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Prolific break-in artist jailed

Judge hands thief three-year sentence for 84th conviction JANE SEYD

A prolific North Shore thief who has spent much of the past 20 years committing

property offences was sent to jail for three years Thursday, after pleading guilty to his 84th offence. Dean Macarthur Durnie, 40, was handed

the federal prison sentence after pleading guilty to breaking into a home on Altamont Place in West Vancouver in the middle of the night between March 15 and 16 while the residents were home asleep. Durnie got into the house through an unlocked sliding window

and stole a Nintendo Wii unit, a bankcard and a commemorative Olympic ruble banknote from Russia. Residents didn’t find out about the break in until they got up the next morning. Police noticed Durnie — who is banned from the North Shore as a condition of probation

— standing at a bus stop with a bag near to where the break-in happened. He was eventually arrested and searched and the stolen items were found in his possession, along with some drugs. Durnie is well known to police on the North Shore, having made a lengthy criminal career from

residential break-ins and other property offences in North and West Vancouver. Among his past offences, Durnie broke into the Marine Drive home of then-West Vancouver Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones in the summer of 2011, when she See Public page 9

Worker killed at West Van site BRENT RICHTER

A 56-year-old Burnaby man is dead after he was pinned under heavy equipment at aWest Vancouver construction site. Emergency responders were called to the new British Properties housing development on the 3300block of Cypress Bowl Road just before 3 p.m. Thursday.Witnesses at the scene told police the victim had been doing repairs on a heavy excavator when it accidentally shifted, trapping the man underneath. The victim was not responsive and could not be revived, according to police. The man’s family has been notified and the B.C. Coroners Service will not be releasing his name. WorkSafeBC now has full conduct of the investigation into the death. That investigative report SeeWorkSafe page 5

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A2 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 23, 2014

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Sunday, March 23, 2014 - North Shore News - A3


A skeptic’s path to the source

Capilano psychology prof explores Spiritualism JEREMY SHEPHERD

Vladimir Nabokov wrote that life is a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness. But there are still those who squint and stretch, groping and hoping to find something in that darkness. We call them mediums. In many cases, mediums are hucksters; pseudo Swamis who trot out the tricks of cold reading to convince doe-eyed marks they represent a portal to the afterlife. “You have a scar on your knee, yes?” “I’m sensing a pain in your past?” “You went through a change — you were 12 or 13?” But there are mediums who aren’t angling for a syndicated TV show and for whom a séance is a rite as sacred as any religious ritual. Leonard George, a Capilano University psychology professor with a curious streak, turned his curiosity toward those mediums, the ones who go into a trance and experience something they interpret as communication with the unseen. “What are those experiences actually like?” George pondered. “And I thought: ‘There’s only one way to find out.’” The relationship between psychology and parapsychology is tangled and long. American psychologist William James trolled the countryside in the late 1800s looking for a genuine medium. “If you wish to upset the law that all crows are black,” he famously stated. “It is enough if you prove one single crow to be white.” It’s a concept George kept in mind as he followed his curiosity from the confines of Capilano’s Fir building to the Spiritualist capital of the United States, located in upstate New York. In the Spiritualist enclave of Lily Dale, George looked for a white crow.

••• “Thump.” What was that? “Thump, thump.” There it is again! In a wooden farmhouse in a town that no longer exists, Margaret Fox could hear something bumping in the night. It was March 31, 1848 in Hydesville, New York. She’d heard those sounds before, but never so loud, so insistent. Fox lit a candle and followed the bumps until they led her to the room of her young daughters, Kate and Maggie. They’d heard it, too. In fact, the girls even had a name for the being behind the bumps: Mr. Splitfoot. Kate suggested it might be a prank, what with tomorrow being April Fool’s Day and all, but their mother was certain it was something else. She asked Mr. Splitfoot how many children she’d borne. “Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump.” Seven. She’d borne seven children. She asked how many children were still living. Six thumps for the six hearts still beating. The thing had more to say. Mr. Splitfoot had been a peddler in life, but was now a wounded spirit. Someone had murdered him in that very farmhouse, cutting his throat and burying his body in the cellar. Fox raced across the street to fetch her neighbour. Mr. Splitfoot answered her questions as well, with the thumps signifying numbers or letters of the alphabet. The story spread across Hydesville. Townsfolk intent on justice shunned a man named Bell whom they believed responsible for Mr. Splitfoot’s murder. The family home became known as the Old Spook House. Fox’s daughters were accused of consorting with the devil. They soon left Hydesville, touring much of the United States and

:-6TQ-O8 62_*V8Q8X_ 638Z[2283 b[8O-3) g[83X[ 13-/[QQ[) 18 bTQ_ 9-Q[' - 18.O -1 1V[ V[-31 8Z D6T3T10-QT2P' 18 13-TO -2 - WPTOT&P[)T0PU% \f^C^ MIKE WAKEFIELD performing séances. Sir William Crookes, the English scientist who invented the radiometer, was fascinated by the sisters. “I have tested them in every way that I could devise, until there has been no escape from the conviction that they were true objective occurrences not produced by trickery or mechanical means,” he wrote. The spiritualist movement blossomed. Mediums and séances became commonplace and by some estimates there were one million followers of the practice. But in 1888, torn by a conflict between Spiritualism and her religious faith, Maggie Fox unburdened herself. That thumping noise from 40 years earlier

had been nothing more than an apple tied to a string bumping onto the floorboards. Eve ate of the forbidden apple. Maggie Fox bruised it. She and Kate also had an uncanny ability to crack their toes at a fantastic volume, which served them well when produce wasn’t available. There’d been no murder in the farmhouse cellar. Bell was innocent. “Spirituality is a fraud of the worst description,” Margaret said. “I trust that this statement. . . will break the force of the rapid growth of Spiritualism.” She said she was speaking before her God. She gave performances to illuminate the hoax she’d perpetrated. She later recanted her confession.

The Fox sisters perished in the 1890s. In 1904, bones were discovered in the farmhouse cellar. ••• “I wanted to go and drink from the source,” George says of his trip to Lily Dale. Visitors are welcome, but the former Fox residence itself is restricted to followers of Spiritualism. If the bucolic hamlet has the equivalent of a high priestess, it is Judith Rochester, whom George calls, “the medium’s medium.” “Most people outside of Spiritualism have never heard of her,” he says. “She’s never been on TV, she’s not one of these flashy (John) Edward types, making money and putting on a show.” While many skeptics

associate Spiritualism with a critical thinking deficit, George is quick to point out Rochester’s PhD from the University of Toronto. “Judith could tapdance around most of us in terms of hardcore logic,” he says. Under Rochester’s direction, George began training as a medium, or as he put it, a “mini-medium.” Some mediums recite a poem or sing a hymn before falling into the trance. Once in his trance, George set out to find his helpers. According to the orthodoxy of Spiritualists, we each have beings that watch over us like guardian angels. His dear departed cat returned to him, sauntering across the plains of his imagination.There were the stars he’d dreamed of all his life, lending him assurance. George had a sense of a body of light rising from his physical body. He explored the landscape, meeting a vaporous form of swirling rainbow colours who took him to a chamber he’d dreamed of 30 years earlier. He was imagining things. George is clear on that point, but the images of the trance were more vivid than any dream. Once George had surveyed the terrain, he gave his first reading. After a minimum of conversation with a woman who was the subject for the reading, he fell back into the trance. “I found myself aware of a little house that was deep in the forest. A woman lived in the house, a short black woman. I had the sense of a name that was something like Mabel or Annabelle. Another striking thing was in the trees . . . someone had hung decorations,” he recalls. He gave the woman his best interpretation of his vision. Her response was what George would call “a lightning strike.” “She was looking at me and said, ‘Let me tell you. When I was a child I lived in a rural part of the United States. Sometimes we got our water from a well with an electric pump. And sometimes when big storms would come through, the storms would knock out the electric See Mediums page 8

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Sunday, March 23, 2014 - North Shore News - A5

North Van hosts Biennale NIALL SHANNON

B2[ b-_-3 -66 .T1V T^D -O) <O)38T) P8+TQ[ )[/T*[2 18 -**[22 P83[ )TXT1-Q *8O1[O1 TO 18)-_#2 T220[F Vancouver Biennale 6-X[ L Fire jumper 6-X[ J Documentary film 6-X[ !!

VASS Cup 6-X[ !L Mad Hatter’s Tea Party 6-X[ h! Mike Janyk 6-X[ hL

WorkSafe investigating From page 1 will take at least a month to complete, according to a WorkSafe spokeswoman. The West Vancouver victim services unit has been tasked to offer support

AT3XTOT[ b-P-3*V[ -O) ;-21T[O 9[2I*V[2 983T- Z38P A`; 5TQP \V818X3-6V_ .TQQ 1-R[ *-Q81_6[ 6V8182 8Z -QQ -31T212 1-RTOX 6-31 TO 1V[ ;T[OO-Q[% <6:8 ;"#$ #$) 5:,:' :** (+' 9+') *$+#+%. \f^C^ MIKE WAKEFIELD group which promotes public art, has previously run projects in Richmond and Vancouver, and was founded by former gallery owner Barrie Mowatt. “The Pipe Shop building is an incredible opportunity for the Biennale to create a cultural hub at the city’s waterfront, re-imagining this historic space into a destination infused with art,” said Mowatt in a press release. “We are creating a destination of international merit for tourists and the

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community to gather, imagine and dialogue as global citizens.” Bill MacDonald is a volunteer with the Vancouver Biennale, as well as a key player in creating the Gordon Smith art gallery, and worked with the City of North Vancouver and Mowatt to bring “world-class art to North Vancouver.” “I’ve been working for five or six years to get the Biennale over to North Vancouver,” said MacDonald, adding the City of North Vancouver


North Vancouver will play host over the next two years to a pair of public art installations that showcase the work of international artists as part of the Vancouver Biennale. Opening in May, one installation will be outside of the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art and the other will be at the Pipe Shop Building in Shipbuilder’s Square, the long-dormant historic building on the city’s waterfront. Five out of fifteen artists working at the Pipe Shop have already arrived and begun creating their works of art. The 15 artists are from Brazil, while the artists at the Gordon Smith gallery hail from China and Poland. Besides the two installations, the Biennale is planning to add more public art and public talks, as the festival progresses. Darrell Mussatto, mayor of the City of North Vancouver said the city is “very fortunate to be hosting” the event. “Being the multicultural city that we are, it’s great to experience some of these new culures that we haven’t really seen before,” said Mussatto. The Vancouver Biennale, a non-profit arts


was instrumental in bringing the Biennale over to the North Shore. MacDonald praised the international artists and particularly Brazilian art scene, and said Brazil is “a real hotbed for visual culture.” “People think of (Brazil) as Carnival and soccer. But the contemporary art scene out there is really vibrant.” MacDonald said art could help change the way people think, and how people “look and respond to the world.”

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A6 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 23, 2014


Tangled wires


f you’re planning to get a new wireless phone contract this year, it’s going to cost you more as the Big Three providers — Rogers, Bell and Telus — have all upped their rates by $5 per month since January. Now, of course it would be illegal if the three co-ordinated on the price hikes. But there’s no law against coincidence. It’s more likely this was a case of follow-the-leader. This follows a year of the telecom industry and federal government fighting a war of words in the media over the government’s plan to auction off a new swath of broadband spectrum that would allow — gasp — a fourth major company to compete in the market. Enjoying their tri-opoly, the big three


decried this as an unpatriotic threat to Canadian jobs. A Quebec-based regional provider won the auction, but so far doesn’t have any plans to expand or offer more competitive prices. So in the end, the wireless giants got exactly what they wanted and we got a price hike. Meanwhile, next time you’re watching the Canucks lose in Rogers Arena, keep an eye out for the federal government’s pricey $9-million ad campaign to remind us how we’ll all benefit from their telecommunications policies. The ad goes as far as promising “more competition” and “cheaper prices.” If you miss it, maybe you can use some of that now more expensive wireless data to download Ottawa’s commercial and watch it on your phone.


include your name, full address and telephone number. Send your letters via e-mail to:

The North Shore News reserves the right to edit any and/or all letters to the editor based on length, clarity, legality and content.The News also reserves the right to publish any and/or all letters electronically.

Evidence points to lack of NV spill protection Dear Editor: Thank you for your recent coverage of the spill in Deep Cove (“Unexplained spill soils Deep Cove” Jan. 22). You reported that four agencies responded (District of North Vancouver Fire and Rescue, municipal environmental technicians, Port Metro Vancouver and Environment Canada) yet it appeared they were unable

to do anything to address the contaminated air, land and water. No one posted warnings to protect beach goers or boaters from the suspected petrochemicals and no one attempted containment or clean-up. Children on the beach were handling oil covered pebbles the morning of the spill. Kinder Morgan is proposing to twin their

pipeline and expand the Westridge oil terminal (located directly across from Cates Park).The terminal’s capacity will be increased to three berths and oil tanker traffic through Burrard Inlet will increase from 60-ish per year to over 400 tankers filled with diluted bitumen from the Alberta tar sands. In the event of a spill, oil will contaminate the water, wash onto the shore and a

cloud of vapourized benzene and other chemicals will blow over the residents of North Vancouver.These chemicals are carcinogens and teratogens.Will those responders who came out recently be able to do anything more to protect us from these risks? Experts say that typically only five to 15 per cent of an oil spill is recovered. We have recently

formed a community group (, working to inform our neighbours about the Kinder Morgan proposal.We are talking to all levels of government.We are encouraging residents to get engaged. We need to hold the federal government to account for the risks that they are asking us to assume. Chloe Hartley North Vancouver

You have a choice about gridlock at ballot box Dear Editor: We are getting vibes from the District of North Vancouver council that amalgamation is on the agenda. It must be election time. Form another committee, another red herring. Let us look back

in time to decisions made by this council, that have affected communities from Edgemont and Lynn Valley to Seymour, involving mega projects in these areas. Communities have banded together to oppose them, gathered thousands


of signatures, attended town hall meetings, to no avail. Council approved them. With aging infrastructure now in place, North Vancouver is already showing signs of gridlock. Wait until the new projects come online,

you haven’t seen anything yet. Already the quality of life in the district has taken a hit, so remember while you are waiting in line to access the Second Narrows or other areas, your waiting time will soon get longer. You do have a choice

in the November elections — either elect the same council, or people who will stand up for their communities. The choice is yours. See you at the ballot box. Stanley Jackson North Vancouver


“It’s just a huge waste of time.” WestVancouver Teacher’s Association president Rob Millard bemoans the tests that lead to the Fraser Institute’s school rankings (from a March 19 news story). “I think he’s fishing to see what kind of response he’s going to get and he’s hooked on to a shark. It’s not going to be pretty.” Troll’s restaurant manager Holly Kemp warns against a suggestion that ferry changes may be coming to Horseshoe Bay (from a March 16 story). “It was like watching a sasquatch ride into the soccer park on a unicorn.” U11 soccer coachWillie Cromack rewards teamwork with charitable donations (from a March 16 Live story).



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Sunday, March 23, 2014 - North Shore News - A7


Saving the news, a sexy script at a time Two pieces of news in the past few weeks got me thinking about a madeon-the-North-Shore plan to basically save the world — or at least my job — one tastefully done erotic film at a time. The first was a message Globe and Mail editor John Stackhouse wrote to subscribers outlining the paper’s plans to focus more coverage on sex: “a hot news topic that won’t go away anytime soon.” Won’t go away anytime soon? Sounds like Mr. Stackhouse has never been married — amiright, fellas? The second was the CRTC making major headlines for reprimanding three Canadian porn channels for not providing enough Canadian content. Now, everyone knows that it’s tough slogging for the newspaper industry these days and I don’t want the North Shore News to shut down — where would people go to get all the latest

Andy Prest

Laugh All YouWant news on dog-walking and tree-cutting bylaws? — so I’m going to do whatever it takes to increase our readership. If that involves getting all hot and dirty like the Globe and Mail, then so be it. My plan is to offer a couple of brilliant, North Shore-centric porno ideas for free here in this column. The column will go viral and get our paper lots of exposure, because everyone knows all you need to do to get a lot of clicks is to put the words “sex”, “naked” or




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“Rob Ford” in a headline (please though, for the love of God, let us never see all those words together in one headline). And it just so happens that the North Shore has its own film studios well equipped to churn out some high-class hanky panky to keep all of Canada’s coituscentric channels satisfied. We’ll get the North Shore film industry involved to take these golden ideas and make the magic happen, thus saving our paper, the film industry, and the hardworking folks at the XXX Action Clips channel.That’s a lot of birds I’m killing with just one super sexy stone. You’re welcome everyone. Here we go: Script one: Let’s Amalgamate A rugged woman clad from head to toe in Arc’teryx gear and carrying a mountain bike on her shoulder peers out over the balcony of a City of North Vancouver penthouse condo

within spitting distance of the ocean. She spits. “This little shoebox in the sky you’ve got here is pretty nice, but I’d have a hard time living without the tiny backyard attached to my $1.5-million house in the District of North Vancouver,” she says. “I could get used to this view though. Maybe we should hook up and share it all.” A small man riding an electric bicycle in circles around his tiny kitchen table nearly chokes on the $4 fair trade coffee he is sipping on. “What?! Join with you!” he says. “No self-respecting city dweller would ever agree to that. Maybe if you district folks cleaned yourselves up a bit. I’ve heard you all have dirty pipes.” The woman drops her bike, and her moisturewicking compression shorts. “These pipes are clean.” They begin amalgamating. A creepy old man lands a jet pack on the balcony.

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A8 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mediums tune in to subconscious

From page 3

unconsciously attuned to information leaking from other people,” George explains. Still, George remains boggled by what subconscious signs he may have picked up on that led him to that image of decorated trees surrounding the house in the forest. Walking through Lily Dale’s boulevards, George wondered if he could attain certainty of life after death, if he could cross that line from scientific proof to personal belief. “I couldn’t and I can’t and I haven’t,” he says. “But I sure envied those who did.” For a spiritualist, the thread between life and death is a piece of a grand glory, similar to the way a star is part of a galaxy. Their worldview is “wildly optimistic,” George says. George is going back to Lily Dale this summer to give a presentation about ancient oracles. His curious streak is as wide as ever, and possibilities remain open. “Wouldn’t it be something if I crossed the line some day?”

pump so we’d have to go to a neighbour’s place to get water, and the nearest neighbour was this black woman who lived in the forest. Her name was Mabel and she had this eccentricity that she’d decorate the trees in the forest around her house with all kinds of interesting ornaments.’ “My hair was starting to stand up,” George says. ••• The core tenet of Spiritualism is service. “If a medium can give you proof of the continuity of life, their attitude is: ‘That’s a tremendous gift to you,’” George explains. “Imagine if we could be certain, imagine if we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt. . . .” Even among the predatory mediums, there is an occupational hazard. Magician and Hollywood maverick Orson Welles referred it as “becoming a shuteye,” an affliction which besets the mentalist who begins to believe his own lies. “We have evolved to be exquisitely and

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JUMP FOR JOY b[TQ- -O) ;-V3-P \T3T V[Q6 2T,&_[-3&8Q) E-21- *Q[-3 28P[ G-P[2 -1 <P+Q[2T)[ \-3R C0[2)-_ OTXV1% CV[ Z-PTQ_ .[3[ 6-31T*T6-1TOX TO 1V[ -OO0-Q I3[ S0P6TOX [/[O1 TO *[Q[+3-1T8O 8Z `8380]% CV[ hM1V -OO0-Q \[32T-O `[. ?[-3 5T3[ 5[21T/-Q -1 1V[ 6-3R Z[-103[) QT/[ P02T*' )-O*TOX' -O) \[32T-O Z88) -2 .[QQ% %(*0 ."!/ 3"4.4 +!." ."$ -*'*1 *33 .4 +*.(" ,!&$4 #142 ."$ $,$0.% \f^C^ CINDY GOODMAN

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Sunday, March 23, 2014 - North Shore News - A9

Public must be protected From page 1 and her family were away, making off with $4,500 worth belongings after helping himself to food in the house. He was jailed for 22 months and put on probation for three years for that. In 2008, residents in an upper Lonsdale neighbourhood petitioned to have Durnie banned from the North Shore after a 70 year-old resident found Durnie sleeping in her fifth-wheel trailer as she was loading groceries for a weekend getaway. Police were waiting when Durnie exited the motor home, eating some of the food and carrying a couple of beer. Around the same time, Durnie also entered an unlocked basement and stole a $3,000 bicycle and nine bottles of wine. In 2007, Durnie entered a home in the night through an unlocked carport door while residents were asleep upstairs and ransacked an unoccupied bedroom.

In another incident in 2011, a woman called police after finding Durnie at her kitchen table. When confronted, he apparently told her, “This is an awkward situation.” As a prolific repeat offender, Durnie is frequently under surveillance by police. When police took him back to the station following his latest arrest this week, Durnie told officers he was going to get a gun and come back to the detachment, and added that he’s thought about killing West Vancouver police officers for six years, said Crown counsel Snover Bains. Durnie’s defence lawyer Herb Chambers said while Durnie’s remarks are “certainly regrettable”, he has no history of violence. He said Durnie struggles with an addiction to crack cocaine. In handing down her sentence, North Vancouver provincial court Judge Joanne Challenger said Durnie had to be locked up to protect the public.


PUBLIC HEARING Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4787, 2014 (Proposed amendment to CD32 Zone) Notice is given that a PUBLIC HEARING will be held in the Council Chamber of the Municipal Hall of The Corporation of the District of West Vancouver at 750 17th Street, West Vancouver, BC on Monday, March 31, 2014 at 7 p.m. for the purpose of allowing the public to make representations to the District of West Vancouver Council respecting matters contained in the proposed bylaw, as described below. Applicant: M. Sager (for the owners PVHC Holdings Ltd. & 616200 B.C. Ltd.) Subject Lands: The lands subject to the provisions of the CD32 zone, namely 1763, 1765, and 1767 Marine Drive (the “Hampton Court” building), as shown shaded and outlined on the plan below. Legal description: Strata Lots 1 to 18, District Lot 775, Strata Plan LMS1435 together with an interest in the Common Property in proportion to the Unit Entitlement of the Strata Lots as shown on Form 1. Purpose: The proposed bylaw would allow the same range of commercial uses permitted elsewhere in Ambleside under the AC1 and AC2 zoning, for the existing CD32-zoned development located at 1763, 1765, and 1767 Marine Drive. The commercial units on site are currently limited to uses such as bakeries, delicatessens, and restaurants. Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment: If adopted, proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4787, 2014 would amend the CD32 zone to provide for a broader range of commercial land uses, including these general categories: retail, office, personal and business services, education, restaurant, and child care. Enquiries: All enquiries regarding the proposed Zoning Bylaw amendment may be directed to the West Vancouver Planning Department at municipal hall or by calling 604-925-7055.

Copies of the proposed Zoning Bylaw amendment and other relevant documents that the Council may consider in deciding whether to adopt the bylaw may be inspected from March 14, 2014 to March 31, 2014 at the municipal hall at 750 17th Street, West Vancouver, BC on regular business days (Monday to Friday except for statutory holidays) between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. For convenience only, some of the documents may also be available for viewing on the District’s website at or at the West Vancouver Memorial Library at 1950 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC (phone 604-925-7400 for current information on Library hours of operation). All persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed Zoning Bylaw amendment will be given an opportunity to be heard and to present written submissions at the Public Hearing on the above noted date. Written submissions may, prior to the Public Hearing, be: • sent by mail to Mayor and Council, District of West Vancouver, 750 17th Street, West Vancouver, BC V7V 3T3; • sent by email to Mayor and Council at; or • delivered to the office of the Manager, Legislative Services/Municipal Clerk, at the District of West Vancouver Municipal Hall at 750 17th Street, West Vancouver, BC. Such written submissions must be received no later than 4 p.m. on March 31, 2014. Technical issues affecting receipt of electronic submissions may occur so persons relying on this means of transmittal do so at their own risk. Written submissions received for the Public Hearing regarding the proposed Zoning Bylaw amendment will be included in their entirety in the public information package for Council’s consideration and for the public record. Submissions received after the close of the Public Hearing will not be considered by Council. S. Scholes, Municipal Clerk, March 14, 2014

Subject Lands Shown Shaded and Outlined:

See trailer with

A10 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 23, 2014


North Shore Sport Awards

by Cindy Goodman

Nancy Riecken .T1V 28O AJ Blackwell' :8P[ ;-*R -.-3) 3[*T6T[O1

:-OQ-O e*[ D68312# Jamie Branch -O) Brent Huney

7/[O1 83X-OT][32 Don Rutherford' a:' Darcie Montgomery' Larry Wilson -O) Tom Walker The 15th annual North Shore Sport Awards ceremony was held on the evening of March 11 at Park Royal North. This year’s event saw a strong turn-out representative of the local athletic community. The awards program is intended to celebrate sport achievement at all levels, including community, high school, provincial and international, in addition to coaching and officiating. Award categories ranged from community sport volunteers to master athlete.

`831V DV83[ eOQTO[ f8*R[_#2 Gordon Sullivan' Carolyn Stokes' Kieran Jones -O) Oliver Gerber

Dave Fairweather' John Copping' Derek Seddon' Trent Applebe -O) Harry Carruthers 8Z @[21 A-O*80/[3 b-.O ;8.QTOX :Q0+' -O -.-3) 3[*T6T[O1

Bill Drake -O) +T8X3-6V_ *8PP[O1-183 Rob Berridge

Noreen Tilley' Maureen Seddon' Iona Copping -O) Jan Currie 8Z @[21 A-O*80/[3 b-.O ;8.QTOX :Q0+' -O -.-3) 3[*T6T[O1

A8Q0O1[[32 Grace Thompson' Cameron Davitt -O) Nicole Hutchinson

<.-3) O8PTO[[ <Q[, :8P2T-#2 Z-PTQ_

Please direct requests for event coverage to: For more Bright Lights photos go to:

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Sunday, March 23, 2014 - North Shore News - A11


Film investigates angry kids Doc offers solutions to raise happier children, cut crime and save billions

■ Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents will premiere on CBCTV Doc Zone Thursday, March 27 at 9 p.m., and will be repeated Saturday, March 29 at 8 p.m. on CBC News Network.

Scan with Layar to watch the Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents trailer.

DAFFODIL CAMPAIGN The Canadian Cancer Society issues a call for volunteers for next month’s annual fundraiser. page 14 HEALTH NOTES page 15


From a young age, North Vancouver filmmaker Maureen Palmer has been intrigued by storytelling. Coming from a big Irish family, she treasures the times spent gathered around the wood stove, everyone in attendance for the same reason: “the good craic.” “Sometimes we come across great stories and you actually can feel the hair on the back of your neck stand on end,” she says. So passionate about the practice, Palmer has made it her profession and has a vast collection of documentary films under her belt in partnership with fellow North Vancouver resident, Helen Slinger.The duo founded Bountiful Films

9T3[*183 8Z 6V818X3-6V_ d8VO :8QQTO2' .3T1[3' )T3[*183 -O) *8&638)0*[3 a-03[[O \-QP[3 -O) 280O) [OXTO[[3 \-1 ;3[3[18O -3[ Q88RTOX Z83.-3) 18 1V[ 63[PT[3[ 8Z 1V[T3 Q-1[21 )8*0P[O1-3_' 38&', 7"4% - <#')%%)4 1!# /:')8#%' - `831V A-O*80/[3& +-2[) ;80O1TZ0Q 5TQP2 638)0*1T8O' CV032)-_ [/[OTOX 8O :;: CA#2 0+6 2+8)% \f^C^ MIKE WAKEFIELD in 2001 and examples of their documentaries include Leaving Bountiful, The Condo Game, Dog Dazed, Cat Crazed, Mounties Under Fire, and How to Divorce & Not Wreck the Kids. “I feel this urgency to share great stories and I

know Helen feels the same thing,” says Palmer. Bountiful Films’ latest project, Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents, is set to premiere on CBC TV’s Doc Zone Thursday, March 27 at 9 p.m.The documentary shares research suggesting

that in North America, more children suffer from mental health conditions than from physical ones, and that many parents are coping with high levels of anger, aggression and other behavioural problems.With child development experts

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A12 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 23, 2014

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Experts weigh in on early childhood research From page 11

track records over time. Serving children and parents from both middle class and impoverished backgrounds, the highlighted programs are focused on helping children master needed skills to succeed in life, like self-regulation. With program participants undergoing positive transformations by the film’s end, Angry Kids argues that if these types of initiatives are introduced to children at a young age, they’ll not only help parents raise happier and healthier kids, but they’ll also play a role in reducing crime and saving taxpayers billions of dollars. The last film Palmer and Slinger worked on was Sext Up Kids, for Dream Street Pictures, also for Doc Zone. “If you saw that film, you could see that it could have an impact on helping parents understand what’s going on with their kids. I feel the same way about this one,” says Palmer, who wrote and directed Angry Kids, as well as co-produced it with Slinger. The concept for the

project came from divergent trains of thought, she explains. Firstly, Palmer kept hearing about prison expansion in Canada. “I started thinking about how sad that was.We really are closing the barn door after the horse is gone. So few people get a chance once they’ve been in prison to live another kind of life,” she says. Secondly, while filming Sext Up Kids, she observed a lot of anger in both girls and boys. “I was genuinely curious what was driving that,” she says. Talking to experts, Palmer was exposed to the perspective that, “On so many levels we’re living in such a busy, rushed society, our children have become sort of the last thing to do on our to-do list when they should become our first. And kids are justifiably angry and not getting the nurturing that they need.” Bountiful started shooting Angry Kids in fall 2012.The film attempts to takes an honest look at parenting — sometimes kids at their worst and sometimes parents.

C3T6Q[ \ Y \82T1T/[ \-3[O1TOX \38X3-P 6-31T*T6-O12 cT8O- f-31Q -O) I/[&_[-3&8Q) 28O b0R[ -3[ -P8OX 1V[ Z-PTQT[2 .V82[ [,6[3T[O*[2 -3[ 638IQ[) TO 1V[ O[. )8*0P[O1-3_ 38&', 7"4% - <#')%%)4 1!# /:')8#%% \f^C^ DB\\be79 d^f` :^bbe`D$;^B`Ce5Bb 5ebaD “I think the families who opened their homes and their parenting to us were really courageous,” says Palmer. It was important for the documentary to not just identify a problem, but to offer solutions. “To me it’s vital,” she says. The successful


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Support your local Denturist on the North Shore Brent Der R.D.

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interventions highlighted include the Pax Good Behaviour Game, a lowcost program available to children in Manitoba elementary schools as part of the regular curriculum that’s focused on selfcontrol. Another is Triple P — Positive Parenting Program, available to all

Canadian families and is also focused on teaching children self-control. The third intervention showcased is the Abecedarian Program, operating in Lord Selkirk Park, a low-income, predominantly First Nations, neighbourhood in Winnipeg, for the first time

in Canada.The program was developed in the 1970s, intended to help change the lives of primarily black, impoverished children in North Carolina and has proven successful in terms of improving participants’ chances of graduating from university, finding full time employment and not needing social assistance. Palmer hopes Angry Kids helps inspire change. “Frankly, the more I learned about some of these interventions, the more angry I got,” she says. Despite the evidence they found suggesting the effectiveness of the programs, they’re not being invested in enough. “A lot of the educators and the researchers and the scientists that I talked to in this film, they feel the same sense of moral outrage about early childhood intervention,” says Palmer. “They know that if you invest in kids, specifically under the age of three, but up to and including six, you can change the trajectory of most troubled See Next page 16


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Acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) can serve as viable health solutions “Acupuncture is an amazing skill; in everyday practice I help my clients release their suffering. People will often come in complaining of headache or stomach problems, but when we look all over, we find their Chi is out of balance somewhere else. We fix that and the headache will go away, then we try to help them change their lifestyle so it doesn’t come back.” - Jing Lou


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A14 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 23, 2014







Now Offering Bone Density Test • Bone Mineral density screening with printed results • Fracture risk assessment screening for presence of risk factors for osteoporosis • Learn how your medications work if you are being treated for osteoporosis • Take home educational materials • Consultation with our health care professionals

`831V A-O*80/[3#2 7Q2T[ @[++ T2 - )[)T*-1[) :-O-)T-O :-O*[3 D8*T[1_ /8Q0O1[[3 -O) 8/[3 1V[ _[-32 V-2 Q[O1 - V-O) 18 - O0P+[3 8Z TOT1T-1T/[2% <P8OX V[3 P-O_ 38Q[2' 2V[ V-2 +[[O 6-31 8Z 1V[ 28*T[1_#2 -OO0-Q Z0O)3-T2TOX 9-ZZ8)TQ :-P6-TXO 2TO*[ h""K% 583 V[3 [ZZ8312' 1V[ 28*T[1_ 3[*[O1Q_ -.-3)[) V[3 1V[T3 :8PP0OT1_ A8Q0O1[[3 b[-)[32VT6 <.-3)% @[++ [O*803-X[2 *8PP0OT1_ P[P+[32 18 /8Q0O1[[3 1V[T3 1TP[ 18 2[QQ 1V[ 28*T[1_#2 )-ZZ8)TQ 6TO 1VT2 <63TQ' TO 2066831 8Z *-O*[3 3[2[-3*V' [)0*-1T8O' 6-1T[O1 2066831 -O) -)/8*-*_ TOT1T-1T/[2% \f^C^ PAUL MCGRATH

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Learn how you can help prevent Osteoporosis! Prescriptions and natural health are the focus of Pure Integrative Pharmacy. If you are taking more than 3 prescriptions, come and see one of our clinical pharmacists for a comprehensive medication evaluation. Our clinical pharmacist will review all of your medication and supplements in order to promote a healthy, safe, and effective medication use. 117 - 1760 Marine Drive West Vancouver, BC (Located in the Hollyburn Plaza) t: 604 281 3393 f: 604 281 3392 follow us:


100% Locally Owned & Operated | Compounding Lab | Prescriptions & Natural Health

Representatives of the Canadian Cancer Society are urging British Columbians to join their team during April — Daffodil Month — a crucial fundraising time for the organization. Every three minutes, a Canadian hears the words “you have cancer,” says Barbara Kaminsky, CEO of the society’s B.C. andYukon region, in a press release. Current statistics show that the number of new cancer cases continues to rise steadily as the Canadian population grows and ages. Almost half of all Canadians are expected to develop cancer in their lifetimes and it’s the leading cause of death in the country. Last year in B.C., approximately

23,700 new cases of cancer were reported. While these statistics are sobering, the society has contributed to making progress against cancer. Today, more than 60 per cent of Canadians diagnosed with cancer will survive at least five years after their diagnosis. In the 1940s, survival was about 25 per cent. The society has a need for more volunteers to sell the daffodil pin. Volunteering to sell the pins requires three to four hours of time in April. Other volunteer opportunities during Daffodil Month include canvassing door-to-door, selling daffodils and organizing special events.

Volunteering is a great opportunity for community members to make a positive impact in their community, meet new people, be part of a dynamic team and learn new skills, according to the society. Those interested in volunteering can visit or email Funds raised will help the society continue to fight cancer by: supporting research; providing information and delivering support programs and services to prevent cancer and to support people living with cancer, their families and caregivers; and advocating on behalf of Canadians on health and cancer issues.

Sunday, March 23, 2014 - North Shore News - A15



Health Notes Notices THE NORTH SHORE THIRTY SOMETHING WOMEN’S SOCCER LEAGUE, a recreational soccer league on the North Shore for women over 30, is looking for new players for the spring/summer league. All levels of soccer skill are welcome.The season runs from April to early July and games are played mid-week in the evenings.

VASS CUP CV[ h"!M [)T1T8O 8Z 1V[ A-O*80/[3 <)-61T/[ DO8. D68312 :06 .-2 V[Q) a-3*V !N 8O g3802[ a80O1-TO% CV[ [/[O1 T2 1V[ 83X-OT]-1T8O#2 +TXX[21 Z0O)3-T2[3 8Z 1V[ 2[-28O -O) 2[[2 1[-P2 8Z 1V3[[ 2RT[32$ +8-3)[32 P-1*V[) .T1V -O -1VQ[1[ .T1V - )T2-+TQT1_ TO 3-*[' Z8QQ8.[) +_ - +-O40[1 Q0O*V% <1 Q[Z1' 1[-PP-1[2 8O DV8. B2 ?803 A<DD' 7QQ-)[[ ;38.O -O) C-3bQ-O[2' .-1*V 1V[ 3-*[2% ;[Q8.' `831V A-O*80/[3#2 DT-O a8O1X8P[3_ X[12 TO18 682T1T8O -1 1V[ 21-31 X-1[% %(*0 +!." ."$ -*'*1 *33 #41 241$ 3"4.4/)

WOMEN/MEN GOLFERS WANTED The Gleneagles Golf Club Society has a number of openings for the 2014 season. Players of all ages will be accepted although the majority of members are seniors.Women play Tuesday mornings and men play Monday,Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6190 Marine Dr.,West Vancouver.


A YEAR IN REVIEW Join members, volunteers, friends and staff of the North Shore Schizophrenia Society at their annual general meeting Wednesday, March 26, 7:30







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WALK AND TALK for informal caregiversTuesdays, March 25, April 8 and 22, 1:30 p.m. at the Ambleside Seawalk,West Vancouver. 604-982-3320 karyn. ELDERLY CARE PRESENTATION Ernest Quansah, author of Baby Boomer Guide Book for Caring for Mom or Dad, and Karen Tyrell, founder of Dementia Solution, will lead a free educational evening for those caring for a loved one with dementia, who have an elderly parent in a retirement or care facility, or know someone who is feeling lonely and in need of care Tuesday, March 25 at the West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre, 695 21st St., 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Registration: 604-616-8401 ernest@fivestarseniorservices. com

Also available at

Nature’s Crea ons Aromatherapy & Wellness 205 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, BC 604.990.0833 •

Can you help? Volunteers needed! Do you want to help local seniors stay connected to their community and remain independent?

p.m. at Lions Gate Hospital auditorium, 231 East 15th St., North Vancouver. Learn more about the focus this year on members sharing their experiences as leaders and participants in its support, awareness, advocacy and educational programs and services.

PEOPLE IN PAIN NETWORK A monthly support group for individuals who live with chronic pain and their families meets the fourth Wednesday of each month, 6-8 p.m. at Lynn Valley library, 1277 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Dr. Sharnell Muir will speak

You can make a difference by giving a helping hand.

about the health effects of sleep apnea, snoring and sleep deprivation including the pain sleep connection at the March 26 meeting. 604-628-8801 melanie@

Some seniors need rides to medical appointments or other activities. Others may need assistance doing their own grocery shopping. North Shore Community Resources Society (NSCR) is looking for people to volunteer to drive seniors or assist them to shop for their groceries and even help to put items away.

See more page 16

Mt. Seymour close to fundraising goal

Representatives of Mt. Seymour and Okanagan Spring Brewery joined forces to announce that the Monday night fundraiser for the B.C. Cancer Foundation, Shred for the Cure, raised more than $135,000 in eight years but to reach $150,000, organizers need the North Shore’s help.

Ladies can board or ski at Mt. Seymour every Monday night until March 31 with a minimum $5 donation to the foundation, according to a press release. For 2014, Shred for the Cure runs from 5 to 10 p.m.. Ladies can pick up a Shred for the Cure voucher at participating retailers, bring the voucher to Mt.

Seymour on a Monday night before April and it will be exchanged for a complimentary lift ticket once a donation to the B.C. Cancer Foundation is made. Participants can also enjoy music, experience ladies only park sessions in The Pit terrain park and join in the après ski in

the Rock Chute at 9 p.m. where there will be prize giveaways. Participants can pick up vouchers at the following North Vancouver locations: The Boardroom, 2057 Lonsdale Ave.; North Shore Ski and Board, 1625 Lonsdale Ave.; or Narrow’s Pub, 1970 Spicer Rd.

Volunteering at NSCR is an easy way to give back to the community!

– current volunteer

For more information, please call Elaine Smith, Volunteer Coordinator, North Shore Community Resources, 604-985-7138 or email

A16 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 23, 2014



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Next film looks at female desire From page 13

kids’ lives, away from addiction, substance abuse, crime, poor relationships, unemployment, dropping out, you name it. It’s all fixable and it actually doesn’t have to be expensive. I am left with the feeling like, oh geez, we have so many things that we make a priority in our society, but when it comes to the reality of really investing in kids, we don’t.” Palmer and Slinger are currently hard at work on their next film, about female desire. The documentary asks the question: In the year 2014, are women finally able and free to pursue sexual desire as much as men? They’re currently

Health Notes The BC Government is now off-loading our recycling decisions to Toronto.

From page 15 TYPE 2 DIABETES WEBINAR — EATING WELL A webinar to focus on healthy living will be offered by the Canadian Diabetes Association Wednesday, March 26. To register or for more information visit diabetes. ca/diabetes-webinars THE B.C. BALANCE AND DIZZINESS DISORDERS SOCIETY SUPPORT GROUP will meet Thursday, March 27, 2 p.m. at The Summerhill, 135 West 15th St., North Vancouver. A short DVD titled Gaining Balance will be shown followed by discussion of coping strategies. Free. 604-7702131

The BC Government has set up an association led by big corporations to take over the local Blue Box recycling program throughout BC. If you look closely, you’ll see that of seven board members, six are executives of Toronto-based multi-national corporations, with the seventh weighing in from Montreal. What’s going on here?

Email Christy Clark at or call 250-387-1715. For more info, visit #RethinkItBC. This Message is brought to you by:


learning about the “bad girls” through history and what happened to them, running the gamut through to HBO series Girls creator and star Lena Dunham, known for her efforts to be a gamechanger.The film’s working title is Woman Unleashed and is hoped to air on Doc Zone in 2015. “Our objective, mine and Helen’s perspective for filmmaking is, we just want to move the conversation forward. If people watch Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents and change their perspective even just a little bit, we will feel we have succeeded. And we thank god that there is Doc Zone and those opportunities to have those conversations in a national context,” says Palmer. how food sensitivities can lead to fatigue, chronic pain and mood disorders Thursday, March 27, 7-8:30 p.m. at Lynn Valley library, 1277 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Learn how sensitivities develop and how they differ from food allergies. Registration required. 604-984-0286 x8144

Support Groups THE CANADIAN HARD OF HEARING — NORTH SHORE BRANCH holds a monthly series of informal workshops and discussions around the issues affecting the hard of hearing on the first Friday of the month, 10 a.m.-noon at the West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre, 695 21st St. Subjects to be addressed will include the latest technology for hearing aids, coping strategies, speech reading and improving hearing environments. Everyone welcome. Compiled by Debbie Caldwell

Caregiver Support Presents:

Life Journaling

What moves you to write? • Possible ways to express your feelings and ideas • Explore how writing can enliven your well-being • Ways to begin journaling • A chance to meet with other caregivers and be inspired

Monday April 7 & 14th, 2014 from 9.30 am to 12 pm Free registration for caregivers of an adult family member or friend

Tel: 604.982.3320


FIT&HEALTHY Sunday, March 23, 2014 - North Shore News - A17 Advertisement

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A18 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 23, 2014

Community Bulletin Board NORTH VANCOUVER SPRING HOME EXPO A building, renovation and decor show with more than 100 exhibits March 23, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at Karen Magnussen Community Centre, 2300 Kirkstone Rd., North Vancouver. YOUR COMMUNITY, YOUR BUDGET An opportunity for input on the district’s draft financial plan will take place at the council meeting Monday, March 24, 7 p.m. at the District of North Vancouver Municipal Hall, 355 West Queens Rd. budget2014

MEET YOUR MAYOR Drop in to Lynn Valley library’s fireplace area for informal one-on-one chats with North Vancouver District Mayor Richard Walton Tuesday, March 25 from 10:30 a.m. to noon at 1277 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver.

Angus Dinsdale as he discusses his unique childhood as the son of “The ManWho Filmed Nessie” Wednesday, March 26, 7-8:30 p.m. at West Vancouver Memorial Library, 1950 Marine Dr. 604-925-7400

TWITTER BASICS Learn how to sign up, follow and tweet. Stay on top of what’s happening in your area of interest on this popular social networking site Tuesday, March 25, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at North Vancouver City Library, 120 West 14th St. Registration required. 604990-3450

DISCUSSION LOUNGE Drop by to share your enthusiasm and pick up some new ideas by way of books, TV and movies Wednesday, March 26 from 10:30 a.m. to noon at Parkgate library, 3675 Banff Court, 3045 Highland Blvd., North Vancouver. 604-929-3727


POETIC VISIT North Vancouver City library will

host an evening of poetic readings with Dennis E. Bolen and Joyce Goodwin Wednesday, March 26, 7 p.m. at 120 West 14th St. Registration required. 604998-3450 E-NEWSPAPERS ARE EASY Learn about Library PressDisplay, NVDPL’s free online newspaper service, Thursday, March 27, 10:30-11:30 a.m. at Parkgate library, 3675 Banff Court, North Vancouver. Registration required. 604-929-3727 x8168 Compiled by Debbie Caldwell Email information for your non-profit, by donation or nominal fee event to listings@

BEE FRIENDLY D*8012' :0+2 -O) ;[-/[32 Z38P !J1V D[_P803 D*8012 .83R -1 g[33_#2 g-3)[O' O[-3 b801[1 5-3P TO `831V A-O*80/[3' 18 TO21-QQ O-1T/[ +[[ +8,[2 )[2TXO[) +_ 5T321 `-1T8O2 -31T21 DV-TO d-*R28O 8Z D6T3T1 @83R2% CV[ 13886 -Q28 263[-) P0Q*V' 6Q-O1[) 2[[)2' 3[P8/[) TO/-2T/[ 6Q-O12 -O) Q[-3O[) -+801 +[[ V-+T1-1% \f^C^ CINDY GOODMAN

Edcamp aims to share ideas

2014 F150 SUPER CAB 4X4 $



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Stk #4FI0257


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other participants will work together by sharing their own knowledge and questions. The event runs from 9 a.m. to noon and is open to people of all ages wishing to learn more about new and emerging technology and social media. There will be discussions, demonstrations, including an onsite 3D printer, sharing of knowledge, ideas and learning. Registration is free and once participants are registered, they can post a topic for discussion. Both registration and discussion posts are available online through the North Vancouver School District’s website. Community Edcamp is co-sponsored by the North Vancouver School District and the North Vancouver District Public Library. — AnneWatson

Stk #4ES9989


833 Automall Dr., North Vancouver


A conference tailor-made for its audience is coming to North Vancouver next month. Community Edcamp is an event specially designed to discuss issues and ideas generated by and for its participants. There are no keynote speakers, presenters or “experts,” only people wanting to share ideas in a safe and welcoming environment, with an agenda that’s created by participants at the start of the event. Edcamp, held on April 12 at the Lynn Valley Main Library, encourages connected and participatory learning in the hopes of bringing people together to discuss their interests, passions and any questions they may have. Participants can also choose to lead sessions with an expectation that

Dealer #24977

Net of all rebates, tax and documentation fee $495 extra. Units may not be exactly as shown. Limited time offer.

Sunday, March 23, 2014 - North Shore News - A19


Black family legacy a thing of the future

Multiple generations maintain butcher shop tradition

When Peter Black and Sons closed their Park Royal butcher shop in June 2013, a family tradition came to an end — or as the proprietor would say, new opportunities appeared. Back when Peter’s parents were making their living in Glasgow, every neighbourhood had its “butcher, baker and candlestick maker.” His mother, Elizabeth McKenzie, worked in a bakery and Peter Black Sr. was employed by the Alex Munro butcher shops, the Scottish name belying Argentine ownership. A master butcher, and a capable and congenial man, Peter Black the elder was a troubleshooter for the chain, working on displays in one shop, improving service in another. During the war, the family was in Troon, a British naval station where ship crews survived on a staple, and monotonous, diet of block beef, enormous frozen hunks of

Laura Anderson

Memory Lane

Argentinian or Australian origin. The navy appealed to Peter Black — “If we supply the beef, will you supply the sausages?” It was a partnership that helped the community of Troon as well since Peter could augment his customers’ meagre meat rations — at no extra cost, his son adds, “That’s the way my father was.” Four years after the birth of young Peter, the middle of three children and the eldest son, in 1944, the Black family immigrated to Canada — Vancouver to be precise. Where did they get the courage? It did take courage for a pair of Scots with three children to leave home, hearth and all things familiar for an unknown future. The fact that post-war Britain’s grim economy guaranteed Peter’s father would

CVT2 6V818 2V8.2 1V[ ;Q-*R Z-PTQ_ +01*V[3 2V86 8O a-3TO[ 93T/[ TO <P+Q[2T)[ TO !HKK% e1 TO*Q0)[2 \[1[3 ;Q-*R D3%#2 E-P+Q[3 -O) 28O \[1[3' 21-O)TOX TO 1V[ )883.-_% eO 1V[ [-3Q_ #J"2' 1V[ +02TO[22 P8/[) 18 \-3R E8_-Q D801V% \f^C^ DB\\be79 never have his own shop was a likely factor in the decision. Although the question can never be answered, his son still wonders. The new proprietor of the Kerrisdale Meat Market on West Boulevard and 41st Avenue learned to cut meat the Canadian way and taught his children to help in the shop, refreshing the sawdust on the floor, serving customers and learning the trade.Young Peter was a keen student.

He began his seven-year apprenticeship while still in high school and also found time to become a Queen’s Scout. For a few years after the family moved to Sunset Beach in West Vancouver in 1961, Peter and his father commuted daily to Kerrisdale, until one graduated and the other retired. Soon after Peter completed his apprenticeship,

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A20 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 23, 2014


Retirement not in couple’s vocabulary From page 19 opportunity struck in Ambleside. In earlier days, at Bean Around the World’s present location, the site housed Al Kelly’s, and then Charlie Gray’s, Village Market. When

Charlie Gray relocated, Peter took over the vacancy. Ambleside Meats was the start of his career as a butcher and businessman. His marriage to Helen Graham in 1967 and the birth of two sons (Jason Peter, and Adam)

“We’re all stressed by Dad’s illness.”

Is This You Or Someone You Know? Call 604-985-6881 for a FREE in-home assessment. www.VancouverSeniorHealth.

magazine and newspaper outlet. Peter served three terms as president of the Park Royal Merchants’ Association and was named citizen of the year in 2001-2002 by the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. Peter and Helen are grandparents now but “retirement” and “end of an era” are not in their vocabulary. She studies genealogy and Peter works out with the Fit Fellas at the West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre. Son Jason is a butcher and his father thinks about re-entering the trade as the 35th anniversary of his 35th birthday approaches. Whatever Peter Black takes on, it will reflect his father’s legacy: business acumen, congenial nature and pride in his profession. In that sense, the Black family tradition will continue. Laura Anderson works with and for seniors on the North Shore. 778-279-2275

@[21 A-O*80/[3#2 \[1[3 ;Q-*R Z8QQ8.[) TO VT2 Z-1V[3#2 Z88121[62 +_ [O1[3TOX 1V[ +01*V[3 13-)[% \f^C^ MIKE WAKEFIELD 14-0260

SHYLO Brings The Care To You. Cancer or chronic illness affects everyone in the family. Shylo Palliative & Respite Care can help with: G nursing support G pain mitigation G a customized care plan G support for physical, emotional and spiritual needs

launched a new generation of Blacks. Naturally, everyone helped out in the shop. On a break from butchering in the 1970s, Peter worked in publications distribution (while helping out at the butcher shop at Christmas and Easter) until a promotion and relocation to Toronto were offered. For the family, West Vancouver was home. For Peter, Ambleside’s beautiful setting resembled his home town of Troon. As well, Peter, a charter member of the Ambleside Tiddlycove Lions Club, wanted to continue with the organization’s work of supporting community healthcare. He also wanted to return to the meat business and it happened that Peter was able to return to his original shop. In the early ’80s, the business moved to Park Royal South where it expanded to include a sandwich shop, hot dog stand, delicatessen and the Global News

LOVE life. LIVE here.® Enjoy a retirement lifestyle that reflects everything you’ve worked for. We invite you to look into the care-free, all-inclusive retirement community of Amica at West Vancouver Offering the amenities, services and accommodations of a 5-star hotel plus the privacy, security and the freedom to do whatever your heart desires. Luxury IS affordable, at Amica at West Vancouver. Come see for yourself! Rarely available – Beautifully appointed Two Bedroom and 2000 sq. ft. Grande Suite. Call today for your personal tour and stay for a complimentary lunch! Amica at West Vancouver • A Wellness & Vitality™ Residence 659 Clyde Avenue, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1C8 • 604.921.9181 • Luxury Independent Rental Retirement Living • All Inclusive • Full Service Fine Dining • Wellness & Vitality™ Programs • Amica VITALIS™ Assisted Living Suites & Services Canadian Owned

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A22 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 23, 2014


Canadian company brings robotic aviation to the commercial market ING started out supplying technology to the military


A Canadian company is set to take robotic aviation by storm. ING Robotic Aviation, an Ottawa-based company that builds and supplies unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, is now turning its attention to the commercial market. The company debuted one of its aircraft at Mosquito Creek in North Vancouver last fall. “We use our various platforms to provide services across the spectrum of industry, ranging from mining to forestry to oil and gas,” said Luiz Araujo, director of regional business development at ING. “So the applications are actually numerous.” The company started about five years ago providing UAV operators to the Canadian military, clocking around 32,000 hours of flight experience in Afghanistan, said Araujo, and flying for the Canadian Navy more than two years ago in the Indian Ocean. “Since technology now is migrating from purely a military environment and

applications to civilian applications, the company now is also providing both services utilizing UAVs,” said Araujo. “The spectrum of applications and the number of people and professions that will be able to benefit from this technology is amazing, and it covers the entire spectrum right from academia to police (and) public services.” ING has three different models of UAV aircraft: Responder, Serenity and the Huginn X1. Each aircraft provides video feedback and imaging to the operator. “When you send a robotic aircraft in the air, the imagery is being transmitted in real time back to a ground control system and that information can also be shared through the Internet or sent to board rooms or sent to operation centres, so that situation awareness is quickly seen by a variety of folks,” said Araujo. “That’s something that is a great advantage of robotic aviation over traditional manned aircraft, this information relay in real time.” The Responder, used at

aT*V[Q :81[ -O) g0_ gTOX3-2 2[1 06 1V[ E[268O)[3 A!<' - 38+81T* V[QT*861[3 *-6-+Q[ 8Z P-O_ 1VTOX2 TO*Q0)TOX 203/[TQQ-O*[' 2[-3*V -O) 3[2*0[ Q8*-1T8O -O) -[3T-Q 6V818X3-6V_' -1 a8240T18 :3[[R a-3TO-% \f^C^ MIKE WAKEFIELD

Mosquito Creek, is a small electric-powered helicopter that has built-in infrared and can carry a variety of cameras, while the Serenity is a fixed-wing aircraft that runs on fuel. The Huginn X1 is a Danish product

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that ING resells and is used primarily in security or policing applications. “These are new tools that are being introduced into the marketplace. If you think about a few years back when GPS first came out, it was purely a military application and then it just started coming out into use for cars,” said Araujo. “Nowadays it’s part of our everyday life and you have a GPS in your smartphone and everybody now relies on GPS as part of their everyday life. A number of applications with GPS now (are) also being used for commercial purposes.” ING hopes to corner the industrial and commercial markets, offering their services to everything from forestry and mining, to agriculture and real estate. Araujo said the aircraft could be used for such things as pipeline monitoring and forest fire management at a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft. The UAVs cost approximately $200 to $300 per hour to operate, including manpower and travel onsite, compared to what Araujo said a manned aircraft might cost at more

than $1,000 per hour. “That is a ballpark figure for operating a very complex system,” said Araujo. “UAVs come out much, much cheaper, much more efficient than fixed-wing aircrafts and helicopters. There are applications where it is much more efficient to use robotic aviation than traditional aircraft.” Araujo said that although the public’s privacy is a concern, the UAVs are like any other tool. “People have binoculars, how do you stop someone from having binos and looking in somebody’s window? How do you (stop) eavesdropping devices that you can buy in local security shops where you can actually listen to people’s conversation? All those are concerns and UAV shouldn’t be any more of a concern than all these other sensors that are readily available to the public,” he said. “Professional use of these systems requires that you follow the law and we recognize the difference between flying and inspecting a building and

flying and looking inside people’s windows. That is always a concern but it’s something that training and having the proper operators being certified to operate the aircrafts is probably the best way to ensure that privacy and proper use of this tool is followed.” Both the Responder and Huginn X1 are battery powered and have zero emissions. Araujo said the batteries take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to recharge, but with multiple aircraft and spare batteries, the UAVs could be kept in continual operation for 24 hours. ING has already sold a few systems to international clients, said Araujo. “This is the tip of the iceberg, we’re just starting to see what are the possibilities,” said Araujo. “As this technology is introduced for more commercial applications, you will see that they’ll become more sophisticated. We’ll be able to provide information, which before we never believed we would have access to.”

Sunday, March 23, 2014 - North Shore News - A23


Winemaker’s dinner impresses Tim Pawsey

Notable Potables Writing as The Hired Belly, I have attended more than a few winemaker’s dinners. But some remain etched in my memory more than others.The first was when Howard Soon (now with Peller Estates, then with Calona Vineyards) dropped by the original Raintree to pour his wines. For most of us uneducated urban bumpkins at the time, it was a novel experience: to have the guy who actually oversaw the picking of the

grapes and made the wine to come and pour it for us. Since then a steady schedule of dinners has helped lay the foundation for our blossoming wine culture. This week I was sitting at a communal table in the West End’s Tavola, a guest of Spencer Massie, partner in Similkameen’s Clos du Soleil.What struck me was how winemaker’s dinners have evolved over the years, and how both Massie and the folks at Tavola happily embraced those changes. The speeches (the practice of introducing every dish) were ditched. Instead, we had a brief welcome as the first flight was poured and the shared plates began to arrive. Massie decided not to interrupt the conviviality and instead visited each of the four large tables in turn. It all worked very well. I liked the idea of pouring two flights of three wines each (mini-verticals of essentially the same wine through different

:8Q0POT21 CTP \-.2[_ V-2 -11[O)[) P-O_ .TO[P-R[3#2 )TOO[32 8/[3 1V[ _[-32% \f^C^ a7CE^ :E7<CeA7 D7EAe:7D vintages, in each case ’07, ’08 and 2011).The dishes (all a salute to Tavola’s much-loved predecessor, Tapastree) came in wellorchestrated succession. Everyone had a chance to decide for themselves what they felt worked best. Those flights revealed an impressive consistency. Clos du Soleil is a Similkameen bellweather that, as it matures, underscores the potential of the Okanagan’s

all-too-easily overlooked neighbour.The wines are made by Ann Sperling in a style that plants itself firmly between old and new world camps, and is also immensely food-friendly, as this evening proved. I was impressed with the way even the older whites were standing up, although I leaned in favour of both the 2008s (Capella and Signature Red Blend).The Capella 2011, which we

picked as Best White Wine at last year’s Okanagan B.C.Wine Awards judging, continues to evolve and impress. Three shoo-in pairings of the evening were classics: the wicked, honey and nectarine toned Saturn 2013 dessert wine (think Sauternes and you’ll get the picture, says Massie) with foie gras and rhubarb; Capella 2008 with a seafood salad of scallop and prawn; and the deeply red-berried, cassis-toned, plummy but structured 2008 Signature (91 points) with chicken livers and beef tenderloin. Also well worth tracking down: the 2011 Signature (90 points) from the winery, $39.90. One more highlight came with the unveiling of Marc du Soleil.This “co-pro” between Le Clos du Soleil and Vancouver’s Long Table Distillery, yields a very clean, subtly caramel and smooth-tasting (43 per cent alcohol) distilled spirit made from Merlot must

that’s an indication of great things to come. Long Table’s Charles Tremewen says it’s precisely the kind of local collaboration to which he aspires. Check in at the distillery next week if you’re interested. And it’s only at the distillery because the winery’s not allowed to sell it. I mean, why would you even think that? I’ll have more on Clos de Soleil in coming weeks. Belly’s Budget Best Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling 2012 Here’s an easy-sipping Riesling to welcome spring. It is off-dry and lusciously fruit-forward with stonefruit, a touch of mineral and even a hint of petrol. It will go well with Waldorf salad with a touch of spice, or Pad Thai (BCLS Specialty, $15.99. 89 points). Tim Pawsey writes about wine for numerous publications and online as the Hired Belly at Contact: info@

Book offers plenty of interesting tidbits about tea Tea, Firefly Books, 270 pages, $24.95 TERRY PETERS

Tea has been a part of cultures all around the world for centuries. From its origins in the Chinese province of

Yunnan, the tea tree has been cultivated on every continent. It is revered for its medicinal values and spiritual association, and is loved for its taste. Drawing from their extensive knowledge and love of tea, authors Kevin Gascoyne, Francois Marchand, Jasmin

Desharnais and Hugo Americi, all tasters at the Camelia Sinesis Tea House in Montreal, have put together this in-depth look at various aspects of this widely consumed beverage. The authors discuss various tea growing regions and the impact

local climate has on tea flavours. Within those sections the cultural role of tea is examined, as well as its history and the specific types of tea for which they are best known. Other parts of the book discuss the variety of tea pots and their use, the art of preparing a pot of tea,

tasting skills, and the use of tea in food preparation. Throughout the book are interviews with tea growers, tasters, and related experts. Photographs appear on almost every page providing historical images and colourful looks at an incredible range of teas.

Every issue of the North Shore News between March 30 and April 20 will feature one ad with a hidden Easter Egg. When you find all 10 eggs email us at with the names of the advertisers, the issue dates and page numbers and you could win passes for two to ride the brand new Sea to Sky Gondola. Missed an issue? See our digital editions on our website. The deadline is April 25. Happy hunting!

A24 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 23, 2014


Dogs learn to ‘leave it’ on command The other day I was given three of those mega dog cookies that kind of look like a doggie sandwich rather than a dog treat. I gave each of my three dogs a cookie. Raider went to his bed, held the cookie in his front paws and bit a small piece off at a time. I half expected him to ask for a cup of tea to dunk it into . . . weirdo. Piper inhaled his in about 10 seconds and Zumi, well, she just lay down on her bed and rested the cookie at her side, saving it for later after her nap I suppose. This uneaten cookie did not go unnoticed. Piper began to carefully hover around Zumi, his neck outstretched, sniffing the air above where the cookie lay. Knowing it would be far too risky to snatch the cookie from Zumi without experiencing her wrath, he created a diversion. He went to the patio door and looked outside intently, stamping his front feet a few times and gave a low “woof.” His body language said, “Look outside,” but his ears gave

Receive a


Joan Klucha

Canine Connection

his intent away. They were pinned close to his head and pulled back so he could hear what was going on behind him without looking, thus giving the impression that there was something outside of great interest. Knowing that Zumi is a typical reactive German shepherd, he took a calculated risk. Zumi took the bait and rushed to the door to see what was the problem. That was when Piper moved like a ninja and ran back to Zumi’s bed, snatching the cookie. He was halfway finished eating it in the bedroom before Zumi even realized what had happened.

As evidenced by my story, dogs are masters at the art of thievery. If there is an object that they desire, they will indeed plot a course of action to acquire it. Taking a lesson from Zumi, if you don’t want an item taken, don’t leave it unattended. One tends to learn a different way of living in a home shared with dogs. We practise good slipper management techniques and make sure the fuzzy sheepskins are placed in the closet — not left beside the bed. We learn to be extremely tidy and place soiled laundry in a covered hamper or behind a door that cannot be shoved open with a precocious nose. Garbage is put in sealed containers or tucked into cabinets and lunch is carried in hand when answering the phone, not left on the coffee table. One way to get around such extreme management techniques is to teach your dog a “leave it” command. On this command your dog should back way from

any item that you give attention to and respect that it is yours. There are a multitude of ways to teach this to your dog, ideally when it is still a puppy, but not exclusive to that age category.You can use a clicker, you can reinforce with food or toys, or you can use spatial pressure techniques. The method is irrelevant and as long as there is no fear-based compulsion involved, your dog will happily learn to “leave it” on command. But what if you hadn’t trained the command perfectly yet, had a bad day at work, forgot to put your Italian leather shoes in the closet and when you took your head out of the fridge

while looking for a beer you noticed your dog proudly carrying that loafer in his mouth like a loaf of bread. First, don’t chase your dog, no matter how fearful you may be at the prospect of losing a shoe. Instead, call your dog to you in a calm happy voice, even walking towards the cookie jar. When Fido drops the shoe for a cookie, take the shoe first then give the reward. This is not considered bribery when you have a $300 pair of shoes you are worried about. You can practise a diversion, like Piper did, and pretend there is something really exciting in another part of the house.

Your dog may drop the shoe to follow you and, when it does, make sure you have something good to place in its mouth before you get to your shoe. You can offer a play session by getting a tug toy so your dog must drop the shoe to engage in the game of tug. All of these will work and the good thing is that your dog just trained you to never make that mistake again. Joan Klucha has been working with dogs for more than 15 years in obedience, tracking and behavioural rehabilitation. Contact her through her website


With the purchase of any 2 major services:

• B^ak\ job • D\]-Cool coolant syst\m s\^vZc\ • T^ansmZssZon s\^vZc\ • A/C s\^vZc\ • 4-wh\\l alZgnm\nt • Th\ `u^chas\ o[ 4 tZ^\s • S`a^k `lug and wZ^\ ^\`lac\m\nt • TZmZng b\lt




• Hand Wash • Cl\an WZndows insZd\ & Out • Vacuum • Cl\an & D^\ss Wh\\ls & TZ^\s $ 29.95 Valu\

Som\ ^\st^ZctZons a``ly. S\\ d\al\^ [o^ [ull o[[\^ d\taZls. Ta]\s \]t^a. Offer expireS Apr 30, 2014.

Carter GM Has Your Body Shop & Service Needs Covered Accidents Happen. And when they do, we’re here to help.

We understand what you have been through, and want to make the repair process as trouble free as possible. We accept all ICBC and private insurance claims and will help guide you through the claim process. Our ICBC Certified technicians repair all makes and models of vehicles. Our state of the art facility and equipment will put your vehicle back to factory and governmental safety standards quickly and efficiently for the safety of you and your family.

Northshore BUICK




Northshore Auto Mall, 800 Automall Dr. North Vancouver

;%:% = <Q+[31- g0T)[ 98X D[3/T*[2 -Q8OX .T1V <01T2P D066831 98X2 -3[ Q88RTOX Z83 /8Q0O1[[3 6066_ 3-T2[32 18 V802[ 6066T[2 TO 13-TOTOX QTR[ b0R[' 6T*103[) -+8/[% \f^C^ DB\\be79

Volunteers needed to care for guide dog puppies in training B.C. & Alberta Guide Dog Services and Autism Support Dogs are looking for volunteer puppy raisers in the GreaterVancouver area. The puppies are training to become guide dogs for blind and visually impaired individuals as well as autism support dogs for children with autism and their families.Volunteer puppy raising families have a puppy in-training live with them from about seven to eight weeks of age to 14 to 18

months of age.Through a supervised program, puppy raisers help prepare the dogs for advanced training by teaching them obedience and socialization skills. Eligible volunteers must live in Greater Vancouver, be home during the day, willing to take the puppy with them wherever they go and be available for obedience classes twice a month, visits once a month, as well as event appearances.They must provide a dog-friendly home with secure outdoor

space, have a vehicle and not have more than one pet dog at home or children under school age. Volunteers must also follow the B.C. Guide Dog Services’ guidelines for training and caring for the dog.The charity offers dedicated, ongoing support to volunteers and covers the cost of dog food, vet care and other basic necessities. For more information contact Linda Thornton at linda.thornton@bcguidedog. com or visit


Sunday, March 23, 2014 - North Shore News - A25



@[21 A-O*80/[3 O-1T/[ aTR[ d-O_R *-3/[2 - 1TXV1 QTO[ )03TOX - 3[*[O1 @83Q) :06 2Q-Q8P 3-*[% CV[ 1V3[[&1TP[ ^Q_P6T-O .TQQ 3[1T3[ -1 1V[ [O) 8Z 1VT2 2[-28O Z8QQ8.TOX 1VT2 .[[R#2 O-1T8O-Q *V-P6T8O2VT62 TO @VT21Q[3 -O) - 3-*[ 8O g3802[ a80O1-TO a-3*V N!% \f^C^ DB\\be79 ALPINE CANADA

Janyk hits his final gates

Two local races before WestVan ski star retires ANDY PREST

Scan this page with the Layar app to see video highlights from Mike Janyk’s career, including an impromptu singing session in Switzerland.

There was a moment the night before Mike Janyk’s final Olympic race that he was sent spinning by a picture of a normally benign, inanimate object: a bridge. The West Vancouver native had already decided before the Sochi Olympics began that this would be his final season on the World Cup ski circuit but he hadn’t yet made that information public. Relaxing in an athlete’s lounge set up by the Canadian Olympic Committee on the eve of the Olympic slalom race, Janyk started idly flipping through a coffee table book featuring photos of famous places in Canada. The book was placed there to give the athletes a little taste of home in a faraway place. Janyk stopped when he hit a picture of that famous North Shore attraction, the Capilano

Suspension Bridge. “I totally broke down,” he says. “It just brought me back to all the days growing up in West Van, going to soccer, going to tennis, driving up to Cypress, driving up to Grouse to go train at night after school. It was all those cool memories that you don’t think of at the time.” Janyk raced the next day and finished 16th, a slightly disappointing result for the 31-year-old that likely reinforced the decision he’d made to retire. Janyk, in fact, says it wasn’t really a decision at all so much as his body and mind coming to a natural realization a few weeks before the Games began. “I was home, and generally when you’re home you decompress, you find that fire and then you head back out. I always thought I would ski for another Olympic cycle, and then it just came to me: now is the time. In doing so I realized

aTR[ d-O_R [OS8_2 1V[ 1-21[ 8Z 20**[22 Z8QQ8.TOX 8O[ 8Z VT2 X3[-1[21 3[20Q12 Y - +38O][ P[)-Q -1 1V[ h""H @83Q) DRT :V-P6T8O2VT62% \f^C^ ALPINE CANADA I’d achieved all my dreams that I set out as a ski racer.” Janyk’s journey began on the slopes of the North Shore and Whistler mountains where he learned to ski by chasing his older sister Britt — she went on to have an impressive ski career herself and is now also retired with her twoyear-old daughter Nina. Janyk’s dreams came into focus under some strange circumstances.

“I was 13 years old, lying in bed with a broken leg,” he says. “It was my second broken leg in the same year and I remember thinking that if I could make the national team, if I could ski for Canada in the Olympics, then anything would be possible. At that point I was not nearly the best around.” But soon enough, he was the best around. Janyk started winning local events and by the age of

17 was scoring podium finishes in FIS races against international competition. At age 19 he made his debut on the World Cup circuit in a slalom on the famous Kitzbuehel course in Austria. Starting in 2004 he was a staple on the national team and he hasn’t stopped since, hitting the World Cup circuit hard along with three Olympic Games.There were See Janyk page 26

A26 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 23, 2014


Janyk sublime in final World Cup run From page 25

some big triumphs along the way, including a World Cup silver in Colorado in 2006, a World Championship bronze in France in 2009, and nine Canadian championship medals, including four golds. Following this year’s Olympics, Janyk still had one more World Cup race to get through, a slalom on March 9 in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. By now his retirement decision was public knowledge and with the end in sight, Janyk was having a hard time finding the fire needed to put it all on the line against the world’s best. “When you get in the start gate you’ve got to be so hungry for it,” he says. “I didn’t have that hunger once I realized it was time, and so the first run for the last World Cup I was like, ‘Oh my God, what am I doing here?’ It was really hard, actually. It was really hard to go back in the start gate because for athletes it’s a vulnerable place and you’ve got to be ready to really commit.” Janyk barely made it to the second run — needing to crack the top-30, he finished 29th. He wasn’t hopeful that things would be much better the second time down. “I was dragging myself up to the start again,” he says. “Then about two minutes before I started, everything went clear. It was just like total silence. I looked down over the course and I was like, ‘I got this.’ It was just like nothing

— total silence, stillness.” In his last World Cup pass ever, Janyk posted the fastest time, winning the second run. Officially it only bumped him up to 15th overall on the day but for that one final run Janyk was the best in the world. “It was that feeling of I could do absolutely anything on my skis — that’s the reason why we ski,” he says. “To finish with that pure sense of the sport was so cool, so special. . . . Afterwards I said thank God it was a moment of intuition to retire, because no logic or reason would make anyone want to walk away from this feeling.” It’s not completely over yet as Janyk will be on something of a farewell tour the next couple of weeks on two mountains that are dear to him.This Wednesday he’ll take part in the slalom at the Canadian Championships in Whistler, the place Janyk has called home on-and-off since his family moved there from West Vancouver when he was 13. Janyk also confirmed that he’ll take part in the Keurig Cup Spring Series slalom on Grouse Mountain March 31. It’ll be a return to the sight of a key moment in his career — he scored a pair of wins on Grouse the last time he raced there, way back in 1998. “That’s when I started skiing fast. Before that I was never the best.Then I won two in Panorama, came to Grouse and won those two and basically never looked back from there.” He’ll have plenty of

time to look back now, and do many other things that weren’t possible when he was on the circuit. “When I was going after my dreams as a ski racer I never saw them as sacrifices because I was going after what I loved to do but now I can see the things that I missed out on — getting to cruise around B.C. and skiing for fun, going to a friend’s wedding — all these kinds of things you don’t get to do when you’re travelling all the time and training. I’m looking forward to normal life.” That life will still include work with the Mike and Manny Camp, an organization he started along with fellow North Shore racer Manuel Osborne-Paradis that helps provide ski opportunities for kids who would not normally be able to afford it. “That’s something that I’m most passionate about and am going to keep growing.” Having lived his dreams on the slopes, Janyk is now looking for new ones off of them.When the North Shore News caught up with him he was hard at work babysitting little Nina.The conversation came to a slightly abrupt end. “Is that poop?” he asks his little niece. “She did poop.” It’s not exactly the same as the Zen of ripping off the perfect ski run, but Janyk sounds like he’s loving every moment of it. “It still feels right,” he says about retirement. “I’m looking forward to the next part.”


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a-3R \TO18 8Z D1% CV8P-2 <40TO-2 X8[2 18[2 06 -1 1V[ `831V DV83[ VTXV 2*V88Q X_PO-21T*2 *V-P6T8O2VT62 V[Q) -1 @TO)283 Q-21 P8O1V% \TO18 [-3O[) - 2TQ/[3 P[)-Q -1 1V[ 638/TO*T-Q *V-P6T8O2VT62' 8O[ 8Z 2[/[3-Q `831V DV83[ -1VQ[1[2 18 VT1 1V[ 68)T0P% \f^C^ LISA KING

Windsor, Seycove strong at gymnastics championships North Shore athletes landed some strong results at the high school gymnastics championships held March 6-8 in Nanaimo, led by excellent showings by the Windsor and Seycove teams. Windsor, a perennial gymnastics power due to its great participation levels, finished third overall in the team standings while winning the boys overall title. The Dukes also claimed the highest team score in the Boys Level 2 division. Seycove, meanwhile,

won top spot in both the Boys Level 1 and Boys Level 3 divisions. Several North Shore gymnasts also hit the podium in individual competitions. Windsor’s Greg Burns scored second in the Level 4 Boys competition (Level 5 is the highest difficulty) while the North Shore earned a podium sweep in Level 3 Boys with Seycove’s Tomash Danco and Gabe Stanton finishing first and second, respectively, and Windsor’s Drew Sandall placing third.

In Level 2 Boys Windsor’s Justin Tan took gold while Mark Pinto of St. Thomas Aquinas earned silver. A pair of Seycove students claimed first in the hotly contested Level 1 boys division with Mathew Dandar finishing first and Renato Pol Mari placing third. On the girls side Handsworth’s Silvi Booth led the way, finishing first out of 42 competitors in the packed Level 2 Girls division, while Nicole Hsueh of Windsor finished third in Level 1 Girls. — Andy Prest

Sunday, March 23, 2014 - North Shore News - A27

A32 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 23, 2014






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• 4x4 capability with choice of 3 new 4x4 systems • Trailer tow capability - up to 4,500 lb • Class exclusive 9-speed automatic transmission with up to 45 mpg hwy • Next-gen 8.4” touch-screen radio with bluetooth and climate controls • 7-inch customizable in cluster display centre





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10 Years & Still Going Strong Don Curl

DON CURL is celebrating his 10th anniversary at Destination Chrysler. He would like to thanks all of his family, friends and customers in letting him help you with your Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram needs through the years. Let’s go for another 10!

Assistant Sales Manager



North Shore News March 23 2014  

North Shore News March 23 2014

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