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Instructors: Jill Enfield Cig Harvey Mark Olich Travis Hocutt Iris Valentina Julie Grahame Anna Clarén Sal Taylor Kydd Elisabeth N Aanes Trym Ivar Bergsmo Elizabeth Opalenik Ragne K. Sigmond Jonathan Laurence Tatiana Yermolayeva Elizabeth Greenberg Jacob & Alissa Hessler



Clockwise from the top: Julie Grahame with students, Jill Enfield first fjord ‘swim’, Eddie Solway and participant Anne at Høsholmen, model Marina at The Gulf of Finland, model Marthe and participant Anne at SAGA, summer-exhibitor Nina Staff, behind the scene at Swan Lake The Hermitage Theatre, breakfast at SAGA.








AR E Y 0 1

Our Mission is to inspire photographers to fur ther their growth and development by arranging workshops and events that makes a difference.

Vår misjon er å inspirere fotografer til videre vekst og utvikling gjennom å arrangere workshoper og eventer som gir ringvirkninger.


invited instructors who where celebrated as teachers and mentors, to join my faculty.

DEAR FRIENDS, belive it or not, 2020 will be NORDphotography’s 10 year anniversary. I remember clearly a morning back in 2008, at Joyce Tenneson’s breakfast table, where she told me she had had an epiphany during the night. She looked me straight in the eyes and said, you are going to start a company in Norway, creating workshops with instructors of my caliber. My immediate respons to her was ‘are you crazy?’. I knew nothing about starting my own business, had not the slightest idea of where to begin, or if I had what it takes. But for those of you who know Joyce, knows that when she sees something in you, you better take notice. For the next couple of years I tested out different workshops concepts, some took place in the rural area of Norway, and some took place in Oslo, our capital. I used my connections to Joyce and

I organised a couple of workshops at Gammel Kleppe Farm in Vågå, and that gave me the idea of having the workshop feel like a creative retreat. Where the place, the food and the area was important ingredients for a successful workshop, in addition to my instructors. I saw great value of having the participants and instructors eat their meals together and live in the same space, it created a tight-nit group, where people left the workshop with new friends and connections that would last. I also noticed that when participants stayed in a creative bubble throughout the workshop, the quality of the work they created pluss the strides they took creatively, really made an impact. So when I later found the old sawmill, that I in 2012 refurbished into SAGA Senter for Fotografi, I felt like I had found a good receipt for making a haven for photographers, that could make a difference. And every time I get a note from a former participant inviting me to an exhibit, a book-launch, shares the good news of being celebrated for their work, or just shares the creation of a new successful photograph, or a new project idea, I feel my vision for-filled. In 2020 we offer 17 different workshops, with instructors from USA, England, Netherland, Russia, Sweden, and Norway. Our mission is still the same, creating workshops that makes a difference with some of the best instructors in the industry. And our instructor team keeps growing with new talents and mentors for you to learn from each year. Elisabeth N. Aanes CEO, Founder



REGISTRATION: Register for your chosen workshop on our website or e-mail us at Regeistration is binding. Our workshop tuition at SAGA DOES NOT include travel, transportation, meals or accommodation. For our destinaton workshop see workshop description as it varies. We expect our participants to bring their own camera and laptop to the workshops. VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR COMPLETE WORKSHOP INFORMATION. WWW.NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM





JAN 29 - FEB 2: The Photo Book Jonathan Laurence

FEB 18 - DEC 15: The Mentor Program / Oslo Elisabeth N. Aanes

MAR 17 - 24 Classical Ballet at The Hermitage Theatre Mark Olich ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA

FEB 26 - MAR 1: It’s Shot, Now What? Julie Grahame




APRIL 14 - 19: Let There Be Light Ragne K. Sigmond

MAY 26 - 31: Soulful Portraits Iris Valentina

JUNE 16 - 21: The Beauty of Women Elizabeth Opalenik




Summer Holiday

AUGUST 4 - 9: Wet Plate Collodion Jill Enfield

APRIL 26 - MAY 1: The Meditative Landscape Jacob & Alissa Hessler ICELAND

SEP 8 - 13: The Personal Project: Anna Clarén SEP 15 - 20: Writing & Photography: Sal Taylor Kydd SEP 23 - 29: PORTFOLIO // TBILISI, GEORGIA Curator Cig Harvey



NOV - 2021

OCT 2 - 8: The Russian Soul Elisabeth N. Aanes/Tanya Yermolayeva ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA

OCT 26 - NOV 1: The Lofoten Series Trym Ovar Bergsmo and Elisabeth N Aanes LOFOTEN, NORWAY

NOV 19 - JUN 9 (2021): The Mentor Program/Saga Elisabeth N. Aanes

OCT 13 - 18: Metaphors in Landscape Elizabeth Greenberg

NOV 25 - 29: Hand Made Art-books Travis Hocutt





BOOK-DESIGN FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS Our instructor Jonathan will be covering all aspects of photo-book creation. You will learn the principals of great layout and design and apply them to your own book project. This is a hands on workshop and our goal is that you leave our workshop with the first mockup of your photo-book, ready to order. For this workshop we will be using BLURB as our print-on-demand publishing platform. Jonathan will teach you the Blurb easy-to-use design program. Students who are familiar with professional layout software, such as Adobe InDesign, will also be accommodated. SAGA has a large photo-book library which includes books by publishing houses, self published books, and print-on-demand books. We will utilise this resource in the class by taking a close look at some of our books and discuss in depth the different design choices made and why they work. We will spend a lot of time on how to build a book, and cover in detail typography, page layout, image sequencing, front and back matter, colour management, image preparation, choosing the cover image and cover design.Students should bring 40-60 digital photographs, as well as print outs (postcard size) of their images, along with any written material for their book projects. DATES: TUITION: LOCATION:

Jan 29 - Feb 2 NOK 8.900,SAGA - Inderøy – Norway

På denne workshoppen vil du lære å designe egne fotobøker. Instruktør Jonathan Laurence, som har bakgrunn som både grafisk designer og fotograf, vil gjennomgå de ulike prinsippene bak layout og design, og hjelpe deg med å overføre det til ditt eget bokprosjekt. Dette er en hands-on workshop, hvor vårt mål for deg er at du skal ferdigstille første utkast av din bok, klar for bestilling, før workshopen er over. Vi bruker nettsiden BLURB som vår print-on-demand publiserings-plattform for denne workshopen. Design programmet i BLURB er veldig enkelt, og du vil få opplæring i å bruke det. Studenter som er kjent med andre layout-program, f. eks Adobe InDesign, vil kunne bruke dette. SAGA har et stort foto-bok bibliotek som favner bøker utgitt av forlag, selvpubliserte og igjennom BLURB. Vårt bibliotek er tilgjengelig for deltakerne og vil bli brukt aktivt i undervisningen, til å hente inspirasjon og ideer. Hver deltaker blir også bedt om å ta med egen favoritt foto-bok til workshop’en. Vi vil bruke mye tid på oppbygging av en foto-bok, og dekker i detalj typografi, layout, bilde-sekvensering, forside og bakside oppsett, fargebehandling, klargjøring av bilder, valg av coverbildet og coverdesign. Deltakere bør ha med 40-60 digitale bilder og utskrifter (postkortformat) av disse, samt tekst, hvis man har dette klart.




ŠImage by ?? (The Mentor Program 20??)


THE MENTOR PROGRAM - OSLO EDITION A COLLABORATION WITH CYAN: STUDIO, OSLO / ELISABETH N. AANES This is a year long mentorship program for photographers and photo enthusiasts looking to develop a complete body of work within the length of the program. Lectures, discussions and critique of student work will be the structure of the program taught in English and Norwegian. For our creative assignments we will find inspiration in The Photographers Playbook and Julia Cameron’s beloved book The Artist Way.

Vårt mentorprogram går over et år, og er for alle som ønsker å jobbe med individuelle fotoprosjekter, med det mål å fullføre prosjektet innenfor lengden av programmet. Forelesninger, kreative oppgaver, diskusjoner og bildekritikk vil være strukturen på møtene. Det blir gitt ulike kreative oppgaver underveis i programmet som er hentet fra “The Photographers Playbook”, og inspirasjon fra Julia Camerons’ “The Artist Way “.

The program will help discover, develop and fine-tune each photographer’s creative voice. You should come to the mentor program with an idea of a project. It can be an old project you want to finish, or a new project you want to create.

Mentorprogrammet vil bidra til å oppdage, utvikle og finjustere hver deltakers kreative stemme. Du bør komme til programmet med en idé om et prosjekt. Det kan være et gammelt prosjekt du ønsker å ferdigstille, en ide du har hatt lenge men ikke satt ut i livet, eller et helt nytt prosjekt du vil utvikle.

We will meet 8 times throughout the year for lecture and group critique. In addition there will be 2 oneon-one meetings with mentor, plus written image critic in the summer months. The lecture will be tailored to each participant’s project, to give inspiration and guidance for further development. During this mentorprogram you will learn to develop a cohesive body of work, present work in a professional matter, critique other photographers work, respond to critique of your own work, and the process of planning and hanging an exhibit. The program will result in a group exhibit at Cyan Gallery in February 2021. DURATION: MENTOR: TUITION: LOCATION:

Feb 18 – Dec 15 Elisabeth Nordeng Aanes NOK 16.000,-
 Cyan : studio, Oslo

image © Helene Magnus

Vi har 8 møter igjennom året med forelesning og bildekritikk. I tillegg får du 2 private møter med mentor og skriftlig bildekritikk-tilbud i løpet av sommermånedene. Foredragene vil bli skreddersydd til hver deltakers prosjekt ide, for å gi inspirasjon og veiledning for videre utvikling. Gjennom mentorprogrammet vil du få erfaring med å utvikle og ferdigstille et fotoprosjekt. Du vil lœre å gi og motta bildekritikk, velge ut bilder til presentasjon, presentere prosjekt for publikum samt gjennomføring av utstilling. Mentorprogrammet avsluttes med gruppeutstilling på Cyan Galleri februar 2021. Mentorship students receive a 20% discount on the tuition on workshops at SAGA in 2020. WWW.NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM





aCURATOR’S EDITOR IN CHIEF JULIE GRAHAME This workshop is all about branding, presentation and finding the right venues for your photography. It is a great workshop to attend if you are preparing for portfolio reviews, presentation of work to galleries, choosing what work to enter into a competition, and getting a photo-story published. During the course of the workshop you will learn what marketing tools will work for you, what is expected of you when you present work, how to present work in a professional matter, both in print, and digitally, and which venues, galleries, reviews, arenas your work is suited for. Julie Grahame, who have worked with photographers for 25 years, will teach you how to really look at your work, assessing its strength and weaknesses, and make you analyse what your work is really about. It order to further develop your voice as a photographer, and fine-tune your style and vision, you need to know the roots of your work. She will give you a realistic look at where and how to market your images, on and offline. She will review your website and social media presence, and make suggestions to improve your impact and make sure that your voice is visible in all your presentations. She will also look at editing and sequencing of your work, both on your website and portfolio presentations. The students will get one-on-one time with Julie to help with any questions and concerns you might have on your work. DATES: TUITION: LOCATION:

Feb 26 - MAR 1 NOK 8.900,SAGA - Inderøy, Norway

Denne workshopen handler om branding, presentasjon, og hvor dine bilder passer inn. Det er en perfekt workshop å delta på som forberedelse til portfolio reviews, møter med gallerier, foto-konkurranser, og hvordan gå frem for å få dine bilder publisert. I løpet av workshopen vil du lære hvilke markedsføringsverktøy som fungerer best, hvordan presenterer bilder profesjonelt, både på trykt og digitalt media, og hvilke reviews, gallerier, konkurranser, og ulike arenaer bildene dine passer for. Julie Grahame, som har jobbet med fotografer i 25 år, vil lære deg å presentere arbeid på en profesjonell måte. Du vil forlate denne workshopen med en bred forståelse av hvordan markedsplassen for fotografi fungerer, og hva du bør gjøre for å nå frem med ditt arbeid. Med en realistisk tilnœrming ser vi på hvor og hvordan du kan og bør promotere deg. Bør det skje online eller off-line. Vi ser på nettsiden din, og om den presenterer deg i riktig lys. Sosiale medier som Facebook, Instagram etc blir vurdert, med tanke på hvordan disse kan brukes for å få maks oppmerksomhet rundt deg som fotograf og dine bilder. Julie vil og dekke redigering og sekvensering av bilder med mer. Du vil få one-on-one tid med Julie slik at du får råd som angår deg og din utvikling og muligheter i fotobransjen. Her vil du kunne stille alle spørsmål og lufte eventuelle bekymringer om ditt arbeid. Det vil også bli gruppe forelesninger med et sterkt fokus på hvordan man lykkes med å finne nisjer som kreativ fotograf. WWW.NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM





DESTINATION ST PETERSBURG - RUSSIA Join our Master Class in St Petersburg with Russian Photographer Mark Olich, for a once in a lifetime experience. We will shoot in exclusive locations in St Petersburg and in the rehearsal studios with acclaimed performers from the esteemed St Petersburg State Ballet Theatre.The workshop culminates with a back-stage pass to photograph during a LIVE performance at The Hermitage Theatre, which is part of the Hermitage Museum, one of the largest art museums in the world. We will have access to the backstage and wing area of the theatre scene, the gallery above the scene and from the audience. This is a workshop suited for photographers who want to learn theatre photography, with a focus on classical ballet. The workshop is also open for photographers inspired by ballet, costumes, and movement, who are looking to expand their portfolio and create new work. Photographers looking for new inspiration and challenges, to create captivating stories will thrive. You will also learn to create posters for theatre using your images. Our instructor Mark Olich has worked with the world famous Mariinsky Theatre for nearly fifteen years, and has a close collaboration with theatres, theatre-companies and ballet festivals all over the world. DATES: TUITION: LOCATION: image © Mark Olich

March 17 - 24 NOK 23.000 + See page 56 St Petersburg, Russia

Unik mulighet - bli med oss til St Petersburg, Russland, og studer ballett- og scenefotografi med en av Russland mest anerkjente fotografer på dette feltet, Mark Olich. Vi vil fotografere på eksklusive locations i St Petersburg og i treningsstudioene til det anerkjente ballett-kompaniet St Petersburg State Ballet Theatre. Workshopen avsluttes med et back-stage pass til Vinterpalassets Teaterscene for å overvære en LIVE fremføring av et av de klassiske ballett stykkene. Vinterpalasset er et av de største og eldste kunstmuseum i verden. Deltakerne vil under forestillingen ha tilgang til hele back-stage området, galleriet over scenen og fra publikumssiden. Dette er en workshop for fotografer og foto-entusiaster som vil lære å fotografere teateropptreden, og da spesielt med fokus på klassisk ballett og for fotografer som inspireres av ballett, kostymer, bevegelser og som ønsker å utvide portfolien med nytt og spennende arbeid. Fotografer som søker ny inspirasjon og utfordring og som ønsker å lage fengende historier/ bilder av hva som foregår bak kulissene på store kreative produksjone vil ha stor utbytte. Du vil også lære å lage plakater for teater/balletforestilling, ved å bruke egne bilder. Vår instruktør er den kjente russiske fotografen Mark Olich, som har jobbet med det verdensberømte Mariinsky Theatre de siste femten år, og har tette bånd til teater, balletkompani og festivaler rundt i hele verden. WWW.NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM





To master the art of lighting is the skill that differentiates a good photographer from a not so god photographer. On our workshop with Ragne Kristine Sigmond it is all about light and light painting in particular. We will exploring the wonders of light, and furthermore the possibilities light painting technique, combined with long exposure times, and dark surroundings, brings to our images and creative prosess. It’s about photography after sunset, it’s about light painting in the twilight, or “the blue hour”. We will be shooting in the evenings, at night, and in the morning to capture the soft light that comes with the golden hour. We will seek out interesting locations for the students like old greenhouses, churches, boat houses, old forests that have a curtain mythical quality to them and will work as interesting backdrops. Light painting is equal to “slow photography”.

Å mestre lys er en av de viktigste ferdighetene til en fotograf. På vår workshop med Ragne Kristine Sigmond vil vi utforske lysets magi, og leke oss med lange eksponeringstider i mørke omgivelser. Det handler om fotografering etter solnedgang, det handler om lysmaling i skumringen, eller “den blå timen”. For å fange det myke lyset som kommer med den gyldne timen, vil mye av fotograferingen foregå om kveldene, om natten og tidlig om morgenen. Vi vil fotografere ute på locations, og benytte oss av unike bygg i området, som gamle drivhus, kirkebygg, båthus, samt gamle skoger og alleer, som kan bidra til å skape mystikk og undring og fungere som interessante baktepper for bildene.

A picture takes from 30 seconds to several minutes to make. Because light painting itself adds a lot of mystique and atmosphere to the photograph, most often very little has to be added in post production.

Lys maleri er «langsom fotografering». Et bilde tar fra 30 sekunder til flere minutter å lage. Og fordi lysmaling selv legger til mye mystikk og atmosfære i fotografiet, er det ofte svært lite man trenger å gjøre med bildet i postproduksjon. Så hvis du liker å bruke tid på å komponere bilder, som skapes i sin helhet i kameraet, og ikke i etterbehandling, så er lysmaling for deg.

This technique is also perfect for photographers who want to create interesting images without the need of expensive equipment, that also requires a lot of space. All you need is a torch, and a camera that has manuell settings.

Lysmaling passer og veldig for fotografer, som vil legge til lys i bildene sine, men ikke ønsker å drasse rundt med mye utstyr, som både koster og tar plass. Alt du trenger for å mestre lysmaling er en lommelykt, og et kamera som har manuelle innstillinger.


April 14 - 19 NOK 9.100,SAGA - Inderøy – Norway

image © Ragne Kristine Sigmond





THE MEDITATIVE LANDSCAPE JACOB AND ALISSA HESSLER DESTINATION ICELAND Iceland has become the “must visit” destination for travellers from all over the world. Capturing the awe inspiring beauty of the Icelandic landscape in a way that feels fresh and unique has become harder and harder to do. This workshop will challenge students to break the rules, look deeper and ignore the easy and overdone postcard shots. Jacob and Alissa Hessler take a fresh, more minimal and contemporary approach to landscape photography. In this workshop you will be challenged to remove the clutter, the obvious and the cliché to create powerful images. Students will be taught how to subtract, abstract and distill the landscape down to its essence and hone their own distinct visual voice. Through daily shooting excursions we will challenge your will to change perspective and see photographic possibilities in seemingly familiar scenes. We will encourage you to look harder. This workshop will inspire existing landscape photographers, as well as those new to the field, to create distinctive imagery that embraces the minimal. Jacob Hessler, a fine-art landscape photographer, will encourage students to capture their own interpretation of the modern landscape. Alissa Hessler, an art director and photo editor, will help students define and refine their developing signature style.      DATES: April 26 - May 1 TUITION: NOK 27.000 (inc. single room) NOK 23.000 (inc. shared room) LOCATION: ICELAND (See p. 55) image © Jacob Hessler

Island har blitt et MUST for mange reisende fra hele verden. Å fange det overjordisk vakre landskapet på denne øya på en måte som føles nytt og unikt har blitt vanskelige og vanskeligere. På denne workshopen vil vi bryte regler og fotonormer. Vi vil riste oss vekk fra de tradisjonelle postkort bildene av Island og utfordre deltakerne til å gå under overflaten og tenke annerledes for å skape nye bilder av sagaøya. Jacob og Alissa har en frisk, mer minimal og moderne tilnærming til tradisjonell landskapsfotografering. Her skal vi fjerne unødvendig rot og styre unna det åpenbare. Vi vil fokusere på å skape bilder av Island som fanger publikums oppmerksomhet. Deltakerne vil lære å abstrahere og destillere landskapet ned til essensen for så å finpusse frem sitt eget visuelle uttrykk. Gjennom daglige utflukter, blir du utfordret til å endre perspektiv og se fotografiske muligheter i tilsynelatende kjente scener. Du oppmuntrest til å virkelig se, før bildet skapes. Denne workshopen vil inspirere eksisterende landskapsfotografer, så vel som de som er nye på feltet, til å lage særegne bilder som omfavner det minimale. Jacob Hessler, som har sitt virke som fine-art landskapsfotograf, vil oppmuntre deltakerne til å gjøre sine egne tolkninger av det moderne landskapet. Alissa Hessler, som er art-director og redaktør, vil hjelpe deg med å definere og foredle din signatur og stil som fotograf.






In our workshop with Iris, we will explore all layers that together makes a beautiful portrait. Iris will show how to accomplish the soft painterly look that is her signature style. The whole process is an intuitive one, where technique is only the basic need to accomplish the end result. Awareness and presence will be our guideline in creating soulful portraits. This workshop is for photographers who feel inspired by portraits that are personal, beautiful and full of soul. You will learn how to approach a model and get the end result that you are after, and to create portraits that have your signature attached. This workshop is about finding your voice to express what drives you, and thus developing a style that is unique for you. Both studio and natural light will be taught. Styling, posing, connection, colours, composition and camera techniques for portraits will be part of the workshop. Photoshop retouching is an important step in the whole process and all steps will be clearly explained. We will be working with local models. In the beginning Iris will instruct and guide you on your shoot, but as your skill set develop, you will conduct your own photoshoots with your model. DATES: TUITION: LOCATION:

May 26 - 31 NOK 9.100,Saga – Inderøy - Norway

image © Iris Valentina

På denne workshopen vil vi utforske alle de ulike lagene som sammen skaper et vakkert portrett. Iris vil vise hvordan du kan oppnå det myke, maleriske utseendet som har blitt hennes varemerke. Hele prosessen er en intuitiv prosess, hvor grunnleggende foto ferdigheter bare er første del i prosessen for å skape ønsket resultat. Bevissthet og tilstedeværelse fra fotografen er viktige retningslinjer når sjelfulle portrett skal skapes. Denne workshopen er for fotografer som føler seg inspirert av portretter som er personlige, vakre og fulle av sjel. Du vil lære hvordan du nærmer deg en modell for å få det sluttresultatet som du er ute etter. Samt skape portretter som er unike og utrykker din personlige stil. Det handler om å bli bevist hva som er din stryke som fotograf og bruke denne bevisstheten til å utvikle en signatur i ditt portrett-arbeid. Det vil bli gitt opplæring i både studio og naturlig lys, samt styling, posering, interaksjon med modellen, farger, samt komposisjon. Iris vil og gjennomgå ulike kamerateknikker spesielt med fokus på portrettfotografering. Retusjering med Photoshop er et viktig trinn i portrett prosessen, og vil bli gjennomgått steg for steg. Vi vil jobbe med lokale modeller. I starten av workshopen vil Iris bruke tid på å instruere deltakerne og demonstrere teknikker under fotoshootene, men etterhvert som dine ferdigheter øker vil du gjennomføre fotoshoots på egenhånd.






“All good photographs are self portraits that lie somewhere between imaginations and dreams.” On our workshop with Elizabeth Opalenik we will explore the concept of beauty, in portraiture, the human form, ourselves and each other, while we focus on ways to create emotive photographs that poetically capture our subject. We will be using local models, experimenting with styling, props, movement within the frame and seizing the moment. There will be multiple sessions throughout the week which will function as stepping stones to your expanded vision. There will also be assignments meant to challenge and spark your creative thought process, while learning how to connect with your models and gain trust. There will be demonstrations on how to combine natural lighting with the use of reflectors and how the use of infrared (digital) creates an ethereal capturing of the sensual skin tone quality. Elizabeth will show various ways to work with water, using simple props as we explore naked versus nude and sensual versus sexual. We will conduct image critics during the week and work together on sharing ideas to find new ways to make your images convey what you feel. DATES: TUITION: LOCATION:

June 16 - 21 NOK 9.100,SAGA – Inderøy - Norway

image © Elizabeth Opalenik

På vår workshop med Elizabeth Opalenik vil vi utforske begrepet skjønnhet, igjennom portretter, den menneskelige form, oss selv og hverandre, mens vi fokuserer på måter å skape følsomme fotografier som poetisk formidler vårt subjekt. Vi vil fotografere lokale modeller, eksperimentere med styling, rekvisitter, bevegelse i bilderammen samt fange det riktige øyeblikket. Men viktigst av alt, vil vi søke å finne skjønnheten i hver enkelt persons univers. Igjennom kreative oppgaver og bilde kritikk bygger Elizabeth sakte men sikkert opp hver deltakers fotografiske muskel. Enkelte oppgaver er ment å utfordre deg og skape tenning til din kreative tankeprosess, samtidig som du blir mer bevist kommunikasjonen med modellen og hvordan du skaper tillit slik at de formidler den stemningen du søker fra dem. Elizabeth vil demonstrere hvordan man jobber med naturlig lys og reflektor samt hvordan infrarød (digital) kan brukes til å skape delikate sensuelle hudtonen. Ho vil og vise ulike måter å jobbe med vann på, og hvor balansen ligger for naken / kontra avkledd og sensuell / kontra seksuell. Det vil bli gjennomført bildekritikk igjennom uken, og sammen vil vi drodle frem ulike ideer, som kan hjelpe deg på vei med å ta bilder som formidler det du føler.






This workshop will transport you back to the beginning of photography and teach you to create glass negatives and tintypes using wet plate techniques from the 1860s. Our instructor Jill Enfield, has written two books about the topic and is regarded as one of America’s most experienced and respected alternative process artists.

Denne workshopen vil ta deg tilbake til begynnelsen, og lære deg å lage glass negativer og tin positiver ved hjelp av våte plate teknikker fra 1860-tallet. Vår instruktør Jill Enfield, har skrevet to bøker om emnet, og regnes som en av USAs mest erfarne og respekterte alternative prosess kunstnere.

The collodion process, which is said to have been invented in about 1850, was the first widely used photographic process that produced a negative image on a transparent photographic medium. Other methods of the time, such as the Daguerreotype, produced a one-of-a-kind positive image, which could not be replicated easily. With the collodion process, however, the photographer could make an unlimited number of prints from a single negative.

Våt Plate Collodion, sies å ha blitt oppfunnet i ca 1850, og var den første allment brukte fotografiske prosessen som produserte et negativt bilde på en gjennomsiktig fotografisk medium. Andre fremgangsmåter, slik som Daguerreotypiprosessen, produserte et unikt positivt bilde, men da uten mulighet til å reprodusere det. Collodion prosessen hadde mange fordeler da den kom, og en av dem var at man kunne lage et ubegrenset antall utskrifter fra en enkelt negativ.

The workshop will cover the entire process from cutting and preparing glass & aluminum, mixing
and handling chemicals, safety procedures, making portable darkrooms, assessment of exposure time, evaluation of results, and all that goes into mastering the wet plate collodion process.

Workshopen vil dekke hele prosessen fra å kutte og forberede glass og aluminium, miksing og håndtering av kjemikalier, sikkerhetsprosedyrer, oppsett av bærbart mørkerom, vurdering av eksponeringstiden, evaluering av resultater, og alt som hører med for å mestre våtplate colodion teknikken.


image © Jill Enfield

Aug 4 - 9 NOK 8.900,NOK 1.000,SAGA – Inderøy - Norway






At first glance, Anna Clarén’s photographs appear frighteningly beautiful but underneath that surface is a kind of underlying unease that is evoked by the images’ thin, pale appearance. Her photographs are personal but because they bring what is private into the public sphere, we can all share in a life that perhaps we can all recognise ourselves in. The photos provoke questions about existence, belonging and the future. Clarén’s deeply personal photographs are simultaneously a universal narrative about being human’ - curator Maria Patomella.

Ved første øyekast fremstår Anna Claréns fotografier skremmende vakre, men under overflaten er det en slags underliggende uro som fremkalles av bildenes tynne, bleke utseende. Fotografiene hennes er personlige, men fordi de bringer det private inn i den offentlige sfæren, kan vi alle dele i et liv som vi kanskje alle kan kjenne oss igjen i. Bildene provoserer frem spørsmål om eksistens, tilhørighet og fremtid. Claréns dypt personlige fotografier er samtidig en universell fortelling om det å være menneske - kurator Maria Patomella.

Within the history of photography, photo albums have never played an important role and the images in an album has been regarded as snap shots, taken to save a memory, remember a place, an event, a person. In art today, however, the private image has acquired an increasingly prominent role. In this workshop Anna will share with her participants how you can create images that expresses emotional feelings. It is about using the camera to show what is felt, and not always what is seen. When you create images that convey your inner emotions, you will connect with your viewers in a deeper way, and your storytelling abilities will expand, as you will have combined what is in front of the lense, with how you are feeling on the inside.

Innenfor fotohistorien har fotoalbum aldri spilt en viktig rolle, og bildene i et album har blitt sett på som snap-shots, tatt for å bevare et minne, huske et sted, en hendelse, en person. Det har ikke vært ansett som kunstnerisk. I kunsten i dag har imidlertid det private bildet fått en stadig mer fremtredende rolle.


image © Anna Clarén

September 8 - 13 NOK 9.100,Saga – Inderøy - Norway

I denne workshopen vil Anna dele med deltakerne hvordan du går frem får å fortelle personlige historier med kamera. Bilder som uttrykker følelser, og ikke bare er en avbilding av et motiv. Det handler om å vise med kameraet det som man føler på innsiden på en slik måte at det får en universell apell. Når du lager bilder som formidler indre følelser, vil du få kontakt med ditt publikum på en dypere måte. Dine ferdigheter som historieforteller med kamera vil utvide seg, etterhvert som du lærer å kombinere det som er foran linsen, med hvordan du føler deg på innsiden. WWW.NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM





In this workshop we will take a deep dive into understanding how your images and your writing can work together to enhance your narrative.

I denne workshopen vil vi utforske hvordan vi kan forsterke vår kreative stemme igjennom å kombinere det skrevne ord med fotografier.

From writing exercises to daily photo shoots and lectures we will unpack what you are trying to say with your work and how the intersection of photography and writing can best help tell your story. Examples of artists who combine text and image in various forms both on and off the page will be shared for inspiration. Each day will include opportunity for critique of your images, as well as writing and editing of your text.

Igjennom ulike skriveøvelser og daglige foto-seanser og foredrag vil vi avdekke hva som er kjernen i arbeidet ditt, og hvordan skjæringspunktet mellom fotografi og skriving best kan hjelpe deg med å fortelle din historie. For inspirasjon vil Sal vise ulike eksempler på kunstnere som jobber med tekst og bilde på forskjellige vis, både kombinert på papiret, men og som har løfter bildet og tekst utifra den tradisjonelle formen.

All forms of writing are encouraged from prose to poetry. We will also work together on the sequencing of text and image to create unexpected moments and spend time creating a tight edit of your work. This is a class for photographers who are looking to expand their photography practice in combination with the written word. We hope for each participant to leave this workshop with a new portfolio, or serie where text and images works together to express your creative abilities. Experience with Adobe Indesign is helpful but not essential.

Du vil ha mulighet til bildekritikk hver dag, samt tilbakemelding på teksten din, og redigering og utvelgelse av tekst og bilder. Alle former for skriving oppmuntres fra prosa til poesi. Vi vil også jobbe tett med sekvensering av tekst og bilde, hvor vårt mål for deg er å finne din form, og skape uventede øyeblikk for dine lesere. Dette er en klasse for fotografer som ønsker å utvide sin foto-praksis i kombinasjon med det skrevne ordet. Vi ønsker at hver deltaker skal forlate denne workshopen med en ny portfolio som kombinerer tekst og bilde og fremmer dine ferdigheter som kreativ person. Erfaring med Adobe Indesign er nyttig, men ikke viktig.


September 15 - 20 NOK 9.100,Saga – Inderøy - Norway

image © Sal Taylor Kydd






PORTFOLIO is tailored for photographers who wants to be part of a group of creative people, travel to an exclusive locations to be inspired and produce new work. The work you produce will be reviewed and selected by our guest curator Cig Harvey, and will be part of the 2020 issue of the limited edition Fine Art Book PORTFOLIO, published by NORDphotography. Cig will be with us on location, to create her own work, which will be included in the PORTOFLIO. She will also conduct brainstorming sessions with the class on our first evening, and 2 image critics with the participants throughout the week.. In addition, you will have a private Skype session with Cig after the journey, where you will go through your work, and select the best images to submit to PORTFOLIO.

nor Asian but a heady blend of both East and West. To complete the experience we will be staying in one of the few privately owned castles in the world. The Castle in Old Town is renovated into a luxury hotel boasting a swimming pool, a shared lounge and a garden and views of the mountain. The rooms are very spacious, ranging from 17 to 72 square meters. The interior is pristine with original artworks decorating each room. The Castle is an experience in itself ( Prices pr night depends on your preference of room, and ranges from NOK 2700 (300 USD) pr night to NOK 1130 (130 USD) pr night. Shared accommodation is possible. Price pr night is then divided by 2. Price include breakfast and transportation from airport. Accommodation is not included in the tuition.

The goal of the PORTFOLIO, in addition to creating a beautiful presentation of Fine Art Photography, is to promote the artwork of the photographers included. Each participants will get one copy of the PORTFOLIO.

We will be traveling with our long time producer in Russia, Tatiana Yermolayeva, who will be our guide and local facilitator. NORDphotographys founder Elisabeth N. Aanes, will also join this journey.

This years PORTFOLIO is set in one of the worlds oldest cities, Tblisi, the capital of Georgia. This is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious city on the crossroads of history. A city neither European DATE: TUITION: LOCATION: image Š Cig Harvey

Sept 23 - 29 NOK 28.000,- + See p. 54 Tblisi, Georgia

To inspire you to create your best work, we will be shooting in exclusive locations in and around the capital of Georgia. We will have local models, and hair/make-up team most of our days. On the day without models we will be at the local flea market, and using the streets and the people of Tblisi as our inspiration. We accept 10 participant in this class. Participants are accepted by portfolio. WWW.NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM




THE RUSSIAN SOUL - ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA WITH ART HISTORIAN TATIANA YERMOLAYEVA AND NORDPHOTOGRAPHYS FOUNDER ELISABETH N. AANES Join our creative and culture filled journey to St Petersburg in Oktober on the quest to capture the Russia Soul. We kick-off this workshop with a guided tour at one of the oldest and largest museums in the world, The Hermitage Museum. Then spend the next days capturing our models, especially choose for this workshop, in different historical sites and mansions in St Petersburg area, selected for us by our Russian producer art historian Tatiana Yermolayeva. The workshop wraps with an excursion to historical Pavlovsk, before our Final Show. This is a creative journey for photographers who want to make new and exciting work, with a focus on portraits, inspired by the culture and history of Russia. We will draw our inspiration from the locations we visit, historical sites, the city of Peter, and the people we meet on our quest to capture the Russian Soul. Each day will contain image critic and a lectures, where the focus is to explore our theme ‘The Russian Soul’. Art historian Tatiana Yermolayeva will provide the participants with a reading and film list before the workshop, and be our guide not only by sharing the history and culture of St Petersburg, DATES: TUITION: LOCATION:

but also by evaluating if we reach our guest in capturing the Russian Soul in our images. NORDphotography’s Elisabeth N Aanes will conduct the image critic sessions, and lectures where we will look at different artist who have masterfully captured the human character and created portraits that go beyond the surface. We will be working with a hair and make-up team in St Petersburg and spend about 4 hours on location each day. Since we are working with daylight, we spend the first part of the day shooting on location. Our lecture and image critique time will take place in the evenings. We will have a max of 9 students on this workshop. PREVIOUS LOCATIONS FOR OUR WORKSHOPS IN ST PETERBSURG: Yelagin Palace • The Palace of Grand Duke Michail Alexandrovich • Brusnitsin Mansion • Rasputin’s favourite bathhouse • Rasputin’s apartment • Stieglitz Museum of Applied Arts • Academy of Fine Art • The Demidov Palace • the former house of Russian realist Painter Ilja Repin • Vitesby Railway Station • Rumyantsev Palace • Fontana 20

Oct 2 - 8 NOK 23.000,- + See p. 56 St Petersburg, Russia

image © Hege K. Jaksland






In our workshop with Elizabeth Greenberg, you will explore a different side of landscape photography, where you use nature as a tool to narrate your personal story. This class is not about landscape photography per se, but how findings in the landscape can be the perfect metaphors for a human emotion or experience. Symbols and metaphors found in the landscape can also serve as bridges between the past and the present, the ordinary and the remarkable.

På vår workshop med Elizabeth Greenberg vil du utforske en annen side av landskapsfotografering, der du bruker naturen som et verktøy for å fortelle din personlige historie. Denne workshopen handler ikke i seg selv om landskapsfotografering, men hvordan funn i landskapet kan være den perfekte metaforen for en menneskelig følelse eller opplevelse. Symboler og metaforer som vi finner i landskapet kan også tjene som brobygger mellom fortid og nåtid, det vanlige og det bemerkelsesverdige.

With our cameras, our hearts and our minds, we will search like archeologists, to seek for evidence of hidden secrets, stories of magic, mystery, love, loss, and memories of things never seen, to create our own personal story.

Med våre kameraer, våre hjerter og sinn vil vi søke i landskapet, som arkeologer, etter skjulte symboler som kan fortelle om hemmeligheter, historier om magi og mysterium, kjærlighet, tap, sorg og minner om ting som kanskje aldri ble sett, for å bygge vår egen personlige fortelling.

Allowing our imagination to play, we will mix memories, personal narrative and history to create images that transform place, projecting the landscape forward and backward in time. There will be image critic each day, excursion to explore the surrounding landscape and creative discussion in how you can use findings in the landscape as metaphors to build a personal narrative story. DATES: TUITION: LOCATION:

Ved å la fantasien spille, vil vi mikse minner, opplevelser og fortellinger og skape fotografier som forvandler sted, og forflytter landskapet fremover og bakover i tid. Det vil være bildekritiker hver dag, utflukt for å utforske det omkringliggende landskapet og kreative diskusjoner i hvordan du kan bruke funn i landskapet som metaforer for å utvikle din fortellerstil.

October 13 -18 NOK 9.100,Saga – Inderøy - Norway

image © Elizabeth Greenberg






We have joined forces with the acclaimed Norwegian photographer Trym Ivar Bergsmo, who have been photographing the Lofoten Iceland for decades. His partner in crime on this workshop will be NORDphotography’s own founder Elisabeth N Aanes, who is also from the Northen part of Norway. Elisabeth will contribute with her knowledge as a curator, gallerist and mentor for photographer, and help participants create a cohesive portfolio of images that could work together as a portfolio, selection for an exhibit, or a photo story to publish. We will have two goals for our participants: • To capture the artic landscape, but in a way that is true to your creative vision and style. • To create a cohesive portfolio of images from the North, ready to share on your website. We will conduct group excursions, but also give participant time to explore on their own. On the group outings Trym will demonstrate how to capture light, form, movement and spend time with each participants to help them get what they are envisioning. We will have group lectures and critic sessions but also one-on-one follow ups for each participant to help strengthen your creative vision, and select images that set you apart from the crowd. DATES: TUITION: LOCATION:

Vi har gått sammen med den anerkjente norske fotografen Trym Ivar Bergsmo, som har fotografert Lofoten i flere tiår. Trym er født i dette området og har førstehånds kunnskap om kulturen, landskapet, lyset og årstidene. Sammen med Trym deltar NORDphotography sin egen grunnlegger Elisabeth N Aanes, som også er fra Nord-Norge. Elisabeth vil bidra med sin kunnskap som kurator, gallerist og mentor for fotografen, og hjelpe deltakerne til å velge ut bilder som kan fungere sammen som en portefølje, en begynnende utstilling eller en foto serie for publisering. Det betyr at vi har to mål for deltakerne. • Å fange det arktiske landskapet, på en måte som viser fotografens kreative visjon og stil. • Å sette sammen bilder til en sammenhengende portefølje, klar til å deles på nettsiden din. Vi skal gjennomføre gruppeutflukter, men også gi deltaker tid til å utforske på egen hånd. På gruppens utflukter vil Trym demonstrere hvordan man fanger lys, form, bevegelse og tilbringe tid med hver deltakere for å hjelpe dem med å få frem uttrykket de ønsker å fange. Vi vil ha forelesninger og bildekritikk, men også one-on-one oppfølging for hver deltaker for å bidra til å styrke din kreative visjon, og finne de bilder som skille deg fra mengden.

Oct 26 - Nov 1 NOK 23.000,- inc. single room at Reine Sjøhus (s. 53) Reine, Lofoten, Norway

image © Trym Ivar Bergsmo






CREATE UNIQUE HANDMADE BOOKS AND BOXES FOR YOUR WORK A hand made book has an incredible and powerful potential as both portfolio and artist book. With learning bookbinding, you will be able to create books, portfolio cases, and portfolio boxes tailor-made to fit with your work. This workshop is designed for photographers and other image-makers wanting to create artist books of their work, as well as for anyone looking to learn a new craft. Bindings taught in the class will include Coptic, Accordion, Japanese stab, as well as clam-shell boxes. Participants will in addition to the different techniques learn about different papers, threads, and tools needed for the different binding processes. You need no prior knowledge of bookbinding, as this is intended to be a beginner’s level workshop. You will be provided with a large variety of different types of paper for binding, decorative paper, cardboard, linen cover, as well as all the bookbinding equipment you would need. You will leave this workshop mastering 4–6 different binding techniques and with the books, portfolio cases and boxes you managed to create during our time together. DATES: Nov 25 - 29 TUITION: NOK 8.900,MATERIAL: NOK 1.300,LOCATION: SAGA – Inderøy - Norway

En håndlaget kunstbok har stort potensiale både som portfolio og artist bok. Å mestrer bok-binding gjør deg i stand til å skape unike bøker, portfolio mapper, og portfolio esker designet til å passe med dine fotoprosjekter og din kreative stil. Workshopen er egnet for fotografer og andre bilde-baserte kunstnere som ønsker å lage håndlagde bøker for sitt arbeid, så vel som for alle som ønsker å lære en ny håndverk teknikk. En håndlaget bok kan vœre et kunstverk i seg selv og er et fint supplement til en kunstutstilling, det kan brukes som kunst portfolio og er flotte gave objekter. Deltakerne vil lære mange ulike bok-bindings teknikker så som trekkspill binding, Japanske stikk, portfolio esker, samt flere andre. Du vil i tillegg få kunnskap om ulike papirtyper, tråd typer, og hvilke utstyr som er tilgjengelig og spesifikt hva du trenger for de ulike bindings teknikkene. Deltakere trenger ingen forkunnskaper i bok-binding for å delta. Vi vil ha et stort utvalg med ulike papirtyper, dekorativ bindingspapir, bok-papp, lin-beslag, samt bok-bindings utstyr til deltakerne. Du vil lœre å mestre 4–6 ulike bindings teknikker, og vil dra fra workshopen med flere ferdigstille håndlagde produkter.





Oct 29 - Nov 1, 2015


This is a 8 months long mentorship program for photographers looking to develop a complete body of work within the length of the program. Lectures, discussions and critique of student work will be the structure of the program. For our creative assignments we will find inspiration in The Photographers Playbook and Julia Cameron’s beloved book The Artist Way. The program will help discover, develop and fine-tune each photographer’s creative voice. You should come to the mentor program with an idea of a project. It can be an old project you want to finish, or a new project you want to create. We will meet 8 times from November 2020 to June 2021. You will in addition get one private meeting/ conversation with mentor during the program. Each lecture will be tailored to each participant’s project, to give inspiration and guidance for further development. During this mentorprogram you will learn to develop a cohesive body of work, present work in a professional matter, critique other photographers work, respond to critique of your own work, and the process of planning and hanging an exhibit. The best work will be presented in a group exhibit which will be part of SAGA’s summer exhibit 2021. DURATION: MENTOR: TUITION: LOCATION:

Nov 19, 2020 – Jun 9, 2021 Elisabeth Nordeng Aanes NOK 14.000,-
 SAGA - Inderøy - Norway

image © Tor Borthen, Mentor SAGA 2018/ 2019

Vårt mentorprogram - SAGA edition går over 8 mnd, og er for alle som ønsker å jobbe med individuelle fotoprosjekter, med det mål å fullføre prosjektet innenfor lengden av programmet. Forelesninger, kreative oppgaver, diskusjoner og bildekritikk vil være strukturen på møtene. Det blir gitt ulike kreative oppgaver underveis i programmet som er hentet fra “The Photographers Playbook”, og inspirasjon fra Julia Camerons’ “The Artist Way “. Mentorprogrammet vil bidra til å oppdage, utvikle og finjustere hver deltakers kreative stemme. Du bør komme til programmet med en idé om et prosjekt. Det kan være et gammelt prosjekt du ønsker å ferdigstille, en ide du har hatt lenge men ikke satt ut i livet, eller et helt nytt prosjekt du vil utvikle. Vi har 8 møter fra november 2020 til juni 2021, med forelesning og bilde kritikk. I tillegg får du en privat møte/samtale med mentor i løpet av program perioden. Foredragene vil bli skreddersydd til hver deltakers prosjekt ide, for å gi inspirasjon og veiledning for videre utvikling. Gjennom mentorprogrammet vil du få erfaring med å utvikle og ferdigstille et fotoprosjekt. Du vil lœre å gi og motta bildekritikk, velge ut bilder til presentasjon, presentere prosjekt for publikum samt gjennomføring av utstilling. Det beste arbeidet fra deltakerne vil bli med i en gruppeutstilling, som vil være del av SAGA’s sommerutstilling 2021. Mentorship students receive a 20% discount on the tuition on workshops at SAGA in 2021. WWW.NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM





ARTIST IN RESIDENCE SAGA AIR offers you SPACE to focus on your CRAFT and CREATE new work. The residency is open to photographers, bookmakers, writers, and other creative artists from all over the world.

COST (listed in Norwegian Kroner): Sponsored: 2 weeks: NOK 4.200,- / NOK 300,- pr day 4 weeks: NOK 8.400,- / NOK 300,- pr day

LENGTHS OF STAY: 2 - 4 weeks. The residence period last from Sunday to Sunday. You will be free to set your own work schedule. We can help organise tours and studio visits to other artists in the area.

As a sponsored AIR you will be asked to give a lecture or have an open studio session during your stay. We also ask sponsored AIR to donate a piece from his/her artwork, created at SAGA, to be part of our permanent collection.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: • private accommodation (new 2018) • access to a shared, fully equiped kitchen (new 2018) • shared bathroom with washer/ dryer (new 2018) • free use of our internett • access to our daylight studio and gallery • access to The Container - our chemistry Lab

APPLICATION: You apply for SAGA AIR directly from our website. The sponsored AIR will be selected based on your application and work. We accept applications continuously.

The Artist will have to cover the cost of materials he/ she needs to create art. Using the equipment at SAGA is included. EQUIPMENT AT SAGA: • 2 daylight lamps • Epson Stylus Pro 3880 printer (A2) • Epson Perfection V700 Photoscanner • Fully equiped photo-lab for wet plate collodion photography • Bookbinding equipment

INCLUDE IN THE APPLICATION: • What you wish to achieve during your stay at SAGA AIR • A portfolio of your work, digital, including10-20 images • BIO/ CV/ Artist Statement • Preferred dates for your stay

‘My stay at SAGA AIR has been nurturing for my soul. To be able to focus on my craft this way, has been liberating and resulted in new energy and growth in my work’ - Nina K. Staff





10 YE

NORDphotography is proud to present our faculty, which is made up of a fine selection of world class artists and professionals in the field of photography. It is a selection of individuals who are not only celebrated and collected as artists, but who have also gained accolades for being some of the best instructors in the world. NORDphotography er stolte over å kunne presentere våre forelesere, som er en flott samling av høyt kvalifiserte fagfolk fra ulike grener innenfor den internasjonale fotobransjen. Det er en samling av verdenskjente fotografer, som i tillegg til å ha gjort stor karriere innen foto, også er blitt berømmet for deres innsats som instruktører på sitt felt.


Foto: Michael Honegger




Elisabeth is the founder and CEO of NORDphotography and SAGA Center for Photography. She runs SAGA Studio and teaches NORDphotography’s mentor program. Elisabeth took her photoeducation in Maine, USA, and worked for several years with Joyce Tenneson. Her work has been exhibited in Norway and the United States and was recently among the selected photographers for CMCA’s exhibit 40 Photographers / 40 Years. She also holds the cover for The View Project by Joyce Tenneson, and was part of the traveling exhibition.

Tatiana Yermolayeva is a Russian Art Historian, Curator, and Producer. She has a background from the Hermitage Museum, and has been a producer and facilitator for several artist throughout the years. Her most famous collaborator was world renowned fashion and art photographer Deborah Turbeville, whom she worked closely with for many decades. She has been NORDphotogrpahy’s producer and facilitator in St Petersburg since 2011.

Foto: Michael Putland




Cig Harvey, is a passionate working fine-art photographer and educator. She was a finalist for the BMW Prize and The Karl Lagerfield Collection at Paris Photo 2017, and the winner of Prix Virginia 2018. Her first monograph, “You Look At Me Like An Emergency” (Schilt Publishing, 2012) sold out in all printings. Her second book, Gardening At Night, was released spring 2015. Harvey’s third monograph, You an Orchestra You a Bomb (Schilt Publishing, 2017) was applauded in a number of international publications, including in The New York Times, BBC, Vice, New York Magazine, and Creative Review.

In 1992, Julie moved from London to New York to run an international photo agency representing 400+ photographers. She now edits, writes and publishes aCurator magazine, and aCurator blog, which was cited both by the British Journal of Photography and LIFE in their reviews of influencers and taste-makers. Julie represents the Estate of Yousuf Karsh, consults, edits and reviews work for photographers of all levels and styles, and divides her time between NYC and London. Julie is a portfolio reviewer for American Society of Media Photographers, Photo NOLA and Photolucida and a writer for PDN’s “Emerging Photographer,” “PDN EDU”, and the Huffington Post.

Jonathan Laurence is an artist, photographer, designer, multimedia producer, consultant, and teacher, currently living in midcoast Maine. Jonathan leads digital media and creativity workshops through the Maine Media Workshops, NORDphotography, Anderson Ranch, and private tutorials. He gets a kick out of eating and cooking good food, travel, adventure, design, films, art, music, looking, making, assembling, learning, and generally anything positive.

Cig’s workshops has been highlighted by American Photo as one of the best to attend.





Jill Enfield is one of America’s most experienced and respected handcoloring artists. She has taught handcoloring and nonsilver techniques at Parsons School of Design, The New School, and the International Center of Photography in New York, as well as in workshops throughout the United States and Europe. Jill’s more recent emphasis has been on the wet plate collodion process, originally used by Matthew Brady during the Civil War. Jill’s personal work has appeared in such publications as National Geographic, Camera Arts, PDN, Hasselblad’s FORUM Magazine, Shutterbug, Popular Photography, Digital Camera, and ZOOM.

Travis Hocutt is an American artist and graduate of the Cranbrook Academy of Art. He works with many diverse media including alternative process photography, video, and bookmaking. He has had several solo exhibitions of his work in the United States and internationally. He sits on the board of Directors at Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center (UCIMC), where he also holds the position of Gallery Director. Travis teaches workshops in alternative prosess, and bookbinding all over the world.

Ragne Kristine Sigmond is currently teaching photography at Media College Denmark. Working on fine art photography in her spare time has been an important factor for developing her photographic style. She has been invited to present her work at art fairs, to give lectures and hold workshops, to judge competitions or to exhibit in countries like Norway, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Poland and Australia. She was the main contributor of photographs to the 500-page book about composition “Se her!” (LOOK!), written by Rudi Hass, released in the Scandinavian market in 2013. In 2017 she received The Photography award in Norway, a prize created to honour photographers who have especially contributed to enhancing the position of photography in cultural life. 46

Foto: Tom Hatlestad




Elizabeth Greenberg is an artist and educator living in Maine. She received her BFA in Photography from Rhode Island School of Design, and an MFA in Visual Arts from Vermont College. She worked for the legendary photographer Arnold Newman for a number of years, and had a career in the world of commercial photography in New York City, before she moved to Maine, where she is the VP of Academic Affairs at Maine Media Education.

With a diverse background in art direction, photography, and film production management, Alissa Hessler has worked as both the director for creative talent and as the creative talent.

She is an explorer of places. With her camera, Elizabeth explores as an archeologist of memories and myths. She looks for evidence of secrets, to tell stories of magic, mystery, love, loss, and memories of things never seen. Elizabeth’s work was included in the 2019 Critical Mass Top 200 and has been exhibited nationally.

Originally from the UK, photographer and artist Sal Taylor Kydd earned her BA in Modern Languages from Manchester University in the UK and has an MFA in Photography from Maine Media College. Sal is a writer and poet, and has self-published a number of books combining her poetry with her photographs. Her books are in numerous private and museum collections throughout the country including The Getty Museum and the Maine Women Writer’s Collection at the University of New England. Sal’s latest artist book is The Call, a hand-made letterpress artist book. Her book of poems and photographs, Just When I Thought I Had You, is now in its second edition. Sal also teaches and is on the board of Maine Media Workshops & College in Rockport ME.

She has shot and produced content for international publications and brands, art directed and produced commercial shoots, managed global launch events, and orchestrated rebrands of international corporations. In her free time, she continues to champion young farmers and rural small business owners through her Urban Exodus project. Her first book Ditch the City and Go Country, was released in 2017, distributed by Macmillan Press. 47




Elizabeth Opalenik is a fine-art photographer and sought-after educator who brings a sense of wonder and possibility to students. Her heart is in philanthropic projects and working in her darkroom, where she creates one-of-a-kind images in the mordançage process, hand painting, and platinum printing. She mixes digital and traditional media when appropriate to maximise creative possibilities, using images as stepping stones to trace pathways of the mind. Her first monograph, Poetic Grace: Elizabeth Opalenik Photographs, 1979-2007, chronicles images from the first 30 years of her career. Her work is collected and published internationally.

Mark Olich, born in Omsk, Russia in 1974, is a Russian photographer whose works are entirely focused on the worlds of theatre and dance. Mark has been engaged with photography since 2002. He also studied easel graphics, and etching, and his paintings and drawings are in many private collections both in Russia and Japan.

Jacob Hessler is a contemporary fine art photographer, known for his expansive and meditative landscapes. Hessler’s work has explored rising seas, industrialized farming, borders and boundaries, invasive species, extinction, and more broadly, mankind’s relationship with, and impact on, the natural world. Jacob is a graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, and pursued his master’s degree in graphic design at Parsons, The New School for Design. He worked in New York as a commercial photographer and art director from 2006-2011. In 2011, Hessler left New York and moved back to his childhood hometown in mid-coast Maine to focus on fine art landscape photography. Jacob’s work is widely collected and displayed throughout the world.

In 2000 he accepted a invitation from the Mariinsky Theater and has for nearly fifteen years worked on theatre scenery in one of the most famous theatres in the world. Mark is a graduated from the Theatre and Art College, he has studied at the Russian Ballet Academy (Vaganova), and participated in many art and photo exhibitions. 48




Trym Ivar Bergsmo is a Norwegian nature photographer and visual artist, residing in Harstad. He is educated at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Bergsmo has published several books, been involved in a variety of multimedia and theater projects and had many photo exhibitions. Photographic, he is particularly famous for his photographs from Lofoten and Northern Norway. Bergsmo’s images have been purchased by the Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum in Tromsø, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Moscow and Queen Sonja of Norway. He is a member of the Norwegian Nature Photographers Association and Nordnorske Bildende Kunstnere.

Iris Valentina is a Dutch portrait photographer and educator known for her painterly style of portraits. Her children’s portraits has won international prizes and although they have a commercial nature, they are often regarded as art. Iris runs a portrait studio, both in The Netherlands and in Norway, where creating wall art portraits for families is the main focus. Apart from that she is dedicated to teaching and coaching photographers the genre of studio portraits and on how to evolve as an authentic entrepreneur.  While portraits are the recurring object of her photography, she takes her inspiration from nature and stillness through meditation. In her portraits this translates to a beautiful connection to the model’s soul and in finding the beauty in the stillness. 

Anna Clarén is a recognised Swedish photographer. Her breakthrough came with “Holding” (2006). The photographs depicted her daily life for four summer months. The self-portraits were revealing and frank and regarded as innovative with their fragile, private mood. The book won the Swedish Photographic Book Award in 2006. Annas lates project “When everything Changes” is a deeply personal, and revealing story about a family and a marriage that is suddenly faced with the unexpected. Clarén stands as a sole author of a book, a genre-defying story with documentary images. The project was presented as both a film and book at Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm, April 2018. Clarén is also Head of Education at the Nordic School of Photography.




Nestled in a quiet bay, directly on the waterfront, and surrounded by one of Norway’s most
 breathtaking cultural landscapes, you will find SAGA, NORDphotography’s workshop center. The area, called Inderøy, is known for its beautiful scenery, which together with the sea and special light 
has inspired artists and authors for hundreds of years. It is a perfect place for a creative center for photographers and we welcome anyone looking for a quiet environment where nature, like-minded people, and world-renowned photographers come together to learn and celebrate the art of photography.

I rolige omgivelser, helt i vannkanten av Borgenfjorden, og omgitt av et av Norge vakreste kulturlandskap, finner
 du SAGA, NORDphotography workshop senter. Området Inderøy er kjent for sine vakre natur, som sammen med nœrheten til hav og det spesielle lyset som er her, har inspirert kunstnere og forfattere i hundrevis av år. Det er et perfekt sted for et kreativt senter for fotografer. Vi ønsker velkommen til alle som søker en stille kreativ oase der natur, likesinnede mennesker, og inspirerende fotografer, kommer sammen for å utvikle seg, samt oppleve berusende fotografi.

SAGA is a short walk away from Straumen, the area’s municipal center. The town gained its name from the tidal current that passes through, which is the second strongest in Northern Europe. A modern, yet rustic place where you will find historic wooden buildings from the 1700s, the Gallery Nils Aas Kunstverksted, the very cozy and popular boutique Landhandleriet, the local internet Café, and Jostu’s Candle Foundry.

SAGA er bare et steinkast fra kommunesenteret Straumen, som har fått sitt navn etter tidevansstrømmen i området, som er Nord-Europa andre sterkeste malstrøm. Et moderne, men historisk sted hvor du finner trehusbebyggelsen fra 1700 tallet sammen med Nils Aas Kunstverksted, den populœre butikken Landhandleriet, den lokale Internett-kafeen og Jostu lysstøperi.



SAGA has a hotel section, which offers accommodation for participants during the workshop. If SAGA is fully booked we will organize alternative accommodation near by in the same price range.

Saga is known for it’s fresh homemade food. We will start each day with a healthy breakfast, before heading to class, or out shooting. We serve a warm lunch at SAGA every day.

There are single beds in all of SAGA’s hotel rooms. Most participants will have to share hotel room with one other participant of the same gender. If you are a group traveling together, or you have a preference when sharing a room, please make a note when registration for the workshop.

Dinner is not included on our workshops. The group will be presented with the eating options in this area. Saga has a full liquor license. If you have any food allergies please let us know in advance and we will try to accommodate all your needs.

PRICES FOR ACCOMMODATION, BREAKFAST and LUNCH: Shared double-room: NOK 1020,per person, per night. The price includes shared double room, breakfast, warm home-made lunch, coffee/ tea and fruit throughout your stay. Private room: NOK 1290,- per night. The price includes a private room, breakfast, warm home-made lunch, coffee/tea and fruit throughout your stay. Payment for accommodations and meals is done directly to SAGA, before you depart. SAGA accept most debit and credit cards.


GETTING TO OUR BEAUTIFUL PLACE SAGA IN NORWAY: BY PLANE The closest airport to SAGA is Trondheim International Airport. From the airport, take the local train, which stops at the airport terminal about every two hours, towards Steinkjer. You will disembark the train at Røra Station (about a one hour ride from the airport) where NORDphotography’s van will be to greet you and transport you to SAGA. BY TRAIN Disembark the train at Røra Station and NORDphotography’s van will be there to greet you and take you to SAGA. Travel time by train from: Oslo - 9 hours, Trondheim - 2 hours, Bodø - 9.5 hours, Storlien (Sweden) - 3.5 hours. For the local train schedule see: BY CAR Follow E6 to Røra, then RV 755 to Straumen. Saga is located at Sundsøya 11, Inderøy.


 Bodø: 2 hours
 Copenhagen: 3 hours
 Stockholm: 3 hours
 New york: 12 hours (times include direct flight to Trondheim + local train to SAGA) SERVICES AT SAGA You can visit us to attend one of the many workshops with internationally renowned teachers, rent our photo-studio, borrow equipment, print photos, get advice and guidance on your own projects, rent us for business meetings, private celebrations or stay overnight at SAGA hotel.

CONTACT NORDphotography E-mail: Phone: (+47) 95 47 69 66 Address: Sundsøya 11,
7670 Inderøy, Norway

SAGA E-mail: Phone: (+47) 95 47 69 66 Address: Sundsøya 11, 7670 Inderøy, Norway Skype: please send us an e-mail to schedule a conversation.


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DESTINATION 2020: GEORGIA Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia is a new destination for us in 2020. This is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious city on the crossroads of history named “the city of legend and romance” by Alexandre Dumas. The city itself, Tbilisi, looks like it is straight from the pages of a Gothic fairytale. The architecture throughout the city reflects its diverse history with medieval, neoclassical, Beaux Arts, Art Nouveau, Stalinist and the Modern structures. It has a burgeoning art scene, a mild climate, and amazing food and wine. Our accommodation in Tbilisi is the luxury hotel ‘The Caste In The Old Town’ - see ws description for more info. INCLUDED IN THE TUITION: Model-fee, location-fee, make-up and transportation throughout our stay. Our crew which will facilitate, curate and guide this journey. Brainstorming and image critic, pluss a private Skype meeting with our curator after the journey is completed. Your own private copy of the book PORTFOLIO is also included in the tuition. NOT INCLUDED: Accommodation (see ws description pg 31), plane ticket, visa, transportation to airport, lunch and dinner. Breakfast and transportation from airport is included in accommodation cost. VISA: you need a Visa to travel to Georgia. Most countries are eligible for the e-visa application, which is done online, and cost 22 dollars (Dec. 2019). You can check info and apply for your visa here: You will need a travel insurance to apply for visa. 54

DESTINATION 2020: ICELAND Iceland is a country of sharp contrasts. A place where fire and ice co-exist. Where dark winters are offset by the summer’s midnight sun. The country is also known for its great variety in scenery and landscape. Our accommodation in Iceland is Úlfjótsskáli luxury lodge, one of the most pristine accommodations Iceland has to offer. We have room for 9-10 participants, divided among single rooms and double rooms. The house has 6 bathrooms, an indoor fireplace, an outdoor fire-pit, a gym, a game room, a sauna and outdoor hot-tub with heated water 24/7. The house also has a kitchen with all facilities you would need. We have a chef on our workshops who will serve breakfast and lunch to the participants. The workshop tuition includes accommodation, welcome dinner, breakfast and lunch. We do recommend participants to rent a car while in Iceland, either together with a fellow participant or on your own. Úlfjótsskáli luxury lodge is located in the Golden Circle and close to the major attractions in South Iceland such as Geysir, Gullfoss and Thingvellir National Park.


DESTINATION 2020: ST PETERSBURG - RUSSIA  St. Petersburg, the North capital of Russia, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, often called “the window to Europe“. Our producer in Russia is local art historian Tanya Yermolayeva who will give us access to historical landmarks and palaces throughout the city. Our class will stay at the luxurious Ambassador Hotel in St Petersburg, close to the historical part of the city, which is the largest historical center in the world. The hotel offer single and double rooms. March: Price range from 4400/5800 rub/night, incl VAT & BB. October: Price range from 6800/8200 rub/night, incl VAT & BB. INCLUDED IN THE TUITION: Transportation during the workshop, model-fee, location-fee, make-up/hair fee, english translator and welcome dinner at our hotel. NOT INCLUDED IN THE TUITION: Accommodation, plane ticket, visa, transportation to/from airport, lunch and dinner. Participants may have to apply for a visitors visa. 53 countries are eligible for the new E-VISA prosess which is done online: If you are not eligible you will find information about how to obtain your VISA on the Russian Embassy website in your country. You can also find online services who offer Visa assistance in your country. NORDphotography will supply the documentation from the hotel necessary for obtaining a Visa. You will need a travel insurance to apply for both types of visa. 56

DESTINATION 2020: LOFOTEN -  NORWAY Lofoten is among the most photographed places in Norway. It is known for a distinctive scenery with dramatic mountains and peaks, open sea and sheltered bays, beaches and untouched lands. Our base in Lofoten will be at Reinefjorden Sjøhus in Reine, which offers high-end fisherman’s cabins and seahouses both with breathtaking views of the sea and sky. Each cabin/seahouse has room for 3 participant, single accommodation, with shared bathrooms. The cabin/ seahouses has fully equipped kitchens and a living room. Students are recommended to stop by the supermarked on the way to the cabin, to stock up on breakfast and lunch supplies. We also recommend to pack lunch to bring with you on our field trips. For dinner options, there are restaurants in the area who offer delicious local food. The workshop tuition includes single room accommodation at Reinefjorden Sjøhus. TRANSPORTATION: Participants are recommended to rent a car while in Lofoten, so you are free to explore the area of your choosing. Both Trym, and Elisabeth will bring their own cars to Lofoten, and you are welcome to share the ride with either of us, however that might limit your flexibility. You will be expected to chip in for gas. 57

Our main local collaborators are:


Clockwise from the top: Class image William Ropp workshop, model Bianca with participant Gil on our Elizabeth Opalenik workshop, lunch table at SAGA, make-up artist Grigoriy with model Anastasia, photo-shoot St Petersburg, participant Ann-Karin, styling on workshop with Ragne K Sigmond, Elizabeth Opalenik with students.


SAGA Senter for Fotografi is by far the most ambitious project for photography workshops in Norway, and the most professional one. Fotografi



10 YE NORDphotography - Sundsøya 11 - 7670 Inderøy - Norway 60

Studio - Cover and Back Image by Ragne K. Sigmond shot on our workshop The Russian Soul, in St Petersburg in 2019.

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We team up with internationally acclaimed photographers and resources in photography, to give you an unforgettable learning experience. For...


We team up with internationally acclaimed photographers and resources in photography, to give you an unforgettable learning experience. For...