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The season of joy

Another year is coming to an end, and the Holiday season is the perfect time to celebrate the good things in your life, like family and friends. It is all about showing them that you care about them, and that you’ve put extra thought behind their gifts and the way you spend your holiday together. For us here at Nordic Design Collective, we love this season! It is such a great opportunity to find that perfect gift for your loved one, made with passion by one of our designers, with style, quality and a unique expression. In this issue, we are endulging in the Holiday spirit, with inspiration for gifts, our favourite recipes, DIY projects and a great calendar packed with inspiration to countdown to Christmas Eve. Welcome, we hope you enjoy this issue. Thank you for reading, following and supporting us!

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HOLIDAY Indulge in the spirit of the Holidays! We love the season of giving and joy, and have collected our best ideas and inspiration in this magazine. With ideas for everyone on your list in our Gift Guide, a few favourite recipes and a couple of Holiday DIY projects, you are all set to go! All products are of course available online, just click in the magazine to find what you’re looking for!



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CHRISTMAS SPIRIT As we are counting down to Christmas, it is time to decorate your home to get in the festive spirit. Add candles, a new tray in your kitchen and top it all of with a few new details in the colour of Christmas!


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Holiday A NEW GIFT IDEA TO YOUR INBOX - DAILY! We know, it is difficult to come up with ideas from Christmas Gifts to all and everyone. To easy your burden, we will be sending you a carefully selected Gift Idea every day, starting December 1 and all the way to Christmas Eve! Sign up now to get a new Gift idea delivered to your inbox daily.



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Get in the mood with a beautiful calendar! Designer Matilda Svensson has created this desktop calendar to get your computer in that holiday spirit.





FOR HER Celebrate the woman in your life with something that adds a little extra sparkle to her everyday life. A piece of jewellery is a classic gift that can never go wrong! Posters with strong women is another way to empower your lover, friend or sister.


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FOR THE KIDS The Holidays are all about the kids, right? Sweet, soft and adorable, we have great gifts for kids in all ages. Lovely posters to decorate the kids rooms, beautiful mobiles or soft blankets to cozy up in – what will you put under the Christmas tree this year?


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FOR THE KITCHEN Are you looking for a gift for the passionate home chef or the dinner party host? How about a Chefs Towel with cutting schemes, a new tray or a new set of coffee cups? For the curious home chef, we can definitely recommend to try the Äggcøddlers, a brilliant new way to serve eggs!



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WARM APPLE “GLÖGG” Pour cloudy apple juice in a pot together with fresh ginger, cardamom seeds and cinnamon sticks. Let simmer for about 30 minutes. Add honey if you want it sweeter, and a sip of good cognac if you want a touch of alcohol. Enjoy! The glasses and pitcher are recycled wine bottles, beautifully redesigned by Återbrukshyttan.


CHRISTMAS EGG TREAT Based on an ancient British tradition, Äggcøddlers are porcelain cups to make tasty egg treats and snacks. Just add egg, spices and boil - and you’re ready to go. To inspire you for the upcoming season, the designer behind the Äggcøddlers are sharing his favourite recipe based on the Swedish traditional pickled herring.

Recipe for the XXL Äggcøddler: Add 2 eggs, pickled herring with onion, sour cream and chives.

Best ser ved with boiled potatoes, so cream, chiv ur es - and wit h a be e r an d schnaps to go with it!



SOFT & COZY The winter can be cold in the Nordics. Time to get some warm, soft and cozy gifts. Warm blankets and soft cushion covers are just a few perfect things to put under the tree.


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HOLIDAY PARTY GIFTS The season for parties is here, and wouldn’t it be great to find the perfect gifts for the hosts? A bottle of wine or a flower is always nice of course, but we want to suggest something else. Bring them a calendar with Swedish Fika recipes for the year to come, a funny tote bag or a ceramic jar for their favourite tea.


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! y t f a Get cr MAKE YOUR OWN Our designers are true creatives, and many of them love crafting. We got two of them to share their favourite project for the season, and what makes a room more festive than garlands?

This starry garland is from Maria, the designer behind Havsglas Sverige. You need a strip of paper and a pair of scissors. You can use paper from magazines, wrapping paper, maps, wallpaper... Copy paper quality is the easiest to fold.


GARLANDS 1. Tie a knot paper strip.

2. Tighten and flatten the knot. Cut the paper bit that´s left over above the knot.

e in one end of th

4. Continue to fold the paper strip around the knot.

3. Fold th e paper str ip straight up and flatten it.

5. Put in the last bit of the strip and flatten the knot.

6. Use yo ur thumbn ail to carefully p u sh the si des of the paper k not. It’s sup posed to be ”puff y ”.

Shop the collection from Havsglas Sverige in our store: 7. Your star is do




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From Created by Malin, we got two different ideas for garlands. These tutor ials will show you how to make the different garlands really easy and quick. And you will find the most of the material at home!

Shop the collection from Created by Malin in our store:


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POM POM GARLAND All you need to make a pom pom is yarn, a fork, and some scissors. You can vary the size of the pom pom by using a larger fork, like a salad serving fork. Take the yarn and wrap it around the fork about 100 times. Make sure to leave two loose pieces of tarn to tie all the loops of yarn together. Slip the wool off the fork and cut the yarn loops in half with your scissors Fluff it out and trim the pom pom with the scissors to a round, firm shape. When you have done as many pomp oms you need you sew them on to a thread. Now you´re done and ready to hang your pom pom!

STAR GARLAND Use an old book or some other nice paper that you like. Draw a shape using a cookie cutter or similar, then cut about 4-5 stars at the time. Fold the stars in the middle and glue them together, every star needs 4-5 shapes, but you can add more to get different appearances to the star. Put a sting in the middle of the star before gluing the last pieces together. Put as many stars as you like on the string and vary the size of the stars. On the bottom of the string you can put some wooden beads to get some weight on the garland.


FOR HIM Celebrate the man in your life and add a touch of Nordic spirit to his everyday life. Darker colours and raw materials add a more masculine touch to the Nordic style. Get him a new mug for the morning coffee, a brand new computer case or maybe a pair of elegant cufflinks or a leather bracelet?


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BLACK & WHITE It can be really difficult finding a gift to someones home, but with black and white you’re always safe! Why not a new and stylish lamp, trays for the kitchen or a trendy necklace? Black & White themed posters are also a classic choice that can never go wrong.


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INSPIRED BY NATURE Nature is a great inspiration for people in the Nordics, and these are a few gift ideas inspired by nature. Anything made from wood is an obvious choice for this category, whether it being candle holders, lasercut Christmas Tree decorations or lamps. Hanging posters to your wall with motifs from nature is another popular way to bring nature into your home.


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Enjoy the holidays! In our big Gift Guide you will find inspiration and ideas for all and everyone. We’re also giving you some extra Holiday...