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Trendspotting for the new season

New seasons leads to a lot of talk about new trends, and as usual we visited the main trade shows in the Nordics to check out the latest trends. As they are not open to the public, we want to give you a peak in to what’s showing and what the main talk is about. Even though colours and materials might slowly change over the seasons, one of the major trends seems to be here to stay. Working with high quality materials, sustainability and craftmanship is still the talk of the town at the trade shows, and that makes me so happy. Visiting the trade shows also brings a lot of inspiring meetings with our designers. It is always so much fun to meet with them in person, hear their stories and check out their new products. So join us for a trendspotting tour of the Nordics, visiting both Copenhagen and Stockholm. I hope you will find it as inspiring as I do.

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CONTENT Northmodern, Copenhagen


Trend: Get your hands dirty


Trend: Colour of the year Formex, Stockholm


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AT NORTHMODERN IN COPENHAGEN The new year kicks off with trade shows to show off the coming trends and product news. We are starting our trendspotting tour with a visit to Northmodern in Copenhagen. Text & photo: Maria Richardsson

Inspired by the Danish Modern movement and the Copenhagen lifestyle, the trade show features new international talents, Scandinavian design, furniture and lifestyle. The trade show is held at Bella Center, just outside of Copenhagen, and I love the space. The natural day light in many of the halls really brings something else to the experience.

The overall impression from Northmodern is very impressive. We still see a lot of wood and shades of grey. Match it with pale, dusty pastels, preferably blue or maybe pink.



Throughout the show, there were designfeatures like these amazing light installations.




We saw a lot of plants, bring a sense of spring, and sticks of cotton seems to be the new trend flower.



But above all, the biggest trend was thefocus on craftmanship. A lot of the exhibitors has brought their tools to the exhibition, whether they were working with ceramics, wood, glass or textiles. It was so great to see more of the work behind the products, I just loved it!




GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY Handicraft, do-it-your-self or craftmanship. The trend is growing stronger and stronger, and we spotted a lot of signs of this in both Stockholm and Copenhagen. Text & photo: Maria Richardsson

One of the best - and most appreciated - area of Formex in Stockholm, was this workshop area where you could try to do your own textile print inspired by the traditional Japanese Shibori technique. In Copenhagen, they had a dedicated area for all things handmade, and everyone there brought part of their


studio with them. That really added to the experience, getting to see the actual tools used when making the products. I really like how the craftmanship was brought into both shows, and I think we will see more of this in the coming years.





COLOUR OF THE YEAR Every year, the colour institute Pantone selects the colour of the year. Except this year, when the went for two! Presenting Rose Quartz and Serenity, the balance between the warmer rose tone reflecting connection and wellness and the cooler blue representing a soothing sense of order and peace. This is our take on the colours.

From top left: poster Marie by Anna Grundberg, shower curtain Aquarius from A Grape Design, posters Maze II by Wood + Ink, The Humpback Whale by Angelica Sollander, cushion cover Bugs and Butterflies by Nadja Wedin, tray S:ta Maria Magdalena church by Tian Gan, rug Milk Spilled by Simon Key Bertman.


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From top left: posters Nordic Fauna 1 by Nouchii, Ancient Blossom no.3 by Details by M, A Bird’s Nest by Carolina Grönholm, Pink Haze by Havsglas Sverige, hanging pot Ulla by Camilla Engdahl, placemat Polygon nude by By May, sandwich plate Navajo by SB Studio, vase Consilium by Eva Levin, cushion cover Feather Pink by By May, paper sculptures Negroni by Future Days, cushion cover Tara Pink by Aderelles.






We never miss out on visiting Formex, the big design- and trendfair taking place twice a year in Stockholm, Sweden. Not only do we get a feel of the trends, we also get to meet many of our designers. Text & photo: Maria Richardsson



Let’s start of with the big trend exhibition at the entrance hall. This year Oddbirds got the job to create the exhibition, based in the overall theme Nordic Kicks. Formex themselves describes the theme like this: - We design our interiors with a personal touch and a lot of color as well as with warmth and artistic sensitivity. The trend theme can be summarized by the phrase, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, something given�.



We did see a lot of blue tones, mixed with natural materials like wood and concrete. Ceramics, textile and corc continues to be important materials in the mix. We could also see a lot of tactile products, playing with shapes, and structures. Macrame is still a big trend and we noticed everything from large wall pieces to small hanging vases.




MEET OUR DESIGNERS This season, as many as 26 of our designer exhibited at Formex. This is the perfect spot to show off their season news and full collections to press and retailers. Tag along for a tour of their exhibitions! Many of the products are already available for order on Nordic Design Collective. Visit our online Popup Store with Formex news by clicking below.


Popular Lina Johansson showed her beautiful textiles in spring inspired pastels.


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Top left: The very popular mini vases from Eva Levin has gotten new friends, and don’t they look good together? I believe we have a couple of new bestsellers here! Top right: Ceramist Camilla Engdahl is hitting the trend with hanging plants perfectly. Right: Havsglas Sverige also showed a few variations on hanging vases, all inspired by the sea in different way. This showed in her exhibition, which really gave you a sense of life at the beach.


Above: Ă…terbrukshyttan are re-using old wine bottles to make these lovely glasses and candles. Left: Anna Grundberg launched a new pattern. And I loved her ceramic bunnies! Opposite side, top left: Sabina Wroblewski Gustrin launched new patterns in lovely spring colours. Top right: SB Studio had an inspiring set, showing her Navajo coasters. Opposite left: Form Nomad Designstudio showed this smart and goodlooking bike bag in two pieces, handmade in Vietnam. Opposite right: The Sapphire side table by Future Days, inspired by origami, is perfect for the small things like keys or sunglasses.



Top left: The new collection from Saga Melina is called Frost, inspired by the climate challenges we face. Top right: Top notch necklaces from Langaeble Stockholm. Left: S채gen is creating the most beautiful jewellery from recycled porcelain. This is a new model. Opposite side, top: Sparv Accessories showed her beautiful collection at Formex for the first time. Opposite left: All organic and all handmade. The spa line from Hing is inspired by the Nordic nature. Opposite right: The soft silk scarfs with beautiful patterns is created by EmmaKisstina.



Top: Jollygoodfellow, well known for their screen prints, presented this concrete bowl for the first time. Left: The blanket “Viskadalen� from Patternplan is made from the softest ecological cotton. Opposite top: The 5-in-1 bags from Bukvy is now available in 4 different colours. Right: The silicone placeholders from By May is very popular, and now they also have matching tea towels.



Top: Bestselling Camilla Edfors launched a couple of new posters - just as beautiful as the rest of her collection. Left: Nadja Wedin brought her pens to the exhibition. Her intricate patterns are as popular as ever. Right: The candle light holders from Kattvik Design were shown at Formex for the first time. Works perfectly for both indoors and outdoors.




Top: Kids brand Ejvor has the most colourful exhibition by far. These hangers are perfect for the kids room.

Top: Pingo Pots presented a line of pots with different patterns and colour schemes.

Left: Wallmark Formstudio presented this beautiful wall hanging printed on linen.

Did you like any of the products from our designers? You can be one of the first to get you hands on them! Check out our online Formex Popup Shop where we collected the news of the season!


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