panels that keep the space open and light. We used a combination of fabrics to give the impression of alabaster but without the cost, complexity and weight drawbacks. All these processes were carried out in our factory meaning we could impose the strictest quality control before assembly and delivery.

Our favourite piece had to be the spiral feature. The spiral layout is home to hundreds of individual curls, all fastened discreetly to give the perception that they are floating within the lightweight spiral. The polished ceiling plate helps get the most out of the low ceiling and it doubles the perceived height of the fitting 28

‘Our longstanding relationship with both Northern Lights and Colmore Tang made this a great collaborative project to be involved with. Northern Lights helped our vision for the space become a reality. Being able to work through every detail of each fitting with lighting designers is key for us see what the finished articles will be before they get to site. The consistent efforts to work with us get items within budget, on time and without sacrificing on quality is also equally as important. Our favourite piece has to be the two-part installation drop pendants either side of the staircase. When it catches the light, it glistens and sparkles which further adds to the luxurious feel we had envisioned for the space. We look forward to working on many more up and coming projects with Northern Lights and further build on this successful relationship!’ Kendall Fields, Tibbatts Abel


Bar & Restaurant This year has seen us launch our new Bar and Restaurant range. In this feature we look at how this is already having an impact in the market. Hickorys, KuPP and 200 Degrees coffee shops are just a few of the many brands that are specifying and using our products for their schemes. We have been working in this sector for 30 years and our new collection encompasses everything we have learnt from our many and diverse clients: great designs, good options for all budgets, quick turnaround times, great finish choices and a wide range of fittings to choose from - all in one place. Because we can use stock components and standard processes combined with our inhouse design flair, we create fittings that offer both good value and great lead times. The new designs will suit both small independent bars as well as large chains. Our warehouses are a treasure trove of castings, spinnings and parts that have been used to create a varied range of fittings to suit any scheme.


One of the main reasons our customers keep coming back to us is the variety of choice we offer. As this issue of Enlightened highlights, our standard finishes comprise over 50 hand-crafted finishes which can be applied in various ways across our new range.

The use of stock components allows us to offer very competitive lead times - we are also able to offer bespoke solutions to time-strapped designers. Lighting is often one of the last elements of a scheme to be confirmed. We work closely with interior designers and architects to make sure their original vision is fulfilled.


There is the demand for a more bespoke finish, we are confident we can develop a finish to meet your requirements. In addition to the new range we launched in February, we are developing more fittings every month to add to this collection and also to keep up with the ever-changing trends within the bar and restaurant industry. The fittings shown on the website will be updated regularly to reflect this. Just a handful of the latest additions are shown in this article and we cannot wait to see them used in future schemes. We understand that certain brands need exclusivity. If there is something that sparks an idea and you want us to develop it with you then please get in touch. Our design team will be more than happy to help you realise your ideas.


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Northern lights - Enlightened Issue 15  

Northern Lights latest edition of Enlightened featuring Crystal Symphony, Colmore Tang and Isrotel Orient.

Northern lights - Enlightened Issue 15  

Northern Lights latest edition of Enlightened featuring Crystal Symphony, Colmore Tang and Isrotel Orient.