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middle school

diversions 2012-13

Middle School • diversions • is a compilation of poetry, narratives, book reviews and artwork by Norfolk Collegiate's sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. We invite you to enjoy these original works and celebrate the creative expressions of these young Oaks.

norfolk collegiate middle school administration and faculty Scott Kennedy, President and Headmaster Chuck McCormick, Head of the Middle School Shelby Vanak, Assistant to the Head of the Middle School Lindsey Belle Elizabeth Bicehouse Garrett Booker Dana M. Carr Nancy Corriveau Anne P. Curtis Claire Fornsel Cathy Francis

Julieanne Hastings Lonice Kenley Lisa Lain Jake McDonald Val-Del H. Ortiz Jessica Hennig David B. Smith Alan C. Stell


The mission of Norfolk Collegiate School is to educate a diverse body of students to thrive in a college setting and beyond. Each student learns through traditional and innovative teaching within a warm and caring community.

Middle and Upper School, 7336 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA 23505 757.480.2885 | Norfolk Collegiate School is accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement. Norfolk Collegiate School admits qualified students without regard to race, color, ethnic background, national origin or religion.

table of contents sixth grade Gabriella Allen����������������������������������������� 4 Reagan Alsop������������������������������������������� 4 Bella Bigelow������������������������������������ 13, 14 David Britt���������������������������������������������� 10 Chris Bunch��������������������������������������������� 4 Allison Casper������������������������������������������ 8 Thomas Chatman���������������������������������� 12 Brooke Dashiell������������������������������������ 8, 9 Ray Domena������������������������������������������� 10 Stella Escano��������������������������������������������� 8 Austin Fattizzi���������������������������������������� 10 Jake Georges������������������������������������������� 14 Heavyn Gibson�������������������������������������� 12 Michael Gilday����������������������������������������� 8 Jared Gordon�������������������������������������������� 6 Kailey Hengesbach���������������������������������� 6 Lexi Hirschfeld��������������������������������������� 12 Jordan Laster�������������������������������������������� 4 Meg Lockhart����������������������������������������� 10 Mitchell Maguire����������������������������������� 10 Logan Michelon��������������������������������������� 4 Catherine Perrine������������������������������������ 4 Alex Potter���������������������������������������������� 10 Parker Purrington��������������������������������� 12 Calie Quinn���������������������������������������������� 6 Chris Robertson������������������������������������ 14 Jacob Roth������������������������������������������������ 8 Christopher Sarris����������������������������������� 4 Justin Silverman����������������������������������� 6, 7 Megan Silverman����������������������������������� 14 Frances Simkins������������������������������������� 12 Austin Sisino�������������������������������������������� 8 Miller Solomon���������������������������������������� 8 Kelsey Soskin����������������������������������������� 12 Lila Spurgeon����������������������������������������� 12 Rachel Sutelan���������������������������������������� 12 Ally Symmes������������������������������������������� 10 Liam Turner��������������������������������������������� 8 Maxwell Vooss����������������������������������������� 6 Chase Wallace���������������������������������������� 11 Emma Wentworth����������������������������������� 4 Olivia White����������������������������������������� 5, 6 Bryce Whitlock���������������������������������������� 4 Anna Winn����������������������������������������������� 6 Matthew Wright������������������������������������� 12

seventh grade Hannah Anglin�������������������������������������� 24 Parker Banks������������������������������������������ 18 Lily Berz��������������������������������������27, 28, 33 Julia Bianchi������������������������������������������� 28 Florian Bingel����������������������������������������� 34 Riley Block���������������������������������������������� 20 Chandler Branton���������������������������������� 36 Milan Brooks������������������������������������������ 36 Jackson Burke����������������������������������������� 30 Phoenix Camacho��������������������������������� 18 Ivy Carpenter����������������������������������������� 36

Brianna Chatman���������������������������������� 26 Dylan Cheek������������������������������������������� 32 Blake Cummings����������������������������������� 16 Michael Dashiell������������������������������������ 16 Sam Delaney������������������������������������������� 31 Taylor Dews�������������������������������������������� 34 Miles Edmond���������������������������������������� 22 Grady Fitzwater������������������������������������� 19 Hunter Flora������������������������������������������� 28 Reilly Flynn�������������������������������������������� 25 Maddie Foster���������������������������������������� 18 Grace Georgo����������������������������������������� 20 Brian Gilday������������������������������������� 24, 35 Brett Goldman��������������������������������������� 26 Gabby Grinnan�������������������������������������� 24 Parker Gross������������������������������������������� 19 Hunter Harrington�������������������������������� 25 Madison Harris�������������������������������������� 30 Abby Hellman���������������������������������������� 38 Griffin Hemmendinger������������������������� 34 Sydney Hicks������������������������������������������ 16 Josh Hutson�������������������������������������������� 34 Cecilia Innis������������������������������������������� 22 Natalie Jett���������������������������������������������� 22 Elizabeth Lee Jones�������������������������������� 16 Jahlia Jordan������������������������������������������� 20 Sydney Jordan���������������������������������������� 29 Claudia King������������������������������������������ 34 Ashby Larkin������������������������������������������ 32 Davis Link���������������������������������������������� 22 Kellen Marshall�������������������������������������� 34 Mia Mathas��������������������������������������������� 17 Ellie Maus����������������������������������������� 30, 39 Carson McMonagle������������������������������� 20 Airianna Milton������������������������������������� 26 Ryan Moninger�������������������������������������� 29 Catherine Moore����������������������������� 37, 38 Ashley Obermeyer��������������������������������� 24 Bryson Pettrey���������������������������������������� 23 Kennith Petty����������������������������������������� 19 Faith Phillips������������������������������������������ 24 Daniel Prohaska������������������������������������� 31 Morgan Ramsey������������������������������������� 32 Andrew Renstrom��������������������������������� 36 Simran Rijhwani������������������������������������ 19 Jakeim Robertson���������������������������������� 38 Aurora Sacks������������������������������������������ 23 Sarah Ellen Smith���������������������������������� 28 Sarah Lawrence Smith�������������������������� 16 Sid Studebaker��������������������������������������� 26 Brooke Walthall������������������������������������� 30 Georgia White����������������������������������� 21,32 Brianna Zaitoun������������������������������������� 20

eighth grade Trafton Addison������������������������������� 47, 49 Nolan Barrett������������������������������������������ 50 Thomas Batzel���������������������������������������� 48 Austin Beale������������������������������������� 48, 65

Hannah Beale����������������������������������������� 60 Ed Beckman������������������������������������������� 42 Frances Boyer����������������������������������������� 59 Lauryn Brooks��������������������������������������� 46 Cameron Brown������������������������������������ 54 Dean Brown������������������������������������������� 62 Grant Campion�������������������������������� 41, 60 Paul Cantu���������������������������������������������� 54 Tori Cherry��������������������������������������������� 44 Mary Elizabeth Crabbs������������������������� 40 Jordan Dobrinsky���������������������������������� 46 Noah Dobrinsky������������������������������������ 64 Madison Doyle��������������������������������������� 52 Anthony Fattizzi������������������������������������ 54 Hannah Garcia��������������������������������� 43, 51 Katie Georges����������������������������������������� 56 Chandler Gillikin����������������������������������� 58 Joshua Glaser-Wirt�������������������������������� 48 Melanie Goossens���������������������������������� 56 Rimsha Haque���������������������������������������� 42 Sebastian Hardy������������������������������������� 59 Paige Hastings���������������������������������������� 64 Peyton Hengesbach������������������������������� 40 Alex Holt������������������������������������������������� 60 Savannah Hoover���������������������������������� 56 Amir Horton������������������������������������������ 62 Michael Jett��������������������������������������������� 46 Hunter Kahler���������������������������������� 58, 63 Jessica LaVertu��������������������������������������� 52 Maria Leondaridis��������������������������������� 62 Grace Ann Letzinger����������������������������� 52 Alex Loope��������������������������������������������� 53 Thomas O’Dell��������������������������������������� 56 Jared O’Neal������������������������������������������� 44 Sarah Philpott���������������������������������������� 55 Robert Renstrom����������������������������� 44, 61 Jordan Rickman������������������������������������� 60 Trevor Rogers����������������������������������������� 64 Vera Sacks����������������������������������������������� 58 Nick Selig������������������������������������������������ 42 Aja Shelton��������������������������������������������� 42 Noah Siebert������������������������������������������� 58 Sarah Smallets���������������������������������� 50, 57 Nathan Stell�������������������������������������������� 44 Joey Swartz��������������������������������������������� 40 Josh Swartz��������������������������������������������� 55 Kerrie Thompson����������������������������������� 64 Meridith Townsend������������������������������� 62 Daniel Vail���������������������������������������������� 54 Jack Wentworth������������������������������������� 40 Frankie White���������������������������������������� 50 Logan White������������������������������������������� 50 Luke Windley����������������������������������������� 54 Skylar Woodhouse��������������������������������� 44 Abby Wright������������������������������������� 48, 63

swiss army knife

My dad’s Swiss army knife, Could it have been in a war? Or my great grandpa’s? Will it become mine or my brother’s? Is it really handy or just a decoration? I don’t know, I can only dream. Bryce Whitlock


Puddles, You think rain But I think a small, old, pink puppy. A childhood object now lost in memories Memories from a small girl A girl who went through rough times, But her Puddles was still with her. As this girl grows, Her Puddles grow smaller And soon the memory will be forgotten And her Puddles will dry out. Catherine Perrine

white blanket

White blanket covers the forest Like a bed for trees to sleep on. Glinting in moonlight There for a while I love snow. Christopher Sarris


If you look in the sky You see clouds moving You feel you are moving And you really are In your life. Chris Bunch


The crisp air rushes From every angle of the wood. The twigs crunch beneath my feet. The colors of the leaves Give off its own fireworks display. The wind sings its own tune. The picture that is finally being painted. The perfect passageway To escape from the chaos of the world. No honks of horns, no yelling, no talking. Silence is all that I hear. Gabriella Allen

a gymnast life

4 hours a week The blood, sweat and tears. Chalk, what I breathe. Rips, all over my hands, bleeding. Uneven bars, what I swing on, I’m a gymnast, I have no life. Reagan Alsop


I am a person who likes to learn So I look at the trees. Some so old they span back to Pilgrims. They just stand there Watching. They have so much wisdom. They are like libraries. The leaves are their books. If only they could speak. Jordan Laster


The smiles on their faces Christmas time has come for many places. Colorful wrapping with ribbons and tape Looking at each of the presents There were different shapes. To open the presents, they had the need What they realize about Christmas It’s not about greed. Logan Michelon


I looked around Pondering which to pick Then, out of the corner of my eye A blue green color Sparkling like the diamond of the sea I knew he was the one. When I get home The bowl all ready Like a new apartment I hear a splash I had put him in a bowl. As he swam Confused like a new baby in sand He didn’t eat And then POW Gone, gone, gone All the little pellets gone. My dad says I feed him too much Fat now Like a balloon about to pop. Emma Wentworth



diversions 2013

sixth grade

• artwork by Olivia White


only two

Only two peas in a pod Only two Only if we completed that pod Only if that pod was bigger If that pod could fit five or four Just one or two or more But if more don’t come I hope they do. Maxwell Vooss

laying at the beach

Carefully listening At the sound of the waves crashing. The wind is gusting through my ears Quietly. Whoosh! Whoosh! Quiet, too quiet. No one in sight. Just me laying there Looking up at the sky Wondering why no one else is here. Justin Silverman


They are like sharks And I am a fish. Sometimes it seems like they killed me. But deep down I know they need me to survive Because she is my best friend. Kailey Hengesbach

being shy

Being shy Is not able to take chances Not able to talk Like you are death to others. Being shy Is being scared on the inside and outside Like having something pushing you away Is having a wall separating you between Everyone else. Jared Gordon

the dance studio

The Dance Studio A place Where you can express yourself. There’s freedom. I love the way Your parents always say, “Good job,” after. You feel special then. When you’re home That freedom’s gone. Your parents say, “Try again,” Instead of, “Good job.” I don’t feel freedom. All I feel Is the pressure. Calie Quinn


We have a ring Outdoors An oval shape Boxed in by fence Surrounded by trees on one side. I’ve grown up here Gotten scars by the jumps That are scattered around like bugs. I’m not alone Not at all Untamed animals Gallop about And stomp their hooves impatiently. I’ve grown up with them Sometimes, these animals fade away And a piece of my heart is missing. I’ve lost two But I don’t plan to lose anymore. The ring isn’t mine Someone else owns it She’s noticed me some But not much. She lets me stay Thank you. Because this ring is my home And home is where the heart is. Olivia White

one by one

The frogs jump across the pond Leaping one by one Until one frog was left all alone Just waiting for someone to come And then another frog came One by one they came. Anna Winn



diversions 2013

sixth grade

• artwork by Justin Silverman



Grass grows, Wind blows, Rain falls, Light shines, Water moves. Me, I live. I enjoy my piecemeal life, Every day, every night. Austin Sisino

a leaf

A leaf So delicate and unique One of a kind One out of a trillion. Never looked at twice Overlooked It turns color as it falls Growing lonely on the ground Just a leaf. As it grows older It grows lonelier Fading away Losing color Just one leaf out of a trillion. Micheal Gilday

the mountain

I climb the tall mountain, To follow my path, I grab the earthy moss, Each one containing memories, My past, My memories. I grab another moss, Making me feel comfortable, Like the time I had hot cocoa, With my family on Christmas. I climb farther up the mountain, My past behind me, I look back, look up, I keep climbing. I look up into the sky, Peering into my future, There is dead moss, Green moss, I try to avoid the dead moss, But some I have to touch, Cold, dark, lifeless, fear, But I still keep climbing. I grow weaker, But still climb, I shall triumph, When I touch the top. Jacob Roth



Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop, Pitter patter, pitter patter, Rain on my windows. The sound soothing Jumping puddles clear as a window. Splish, splash, splish, splash. Allison Casper

colours of life

Life, like string Is bumpy and short. 94 inches of line is the average. Threaded by fate Lines bumpy Lines haunted by the unsuspected scissors. Stella Escano


I’m climbing a mountain that is getting higher to be the best. Miller Solomon

Walking in 1st day Nervous Scared It’s huge How will I find my way? I’m almost grown But it still seems too soon People barely smile at me Or stop to say hello But it’s okay I can take it I unlock my locker Unlock my new life. Brooke Dashiell

secret romance

Everyone knows about it. Why can’t we take this out Of the shadows that lie below And into the open eye So people can know? People can see through us As if we’re ghosts of air. I wish we could let people know About this secret romance Brewing in the air. Liam Turner



diversions 2013

sixth grade

• artwork by Brooke Dashiell


lost forever

A baby and mother orangutan In the jungle. The mother is in the trees The baby on the jungle floor. Suddenly, a giant rumbling feeling Comes from the earth. A giant wave swallows the baby orangutan. Now he is lost forever. Mitchell Maguire


My best friend goes to a different school, But we keep in touch. Then we don’t, and I’m afraid to ask him If he wants to come over. He doesn’t always answer my texts or calls, Yet he answers my friends. I feel like a glacier, once connected Then broken in two and drifted apart. Like two cans of soup, so alike But one is taken off the shelf. Meg Lockhart

the pillow

I laid in my bed With no pillow Staring at the ceiling. My door opens. I do not see anyone. Then the big black and brown thing Jumps on my bed. It lays down. It’s my dog. I put my head down on him. He gets mad. His bark is like the roar of a lion. Now I am back to the beginning Laying in my bed No pillow. Austin Fattizzi


I get to post Someone gets a foul I get back into position Take a deep breath Close my eyes Then I hear the whistle blow. I sprint straight to post I get the ball I hear the ball hit the back of the goal I made the winning shot. Ally Symmes


It’s when you first get the news, And your emotions are like the blues, Maybe a sister or a brother Maybe you’re told by your dad or your mother. But then you start to think, And the bad emotions sink, Hey, what will it be like with another? Well, you wait and you wait, They may come early or late, But finally, after all the waiting, For the first time you get to hear them cry, Man, isn’t it grating? The first months are a blast, You don’t even think about the past. But then, right when they start walking, And talking and running, And maybe a little bit of biting. It’s awful I say, they make such a mess Sometimes it feels like they’re being a pest. They’ll rip up your books, They’ll scratch up your games. Gosh, it’s starting to look, Like life will never be the same. But sometimes they’re sweet, or even fun, You might give them a treat or maybe a ton, You’ll have ups and downs. Some day you might drive them All over towns. You might bicker and fight, But I think every night, What would I do without siblings? David Britt


Figments of our imaginations Drawn in fleeting images Our imagination’s reach Unbound. Ray Domena

good memories

My warm breath hangs in the cold air Praying to escape the cold and come back to my warmth. The thick frost sticks to my shoes Like children clinging on their mom’s pants. I look at the trees and see the branches Swaying back and forth As if they are trying to hypnotize me. I take a deep breath and the cool air Tickles my nose Like my sister tickling me when I was young. Those days are over But the memory will stick with me forever Just like the frost. Alex Potter



diversions 2013

sixth grade

• artwork by Chase Wallace



I step on stage Butterflies flying in my stomach Trying to get out. I walk up to the microphone Frozen, looking at my audience Open my mouth Waiting for lyrics to come to me. All of a sudden I realize I am singing the lyrics. They flow out of my mouth Just like water flowing out of a faucet. Lexi Hirschfeld


He was fun He taught He was young He was nice He gave me love His heart stopped It was too late He was dead I cried for days I am all cried out I miss him. Parker Purrington


It’s part of my life. Before I play I have butterflies But when I do play, I feel alive. I wouldn’t give soccer up For most things in my life. A soccer ball is more than something to kick Soccer is more than a sport to play. To me, it’s how I stay active and happy. Soccer is part of my life. Thomas Chatman


How are they made? Why are they made? What is the point? Do you have them when you die? Are we dead, just dreaming of this world? Rachel Sutelan


I sit in my room Looking out the window Studying each snowflake. Each one is different Unique in their own ways. Kelsey Soskin



1 time

I remember his laugh How we talked How we laughed, together. We went swimming. We rode bikes together. But then Something happened That changed everything. In and out of the hospital 7 bone transplants He’s only 10 now. We haven’t seen each other since That 1 time. Frances Simkins


Rigging up Ready to go Sail in my hand Sand between my toes Wind in my hair Water splashing up Smile on my face It’s calling me. Lila Spurgeon

my hamster

I sat there Wondering who to pick. Then I saw him The smallest in the group So lonely. I picked him up. He BIT ME! He is perfect. Matthew Wright


Any character Any genre Any author Everyone Has their favorites Action, Adventure, Death Children, Teen, Adult All types You just have to find them Antique, Modern, Futuristic All Your very own choice. Heavyn Gibson

diversions 2013

sixth grade

• artwork by Bella Bigelow


the new one

She came with the others, She is so cute, so small, Only five months old, She just had surgery, I have heard so many things, I cannot wait to see her, I see her, Small and covered with spots, She looks like a bowl, Of cookies and cream ice cream, She wobbles over and licks me, I smile, I am so happy, Then I wonder later before I go to sleep, Do the others like her? Do the others hate her? I never know, But I will love them all just the same. Bella Bigelow


Destruction is not that far. Standing on the beach Not noticing a thing. Then, something caught my eye. A small wave, out in the distance Not that massive. Closer, more massive. Then, I realize Tsunami Time to pack up and go… Jake Georges


The wind Free as a star hurtling through space Yet confined within the atmosphere Able to go so far Yet chooses to stay. Wind. It is everywhere and nowhere. It is all around us And nobody can see it. Chris Robertson




One day I went to the lake. I saw a leaf. It was different. Not green. Not brown But purple. Nothing else was around it. It was big. It was oddly shaped. It wasn’t pretty. It was its own leaf. I have never seen one before. It was different. And it didn’t mind. Megan Silverman

diversions 2013

sixth grade

• sixth grade unity quilt


the crooked man

There is a man that scares all He is terrible and makes you bawl Once he is seen you are doomed to die He’ll wait until you close your eyes He’s all alone He wants you to understand He is like a normal man You don’t want to know That room starts it all The floor boards crumble and fall No one dare steps in They know they will have to give in The story haunts you all your life He’ll always be there You’ll never know where Just know, he’ll be there Sydney Hicks

playing baseball

I step on the field Not a word is said I step on the mound, I take a deep breath My catcher gives me the sign I throw a fastball The umpire calls STRIKE THREE! I pump my fist in excitement One Out! The next batter steps up to bat My catcher tells me to throw a curveball I throw the pitch and the batter hits the ball The ball comes fast and hard right to me I snag it and throw him out Two Outs! My catcher tells me to throw a slider I throw the pitch three times The batter goes down each time And that’s THREE! Blake Cummings


I am traditionally black and white But now can be seen in a myriad of colors I’m kicked, shuffled, and dribbled I’m sought after I am commonly fought after Being in a goalie’s net is my ultimate task Nations watch me with great anticipation Elizabeth Lee Jones



race of life

Did you ever think? That life as you know it, could be gone in a blink? Like the sound of a gun, Ready for you, So you start to run, What if in all your races, Life was running against you, Trying to set all of the paces, Like a one on one in soccer, But if you lose, You’re a goner, What if a tree could talk? And told you he knew everything, You asked how, He said because I stalk, Life is competing with you in the race, But in the long run, Your mind is setting the pace. Sarah Lawrence Smith

the beach

With sands that glitter like diamonds, And burn like hot coals, The Beach, With waves as cold as ice, And as blue as sapphires, The Beach, With its sun-baked dunes, Arched like a snake, poised to strike The Beach, With its wasps and horseflies, Whose bites walk hand in hand, like a mother and child, The Beach, Where memories are made, And heads look up when someone says, “The Beach.” Michael Dashiell

seventh grade

the broken race I look around Everyone is cheering For me Almost at the end Of the race Just a few more steps And I will be there BOOM!!! I cover my ears What was that I think BOOM!!! I duck down I look around People crying People dying We are being ATTACKED!! As I look around To see what has happened I start to fall over My eyes are starting to close And I don’t remember anything After that. I finally wake up I don’t remember a thing All I can ask is why. I don’t even know why I ask why. All I know is I am alive And people have died. Mia Mathas

diversions 2013


cost of a mess

It starts off as a spark Just a simple idea Which swirls ’round my head And threatens a curt, “See ya!” I wildly grasp for my pencil and paper But I accidentally knock into the hand of my neighbor Who was drawing, in fact A good drawing at that And I just had to mess it up With the slight of my hand Right then I felt like A truly awful person What I didn’t know was that My situation was about to worsen She began to cry right in front of my eyes And I did in my power What I could to apologize So I picked up my paper, My unfinished poem, And shred it to pieces I said, “There. Are we even?” She looked at me in shock With those watery eyes And opened her mouth But out came no reply. Instead, out came a smile It lasted awhile


Fishing is fun You sit basking in the sun You wait For something to eat you bait. Fishing can be boring You might fall asleep and start snoring But when you catch that fish You wish That you will catch more You wish the fish could talk to you And tell you where it’s hiding And after that what you do Is get in your boat and start riding You catch it And then let it go again Parker Banks

where’s your star? My star shines so bright Its life has just begun

Stars light up the night Almost as bright as a the sun Shooting stars have flight Maybe making a mark There are so many stars More than a septillion

Lo and behold, We are now here Having a hysterical fit About such an ordeal My idea is gone But I could care less Because I just earned a friend At the cost of a mess.

They are so unique So far from being the same

Phoenix Camacho

Maddie Foster



So many techniques And even more names Stars have many styles Where’s your star?

seventh grade

life is a rollercoaster

It has its ups It has it downs It has its bumpy parts It has its smooth rides It has the part you can’t stand It has part you don’t want to end You have to ride it with people you don’t want You have to ride it with people you can’t say goodbye to It might be scary sometimes It might be joyous sometimes Sometimes you feel like you might fall off Sometimes you can’t feel safe Going up the hill But knowing in the back of your mind you will go back down No matter how long the ride is The ride will end Grady Fitzwater


Cheerfulness is a fluorescent yellow. It sounds like the beat of your favorite song. It tastes like spaghetti topped with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. Cheerfulness feels like bathing in a bubble bath surrounded by scented candles. Cheerfulness Simran Rijhwani


Snowboarding is so fun and thrilling Like a sky dive Snowboarding feels like you’re soaring through the sky It sounds like your favorite song It smells like a rose in the spring It taste like the cherry on top of the ice cream Kenneth Petty


I float on by the flying cities I see the people in the streets cheering on a parade I want to stop and settle down to watch All the excitement I float over the people’s heads and try to catch a glimpse I want to see what they see that gives them joy So I can blend right in I manage to see what they are cheering about I see a joyous sight of people dancing on high legs I see angels flying over the houses I see people throwing out foods of every kind I also see a zoo wandering by I realize that all this excitement is so fun I just want to fly up to the sun Just to get a glimpse of the warmth Inside someone’s heart Parker Gross

diversions 2013


just your average beach poem This is just your average beach poem, No different from the rest. But I’ll have you know that this one, Will surely be the best.

Let’s start off with a sunny day, With clams and kelp sunbathing on the bay Not a cloud in sight with clear skies And pesky seagulls soaring high. But here comes the twist That has been cruelly missed It goes from a bright day, To a sky filled with gray. Here comes the first strike, So loud, it’ll mess with your psych. BOOM Followed by a blinding light And coming back with more smite. CRASH The big waves come in to play But you run away, filled with dismay. WHOOSH The wind is here to tag-a-long And starts to play like a song. The last sound comes from the sky With a bang and a boom, you slowly die. Your last memories are of a beach A thing that no one would dare to breech. For this beach stands for something more A symbol only you can explore. But this is just your average beach poem, Right?

my life

My life is like a squirrel In the headlights on the road Unsure of what way to turn In an indecisive mode. It’s getting closer Right or left I can’t decide Either could be wrong If choices were a part of life, I guess I won’t live long It’s getting closer My indecisiveness Has left me in the road, Wishing I had chosen When the bright lights first glowed. Grace Georgo

i can’t get away

Running, jumping, through the woods I can’t get away I run faster, jump higher I can’t get away They are chasing me I can’t get away It’s harder to run I can’t get away I’m out of breath I can’t get away I trip, I fall I know it’s the end of it all The monsters are right next to me I can’t do this anymore I can’t get away Riley Block

a broken heart of friendship

I’m an anchor being held down, Held down to the ground.

You’re my best friend and I miss you And I want you to know I still love you We have so many memories together We will always be best friends forever Best friends like a squirrel and chipmunk But unlike a wealthy man and a nun One of the memories we have We threw things off the roof We thought we were goofs We would have lemonade stands And make headbands You will always be my best friend In my heart Our friendship A piece of beautiful art

Brianna Zaitoun

Carson McMonagle

Jahlia Jordan

held down

I’m an anchor being held down, Held down to the ground. I can’t jump, I can’t fly. I’m just here waiting, As the time goes by. Waiting.



diversions 2013

seventh grade

• artwork by Georgia White


the path


The flowers have bloomed But I’ve still got a long way Still young and carefree For as long as the spring’s warm breeze

It’s like waiting in the doctor’s office You’ve been waiting for hours Yet your name still hasn’t been called

I was walking along A path one day Hearing the blue jay’s in song Seeing the branches sway

The sweat on my face Oh so hard to embrace Trying to fight through the storm Feeling very forlorn But the heat is now leaving And so is the storm The tree leaves quite yellow The wind makes a bellow The tree branches covered…snow white I’ve lived through the light of the day And the darkness of night Overtop of my withering bones There lies my tombstone Cecilia Innis

growing up

I once was a child That was yesterday I use to be crazy and wild But those are my old ways I use to be the one, who always joked around The one who always acted, like such a clown I had to let go, of my childish ways Because they won’t help me, in my future days I now see life as an adult Wise and very smart I am now growing up Like a trees growing hear I’m not officially a man I can go to the movies alone I’m now officially 13 So my parents don’t have to check my phone Now that I’m 13 It’s time to have some fun It for my bar-mitzvah My life has finally begun Miles Edmond

Waiting Waiting for it to come I’ve been waiting so long now I can’t even remember when I started waiting

I’m waiting willfully while everythone else walks by I have to be patient If I want it to come I don’t like waiting It’s making me angry But I can’t just let it go I can’t give up It will come Yet I am still waiting Natalie Jett


The batter steps up to the plate. His chosen bat in hand. Nerves are raging, he needs a hit. The pressure is overwhelming. His thought are to settle down. This one is for the team. The pitcher eyes him steadily, He nods his head, prepares his stance. The ball comes like a torpedo from his hand. The batter swings and misses. The pressure is overwhelming. Next pitch is a ball. Feeling a little more confident. Ready for the next one. The batter swings and misses again. The crowd roars. The pressure is overwhelming. Two strikes, one ball, two outs. Three men on a base. Sweat pouring from his forehead. He waits for the great pitch. The pitcher winds up, The ball comes straight in and hard. The sound is like no other. The Crack! Grand Slam! If ever there was a day I can remember, This would be it. Davis Link



seventh grade

game time!

Adrenaline runs all throughout your body You look to the left and see a cute hottie You get so excited and lose your train of thought God that boy is WAY too hot! The whistle blows and you don’t notice All you can think about is that hot boy named Otis A girl takes a shot and luckily she misses Too bad you were thinking of Otis and his hugs and kisses He looks at you and winks and smiles You freeze up like bricks and tiles The ball comes and hits you in the head Boom! You fall to the ground as though you are dead You black out for a minute or two And when you awake, Otis is right there beside you He leans in and kisses your cheek You get so excited you start to squeal, eek! You hear the sound of laughter Wow! There is such thing as happily ever after Aurora Sacks


Lacrosse is more than a sport It’s a way of life It’s a physical and mental journey It is a journey I have grown to love Indians played lacrosse for the creator Indians believed it cured sickness Indians life began and ended with lacrosse sticks in their hand Indians had the right to kill the other team if they won Running in a lacrosse game makes your adrenaline pump Like an animal escaping its predator I feel like a deer escaping Running on grass as green as a lime When you enter a game you should never fear Because your teammates have your back Everything you have worked for is for one purpose To win Bryson Pettrey

diversions 2013



In the locker room Getting ready for the game The other team, looking lame We could crush them They are as skinny as stems We go out on the court Some booing and snorts From the other team I look to my right She is there looking bright My partner, my friend Wish this would never end We can play until our hearts stop To the floor together, We will drop Gabby Grinnan

dream come true

at the post office getting a picture for passport done at the airport, “see you in a week mom.” will miss my family Tears, Loving tears At security a myriad of butterflies in my stomach Going through Make my dreams come true Waiting, waiting On the plane seven grueling hours to make my dream come true There in the city of lights Happy My smile shines like the sun My dreams have come true Hannah Anglin


Dip my hand in clear blue As it slowly cuts through The ocean as I steadily sail Through the water as I bail No anchor on the boat I’m in To stop me from my joyful grin Excitement that whips my sea sprayed hair Sunlight and seagulls everywhere As we forget The sun will set But still we sail and never fret Even if it splashes yet I know I won’t, I can’t forget Ashley Obermeyer



scorpion a.k.a. alacran

Vile and loathsome creature, Its spiky legs scurry along the ground, Its stinger as sharp as a needle, Ending the life of those it wishes to consume, Mysterious eyes see all, invisible ears hear all. The scorpion starts from nothing, Slowly conquering all who oppose it , Just as El Patron once did. Many creatures despise the scorpion, Along with its cruel methods of crushing enemies, Just as many despise El Patron. Much they are alike, as one. The mere sight of it sparks fear, It demands respect from its inferiors. Once it captures its prey, there’s no escaping, Many have vainly tried, all have failed. The air around it speaks evil! Much they are alike, as one! Brian Gilday

alone on top Air thin Slick Wall Hoping once again I do not fall

Half way up Where the challenge begins I hear encouraging voices Over roaring winds Cold rain Water drips Finger numbing pain Trying to keep my grip Almost there As the people cheer Dodging raining rocks Pushing away my fear Standing on top Looking around Realizing the only sound Was in my had The cheering The fearing The voices The choices They were all mine And in the end, I still turned out fine Faith Phillips

seventh grade

the game

Its game time and I’m in the zone Lace up my shoes, I’m about to pwn. I put my gear on and walk out My team is so hyped they start to shout. We huddle with coach and talk about the play The other team will go home crying today. We take the field-it’s about to go down Tweeeeeet! I hear the whistle sound Time for the face-off- it’s down to me alone. I fight like a dog trying to get a bone. I ease into it, let him think he’s won Then when he bitesThat’s when I fight I take the ball to the net-now its zero to one I take it down the field, pass, pass, and score Then I look him in the eye and say, “You want some more?” Now every time he sees me, he’s backing up in fear, I make him cry and weep like an injured deer. My team’s the best, we dominate all year We point to the busses, time to get out of here. * pwn (verb) 1. An act of dominating an opponent. “player has been owned.” Hunter Harrington

nature’s candy

Three young boys playing in the park, Swinging on the swings, Sliding on the slides A grand old time, The three boys had, Until one kicked a beehive, And made the old bee mad, Stinging the boy, so bad, he cried, cried, cried Oh how sad, sad, sad The boy cried so much, in fact His eyes dried, Leaving the boy blind The old bee soon retreated to his broken hive, Leaving behind his honey, his prize, For the three boys to enjoy, Now all was fine and dandy, As the boys licked up nature’s candy. Reilly Flynn

diversions 2013


tale or myth

I play with my friends at the beach We splash and kick Water everywhere Next thing you know There was this blue Magical glow I could feel my feet Whole body turning into Something that wasn’t me Was this real No, No, No It can’t be My hair changed color too It became a dark and fierce Red and beautiful Next thing you know I could breathe underneath The cool, calm, water My friends saw everything That happened to me I swam away embarrassed I glided like A ribbon in the air This was amazing I was a different thing I was a creature I thought I wasn’t real I swam back to shore There was another blue Magical glow And just like that I was my normal self again Could this be true? My friends said they would keep all of this A big secret and no one else will know I don’t tell anyone Not even my parents They wouldn’t believe me Airianna Milton

a whisper

Pss pss pss A whisper Soft and powerful Haunting me Was it a secret? Can I talk about it? Will they get mad at me? Should I spill it? Can I trust anybody? I am scared Confused It’s haunting me Wanting to escape I can’t hold it back I want to scream Brett Goldman



the text

I sent the text I don’t know what to do next Should I say it was an accident? Or should I stay silent? I know I’ll just forget about it I need to just quit I sent the text What will they say? Will he say okay? Or go away? Will I ever find out? Dangit! I might pass out I sent the text Oh why did I do that? I’m such a brat It’s just I can’t control that What’s this? He replied? Oh wow I didn’t send it Brianna Chatman

the caged bird

I long to fly, To soar so high in the sky. I wish I had wings, I wish I could sing. But I have not sung my song, In so long. All I do is run, From the bullet leaving the gun. It is like a mad dog, Chasing me through the fog. I always feel fear, I cry but no one can hear. I cannot see, But I must flee. I wish I could fly out of this world, Escape the prejudice, this hate, But I cannot. I long to fly, To soar so high in the sky. Sid Studebaker

diversions 2013

seventh grade

• artwork by Lily Berz


the marathon

Running, As fast as I can, Dying to cross the finish line. Almost there, Using all my energy, Running with the wind. BOOM!!! People are celebrating, Their family and friends, Crossing the finish line. BAM!!! I stop in my tracks, What was that? It wasn’t a celebration canon. A bomb, People yelling, And screaming. Running in fear, Debris flying everywhere, People are cry in agony. I run the other way, Starting to limp, I realize I’m hurt. My leg, Bright, blood Running down my leg. I fall to the ground, And hope everything, Will get better. Julia Bianchi

pet decisions

Everyone knows cats are the best All dogs do is slobber and rest Dogs are so stupid and dumb Cats are obviously the intelligent ones Cats are balanced and stand up as straight as a gate Dogs topple over and can’t hold up their own weight When a cat jumps, it always lands on its feet A dog gets into ready position, then leaves for something to eat Cats are polite, especially when guest are over A dog would just shout, “Hi, my name is Rover!” Dogs are loud, something not to be proud Cats just fade into the crowd Dogs are needy and can’t be alone Cats could lead a whole country on their own Cats come to you to sing a nice purr Dogs selfishly say, “Come over here and pet my fur!” But in the end, we obviously know Cats are definitely the way to go! (DUH) Sarah Ellen Smith




You’re almost there You’ve been staring down at the slick, steep slope You’ve been waiting patiently on the long ride up To make it to the peak To be on top of the world Once you reach the top It’s as if you are in another world The setting has been transformed The snow is dancing right before your eyes Skis, poles, and snowboards everywhere You are gliding against the snow Snow that is as white as a cloud You pick up speed and get a wonderful sensation You are free Nothing can stop you Hunter Flora


In my world, those who know me are only ankle deep. Those who know me and chose to befriend me are the whales that swim my indigo depths. My sky is filled with cotton-candy clouds, edged with gold like frozen lightning. They speak to one another, discussing the events of the day in a debatable manner. Like politicians with fluffy, white beards. You can tell, just smell the air. Happiness is present there. So come by for a visit. I’ll not be far. You’ll meet the arguing clouds, and peaceful waters inside me. Lily Berz

seventh grade

i’m a gamer I’m a gamer, Day and Night, Night and day.

Sometimes it’s a party, Sometimes it’s a fight. Sometimes my room is dark, Sometimes it’s bright. I’m a gamer, Day and night. I love my games, But school is number one. When I get A’s and B’s, It’s a lot of fun. Many kids don’t know how to balance this, And don’t play outside in the sun. I play nine instruments, video games, and the like, But especially enjoy riding my dirt bike. Sydney Jordan

at a nationals baseball game Crack, Snap, Pop… The sound of the baseball bat goes The catcher sits in his catcher pose The pitcher starts his windup As the batter keeps his eyes up Crack goes the bat It sounds like a cat (Who is hunting a rat) The ball goes flying As the crowed is rising The crowd howls with joy This guy can hit boy oh boy! As he rounds the four bases The other team takes their places Only to surrender to another a hit Ryan Moninger

diversions 2013


the battle

I stand there shivering from fear As I get up on the beam I can hear my team mates cheer I think to myself Can I do it? Do I have the courage? I stare harshly at the vault table I take one step, it hurts, BAD I ask one of my team mates “Am I unable?” I think to myself Can I do it? Do I have the courage? I walk out on the floor They have just started my music My nerves and I are at war I think to myself Can I do it? Do I have the courage? I look at the bar Are you my enemy? Is it you that causes all my scars? I think to myself Can I do it? Do I have the courage? Madison Harris

broken mirror

A raindrop falls And hits the ground The gentle wind calls The skies dark and cold Are not lightening up Painful memories hold What has she done? She looks at herself Who has she become? A lake, dark and gray Tells the truth It has something to say A mirror never lies When she needs it most of all She looks up and sighs A tear breaks her reflection Ripples spread Lies, pain, rejection For it is bad luck When a mirror breaks Ellie Maus


You may not see it now But always a person will frown Even if they seem so happy On the inside they’re kind of sappy A mean word will do just fine A rude gesture will cross the line Think about what you say If it is mean, their hair will flay The human is a delicate being If you are cruel a body feels the sting As if there was a flower in your way Go around, don’t make it pay For a fear is as delicate as a flower If you step on it, it will begin to devour Into the heart to make it hurt By doing all this, you are being a jerk You try to impress the ones around But they all think you are a clown So when you feel down by this evil clown Just remember, no violence, just a frown For they are Delicate, too. Jackson Burke

sandy hook

Twenty-six students Eager to learn Excited for Christmas Loved by all their parents Twenty-six students As innocent as puppies Learning something new Full of youth and joy Twenty-six students On a normal day Not knowing They may not be here to stay An hour before the weekend A shocking turn Who could predict A catastrophe such as this They hear a Bang, Bang They hear a Scream Confusion and panic Terror and fear Those twenty-six students Are no longer here Brooke Waltham



seventh grade

the wrath

It was the night before the big math test And I had just gotten home When I first realized The blunder I had made I had forgotten my math book It was like the entire world Was put on my back What was I to do? Face the forever fearful wrath of my father? Or fail the big math test? My back was to a corner With monsters on either side of me What was I to do? Oh what was I to do? So I told my father what I had done I faced the wrath And boy, did it burn But I proved to be the victor Because I was the only one Who aced the math test Samuel Delaney


Butter has so many uses It can be melted on bread! Or in tennis when you call duces It can protect the dead! Butter, it looks like gold! Wait, there it is On that man’s tooth, covered in mold If you used it right you might be Swiss! It cannot fly It cannot sing It cannot give five hi’s It cannot swing! It does not have arms It does not have a race It does not have a farm It does not go at a steady pace! Butter has so many uses It can cover corn! Or feed the poor It can be the handle of a door! I cringe, At the sight, Of margarine Daniel Prohaska

diversions 2013


momma told me, follow the rules Momma told me, follow the rules So I broke every single one Compelled by every little thing My heart whispered in my ear I microwaved the tup-a-ware Let the dog do the dishes I booby-trapped the babysitter And footballed with the couch Momma said, follow the rules Follow the rules sonny boy So I did the wrong thing Some mighty good reasoning I found Papa’s drinking stash Let the dog out the door Threw the cat out the window Chucked rocks at the car Momma told me, follow the rules So I broke every single one Compelled by every little thing My heart whispered in my ear Momma told me, toughen up buttercup You need to follow the rules Life’s too short to misbehave And that’s why I did Georgia White

the boston bomb

A noise rings the people’s ears As runners pass the line and proud They all are feeling startled From whatever’s in the crowd It is no fan of running or buzzer screaming out It is not a sports announcer But something bad no doubt The crowd leaves in a hurry While heroes rushing in Trying to do their best To help the victims within So many had been hurt A child had been killed So many people mourning A tragedy instilled The world has seen better days Now we are in agony But no one will forget The Boston Bombing Tragedy Dylan Cheek

the flight

Waiting ‘till we go The engine starts And we slowly start to roll Finally ZOOM we are in the air I try to relax But I just can’t wait ‘Till we see their faces We got so excited To know they’d be delighted When we finally arrive Oh my Gosh we’re almost there We can almost see their happy faces Then we go Down, down, down ‘Till kerr-plunk We hit the ground and land I finally see my grandparents’ faces Ashby Larkin

falling once again The villager left his tiny hut, on his merry way, to go to school to learn about the world.

On the five mile journey, he came across a hole. Covered with leaves and vines, He did not notice it, until he was at the bottom. He wailed and sobbed and sobbed and wailed. The villager did not know what to do. He was stuck in the hole. There was no way out. The walls were slick and steep. Finally he devised a plan. A simple one at that. He jumped and grabbed a vine, and scaled the walls of the hole. He set off again, to go to school. He walked through a forest of trees, and tripped over a root. He tumbled into a patch of grass. He stumbled down a hill. Falling once again. Morgan Ramsey



diversions 2013

seventh grade

• artwork by Lily Berz


the game of soccer The green grass The fresh, warm air The loud crowd The pressuring surroundings The intense game That moves with a quick pace The objective To score a goal Only forty-five minutes Each half Is there enough time To win the game For the whole team Woosh! Woosh! Goal! Victory! Griffin Hemmendinger

seeing life

I see my life in different perspectives One good, the other bad My life should be effective I never regret the things I never had I want to help people in this world Never give up in hard moments I want to know everything old and new I will get myself noticed I want to travel this world like the birds fly in the sky This is NO LIE!!!! But this sounds like the perfect life These are not all the thoughts Some of my thoughts come as a knife Others as shots Good and bad side That is life That is the way I see life Florian Bingel

the fast food man

A man went in to Burger King to get some fresh fries He saw a child sitting there, looking very sad The man went to the cashier, took the fries and ran The kid sat there and frowned A man went in to Wendy’s to get a chocolate shake He saw the same child sitting there, looking very mad The man went to the cashier, took the shake and ran The kid sat there, face in hands A man went in to McDonalds to get a Big Mac He saw the same child sitting there, not saying a word The man went to the cashier, took the burger and ran The kid walked away, not turning back A man went in to Taco Bell to get a Baja Freeze He didn’t see the child The man went to the cashier, before he could grab the freezie The cops came in and surrounded him; he got down on his knees Claudia King



the throw

I’m squatting He’s sneaking I’m sweating He’s slithering I’m squatting He’s shuffling I’m seeing He’s stealing I’m standing He’s sprinting The ball soars out of my hand The runner slides into second The shortstop snags the ball He tags the sliding runner, And sends him back sobbing Josh Hutson

the player

He’s going He jumps Is it a bird Is it a plane No it’s a player He sores like an eagle He believes he can win His name is …. Michael Jordan He dribbles it up The court He scores over And over They have won the championship Only because of The Player Kellen Marshall

no heart

What is it to have no heart? Is it everlasting darkness? Is it a pit of sorrow? What is it to have no dreams? Is it a sea of tears? Is it a life of bitterness? What is it to have no life? Is it just living? Is it like you have no purpose? What is it to have no love? Does hate take its place? Does happiness completely vanish? What is it to have no heart? No heart, no feelings happy or sad? What do you feel? Nothing Taylor Dews

For almost one hundred years, scientists have been trying to uncover Albert Einstein’s Last Theory, which basically explains the forces of nature. What they don’t know is that autistic teenager Michael Gupta, the great-grandson of Albert Einstein, is the only person in the world who knows the entire theory. The Omega Theory is about how the mysterious terrorist organization, known as the True Believers, uncovers a deadly cold war weapon that has the potential to destroy the universe if used in the right place at the right time. All they need is Einstein’s Last Theory to help trigger the weapon and the only way they can accomplish that is by using Michael’s expert knowledge of the theory. The Omega Theory opens up with the troubling news that the Iranians have tested a nuclear bomb, but this wasn’t any ordinary explosion. It turns out that for less than a trillionth of a second, it fundamentally disrupted space and time itself. Dr. Monique Reynolds and Dr. David Swift, the legal guardians of Michael Gupta, find out almost at the same time that their adopted son had been kidnapped. Along with the help of FBI agent Lucille Parker, they travel to the over-crowded city of Jerusalem and the barren deserts of Turkmenistan and Iran. Once there, they try to save Michael and find out why this particular nuclear blast had effects that had not been seen since the Big Bang, almost 14 billion years ago. Along the way, David, Monique, and Lucille encounter numerous run-ins with elite assassins, hired by the True Believers. Mark Alpert does a fantastic job of blending action and adventure while incorporating science and history throughout this story. His style is very unique in a sense that he tries to make the sentences as factual and “intelligent-sounding” as possible. The plot was what really struck me the most. One minute David and Monique could be squeezing through the noisy streets of Jerusalem and the next, Michael could be trapped in a dusty hut in the middle of a desert. The story kind of divides itself into to adventurous journeys; one of Michael being kidnapped and trying to escape his fanatical captors and the other of David and Monique trying to find Michael, while at the same time trying to stop the True Believers from destroying the universe. There are cliffhangers around every corner and one jaw-dropping finale that will make you remember it long after you finish the book. Overall, The Omega Theory was a fantastic novel for me to read. The plot was adventurous, the characters were unique, and again, the science that Mark Alpert brilliantly intertwined throughout the book never ceased to impress me. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good action-packed adventure, but who also has a decent knowledge of physics and history. This book is a great read for teens and adults alike. I would rate this book a perfect ten out of ten for an exceptional book written by an even more exceptional author!

seventh grade

book review of “the omega theory” by Mark Alpert

Brian Gilday - Norfolk Public Library Book Review Contest First Place Winner

diversions 2013



different and extraordinary

Chandler Branton

Ivy Carpenter

duck hunting

the story of the machine

I am a runner I run day and night When I’m running it feels like flight I will train day and night I don’t want to stop, because then I will lose I can’t slow down I am in my zone I make sure I don’t hit the cones I hear my teammates screaming, screaming my name As I come up to the finish line I really, really want first place And I’m only thirty yards away So I chase, chase my opponent As if he were an antelope and I a lion I’m getting closer and closer I won! I won! This is the best day of my life

Everything went silent I raise my gun and looked through the sight, I turn to my uncle and ask if this is right. He tells me, “Go ahead,” “Pump that bird with lead.” My hands are sweaty inside the glove I am wearing, And I stand there just staring. I slowly squeeze the trigger, That duck falls right out of the sky. Dang! That was easy as pie. My uncle says I winged him, And I did certainly beam him. The bird was definitely a fighter, He was dancing and turning when he finally hit the pond water. This was a big duck, I felt proud of myself. I could already smell it, Cooking in the oven shelf. Andrew Renstrom



I am different and extraordinary I wonder what it’s like to have no worries I hear pop I want to be creative I am different and extraordinary I pretend to be tough I feel loopy I touch coldness I worry about my life I cry because of stress I am different and extraordinary I understand life isn’t easy I say it can be I dream to be happy I try to please I hope I will make it I am different and extraordinary

Every day, a man works at the same machine He presses the same buttons, types the same words Every day the same. But one day, something unfortunate happens The machine gives up and breaks They find that it has an unfixable deficiency. The people leave. The buttons weren’t touched. The words weren’t typed. Then soon after, the cobwebs were spun The dust is collected And it seems like the love disappeared. The machine was left there There was no one that could help. It remained broken. Milan Brooks

Sometimes, it’s hard to give up something you’ve done your whole life. Ally Katz, short for Allegra Katz, has played piano for as long as she can remember. To Ally, playing the piano was more than just hitting a bunch of black and white keys, it was a way to show emotion and give something to the world. Now, Ally is not so sure. She is always being pushed by her mother, who is a famous opera singer, and her father, who is a professional violinist, to excel at the piano. She wants to please everybody, but sooner or later it comes down to pleasing herself. In Four Seasons, the readier is taken on a musical ride through the life of Ally, a troubled teenager faced with making one decision that could change her life. Will she continue piano? It was once her love, but now it has become a power struggle with her parents and her teacher. Ally has played piano since she was four, practicing six hours every day and going to piano summer camps. She was accepted into the Juilliard School in New York City. Ally thinks this is just too much for a thirteen year old girl. How long can she go on, hiding the fact that piano is no longer her true passion? Other than Ally, the reader is introduced to several major characters that influence her decisions Ally’s best friend Opal is a spunky artist who will stand by her side no matter what. Brad is a fun loving guy who might just want to be more than friends. Ally always trusts these two to help her along the way. Both Opal and Brad tell Ally to listen to her heart, but she respects her parent’s advice as well. She knows that her mom would be very upset to learn that she wants to quit piano. Could she possibly understand? Throughout Four Seasons, Jane Zalben really builds up the connection between Ally and her grandmother. Her grandmother lives with the Katz family in the bustling city of New York. She knows that Ally want to spend time on other things and supports her. She was my favorite character because she listened to Ally and always told her, “Never give up, for the future holds many surprises.” I love reading the book Four Seasons. Even someone who does not play the piano would fall into the story immediately. The dilemma faced by Ally is similar to other dilemmas that kids face as they grow older and try to chart their own paths. The author did a great job capturing the emotion of the situation. It was fun, had great plot and plenty of drama for a broad audience. Four Seasons is an intriguing book that keeps the reader guessing. Will Ally continue her parents dream, or create one of her own?

seventh grade

book review of “four seasons” by Jane Zalben

Catherine Moore - Norfolk Public Library Book Review Contest Second Place Winner

diversions 2013


when you first walk up

the everlasting light

No one notices the real beauty That I can tell

As they fight for their rights And for their nest to sleep in at night

The weeping trees When you step inside

Satan is like the ravens Fighting and fighting for a safe haven

It’s like a wonder of a world That has nothing to hide

It happens to us all As Sin rips you with its claw

The calm meddling brook Sounds like music to my ear

But just wait Life will fix your aching with haste

The colors of growing flowers Make my eyes swell up in tears

I promise this will happen Because life has deemed it so

The stories that you hear About this little place

I know of your pain Your feeling of no gain

Are not all true Except for its grace

I know of your hatred Your withdrawal Your unthinkable thoughts Your feeling of darkness Your loneliness Everything you’re going through

You first walk up That disgusting horrid smell

The lovely swamp sings to me As I say goodbye If you think it’s ugly Open up your eyes It might be all we have left That will have to hide in disguise For the nature we have today We might not have tomorrow Keep it safe and sound So we don’t have to feel the sorrow

I hear the ravens caw And I see them claw

How do I know? You ask Because I know most of this task. What task do I speak of? Only the one to be patient, my dove. Do not be the raven The one who claws back for their haven

Catherine Moore

But go with life And it will lead you to an everlasting light


This everlasting light I speak of Is the tried and true dove

Death is like a mix of black and gray, You never know what year, Or even what day, It makes you think, Will you be remembered? Or will you be forgotten? Will you fly like a bird to the heavens? And have eternal life, Or will you lay in a grave you were given? Will you get visits from your friend s and family? Or will you be sad? And lonely, Will I die? Will you die? What will happen after you die? Jakeim Robertson



Whom John baptized And whom we love. Abby Hellman

Imagine waking up to a completely different life than the one you had. How would you feel if you didn’t remember, or believe, the stories people told you of your past? The Adoration of Jenna Fox starts with the seventeen year old, Jenna, waking up from a coma (caused by “The Accident”) that has taken a year and a half of her life away. What’s worse, she doesn’t remember the person she was, and she doesn’t believe she is the person her family tells her she is. Jenna is given movies that are supposed to trigger memories. She sees a past Jenna Fox; a rule follower, a dancer, a popular straight-A student. What has changed from the past and why can’t she remember anything? The only things Jenna has to piece together her old life are the strangest memories, voices echoing in her head, and videotapes of a familiar little girl. In The Adoration of Jenna Fox you see how Jenna’s curious questions lead her to dangerous answers. The Adoration of Jenna Fox has one of the most intriguing plots I have ever read. Throughout the book, Jenna starts to piece together everything that has happened to her in the last two years. She knows that she was in a terrible accident that left her in a coma. What was the accident, and how did it change her? From watching the videos of her past, Jenna finds out that she loves hot chocolate. When Jenna drinks hot chocolate for the first time after waking up from her coma, she can’t taste anything. She also realizes she is two inches shorter than she was before the accident. All the while, Jenna’s grandmother gives her hints about her past. I started to feel sorry for Jenna. Although I have never been in a situation remotely close to Jenna’s, the plot and the author’s style of writing made me feel as though I have.

seventh grade

book review of “the adoration of jenna fox” by Mary E. Pearson

Would you be you without your memories? How far would parents go to save their child? Is human cloning ethical? Would you make a “replica” or lab model of someone you love? The author makes me think about similar questions. As Jenna pieces together her past, her parents try to hide the truth. It is a truth that should not be kept secret. I found myself forgetting about the time and reading until a late hour. The Adoration of Jenna Fox kept me intrigued the whole time. The Adoration of Jenna Fox is an amazing book that has a dark and mysterious tone. The futuristic technology brings new thoughts, ideas, and questions along with it. There was never a slow moment. This book made me cry, smile, and question myself about what makes us human. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an involved plot and a character with a well thought out personality. 6th graders and up would enjoy this book the most. “I’m illegal. No matter how you play the words…I’m illegal. I don’t even know if I’m human.” (p.117) I know what you are thinking! Read the book to discover everything I’m talking about. Ellie Maus - Norfolk Public Library Book Review Contest Third Place Winner

diversions 2013


march madness

what would you do?

A number one seed? Or will an underdog take the lead? Charlotte or Duke? Another team might win with a fluke. Everybody loves a Cinderella story, Which team will gain the glory?

What would you do… If coach let him play In the last game And he missed every shot?

The tournament of the year, The greatest time to cheer, Who will win?

We all have our teams, If they lose we want to scream, Games are played all day long, I hope you follow along, The refs can decide a game, One bad call, The wrong team gets the fame. Single elimination, One missed shot and you’re out of the rotation. Fight for your team, And your team’s dream. Joey Swartz


I am a land with no voices, But my neighbor has one. She soothes me with sounds Like she does for most people Her sounds crash But sometimes are calm Though I always have company I get lonely That time is very sad When my neighbor Sends waves of stinging cold This time has a name But I don’t say it. When the time comes A while from that lonely time When it is warm I receive visitors They run, play, lay, and stand On me But I don’t care Their warmth is all I care for For they love me And I love them Always. Jack Wentworth



What would you do… If you had a kid With a mental disorder On your basketball team?

What would you do… If it was the other team’s ball And their player Gave that special kid the ball? On purpose… And he made the shot… But you still lost the game Would you still look at him the same way? Would you treat him nicer? Would you treat him the same? I’d just be proud… What would you do? This poem is about the mentally disabled kid on a high school basketball team who had a love for the sport ever since he was little, but he never got to play. But then in the last game of the season the coach put him in the game. All the players tried to get him the ball as much as possible, but he missed every shot. But then it was the other team’s ball and one of the players called out the kid’s name and passed the ball to him and he made the shot. The whole gym was chanting his name. I’m sure that he felt great at that moment Mary Elizabeth Crabbs

just because

Just because I’m awesome Doesn’t mean I’m shallow Doesn’t mean I’m vain And doesn’t mean I’m too cool for school Just because I’m awesome Doesn’t mean I don’t need friends Doesn’t mean I’m not a nerd Doesn’t mean I don’t believe in unicorns Just because I’m awesome Why do I have to own a cell phone? Will I ever stop playing x-box? What will happen to less awesome people? Will they go extinct? Just because I’m awesome, I’m Peyton Peyton Hengesbach

Dear Grandpa, The first memory I ever shared with you was a simple breakfast in your New Jersey Townhouse, where the Alster Family’s heart used to lie. We have had many exciting and incredible adventures and shared many great memories both there and beyond. Our journey begins sitting on those cold, circular leather chairs watching “Dragon Tales” on a TV that I used to think was around before the “Flintstones.” This was something we did very often when we were together. Actually, it was kind of a daily ritual until I was about five or six years old. Then we would do other things like go to the beach club. We would say hello to Norman and Ilona, your cabana neighbors, who seemed to be there all day, tanning, until you would make a wise crack or their MP3 players ran out of battery. That was who they were and who you were as well, always making jokes and annoying people as much as possible, but in the friendly kind of way that has been passed down the bloodline to me as well. I remember every morning after watching our “Dragon Tales,” we would walk down to the boat and either take it out or race back to the house to see who would win. That boat was filled with memories of family and all of your friends. And when I say “all” of them, I do mean most of the world’s population. Another memory I have is when you would take me to your office in New York City. You would dress me up in a shirt and tie and we would take the train from Long Branch, NJ to Penn Station. We ate our way through NYC, tasting anything that smelled or looked edible. I remember I used to think you had more candy in your office than the entire M&M Store because of that M&M dispenser that was always filled to the top. I would put it in my lap and entertain myself with the sounds it made while you would work for a while. I also remember that it would take us forever to get from the elevator to your office because you would start a conversation with literally everyone you saw. Everyone! Another memory I have is when you lived in the condo in Long Branch. Our family loved that condo! It had a pool and an awesome view of the beach that was just across the street. Late each night, we would walk to the ice cream shop, which was built on the bottom of a blue and yellow candy-cane- striped windmill. Inside was just a walkway that was always the coldest thing ever, and you would have to stand in the cold with what seemed like thousands of ice cream flavors displayed in chrome containers. We would always find the shiniest one! You would get the Vanilla Bean or Maple Walnut shake and I would get the most complicated ice cream, that for some strange reason, you hated. You were the first and only person I ever met that couldn’t stand the taste of chocolate ice cream! It’s special to think about all the rituals that you and I used to have. Next you moved to Florida, where we started even more adventures like going on the fascinating new boats that you would rent from the boathouse. You taught me how to drive the boat and which signals to use. We would also go to your pool, the big pool that was shaped like a flower, and the smaller one, which was a circle with an island in the middle where we would put in geckos, other lizards and toads, and try and make them inhabit the tiny island. Another memory, a recurring one that my entire family knows, is when Great-Grandma Dorothy would turn on an old episode of “Law & Order” and you would fall asleep in literally seconds! Even though we have made hundreds of memories together, the last memory I have with you is this summer when I flew to Florida by myself like I have for the past couple of years. You picked me up and the first thing we did was go to the pool where we saw one of those lizards that runs on two feet. When I walked up to it, you sprinted away like a little girl! It was probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen! The next day, we went to pick up my cousin Adam. We went fishing, out to eat, tubing; and saw alligators, snakes and fish. We also got to visit the World’s largest outdoor aquarium. Well, Grandpa, through all these memories you’ve taught me many things: how to be brave, face adversity, embrace one’s differences and all the usual stuff, but you and I are far from usual! From your work with the Anti-Defamation League, you have taught me that being who I am is who I should be and that I should accept someone for who they are because we never truly know what one’s life and troubles are like. You have also taught me that your emotions may affect others. Like how your positivity causes everyone to laugh and enjoy being around you. But I think the most important lesson of all is the one that we are teaching each other right now. That we have to stay strong through the challenges, because you never know how great the outcome might be.

eighth grade

‫ םייחל‬l’chaim to life

I know it might be weird to think that while Grandma reads this to you, that you are lying there thinking of something to say. But it’s okay, Grandpa. You don’t have to say it yet. Because when the words finally do come out they will show how hard you have worked, the kind of man you are, and those words will be even more special and meaningful than they are now. Get better, Grandpa. Love, Grant Grant Campion

diversions 2013



I am here It’s no big deal Fix your mistakes Your paper’s wounds I heal I am your paper’s Sweet salvation Leading to Your graduation Each mistake That I fix After that An idea clicks You will miss me When I am gone I am the king’s Little pawn You will need To replace me Use me slow Do not waste me Nick Selig


The park is my favorite place to be Being the one who holds the childhood memories Memories in the park that will last forever Forever and ever it is history History has it all All that will be with me Me that it’s with, I’ll always remember Remembering the park filled with adventure Adventures of playing games Games with others Kids who run around and play Playing on the equipment Equipment was my favorite Favorites such as bars, slides, and swings Swings were the best Best because how high i go Going back and forth with the wind in my face Facing everything around me Me, who really wants to stay, Stay because the park is my favorite place to be Rimsha Haque

racket, you’re one of a kind

Striped with black, orange and white paint Bear with scratches all over you Yellow fuzz tangled in your strings Shining when the light is just right You remind me of a clean ace through my opponents’ defensive I treat you poorly when I smash you on the ground But you never brake You’re one of a kind I leave you in cold weather you crack or shatter In hot weather you melt through my fingers The sweat can be unbearable You’re one of a kind The hot pink and white damper suits you well It shows your feminine side Your soft black and gray grip tens to get sweaty But then I suffocate it with my towel After each point I quickly put my focus on your strings Making sure all the strings are straight And pulling off the yellow fuzz You’re one of a kind Aja Shelton


I really like to write I often stay up late at night Burning the last candle light Bringing crazy things to life Ten foot birds and armored tanks All owe to me their thanks Because I burned the candle light Bringing crazy things to life Terran rangers standing proud Starship engines howling loud All of these are allowed Because of my writing vow In my mind I do find These stories That defy time Images of wars yet to pass All brought to fruition finally and at last Seen through the eyes of heroes and more From my mind these images I tore. Ed Beckman



eighth grade

ode to the rain

You fall more gracefully than I ever will. I envy your ability to rise again afterwards. I want to be able to start over like you. Your movements resound quietly throughout my life, Like the soft patter of a toddler’s feet. You taunt me with your never ending freedom, Similar to a bird’s Your appearance is like morphine to me, It’s easier to fall asleep. The worries melt away with you’re never ending movement and you leave nothing but a fresh start In your wake. Sometimes you bring two uninvited guests, That scare adults and children alike. But I think they are just misunderstood. They complete you. Giving you a voice, And a bite. They only add to your exhilarating beauty. Whenever I run to embrace you, They tell me you could sicken me. But I will never believe that. You encase me in a cold world. Although you never feel cold to me. No one ever believes me though, Because your touch sends a shivering sensation through my body. I love dancing with you, The wind must be jealous, So he blows you away. Depriving me of the momentary feeling of bliss, Of living in a pure, clean world. But I don’t. I live in a world of Starvation, Pain, And hate. You wash that away for me, Even if it is only for a diminutive amount of time. Then the hate drives you away again. And I am forced to dance with the way things are, And the wind. Hannah Garcia

diversions 2013


crumpled papers Taking a perfect paper And ruining it. Each crumple, A joke you’ve forgotten But that person Will never forget.

Behind every “Just kidding” or “Just joking” There is always some truth. And when you take that paper Try to make it better Or say sorry Every last crumple Every last dent Will always be there. So why not live in peace? And let each other Be their own perfect paper No matter how different we are. Because at the end of the day We are all human. Tori Cherry

ode to books

You have everlasting imagination Your fun never ends I don’t judge you by your cover You are always telling a story You have every emotion Your ending never ends You tell stories better Than every oracle I can find your elements with ease I read all your sequels and prequels Your themes leap out of the pages The symbols I find with ease You never get boring for me Your pages smell fresh Your ink is vivid You’re everything in life inside just one Book Nathan Stell

yellow journalism

I feel alone, Caged in a prison of lies. I look around, But I only see another hoax. How can something so innocent, Wholesome, So treacherous, Be such a lie? What is there left to believe, When all there is is just another trap? As I wait in this puddle of drowning truths, My mouth dries up, Everything around me blurs, And I wait for it pass. How can it be so simple to fool a nation of intellectuals? I am lied to, Like a crying child, Like a blank sheet of paper . There is nothing left to trust. So I wait in this puddle of drowning truths, And I wait for it to pass. Robert Renstrom


Pink but grey Grey shows my determination Determination is key in this sport This sport is ballet Ballet sweat in my shoes Shoes filled with tears Tears at the tip of my toes Toes point along the canvas Canvas wrapped along my toes They fit Canvas wrapped along my toes Toes point along the canvas Tears at the tip of my toes Shoes filled with tears Ballet sweat in my shoes This sport is ballet Determination is key in the sport Grey shows my determination Skylar Woodhouse

march madness

March Madness is a time for excitement and upsets Upsets that can determine the champions The champions who deserve the title The title that says they are the best The best of all other teams Teams that came so close Close enough to win it all All the bragging rights and fame The fame that comes with winning the NCAA championship Jared O’Neal



diversions 2013

eighth grade

• artwork by Nick Selig


the dream

I dreamed about you I could not speak I could not move I could only cry I wanted to hug you I wanted to smell you But I couldn’t All I could do was cry Was that a sign Did you come to visit I miss you so much Life is not the same You brightened up the room Every time you smiled Come back to life Even though it’s impossible I will always love you Jordan Dobrinsky


The snow was perfectly white There was not a single car in sight It was the perfect day for the slopes But then it all turned upside down I felt the rumble beneath my feet And there was nowhere to retreat It was chasing me down the mountain I was going as fast as I could But I was no match for the snow It was harder than steel It was rolling down the mountain like a wheel Then I felt the pressure It shattered my bones beneath my skin I was buried below the snow I didn’t know which way was which I thought to myself, was I dead I stuck my arm out of the snow And before I knew it I was saved I was pulled out of the snow I will live another day Because I am A OK Michael Jett



ode to old friends

Warm spring days on the playground Field trips and loud lunches I miss it all Every time I think about memories They flood into my mind My old friends, how are you? What are you doing? Do you remember me? I look through yearbooks and see our smiling faces I remember all the moments we shared It plays like a movie in my mind The old elementary school days Our close and sometimes troubled friendships In my life I hope to keep a tight grip on the memories I remember during recess When we would all run to the swings Play hide n’ seek and talk endlessly I miss the loud screams and the laughter When you’re young you don’t think about growing up Sometimes it makes me sad to think We are all teenagers growing into adults As I get older I just hope our memories, secrets won’t die away To my old friends we were stuck together like glue Nothing could ever tear us apart Until 4th grade everything changed People saying goodbye maybe forever I do have time I wish we were young again Just playing around without a worry But sometimes you have to recognize you have to move on Keep in mind friends come and go But to my old friends I hope to keep you In my heart forever And to always remember maybe we will See each other again Lauryn Brooks

eighth grade

she’s fighting back

Humans think they own the world we can conquer anything do anything we want but we can’t and she knows it. She also knows that we are killing her. Now she’s fighting back she wreaked havoc on the Caribbean with a storm but not any storm a super storm. With that super storm she told us she isn’t going down without a fight. So humans shouldn’t fight back because she will have the last laugh. So we need to back off stop drilling, stop chopping, stop polluting, and start using clean energy so we don’t end up destroying the one thing that has kept us alive our entire existence. So until we find a new home we need to treat this one with care. Start caring, start recycling. In the Caribbean there was a super storm. This storm was called super storm Sandy. The reason it became a super storm was that two hurricanes actually came together and formed one massive hurricane. This incident really spoke out to me because the people that were killed, and all the buildings that were destroyed didn’t even have a chance. Trafton Addison

diversions 2013


the choice

At first, that choice seemed perfect, it seemed fantastic, it seemed worthy. Everyone showed so much enthusiasm. There was no second guessing, for it was the ultimate choice. It was the choice that changed our lives, forever and ever and always. But the choice was not what we expected, for it was flawed. It got worse, and worse and worse. But still everyone went on. Regret. Everyone regrets the choice. The choice that changed our lives, forever and ever and always. Anger. Anger is a crash of thunder screaming from the sky. We are the thunder. We are angry at the choice. The choice that continues to change our lives, forever and ever, and always. Thomas Batzel


The most corrupt place worldwide Now more questions to be answered Rebuilding impossible When the inside destroys itself Soon the country will be alone 17 officers drugged, found dead Killed by their own and the Taliban Some were new recruits that didn’t get a chance Others experienced and fully trained Newly made issues between the police and Taliban Devastating for the US All the hard work and money put in To a cause that has always been lost Even NATO troops cannot control So much violence and hatred Afghanistan will soon be alone No money and very little resources What will they do then? No one knows But everyone knows what they do must finally bring unison Austin Beale



gun control

One by one all is gone like a bag of M&Ms You take over our jobs you take over our homes Now we have no rights even in our own home We were given a right that was honored But now you are questioning that Guns are guns We all have at least one But no matter what we do you always find something to take away I know my rights So why take our guns They protect us from harm They are like a bodyguard the size of our arm Rifles or pistols they are all the same Danger is danger and it is never going away America the home of the free The eagle stands for what that means Blame other countries just don’t blame us We are all alone and need to stay together So take my house and take my car Just please don’t take my little bodyguard Joshua Glaser-Wirt


Gone. The world is based on seconds and minutes. The world can be all gone in a minute. Even in a second. Before your eyes. Gone. So young, So innocent. Parents were worried All day, waiting for answers. All because of one man Lives of innocent children were lost. 26 lives were gone Gone in a second. This poem is a reflection and a voice of the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy that took place in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. A man woke up one morning and decided to go to Sandy Hook Elementary School and shoot. An Elementary school was locked down for a day and by the end questions were answered and the news was given that twenty six people did not walk out of the school alive. 20 children and 6 adults were the victims of the shooting. The city and school will have this reputation forever. Abby Wright

His one arm was always pushing me forward. Whenever I remember him he was always telling me that I was going to be great one day. He always knew what to say whenever I had problems and when he talked to me about my problems it was funny because I could see his lawyer side coming out. You are probably wondering who this person is? This wonderful person is my grandfather. Thanksgiving was always my favorite time of year because I always got see him. I would sit down next to him and just listen to his conversations with everyone. Always finding that he was saying the most interesting things, but the best part of Thanksgiving was when we moved into the living room for our pumpkin pie. He would tell me his story about the war. It may have been just a story when I was eight, but now I miss those Thanksgivings when his friendly aura would suffocate me in kindness. He would tell me about his time in the war and how he had to fight and survive in the freezing cold, with this wild look in his eyes. The biggest part of the story was when he lost his arm. I could never keep my tears. He would always look down at me and ask “Why do cry every time I tell you this story,” and I would reply,

eighth grade

the one-armed hero

“Because it’s so sad that you’re handicapped,” He would always laugh and say, “This isn’t a handicap; this is a memory.” He was lucky though; even though he lost his arm he was close to losing his life. The bullet hit a main artery in his arm and the only reason he didn’t bleed out was because he had hypothermia. Together both of those situations could kill a man but he always told me, “My burning passion for my country kept me warm and safe.” Christmas was my next favorite time with my Grandfather. He would sit down next to me when I opened my presents. He would always give me his present last. I would always look forward to what he would get me. He had such a lucrative job he could have given me anything. At Christmas he would tell me about how he was in a plane crash. It always shocked me that he actually survived it. The planes debris was everywhere, but after it crashed he pulled the people out of the plane even though he was on fire. The only reason he stopped grabbing people was because a farmer hit him over the head with a shovel to put out the fire raging on his body. I remember seeing him dazing off when he told the story with his wavering voice. I was always munching on my Christmas candy entranced in his amazing feat of bravery. Easter was always fun for him. We would have an Easter egg hunt and he would watch me try so hard to find the eggs. Whenever I looked at him he always had a big smile on his face and his wild look in his eyes. One year was different from the others when I couldn’t find my one last egg. We all looked for a really long time until he got up and searched with us. We all were laughing, telling jokes, and just plain goofing off. That was probably the last time I saw him happy. I still remember him asking me. “Trafton did you hide the egg again just to make everyone come and help you?” while he poked me in the stomach. I remember me denying him then him tickling me with his one arm. Later that month pneumonia hit his body. He was forced to the hospital and was never the same again. When I saw him he was very grumpy and would barely talk to me. I thought I did something wrong so I asked my mom what was wrong. She would tell me “It’s okay Trafton he will stop soon.” But it took him a long time to change. I was so worried about him. He was this amazing man and this sickness changed him. He was weak for a long time every time I went to visit him at the hospital it would be for fifteen minutes. I would question my mom “Why do we leave so early?” She would say, “Because honey he’s tired.” When he moved to the retirement home he was less grumpy. He felt safer because at hospital he thought he could die any second. I remember looking around his room at his favorite shortbread cookies and his tortured face. We would play chess but never finish a game. We would just leave off where we finished. I could tell when he got tired, and I would say “I should get going.” He would weakly smile and nod his head. Whenever I saw that it consumed me with sadness, because in his eyes the wild look was gone. Replacing it was the look of someone with a long, hard life. I could tell it was coming but I wasn’t prepared for it when it happened. It was December 17, 2011 when he died. I felt so sad that I lost my hero. He was all could think about for the next week. I remember his funeral at some big army cemetery. My mom and aunts picked very nice poems for him. I was there sitting listening to the army generals speak for him and then it really hit me. He was gone, I already knew that, but I realized that he would never come back. No more stories about the war or the plane crash. I looked up at the ceremony when I felt the hot tears crawling down my face. I gave in to the tears I was holding back and just let them flow. I went to his retirement home room and saw our chessboard. I walked over and looked at our board and I saw something I missed before. It was checkmate. In one flick of my wrist I took my knight and knocked his king off the board and I realized something. Even the best heroes must die. It doesn’t matter if you give your life to a great cause you will still die. Then and there I realized that he would want me to look back on life in my fleeting moments and think like he did and think that I have made the most of my life. Trafton Addison

diversions 2013


the pope

He’s leaving, Who will be next? This is huge. It hasn’t happened for 600 years. Who will wear the crown? What will happen next? The biggest in religion, is going away, his replacement? I don’t know, nay, There are so many candidates. Only one will win the title. Who will it be? I guess we shall see, all I know is that, he is leaving. Taking the crown will, make you, the most powerful man of all, so who will it be? Frankie White

benedict and francis

He decided to quit. I was surprised I must admit. Was he sick or just tired? From this job, he couldn’t be fired. Soon cardinals will gather under the dome, To choose a new pope, a bishop of Rome. Like old friends they will meet, A serious task to complete. Electing a new pope, Will they get it right? I hope. The church needs someone who can lead, Who can overcome adversity and greed. Strong principles are a must. He has to be a man of integrity that we can trust. A decision made by an elite committee, To see who gets named the Sovereign of Vatican City. When we see the smoke, we will know Who God has chosen to bestow. A leader will emerge from the balcony, Wearing white for the whole world to see. Choosing a New Pope It is the first time in six hundred years that a Pope of the Roman Catholic faith has resigned. No one knows for sure the reason behind Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to leave. There is speculation that he is ill, which could affect his mind or body. He could also just be tired. The job would be demanding for a healthy, young person and he’s in his eighties. Either way the weight of the Roman Catholic Church has been lifted from his shoulders. The question is who will take his place? Can he be a leader for the next generation of Catholics? Sarah Smallets



man’s best friend

You’re the one, That’s always there for me. A shoulder to cry on, an ear to whisper to. You’re the greatest listener in the world, You don’t ever cut me off. The goofy grin you always wear, Cheers me up. Your moist tongue, Licks away my salty tears. You’re the one I can count on. You never let me down. You’ll stay with me, When I’m sad, When I’m scared, When I’m angry. You’re there for me, Through every situation. You comfort me, In my times of grief. You with your goofy grin, And I with my face, Buried in your silky fur. You’re like an anchor, My reason for staying sane. Your piercing brown eyes, Prod me for answers. You never lie, Your life story, Is in your eyes. You truly are, Man’s best friend. Logan White

to, too, two

My older brother is Ben, I have a younger brother too Fighting-it seems like they have to When it comes to brothers I have two They are my brothers, my two I have two brothers and a step sister too Playing sports-we have to Playing video games-we have to When it comes to parents, we have two We have two grandparents too If you think I used two too much, well I had to. Nolan Barrett

diversions 2013

eighth grade

• artwork by Hannah Garcia



Kids, adults, and people all around Wonder if a cure will be found Wanting to be normal like the others Wanting to grow up like their mothers Wanting to look the same Wanting to play sports or games Wanting to have hair Or wanting to feel something there They want to feel like a princess In a pink sparkly dress They want to feel success In shoes with high heels They just want to know how it feels They want to be in charge of the wheel Of their life They want to be free They want to see They want to see their life And so do we We want to see what they will grow up to be Madison Doyle

memories come and go

You make me feel like I can do anything, You fill me with tons of memories, When I wake up, I have a smile on my face, Thinking of how you’re my special place, I lose myself in thoughts and ideas, As I listen to the sounds of nature, You blossom with more and more color, As summers pass, And I can only imagine the memories waiting to be made, Your water glistens like diamonds in the sun, And I swear it is a sheet of glass, Your grass is green, Your sky is blue, You make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, You make me tan, And turn my hair into gold, You make me smile, And make me forget all of my worries, You certainly have a place in my heart, You have given me great friends, Some young and some old, Who are all very close to me, We have our moments, Some good and some bad, But overall they’re worth it, As I walk down the pier, It’s like taking a trip into the past, Remembering all of the great memories, That will last a lifetime. Grace Ann Letzinger



a daughter’s love

You were my favorite playmate I was and always will be your Favorite little girl Your little princess I looked up to you so much I loved our special days we spent together When we fed the squirrel peanuts in New York When I was tired of walking You put me up on your shoulders I’d cover your eyes and laugh You took me down and tossed me up in the air This funny feeling made me giggle We had no cares for anything else You were the coolest guy I knew I remember when mom went to work You would always take me to the cinema café We’d order lots of food I’d spin in my chair When mom got home She’d ask what we did that day We’d tell her all the fun things we did She would say “without me again?” And we’d laugh Because this was OUR thing You and K.K. were my buddies Remember when we were in the car With memmere and peppere and mom I said, “Memmere, boys don’t got a clue” “Girls rule and boys drool” You’d say “except for daddy!” Then when you sang baby got back I couldn’t help but crack-up We had good times I’ll never forget your hazel brown eyes Filled with warmth and love You were my best friend You were a hero to me You are light Your spirits hug me when I’m in misery You help me cope You are still here On those beautiful days You’re the sun smiling on me You’re always there You never left I miss you I love you See you soon. Jessica LaVertu

eighth grade

ode to roger

Hi there Roger I don’t think you know me But I certainly know you I’ve been with you for many of your life’s greatest moments And I bet you had no idea I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Norfolk, VA It’s a nice city Please come visit someday That way you’d be there for ONE Of my life’s greatest moments Remember in Australia 2013? You lost to Murray in five sets I was there And what about Wimbledon 2009? I was there too. Remember when I won that tournament in Williamsburg? I didn’t think so When you go Roger… I will cry… And cry… And cry… And cry… Nobody will ever be the same as you Not for many, many years to come Djoker is too cocky Murray is to whiny And Nadal is… well… He’s OCD Just one last question Before I go… Are you a vampire? Alex Loope

diversions 2013



The thump of the beat Beat moving through my body My body begins to move Move throughout the night Nighttime is when you feel it most Most people don’t understand Understanding it takes time Time is limited Music makes the world unique Uniqueness is not always wanted Wanting music is a mutual feeling Feelings can be expressed through music Music should last forever Forever is not always granted Music is a way of life Life is special Special times call for music Music is me I am music Music and I are one. Cameron Brown

current event poem Everyone is there There for a dream A dream to win A dream to be the best

They want a ring They want a trophy They want the spotlight They want to be the ones But to win you have to be good You have to score You have to play hard You have to work hard To win, you must have teamwork You must be aggressive You need the will To go on They need to be the ones that do it The ones that persevere The ones that work the hardest The ones that win the NBA Finals Daniel Vail


When I was young Everything was simpler Not a care in the world When I was young There was no hatred There was no war When I was young Never saw the bigger picture Looked past the trouble in the world When I was young Now I see hatred I see fighting Arguments War Now that I’m older I wish I was younger Luke Windley

the best sub shop

Your subs are good When I wait it smells good I usually go to with my family Your drink machine is heaven There are so many choices I can’t pick one On your inside are good things Your checkered floor is cool It makes the wait shorter Your tables in the front Give a good view As I chew my food Your picture of the lion I always look at it And say it’s interesting Anthony Fattizzi

coach k

All eras must end. Some good, some bad, But all must go down. At some point everyone must move on. You were as good as anybody at your job. Nobody will forget 2 gold medals, 1 bronze medal, 2 world basketball championships, And over 10 years of greatness. All the effort put into the program won’t go to waste You are a role model to all young coaches, And kids to always give it your all. No one can do what you did, With the enthusiasm you had. Coach K you will always be number 1. People around the world were sad enough to cry a river, On the very day you left the team. Paul Cantu



eighth grade


You have been there for me Since I was three When I grew, so did you You might change shape and color but you will always be the same inside My love for you will be forever through and through You are my ball Whenever I see you my day brightens You are my friend You are my future You are my ball You make me feel big You make me believe anything is possible You make me feel invincible no matter where I am You make me stay in shape You are me ball My job when I'm with you is to get you home I'll do anything to accomplish this I'll give you up I'll take the chance of getting hurt and keep you You are my ball You and I are a lot alike You are small, I'm small You are fast, I'm fast Together we are one You are my ball Josh Swartz


I watch you leave The same time every day You leave from a house of gold To a room of ice Burying your heart From sun to night And night to sun You save souls And strive to save Everyone from the grasp of the devil You are like a god Save those who seem lost No matter what the cost Fixing puzzles that could fool the smartest genius Sewing a life-line to God When you return To your house of gold You smile Knowing that you have saved those from an eternal pit God is in your hands and mind You are a superman to all I choose my dad because of what he does every day. I see him leave very early in the morning to very late at night. He talks about his operation when he comes home. They all seem very complicated but he talks like they are easy. My dad often has to push whatever feelings he has aside so he can do his job properly. My dad has a strong sense of duty and often will keep trying even though others say it’s hopeless. My dad really is a superman (this time with no kryptonite). Sarah Philpott

diversions 2013


it’s always sunny somewhere Every day is the same I spread my rays And bring light to the world As I rise in one area I set in another.

I’ve seen every country Every planet And they all need me to survive I provide heat and energy That they need. I do not like clouds They take away my heat, my light The moon chases me It goes where I go Sometimes it gets old. I bring nothing but joy To everywhere I go I’ve listened and seen so many stories Every day is the same. Katie Georges

the wild blue yonder I look at you everyday Everyday you’re always there There in a grand blue space A space above my head You have big white fluffs Fluffs that I look at You are inspiring Inspiring to pilots Pilots in your majesty I look up to see dreams Dreams of the future A future that seems bright Bright like you in the morning Every day I wake up and look up Look up and know it’s going to be a good day. A day that will be different Different than the last Even when a storm comes You look depressing Depressing to me I look past the clouds into. Into the Wild Blue Yonder Thomas O’Dell

unexpected love

I was an only child Eight years old Flying free Until a new love came into my world William Henry He was new He was mine He was one of a kind I was nervous “Will he like me?” “Will I be okay?” Thoughts raced through my mind May 23 Today was the day I couldn’t wait till we could play He was like my baby dolls, but real He is mine His first word His first crawl His first walk I was always there By his side helping him My title The big sister My world has changed But for the better Blonde curls, wild memories, a best friend, a brother William Henry Savannah Hoover

someone i love

You protect me like superman Nobody can hurt me when I am around you When I am with you I feel safe You scream and shout, kick and shout but you also love and care Appreciate and you are devoted When you get made you do not put out your anger out on me When I fall down I know you will be there to pick me up When I am ill I know you will be there to take care of me When I am gone I know you will miss me But the worst part is When you’re gone I’ll miss you I love you always Martijn Melanie Goossens



diversions 2013

eighth grade

• artwork by Sarah Smallets


sandy hook

The tragic accident that happened before Christmas Why did the kids have to go through this? Well why does the world have people like this No one enjoys them being there Do they like to be the center of attention? Maybe the attention isn’t that important If you want attention then do something NICE!!! Instead of taking it out on kids They had a long life ahead But one action changed their lives It changed their families’ lives The thing that happened changed everyone’s life The attention wasn’t important If you want to be known help someone out Buy someone who doesn’t have money what they need INSTEAD of taking it out on poor defenseless children The person that did this had No life No friends So he didn’t see a need in living! Noah Siebert

“keep us american”

Why would they take them? What is their reason? When will it happen? What will be the consequence? Without them we will be condemned. We own them for protection, Sport, Or even just for fun. They make us American. They are what we were founded for. And if we were invaded, By some foreign nation, We could protect ourselves, And not become their slaves. But right now I feel, As if we already are, Of those men up in Washington, Who say they’re doing good. When all they care about, Is what to have for lunch. Hunter Kahler


No clues for a cause, A cause for such a terrible tragedy. Tragedy that did bring tears, Tears that ran down cheeks. Balls of fire in the sky, A sky that once was so clear. The clearness for all the tears and sorrow, Sorrow that lasted for many days. Flaming debris like rain from a cloud, Clouds were not in sight. The sight of the explosion was blinding, Blinding fear. Students and children all came to watch, Watching to see what a wonder it was. Was it fair what would happen in just a short time? Time was running out. As the shuttle took off people stared, Staring that soon turned off people stared, Staring that soon turned to wonder, Wondering what it was. It was a challenge. Vera Sacks

walk with me

I walk down memory lane, It is my hall of fame. I see feelings, Happy, sad, shame and lame. I see good times, I see bad. I see fun times, I see sad. Remember when we went here? Remember when we went there? Remember when we did this? Remember when we did that? I see laughs, I see cries. I hear joy, I hear lies. I come to the end, Of my journey, With you standing hand and hand, It won’t be over soon don’t you worry. Chandler Gillikin



eighth grade


“Sticks and stones will break my bones but, Words will never hurt me.” Words will never hurt me….” They are wrong No matter how big No matter how old No matter how strong Words will always hurt Some people are leaders Some people are followers Some people are bullies Sometimes they don’t even know it Why you may ask? Who knows why… It is an unsolved mystery to this day Family problems? Friend problems? School problems? Either way It’s still bullying It does nothing good It doesn’t help the bully It doesn’t help you or me It does nothing So you may ask me why?... Well that’s my question too Bullying has been a problem for many years. There can be many problems causing a person to bully, it could be family problems, friend problems, a death, and many others. Many times people don’t understand why people bully bullies, it will always remain a question to me too. It doesn’t do any good to the bully, to you, me or anybody else. The victim of the bully may have many side effects including, suicidal thoughts, drugs and alcohol use, depression, arguments, dropping of grades, and many more. There are ways to stop it too. For example: get help from a parent or adult, talk about it, and find ways of dealing with stress. Even if you do get help and try to get rid of it, it will always come back. Hopefully someday it will completely go away. Frances Boyer

lincoln’s hat

I sat on a great political leader I remember the day he bought me From that store in Springfiled, Illnois I was there every day waiting for someone to come and take me away from a lonely life The things I saw with Mr. Lincoln were very interesting I was there when he gave the Gettysburg Address and signed the Emancipation Proclamation He also gave his inaugural speech with me on his head Those were the most exciting days of my life Then there was that day Mr. Lincoln and I were invited to a play in Ford’s Theater, we have attended so many Halfway through the play I hear a sudden loud boom I am on the hard wooden floor with a small hole in me I’m covered in this red sticky liquid After that day I never went on Mr. Lincolns head again I wonder what ever happened to him. Sebastian Hardy

diversions 2013



Every day I get picked up And then put down I’m the author of every story The writer of any memory I’m lost most of the time But found now and then I come in every color Size and shape too Blue Black Or even green It doesn’t matter to me because In the end I’m just a pen Alex Holt

ode to my baby blanket You have always been there For me Up at night By my side You kept me out Of harm from Scary monsters Under my bed Despite your many imperfections You still protected me Like a shield of armor In a battle I’m proud To say that you are My baby blanket I’m 14 now But that doesn’t mean I’m too old for you I have always kept You by my side Except when I left you At the Great Wolf Lodge But I got you back And you’re here To stay One thing is true I have always had you By my side Through every Battle Hannah Beale



the guard

I hold your many secrets; I guard the vast unknown; I offer you protection, and safely guard your home. I take on shapes of magic; Denying those forgotten; I have but one companion, on my journey to be freed. I shine with pride; I gleam with joy, when you use me often. But when you don’t; I sing great pains; And gain a sickly color. I’m always here; So don’t you fear; You’ll ever be alone. And though I still can’t budge; From the hold we have performed; I just sit tight; All day and night; Guarding your many secrets. Grant Campion

just because i’m jordan

Just because I’m blonde, Doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I’m actually quite intelligent. Did you know I have straight A’s? Just because I’m tall, Doesn’t mean I like to be. I have a hard time finding clothes, And an even harder time with Norfolk Collegiate’s dress code. Just because I’m fair-skinned, Doesn’t mean you have the right to call me albino. It’s wintertime, And my ancestors are Polish for goodness sake. Just because I babysit my siblings a lot, Doesn’t mean I have “no life”. I also don’t have “super strict” parents. I have four brothers and sisters, And, hey, sometimes they need to be babysat! Just because I’m Jordan, Doesn’t mean I’m a pale, tall, no-life, dumb blonde. I am much more than that, I am me. Jordan Rickman

What if you chose a life away from your family to never see them again? Tris, the main character of Divergent, has to do that. Veronica Roth writes Divergent in Tris’s, the main character’s, point of view. The setting takes place in a dystopian future where America is now. The city Tris lives in is divided into five different factions: Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, and Erudite. There are also people in the slums of the city called the factonless. What Tris has to do when she is sixteen is to choose what faction she will want to be in for the rest of her life. She is born in Abnegation and her parents count on her to choose it. She chooses a different faction and it changes her world.

The five factions all have a certain trait to them. The members of Abnegation are selfless and put everybody else above themselves. Amity is a very optimistic and friendly faction whose people spend their time with art and farming. The Candor faction is very honest and doesn’t lie. The people of Dauntless are very brave and are astonishing fighters. Erudite dedicates their time to research and advancing technology. Not every faction is perfect, however. The Erudite faction targets people who don’t agree with them, causing tension between factions.

eighth grade

book review of “divergent” by Veronica Roth

One theme of Divergent is that it is okay to be different. Tris, the main character and the protagonist, is “divergent.” “Divergent” is a trait that is dangerous to have and you can be killed for it. Nevertheless, it saves Tris’ family from being killed. You may have a certain trait that is frowned upon but in the end it just makes you that much better. Another theme of Divergent is to stay strong and never give up. Tris never gives up when she was almost gets killed. She never gives up when her family is involved.

The main character of Divergent is Tris Prior. She is born in the Abnegation faction but it doesn’t feel right to her. She doesn’t like the fact that you have to put everybody in front you. She wants to do something with herself. She is a very dynamic character. She arcs from a girl who is very hesitant about everything and is a little timid to a leader who strives to save her family and friends. The initiation into her new faction changes her completely. She changes into a hero who can accomplish anything.

The book Divergent is a great book to read and has an excellent plot. It is very hard to put down and easy to understand. Divergent is a very fast read. Veronica Roth does a superior job describing Tris’ thoughts in the first-person point of view. “We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.” –Veronica Roth Robert Renstrom - Norfolk Public Library Book Review Contest Second Place Winner

diversions 2013




When I was happy I came to you And you stood by my side Through and through Your name is original I came up with it myself When you are near I never fear

I know so many things About one person I have all his thoughts All bottled up Kept away in a safe Which no one can unlock For my master has the key Not me

Your soft silky fabric Reminds me of days gone by You’ve been mine since I was three Wow, has time passed by You were there when I cried When tears ran down my face

I held you tight when I was scared Even at the late hours of the night You are the first item that I’d take If we had to leave I would carry you around Wherever I would go My grandma introduced us It was love at first sight I snatched you And I ran to my bed I never let you go You will remind me of the times I will always miss You’ve helped me through all my problems You can tell me the stories Of days gone by I love you I will always keep you by my side Maria Leondaridis

the one machine

The machine was the smartest of them all, All looked upon the creation. Creation was the ruler, Ruler of technology Technology became smarter than mankind, Mankind became scared. Scared from the machines, Machines that took over Earth. Earth became electrical. Electrical with smartness. Smartness from the robots, Robots who destroyed humans. Humans became scarce, Scarce from all the killing. Killing created upon my hatred, Hatred that will always last. Amir Horton



I am very secretive I have all these secretes Whatever I hear I never tell For that would be cruel and un-human

He trusts me like a friend So always open about his thoughts He never seems to worry I may tell Which I won’t, I swear But It’s kind of hard I tell you For I am an open book Open for anything Or any question But I can’t tell you For that would be cruel and un-human Meridith Townsend

current event poem Through a canyon. Over a lake. That is where, The treasure waits…

Millions of dollars, Gold and jewels Silver and gems Precious metals and sparkling rocks. Under the heated earth. It waits. Pounds of money. In a chest. Who will find it ? How will they use it? Will they help others? Use it for personal gain? Will it be days or years When will it be found? It is just money. Dean Brown

eighth grade

• artwork by Abby Wright

• artwork by Hunter Kahler

diversions 2013


in the open air

Sitting outside by a tree I try hard to relax The beauty around me is evident Gorgeous skies and birds Beautiful lakes and streams Sounds of nature all around me Chirps and buzzes and bees I love sitting outside With a beautiful tree Outdoors With a beautiful tree I love sitting outside Chirps and buzzes and bees Sounds of nature all around me Beautiful lakes and streams Gorgeous skies and birds The beauty around me is evident I try hard to relax Sitting outside by a tree In the open air Paige Hastings

snow fall

Ground breaking Snow shaking Like an ocean on a windy day Snow flew down the mountain Like water spewing from a fountain Snow ran past rocks and trees Ice sliding with such ease They shattered and spilled down the slope Like lubricant and soap So many lost, we cannot cope Gravity was the enemy Pulling on anything it didn’t consider friendly 16 people were in this How many could come without injury? Any at all? Avalanches trap victims And don’t spit them out Trapped inside Forever Trevor Rogers




Hurting the Earth right now Toxic radioactive waste Leaks and murders Our planet, our home From Chernobyl To Nagasaki People’s lives everywhere Have been changed Children are born With birth defects Is power more important Than the well being of us all? Toxic wicked wastelands Like a sparse deserted realm No going back Only looking forward We act like it doesn’t exist Like it’s not a problem People are dieing And so is planet Earth Kerrie Thompson

just because i am a twin

Just Because I’m a twin Doesn’t mean we’re identical Doesn’t mean I act like her Doesn’t mean we get along Just Because I’m a twin Doesn’t mean we’re the same genders Doesn’t mean we share everything Doesn’t mean we don’t fight Just because I’m a twin Doesn’t mean I go everywhere with her Doesn’t mean we constantly have twin telepathy Doesn’t mean I feel everything she does Just because I’m a twin Why do people think that I’m 14 and she is 18? Will people finally notice that we’re twins? Why do people ask if something is missing from me? Just because I’m a twin Noah Dobrinsky

Imagine a life without any of your family members and relatives. Vladek Spiegalman in Maus by Art Spiegalman retells the story of a Polish Jew’s hardships during the Holocaust. Mr. Spiegalman went from being son-in-law to a very wealthy mansion owner to living in what some might call hell on Earth, Auschwitz. This book is written by Art Spiegalman who is the son of the Holocaust survivor or his dad, Vladek Spiegalman. This book tells the true story of a common Jew’s hardships during the Holocaust. Vladek’s story is just one of the many heart-breaking reads of Jews during these ghastly times. In this graphic novel, people are portrayed as animals. Setting was perhaps the most prominent component in this book. It goes back in forth between present-day Rego Park, NY and Poland in the past. During this time period in Poland, many Jews were being discriminated against and often were forced to go to concentration camps or into hiding. The Spiegalmans were forced into hiding, but eventually most of the hiding Jews were discovered because they have little to no food so they have to go find something to eat. They journey all across Poland traveling from town to town and lose family members all along the way. When Vladek and Anja were starving it was very hard for them to keep up especially during the winter because of how cold it is in Poland.

eighth grade

book review of “maus” by Art Spiegalman

Characterization is another important factor in Maus. The main characters were Vladek, Artie (Art), and Anja. Vladek Spiegalman told his story of his journey in Poland during the Holocaust. The Holocaust was perhaps the reason why Vladek was a very frugal man because he once truly had nothing. Anja was Vladek’s wife before she died and was dramatic during the tough journeys and always needed Vladek for comfort. Art Spiegalman who is the author of the book is the son of Vladek and was very curious about what happened to his dad. Art went through a major character arc in that he went from saying his dad was a cheapskate to having lots of respect for a Jew that survived when many did not. The major themes in this book were lost love and enduring ultimate suffering. Love lost is a major theme because the love of Vladek’s life died from a horrible cause. After all of the things Vladek and Anja went through it was really a loss when she died after the Holocaust. Although, the most outstanding theme in this book is enduring ultimate suffering not lost love. Vladek and Anja made many sacrifices and took chances to help each other during the book. Also, it was a miracle for both of them to make it out together of the biggest persecution of an ethnic group ever. Through sickness and starvation, enduring ultimate suffering together is a sign of love and strength as a couple. Maus is a fantastic survivor’s tale of the suffering Vladek went through and how he overcame it. Austin Beale - Norfolk Public Library Book Review Contest Third Place Winner

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