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EDITOR’S LETTER “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it... I can resist everything but temptation” - Oscar Wilde. This is my favorite quote and also very relevant for the let the workaholic part of yourself control your life (I keep telling myself!). Live in the moment and enjoy so worth the effort. Go camping with your family and to. Organize a picnic or a trip to the beach. This summer, I plan to enjoy the nature and swimming pools in Iceland and also visit the Faroe Islands for the

In this issue, our journalist Stephan Lücke visited the talented Faroese musician and film director Heiðrik future plans. Our writer Simon Cooper explored the and the Swedish brand Sandqvist - a brand about everyday stuff, but mostly about simple and beautiful bags. We also met with the Finnish celebrity make-up into her life in New York City. You can read this and so much more in our summer issue. Remember to like us on Facebook; follow us on Twitter, download our app on your tablet or smartphone! Summer love, Soffía Theódóra Tryggvadóttir Editor-in-Chief

and only wear them once.

and mass communication and an MBA in business, Elínrós Líndal is running her company passionately, with the objective of bringing honesty and integrity into the world of fashion. Her company ELLA offers high quality products to educated, working women who seek elegant, well-tailored pieces in their wardrobe. “I have always been passionate about fashion and spent hours and hours in my

Etienne Eigner, Chanel and Christian Dior and I was instantly smitten with the soft fabrics and wonderful cuts,” says Elinros, describing how eager she was to grow up and live the privileged life of an adult with a nose for quality.

I was yearning for the good old times, when women saved up for a year or two to buy a dress that they used for years and years and then gave it to their daughters.

“I have always been passionate about fashion and spent hours and hours in my mother’s wardrobe when I was young.”

principle of Pareto that I suddenly found a shelf in fashion that was interesting to me. The 80/20 rule says that 80% of the time you use 20% of your wardrobe, and you can actually apply this rule to everything in life. It was then when I decided to make ELLA – a slow fashion company that aims at creating the essentials for your wardrobe. But what does slow fashion mean?

economic zone, where it emphasizes on quality instead of quantity. It means having

Why did you decide on establishing your company?

Remember our website, nordicstylemag.com

our name was decided.


In the 90s when fashion companies were made public and fast fashion was introduced to the market, the fashion industry changed and the products as well. The message was simple: we were supposed to shop for new things regularly

with respect. We invite them into our working area and tell them interesting stories about what we are doing and why. We basically take what is typically done in fashion, turn the rules on their head, and ask: Is this clever? If not, then what should we do? But how profitable is slow fashion and strong CSR?

differentiation in the world of fashion that has thousands and thousands of brands waiting to be discovered.

We started in my garage and have grown organically. We use only first-class material and our target market in Iceland is educated working women who are responsible customers. Today we are not nearly supplying the demand we are about quality than quantity. But it is also very healthy to build a company on demand, instead of on governmental support or a given ROI number that is supposed to guide your success in the business.” Who are your favorite designers? I admire the courage and the hard work that Coco Chanel showed in the 1930s when she


WISH LIST FWSS One of the big trends this summer: matching shirt and shorts.

YVONNE KONÉ Yvonne Koné added shoes to her collection this season and these are very simple, beautiful,

THERESE SENNERHOLT Therese Sennerholt makes the coolest posters, and this one has a very true saying. Take chances!

MADS NØRGAARD Every summer I want a new bikini. This subtle snake print one from Mads Nørgaard would be great for the Icelandic swimming pools.

HILDUR YEOMAN I love these bracelets from Hildur Yeoman. Very fun and

OLE HENRIKSEN With age came the wisdom to put sunscreen on my face and chest whenever the sun is shining, not just when sunbathing. Fight aging with sunscreen every day!



Soffía Theódóra Tryggvadóttir

Simon Cooper

Pálína Ósk Hraundal

Sara Vallioja

Sigge Bjerkhof

Veera Toivanen

Thanks to: dóttir, Sigríður Erla Viðarsdóttir, and Þórhildur Einarsdóttir.


Bra / Weekday Bronze skirt / Samuji


Inside Nordic Style Magazine 32.


Heiðrik á Heygum




Natasha Smee

Street Style


Hotel d’Angleterre


Yvonne Koné




Anton Sandqvist


Karoliina B盲rlund karoliinabarlund.com

Han Style Photographer.

What is your favorite website?

What talent should we keep an e


Silja Hinriksd贸ttir! Inspired by the c the female body, she creates beau com

What are you passionate about?

What is your favorite place in the What is your favorite place in the Nordic countries? Lapland

summertime circling all of the islan sheep roaming tall, secluded island

Never grow up.

What three things would you sur was no object?

Are you a morning person or an evening person?

I would surround myself with adven

for the day.

growing collection of oddities and v

Dream assignment? Shooting a campaign for Chloe in some amazing location Currently reading?

I take joy in exchanging letters with by sharing our visions and experien we come from.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Guilty pleasures?

Life begins at the end of your comf

Cheese and wine

Guilty pleasures?

What is your favorite Nordic dish? Crayfish (especially when eaten at a crayfish party).

Sum up your personal style in on

What is your favorite Nordic brand?


nnah HjĂśrdĂ­s Herrera

Linus Morales linusmorales.se

eye on in the Nordic countries?

Cheese. colors found in Icelandic nature and Dream assignment? utiful paintings. siljahinriksdottir. Shoot for Vogue! When I die I want to go to Vogue. e Nordic countries?

nds. I also enjoy the absurdity of ds in the middle of the ocean.

Rush slowly. Are you a morning person or an evening person?

rround yourself with if money What is your favorite website?

nture and venture off to see the

vintage dresses.

h my pen pals - we keep in touch nces in the very different worlds

fort zone.

ne word.

Them-Thangs or Mood. TresBien Shop - without a doubt the best out there! Which up and coming talent should we keep an eye on in the Nordic countries? Common affairs, great design! What is your favorite restaurant in your home country? There are a few really good ones in my hometown and I think it all

If you could wake up as any person, who would it be and why?

Íris Hrönn Fashion Editor Summer, sweet summer! The season when every weekend is fully booked with all sorts of parties, trips, and tours. This summer, I plan to do a little bit of everything: take a city break abroad, go hiking in the mountains, attend some fabulous garden parties, and hopefully go to the beach, too! (Yes, it’s possible to do that in Iceland!) occasion. Here are some of the things from the top of my very, very long list of must-haves for this summer.

WHIITE This silk and sequin top from Whiite is so crisp and light, it’s perfect for dressing up some jeans or shorts.


These nude leather pumps would go great with shorts or a brightly colored summer dress.

RIKA Rika is my newfound fashion love. Ulrika Lundgren is the founder and designer for the label and her designs are a mix of rock ’n’ roll and timeless feminine silhouettes. I love these white lamb skin shorts - a perfect summer piece for play and party.


Delicate rings are at th accessories wish list fo mer. There is somethin about them! Have one

he top of my or this sumng so cool e on each



PART TWO This yellow maxi dress is so fresh and perfect for a great summer party. Pair it with a big statement necklace, a clutch, and sunkissed skin and you are good to go!


I totally fell for this leather jacket

This red-hot cluch from Acne is perfect to jazz up any

combination of cool and chic and goes equally well with jeans or a dress. And check out the chain details and the back! So very cool!


The Great Gatsby got me all excited about the 1920s style with all its glamour and dazziling design. This champagne coupĂŠ, designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself for Orrefors, is so 1920s chic - both for champagne and delicious summer coctails!

Yvonne Koné

Photo: Line Klein

Yvonne Koné is a young fine leather goods and accessories design company, founded by its namesake, Danish designer Yvonne Koné. Yvonne graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and worked for various companies before she found her own path. What defines Yvonne’s products is the superior quality and durability that is upheld by Yvonne’s involvement throughout the entire design and manufacturing process - from the first sketch of a new product to the collaboration with the craftsmen at the Italian leather workshop. We are fascinated by her leather bags and shoes, so we got in contact with Yvonne and asked her about her inspirations, ideas, and the future of her company.

I’m quite persistent, stubborn, and ambitious if not, I never would have started my own company.

Who is Yvonne KonĂŠ? Tell us a little add new categories since the development about the person behind the label and is expensive. So, since we have just added your background. the shoes, there will be no new categories in the next few seasons.

Photo: Line Klein

- if not, I never would have started my own Could you describe a regular day in your company. Before I made this decision, I designer life? worked as a freelance designer for various My office is directly connected to my home Danish companies for a year but never so I try to go out to morning yoga whenever I can. My indispensable assistant and I year of thinking on maternity leave, I decided are quite efficient, so we are both eager to to concentrate on accessories. I started my get our work done as soon as we sit in our brand in collaboration with a Danish bag chairs. Most of the time we communicate company. Finally, after of couple of years with the production team, our clients, and in this setup, I decided to start my own our Danish sales agent. I also work on my company to be completely free to follow my blog and constantly develop the collections. intuition. There is not really a dedicated period to Did you always want to become a design, so I have to make use of every designer, what or who inspired you? spare moment to develop the collections and to even sketch my ideas on paper. Your blog was nominated for a Fashion I have always enjoyed developing my Blog Prize last year in Denmark. Has creativity and I remember how hours would keeping up an interesting blog helped vanish into thin air when I was a child as draw attention to your brand? Would soon as I did something creative. I used to you recommend keeping up a creative spend my summers with my grandparents blog to other designers? feeling completely free to play in the nature. My blog is a window to the things that interest This is often the scene I go back to in my me in connection to my work. I keep it in order to show the world behind the finished the time I spent there must have inspired product and to invite the people who are me in some subconscious way. interested in my design inside. So, in this Where do your ideas come from for your way, it is surely drawing some attention designs? to my brand, but the idea of keeping the blog was also to give myself a moment It is more or less the material that dictates away from administration. So yes, I would the shapes. On my last visit to Italy, I got my indeed recommend it to other designers. hands on a giant stock of excellent leather. No matter how big my company grows, it is This leather has lots of structure and identity my intention to keep my blog personal and so it is only natural for me to develop the written from my heart. shape in such a way that the leather stands out. I hardly ever work with mood boards Your company is still young, how do you or one overall theme for my collections. I see the future? What is your vision for like the idea of continuously developing the the company? collections. My goal is to be one of the leading accessory You just expanded your collection to companies in the world. Nothing less. But shoes. Are you planning on expanding my goal is also to be able to reach a wide into other categories as well? range of clients and hopefully have a little more time to be creative. My company is all about accessories and there is no limitation within this category. That said, it is always a big investment to

My goal is to be one the leading accesso companies in the wo Nothing less.

Photo: Line Klein

e of ory orld.

Photo : Hasse Nielsen

What comes into your mind... Love is…essential and the air that you breathe. Work is…always on my mind. Accessories are… your look. Food…is vital and can be absolutely fantastic. Fashion is…new interpretations running in circles. Exercise…is important. Beauty is…feeling beautiful.


Leather is always in style. Pick a classic piece or go bold with brightly co Rika

ADAX Decadent

& Other stories

Yvonne KonĂŠ



olored leather accessories.

Bracelets from Steylesnob Soulland for Adax

Filippa K

Don Donna

Photo : Hasse Nielsen


Filippa K




Sweater / Laitinen Headpiece / Ensæmble Sweater / Laitinen Headpiece / Ensæmble

Jeans / Weekday

Knitted sweater / Ensæmble Shorts / Hanna Sarén

Button-up shirt / Laitinen Fishnet skirt / EnsĂŚmble Panties / Weekday

Double sleeved top / EnsĂŚmble Shorts / Laitinen

Bomber jacket / Sasu Kauppi Silver jeans / Weekday Ankle booties / Emmi Malmstrรถm

Denim jacket / Sasu Kauppi

METALLIC Metallic is a sizzling hot trend this summer.


Stella Nova


Tiger of Sweden

Vero Moda

& Other stories

Julie Brandt


Tiger of Sweden


n Donna Tiger of Sweden

Photo: Anders von Greffelstejn

Heiðrik á Heygum Written by Stephan Lücke

Heiðrik á Heygum is one of the greatest talents the Faroe Islands currently have to offer – and probably also one of their best kept secrets. The 29-year-old musician and film director has great experience in different types of artistic genres – photography, painting, and scenography, just to name a few. The harsh, yet beautiful nature of his homeland is reflected in the passionate and dramatic depths in Heiðrik´s music and voice. His movies are deeply inspired – and for the most part produced – on the remote archipelago, located halfway between Iceland and Scotland. Heiðrik writes both Faroese and English lyrics, always taking great inspiration from traditional Faroese music and mixing it with new, refreshing sounds. His lyrics are often reminiscent of little fables. The content of his filmic and mystical lyrics draws heavily from Heiðrik´s daydreams and frustration in his isolated country. After graduating from Kort & Dokumentar Filmskolen in Denmark, he began working within advertising and commercials. In 2007, he released his first album entitled An Invisible Gun, receiving favorable reviews from the local press. Heiðrik then took interest in filmmaking and directed the short film Mítt Rúm. A number of other award-winning short films followed. Among his latest works are music videos for the Faroese artists Sakaris and Eivør Pálsdóttir. His new movie, True Love, premiered in April at the CPH:PIX film festival in Copenhagen. Heiðrik is currently residing in the Danish capital attending the alternative film school Super 16. We chatted with the charismatic Faroese to reflect on the past and to look into the future also.

Your works are deeply inspired by your homeland, the Faroe Islands. What is your gymnasium in my hometown, T贸rshavn. I was favorite place there? there for three years and made a lot of new friends. Then I moved to Denmark and studied was in London for a while, then in Reykjav铆k, then foggy there and it has a very mystical atmosphere, in Denmark again. Very much back and forth, but sort of a lunar landscape, and the mountains surrounding the valley are really huge. Everyone got into the Super 16 film school here in Denmark who goes there and has never been to the Faroes before is always quite shocked to see the fog. It feels like there is a fog machine or something When you think back on all those years, what had the most impact on you in becoming a the old Faroese sagas and fairytales. serious artist? Do you have a favorite one which you can share?

and what I need. When I was younger, I thought I needed to get away from the tiny Faroe Islands and go to the big city. But I always discovered - when I got to London or Copenhagen or wherever - that I was always disappointed and unhappy. The metropolis alone obviously

who lives in the rivers and can transform himself into an adorable white horse or a beautiful prince. Then, he lures children or young women with him to the deep river where he consumes them. My grandmother told me this fairytale many times when I was little. Old stories like these may sound to do with me coming from a place where nature a bit cruel, but they are just nursery rhymes for us - very normal. me as a person and artist. How old were you when you created your Then you should consider moving back to first piece of art? the Faroe Islands probably. knew I was going to be an artist. My mom says I told her that soon after I just learned to talk. I You never thought of an ordinary job?

No, not to the Faroe Islands. I love my country young person. I will probably move to a bigger something.

Never. I hated school and I never gave it much parents and my school were quite frustrated with me. Did you have many friends as a teenager?

wild one. Is there one piece of your music or films that

a new comes along. friends, and they are still some of my best ones. It was really hard for me growing up in such a small place. I felt no one understood me. Being societies. At what age did you leave school?

What are you currently working on?

Your debut album, An Invisible Gun, came out in 2007. Why The album is going to be a mixture of ev did it take so long to release the second album? that are catchy and have a beat but a this album ready for a while. But then I got a new manager

You actually do a lot of things all at th videos for yourself and other arti to record companies at the moment and we want the best one to release the album. You can actually hear my music on expressing myself in different ways and www.soundcloud.com/heidrik people ask me how I manage to do it all songs, and also my short films, on www.vimeo.com/heidrik. I love to mix all my passions. being lazy. What kind of music can we expect from your new release?

verything I like. I adore

are still sophisticated.

art forms. Sometimes at the same time. But

Photo: Stephan L端cke

he same time: music ists, photo shoots,

And a favorite film director? uncreative and indolent? Of course, but I hate those days. They make need days where you just stare at a wall. The brain needs to recharge. So zoning out once in a while is just fine. Do you have a favorite musician? There are a lot of musicians that I love. I about songwriting in a total different way. She has the great ability to express simple things in a very sophisticated way. She wrote one of the

school filmmaking. What goals do you have in mind when you think about the future?

to enjoy the journey. So my goal at the moment is to make a great record and maybe make you can ask me what my new plans are.

Photo: Stephan L端cke

Natasha Smee Celebrity make up artist Text and photos by Veera Toivanen.ff铆a The贸d贸ra Tryggvad贸ttir

Natasha Smee is a Finnish-British celebrity make-up artist, born and raised in Finland and currently living in New York. Veera Toivanen from Nordic Style Magazine was able to squeeze in a meeting with Natasha just before she was heading out to get Lily Cole ready for the Met Gala and to meet up with Vivienne Westwood. We wanted to find out how this fabulous Nordic talent found her way to New York City and what she loves about her job.

SAMUJI dress

RMS Beauty living luminizer

SHU UEMURA mascara

Natasha’s wishlist BIODERMA CREALINE Make up remover

SAMUJI shorts

CHANEL eye shadows

ACNE dress

Natasha’s work is featured in these magazines.

Inside Natasha’s home in New York

An antiq and book from F

Times of important places for Natasha: New York, London, Helsinki.

Natasha did the make-up for the cover.

model pictur got fram her fa

From the book Natural Beauty by James Houston. Natasha did the make-up for it.

Natasha’s favorite shoes: Miu Miu loafers.

que chest ks brought Finland.

re, which she med from ather.

Samuji shirt.

A Buddha statue Natasha brought from Bali.

Iittala Moomin mugs.

Natasha’s work brushes.

SHOES FOR S Tiger of Sweden & Other stories


COS By Malene Birger

Filippa K

Decadent Minimarket

By Malene Birger Sofie Schnoor

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen

SUMMER Won Hundred

NUDE of Scandinavia

Sofie Schnoor

Dico Copenhagen NLY shoes

MIMIC Copenhagen

Billi Bi




Designers are crazy for the jumpsuit this season and so are we. How abo






out you?

Samsøe & Samsøe


By Malene Birger


Shirt / COS Pants / Monki Necklace / COS

Jacket / Julia Bjorkenheim Dress / COS

Dress / & Other stories Socks / Cos Shoes / & Other stories

Dress / Julia Bjorkenheim Printed top / Julia Bjorkenheim

Top / & Other stories Pants / Julia Bjorkenheim

Top / Julia Bjorkenheim Skirt / & Other stories

Top / COS Printed jersey trousers / Julia Bjorkenheim Socks / COS Platforms / & Other stories

Jacket / Julia Bjorkenheim Dress / COS Socks / COS Shoes / Stylist own

Coat / Julia Bjorkenheim Shorts / & Other stories


Picnics are so cozy and romantic. Pack a lunch and a blanket and head o It’s a true delight! Normann Copenhagen






out into the sun for a relaxing afternoon. Won Hundred Minimarket Acne

Yvonne KonĂŠ







Have some fun this summer and enjoy the beach with these sizzling hot s

& Other stories



VERO MODA Black secret


summer picks.


by Malene Birger


Minimarket by Malene Birger

Stine Goya

Vero Moda

Issue 1.3


Take a stylish city break this summer and discover new and exciting thin H&M


Vila Sandqvist

By Malene Birger H&M

COS Tusnelda Bloch

ngs (and maybe do a little shopping, too)! Kalda


& Other stories

Stine Goya

Samsøe & Samsøe

Anine Bing

Markberg & Other stories

Just Female


Get active this summer and go hiking in the mountains or camping with f inspiring in any season, but warm summer nights make it even more attr Cintamani

Sandqvist Ilse Jacobsen



friends and family. Nature is so ractive.


Won Hundred

Won Hundred

Filippa K



Ilse Jacobsen




Anton Sandqvist “Sandqvist is a brand about everyday stuff,� says founder Anton Sandqvist. Anton wanted to do something creative, which he lacked at his then-current job, so he started out by making a bag for himself, and then turned his passion into the company Sandqvist in 2004. Anton’s philosophy is to design bags and accessories that look good in any occasion, yet durable and stylish enough to fit into the urban lifestyle. Nordic nature with its mountains, lakes, and vast unpopulated areas has always been one of the main inspirations of the brand. We were intrigued to know more about the brand that produces these simple and beautiful bags, so we got in contact with Anton Sandqvist to get to know more.

What is your background? I am a countryside boy who studied mechanical engineering and worked in that field for several years before I decided to change my life and start the bag company, Sandqvist.

many good bags for men in the market - at least not in my price range. Tell us about the design process, how do your ideas become products?

In the beginning, it was very instinctive and kind Why did you start making bags and what of practical since I did not know much about initiated the start of the company? design - maybe that is why the bags became quite simple. Nowadays, we have quite a lot of I wanted to have creative job and run my own products in the range so the design process is business, and I realized that there were not that probably more akin to the traditional way; we

discuss which products we are missing in our collection, collect ideas for how to make them, search for inspirational inputs and such, and then we just go ahead.

knowledge, such as logistics and quality control, which is valuable in any business where you make products. What has influenced you most as a designer?

With your background in engineering, do you People around me, simple everyday objects, and think that knowledge helps with the design primarily, the Scandinavian nature. process? Who do you design for? I think it helps. You have a good understanding of the basics of design, solid mechanics, and reliable product. materials. In addition, I have other practical

Do you still craft prototypes for your collections? The prototypes we make ourselves are mainly paper mock-ups to test size and proportions. Our manufacturers make the real samples based on our drawings. What is your vision for your company? lasting and something that our customers can is to be strolling by a nice fashion store and see Sandqvist bags in the window, and to see vintage, Have you thought about expanding into other categories? Of course, but my experience tells me not to. We still have so much to do in the bag field. The world is big out there and we want to become a global bag brand. I think it would just be confusing to start doing other stuff before the bag brand is globally well known. Do you think introducing your brand as Swedish or Scandinavian to the global market gives you an advantage in any way? I guess Scandinavia is quite exotic for people in images from our homeland in our marketing. There seems to be a growing interest globally for design and fashion from Scandinavian countries and, as a result, related businesses are experiencing a great deal of growth. What do you think is the reason for that? Why is Nordic so hot right now? I think that lot of Scandinavian design is simple and well made, and that appeals to many people as it stands out from the mass. It also feels more long-lasting. How do you see your company evolve in the next years? We are still a very small company with just ten employees, so there are a lot of things that will happen. I hope we can grow internationally and become one of the first brands people think of when they need a good bag, and not just amongst those in Stockholm. We have started that path, but have only taken the first, very small step.

Anton Sandqvist in 60 seconds Your favorite Nordic brand ucts. Your favorite restaurant in Stockholm? Ekstedt and Wasahof Your favorite activity? Spending time with family, being out in nature, and working on my vintage motorcycle.

What do you love about your country? The possibility of being completely alone with nature,

Stay true to your originality.

Hotel d’Angleterre Copenhagen’s grand old dame of accommodation gets a 21st century makeover. Written by Simon Cooper.

Over its towering 258-year history, the Hotel d’Angleterre has gone through various transformations on Copenhagen’s Kongens Nytorv square. But the building that has burned to the ground twice, hosted guests from Walt Disney to Michael Jackson to Bill Clinton, and had been the stage for Nazi occupation-era meetings has remained the pinnacle of prestige and grandeur both in Denmark and across the continent. Now, D’Angleterre is set to re-establish itself again in a new era after an ambitious, multimillion kroner renovation.



one has increased, with other hotel areas example, the back walls made way to reveal and shape an accidental balcony overlooking the ballroom. The elegant living spaces, done in a modern classical decor, are as airy and expansive as summerhouse conservatories - effortlessly catching the light from the sun as it rises and falls over the Nyhavn canal and Royal Theatre across the square. Climate control art bathrooms lend a gadgetry cool. Furniture in the rooms and communal areas has been handpicked from around the world. Marbled and aesthetically endearing, a huge new staircase supplies corridors that have kept their original, generous width - essential due to the broad-bottomed dresses worn by

a broad reception area and bar; the latter to which a stylish glass walk-in wine fridge has been added. Balthazar, an upmarket champagne bar, will suit those who come in from shopping at the nearby high-end fashion ness center will offer a spread of re-energizing treatments. Countless heads of states, royals, and celebrities have mingled at various galas, banquets, and assemblies in the opulent Palm Court and the Louis XVI ballroom; both of which are now restored with a sandstone glass ceiling, the product of a glassworker

who had previously installed windows at the Vatican, arches overhead.

still be able to order classics like club sandwiches. also gone beyond its



Playful decorations make your home a fun and warm place to be. Here a to take home with us... FINNSDOTTIR signed by the Icelandic-Danish duo Thora Finnsdottir and Anne Hoff who have gained considerable recognition for their new interpretation of ceramic design. Beautiful summer

THERESE SENNERHO FERM LIVING Get organized with these decorative wall stickers from Ferm Living. You can even write on them with chalk!

Therese’s prints ha quotations, both old, and come in patterns. Simple, tic, and fascinating

DESIGN BY US This eye-catching neon pink serving tray with a lion pattern from the design studio Design by Us makes a bold statement.

KRISTJANA WILLIAMS Kristjana Williams is an artist to keep an eye on. These pillows of hers are super cool.



ave varied new and n enticing minimalisg.

HILDUR YEOMAN X SAGA SIG Hildur Yeoman is a fashion illustrator and Saga Sig a fashion photographer, together they created beautiful pictures and an exhibiition in Iceland called Metamorphosis. Check out their art.

Photo: Damian Heinisch & Simen Skyer

are a few things we would like

NORTHERN LIGHTING Turn heads with Moo, a light shaped like a full-scale Norwegian moose head, designed by Ove Rogne and Trond Svendgård.

MARKRÚN Build Icelandic mountains in your living room with these fun mountain pillows by the design team Markrún.

Ove Rogne CEO and founder

Light has the ability to create visual joy and comfort and to bring people together, just as the old traditional bonfires did from the very beginning of time. It also has the potential to create a mood or an atmosphere when used correctly. With this in mind, Ove Rogne, the CEO and Head of Design at Northern Lighting, established the company in 2005 along with Jørgen Svendgård. By upholding their mission to celebrate the joy of lights, the company has grown and was recently awarded “Best Norwegian Brand Builder of the Year” by the Federation of Norwegian Industries. We got a little insight into the brand and the man behind it.

Photo: Damian Heinisch & Simen Skyer

Northern Lighting

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? My background is in management consulting, not design. But there came a point in my dark suit, highflying, totally stressful career when I decided I wanted a change and to break away from the professional service industry. Basically, I wanted to have more fun at work and I wanted to build something that could also be a fun, positive, and unique brand in the marketplace. What influences you most as a designer? The desire to challenge the existing lamp designs out there by presenting lamps that stand out,

and the wish to preserve some golden pieces of Scandinavian design from the post-war period that have not been available for some time. Can you tell us about Northern Lighting? What is the company all about? Who are the founders? And what initiated the establishment of Northern Lighting in 2005? Northern Lighting is a commercial hub for designers based in Oslo, Norway. We aim to create designer lights inspired by the unique Nordic nature, culture, and society. We started up this small design hub back in guys wanting to create a lighting brand focused on building a stronger contemporary design scene in Oslo. We have since established ourselves as a small, dynamic, and fast-growing Nordic company specializing in the design and manufacture of lights. Our lamps are now

Photos: Tom Gustavsen

both leading design retailers as well as to a large number of commercial projects. We present new lamp launches two times per year. We are open to design suggestions from all over the world and we also periodically run student competitions to help promote young designers and to generate new designs. The people responsible for our small collection of designer lamps include young, up-and-coming talents, as well as recognized designers. Despite their different levels of experience, our designers who are fascinated by the mood-creating possibilities of light.

fun, Nordic, and mood creating visual objects.” We want our lights to have good stories behind them and to be made from solid materials of lamps can send us suggestions that challenge and add to our current collection. Our product board meets four times per year, and we run a very democratic selection process in which all staff reaches a unanimous agreement on new designs before a project starts. You were recently awarded “Best Norwegian

We are extremely thankful for receiving awards like this, and I think it helps give us the internal motivation, extra energy, and sparkle needed to continue making our small Nordic brand visible around the world. What are the future plans for the company Northern Lighting? We would like to continue to expand our mood lamp collection, to have fun, and to help the world be filled with lamp lovers!

Photo: Damian Heinisch & Simen Skyer

By what criteria do you select the products or Brand Builder of the Year” by the Federation designers that create your selection? of Norwegian Industries. What does it mean for your company to get this recognition?

Swimsuit Summer means sun, the beach, cool drinks, and a fabulous swimsuit!

Cap / Monki Bikini top / Noa Noa Leather bracelets / Louise Eeg Colorful metallic bracelets / Dyrberg/Kern Necklaces / Dyrberg/Kern & Zรถl Sunglasses / Gina Tricot

Top / Modstrรถm Bikini / North Watch / Noon Copenhagen

Cap / Monki Necklaces / Dyrberg/Kern & Zรถl Bikini top / Noa Noa Shorts / Envii Watch / Noon Copenhagen Leather bracelets / Louise Eeg Colorful metallic bracelets / Dyrberg/Kern Shoes / InWear

Swimsuit / Hoff by Hoff Shoes / Bianco Sunglasses / Gina Tricot Necklace / Sanne Nordahn Bracelet / Dyrberg/Kern Earrings / Dyrberg/Kern

Jacket / InWear Swimsuit / Femilet Ring / Glitter

Swimsuit / Triumph Belt and cuff / InWear Shoes / Bianco

Bikini / Aj. 117 Sweater / Moondust Shoes / Bianco

Shirt / InWear Bikini bottom / Hanne Bloch Earrings / Rabinovich

Top / Modstrรถm Bikini / North Necklace / Noa Noa

Bikini / Envii Top / A Question Of Sunglasses / Gina Tricot


Whether you are relaxing by the pool or tanning on the beach, stylish swi Made by Noemi

& Other Stories

Gina Tricot


Filippa K

Tiger of Sweden

imwear is essential. H&M

Mads Nørgaard


Vero Moda






Stella Nova




Stine Goya

Designers Remix



Photo :


Anna-Karin Karlsson

Gina Tricot



Filippa K


& Other stories

Something sweet One of the best things about summer is the delicious fruits and sweets that you can indulge yourself with. Get inspired by the beautiful colors of these fresh delights. Enjoy!

Sun Protection Summer is upon us, which means people in the Nordic countries rush out into the sunshine to get some much-needed vitamin D and a tan. Always remember to use sunscreen to protect your skin, or just fake it with a self-tanning cream.

Scarf / Stylesnob Swimsuit / Friis & Co Shorts / Qnuz Top / Selected Shoes / B&Co Plastic bracelets / Glitter Neon bracelets / Friis & Co



4. 3. 5.

1. Rudolph Care, Acai Body Oil

origin. Use as an aftersun soother for that hot summer glow.

2. Organic M.A.K.E, Face Cream Rich, nourishing, organic day and night cream with mango leaves dry skin moisturized. Perfect after a day in the sun.

3. Matas, Ansigtssolcreme moisturizing hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Protects against

4. Akademiklinikken, Maximal Sense SPF 50 Developed for skin desiring protection yet still demanding comfort. Formulated with sensitive skins in mind. Vitamins and botanicals deliver antioxidant and regenerative protection.

5. Sif Jakobs, Ring

2 1.





2. 1. BODYNORDIC, Hello Sunshine Sun Protection Cream, SPF 30 ters. Protects the skin from the sun and helps to maintain

2. Maria Nila, Swedish Therapy Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil rehydrate, and strengthen your hair. Provides natural UV rays.

3. Maria Nila, Swedish Therapy Lingonberry Oil

without being greasy.

4. Maria Nila, Swedish Therapy Frizz Control OIl Spray electricity and gives you shiny, silky smooth hair.

5. SPF 15

, Giordani Gold Tinted Glow Moisturizer

Use this instead of foundation for natural, smooth skin with a healthy glow.

6. House of Amber, Ring


5. 3. 2.



, Salt Water Spray

Give your hair that perfect surfer look with casual waves, texture, and natural volume without hitting the beach. Formulated without parabens or perfume.

2. Matas, Sollotion


regenerating creatine and vitamin E.

3. Tromborg, Deluxe Sun Protection Cream SPF 15 Contains moisturising and healing ingredients like kukui oil, pomegranate, aloe vera, and glycerine. Gives optimal pro-

4. Tromborg, Deluxe Self Tanning Cream Stimulating ingredients extracted from Danish organic sugar beets will give your skin a delicious, natural summer glow.

5. Sif Jakobs, Ring and Bracelet.


Our street style photographers capt from Reykjavik, Oslo, Copenhag obviously arrived in t


tured photos of outfits and people gen, and Helsinki. Summer has the Nordic countries.




Blazer / Paul Smith Scarf / Alexander McQueen Shirt / Tiger of Sweden Jeans / Filippa K Shoes / Prada Glasses / Chrome Hearts


Coat / REY Scarf / B贸as Kristj谩nsson Shirt / Suit Bag / Skaparinn Shoes / Barracuda Paris


Dress / Helicopter Clutch / Indian street market Rings / Indian street market Sweater / H&M Shoes / Estonian street market


















Maria Laitinen Gourmet blogger Maria Laitinen is a Finnish prop, food, and interior stylist and photographer who lives in Australia. She keeps the interior and food blog, scandifoodie.blogspot.com where she also does DIY projects with a very Scandinavian look to them. She shared with us her recipe for Midsummer CrĂŞpe Cake. What is your background? I grew up in a small town in Lapland, Finland. eling the country. I ended up meeting a local boy in Sydney and here I am still, almost eight years later, and now married to that same boy. My study and work background is geography and

Where from does your passion for food come from? The food I grew up eating was honest, no-fuss, and hearty. We picked our own wild berries and mushrooms, and we also grew our own potatoes and vegetables. I developed an appetite for es. I love trying new and exotic ingredients, but I always go back to the same methods and foods I grew up with.

ago and ended up working as a stylist. I am now slowly moving onto other things, but styling and Why did you start your blog? photography are still my biggest passion. I thought it would be a great way to motivate How did you get into food and interior stylmyself to cook different foods and keep a closing? er connection to my home country. The blog has motivated me to try ingredients I would probably By pure coincidence! I had decided to take a not have otherwise tried, let alone cooked with. career break from GIS (Geographic Informa- It was also a great platform to develop my styling tion Systems) and landed a styling job at a well- and photography skills. impressed by my portfolio (essentially, my blog), and my passion for the work. What is your favorite part about your job? I love creating beauty in everyday settings usadore (especially) Scandinavian design, I think there can be aesthetics in the most common objects found around the house - like a simple wooden dish rack stacked with beautiful china, for instance!

You live in Australia but most of the food you make is Scandinavian. What do you think is the biggest difference between Scandinavian and Australian cuisine? larities with Scandinavian cooking. The cooking techniques, as well as the basic ingredients, like dairy, root vegetables and some of the grains, are the same. However, some essential elements from the Scandinavian cuisine, such as wild berries, reindeer meat, and full rye bread,

Midsummer CrĂŞpe Cake

Recipe Ingredients

Directions -

pinch of salt 1 tablespoon olive oil (or other vegetable oil) butter, for frying

bine. Leave to rest for half an hour.

honey, to taste 1/4 teaspoon pure ground vanilla or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Sweeten the yoghurt with honey and vanilla and stir in most of the berries, leaving some for topping. Spoon the yoghurt between each pancake and top the tower with the extra berries. Enjoy immediately.

Heat small amount of butter in a frying pan and fry the pancakes one by one. Let cool completely before layering.

GO DO: A No cult to decide on your favorite event this summer. Have a go at it here‌ A FUTURE SCENT Reykjavik, Iceland. The exhiperience with scents and transforming the role of exhibition tured as a three-dimensional and architectural experience - a period-room installation to acknowledge the atmospheric and temporal qualities of scent. Check it out from 1 June until the end of August, 2013.

THE NORDIC RAINBOW Summer is the season for dancing, laughter, the occasional beer, and lots of music and love. This also could not more is a celebration of equality, compassion, and tolerance and ebrate this joyous parade, as they will be events to rememNorway (21-30 June), Finland (24-30 June), Faroe Islands (27 July), Sweden (30 July -3 August), Iceland (7-12 August), and Denmark (20-25 August).

ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES boutique festival that goes against the grain of the larger, more commercial music festivals. With its award-winning sound and acclaimed eclectic events, it has been through the greatest cities Iceland on 28-29 June Skeletons, and The Fall amongst others, do not miss out on this major music event!

ordic Summer


GO TO ROSKILDE ing atmosphere with a musical lineup that makes you want to be in multiple places at the exact same time. Festival in Denmark, a must-go, seven day event. From 29 June to 7 July, you can expect to see lots of happy Scandinavians and some occasional naked bodies running free in the wild. If you have not yet experienced this sensation of a music event, this is you


A NORDIC PARADISE: G! FESTIVAL The Faroese G! Festival is truly an exceptional experience. It will exploit all your senses, push the standard limits, and exceed your expectations of what a traditional music festival should offer. In a location like no other in Gøta, Faroe Islands - an extraordinary village surrounded by dominant mountains, a charming landscape, and a view of the foggy seas. The locals will greet you with a Faroese beer and a warm embrace, and you will dance on the beach in wellies

18–20 July.

THE SECRET OF HENRY’S DREAM named and themed after the Nick Cave song. The event will be held from 18 to 20 July. Recently added to the lineup was the ever-so-cool at a secret location somewhere in Denmark. When you purchase a ticket, you are given an address from where you will be picked up and transported to the festival area together with the other guests. The secrecy of the festival adds freedom, excitement, and creates a unique community.

LISTEN TO THE SWEDISH BOY talent emerging from the undergrounds of Stockholm. sively catchy, electro-pop with a twist is unlike anything

can be seen at the Emmaboda Festival in Sweden on 23 July and Pstero in Norway on 16 August.

DOWN BY THE LAITURI This annual celebration in the city brings the most interesting bands, rising stars, and local big names in the world of rock, pop, and many other music genres to the Turku, Finland. 24-28 July also provides major outdoor dances and other fun events for people of all ages.

FULL MOON DANCE The scenic landscapes of Pyhäjärvi, Finland provide the stage for the leading lights of Finnish and international contemporary dance. The Full Moon Dance Festival from 25 to 27 July centers rary?” It is a challenge addressed to the future of dance - what it may look, feel or sound like. This will be a truly unique Nordic event offering a delightful program including dance courses, workshops, and discussion events.

SEE THE ICELANDIC MONSTERS On 13 August, the streets of Aarhus will be invaded by Icelandic indie/folk pop band Of Mon-

return home to the hills of Scandinavia after a long worldwide tour. Make sure to catch them live at

STINE GOYA STORE OPENING ing news comes from the Danish design queen, Stine Goya. Her amazing prints will now be available at their own Copenhagen. The exact location has yet not been released, however the store will be launching on Copenhagen Fashion Week in mid-August 2013.

BARBARA I GONGINI & ORKA collaboration Ă­ GONGINI are collaborating on an art piece which will be di played in Frankfurt 13 June to 15 September. The interactive design pieces will feature the artistic experience.


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Nordic Style Magazine is a magazine that focuses on bringing Nordic fashion and design to the global market. www.nordicstylemag.com

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Nordic Style Magazine is a magazine that focuses on bringing Nordic fashion and design to the global market. www.nordicstylemag.com