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INSTRUCTORS 2024: Elisabeth N. Aanes Elizabeth Avedon Diana Bloomfield Anna Clarén Jill Enfield Cig Harvey Connie Imboden Holly Lynton Sal Taylor Kydd Ragne Kristine Sigmond Stig Marlon Weston Complete descriptions at: NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM



Join us for an unforgettable learning experience in 2024

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Images © Clockwise from the top: Anita Price, Beate Nilsen, Cicilie Risaasen,descriptions Nancy Oliveri,at: Hege Jaksland, Complete NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM Debbie Dana, Gail Samuelson, Cecilie Åserud, Julia Arstorp, Marit Nilsen, Ansgar Valbø (center).


Our Mission is to inspire photographers to further their growth and development by arranging workshops and events that makes a difference.

CONTACT US: E-mail: Phone: (+47) 95 47 69 66 Address: Saga, Sundsøya 11 7670 Inderøy, Norway Interested in a meeting? Please send us an e-mail for an online conversation. 4

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online course Creative Lighting with Ragne K Sigmond focuses on teaching you the most important tool in photography: Light. In our Visual Illusions class with Connie Imboden you learn to create mystic in your images. To include text with your photograph can be an exciting creative tool. We offer online classes and a Creative Retreat at Spannocchia in Italy with Sal Taylor Kydd. Our second Creative Retreat in 2024 is ‘Beyond the Blue’ with Cig Harvey. This is a unique opportunity to join a transformative road-trip in Iceland.

2024 I often think of how privileged we are, we who have access to the part in our brain where creative impulses are ignited and visualised. And also how important it is to make room for this impulse and listen when it is calling your name. Our program for 2024 is filled with classes that we hope will ignite your passion, and lead you on a creative journey of your dreams. If you join our online activity The Image Crit you get to expand your talent on a variety of creative challenges. If you have a project you already want to dive into, you might check out our mentor classes. If you have a project you are ready to release out into the world, you should consider presenting the project in book form, and then check out The Photo-Book class with Elizabeth Avedon, which is a 9 month long online journey. Or if you want to finesse your presentation skills you might consider joining our online Horizontal Portfolio Review with Stig M Weston. As for classes that will add important tools to your toolkit, our

As for our SAGA workshops this year we start in late May with a trio of alternative process photography workshops. Diana Bloomfield, who teaches Tri-color Gum prints, followed by our Master practitioner Jill Enfield in Wet plate Collodion, Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown printing. To wrap up we have our Camera-less Photography class with Stig M Weston. To follow up our Alternative Process photographers we have an online Alternative Process Forum with Jill Enfield. Second week of September American photographer Holly Lynton will visit SAGA to teach her class The Photographic Narrative, and late October/early November Ragne K Sigmond is ready with another Creative Portrait workshop at our center. Our main goal is and have alway been to be a catalyst for talents so you continue exploring and developing your craft. Our long term hope is that when you are ready, and your project or work has reached its potential, you introduce it into the world so more people can enjoy the wonders of photography. We wish you a happy creative year. Sincerely, Elisabeth N Aanes CEO NORDphotography / SAGA Complete descriptions at: NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM


A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into. Ansel Adams


TABLE OF CONTENT Elisabeth N. Aanes Elizabeth Avedon Diana Bloomfield Anna Clarén Jill Enfield Cig Harvey Connie Imboden Holly Lynton Sal Taylor Kydd Ragne Kristine Sigmond Stig Marlon Weston

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DESTINATIONS 2023: Italy Iceland Saga, Norway

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images © Participants The Mentor Program 2023




- The founder of NORDphotography and SAGA Center for Photography ONLINE: The Image Crit

IN PERSON: The Mentor Program

The Image Crit is an ‘exercise class’ for your creativity that will stretched, nurtured, and grow your photographic talent. Every meeting you will get a different creative challenge presented, where you can submit 2-5 images for critic in our next meeting. Everyone in class will be asked to give feedback on everyones images, in addition to instructor Elisabeth. This often leads to interesting discussions, and input, that might give you new ways of looking at your work. You will be shown work from many different photographers as inspiration, to give you a great send off into your creative process, but also make you aware of different work that other creatives are doing.

This is an mentorship program for photographers looking to work on long term projects, with the goal of finishing a body of work within the length of the program. Lectures, discussions and critique of student work will be the structure of the mentorship. To expand our creative tool-box, we will implement different practises from Julia Cameron’s beloved book “The Artist Way”.

Period: Jan. 28 - Jun 2 / 6 Sunday sessions Time: 18:00-19:30 CET/ 12PM-13:30PM EST Price: NOK 7.200,-

Each meeting is an opportunity to present images, to receive constructive critic and discuss photography.

“The photo project (Funkis & Formalin) about the Pharmaceutical Institute at Blindern took shape during NORDphotography’s mentoring program in 2021. Elisabeth established my faith in the project and made me feel more confident in my own photographic voice.” – Kristin Rosmo.

Dates: Feb 13 - Dec 10 Tuition: NOK 22.000,Location: Cyan Studio, OSLO

This program will help discover, develop and finetune each photographer’s creative voice. You should come to this mentorship with an idea of a project. It can be an old project you want to finish, or a new project you want to create. We will meet once a month. The lecture will be tailored to each participant’s project, to give inspiration and guidance for further development. During this mentorship you will learn to develop a cohesive body of work, present work in a professional matter (whether it is a book, an exhibit, an event, or a new portfolio of work), to critique other photographers work, and to respond on critique of your own work. The mentor program wraps with a group exhibition at Cyan Gallery where each participant displays a selection of images from their project. PS: As a participant in this program, you receive a 20% discount on the workshop fee on all workshops that take place at SAGA in 2024.

Complete descriptions at: NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM





- A highly regarded photo-book and exhibition designer, independent curator and photo consultant. ONLINE: The Photo Book

The goal on this course is for you to leave this class with a photo book pdf ready to self-publish or present to a publisher.

Our online book-design class spans over 9 months and is divided into 3 separate levels. This will allow students to develop a well crafted book by the end of the course.

Your instructor Elizabeth will give you assignments between sessions to help you elevate your book, and get ready for the next Level. We strongly encourage students to use the time in between the different levels to work on the skills learned thus far, and keep developing your book.

Period: Feb 21 - Oct 2 Tuition: NOK 22.000,-

LEVEL 1: Wednesdays: Feb 21, 28, Mar 6, 20 LEVEL 2: Jun 5, 8, 12 LEVEL 3: Wednesday: Sep 4, 11, 18, Oct 2 There is a rich history of self-published authors including Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King and Mark Twain. Now that artists are able to produce their own hardcover and softcover books online at a relatively low cost, self-publishing has become a popular alternative for photographers.

Designing a great photo-book takes time, and this class is structured to give you enough time to develop your taste, skill-set, and design choices, so the end result is a thoroughly crafted book that highlights your work in the best way possible. We will be using BLURB for this class, and each student needs to download and become familiar with’s ‘free’ BookWright software before classes begin. You may also use INDesign, Quark, or Photoshop if you are more familiar with these softwares. The class will not cover technical or design software issues.

“I came to this workshop with the intention of making a practice book of my work. I could not imagine that I would leave with a book, let alone one I love. I did not think that was possible. Each level brought more clarity and Ahah! moments for design decisions and edits. It was only with the help of Elizabeth’s instruction, feedback and encouragement, while in a supportive group environment, that guided me to a place where I felt seen and heard in something I made. My on-going memoir. With deep sincerity, thank you.” – Sam Geballe Complete descriptions at: NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM


12 images © Diana Bloomfield



- Specialising in 19th century photographic printing processes WORKSHOP: Layer by Layer Tri-color Gum Bichromate Printing Dates: Tuition: Location: Acc Cost:

May 21 - 26 NOK 16.000,- (Incl paper/chemistry) SAGA, Norway Please see page 39

We are very happy to introduce a new instructor for NORDphotography, and an addition to our alternative process classes. Diana Bloomfield is a photographic artist and native North Carolinian, currently lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Specialising in 19th century photographic printing techniques, with a concentration on gum bichromate, platinum, and cyanotype processes, her images are exhibited internationally and are widely published. Diana is also a book artist, incorporating her handmade prints into one-of-a-kind books. In our 5-day workshop, you will learn the interpretive, intuitive, and infinitely creative printing process of tri-color gum bichromate, turning your images into beautifully unique prints. This is a 19th century photographic printing process using CMYK colour separation digital negatives. At the end of this workshop, you will leave with all the prints you have made during the week— the

good, the bad, and the ugly— and maybe even the spectacular. More importantly, you will leave with a solid foundation in gum printing and an understanding of how to get the most out of this unique and interpretive handmade printing process, making it all your own. The gum print is essentially built, layer by layer, with repeated coatings of a specific emulsion of watercolour pigment, gum arabic, and potassium dichromate, which is then brushed on watercolour paper, until a full and rich print of your image is achieved. The print is exposed by UV light and developed in plain water. This is a user-friendly course that is appropriate for those with no prior experience in gum printing, as well as seasoned practitioners. You will be asked to upload a selection of possible images to work on ahead of class. This is to make sure that the images you choose will give us a negatives suitable for this particular printing process. Join Diana at NORDphotography for five days of fun and experimentation with an infinitely rewarding and creative printing process. Once you experience the joy and beauty of gum printing, you will never be the same!

Diana Bloomfield is such a talented Gum Bichromate photographer! As a teacher she is clear, concise, and very giving of her time. Diana provided a personally developed perspective and approach. She is very generous in time spent with each student. Here is a wonderful workshop! - Mariana Bartolomeo

Complete descriptions at: NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM


©Image by ?? (The Mentor Program 20??)

image © Anna Clarén




- One of Swedens most recognised photographers, known for using the camera to tell personal stories. ONLINE: Mentor Class 2024/2025 November 2024 - October 2025. Tuition: NOK 24.000,Application opens August 2024

This Mentor Group is suited for former participants of Anna Clarén, or photographers and enthusiast with some experience in working on personal projects. Participants are expected to come to the Mentor Class with either: 1) a project you are working on that you want to finish within the next year, 2) a new project/ project idea you seek to develop under the guidance and mentoring of Anna Clarén. The main structure of this class is image critic of your work, mainly from instructor Anna, but also your fellow participants. For each meeting you are asked to upload new work, and expand your project. During the months we spend together you will, through Anna’s skilful guidance, develop your project step by step, and end up with a well crafted body of work in the end. You will also learn to write an Artist Statement and construct a pdf presentation of the work created.

The class meets once a month, over a 12 month period. There are no meeting in July, so a total of 11 meetings. The last class will be conducted as an online portfolio review, where each participants get to present their work in front of a panel of reviewers, who then will evaluate and discuss your work among themselves. The Panel Talk will consist of Mentor Anna Clarén, pluss 2 invited professionals from different branches of photography. The panel discussion will be streamed LIVE, and your final portfolio will, with your consent, be presented on NORDphotography’s webpage. You can view former participants projects and listen to The Panel Talk on We open registration for Anna Clarén’s Mentor Class for 2024/25 in August 2024, and our meeting dates will be announced on our website at the same time. Each meeting is recorded, and the recording is available for the participants to watch up until our next meeting. If you want to be considered for Anna’s Mentor Class please e-mail us at: Subject “Anna Clarén’s Mentor Class 2024/25”. Include a description of your project or idea. Also if you have images / sketches include them too. We do this to make sure that this is the right Mentor Class for you and your project.

Anna sees the small in the large, and the large in the small. She has an absolute presence, a deep commitment, and an amazing ability to convey the magic of photography and visual storytelling. But she is also straightforward and clear; her feedback always makes me want to do more, to do better! - Linda Unhemm Complete descriptions at: NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM


image © Jill Enfield




- Master of historical photo processes ONLINE: The Alternative Process Forum

Day: Friday, 19:00-21:00 CET/ 1-3PM EST Period: Jan 26 - May 24 / 6 sessions Tuition: NOK 7.200,Our online forum with one of Americas leading authority in Alternative Photographic Processes is open to anyone who is working with historical photo processes. The class focuses on giving feedback to participants on their images, as well as help them problem-solve issues they have had in creating the work being presented. It is also a forum for Alternative Process Photographers to exchange ideas, tips, issues etc. with their fellow participants. There will be given short lectures presenting different topics within Alternative Processes. In this participants can come with requests, within the scope of Cyanotype, Albumen, Platinum, Palladium, Kallitype, toning, using different processes together, hand tinting etc. The lectures are not ment as a complete courses, but as a short demo to give the group a better understanding of what is entailed in the process presented. It is also ment to inspire the participants to try out different directions, or expand on the process they are using. Jill will include presentations of artist working with Alternative Process as inspiration to the group. For each class you should work on perfecting your chosen processes.

WORKSHOP: Wet Plate Collodium + Cyanotype + Van Dyke Brow Dates: Tuition: Location: Acc Cost:

May 28 - Jun 2 NOK 16.000,- (Incl paper/chemistry) SAGA, Norway Please see page 39

This workshop will transport you back to the beginning of photography and teach you to create glass negatives and tintypes using wet plate techniques from the 1860s, in addition to trying your hands on the Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown printing process. Our instructor Jill Enfield has written two books about historical photo processes and is regarded as one of America’s most experienced and respected alternative process artists. The collodion process, invented in about 1850, was the first widely used photographic process that produced a negative image on a transparent photographic medium. The workshop will cover the entire process from cutting and preparing glass & aluminum, mixing and handling chemicals, safety procedures, making portable darkrooms, assessment of exposure time, evaluation of results, and all that goes into mastering the wet plate collodion process. Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brow is different printing processes involving mixing chemicals, preparing the canvas, printing, processing and drying. Jill will teach how to prepare a digital negative to use in alternative process. The class is open for all levels.

Complete descriptions at: NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM


Destination: Iceland CIG HARVEY

- A journey to find the balance between art and life

Dates: Oct 5 - 12 Tuition: 4700 EURO + 500 EURO for shared Car rental) Location: Iceland TUITION INCLUDES: • Creative Journey with Cig Harvey • Wrap up dinner on the evening of the 11 TH • single accommodation at 3-4 Stars hotels inc. breakfast for 7 nights • shared car rental (included insurance) TUITION DOES NOT INCLUDE: • admission to spas • gass, which will be shared between participants sharing the car • lunch and dinners • plane tickets • travel insurance • Transfers from airport to Reykjavik Join us on a roadtrip in Iceland with Cig Harvey in October, where each day is a quest to seek balance in your artistic practice and creative life. We will drive the Ring Road and let the dramatic and shifting landscape ignite our creative impulses, stopping to photograph when inspired, or to just take in the magic of the land where fire and ice co-exists. We will see waterfalls, geysir, black beaches, glacier lagoons and more. The journey is about balancing art and life. As a tool to find balance Cig used yoga


in her daily routine, and will share simple easy yoga stretches and breathing techniques with the class, in addition to lead us in meditation, as a mind body compliment to this creative workshop journey. There will be generative writing exercises, brainstorming sessions, and feedback on the work you are creating. Our days will wrap or start with a visit to some of the most unique geothermal pools, spas and hot springs in Iceland. We have chosen October as our month which will give us dark nights with the possibility of seing the northern lights. The weather will be the perfect contrast to heighten the experience of outdoor heated pools, natural hot springs, sauna and steams, in addition to giving us shifting light conditions to photograph in. Cig will herself also make work on this journey, and participate in the Image Critic sessions as a fellow photographer. This will give you a unique insight into Cig’s work and creative process, as well as the opportunity to discuss her work, as it is unfolding. The critic sessions will be lead by NORDphotography’s founder Elisabeth N Aanes, who will be our facilitator on this journey. This will be a roadtrip where each day will give opportunities to photograph, seek balance, and discuss the artistic process together with fellow creatives, where we will share work, be inspired by each other, and let all those components influence our work.

image © ICig Harvey

WORKSHOP: Beyond the Blue

Complete descriptions at: NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM


image © Connie Imboden




- using photography to examine, distort and redefine the human form ONLINE: Visual Illusion Level 1

Day: Mondays 19-21 CET / 1-3 PM EST Period: Apr 29 - Jun 10 / 6 sessions Tuition: NOK 7.200,Connie Imboden is an artist whom pushes the photographic medium to its highest level. Especially nudes, where her constant quest is to find new ways to examine, distort and redefine the human body often using reflections in water and mirrors. This online course with Imboden will bend your imagination in new exciting ways, as you learn to create images that might not always be what they seam at first glance. A visual Illusions are not only fascinating, they are powerful. It plays with the line between knowing and seeing. We think we “know” something but our eyes tell a different story. This class is about ways of exploring, discovering, developing, and utilising the influence of illusions beyond mere tricks of seeing to compelling and poetic communication. We will employ illusionistic techniques through assignments, discussions and critiques. There will be assignment given between each class to challenge your vision and spark your creativity.

ONLINE: Artistic Vision - a 9 month Mentor Program Day: Thursdays 19-21 CET / 1-3 PM EST Period: Sep 26, 2024 - May 22, 2025 (9 months) (6 group sessions + 3 individual conversations) Tuition: NOK 24.000,Connie will push you the way only she does, to help you deepen your own understanding of your creative ability. She will help you keep digging into the depths of your talent and discover your creative uniqueness. This class is about YOU and finding a clearer focus for your photographic vision. Assignments will be individually geared, and the structure of the class is group meetings with image critic and lectures, and individual talks with each participants, to allow for deeper discussions about your work, and what you are trying to accomplish. Unlike other classes she has offered which are designed to develop different visual tools to strengthen your work, this class is about finding, identifying and/or developing your distinctive photographic vision.

“You cannot go deep by digging a thousand holes” - Buddhist saying

Complete descriptions at: NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM


image © Holly Lynton




- Explores the intersection of faith, history, and the environment in her work. WORKSHOP: The Photographic Narrative Dates: Tuition: Location: Acc Cost:

Sep 10 - 15 NOK 14.000,SAGA, Norway Please see page 39

Great photographs often connect with our subconscious, producing a response that although pleasing to the eye, resonates deeper under the surface. Our workshop ‘The Photographic Narrative’ with Holly Lynton will provide you with innovative strategies to produce images that are provocative, enigmatic, and lyrical. You will learn how to depict people, places, and histories in unprecedented ways. The learning process will be centered around a storytelling project created through a combination of in-class development and outside class assignments. You will explore different approaches to photographic narrative-building and storytelling with a focus on both memory and play as creative catalysts. Close attention is paid to the technical aspects of image-making and how to develop consistency in a project. The class will also cover research, and how to ef-

fectively use research in one’s photographic practice which allows artists to bring more intentionality and purpose to their work, no matter the subject. Classes are a combination of lectures, class discussion, presentation, critique, and assignments. Students can expect to move forward in their current projects as well as develop research and workflow skills that will support them in their future work. This workshop is open to photographers of all levels, and will reframe the way you think about visual storytelling, leaving you with a new perspective and a new set of techniques to craft compelling photographic narrative. Holly Lynton latest book ‘Bare Handed’ (published in 2022) presents a nuanced portrait of rural life in 21st-century America. The project was a decade long undertaking.

Holly Lynton’s beautiful photographs reveal the spiritual state of being that emerges from nature and tradition. Returning to specific communities year after year, Lynton moves beyond mythology to reveal a complex social landscape suffused with tradition but unburdened by nostalgia. - The Guardian

Complete descriptions at: NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM




SAL TAYLOR KYDD - A writer, poet and book-artist ONLINE: Text and Image I

ONLINE: Text and Image II

This is a class for photographers looking to experiment with incorporating writing into their creative practice in combination with their photography.

We will look at how you can combine your writing and photographs to enhance your narrative in book form. Examples of artists who combine text and image in various forms both on and off the page will be shared for inspiration, as well as a look at different avenues for publishing your work in today’s publishing landscape. Extensive discussion will examine the sequencing of text and image to create unexpected moments in your narrative, as well as other design and layout considerations.

Day: Tuesday 19:00-21:00 CET/ 1-3PM EST Period: Jan 9 - Feb 20 / 6 sessions Tuition: NOK 7.200,-

Each meeting will include opportunities for critique of your images with the goal to explore ways to include text to enhance the story. You can show new work, or work you have done before. We will examine sequencing of text and image to create unexpected moments in your narrative. All forms of writing are encouraged from prose to poetry. Sal will give you assignments between classes that will allow you to experiment with writing, as you tailor your creative process. There will also be time for discussion and workshopping of your writing, together with the rest of the class.

Day: Wednesday 19:00-21:00 CET/ 1-3PM EST Period: Apr 10 - May 29 / 6 sessions Tuition: NOK 7.200,-

This is a class for experienced photographers who are looking to develop their book project, using photography in combination with the written word. Experience with Adobe Indesign is helpful but not essential.

Sal is an incredibly patient and generous instructor (with a great sense of fun). She is that rare type of artist who can articulate her version and inspire others to do the same using our own voices and our own imaginations, memories and stories. The assignments are fun but also challenging. And they open up space for individual creativity. - A. Selwyn

Complete descriptions at: NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM


Destination: Italy SAL TAYLOR KYDD

- a veteran workshop leader and educator with several sold out self-published books to her name. And she speaks Italian. CREATIVE RETREAT: Writing & Photography Dates: Tuition: Lcation:

Sep 24 - 30 EUR 3300 (incl all meals and private accomodation) Spannocchia, Siena, Italy

Our Creative Retreat with Sal Taylor Kydd takes us to the rolling hills of Tuscany to explore a place rich with cultural history and devastatingly beautiful landscapes. We will be based in the stunning location of Spannocchia Farm near Siena, with monasteries, castles, old towers and gardens to explore. Through writing prompts and shooting assignments we will explore how your writing practice can enhance your photography and vice versa, with a new portfolio, or serie where text and images works together to express your creative abilities. Each day will begin with image and text review with class critique and discussion of your work; as well as writing exercises to get your imagination firing. Afternoons will be spent shooting in and around our location as well as exploring the neighbouring areas. There will be time to review the motivations behind your work and your personal vision, with one on one time with Sal, providing an opportunity to understand your tropes and motifs and how to use them in your work with greater intentionality.


This workshop is designed for advanced photographers looking to develop their portfolio and who are interested in writing and photography. OUR LOCATION: Spannocchia Students will be offered private occupancy in spacious rooms at and around the main building at Spannocchia. Accommodation in private room, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner is included in the tuition. The 1,100 acre property hosts a working organic farm, a center for education and enrichment, and a multinational community. There is something to excite everyone at Spannocchia: hiking paths, farm animals, verdant gardens, beautiful vistas, eight centuries of rural history, a swimming pool, friendly people, great wine, and fantastic food. In addition, Spannocchia proximity to destinations such as Florence, Siena, Chianti, San Gimignano, the Tuscan coastline, and many small hill towns makes this the ideal base for exploring Tuscany. Breakfast, lunch and dinner featuring many organic products from the farm, and is served in the dining hall at Spannocchia’s main building.

The Creative Retreat with Sal Taylor Kydd and NORDphotography in Italy (2023) was the most wonderful experience. I am tempted to do it again. Best retreat ever - truly. - Gail Samuelson


image © Sal Taylor Kydd

Complete descriptions at: NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

image © Ragne K. Sigmond




- our creative Lighting Master, who was named Photographer of the year in Norway in 2017 ONLINE: Creative Lighting 1

Day: Friday 20:00-22:00 CET/ 2 - 4 PM EST Period: Apr 12 - June 7 / 6 sessions Tuition: NOK 7.200,The art of lighting is a skill necessary to master if you want to excel in your photography. Our online class with Ragne will in addition to teaching you basic Light-Painting techniques, and creative Light-painting techniques, also give you a better understanding of light in general. The course consist of lectures with demonstrations, image critic, pluss technical and creative exercises. There will be given assignments in between classes, for participant to practise techniques learned in class. You will also get feed-back on your work, to help you perfect your skill. Our Level 1 class is a great preparation for our Creative Portrait Workshop.

WORKSHOP: The Creative Portrait Dates: Tuition: Location: Acc Cost:

Oct 29 - Nov 3 NOK 14.000,SAGA, Norway Please see page 39

This is a workshop that will ignite your creativity and expand your portrait skills, in combinations with your light-painting techniques. This is a workshop especially designed for SAGA and NORDphotography.

With this course you will be able to challenge yourself with Ragne’s “thinking out of the box”-exercises, and you will realise you do not need a lot of props to make unique portraits. It is about your vision and creative instinct, storytelling and how to utilise what you have at hand. We will also explore the wonders of light, study how a face can be transformed depending on different light angles and heights and furthermore how light painting can transform ordinary surroundings into something magic. Ragne is an expert in light painting technique. With the brush strokes from an ordinary handheld flash light/torch in combination with a camera attached to a tripod set on a long exposure time, you can make wonders with even the cheapest flash light. Light painting is equal to “slow photography”. Ragne has been teaching photography, and light in particular for 20 years. She shares generously her experience and knowledge and you will see how she works, and why it is important to not over complicate a photoshoot. If your mind is open, it might very well lead to new and innovative work! You should have basic understanding of light to join this class. And if you previously have been part of Ragne’s light painting online courses or workshops, this class will help you excel further.

“There can be no light without shadow: or rather no shadow unless there is also light” Margaret Atwood Complete descriptions at: NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM



Stig’s online course gives you a unique opportunity for direct feedback on the presentation of your own work from a profiled photographic artist. Very good. Recommended! - Tonje Skinnes



- An award winning photographer and artist best known for his experimental analogue processes ONLINE: The Horizontal portfolio review - how to present your work

Day: Wednesday 19:00-21:00 CET/ 1-3PM EST Period: Feb 7 - Apr 24 / 6 sessions Tuition: NOK 7.200,This online course with Norwegian Artist Stig M. Weston will feel like ‘training’ sessions on different ways to present your work, whether it is to an audience, a gallerist or an editor and get them engaged in what you do. It is a place to discuss and present your project and your photographs with others, and get constructive feedback, from our instructors, and your fellow participants, on how to improve. The process will also deepening your own understanding of your artistic path. There will be lectures on how to present a photographic project to an audience. You will understand what is important to highlight to get peoples attention on a project, and see the benefit from knowing how to discuss your own work, and being able to communicate the deeper meaning behind it. We will invite a couple of guest photographers to present their work, which gives an opportunity to get feedback on your work and presentation from them. Former guest have been photographer Karoline Hjort, Charlie Hay and Katinka Goldberg. In between meetings you will be given homework assignments to digest and delve deeper into the discussions we have had.

WORKSHOP: Creating Cameraless photographs - playing outside the box Dates: Tuition: Location: Acc Cost:

Jun 13 - 18 NOK 14.000,- (Incl paper/chemistry) SAGA, Norway Please see page 39

Using photography’s basic ingredients of light and chemicals we will learn and experiment with a variety of techniques and processes to create images without the use of a camera. Guided by the artist Stig Marlon Weston you will work your way through experimental techniques to define your own process based photographic theme and project. This workshop will open your eyes for new ways of seeing. Stig will share his creative methods and you will get to play and explore while learning how to control photographic processes like photograms, chemigrams, lumen printing and more. We will try out a variety of different materials and even mix our own natural chemicals based on what we forage and find in the landscape. During the workshop we will also discuss how the theme and process of a photographic project is connected and we will look at ways of creating new ideas and projects based on the materials and techniques we use. Working your way through all this playful experimentation you will develop ideas and techniques and put them to use in a project series that bring your ideas to life in totally new ways. Complete descriptions at: NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM



Saga is a proud member of The Nordic Analog Network

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE SAGA AIR offers you SPACE to focus on your CRAFT and CREATE new work. The residency is open to photographers, bookmakers, writers, and other creative artists from all over the world. LENGTHS OF STAY: 2 - 4 weeks. The residence period last from Sunday to Sunday. You will be free to set your own work schedule. We can help organise tours and studio visits to other artists in the area. WHAT IS INCLUDED: • Private accommodation • Shared fully equipped kitchen (with 2 - 4 people) • Shared bathroom (with 1 person) •Washer/ dryer • Free use of our internett • Access to our daylight studio/ work area (60 m²) • Access to Darkroom/ Wet Plate Collodion Lab The Artist will have to cover the cost of materials he/ she needs to create art and is also responsible for their own meals. EQUIPMENT AT SAGA: Daylight studio, printer (A2), scanner. Fully equipped darkroom with 4x5” and 35/120 mm enlarger. Wet Plate Collodion equipments. UV-lights (A4) COST PAID BY ARTIST (listed in NOK): 2 weeks: NOK 7.000,- (NOK 500,- pr day) 4 weeks: NOK 14.000,- (NOK 500,- pr day) 32

Regular cost is NOK 1400,- pr day. Day rate including accommodation and access to studio and darkroom. SAGA covers NOK 900,- pr day. Artist covers NOK 500,- pr day. As a sponsored AIR you might be asked to give a lecture or have an open studio session during your stay. We also ask sponsored AIR to donate a piece from his/her artwork, created at SAGA, to be part of our permanent collection. APPLICATION: You apply for SAGA AIR directly from our website. The sponsored AIR will be selected based on your application and work. We accept applications continuously. INCLUDE IN THE APPLICATION: • What you wish to achieve during your stay at SAGA AIR • A portfolio of your work, digital, including10-20 images • BIO/ CV/ Artist Statement • Preferred dates for your stay

‘My stay at SAGA AIR has been nurturing for my soul. To be able to focus on my craft this way, has been liberating and resulted in new energy and growth in my work’ - Nina K. Staff


Complete descriptions at: NORDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM



NORDphotography is proud to present our faculty, which is made up of a fine selection of world class artists and professionals in the field of photography. It is a selection of individuals who are not only celebrated and collected as artists, but who have also gained accolades for being some of the best instructors in the world.


Elisabeth is the founder and CEO of NORDphotography and SAGA Center for Photography. She runs SAGA Studio and teaches NORDphotography’s mentor program. Elisabeth took her photoeducation in Maine, USA, and worked for several years with Joyce Tenneson. Her work has been exhibited in Norway and the United States and was recently among the selected photographers for CMCA’s exhibit 40 Photographers / 40 Years. She also holds the cover for The View Project by Joyce Tenneson, and was part of the traveling exhibition.


Elizabeth Avedon is an independent curator and photo consultant. Former Director of Photo-Eye Gallery, Santa Fe; Creative Director for The Gere Foundation. Elizabeth is a juror for the 2021 and 2020 Leica Women Foto Project Awards and on the panel of jurors for the internationally renowned Prix Carmignac Foundation Photojournalism Award in Paris. She continues to participate as a reviewer in many international portfolio reviews including the New York Portfolio Reviews; CENTER/Review Santa Fe; Photolucida, Landskrona FotoFestival, among others. Elizabeth received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Griffin Museum of Photography.



Diana’s work has been internationally exhibited and widely published. Specializing in 19th century historic printing techniques, Her images have been included in a number of books and Diana’s art is also in the permanent collections of the Norton Museum of Art, located in West Palm Beach, Florida; the New Mexico History Museum/Palace of the Governors, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico; in the Collection at Montefiore Einstein, located in White Plains, New York; and in NC State University’s Gregg Museum of Art & Design. A native North Carolinian, Diana lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she received her MA in English Literature and Creative Writing from North Carolina State University. She is represented by The Cardinal Gallery, located in Toronto, Canada.


Anna Clarén is a recognised Swedish photographer. Her breakthrough came with “Holding” (2006). The photographs depicted her daily life for four summer months. The self-portraits were revealing and frank and regarded as innovative with their fragile, private mood. The book won the Swedish Photographic Book Award in 2006. Annas lates project “When everything Changes” is a deeply personal, and revealing story about a family and a marriage that is suddenly faced with the unexpected. Clarén stands as a sole author of a book, a genre-defying story with documentary images. The project was presented as both a film and book at Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm, April 2018. Clarén is also Head of Education at the Nordic School of Photography.


Jill Enfield is one of America’s most experienced and respected hand-colouring artists. She has taught hand-colouring and nonsilver techniques at Parsons School of Design, The New School, and the International Center of Photography in New York, as well as in workshops throughout the United States and Europe. Jill’s more recent emphasis has been on the wet plate collodion process, originally used by M atthew Brady during the Civil War. Jill’s personal work has appeared in such publications as National Geographic, Camera Arts, PDN, Hasselblad’s FORUM Magazine, Shutterbug, Popular Photography, Digital Camera, and ZOOM.



Cig Harvey uses both images and language to explore sensory experiences and elevate the everyday. She has published several sold out books and her next book will be published by Monacelli / Phaidon in 2025. She is represented by different galleries in the US and in Europe. She has exhibited worldwide including at Paris Photo, Art Miami, and AIPAD (New York) for the past twenty years. She was the recipient of the 2023 Visionary Award, given by Maine Media to recognise and celebrate artists making extraordinary contributions to the fields of visual arts. In 2023, Eat Flowers, a documentary film about Cig by River Finlay, won several Prizes at the Sante Fe International Film Festival. 36


Connie Imboden has taught for over 30 years, as faculty at The Maryland Institute College of Art as well as instructing various workshops and institutions throughout the United States, France, Norway, the Czech Republic, and the United Arab Emirates. Her photographs have been exhibited in an extensive range of group and solo shows at galleries and museums across the Americas, Europe, and China and are in museum collections around the world. Her first book entitled “Out of Darkness”, won the Silver Medal in Switzerland’s “Schonste Bucher Aus Aller Welt (Most Beautiful Book in the World)” Award in 1993. Her fourth and most recent monograph,“Reflections; 25 Years of Photography”, was published in 2009.


Holly Lynton photographs focus on understanding rural communities in the United States through their agricultural history, current industry, and ritual. Lynton received a BA in Psychology in 1994 from Yale University, where she also studied photography. She received an MFA in Photography from Bard College in 2000. Lynton’s photographs have been exhibited internationally and is part of a numerous of collections. She has received awards and grants for her work and Lynton photographs have been featured and reviewed in The New Yorker, Harvard Design Magazine, The Miami Herald, The New York Times, The Village Voice, among others.


Originally from the UK, photographer and artist Sal Taylor Kydd earned her BA in Modern Languages from Manchester University in the UK and has an MFA in Photography from Maine Media College. Sal is a writer and poet, and has self-published a number of books combining her poetry with her photographs. Her books are in numerous private and museum collections throughout the country including The Getty Museum and the Maine Women Writer’s Collection at the University of New England. Sal’s latest artist book is The Call, a hand-made letterpress artist book. Her book of poems and photographs, Just When I Thought I Had You, is now in its second edition. Sal also teaches and is on the board of Maine Media Workshops & College in Rockport ME.

RAGNE KRISTINE SIGMOND Ragne Kristine Sigmond is currently teaching photography at Media College Denmark. Working on fine art photography in her spare time has been an important factor for developing her photographic style. She has been invited to present her work at art fairs, to give lectures and hold workshops, to judge competitions or to exhibit in countries like Norway, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Poland and Australia. She was the main contributor of photographs to the 500-page book about composition “Se her!” (LOOK!), written by Rudi Hass, released in the Scandinavian market in 2013. In 2017 she received The Photography award in Norway, a prize created to honour photographers who have especially contributed to enhancing the position of photography in cultural life.


Stig Marlon Weston focuses on analogue and experimental processes in his more than 20 year long artistic practice. He runs the community darkroom in Oslo, Norway and has initiated the Nordic Darkroom Network to facilitate the sharing of experience between Nordic darkrooms through a common program of artist residencies. He has been a workshop teacher at the analogue and experimental photography festivals in Barcelona and Vienna. His own projects have won national and international awards, has been exhibited in Berlin, London and New York, as well as in regional and national exhibitions in Norway.


SAGA - OUR WORKSHOP CENTER IN NORWAY Nestled in a quiet bay, directly on the waterfront, and surrounded by one of Norway’s most breathtaking cultural landscapes, you will find SAGA, NORDphotography’s workshop center. The area, called Inderøy, is known for its beautiful scenery, which together with the sea and special light has inspired artists and authors for hundreds of years. It is a perfect place for a creative center for photographers and we welcome anyone looking for a quiet environment where nature, like-minded people, and world-renowned photographers come together to learn and celebrate the art of photography.


SAGA is a short walk away from Straumen, the area’s municipal center. The town gained its name from the tidal current that passes through, which is the second strongest in Northern Europe. A modern, yet rustic place where you will find historic wooden buildings from the 1700s, the Gallery Nils Aas Kunstverksted, the very cozy and popular boutique Landhandleriet, the local internet Café, and Jostu’s Candle Foundry. SAGA SAUNA: New in 2021 is our SAUNA addition to our creative center. The sauna can house 8 guests, is open year round, and is a perfect place to wrap up after a long day of shooting.



SAGA has a hotel section, which offers accommodation for participants during the workshop. If SAGA is fully booked we will organise alternative accommodation near by in the same price range.

Saga is known for it’s fresh homemade food. We will start each day with a healthy breakfast, before heading to class, or out shooting. We serve a warm lunch at SAGA every day.

There are single beds in all of SAGA’s hotel rooms. We hope that most participants are open to share hotel rooms with one other participant (of the same gender) during your stay at SAGA. This way we can house the whole class at out hotel. If you are a group traveling together, or you have a preference when sharing a room, please make a note when registration for the workshop. If you prefer a single room, let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Dinner is not included on our workshops. The group will be presented with the eating options in this area. Saga has a full liquor license. If you have any food allergies please let us know in advance and we will try to accommodate all your needs.

PRICES FOR ACCOMMODATION, BREAKFAST and LUNCH: Shared double-room: NOK 1.460,per person, per night. The price includes shared double room, breakfast, warm home-made lunch, coffee/ tea and fruit throughout your stay. Private room: NOK 1.760,- per night. The price includes a private room, breakfast, warm home-made lunch, coffee/tea and fruit throughout your stay. We also include one Sauna session for all workshop participant. Payment for accommodations and meals is done directly to SAGA, before you depart. SAGA accept most debit and credit cards.



GETTING TO OUR BEAUTIFUL PLACE, SAGA IN NORWAY: BY PLANE The closest airport to SAGA is Trondheim International Airport. From the airport, take the local train, which stops at the airport terminal about every two hours, towards Steinkjer. You will disembark the train at Røra Station (about a one hour ride from the airport) where NORDphotography’s van will be to greet you and transport you to SAGA. BY TRAIN Disembark the train at Røra Station and NORDphotography’s van will be there to greet you and take you to SAGA. Travel time by train from: Oslo - 9 hours, Trondheim - 2 hours, Bodø - 9.5 hours, Storlien (Sweden) - 3.5 hours. For the local train schedule see: BY CAR Follow E6 to Røra, then RV 755 to Straumen. Saga is located at Sundsøya 11, Inderøy.

TRAVEL TIMES TO SAGA Oslo: 2 hours Bodø: 2 hours Copenhagen: 3 hours Stockholm: 3 hours New York: 12 hours (times include direct flight to Trondheim + local train to SAGA) SERVICES AT SAGA You can visit us to attend one of the many workshops with internationally renowned teachers, rent our photo-studio, borrow equipment, print photos, get advice and guidance on your own projects, rent us for business meetings, private celebrations or stay overnight at SAGA hotel.


Register for your workshop on our website today

Read your chosen class description(s) carefully before registration. Registration is binding. Our workshop tuition at SAGA DOES NOT include travel, transportation, meals or accommodation. For our destination workshops see workshop description as it varies. We expect our participants to bring their own camera and laptop. VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR COMPLETE COURSE INFORMATION.


Images©: Clockwise from the top: Eilen Austli, Tori Tollefsen, Monica Skau Engell, Kjersti Øritsland, Christer Björkman, Siri Brændshøi, Linda Unhemm, Gøril Rosvoll Myhre, Anne Walker, Bente Nordhagen, Magne Geir Bøe (center)


NORDphotography - Sundsøya 11 - 7670 Inderøy - Norway Graphic Design by Studio - Cover image: Merete Lien - Back image: Ragne K Sigmond


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