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Friday, June 7, 2013

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Districts on municipal auditor’s agenda Brent Richter

TWO North Shore municipalities are among the first that will come under the scrutiny of British Columbia’s newly appointed auditor general for local government. AGLG Basia Ruta will look into the District of West Vancouver’s value for money in operational procurement and how the District of North Vancouver fares with capital procurement projects and asset management programs — a fancy way of saying planning for future infrastructure needs and how to pay for them. But, while the term “audit” may bring to mind angst and insinuations that there is something untoward in the keeping of one’s finances, that’s not what the AGLG is looking for. “I understand why people feel that way but there’s a See Performance page 3

NEWS photo Kevin Hill

Board of variance

A surfer follows the breaking wave line at Ambleside Beach Sunday. Our photographer was unable to attract the young man’s attention and identify him, but took other photos you can view by scanning this one with the Layar app.

2 longboarders hurt in WV crash




See Boarders page 5

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Two riders were injured, one of them seriously, Wednesday afternoon when they skidded off the road into a parked truck on the 1300-block of Camridge Road in the British Properties area. Investigators say the two were headed downhill when they swerved to avoid an oncoming vehicle, which was lawfully proceeding in the right lane. A 23-year-old Surrey resident was released Wednesday night after being treated for cuts and bruises, but a 20-year-old North

Vancouver man wasn’t so lucky. “(He) was face-first skidding and had head contact with the front wheel of the truck,” said Const. Jeff Palmer, West Vancouver Police Department spokesman. He was expected to be released Thursday but suffered a head injury and small compression fracture in one neck vertebrae. Just three days earlier, a 19-year-old wound up under an SUV at the intersection of 13th Street and Esquimalt Avenue. “Fortunately he just had some laceration injuries,” Palmer said. “That was an extremely close call.” A 17-year-old Rockridge secondary student remains in

intensive care after a severe head injury he received on May 24 when he crashed into a van being driven by a friend on Isleview Road. “It is a banned activity on public streets and (we’re) pleading with longboarders to really, really think carefully,” said Palmer. “Yes, we have a $45-bylaw ticket we can hit you with, but that really can’t be the biggest concern for you. The biggest concern has to be that a couple inches one way or the other when you’re in a collision with a vehicle can have completely life-altering consequences.” The District of North Vancouver has faced numerous recent requests to ban the sport outright but has stopped short, opting to only issue fines to riders caught on Skyline Drive, but district Mayor Richard Walton said it will be up to the longboarders to


WEST Vancouver police are issuing a plea to longboarders to think about their safety after four of them have been rushed to hospital in the last two weeks.

West Van police plead for road sense after 2nd crash in 3 days


Brent Richter


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Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A3

Psst! Want a free leather coat? Faux fashion designer ‘on his way to airport’ solicits cash for suspect goods

Jeremy Shepherd

A familiar fraud may have returned to the North Shore after a smooth talker allegedly offered up seven leather jackets in a bid to charm a North Vancouver woodworker out of $300 on the afternoon of Saturday, May 25. Peter Forbes was pulling into the Rona parking lot off of East Third Street when he was greeted by a well-dressed man with a thick Italian accent who was apparently searching for the airport. “Of course I told him, ‘You’re miles away,’” Forbes said. “I’m being a nice guy and I point out the map, give him directions and all that. So he’s getting very friendly and at first I’m thinking, ‘Maybe the guy’s hitting on me’ . . . as Seinfeld says, ‘Not that there’s anything wrong with that.’” The alleged scammer said he was a fashion designer in town for a convention and he happened to have a

few samples in the backseat of his car, a white Lexus SUV crossover. “He shows me this really nice-looking stylized leather jacket, and he says, ‘I purchase this, this is really fancy leather, about $1,500 each,’ and I know didley-squat about leather. To be perfectly honest it felt a bit vinyl-ish, but I don’t know,” Forbes said. The fashionista said he would rather not pay taxes on the coats when getting on the plane, Forbes said. “He says to me, ‘Well, being that you’re such a nice guy and helping me out, here,’ and he gives me one of the jackets,” Forbes said. “One thing leads to another and he ends up giving me seven of these jackets in two bags.” The designer stipulated that the jackets could not be sold as they wouldn’t be released until 2014. Red flags were rising in Forbes’s mind, but he said he was getting set to shake the man’s hand and walk away when he heard one more request. “He says, ‘Well, before you go, (at) the airport I want to buy some perfume for my daughter at the duty-free. . . . Maybe you could help me out and give me some money because all I’ve got is Euros,’” Forbes said. Referring to the man’s story as “cockamamie,” Forbes offered a modest sum. “I said, ‘Well, all I got in my pocket is five bucks. . . . And he’s going ‘I just gave you $9,000 worth of jackets,’” Forbes said.

“I didn’t even want seven jackets. I’m not exactly a fashion plate.” The man became aggressive, requesting they find an ATM, but Forbes wouldn’t budge, ultimately giving the alleged fraudster back his coats and keeping his $5. “Probably the first thing I would’ve done is tried to sell them. And I’m sure if you go on Craigslist there’s probably a ton of people that got sucked in that are trying to sell them now,” Forbes said. “Con artists are con artists ’cause they’re good. The guy’s smooth, I’m just cynical. Nothing’s free, right?” Forbes described the man as being in his late 40s or early 50s, balding and wearing glasses, a dark blue jacket and a light blue shirt. He also had a business card bearing the name “Emporio Collezione.” A fraudster with a similar approach managed to take $600 from a victim in the 1300-block of Main Street in May, 2012, claiming he had a stack of high-end Italian leather jackets he couldn’t take on a plane. Offering a 90 per cent discount, the fraudster sold the supposedly $1,000 coats for $100 each. The material turned out to be faux leather. The scam also bamboozled $600 out of a man in the Save-On-Foods parking lot on Marine Drive in March, 2012. Police have no suspects in the case.

City sets courts for volleyball

NORTH Shore athletes are finally free to dig in at five new volleyball courts on the formerly vacant Lot 5 in Shipbuilders’ Square on the City of North Vancouver’s waterfront. The city contributed $140,000 to the facility, which features one court for casual use and four that can be reserved through the North Vancouver Recreation Commission. The site may become home to an aquarium or a commercial space eventually, but Coun. Craig Keating championed beach volleyball in the interim, calling the old location “a wad of dirt surrounded by metal fences.” “We’ve turned a vacant lot into a recreational amenity the whole community can enjoy,” said Mayor Darrell Mussatto in a release. — Jeremy Shepherd

NEWS photo Cindy Goodman

RACHEL Teichman and Elissa Halliday, both West Vancouver secondary students, practise volleyball drills Tuesday on the new courts set up east of Shipbuilder’s Square on the North Vancouver waterfront.

Performance, not financial, audits aim to help

From page 1

couple things we need to point out. These are performance audits, not financial audits,“ said Mark Tatchell, deputy auditor general. “(They) are intended to help local governments improve their operations. These are not intended to find faults or identify problems that local governments have.” Once the audits are complete in 2014, subject councils will be able to review and comment on the findings before the AGLG releases a public report. Those reports will be for the benefit of municipal councils, regional district boards and their taxpayers around the province, Tatchell said. Many local government members bristled when Premier Christy Clark announced the creation of the AGLG in 2011, dismissing it as political posturing from the province — especially when municipal governments tended to have better financial track records than the province itself. But the District of North Vancouver Coun. Mike Little’s fears have been allayed and his council is greeting the audit with open arms, especially when longterm capital planning is the district’s forte. “It’s something that, in the past, has been too easy for administrations to defer maintenance on infrastructure in order to be able to balance budgets. Since 2004, we’ve been putting policies in place to stop that from happening. We don’t want to see our rec centres fall into disrepair again,” Little said. District staff completed a “super comprehensive” inventory of every asset in

the district, from bricks and mortar to the subsurface of roads in 2009. The inventory lists not only the assets, but their expected lifespan and estimated cost to replace. “I think we have a very good picture of what it costs to manage our assets that are going forward into the future,” Little said. “And we’re squirrelling away money the correct way. We’re making sure we have plans in place so that when we make the decision on the replacement of an asset or facility, we have the money in hand to replace it.” Rather than being singled out for being a trouble maker, Little said he suspects the district is on the list to serve as a model the rest of province. Similarly, West Vancouver Mayor Michael Smith has softened this approach to the AGLG. “We’re looking forward to it. We’re certainly pleased with the way things have been going in the district with no tax increase for the last two years. We welcome them to come in. I think they’ll be pleased with what they see,” Smith said. “Our only concern is we don’t want it to cost us money, in terms of engaging a lot of extra staff time.” For 2013, AGLG has budget $2.6 million plus $300,000 in start-up capital costs. Other issues to be tackled by the office this year are managing policing agreements and police budget oversight, the provision of clean drinking water by local governments and managing the risk of limited human resources within small local governments.

MPs cool on Burnaby Seymour riding Brent Richter

NORTH Vancouver and Burnaby are simply too different to be mashed together into one federal electoral riding, a committee of MPs in Ottawa has concluded.

Seeking to add six new HouseofCommonsseatsforthe province, the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission recommended earlier this year that a new riding made up of North Vancouver east of the Seymour River and the northern portion of Burnaby be melded into a new riding called Burnaby North-Seymour. But the proposal has been fought by Kennedy Stewart, NDP MP for Burnaby-Douglas, on the grounds that the proposed change is unpopular on both sides of Burrard Inlet and that communities are too different and isolated to have one MP adequately represent the interests of both. “He indicated that North Burnaby was a middle class community with a high percentage of new Canadians, while North Vancouver had a low percentage of new Canadians and a much higher average income,” the standing committee on procedure and house affairs wrote in its report. “Very few links existed between the service providers in either community and their respective municipalities. Indeed each community had its own health authority.” The committee, which is made up of seven Conservatives, one Liberal and four New Democrats, seemed to agree. “North Vancouver and North Burnaby appear to the committee to be two communities which share few common services or exchanges. The communities themselves also appear to have little desire, if any, to be tied in one electoral district,” it concludes. Under the Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act, every riding should have a population of about 105,000 residents according to census data tracked every 10 years. As of the 2011 census, the North Shore’s two ridings were about 70,000 people over that limit. The report is welcomed by Stewart, who is now optimistic the ridings can be redrawn again to keep the North Shore and Burnaby apart. “It supports the opinions and sentiment of communities on both sides of the Burrard Inlet. There were very loud and clear voices from Burnaby and the North shore that this is a mistake,” Stewart said. Had the 2011 election used the proposed new boundaries, Stewart and the NDP would have lost his seat by about five percentage points, a sevenpoint swing from results that See Commission page 5

A4 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A5

Police seek missing man Download the Layar app to your smartphone. Look for the Layar “cloud” symbol. Scan the photo or the page of the story as instructed. Ensure the photo or headline is entirely captured by your device. Check for advertisements that have layared content. Ambleside surfing page 1 The Internship page 18 Elizabeth Rex page 23 Behnaz Toossi page 31 Spartan Sprint page 44 Honda Odyssey page 53

Brent Richter

NORTH Vancouver RCMP are reaching out to the public for help finding a man reported missing. Thomas Frederick Kranz, 35, was last seen by family on Wednesday May 29 at his

home in North Vancouver. Kranz has bipolar disorder and is currently not taking medication. His family and police are worried about his well-being. Kranz is described as a white male, six foot one, weighing 181 pounds with short brown hair and a small goatee. Anyone who spots Kranz

or has any information about his whereabouts is asked to call North Vancouver RCMP at 604-985-1311 immediately.

photo supplied

RCMP are asking the public to keep a lookout for Thomas Frederick Kranz.

Boarders themselves urge responsibility From page 1 prove they can safely share the roads. Lower Mainland longboarders have been reacting to the trend of nasty crashes on a Vancouver Longboarding Facebook group, many of them chastising riders who don’t ride safely and create a


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We have moved back to 16th Street.

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bad name for the sport while the rest strive keep it legal. “This summer will be our last chance to prove that the city can accommodate us, we aren’t going to get a million chances to figure out a way to make our sport safe. Ride safely, stay in your lane and be as polite as possible to residents,” said Aidan Polglase.

Another warned that incidents like the ones in the last two weeks will hurt the group as a whole. Laine Jackart posted: “This will be used as evidence as to why there should be a blanket ban in North Vancouver. These accidents don’t only affect the riders, they slowly pick apart the entire scene and all of its

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supporters. Several people have goofed it for everyone, but that’s how it usually happens anyways.”

Commission to reassess From page 3 sent him to Ottawa, he said. But Stewart added he did not take up the fight for partisan purposes, “It’s cross-party now. We’ve heard from the NDP. We’ve heard from former Liberals . . . and now a Conservativedominated committee has also said they think this is a mistake.” The report will now be sent back to the commission for a second look and possible redrawing. “Other commissions across the country have had similar direction and they’ve gone back and made changes,” Stewart said.

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A6 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013

VIEWPOINT Published by North Shore News a division of LMP Publication Limited Partnership, 100-126 East 15th Street, North Vancouver, B.C. V7L 2P9. Doug Foot, publisher. Canadian publications mail sales product agreement No. 40010186.

Border disorder


E suggested here in January that the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission had erred in recommending the creation of a new Burnaby-North Seymour riding. A Conservative-dominated House of Commons committee agrees. The two communities “share few common services or exchanges,” the committee concluded. No kidding. The only link between the two areas is a bridge that’s an infamous bottleneck on Canada’s Only Road. The demographics of the two communities are vastly different, their health authority is different, and neither of the sitting MPs favour the creation of this Frankenriding. Now, a group of MPs, unfamiliar with local geography, has come to the objective, non-partisan decision that another solution should be found.

Based on population numbers alone, another riding should clearly be created somewhere between Deep Cove and Powell River. But the common-sense solution appears obvious to all but the commission: redraw the lines on Mainland-Sunshine Coast map; don’t add peculiar bulges to Burnaby and Vancouver Island. Oh yes, the commission also recommended taking Powell River from John Weston’s West Van-Sunshine Coast riding and adding it Vancouver Island North — notwithstanding that it was a ferry ride away. The same Commons committee sensibly recommended against that idea too. So, if Powell River stays in the local ridings map, surely a new federal riding that incorporates elements of North Vancouver and West Vancouver is an obvious choice. Let’s hope so.

Minister Sultan part of election victory

I predict backwards as well as forwards. So stand by for a prophecy for the past.

I predict that Ralph Sultan played a much bigger role in the B.C. Liberals’ election victory May 14 than he’s been given credit for. And this is not just parish-pump flattery for little old West Vancouver. First, though, Sultan has been in the news since the election. First, rumoured to step aside for a Christy Clark byelection in West VancouverCapilano where his ownership is engraved in stone. He didn’t, gladdening supporters. Also, influential Tex Enemark, Gordon Gibson and Harry Swain mused in the Vancouver Sun that he could be the man to lead the glacial treaty negotiations with B.C.’s First Nations. That’s now a non-starter. Sultan was the most strangely under-utilized talent in the Gordon Campbell caucus. First elected in 2001, aged 68 — which sounds youthful compared with his present 80 — and with a

This Just In

Trevor Lautens wealth of high-level business experience in banking and as a Harvard professor, this son of a modest East Vancouver background looked custommade for finance minister. Or was it so strange that Campbell passed over him? Often the big boss is nervous about giving a portfolio to someone who actually knows a lot about the territory — like, infinitely more than he/she does. Above all in finance. Might do dangerous things that make economic rather than political sense. David Schreck, then North


Vancouver-Lonsdale’s New Democratic Party MLA, hit a similar wall in the 1990s when, notwithstanding or because of a career in health matters, he never made health minister. Yet there could hardly have been a more cautionary tale than that of New Democrat finance minister and later MP Dave Stupich — who knew plenty about figures. Too much. In the scandal called Bingogate, Stupich, a professional accountant, was hit with 64 charges concerning the Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society, an NDP piggy bank he devised. He pleaded guilty to fraud involving $1 million and running an illegal lottery. Blameless Mike Harcourt took the political fall, while arithmetic-challenged party people explained they’d left the numbers to Stupich because he was so adept. Forward to Sultan. He finally made cabinet last September in the much less onerous role of minister of state for seniors. A brilliant choice. He is one of nature’s

gentlemen, a rare intellectual patrician without airs who easily but rather shyly meets “ordinary” people and can relate to their situations. Sultan soon put the Liberal show on the road for old people, as I prefer to call without euphemism those like my good self. I ran into him in April, crisply turned out with suit and tie and apparently fresh from political business. Aided by ministerial assistant Barb Ewens, he said he’d visited “50 or 60” B.C. communities (Terry Oaken in his office gave the final number: 68). In all, he said he talked to about 1,000 people. He was surprised. Some told poignant stories. But few were angry or discontented. Most radiated what’s called “happiness economics,” pioneered by psychologist Abraham Maslow, whose work 50 years ago excited me. Maslow had the outrageous habit of studying happy people, an approach threatening to his Freudian peers, psychiatrists, pharmacists, scholars, social

workers, journalists — hell, to Western civilization as we know it. Levity aside, Sultan brought the Liberal message to an underestimated part of the electorate: Not the courted young, not the chattering political class, not the various parties’ phone-in squads and letter writers who distorted public perception, not the Twits and Internuts. No — old people who vote. Actually vote. Simple as that. It would be entirely speculative to declare that Ralph Sultan single-handedly drew decisive votes to the party. Well, that’s the nice thing about it: It’s speculative. You can speculate right back, disagreeing. But I say that if anyone may have played a bigger role than met the eye, it would be wellrespected Ralph Sultan. ••• Note: My dastardly election prophecy in no way was shaped by inside knowledge. I knew nothing of top-secret Liberal polls that predicted victory for

Christy “Well, That Was Easy” Clark, and I didn’t chat up candidates. Both Clark and NDP leader Adrian Dix’s aides (hello, Jan O’Brien) ignored my requests for lunch, and at Victoria’s Union Club at that. Their loss. My table talk can be wittily delightful.

••• Mayor Mike Smith backs Grosvenor’s West Van development. Fair enough. Here’s a radical idea: Why didn’t this huge company just follow WV’s community plan about building height and such? Would have won acceptance with a chic, smaller proposal. Answer: Because the Grosvenor family, its scion the Duke Of Westminster who owns big, choice parts of central London, is fabulously, I mean fabulously rich, impresses and intimidates hell out of lousy little grateful councils, and with British charm is used to getting its own way. They don’t do small.





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Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A7

NDP: party or movement? Save wild edibles; Mailbox

WHILE the B.C. Liberals have debated among themselves for months now whether or not they should change the name of their party, perhaps it is actually the NDP that needs to have precisely the same kind of discussion among their own members.

The NDP’s crushing election defeat may suggest its best-before date is long past. The party has won a measly three elections and lost 20 of them in 60 years, and while it almost always gains about 40 per cent of the vote it also usually falls short of winning by several thousand votes in a dozen or so ridings. The NDP has to ask itself can it ever win if it can’t beat a government that has a milehigh stack of scandals and controversies on its baggage sheet. This past election showed once again that no matter how many misgivings people may have about the free enterprise coalition government, a good number of them simply can’t bring themselves to vote for the NDP. So why is that? The answer is ground in history. Originally, the NDP almost gleefully painted itself as a party with ties to socialism, and has now spent two decades frantically trying to bury that association in the public’s mind. As socialist and even social democratic governments around the world get tossed

View from the Ledge Keith Baldrey

to the curb, the NDP has never really been able to redefine itself as a party that is not about raising taxes, making government larger and addressing income equality through redistribution of wealth. Party candidates and leaders may insist, time and time again, that they are not the party of the past and that they are genuinely interested in making economic growth a priority. The trouble is, a great many people (or, in electoral terms, “just enough people”) simply don’t believe them. Instead, they view the NDP precisely as its political opponents want them to view it: as the “tax and spend” party that will interfere in your life and endanger your economic future. There doesn’t have to be a great many people who subscribe to this view. As I mentioned earlier, it only takes several thousand voters over a few ridings who view things this way to determine the election’s outcome (in

this past election, if fewer than 3,000 people spread over eight ridings had voted NDP instead of for the B.C. Liberals the New Democrats would have won). New Democrats may complain about the nasty attacks their opponents launch at them and decry them for any inaccuracies contained in them, but by doing so they are missing the key point: those attacks work precisely because they exploit, with devastating effectiveness, the most vulnerable parts of the NDP’s historical image and record. Since their devastating election loss, a number of New Democrats have observed that the party has to make a fundamental decision: Is it is a social movement, or is it a political party interested in forming government? A social movement holds a lot of meetings where overblown rhetoric is the main agenda item, and where the main activity is passing a lot of motions. A political party makes compromises, bends its ideals and gores some sacred cows. The NDP is controlled by something called the provincial council, the members of which have been in control of the party’s philosophy and direction for many years and through all those election defeats.

Is such a body at all useful for a genuine political party seeking power? It’s a question party members might want to wrestle with. The NDP is at a genuine crossroads. The party is a coalition of interests, and one of its main fault lines — environmental protection versus industrial development — was exposed during the election campaign, and it is a fissure that remains exposed. The two opposing views are on a collision course within the party, and issues like fracking, pipeline construction and mining may ultimately tear the NDP apart. Trying to be both a strong environmental party as well as a party that favours industrial development may prove to be impossible. For months now, the New Democrats have watched with relish as the B.C. Liberals tried to square their stormy past with getting re-elected, and fretted about their apparently wounded brand. How ironic, then, that it is perhaps the NDP “brand” that is broken, perhaps forever. And that means it is that party — and not the B.C. Liberals — who may need a name change and a political rebranding.

Keith Baldrey is chief political reporter for Global BC.

‘adopt a patch’

Dear Editor: North Vancouver is a wonderful place. I was born here, and continue living here because it’s a lush green paradise that provides everything I need to live well. The foods we find in the stores are riddled with chemicals, and are very expensive, so I live primarily off of wild foods that I find growing around my neighborhood. They grow everywhere; on the side of roads, pathways, riversides, in the forest, you name it. Wild foods are higher in nutrition than anything that can be bought in stores, but not many people are aware that this is a possibility. The knowledge of wild foods and medicine has all but disappeared. The other day, I went to this patch of nettles I commonly harvest from on the side of Lillooet Road. When I got there, I saw that the government employees cut it all down in a routine mowing; it was all gone and my heart sank. I needed that nettle to use as medicine for my grandpa’s shoulder. Cutting it down is a big waste of taxpayers dollars, and takes away valuable resources from the citizens who know a thing or two about wild plants. Not only is nettle a potent food and medicine, but the patches look beautiful and attract beneficial pollinators. There is no good reason why the government landscapers should take it down. I know I’m not alone when I say that North Vancouver, or all of Vancouver for that matter, needs to start paying special attention to how we treat our land. We need to adopt a better maintenance strategy that keeps it looking good, yet still leaves beneficial plants for the citizens to utilize. Much like the Adopt a Highway program, I propose we have an Adopt a Patch program. If there is a patch of wild edibles or medicine, a little picket should go into the ground that says what it is, and please take what you need. It shouldn’t be taken away out of ignorance. We need to educate ourselves on what is useful so we can all stay healthy and happy. Richard Kuehnel North Vancouver


Decades of Successful Experience 604-987-9381 FAMILY SEPARATION NEEDS ~ PROBATE NEEDS ~ WILLS & ESTATE PROBLEMS



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A8 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013

City relaxes drink rules at Shipbuilders’

Christine Lyon

PEOPLE attending events at Shipbuilders’ Square this summer and fall will be able to sip on beer and wine while taking in the festivities. City of North Vancouver council decided May 27 to lift the strict provisions of its existing Special Occasion Licences Policy for Shipbuilders’ Square and push back closing times for beer and wine garden hours at the venue from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. The city says it has experienced an increase in the number of requests to book Shipbuilders’ Square with interest in a beer and wine garden as part of the event. Last year, the Friday night market and the Concerts in the Square events featured 100-person beer and wine gardens. While these gardens were not hugely successful, according to a report from the city’s community development department, they served as an additional source of revenue to offset event costs. No issues arose, the report states. Coun. Linda Buchanan said she has heard positive feedback from patrons. “They really appreciate the opportunity to sit and enjoy concerts and be able to sit in the licensed area,” she said. Shipbuilders’ Square opened to the public in 2009 and now serves as the location for a variety of community events including the Party at the Pier, LLBA Christmas Festival, Thursday and Friday night markets and car shows. Council adopted its Special Occasion Licences Policy in 2007, before the square opened as a purpose-built entertainment venue. The current policy limits the number of licences that can be issued to each geographic area, individual and organization. Coun. Craig Keating said amending the policy would be helpful, but expressed an interest in setting up more “tasteful” fencing around the drinking zones. “I went down to the Friday night market and sat and had a drink in the beer prison,” he said, “because the blue fencing that surrounds the beer garden is somewhat depressing.” As it stands, the city will limit the capacity of beer and wine gardens to 100 people. Mayor Darrell Mussatto said any large-scale events, such as the Caribbean Days Festival, would still need to come before council for licensing approval. All applicants hoping to serve beer and wine at their events must also apply for the necessary licensing from the provincial Liquor Control and Licensing Branch and get police approval.


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Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A9

Grab a coffee and some free electricity Coffee chain adds NV electric charging station Sam Smith

TIM Hortons may be known for its traditional donuts and coffee, but the Canadian company is moving with the times as it installs six electric charging stations in B.C. — including one in North Vancouver — as part of a new pilot project.

The electric charging station is ready for use at the franchise’s 1384 Main St. location as part of a study on electric vehicle technology, its usage and opportunities. The idea has Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA) president and North Vancouver resident Bruce Stout excited. “It’s a brilliant initiative on their part

to provide free charging for electric vehicle owners,” Stout said. “Because now electric vehicle owners will go to Tim Hortons to buy their donuts rather than another chain.” Charge stations are important for both the practical use and the symbolic acceptance of electric vehicles, Stout says. “It’s the lifeline that’s thrown to electric vehicle owners to increase their range, to increase where they can go,” he said. Stout said he would definitely be visiting Tim Hortons with his 100 per cent electric powered vehicle. Other Metro area Tim Hortons electric charging stations are operational in Burnaby, Coquitlam and Abbotsford, with two more on Vancouver Island. The placement choices were made so that it’s possible to drive an electric vehicle from one charging station to the next strictly on electric power. The project initially took off in Oakville, Ont., at a single Tim Hortons in February 2013. The company was coy in its power usage results, but said Oakville usage exceeded expectations.

Truce called in WV water war Sam Smith

WEST Vancouver council has granted residents of Montizambert Wynd another year of connection to its municipal water supply, but not without some stipulations. The water war for the residents, who are living on unincorporated land in a Howe Sound cul-de-sac, has been going on since last year. The community’s water supply is drawn from Montizambert Creek and is currently under a boil-water advisory from Vancouver Coastal

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

BRUCE Stout plugs his electric car into the recently installed charging station at the Tim Hortons on Main Street in North Vancouver.

)&*'%!+ # ()%,%!+ # "*,$

Health and has been since 1996. As of now, the residents of Montizambert Wynd do not have access to municipally filtered water and are instead drinking “raw” water fed through their own filtration systems not recognized by VCH. The province has long demanded the home owners pay up for a recognized water treatment plant, with residents refusing to cough up the cash and instead choosing to stick with their own private point-of-entry filtration systems. The District of West Vancouver council has since threatened to cut off Montizambert Wynd residents from accessing its water pipe if See WV page 10

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Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier 138 Victory Ship Way




For directions please call: (604) 986-7437 All sales are final. No refund exchange or layaway. Payments: Visa, M.C., Debit, Cash and Certified Cheques. Some reserves may apply. Sale subject to additions, deletions, errors and omissions. 15% buyers premium & applicable taxes to be added. COOPER STERLING AUCTIONS. 416-800-1876

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A10 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013

INQUIRING REPORTER do en o the r ovince s new M s, including es t Vancouver Sea to S y s ordan Sturdy, will be coming rom osts on munici al councils. Many have ledged to r esign rom council be ore the sitting o the legislature in the all, but a ew ar e undecided or toying with the idea o wearing both hats to r event costly byelections. her e are no rules r eventing someone rom being an M and a council member at the same time, but critics say it is im ossible to do both jobs well. — Brent Richter

Gina Cook North Vancouver “Does it matter if they’ve got two roles? I don’t think it does.”

Should MLAs elected from municipal councils resign their local seat?

Helen Douglas North Vancouver “You can do one job well. Nobody can multitask.”

Shannon Potts North Vancouver “I think it would depend on if they’re capable of doing both. Some people are capable of doing two jobs. Some people are not.”

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Janice Harris North Vancouver “I would endorse them stepping aside, allowing a byelection locally and they would be a full-time MLA and we’d have a new face on council.”

WV not liable for water quality From page 9 they don’t comply with the province, and were set to disconnect them come August. However, council decided Monday to work with the Montizambert Wynd residents in the next year to come up with “creative solutions” to benefit everyone with the understanding that formal agreements will be made within six months between them and Metro Vancouver. No decision has been made as to exactly what the residents or the district will do, but director of engineering and transportation for West Vancouver Raymond Fung said the province may approve having West Van filter the water and sell it to Metro Vancouver, who would then re-sell it to Montizambert Wynd residents. But another year would be needed to properly find an answer, which council granted. Coun. Craig Cameron voiced his concerns over who would be liable in the coming year if someone drinks water in Montizambert Wynd and gets a disease. Mayor Michael Smith said Metro Vancouver should be liable in this case, and the district should have indemnity in the chance something happens. Council unanimously approved the extension which stands until Aug. 18, 2014.

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Manuela Durling North Vancouver “I think it depends on the person. Some people are able to take on multiple tasks, and some just do one badly.”

Meeting at Silver Harbour Centre 144 E. 22nd Street, North Vancouver • 604.250.2368

Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A11

3 % ' :. . / / 7 $ , 3 " $ # 8 ! &# :130. % 1 6 . $ # ; 5 7 8 / . 2$.3 :

8.7 &39

VE>BD+<-!E$ /DE+)B^IG GX 3DX@R592@%

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,H_ 8[[

4I><B+IX U<E) c># 8E^X%

ATTM T)$D =!>XL 4>IB /IB@L =#!FIL WDGG!> IE+ ;<C^D ?<!^+!E$ 4)>@

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Just look for a Wonderlab associate wearing a LEGO® Minifigure Badge *While supplies last. LIMIT of One LEGO minifig trade per person

AE!FI^ 7^IE)> AE!FI^ W)I+ 3<G) 7^IX@)> O:I^<) b&JaaN M\!># C<B-#I@) D' b,(Jaa DB FDB) OG)'DB) >IZ)@N DE AQPMM B)$<^IB CB!-)+ AE!FI^ 7^IE)> !>)F@ **Excludes clearance. While they last. No rainchecks.

#$ #$ 4 ! 3. + ' ()

?B!+$FIE A:)

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VFI$!EIB!<F "&K-D<E> G^D-` G<-`)> O:I^<) b,HJaaN M\!># C<B-#I@) D' b&aJaa DB FDB) OG)'DB) >IZ)@N DE AQPMM B)$<^IB CB!-)+ VFI$!EIB!<F !>)F@ #$ #$ 4 ! 3. + ' ()

SIB!E) ;B!:)


=I C!^ IE D


.**. SIB!E) ;B!:)L QDB># 1IE-D<:)BL 1"7 *]&

A12 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013


by Paul McGrath

Hollyburn Sailing Club’s 50th anniversary

Carole Cohen, Joy Brasier and Linda Green

Hollyburn Sailing Club commodore Steve Britten with JP Fell Pipe Band piper Simon Pitches Members of West Vancouver’s Hollyburn Sailing Club celebrated the organization’s 50th anniversary May 11 at its Ambleside Park location. Festivities included a procession down to the waterfront led by a JP Fell Pipe Band piper followed by a Commodore Sail Past of boats, kayaks and paddleboards. The event was capped off with a buffet lunch with local dignitaries in attendance. For more information on the club, visit

Jordan Ostenbuer, Derek Wiggins and Owen Jones

Ross and Annette Nelson

Olga Kovalenko

Tom Houtman and Don Allan

Adam Arsenault and Kelly Brix Arsenault

Please direct requests for event coverage to: For more Bright Lights photos go to:

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Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A13



Shooting from the hip:

“Foncie Pulice was the last of the street photographers. He had taken his first street photo in 1934. He would take his last on September 27, 1979. He died January 20, 2003 at age 88, but his work lives on . . . everywhere.” — vancouverhistory. ca/archives_foncie.htm

More online at entertainment

STREET photographer Foncie Pulice shot millions of images of Vancouverites over the years.


Foncie’s Fotos

■ Foncie’s Fotos, Museum of Vancouver through Sunday, January 5, 2014. For more information

Jeremy Shepherd

HIS light flashed 15 million times.

The short glare flickered under movie marquees and on street corners. At Hastings, Granville, and Robson streets Foncie Pulice took photos of business colleagues, couples, and families, charging 75 cents for three pictures or $1 for five. Taking an average of more than 1,000 photos six days a week for 45 years, Pulice ran a successful business while inadvertently documenting Vancouver. A small portion of his immense life’s work will be on display beginning June 6 at the Museum of Vancouver in the exhibition Foncie’s Fotos: Man on the Street. For the last three decades of his career as a street photographer, Pulice used a camera that vaguely resembled a robot sidekick in a 1950s science fiction movie. Fitted with wheels, the camera featured a steel


body pieced together out of war surplus material that housed a movie reel’s worth of film. The contraption eventually rolled its way into the Museum of Vancouver where it was discovered by curator Joan Seidl. Initially befuddled by the massive camera inscribed with the word Foncie’s, Seidl recalled the ubiquitous nature of Foncie photos among many Vancouverites. “You’d visit people who were donating artifacts and they’d whip out their family albums and you’d start to see these street photographs over and over and over again,” she says. Those photographs, mainly of pedestrians captured in mid-stride, were the work of a Britannia high school graduate who was looking to transition from his job as a house painter into the burgeoning field of street photography. “He had a friend who was working as a street photographer for one of the local papers, and I think he observed that this friend was meeting lots of girls. Much more than he was,” Seidl says. In the mid-1930s companies like Metro Photos, Electric Photos, Souvenir Walkie Snaps, and Kandid



Kamera employed photographers who snapped pictures for cash. Pulice soon found work as an assistant street photographer, meeting many girls in the process. Following the Second World War Pulice founded his own company: Foncie’s Fotos. With the public unable to get film, Pulice took thousands of photographs of beaming families and returning servicemen. The business succeeded based on a tremendous work ethic and just a little bit of charm, according to Seidl. “He would catch your eye, he would smile at you and the idea was you’d smile back. He’d snap the shutter and then hand you a little card,” she says. The card was the claim ticket, leading customers to the storefront where Pulice’s wife, Ann, would match clients with their pictures. Pulice worked six days a week, according to Seidl. “By seven in the morning he was down in the basement of his family home on Oak Street, developing the proofs of the photos that he’d taken the previous See Pulice page 42


A14 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013


photo David Bong

Faces of Humanity

PHOTOGRAPHER David Bong is displaying his work in a show called, Faces of Humanity — In Black and White, at Lynn Valley United Church. The exhibit starts tonight with an opening reception at 6 p.m. and runs through June 25. For more info: 604-365-0477.

GALLERIES Artemis Gallery: 104C4390 Gallant Ave., North Vancouver. Hours: TuesdaySunday, noon to 5 p.m. Info: 778-233-9805 or Reclamation — A Renewed Perspective: Photographs by Mike Wakefield, sculptures by Susan and Eric MacDonald, with soundscape by J. Knutson inspired by the sights, sounds and textures of North Vancouver’s working waterfront will run from June 14 to July 1. Live and interactive opening: Friday, June 14, 7-9 p.m. Summer solstice show: Friday, June 21. 7-9 p.m. Arthur Erickson’s Waterfall Building: 1540 West Second Ave., Vancouver. Hours: 11 a.m.-4 p.m. daily or by appointment. Crossing Paths: Mariam Aroeste’s works of acrylic on canvas will be on display from June 7 to 14. Opening reception: Friday, June 7, 6-10 p.m. RSVP: Info: B.C. Mills Museum at Lynn Headwater Park: 4900 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Info: 604-2245739. B.C. Binning Residence: 2968 Mathers Cres., West Vancouver. Info: 604-7332313 or Bellevue Gallery: 2475 See more page 15





VANCOUVER The Boardroom 1745 West 4thAve. (604) 734-7669 Boardroom Clearance 1723 West 4th Ave. (604) 742-0032

NORTH VANCOUVER The Boardroom 2057 Lonsdale Ave. (604) 985-9669 Boardroom Clearance 2077 Lonsdale Ave. (604) 985-1313


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Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A15

CALENDAR From page 14 Bellevue Ave., West Vancouver. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Saturday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. and outside gallery hours by appointment. Info: Reflections of Typography: Nicholas Purcell, designer and maker of handmade furniture will have his work on display until June 30. Binkley Sculpture Studios: 535 East First St., North Vancouver. Info: or 604984-8574. BrushStrokes Gallery: Lonsdale Quay, 123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver. Hours: Sunday, 11:30 a.m.-6 p.m., Thursday, 11:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 11:30 a.m.-7 p.m. Info: Members of The North Shore Artists’ Guild photo supplied display a variety of original art including oil paintings, watercolours, acrylics and mixed media on an ongoing basis with new works every IN her Crossing Paths exhibit artist Miriam Aroest month. explores minimalism and monochrome themes, aiming Buckland Southerst to express the most with the least, in her paintings on Gallery: 2460 Marine view at Arthur Erickson’s Waterfall Building (1540 W. 2nd Dr., West Vancouver. Ave., Vancouver) Saturday, June 8 to Friday, June 14. For Info: 604-922-1915 or more information visit North Vancouver. Info:, 778Café for Contemporary Art: 138-140 East Esplanade, North Vancouver. Hours: Monday- 372-0765 or Gallery hours: Tuesday to Sunday, noon to 8 p.m. Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturday and Painting Exhibition: Sonia Kajavi’s work will Sunday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Info: 778-340-3379 or See more page 20 Caroun Art Gallery: 1403 Bewicke Ave.,

Crossing Paths

Malibu Sugar

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A16 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013 Advertisement

Health Works Anniversary Celebration

A Natural Health Food Store and Holistic Health Centre

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Caulfeild Village WEST VANCOUVER 5351 Headline Drive • 604.922.3320

3120 Edgemont Blvd • 604.987.0104

! W

Healthworks invites you to consider one of our offered holistic services to maintain your optimal health

HealthWorks has been serving the North Shore community with health food products since 2002.This June marks its 11th anniversary. It started the first store in the EdgemontVillage and it opened its second one in the Caulfeild Village,WestVancouver six years ago. We are celebrating this anniversary and sharing our joy since the result has been all about our local community, customer experience, education and above all health! We are strong supporters of our local communities.HealthWorks is a member of EdgemontVillage Business Association which sponsors the local events to express appreciation to customers. In addition, HealthWorks has been donating gift baskets to several fundraising events in our local schools on the North Shore. Our knowledgeable employees make the customer experience very special. They know the customers’ names and what they need.Theyalso take extra steps to make sure that our customers receive their special orders on time. We often get complements on how we have created a calm and peaceful environment for customers to shop and share their needs.We hear lots of touching and inspiring stories of how our customers have made a huge difference in their lives by introducing natural health food and good nutrition. We are true believers that nutritional education helps to make a health conscious community.We love to educate everyone, who wants to

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Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A17

Bring Summer Home.


beautiful. original. timeless.

3071 Woodbine Drive North Vancouver, BC 604-984-7855 NOW IN... MARKS & SPENCER TEA, BISCUITS, MARMALADE & MUSTARDS!

Magazines, newspapers, UK candy & groceries

We have Bon Bons: chewy, delicious candy from the UK! NEWS photo Cindy Goodman

Skylight and Cloud Shadows

XIMENG Guo is exhibiting a series of paintings, Skylight and Cloud Shadows, at West Vancouverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Silk Purse Art Centre Gallery through June 23. For more information on the show visit

3195 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver 604-770-2826


A18 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013


Learning how to live in Google’s world

■ The Internship. Directed by Shawn Levy. Starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Rating: 8 (out of 10)

Julie Crawford Contributing Writer

BING must be pissed.

The Internship is not just a movie, it’s free advertising: a two-hour homage to Google, showcasing the company and its ethos as a tech pioneer, workplace utopia, and champion of the underdog. The underdogs in question are Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson), watch salesmen, who — not unlike film critics — are a dying breed. After a hilarious sales pitch with a would-be vendor, the guys learn that their company has folded. The men are a little behind the times, technology-wise: “People have a deep mistrust of machines,” Billy insists. “Haven’t you seen Terminator?” Nick reluctantly takes a job at a mattress store managed by his sister’s pervy boyfriend (Will Ferrell, in the film’s best cameo). But while looking for sales jobs online, Billy gets the genius idea to google Google and learns of their summer internship program. photo supplied Seduced by nap pods and free food at the cafeteria, the SEDUCED by nap pods and free food in the cafeteria, Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) get intern gigs at Google’s boys discombobulate the headquarters in The Internship. Use Layar app to view trailer and showtimes. interviewers just enough to Shawn Levy (Real Steel, Date Night) directs while Vaughn land spots in the program. SHOWTIMES gets credit for the story, half the writing and producing, and The pair journey to Google’s cartoon campus, a world works the nonsense in his trademark rapid-fire style. of cars that drive themselves and communal, multicoloured The script cleverly utilizes layers of pop-culture references. bicycles. They are ancients among the Ivy League-educated EMPIRE ESPLANADE 6 So while older folks will giggle at Flashdance and Back to the intern hopefuls, who look like 12-year-olds. Nick and Billy find 200 West Esplanade, Future references, more hip viewers will enjoy spotting the little themselves last in a schoolyard pick of teams that will compete North Vancouver green Android guy, discussions about cosplay, and quick shots of against each other over the summer: it’s like a really nerdy 604-983-2762 Google co-founder Sergey Brin cruising the campus. summer camp. Or, as Nick puts it: “a mental Hunger Games.” The Internship (PG) — Fri, Mon-Thur 7:10, 9:55; Sat-Sun 1, Is the film predictable? Will it result in 40-somethings The teams compete in challenges ranging from program de3:55, 7:10, 9:55 p.m. bugging and helpline assistance to a Harry Potter-style quidditch thinking a crayon resumé will score them a job at Google? Yes Star Trek Into Darkness 3D — Fri, Mon-Thur 6:30; Sat-Sun and yes. match. After insuring that their teammates are indeed 21, the 12, 6:30 p.m. But the film marks a return to humour that doesn’t have to boys give them an alcohol-soaked lesson in letting go. Team Star Trek Into Darkness — Fri, Mon-Thur 9:45; Sat-Sun be mean-spirited in order to be funny. There are just the right bonding ensues after clichés and metaphors aplenty, and “life 3:15, 9:45 p.m. amount of PG moments (lap dances, rest-home innuendo) to lessons buried under obscure ‘80s references.” Iron Man 3D (PG) —Fri, Mon-Thur 6:40; Sat-Sun 12:30, 6:40 keep things edgy, but the film is never cynical. Billy and Nick All the elements are here: there’s the snotty villain (Max p.m. are like a wise-cracking Bert and Ernie, even sharing a bed in Minghella), the Bad News Bears motley crew (Tiya Sircar, Dylan Iron Man 3 (PG) — Fri, Mon-Wed 9:35; Sat-Sun 3:35, 9:35 one scene, but there’s no need to exploit the situation for cheap O’Brien, Tobit Raphael), the malevolent boss (The Daily Show’s p.m. laughs. Ditto Billy’s attentiveness to a young hottie teammate: Aasif Mandvi) and the comely exec in need of taking off her it’s fatherly, not creepy. The audience is permitted to laugh glasses and letting her hair down (Rose Byrne). See more page 19


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Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A19


Back of the bus

photo supplied

THE bullies at the back of the bus give nobody a break in The We and the I, Michel Gondry’s cinéma vérité look at the last day of school as a group of Bronx students make their way home on a public bus. The French director teamed up with teens from a Bronx-based arts-and-activism community program to craft a piquant, poignant portrait of adolescence as it begins to shade into adulthood. Pacific Cinémathèque screens the 2012 film in an exclusive run starting tonight at 6:30 p.m.

SHOWTIMES From page 18 The Hangover Part III (14A) — Fri, MonThur 6:50, 9:30; Sat-Sun 12:15, 3:00, 6:50, 9:30 p.m. Now You See Me (PG) — Fri, Mon 7, 9:50; Sat-Sun 12:45, 3:25, 7, 9:50; Tue-Thur 7:05, 9:50 p.m. The English Teacher (PG) — Fri, Mon 7:20, 9:40; Sat-Sun 1:15, 3:45, 7:20, 9:40 p.m. This is the End (18A) — Tue-Thur 7, 9:40 Man of Steel 3D (PG) — Thur 10 p.m. PARK & TILFORD 333 Brooksbank Ave., North Vancouver 604-985-3911 The Great Gatsby 3D (PG) — Fri, Mon-Thur 7, 10:05; Sat-Sun 12:50, 3:55, 7, 10:05 p.m. The Great Gatsby (PG) — Fri-Wed 9:45; Thur 9:55 p.m. Epic 3D (G) — Fri, Mon-Thur 6:50, 9:20; SatSun 1:35, 4:15, 6:50, 9:20 p.m. Epic (G) — Fri, Mon-Wed 7:20; Sat-Sun 2:05, 4:30, 7:20 p.m. Thur 1 p.m. Fast & Furious 6 (14A) — Frii 7:10, 10:10; Sat-Sun 1:10, 4:05, 7:10, 10:10; Mon-Wed 7:10, 10; Thur 7:10, 10:35 p.m.

After Earth (PG) — Fri 7:35, 10; Sat-Sun 2:45, 5:10, 7:35, 10; Mon-Thur 7:30, 10 p.m. Thur 1 p.m. The Purge (14A) — Fri 8, 10:20; Sat-Sun 1:10, 3:30, 5:45, 8, 10:20; Mon-Thur 7:40, 9:50 p.m. National Theatre Live: The Audience — Thur 7 p.m. PACIFIC CINEMATHEQUE 1131 Howe St., 604-688-FILM The We and the I USA, 2012. Director: Michel Gondry Cast: Michael Brodie, Teresa Lynn, Laidychen Carrasco, Raymond Delgado, Jonathan Ortiz. June 7-11. Safety Last! USA 1923. Directors: Fred C. Newmeyer, Sam Taylor Cast: Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Bill Strother, Noah Young, Westcott B. Clark. New 35mm print celebrating 90th anniversary of silent classic. June 7-15.

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3065 Edgemont Blvd 604-986-4893


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20th Annual Paradise Valley

SUMMER SCHOOL of VISUAL ART July 7 - 12: #4)K@9UB 7)@9O@9UB 74@9O:)=@9U D :@I!# :!#@) W84 )U!Q ?+&$ K@OS P!9 .!!L!Q July 14 - 19: #4)K@9UB 7)@9O@9UB 74@9O:)=@9U D @9QO);;)O@89 W84 )U!Q &"+&? K@OS ROO@;) .@%S)4# 2M=)%Q D R9U!;) H48QQ:)99 Outdoor studio adventures for young artists with teams of e!$erien%ed art tea%hers and #anada"s &nest artists $lus guest artists visits and daily recreation activities , , ,

Get Dad linked in Cuff Links

);; @9 OS! '!)MO@WM; XT( )%4! Q!OO@9U 8W OS! 084OS E)9%8ML!4 /MO#884 -%S88; Q@OM)O!# 9!)4 -6M):@QSB P*N* 7)4O@); Q%S8;)4QS@7Q )9# 'M4Q)4@!Q Q@I #)GQ )9# CL! 9@USOQ FA$V @9%;MQ@L!

J84 :84! @9W84:)O@89 7;!)Q! %89O)%O< Artists For Kids, $&$& 289Q#);! RL!9M!B 084OS E)9%8ML!4B PN EA1 $3T phone: T(X*>("*"A>? fax: T(X*>("*"AA? email: @9W85)4O@QOQX=@#Q online registration: KKK*)4O@QOQX=@#Q*%8:

3102 edgemont boulevard, north vancouver • 604 985 1500

A20 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013

CALENDAR From page 15 be on display until June 14. Photography Exhibition: Various artists’ work will be displayed from June 16 to 29. Opening reception: Saturday, June 22, 4-9 p.m. Casa Del Caffe: 116 East

14th St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-983-2233. Centennial Theatre: 2300 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: Exhibit: Work by artists from 195 Studios will have their work on display until June 15.

CityScape Community Art Space: 335 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604988-6844 or nvartscouncil. ca. Gallery hours: MondaySaturday, noon to 5 p.m. Capilano University Textile Arts Grad Show: Student works with a focus on items

that are transformative or tell personal stories will be on display until June 8. Sanctuary — Re-examining the Nest: An exhibition featuring three North Vancouver artists utilizing images of the nest in contemporary paintings,

sculpture and textile art will run from June 14 to July 20. Opening reception: Thursday, June 13, 7-9 p.m. Artist talk: Saturday, June 15, 1-3 p.m. Art Rental Salon: An ongoing art rental programme with a variety of original artwork available TELUS STORE OR AUTHORIZED DEALER Vancouver Oakridge Centre Pacific Centre The Shops at Bentall Centre Terasen Centre 220 1st Ave. East 551 Robson St. 625 Howe St. 808 Davie St. 991 Denman St. 1095 West Pender St. 1707 Robson St. 1855 Burrard St. 2338 Cambie St. 2372 West 4th Ave. 2706 Granville St. 2748 Rupert St. 2749 Main St. 3121 West Broadway

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Abbotsford Sevenoaks Shopping Centre 2140 Sumas Way 2142 Clearbrook Rd. 32915 South Fraser Way

Aldergrove 26310 Fraser Hwy.

Burnaby Brentwood Mall Crystal Mall Lougheed Town Centre Metropolis at Metrotown 3855 Henning Dr. 4501 North Rd. 4711 Kingsway

Chilliwack Cottonwood Mall Eagle Landing Shopping Centre 7544 Vedder Rd. 45300 Luckakuck Way

Coquitlam Coquitlam Centre 1071 Austin Ave. 2988 Glen Dr. 3000 Lougheed Hwy. 3278 Westwood St.

Delta Scottsdale Centre 1517 56th St. 4841 Delta St. 7235 120th St.

Langley Willowbrook Shopping Centre 8840 210th St. 19638 Fraser Hwy. 19700 Langley Bypass 20159 88th Ave. 20202 66th Ave.

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ranging from $10 to $40 per month. Coastal Patterns Gallery: 582 Artisan Lane, Bowen Island. Hours: WednesdaySunday, noon-5 p.m. or by appointment. Info: 604762-4623, 778-997-9408 or Cove Creek Gallery: 4349 Gallant Ave., North Vancouver. David Pirrie Studio: 1210 Arborlynn Dr., North Vancouver. Info: davidpirrie. com. David Neel Gallery: 104 West Esplanade, North Vancouver. Hours: MondaySaturday, 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Info: 604-988-9215 or District Foyer Gallery: 355 West Queens Rd., North Vancouver. Gallery hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.4:30 p.m. Info: 604-9886844 or The North Vancouver Community Arts Council will present an exhibition of watercolour paintings by Tamara Phillips and artistic wood pieces by David Wagner until July 2. District Library Gallery: 1277 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Info: The North Vancouver Community Arts Council will present an exhibition of paintings by Anne Gudrun until July 16. Ferry Building Gallery: 1414 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Admission to all shows is free. Info: 604-9257290 or ferrybuildinggallery. com. Gallery hours: TuesdaySunday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Closed Mondays. Perfectly Still: Acrylic on canvas works by Tansy Sverre will be on display until June 9. Grad Show 2013: Art from graduating students of Collingwood, Mulgrave, Rockridge, Sentinel and West Vancouver secondary will be on display from June 11 to 23. Opening reception: Friday, June 14, 6-8 p.m. Meet the artists: Saturday, June 15, 2-3 p.m. In the Presence of Light: Lil Chrzan’s oil on canvas works will be on display from June 25 to July 14. The Gallery at Artisan Square: 587 Artisan Lane, Bowen Island. Info: 604947-2454 or Hours: Friday-Sunday, noon-4 p.m. Gallery YoYo: 312 East Esplanade, North Vancouver. Gallery hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 1-5:30 p.m. or by appointment. Info: 604-9832896. Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art: 2121 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Gallery hours: Wednesday-Friday, from noon to 5 p.m. and Saturday, 10:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Adult admission by donation/children free. Info: 604-903-3798. Tours will be offered on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 1:30 p.m. Registration required: info@ See more page 21

Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A21

CALENDAR Delicate Matters: Lorena Pelly’s compositions of seaweed on paper and Joseph Chiang’s porcelain pottery will be on display until June 9. Just Imagine: Acrylic paintings with themes of landscapes, flowers and abstracts by Catherine Janusz and metal jewelry by Helen Sperry will be on display from June 9 to July 21. Seymour Art Gallery: 4360 Gallant Ave., North Vancouver. Gallery hours: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily. Info: 604-924-1378 or Forms of Nature: Sculptures

From page 15 Graffiti Co. Art Studio: 171 East First St., North Vancouver. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Friday, 1:30-6:30 p.m. or by appointment. Info: 604-980-1699 or Kay Meek Centre: 1700 Mathers Ave., West Vancouver. Info: or 604981-6335. On Our Walls: View Anne Marie Calder’s paintings until June 21. Lions Bay Art Gallery: 350 Centre Rd., Lions Bay. Gallery hours: MondaySunday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Info: or 604-921-7865. Featuring established and upcoming artists. Lonsdale Quay: 123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver. Info: Studio in the City will unveil its most recent art projects, including Coastal Energy; a new 100-foot long wall mural designed by local student artists, a sculpture garden plus more Friday, June 7 at 5 p.m. Lynnmour Art Studio and Gallery: 301-1467 Crown St., North Vancouver. Info: or 604929-4001. Gallery hours: Saturday and Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. or by appointment. Contemporary and abstract paintings by Gordon Oliver, Robert Botlak and Gary W. Eder. Lynn Valley United Church: 3201 Mountain Hwy., North Vancouver. Faces of Humanity — In Black and White: Photographer David Bong will hold an exhibition of his work from June 7 to 25. The exhibition will be open daily from noon to 3 p.m. Opening reception and talk: Friday, June 7, 6 p.m. Info: 604-3650477. The Music Box: 1564 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. North Vancouver City Library: 120 West 14th St., North Vancouver. Info: 604998-3455 or North Vancouver Community History Centre: 3203 Institute Rd., North Vancouver. Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, noon-5 p.m. Info: 604-990-3700, ext. 8016 or Imagining North Vancouver: Learn about the beginnings

by Pavel Barta and oil paintings by Mary-Jean Butler will be on display until July 1. Artist talks: Sunday, June 9, 2 p.m. Reception: Sunday, June 9, 3-5 p.m. Shelton Art /Studios Gallery: 3540 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Studio visits by appointment. Info: 604922-5356 or Silk Purse Arts Centre: 1570 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Gallery hours: Tuesday to Sunday, noon-4 p.m. Info: 604-925-7292 or Skylight and Cloud Shadows: See more page 22



JUNE 21 - JULY 1

North Shore Credit Union Centre for the Performing Arts

Fatoumata Diawara June 24 @ 8 pm

Breakout Malian singer/songwriter. Tickets: $30/$28

Jon Cleary

June 26 @ 8 pm

New Orleans pianist/vocalist with soul, funk and Latin grooves. Tickets: $30/$28

John Boutté June 28 @ 8 pm

Eyes on the prize

NEWS photo Cindy Goodman

THERE were more than 100 entries in North Vancouver City Library’s Fourth Annual Kilby Memorial Teen Photo Contest with Carisbrooke Grade 7 student Luca Papini winning first place with his photo, Before the Sun, of an iced-over pond that resembled a spider web. Papini shot his entry with a Sony DSLR camera and won an iPod mini for his efforts. To view all the winning entries go to nvcl. ca/about/news/photo-gallery/kilby-2013-shortlist. of North Vancouver and how it came to be with an exhibit about dreamer Edward Mahon. Runs until Sept. 30, 2013. North Vancouver Museum: 209 West Fourth St., North Vancouver. Open by appointment only. Info: 604990-3700, ext. 8016.

North Vancouver Experience, an ongoing exhibit defining life in North Vancouver. Presentation House Gallery: 333 Chesterfield Ave., North Vancouver. Gallery hours: Wednesday -Sunday, noon-5 p.m. Info: 604-986-1351 or

Presentation House Satellite Gallery: 560 Seymour St., Vancouver. Gallery hours: WednesdaySaturday, noon-6 p.m. Info: Ron Andrews Community Space: 931 Lytton St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-9878873 or 604-347-8922.


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The voice of HBO’s Treme with Steve Dawson. Tickets: $32/$30 Check out the jazz videos from Mali & New Orleans

Presentation House Theatre

John Reischman and John Miller June 23 @ 8 pm

Latin jazz beats with mandolin and guitar duo. Tickets: $18/$16

Quetango Quartet

June 30 @ 8 pm

Tango, jazz, chamber music and touches of 70s progressive rock. Tickets: $20/$18

Free Concerts Zapato Negro June 22 @ 1 pm - Civic Plaza (14th and Lonsdale) Lorraine Feather and Stephanie Trick June 21 @ 7:30 pm - West Vancouver Memorial Library Meredith Coloma June 23 @ 1 pm - John Braithwaite Community Centre Vince Mai Quintet June 29 @ 1 pm - Civic Plaza (14th and Lonsdale)

For more Information & Tickets | 604.990.7810

North Vancouver - Nanaimo




A22 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013

CALENDAR From page 21 A showcase of Ximeng Guo’s series of paintings featuring a combination of motifs will be displayed until June 23. Ardour: Clay works by Ekta Nadeau and paintings by Leanne Christie will be on display from June 25 to July 14. Opening reception: Tuesday, June 25, 6-8 p.m. Silent Poetry Art Studio: 1079B Roosevelt Cres., North Vancouver. Gallery hours: Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. or by appointment. Info: 604-312-1184, 604-7814606 or Original Art, mentoring and classes with Sharka Leigh and Sandrine Pelissier. Space Emmarts Studio: 1432 Rupert St., North Vancouver. Hours: Wednesday and Friday, 2-5 p.m. and by appointment. Info: 604-770-2545 or Starfire Studio: 6607 Royal Ave., West Vancouver. Info: 604-922-5510 or Studio Art Gallery at Capilano University: 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver. Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Info: 604-986-1911, local 2053. Tartooful: 3183 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Info: 604-924-0122 or West Vancouver Memorial Library: 1950 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Info: 604-9257400 or Capilano University Textile Arts Grad Show: A group show of works by graduating students will run from June 11 to July 26. West Vancouver Municipal Hall: 750 17th St., West Vancouver. Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 p.m. Info: 604-925-7290. Art in the Hall: A collection of landscape, still life and floral paintings in oil on canvas by Margaret Thoma will be on display until July 5. West Vancouver Museum: 680 17th St., West Vancouver. Museum hours: Tuesday-

Saturday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Info: 604-925-7295 or Melding Architecture with Landscape — A Collaboration in Design: An exhibition that illustrates architect Barry Downs work will run until June 15. Admission by donation. Yeats Studio & Gallery: 2402 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Gallery hours: WednesdaySunday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Info: 778-279-8777. CONCERTS Capilano Mall: 935 Marine Dr., North Vancouver. Senior Star: Local seniors, 65 years and older, will participate in a singing and musical instrument talent competition Thursday, June 20, 1-3 p.m. for the opportunity to participate as a top 10 finalist in Niagara Falls. Info: 604904-1199 or Capilano University Performing Arts Theatre: 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver. Tickets: 604-990-7810 or nscucentre. North Shore Jazz/Vancouver International Jazz Festival: Malian singer/songwriter Fatoumata Diawara will perform Monday, June 24 at 8 p.m. Tickets: $30/$28. North Shore Jazz/Vancouver International Jazz Festival: New Orleans pianist/vocalist Jon Cleary with soul, funk and Latin grooves will perform Wednesday, June 26 at 8 p.m. Tickets: $30/$28. North Shore Jazz/Vancouver International Jazz Festival: Jazz vocalist John Boutté will perform with Steve Dawson Friday, June 28 at 8 p.m. Tickets: $32/$30. Civic Plaza: 14th Street and Lonsdale Avenue. North Shore Jazz/Vancouver International Jazz Festival: Free concerts Saturdays at 1 p.m. Schedule: Zapato Negro, June 22 and the Vince Mai Quintet, June 29. Deep Cove Coffee House: Mount Seymour United Church, 1200 Parkgate Ave., North See more page 29

Kenojuak Ashevak David Blackwood Molly Lamb Bobak Karin Bubaš Ed Burtynsky Douglas Coupland Robert Davidson Jamie Evrard Joe Fafard Gathie Falk Graham Gillmore Betty Goodwin Rodney Graham Angela Grossmann John Hartman E.J. Hughes Ann Kipling Attila Richard Lukacs Jean McEwen Guido Molinari Toni Onley Jane Ash Poitras Bill Reid

Collection, Connection and the Making of Meaning INAUGURAL SUMMER EXHIBITION MAY 15 TO SEPTEMBER 14, 2013

Jack Shadbolt Arnold Shives Gordon Smith Michael Snow Takao Tanabe Ian Wallace Alan Wood Gu Xiong Robert Young Etienne Zack ay GOR DON S M ITH GALLE RY OF CANADIAN ART 2121 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC 604-998-8563

HOU RS: Wednesday through Friday

12 noon - 5:00pm Saturday 10:30am – 3:00pm

American roots

photo supplied

GRAMMY award-winning roots singer-songwriter Patty Griffin performs at UBC’s Chan Centre for the Performing Arts on June 18. Her latest album, American Kid, was released on New West Records in May.

Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A23


Elizabeth Rex faces down her demons Contemporary play part of this year’s Bard on the Beach ■ Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival, June 12 to Sept. 14 at Vanier Park in Vancouver. For schedule and tickets, visit or call 604-739-0559.

Christine Lyon

HER freshly shaved head is a stark reminder of human vulnerability and the certainty of old age.

Of course, she could have opted to wear a latex bald cap, but most actresses who take on the role of Queen Elizabeth I, including North Vancouver’s Colleen Wheeler, voluntarily lose their locks. “You have to go there and shave your head and face your own demons,” Wheeler says, “remove all sort of artifice.” Wheeler is playing the title character in Elizabeth Rex, by Canadian writer Timothy Findley, at Bard on the Beach. Directed by Rachel Ditor, the contemporary work is the only non-Shakespeare play lined up for the 24th annual Shakespeare festival, which runs June 12 to Sept. 14 at Vanier Park. The story takes place on the eve of an execution. The queen’s former lover, the Earl of Essex, has been jailed for treason and is to die by her order at dawn. In need of distraction, she spends photo David Cooper the night in a barn with Shakespeare and his acting NORTH Vancouver’s Colleen Wheeler is playing the title character in Elizabeth Rex at Bard on the Beach this summer. Timothy company. Findley’s play won the 2000 Governor General’s Award for English language drama. Use Layar app to view video. During the play, the 11 seasons, says this show will appeal to history buffs and called, never married. English monarch only once removes her signature red wig, Shakespeare fans alike. “I think the play itself is about her finding a way to grieve revealing a patchy bald scalp — thought to be the result of a “There’s a lot of really accurate historical reference, so it the fact that she’s putting her lover to death and I think we can bout with smallpox — but Wheeler says going hairless for the sort of brings you into the world of the Elizabethan court a all relate to grief in a way,” she adds. summer will help her relate to her historic character. She has little bit and into some of the history that was embroiled at the Including Elizabeth Rex in this season of Bard on the Beach also studied the history books and identified a human side to time.” is part of a new festival mandate to produce contemporary the iconic queen. works that complement Shakespeare’s world and themes. “I think she was a very lonely person at times in her life,” Wheeler, a company member at Bard on the Beach for Wheeler says, explaining the Virgin Queen, as she was often See Series page 24

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A24 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013


Series puts new spin on classics

From page 23

Rounding out the 2013 Bard on the Beach season are Hamlet and Twelfth Night, which will be shown in the 742-seat mainstage tent, and Measure For Measure, playing in repertory with Elizabeth Rex in the 240-seat studio stage tent. Wheeler also plays a side role in Measure For Measure, Shakespeare’s dark comedy about hypocrisy, sexual repression and justice. The play’s antagonist, Angelo, is portrayed by actor/director David Mackay, who grew up on the North Shore and attended Windsor secondary. Angelo assumes power after Duke Vincentio mysteriously leaves town. “As soon as he gets power he starts calling shots and putting into law strict statutes, particularly against sexuality, that have immediate repercussions on members of the community,” says Mackay, explaining his character eventually falls criminal to his own harsh laws. The show has a comic side, he says, but the humour is rooted in satire. “We’re not just laughing at gags or things for the sake of them being funny,” says photo David Cooper Mackay. In a unique twist, director RACHEL Cairns makes her Bard on the Beach debut this season in Twelfth Night. The production kicks off the John Murphy has set Measure summer-long schedule on June 12. For Measure in the early 1900s in jazz-age New Orleans, contrasting the sensuality of the musical culture end, allowing actors to perform against a backdrop of water and mountains. Gaze has an idea why the festival continues to draw crowds year after year. against the Catholic tradition of the region. “When you come to Bard it’s an event, and people love that,” he says, Putting a new spin on a Shakespeare classic is not new at Bard on the Beach, adding that tents, to him, are always a sure sign of celebration. but it’s a creative approach the festival’s artistic director Christopher Gaze “It’s the quintessential sort of Vancouver experience. You don’t have to go admits he didn’t always embrace. into an environmentally controlled black box and say goodnight to an exquisite “I used to react very badly against all this and wanted my Shakespeare just evening outside. You stay with it. You watch the sun go down and that’s a straight up like a martini,” Gaze says, “but over the years I’ve grown with it all beautiful thing.” and I love the fact that you can put plays in different times and realize them in different ways. But you need to be smart, you need to be clever and don’t let Bard on the Beach Run dates and special events: the concept distort the play.” Twelfth Night – June 12 to Sept. 14 (mainstage) Born in England and trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Gaze came to Canada in 1975 and founded Bard on the Beach in 1990. It’s his job to Hamlet – June 13 to Sept. 12 (mainstage) Measure For Measure – July 3 to Sept. 13 (studio stage) decide on the program each year. Elizabeth Rex – July 5 to Sept. 11 (studio stage) “What you’re looking for is balance, as we all are in life,” he says. Any Bard Explored: Lecture Series – July 15 and 29, Aug. 12 and 19 given season will typically feature a comedy, a tragedy and a romance from Bard Explored: Shakespeare’s Rebel — Book launch and sword fight event Shakespeare’s canon, but the selection process follows no prescribed formula. – July 22 “It’s all feel and gut, frankly,” Gaze says. Bard-B-Q & Fireworks – Play plus sit-down salmon barbecue and fireworks While many arts organizations struggle to stay afloat, Bard on the Beach is viewing: July 27 and 31, Aug. 3 thriving and in 2011 erected an expanded-capacity mainstage tent with an open


NEW PATIENTS WELCOME To book an appointment please email


102 - 3155 Highland Blvd, Edgemont Village

ADJUDICATOR Jay Brazeau was presented with many high-calibre productions and fine performances during the Festival of Plays at Presentation House Theatre May 6-11.

However, one production stood out above all others. The Drawer Boy by Michael Healey, presented by North Vancouver Community Players, will now go forward to represent the North Shore Zone at Theatre BC’s Mainstage, the drama festival which encompasses winning groups from throughout British Columbia, to be held this year in Kamloops, July 5-13, and will perform at the Sagebrush Theatre on Wednesday, July 10. Main Awards presented by Adjudicator Jay Brazeau: ■ Best Overall Production (and Zone Festival Winner): The Drawer Boy (North Vancouver Community Players) Honourable Mentions: Half Life (Deep Cove Stage Society) Underneath the Lintel (Kingbaby Productions) ■ Best Achievement by a Director: Judith Barkley White, The Drawer Boy (North Vancouver Community Players) ■ Best Overall Achievement in Design: The Drawer Boy (North Vancouver Community Players) (Kingbaby Productions) ■ Best Performance by an Actor - Female: Justine Warrington, The Oblivion Series: a not-sogirlie show (WaWa Productions) and See Karr page 40

You are invited



The Drawer Boy going to Kamloops play festival


Vancouver’s Best Noodle House 2012

$5 for every $35 spent


T 778.279.8822 1560 Marine Drive, West Vancouver T 604.228.8765 UBC Wesbrook Village: 102 - 3313 Shrum Lane, Vancouver T 604.295.9357 Aberdeen Centre: 2800 - 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond

Dance Week June 10-15

Come try a FREE dance class!

FEATURING: Vanleena Faculty and Guest Instructors


Friday June14 | 4pm to 7pm Saturday June15 | 9am to noon For more information 604.983.2623

1174 Welch Street | North Vancouver

Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A25








Summer on stage

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

NORTH Vancouver’s Joseph Spitale has landed three principal roles this spring in New York, including one Off-Broadway. Spitale, who studied music at Capilano University, graduated from New York City’s American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in February. He returned to the East Coast this week to prepare for a summer of work at Woodstock Playhouse including principal roles as Marius in Les Miserables and Roy in Neil Simon’s Biloxi Blues.





10 Gostick Place, North Vancouver Come and enjoy some of the most beautiful vintage wooden boats and classic automobiles on the BC coast

* terms and conditions apply




Mention this ad , and your name will be entered to win a Summer Fit Gift Basket (approx $150 value)!

A26 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013


Lots to do leading up to the Leo Awards

The Wedding Belles on board to host first night of the ceremonies

Erin McPhee

SARAH Groundwater-Law laughs when she reveals she’s getting her nails done.

photo supplied

THE Wedding Belles (Aubrey Arnason and Sarah Groundwater-Law) are hosting tonight’s Celebration Awards Ceremony at the Westin Bayshore.

Reached Tuesday afternoon via cell phone, she explains that in addition to the priority of preparing her material of course, her salon stop is among the many essential glamrelated steps (hair, spray tan, makeup and dresses included) on her to-do list in the lead-up to hosting this weekend’s Leo Awards, a red carpet, two-night affair at the Westin Bayshore Vancouver, honouring the artistry of those involved in B.C.’s film and television industry. Groundwater-Law and her partner-in-crime, Aubrey Arnason, co-hosts and co-producers of Shaw TV’s The Wedding Belles and The Proposal, are serving as hosts of this evening’s Celebration Awards Ceremony. “Our biggest focus is honestly to elevate the crowd and have them excited and enthusiastic to be there,” says Groundwater-Law. “It’s really flattering to be asked because they put a lot of trust in us and so I really hope we do them proud,” she adds. Groundwater-Law is pleased to be involved in the Leos, which she says play an important role in honouring the hard work and passion of her local industry peers. “I think they just deserve a night out in recognition, so it’s definitely important for our industry and I think to recognize Canadian stuff too. We always have a tendency to appreciate what our neighbours are bringing up but I think it’s much more important to focus on what Canadians are capable of, and, in this case, what British Columbians are capable of,” she says. Tomorrow evening, Saturday, June 8, the red carpet will be unfurled for the Gala Awards Ceremony, also at See Gala page 27


A Celebration of Bikes and Cycling Culture June 8th & 9th

It’s the Final Day!

Inter River Park, North Vancouver

FREE Admission

We need your help to reach our goal. We’re at

Be there for: 6-%,15$ 6!% 25$ F A,41%!, ;<4* @%5-9 F @,0# ,& ;%!/(# F '%(( .7!0!-# 50+ B<!+(+ %!+(# F >!+# 5-=!:!=!(# 50+ %5-(# F 2!9( #",*# 8!=" +(4, 1!9(# C 1!9( $(5% F .3-7( -7<1# C -54*# F 2!9( A85* F 2((% $5%+(0 50+ 22E F ?0=(%5-=!:( $54(# F 6%= A",8 8!=" 7,-57 *",=,$%5*"(%# F 'D)) 45##5$(#

so far!

Ride your bike to the event ~ bike valet and bike wash on site See You There!


Check out (North Van) 212 Brooksbank Ave, North Vancouver 604.990.4417

Media Sponsors:

Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A27


Gala awards honour local productions From page 26

the Westin, hosted by local couple Nancy Robertson and Brent Butt of Hiccups and Corner Gas fame. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Leo Awards, an annual awards program presented by the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Foundation of B.C., a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to celebrate and promote the achievements of the B.C. film and television industry. “The idea behind the Leos was really to celebrate the artistic excellence within our community,” says North Vancouver resident Walter Daroshin, a founding member of the foundation, and current president, as well as president of Troika Productions. “Celebration is healthy I think in any social structure. Our industry lacked that opportunity.” While those involved would very much pound their chests over aspects like the size of the industry, its economic prowess, number of local people it employs and the fact that it’s one of the largest production centres in North America, Daroshin was part of a group of people who felt there needed to also be some place within the calendar year to stop and to acknowledge the actual work, the artistic excellence and the craft of making film. “The Leos were born out of that impulse and continue to this day to do nothing more than celebrate people’s work,” he says. Daroshin is extremely pleased to have The Wedding Belles on board as hosts this year. “They’re just hilarious and entertaining,” he says. “They presented for us last year and I immediately, before they even got off the stage, I made a mental note to call and ask them if they’d be interested in hosting our Friday night show. They just resonated so well with the audience. Their humour is so raw and natural and fun and so we’re looking forward to having them on our stage.”

While both admitted to being wracked with nerves in the lead-up, GroundwaterLaw and Arnason, both Vancouver-based (Groundwater-Law goes back and forth between the Lower Mainland and Toronto, Ont.) are no strangers to the Leos. The Wedding Belles has received six nominations and one win for cinematography. In addition, Arnason received a nomination for web series For Your Security. When asked for anecdotes from previous Leo Awards they’ve attended, they offer up the following. Groundwater-Law recalls her paranoia last year related to presenting, scared she would fall due to her choice of shoe. When it was their time to take the stage, she got up from the table and tripped. “I fell flat on my face. . . .” she says. “I did it in the dark and only a few tables saw but it was quite hilarious. And then I felt better, I was like ‘OK, I can go on stage now because I clearly can’t fall twice in one evening.’” Arnason recalls a first-year rookie hair don’t, having coiffed her locks into what she thought was a sleek pony, but in retrospect looked a little too casual for her liking. “I’ve learned over the years to glam it up a bit,” she says. To prepare as hosts, they’ve been seeking advice from comedian friends and drawing on their own personal experiences. “It’s almost like MCing a wedding at the end of the day, that’s kind of what it’s like. We have a little bit of experience with that one,” says Groundwater-Law. Arnason leaks they’re planning a little audience participation. “We’re counting on our fellow film folk to bust out of their shells a bit,” she says. While as of Tuesday, the co-hosts still had some wardrobe decisions to make, one thing’s for sure, wedding gowns (from North Vancouver’s Isabelle’s Bridal no less) will most definitely make an appearance at some

point in the evening. With the third season of The Wedding Belles currently airing and the first season of The Proposal under their belts, the women are continuing to look to the future and in the madness related to preparing their material for tonight’s Leos, Arnason has also been preparing pitches for new shows, which she’ll present at the Banff World Media Festival being held June 9-12. One, Chasing Harry, would follow she

and Groundwater-Law’s comedic overseas escapades as they try to track down and marry the young prince, complicated by the small matter of Royal Family security and the fact that Groundwater-Law has already tied the knot. The other is Wedding 911, which will see the duo ambush and pull off weddings for couples that should have gotten married years See Beachcombers page 41

Upcoming Meetings

Following is a list of North Vancouver District Council meetings for the upcoming month. Please note that this list is subject to change and new agenda items/meetings may be added during the month.

Council Meetings:

Monday, June 10, 7:00p.m. Monday, June 24, 7:00p.m. (Annual Report presentation)

Public Hearings:

Tuesday, June 18, 7:00p.m. 2 1+UAZ$Z' ,(G# ;A ,(CG QA9Z; 0+W[A9? NH?!5HW )A? E& 9Z$; townhouse project (Public Hearing to be held at Parkgate Community Recreation Centre - 3625 Banff Court) Tuesday, June 25, 7:00p.m. 2 1+UAZ$Z' HZB O:N H[+ZB[+Z; ,CGC -AABF$Z+ 8?$7+ )A? 6B'+[AZ; 0+Z$A?= R$7$Z' ?+=$B+ZD+ YPublic Hearing to be held at Highlands United Church K ,C(( 6B'+[AZ; <A9]+7H?BM

Committee of the Whole:

Monday, June 17, 7:00p.m. 2 X+Z+?H] 1+D?+H;$AZ 9@BH;+\ Q+;?A .HZDA97+? -H=;+ 4]A5 QHZH'+[+Z;\ 0A]$B -H=;+ 0+?7$D+ 8+]$7+?W For more information: 2 7$=$; 555JBZ7JA?' )A? H'+ZBH=L [$Z9;+= HZB =D%+B9]+= A) 9@DA[$Z' [++;$Z'= 2 DH]] &G*K""GKC,E( )A? H ?+DA?B+B ]$=;$Z' A) H'+ZBH $;+[= 2 7$=$; 555JBZ7JA?'IH'+ZBHZA;$D+ ;A %H7+ H'+ZBH= B+]$7+?+B ;A WA9? $ZFA3 2 7$=$; HZW 8$=;?$D; R$F?H?W ;A 7$+5 H DA@W A) ;%+ H'+ZBH 5%$D% $= H7H$]HF]+ ;%+ Friday before the regular Council Meeting All regular Council Meetings are open to the public and held in Council Chamber at District Hall, 355 West Queens Rd.

Public Info Meetings:

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

For more information on these Public Info Meetings and to pariticpate online visit District of North Vancouver 355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver, BC V7N 4N5 Main Line 604-990-2311

AGAM Darshi has been nominated for a Best Supporting Performance by a Female in a Motion Picture for her role in Bruce Sweeney’s Crimes of Mike Recket. )HD+FAA!JDA[IP.HZ8$=;?$D;


A28 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013

1 2 3












GEORGIAN APARTMENTS WEST COQUITLAM 604.936.9300 *Ask us. We’ll explain the details. Prices are subject to change. E.&O.E.



Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A29

CALENDAR From page 22

photo supplied

A life in pictures

INDIAN cinema icon and humanitarian Shabana Azmi will speak on her life and work in film and activism at Joseph and Rosalie Segal Centre (SFU Harbour Centre Room 1400, 515 W Hastings St.) on Tuesday, June 11 at 7 p.m. as a preview event for this year’s Indian Summer Festival. Azmi will discuss her career on stage with Indian producer Sanjoy Roy, managing director of Teamwork Films and producer of the acclaimed Jaipur Literature Festival. A question and answer session will follow their conversation. For more information on Azmi’s appearance and a schedule of upcoming events go to

Vancouver. Info: lindabates@ or 604-929-4019. Double Bill: Singer/ songwriter Bob Stark will perform followed by Late Thaw, a four-piece band which will present original songs with roots in honky tonk, bluegrass and blues Friday, June 14 at 7:30 p.m. Admission: $10/$5 which includes coffee and goodies. John Braithwaite Community Centre: 145 West First St., North Vancouver. North Shore Jazz/Vancouver International Jazz Festival: Meredith Coloma will perform a free concert Sunday, June 23 at 1 p.m. Kay Meek Centre: 1700 Mathers Ave., West Vancouver. Tickets: or 604981-6335. Dare to Dream: Harmony House Music Studio students will perform a wide range of genres June 7 and 8 at 7 p.m. Friday will be group night and Saturday will be solo night. Tickets: $20/$15/$10. Benefit Concert: Five-yearold piano virtuoso Ryan Wang will team up with six-year old Ray Zhang to perform a concert Sunday, June 9 at 3 p.m. All proceeds will go to the Sarah McLachlan School of Music which See more page 30

DEMO DAY Sunday June 9 • 9am-2pm

Deep Cove Canoe & Kayak Centre In the heart of the Cove • Find us with

Learn online this summer

STAND UP PADDLE BOARD KAYAK • SURFSKI Try out all the latest boards & kayaks!

SUP by Starboard, Surftech Admundson Kayaks by Necky, Current Designs, Sterlings Surfskis by THINK and Epic • Paddles by Werner, Think and Epic

Interested in taking a high school course this summer? Need flexibility to work or travel while you learn? The North Vancouver Distributed Learning School is offering six online courses for motivated secondary students who want to pursue their studies over the summer:


(for French Immersion and Francophone students)


The DL Summer Session officially begins on July 2 and students are encouraged to complete by August 16. Students will be able to access our DL Centre at 3365 Mahon Avenue for support and test invigilation in July and August. Registration forms are available at > distributed learning

Visit > distributed learning Call 604.903.3333 Email

A30 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013

CALENDAR From page 29 provides music education to at risk youth at no cost. Admission: $15. Lynn Valley Library: 1277 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Info: 604-984-0286, ext. 8144 or Music at the Library: The Dunbar String Quartet will perform the music of Mozart, Beethoven and Dvorak Friday, June 14, 7-8:40 p.m. Free. Registration required. Lynn Valley United Church: 3201 Mountain Hwy., North Vancouver. Info: Friday Night Live: A weekly series with improv actors AddLibretto playing hosts to musical guests Fridays at 7:30 p.m. Admission by suggested donation of $10. The third Friday of each month, youth are invited for dinner and the show for $15 with tickets purchased by 5 p.m. Mount Seymour United Church: 1200 Parkgate Ave., North Vancouver. Ride the Wave: Julie Blue and the Singspiration Singers will present a musical celebration Saturday, June 15, 7-9:30 p.m. Admission: $20. Tickets: or 604929-3146. Graduation and Alumni Recital: A jazz recital featuring graduating Seycove musicians and returning Seycove music alumni Friday, June 21 at 7 p.m. Complimentary wine and cheese to follow. Tickets available at the door: $20/ students $5 (concert only). Info: Presentation House Theatre: 333 Chesterfield Ave., North Vancouver. Tickets: or 604-990-3474. National Aboriginal Day: An annual fundraiser for Raven Spirit Dance with entertainment by singer/songwriter Wayne Lavallee and guest Angela Harris Friday, June 21 at 7 p.m. There will also be food and a silent auction. Admission: $20. North Shore Jazz/Vancouver International Jazz Festival: John Reischman and John

Miller will perform Latin jazz beats with mandolin and guitar Sunday, June 23 at 8 p.m. Admission: $18/$16. Tickets: capilanou. ca/nscucentre. North Shore Jazz/Vancouver International Jazz Festival: Quetango Quartet will perform tango, jazz, chamber music and 70s progressive rock Sunday, June 30 at 8 p.m. Admission: $20/$18. Tickets: capilanou. ca/nscucentre. Shipbuilders’ Square: 15 Wallace Mews, North Vancouver. Call for Artists: The City of North Vancouver has opportunities for local performers and fine artists to participate in the Concerts in the Square series on Saturdays in August. Info: or concertsinthesquare. Silk Purse Arts Centre: 1570 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Info and reservations: 604925-7292 or Songfire Festival: The Vancouver International Song Institute’s faculty singers will perform with emerging artists of collaborative piano June 13 and 20 at 10:30 a.m. Tickets: $15/$12. The Jazz Waves Festival will run from June through August with a variety of styles including jazz, blues, boggie-woogie, Latin jazz, free form and more. Pianist Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne will kick off this festival Saturday, June 22 at 7:30 p.m. The PK3 Jazz Trio will play Saturday, June 29 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets: $25/$20. The Bergmann Duo, a piano duo, will perform Thursday, June 27 at 10:30 a.m. Tickets: $15/$12. West Vancouver Memorial Library: 1950 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Info: 604-9257446 or Music at the Library — Friday Night Concert: North Shore Jazz/Vancouver International Jazz Festival will present a free concert with Lorraine Feather and Stephanie See more page 36

Songfire Festival

photo supplied

SOPRANO Phoebe MacRae merges together two very contrasting works by composers Hildegard von Bingen and Sofia Gubaidulina in a unique Antiphon for solo voice at West Vancouver United Church on Sunday, June 9 at 8 p.m. as part of this year’s Vancouver International Song Institute’s Songfire Festival. Also on the program Stellaria will offer a selection of Renaissance classics, interwoven with the world premiere of Lloyd Burritt’s The Faerie Queene and actress Joy Coghill, joined by mezzo-soprano Gayle Shay, saxophonist Julia Nolan and pianist Arlene Shrut will perform Burritt’s Triptych, with poetry by Marilyn Lerch. To purchase tickets to Antiphons — From Hildegard von Bingen to Lloyd Burritt visit brownpapertickets. com/event/380777. For more information on VISI’s festival, on now through June 26 go to

symposio greek taverna

1564 Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver • 604.980.1564 VIEW OUR DAILY SPECIALS ONLINE! NORGATE CENTRE

1451 Marine Drive, North Vancouver • 604-904-7811

Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A31




Hardcover celebrates the Brits ■ British Fashion Designers, by Hywel Davies (Laurence King Publishers, 208 pages) $20

Terry Peters

TWEET CHIC Follow us on Twitter @NSNLook.

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

BEHNAZ Toossi travels to Paris and New York to source fashions for her Dundarave boutique. The jersey dress by BNG of Turkey is exclusive to Behnaz Toossi in Western Canada. Scan with Layar for video.

shop talk

Jet-set style in Dundarave Layne Christensen

WEST Vancouver’s newest fashion retailer brings European elan to the heart of Dundarave. Behnaz Toossi has lent not only her name to her new highend women’s clothing store but her international experience and expertise as well. “I travel a lot and this reminds me of a European village. It’s a nice community with beautiful people,” says Toossi, who opened her eponymous boutique in April. Tucked in between a deli and a bank, the boutique reflects Toossi’s tastes and travels. A certified image consultant and former manager of the Armani boutique at Holt Renfrew, Toossi grew up in Iran and lived in Madrid before settling in Vancouver in 1990. The store’s interior reflects her world travels. The cash desk is an Asian antique sideboard, the jewelry case an Indian import,

the kilim wall covering from Iran, the wooden wall sconces and lattice doors from Indonesia. On the racks are international designer brands that fashion enthusiasts won’t see locally: BNG and Umit Unal from Turkey, Moyura of Japan, and Los Angeles label 4 Love and Liberty. For fall, she’ll bring two more labels from oversees: one from Germany and the other from Portugal. “I try to find something that is unique and quality, and not too expensive — this is the hardest part,” says Toossi. To illustrate, she takes off the rack a white leather and cotton tunic from BNG. The pricetag is $345, which may seem steep but this an investment piece that can be worn year round, says the boutique owner: with jeans for day or a short skirt and boots at night, on its own in summer or under a cashmere cardi in the fall. “This is the secret of buying right,” says Toossi. Bahnaz Toossi is at 2405 Marine Dr. in West Vancouver. Store hours are 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5 p.m. Sundays, closed Mondays.

BRITISH designers have long been at the forefront of fashion. They have a history of edginessandvibrancythatseems to come from the ongoing struggle of English life. From its sense of history to the modern multicultural diversity of its residents, London is the centre of the British fashion world and provides endless inspiration. Londoners’ approach to fashion is unique and adventurous. The work of 27 British fashion designers is featured in this collection, from the outrageous hats of Stephen Jones to the sophistication of Vivienne Westwood. These designers constantly push the boundaries of their profession. Each designer is featured in a short interview alongside photographs from recent collections. The focus of the questions revolves largely around the influence of London on their designs and their thoughts on British style.




Dining Set

Table plus 4 chairs. Solid wood.



100% Leather Sofa’s


start from $

Queen Bedroom Set

Solid wood. Bed, nightstand, dresser & mirror. $1199

500-801 Marine Dr., North Vancouver (next to Red Robin) 604-904-3939

A32 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013


Soccer stars help promote sun safety CANADA’S women soccer stars have teamed up with Ombrelle to raise awareness of the importance of sun safety.

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

Bellevue benefit LISA Baronit of Blush Bridal & Special Occasions strikes a pose in a silver one-shoulder evening dress by Laundry during the Bellevue Cares street party May 23. Retailers in the 1400-block of West Vancouver’s Bellevue Avenue held the shopping evening in support of the North Shore Hospice Society. Participating businesses Stittgen, Blush, Baracos+Brand, Prelude and RoseHill raised $2,500 for the hospice.


Carriers Needed! get great stuff. . .

Computer•ipod •iphone•video games•car etc.

whatever you imagine!

EARN YOUR OWN MONEY AND You won’t have to beg Dad to buy it for you. Wish you had the latest and greatest gadgets and gear to make all your friends jealous? You soon can. Build up your savings, and before you know it you’ll be able to buy that stuff you’ve always wanted.

Contact us at:


A self employment opportunity

The Canadian sun protection brand has provided sun care kits to all members of Canada’s women’s national team, who as role models for youth will play an important part in educating Canadian families about the importance of sun protection from an early age, according to a release. According to the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation, skin cancer is caused by overexposure of the skin to UV radiation. There are more new cases of skin cancer each year than the number of breast, prostate, lung and colon cancers combined, the website states. And while skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, it is also one of the

fashion file Cut-athon: A team of stylists from Lynn Valley’s Zazou Salon & Spa will be at the Canadian Cancer Society’s major annual fundraising event Relay For Life this Saturday, June 8, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. at Mahon Park in North Vancouver. Look for the Zazou tent where stylists will provide haircuts by donation for a minimum of $10. The theme of this year’s event is Relay Through The Decades. Info: or Capilano University Textile Arts Grad Show: The graduating class from the university’s textile arts program showcase their work in this show, which opened Thursday and continues to June 8 at CityScape Community Art Space, 335 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Students explore a range of approaches and techniques to textile arts. The works in the exhibition range from silk-screening, printing and various surface treatments with dyes and stitched designs, to woven, felted and knitted pieces. For an online catalogue designed by students, visit Student show: On Thursday, June 13, John Casablancas Institute will host LasyaTandava, a fashion show that interprets the Hindu myth Nataraja, at Performance Works, 1218 Cartwright St. on Granville Island in Vancouver. Students invite show-goers to experience the destruction and creation as they present an evening of music and culture. The show is presented by the graduating class of Fashion Business 140 to raise awareness and funds for The Looking Glass Foundation, which provides support, education, resources and expertise to adolescents with eating disorders. Doors open at 6 p.m., show starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $20 in advance by calling 604-688-0328, $25 at the door, $15 for students currently attending JCI. Anniversary Party: Unity Clothing Inc. celebrates its second anniversary with an instore party on Friday, June 14, 6-9 p.m. Boutique owners Lori Simcox and Heidi

most preventable, according to the Canadian Dermatology Association, which provides these sun safety tips on its website: avoid exposure when the sun’s rays are the strongest, from noon to 2 p.m.; seek shade; cover up by wearing lightweight clothing that covers as much skin as possible; and apply a broadspectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen and lip balm. Ombrelle makes a variety of products for everyday sun protection including SPF 60 lotion for kids ($18) and a new Ultra-Fluid SPF 60 Lotion for Face ($17) that applies easily under makeup. Ombrelle also recently introduced a free app for iPhone and Android phones. the Ombrelle Moments app allows users to get current and fourday weather and UV forecasts. Users can also set timers to apply suncreen based on personal UV sensitivity and create a profile for each family member. — Layne Christensen

George suggest dropping by the night market at Shipbuilders Square to dine at one of the food trucks before stopping into nearby Unity for signature drinks, live music (artists Angie and Mira play a set at 7 p.m.), makeup touchups by Smashbox Cosmetics, a Rip Curl trunk show for men and women, and door prizes. Also, the store has pledged to donate 15 per cent of all sales made June 7-9 to the Camp Kerry Society (which operates a family bereavement retreat) when shoppers mention “Camp Kerry” at time of purchase. Info: Hair Appliance Trade-In: Bring any working or non-working hair appliances to a Chatters salon location, including Park Royal South, and receive up to $20 off any new hair appliance, now through June 24. Working hair appliances will be donated to local women’s organizations, including YWCA Metro Vancouver. Non-working hair appliances will be recycled. Save $10 on new hair appliances priced at or up to $99.99. Save $20 on new hair appliances priced at or more than $100. For details, call 778-279-7780 of visit the salon’s website at Fibre exhibit: Circle Craft Co-operative, in celebration of its 40th anniversary, presents the fibre exhibition “In the Garden” by Capilano University textile arts graduates Vanessa T. Cunningham and Kirsten Chursinoff, at Circle Craft store and gallery in the Net Loft on Granville Island to June 18. North Shore Needle Arts Guild meets the second Thursday of the month and offers instruction in embroidery and beading at St. Martin’s Anglican Church hall in North Vancouver. Info: 604-922-4032. — Compiled by Layne Christensen Fashion File is a weekly column. Priority is given to North Shore events and organizations. If your business or charity is planning an event, send your information as early as possible to

Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A33

West Vancouver CANADIAN











bone-in skin on 6.59/kg

8am - 9pm - 7pm





First of the season! 8.80/kg weather permitting




Aged minimum 21 days for full flavour and melt in your mouth tenderness. 19.82/kg

Send questions or comments to 604.913.7757

Prices valid from Friday,

399 /lb

June 7 to Thursday, June 13 LEPP FARM MARKET


THIS WEEK TRY: Old Fashioned Ham Black Forest or Honey

400 g

DELI MEATS We’re locally grown. That’s why we’re up for almost anything that supports our local people, places and environment. It’s also why we’re committed to local, sustainable and responsible farming.











6 oz weather permitting

99¢ 79¢ 99¢ 249 /lb

each each







Grade A 7.47/kg


15 2


99 /lb

99 /lb



599 /lb

JUMBO SCALLOPS previously frozen



blueberry, cheese lemon cranberry or raisin


9" 1 kg


CIABATTA DEMI BAGUETTES white, olive, multi-grain or raisin & walnut

3 399

99 /100g














plain 6% 750 g As a small local family owned artisan dairy, Arvand is committed to simple traditional recipes using wholesome, all natural ingredients.


349 399 each









head removed previously frozen

or Macaroni & Cheese Salad


Wild and caught from our Pacific Ocean. Season, bbq and enjoy.

2 249










british banger, chicken & apple turkey & sundried tomato or chicken & basil min 300 g

699 539 299



499 29¢ 699 4 pack each



4 x 100 g





340 g




plus deposit & recycle fee

99 each

349 each



699 each

A34 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013


photos Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

NORM and Nan Dove’s Echo Valley Ranch and Spa has just been honoured as the Best Small Hotel in Canada in 2013 by TripAdvisor.


Oasis in the wilderness

Michael McCarthy Contributing Writer

YOU hear a lot about happiness these days. Books, reviews and surveys are reporting on the need for it. We live in a stressful world. Even in North Vancouver, a prosperous community by any standard, there is the tension of paying mortgages and raising a family, or seniors finding affordable housing. People everywhere are looking for ways to find comfort, joy, serenity, bliss or any of the many different definitions of “happiness.” One North Vancouver couple certainly seems to have found a definition that works. Norm and Nan Dove reside in a luxury condo overlooking the Vancouver harbour far below, the

See our

*in selected areas

sea buses tootling back and forth, seagulls crying, the downtown skyline in the distance. From time to time an eagle will arrive and perch on their balcony, reminding them of their second home in the southern Cariboo, where their property Echo Valley Ranch and Spa has just been honoured as the Best Small Hotel in Canada in 2013 by TripAdvisor, and Number One for Best Service as well. It’s a delightful paradox, a 5-star magical oasis away in the wilderness. “We started off by finding the property in 1989 and building a second home there,” says the always smiling Norm Dove, 70, a mechanical engineer who sold his business to a large corporation and then retired. “It wasn’t meant to be a resort, but we just kept adding new buildings and it turned out that everybody wanted to visit us.” ”It’s really just our home,” says his lovely wife

flyer in today’s paper...

Nan, originally from Thailand, known to many travellers as the Land of Smiles. “Everybody is welcome to come. We have developed a very big extended family.” The noted Chinese philosopher Confucious said 3,000 years ago “every community takes on the personality of its leader.” He wasn’t referring to a tiny ranch hidden away in a valley under the Marble Mountains in the Cariboo, but certainly Echo Valley has taken on the personality of its owners. According to TripAdvisor, guests at Echo Valley Ranch in 2012 and 2013 have voluntarily submitted 195 guest reviews to date, and an astonishing 188 have rated their experience as “excellent,” and 6 as “very good.” It’s doubtful that any other resort in the world can match a 99 percent approval rate, so how does a tiny (20 rooms) family-run business that does almost no advertising achieve such recognition? “Our house is your house,” says Norm. “You just walk right in and make yourself at home. Everybody eats at the same table. We don’t have TVs or radios or stereos. We don’t even have cellphone service. Guests coming up here connect

with nature, it’s a chance to get away from the stress and pressure of the big city. Folks just sit down and relax, and then slow down. We all talk to each other, and in no time they feel like part of the family.” Judging by the comments in the guest book, the only problem with the ranch is that no one ever wants to leave. It’s not hard to understand why. Echo Valley redefines what luxury is, a new trend in the hospitality business called “invisible luxury,” where the emphasis is on authenticity, not on artificial glamour. Unlike many working ranches, the property is spotless. It also comes with a view to die for. It would be easy to sit on the front porch of your cottage or the sundeck at the main lodge and stare at the view forever, especially the sunset over the distant glaciers of the Chilcotin Mountains. It’s a place of intense peace, both spiritual and natural. No guest ranch can promote itself by mentioning its dogs, but many reviews specifically mention the ranch’s 8 border collies that instantly See Roughing page 35

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CHEF Jason Folk’s extraordinary ”100 metre diet,” features many ingredients grown right on the property.

Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A35


Roughing it up in ‘invisible luxury’ From page 34

adopt new guests as old friends, leading walks and hikes through the meadows and into the woods. Heck, even the 30-odd horses on the property, many retired Tennessee Walkers, are as mellow as mush. Peace and serenity seem to envelope the entire property like a blanket. While the ranch does offer many activities like trail rides, scenic hikes, mountain biking, wildlife safaris to look for California Bighorn Sheep, gold panning, fly-fishing for trout, geo-caching, picnics and expeditions to the nearby Fraser Canyon, many guests opt to do nothing more strenuous than read a book or wallow in the hot tub. The one common denominator is mealtime, when the cowbell rings and everybody makes a beeline to the dining room to sample chef Jason Folk’s extraordinary”100 metre diet,” with many ingredients grown right on the property. Thursday nights are “Thai food nights,” and given that several of the staff were personally invited by owner Nan Dove to come from Thailand, the food is as authentic as the service is friendly. The Thai staff provides professional Thai-style spa treatments too, evidently a winning combination if the TripAdvisor guest reviews are any indication. Norm commutes between the Dove’s North Vancouver photos Echo Valley Ranch & Spa condo and the ranch in his plane, maintaining a landing GUESTS have included everyone from a Saudi royal family to movie stars to “just plain folks” from all over the world. strip big enough for everything but jets. Guests have included “Certainly we do get folks from the lower mainland,” says Dove, everyone from a Saudi royal family to movie stars to “just plain “but not that many people in Vancouver have heard of us, yet. We folks” from all over the world. The staff itself is a true United are too small to do much advertising. But we are happy to welcome Nations, with the wranglers hailing from as far as New Zealand, Germany and Great Britain, and others from Brazil, Australia, Japan people from anywhere in the world, and we have discovered that virtually everybody fits in. It’s just one big family, and everyone and an activity guide from Newfoundland named Darrel with more is welcome to come and visit. We are happy that folks in North jokes than Jay Leno. Vancouver, which is our city home, will finally get to hear about us How do the staff and guests from around the world discover as well. Tell them to come on up.” this tiny gem hiding in the wilderness? All by word of mouth According to Wikipedia, happiness is a mental or emotional state apparently. Google up “wilderness resort, eco-retreat, or BC guest ranch,” and up pops the ranch’s name at the top of the results. Most of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Related to it are heaven, nirvana, certainly a lot of satisfied guests tell their own friends, and word paradise, delight, enjoyment, pleasure, cheer, comfort and the list soon gets around. Perhaps the only place this North Vancouvergoes on. Sounds exactly like Echo Valley Ranch and Spa. owned property remains relatively unknown is in North Vancouver.

UNLIKE many working ranches, the property is spotless and it also comes with a view to die for.

A36 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013

CALENDAR From page 30 Trick June 21 at 7:30 p.m. West Vancouver United Church: 2062 Esquimalt Ave., West Vancouver. Songfire Festival — Antiphons: Vocal groups Stellaria and EnChor and actress Joy Coghill will join The Vancouver International Song Institute’s artists to celebrate a millennium of song Sunday, June 9 at 8 p.m. Admission: $20/$15/$5. Tickets and info: THEATRE Anne MacDonald Studio: 333 Chesterfield Ave., North Vancouver. Grand Theft Impro: An improv sketch show that uses audiences suggestions to create 90 minutes of stories, scenes, songs and comedic chaos, the last Saturday of every month at 10:30 p.m. Tickets: $12. Café for Contemporary Art: 138-140 East Esplanade, North Vancouver. Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Info: 778-340-3379 or Deep Cove Shaw Theatre: 4360 Gallant Ave., North Vancouver. Info and tickets: or 604-9293200. Shady Business: A madcap British comedy with romantic mixups Wednesdays to Saturdays, June 14-29 at 8 p.m. Tickets: $18/$16. North Shore Neighbourhood House: 225 East Second St., North Vancouver. Centre of Attention: North Shore Neighbourhood House theatre and drama students will perform a collection of plays, monologues and sketch comedy Friday, June 14 at 6:30 p.m. Admission by donation. Pyatt Hall: 843 Seymour St., Vancouver. The Frogs, In Concert: A musical that follows the Greek god Dionysus as he sets out on a journey through Hades June 1315 at 7 p.m. Admission: $15-$20. Tickets: brownpapertickets. com. Theatre at Hendry Hall: 815 East 11th St., North Vancouver. Reservations: 604-983-2633 or The Amorous Prawn: A comedy about army staff running a manor as a fishing lodge June 7 and 8 at 8 p.m. Tickets: $18/$16.

Win tickets to see David Murray Quartet with Macy Gray

The David Murray Infinity Quartet featuring Macy Gray perform at the Vogue Theatre on Thursday, June 27 as part of this year’s TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival. For a chance to win two tickets to the gig tell us what saxophone quartet Murray founded with Oliver Lake, Julius Hemphill and Hamiet Bluiett. Email your entry, with David Murray Contest in the subject line, to Deadline for the contest is Monday, June 24, 5 p.m. Only residents living in the Lower Mainland/Greater Vancouver area are eligible to enter. Winners will be chosen in a random draw. For more information on this year’s festival, running from June 21 to July 1, visit

See more page 40

What to do about greenhouse gas emissions? A number of organizations in Metro Vancouver are considering district heating from renewable energy systems as a means to produce heat (and sometimes electricity) while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Boilers fuelled with wood or clean wood waste (biomass) are one example of a renewable energy system. Metro Vancouver’s Boilers and Process Heaters Emission Regulation Bylaw No. 1087 authorizes and regulates emissions from biomass boilers. Changes to Bylaw No. 1087 are proposed to ensure these systems are properly designed and operated to protect local air quality, and to facilitate effective use of small biomass systems. You are invited to participate in a workshop in your community to hear more about the proposed bylaw changes and to provide your input to this important discussion about our region’s future. The workshops will include a short presentation followed by a facilitated discussion with staff and other participants.

Thank you for making miracles happen for BC’s kids. With enthusiastic support from team members, suppliers and customers, Overwaitea Food Group has raised over $18 million for BC Children’s Hospital, leading the way as one of the hospital’s most significant corporate supporters for over 26 years.


June 18 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

North Vancouver City Library 120 West 14th Street, North Vancouver (near Lonsdale Avenue)


June 20 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Surrey City Centre Library 10350 University Drive, Surrey


June 26 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Vancouver Public Library 350 West Georgia Street, Vancouver

All comments and suggestions will be carefully considered in the development of the amended Bylaw No. 1087. For more information and to read the discussion paper, visit, or contact Metro Vancouver’s Information Centre at 604-432-6200 or

Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A37

A38 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013


The circus returns to In the House Festival

Musicians, acrobats, shadow puppets invade homes and backyards on Commercial Drive Cheryl Rossi Vancouver Courier

PETER Boulanger isn’t sure whether his circus company’s 34-foot tall marionette will make it to the In the House Festival. But the Underground Circus’s 23-foot-tall freestanding tower will definitely dominate a backyard near Commercial Drive for the grand finale of the 10th anniversary festival that will animate homes and yards June 7 to 9. “It’s a very fun festival. We’ve done it a few times and it’s always been a great time,” says Boulanger, cofounder and co-director of Underground Circus. “For us (the best part is) being with the public and being part of such a wonderfully iconic Vancouver organization. They’ve created all sorts of weird little quirky things over the years and we love being part of that kind of stuff,” Boulanger says. “We are pretty much the top corporate circus company in town, which means most of time people don’t see our work. So it is fun photos supplied to be able to say, ‘Hey look. We exist.’” NINON Parent and Michelle Smith (in left photo) go Hand to Hand at the Underground Circus. Tanya Burka (right) performing Moonseye, Much of the aerial an apparatus invented and built by Peter Boulanger. A hit at last year’s In the House Festival, Circus Underground performs at the grand acrobatics in the grand finale finale of this year’s event on Sunday, June 9 from 9 to 11 p.m. at 1095 Victoria Drive. show are set to music from B.C., including the crooning duo Mind of a Snail, improvise a story and pick up instruments he quips. “So far they’re winning. of Michael Buble, the folk Boulanger’s speciality at the moment is his chair-balancing act. to accompany the show. The milestone festival also includes a music of Pied Pumkin and 1980s pop hits of Doug and the Slugs. free community potluck on Lily Street Sunday morning complete He likes to stack chairs atop a table and stand on his hands up to “We’ll be showcasing a lot of our unique (acrobatic) with roving performers, square dancing and street hockey. Music, 15 feet in the air. apparatuses and it’s kind of fun to be doing that with the work of dance, magic, comedy and burlesque performances fill the festival “I’ve adapted my chairs so they actually can get stacked up in B.C. musicians,” Boulanger says. weekend across 13 homes and yards. weirder ways,” he says. Underground Circus celebrated its own 10th anniversary “I can’t really think of a better way to have a finale than with Boulanger loves forms and shapes, and everyday sights such this year. Boulanger and his wife, Ninon Parent, studied at the an amazing circus with a 20-foot tower that they can do aerials National Circus School in Montreal, toured with Cirque du Soleil as a tangled wire on his desk often inspire the unique apparatuses on,” says the festival’s artistic director Myriam Steinberg, who used by Underground Circus’s acrobats. for a couple of years and then decided to settle near Burnaby, is excited the performance’s accompanying music will be B.C. He taught himself to weld and then started fashioning where Boulanger grew up. themed. different shapes such as the “Triceau,” three rings welded Underground Circus’s shows include acrobatic feats, “They performed last year for the finale and were one of the together, upon which two acrobats, stand, extend from and hang contortionists and often comedy, but its work differs from biggest hits that we’ve had at the festival,” she adds. “There’s a from one another. Cirque du Soleil in that it doesn’t employ fantasy characters like magic that’s attached to circus that you don’t really have in the Festivalgoers who like making their own shapes will be able to those that populated most of Cirque’s early shows, according to same way with other acts. It’s kind of life the big fireworks at the do so at other In the House events. Tenth anniversary festivities Boulanger. end of the festival.” include a “Shadow Jam” on Saturday where audience members “We’re almost always just people,” he says. For more information, visit “And I always tell people Cirque du Soleil is our competition,” craft shadow puppets with the Vancouver-based shadow puppet

Expect the Unexpected A TRUE STORY – “A few weeks ago a car swerved into my lane while

I was driving home from dinner with my parents. Lucky for us, I was well prepared. Young Drivers of Canada, you saved our lives!”

Courses are !lling up quickly! 12 classroom locations to serve you. Now enrolling for courses starting July 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 22 & 29, August 6, 10, 12 & 19. Enroll online at or call (604) 283-9119. Email us at


ISO 9001:2008 Registered


Other drivers make mistakes. Knowing how to drive safely means having the skills to react to the unexpected. We teach these life-saving skills everyday. Trust Young Drivers of Canada to prepare you for the road ahead.

Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A39

A40 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013

CALENDAR From page 36 DANCE Capilano University Performing Arts Theatre: 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver. Tickets: 604990-7810 or capilanou. ca/nscucentre. Centennial Theatre: 2300 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: Box office: 604-984-4484. I Can Dance: Children will express themselves through dance Saturday, June 8 at 2 p.m. Tickets: $15/$10. Snow White: Seymour Dance students will present a youth ballet production followed by a dance showcase Sunday, June 9 at 11 a.m., 2 and 6 p.m. Tickets: $20/$18/$15. Spring Ballet Gala: Vancouver Junior Professional Division students and guests will perform June 11 and 12 at 7 p.m. Tickets: $55/$47.50/$40. Info: vjpd. ca. In Motion: Students from North Shore Academy of Dancing will perform a wide range of dance styles Friday, June 14 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, June 15 at 1 and 7 p.m. Tickets: $22/$18/$16. Tap Stars: The Vancouver Tap Dance Society will present the academy’s student showcase Friday, June 21 at 7 p.m. Tickets: $22. North Shore Folkfest: A celebration of multicultural dance June 22 and 23 at 7 p.m. Free, but donations highly appreciated. There will be a wide variety of booths exhibiting multicultural arts and cuisines starting at 5:30 p.m. Pure Energy and Pulse: RNB Dance will present an evening of dance to include a variety of styles and ages June 28 and 29 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets: $19/$11. Tightrope Dance and Drum Festival: Korean Traditional

Karr wins for her Half Life performance From page 24 Lynne Karey-McKenna, Half Life (Deep Cove Stage Society) ■ Best Performance by an Actor - Male: David Cameron, Underneath the Lintel (Kingbaby Productions) ■ Best Performance by a Supporting Actor - Female: Jannen Karr, Half Life (Deep Cove Stage Society) ■ Best Performance by a Supporting Actor - Male: Daniel Taillon, Weightless (Looking for 143 Productions) ■ Best Achievement in Set Design: Glynnis Brassil, The Drawer Boy (North Vancouver Community Players) ■ Best Achievement in Costumes: The Oblivion Series: a not-sogirlie show (WaWa Productions)

Bentall celebrates at the Commodore

BARNEY Bentall and the Legendary Hearts celebrate their 25th anniversary at the Commodore Ballroom tomorrow night. The band’s latest release, Flesh and Bone, was released in 2012 on True North Records. The Odds will open the show. For more information and to order tickets go to Arts Society will present tightrope walking dance, drum dance and mask dance Sunday, June 30 at 7:30 p.m. Admission: $11. Tickets: Larson Market, 1705 Larson Rd., North Vancouver. Highlands United Church: 3255 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver. Kay Meek Centre: 1700

Poly Pillows Ideal for RV's and guests! 2 or more at only



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Printed Quilt Sets Buy One Get One

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CAPILANO MALL (604) 985-2391 PARK ROYAL SHOPPING CENTRE (604) 913-0540

Mathers Ave., West Vancouver. Tickets: kaymeekcentre. com or 604-981-6335. Dance Vancouver: The Landing Dance Centre will perform contemporary, ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop and more Saturday, June 15 at 2 and 6:30 p.m. Tickets: $25/$21/$16. Presentation House Theatre: 333 Chesterfield Ave., North Vancouver. Tickets: or 604-9903474. St. Catherine’s Anglican Church: 1058 Ridgewood Dr., North Vancouver. CLUBS AND PUBS Beans on Lonsdale: 1804 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-9852326. Live music every Thursday, 8 p.m. Brewster’s Coffee: 2436 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Info: 604-925-9820. The Eagles Club Starlight Room: 170 West Third St., North Vancouver. East Side Marios: Lonsdale Quay, 123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver. Electric Owl: 928 Main St., Vancouver. Info: 604-5580928. A Concert Series that brings together Steve Dawson’s Black Hen House Band with special guest artists each month. Tickets: capilanou. ca/nscucentre or at the door. Jack Lonsdale’s Pub: 1433 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-9867333.

Live music every Friday and Saturday at 9 p.m. Larson Station Restaurant: Glenegales Clubhouse, 6190 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. La Zuppa: 1544 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-986-6556. SFU Philosopher’s Cafe: Everyone is welcome to join a discussion with moderator Martin Hunt Wednesday, June 26 at 7 p.m. Topic: Does it make any sense to talk

about the meaning or purpose of life? Info: 778-782-8000 or Legion #118: 123 West 15th St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-985-1115 or info@ Narrows Pub: 1979 Spicer Rd., North Vancouver. Mist Ultra Bar: 105-100 Park Royal, West Vancouver. Info: 604-926-2326. See more page 41

Dare to Dream

■ Best Achievement in Lighting: John McGie, Ash Fault (The Nicola Cavendish Doesn’t Know We Are Using Her Name Theatre Co.) Honourable Mention: Paul Kloegman, The Drawer Boy (North Vancouver Community Players) ■ Best Achievement in Sound: John McGie, Ash Fault (The Nicola Cavendish Doesn’t Know We Are Using Her Name Theatre Co.) ■ Special Adjudicator’s Certificate for Best Ensemble: Barry Walker, Tyler Q. Felbel and Nick Palidwor, The Drawer Boy (North Vancouver Community Players).

NEWS photo Kevin Hill

EMMA Curtis is one of 36 vocal soloists who will be performing at the Harmony House Music Studio’s Dare to Dream concerts at Kay Meek Centre June 7 and 8 at 7 p.m. Tickets $20/$15/$10. For more information go to

Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A41

CALENDAR From page 40 DJs spin classic dance music from the 80s, 90s and today. Queens Cross Pub: 2989 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: Adam Woodall performs acoustic music every Sunday, 7:3011:30 p.m. The Raven Pub: 1052 Deep Cove Rd., North Vancouver. Info: Adam Woodall performs acoustic music every Thursday, 7:3011:30 p.m. Red Lion Bar & Grill: 2427 Marine Drive, West Vancouver. Info: 604-926-8838. Jazz Pianist Randy Doherty will perform every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8 to 11 p.m. Rusty Gull: 175 East First St., North Vancouver. Live music every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; Mostly Marley performs every Sunday, 7 p.m. Sailor Hagar’s Brew Pub: 235 West First St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-984-3087. Live music every Friday and Saturday, 9 p.m.-1 a.m. The Village Taphouse: Park Royal Village, West Vancouver. See more page 45

Beachcombers honoured at gala From page 27

ago but keep putting it off. This year’s Leos will see two special presentations at the Saturday gala, says Daroshin. One is a tribute to The Beachcombers, Canada’s longest-running dramatic TV production, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, having aired on CBC TV from 1972 to 1990. Jackson Davies (Const. John Constable) will take the stage as part of the tribute. The second special presentation is an initiative the foundation is launching in association with the Directors Guild of Canada, entitled the Stephen J. Cannell Friend of B.C. Award. “The suggestion here is that this individual may not otherwise have been eligible for a Leo Award because our criteria is based on residency, but there are a number of people who have come in and out of our jurisdiction over time and have been very supportive and helped to propel the industry to the point where it is today,” says Daroshin. The inaugural Stephen J. Cannell Friend of B.C. Award

is being awarded to David Nutter, whose directing credits include Game of Thrones, Band of Brothers, Entourage and The Sopranos. “He is a world-class television director. . . .” says Daroshin. “Here, he has piloted many of the shows that have gone on to sustain a tremendous amount of activity, not the least of which is the pilot episode of Smallville, which went on a 10year run here and became a bit of an industry in itself.” Tonight’s Celebration Awards Ceremony, which will see the distribution of craft and technical awards, will get underway with a reception at 6 p.m., followed by dinner at 7 p.m. and the awards presentation at 8 p.m. Saturday’s Gala Awards Ceremony will get underway at 4:30 p.m., followed by dinner at 6:30 p.m. and the program and performance awards presentation at 8 p.m. Tickets are still available for both Leo Award evenings. For more information, visit For airtimes and more information on The Wedding Belles, visit, and The Proposal, visit


restaurant guide $ Bargain Fare ($5-8) $ $ Inexpensive ($9-12) $ $ $ Moderate ($13-15) $ $ $ $ Fine Dining ($15-25) LIVE MUSIC

AUSTRIAN Jagerhof Restaurant


Best Little Schnitzel House in Town

71 Lonsdale Ave, N. Van. 604-980-4316

BISTRO Cindy’s Café


Local favourite Cindy’s Café is now open for diner every Friday and Saturday night.Come for the good food,stay for the friendly atmosphere and enjoy our free BYOWine policy. Corkage is for strangers! Cindy’s is for neighbours.Visit for details and reserve with Patrick at 604-925-2880.

1850 Marine Dr., W. Van. 604-925-2880

Larson Station West Coast Bistro & Banquets $$$ For 2 or 200! Enjoy sweeping views through the 6th fairway,to the ocean at Gleneagles Clubhouse.Larson Station West Coast Bistro,a fabulous little restaurant and banquet facility, tucked away on the Gleneagles Golf Course.LIVE MUSIC Fridays & Saturdays BRUNCH on weekends. Family friendly & casual,with flavours of the West Coast.

6190 Marine Drive, West Vancouver 778-279-8874

Truffle House & Café


The Truffle House & Café is truly a warm place to eat European cuisine with friendly service and reasonable price. Philippe & Fabienne Chaber have created a cozy and comfortable atmosphere and offer a delicious combination of French, Italian and West Coast specialties that your taste buds will love.Already well known for their brunch & lunch, the Truffle House is pleased to offer you DINNER! Join us Friday & Saturday evenings from 5-10 pm for delicious seasonal menus.

2452 Marine Drive, W. Van. 604-922-4222


The Salmon House

The Cheshire Cheese Restaurant & Bar


Excellent seafood and British dishes on the Waterfront. Friday and Saturday, Prime Rib Dinner. Sunday, Turkey Dinner.Weekends and Holidays, our acclaimed Eggs Benny. Open for lunch or dinner, 7 days a week.

2nd Floor Lonsdale Quay Market, N. Van. 604-987-3322

CHINESE Neighbourhood Noodles House


North Shore’s best variety & quality Chinese food.Serving Lunch & Dinner 7 days a week.Eat in,10% off takeout. Free delivery min.$20.00 order within 3 kms.

1352 Lonsdale Ave., N. Van. 604-988-9885

Chef Hung Taiwanese Noodle


Critically acclaimed worldwide for its delectable beef noodle, Chef Hung has won numerous Championships in Taiwan and now crowned the Best Noodle House in Vancouver! Come see what all the excitement is about.

1560 Marine Dr., W. Van. 778-279-8822 UBC Wesbrook Village: 102 - 3313 Shrum Lane, Vancouver 604-228-8765 Aberdeen Centre: 2800 - 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond • 604-295-9357

FINE DINING The Observatory



An epicurean experience 3700’ above the twinkling lights of Vancouver.

Grouse Mtn, 6400 Nancy Greene Way, N. Van. 604-998-4403


Serving spectacular views and fine, indigenous west coast cuisine for over 30 years. Lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. Live entertainment in Coho Lounge on weekend evenings.

2229 Folkestone Way, W. Van. Reservations: or call 604-926-3212

FRENCH Chez Michel


Classic French cuisine served in an elegant and graceful setting. For over 34 years, Chez Michel has treated guests to only the best. Traditional seafood and meat entrees, dressed in rich, tempting sauces, are specially featured alongside a superb selection of wines and a decadent dessert list. Superior service with a waterfront view helps complete your lunch or dinner experience.

1373 Marine Dr. (2nd flr) W. Van. 604-926-4913

GREEK Kypriaki Taverna


For the BEST quality and the BEST prices, come visit or call for delivery today. Open everyday @ Noon for lunch.Voted one of the top 5 Greek restaurants in the Lower Mainland.With our outstanding food, reasonable prices, friendly service and candle-lit charm you will see why so many people call it their favourite restaurant. Call for delivery/ take out tonight or come in for a relaxing Mediterranean experience.

1356 Marine Dr, N. Van. 604-985-7955


INDIAN Handi Cuisine of India


Reader’s Choice 2006 Winner offering Authentic Indian Cuisine. Open for lunch and dinner,7 days a week.Weekend buffet,ocean view, free delivery.

1340 Marine Dr., W. Van. 604-925-5262 Where one spicy sauce does not fit all.Readers’Choice award winning restaurant for 5 years! Open for Lunch & Dinner.Lunch Buffet $10.95.

116 East 15th St, N. Van. 604-986-7555

PUB $$

Voted the North Shore’s favourite pub 16 years running by you. The Bear is your local, friendly, comfortable pub that is 100% smoke free.We have ample free parking, Take-Out menu, Daily drink and food specials, full sports coverage, and a large, heated veranda. Come in for a bite and a drink.


A Lower Lonsdale legend for 23 years. Home to the best in live music Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun nights. Great food selection that surpasses the norm. The best weekend breakfasts ‘til 2pm. Great selection of import draft. All Canucks PPV games on the big screens.

175 East 1st St., N. Van. 604-988-5585


Offers an excellent menu, the best craft brewed ales & lagers in Vancouver, live music, satellite sports, pool table, dart boards & heated patio with a spectacular city view.

86 Semisch Ave., N. Van. 604-984-3087


Damn good pub! We try to take everything that’s good about a pub, and leave out what’s not, then add lots more good… Start with a comfortable room around a giant fireplace, add 20 ice cold brews on tap, really damn good food, some awesome events, and pretty much the most personable group of folks you’ll ever meet… and welcome to the Village Tap House! Come in for dinner, to catch the game on our dozens of high-def flat screens, or check the events page to see what’s happening this week.

1C - 900 Main Street, Village at Park Royal, West Vancouver 604-922-8882

SEAFOOD C-Lovers Fish & Chips


The best fish & chips on the North Shore!

1177 Lynn Valley Road, N. Van 604.990.8880

The Rusty Gull

Sailor Hagar’s Neighbourhood Pub

Village Tap House

Palki Best Indian Cuisine $ $

The Black Bear Neighbhourhood Pub


Marine Dr. @ Pemberton, N. Van. 604-980-9993 & OUR NEW LOCATION: 6640 Royal Ave., Horseshoe Bay, W. Van. 604-913-0994

Montgomery’s Fish & Chips$

The fastest growing Fish & Chips on the North Shore.

International Food Court, Lonsdale Quay Market 604-929-8416

THAI Thai PudPong Restaurant


West Vancouver’s original Thai Restaurant. Serving authentic Thai cuisine. Open Monday-Friday for lunch. 7 days a week for dinner.

1474 Marine Dr., W. Van. 604-921-1069

WEST COAST The Lobby Restaurant at the Pinnacle Hotel


Inspired by BC’s natural abundance of fabulous seafood and the freshest of ingredients, dishes are prepared to reflect west coast cuisine. Open 7-days a week for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night lounge.We are located on the corner of Lonsdale & Esplanade. The Lobby Bar: We now have Live music every Friday night from 8-11pm!

138 Victory Ship Way, N. Van. 604-973-8000



Enjoy your Waterfront dining experience with our extensive menu. From eggs benny to juicy burgers during our popular brunches to our famous prime rib,hot scallop salad, clam chowder,king crab,steaks, seafood style cordon bleu.Rooms available for private parties and free parking.Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner seven days a week.View full menu

1653 Columbia St, N. Van. (2 blks South of Main & Mtn Hwy under the bridge) 604-988-0038

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The Polaroid moment

■ Instant by Christopher Bonanos, Princeton Architectural Press, 192 pages, $27.95. It was revolutionary. It was a new art form. It was accessible to the masses. Polaroid technology was all this and more. In 1948 Edwin Land offered the public the instant photograph but it would take awhile to catch on. By the Sixties the Polaroid was part of popular culture and had been embraced by dozens of wellknown artists who were using it to produce new and exciting work but it was Andy Warhol who took the camera to new levels. Later on Warhol’s camera of choice, the SX-70 offered various opportunities to manipulate the results and opened up creative channels for the Pop Art icon. As the R&D team at Polaroid continued to push the capabilities of their products, new inventions regularly emerged like the Type 55 film that produced a negative or the large 20” x 24” format film. Before the success of the instant camera Land had already scored big with the development of polarized lenses and other patents. By the end of his career Land held 535 US patents. The comparisons between Polaroid and Apple come up often in the book and are easy to make. Both companies skyrocketed to success under the leadership of visionary men who had created a unique product. Unfortunately bankruptcy was Polaroid’s final financial statement. Currently there are new owners of the Polaroid brand and their projects are largely focused on 3D television. Christopher Bonanos has researched the company archives as well as numerous news sources and conducted many interviews to piece together this interesting look at one of the most creative companies of the modern era. — Terry Peters

photos Museum of Vancouver

FOR several decades after the Second World War Foncie Pulice captured countless images of Vancouverites parading the downtown streets with this custom-built Electic-Photo camera.

Pulice let camera do all the talking From page 13

day. By 11 o’clock he’d be downtown,” she says. He generally wheeled his camera to his favourite corner on the east side of Granville Street near Robson where he flashed his bulb at the lunchtime foot traffic. After heading home for dinner, Pulice would often return to photograph moviegoers and night owls strolling beneath neon marquees. Despite describing him as a charismatic, “oneperson community engagement co-ordinator,” Seidl says Pulice mainly let his camera to the talking. “He didn’t actually talk to people,” she says, explaining that Pulice really didn’t have time for conversation. When viewing the negatives, Pulice’s work often has a flip-book-like continuity, as the Vancouverite in the background of one photo becomes the focal point of the next picture, creating a chain of passersby. “This is constant. No time for talk. Just smile, snap, hand the card,” Seidl says. Pulice supported his wife and two children with his craft before eventually stepping off the street in 1979. “He didn’t privilege anyone. He photographed everybody through this incredibly open-hearted, democratic approach to photography,” she says. The museum is planning to showcase 10,700 of his photographs at the exhibition. “Any one photograph is charming, but when you see 100 or 200 or, as we have in the exhibition, 10,000. . . it’s really powerful,” Seidl says. The museum has also digitized a reel of Pulice’s negatives, giving culture-seekers a chance to experience the photog by watching a

THE Museum of Vancouver is showcasing 10,700 images in exhibit. continuous loop comprising all 10,700 photos. “I think it’ll be the rare visitor who decides to go for that experience,” Seidl says. Part of the aim of the exhibit is to bring a little more life to the myriad of black and white pictures that adorn countless Vancouver photo albums. “I hope that they start to see how they were a part of Vancouver’s history and the wonderful history of street photography that happened here,” she says. The other aim of the exhibit is to showcase a forgotten fixture of the city. “I think he’s a local treasure and one of our unsung heroes.”

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Bel finding a big audience for her blues

New album Don’t Forget to Breathe out this week Nicholas M. Pescod Contributing Writer

BLUES singer Melissa Bel planned on going to university after high school, but when she told her vocal coach about her plans, he had other ideas.

“I knew I wanted to pursue music to some extent and my vocal coach at the time, Ray Lyell, convinced me not to go to university,” Bel says. Since her decision to pursue a music career, Bel has gone on to reach number one on local charts and perform in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany. Bel, 24, released her third album, Don’t Forget To Breathe on June 4 with a release party for the album at Le Cheval Blanc in Montreal. The Burlington, Ont., native says her latest recording has some newer sounds and more mature lyrics than on previous photo supplied efforts. “This is the first time MELISSA Bel’s new album, Don’t Forget To Breathe, was released on FrostByte Media on June 4 in digital and physical formats. I’ve ever used a drum loop in an album,” Bel says. “I was really hesitant and kind of resistant to it at first because She often performs across southern Ontario and I never want to come off too poppy. I want to keep that Quebec. In July she will be performing at Spencer Smith organic sound that I’ve always loved. So I think that we Park in Burlington, Ont., as part of the city’s Canada Day struck a really cool sound.” celebrations. Bel has been singing since she could talk. Her first album “I got to sing the anthem here in Burlington a few years was released in 2009 when she was 18. Three years later ago but this year my band and I are going to be performing she released Distance, which reached number one on the my music,” she says. “It’s an honour to be asked to perform Montreal jazz and blues charts. Both albums were produced at that in my hometown. As excited as it is to play in different by Tom Treumuth, who has worked with Big Sugar, Gypsy places, it is always nice to come home.” Rose and Honeymoon Suite. In addition to her performances, Bel has sung the national The Lester B. Person High School graduate cites a wide anthem at Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors games. range of influences such as, The Beatles, John Mayer, Stevie In June, she will be singing the national anthem for the Wonder, Jason Mraz, Aretha Franklin, Christina Aguilera and Quebec Capitals, a Can-Am League baseball team. Bob Marley. “I am doing the Canadian anthem in French, which I’ve Bel says it is typically the subject matter in songs that never done before in public,” Bel says. “Doing the anthem impact and influence her. even in your own language is nerve-racking because it’s one “When I find something that is right where I am at that of the only songs that if you screw up people are going to time of my life that’s what I latch onto,” she says. know.” Bel’s music struck a chord with listeners overseas early Bel receives airplay on a handful of radio stations in B.C. on in her career. In 2010 she toured across Germany, including 98.3 CIFM in Kamloops. She also can be heard on performing 14 shows in 16 days. Internet radio stations around the world including, i-Radio “It was my first tour ever,” she says. “I got to Germany Pilipinas in the Philippines, Radio Garito de Blues in Spain, and I had fans there, which absolutely blew my mind because Kansas City Online Radio in Missouri and INtune Radio in it is across the ocean from us. I couldn’t believe it.” Toronto. According to Bel, despite the language barrier the crowd Since the beginning of her career social media has played a listened very attentively to her music. vital role in expanding her fan base. “They seemed so appreciative of the music,” she says. “It’s so great because it allows me to keep in contact “They still had a connection to the music despite not with those fans that aren’t local to me,” Bel says. “I think knowing the words, which meant a lot to me.” it is such a great way to interact with fans on a regular basis That same year Bel inked a record deal with Torontoand give them little insights and sneak peeks into what I am based Frostbite Media Inc. The label has a distribution doing. That’s something that I find cool and interesting from agreement with Universal Music Canada and their diverse my favourite artists.” lineup includes SoShy and Mathew Good. Bel is already working on her next album, which will be “It’s hard to summarize all the things they help me out released in 2014. She says that it is important for her to be as with,” she says. “It is so nice to know I have a team behind productive as she can. me doing all the stuff behind the scenes. It gives me more of “I put a lot of pressure on myself but that is because when NEWS photo Cindy Goodman a chance to focus on what I need to do as an artist.” you go into a career like this, especially when you’re just Bel has previously opened for Mathew Good and she has starting, you don’t want to have someone else putting that shared the stage with Serena Ryder, Colin James and Ron pressure on you and making it feel like another type of job,” Sexsmith. She says that working alongside big names is both she says. “I like to make sure I am being as productive as I WEST Vancouver’s Victoria Bury, 18, listens to scary and humbling but it is also a learning experience. can.” Japanese pop-punk trio Shonen Knife on her white “You learn so much from their confidence and how they For more information on Melissa Bel and her music visit iPhone 4. She’s loaded 209 songs on her playlist with approach the stage,” Bel says. another 3,000 on a computer for backup.


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NEWS photos Paul McGrath

A variety of large tires (left photo) were on the Mount Seymour course to be flipped over as one of the challenges. Blocking the finish line (right photo) were Spartan warriors armed with foam covered staffs who attempted to hinder the runners from reaching their objective. See more photos at


Weekend warriors

THE third Spartan Sprint event on the North Shore took place on Saturday at Mount Seymour. Hundreds of weekend warriors hit the ground running to make it through the five-kilometre course. Every year brings different obstacles for the competitors to face and this year was no different, with tire flipping, rope climbs and runs through snow providing novelty. Use Layar app to view video.

CRAWLING through the mud was unavoidable as the barbed wire strung across the obstacle forced everyone to get down and dirty.

A competitor gets through the mud obstacle on the Mount Seymour course.

TAKING a look around from the top of two large containers stacked on top of each other.

THE traverse wall required everyone to move from one side to the other without falling off.

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CALENDAR From page 41 Info: 604-922-8882. Waves Coffee House: 3050 Mountain Hwy., North Vancouver. The Celtic Medley Song and String Player’s Showcase comes to Waves the first Saturday of every month, 7:30-9:30 p.m. Free. Anyone interested in performing can phone Doug Medley at 604-985-5646. OTHER EVENTS Café for Contemporary Art: 138-140 East Esplanade, North Vancouver. Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Info: 778-340-3379 or Open Mic: Actors, musicians, poets and spoken word artists are invited to take the microphone every second and last Friday of the month from 7 to 9:30 p.m. New Works: Readings of new work by local playwrites every third Thursday, 7-9:30 p.m. Lynn Valley Library: 1277 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Info: 604-984-0286, ext. 8144 or SFU Philosopher’s Cafe: Everyone is welcome to join a discussion with moderator Lynne Quarmby Wednesday, June 12 at 7 p.m. Topic: Serendipity in science — what is basic research? Info: 778-782-8000 or North Vancouver City Library: 120 West 14th St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-998-3474 or Silk Purse Arts Centre: 1570 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Info: 604-925-7292 or Songs and Stories: Composer Michael Conway Baker will share show biz, film and concert music stories past and present the third Wednesday of every month, 10:30-11:30 a.m. Admission by donation. North Shore Cric Crac Storytelling Evenings presented by the Vancouver Society of Storytelling take place the first Sunday of every month, 7-9 p.m. Admission: $7/$5. West Vancouver Memorial Library: 1950 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Info: 604-925-7407 or SFU Philosopher’s Cafe: Everyone is welcome to join a discussion with moderator Randall Mackinnon Friday, June 21 at 10:30 a.m. Topic: Is the incidence and prevalence of bullying in Canadian society a matter of concern? Info: 778-782-8000 or — compiled by Debbie Caldwell. Email information for your North Shore event to

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

Forms of Nature

SCULPTOR Pavel Barta will show his patina fibreglass pieces in a show with painter Mary Jean Butler, Forms of Nature, at Seymour Art Gallery through July 1. There will be an Artist Talk on Sunday, June 9 at 2 p.m with an opening reception to follow at 3 p.m.
















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North Vancouver Community Foundation PiDGiN Pier 7 Restaurant Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier See Your Game Spot On Services Tap House The Edge Diving Centre Treks For Pets Truffle House & Café Vancouver Canadians

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The following supporters donated player prizes or provided on-course services: Angel Hassman Realty Bowen Island Golf Club BMW Capilano Golf & Country Club Capilano Suspension Bridge Carter GM Northshore

Thank you for joining us in the Sixth Annual Mayors’ Golf Tournament. Your participation and support has meant continued financial resources can be directed to worthwhile non-profit North Shore organizations that enhance quality of life in our community. Through your support we were able to offer immediate benefit to our designated charity plus long term benefits from earnings on endowment funds.

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Your Hosts

This year we assisted Hollyburn Family Services with a $50,000 contribution to launch a new program aimed at keeping seniors who may be at risk of becoming homeless from actually reaching a housing crisis. The remainder of net proceeds ($50,000) has been shared between the North Shore Community Foundation and the West Vancouver Community Foundation to add to their endowment funds. Income earned on these endowment funds provides annual grants to support community needs in the long term. ORGANIZING COMMITTEE:

Mark Sager chair, David Alsop, Norman Smith, Heather Baker; Amaryllis Events, Mark Ballard, Richard Van Liempt, Molly Kiefer, Maureen O’Brien

Michael Smith Mayor, District of West Vancouver

Darrell Mussatto Mayor, City of North Vancouver

Richard Walton Mayor, District of North Vancouver

We’re Stronger Together

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Sun • Jun 9 • 10am to 4 pm OAKRIDGE AUDITORIUM 41st & Cambie • Vancouver Coins, Paper, Medals, Stamps, Buy/Sell, Appraisals ★ Free Admission ★


BILLY, Marilyn ‘Carol’ Doris, Sunrise September 11, 1945 - Sunset June 3, 2013.

Marilyn passed peacefully surrounded by the love of her family at Lions Gate Hospital. Squamish Nation will dearly remembered for her work and dedication with families and friends in the downtown East Side Community where she always provide comfort and assistance whenever needed. ‘Hunny’ will be dearly missed by her common-law husband Garry Jones. She is also survived by her sons Benjamin Lund, Gary Williams (Yiching), Alphonse Williams, Michael Williams; daughter Ruby Sargent (Clayton); grandchildren Gary and Irwin Sargent and Mercedes Yuli Williams and brothers Richard and Robert Billy. Many nieces, nephews, loving relatives and dear friends. A funeral service will take place at St. Paul’s Indian Catholic Church, 424 West Esplanade Street, West Vancouver, BC on Friday, June 7, 2013 (Friday) at 10:30 am. Interment of Ashes service will also be held at WaiWaiKum IR#14 (Brakendale, BC) Cemetery on Friday, June 14, 2013 at 11:00 am. On Line Condolences are can been seen at:

1085 NATASI - Sophie 'Susan'

Passed away suddenly on May 29, 2013 in her home in North Vancouver. She was happy and doing what she enjoyed. Her family and friends will miss her. Memorial Service will be held on Monday, June 10, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. at Boal Chapel, 1505 Lillooet Rd, North Vancouver, BC. Reception to follow at the Fraternal Order of Eagles, 170 3rd St W North Vancouver, BC.

North Vancouver, BC 604-980-3451

PHILLIPS, Thomas Randolph LL.B. Jun 02, 1956 - May 30, 2013 Beloved son of Joanne and Randy Phillips passed peacefully at North Shore Hospice on May 30, 2013. Tom will be sadly missed by his sisters Esther (John), and Constance (Mitch), niece, Natalie, nephew, Max, and numerous cousins on Whidbey Island, Vancouver Island, Denman Island and the Lower Mainland. Tom was a kind and gentle soul whose happiest memories were of travel to Africa in his youth. No service. A family gathering will take place in the summer.

SHERA - Douglas William

Age 72, passed away peacefully with family by his side May 28, 2013 after a 6 year valiant fight against cancer. Doug is survived by wife Daphne, son David (Madeleine) and two grandchildren Sam and Olivia. Born and raised in Edmonton, Doug eventually landed on the West Coast in 1972 residing in Lynn Valley, during the next 25 years he ran a successful footwear agency. Throughout his retirement we remember his best days were spent hanging with the grand kiddies. The family wishes to extend their thanks to all the staff on 4 West & Palliative care at Lions Gate Hospital. In lieu of flowers, please donate to The Lions Gate Hospital Foundation in memory of Doug.

PORTAS - Jose July 29, 1932 - May 31, 2013

BRYSON William David (Bill)

passed away peacefully on May 28th at age 72, after a brief and courageous battle with cancer. He will be remembered and cherished in the hearts of his daughters Kendra (Chuck) Edstrand, Shari (Sam) Barranti, their mother Sandie Bryson (his former wife of 37 years), sonsin-law Jons Edstrand, Jody Barranti, grandchildren Bryson, Jayden, Skyler and Rya, and his loving and devoted friend Pat Powell. Bill will be remembered most for his love of the outdoors, especially fishing and hunting with good friends, as well as his time spent as the manager of the NSWC Flames Junior B hockey team. Some of his fondest memories were of his travels to Spain, the Mayan Riviera, and the Northwest Territories. He was a very dedicated father who could always be seen at his daughters’ hockey, ringette, or soccer games and at swim meets. It is important for everyone to know that his kind considerate nature and sense of humor remained with him until the end. Bill will be thought of often by his many friends that he met along his life journey. If you were lucky enough to be one of them, please join us and raise a glass to Bill at his Celebration of Life , Friday, July 12th 2:00 - 5:00pm at Capilano Golf and Country Club, West Vancouver. Please RSVP or if you have any questions. In lieu of flowers, donations in his honor may be made to The North Shore Hospice or The Canadian Cancer Society.

NICHOLSON, Arthur Mar 05, 1924 - May 29, 2013 Because I could not stop for Death... He kindly stopped for me. Emily Dickinson After a life full of remarkable adventures our dad passed away at the age of 89. Dad is lovingly remembered by his children Naomi Ee (Albert), Cathy Farrow (Simon), Paul and Joseph, and grandsons Christopher and Benjamin. Dad was born in Cedar, BC; served two tours of duty overseas in the Air Force in WWII, and then pursued a fulfilling career of teaching. He shared his love of literature, poetry, history and geography with students in Ladysmith, West Vancouver and Lytton, BC as well as in Ghana, Uganda and Lesotho. Dad travelled extensively to over 100 countries and sought out places steeped in history and culture. He will be remembered for his poetry recitations and colorful stories which he gladly recounted at every opportunity. No service by request. In gratitude for the care dad received, and in lieu of flowers, donations to George Derby Centre, Burnaby to continue their special programs and activities to enrich the lives of their veteran population are appreciated. Arrangements by Affordable Cremation & Burial Ltd, Port Coquitlam, BC

Jose was born in Badalona, Spain. After traveling the world he settled in North Vancouver where he pursued his love of tennis, painting, cooking, travel and family. He is survived by his brother in Italy, his sister in Spain, daughter, son-in-law and 3 grandchildren. A celebration of life will be held at 2:00pm, Tuesday, June 11 at Boal Chapel Memorial Gardens, 1505 Lillooet Road, North Vancouver.

SJOBLOM, Anita Elsa -Margareta Sep 09, 1936 - May 28, 2013 With great sadness Anita passed away peacefully. Survived by husband Soren children Peter Katarina David predeceased by son Micheal, grandkids Brittany Sondra Aleksandr Adam Hana Katja Brock Kazimir Torsten, family in Sweden. Born in Jamtland Sweden Anita will always be remembered for her love of family.The family home on Baycrest is full of memories she made for all of us.

UNGERSON, Daniel Aug 24, 1922 - May 24, 2013 Following a brief illness and with the comfort of his family by his side, it is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Daniel Ungerson, husband, father, grandparent, friend, gemologist, life long educator, letter writer and story teller extraordinaire. Born in Poland, Daniel travelled extensively, serving in WW ll and living in France, Scotland and England before emigrating to Canada and settling in Montreal with his wife and dear companion later in life, Margaret. Together they raised their three children, Michael (Micheline), Karen (Tom) and Jonathan (Leslie), sharing in exciting and colourful family adventures and road trips as they camped their way across North America, exploring the places and enjoying the people often found on the "road less travelled". Daniel’s legacy and pride for his family continues through the lives of his grand children, Stephanie, Christopher, Matthew, Alexandra, Hallie and great granddaughter, Hailie. Sadly he was predeceased by his son, Jonathan, in 2006. Special thanks throughout the years for the love, kindness and compassion shown by his dear friends & family Marcel, Gilles, Helen and Connie, his extended family around the world and more recently by his many friends and the staff of Churchill House and Lion’s Gate Hospital, North Vancouver who supported him in his final years. A family celebration of his life will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Eureka Camp Society, to honour his love of adventure and commitment to special needs youth, will be appreciated. Journey on Dad - we miss you and love you.

POWRIE, William Duncan Nov 01, 1926 - May 30, 2013 After 86 wonderfully lived years, William Powrie passed away peacefully in the arms of a family member in North Vancouver. He was predeceased by his his son Mark and will be lovingly remembered by Jean, his wife of 58 years, sons Steve (Rhonda), Don, and Scott (Carla), his daughter Glenna, and his brother David. His grandchildren, Brianna, Taylor, Cole and Morgan, will miss the special times spent with their "Poppa". Bill was born and raised in Toronto, and later moved to the US to pursue a PhD.This led to Professorships at Michigan State Univ and the Univ of Wisconsin. In 1969, he moved to UBC as Head of the Food Science faculty. Family and friends are invited to share in an open house celebration of Bill’s life on Sat, June 8 from 3 - 6 pm at the Powrie home in North Van.

North Vancouver, BC 604-980-3451



FOUND SET of Keys with FOB on June 4th, Parkgate Village for Chev vehicle, call to identify, 604-903-2330 ★LOST COCKATIEL★ 'Holly' yellow head with yellow crown, orange around ears, light grey & white on her back. Was seen nr Upper Lonsdale. Her mate is missing her. Call as soon as you see her. 604-987-9063

LOST DOG, 'Mitzi' - Mon. May 13, Lynn Valley Rd. Small Female Shi-tzu/Poodle X. Call if seen, 604-219-9321 * REWARD* LOST WEDDING Ring, 2 diamond with saphire in between, vincinity of Glen Eagle Centre & Sea Wall, on Tues May 28th, will identify further, 604-926-1438



FOUND KEYS - Sunday Morning, 18th and Lonsdale area. Call with description (604) 987-3721

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Claudette passed away peacefully on June 3rd, 2013 surrounded by her loving family at the age of 77. Predeceased by her parents Dora and Adrien Chatelain. She is lovingly remembered and will be forever missed by her two daughters Susanne (Mehran) Moadebi and Pauline (Wayne) Gray and son Pierre Tremblay, 6 grandchildren, sister Adrienne (Jean-Paul) Delagrave and her many relatives and dear friends. The family invites you to join them for a Graveside Service in honour of Claudette to be held at 2:00 pm on Saturday June 8th, 2013 at Capilano View Cemetery, 1490 3rd Street, West Vancouver. In lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate donations, in memory of Claudette, to be made to the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation Palliative Care Unit To sign the book of condolences please click on

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STEWART - Audrey Joan

Passed away on June 4, 2013 at Inglewood Care Centre in West Vancouver, BC. Born November 5, 1930 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Survived by her loving husband of almost 56 years, Glen and her two remaining sons, Ronald and Todd (Georgia). Predeceased by her youngest son Brent in 1991. Survived by her younger sister Barbara in Halifax, her sister-inlaw Dale in Pleasantville, Nova Scotia and her four grandchildren Monique, Trevor, Tristan and Natasha. Service will be held on Monday June 10, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. at Boal Chapel, 1505 Lillooet Road, North Vancouver, BC. If friends so desire donations may be made to the Alzheimer Society of BC.

UNCLES, Claudette

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HELP WANTED!!! $28.00/HOUR. Undercover Shoppers Needed To Judge Retail And Dining Establishments. Genuine Opportunity. PT/FT . Experience Not Required. If You Can Shop - You Are Qualified!

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FULL TIME ECE POSITION available at OLIVE GROVE CHILDCARE starting in July 2013 Applicants must have their ECE (I.T License an asset) a love of children and a passion for teaching. Competitive Salary and benefits. Apply to:



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ALUM LADDER, craftsman mower, skill saw, brodie bike, armoir, stain glass, canondal bike, Gothic pine frame, cradle, misc silver. 604-985-8627 HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best Price, Best Quality. All Shapes & Colors Available. Call 1-866-652-6837

SIMMONS King Mattress King Beautyrest mattress. In excellent clean condition. Only used for a year. New over $1000. Sell $400. West Vancouver (604) 281-4460



Wanted to Buy

CASH PAID! TEAK FURN. + All RETRO & ANTIQUE items & collectibles Derek 604-442-2099 Thanks!

Burial Plots

For Sale Miscellaneous




FREE FILL - Delivered for free. North & West Van. Minimum 5 yards. 604-985-4211 FREE - Large Bird Cage, good condition, 24'x36'x6ft high, must pickup, 604-980-9969



★CATS & KITTENS★ FOR ADOPTION ! 604-724-7652



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REAL ESTATE Real Estate Services

6005 GOLDEN RETRIEVER pups CKC reg, vet ck’d, ch parents, health tested. Ph 604-794-3786


Vines: Evergreen clematis, Armandii (deer resistant), Bluebird. Montana: Alba & Freda. Japanese wisteria, varigated Jasmin. Fruit trees: Italian prune plum, sour cherry & mulberry. Japanese maple. Boxwood. Blue oats grass. Black stem bamboo. Call to order 604-202-7735 Linc

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CKC BLACK lab 3 male puppies, 7 weeks. Exc pets. 1st shots/ tattoo. $1000. 604-454-8643




Viewing: Mon June 10th - Tuesday June 11th & Wed - June 12th

PB KANE Corso ready, m/f, dew claws/tails, 1st/2nd shots, deworm, $1500, 604-802-8480

Rates are going Up! Call Now. 2.60% 5 year Variable 2.79% 5 year Fixed Self Employed, Credit Damage OK, Commercial & Residential Martinique Walker, AMP Verico Assent Mortgage Corp Call: 604-984-9159

6008 YORKIE PUPS born Apr 23. Ready to go after June 18. Dewormed, first shots. Raised at home with love. Ph 604-824-9749


Condos/ Townhouses


Real Estate

Pet Services

SWIFT DOG SPORTS Dog Agility ] Dog Walking ] Hikes



$395,000 / 2br - approx 900ft Lions Bay Ocean, Mtn View Property for Sale by Owner This 2nd story strata unit in res/comm bldg Updated h/wood & tile, SS appl, inste ldry. Great investment property. Please Contact 604.892.3823 or 604.892.4019 G. Smillie Holdings Ltd.



TRUE PSYCHICS For Answers CALL NOW 24/7 Toll FREE 1-877-342-3032

Mobile: #4486

IMMACULATE TOP fl 963sf 2 br condo, insuite laundry, +55 building, $121,500 604-309-3947 see id5565


Business Services

HAVE YOU BEEN DENIED Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits? The Disability Claims Advocacy Clinic can help. Contact Allison Schmidt at: 1-877-793-3222


TOP FLR 762sf 1br condo, in-ste laundry, 45+ building Mt. Baker view $85,000. 778-822-7387 see id5553

Money to Loan Need Cash Today? Own a Vehicle?


New Westminster

Borrow Up To $25,000


Writing an effective classified ad is easy when you use these time-tested principles. • Use a keyword. Start your ad with the item for sale, service offered or the job title. • Be descriptive. Give customers a reason to respond. Advertisers have found that the more information you provide, the better the response. • Limit abbreviations. Use only standard abbreviations to avoid confusion and misinterpretations. • Include price. Always include price of the item for sale. • How to respond. Always include a phone number (with area code) and/or street and email address.



5 PC solid cherry wood BR ste, $1020, was $6000. 3 PC sold alder wood entertain unit, $1500, was $14,000. 604-926-9688



RECYCLER - 4’3" x 3’ older chest freezer. Works well, you p/u. (604) 984-0201.


FOREST LAWN CEMETERY PLOT, Ascension section $7900 obo. Call 604-987-2948 Ad#: CONTRACTOR/LABOURER for Reno team. Wide range of skills/tasks.School or industry exp. 5+ yrs.

Plants & Trees

No Credit Checks! Cash same day, local office 604-777-5046

TOP FLOOR quiet side of bldg 650sf 1br+den condo nr Hosp, & Sky train $244K 778-241-4101 see id5580

1310 7005

Body Work


Now Open - New Girls Chinese, Japenese, Korean, Punjabi, Thai, Caucasian. Great Massage Now Hiring. 10am-Midnight every day. 2263 Kingsway at Nanaimo St. Van., 604.294.8038

The Art of Asian Bodycare 7days, 10am-8pm, 604-980-8809 101-1075 Marine Dr, North Van


Love’s # 604-244-9350 On Site # 604-729-7313




You Want It We’ve Got It

PARTS PERSON. Join BC’s Largest Volume Outdoor Power Equipment Sales and Service Center with over 20 employees serving BC since 1986. We require immediately, one FullTime(Year-round) experienced Parts Person to join our Parts Department. Duties include Counter Sales, Telephone inquiries and Sales, Parts Lookup(Both Computer and Manual), Inventory stocking and merchandising. This F/T position requires applicant to have knowledge f the outdoor power equipment industry, superior customer service skills, and excellent communicative and organizational skills. Medical and Dental plan. Salary is commensurate with experience. Mail resume to: Fraser Valley Equipment Ltd., 13399 72nd Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3W-2N5, Fax: 604-599-8840, Email:

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Escort Services

The Fox Den @ Metro Town 100 Vancouver Escorts online


Condos/ Townhouses



STEVESTON VERY large 1284 sf 2br 2ba top fl condo amazing mtn views, $455K 604-275-7986 see id5376



Houses - Sale


ALDERGROVE SXS DUPLEX 80K below assessment. $3100mo rent $529,900 firm 604-807-6565 see id3428



Recreation Property


LANGLEY BUILD your dream home, secluded 5 ac view ppty, well inst $630,000 604-825-3966 see id4513


HATZIC LAKE Swans Point, 1 hr from Vanc incl lot & 5th wheel ski, fish, $134,500. 604-209-8650 see id5491


Houses - Sale


Real Estate


Other Areas BC

At WE BUY HOMES We CASH YOU OUT FAST! We Also Take Over Your Payments Until Your Home is Sold. No Fees! No Risk! Call us First! (604)- 626-9647



CULTUS LK gardener’s dream 1160 sf 2 br 1.5 ba rancher, a/c 55+ complex $63K 604-858-9301 see id5400

Legal/Public Notices

NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS NOTICE is hereby given that creditors and others having claims against the Estate of CATHERINE ANNE STEVENSON, Deceased, late of 530 Eastcot Road, in the City of West Vancouver, in the Province of British Columbia, V7S 1E4, who died on the 5th day of February, 2013, are required to send full particulars of such claims to the undersigned Executor, on or before the 1st day of August, 2013, after which date the Estate assets will be distributed, having regard only to claims that have been received. MD PRIVATE TRUST COMPANY Executor 200 - 575 West 8th Avenue Echelon Centre, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 0B2

WEST VANCOUVER, Garage Sale, 2289 Inglewood Avenue Dundarave: Sunday June 9, 10 AM - 2 PM, Yard Sale great stuff - photo frames, pottery, bread maker, juicer, household goods. Sunday 10-2. No earlies please! Rain or Shine.

Mobile Homes

Okanagan/ Interior

Estate Sale Sat June 8th, 9am-2pm

OCEAN FRONT boat access only 2 yr old 1600sf 3br 2.5ba 30min from W Van $799K 778-998-9141 see id5424

1130 Crestline Rd

Household items, some furniture etc. etc.



MOVING SALE Fri, Sat & Sun June 7, 8 & 9, 9am - 5pm 412 Vienna Cres

WEST SECHELT, custom built home, 3000 sq ft, 3-6 bdrm, 3 full baths, gas f/p, gourmet kitchen, vaulted ceilings, skylights, partial ocean view, close to school & shops, Reduced $509,000 to $479,000. 604-885-7088


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Legal/Public Notices

NOTICE of Foreclosure is hereby given that on Sunday, June 16th, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. at 219 Mackay Rd. North Vancouver, B.C., V7P 3N6, the undersigned, Advanced Storage Centres will sell at Public Auction, by competitive bidding, the personal property heretofore stored with the undersigned. Lorayne Newton......Unit 0670 Jan Habal................Unit 0344 CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let your past limit your career plans!Since 1989 Confidential, Fast Affordable - A+ BBB Rating employment & travel freedom. all for free info booklet 1-8-now-pardon (1-866-972-7366)



Electronics, furniture, kitchenware, TV, dvds, clothing, bikes & more

Out Of Town Property

4.7 Acres, Roberts Creek, (10mins to Gibbons) 5 BR home, barn, shop, fenced, very priv, $659K, Call John 604-886-5808

Real Estate Investment

LANGLEY RENOD sxs duplex +1/2ac lot, rental income $2,300 /month $489,900 604-807-6565 see id3186





Sat. June 8th 9am-2pm 2758 St. Christophers Rd. Household, pictures, kitchen ware etc. No Early Birds!!

Garage Sale

GARAGE Sale Lynn Valley 3265 Bermon place Sat. June 8, 9 AM - 2 PM, Sun. June 9, 9 AM - 12 PM Large Combo Estate and Reno sale. Multi family. Furniture, clothes, books, fax, scanner, Toys, Lamps, knick knacks. Bikes - come shopping - Don’t go home empty handed!

******************* NORTH VANCOUVER, Garage Sale, 844 SHAKESPEARE AVE Lynn Valley: Sunday June 9, 10 AM - 2 PM, Various items for sale ********************* NORTH VAN

SUPER GARAGE SALE Sat/Sun June 8th & 9th 10am - 4pm 1285 22nd St W (back lane)

Vintage Collectibles, paintings & carpets. NORTH VAN

Garage Sale

SUN June 9th, 10-4 362 East 12th

Unique & Antiques, matching bevelled ledded windows, french doors & cabinet doors, stain glass windows plus more! North Van

GIANT 8 FAMILY SALE Sunday, June 9th, 10am-2pm 340, 342 & 346 W 22nd St Furniture, household items, books, toys, clothes & deals!

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MULTI FAMILY SALE Sat, June 8th 10am - 2pm In lane 333 W 20th St Kids stuff, tools, misc, plants & more

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North Van MASSIVE 5 FAMILY SALE Sat, June 8, 8:30am - 2pm Sun, June 9, 10am - 1pm 225 West 14th St Over 2000 items, Quality. Clean household, linens, bedding, decor, collectibles (vintage glassware, lamps), books, electronics, closet organizer, patio table, fans, armoire, furniture, mexican bathroom sink, vanity, kitchen table, jewelry, skincare, toys, handbags, clothes, baby crib, luggage, bike rack. Something for everyone! North Vancouver

★ Large 44 ★ ★ BIKE SALE★

Adult & Youth Sat/Sun, June 8 & 9 9am to 3pm 3373 Duval Road



Garage Sale

North Van

MULTI FAMILY GARAGE SALE Saturday, June 8th, 9:30am-1:30pm 4577 Ramsay Road North Van

MULTI-FAMILY GARAGE SALE Saturday, June 8 10am - ? 894 Friar Cresent Lots of miscellaneous. North Van


Sat. June 8th 9:00am- 2:00pm 4191 Glenhaven Cres. Quality household, furniture and much more. North Van

Yard Sale Sat June 8th 9am-2pm 321 Lynn Ave

Furniture, children’s toys, household items, clothes, & misc. No early’s

North Van

MULTI FAMILY LANE SALE! 15 Families Sat. 9-1 June 8th

500 block East 11th St. RAIN or SHINE

Lots of treasures & deals! North Van



A residential redevelopment is being proposed for the Dollarton Shipyard and McKenzie Barge and Marineways ship repair facilities at 3829-3919 Dollarton Highway. You are invited to an information meeting about the project. Date: Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 Time: 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Location of Meeting: Seymour Golf and Country Club 3723 Mount Seymour Parkway, North Vancouver Polygon Development 270 Ltd. proposes to amend the Official Community Plan and rezone these industrial properties to residential use. The development proposal is for 95 multi-family residential units at a density of 0.85 FSR. Eighty of the homes are apartments in 4-storey wood-frame buildings, and fifteen homes are attached townhomes along the foreshore. The proposal also includes substantial environmental remediation to rehabilitate the natural foreshore and Roche Point Creek, as well as a public walkway linking Cates Park to the existing walkway along the foreshore. The meeting is being held as required by the District of North Vancouver and the applicant will present details of the proposal. Information packages are being distributed to residents within a minimum 75 meter radius of the site. If you would like to receive a copy or if you would like more information, contact Cynthia Melosky of Polygon Development 270 Ltd. at 604-877-1131 or Doug Allan of the Community Planning Department at 604-990-2357 or bring your questions and comments to the meeting. * This is not a Public Hearing. Council will receive a report from staff on issues raised at the meeting and will formally consider the proposal at a later date.



LOG CABINS new 1 bd for sale 10’ x 20’ (portable) only $149/mo oac. Delivery all BC, Cheaper then storage. Various sizes. 604-791-1865 Chwk

CRANBROOK 2060SF 4br 3ba reno’d home w/side suite on 2 lots $239,900 778-887-4530 see id5304


Household items, some furniture, etc. etc.

MERRITT HERITAGE style 3070 sf 4br 5ba on 9.9ac lot detached shop, view $895K 250-378-8857 see id5592

GUILDFORD 1900SF 3br 2ba w/basement suite on huge 8640 sf lot, $489,000 604-613-1553 see id5608

Garage Sale

Sat June 8th 9am-5pm 915 Burley Drive

HATZIC LAKE 1 hr drive from Vanc, 2 vacant lots 1 is lakefront $65K is for both 604-302-3527 see id5588

FLEETWOOD RENO’D 2140sf 4br 3ba, large 7100sf lot, bsmt suite $529,000. 604-727-9240 see id5617 SMALL PEACEFUL farm set up for horses right beside South Langley riding trail. Bright & comfortable older 2 bd home, f/p, barn, riding rings, pastures. $849,900. Call 604-323-4788 See ID: 76788


Moving Sale


For Sale by Owner

GARAGE SALES West Vancouver

LANGLEY NR town fully reno’d 2474sf home on 5ac ppty, bsmt suite $1,150,000 604-825-3966 see id5582 FORT LANGLEY 2300sf 5br w/suite above 3 additional rental units $965K 604-882-6788 see id5533


Lots & Acreage

Langley/ Aldergrove

S. Surrey/ White Rock

PARTIAL OCEAN view, 920sf 2br+den 2ba quiet condo, kids, pets ok. $309,000 778-294-2275 see id5575


Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A49

NORTH VANCOUVER, Garage Sale, 3498 Anne Macdonald Way, Northlands: Saturday June 8, 9 AM - 2 PM, We’re Moving - Giant Garage / Yard / Moving Sale Furniture Housewares Sporting equipment / bikes More furniture Baby Gear Knick Knacks AND much much more!

THRIFT & TREASURE SALE Sat Jun 8th 10am - noon 3201 Mountain Highway Lynn Valley United Church 25 tables of everything!! Rain or shine

North Vancouver


Sat. June 8th 9:00am - 2:00pm Illahee - 1500 Bowser Ave. Tons of magnificent treasures! North Van Furniture, clothing, tools, sports equip, household and much more! Sat 9-2 3853 Brockton Cres. No earlies please. North Vancouver

MULTI-FIRENDS SPRING SALE Sunday, June 9th 9:30am - 3:30pm 270 East Keith Road

Golf bag, antiques, crystal, womens clothes, designer shoes, cat door. From treasures to the household practical. Pls No Early Birds! West Van


Sat. & Sun, Jun 8th & 9th 9am-3pm 4953 Water Lane Designer clothes, household, some furniture, etc. Don’t miss it!

NORTH VANCOUVER, 1225 E. Keith Road Pro Arte Dance Centre Keith Rd & Mtn Hwy Sun June 9, 11 AM - 2 PM HUGE MULT-FAMILY PARKING LOT SALE! Something for everyone! FURNITURE, BIKES, HOUSEWARES, BOOKS, CLOTHING, ELECTRONICS, KIDS STUFF, DANCE GEAR! Rain or Shine. (indoors if raining)

WEST VAN A HUGE MOVING SALE by International Artist/ Designer/Collector >than 1,000 items from $20. Bronze sculpture, designer furniture, paintings, art books. June 8th & 9th 9am-8pm 567 Craigmohr Dr. in British Properties 604-561-5679

GARAGE Sale, 1533 Graveley St & Neighbours Pemberton Heights: Sat. June 8, 9 AM - 2 PM, Multi family Garage Sale...Upright piano, clothing, sporting goods, and household items. Rain or Shine.

West Vancouver GARAGE SALE RARE ITEMS 1225 Renton Rd Sat, June 8, 10am - 5pm Rain or Shine 60 Intellevision games in boxes, 150 8-track tapes, table tennis table, Expo 86 items & misc. Low Prices

A50 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals


Bachelors! 1 Bedrooms! 2 Bedrooms! City & Mtn. Views. Includes heat & hot water. Pool, Jacuzzi, sauna & tennis courts on site. Security & video monitoring. On major bus route.

RENTALS 604-980-3606

CENTRAL LONSDALE ★June 15 Spacious 1 BR. Features large kitchen, lots of storage, heat/hot water incl. N/s, n/p. $960 604-983-0634 1 & 2 BR’s, view, avail Now, 1 year lse, 125 West 19th, N/S, No Pets, coin w/d, 778-554-0537 1 BR , $900/mo, South Facing, Avail. July 15 Gated prkg, quiet, drapes, heat incl. no pets. 1 yr lease, walk to seabus 170 W 4th. 604-987-0558

1 BIG Studio, 1000sf, by Sea Bus, fp, hw fls, hi ceiling, south patio, view, 7appls, in flr ht, a/c, hw, cble, net, alrm, u/g prkg, storage, $1395, 604-986-9931 1 BR, 10th flr, Vista E. highrise, view, prkg, locker, gym, insuite w/d, July 1, ref req 604-617-0905 1 Br, $880, 1st flr, June 1 Heat & h/w incl. quiet. gated, free outside prkg, no pets 1 yr lease. 310 E. 2nd. 604-700-7572

1 BR, Fab View, all new bath/ kitch/appls, 800sf, top corner, avail now, $1600, 604-986-4927


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals

2 BR large, $1200, July 1st, heat, hot water, hardwood flrs, storage, ns, np, 604-971-2456 2 BR large, Lower Lonsdale, hardwood, $1300 incl heat, h/w. avail Jul 1. Cat ok. 604-986-2095 2 BR, ste, $1100, Avail July 15 Gated prkg, quiet, drapes, heat incl. no pets, 1 yr lease, 321 East 2nd. 604-987-5802

2 BR, Woodcroft, 11th flr, South West, incl all amens, rent negotiable, July 1, 604-922-1299 3 BR- Branches Complex Lynn Valley, nearby schools, mall, transit. $1825, available July 1st. 604-351-9777 BACH $725, avail July, balc 18/Lonsdale carpet, incl heat/ hw, 1 yr lease. np, ns, 604-988-4692 BACH $795, 1BR $909, reno’d, clean, view, 2nd/St Andrews, np, JuLY 1, incls heat hotwater & prkg. Call 604-984-2148 BACH $850/mo New Reno’s, June 15th, heat, hotwater, h/w floors, ns, np, 604-971-2456 BACHELOR: CORNER, ground floor unit with private entry available in quiet building. Available July 1st $750/month includes heat and H/W. Ph 604.726.4884 BACHELOR: UPDATED Basement unit in quiet building. Available Now $725/mth includes heat, H/W & hydro. Ph 604.726 4884. Bright 1 BR $950, 2BR $1250, incl heat/hotwater, prkg, hw flrs, balc, quiet bldg, E 21st, avail July 1st, no pets, 604-990-4088 Delbrook Gardens 777 W. Queens, 2 br $1595, 3 br $2100 604-990-2971, Wkends 778-227-5042

1 BR, new bath/laminate flrs, Now, central Lonsdale, suit quiet ns, np, $950/mo, 604-320-9238

1 BR, top flr 3rd & Mahon, n/s, n/p, $985 incl heat/hw/ 1 prkg, lease. 604-990-9388 1 BR top flr S/W, E 5th Lonsdale gated prkg, $930 incl heat, h/w, ns/np, 1st June 604-983-9469

151 W. 2nd St. 604-908-7368, 1 BR on 11th flr., balc, pkg, no pets, lease, $1400.

MOUNTAIN VILLAGE APTS 2 & 3 BR’s Apt, Avail Now, 1, 2, 3 BR’s, Avail July 1st Call 604-988-3828


145 West Keith Road. Studios, 1 BR’s & 2 BR’s (Avail Now & July 1) Beautiful views. Indoor pool. Heat & Hot Water included. Small pet ok.


1BR W. 20th & Lonsdale, heat, hw & prkg, no pet, ns, July 1st. Refs req’d. 604-960-0452 2 BDRM, Central Lonsdale, 3rd floor, very lrg suite, newer reno’s incl’d new appliances & dishwasher, faces south, heat & h/water incl, no pets, $1750 604-838-5020, 604-699-5264


1 BDRM, Central Lonsdale, 2nd floor, newer reno’s incl’d new appliances, dishwasher, faces north, heat & h/water incl, no pets, $1150. 604-838-5020, 604-699-5264


2 BR $1130 July 1, cntrl Lonsdale, carpets, incls heat & h/w, no pets, 604-986-6418 2 BR, 1.5 bath, 2 storey walk up, Lower Lons, bright, 2 balcs, 7 appls, gas fp, hw flr, 1 prkg, storage, ns/np, no parties, suits quiet, ref’s, $1400/mo, 604-462-0444 , lv msg 2 BR 2 bath, Lower Lonsdale, Esplanade Ave, $1950 neg. To view call 604-953-0952 2 BR avail July 1. Lynn Valley, large $1195. Parklike Setting, Outdoor Pool, Playground. drapes, heat & prkg. incld. 1 yr lease. no pets 1228 Emery Pl. 604- 987- 4922

2 BR, corner, Lonsdale & 6, hardwood, storage, new paint, cat ok $1275, Now, 604-986-4927

BRIGHT Studio Condo Central Lonsdale 550 sq ft, granite, gas f/p, d/w, new carpet. W/D, secured parking, alarm option, private patio. Heat, hot water, hydro includ. N/S, N/P, 1 year lease, July 1. No Pets $950/mo. email:

PARKRIDGE TERRACE 110 E. Keith Rd. Great location, park like setting, sauna, indoor pool, parking available. ★ Bachelor $825, 1 BR + den $1185, 2 BR $1425 No pets, 604-988-7379

SUITES @ The Pier 9ft ceiling, air

con, 7 appl, 1 prkg, 100 E. Esplanade: 1 br $1,350, 2 & 3 br $2,450 - $3300, 162 Victory Ship Way 1 br $1,600 hotel/gym access Anson Rlty Helen 604-671-7263.


Apartments & Condos


West Van Apt. Rentals

Westwind Apts 2025 Bellevue Ave, 2 bdrm mnt view & bach. Cat OK Senior discount 604-913-0734

1 & 2 BDRM

Recently reno’d, available in quiet waterfront building, spectacular ocean view, No pets, non-smoking. 2180 Argyle Ave. West Vanc. 604-913-1849 for viewing appointment 2BR NR Cap U, very spacious, reno’d, ns/np, $1300 incls ht/hw, 1 prkg, July 1, 604-921-4384 Ambleside across from beach, 2 bdrm, patio, garden, w/d, f/p, n/s, $1500/m. Now, 604-925-6046


Studios (Avail July 1), 1 BR’s (Avail Now & July 1), Mnt/ Ocean views, incl. heat & h/w. Tennis courts, indoor pool, saunas, exercise & games rooms. Walk to beach & shops. Small pet ok.



Apartments & Condos


Duplexes - Rent

3 BR, 3 1/2 bath, 5 yrs old, 6 appls, nr Cap Mall, schools & park. $2100. July 1st. 604-986-5571, 604-518-2548 UP & Down duplex with great view, from the master bdrm, suits executive family with teenage children 2 small br’ s, many built in features, back yard with large deck & mature trees, $2800mth. Refs req’d. 406 E. 4th St. By Appt only. 604-984-2030. Pics avail


Furnished Accommodation

FURN ROOM for rent, working male or student, $625/mnth all inc Lwr Lonsdale 604-980-2285 HOMAWAY INNS Specializing in furn accom at reas rates. call 604-723-7820 or visit

BRIT Prop view, wd, garden 3 opt’s: 1B/1Ba 1000sf, 1B/2Ba 2000sf, 3B/2Ba 2000sf. Now 604-374-4544

CONDO 1 Whole Floor, 2800 sf, 3 br, den, on Seawalk, $6,495 long term. 604-926-9818

EXEC WATERFRONT view apt, 2 br, 2 bath, 1410 sf, big balcony, insuite laundry, new reno, 2 prkg Aug 1st. $4000. 778-881-0673 Luxury Over The Seawall! BACHELOR, 1 BR, pool, rec. room, pet ok, 2190 Bellevue Ave 604-926-6287

Park Royal Towers

Completely Renovated All Utilities Included

1 BR (700-770 sq.ft.) 2 BR (1070 sq.ft.) 3 BR (1370 sq.ft.) Penthouse (1650 sq.ft.) Spectacular City & Ocean Views’ Huge Balconies Walk to Shops & Transit Hardwood Floors Gym, Swimming Pool

604-922-3246 935 Marine Drive

STUNNING OCEANFRONT LOCATION Shorewood Manor 2020 Bellevue Avenue 1 BR for $1390 Large 2 BR from $3000 Unobstructed Water Views Professionally Managed Indoor pool, No Pets, Incl Heat & Hot Water Call 604.926.2713 The West Royal, nr Park Royal South, 2 BR, 2ba, solarium, 2 prkg, laminate floors in dining/ living room, inste wd, gym, pool, sauna, np, ns, July 1 or 15, $2750/mo, 604-912-0115

TUCKTON PLACE 1520 Chesterfield. Studio apt there for $850. and a 1 bdrm for $995. 604 990-2971, wknd 778-340-7406

The Pink Palace on the Seawall

WOODCROFT CAPILANO large updated 2 br, w/patio, i/door pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym , July 1st n/s, n/p $1,550/mth incl heat/hyrdo. prkg& locker. 604-307-4990

Indoor/outdoor pools. Fitness centre & billiard room, no smoking 2222 Bellevue Ave. To view: 604-926-0627


3 Bdrm

Appliance Repairs

SERVICE & PARTS. Licenced & Insured. Washers, Dryers, Stove, Fridge, Dishwashers. 604-346-8925



$20/HR. Quality House cleaning. 604-983-3477 ✫✫A CLEAN SWEEP ✫✫ Reliable Housecleaning service. 778 836-9970 ✫✫ 604 987-9970

★VICTORIA PARK SHORT STAY ★ 1 & 2 BR Apts, Ideal for 1-6 mo stay, Renos, families, pets ok, Execs. Call 604-329-3272


Houses - Rent

2558 Queens Ave, West Van. 12,000 sqft property, 5,500 sqft Home. Terrific Views. 4 bdrms, 5 baths, open plan. Comes Furnished. $8,000/mth, 1 yr lease Call Kim Hambling 604-808-5122 or for more info/pics go to:

3BRM/2BA FURNISHED West Windsor Rd, all incl, avail July1, N/S, $3,850/month. vitamacd@ 4 BR, 4 bth, Excellent View $3500-$5500. Available NOW 778.888.8888 WEST VAN, Dundarave, 4 bdrm, walk to shops/seawall, $3600/m, no pets, Details @ 604-319-7674


Office/Retail Rent

150sf - 600sf Prime Office Space Avail for Lease. Excellent Rates! Call Jeff or Ross 604-980-3003 ARTIST SPACE for rent, 180 sf, skylights on 2nd flr, quiet bldg, Pemberton & Welch, $400/m, incl tax/hydro, (not live in accom). 604-986-6682 or 604-250-4328


Suites/Partial Houses

1 BDRM Upper Delbrook, bright above ground ste on quiet CDS! New cond & appl, includes f/p, utils, cable & priv entr. N/S, N/P, July 1. $1025/m, 604-990-0540 1 BR, Dollarton, bright, above grd patio, priv garden entry, share w/d nr bus, shops & park, ns np. $900 incl util, immed. 604-929-4592 1 BR, priv sep waterfront cottage. nr Cap U/bus, ns, own wd July 1 $1200 incl cbl/net 778-998-1921 2 BEDROOM Luxury Basement Suite $2000. Available NOW 778.888.8888 2 BR above grnd ste, reno’d, f/p, no pet, ns, nr Edgemont, $1,025 incl utils 778-879-3842 lv mess.

BEAUTIFUL North Shore Gates, Fences, Arbors. 778-322-8645 Good Neighbour Fence & Deck Cedar, Chain link, Gates, Arbours Reasonable rates. 604-987-4522


Quality work by professionals Repairs and construction 604-230-3559


Flooring/ Refinishing

BONDED CLEANERS with 15 yrs exp res & construction cleaning avail for work 604-831-3399

INSTALLATION REFINISHING, Sanding. Free est, great prices. Satisfaction guar. 604-518-7508

GOLDEN GIRLS - Senior’s House Cleaning & Home Services Inc. Call 604-984-6999






Excavating - Drain Tile Old garage, carport, house, pool, repair main waterline, break concrete & removal. Licensed • Insured • WCB




No More HST! BOOK NOW! • Gutter Installation, Cleaning & Repairs • Roofing & Roof Repairs • Moss Control, Removal & Prevention 25 year Warranteed Leaf & Needle Guard

WCB – Fully Insured 100% Money Back Guarantee





DRAINAGE & PLUMBING Specialize in Waterlines 604-729-6695




AFFORDABLE, Reliable, Quality Guaranteed. Boarding, Taping, Spraytex. Dave 604-984-7476 VINCE’S MAGIC Drywalling & textured ceiling repairs. Complete drywall & taping. 604-307-2295



The current choice serving the Lower Mainland for more than 15 years. All Kinds of Work and Reasonable Rates.

Contact us today for a free estimate.

Max: 604-341-6059 Licensed & Bonded

Lic. 22308

#18405 Electrician Best Rates,

Local, Reliable, 24-7, All jobs 100% satisfaction. 604-765-8439 Adam

ALL YOUR electrical & reno needs. Lic’d electrician #37940. Bonded & insured 604-842-5276

3 BDRM main floor, Upper Lynn Valley, $1500 incls utils, n/s, n/p, Avail July 1st. 604-980-6653

LOOKING FOR A NORTH SHORE Electrician? Call Positron 778-859-4154



Excavating - Drain Tile Demolitions. Fully insured • WCB 604-716-8528


Y.K. Landscaping Co. Ltd.


20 Years Experience Retaining Walls, Paving Stones, Rock Garden, Fences Water Sprinklers SPECIAL SUMMER CLEAN-UP (Garden) Design - Consultation- Installation 604-518-5661 $23 LAWN CUTS based on 2000 sqft. We also offer a full array of services. or call 604-990-1252 Greenworx Redevelopment Inc. Hedges, pavers, ponds & walls, returfing, demos, drainage, jackhammering. Old pools filled in, decks, concrete 604.782.4322

LANDROCK: CUSTOM Stonework & Landscapes for over 50 yrs! All jobs, big or small. Fully ins, Work Safe. Call for free prof est. Aldo, 604-834-8643, Anthony, 778-321-2536

Lawn & Garden

A.A.BEST PRO GARDEN SERVICES LTD. Lawn Maintenance, Power Raking, Moss Control, Aerating, Trim, Top, Prune, etc. Call Sukh

604.726.9152 604.984.1988

A.All Area Gardening Service Lawn Maintenance • Aerating Moss Control • Power Raking Trim • Prune • Top • Gen. Clean-up


−Augering −Water & Sewer line repair & replacement −Sumps −Drain Tile −Concrete Work −Foundation, −Excavation −Retaing Walls −Site restored Call Ron 778-227-7316 or 604-568-3791




2 BR, great ste, Blueridge, new kitch, inste wd, ns/np, $1380 incl utils, Now/July 1, 604-787-6245

2BDRM/1BTH Large. Patio, near Edgemont. Incls Util. No pets, NS. $1,250.

★ Beautiful Cedar Fence ★ Best Price, European Craftmanship, ERWIN 778-835-5015

Reasonable rates, exc refs. For free est. Anna Cell 778-868-7714

DNE ELECTRIC Lic #89267 ALL Your Electrical Needs. Panel Upgrading. Reasonable Free Estimate 604-999-2332

Edgmont Village, very large 2br, inste wd, adult oriented, $1600 + % utils, ns/np, Now 604-306-2800


Golden Hardwood & Laminate & Tiles. Prof install, refinishing, sanding & repairs. 778-858-7263


Beautiful 1 br furn hi-rise apts, Max 2 prof, np/ns. short/long term 604-715-9184



N.C.B. CONCRETE LTD. Specializing in residential concrete. Repair, removal and new installation. Patio specialists. 604-988-9523, 604-988-9495


1550 Duchess Ave, W. Van. Studio & 1 Br avail Fitness facility, Key less entry, Move-In Bonus, outdoor pool, nr shops, transit & Seawall. 1 yr lease, N/pets. Heat, hw incl’d. Member of Crime Free MultiHousing Program 604-922-4322


West Van Apt. Rentals

SUB PENTHOUSE Seastrand, 2 BR furnish/unfurnish. Short/long term $3500/$3200. 604-929-8410



Installed • Cleaned • Repaired

604-876-4604 TROY TEATHER GUTTERS 15% OFF - 604-925-8711



604-761-7745 ARMS & Minds Renos Carpentry cabinets, doors, finishing, flooring, tile, drywall, paint, deck, fence, siding, electrical, plumbing. 25 yrs exp.

604-726-9153 604-926-1526

Garden Services

Certified Horticulturists Design • Planting • Maintenance Yard Clean-ups. Call Scott.


Performance Garden Service

ABBA RENOVATION carpentry, plumbing, wiring, painting, tiling. Work guar, Refs. (604)805-8463/ 986-4026


ABLE RENOVATIONS All home repairs & renos, large & small, North Shore only 604 319-2677

Graig 604-986-3463

AGRIOS HOME IMPROVEMENT Home Maintenance & Repairs. Experienced, Reliable Service, Reasonable Rates Call Michael – 604 619-1126

CARPENTRY- STRUCTURAL work, beams, framing, mouldings. Professional, precise & licensed. Call 778-233-0559 HANDYMAN - framing, decks, tiles, re-roof. Total additions & basements. Ken 604-500-2426 SUNRISE PAINTING Drywall repair, textured ceiling & mouldings. Cell 604-657-6465



604-RUBBISH - ’’ We do all the loading & cleanup and we remove almost anything'' 604-782-2474



BATHROOMS & much more. 30 yrs on the North Shore. Working within your budget. 778-387-3626


Empty your Garage Fill Your Wallet

MAKE IT A SUCCESS! Call 604-630-3300

Free Estimates

2013 Special Aeration, moss control $95. Lawn maintenance 604-726-9153 & 604-926-1526 All West Garden Services Lawn maint, p/raking, moss control, aerating, trim, prune top, general cleanups... CALL SUKH 604-716-8479 or 604-984-1988 Capilano Landscaping Beds, Hedges & Beyond! Call 604-878-1300 for a free estimate GREAT LOOKING Landscapes Full service landscape & garden maint. Call Dave: 604-764-7220 JB GARDEN'S Hedges, trimming & cleanups, pruning, weeding. Call Terry 604-354-6649 LIONS GATE Landscaping Ltd. Your Maintenance & Landscape Specialist 604-788-9687 Ny Ton Gardening Trimming, Shrubs, Pruning, Yard Cleanup, 604-782-5288 PACIFIC WEST LANDSCAPE SUPPLY. Soil, sand, gravel. We accept green waste. 1990 W 1st, North Van. 604-980-8334 TOP SOIL, sand, gravel, etc. Pick-up or Delivery. Headwater Management, 175 Harbour Ave, North Van 604-985-6667 ENGLISH LAWNS, new lawn installs, replace old, drainage, landscaping, pavers, etc. Any size job. Nick, 604-929-7732

Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A51



ARCADIA STONEWORK bricks, blocks, natural, cultured & paving stones. Alex - 778-895-6170 LANDROCK: CUSTOM Stonework & Landscapes for over 50 yrs! All jobs, big or small. Fully ins, Work Safe. Call for free prof est. Aldo, 604-834-8643, Anthony, 778-321-2536 STONE VALLEY, for walls, walk ways, patios, fireplaces, 20+ yrs exp. Call Duane 604-910-2121


Home Services

Glenex Home Services

● Renovations ● Plumbing ● Electrical

Serving North Shore Since 1985


Painting/ Wallpaper


Free Estimate



Cell 604-657-6465 or 604-987-6560 A CLEAN PAINT JOB. Quality 1 room from $137. Int-ext, WCB 22 yrs exp. Cell: 604-727-2700 ALL HOME PAINTING & RESTORATION Comm/Residential 604-290-7176


Excellent Pro Painting Service 20 yrs exp, refs, warranty. Reas, res/comm Richard 604-618-0205 EXTERIOR & INTERIOR PAINT & WOOD STAINING Call 604-281-0807 FAIRWAY PAINTING, Int/ ext. Fully Insured, 20 yrs exp. Call 604-729-1234


Moving & Storage


1175 W.15 St. North Van

Garbage Removal • Deliveries


Licensed & Insured

Give us an estimate and we will beat it!

Call 778.994.5403

Local & long distance Call 604-720-0931


• Kitchen Remodels • Bathroom Remodels • Secondary Suites • Flooring & Trim


• Additions • Siding & Stucco • Doors & Windows • Decks & Balconies

Painting/ Wallpaper


• Exterior/Interior Projects • Written Warranty • Years of Experience • Fully Insured • WCB Covered Residential Specialists



ALLQUEST PAINTING Quality Work You Can Trust! Interior & Exterior ★ UNBEATABLE PRICES ★ Free Est. / Written Guarantee



FAIRWAY PAINTING Fully Insured 20 yrs. exp. • Free Est.


Call 604-


MARK GRIFFITHS Painting Co. Affordable Quality. Locally Owned & Operated. References • Insured


• Strata Maintenance • Structural Changes • Burnt Siding • Rot Repair

Precision Craftsmanship, Professional Service Licenced - Insured - WCB Covered




Renovations & Home Improvement

★ 3 Licensed Plumbers ★ 66 years of exp. 604-830-6617

BUILD PROS CONSTRUCTIONAll types of construction & renos 604-780-8118

Actual Plumbing & Heating, Boilers, Furnaces, Tankless, Hotwater tanks, 24/7, Seniors Disc. Lic. BBB, 604-874-4808

J a m e s W a lte r Ca rp e n try Renovations, Structural Work, Decks, Stairs, Gazebos, All Insurance. Call 604-788-8863

SAVE ON PLUMBING Licensed Plumber/Gas fitter, $68/HR. Same day service. Insured, BBB member Call 604-987-7473 Samy


Renovations & Home Improvement

Free Estimates!

MILANO PAINTING & RENOS Int/Ext. Free Est. Written Guar. Prof & Insured. 604 551-6510 Complete Painting Package delivered on time & budget. Call: (604) 836-9675

NO TAX Special! * We are pleased to offer High Quality Home Improvements • New construction • Renovations - Basements • Additions - Decks • Kitchens - Bathrooms • Laneway Houses - Drainage *No job too big or too small

OSZVALD’S PAINTING (1974) Int & ext painting, pressure washing, papering, taping, texturing. Res & comm 604-980-4249


Patios/Decks/ Railings

WCB – Fully Insured 100% Money Back Guarantee

604-340-7189 * Expires in 30 days ACCREDITED BUSINESS


PAINTING, LAMINATE flrs, baseboards, tiling, blinds. Clean, reliable. Free est. 604-338-1321 Quality Home Renovation Int/Ext Kitchen & Bath Call Mike Getzlaf 604 351 9316

· Quality Custom Glass Canopies · Interior/Exterior Glass Rails · Frameless Showers & Skylights

SN TOTAL HOME RENO Basements,bathrooms,decks. For free estimates 604-318-4054








Central Decking Co.



Paving/Seal Coating


Driveway, Walkway & Parking Lot Garage Apron / Speed Bump / Pot Hole / Patch Commercial & Residential


ALLEN ASPHALT concrete, brick, drains, foundations, walls, membranes 604-618-2304/ 820-2187

METRO BLACKTOP CO. LTD Custom work for Driveways & new lane Aprons. Repairs/resurfacing. Call Gino 604-657-9936 TERRY’S DRIVEWAY SEALING Anniversay Special • Free ests North Shore Co. 604-980-7507

One call does it all!

To advertise:



FROM DESIGN TO FINISH Complete Renos & Additions, incl.: Kitchen & Bath Improvements • Roofing • Sundecks • Door & Window Replacements

Bill 604-298-1222

You Want It We’ve Got It

Find Whatever You’re Looking for in the Classifieds.


Need a Fresh Look in or outside your Home? We specialize in custom renos, kitchen, bathroom & all interior & exterior renos

604 -290 -7176 Working Within Your Budget

Total Renos - Res & Comm 25 yrs exp. North Shore refs, Excellent Workmanship,

Call Hummingbird 778-387-3626

ALLQUEST PAINTING Quality Work You Can Trust! 778 997-9582 BAMFORD CONSTRUCTION Ltd. Quality Renovations. 604-986-2871

A-1 Contracting & Roofing ReRoofing & Repair. WCB. 25% Discount. Jag, 778-892-1530 AFFORDABLE QUALITY ROOFING All types. BBB, insured, references. 604-984-6560



Rubbish Removal

Check Out Our Website:

RUBBISH REMOVAL & Demolition Mark 604-219-0666


Stucco/Siding/ Exterior

All types - Reroofs & Repairs Insured/WCB 778-288-8357 Samra Bros. Roofing Ltd. 40 yrs+ Cedar / Fiberglass / Torch On Free Estimates. 604-946-4333


Rubbish Removal

Student Works

Disposal & Recycling Trips start at


B i n s f ro m 5 - 3 0 y a rd s a v a i l .

John 778-288-8009

10% OFF with this ad w w w.student

A RESPONSIBLE NORTH VAN MAN with truck ONLY $25 + dump charges 604-377-3175 ● BIN RENTALS ● ★ Top Soil Deliveries ★ 7 days a wk. Fast service 604-985-4211

Sand, Gravel, Soil, Rock Deliveries Bath, Kitchens, Suites & More Save Your Dollars! 604-451-0225

WCB – Fully Insured 100% Money Back Guarantee

• Build & Rebuild – waterproof decks • Specialize in seamless polyurethane membrane deck coatings • Sundecks – Balconies – Patios


BIN SERVICES for your Dirt Fill, Rock, Concrete or Asphalt Jobs. ● Load up to 8 c/yd-Demo 20 c/yd

• Roofing & Roof Repairs • Duroid, Cedar, Torch-on • Moss Control, Removal & Prevention • Gutter Installation, Cleaning & Repairs

LOCAL MOVERS big/small Moving, rubbish removal, recycling, etc 604-603-3533, 604-925-3186




Tel: 604-219-0666 THUNDERBIRD GLASS Glass canopies, ext/int glass rails, frameless glass shower enclosures. Rick/Wayne 604-980-7511


High Quality, Clean, Reliable




ROD’S RUBBISH REMOVAL Prompt, reliable, reasonable. Big/ small loads. 7 days 604-985-7193

Interior – Exterior

DUSKO PAINTING, Int/Ext. Com/ Res. Drywall repair. Free ests. 604-417-5917, 604-258-7300

Renovations Demolition Plumbing Drywall Carpentry ● Cabinetry Painting ● Electrical Kitchens & Bath Flooring ● Paving Fences & Decks Insured & WCB

Renovations & Home Improvement


★Free Estimates Gladly Given★

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●


Dalton Trucking 604-986-6944

BIN THERE DISPOSAL Disposal Bin Rentals. Same day service. 604-980-7600

Top Soil

Headwater Management TOP SOIL, SAND, GRAVEL, etc. Pick-up or Delivery 175 Harbour Ave. North Vancouver

604-985-6667 DC STUCCO. 21 years exp. Fast, friendly service. All types of Finishes & Repairs. 604-788-1385


A & Wes Tile top European quality Tile install custom bath-kitch 604-657-0343

Soil, Sand, Gravel & more We accept green waste Pick-up or Delivery 1990 West 1st, North Van 604-980-8334

PTV TILE INSTALLATIONS Ceramic Tile, Porcelain, Slate, 25 Yrs Exp. Santo 778-235-1772





Tree Services


Top Soil


Top Soil, Garden Soil, Fill Soil, Sand, Gravel, and More. Small and Large Deliveries. - Or you can pick up Dump Site for Dirt, Concrete, Asphalt. Dirt,Rock,Demo Bins, U-Load. Recycled Products, Blast Rock, Round Rock, Sorted Rocks


87 Mountain Hwy, N.Van.

Tree & Stump Removal Done Right! Trimming & Pruning. Fully Ins. Best rates.

604-787-5915 604-291-7778

10% discount with this ad

ROBIN’S 604-986-4091


Expert Tree Care - Cert. Arborist 25years exp. Fully Insured.

place ads online @

A52 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013



STK CD41381 WAS $18,900

STK 952570 WAS $27,900

Leather, 5spd, 80,000kms.

NOW $15,488

STK 952500

STK 952750 WAS $49,900

NOW $36,900

10 JEEP WRANGLER SAHARA Hardtop, 6spd.

WAS $25,900

NOW $23,900

Auto, loaded

STK 952650 WAS $28,900

NOW $26,900

1990 JAGUAR XJ6, auto, 40AJ6 eng, 6 cyl, good cond. well main, 4 new winter & 4new summer tires $3,000 obo. 604-987-9068

12 FORD F150 XLT STK 952640 WAS $35,900

1989 Bentley Turbo R Automatic, 37,000 kms, V8 LWB. Impressive Luxury sedan. Service records immaculate all options, Air Cared Certified. $24,500. Call: (604) 802-2203


1987 ROLLS Royce S.Spur Mint condition, as new 56K $27500 obo. 604-644-6061

NOW $34,900


STK 952530 WAS $32,900

STK 952330 WAS $26,900

2011 LEXUS IS350c V6 Better

than New! NAVI, lease or Buy? $45888. Bal 6-yr & 110km. Lexus Warranty D10578 AutoDepot 604-727-3111



No Wheels, No Problem


NOW $23,900


STK 952320 WAS $49,900

STK 952420 WAS $39,900



STK 952470 WAS $35,900

STK 8G64501 WAS $9,990

Rare cargo van, mint.

NOW $7,900



STK 952700 WAS $37,900

STK 952310 WAS $26,900

NOW $30,800

2003 PASSAT Wagon ’GLS’ 4-cyl 5-spd, local VW Serviced! $6880. 1yr Warr, lthr & roof rack! D10578. 604-727-3111 Auto Depot, NVan.

1994 AUDI Cabrio A4 Rare Offering! $6880. Pwr convertible top; alloys; service records; 1yr Warranty incl ; Showroom Car! Auto Depot 604-727-3111 #10578

local; V6; 50kms! 1 yr Warr incl d $22,888. Pano-roof; lux Lease or Buy? #10578 Auto Depot 604-727-3111 1397 Welch NVan

604-790-3900 OUR SERVIC 2H


SUPER SPECIALS 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport Auto, only 48,000kms. Stk# 13044B

6spd manual, black, hard top. Stk#P5708B


One owner, mint. STK 951950 WAS $18,900

• Manufacturer’s warranty • 30-day/2500 km no-hassle exchange privilege • 150 + point inspection • 24-hour roadside assistance



Northshore Auto Mall, 800 Automall Dr. North Van

2005 FORD Escape XLT 1yr warr, alloys, sale $7,750 fold flat seats, #10578 Auto Depot 64-727-31111397 Welch NVan

2006 SMART 'DIESEL' auto

74MPG or 3.8L per100kms! $6950. with 1-yr warr incl! Sale D10578. 604-727-3111 Auto Depot, NVan.

2001 SUBARU AWD Outback LTD

2008 LEXUS AWD IS250 Navi, 110 km, Bal of Lexus warr! Loaded; Lease/Buy! D10578. 604-727-3111 Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan. 2002 KIA Rio Wagon; 4cyl 5-sp &

2002 VW Jetta ’GLS’ local 4cyl & 5sp S/roof; 109Kms! 1 yr Warr, clean,local; NO Accid, $7,450. Lease or Buy? Auto Depot Nvan 604-727-3111 D# 10578

2009 Nissan GT-R Premium 49K kms, original owner, cdn car, gun Metal, nav., XM sat. radio, bluetooth, custom exhaust, Eibach springs, Euro clear marker lenses, V-One radar wiring, service records, CarProof available, excellent condition. $68,888. Email:

2005 VOLVO XC90 T6 AWD

Luxury SUV 6-cyl; Watch DVD’ s Low km,1 Yr Warr $11,888. #10578 Auto Depot 604-727-3111



NOW $15,900

2004 JAGUAR XJ8, fully loaded, serviced, exc cond. $10,500 Estate sale W. Van 604-837-9578

only 95kms! Clean/Safe affordable 1-yr Warr incl $4650. D10578. 604-727-3111 Auto Depot, NVan.



STK 952520 WAS $33,900

#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200

AWD, low kms, one owner.

NOW $24,900

'XTR', 1 yr warr, $7850 D10578. 604-727-3111 Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan.


NOW $36,900 2008 FORD EDGE Limited AWD

Hemi, navigation, sunroof, leather.

Sports & Imports

Sports & Imports

2002 F-150 Ford Super Cab 4x4

MIKE: 604-872-0109 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer. Mfr wrty until 2016. Ralliart Ed. Auto, recent brks/tires, 116k KM. 1 owner. All records avail. $7,900 OBO. 604.340.3145

Leather, loaded.


small V8, Tow & Go! lthr 1-owner! $5880. incl 1Yr Warr All options! $4,850 D10578 Auto Depot, 604-727-3111

Scrap Car Removal


4x4, loaded.


NOW $35,900

NAVI pkg! Spotless in/out! Lease or Buy? Sale $22,888. Trade-up & D10578. 604-727-3111 Auto Depot

2002 LINCOLN Town Car, 'L'

NOW $33,900


Sunroof, nav., leather, only 38,000kms.


Wagon, lthr, dual sunroofs; alloys; 1yr Warr , $7850. Lux/#10578. 604-727-3111 Auto Depot, NVan.

ac/windows, warr $4,350 D10578. 604-727-3111 Auto Depot, NVan.

NOW $32,900


2001 YUKON 'XL' 7-pass 4x4,

2005 PONTIAC Sunfire SE, 99 kms!

Luxury pkg, only 27,000kms.

V6; 5sp; 1 yr Warr, No Accid ! Sale $5880. Rugged & Reliable! D10578 Auto Depot 604-727-3111 NVan

Stk 951661 WAS $36,900

WAS $28,900

NOW $46,900

Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

2001 NISSAN XTerra 4x4; local;

Luxury Cars


AWD, navigation, leather, only 6,000kms.

Crew cab, long box, 4x4, diesel.

1997 LANDROVER Defender(s) 90, 5 spd diesel, mint, 160,000km, from desert $23,900 1-780-945-7945 604-926-7087

Diesel, leather, navigation.

STK 952630 WAS $35,900

NOW $29,900


9160 7-pass 16 km, loaded! $35,500. Lease/Buy! Warr! D10578. 604-727-3111 Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan.



Navigation, Stow ‘N’ Go, mint.

Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

NOW $32,900


NOW $26,900


2013 FORD Flex AWD Limited

NOW $47,900

54kms! As New! Luxury @ its Finest! Local & Loaded! Don’t miss this! D10578Auto Depot604-727-3111

AWD, loaded, only 35,000kms. Stk 205201


2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited Affordable Luxury 35,600 kms. 2.4L GDI DOHC. $19,999. Email: (604) 794-3428.



AWD, Hybrid, loaded.

EcoBoost, CreCab, 4x4.

STK 952250

Collectibles & Classics

NOW $25,900


WAS $38,900


Loaded, only 47,000kms.


Luxury performance pkg, only 32,000kms.


Which SUV sips gas like a subcompact?

2007 FORD DIESEL F350 Super

2012 AUDI A4 Quattro, Premium, 29,000km, $41,500, panorama s/roof, auto, black lthr int, Snow tires opt 604-764-8044



Crew 4x4 local 6-pass; 1yr Warr, lease or Buy? Sale $19,500. Exc service records; NO Accid ! Trades? 604-727-3111 Auto Depot #10578

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 99k kms, original owner (U.S. spec, lived in U.S. & bought it new in Nov. 2006), no accidents, Chrysler ext. warranty to Nov, 2013, service records, rear camera, nav., satellite radio, remote start, Bluetooth, Mopar exhaust & cold air intake, V-One radar wiring, excellent condition. $28,888 email:

Research vehicles on

1997 EURO Van Camper or Westfalia Week-Ender $8880. Travel Van or $18,888. Winnebago V6 Camper Van? Warr D10578. 604-727-3111 Auto Depot NVan



1986 ZETA 26 ft C. bridge, twin Volvo diesel, with outdrives, $16,000. 604-922-8365

2007 Jeep Wrangler Sport Unlimited 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab Auto, hardtop, 51,500kms. Stk# P5820


Very clean, local. Stk#13136A


2005 PT Cruiser Convertible

2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon



Great condition. Stk# 13181A

4x4, auto, freedom hardtop, Stk# P5826

2012 Dodge Challenger

2010 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab



Black, only 42,500kms, leather, Bluetooth. Stk# 13208A

Low kms, loaded, park assist. Stk# 13218A

1600 MARINE DR., N.V. 604.980.8501

1989 19’ Bayliner Capri Blue, 2.3 litre IO Fresh water cooled, new windshield/canvas/swim grid, trailer. $6,975. 604-837-7564

SOME OF THE BENEFITS THE HONDA PRE-OWNED PROGRAM OFFERS: • 6-year / 120,000km transferable Powertrain warranty coverage, with options to upgrade to comprehensive extended warranty.

• 7 days / 1000km exchange privilege • 100 point inspection • Carproof Vehicle History Report (

Owner of well equiped but under used twin cabin, Hunter 34 Sail boat moored at Fisherman Cove WV, seeks partner to share to moorage cost & usage. Ron Clemett 604-922-9687





1979 FORD M/H, 23 ft, cozy, bunk beds, fully equipped, low k, hi way usage, $4,950. 778-737-3890

Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A53



Behind The Wheel David Chao

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

HIP parents may think a minivan spells doom for their street cred but the massive yet stylish Honda Odyssey may just change your mind about what’s cool. It is available at Pacific Honda in the Northshore Auto Mall.

2013 Honda Odyssey

Odyssey a worthwhile trip

LET’S face it: no one with a car-loving bone in their body ever woke up one day and said, “I can’t wait to get a minivan!”


Scan this page with the Layar app to see more photos of the Honda Odyssey.

Rather the opposite, I’m afraid. To the gearhead, the speed-merchant, the weekend racer, and even the Mom and Dad clinging to that last vestige of cool factor they once had four hundred million years ago, a minivan is giving up. It’s purgatory. It’s the automotive equivalent of sweatpants with baby-food stains. But it shouldn’t be. The young couple down the street from me recently decided to replace

Grinding Gears

Brendan McAleer their faithful four-door VW hatchback with something a bit more commodious. They have a two-year-old son, a desire to go on family trips, and overseas-based grandparents who visit regularly.

A crossover? Well perhaps, but after measuring their needs against the space available in even the biggest such cars, a little more practicality was needed. The shopping began. I was not at all surprised to see a new Honda Odyssey end up in their driveway. After all, when they asked me, it was the machine I recommended to them. Here’s why. Design Honda released the current-design Odyssey on the market in 2010, and it’s still a remarkably fresh-looking design. A large front corporate grille provides a handsome face and a trapezoidal dipsydoodle in the rear gives some sort of character to the

side-profile. It is also bloody enormous. “Mini”-van my foot. At five meters long and two meters wide, the Odyssey is bigger than the boat which once propelled Homer’s classical hero on his epic journey around the Mediterranean. It’s hard to believe families once made do with regular sedans. Still, in a sea of SUVs and crossovers, even a vessel of such hefty proportions doesn’t look that big. Optioned in Dark Cherry Pearl paint, the Odyssey is large and imposing, but still a pretty good-looking rig. Seventeen-inch wheels are standard on the LX model,

See Interior page 54


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SINCE 1959 View with

174-176 Pemberton Ave.



Industry leaders learning how to be Lean

IF you don’t know anything about Lean, Six Sigma, or Toyota Production System, you might want to pay attention, because industries around the world are embracing these new principles to lower cost and improve efficiency and quality. In fact, these so called “process improvement” philosophies or tools are now influencing everything from the way McDonald’s flips burger patties to the way Boeing builds aircrafts. First introduced by automakers, these companywide methodologies are making it possible for car companies to develop new vehicles 20 to 50 per cent faster, reduce defects by another 40 per cent or more and market feature-rich cars without increasing price to the consumers. Have you noticed that in recent years it seems like car manufacturers are bringing out technologies and See Ford’s page 54

A54 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013


Ford’s Model T the first lean machine From page 53

features faster than you can blink? Of course, in recent months, much of the price-reductions in Canada can be attributed to the change in currency, but they are also due to the fiercely competitive marketplace. Regardless, the truth is that car companies are just getting better and smarter at developing and manufacturing cars. So what do these terms mean anyways? What is Lean? No, it doesn’t mean that Jenny Craig is suddenly involved in car design or manufacturing, but there is a definite parallel between the weight-loss clinic and Lean methodology: both focus on reducing unwanted waste from your system. In Jenny’s case, that “waste” refers to fat. In business situations, the “waste” refers to anything that is viewed as a “waste of time” (that is, non-valueadded time) by the final buying customers. The principle of Lean philosophy or thinking says that companies must shed everything that does not add true value to end customers. That means they have to consciously work towards removing wasted time, space, or materials from the whole cycle of designing and manufacturing cars so that we — as end customers who buy them — get more bang for the buck. Lean is applied through teams, who work together to generate ideas for reducing waste. The original Lean concept was first developed by Henry Ford, who applied this thinking to produce Model Ts at astonishing

rate — at least by early 1900s standards. Toyota then took the basic concept and worked on it for more than 40 years, creating the Toyota Production System, or TPS for short. The TPS philosophy is so widely used around the world that even emerging countries like Vietnam, which likely produced your newest Nike shoes or Old Navy T-shirt, now embrace Lean and TPS as key business drivers. The American manufacturers took notice of Lean and TPS in the mid-1980s, and formed joint ventures with Toyota, Suzuki, Mazda, and others in an attempt to learn TPS. But because TPS relies heavily on teamwork and collaboration, the philosophy was not easily appreciated by Americans who emphasized assertiveness, individualism, and independence. The difference in culture made it more difficult for Americans to absorb this concept, eventually leading some U.S. experts to develop a different principle called Six Sigma. We won’t go into details around Six Sigma now, but it’s a more complex, statistically driven method designed to highlight root causes for defects (or more specifically, deviation from the standards). Six Sigma is also a process improvement tool, utilizing what Motorola (the company which developed the original Six Sigma) calls DMAIC. DMAIC stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control, and it essentially maps out the five key steps in improving any process. Unfortunately, Six Sigma is also more complex than either Lean or TPS, so not everyone is embracing it.


worldwide, so that every Toyota person can solve problems and improve a process in a consistent fashion. Talk about standardization to the extreme. Here in Vancouver, hundreds of organizations are already involved in lean transformation — from manufacturing, warehousing, banking, insurance, hospitals to even schools. Companies and organization are applying the concept of lean and TPS to dramatically improve their speed, quality, and service, while enhancing their culture and even their corporate strategy. And we are excited to hear that Jeffrey Liker and Mike Hoseus, authors of best selling books about TPS, are coming to Vancouver to speak about the latest trends in lean, Toyota Way, and TPS. They are part of the Lean Summit, which takes place at the Terminal City Club in Vancouver from June 18 to 20. The authors will share the methodologies and practices that lean organizations embrace to rise above the level of mediocrity in their quest to create exceptional organizations. In addition, local and international industry leaders in the financial, health care, medical and manufacturing sectors will share their triumphs, challenges and stories about their lean journey. Local executives who will speak at this conference include Launi Skinner, CEO at First West Credit Union; Stu McIntosh, vice president at Cascade Aerospace; John Kalbfeisch, COO at Alpha Technologies; and Scott McCarten of Vancouver Coastal Health. More information can be found at I’ll make one bet with you: within the next few years, your employer will ask you to take some training on Lean, Six Sigma, TPS, or Toyota Way. It’s only a matter of time before every corporation is going to be endorsing these ideas. Be ready.

The combined cost savings derived from these methodologies is estimated at tens of billions of dollars. Motorola says it has saved more than $15 billion since it launched Six Sigma, and Ford stated it has already clocked $1 billion in savings in just a few years of using these tools. Now what makes Toyota’s TPS more powerful than Six Sigma? Simple, it’s the reach of the tool across the company. Ford, for example, reportedly has about 50,000 people trained in Green Belt Six Sigma (the lowest certification level). This isn’t bad, mind you, but Toyota — along with Honda, Mazda and all other Japanese automakers — train 100 per cent of their employees to a level similar to a Green Belt in Lean. In Toyota’s case, that’s more than a quarter of a million people that all understand how to implement continuous improvement ideas. In fact, Toyota employees worldwide submit and implement more than one million ideas for improvement each year. Having studied Lean, TPS, and Six Sigma for the past two decades and visited more than 300 factories, I came to the conclusion that they all contribute to better, lower cost products — but the simpler Lean and TPS system have more sticking power. So, it should no be no surprise that Toyota, which utilizes TPS everywhere, continues to make recordbreaking profits. I should point out that terminology is somewhat confusing. For example, TPS refers primarily to the methodologies used in process improvement. When you take into account the philosophies of Lean or TPS, and the cultural transformation that happens through teamwork, the entire process is often just called the “Toyota Way” thinking or “Lean Thinking.” To make matters more confusing, in recent years, Toyota has announced new methodology or thinking called “Toyota Business Practices” or “TBP,” which is a new problem-solving philosophy that combines all of the past Toyota methods and tools. Toyota has rolled out TBP

David Chao is a freelance automotive writer for the North Shore News. He is an organizer of the Lean Summit and the founder of Lean Sensei International, a Vancouver-based company that coaches organizations in Lean philosophies and tools. Email:

Interior feels as big as a barn

SAVE $ 4000

From page 53

Morrey Mazda received a special shipment of MX5 Unique Editions for spring. MX5 Unique Edition includes:

Black retractable hard top, 17” dark gunmetal alloys, unique edition graphics, limited slip differential, 6 speed manual transmission. MSRP: $37,940 - $ 4,000 retail cashback

$33,940 your price

Lease from

OR $499 a month

moving up to similar diameter alloys right up to the EX-L trim. Eighteen-inch wheels are standard on the topspank Touring model — as tire-width doesn’t change throughout the range, a set of LX-level steelies will fit a higher-grade Odyssey for winter duties. Environment

$2500 down, 48 months, 1.9% lease rate, total obligation $23,952 including freight + PDE. $20,000km/yr. lease. www.morreyau

morrey mazda


Dr. Who’s Tardis is famous for being bigger on the inside than on the outside. As you’d expect from a barn-on-wheels (an attractive barn, mind you) like the Odyssey, interior space is exemplary. The Odyssey strikes a solid balance between adult-sized seating and usable space for kids. Both the mid and rear rows are less canted back than some competitor offerings, which allows for easy installation of both booster seats and rear-facing child seats. The mid-row seats are probably too heavy for smaller kids to tilt forward and squeeze past — luckily they can just scamper between

the twin captain’s chairs. Load-height levels are a bit higher, so smaller kids will again need to be lifted in. However, strapping in an infant is super easy for an average-height person to accomplish, and the ability to control all the power doors from either the key fob or driver’s seat (as well as switches mounted in the rear door jambs) is handy. Loading five adults into the Odyssey showed that the front four seats are plenty comfy and the rear seat is entirely workable if you’re not six-foot-plus. Even then,

See Honda’s page 55 •







# Up to 5 litres of Genuine Mopar Oil # A Mopar Oil Filter, rotation of 4 tires # Peace-of-Mind Inspection of cooling system,


all fluid levels, electronic battery test, front and rear brake systems, exhaust system, suspension system

Ride and Handling Special: includes wheel alignment, front and rear suspension system inspection, steering component inspection $74.95 Offers expire June 15th




# Up to 7 litres of Genuine Mopar Oil # A Mopar Oil Filter, rotation of 4 tires # Peace-of-Mind Inspection of cooling system, all

fluid levels, electronic battery test, front and rear brake systems, exhaust system, suspension system

We pay for your oil filter: Cummins Diesel Oil & Filter includes up to 12 litres of 15W40, Mopar oil filter, complete chassis lube where applicable, courtesy inspection and written report.



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Friday, June 7, 2013 - North Shore News - A55


Honda’s minivan might be cooler than you think From page 54

it’ll suit for a short trip across town: parents with lanky teens involved in plenty of team sports take note. When it comes to cargo, this thing has more cubby holes and secret compartments than the Millennium Falcon. If it’s not a pocket, pouch, shelf or storage bin, it’s a cupholder. Oh yeah, the cupholders: if you put a water bottle in each one of these, you’d have enough H20 to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool. For hauling larger stuff, the easy-folding rear seat has a 60/40 split and folds completely flat into the rear floor — the extra space when the rear seat is deployed makes plenty of room for coolers and so forth. However, with the rear tailgate up, the step-up will be a bit high if you’re loading an elderly pooch. Moreover, while the middle-row seats move back and forth, depending on passenger’s varying legroom requirements, they do not fold completely flat. When Saturday’s family activity includes a run to Ikea, there may not be quite as much space as anticipated. You can remove the middle row entirely if this is the move off to college, and the next stop is trading in the minivan on a two-seater S2000 roadster. Regardless of what sort of shenanigans are going on behind you, frontseat passengers will have comfortable seats, an available drop-down wide-view mirror to keep an eye on things, a sensible dash layout and even reasonable lines of sight. Performance Well, it’s a minivan: we hardly even need this section, right? Actually, with a 248 horsepower V-6 mated to either a five-speed automatic or a six-speed in Touring models, the Odyssey is quicker than you’d expect. It doesn’t burn off the line, instead building up inertia and speed with strong mid-range power. This is an exceptional long-distance tourer. Windnoise from the extra-large side mirrors is perhaps a bit noticeable, but with everybody comfortable and entertained, the driver won’t be bored either — this sixcylinder can be wound up easily to pass any lugging 18wheeler and the steering isn’t as numb as others. When it comes to handling, the Odyssey is a veritable autocrosser’s dream. Hah. Just kidding. However, this big hauler is considerably composed through long highway sweepers. If you’re hustling to catch a ferry, the danger isn’t that you’ll over-drive the tires, but that you won’t know how fast you’re going and the local constables will snap you up

— so watch your speed. For most vehicles, the dynamic assessment stops there, but let’s talk about parking. As land prices go up, parking spot width goes down, so manoeuvring a van into place can get tricky. Luckily, a backup camera is now standard on the Odyssey, and with an extra-large display screen, getting out of tight spaces is not the trial it could be. Additionally, the bluff nose makes tight turns fairly easy; however, if your family activities are mostly in-town, parallel parking is going to take a bit of practice. Features Probably no other vehicle segment can boast the kind of features you get aboard a modern minivan. The topspec Touring Odyssey is like a luxury sedan hooked up to an air-compressor. At the peak of the range, you get a multi-view rear camera, an ultra-wide rearentertainment system, 15Gigabyte on-board hard-drive to load up with Sponge Bob sing-alongs and a 650-watt system to blast them through. Of course the cost for all this is not inconsiderable: $47,190 + freight. Better news for families who’ve got tuition to save up for is the enhancements made to the base-model Odyssey ($29,990) this year. A rear-view camera, USB connectivity, Bluetooth streaming audio, a sevenspeaker audio system and 2 GB of on-board storage. Mid-range models add alloys, power-sliding doors and other amenities. It should be noted that Touring models have a slight mechanical advantage over the LX, EX ($34,090) and EX-L ($41,190) trim, with a sixspeed automatic transmission, rather than a five-speed auto. The six-speed option gives slightly better in-city fuel economy at 10.9 litres/100 kilometres in-city versus the five-speed’s 11.7 l/100 km. Highway mileage is too close to call: 7.2 l/100 km for the five-speed, 7.1 l/100 km for the six-speed. More important is the Odyssey’s solid resale values: Touring models always do extremely well on trade-in or in the used car market. In fact, looking for savings on a yearold Odyssey is sometimes an exercise in futility, especially when you weigh it against lower dealer finance rates and the cost of a year’s extra warranty. Green light Smooth ride; comfortable and spacious interior; plenty of cargo capacity; powerful V6; improved standard features. Stop sign Limited folding options for middle-row seats; top-range models get expensive quickly; six-speed transmission not available across the range. The checkered flag Somewhere between a cargo hauler and a business jet

— might just be a whole lot cooler than you think. Competitors Dodge Grand Caravan ($19,995) Dodge invented the minivan and their Grand Caravan remains the bargain leader for the segment. While you can get a loaded-up van with similar equipment levels as the Odyssey, these highspec domestic vans aren’t quite as well-finished, nor will you get a significant portion of your investment back. A better idea is to go for the reasonably equipped basic version which is — there’s no other word for this — ridiculously cheap. It’s possible to spend less on a


brand new Dodge van than on a mid-level Honda Civic! It’s the value choice, but nowhere near the fit and finish of the Honda. Toyota Sienna ($28,140) Honda’s main rival in this segment is the Sienna, a perennial favourite. At higher trim levels, there’s little to pick them apart, although the Sienna’s V-6 feels even more powerful and its seats are more adult-friendly. At a base level, the Toyota feels quite a bit cheaper, with odd, mouse-fur-like upholstery. I also don’t think it’s quite as good looking as the Honda, but in the midrange, it’s almost a coin toss.



NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

FEW vehicles can match the sheer amount of technology crammed into the minivan.

96 $10,000 OR GET UP TO










77 0 15,944

Limited model shown












%† $




128 0 26,564

Limited model shown










99 0 20,509 OWN IT FOR



Limited model shown


%† $









HWY: 6.7L/100 KM CITY: 10.1L/100 KM!




HWY: 7.7L/100 KM CITY: 10.4L/100 KM!




HWY: 5.6L/100 KM CITY: 8.7L/100 KM!


%† $



2.4L FWD


148 1.99 28,259

$ Limited model shown






%† $





5-year/100,000 km Comprehensive Limited Warranty†† 5-year/100,000 km Powertrain Warranty 5-year/100,000 km Emission Warranty

The Hyundai names, logos, product names, feature names, images and slogans are trademarks owned by Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. †Finance offers available O.A.C. from Hyundai Financial Services based on a new 2013 Elantra L 6-Speed Manual/Sonata GLS Auto/Tucson L 5-Speed Manual/Santa Fe 2.4L FWD Auto with an annual finance rate of 0%/0%/0%/1.99% for 96 months. Bi-weekly payments are $77/$128/$99/$148. No down payment required. Cost of Borrowing is $0/$0/$0/$2,333. Finance offers include Delivery and Destination of $1,495/$1,565/$1,760/$1,760. Registration, insurance, PPSA, fees, levies, charges, license fees and all applicable taxes are excluded. Delivery and destination charge includes freight, P.D.E., dealer admin fees and a full tank of gas. Financing example: 2013 Elantra L 6-Speed Manual for $15,944 (includes $1,500 price adjustment) at 0% per annum equals $77 bi-weekly for 96 months for a total obligation of $15,944. Cash price is $15,944. Cost of Borrowing is $0. Example price includes Delivery and Destination of $1,495. Registration, insurance, PPSA, fees, levies, charges, license fees and all applicable taxes are excluded. !Fuel consumption for 2013 Elantra Sedan L 6-Speed Manual (HWY 5.2L/100KM; City 7.1L/100KM)/Sonata GLS Auto (HWY 5.6L/100KM; City 8.7L/100KM)/Tucson L 5-Speed Manual (HWY 7.7L/100KM; City 10.4L/100KM)/Santa Fe 2.4L FWD Auto (HWY 6.7L/100KM, City 10.1L/100KM) are based on Energuide. Actual fuel efficiency may vary based on driving conditions and the addition of certain vehicle accessories. Fuel economy figures are used for comparison purposes only. "Price of models shown: 2013 Elantra Limited/Sonata Limited/Tucson Limited AWD/Santa Fe 2.0T Limited AWD are $24,794/$30,564/$34,109/$40,259. Prices include Delivery and Destination charges of $1,495/$1,565/$1,760/$1,760. Registration, insurance, PPSA, fees, levies, charges, license fees and all applicable taxes are excluded. ΩPrice adjustments are calculated against the vehicle’s starting price. Price adjustments of up to $1,500/$1,000/$1,250 available on 2013 Elantra L 6-Speed Manual/Sonata GLS Auto/Tucson L 5-Speed Manual. Price adjustments applied before taxes. Offer cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other available offers. Offer is non-transferable and cannot be assigned. No vehicle trade-in required. #Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program ( †Ω"Offers available for a limited time, and subject to change or cancellation without notice. See dealer for complete details. Dealer may sell for less. Inventory is limited, dealer order may be required. ††Hyundai’s Comprehensive Limited Warranty coverage covers most vehicle components against defects in workmanship under normal use and maintenance conditions. TM

Jim Pattison Hyundai Northshore 855 Automall Dr. North Vancouver, 604-985-0055 D#6700

A56 - North Shore News - Friday, June 7, 2013



Lease for




2.99% APR€

0 down


bi-weekly for 60 months. MSRP** $16,935 includes freight & PDI..

2013 Accord LX

2013 Fit DX


Lease for






3.99% APR#

Lease for

0 down




bi-weekly for 60 months. MSRP** $25,630 includes freight & PDI.


2.99% APR†

0 down


bi-weekly for 60 months. MSRP** $16,075 includes freight & PDI. ††

Canadian Car of the Year


2013 IIHS Top Safety Pick

816 Automall Drive, North Vancouver


[SJ2J)NO )J2N GNe*N /MMN+ de*NO /0 e 0Nc EZFD !J&JP i5 BR7 2/ONG X"EYEiY5] -E]==1 GNe*N #:9 M/+ @Z 2/0)K* ;]#]!] "J^cNNHGa .ea2N0)_ J0PG'OJ0L M+NJLK) e0O :iU_ J* 3>=]C=] i/c0.ea2N0) /M 3Z]ZZ_ f+*) dJ^cNNHGa .ea2N0)_ N0&J+/02N0)eG MNN* e0O 3Z *NP'+J)a ON./*J) O'N e) GNe*N J0PN.)J/0] 7/)eG GNe*N /dGJLe)J/0 J* 3FF_@DD]?Z] 7ebN*_ GJPN0*N_ J0*'+e0PN e0O +NLJ*)+e)J/0 e+N Nb)+e] FEZ_ZZZ HJG/2N)+N eGG/ce0PN$ PKe+LN /M 3Z]FE\H2 M/+ NbPN** HJG/2N)N+] `SJ2J)NO )J2N GNe*N /MMN+ de*NO /0 e 0Nc EZFD #PP/+O S5 R7 2/ONG !9EYDiY] 4D]==1 GNe*N #:9 M/+ @Z 2/0)K* ;]#]!] "J^cNNHGa .ea2N0)_ J0PG'OJ0L M+NJLK) e0O :iU_ J* 3FCE]E>] i/c0.ea2N0) /M 3Z]ZZ_ f+*) dJ^cNNHGa .ea2N0)_ N0&J+/02N0)eG MNN* e0O 3Z *NP'+J)a ON./*J) O'N e) GNe*N J0PN.)J/0] 7/)eG GNe*N /dGJLe)J/0 J* 3F>_C=@]CZ] 7ebN*_ GJPN0*N_ J0*'+e0PN e0O +NLJ*)+e)J/0 e+N Nb)+e] FEZ_ZZZ HJG/2N)+N eGG/ce0PN$ PKe+LN /M 3Z]FE\H2 M/+ NbPN** HJG/2N)N+] ASJ2J)NO )J2N GNe*N /MMN+ de*NO /0 e 0Nc EZFD XJ) i5 R7 2/ONG WY>WEiY5] (E]==1 GNe*N #:9 M/+ @Z 2/0)K* ;]#]!] "J^cNNHGa .ea2N0)_ J0PG'OJ0L M+NJLK) e0O :iU_ J* 3>=]C=] i/c0.ea2N0) /M 3Z]ZZ_ f+*) dJ^cNNHGa .ea2N0)_ N0&J+/02N0)eG MNN* e0O 3Z *NP'+J)a ON./*J) O'N e) GNe*N J0PN.)J/0] 7/)eG GNe*N /dGJLe)J/0 J* 3FF_@DD]?Z] 7ebN*_ GJPN0*N_ J0*'+e0PN e0O +NLJ*)+e)J/0 e+N Nb)+e] FEZ_ZZZ HJG/2N)+N eGG/ce0PN$ PKe+LN /M 3Z]FE\H2 M/+ NbPN** HJG/2N)N+] %!J&JP J* )KN 4F *NGGJ0L .e**N0LN+ Pe+ J0 !e0eOe FB aNe+* +'00J0L de*NO /0 )KN iNPN2dN+ EZFE *eGN* +N*'G)*] (( X/+ 2/+N J0M/+2e)J/0 ed/') )KN #T#! !e0eOJe0 !e+ /M )KN hNe+ ece+O*_ &J*J) ccc]eIeP]Pe\cNd\PP/)a 44 X/+ 2/+N J0M/+2e)J/0 ed/') )KN EZFD UUV8 7/. 8eMN)a :JPH*_ &J*J) K)).<\\ccc]JJK*]/+L\9#7UQW8\)*.gP'++N0)]e*.b``R89: J* 3F@_=DB \ 3EB_@DZ \ 3F@_Z?B J0PG'OJ0L M+NJLK) e0O :iU /M 3F_C=B \ 3F_@CZ \ 3F_C=B de*NO /0 e 0Nc EZFD !J&JP i5 BR7 2/ONG X"EYEiY5 \ EZFD #PP/+O S5 R7 2/ONG !9EYDiY \ EZFD XJ) i5 R7 2/ONG WY>WEiY5] ::8#_ GJPN0*N_ J0*'+e0PN_ )ebN*_ e0O /)KN+ ONeGN+ PKe+LN* e+N Nb)+e e0O 2ea dN +N,'J+NO e) )KN )J2N /M .'+PKe*N] 4\`\[\-\A\(\``\%\44\(( ;MMN+* &eGJO M+/2 T'0N F*) )/ T'0N DZ)K_ EZFD e) .e+)JPJ.e)J0L V/0Oe +N)eJGN+*] iNeGN+ 2ea *NGG M/+ GN**] iNeGN+ )+eON 2ea dN 0NPN**e+a /0 PN+)eJ0 &NKJPGN*] ;MMN+* &eGJO /0Ga M/+ "+J)J*K !/G'2dJe +N*JON0)* e) "! V/0Oe iNeGN+* G/Pe)J/0*] ;MMN+* *'dINP) )/ PKe0LN /+ Pe0PNGGe)J/0 cJ)K/') 0/)JPN] 7N+2* e0O P/0OJ)J/0* e..Ga] 6J*J) ccc]dPK/0Oe]P/2 /+ *NN a/'+ V/0Oe +N)eJGN+ M/+ M'GG ON)eJG*]

North Shore News June 7 2013  
North Shore News June 7 2013  

North Shore News June 7 2013