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Northern Lights

Annual 2022/23

Welcome to World-Class Bespoke Lighting

From understated luxe to the avant-garde, Northern Lights has spent over 35 years creating bespoke luxury lighting for a variety of sectors across a range of impressive projects. By blending cutting edge design, manufacturing & lighting technology with traditional artisan craftsmanship, Northern Lights brings to life unlimited visions across endless design schemes, allowing interior designers to transform a variety of spaces effortlessly and creatively.

With particular expertise in glass techniques and metal fabrication, along with an extensive range of finishes, the designs utilise the creative capabilities and push the boundaries of manufacturing to create some of the most iconic luxury bespoke lighting on a global scale.

The intention of the annual is to showcase the very best of our bespoke lighting capabilities. We work with some of the most renowned interior designers on awardwinning projects that are always at the forefront of conversations.

A word from Donna Bruce

Since 1987, the foundations of Northern Lights have been underpinned by our UK manufacturing capabilities. During 35 years of trading the business has gone through many changes and none more significant than now.

Throughout the pandemic we have all had to take different approaches - not just to how we conduct our businesses but how we view the world around us. We had to learn to generate positives from negatives, to look within at ways to thrive and build resilience, and to focus our efforts to ensure we emerged stronger on the other side. Our customers became not only interested in the quality we are able to produce as a British manufacturer, but also how we achieve it and the environmental impact.

Northern Lights has a story to tell. We are not just another lighting supplier; we are creators, visionaries and craftspeople. We are fortunate enough to continually collaborate with some of the largest brands and most recognised interior designers in the world.

Our focus for 2023 is on strengthening our brand presence in Hospitality and Luxury Residential markets, and our reach has already started to extend into cruise ships and super yachts. It’s an incredibly exciting time for the business.

We continue to pride ourselves on our manufacturing and service excellence. This includes developing luxury signature products, working with our customers on iconic bespoke lighting solutions, and investing further into our already significant facility - all whilst continuing to evolve our sustainable initiative.

Reflecting on an incredible year of growth, our Managing Director looks ahead to what the future holds for Northern Lights.
“This is the least boring job in the world - it’s a passion, because what we’re doing is so versatile and eclectic.”
Donna Bruce Managing Director

The World According to Northern Lights

Chateau Denmark

Taylor Howes London

“The vivid colour palettes in each room require the accompaniment of bold lighting designs that cut through the darkness and highlight some of the decadent decor on show.”

Rosendale Design London Mathura

“The design team at Northern Lights are well aware of Atul Kochhar’s reputation as the first Indian chef to be awarded a Michelin Star. They jumped at the chance to design a range of decorative bespoke lighting for his new restaurant.”

Galaxy Yacht


Bergman Design House

“This particular venture into the decadent world of marine interiors provided our design team with new challenges, as this was for a much more personal vessel - essentially a residence on water.”

35 Years of Bespoke Finishing

Northern Lights’ skilled artisans have spent the past thirty-five years developing metal finishes to apply to our bespoke lighting fixtures and accessories.

This breadth of experience has enabled Northern Lights to offer the most comprehensive range of metal finishes in the industry, continuously being added to through experimentation and innovation. Our deep understanding allows us to achieve naturally organic patterns in our finishes, meaning our lights will always carry an air of individuality.

Goddard Littlefair London The Conrad, 9 Millbank

“The team at Northern Lights was elated to design bespoke lighting fixtures that would subsequently be used to bring decadence to the £27.5m property.With extensive ground to cover, it relied on a collective knowledge covering various decorative artistic lighting styles.”

St. Albans Sopwell House


“Sparcstudio adopted the task of visualising a brand-new scheme for the Grade II-listed hotel’s bedrooms. Northern Lights realised their vision by designing and manufacturing a range of lighting that evoked luxury in its purest form.”

The Relais Henley

“We get a wonderful sense of satisfaction in the careful design approach and manufacture of lighting for such historical venues as Relais Henley.”

The Mayfair Townhouse


Goddard Littlefair

is synonymous with status, heritage and prestige. Northern Lights continued their collaboration with Goddard Littlefair ensuring their lighting designs were realised as intended, enhancing the spaces they occupied and creating a focal point and inviting ambience.”



Worldwide Sagrada

“Famed for its bespoke décor, incorporating Peruvian artefacts, eye-catching plant features and bespoke handcrafted furniture, and designed by the London based design team Sagrada, COYA links stylish, contemporary Peruvian cuisine with a colourful and vibrant ambience.”

Langan’s Brasserie

Peter Mikic Interiors London
“The opportunity for Northern Lights to work with Peter Mikic on such a historic part of London’s incredibly diverse restaurant scene was not to be missed, and we relished the eclectic brief the designers had set.”

San Carlo Cicchetti

Fettle London

“Fettle’s experience of designing interior schemes for Italian-inspired brasseries has allowed the designers at Northern Lights to explore beautiful Art Deco influences commonly found in Italian venues.”
Wes Anderson Belmond British Pullman

Anderson has a deep-rooted love of trains and a passion for craftsmanship. Trains with luxury interiors quite often play a significant role in his films and bring to life his vision of perfect symmetry that defines his artistic direction.”



Noriyoshi Muramatsu London
“One of the thrills in designing bespoke lighting is manufacturing something that will become the focal point of its setting. Northern Lights continually strive to break these boundaries by utilising quality finishes that complement the designers’ interiors.”


London Fettle

“The Gessner’s setting required fittings that are better suited to residential interiors that still follow the modern trends required from bespoke decorative lighting.”

11 Cadogan Gardens

Atellior London

“Northern Lights’ task was to introduce soft linen fabrics to the bright hallways, lavish brushed brass elements to the bedroom and contemporary industrial elements to the bathroom.”


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