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THE AVENUE Party | Winter 2017 Vol. 5 Issue 1


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Aideen Murphy, Sarah Ceniceros, Karina Masri, Halley Husted, Aideen Murphy, Mikaela MJ Amundson and Claudia Bracy Valerie Butler Will Harvey Elizabeth Holliday and Annie Wu Adrian Kombe Lindis Barry and Catherine Patchell Alec Maclean, Jasmine Rayonia, Non Kuramoto, Jamie Pearl, Sabrina SepulAzcarraga and Carter Howe Dana Dworkin and Dana Rocha Lindis Barry Nicole Miller Francine Chen and Krupa Patel Marcella Kukulka and Maria Bermudez Pizano Marcella Kukulka


Kiley Choi, Marcella Kukulka, Alex Kaneshiro, Ewa Sepiolo, Tova Lenchner, Elizaveta Pereguda, Emily Wu, Louise-Audrey Zenezini, Dana Dworkin and Maureen Porter


Katie Lester, Mina Nayeri, Dorcas Thete, Nicole Erickson, Ava Skinner, Jiya Pindur, Rashod Blades and Greer Wilson Special thanks to Daniel McGorry

letter from the editor

2016 - my, what a year it was. We lost some of our greatest stars who inspired us with their creativity and generosity. Our world was shaken up when the impossible happened, and we were forced to face some ugly truths. We are being thrown into confusion and darkness as years of hard work seem to be reversed every day. But it’s 2017, and we are still here. Standing strong, ready to fight for what is right. Ready to stand together with those in need. And, ready to party. Throughout history, parties have been a means for youths to subvert society’s expectations and express themselves freely and break barriers. Parties have acted as safe spaces for those who have felt marginalized, seeking solace in finding allies and opening up in judgementfree environments. Teddy boys and girls, punks, drag queens and ravers have been fighting injustices by challenging social norms through action, music and of course, how they dress. Fashion has always provided an avenue for self-expression as well as revolution. Women in pants; Men in drag; DIY clothes that reject consumerism — we have always used fashion as a means to say “NO” to oppressive society. So now, in this crazy world, I want to remind everybody to party on and express yourself. No matter how lost you may feel, please remember that fashion is a party, and you are always invited. In this issue we explore uplifting designers putting fun back in fashion and we are bringing colors and patterns back! We are also putting fun colors and glitter back on faces — Now is the time to be bold. We hope that our articles about fashionable riots throughout history as well as the implications of hot pink in the current women’s marches and rave culture subverting social norms will inspire you to find your fashion voice. We are also providing some self-care tips, an article about parties being safe-spaces and the perfect party playlist to dance your heart out to, because we all need a pick-me-up now and then. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this magazine, making this fantastic feat possible. Thank you to you, our reader, for picking up this issue of The Avenue. If this magazine could incite even a spark in you to live boldly and dress fiercely, we will have been successful. Let us put on our best shoes for marching and partying.

Non Kuramoto Editor-in-Chief

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SO LONG NORMCORE, CATCHING EYES IS COOL AGAIN Written by Alex Kaneshiro Photos courtesy of Mika Ohata

Our concept of the New Year is always the same – out with the old, in with the new, and the start of 2017 fashion has been no exception. Normcore, a trend that has been ever-present since 2013 has overstayed its welcome in the eyes of designers and editors alike. This season, it is out with plain white tees and in with Picasso-esque kimonos. The shift from mundane-chic to colors, patterns and textures may have stemmed from the very genesis of normcore itself. But what is normcore and how did it catch on in the first place? If you are unfamiliar with the style, a typical normcore outfit consists of jeans, some form of a plain top and sneakers. Google, “normcore” and the second image result will be a photo of Steve Jobs, whose signature black turtleneck, dad jeans and modest sneakers make up a great example of a normcore ensemble. Surprisingly, this extreme version of minimalism is a trend that arose from deepseated societal psychology. Many attribute the rise of the trend to K-Hole, the brand consultant agency that popularized the term. In 2013, at the 89plus Marathon in London, K-Hole presented their theory revolving around the recent dismissal of the, then-popular, hipster aesthetic.


“This season, it is out with the plain white tees and in with the Picassoesque kimonos” In the Vouge UK video series, “Future of Fashion,” K-hole consultants explain that they introduced normcore as a “form of coolness,” rather than a fashion trend. Emily Segal, one of the K-Hole consultants, says that idea behind normcore and “being down with as many people as possible” is actually a rebellion against creative expression, which, according to them is a mainstream value. The consultants believe that simplicity is a way out of the “monotony” of self-expressive fashion. Shortly after their presentation at the 89plus Marathon, normcore became an Internet mega-meme, furiously trending as hashtag on social media. By the end of 2013, the word “normcore” took second place on Oxford English Dictionary’s “Word of the Year” shortlist, sharing the spot with “bae,” losing first place only to the word “vape.”


Top: Primark, Jeans: Gap, Jacket: Adidas

If you are apprehensive to accept the fact that normcore gained traction as a trend because people wanted to be different by fitting in, you are not alone. Fashion icon, Alexa Chung, is dismissive of the idea that antiindividuality has become a trend in an industry that thrives off of innovation and originality. Publications like Elle and Man Repller put out articles titled, “Normcore Fashion Trend: Not For the Trendy,” and “Why Are We All Dressing Like the Most Pared Down Versions of Ourselves?” Even the New York Times chimed in with their web article, “Normcore: Fashion Movement or Massive In-Joke?” As big as normcore may have been, skeptics have a point: when did fashion become about being as creatively repressed as possible? Regardless of whether you stand with or against normcore, industry

Top: Brandy Melville, Shorts: Urban Outfitters, Coat: Nordstrom Rack, Shoes: Vagabond



Top: Rehab, Shorts: Urban Outfitters, Jacket: Nasty Gal, Shoes: Dolce Vita, Purse: Kate Spade

Top: Minkpink, Jeans: Zara, Kimono: Monki, Sandals:, Jeffrey Campbell

giants believe the trend will die out this upcoming season. For those who detest the anti-style style, you are in luck. Get your loudest hues and busiest prints out because standing out is in for 2017. If you are familiar with the scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Miranda Priestly schools Andy on the subject of her cerulean sweater, you know that fashion trickles from the top down. Trends are born in fashion houses, established by the most influential magazines and ultimately reach the masses. The patterns and colors trends of the season have been delivered to us via its usual mode and they are not giving us any indication that normcore will be perpetuated in the coming season.


In-the-know fashion editors at Elle, Vogue US, Vogue France, Vogue UK, Who What Wear, Harper’s Bazaar and W Magazine have each published their own versions of a 2017 trends list and there is a lot of overlap. Bright pink, as seen on the runway in Balenciaga, Céline, Chanel, Gucci and Valentino shows, is the shade of the season, shaking the normcore color palate to its core. Proenza Schouler and Chloé, among many others, are incorporating artistically inspired themes into their upcoming ready-to-wear lines. Finally, both stripes and metallics are prominently featured in Kenzo, Marc Jacobs and Rosie Assoulin’s recent designs. In addition to these statement trends, forecasts indicate we will also be seeing some glimpses of normcore’s past. Postminimalism resonated through Bottega Veneta, Jil Sander, Stella McCartney and Hermès’ 2017 collections, fusing normcore tones with statement textures and shapes.


Sweater: Primark, Pants: Oh My Love, Jacket: Zara, Shoes: Vagabond, Necklace: Urban Outfitters

You might not have a huge collection of these bold pieces waiting to be picked out of your closet, so a pink jacket here and a pair of striped pants there will be enough to carry you through the season before the next crop of trends come in. If you are still phasing out of normcore, mix and match your basics with this season’s must-wears. Pair your versatile black clothes with a color block jacket or pop art kimono. And integrate your minimalist paper bag trousers with a textured, metallic jacket. The point being, every piece in your en-vogue ensemble does not necessarily have to be a statement, rather the start of 2017 will serve as a graceful transition period from last season to the current one. For the well-dressed, it is the season to get creative and make a splash.

Top: Zara, Shorts: Zara, Cover-Up: Dimepiece, Shoes: Vagabond, Socks: American Apparel

Like normcore, the spring fashion described here is not forever and is quite possibly already fleeting. While we can only speculate how long the statement trends of the season will be around, we will surely be seeing far fewer model-types in Jerry Seinfeld clothing walking the streets of SoHo in the coming year. And for those who idolize fashion for its ability to project inner individuality to one’s surface, this is your season to shine.



A/W 2017 OVERVIEW Written by Ewa Sepiolo In the midst of winter the only thing you may be thinking of is how to best bundle up yet fashion never hides. The Autumn/ Winter 2017 season looks are out and you can start thinking ahead how to be the “best dressed� through the upcoming season. Next winter season is filled with bold, shiny materials ranging from velvet to vinyl and a lot of statement colors from neons to royal blue. Here I chose the top 5 looks worth the investment.



1. FUR‌.EVERYWHERE Fur or faux-fur is definitely a must have and it has not only been dominating parka’s. These furs can now be found combined with bombers, sneakers and even sandals. With so many variations there are options to satisfy all tastes. The bright and electro-colored furs with different prints are for the bold. On the other hand some may fancy the two-in-one style with the removable fur option inside your winter jacket, creating a win-win situation as it will keep you warm and trendy. You can also show it off, as it becomes a cute gilet when removed from the coat. Although every girl would love to have THE Fendi fur, affordable choices are available for those on a budget so if you dare to wear the furs uni or multicolor you will definitely be making a statement.

Photos courtesy of: liveinternet.ru, vogue.com, ell.h-cdn.co, aeworld.com

2. VELVETY SMOOTH Velvet was a major fashion trend on the runway in 2016 and it is certainly not leaving anytime soon. Anything from rich colored booties, sweat sets to long evening gowns, you can wear velvet items day to night. For daytime you can pair it with a pair or blue jeans or wear a sweat ensemble whereas for night you can go for a classic blazer or a full jumpsuit look. With its distinct feel and sumptuous look, this fabric will be making a comeback next season.



3. LUXE LUREX It’s party season all year round. From the recent Spring 2017 Chanel collection to the forecasted Fall trends, lurex is definitely here to stay and it is worth the investment. Dress it up or dress it down, the little glittery fabric will get you in party mood at any time of the day. If you are not the type to go all out, you can accessorize it with a lurex thread scarf like the classic Missoni type. 4. CATWOMAN ON THE MOVE Halloween is still months away. However fashion has proved us again that sexy skin tight vinyl clothing is not only to be worn that one night a year. The Catwoman look is back with the recent trend in vinyl clothing that you can wear from head to toe. Just please don’t over punk it. With the shiny PVC material it can get pretty busy. 5. OVERSIZE EVERYTHING This season, no minimalism is to be seen. A lot of explosive silhouettes filled with volume became the new form for streetwear influencers. From casual to chic the “City Puffa” can be worn atop skirt ensembles or with bell bottoms. Influenced by the Supreme for Louis Vuitton Collection where high end meets streetwear, you don’t need to worry that mixing the two will be any problem. Just wear it with confidence! Fashion should be a PARTY – fun and uplifting. With bold colors and LUXE materials, this next season is one to remember!



May 2017 be your Sparkliest Year Yet! Name

Written by Maureen Porter 2016 as a year in one word can be described as challenging. 2016 was filled with numerous obstacles for us all; however, a new year has finally begun which means new beginnings and positive changes. 2016 had a lot of great beauty trends like bold highlighters, blue eye looks and more diverse options for liquid lipsticks. However, 2016 also had some of the worst beauty trends in recent years like overlining lips, contouring everything (why was neck contouring even a thing?) and impractical nail art. I hope these trends stay in 2016, allowing for better and more exciting beauty trends.


One trend that has already started and has me very excited is the incorporation of glitter into beauty looks. Glitter has been taking the fashion and beauty world by storm. It is being worn in new ways that are bold, glamorous and fun. No longer will glitter have to be associated with when you were 8 years old and dressed up as a princess for Halloween. Instead, this 2017 Winter and Spring season, glitter is being sprinkled into beauty in innovative ways that make glitter not only girly and youthful, but also edgy and cool. 2017 is off to great start in the beauty industry with glitter giving the year a new dreamy and party like aesthetic.


Glitter recently has been dominating the couture and beauty world. The 2017 Fendi Spring runway show displayed models with a very unique sparkly lip. The collection as a whole was very playful, dynamic and flirty. Pastels and bright floral patterns decorated the models delicately and overall gave the show a very girly and youthful vibe. However, the boldest aspect of every model’s look was their lips speckled with glitter. I personally love this look because it takes an overall innocent look and makes it extremely edgy. I can not wait to see what the beauty gurus on Youtube and Instagram do to take this look and make it more wearable. I hope by March we are all rocking this sparkly lip. Another trend that started towards the end of last year, but has become more popular recently Kira Kira which originated in Japan, and literally means sparkle. What this trend entails is decorating one’s face with stickers that are shimmery, bright and are uniquely shaped. This trend also gives off youthful and innocent vibes. In other words if you adorn this look you will be the essence of cute. The trend has spread throughout Asia with many celebrities decorating their faces with stickers and posting pictures on instagram. Recently the trend has spread globally with models rocking stars on their cheeks at the Dior 2017 Runway during Berlin Fashion Week. Who doesn’t love stickers, and if this trends means me being able to wear sticker on my face while looking adorable, I am so ready. Okay, maybe you love everything sparkly; however, maybe you also don't want to show up to your 10 a.m. class looking like a glittery goddess. Personally, I would love to see some of my professors reaction, but there are also many ways to incorporate glitter into your beauty routine in more subtle ways. One of the most discreet ways to sparkle up your life is to add it to your nails. You could make your nails shine with glitter nail polish alone or you could be like the 2017 Rodarte Runway models and decorate your cuticles with glittery gold nail polish. If you’re looking for the ultimate understated glitter look than this one is for you. This look is simple but interesting and no matter your own personal style it’s a look that anyone can rock.



Another way to incorporate a bit of shine and shimmer into this year is through metallics. Metallics are like the badass grown up version of glitter, so if you are not feeling the cute innocent vibe in 2017 than metallics are for you. There are numerous ways to incorporate metallics into your beauty look. One of my favorite looks is the metallic lip, and if you are looking for a less expensive but a quality metallic lip ColourPop’s ultra metallic lips are great. However, many other brands from Kylie Cosmetics to Kat Von D also have their own metallic lip options. The metallic look can also be incorporated through metallic highlighters or nail polish. So if cutesy glitter is not your aesthetic for 2017, than maybe metallics are the necessary thing to bring that shine into your life this year.

“Metallics are like the badass grown up version of glitter” Finally, the easiest way to wear glitter daily is through eyeshadow. Many eyeshadows have very light glitter already, so maybe you are rocking the trend already. However, if you want to take it to the next level, go for a palette that offers more shine like Urban Decay’s Moondust palette. One of my favorite ways of adding glitter into my everyday look is by lining the inner corner of my eyes with white glitter. This not only makes my look more exciting, but it also helps make my eyes look brighter, bigger and more awake (which is something I desperately need after staying up late studying). Don’t let glitter scare you, there are numerous subtle ways to include it into your everyday look without looking like someone spilled a tub of glitter on your face. A new year, even though it sounds horribly cliche, means inevitable a new start, as well as a chance to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. I think the best way to start 2017 off right is to incorporate glitter into your look, whether it be everyday or for special occasions. It is finally 2017, which means it is time to celebrate and what better way to party than with shimmery sparkly makeup.


Photos courtesy of: popsugar.com, harpersbazaar.com



CRYSTALLIZED Photos by Alec MacLean


Written by Tova Lenchner Photos by Jamie Pearl


We walked up and down the street looking for just the right pieces. Forever 21 had some interesting accessories and Urban Outfitters had maybe a shirt or two, but we left each store feeling more and more defeated. We gave up. We started the walk back from Newbury Street to campus feeling we had failed. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted what would be our saving grace, Dorothy’s Costume Boutique: the perfect place for some casual rave attire shopping. We grappled at tutus and tights even glimpsing at brightly colored wigs. It was perfect.

“People dress in costumes a lot of the time, anything from gas masks to butterfly wings. Definitely a lot of paint and stuff too. Totally wouldn’t be accepted in society unless it was halloween or something”

commented Daniel Zamzok, a follower of EDM artists including Afrojack and Eoto, on the creative clothing choices of his fellow ravers. Picking out a daily outfit in a place like Dorothy’s would seem like a monstrosity, choosing from selections of neon, clashing prints and barely-there costumes: nevertheless, the costume boutique would be a raver’s paradise. There is also a great Do-It-Yourself EDM festival fashion following that can make kooky fashions into an art form. Bedazzled bras or hand beaded “kandi” reveal plenty of personality and make the pre-rave process of putting together the perfect look even more fun. The eclectic party wear draws the attention to the participants themselves as living spectacles of wearable art and entertaining energy, campaigning to break any and every fashion rule.



Raver energy is unparalleled, breaching societal norms, and sometimes even comfort zones. “There are definitely people going wild just dancing around, having fun and hugging strangers,” admited Mary Najibi, personally calling herself a fan of the Chainsmokers and Kygo. The socially accepted notion of personal space has no place in a rave. With energetic crowds of mosh pits and chaos, it’s impossible to not quite literally be thrown into the party. Violent dancing and colliding make “moshing” the most intense and dangerous form of dancing that also acts as a main attraction for these avant-garde music scenes. But, for a rave first-timer this can be quite overwhelming; “people just push and shove till they get where they want.”

“Do-It-Yourself...can make kooky fashions into an art form.” This hostile phenomenon is rare and not necessarily in the nature of electronic dance music festivals. PLUR is the rave mantra: Peace, Love, Unity and Respect fighting off hostility and violence in pursuit of acceptance and community. These values explain the hugging of strangers and sharing of kandi as means to spread love, demonstrate acceptance and create unity of participants all as members of the same human condition. The rave scene becomes a utopia feeding off of the PLUR lifestyle, and of course lots of fun!


wednesday, april 5th 7:30 curry ballroom



of the body and mind in college Written by Louise-Audrey Zenezini Photos by Sabrina Sepul-Azcarraga



As a typical college student in a large metropolitan city, my night ended with an Uber drive home. While my friend and I chatted about our night, our driver softly spoke up. He told us that we were the only sober girls he had picked up that weekend - and I wish I had been surprised by the fact. He explained he didn’t understand students’ need to drink and their need to party and be out late. He began to describe his past and the nights he couldn’t remember and the headaches he would wake up with more mornings than he could count. After living like this for so many years, he chose self-care over wild nights and he changed his life.

Now, this is not an article meant to sound disapproving of anyone who parties or discourage anyone to - I mean, heck, I like to party just as much as the next college student. This is to encourage you to think a little more about your own well being, and how your actions impact not only your physical health, but mental health as well. Mental health is often overlooked on the subject of self-care, because the topic as a whole typically brings up thoughts about food, exercise, limiting smoking and drinking and sleeping well. But despite how much those actions can impact your physical attributes, what nutrition goes into your body has a chain-reaction to what happens in your brain. Your brain needs food that is high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and that is low in refined sugars, which can cause the worsening of mood disorders, like depression. This information comes from a slowly emerging field called nutritional psychiatry, which has directly proven a link between what we eat and how we feel.

“he chose self-care over wild nights and he changed his life”

The relationship between foods and moods begins with serotonin, a neurotransmitter of which 95 percent is produced in the gastrointestinal tract. The tract is lined with millions of neurons that are influenced by what you eat and reflect this in guiding your emotions. Diets that consist of high levels of fruits and vegetables, unprocessed grains and fish have proven to lower risks of depression by 25 percent to 35 percent compared to a diet full of processed foods and sugars. In the general day to day college life, with dining halls filled with endless fresh cookies, fries and ice cream, it is hard to limit oneself. Though it may require a bit of dedication I encourage you to try several days if not weeks without foods that are known to cause inflammation and fluctuations in moods. Gathering information from personal experience, a changed diet without foods that caused inflammation can revitalize you and boost not only the way your body feels, but the way you feel emotionally as well.



TIPS Another basis of self-care is self-observation: learning how certain actions and foods affect your body and mind. Two weekends ago after a night out with friends, we decided to stop by our local late pizza and all types of fried foods place. While the hot, greasy fries tasted amazing at one in the morning, when I woke up the following day, I felt greasy and gross. One weekend to the next, I began to learn. The first was to limit my intake a deliciously greasy salty foods while out. The second was to come home at a reasonable time because apparently going to bed at 4 a.m. with dreams of waking up the next morning at eight are a little bit out of reach. The third was to always, no matter how late, no matter the state, wash my face and brush my teeth before going to bed. By doing so, I would wake up the following morning feeling fresher with the added bonus of not having mascara smeared under my eyes. But while those tid bits are lessons I have learned after the parties, self-care applies just as much while you are at them. I always arrive with my phone charged above 50 percent, as it ensures I will not have to rely on others to get myself home and can keep in contact with my friends. I always make sure no one ever gets left behind - the friends you arrive with, are the friends you leave with. And, as you may have been told 20 million times, check what you are drinking, and watch what is being poured. For your own safety, stay attentive. I bring these points up because self care encompasses every action one takes to protect their own well being, thus including the smart decisions one makes as well.

“listening to what your body needs is caring for yourself”



Sources: health.harvard.edu

However much I like to have a night out with my friends, Netflix at home in bed is just as appealing. If you do not feel like running wild all night, don’t feel like you have to. There will always be more parties, more new people to meet and more pictures to take. Listening to what your body needs is caring for yourself not only physically but mentally as well. “Listening to what your body needs is caring for yourself.”

LONG TERM Like my Uber driver said the other night, a life of partying was not sustainable for him, and long term he chose to listen to how he felt to guide his decisions. In my opinion, in order to maintain self-care, life must be balanced - going out and doing what college kids do, while taking time to care and feed yourself properly. Going forward, this idea is simply to ensure one's physical health and mental health are the best they can be, both in terms of nutrition and actions which affect your body and mind overall.




RIOTS Written by Marcella Kukulka

Illustrated by Aideen Murphy

The Women’s March on Washington, held on January 21st, was a historic protest organized to send a bold message to the Trump administration that women’s rights are human rights. Over 1 million women assembled in Washington, 3.3 million assembled throughout the United States and hundreds of people assembled on all 7 continents to march against Trump’s polarizing rhetoric during the presidential campaign. How exactly did people geographically distanced from Washington D.C. show solidarity for the great cause? The short answer: fashion. In an interview with the New York Times, Tanisha Ford, an associate professor of history at the University of Delaware said, “I think one of the benefits of using clothing as a sign of one’s politics is that it allows other people who may not get to places like Washington, D.C., to show that they are in solidarity”. 34


Fashion is not only an art but a powerful means of selfexpression. For centuries, women have protested oppression and misogyny through their dress. For example, in the 1800s when a woman named Amelia Bloomer advocated for women to dress more comfortably, she inspired fashion designers to create knee-length dresses with pants to be worn underneath. At the 1963 March on Washington, hundreds of AfricanAmerican women rejected expectations of sartorial protocol and chose to wear denim overalls with their untouched, natural hair. Around the same time, other women became famous for a lack of what they wore: “bra burning.” The refusal to wear undergarments became a symbol for women who were autonomous from men and their ideals. While many protests in the past featured women wearing atypical clothing for their time, the clothing and accessories seen at the Women’s March on Washington differed conceptually. The march relied on text-based apparel that directly sent a message about who the participants were and what they believed in. From $2 “Nasty Woman” pins to Dior’s “We Should All Be Feminist” shirts and the official hoodie designed by Bob Bland, the Women’s March was not another demonstration that could be misconstrued for some other cause. Women chose to wear their opinions loud and proud - literally.

Fashion is not only an art but a powerful means of self-expression



One accessory that became somewhat of an unofficial uniform for the event was a handknitted, hot-pink hat with cat ears. With the wordplay inspired by President-elect Donald Trump’s controversial “grab her by the pussy” comment, the Pussyhat Project set out to provide the participants of the Women’s March with a “uniting visual statement which will help activists be better heard”. The Pussyhat Project provided women volunteers with pink yarn to knit hats for themselves or to donate for other attendees to wear. Since demand for the hat was overwhelmingly high, project organizers enlisted retailers from all over the world to help with the initiative. Reaching their aim of having 1.7 million hats made by women around the country, local yarn shops along the East Coast and even Amazon ran out of pink spools for participants to buy.


In its mission statement, the Pussyhat Project explains the importance of the hats being handmade and pink. “Knitting circles are sometimes scoffed at as frivolous ‘gossiping circles,’ when really, these circles are powerful gatherings of women, a safe space to talk, a place where women support women.” Symbolizing the march with a handmade item is a powerful statement that reclaims the women’s skill and femininity associated with the traditional craft as a means of empowerment. The image of the crowd as a sea of pink, a powerful visual statement, was another goal of the Pussyhat Project. As seen by the aerial images of the day, this showed women were uniting and marching unapologetically for their rights.


The Women’s March on Washington is just one more example of fashionable riots that have been revolutionary in the past decades. Following in the footsteps of the beatniks, teddy boys, and punk rockers who came before them, women at the march used fashion as a means to subvert what is expected of them. Fashion has the power to help change the world; use it to create yourself a better future.

Women chose to wear their opinions loud and proud - literally


parties as

safe spaces Written by Elizaveta Pereguda Photos by Carter Howe

It is a Friday night. Your friends invite you out. And you go because it is a Friday. That’s what people do in college, right? However, most college students agree that parties for them can often be a place of the escape. Historically, parties have functioned as inclusive spaces for those who felt marginalized by mainstream society. Artists, those of the LGBTQ+ Community, punks and many other groups found each other and safety from an often hostile society. Parties are symbols of freedom, love and escape from the drudgery of real life. I am a regular college student. I am female. I am 20. I am straight. Yet I realize there are times when I attend parties to escape. Whether it is a busy semester in classes or the most boring co-op, by the time Friday comes I know I want to dance the stress off my body. I will go to a party to not have fun but rather to forget about ongoing challenges in the real life. I go there to lose my usual persona and become a part of the crowd. For a night. Another aspect of "escaping" is the fashion part of getting ready for the party. I go out because I want to dress up. After wearing ‘campus outfits’ or ‘co-op clothes’ for the entire week, what can be better than putting on something special? The whole preparation process of going out can be more pleasurable than the party itself. The sweet hour of styling and putting make-up on; the anticipation of where the night will take me. Even before the party starts, I already feel safe. I know I look pretty.



The layers of make-up hide the evidence of my lack of sleep. I also look older. I can be anyone during that night. I remember, going through a break-up, I felt the need to prove to myself that it was his loss and I was worth so much more than what he could offer. Parties had become my escape twice a week for about a month. Going through emotional challenges, I lost five pounds, gained a couple new outfits, learned about feminism and became self-confident. Going through the break-up usually means the opposite: gaining weight and losing pride. In contrast, nightlife was my escape and a way to get my confidence and self-love restored. Going out to different places every weekend minimized awkward run-ins with the guys who made me uncomfortable. I didn’t need much alcohol or new dates. I only cared that I was enjoying myself.


We all have the times where we need something more than our regular meet-up with friends in a cozy environment. We want to go to larger spaces with the kind of guest list that we desire to be a part of. Whether it is a gay bar, a drag show or just a random venue where we will never run into our friends or, in the opposite, be surrounded by our friends, where we will feel like we belong. If you feel like you need to escape, find your safe space party. Use the parties to your own advantage and as they say, “A little party never killed nobody”.



REBEL, REBEL Photos by Non Kuramoto

MAKE-UP BRANDS WITH BOLD OPTIONS Written by Dana Dworkin It’s an exciting time for the world of makeup. With the rise of Instagram makeup artists, makeup has reached unforeseen, fantastic heights. From gemstone lips to talented artists painting movie scenes on eyelids, emerging makeup trends require a lot of options in order to achieve many different looks. Brands have responded in kind, and those from drugstores all the way to department stores have choices to take your look to the next


level. Check out our recommendations, and get inspired to blend and buff your own colorful creation. Urban Decay is perhaps most wellknown for their Naked palettes: a wildly successful line of palettes featuring only neutral shades, perfect for creating everyday looks. However, the company also creates bright eyeshadows. In fact, Urban Decay started making them years before the


If you are not quite ready to take the neon and metallic shadow plunge, Urban Decay still has you covered. Every 2000s middle school girl went to her local Sephora and tried on the Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner, and the 2017 world of beauty bloggers has brought them back into the spotlight. Each shade is named after a classic rock or metal group, and the colors are just as wild as their namesakes.

Nyx is a drugstore brand that defies the “drugstore” label. Their products, in quality and in innovativeness, reach far beyond the brands that sit beside them on the shelves of Walgreens and CVS. They have been at the forefront of many makeup trends, including liquid lipstick. Starting off with neutrals in their Soft Matte Lip Creams and Lip Lingerie line, NYX has added alternative colors and finishes. The brights don’t stop at the lips. Bright eyeshadows are a rarity at this price range, and those that are high quality are even harder to find. Thankfully, NYX is leading the pack once again bringing us the neons we crave. They provide them as shadow, liner and even mascara.

Photos courtesy of: sephora.com, jeffreestarcosmetics.com, tinstagram.com,

Naked palettes came to fruition. Every year, they put out a new edition of their Vice palette. Various seasonal launches, like the Moondust palette and the Electric Pressed Pigment palette, have also added to the menagerie of bright eyeshadows they offer.



Jeffree Star is a singer-turned-YouTube star-turned-owner of his eponymous makeup brand. If there is one thing Jeffree is not, in his tweets or his makeup, it is subtle. His scandals ranging from disrespect towards others to racism have made him a polarizing character in the beauty scene. His makeup line has reflected his unequivocally brazen personality, with the unusual colors and names of his Velour Liquid Lipstick. The boldness does not stop there! Jeffree’s Skin Frosts or in layman’s terms, highlighters, are all highly pigmented, but some are also in highly unusual colors. Onyx Ice is arguably his most unique shade yet. While Jeffree Star himself is controversial, these products are all vegan, cruelty free and safe to use on your eyes. If you are ready to “glow for the gods” as Jeffree would say, and have no issues with his scandals, then you might be interested in what his products offer. While bold and bright may seem scary, a bright lip or a neon wing can help ease you into the trend. When looking for your first foray into being bold, remember quality over quantity. No one knows if bold makeup is here to stay, but a feathered lip and creased eyeshadow will never be in. Try any of our recommended products to be bold in a way that suits your taste and style.


designers putting the

FUN back into FASHION Written by Kiley Choi With political debates flooding every social media feed, controversial decisions being made by our new president concerning sensitive human rights and environmental issues and the tragic deaths of some of the entertainment industry’s most influential members (RIP Carrie Fisher!), I think it is safe to say that the 2016 to 2017 period so far has been pretty rough for everyone involved. Despite all of the disappointment and chaos, though, fashion designers seem intent on keeping their collections fresh, fun and ever-evolving. This is exemplified by the wide array of Spring 2017 collections, which seem to be a continuation of the movement away from minimalistic themes of the past. Models could be seen walking down the runway decked out in a variety of styles and dripping in daring concepts. Highlighted below are four of the collections that stood out the most (in no particular order). The designers of these collections are truly putting the “fun” back into fashion.






Perhaps one of the most unique and enigmatic designers out there today, Junya Watanabe is known for his ambitious combinations of urban streetwear concepts and geometric structure. Inspired by his time in Berlin prior to its release, this collection expresses the rebellious, counterculture-esque vibes that can be found in the city. Leather skirts, ripped pants with fishnet underneath, studs and spiky textures… each look is a punk-goth lover’s fantasy, complete with colored hair and unconventional makeup. Beyond the mere aesthetic factor of this collection is Watanabe’s masterful crafting of geometric extensions to his outfits. He manages to incorporate these fascinating extensions in such a way that they somehow do not overpower the other items but rather enhance the overall impact of each look. With fierce, edgy looks like these, it almost makes you feel as if you could take down anything — maybe even a wall. Let’s not forget what happened to the Berlin wall, after all.





Going along with the previous “rebel against the establishment” theme, Shayne Oliver of Hood By Air gave us a wide variety of different looks in his Spring 2017 ready-to-wear collection ranging from deconstructed office-wear to bright blue semi-transparent outfits. Oliver is well aware of his brand’s cool street rep, especially among the young adult crowd. He made sure to cater to this demographic with the use of words like “HUSTLER” scrawled across multiple shirts. Although he put together many outfits on the safer side, Oliver also made sure to experiment a bit. This can be seen in his unusual collaboration with PornHub, as well as in some of his more brightly colored, uniquely shaped ensembles (I cannot be the only one who thinks the look in the third picture is a bit reminiscent of a banana peel). Nevertheless, as a whole, Oliver’s collection is sleek and current with his own fun flare added on. It depicts some of the materials and styles that are becoming increasingly popular among the American youth, particularly in urban areas.




Would this even be a list of fun designers if Jeremy Scott was not included? Year after year, Scott seems to walk the line between over-the-top and trendy, using bold colors and loud prints consistently. For his Spring 2017 collection for Moschino, Scott focused on the concept of paper dolls – a relic of the past that gives the outfits a vintage feel. On first glance the clothes appear 3D, but closer inspection reveals the intentional 2D design, complete with printed-on breasts and legs with actual pieces of paper sticking out from many garments. The collection is creative and likeable, probably from the nostalgic nature of the theme along with the attention to detail. The paper attachments are an aspect that edges on overkill. However, there is no doubt that this collection is both fun and entertaining.

Like Watanabe, Rei Kawakubo utilizes geometric shapes and unusual silhouettes while constructing her clothing – constructing is a more appropriate word than designing when describing Kawakubo’s work. Unlike Watanabe, who enhances his looks with the shapes, she allows the shapes and silhouettes to completely overtake those of the model. In a collection that resembled a contemporary art showcase rather than a fashion show, Kawakubo expressed feelings of confinement and suppression through her clothing. These ideas, paired with the fact that it was a solely female show, can be connected to the confinement and suppression of females by societal forces. Kawakubo’s pieces are especially relevant to the U.S.’s current political situation over women’s rights, and the backlash they have been receiving for protesting and speaking out. Politics aside, this collection is certainly fun to look at.


Photos courtesy of: vogue.com




Photos by:

Jasmine Rayonia


The Perfect Party Playlist Written by Emily Wu

Illustrated by Claudia Bracy Whether you are hosting a party or you have somehow managed to take control of the AUX cord (or better yet, the Bluetooth speakers) at someone else’s party, it’s essential to have a go-to party playlist. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on your phone queuing up songs to avoid an awkward music lull while everyone else is enjoying the party. But what really constitutes a perfect playlist? Throwbacks? Karaoke songs? Hip-hop? EDM? It’s basically impossible to have a playlist appropriate for all occasions. A simple solution is to have a playlist with multiple types of songs.


Let’s be real, as much as we would love to have a playlist full of songs everyone wants to belt at the top of their lungs, that is just not realistic. Everyone would be exhausted and bored of scream-singing by the third song. To make a perfect party playlist, focus less on the individual songs and more on the balance of the entire playlist. The playlist should have a nice variety of songs without being too heavy on one category. It’s also a good idea to check the length of your playlist and aim for something around three hours since it’s inevitable that some songs will be skipped. To get you started on your own personal perfect party playlist, here are a few songs to get you started:




Feel-good music for when you’re doing your hair and picking out an outfit.

Songs your parents might know but have stood the test of time and are still thriving in 2017.

In theory, it might be a better idea to make a separate playlist for this but hey it’s your playlist and nobody’s stopping you.

1. Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations

1. Classic (feat. POWERS) by The Knocks

4. Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners

2. You’re Good But I’m Better by Kill J

3. Coming Over – filous Remix by James Hersey 4. Rollercoaster by Bleachers 5. Hometown Girl by ZHU 6. Fool for You by Big Z

7. Good Girls by Nick Jonas This collab between a JoBro and Big Sean is surprisingly good 8. Weight In Gold – Point Point Remix by Gallant 9. Cake by Flo Rida

CROWD PLEASERS Those songs everyone knows all the lyrics to. Occasionally a little embarrassing but always a good time. 1. What Do You Mean? by Justin Bieber 2. No Hands by Waka Flocka Flame 3. Jordan Belfort by Wes Walker

4. Party In The U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus 5. Don’t Matter by Akon

6. Closer by The Chainsmokers Yes, this is overplayed, but have you seen what this song can do to a crowd of people? 7. Main Chick by Kid Ink

8. Gold Digger by Kanye West

9. Gas Pedal by Sage The Gemini

10. Never Be Like You (feat. Kai) by Flume 11. Ignition (Remix) by R.Kelly – duh 12. Yeah! by Usher

2. Mambo No. 5 by Lou Bega

3. September by Earth, Wind & Fire

5. You Make My Dreams by Daryl Hall & John Oates This might trigger 500 Days of Summer vibes 6. I Want You Back by The Jackson 5




This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Though, it would probably be a good idea to leave these out if you’re making a playlist for a family function due to the explicit nature of these songs.

Dancing is arguably the best part of any party. Here’s your chance to make it happen!

1. Dance (A$$) Remix by Big Sean and Nicki Minaj Always a hit because even if you don’t know the lyrics, the majority of the song is a single word over and over again!

2. Take Ü There (feat. Kiesza) by Jack Ü

2. Broccoli by D.R.A.M. and Lil Yachty 3. Waves by Kanye West

4. Blasé (feat. Future & Rae Sremmurd) by Ty Dolla $ign 5. Pick Up The Phone (feat. Quavo) by Young Thug 6. No Problem (feat. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz) Hands down the best song for a darty 7. iSpy by Kyle and Lil Yachty

8. Wave (feat. Joe Moses) by Ty Dolla $ign 9. Bounce Back by Big Sean 10. Caroline by Aminé

1. Pursuit of Happiness – Steve Aoki Remix by Kid Cudi 3. HeadBand (feat. 2 Chainz) – Coucheron Remix by B.o.B 4. Need You by Dillon Francis

5. Something About You – ODESZA Remix by Hayden James 6. Stitches – Seeb Remix by Shawn Mendes OK you’re probably wondering how Shawn Mendes possibly made it on this list, but please hold your scoff back and give this remix a try 7. Everytime by Toby Green

8. Ritual (feat. Wrabel) by Marshmello

9. American Money – Virtu Remix by BØRNS 10. Love On The Brain – Gigamesh Remix 11. To Say Goodbye by Slushii

12. My Friends Never Die by ODESZA 13. Frontlines by Zeds Dead

Remember, your playlist should include songs you like. Don’t be scared of people judging your music taste once your playlist is being blasted through speakers. What matters the most is that you like the music and it inspires and leads to good vibes and an upbeat atmosphere.



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