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West Van senior cop moves on Embattled police force losing another of its top brass JANE SEYD

Another senior officer at the West Vancouver Police Department has announced he will be leaving the department. Insp. Mike Rattray

will retire from the West Vancouver Police Department March 31. The announcement of Rattray’s retirement comes just two weeks after Chief Constable Peter Lepine announced he will be stepping away from the top

job at the department. Both departures come in the wake of a damning internal report that pointed to serious dissatisfaction by police officers and civilian employees with senior management in the police department. It also comes after some police officers went public with allegations of harassment and a culture that tolerates harassment at

the department. Lepine has said his own departure is not related to either the internal report or the harassment allegations. He also said he investigates all harassment allegations that come to his attention. Neither Lepine nor West Vancouver Mayor Michael Smith, chairman of the police board, had any direct comment on Rattray’s retirement.

Const. Jeff Palmer, spokesman for the department, read a statement from Lepine that said “employees of the West Vancouver police make their own career decisions on an ongoing basis” adding Lepine considers it “inappropriate” to comment on “any individual’s personal career See Mayor page 8

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Boy, 6, survived prior close call BRENT RICHTER

TOTES MA GOATS B8T0R1\\3 EXW83W 50R-2\ 682\2 .W1X 8R\ 8[ b-6T\.88) 5-3S#2 1X3\\ R\. aWY\3W-R ).-3[ Y8-12% DX\ [-3S W2 X8T)WRY - *8R1\21 18 R-S\ 1X\ [\S-T\ +-+` Y8-12% D8 \R1\3' \S-WT `803 20YY\21W8R2 18 !4$9)6.87&/99($.56, -+,+. +` <63WT Q!% DX\ .WRR\3 8[ \-*X *X82\R R-S\ .WTT 3\*\W/\ - [-SWT` 6-22 [83 [803% 903WRY 263WRY +3\-U' 1X\ [-3S .WTT +\ X8T)WRY W12 ;\XWR) 1X\ E*\R\2 1803 b-3*X !L -R) ii% BW2W1 S-6T\.88)[-3S%+*%*- [83 )\1-WT2% ]g_D_ CINDY GOODMAN

The six-year-old boy who drowned inTaylor Creek Thursday afternoon has been identified as Vondrae Martin, a boy who nearly drowned in his grandparents’ pool a year ago and was revived by neighbours. Emergency services headed to Garibaldi Park Thursday afternoon after receiving a 9-1-1 call reporting a missing child, possibly in need of water rescue. A neighbour found him face up in the swollen and fast-flowing creek roughly 30 minutes later. B.C. Ambulance Service airlifted Vondrae to B.C. Children’s Hospital but the boy could not be revived. The news is devastating for Chris Farrell, one of the neighbours who did intense CPR for more than 10 minutes, waiting for paramedics to arrive after the

lifeless boy was found at the bottom of his grandparents’ pool on East 11th Street in North Vancouver last March 31. Saving Vondrae’s life was an especially poignant moment for Farrell. “I lost my son when he was 14 to a skateboard accident, three days after his birthday. It puts a whole life perspective on it,” Farrell said. “I was so grateful that I did save (Vondrae’s) life and on Easter Sunday, which was a miracle.” Farrell struggled to put his emotions to words. “It was sadness but also a bit of anger as well, if that makes any sense — that it happened a second time. I just felt so sad and a bit angry. It’s just a tragedy and it shocks tremendously,” he said. On Nov. 22, the B.C. Ambulance Service bestowed the service’s Vital Link award to Farrell, his See Community page 5

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a831X B-R*80/\3 F:b] V8WR\) [83*\2 .W1X A\21 B-R*80/\3 68TW*\ 5\+% iM 18 *X\*U [83 )W213-*1\) )3W/\32 -1 1X\ WR1\32\*1W8R 8[ b-3WR\ 93W/\ -R) :-6WT-R8 F8-)% F:b] :8R21% D8S :W*8R W2 2\\R WR 1X\ 6X818 -+8/\ 3WYX1 02WRY - XWYX&68.\3\) 2*86\ 18 8+2\3/\ )3W/\32 06 18 1X3\\ *W1` +T8*U2 -.-`% %3& 2"& 1.*.5 .88 29 3&& 695& 8"9293% ]g_D_E MIKE WAKEFIELD

Police ticket hundreds in month-long distracted driving blitz


Four years after B.C. banned drivers from using electronic devices behind the wheel, people are apparently still not getting the message. Police agencies around the province just wrapped a month-long distracted driving enforcement campaign that saw the North Shore’s two forces net almost three times as many offenders as last year’s effort. Officers issued 110 tickets in February compared to 40 during distracted driving month last year. “Those numbers indicate to us that there’s no shortage of people out there and if officers are looking, they’re finding them,” said Const. Jeff Palmer, West Vancouver police spokesman. West Vancouver police

and the North Vancouver RCMP made one final push on Feb. 27 to catch distracted drivers at Capilano Road and Marine Drive in North Vancouver. Four North Vancouver RCMP officers issued a total of 15 violation tickets for distracted driving, including an impaired driver, according to spokesman Cpl. Richard De Jong. “They observed an individual male talking on the phone, pulled him over and observed symptoms of impairment and alcohol,” said De Jong. The driver failed a breathalyzer test and received a 90-day driving prohibition. The departments were out from 10 a.m. to noon, using a number of strategies to catch people in the act, including plainclothes officers and a high-powered scope that allows the viewer to see a

distance of up to three city blocks. De Jong said cellphones are still the number one distraction, whether taking a call or texting, but drivers have also been caught video conferencing. “Anything that your electronic device can do is a distraction and is illegal,” said De Jong. “So whether you’re playing games to speaking on the phone to texting, doing your bank book, whatever, it’s all illegal.” West Vancouver Cpl. Jag Johal said they would do whatever it takes to get people off the phone and ensure the public is safe. “When you’re driving, it might seem silly to you that the police are out there standing on the corner, behind telephone poles, at bus stops, looking for distracted drivers; however, there is a big cost associated to it when you do get into an accident,” he said.

Twice during the month, Johal and his partner ticketed people who had been busted for the same thing just a week or two earlier. One of them reportedly responded with “Oh, not you again!” Palmer said. In another case, the driver admitted he had been given a warning for distracted driving just 45 minutes earlier. “Not only is all the education and awareness not working, but in some cases, people are getting a violation ticket and it isn’t stopping them the next week,” Palmer said. And you aren’t fooling anyone with the phone-inthe-lap technique, Palmer said, which isn’t any safer. The same goes for eating, having a dog in your lap or “personal grooming,” which are all ticketable offences. “It’s just one more way your eyes are being taken off the road,” he said. Only speeding and

impaired driving result in more fatalities on the road but it would take a sociologist to explain why talking on a cellphone doesn’t induce the same moral indignation as seeing someone behind the wheel drunk. “The statistics around injuries and fatalities where distracted driving is linked as a causal factor just continue to be startling and jarring,” said Palmer. “People really need to think carefully about it for their own safety and for the safety of everybody else on the road.” In December last year, a head-on crash on the Lions Gate Bridge led to all three lanes being closed and total gridlock on the North Shore for hours. The driver who caused the crash has since been ticketed for distracted driving. He remains at home recovering from a broken pelvis, heel, arm

and nose. “It seems like an innocuous thing if people are just on their own, (they) think it’s just a phone call or it’s just a text it’s not that serious of an issue and yet it can just go so quickly into an injury or a fatality collision,” he said. The collaboration between the two departments for the distracted driving campaign has been in effect for several years and will continue, said De Jong. However, officers are always on watch throughout the year, De Jong added. “They are constantly monitoring drivers as they are out on patrol and you just never know where or when we will show up,” he said. “Accidents are very costly and sometimes life costing consequence can happen in seconds and it just isn’t worth it.”

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5T8.\32 -R) 13W+01\2 -3\ -S-22WRY R\-3 1X\ *3\\U .X\3\ 2W,&`\-3& 8T) B8R)3-\ b-31WR )38.R\) DX032)-`% ]g_D_ MIKE WAKEFIELD

Community coping with loss From page 1 sister-in-law Margaret and Vondrae’s grandmother Jene Johnson at a ceremony at North Vancouver’s ambulance station. There is no word from North Vancouver RCMP or the B.C. Coroners Service on how Vondrae wound up in the water Thursday. “All we can say at this point is this case was reported to us and all those sorts of issues in terms of preventability issues and contributing factors, we look at but it’s way too early to go into any of that yet,” said Barb McLintock, coroner spokeswoman. The province’s Child Protection Services unit is

automatically tasked in cases like this, McLintock added. “They always have that extra layer of oversight for kids,” she said. Meanwhile, the North Vancouver school district is reaching out to the students and staff at Dorothy Lynas elementary where Vondrae was in kindergarten. “It’s individual counselling, small group counselling, classroom counselling around the issue of grief and loss. A lot of it is open communication with the students,” said Brad Baker, the district’s head of the Safe and Caring Schools program. “A lot of it is to help them understand their own emotions.That’s the biggest thing.”


Lynn Valley Law


Lynn Valley Centre • 604-985-8000

B8R)3-\ b-31WR W2 6W*103\) .W1X XW2 S81X\3 WR 1XW2 6X818 [38S a8/\S+\3 -1 - ;%:% <S+0T-R*\ *\3\S8R` 3\*8YRW^WRY 1X\ TW[\& 2-/WRY \[[8312 8[ 1X82\ .X8 *-S\ 18 XW2 3\2*0\ -[1\3 X\ R\-3T` )38.R\) WR - 688T WR b-3*X i"!Q% 5fc7 ]g_D_ MIKE WAKEFIELD This is the second time in the last year the small school has had to cope with the death of a student. In May 2013, a Grade 5 student and her father were killed by a falling boulder while they were camping near Whistler. “The atmosphere is obviously a struggle because it’s a huge loss for the school community. Unfortunately, it’s bringing up memories of the loss we had here a year

ago with a student and her father,” Baker said. “Grief is tough for anyone whether you’re an adult or a child, we’re just making sure to support each other, support the staff, too, along with the students,” he said. For parents looking for help dealing with the issue at home, Baker recommends contacting the B.C. Grief Loss Centre and Hollyburn Family Services.

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Just say non Q

uebec Premier Pauline Marois is hoping to lead the Parti Québécois to a majority government on April 7, and she’s planning to do it the old-fashioned way: by appealing to the fearful and those stuck in the past. She has targeted “overt religious symbols” in her much ballyhooed charter of values, a transparent attempt to court the hearts and minds of the xenophobic. The great writer Anatole France once commented that the law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets, and steal loaves of bread. By the same token, Marois’ charter of values forbids Christians, Muslims and Sikhs alike from wearing hijabs, niqabs, and turbans in the public service. If Marois is successful next month, it will be because of her focus on symbols.


Her focus on the tangible has been far less successful. Quebec lost 26,000 jobs in February. The province’s unemployment rate now sits at 7.8. Those numbers are a stark contrast to her lead in the polls, which currently sits at 22 points. And more than any other provincial race, Quebec’s election could carry national consequences. After its failure nearly 20 years ago, Quebec separatism is once more in the spotlight. While shifting demographics may not be in the favour of theYes side in another referendum, it is a painful, bruising process for the country as a whole. The rewards sought by those who push for an independent Quebec are mainly symbolic.We urge Quebecers to choose their symbols carefully.


include your name, full address and telephone number. Send your letters via e-mail to:

The North Shore News reserves the right to edit any and/or all letters to the editor based on length, clarity, legality and content.The News also reserves the right to publish any and/or all letters electronically.

Parking violations a safety concern for disabled Dear Editor: On an almost daily basis, I experience parking violations on my street — Duchess Avenue,West Vancouver (between 15th and 16th). Firstly, and I am not sure that many of the general public are aware, but the loading zone immediately in front of my building (which has a sign posted) has a limit of 10 minutes. There are no exceptions

— and it also applies to commercial vehicles, even if they put their cones around the vehicle. I am currently disabled (using a walker) and therefore I have to rely on the handicap bus to pick me up. If there is a vehicle in this space, it is impossible and I must somehow make my way to the middle of the road — very dangerous and also causes traffic problems. Secondly,West Vancouver

bylaws state that nonresidents may only park in residential areas up to a maximum of six hours. On my street, people are parking all day and walking down to their places of employment on Marine Drive and other surrounding businesses, thereby constantly blocking parking for residents and visitors to this area. I am in contact with West Vancouver’s bylaw office and engineering

department in order to attempt to have more enforcement for offenders and also limited time parking restrictions for the remainder of the street. With the new Public

Safety Building shortly to commence construction in this area, these parking issues will unfortunately get worse before they get better. Willow Hayden West Vancouver

Lose the LoLo . . . please!

Dear Editor: I am sick and tired of the North Shore News referring to Lower Lonsdale as LoLo.

It’s not even funny, it’s not yuppy, it’s just childish. Carla Karreman North Vancouver

Mayor’s tweets during council debate disappoint Dear Editor: Anyone who has been to the City of North Vancouver council meetings has heard the mayor’s admonition that, “A council meeting is like a court of law, so there will be no clapping, booing,

cheering allowed from the gallery.” It now appears that the mayor’s “court of law” simile does not apply to himself and his team on council. On Monday night, the mayor and Coun. Keating were


caught tweeting comments about the proceedings while council was debating. This morning I checked with the Supreme Court, where trials by jury take place, and was told that a judge clearly states that no

electronic communicating devices are to be used while court was in session — not by observers, jurors or court staff. It seems our mayor’s philosophy is do as I say, not do as I do.

So, here is an admonition to Mayor Mussatto — either clean up your side of council meetings or expect some rowdy reactions from the gallery! Joan Peters North Vancouver


“Until they’ve dealt with their liabilities like concrete asbestos pipes . . . I’m not interested in talking to them.” NorthVan City Mayor Darrell Mussatto rejects amalgamation with the district (from a March 5 news story). “We do know he wasn’t aiming at anybody because he didn’t hit anybody.” DNV library services director Jacqueline van Dyk tells of the marksman who fired on the LynnValley branch in 1971 (from a March 2 Focus story). “It does rub against the grain when I walk by the local branch and I see the sign that says Come Talk To Our Friendly Staff.” Dogwood strata chairman Bill MacMillan grouses about HSBC’s move to drop the council as a client (from a March 7 news story).



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A little parent-child bonding over barf I’ve discovered a powerful weapon in the fight against the everyday annoyance of childraising, but I fear it may be one too devastating to yield. Last weekend my perpetually rambunctious three-and-a-half-year-old son woke us up in the middle of the night to tell us that there was pizza on his bed. Upon further inspection I realized that it was not actually pizza on his bed but rather ex-pizza, cheesy goodness that had seen the inside of my child but decided to go back the way it came in rather than experience the great slipand-slide out the back side. You will not believe how many layers of blankets, sheets, teddy bears and mattress one pile of pizza puke can soak through in just a few minutes. If I had left it overnight I fear it would have kept on going down and by morning a greasy film would have popped up off the coast of Madagascar. By the way, search the Internet for “Map Tunneling Tool” if you want to kill a fun few minutes finding out exactly where you would end up

Andy Prest

Laugh All YouWant if you dug a hole straight through to the opposite side of the Earth. My son spent the next 12 hours barfing his wholewheat crust guts out, and it was during this time that I made the realization I’m sure many other parents before me have made: The best way to keep a kid from driving you crazy is to keep him sick at all times. Sure, it was a bit sad to watch the little guy suffer like that, but those parenting moments where your child really needs you are the most fulfilling moments in life. “Daddy, can you feel me better?” Aw, come here little buddy. I’ve got a huge hug for you. And no, I

can’t really make you feel better, but I can sure hold you tight while you fight through this. And please try not to barf on my feet. The really great moments came a little later when the puking stopped and the recovery phase began. Now the kid was just happy to be alive and unconvulsed. There was no screaming, no kicking, no opening up daddy’s laptop to email his boss kdhcielbcyqgxb blbxw];l’;\. Instead, there were just lots of snuggles, stories and sleep. Beautiful, quiet sleep. The problem, I suppose, is that it’s a little too effective. When you have a little zombie at the breakfast table quietly moaning while poking at his oatmeal, you begin to long for those days when he was not a zombie but a werewolf devouring his food, howling at his brother and frightening his mother. There were other problems too. Like the problem I felt rumbling in my own stomach two days later as I sat happily at my desk at work. Not long after that I was sitting somewhere else entirely. And not long after that I was kneeling in that same


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spot. And then 12 hours later I was still in that horrible, horrible spot. For me, getting sick is different now that I have kids. In my own recovery phase I can’t just lie on the couch for two days re-watching all five seasons of TheWire. There are too many curious little eyes and ears around. “Daddy, why did Bodie have to blast Wallace? I thought they were fwiends?” Sorry, by the way, if you are still waiting to see The Wire and I just ruined a plot point for you. I guess I could have given you a Spoilew Alewt. It was not just me who got cut down by the

flu shrapnel my son was blasting out. Literally one minute after I finished my first prayer to the porcelain gods, my wife burst into the bathroom holding our one-year-old son who was painting the walls like a can of spray paint filled with chicken stew. Nothing makes a little baby look more grown up than seeing him perched above the bowl, tiny hands grasping at the slippery porcelain, getting rid of everything in his belly. “Rough night, buddy? I hear ya. Hit the milk pretty hard, eh? Never again.” Two days later it was all just a memory that will live on only in our minds and in that big greasy

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spot on our comfy chair. The little baby was back to banging on the table if food didn’t arrive at his mouth promptly every 2.5 seconds. And my older son was back to running around and screaming “booty head” and other ridiculous things he learned on the playground, stopping sporadically to “hug” his baby brother (the same way a boa constrictor hugs a water buffalo). And I’m back doing what I love best — helping my beautiful little family get ready for the day and then scrambling out the door to get to my office just before all hell breaks loose.



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VOLUNTEERS WANTED Apply by 4:30 p.m. on March 17, 2014. West Vancouver is committed to seeking the advice of and tapping into the expertise of residents wishing to serve on boards and committees. As community leaders and volunteers, we value your time and have developed a structure to meet your ability to contribute. If you are a West Vancouver resident and would like to volunteer to serve on a board or committee, opportunities are available as follows: VO LU N T E E R O P P O RT U N I T I E S : • Awards Committee • Gleneagles Community Centre Advisory Committee APPLICATION FORMS: Application forms are available in the Legislative Services Department at municipal hall and on Applicants are requested to mail, fax (604-925-7006), or deliver completed applications with a brief personal resume, to the Legislative Services Department at West Vancouver Municipal Hall, 750 17th Street, West Vancouver, BC V7V 3T3, or e-mail to QUERIES: Call Legislative Services at 604-925-7004.

A8 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 9, 2014

Teachers vote in favour of strike action

No immediate school closures, talks to continue next week JANE SEYD

Teachers across the province voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action this week, with 89 per cent of teachers voting yes to a possible strike. B.C. Teachers Federation President Jim Iker and other union representatives said there will be no immediate action taken. “Nobody’s going to

show up for school and see pickets,” said Daniel Storms, president of the North Vancouver Teachers Association, which represents 1,200 members. Teachers have 90 days from the strike vote to start some kind job action. Storms said if progress isn’t made at the bargaining table, initial moves are likely to involve teachers refusing to do administrative work like taking part in staff meetings.

“The average parent or student isn’t even going to notice that,” he said. But teachers also raised the possibility of rotating district-by-district strikes later on. “It’s predicated on what’s going on at the table,” said Storms. “We’re hoping we have an agreement and we don’t have to do anything.” Franci Stratton, chairwoman of the North Vancouver Board of Education, said the district remains hopeful that a negotiated settlement will be reached without a strike. So far Education

53-R*W E13-118R' a831X B-R*80/\3 ;8-3) 8[ 7)0*-1W8R Minister Peter Fassbender has said the province is still seeking a 10-year deal — something teachers have rejected. The province has

offered teachers a wage deal that includes a 6.5 per cent increase over the first six years. Teachers have said they are asking for a costof-living increase, plus additional increases to put them on a similar pay scale to what teachers make in other provinces. Starting teachers on the North Shore make about $45,000, while teachers with 10 years’ experience and a master’s degree make anywhere from $74,000 in West Vancouver to $82,000 in North Vancouver. Storms said teachers in Ontario make about $10,000 more than that

and teachers in Alberta make $20,000 more. Rob Millard, president of the West Vancouver Teachers Association, which represents about 550 teachers, said teachers gave up salary increases a decade ago in order to get better working conditions including agreements about class size and composition. But the government later ripped up that part of the agreement, prompting a decade-long court battle. Teachers recently won that case, but the province has appealed. Meanwhile, talks continued at the bargaining table on Friday.

Mayor committed to making a change From page 1

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decisions.” According to a biography posted on the police department website, Rattray began his policing career with the RCMP in 1978. He first began working for the West Vancouver Police Department in 1982. Two weeks ago, at a press conference, Smith hinted he expected to see some changes in the ranks of senior officers, commenting, “The board is prepared to take further personnel actions in a very short time frame.” This week, Smith indicated Rattray’s retirement will likely not be the last change at the West Vancouver Police Department. “I committed myself to making change and I intend to meet my commitment,” he said Thursday. “We’re hoping to have the plan (to

address problems in the department) fully executed very shortly.” Smith said he would be willing to answer questions about how much the municipality is shelling out for any severance packages once all the changes are complete. “We intend to bring our police department budget in on the approved budgeted amount,” he said. According to the 2012 figures — the last figures publicly available on West Vancouver Police Department salaries — officers in senior management at the department are paid between $165,000 and $193,000 per year. Rattray will be the third officer in the senior management team to either leave the West Vancouver Police Department or announce plans to leave in the past year. Insp. Wayne Giesbrecht left the department in March 2013.


Dr. Caroline McKillen

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Stk #4ES6689

833 Automall Dr., North Vancouver

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H$fU JU_ fJYd^_ YU ;YddYddJa\J2 9UbJfY$2 Df0 ;`?YWW^U `$V!W^b^_ J H0M` C$U$fd aU_^f\fJ_aJb^ _^\f^^ YU =Y]^ M`Y^U`^d Jb Oa^^U/d KUY6^fdYb4 ?YU\db$U2 9UbJfY$0 M[^ b[^U !afda^_ [^f ',TTcR1 ZR" GA1%T)"P c1 eX"R'A ,) b[^ DaIWYU D^UbJW KUY6^fdYb4 C$d!YbJW -LfYUYb4 E$WW^\^ DaIWYU* JU_ \fJ_aJb^_ 5Yb[ [$U$fd2 f^`^Y6YU\ JU J5Jf_ ]f$V b[^ BfYd[ D^UbJW &TTR(c,%R1 ZR" )#A #cN#AT) J`J_^VY` J`[Y^6^V^Ub $6^f )#A F+A PA," '"RN",3@

5550U$fb[6JU_^UbJW0`J Dealer #24977

Net of all rebates, tax and documentation fee $495 extra. Units may not be exactly as shown. Limited time offer.


Sunday, March 9, 2014 - North Shore News - A9

SNOW SELFIE g-`T\\ g8.-3) -R) d`T\ <R)\328R [38S ]831T-R)' _3\% 1-U\ - 2\TK\ 8R 1X\ c`RR :-R`8R E026\R2W8R ;3W)Y\ -2 2R8. I8-12 )8.R [38S 1X\ 2U`% EX-3\ `803 fR21-Y3-S -R) D.W11\3 6W*2 8R 803 6X818 Y-TT\3` -1 R2R\.2%*8S +` 02WRY 1X\ X-2X1-Y ?R2RS8S\R12% ]g_D_ PAUL MCGRATH

Start the New Year with peace and relaxation

Signature Series by Budget Blinds

BUDGET BLINDS of North & West Van



A10 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 9, 2014

Capilano United marks 100 years CHRISTINE LYON

c833-WR\ ;\R1T\`' e8`*\ ;-`T` -R) ;\11` E-`\32 Y\R1T` 6-Y\ 1X380YX 8R\ 8[ :-6WT-R8 CRW1\) :X03*X#2 83WYWR-T ;W+T\2% DX\ *X03*X S-3U2 W12 !""1X -RRW/\32-3` 1XW2 263WRY -R)' WR 63\6-3-1W8R [83 1X\ *\T\+3-1W8R' S\S+\32 -3\ 3\-*XWRY 801 18 1X\ *8SS0RW1` [83 2183W\2 -R) XW2183W*-T 6X8182% ]g_D_ MIKE WAKEFIELD

0% 84






In April 1914, divinity student Arthur Douglas Pringle began holding religious services inside a little green schoolhouse in NorthVancouver. His small congregation was the foundation for what would eventually become Capilano United Church, a North Shore institution that is marking its centennial anniversary on April 27 with an open house. “It’s been a very small and simple church for many years,” says Lorraine Bentley, an event organizer and 40year member of the Capilano congregation. “We want to acknowledge that we’ve been part of the North Shore for 100 years and are still proud to be here.” In preparation for the open house, organizers are reaching out to the community for photos, memorabilia and stories that highlight the church’s history — particularly the early decades. Snapshots from weddings, baptisms, picnics or potlucks are all welcome and will be displayed at the open house. “There’s amazing stories of not just the church but the history of North Vancouver tied up in it too,” says Bentley. The church building, as it stands today, was erected

in 1925.The manse came later in 1958 followed by the Christian Education Centre in 1961. When the church was thriving, well over 200 people attended services each week. But, like many churches, numbers have dwindled over the years despite efforts to adapt and attract new faces.Today, on a typical Sunday, there are about 20 people in attendance — most of them over 50 years old. “It’s really sad,” Bentley says. “It’s just become a situation where people aren’t interested anymore in attending formal church services.” She adds, “We’re at a real crossroads right now because we don’t know if we’re going to continue by amalgamating with another congregation or whether or not we’re just really going to have to close the doors.” Despite an uncertain future, a century in the community is cause for celebration. “We’ve been there for 100 years, and we’re still there.” The open house runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. An informal church service will take place at 10:30, followed by lunch, tea, coffee and goodies. Everyone is welcome. Capilano United Church is at 2260 Philip Ave., North Vancouver.

#nsnmoments Outlander GT S-AWC model shown‡



Dr. Patricia Bentley

0% 84 FOR




Outlander GT S-AWC model shown‡ Availablle on Outlander GT


YEAR 160,000 KM


Best backed cars in the world*


§ S-AWC standard on Outlander GT. ♦ $1,500 in rebates available on the purchase of any new 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander model to current owners and eligible others. Loyalty rebate applies to vehicles purchased and delivered between March 1 and March 31, 2014. Other conditions apply. See dealer for details. * Best backed claim does not cover Lancer Evolution, Lancer Ralliart or i-MiEV. ® MITSUBISHI MOTORS, BEST BACKED CARS IN THE WORLD are trade-marks of Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. and are used under license. ** Whichever comes first. Regular maintenance not included. See dealer or for warranty terms, restrictions and details. Not all customers will qualify.

Complete personalized dental services A caring and friendly atmosphere Tooth whitening, cosmetic & implant dentistry We treat children, adults and seniors New and emergency patients welcome

202-145 E. 15th St., North Vancouver



Family Dentist

604-983-2088 1695 Marine Dr, North Vancouver


Sunday, March 9, 2014 - North Shore News - A11

Also available at M






100% natural

• Organic • Local • Hand Crafted • Xenoestrogen Free

Nature’s Crea ons Aromatherapy & Wellness 205 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, BC 604.990.0833 •

BANZAI! b\S+\32 8[ 1X\ DX\3\#2 ER8. E1866WRY C2 1\-S 1-U\ 6-31 WR 1X\ :-R-)W-R :-R*\3 E8*W\1`#2 @0UWY-22\R & ER8. ;-11T\ B-R*80/\3 i"!P \/\R1 8R b80R1 E\`S803 b-3*X !% @0UWY-22\R W2 - 6860T-3 26831 WR e-6-R 1X-1 [\-103\2 1\-S2 8[ 2\/\R .X8 \RY-Y\ WR - 1X3\\&6\3W8) 2R8. +-11T\% ]-31W*W6-R12 8[ T-21 .\\U\R)#2 \/\R1 3-W2\) S8R\` 18 2066831 1X\ .83U 8[ 1X\ :-R-)W-R :-R*\3 E8*W\1`% '+.4 !6.#& /!2" 2"& 1.*.5 .88 29 0!&/ 0!(&9, ]g_D_ PAUL MCGRATH

Introducing Exec Ed at Cap U. Individual courses. Custom solutions.

A12 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 9, 2014


Cuts and Curls for Kitties

by Paul McGrath

g8TT`#2 2-T8R S-R-Y\3 Marcy Mohammadi -R) 8.R\3 Holly Back

7/\R1 83Y-RW^\3 Charis Kalesnikoff .W1X B_dF< *8&[80R)\3 -R) 63\2W)\R1 Karen Duncan Cuts and Curls for Kitties, a fundraising event for VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association), took place at North Vancouver’s Holly’s Hair Salon and neighbouring 5 Petals Nail Spa Wednesday evening. Supporters of VOKRA treated themselves to new hairstyles courtesy of Holly’s stylists and manicures at 5 Petals. Refreshments were available and prizes were awarded with proceeds from the night supporting VOKRA, a non-profit dedicated to the rescue of cats in the Lower Mainland. The no-kill charity provides more than 100 foster homes throughout the Lower Mainland.

B_dF< *8&[80R)\3 Maria Soroski -R) Lilian Taylor

Valerie McBride' Liz Menning -R) Maureen Parolini

g8TT`#2 21`TW21 Karmyn Urrea .W1X Alannah Hall

B_dF< )W3\*1832 Barb Mount Poulsen -R) Shelley Dowson

Yasmin Abidi -R) g8TT`#2 21`TW21 Paige Bury

Claire Archibald -R) Christina Tarica .W1X O ]\1-T a-WT E6- 21-[[ Alicia Lee -R) Hannah Pham

Please direct requests for event coverage to: For more Bright Lights photos go to:



Winner of the 2012 AutocheX Premier Achiever Award for Extraordinary Customer Satisfaction

Service Ltd. Since 1959

COLLISION REPAIR & AUTO SERVICE CENTRE All Collision Insurance Company’s Lifetime Guaranteed Repairs ■ New Car Warranty Approved Services ■

174-176 Pemberton Ave.


w w w. t a y l o r m o t i v e . c o m


UBE WINTER SUPERL SPECIAL $99.00 s & Filter most vehicle • Lubricate Change Oil tion Report pec Ins ety Saf icle • Comprehensive Veh Exhaust, Tires on, Steering, Brakes, • Checking Suspensi eze Protection g System, Record Fre • Pressure Test Coolin ts, Wiper Operation ligh all ing ses, Check • Checking Belts & Ho dition with Print Out System & Battery con • Test Starter, Charging nt Out Pri h wit gnment Check • Computer Wheel Ali

ad Test

• Rotate Tires & Ro

mental fees Plus Taxes and environ

Pricing **Special Winter Tire

all Brands


Sunday, March 9, 2014 - North Shore News - A13


Prolonged sitting risky business

Shaun Karp

Personal Best

Scan with the Layar app to watch a video illustrating how to perform these stretches.

STRESS-BUSTING A local counsellor offers tips to help break negative patterns. page 14 HEALTH NOTES page 20

Office workers have long known what modern exercise science has only recently proved conclusively: sitting all day is hard work! In fact, sitting for most of an eight-hour shift, especially if your seated time is then extended by hours on the couch, can literally take years off your life. It is nearly as dangerous as better-known health risks like poor diet, obesity or even smoking. In our modern world, frequent prolonged sitting is often difficult to avoid, but some of the related health risks are easier to combat than others. One of these is the tendency to develop shortened muscles, poor posture, chronic back pain and constant soreness. The way to avoid these issues, which also often lead to avoidance of daily exercise due to generalized discomfort, is to perform frequent stretches throughout your workday. In addition to intermittent walking breaks, those with sedentary jobs are

a831X EX83\ UWR\2W8T8YW21 aW*8T- D8\.2 6\3[83S2 - X-S213WRY 213\1*X' -1 T\[1' -R) - X-R)*0[[ 213\1*X' -1 3WYX1% DX\2\ -3\ -S8RY 1X\ \,\3*W2\2 1X-1 *-R +\ *8S6T\1\) 1X380YX801 1X\ .83U )-` 18 U\\6 `803 +8)` T882\ -R) S8+WT\% ]g_D_E PAUL MCGRATH recommended to set aside several small blocks of time each day to stretch, which can even be done in your chair if necessary. Most know about traditional chair stretches, like cross-body arm pulls and chair-assisted trunk rotations. Those should still be practised regularly, but here are a few others to add to your routine to help keep your whole body loose

and mobile. Handcuff Stretch Sitting on the front half of your chair, place your hands together behind your back as if wearing handcuffs. Next, sit as straight as you can while pulling your shoulders back and pushing your chest forward. Hold this pose for 20 to 30 seconds.You should feel a stretch throughout your

chest and the front of your shoulders. Hamstring Stretch Sitting on the very front edge of your chair, fully extend one leg with toes pointed to the ceiling. Keeping your back straight and maintaining good posture, move your upper body forward until you feel a stretch in the hamstring of the extended leg.


Dr. Audrey Spielmann LGH Diagnostic Radiologist

Please do not confuse Pro Gas North Shore with telemarketers from Pro Gas & Heating (PG Home Services) in Surrey. They are a different company and NOT accredited with the Better Business Bureau - BBB.

Lori Baker, R.N.

LGH Trauma Nurse RN Clinician

Kam Filsoofi

Bring Your Questions for the Q&A Lions Gate Hospital Foundation

231 East 15th Street, North Vancouver, BC 604-984-5785

See Stretching page 20

Pro Gas North Shore, your local Heating, Gas Fitting & Air Conditioning Company. We install & service furnaces & fireplaces.

SPORTS AND HEAD INJURIES: What You Need to Know Wednesday, March 12, 7 - 8:30pm, Free Reserve a seat at 604-984-3791 Lynn Valley Village Community Room 1233 - 1277 Lynn Valley Road, North Van

Cross-Arm Back Stretch Sitting normally in your chair, place your right hand palm down on your left knee and your left hand palm down on your right knee. Next, lean slightly forward

Serving the North Shore since 1994. • Government Certified • Bonded & Insured Company • Class B Ticket Certified Staff

Concerned about kids & concussion?

Find out how to prevent sports-related head injuries, the route to diagnosis and best treatment practices at our Spring Doc Talk with Lions Gate Hospital specialists, Dr. Audrey Spielmann and Lori Baker, R.N.

Hold this pose for 20 to 30 seconds, and don’t forget to also stretch the hamstring of the alternate leg.


Call us today for a free estimate or in-home consultation • 604.925.1341

A14 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 9, 2014


Beat stress by finding balance and fun Counsellor offers tips to help break negative patterns

term solution while exacerbating a long-term problem. “Sometimes we work hard and we go home and maybe we have a beer or we have two beers and watch TV and we feel that we’re handling the stress well where in actuality all we are (doing) is coping with a situation but we’re not really growing inside,” says Pugh. Bad stress can create a shutdown in our body either physically or emotionally, she adds, and we tend to produce excess adrenalin during periods of constant stress. “Our body is always releasing chemicals and hormones that are based upon fight or flight,” she says. “We get exhausted, we deplete ourselves, and then of course if it becomes chronic then we get into a depletion on a physical level in terms of heart or stomach.” That physical imbalance


Stress: It happens when we’re overwhelmed, under the weather, on the clock, in a rut, low on energy, or high on caffeine. North Shore counsellor Beverley Pugh says many people are constantly feeling preoccupied and failing to take care of themselves — both of which can be indicators of high stress. Coping with those feelings of unease is sometimes simpler than you would think, says Pugh. “People are not having enough fun. Most people are just working or have their heads down one way or another,” she explains. “We need to be fed through the lighter emotions.” However, certain coping methods may provide a short-

a831X EX83\ *80R2\TT83 ;\/\3T\` ]0YX 2-`2 6\86T\ .80T) +\ 2X8*U\) W[ 1X\` 2-. 1X\ -S80R1 8[ 1WS\ 1X\` 26\R) 8R .833` -2 86682\) 18 [\\TWRY Y3-1\[0T 83 2\\WRY .X-1#2 3\-TT` Y88) WR 1X\ S8S\R1% EX\ 3\*8SS\R)2 K/\ U\` -3\-2 8[ \/-T0-1W8R .X\R W1 *8S\2 18 +3\-UWRY R\Y-1W/\ 6-11\3R2 8[ 213\22% ]g_D_ CINDY GOODMAN is often indicative of an unbalanced lifestyle, according to Pugh. “In good stress management we want to have high active coping


Acupuncture n Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis

n Allergies, Cough, Sinus Problems, Asthma, Bronchitis

n Stroke Recovery n Weight Loss, Smoking and Other Addictions

Great prices on Health Foods, Supplements and Vitamins

Interested in Dental Implants? Consider the very latest in dental implant treatment and receive an honorarium of up to 40% of treatment fee for participating in a clinical study evaluating CeraRoot® CERAMIC dental implants.

North Vancouver - Nanaimo



n Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia


Dr. Peter Brawn

n Digestive/Urinary Problems (including IBS and Impotence)

n Pain/Soft Tissue Injuries

Carrying high expectations and judging yourself harshly when you fail to live up to them is a frequent cause of stress, says Pugh.

• Bio Compatible • Metal-free • Natural Looking

n Cosmetic Acupuncture (Facial Rejuvenation)

n Infertility, Menstrual Problems, and Pre-Menopausal Symptoms

and periods of letting go and relaxing,” she says. “We were designed with a chemical balance and we want to honour that and keep it.”

We believe in treating the entire mind, spirit and body of each of our patients. Feng Li, TCM & Acupuncture Specialist Dr. Wang, TCM & Iridologist, Jin Lou, MD (China)

Learn the secret to achieving an ageless appearance~ Pearl Powder is a natural cosmetic formula that keeps skin radiant, smooth and youthful!

Healthy Way Natural Healing & Acupuncture Centre PARK & TILFORD SHOPPING CENTRE 755-333 Brooksbank Ave., North Vancouver



“We simply try to do too much,” she says. “We tend to go into judging ourselves in terms of whether we are good enough, what we’re doing is good enough, so that produces a lot of worry.” When it comes to breaking a pattern of stress, Pugh recommends evaluating five key areas: lifestyle, physical health, emotions, philosophy and mentality. “Where are your thoughts most of the time? Are your thoughts in the negative arena most of the time, the worrying arena?” Some people would probably be shocked if they saw the amount of time they spend on worry as opposed to feeling grateful or seeing what’s really good in the moment, says Pugh. She recommends examining the food you eat and the exercise you get, and she suggests seeking balance in your lifestyle. When it comes to emotional needs, she suggests starting with two questions: “Am I laughing? Is my emotional body being fed or am I spending a lot of time being angry?” The philosophical area can seem more nebulous, but Pugh advises devoting yourself to whatever you feel is important. “If it’s religion, if it’s spirituality, if it’s nature, just make sure that you give it focus so that you have some kind of philosophical anchor in your life,” she says. “A lot is possible. People just have to be available for it to happen and be prepared to make some kind of action commitment.”

Need Short Term Counselling? The Canadian Mental Health Association, North & West Vancouver Branch is offering short-term, low-cost, confidential, one-to-one support to adults living on the North Shore. Counselling is provided by students in our MA Internship Program. This service provides 8 individual counselling sessions with a cost of $25 per session. Participants are self-referred, please call to find out if this service is appropriate for your situation. For information and registration contact Meagan at 604-987-6959 ext. 228. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver through their Community Grants Program as well as financial assistance from the Province of British Columbia.

Sunday, March 9, 2014 - North Shore News - A15

1 0 2 - 1 2 4 W . F I R S T S T. N O R T H V A N C O U V E R , B C , V 7 M 3 N 3 P h : 6 0 4 9 8 7 4 4 8 8 F x : 6 0 4 9 8 7 8 2 7 2 i n f o @ n v c h a m b e r. c a w w w . n v c h a m b e r. c a

A Diverse Mix of Business

Meeting the challenges to grow and prosper in North Vancouver. Louise Ranger

The North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce is once again hosting the North Shore Business Tradeshow at the Pinnacle Hotel on March 12th. We invite you to come out and visit our exhibitors in this unique format where a variety of businesses and community groups will be in one location, for one day only. Also, join us for three free one hour business seminars with our industry experts. The Chamber is a local memberbased business association that provides a wide range of services and benefits to help

our members develop strong networks, promote their business, get informed, save on business expenses, collectively advocate and to foster economic development. Our priority at the Chamber is to help your business to grow and prosper by providing ways to build connections through our more than 40 networking events and seminars held each year, and by offering relevant support, information and tools. If you are not already a member, we invite you learn more about our events, programs and services on our website at

North Vancouver is fortunate to have such a diverse and abundant mix of small, medium and large enterprises. Our waterfront industry ships Canada’s commodities to countries worldwide. Shipbuilding is back and bringing with it a need for specialized marine trades and services. These companies spend millions of dollars every year with North Vancouver companies contributing greatly to our local economy and creating jobs that provide opportunities for employees to live and work in our community. A strong economy also helps to support our

non-profit theatres, art galleries and social services. North Vancouver’s tourist attractions are some of the most popular in British Columbia and our film studios bring international attention producing some of the most watched movies and TV shows. We have an amazing local university specializing in Business and the Arts that attracts local and international students, and a growing textile manufacturing and outdoor adventure sector, just to name a few. Our diverse mix of small business, retail and services add to the vibrancy of our communities.

We invite you to join us at the North Shore Business Tradeshow at the Pinnacle Hotel on March 12th and meet some of our great local businesses and community groups all in one location. Following the trade show we will also host a fabulous networking reception. We hope to see you there. Louise Ranger President North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce


Mercedes-Benz Spring Event. Well-appointed meets well-priced on these 2013 Demo Models.

Call 604-331-BENZ (2369) to find out more. Only 9 in stock.

24 in stock.









C250 Coupe







C250 Coupe

Obsidian Black







C250 Coupe

Obsidian Black




Polar Silver




C250 Coupe

Magnetite Black














C300 4MATIC Sedan

Palladium Silver




E300 4MATIC Sedan

Diamond Silver




C300 4MATIC Sedan

Obsidian Black




E300 4MATIC Sedan

Obsidian Black




C300 4MATIC Sedan

Palladium Silver




E300 4MATIC Sedan

Palladium Silver




C300 4MATIC Sedan

Magnetite Black




E300 4MATIC Sedan

Obsidian Black









B250 Sports Tourer

Nocturnal Black



B250 Sports Tourer

Mountain Grey


B250 Sports Tourer

Polar Silver

B250 Sports Tourer

Only 10 in stock.

14 in stock.

Open on Sunday from 11am-5pm

Mercedes-Benz North Shore | 1375 Marine Drive, North Vancouver

604-331-BENZ (2369)


© 2014 Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. Finance offers available only through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services on approved credit, for a limited time. Total price of listed vehicles includes Freight/PDI of $2,295(B-Class/C-Class/GLK-Class)/$2,395 (E-Class,MClass), Dealer Admin Fee of $595, A/C Levy of $100, PPSA up to $45.48 and a $25 fee covering EHF tires, filters and batteries. Additional options, fees, and taxes are extra. Vehicle license, insurance, and registration are extra. Dealer may sell for less. Offer may change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offers. *Three (3) month payment waivers are only valid on the 2013 B/C/GLK/E/M-Class demo models for vehicles delivered between March 1 to March 16, 2014. First, second, and third month payment waivers are capped at $600/$650/$750/$1,050/$1,050 per month for a maximum of 3 months. Valid only for finance programs on approved credit only through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. See your Mercedes-Benz Vancouver Retail Dealer or book a test-drive at Mercedes-Benz customer care centre at 604-331-BENZ(2369). Offer valid between March 1 to March 16, 2014.

A16 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday, March 9, 2014 - North Shore News - A17

1 0 2 - 1 2 4 W . F I R S T S T. N O R T H V A N C O U V E R , B C , V 7 M 3 N 3

Ph: 604 987 4488

Fx: 604 987 8272

i n f o @ n v c h a m b e r. c a

w w w . n v c h a m b e r. c a

North Shore Business Tradeshow Wednesday, March 12, 2014 • 12-5:30PM • Pinnacle Hotel • FREE ADMISSION


12:00pm: Use Social Media to Aquire Customers and Win Business presented by Julio Viskovich Julio

1:30pm: Getting Customers to Shop Your Entire Retail Space presented by Natalie Tan Natalie

3:00pm: What's Your Business Worth? presented by Paul Savage Paul

Space is limited so please go to to register or call 604-987-4488.


Grouse Mountain Resorts 2 Pinnacle at the Pier 3 North Shore Neighbourhood House 4 North Shore Business Club 5 Unity Clothing 6 Maro Computer Solution 7 Toner Parts 8 Build-Pros Construction 9 Korna Natural Pet Supplies 10 & 12 Neptune Terminals 11 North Shore Outlook 13 14 Continuing Education & Executive Education Capilano University 15 North Shore ConneXions Society 16 Kids & Company 17 Lonsdale Quay Market 18 19 Margitta’s Flower Boutique 20 Paul Davis Systems of Greater Vancouver

21 The Great Canadian Landscaping Company 22 Mills Office Productivity 23 Sun Life Financial 24 Sky Spirit Studio 25 Port Metro Vancouver 26 Louis Gervais Fine Foods & Catering 27 Compunet Infotech 28 Hastings Racecourse 29 30 RollCo 31 North Shore Disability Resource Centre 32 Active Life Physiotherapy 33 London Eye Centre 34 As You Like It Media 35 Business Development Bank of Canada 36 Canadian In-home Care 37 Vancouver Canadians 38 Hollyburn Eye Clinic 39 Versapay 40 Cruiseabout Lonsdale 41 Ellison Travel & Tours 42 Excellent Cleaning Services

43 Investors Group 44 First Data 45 Friends of the NV Museum & Archives Society 46 Cheakamus Centre 47 North Vancouver Community Policing City Office 48 The Co-operators 49 Walking Animal Toys 50 Mercedes-Benz North Shore 51 Mercedes-Benz North Shore 52 Mercedes-Benz North Shore 53 Connected Woman Association 54 Zazou Salon & Spa 55 Canlan Ice Sports North Shore 56 Pacific Business Brokers 57 North Shore News 58 North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce 59 BlueShore Financial 60 Creative Display



58  59 

 


  





































 














2013 Business Excellence Award




Shylo Nursing and Home Healthcare has been recognized as the leader in Home Health Care and Home Nursing services on the North Shore and Lower Mainland since 1980. We are a well-established and reputable Home Health Care agency; our Caregiver and Nursing services are available to private clients in the community, as well as clients in Acute Care hospitals and Assisted Living or Long Term Care facilities.

Introducing Exec Ed at Cap U. Neptune Terminals (Community Contribution), Anthony Beyrouti, Venue Kings Ticket Brokers Inc. (Young Entrepreneur), Xanatos Marine Ltd. (Innovation), North Shore Sports Medicine (Service Excellence), BA Blacktop (Best Business), Ken Armstrong, Sussex Insurance Agency Inc. (Business Person of the Year


Individual courses. Custom solutions.

Corporate Events Private Parties Office Lunch Delivery Bistro 604-904-7720 ~

STAFF: Home Support Workers Registered Nurses Homemakers Companions Escorts (with vehicles)

SERVICES: Medication Management Shopping & Meal Preparation Brain Injury, Stroke & Quad Care ALS, Parkinson’s & Dementia Care Hospice & Palliative Care

To learn more about Home Care, or review what Health Care services you might be eligible for, please contact us to discuss your health care options.

North Shore 604-985-6881

Vancouver 604-736-6281


604-434-9681 VancouverSeniorHealth.BlogSpot.Com




A18 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 9, 2014

Certified. Affordable. Luxury.


* for 36 months

3 Month

Payment Waiver**

Spring Break at Mercedes-Benz! PRICE

• Reassurance: 150-point certification inspection • Warranty: standard Star Certified warranty up to 6 years or 120,000 km • Confidence: complete vehicle history report • Security: 24-hour special roadside assistance • Peace of mind: five day/500 km exchange privilege

2010 B200


Night Black



2014 E350W 4Matic


Obsidian Black



2009 smart Pure Coupe



2011 B200


Night Black



2011 E550W 4Matic


Cuprit Brown



2009 smart Passion Coupe V1466738B Grey Metallic



2010 B200 Turbo


Calcite White



2012 E550W 4Matic


Steel Grey



2010 smart Pure Coupe


Light Yellow



2013 B250


Night Black



2014 E550W 4Matic


Obsidian Black



2011 smart Pure Coupe


Light Blue



2013 C250 Coupe


Diamond Silver



2010 S400V Hybrid


Iridium Silver



2011 smart Passion Coupe M619055

Light Blue



2013 C350 4Matic Coupe


Calcite White



2012 S400V Hybrid


Obsidian Black



2011 smart BRABUS Cab.


River Silver



2013 C250W


Polar White



2010 S450W 4Matic


Iridium Silver



2013 Sprinter 25C144


Arctic White



2011 C300W


Calcite White



2011 S450W 4Matic


Flint Grey



2013 Sprinter 25C170


Arctic White



2011 C350W


Capri Blue



2012 S550W 4Matic


Palladium Silver



2013 Sprinter 25P144


Brilliant Silver



2011 C250W 4Matic





2010 S550V 4Matic


Flint Grey



2011 E350 Cab.


Iridium Silver



2012 C250W 4Matic


Palladium Silver



2011 S550V 4Matic


Palladium Silver



2012 E350 Cab.


Steel Grey



2010 C300W 4Matic


Calcite White



2012 S550V 4Matic


Obsidian Black



2013 E350 Cab.


Polar White



2011 C300W 4Matic


Steel Grey



2010 GLK350


Steel Grey



2014 E350 Cab.


Obsidian Black



2013 C300W 4Matic





2011 GLK350


Calcite White



2011 E550 Cab.


Steel Grey



2009 C350W 4Matic


Iridium Silver



2012 GLK350


Steel Grey



2013 E550 Cab.


Steel Grey



2010 C350W 4Matic


Iridium Silver



2014 GLK350


Obsidian Black



2014 E550 Cab.


Diamond White



2011 C350W 4Matic


Calcite White



2010 GL350 BlueTec


Iridium Silver



2013 SLK250


Obsidian Black



2012 CLS550 4Matic


Diamond White



2011 GL350 BlueTec


Iridium Silver



2011 SLK300


Obsidian Black



2013 CLS550 4Matic


Obsidian Black



2010 GL550 4Matic


Obsidian Black



2013 SLK350


Iridium Silver



2014 CLS550 4Matic


Diamond White



2011 ML350


Iridium Silver



2011 SL550R


Obsidian Black



2012 CL550 4Matic


Obsidian Black



2011 ML550


Palladium Silver



2013 SL550R


Obsidian Black



2012 E350 Coupe


Iridium Silver



2011 ML350 BlueTec


Obsidian Black



2011 C63 AMG





2011 E550 Coupe


Indigolite Blue



2013 ML350 BlueTec


Pearl Beige



2012 C63 AMG Coupe


Diamond White



2012 E550 Coupe


Obsidian Black



2010 R350


Calcite White



2013 C63 AMG


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2013 E350 4Matic Coupe


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2011 R350


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2012 CL63 AMG


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2014 E350 4Matic Coupe


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2012 R350


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2012 CLS63 AMG


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2011 E350 BlueTec


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2010 R350 BlueTec


Majestic Black



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2013 E300W 4Matic


Polar White



2011 R350 BlueTec


Diamond White



2012 E63 AMG Wagon


Obsidian Black



2011 E350W 4Matic


Cuprit Brown



2012 R350 BlueTec


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2011 S63 AMG


Iridium Silver



2013 E350W 4Matic


Diamond White



2013 R350 BlueTec


Calcite White



2012 S63 AMG


Obsidian Black

Mercedes-Benz North Shore


River Silver

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If you’re like a lot of people, you spend a good part of your time exploring ways to improve and maintain your health. North Shore Taekwondo has been gaining a reputation as a centre of excellence for people 14 years of age and older looking to get and stay healthy.“We promote physical well being by focusing on cardio conditioning, flexibility, and muscle strength though our martial arts training,” says Master Tony Kook.“We also place a heavy emphasis on good mental and inner health through the practice of self defense. We discuss how, even as adults, we can put into practice the ideals of focus, confidence, setting and achieving goals, and indomitable spirit.” With a selection of classes in the morning and at night, there’s a chance for people of all levels of ability to fit it in to their schedule. “Our morning classes have a higher percentage of parents and older adults and our evening classes have a good mix of young and older adults. Since all classes have multiple instructors on the floor, every student is given the required attention

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Once considered the realm of‘tough guys’, the benefits of martial arts training are becoming an important facet of mainstream health and fitness.

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A20 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 9, 2014

LIVE Health Notes 2014 WALK IN HER SHOES CAMPAIGN RUN4ACAUSE’s Sarah Jamieson, in partnership with CARE Canada, invites residents to join her in celebrating International Women’s Day by participating in a 103kilometre relay, divided into eight legs, ranging from 10 to 12 kilometres, March 9. Participants are encouraged to fundraise for CARE. Registration: 604-789-0203, NORTH SHORE SPORT AWARDS CEREMONY A celebration of sport achievement at all levels will take place Tuesday, March

15, 1:30-3:30 p.m. at John Braithwaite Community Centre, 145 West First St., North Vancouver. $20. 604-740-0898.

11, 7:30 p.m. at Park Royal North. MASTER SHA’S SOUL HEALING GROUP Learn to self heal and heal others through simple but powerful techniques March 12 and 26, 7 p.m. at the Silk Purse Arts Centre, 1570 Argyle Ave.,West Vancouver and March 18, 7 p.m. at West Vancouver United Church, 2062 Esquimalt Ave. By donation. 604-928-7781 SPORTS AND HEAD INJURY — WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW A free seminar presented by the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation Wednesday, March 12, 7-8:30 p.m. in The Community Room

<1 T\[1' a831X EX83\ _T`S6W-R d-1X` d3\WR\3 .WTT +\ -S8RY 1X\ 6-31W*W6-R12 WR DX032)-`#2 B<EE :06 -1 h3802\ b80R1-WR% ]g_D_ EC]]cf79 <1 3WYX1' cW8R2 h-1\ g826W1-T#2 93% <0)3\` E6W\TS-RR .WTT 26\-U -+801 268312 -R) X\-) WRV03W\2' A\)R\2)-` WR c`RR B-TT\`% ]g_D_ CINDY GOODMAN at Lynn Valley Village, Lynn Valley Road and Mountain Highway, North Vancouver. Speakers include Lions Gate’s Dr. Audrey Spielmann and trauma nurse

clinician Lori Baker. 604-984-3791 VASS CUP Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports is inviting companies and

individuals to form teams to participate in the annual VASS Cup,Thursday, March 13, 8 a.m.-2 p.m. at Grouse Mountain.Teams of three able-bodied skiers/ boarders are matched with a person with a disability to race on a slalom course with the most consistent team winning.This is a fun event and VASS’ major fundraising activity of the year. Expected guests include Olympians Steve Podborski, Diane Clement and Kathy Kreiner. SPIRITUAL SOLUTIONS FOR EVERYDAY LIVING A workshop on accessing intuition to find solutions to problems and living a more joyful life Saturday, March

SNOWSHOE GRIND CHALLENGE Saturday, March 15 at 10 a.m. at Grouse Mountain. Suitable for participants of all ages and fitness abilities. Prizes for the top male and female finishers along with the first place winners in each age category. CLIMB THE WALL — THE STAIRCLIMB FOR CLEAN AIR Join the B.C. Lung Association’s 48-storey stairclimb Sunday, March 16, 8:30 a.m. at Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre, 1088 Burrard St., Vancouver. Registration is $25 and each participant must fundraise a minimum of $125. Funds raised will support lung health research, education and advocacy. 604-731-5864 stairclimb@ SHRED FOR THE CURE A ladies night in support of the B.C. Cancer Foundation at Mount Seymour every Monday night, 5-10 p.m. until March 31. Compiled by Debbie Caldwell Email

Stretching breaks are an antidote for sedentary life

From page 13

MAD HATTER’S TEA PARTY EX\WT- A\W3' ;\/\3T` ;WYY2 -R) E-3-X :X-6S-R WR/W1\ *8SS0RW1` S\S+\32 OO( 18 DX\ E0SSW1 2\RW832 638Y3-S#2 -RR0-T b-) g-11\3#2 D\- ]-31`' DX032)-`' b-3*X !Q' [38S R88R 18 i 6%S% -1 DX\ E0SSW1' !"JO :X03*XWTT :3\2% WR a831X B-R*80/\3% DX\ \/\R1 .WTT [\-103\ \R1\31-WRS\R1 -R) 63W^\2 [83 S821 WS-YWR-1W/\ X-12% DW*U\12H >O% ]g_D_ PAUL MCGRATH

and arch your back like a cat while also creating gentle outward pressure on your hands with your legs. Hold this pose for 20 to 30 seconds.You should feel this stretch throughout your shoulders, trapezii and upper back. Avoiding the dangers

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PLASTIC & COSMETIC SURGERY Leslie D. Kerluke MD Inc. 201–126 E. 15th Street, North Vancouver • • 604-983-9985

of a sedentary lifestyle requires taking consistent counteractive measures. Stretching breaks are a small part of this that can also prevent you from losing the ability to remain active when opportunities arise. Shaun Karp is a certified personal trainer. 604-420-7800


NV writer finds her way


Sunday, March 9, 2014 - North Shore News - A21

North Shore News Carriers Adult & Children


Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays Visit to apply

Personalized Home Care Choices for Seniors! Delivered with dignity, respect and loving care, our premium inhome care services can address needs ranging from companionship, housekeeping, and personal care right through to full nursing services.

Laura Anderson

Memory Lane

Call today for a FREE consultation on all your options! <01X83 :T-0)W- :83R.-TT' .X8 X-2 60+TW2X\) 1X3\\ +88U2 2WR*\ i""J' .WTT 8[[\3 WR2WYX1 WR18 T8*-T X\38 -1 -R 06*8SWRY A\21 B-R*80/\3 gW2183W*-T E8*W\1` \/\R1% ]g_D_ CINDY GOODMAN not dead yet,” he would remind her.When cancer removed Lang from this life in 1998, the time had come to celebrate a true renaissance character in the context of his home city and province. A poem by Lang inspired the book’s title. “Curt was

always out there at the edge of everything,” says Claudia, “and of course, we’re living on the edge of the continent.” Lang was a painter, musician and writer, a boat builder and log salvager along the Ambleside, Bowen Island and Sunshine Coast

shorelines, and a high-tech developer and entrepreneur. Blessed equally with the gifts of creativity and friendship, Lang’s connections ran deep in Vancouver’s avant-garde community of the time. “Curt was always at See Author page 22

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Claudia Cornwall is on hiatus. With three books researched, written and published since 2009, the North Vancouver writer is restoring her creative spirit. Claudia continues to teach online courses on writing family memoirs, and on ethical and legal issues for writers. She also gives talks about her work. On Wednesday, March 19, Claudia will speak about her book, At theWorld’s Edge, Curt Lang’sVancouver, 1937– 1998, for West Vancouver Historical Society’s Local Heroes speakers series. Over the years, Claudia’s requests to write about her friend were declined. “I’m

A22 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 9, 2014

SENIORS Seniors Calendar

THE AIR CANADA PIONAIRS CLUB of West and North Vancouver will hold its next meeting, hosted

by Barbara Pike,Wednesday, March 12, at 10 a.m. at West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre.

Moving made easier Helping you get to where you want to go. FORTRESS 1700DT SERIES

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“The Fortress Series is safe, stable and comfortable.” CHRIS FRIESEN, ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANT

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R e n t • S a l e S • S e Rv i c e • S i n c e 1973


LADIES GOLF GROUP Ladies 55+ are invited to join a group that plays Wednesdays at 9 a.m. from

From page 21 the top of his form in all disciplines,” she continues. “Each of them opened and illustrated a different part of British Columbia culture and history.” Claudia interviewed Lang’s family and his fellow participants in this vibrant period of Vancouver’s history, including North Vancouver poet Jamie Reid, writer Peter Trower, artist Fred Douglas and Don MacLeod, who established Vancouver landmark MacLeod’s Books at 350 West Pender St., on the site of a bookstore owned by Lang, which he called The Radiant Tree. In 2001, due to a resounding lack of interest among publishers, the Lang manuscript was consigned to a desk drawer and Claudia


• I I • C G • D C

• R I • C C • M E



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April to September at Murdo Frazer Golf Course, 2699 Pemberton Ave., North Vancouver.The club

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turned to other projects. One was a commission to write about artist and teacher Jack Hardman for the Unheralded Artists of B.C. series from Mother Tongue Press. In 2010, Mona Fertig, Mother Tongue’s publisher, said she would publish Lang’s story. Claudia laughs, “This almost never happens in publishing!” Although conscious of time constraints — the manuscript had to be completed by summer 2011 for publication in the fall — she seized the opportunity to cast fresh eyes on the material and rewrote most of the book from the perspective achieved by the passage of time. Claudia is the child of Walter and Lore Maria Wiener, who made their way to Shanghai with the Jewish diaspora resulting from the rise of Nazism. Interned by the Japanese until the city was liberated in 1945, the family was among the Europeans ousted by the Communists in 1949. They left Shanghai on the converted troopship General Gordon (Claudia’s husband’s name) on Sept. 25 (the date of their daughter Talia’s birth in 1987), arriving in San Francisco on Oct. 16 (the date of their son Tom’s birth in 1985). Settling in Vancouver, they established the Lore Maria Wiener fashion design business in Kerrisdale, which continued until Claudia’s mother turned 90 in 2010. Claudia and Gordon

Cornwall, high school sweethearts, married in 1971 and achieved post-graduate degrees in philosophy. Gordon went into computers, eventually partnering with Curt Lang, and Claudia worked in the family’s fashion business. In 1985, after the Cornwalls moved to Canyon Heights in North Vancouver, Claudia became a writer, one who finds her subjects close to home. An article on North Vancouver’s Bill Cameron, developer of a communications device for disabled people, which ultimately led to the Neil Squire Society, was the first of many medically themed pieces by Claudia published by Reader’s Digest magazine. Her parents’ story inspired Claudia’s first book. Letter fromVienna: A Daughter Uncovers Her Family’s Jewish Past, received the 1996 B.C. Book Prize for Non-Fiction. In 2013, Claudia returned to the medical field with Catching Cancer, expanding the intriguing premise of microbial causes of cancer she had explored in an article for Reader’s Digest. West Vancouver Historical Society presents Claudia Cornwall on Curt Lang and his city at 7 p.m., Wednesday, March 19 at the West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre. Laura Anderson works with and for seniors on the North Shore. 778-279-2275

“I need help while I recover.” Is This You Or Someone You Know? SHYLO Brings The Care To You. When you are challenged by a recent surgery, stroke or hospital stay and need help in your home, Shylo Professional Care can support you with: • recovery and rehabilitation • meal preparation • nursing support • medication management • wound care • safe transportation • physio services

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Sunday, March 9, 2014 - North Shore News - A23


Brunch pits pairings against each other

Tim Pawsey

Notable Potables A funny thing happened on the way to Vintners Brunch. The Hired Belly found himself sequestered in the back with three others, far away from the crowd enjoying the party. They were drinking and dining, and we were tasting and spitting. That was fine by me. Vintner’s Brunch (the near-final highlight of the Vancouver International Wine Festival) has evolved into one of the more interesting food and wine pairing competitions around. I’ve been lucky to be on the judging panel for a few years now, and it’s rewarding to see the ever increasing sophistication of the plates presented. And presented they are, arriving at the borderline

indigestible rate of one every eight minutes, for almost two hours. We don’t know which chef created the dish, only its principal ingredients and name of the wine with which it’s served. We sip, spit, taste and score, with most points allocated for the food and wine match itself. And sip, spit, taste, and score again. At the end of the day the dishes fall into three groups. The slam dunks: where the marriage or contrast of the overall dish with the wine is truly apparent and sometimes ethereal (the tastes on the plate take the wine to the next level). The good matches: These are plates that are often delicious and wines that work well, though are not exceptional pairings, perhaps with an ingredient that throws things off a bit. And last, and somewhat least, tastes and wines that for whatever reason just don’t work (although these are increasingly rare). This year’s winners were (First) Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House, executive chef Wayne Sych; (Second) Bella Gelateria, maestro James Coleridge; (Third) Vancouver Convention Centre, executive chef Blair

Rasmussen and chef Marc Massicotte. My hunch is that Joe Fortes executive chef Wayne Synch has plenty of experience working with value-driven drops, such as Nautilus Estate Twin Islands Sauvignon Blanc 2013 ($17, 89 points). It was the perfect, clean and crisp match for his subtly, jalapeno-heated and citrus-toned scallop ceviche that’s not far removed from the prawn ceviche on the regular menu. Gelato master James Coleridge scored with a superb porty trio of Port Gelato, Port cassis mousse, and Stilton cheesecake with raspberry cassis sauce, matched with the affordable non-vintage, cassis and plum-packed Fonseca Bin 27 Reserve Port (BCLS $24.99, 90 points). Marc Massicotte’s (wine) poached egg meurette, braised lamb leg and hedgehog mushroom saute, with VCC honey, smoked Sakura pork belly crostini nicely showed off the value priced, easydrinking, smoky-spicy Jaja de Jau, Chatea de Jau Syrah 2012 ($14-$16, 89 points). I liked that none of these wines were particularly fancy (or pricey), yet the

chefs made each one of them look great. And that, in the end, is what it’s all about. An unheralded reality of the Vancouver International Wine Festival is the huge impact it has had on our dining scene. As the annual extravaganza has moved to embrace food, as well as wine, so too have our chefs and the dining public at large. Belly’s Best of the Fest Recommending top tastes from the wine festival can be a challenge, as some wines tend to disappear almost as fast as they arrive. However, you shouldn’t have a problem finding: Romain Duvernay Vacqueyras 2011. It is a serious southern Rhone blend of Grenache (65 per cent) with Syrah (20 per cent) and Mouvedre (15 per cent)that yields loads of smokey black fruit with earthy undertones and plush, smooth tannins, and great length.You get the picture. Think something red and roasted or barbecued (BCLS $28.99, 91 points).

D.WR f2T-R)2 E-0/WYR8R ;T-R* 6-W32 .\TT .W1X *\/W*X\ -1 1X\ BWR1R\32 ;30R*X' 1X\ R\-3&KR-T XWYXTWYX1 8[ 1X\ B-R*80/\3 fR1\3R-1W8R-T AWR\ 5\21W/-T% ]g_D_ Dfb ]<AE7@

Tim Pawsey writes about wine for numerous publications and online as the Hired Belly at Contact:




Table D’hote Classics $35/person

Choice of appetizers ~ French onion soup, avocado crab & shrimp salad, or chicken vol-au-vent. Choice of entrées ~ Triple A NY steak with béarnaise + frittes, coq au vin, or prawns with pernod & saffron

BEER BEARER b-31WR 7+-)W' 8.R\3 8[ h3\\R c\-[ ;3\.WRY :8%' )W26T-`2 2-S6T\2 8[ 1X\ *8S6-R`#2 [803 +\\32 )03WRY W12 Y3-R) 86\RWRY 5\+% !P -R) !O -1 c8R2)-T\ G0-`% DX\ 1.8&)-` *8SS0RW1` \/\R1 [\-103\) TW/\ S02W*' [88) [38S S-3U\1 /\R)832 -R) [3\\ +\\3 2-S6T\2% ]g_D_ MIKE WAKEFIELD

Choice of desert ~ Meringue glaceé au chocolat, crème caramel, or sorbet 1373 Marine Drive, West Vancouver 604.926.4913

A24 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 9, 2014

TRAVEL Series focuses on Latin America The Ferry Building Gallery is hosting three new shows by Peter Langer, inThe UltimateTraveller series, with presentations scheduled in March on the Andes and Mexico. — Impressions of Argentina:Wednesday, March 12 at 7 p.m. — Impressions of Bolivia: Wednesday, March 19 at 7 p.m. — Impressions of Oaxaca Wednesday, March 26 at 7 p.m. The shows will be taking place at the Ferry Building Gallery, 1414 Argyle Ave. in West Vancouver. Admission $15.To register call 604-925-7290. For more information visit

E-R18 98SWRY8 )\ h0^S-R *X03*X' _-,-*-' b\,W*8% < [0TT 3\2183-1W8R 8[ 1X\ !N1X *\R103` *8S6T\, .-2 *8S6T\1\) WR !JJJ -R) 1X\ 388S2 1X-1 [83S\3T` *8R21W101\) 1X\ S8R-21\3` R8. X802\ 1X\ :0T103-T :\R13\ 8[ _-,-*-' .XW*X .-2 [80R)\) .W1X 1X\ X\T6 8[ _-,-*-R&+83R -31W21 53-R*W2*8 D8T\)8% ]g_D_ PETER LANGER

Ellis Mill: Grain in, dust out “Planning your next travel adventure!”

PETER NEVILLE-HADLEY MeridianWriters’ Group

38 years of planning experience.

Tahiti & Polynesia Cruise! Escorted President’s Club Group Package October 7 - 19, 2014 10 day Tahiti & Polynesia Cruise onboard the Pacific Princess


Call Sharon: 604-925-9483 Email: CPBC: 60285

ifyouseenewshappeningcallournewstipsline 6049852131

LINCOLN, England— It is difficult to imagine a place whose main attractions are more conveniently laid out than those of slightly sleepy Lincoln. The town, founded by the Romans as a resort for retired legionaries nearly two thousand years ago, later became a major ecclesiastical, military and commercial centre. Its magnificent, airy cathedral and squat, hulking castle face each other across a square of ancient housing which would itself be worth coming to see in its own right. But Lincoln has much else to offer that’s neither so grand nor full of portent


GO BECAUSE THEY COME Mark your calendar and make your reservation at the Wickaninnish Inn to celebrate Whalefest in Tofino and the annual grey whale migration. Enjoy incredible cuisine, perfect wine pairings and fun events for all ages!

tel 1.800.333.4604

as cathedral and castle, and all within a few minutes’ walk. One of the best of these more domestic and approachable pleasures is a visit to the sturdy black cone of Ellis Mill. Unexpectedly tucked away amidst terraced housing behind the castle, the windmill once stood with eight others in open countryside along the edge of an escarpment in order to catch the best of the moving air. Built in 1798 and recently refurbished with parts scavenged from other, partly dismantled windmills across the county, it’s once again fully functional.When there’s enough wind the creaking sails mounted on its onion-shaped white cap turn eagerly into it and rotate ponderously, but majestically. “We don’t really want the sails to spin any faster than around about 12 revolutions a minute,” says Ellis Mill volunteer miller Barry Brook, “because everything is geared to that speed.Twelve revs a minute is 120 at the stone, and it’s an abrasive process, so the flours get warm. If you go too fast they get hot and spoilt.” Climbing the conical interior hand-over-hand up ladder-like stairs, Brook points out the different loading chutes for the grain on the top floor, which feed it by gravity to a choice of

;0WT1 WR !MJL -R) 3\*\R1T` 3\[03+W2X\)' 7TTW2 bWTT WR cWR*8TR W2 8R*\ -Y-WR [0TT` [0R*1W8R-T% f[ 1X\ .WR)#2 +T8.WRY' /W2W1832 *-R Y\1 - [3\2XT` Y380R) +-Y 8[ .X8T\&.X\-1 I803 18 1-U\ X8S\ .W1X 1X\S% ]g_D_ ]7D7F a7Bfcc7Zg<9c7@$ b7Ff9f<a AFfD7FE# hF_C]

two sets of 43-centimetrethick millstones on the middle floor. He explains the skill needed to adjust the distance between the grinding stones and to calculate the right angle of the shutters within the whirring sails, controlling the wind’s effect on them and thus the overall speed of the process. Grooves on the inner surfaces of the millstones act as scissor blades, cutting and grinding the grain to a powder, which filters out

of the grooves on the lower, stationary millstone. “Grain in, dust out. It’s an instant process,” says Brook with some satisfaction, standing amidst the rumble and creak of the ancient machinery, whose wooden and metal cogs exude mixed odours of metallic oil and earthy wheat. The windmills were victims of the same 19thcentury industrialization that eventually built Britain’s metropolises, funnelled trade elsewhere and turned Lincoln into a backwater. Giant, steamdriven mills with sequences of steel rollers produced a pure-white flour that the windmills, even by introducing a harder, more finely grooved millstone from France and a sieving process to remove the bran, could not match. But bags of Ellis Mill’s tiny production of far more nutritious whole-wheat flour are now back on sale to visitors, weather permitting, and it’s hard to think of a more satisfying souvenir. If you go: For more information on Ellis Mill visit the Lincolnshire County Council webpage about it at asp?docId=46233. For information on travel in England go to the Visit Britain website at

Sunday, March 9, 2014 - North Shore News - A25

See the world through the eyes of your dog When it comes to canine senses, most of the attention goes to the nose. Dogs’ incredible ability to detect the most minute amount of odour is absolutely incomprehensible to us humans. A dog can detect a teaspoon of sugar diluted in a million gallons of water — that is the size of two Olympic swimming pools! They are sniffing machines, which is probably why their eyesight gets so little attention and they are mislabeled as either colour-blind or only able to see in black and white. Well, both labels are dead wrong. Dogs do see in colour, but their vision is different than ours. An eye is able to detect colour due to the number of cones. Cones are the photoreceptors responsible for the perception of details and colour. Humans have three kinds of cones which are sensitive to red, blue or green wavelengths. Dogs have only two kinds, which are sensitive to the colours blue and greenish-yellow. This means that dogs see a colour most vividly when it is in the range of blue or green. To get a better understanding of this and how this relates to human vision, anything that we perceive as yellow, red or orange doesn’t look the same to dogs. Those colours are more pastel, less vivid than they are to

Joan Klucha

Canine Connection us. The red is not viewed as another colour — as is the case with colour blindness — but rather as a weird pastel shade of red. The reason dogs perceive colour as they do has to do with their wolf cousins and their ancestors. Being carnivores, they did not need to perceive bright colours like herbivores or omnivores need to. Animals, including humans, that ate a plantbased diet needed to be able to find food and most plants are brightly coloured. Hence our ability to detect bright colours and shapes. Dogs or wolves ate meat. Most of their prey had a coat that offered natural camouflage, or blended into their environment easily. So it was redundant for a wolf to be able to see the bright red of a pepper when it ate the meat of an earthcoloured deer. What was important was for them to be able to see the camouflaged deer moving. The ability to

detect movement is due to photoreceptors called rods. This is where dogs excel in eyesight over humans. Dogs have as many as three times more rods than humans, some breeds even more. In humans these rods are clustered in our peripheral vision, giving us the ability to detect movement best from the corners of our eyes. Dogs’ rods are much more dense than those of humans, which gives them the ability to see a fly whizzing by and snap at it with astounding acuity. But what is even more amazing is what is called “flicker-fusion” rate. This is the number of snapshots the eye takes of the world per second. We assume we see the world as a seamless stream of information, but what is actually happening is our eyes are taking a series of still pictures — 60 per second — of our surroundings, creating a moving picture within our heads. Dogs have a higher flicker-fusion rate. Their eyes take 70 or 80 snapshots per second. They literally see the world faster than we do! This is also the reason why most dogs pay no interest in (non-digital) TV. TV shows are really a sequence of still pictures sent rapidly to trick our eyes into seeing a continuous stream of information. But that’s not fast enough for dogs. When they watch non-digital

TV, they see the individual image as well as the black gaps between each image as it passes across the screen at 60 images per second. This slow-moving picture show, plus a lack of scent from the image, makes it uninteresting to most dogs. Digital TV eliminates the flicker-fusion problem and dogs may start watching TV with you. If they could talk they might have an opinion on the Luongo trade too! But where this fast flicker rate shines is when a dog is trying to catch something we have thrown. They see the tennis ball at its new location a fraction of a second before we do. Wrap your head around that one! Dogs may “see” the world through their nose, but their eyesight is just as amazing. Dogs are so cool! Joan Klucha has been working with dogs for more than 15 years in obedience, tracking and behavioural rehabilitation. Contact her through her website

WATER WASTE e8XR A\++ 6-22\2 -R W38R 38) 06 8R18 1X\ K2XWRY )8*U -1 FW*\ c-U\% A\++ -R) [\TT8. 2*0+)W/\3 g\R3` A-RY 60TT\) S83\ 1X-R LO 680R)2 8[ Y-3+-Y\ [38S 1X\ I883 8[ 1X\ [3\2X.-1\3 T-U\ WR 1X\ c8.\3 E\`S803 :8R2\3/-1W8R F\2\3/\ )03WRY - 3\*\R1 *T\-R06 \[[831% DX\ 1.8 )W/\32 [80R) S-R` +811T\2' *-R2 -R) \/\R - *806T\ 8[ K2XWRY 38)2% ]g_D_ MIKE WAKEFIELD

Tuesday,March11th,7:30pm Park Royal North

The North Shore Sport Awards is a celebration of sport achievement at all levels; community, high school, provincial, and international. The awards also include categories for coaching, volunteering & fair play.

Come and enjoy this FREE community event FOUNDING SPONSOR

TALES OF ADVENTURE :-6WT-R8 CRW/\32W1` )8*0S\R1-3` KTSS-UWRY Y3-) -R) -)/\R103\3 b-3U02 ]0U8R\R 26\-U2 -1 1X\ ;82- :\R13\ DX\-13\ -+801 XW2 -11\S61 18 38. - +8-1 [38S E\R\Y-T 18 5T83W)- T-21 `\-3 -2 6-31 8[ -R _<F a831X.\21 1\-S 1X-1 WR*T0)\) _T`S6W* 38.WRY Y8T) S\)-TTW21 <)-S d3\\U% ]g_D_ MIKE WAKEFIELD





A26 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 9, 2014

FIFA U-17 WOMEN’S WORLD CUP NorthVancouver’s Rachel Jones and Team Canada open against Germany March 15 and then play North Korea March 18 and Ghana March 27.The championship finals are scheduled for April 4 in San Jose, Costa Rica.

PJHL PLAYOFFS Richmond vs. NVWolf Pack Game 4,Wednesday, March 12, 7 p.m. Harry Jerome Arena

Scan this page with the Layar app to see video highlights of Team Canada at the CONCACAF U-17Women’s Championships



a831X B-R*80/\3#2 F-*X\T e8R\2 263WR12 6-21 - b\,W*-R )\[\R)\3 WR 1X\ KR-T 8[ 1X\ :_a:<:<5 C&!M A8S\R#2 :X-S6W8R2XW62 6T-`\) T-21 [-TT WR e-S-W*-% e8R\2 \-3R\) -TT&21-3 X8R8032 -2 2X\ X\T6\) :-R-)- 40-TW[` [83 1XW2 S8R1X#2 C&!M 5f5< A83T) :06% ]g_D_ EC]]cf79 CANADA SOCCER/MEXSPORT

Jones races to World Cup Superstar teen’s career started with mom reading Soccer for Dummies ANDY PREST

Young North Vancouver soccer star Rachel Jones learned a lot from her mom, Karen, her first coach in the sport. Strangely, how to play soccer well was not one of those things. “When she was six years old they needed a coach for the peewee team,” says Karen. “I just volunteered, I didn’t know how to play soccer. I started reading all these books and I just became a motivational coach. I kept her involved and she fell in love with it.” She wasn’t learning soccer from a superstar but Rachel says she loved it nonetheless. In fact, as the coach’s talented daughter, she became somewhat of an assistant coach. “She read, like, Soccer for Dummies and was coaching the team and I was like her demo person,” says Rachel, now a 17-year-old Grade

11 student at Sutherland secondary. “She knew I was a good player but she made me work for it. It was awesome having her there beside me.” Rachel eventually moved on — “When she got to be about Grade 6, people who knew how to play soccer took over,” says Karen — and now everyone who sees her knows she’s a good player. On Saturday, March 15, Jones will hit the field as one of the star players for Team Canada at the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup. They’ll be in tough right off the bat against Germany, the fourth-place team from the last tournament held in 2012. The match will be one more high point in a soccer career that is really taking off. Jones, born and raised in North Vancouver, first fell in love with the game when she was four years old and her mother let her tag along with her six-year-old brother who was taking part in a

soccer program. “He had a camp and my mom just dropped me off at his camp,” says Rachel. “I just joined in.” A couple of years later mom and daughter were teaming up for a North Shore Girls squad and, by age 10 or 11, Rachel’s natural athleticism had earned her spots on local gold and metro teams. Rachel, in fact, could have been a track and field star — she set a few North Shore records in the middle distances before opting to focus her attention on soccer. In 2012 the Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite team added her on as an underage player and her game continued to blossom under the guidance of North Vancouver-based coach Jesse Symons. “That’s been huge,” says Rachel. “(Jesse) has had such an impact on my life.The way he coaches, it makes me want to work hard.This program has

been huge, it’s stepped up my game so much.” Her play stood out so much that the national team came calling, bringing her in for several youth camps. Last summer she made her debut in a national team jersey, again playing above her age group for the national U-20 team in a friendly against Norway. “It was so cool,” Rachel says of pulling on a jersey with the Maple Leaf on it. “It was crazy. I always imagined playing for Canada but it never really hit me that I was playing. It was an amazing experience.” Things got even more serious last October in Jamaica when Rachel joined the national U-17 team at the CONCACAF championships looking for one of two World Cup berths available at the tournament.The girls knew they were in tough with only two spots available and elite teams like the United States and Mexico to contend with. Canada, in fact, lost to the U.S. in round robin play but still made the playoffs and earned their ticket to the World Cup with a 5-0

semifinal thrashing of the host Jamaicans. “It was amazing,” says Rachel. “The first goal we were so pumped and then they just kept coming.We were like, we got this. It was awesome.” The U.S. team, meanwhile, lost a shootout against Mexico in the other semifinal and failed to qualify for the World Cup. Mexico then went on to beat Canada in another shootout in the final, but both teams walked away with the big tickets. Rachel, playing a speedy attacking and defending style from her outside fullback position, was named to the tournament’s all-star team. Now she’s in Costa Rica and ready to take on the world. “It’s crazy. I never thought it would actually be happening,” she says. “I remember going to CONCACAF thinking, ‘Oh yeah, this is CONCACAF, this is big.’” This, she knows, is so much bigger. “Just thinking about it — we’re going to the World Cup — it’s huge.”

Sunday, March 9, 2014 - North Shore News - A27


North Shore stars shine at B.C. Winter Games Several North Shore athletes claimed medals at the 2014 B.C. Winter Games held in February in Mission, helping the Vancouver-Squamish zone to second spot in the medal standings. The North Shore medal winners, according to results listed at bcgames. org, were as follows: Gold ■ Basketball – Special Olympic, mixed team: Joshua Moon, Nick Richardson, Zachary Klein, Sangeon Yoo, Erol Gunenc, Tyrone Liebenberg, Pierce Burns, John Paydar, Emma Clark, all from North Vancouver. ■ Cross-country skiing, individual start juvenile girls: Anna Goodwin, North Vancouver ■ Cross-country skiing, individual sprint midget girls: Maxine Forder, West Vancouver ■ Archery, 2-day aggregate girls recurve: Emma Hughes, North Vancouver ■ Archery, match play girls recurve: Shaelin Bishop, North Vancouver ■ Freestyle skiing, slopestyle youth male: Lucas Pelletier, North Vancouver ■ Diving, 1-m boys B group: Nicholas Nepomuceno, North

Vancouver ■ Diving, 3-m boys B group: Nicholas Nepomuceno, North Vancouver ■ Diving, 1-m girls C group: Alison Komlos, West Vancouver ■ Diving, 3-m girls C group: Alison Komlos, West Vancouver ■ Badminton, mixed team: Boris Zhu and Jun Wang, West Vancouver ■ Karate, team kata girls: Alexandra Chan and Sarah Gillies, West Vancouver ■ Judo, under 66 kg men: Daniel Pyk, West Vancouver ■ Alpine skiing, giant slalom female: Ella Renzoni, West Vancouver ■ Alpine skiing, slalom female: Ella Renzoni, West Vancouver Silver ■ Curling, men’s team: Cullen Quek, Max Langlais and coach Liz Goldenberg, all from North Vancouver. ■ Gymnastics, female team: Charlotte Power, Bailee Nadin,Yoanna Nikolova and Melissa Mann, all from North Vancouver. ■ Cross-country skiing, mixed 4x2-km relay: Anna Goodwin and Jenna Sim, North Vancouver. ■ Cross-country skiing,

individual sprint juvenile girls: Jenna Sim, North Vancouver ■ Cross-country skiing, interval start sit-ski male LW 10-12: Sam Piercey, North Vancouver ■ Alpine skiing, slalompara male, silver: Mark Robertson, North Vancouver ■ Archery, match play girls recurve: Emma Hughes, North Vancouver ■ Diving, 1-m girls B group: Kaelyn Burgess, North Vancouver ■ Badminton, mixed doubles: Boris Zhu, West Vancouver Bronze ■ Judo, under 66 kg men: Ari Stan, North Vancouver. Cross-country skiing, individual start juvenile girls: Jenna Sim, North Vancouver ■ Cross-country skiing, individual start midget girls: Maxine Forder, West Vancouver ■ Speed skating, 400-m Race 2 Boys U14: Boston Mah, North Vancouver ■ Diving, 1-m girls C group: Maggie Osieja, North Vancouver ■ Diving, 3-m girls C group: Maggie Osieja, North Vancouver ■ Karate, kata girls advanced: Alexandra Chan, West Vancouver

STRONGARM TACTICS E01X\3T-R)#2 bW*X-\T bW130U 2X8.2 8[[ XW2 [83S 8R 1X\ 6-3-TT\T +-32 -1 1X\ a831X EX83\ Y`SR-21W*2 *X-S6W8R2XW62 X\T) T-21 S8R1X -1 AWR)283 2\*8R)-3`% DX\ ^8R\#2 186 -1XT\1\2 -3\ WR a-R-WS8 1XW2 .\\U\R) [83 1X\ XWYX 2*X88T *8&\) 1\-S 638/WR*W-T *X-S6W8R2XW62% '+.4 /!2" 2"& 1.*.5 .88 29 3&& 695& 8"9293, ]g_D_ LISA KING

West Van boys, Windsor girls win basketball provincial titles The West Vancouver secondary junior boys and Windsor juvenile girls showed that the future of North Shore hoops is bright after taking home provincial titles in their respective divisions last weekend. The West Vancouver Highlanders claimed the trophy at the Telus Junior Boys Basketball Championships held Feb. 25-March 1 at the Langley Events Centre, cementing the title with a 53-50 win over Surrey’s Panorama Ridge in the final.

The Highlanders went a perfect 5-0 in the tournament, including a 49-44 win over Tamanawis, another Surrey school, in the semifinals.West Vancouver’s Ryan Fonseca was named the tournament MVP while teammate Nick Broady earned a first team all-star spot. At the Basketball BC Grade 9 (juvenile) Girls Provincial Championships the third-ranked Windsor Dukes claimed the title with a 32-27 upset over top-ranked KLO middle school from Kelowna in the

championship final played March 1 at Richmond’s H.J. Cambie secondary. Madison Legault earned MVP honours while her Windsor teammates Paige Lehto and Devon Wood earned tournament all-star honours. North Vancouver’s Seycove finished in seventh place at the tournament while Argyle was ninth, with Seycove’s Ashley Bradshaw earning an all-star spot and Argyle’s MaxineYee getting the nod as an honourable mention all-star. — Andy Prest

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D\-*X\3$*8-*X\2 h3\Y b\T)30S' EX-0R b*h0WR\22 -R) h-31X DX8S28R S\2X 1X\W3 1-T\R12 18Y\1X\3 WR 63\6-3-1W8R [83 1X\ 21-31 8[ - R\. ;-2U\1+-TT ;%:% XWYX 2*X88T 6\3[38S-R*\ 13-WRWRY *\R13\ 1X-1 .WTT +\YWR 86\3-1W8R 801 8[ A\21 B-R*80/\3 2\*8R)-3` 1XW2 [-TT% E10)\R12 WR Y3-)\2 !"&!i [38S 1X380YX801 1X\ c8.\3 b-WRT-R) 3\YW8R .WTT +\ \TWYW+T\ 18 2WYR 06% <R 86\R X802\ WR[83S-1W8R \/\RWRY .WTT +\ X\T) 8R D0\2)-`' b-3*X !! 21-31WRY -1 M 6%S% -1 A\21 B-R*80/\3 2\*8R)-3`% D8 3\YW21\3 \S-WT Y1X8S28R=2)PO%+*%*-%

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A32 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 9, 2014

SEASPAN’S NEW CRANE NEEDS A NAME One of the biggest cranes in Canada has arrived at Seaspan in North Vancouver and we need YOUR HELP naming it! Our new crane will move giant, heavy pieces around the yard, and help Seaspan build future ships for the Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Coast Guard.

Once built, the NEW CRANE will be the HEIGHT of almost

the WIDTH of more than

Can you help? help? and the same




CONTEST DETAILS: Entries must be no longer than two words AND accompanied by a brief description or explanation of the name. Each student is allowed one entry. WHO CAN ENTER: All North Vancouver School District students from Grades 4 - 7. TIMING: Contest begins March 3, 2014 at 8 am and ends Friday, March 14, 2014 at 4:30 pm. GRAND PRIZE: The winner will receive an iPad Air, presented at an official naming ceremony at Seaspan, in front of classmates and family members. The winning name will be permanently displayed on the crane.

HOW TO ENTER: Email your form to: OR mail directly to “Communications” at 10 Pemberton Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7P 2R1. Deadline for contest submissions is March 14, 2014. You can also download the official entry form by going to our website at:, located under the News & Media tab. ENTRY FORM - Please Print PICTURED BELOW: Once built, Vancouver Shipyard’s new 300-tonne Gantry Crane will be the largest permanent operating crane in Canada.

Student Name (first and last): ______________________________________________________________ Student Signature: * ______________________________________ Phone: ________________________ School Name: ___________________________________________ Grade: ________________________ Home address: _________________________________________________________________________ Email address: __________________________________________ Date: _________________________ ENTRY NAME - 2 words max: ______________________________________________________________ Entry Description: _______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Parent Name: __________________________________ Signature: * _____________________________ * I hereby agree to abide by the Contest Rules and Regulations. CONTEST RULES: For full contest rules and regulations go to our website at and click on the News & Media tab.

North Shore News March 9 2014  

North Shore News March 9 2014

North Shore News March 9 2014  

North Shore News March 9 2014