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ISSUE NO.1 Autumn 2017

Welcome to Nordic Kind!

For those of you that have read Nordic Living before, you might notice someting is a bit different. We have a new name for our website and online store - and a new name an a new look for the magazine! But a lot is still the same. We still have a passion for independent designers, beautiful products and inspiring content. The Scandinavian way of life is all about finding the beauty in the simple things, a sophisticated simplicity in style. We know how to do hygge, lagom and a proper fika. We want to share how you can add a bit of Nordic to your daily life, bring you to discover our region with us and help you place a bit of Scandinavia in your own home! Welcome to join our world, a Nordic kind of design and life. We hope you will enjoy our new look.

Maria Richardsson, founder and the team of Nordic Kind Ps. As always, we love to hear your what you think about our work! Tell us through social media or send us an e-mail. We want to hear it all the good, the bad and the ugly. 2

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Time to enjoy Hygge

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Wis Design Nordic Kind of Autumn

Trendspotting at Formex

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style guide 3 STEPS TO GET The Nordic style is all about creating a feeling. You want to get a sense of peace and serenity. Mix it up with personal items that you really love to really set the atmosphere to the room. We will help you define the most important features to get that Nordic style in your own home. One of the most important aspects of this is to make conscious decisions about how to decorate your home, not just go with the flow and add things just by default. This is one of our passions, not to just get caught in the quick and easy consumption of mass-market things, but to only buy things that you actually care about and that someone has been putting their love and commitment into making. Things of good quality that will last a lifetime, rather than being outdated next week by a new trend. If you at the same time get to support a small business, that’s even better.



DECLUTTER YOUR HOME The simplicity of the Nordic style is based on making space. Start in one room, move everything out and just start over. It’s amazing what that does to a room! It clears the energy and makes space for serenity. When moving things back in, just add furniture, art and special items that you really care for. Less is more when it comes to Nordic design.



LIGHT COLOURS AND NATURAL MATERIALS The foundation of the Nordic style is light walls and furniture in different bright shades and materials. Our winters are so dark, we need to compensate with white walls, to make the most of the light we have. Use white or soft grey as a base and mix it up with a variety of different shades of soft colours like pastels with a hint of grey in it. Wood and materials like linen, wool, leather, cotton and silk add texture and life to a room, and when mixed with accessories made of harder materials like glass and pottery, you get the perfect mix.


PERSONAL TOUCH Finally, bring out those favourite items that make you really happy. Photos of your family, your granny’s old crystal chandelier or a design classic will make you feel right at home. These are the things that represent your personal style and who you want to be.


style guide

YOUR NORDIC STYLE Serenity, soft colours and natural materials are key when bringing the Nordic style to your home.


Featured products from left: Herbpot White by Camilla Engdahl, Kontrast Pouf Deep Blue by Yndlingsting, Polygon Coasters Nude by By May, Poster Winter by Peytil, Poster Rinse by Stefan Isaksson, Vases Consilium by Scandinaviaform, Orgel Table Lamp by Wis Collection. Find these and more products to create your Nordic style in our online store.


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Text and photo: Maria Richardsson

In the spotlight


“We are ready to focus more on our own products” Lisa Widén and Anna Wallin Irinarchos are the creative minds behind the design studio Wis Design. During their 10 years of working together, they’ve created amazing products for different brands, and they are now ready to put more focus on creating their own products.


We meet in their studio in Bromma, just outside of Stockholm. They both live in the same area and actually spend about equal amount of time in both of their homes and studios. "It has been very practical for us during these last couple of years, since we both have three small kids. Our youngest babies are actually born just two months apart" they tell us. "Being able to be flexible is probably one of the best thing about having your own business together with a partner and friend, and we’ve been able to cover for one another with maternity leaves and so on. And we do complement each other in the best way, I couldn’t have done this without Anna and she couldn’t have done it without me" Lisa says, and you can really tell that the both of them has a great understanding, love and respect for one another. Both Anna and Lisa have creative backgrounds. "In my family, it was my grandfather that was very artistic and really supported me when I wanted to draw and paint. I still couldn’t really think you could actually make a living from drawing, so I studied economics, marketing and


graphical design. During a school project when we were doing packaging design, I discovered the joy of working in three dimensions and applied for Beckmans College of Design. It turned out to be just perfect for me" Anna tells us. Lisa has a similar story. "My parents both have really ordinary jobs, but are very creative in their spare time and have been really supportive. Right after high school, I got a job at an advertising company. Having worked there for five years, I felt I wanted to do more than ads for different companies, and applied for Beckmans" she tells us. They met during their studies at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm. "We were both kind of boring during our studies" they laugh. "We weren’t there to find new friends, we both just wanted to focus on the work. When we finally did a project together, we found that we complemented each other and have worked together since graduating in 2006. We usually start a project or an idea with lots of talking, texting each other ideas, sending pictures" they tell us. "Anna then does the first sketches and then Lisa creates the final drawings".


One of their first pieces, a drawer called Decades, is actually featured in the collections of the National Museum in Stockholm


It seems to be a very good partnership, since it has been 10 very successful years. One of their first pieces, a drawer called Decades, is actually featured in the collections of the National Museum in Stockholm, and their clientlist includes companies like Ikea, Klong and Casamania. "We love the mix of working with different clients, and we do both product design and interior design. Ikea is of course a wonderful client, with their knowledge and resources, but one of our most exciting and emotional projects was doing interior design for the Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital in Stockholm. It really warms your heart to see that we do can support children during a tough period in their lives". Even though their work span over so many different areas, you can still find a common theme. "We want to design products that have a function, preferably more than just one. It has to have some kind of twist to it and we like to keep it playful but still clean and stylish".

During the years, they’ve always had the dream to create more of their own products. "Even though we love working with our clients, it gives you even more freedom to create your own things, that’s why we created Wis Collection. And now, when our babies are getting a little bit older, we finally have time to put even more energy in building the collection". However, they will not quit working with clients. "No, we love to do that as well. The different kind of projects feed each other, and we love to get challenged by clients". From what I can tell, they have a very exciting future ahead of them. They are dreaming of moving to a bigger studio where they can work fulltime together, and with their wonderful creativity I’m sure we will see a whole range of amazing products as well.



n o i t c e ll o c e v i s u l c x E


In collaboration with Patternplan and Anette Carlsson Moberg, we are proud to present our first collection, a series of high quality posters.


The ink paintings are inspired by the Scandinavian autumn - the crisp air, the muted colours and the shifting colours of the trees. "I find my inspiration at home, in my garden and the senses of right now. I spend a bit of time in the garden every day, collecting new impressions of colours and scents that I then express in the form of paintings" Anette Carlsson Moberg tells us. "I love how the seasons of the year changes the landscape around me, and I try to capture that in my paintings. The scent of autumn is now in the air, and that inspired me in the work for the Nordic Kind of Autumn collection." The motifs are called "Lunden" (The Grove) and "Vinterek" (Winter Oak). Each poster is personally signed by Patternplan, and printed on high quality Hahnemühle Studio Enhanced 210 g paper in the size 50x70 cm. "We are so proud to be able to present our first collection, and happy to have such a talented and lovely artist like Anette to

help us develop it. Our commitment to new Nordic design is based in the passion for the people behind it, and we want to help and support them in any way possible. By doing our own collections we can also help our customers get a more personal touch to their homes, knowing that each item is carefully selected, made with love and representing a personal story" Maria Richardsson, founder of Nordic Kind, says. "Being a part of context with other people is important for me. I thrive in the company of people with drive and different skill sets than me, and that we push each other to create an even better result. That is why I was so happy to be invited to this collaboration, and why I’m proud to part of Nordic Kind. I know that they will cherish the creativity of the designers and make it flourish", Anette Carlsson Moberg continues. The Nordic Kind of Autumn Collection is available for order today, at 1750 SEK for the pair (950 SEK each). We offer worldwide shipping.




Formex Twice a year, the design community gathers in Stockholm to attend Formex, the biggest trade show within the design- and trend industry in the Nordics. We went there to spot what’s hot right now.

Each show has a theme, and this year the theme was Nordic Space. "We’re turning inward when we refer to ‘space’. In an uncertain world we often seek comfortableness, a cozy haven, says Christina Olsson, project manager of the show. The entrance area did not have the big inspirational exhibitions with tons of products that we’ve seen before. Instead, it was filled with cushions, soft music and bubbles blowing, offering a moment of relaxation.


The palette is inspired by bare skin, mud, crispy mint and berry tones. Shiny, high-tech surfaces meet natural, timeless materials such as wool, wood, terracotta and leather. The expression is comfortably generous and embodies the new luxury - feeling good.



Going through the rest of the show, we noticed a lot of dusty pastel colours. Greyish green and pink were dominating, mixed with natural materials like leather, ceramics and wood. The best, and most stylish, example of this was the exhibition by colour company Jotun. It was very sculptural, designed by norwegian stylist studio Krükvik & D’Orazio, showing the palette of the season 2018. We loved it!




The Danish word “hygge” has become a worldwide phenomenon. But what does it really mean?


Hygge is defined as "a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being". However, all Scandinavians are pretty good at enjoying proper cosiness. Light a lot of candles, pour a good cup of coffee and get comfortable in your sofa with a blanket and a couple of cushions.

A day of bad weather is the perfect texcuse to go all in on hygge, focus on the cosiness of your home, and enjoy the smaller things in life. Invite friends over for an evening with candlelight, cheese and snacks, or curl up in your sofa with a nice cup of coffee and a good book. We think that we all deserve more hygge, more time to get cosy and to enjoy life in its simplicity.


style guide

GET YOUR HYGGE Autumn is the perfect season to add a bit of Hygge to your home! Create a cozy corner for a nice cup of tea and a good read. Textiles and posters in autumn colours like mustard and brown creates the perfect setting to light a few candles get comfy in your sofa.


Featured products from left: trays Höst by Patternplan and Wallmo by Magdalena Tyboni, Thummed Cup with Coaster by Sophia Wallgren, poster Amundön III by Dan Isaac Wallin, Leather Candlesticks Alva by Saga Melina, Porcelain box Strand Yellow by TinaKatarina H, posters Wasteland I by CJohansson Foto, Together by Stefan Isaksson, Cushion Cover Lovebirds Offwhite by Nadja Wedin and Traces Mimosa Yellow Linnen Throw by Butler/Lindgard. Find these and more products to create your own kind of Hygge in our online store.





Sophia Wallgren is a ceramist based in Stockholm, Sweden. “I’m not very fond of consumption as it looks today, but at the same time I think it is very valuable to surround yourself with things that you like, and this is where crafts fits right in” she says. Her products are created slowly and with a lot of care. Her ambition is that her pottery will give people joy and add something new in this already overcrowded world of objects.




places we love


Our office is based in the city of Malmö in the southern part of Sweden, the third biggest city of Sweden and just across the water from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. It is the best place to be if you are anything like us, loving the good life, food, drinks, design and entrepreneurship. And we’re not the only ones who love Malmö and Skåne. Vogue, Metro UK, The Telegraph, Condé Nast Traveller and USA Today do also seem to have a soft spot for our home town. We wanted to share what we think is the best spots to go in Malmö, so we took our team out on the town to show you why we love our home town!


MALMÖ SALUHALL Louise: "If you love the good and tasty things in life, Malmö Saluhall is a must to visit when in Malmö. Based in an old goods warehouse that has been empty since 1955, two foodies brought in star architect Gert Wingårdh to create this amazing and beautiful space for high quality and local produced food. The mix with restaurants and food suppliers is a dream for anyone interested in good food. We love to go there for lunch, maybe a falafel in pita bread (Malmö is famous for all of the falafel places) from Falafel & Burgers and vanilla rhubarb icecream from Favvoglass for the perfect ending to a perfect lunch."


BELLE Kristoffer: "The best cocktails in Malmö is served just off Möllevångstorget, at Belle. I love the soft atmosphere and the bartenders are the most passionate I’ve ever met. They cook their own syrups, finds the best spirit brands and create magic in a glass"


DJÄKNE KAFFEBAR Maria: "Sometimes, you need a change of scenery to get your creative juices flowing. A beautiful setting and a great cup of coffee also does the trick, and there is no better place to get that kick than Djäkne Kaffebar. They serve great coffee from selected local roasters, and they’re also a co-working space which means that laptops are more than welcome. Perfect for entrepreneurs like us, looking for new energy and inspiration from time to time!"

RIBERSBORGS KALLBADHUS Jessica: "Malmö has a long beach in the city center, with the landmark Turning Torso at one end and the bridge (yes, The Bridge, known from the tv series with the same name) to Copenhagen at the other. And in the middle of it, there is Ribersborgs Kallbadhus - an open air bath, built in 1898, with café, sauna, spa. I just love it!".


AB SMÅLAND With a mix of fashion, interior, flowers, workshops and a café, AB Småland is the perfect destination when you’re in central Malmö and not really sure what to look for. The location is in a magic old building, where the escalator to the second floor is placed in an indoor courtyard. Most of the furniture is vintage (and for sale as well) which gives this place a very personal touch, and the café has been named Café of the year in Malmö so it is definitely worth a visit.

GRANDPA Just next door to AB Småland, Grandpa recently opened their first store in Malmö. They also carry a wonderful mix of clothing for him and her with interior details and lifestyle objects to brighten your day.


FORM/DESIGN CENTER In an old building from the 16th century, old meets new in the Form/Design Center. With exhibitions of contemporary design, a popular shop and a cafe, it is a perfect spot to visit to get a design update.

Find links to all our favourite spots in our online magazine.






Jollygoodfellow is a duo consisting of Mr & Mrs Tanttu – Esa (graphic designer) and Lisa (art teacher). They are based in Arlöv, just north of Malmö. Since the start they have worked in the borderland between design, art and craft. Through various types of products the duo work with a graphic expression from the design to the final piece, including screen printing by hand. Since sustainability is important to jollygoodfellow Esa and Lisa use eco-friendly paper, organic cotton and reuse test prints through creative upcycling.



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Nordic Kind of Living 17-01 - Welcome!  

New name and a new look - but still the most inspiring content.

Nordic Kind of Living 17-01 - Welcome!  

New name and a new look - but still the most inspiring content.