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EDITOR’S LETTER Next week will mark one year since the idea for Nordic Style Magazine came about in my tiny, 25 square meter New York apartment after a day of rooftop sunbathing and brainstorming. Inspiration is everywhere in New York City, and there are no freedom to find yourself and find your niche in life. Living in NYC, I became quite aware of the great interest in everything Nordicrelated, so with that as the focal point, the idea and niche for our magazine was created. Fall is just around the corner again and so much has happened in just one year. A small idea has turned into a magazine, a thriving blog, and a community for those interested in Nordic fashion and design. Initially, there were just two of us working on our vision, but now over 70 people have contributed to the magazine and/or to our website and we have around 20 people who are continuous contributors. I am truly grateful for everyone who has joined me in this journey to share Nordic talent with the world. woman, singer/songwriter Svala Björgvins (who was kind enough to also give us a sneak peek into her fabulous closet!). I visited the Faroe Islands for the first time and attended a photo shoot for the fashion brand Soul Made - something you can read all about in my interview with the designer, Beinta Poulsen. Our Copenhagen team attended Copenhagen Fashion Week and gave us an inside look as to what makes that particular fashion week so fabulous. We also have beautiful fashion editorials; interviews with bloggers, musicians, and an up-and-coming designer; and of course, we have our regular street style section, filled with very cool Nordic fashionistas. And remember that if you like what you see and want even more, you can bookmark our website, like us on Facebook, and follow Love, Soffía Theódóra Tryggvadóttir Editor-in-Chief

Remember our website, nordicstylemag.com

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Sea and science preserving the natural beauty of your skin Experience firmer, younger looking skin with age fighting Icelandic algae

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Rut Sigurðardóttir

Kiley Larson

Rut Sigurðardóttir. 33. Photographer. Icelandic, lives in Berlin. rutsigurdardottir. com.

Stephan Lücke Interview with BYRTA.

What is your favorite place in the Nordic countries?

What talent should we keep an eye on in the Nordic countries?

Hafnarfjörður, Iceland - surrounded by elves and fairies.

Heiðrik á Heygum

What inspires you?

What inspires you?

Icelandic sagas, nature, myths, and legends...and my kids.

Living everyday life with an open eye.

What three things would you surround yourself with if money were no object?

Exploring cities and being in nature.

Personal chefs, liquorice, and perfect lighting. If you could wake up as any person, who would it be and why? What is your favorite restaurant in your home country? Schelling Salon in Munich. In the Nordic countries, I like Elite in Helsinki. Tap dancing and making balloon animals. Dream assignment?

What is your favorite place in the Nordic countries? Lofoten in Norway and the Faroe Islands. Are you a morning person or an evening person?

Guilty pleasures? Food blogs What is your favorite Nordic dish? Sheep head Message to younger self?

Evening person. Favorite song on your iPod? “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode Currently reading? A book about art and a Finland travel guide – I want to learn more about that country.

What are you passionate about? Exploring, learning, improving, enjoying.

Freedom What is your favorite Nordic dish?

“Try turning it off and on again.” tastes. My family...and my iPhone. Sum up your personal style in one word Debatable

What is your favorite Nordic brand? Sirri from the Faroe Islands.

Íris Dögg Einarsdóttir

Kiley Larson

Íris Dögg Einarsdóttir. 29. Photographer. Icelandic. Shot the Irisdoggeinars.com. What is your favorite restaurant in your home country?

Camilla Storgaard Camilla Storgaard. 24. Photographer. Danish, lives in camillastorgaard.tumblr.com. What is your favorite website?

but where the meal becomes an experience. Check it out if you get the chance! My work, my health, my family, and my dreams.

every day scrolling through the magical world of rainbows and unicorns. I also follow many gender- and racially- oriented blogs and you often get news faster on Tumblr than you do in the newspapers.

What is your favorite Nordic brand for this season?

What are you passionate about?

What are you passionate about?

Won Hundred, Helicopter, and for the kids, Igló & Indí. What inspires you? Stillness. I use meditation and music a lot, but to get inspired,

Yoga and doing things that nourish my mind in a positive way.

things and poses challenge you more to find beauty anywhere. What is your favorite place in the Nordic countries? I think I love Sweden the most. I spent eight summers in a row in the Swedish forest as a child and it reminds me of watching Pippi Långstrump and Emil i Lönneberga Nordic countries, I prefer to be in the countryside. What inspires you?

Dream subject/assignment? I have always wanted to work with Björk.

Colors, light, reflections, nature, animals, unstoppable youth, and urban sexuality. What three things would you surround yourself with if money were no object?

Favorite song on your iPod?

A horse, a place with room for a horse, and surroundings to ride the horse - but still near the city, of course.


What are your staple fashion pieces?

What is your favorite Nordic dish?

I do love my Buffalo Tower platforms.

eat it with butter, but I squeeze lime over it and add a touch of Tabasco. Message to younger self?

What is your favorite Nordic dish? Fishballs and potatoes with parsley sauce. Style icon? Brooke Candy

Style icon.

Sum up your personal style in one word Addicted to the 90s - platforms, belly shirts, high waist leggings, backpack, undercut, and piercings. More like dreamy grunge.

Íris Hrönn Fashion Editor Fashion for fall is always so exciting! This year, it’s all about big statement coats, gorgeous furs, knee high boots, and elegant punk. Maybe the climate in my home country has something to do with fall being my favorite fashcomfy sweaters, layers, leather, and deep colors - all very much appropriate for fall fashion and all very much on my wishlist for the coming season. BY LASSEN The Kubus candlestick was designed by Mogens Lassen in 1962. Now it’s available in copper! A beautiful look for this classic design piece.

BEL SAC H&M They totally nailed it this time with these knee high boots. I just have to get my hands on a pair!

BY MALENE BIRGER Malene’s AW collection is one of my favorites for this season. So many wearable pieces and this ensemble just calls out to me. Very much my style.

I just love the colors in this leather cluch from BEL SAC.


This from go g ward



s gorgeous coat m Dagmar would great with my fall drobe.

My favorite photogapher is the insanely talented Ragnar Axelsson, better known as Rax. His pictures are so amazing and his new book Fjallaland (or ‘Behind the Mountains’), will be released at the end of August.

HEIDDÍS HELGADÓTTIR Heiðdís Helgadóttir is an Icelandic architect and illustrator and the creator of these very cute owls. I would love to have one on my wall.

STINE GOYA for this season. Voyage jumpsuit with gold details and Tuxen ear cuff. Very oh la la!






1. Sofie Rolfsdotter / Nordic Design Collective 2. Mariken Steen / Firm Living 3. Maja Lindberg / Nordic Design Collective 4. Linda Vagnelind / Nordic Design Collective 5. Note Design Studio / Paper Collective 6. Minni Havas / Agent Pekka 7. Caroline Silverling / Ilovedesign.net 8. Íris Sigmundsdóttir / Muses.is 9. Ruth Vissing / Firm Living 10. Hugleikur Dagsson / Muses.is

Nicholai Wiig Hansen / Normann Copenhagen

Design By US


10. 9.

8. 7.

Morten Kildahl / Northern Lighting

Backyard Musing

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Dress and pants / Cheap Monday Shoes and coat / Samsøe & Samsøe

Flower collar / Marsano Blumen Pullover / Minimarket Pants / Ganni Shoes / Minimarket

Soul Made Faroe Islands Text by Soffía Theódóra Tryggvadóttir and Marta Káradóttir. Campaign photos by Flemming Leitorp Other photos by Soffía Theódóra Tryggvadóttir

Fashion designer Beinta Poulsen started her brand Soul Made in 2005 right after graduating as fashion designer. The brand grew quickly and is currently being sold in ten countries. Beinta was born and raised in the Faroe Islands and just moved back home after living in Denmark and Sweden for the past ten years. I met up with Beinta and her team during their SS14 campaign photo shoot and got to know more about the brand, the image changes the brand has been going through, Beinta, and Faroe Islands. Check out the behind the scenes photos from the photo shoot in the beautiful Faroese landscape and learn about some of the misconceptions I had about the Faroe Islands.

Did you always want to become a designer? What or who designs have always come from. I was born and raised on the inspired you? Faroe Islands, so the Faroes are very close to my heart and I have always been creative and started sewing and knitting moved back, it will be more visible in the designs and in the clothes for my Barbie dolls from a very young age. I found marketing of the brand. an old book the other day called Mine skolekammerater (My The motive for changing the brand identity was to give the answer questions such as “What is your favorite color?”, “What brand a stronger image – to go back to the basics and make the do you want to be when you grow up?”, etc. In the book, I wrote designs more personal. The transformation behind the name when I was only 9 years old that I wanted to be my own boss change from Soul Made to Soul Made Faroe Islands furthermore and a designer, so I guess I wanted this as a child. But when I enhances the main idea behind the Soul Made brand - namely, became older, I wanted to study history or politics or something traditional Faroese knitwear with feminine, modern, and classic design. not in my plans. I moved to Copenhagen and took a year off What is the best part about living in the Faroe Islands? from school to figure out what I wanted to do. During that year, I took classes in pattern making and sewing and I got so caught Being close to the raw nature that is the inspiration behind the up in it that I could not imagine doing anything else. So my brand. path eventually led me to fashion design. After graduating as a Could you describe a typical day in your designer life? designer, I could not wait to establish my own company - I just knew that this is what I wanted to do. My parents had their own The company consists of only two full-time employees and a few part-time employees, so the company is small and there is business, so I guess it was in my blood. always a lot of work to be done - a lot of different assignments You recently moved back to the Faroe Islands and you within design, production, PR, marketing, our shop, and more. have been changing the image behind the brand, focusing more on a Nordic look and relating it to the Faroe Islands Every day is different, but the usual working day is between 10 – with a name change from Soul Made to Soul Made Faroe 12 hours and there is always some work done over the weekend, Islands. What initiated the move and what is the storyline constant contact with the factories that create our collections, and motive behind the change of the brand identity? and there are always a lot of samples that go back and forth The move to Faroe Islands was for personal reasons, so I had to between us and the factories that we have to correct and make comments on.

Photo : Flemming Leitorp

When designing a new collection - which we do two to four times a year - the day is different. I need to take some time off to get inspired or to draw new designs. It is difficult to be creative with a day full of other assignments, so it is very important to take time off during the design process - to go outside to connect with nature, or maybe go traveling. Even if the inspiration is mainly drawn from the Faroe Islands, it is mixed with the impulse of the big cities or comes from the people on the streets. island?

like our customers - both web shop and wholesale customers to receive their orders within two days, and that is only possible if we send them from Denmark and not the Faroe Islands. Being from a small country, how do you promote your work in order to gain commercial success? We have a unique story to sell and consumers are looking for something unique. The Faroe Islands are a part of your creative journey, so how is it visible in your designs?

Since moving back, the isolated islands up north have served as inspiration and have become the focus point of the brand. There is something different and very rare in the nature of these isolated islands. The winters are rough and have many shades of darkness and that is what characterizes the new brand. In this new disguise, Soul Made Faroe Islands reveals a new look matter as much. We keep our stock in Denmark because the that can be characterized as simple, rough, dark, and classic. Faroe Islands are outside of the EU and since our customers would have to pay customs if we sent our products from the How would you describe the Faroese style in comparison Faroe Islands, we send them from Denmark instead. Also, the to the Scandinavian style? Would you say your designs are shipment times from the Faroe Islands are too long. We would more Faroese or Scandinavian?

Photo : Flemming Leitorp

Before moving to the Faroe Islands, I thought it would be very challenging to work from here, but it is much easier than I expected. Everything is so easy today with the Internet, email, and Skype meetings, and traveling is fast and easy.

Designers today constantly draw inspiration from history - consciously and unconsciously. Being aware of history and knowing what has come before in your field can help you better convey the meaning in your work.

Photo : Flemming Leitorp

rather than viewing them as quick trends or throwaway items. This is especially true with our hand knitted items. - “Hand made in Faroe Islands� gives each hand knitted piece a special value. We design for women who like tapping into the pleasure While the countries of Scandinavia have extreme of buying well-made garments with a timeless differences, they do have some common cultural, design and who are able to recognize quality and geophysical, and historical threads. Some of the properly care for their wardrobe. countries in the Nordic region also have the same things in common. In the Nordic inspiration, we not How does running your own business challenge only use history, but we also use the rare weather your designer profile? conditions as inspiration. This is why Soul Made It can be challenging at times because running a naturally has a more Nordic style than Scandinavian business even without filling the designer role is style. more than a full time job. Therefore, it is always For Soul Made, the Faroese and Nordic touch important to improve your strategies in all areas in can be seen in the contrast of the raw winters and order to be more effective. Always evaluate your bright summers. This gives the collection a special contrast between light and dark colors, soft fabrics spending time on, etc. It takes a lot of planning vs. rough yarns, etc. because there are always a lot of deadlines, so you need to plan your calendar thoroughly and have Also, the hand knitting tradition in the Faroe Islands regular routines. plays a big part in the differentiation between Faroese and Scandinavian style. By hand knitting What would you recommend to young designers a part of the collection, the collection aims for a trying to start their own business? different customer. Just go for it! But know that it is very hard work and Being born and raised in the Faroe Islands, I have it takes a lot of time to build up a business. the knitting tradition under my skin and this is also What are the next steps for Soul Made Faroe why we use old knitting patterns in the collection. Islands? What is your vision for your company? It makes the brand stand out as a Faroese brand since the Faroe Islands have a very strong knitting The next step for Soul Made Faroe Islands is to strengthen our position in the markets where we tradition. are currently selling our designs. At the moment, Could you define your ideal customer? Who do Soul Made is sold in ten different countries and we you design for? want to strengthen our position in these markets, Our ideal customer is not of a certain age. In our and then expand to other markets. market segmentation, we do not look at age but We also want to strengthen our market position as type. Our target market is women who know and want good quality. and identity was the first step on this journey.

Monika, Juanita and Paula McGavin, hair stylist

Faroese model Juanita Holm

Photographer Flemming Leitorp guiding and photographing the model

Monika and Beinta, the designer

The crew

Choosing photos from the day

My trip to the Faroe Islands Text and photos by Soffía Theódóra Tryggvadóttir

“You might experience culture shock” and “You should definitely buy the wonderful Faroese yarn” were some of the comments I received when I told people I was going to the Faroe Islands. I had never been before and I was pleasantly surprised to

My first evening there we had dinner at and the background options for the photo shoot were endless. The day was Tórshavn (the capital) located in a very old and charming house near Reyni, ever tasted from the restaurant Etika. The which is known as the old town. The food salmon was amazing and we also tried a was amazing to say the very least, and although we in Iceland are quite proud of with parsley, put on top of French bread preconceived notions about the islands with olive oil - very delicious. that were completely inaccurate. For one, cooked the lamb was so beyond what I The weather in the Faroes is very I thought I would understand Faroese, but had tasted before. It was buttery soft and unpredictable, so we could only catch a the pronunciation is completely different the meat just fell off the bone. We had a glimpse of the striking scenery that the from Icelandic even though the words four-course dinner accompanied by wine, islands have to offer, but as we were in Faroese and Icelandic mean and are and everything was superb (there was driving around, I was completely charmed written the same. I also thought that even discussion around the table that everyone would know each other or at little towns with their cute, colorful houses least be acquainted with one another, but we were that impressed with the food!). surrounded by gigantic mountains. that is not the case either. The following morning, we drove to The Faroe Islands are so charming In early July, I met the team behind Soul and inviting and the hospitality of the Made Faroe Islands - Beinta Poulsen, photo shoot took place. We drove down Soul Made team was truly exceptional. a narrow road between houses where Needless to say, my preconceived notions Johannessen, the marketing manager - residents kept hens, goats, sheep, and were corrected and I will most certainly along with Flemming Leitorp, a Danish other farm animals and this was just go back sooner rather than later to enjoy fashion photographer who was there minutes outside Tórshavn. The scenery some more sublime food and explore was beautiful, the weather was superb, more of these magical islands.

Try to visit the Faroe Islands during their largest there, or Olafsvaka - the Faroese national day in July. Enjoy a helicopter ride between the islands; it is inexpensive compared to other countries since it is subsidized by the government. Take a one-day excursion on board the 121-yearfishing vessels that supplied the British with fish during World War II. Bring warm and waterproof clothes and be prepared for all weather scenarios because it is really unpredictable. Expect some flight delays if you travel during the summer months because the fog in the Faroes can be really persistent.


Along with all its colors, fall brings a bit of chilliness, so some of our favorite pieces of the season are soft and warm knits.


& Other Stories Mads Nørgaard

Bruuns Bazaar



Tusnelda Bloch

Filippa K

Julie Brandt

BUSINESS CHIC and look stunning at work.

Just Female


COS BZR by Bruuns Bazaar DAY by Birger et Mikkelsen


ELLA by Elínrós Líndal

To complete the look Adax



By Malene Birger

DICO Copenhagen

Make Up Store

Deeper Than the Blue

Body / Weekday Headpiece / Photographers own

Shirt / Acne Glasses / Acne Shoes / Models own

Shirt / Stine Goya Glasses / Photographers own

Shirt / Velour by Nostalgi Headpiece / Photographers own

Suit / Minimarket Glasses / Acne

Dress / Acne

Dress / Acne Shoes / Minimarket


The punk movement is back! Pick your favorites and enjoy edgy looks with an elegant touch. 2nd Day


Hunkydory Lindex

Black Secret



By Malene Birger



Maria Nilsdotter & Other stories

By Malene Birger Maria Nilsdotter

Filippa K

Stine Goya


Autumn is about borrowing from the boys. Sharp tailoring gets a soft feminine touch. Select your must-haves and combine them for a classic yet cool result.

Samsøe & Samsøe

Black Secret

Bruuns Bazaar

By Malene Birger



Mads Nørgaard

2nd Day

Five Units

Won Hundred



Julie Brandt


Svala Björgvins Text by Íris Hrönn Andrésdóttir and Soffía Theódóra Tryggvadóttir

Svala Björgvins (a.k.a. Kali) is an Icelandic musician currently living and working in Los Angeles with her band Steed Lord selves. They are known for their amazing, unique, and energetic live shows as well as their filmmaking since they create and direct all of their own music videos as well as fashion films. Steed Lord is also renowned for their original sense of style whether it’s in creating music videos, designing clothes, working with brands, or creating electronic music. Fashion has always been a big part of their lives and Svala and her band members have collaborated with giant labels such as H&M and WeSC. In addition, Svala’s first personal clothing line – KALI - was released this summer. We got to know a little bit more about this beautiful and talented singer and got a sneak peak into her amazing wardrobe as well.

All photos taken by Einar Egilsson. Lookbook pictures: Svala at home pictures:

How would you describe your style? a very nostalgic person and most of my wardrobe is vintage

character that Michelle Pfeiffer played called Elvira. Her style in that movie was amazing - feminine and sexy but still powerful. I was also very inspired by the movie Mahogany with Diana Ross, I put my little spin on it and made the clothes more wearable. This is my first real clothing line so I wanted to be playful and

or what my inspiration is that day.

first time around. But you never know what my second line is Does fashion play a big role in your life as a musician? going to look like. Does your music influence your style and vice versa. And How would you describe your line, who are you designing if so, in what way? for? Yes and no. Fashion is, of course, a big part of our live shows My line is very vintage inspired and is for girls that like vintage and our music videos and photo shoots. We have created an clothes and like to look unique and stand out from a crowd. When I was designing the clothing line, I started thinking about clothes that I actually wanted to own in my closet. All the pieces pop stars from the 70s and 80s and diva singers from the 30s are garments that I would wear myself. So you are getting a piece of me when you wear my line. our music, fashion really has nothing do to with it. When you are not making music or fashion, how do you You collaborated with H&M on a clothing line in 2007. How spend your free time? did that come about? When I have free time, I love to hang out with my friends, have They just sent us an email after seeing us perform at a fashion nice long dinners, go hiking, go to the movies, read good books, event in Iceland. Our friend, Sara, from Naked Ape and Forynja cuddle with my two cats, or spend quality time with my husband, had already been in talks about designing for them and she Einar. sent them our info. At first, we thought the email was just some spam or a joke. But when the emails kept coming, we quickly Who is your fashion icon? Who inspires you when it comes realized that they actually wanted us to design a clothing line for to fashion? them. The line came out in over 120 stores in over 50 countries I adore Catherine Baba. She has the most beautiful style and and it sold out completely, which was awesome. is so inspiring to me. I also love looking at street style fashion You are starting your own fashion line at this moment, tell blogs because so many people have amazing style and that us a little bit about that. inspires me. Being an Icelandic musician in L.A., do you think it´s an advantage for you to come from a Nordic country? called Lastashop. There are eight pieces in the clothing line

costumes and clothes for myself and my girlfriends, so I had tons of drawings of garments that I wanted to produce and sell What inspired you when making this line? I was very inspired by the movie Scarface and especially by the

Yes. It makes you very different and a lot of people are drawn to that. Being from a small country and being different at the same time makes people remember you. Icelandic people are unique into the crowd and be like everybody else. What do you think of the Scandinavian fashion scene? I love it. Some of my favorite designers are from Scandinavia. The fashion scene there is very modern and fashion forward

I was very inspired by the movie Scarface and especially by the character that Michelle Pfeiffer played called Elvira. Her style in that movie was amazing - feminine and sexy but still powerful.

KALI lookbook

and unique. Some of the best-dressed people in the world are competition that they, Vice Magazine, and Universal Music were in Scandinavia. doing online. WeSC had been fans and supporters of Steed Do you have a favorite Nordic designer? Henrik Vibskov, Monki, Wood Wood, and so many more that I also just adore. Their designs are so clever and cool and Aftur, REY, Ziska, Mundi, and Hildur Yeoman. They have beautiful designs and every time I wear something by them, Can you tell us what is next on the agenda for your band, and maybe share something about any upcoming projects? Steed Lord is going back into the studio to write and record a new album. We released our fifth album in December 2012 The Prophecy Part I - and we intend to release The Prophecy Part II in 2014. We are also going to be shooting a new music video in a couple of weeks for the song “Secret Love.” Then

when the time is right. There is a musical fashion film on the late August for a very big company. There are a lot of things happening for me and for Steed Lord. So exciting times ahead and lots of work to be done! How did the collaboration with the Swedish company WeSC come about and what does it entail? WeSC contacted us in 2007 and asked us to compete in a song

the competition. We were flown to London to perform at the award show and were presented a beautiful glass sculpture award for winning the competition. After that, WeSC asked us to be official faces of their brand – also known as a “WeSC Activist” - and we were totally up for it. It entails being in all of their campaigns and promoting WeSC as a lifestyle and clothing brand. In return, they promote Steed Lord and support us in shows, we direct and star in commercials for them, and we make music for various projects with them. It is one big happy family and we work together really well. WeSC has never really used professional models because they want to promote their brand through artists, skaters, singers, actors, rappers, DJs, and bands. They want to be relatable to everyone and they are! Steed Lord has now had four singles featured on the TV show So You Think You Can Dance. Did it change anything for your band? First, it was “Vanguardian,“ then “Hear Me Now” and “Precognition,” and then just a couple of weeks ago, our song doors for us. Every time we have our music on the show we sell a lot of music on iTunes. It introduces us to all kinds of people. And because of it, we are working with all kinds of companies and people in the industry.

Svala Björgvins in 60 seconds

With Ste

eed Lord

Svala Bjรถrgvins and Sonya Tayeh, choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance.


Svala’s Fall Wish List

DANIEL PALILLO the complete outfit

ROMANCE WAS BORN pleated chiffon pumps BALMAIN complete collection

KTZ mesh catsuit


JEFFREY CAMPBELL glam rock platforms

BLUE LAGOON rich nourishing cream

MELODY ESHANI time travel earrings

Svala’s Dream World in L.A.

UNA Skincare Revitalize and Regenerate with Icelandic Marine Algae UNA Skincare is a cosmetics brand developed and produced in Iceland by the innovation company Marinox, a relatively new company, which was established in 2011. UNA creams have been specially formulated with the finest ingredients to protect, nourish, revitalize, and regenerate

your skin. An advanced, all-natural proprietary process is used to extract the bioactive components from Icelandic marine algae, ensuring their optimum function and efficiency. Our skin cells are constantly being attacked by free radicals, which can cause major damage to our skin cells

at the molecular level and result in skin aging. Eliminating or reducing these radicals can have a major positive effect on the skin, helping to maintain its youthfulness and even reverse signs of aging. Extensive studies on the powerful natural antioxidants in the marine algae Fucus vesiculosus show they have superior radical fighting activity and that they outperform other powerful natural products like vitamin C, vitamin E, and green tea. UNA creams contain high concentrations of these powerful marine antioxidants that work in synergy with other nourishing ingredients to provide you with beautiful, healthy looking skin. UNA creams are free of parabens, fragrances, and color additives. All ingredients are carefully selected and the products are not tested on animals.

Building Castles

Scarf / Ampersand (limited edition) Top / Tricotage

Head piece / Ampersand Top / Aftur

Jacket / Aftur Body / Made by Noemi Pants / Rosa BryndĂ­s

Jacket / Rosa Bryndís Pants / Rosa Bryndís Top / Tricotage Head piece / Ampersand

Necklace / Kría jewelry Top / Rosa Bryndís Pants / Rosa Bryndís

Head piece / Ampersand Suade vest / Vintage Pants / Except

Scarf / Ampersand (limited edition) Top / Tricotage Skirt / Vintage

COATED IN COLOR your ultimate match.

By Malene Birger

Julie Brandt


Just Female





Foreign Affairs


Start the school year in style and master the laid back look with these Nordic Style picks.



Ordning & Reda Just Female

Soulland for Adax

Ordning & Reda


WeSC 2nd Day




Get th


Get inspired by these great looks cap by our street st

CopenhagenLea Gant

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen

Marta Jonsson



he look


ptured in Copenhagen and Gothenburg tyle photographers.

GothenburgMita Stillefors





By Malene Birger


Photo : Sigríður Ella Frímannsdóttir

BYRTA Written by Stephan Lücke

BYRTA is a new electro pop duo from the Faroe Islands that just released a fabulous debut album filled with catchy pop melodies. Its members are not new to the business; Guðrið Hansdóttir, 32, has been a successful folk singer and songwriter for many years, while Janus Rasmussen, 26, is best known for his role in the Icelandic electro band Bloodgroup. In 2011, they both lived in Reykjavík where they discovered that they had something in common and started experimenting with electronic pop music. BBYRTA´s first single, “Loyndarmál,” was released in February and became a massive radio and dance floor hit in the Faroe Islands. We chatted with Guðrið and Janus about how they first met, why they consider themselves as something new in Faroese music history, and what it’s like growing up on a remote archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Photo : Bjartur Vest

You recently gave your first live concert as BYRTA. How was it?

nice and friendly guy and have been fascinated by his musical talent for many years.

Guðrið When did you decide to work together as BYRTA was the first time that Janus and I performed together, and how did it happen? and I had never given a concert before where I was Guðrið to start doing music with me. I had been writing songs produced a big show with backing singers, dancers, crazy costumes, and fancy make up and it was very In the beginning, we had no idea what kind of music we well received. Many approached us after the concert would do together. But the more we worked together, the and told us that this was the best concert they had ever more we knew which direction to go. And the outcome been to. It was quite overwhelming. was a new duo and a whole album of music. Janus Does the band name have a specific meaning? Guðrið name, but it can also mean “something that begins” or first concert ever. a “light beam”. We talked about what to call the band Guðrið for quite a long time. Then one day, there was a boat released at this point. The audience had actually only outside our studio which is close to the Reykjavík heard two of the songs before. But it seemed like they harbor and that was called “Byrta.” We watched the seemed to enjoy the show a lot. What responses did you get from the Faroese people in general since you founded BYRTA? Guðrið away people started posting it on Facebook. The guys were very supportive from day one and have been playing us over and over again. And Janus and I have also been at the radio station a couple of times talking about the album. So I think that the radio has played a big part of our rising popularity here in the Faroes. I also think the reason why the Faroese people like us so much is because we are the first band from the Faroes to do an album like this. We sing only in Faroese, which is not so common. Have you received international attention as well? Guðrið

have many fans on Facebook who are from foreign countries and seem to like us a lot. They often write messages and ask what our lyrics are about. When did you guys first meet? Janus

Guðrið in a band called Lama Sea and I was in a band called Isadora and the Rebels. But we did not get to actually know each other personally until I moved to Reykjavík in 2011. But we have always had mutual friends and often been to the same parties.

deep meaning. It just looks good and sounds good. But if you want to interpret the name, you can say that Faroese music history. Why do you like to work with each other so much? Janus very open-minded when it comes to music in general. musically. Guðrið a musical genius and brings life into my songs like no one has before. He is so full of ideas and willing to try anything. We understand each other very well and have such a good chemistry, so that has a huge influence on our music. Why did you decide to have the lyrics in Faroese only? Guðrið I had never done that before, but it just felt so natural to write in my mother tongue. It might have been because I had moved away from the Faroes and could suddenly see my home country in a different perspective, so the Faroese language became more important to me than it was before. the BYRTA songs mainly about?

Did you like each other immediately?

Guðrið loneliness, being in love, and living an isolated life on small islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


Was it that tough growing up on the Faroes?



for children and teenagers. It only becomes a problem when you get older leave the country if you want to have an education. Our problem is that a back. Janus opinion. But the remoteness can become too much at some point. I have to admit that, being into alternative music, it was a bit hard to grow up there much better now for the young generation, mainly due to the Internet. Where do you live currently? Guðrið Janus are going really well. So I decided to move to Iceland and pursue music full-time. Guðrið, do you plan to stay on the Faroes? Guðrið some months ago and I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I

only ever lived in Tórshavn and Reykjavík, but I want to try living in a big city and big country. It will be very challenging for me. Your first album, entitled simply BYRTA, came out in June. Did you collaborate with someone on the record or was it all done by yourselves? Janus

Guðrið And Janus played all the other instruments and did the programming. He produced the album, but we did the arrangements together. For those who are interested in your music, where can they listen to your music? Guðrið some of our songs are also on Soundcloud and on Youtube. Where can they purchase the album? Janus Is an international release planned? Guðrið label and we are very excited about that. Can you imagine re-recording the album with English lyrics? Guðrið it would take away the charm of the songs, so we have no plans on doing that. What are you currently working on besides BYRTA? Janus Kristján Hrannar. And my band Bloodgroup is going on tour later this year.

Photo : Bjartur Vest

Guðrið things going at the same time. And I think that even though Janus and I are really busy with our solo projects, we can still manage to play concerts hope that our music will reach as many listeners worldwide as possible.

An Inside Look at Cope The public often only sees pictures from the runway during fashion week - showcasing beautiful models, clothes and accessories. But fashion week is so much more than what’s on the runway, so Nordic Style Magazine directed the camera lens behind the scenes to give you an inside look.

p re p ar at io n , an ne s o fie mad s en

enhagen Fashion Week b ac k s t a g e , t he mar i me k ko s how

An Inside Look at Cope t he p re s s an d t he p e o p le

enhagen Fashion Week

Carolina Rรถnnberg

Wilhja: High Fashion With a Strong Will Written by Anna Nisslert

Carolina Rönnberg, the designer behind the brand Wilhja, grew up in Vilhelmina, a small Swedish town in the far north. It’s a town where people usually work in the forest, as truck drivers, or in the municipal sector, but seldom as fashion designers. But Carolina is determined to work as a high fashion and couture designer far from the fashion metropolises. In fact, she sees it as an advantage. How has growing up in Vilhelmina influenced your design? hope that Wilhja will become a way for my customers to express their own will. It has been of great importance. I have used my place of origin in the creation of my brand name, Wilhja is a wordplay on Right now, Carolina is in Borås, a city with a long history of vilja and the name of my textile production, where she is working as a paid intern at Gina hometown, Vilhelmina. My brand is a hommage to the mysticism of a remote place, to the wilderness, to the barren landscape, customers new styles every week. Her internship came as the and to the silence. These are things that I try to incorporate into my design. The name and the brand is also about my will to competition arranged by Marketplace Borås, an organization express myself and to show that high fashion and couture can with the aim to kick-start the career for new design companies be made in a place far from the fashion metropolises. I also and promising designers.

What is it like working at Gina Tricot? from my own design process, but it is an invaluable experience. I get to learn a lot about the business and how things work.

No, but I have always been creative and I have always made things with my hands. I used to draw clothes that I wanted to wear myself - mostly outerwear - and I have always drawn figures and characters that I then dressed.

Her outerwear drawings landed her an internship at Lundhags, a company that makes classic boots and clothes for life in the back to Vilhelmina and run her brand from there, at least partially. wilderness. When the permanent designer had to go away on Carolina not only wants to show that it is possible to create high a buying trip, Carolina got the chance to show her skills. She fashion in a remote place, she sees it as something that even sketched a whole collection that the company liked so much that makes it more exclusive. they decided to produce it. It became a success, and Carolina When others want to settle away from their place of origin, I continued as a freelance designer for five years. want the opposite. I need the loneliness and the silence to be But her designs today are far from the practical and outdoorsy able to create. I need all the things that only exist right there ones that launched her career. Her creations are intricate and in that landscape. That particular stone, that waterfall or that not for the average customer. But this is something she sees as mire, the harmony in the colors‌it becomes something unique an advantage rather than a problem. and a kind of luxury, something that exists only right there and nowhere else in the world. My customer is global, and I want to use the space outside the typical template for how to run a fashion company in Sweden. The love for her origin, for the lonely north and the barren landscape, is one part of Wilhja. The other one is love for the I feel that the Swedish fashion industry can be very controlled, craft. I want to focus on the handicraft, and on the possibilities that that you have to make it nationally before you go international, lie in the material and in the hand. What happens with the material? What is possible? I manipulate the fabric in different say that everyone in Sweden subscribes to this belief, but my ways. Right now I use a lot of chiffon - I tear it by hand and then experience is that it can be a very limiting attitude. fold it by hand into intricate patterns. I even try to use the sewing machine in new ways to explore what is actually possible. People from the north of Sweden are known for not being very My target customer is probably global, and I think that there is talkative. Even Carolina sees herself as a quiet person, except a place for me but I just have to find my own way. There are so when it comes to talking about her design; and it becomes many talented designers that are squeezed onto a narrow path. obvious that she has put a lot of thought into every detail of her work. how, but I just know I will do it. I see my work as a tribute to the possibilities of creation and I What is your plan for the future? been using a lot of pastel colored chiffon, but the colors are not as important as the search for new ways to use the fabric - to make it stronger. One part of my company will probably be come up with new techniques and get new results. unique couture pieces made on demand, but I am also thinking about the possibilities of production. I am not quite sure yet, and It often starts with the material. I start to think about how it could be formed and then I come up with a shape that needs to be know what the road will look like. filled with a character. Sometimes it starts with a character that needs a form or with a form that needs a material. It varies each time. But the hands are always super important - how things way, combined with a strong artistic talent and immaculate feel when you touch them. craft has worked well thus far. Aside from the Show up Fashion Award that she won in 2012, she also received the prize for Tell us more about your characters‌ best designer at Fresh Fish, a Swedish fashion fair for new designers, this year. And soon her creations will be available to figures. But if one of the characters were real, it would be a broader market. I have designed a small collection of three styles that will be sold at nelly.com this autumn. The styles are simplified versions of my designs, but it will be a limited number of dresses – Just as her characters, Carolina is a true individualist. She is absolutely no mass production. determined to make it in fashion and to do it in her own way. The collaboration with nelly.com was also a part of the Show Where does the confidence to do your own thing come Up Fashion Award, but it was not the main reason that Carolina from? decided to compete. think at all, someone that dresses in a truly individual way. I

It is not really about self confidence. Designing and creating The reason I decided to take part in competitions is that I wanted has become more than just an occupation, it is a livelihood for to test the potential in my design. I know I have to do this for me me. Not a livelihood in the economical way, but as a means to myself, but I wanted to see if others could appreciate it as well. survive. I need to do this. And we surely can. Have you always known you wanted to be a designer?

GOLDEN Get the most out of your sun-kissed skin and create a beautiful golden makeup look.

Earrings / No9 Copenhagen

4. 3. 8.







1. 10.

1. Organiqs Powder Brush No. 081 2. MSCHIC Mineral Sun Powder in St. Tropez 3. Tromborg Eyegrease Lightning 4. BODYNORDIC 5. Nilens Jord 6. Tromborg 7.


8. MSCHIC Baked Mineral Eyeshadow in Champagne 9. Madelene Mineral Make Up High Lighter 10. Terracotta Powder 11. Organiqs Kabuki Powder Brush No. 083 12. MSCHIC Baked Mineral Foundation in Natural 2N





4. 6.

8. 9.


10. 11. 12.

1. MSCHIC KIDE Bronzer in KIDA KA Radiant 2. INK by Dennis Knudsen Palette Eye Shadow in 04 Chocolate 3. H&M Powder Brush 4. INK by Dennis Knudsen Glitter Powder 5. Make Up Store Eyepencil in Desert Flower Metallic 6. Wonder Lash Mascara in Black 7. Eyebrow Kit


8. Organiqs Organic Bronzing Powder in 005 Warm Sun 9. Tromborg Face & Body Shine 10. Nilens Jord Neglelak 11. INK by Dennis Knudsen Perfect Stay Lipstick 12. Organic M.A.K.E. Medium Mineral Foundation 13. MSCHIC Kide Highlighter



3. 4. 5.



8. 9. 1. BODYNORDIC Hello Sunshine Shimmer Body Lotion 2. FNUG Nail Polish 3. FACE Stockholm Matte Eye Shadow in Basf채rg 4. H&M Nail Polish in Beige/Pur 5. MSCHIC Lipchic

6. Beauty Colour Pro Eye Shadow Trio in Bronzed Taupe 7. FACE Stockholm Nail Polish 8. H&M Lip Gloss in Certainly Red 9. GOSH Cosmetics Mono Eye Shadow in 013 Sand and 009 Copper

2. 1.







6. 10.

1. Tromborg Lipstick Jumbopen in No.07 2. FACE Stockholm Highlighter in Prosperity 3. INK by Dennis Knudsen Brightening Lip Gloss 4. Giordani Gold Dreamy Moments Eye Shadow Mono 5. GOSH Mineral Colour Pigments

6. H&M Lipgloss in Barely Pink 7. H&M Eyeshadows in Nudes 8. Tromborg Lip Gloss Pen in Lips #4. 9. GOSH in 09 10. Madeline Mineral Make Up Sparkles Bling Bling

Treat Your Feet 4.







1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Comwell Spalosophy Foot Cream with white hibiscus and organic avocado oil. Matas Fodpeeling removes calluses on feet, knees, elbows, and hands. Matas Fod- og hĂŚlkur provides intensive care for your dry and cracked heels and soles. BODYNORDIC Foot & Heel Cream is a softening, non-greasy cream. BeautĂŠ Pacifique X-Tra Dry Skin Fix penetrates deeply with genuine squalene. Matas Fodbadesalt with sea salt and herbs is specially developed for active feet. 7. Badeanstalten Luna Bath Salt with lavender and peppermint will leave your skin polished and glowing.


4. 5.


2. 1. Badeanstalten Vagabond Foot Cream contains nourishing shea butter and a stimulating blend of essential oils. 2. Badeanstalten . 3. Badeanstalten Golden Herbs Ointment is a great overnight treatment for very dry feet. 4. Make Up Store Home Spa Foot Cream in Twisted Vanilla & Citrus. 5. SARD Epsom Badesalt Lavendal og Mynte gently exfoliates dry feet with fragrant lavender and mint.

All About Nails 1. Matas toe spreader 2. Nail Food 3. Pure Colour Nail Polish in Sheer Cream 4. GOSH Nail Lacquer 5. Pure Colour Nail Polish in Nude Pink INK by Dennis Knudsen Nail Lacquer

2. 1.

6. 5. 4. 3








1. Matas 4-in-1 nail buffer, cleaner & clippers 2. Rudolph Açaí Hand Cream 3. Tromborg Nail Polish Corrector 4. Tromborg Pure Nail Cuticle Softener 5. Qua Citrus Softening Hand Cream More by Demi Nail Polish in Forbidden Burgundy 7. Nilens Jord Neglelak


Lather Up (or not)! Take your pick‌ Before you pick out a shampoo, you need to analyze your hair type. Is your hair fine, coarse/ rough, dry, oily, heavily colored, etc.? Be sure to pick a shampoo formulated for your hair type.

Try dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a spray that dries out excess sebum, freshens your hair, and gives it lift - even if

Forego the daily ritual. days, because if you wash your hair too often, the shampoo rinses away all the natural oils of the scalp and dries out the hair. It is okay to rinse your hair every day and put conditioner just at the ends of the hair, but it is recommended that you shampoo less frequently, even if you use hair products every day.

Make it a double! You should always shampoo your hair twice every time you wash it. In the first round, most of the dirt and oil is washed out, and in the second round, the hair opens in a way that the nutrients of the shampoo can get well into the hair. Your hair will stay cleaner and fresher much longer than if it is just washed once.

Try this method: Put shampoo in your palm and rub your hands together to evenly distribute the shampoo on both palms. With your fingertips tight together, rub the shampoo on your whole scalp, paying close attention to the roots since most of the sebum is hair, but avoid rubbing the ends with shampoo. Rinse well and repeat the process until the dirt is gone. Those who exercise everyday should consider using dry shampoos on occasion instead of always using liquid shampoos.

A few good tips: •

Never use shower gel on your hair. It contains metal hydroxide and other harsh chemicals that cleanse away all natural oil of the hair, creating a pH imbalance.

Pay attention to the ingredients in your shampoo, because it may contain chemicals that you are allergic to or that can have your shampoo since some may have special instructions (such as a period of time that they should be left on the scalp).

If possible, buy small bottles of shampoo when you are trying them out for the first time to see if they suit you.

Do not wash your hair in the bathtub. Dirty water neither cleanses the hair nor rinses the shampoo out of it. Hair cleanses best under running water.

Wash your hairbrushes and combs with shampoo every couple of weeks. Oil and dirt gets stuck in them and is transferred back from the brushes to the hair when it is brushed or combed.

Change shampoos regularly. Hair can build up resistance to some of the ingredients in the shampoo if it is used for too long, making it less effective.

• foam. The amount of lather depends on the active cleansing ingredients in the shampoo. Some shampoos lather less than others and it has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the shampoo. In most cases, low foaming shampoos are actually better for your hair!


Get on-trend and show off with knee-high leather boots. This season’s motto is “The higher the better.”


Filippa K

& Other Stories


Marta Jonsson


Leather is still a prevailing trend, so try matching leather on leather this season!


Whiite Just Female

Won Hundred

DAY by Birger et Mikkelsen

Tiger of Sweden

Black Secret


Emelie Delance blogger (delancefashion.com), is the General Manager of e.l.f. Cosmetics in the Nordic region, and is a singer/songwriter amongst many other things. Although she has been performing music from herself as a builder, a creator, and a bit of a circus horse who loves colors, big jewelry, and dresses. home, and to check out her fall wish list.

Who is Emilie Delance?

Why did you start your blog?

I was born and raised in Copenhagen by my Japanese mother and Danish father and I have two younger sisters. I have always been a bit of a circus horse, loving the limelight and performing music from a very young age. For quite a few years of my adult life, I have actually been a singer, songwriter, and performing

Well, I suppose it was originally a form of creative self-expression

engaging and meeting with a lot of wonderful people in the

in real life with wonderful that I would have never met had it not been for online media.

horse). But today, it has become much more about connecting and sharing experiences with people. I love the intimacy, warmth, and humor my readers bring to my blog. Whoever insists that

How did you start your career within the beauty and fashion Where do you see yourself in five years? What are the next industry in Denmark? since 2009. As time went by, I gradually developed a more professional interest and approach to the industry, working with eventually landed me a position as an assistant manager with

and brand experiences the world has never seen. e.l.f. provides a huge potential for this, but certainly several other projects are in the pipeline. You have to stay tuned if you want to know more! What are your favorite websites?

for e.l.f Cosmetics in the entire Nordic region. I have my own

weheartit.com – I love to look at pictures!

asos.com – I enjoy doing a little web shopping. wait to get to work every day. For fun and in my free time, I still maintain a fashion and beauty community as well as my own style.com – To keep up with cool trends and get inspired. high street fashion web shop. Could you describe a typical workday in your life?

about you?

• I never plan a holiday. I simply fill a backpack and jump on a plane with my boyfriend to wherever the finger lands on the map with fruit for breakfast and mentally run through the agenda for (in the southern hemisphere). Hotels and morning buffets are a the day (I know it sounds terribly healthy, but I make up for it with an occasional chocolate frenzy!). My day can be anything on a daily basis. from a somewhat predictable schedule of planned marketing work, meetings, and telephone conversations, to utter creative Bang & Olufsen. and organized chaos. One day, I can be directing a photo shoot attending an event during the day and flying to meetings with animal happened when I was eight and a goat that sent me flying through the air with a huge bleat and bump to the stomach. hours, but I love it and consider myself a very lucky girl. • As a teenager, I had dreadlocks and dyed them in rainbow What are you passionate about?


Describe your style. At e.l.f., we live by the mantra that people might not remember exactly what you said or did, but they always remember how you made them feel. And apparently that dedication transfers into followers on social media in just seven months. Stuff like that is like rocket fuel for me.

I love colors, big jewelry, and dresses! I would say my style is bohemian glam. I like to mix and match patterns and textures and put old things together (for example, a silk dress with a

and not so good with buying the basic items (this is a recurring

You have so many different projects on your plate: being to find a basic tee. the General Manager for e.l.f. Cosmetics and keeping your Where do you find inspiration for your look? Fortunately, each project compliments the other exceedingly well. Being the fastest-growing Scandinavian beauty brand, e.l.f. has a lot of momentum and exciting marketing prospects. On the other hand, the blog has allowed me to cultivate an amazing network of successful and talented people throughout the years. Combining the two opens the doors to novel and exciting collaborations and business opportunities that benefit everyone. Exploring new marketing strategies with e.l.f. while building a company culture, a strong brand identity, and engaging with customers is what I learn a lot from on a personal level these days.

Blogs, music videos, magazines, people on the street, and Instagram! What do you feel most comfortable/beautiful in? A gorgeous maxi dress, with my hair down, and a pair of sparkly sandals. Where do you go to shop? I love adding new pieces to my wardrobe, and for quick updates and new trends, I shop at Zara, H&M, and Asos. I also enjoy shopping in vintage and secondhand shops where I often find

fantastic sequined dresses and fitted jackets. For more classic items, I usually go to the higher end bag for years and it still looks nice.

A fantastic dress! One you feel gorgeous in. For

What is the last thing you bought for your closet? A long, white dress from Zara. What has been your best buy? my Barbara Bui bag that I got as a gift five years ago. I carry it everywhere! I use it both for work and details.

(for example, adding some fab jewellery to spice up an outfit).

But I get so much inspiration from attending events in the Copenhagen fashion world or even just by spending a night out. Bloggers, musicians, and people in the street are all a source of inspiration. always wore a flower on the side of my hair, just like my musical inspiration, Billie Holiday. What are your favorite beauty products? Oh my gosh… where to start?! For skincare, I love natural products, and for my face I use BioSelect, Aveda, and Sasé. I love body oils and right now my favorites are Sard Kopenhagen, Pai, Dr. Hauschka, and Badeanstalten. Mádara also makes a wonderful lotion that contains shimmer - I love to sparkle! Of course, my makeup bag is always packed with e.l.f. Cosmetics. My all-time favorites are the mineral eye shadows, baked blush, the eyebrow kit, and,

because they remind me of good times and every year, I buy the new edition. My hair is big and curly, so I love serums and hair masks, from Aveda, MoroccanOil, ghd and Alterna. Do you have a favorite object? My new ring from Othmar that I got for my 10gold ring with black diamonds surrounding a white diamond in the center.

Blog: blog.delancefashion.com e.l.f.Cosmetics: eyeslipsface.dk

I love colors, big jewelry and dresses! I would say my style is bohemian glam. I like to mix and match patterns and textures.

Traditional Geta sandals that Emilie wore to family parties in Japan as a child.

Emilie’s favorite beauty products.

Emilie’s home

A selection of clothes. Something for every occasion.

Feminine dresses and soft sweaters are a must in her wardrobe.

Love is in the details.

Emilie’s valued possessions: her favorite ring and a Japanese fan.

ZARA necklace


Emilie’s Fall Wish List

ZÖL earrings


RÜTZOU dress KARMA DE LUXE ring BILLI BI pumps H&M skirt



STREET STYLE Our street style photographers captured photos of outfits and interesting people from Reykjavik, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, and Helsinki.













Sunglasses / Moscot Blazer / Suits Shirt / Kormákur & Skjöldur Jeans / April 77 Belt / GK Reykjavík Shoes / Jörmundur kjallari


Hat / Kormákur & Skjöldur Sunglasses / Ray-Ban Shirt / Kormákur & Skjöldur Jacket / Hackett Tie / Kormákur & Skjöldur Handkerchief / Vintage Pants / Vintage Shoes / Alden Watch / Carter Clutch / Vintage


Sunglasses / Ray-Ban Shawl / Stylesnob Skull necklace / Aftur Other necklaces / Vintage Rings / Vintage and D.I.Y. Belt / Vintage Dress / Humanoid Tote bag / Royal RepubliQ Shoes / Topshop



Everything is second hand Top and skirt / H&M Shirt / Second hand


Jacket / H&M Sweater / Monki Shirt / BikBok Skirt / American Apparel Shoes / Din Sko


Coat / Second hand Hat / Second hand Polo / Weekday Jeans / Weekday


Sweater / H&M Skirt / Adidas Shoes / Superga


Cardigan / 2 OR + BY YAT Shoes / Vegan


Photographer Photographer

Shirt / Vintage - self customed Bag / Mother’s old


Sweater / Samuji Trousers / Samuji Bag / Samuji Shoes / Samuji


Shirt / Vintage Trousers / Samuji

Emelie and Julie Gourmet bloggers Emelie Holmbo Jensen and Julie Frisch-Jensen are the girls behind the Danish food blog Gane & Gaffel (Palate & Fork). They met 15 years ago in high school where they started a food club together with a number of friends, taking turns cooking dinner for each other. Twelve years later, in December 2010, their passion for food turned into a blog. We got to know a bit more about these foodies and they shared with us a recipe for a traditional Danish cake called brunsviger. Enjoy!

Food and cooking was a key way of spending time together with our families when we were growing up... What initiated that the two of you a million times better than ready-mades, started a blog together? fancy and perfect to make a great meal. and talking about it. When we realized that we always ended up in the kitchen together at parties and get-togethers taking over the kitchen or talking about food - we thought that we might as well start a food blog together. We both read a lot of blogs and thought it would be a nice way to share our recipes and thoughts about food with others. What is the focus of your blog? Food, of course! But our focus is pretty wide and we write about a lot of different

What is your favorite food? Emilie: Spaghetti alla carbonara – or basically everything involving the combination of heavy cream and bacon! Julie: comfort food must be homemade spaghetti bolognese. And I have a hard

have had the chance to have otherwise. Everything from champagne and chocolate tastings to oyster tours at some of Copenhagen leading restaurants to a lot of lovely dinners - and in general, getting to meet a lot of dedicated and interesting co-bloggers, foodies, and restaurateurs from all over the country. We recently had the chance to meet some the launch of a Danish food TV program.

the menu. What are the most essential tools in your kitchen? Emilie:

like us!

food, simple food, complicated food, homemade food, restaurant visits, kitchen tools, etc. It all depends on our mood and what we are eating (and craving!) at the moment. If we were to put a label on the content of our blog it would be all about

- My dough hook from Skjalm P (a Danish Your best food tips in Copenhagen? kitchen store). I use it for mixing dough, You definitely have to go to Torvehallerne mincing meat for meatballs, and much more. good food. - My basic steak knives from Victorinox. Perfect for everything from steaks, also quite cool. The store primarily sells us happy! tomatoes, onions, buttering the bread – to the wholesale and restaurant market, you name it! What is your background? but “ordinary” people can shop there as - My simple and cheap plastic boxes from well. They have every essential cooking We both studied communications in one H.W. Larsen for raising bread in. tool you can dream of. Nothing “designer way or another and work within that field fancy” or anything, but simple, useful (and today. Julie: often very fairly priced) kitchen tools that Where does your interest and passion just work! for food come from? stick blender/whisk almost every day for smoothies, ice coffee, hummus, whipped Both of us were raised in food-loving foodie street. Enjoy a coffee at The Coffee cream, and so on. families and learned to appreciate good food from early on. Food and cooking was a key way of spending time together with use it that often, but homemade pasta is savory porridges. our families when we were growing up, such a treat! Finally, you can have a sweet treat at and this sparked our interest in utilizing - My SodaStream. I love sparkling water, good produce and cooking techniques. Bakery. There are a million ways to go when it heavy bottles to the 4th floor all the time. comes to the love of food, but one thing We also love Dyrehaven in Vesterbro we think all foodies have in common is - And I have to agree with Emilie on the with its open-faced rye bread sandwiches that they know the importance of good, Victorinox steak knives – they are genius! clean ingredients. And if you make most Has the blog brought you some exciting For fancy dining, Noma and Kiin Kiin will of the things you eat from scratch, you opportunities? knock your socks off! really get the best food! We like to whip up our own béarnaise because it just tastes The blog has brought us many exciting


Brunsviger cake recipe the island of Fyn. Actually, you can always count on people

Brunsviger is basically yeast dough with a topping made of butter and brown sugar. Some people serve brunsviger with candy (such as winegums and liquorice - preferably Matador Mix from Haribo) sprinkled on top, some cut out the cake to look like a

tion how Danes – and the people of Fyn - like their brunsviger best. We have tried taking the best from quite a number of good people – particularly those from northern Jutland -prefer their recipes and came up with the one below. brunsviger decorated with whipped cream.

What you need: 2,5 dl lukewarm water 25 g yeast 1 egg 50 g sugar (white sugar or cane sugar) 5 g sea salt 40 g soft butter

200 g brown sugar (the really dark kind) 200 g butter 75 g marzipan 1 tablespoon honey 1 teaspoon cinnamon

What to do: Pour the water into a bowl and dissolve the yeast in the water. Break the egg into the water and yeast mixture and stir well.

butter into small squares and add it to the dough.

Put the dough in a greased (buttered) baking pan (approx. 40

when it has risen. Let the dough rise in the baking pan for about an hour - the dough When the rising time is almost up, preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celcius (about 400 degrees Fahrenheit). Then prepare the topping by putting the butter and brown sugar into a pot. Heat it up over medium heat while stirring and allow the sugar to more or less melt into the butter. Remove the pot from the heat and grate the marzipan into the mixture. Add honey and cinnamon and stir it well. allow the topping to soak into the cake. Pour the topping evenly over the dough and distribute it with a spatula if needed (it is easiest if the topping is quite liquid). Make sure you get some of the topping in the holes you just made, but also leave a nice layer of topping covering the cake. Bake for about 15-20 minutes, but check the cake after 10-12 minutes. To check it, stick a fork into the cake and if it comes out clean (aside from some topping), it should be done. Let the cake cool for at bit and set the table! Brunsviger is ultimately best when it is just made. Within half a day or so it will start to dry out, so bake it last minute, if possible.

least 5-10 minutes. The dough should be a little sticky, so it might be easiest to “knead� it with a spoon, a dough hook, or with an If you have leftovers, wrap them up and save them in the fridge. electric mixer. Then reheat it in the oven for 5 minutes or so, wrapped in tin foil - this will make the brunsviger soft and yummy again. Let the dough rest and rise for half an hour.


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Nordic Style Magazine Issue 5  

Nordic Style Magazine is a magazine that focuses on bringing Nordic fashion and design to the global market.

Nordic Style Magazine Issue 5  

Nordic Style Magazine is a magazine that focuses on bringing Nordic fashion and design to the global market.