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Led by a passionate group of intrepid female explorers on a mission to find unique hidden gems and create lasting impact through travel, our team shares a common vision of showcasing the wonders of East Africa, providing customers with exceptional service, personalised attention, and a passion for travel that is unparalleled. Contact us to plan your trip of a lifetime.



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Our first Guest Editor: Embracing Adventure

Dear Readers,

July brings us the exciting first issue of this year’s Nomad magazine where we set out to capture the essence of exploration and share the spirit of wanderlust, showing you awesome pieces on adventure travel.

I’m excited to have been chosen as Nomad’s first external editor for the magazine - a welcome opportunity that allows professionals in the industry to open up the playing field and include a wider variety of influencers and creatives.

As someone who has hiked and travelled extensively, I have discovered that it's the personal connections we forge in the untamed wilderness that etch themselves into our souls.

Read about the stories of explorers who have challenged boundaries, conquered their fears, and encountered lifechanging moments.

In this issue, we take you to the majestic peaks of Mt Kenya where a daughter sets out to conquer Kenya’s highest mountain with her 78-year-old dad. We also learn about 3 amazing women who are shaping adventure travel in Kenya, then we go for a run at the Lewa Marathon and also discover some interesting insights into fly fishing.

All of this and more as you read through some thrilling adventures.

Whether it's conquering a mountain peak or plunging into the depths of a waterfall, may this issue be your guiding compass, leading you to uncharted territories and unforgettable experiences.

It’s now your turn to answer the call of adventure! Happy travels!

Alex K.

Alex Kamau is an entrepreneur, a designer, and the founder of Lets Drift, which is Kenya's largest community for adventure enthusiasts.


In this Issue,

Past & Upcoming Events

Noteworthy events, recently and coming up

Hot Shots

Top photographs by Kenyan photographers

Dad & Daughter

Conquer Mt. Kenya

A story of bonding and determination

Lewa Marathon

The run that’s helping conservation

Koros Camp

Northern Kenya’s best-kept secret

Women Adventurers

Women pioneers in Kenya’s adventure scene

Adventure in the Coast

Getting your adrenaline fix at the coast

Let’s Drift

Bringing together curious and creative adventurers


From Nairobi to Elgeyo-Marakwet

Untamed Uganda

Discovering Uganda’s wild beuaty


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Experiential Travel

Ideas on how to travel sustainably


In April 2022, I traveled to Nepal with a group of friends to do the infamous 21-day excursion to Everest Base Camp. It was there that I first encountered James, known as KG, as he prepared to climb Everest as part of the Full Circle Expedition, a 10-person all-black team aiming to double the world record for Black Summits on Everest in a single season. The trip leader had handpicked KG, the only non-American on the team, because of his extensive experience as an outdoor trainer.

The Journey to Everest, which was released in April 2023, gives a detailed background on James Kagambi's ascent to the top of the world at the age of 62. From

Book Review

The Journey to Everest is a book written by James “KG” Kagambi. It's the story of a Kenyan mountaineer who made history by climbing Mount Everest - the world's highest mountain. In this 87-page book, 63-year-old James shares the preparations leading up to the 40 days climb including his determination to raise Ksh10 million to help him realize his dream of becoming the first Kenyan to reach the mountain’s peak which stands at a dizzying 8,849 metres above sea level.

an elementary school teacher to a NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) instructor to the first African to conquer Mt. Denali (the highest mountain in North America), and then Mt. Everest, to me, KG's story not only exemplifies commitment to the process, but it also demonstrates how purpose seeks the prepared.

As a young leader in the adventure industry, KG's narrative is both an inspiration and a challenge. From overcoming racial preconceptions to physical restrictions, the book serves as a reminder to embrace the journey and boost others in the same manner that we have been lifted.


10to4 Mountain Bike Challenge

24th - 26th February 2023

The 10to4 Mountain Bike Challenge, now in its 21st year, raises funds for the Mount Kenya Trust (MKT) - a charity that promotes the sustainable management of Mt Kenya's biodiversity (since 2002, over $600,000 has been raised!). The event offers different routes based on cycling levels but is designed to challenge even the most experienced cyclists!

Lewa Marathon

24th June 2023

The Lewa marathon is renowned as one of the world's most demanding and fulfilling, following a challenging route along the conservancy's dirt roads, traversing the vast savannah plains, and encountering many animals along the way. This event has been instrumental in supporting conservation projects throughout Kenya for more than two decades and every participant's involvement plays a pivotal role in conservation’s future.

3rd June 2023

Rhino Charge is a one-day 4x4 off-road event during which competitors are required to visit 13 checkpoints scattered over approximately 100 square kilometres of rough terrain within a 10-hour period. On June 3rd, Rhino Charge occurred in Nkoteyia, Samburu County, and achieved an impressive result by raising KES173 million shillings for the NGO Rhino Ark Charitable Trust!

Rhino Charge Safari Rally

22nd - 25th June 2023

The annual WRC Safari Rally is held in Naivasha and captivates motorsport enthusiasts from around the world. Renowned for its challenging and thrilling course, competitors can expect rocky tracks and unpredictable weather which could transform dry and dusty trails into viscous mudbaths. As one of the most prestigious rallies in the World Rally Championship calendar, the Safari Rally exemplifies the spirit of adventure and endurance.


Kilifi Gold Triathlon (KGT)

23rd September 2023

The KGT is the most popular sprint triathlon in East Africa. The race starts with a swim across the boat channel in the Kilifi Creek, after which participants grab their bikes (BYOB… bike, not booze!) to cycle across the forest for 20km and finally, run 5km up and down Cardiac Hill and onto the beach through the finish line.

Lamu Yoga Festival

25th–29th October 2023

The Lamu Yoga Festival is a 5-day festival celebrating yoga, health, and wellness and attracts yoga enthusiasts from all over the world. Classes, workshops, and seminars are available, as are live music and cultural performances. The festival also provides an opportunity to learn about Lamu's beautiful culture and history.

Rusinga Cultural Festival

21st-22nd December 2023

The Rusinga Cultural Festival is the event of the year that takes you to one of Kenya’s hidden gems on Lake Victoria. It’s two days of nothing but music, fashion, film, food, artistry, literature, sports, and conversations taking you back in time to the wealth of the Suba Culture. The festival is always held on the last Thursday and Friday before Christmas on Rusinga Island.

Maralal Camel Derby

Date TBC

The Maralal Camel Derby is considered one of the largest and most prestigious camel racing events in Africa. It has gained popularity for its challenging racecourse and the vibrant cultural experience it offers. The festival celebrates the traditional culture of the Samburu people, who are known for their nomadic lifestyle and reliance on camels.


My name is Donald Kamau aka SunChaser.

I’m a landscape photographer and my aim is to showcase the impact of the Sun on nature and the beauty that the sun bestows on the world. Pictured here is a sunset in Maasai Mara.


Cosmas Rotich is an avid outdoorsman, hiker, and photographer who specializes in aerial drone photography. He's a financial reporting expert by profession.

Pictured here is an aerial shot of the sunrise over Kerio valley from Maron Viewpoint, Elgeyo Marakwet.


Braxton Omondithe talented man behind Picture Guru - captures moments to be treasured forever with a little seriousness and a whole lot of fun.

Pictured here is drone footage of flamingos in Lake Elementaita.


Dad & Daughter Conquer Mt. Kenya

Njambi Kimani is a Channel Marketing Specialist as her 9-5, but all her free time is spent in nature and the outdoors.

dad celebrated his 78th birthday atop Mount Kenya, summiting the snowcapped peak of Lenana Point"

Njambi has always wanted to be a KWS ranger and in 2021, she joined Let’s Drift, Kenya’s community of people who love adventure, specifically hiking. At the time, she spent her weekends hiking; and if she was not treating summit fever on a mountain, she was chasing waterfalls.

To Njambi, there is no difference between her adventures and her other life: "The rules that need to be followed while hiking still apply to everyday life, where we still have to face and climb mountains. I use the same consistency, endurance, knowledge, and tenacity in my 'normal’ life as I do to tackle mountains, waterfalls, and other hikes.”

One experience that has stuck with her was when she hiked to the top of Mt. Kenya with her 77-year-old dad. “My dad has always been a nature lover. I definitely got that from him,” says Njambi. When she was getting ready to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro, she invited her family on a practice hike at Ngong Hills. To her surprise, her father

did really well on a trail that many hikers term as hard.

After seeing his daughter scale Africa's highest peak, Njambi’s father expressed an interest in climbing mountains too, so they planned a trip to Satima, Kenya's third-highest mountain. He became one of the first to reach the top of the 4000-meter mountain, the highest point he had ever been to!

Shortly after climbing Mt. Satima, he got the idea to climb Mt. Kenya for his birthday. For training, they climbed Rurimeria Hill (3,860m above sea level) in the Aberdares, which is one of the steepest mountains that shows the true measure of endurance. Afterward, to test his speed, they went back to Ngong Hills, noting his significant improvement.

Njambi’s dad celebrated his 78th birthday atop Mount Kenya, summiting the snow-capped peak of Lenana Point. He has been featured in one of the local newspapers as being one of the oldest (if not the oldest)


Kenyan to have summited Lenana Point.

“I have climbed a total of 4 mountains with my father and nothing beats watching countless stars in the quiet of the mountains or playing with snow on the second-highest mountain in Africa. We have always had a good relationship and he has been a constant presence; an encourager, and a huge supporter in my life, so it was nice to see him lean on me for the same,” says Njambi.

She believes that hiking is a mental activity, so how you talk to yourself to keep moving matters. If you start with the mindset that you do not have to get to where you are going, you will talk yourself out of it; but if you strive, push yourself, and surround yourself with likeminded people, you will get closer.

"Let us be honest, hiking and mountaineering have risks," Njambi says. "Just by living, we are at risk. But it’s always best to prepare. Prepare your mind and body. Gear up. Team up for preparation and keep going. I told my dad he could slow down or speed up, but he never stopped moving. Why wait? Life's short. Live it and make unforgettable memories while you can. So what’s next for us?

To summit the highest mountain in Africa!"


These two-wheeled wonders have revolutionized the way we explore, blending the joy of cycling with the power of electric assistance. From conquering challenging terrains to discovering hidden gems off the beaten path, there is a boundless sense of excitement they bring to every adventure seeker.

In the past few months, The Rift eBike Company, together with Let's Drift and Tubike Tours, introduced the first electric mountain bike tours to the Kenyan market, giving riders a newfound thrill to conquer challenging terrains.

The Rise of E-Mountain Bike Tours

The arrival of electric mountain bikes has changed mountain biking all over the world.

In the list below, we have curated three of our most loved routes close to Nairobi that make for great e-bike adventures.


The scenic tea plantations, complete with cool breezes, rolling hills, waterfalls, and even some man-made forests, make this trail a perfect haven for bike rides. After a ride, be sure to grab a cup of coffee at the lovely Nifty Coffee Cafe.


KeFri Forest in the Zambezi is a little-known gem when it comes to e-bike tours. Though

mostly known to hikers, e-bikers can also enjoy this route.


Known mostly for adrenaline-rush adventures like bungee jumping, Sagana provides some of the best trails to experience an e-bike ride. With numerous camping and dining facilities, Sagana comes highly recommended.

We encourage riders to take the necessary safety precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. This includes wearing a helmet and appropriate protective

gear, such as knee and elbow pads. Ride at a speed that is comfortable for you, and remember to keep in mind other riders and pedestrians sharing the trail.

We understand if you want to try out e-bikes solo (...actually, no, we don’t really) but follow the @theriftcycleco on Instagram for organized e-mountain bike tours or check out the calendar on the Let's Drift website for upcoming events.


Encouraging Sustainability in Kenyan Tourism

In the realm of experiential travel, every step you take and every experience you embrace becomes a transformative encounter. As the leading consulting company committed to supporting the sustainability of tourism destinations, the STTA has observed that since the Covid-19 pandemic, experiential travel is the newest travelling trend. So, what exactly is experiential travel? It's about immersing yourself in the authentic essence of a place, engaging with

its culture, heritage, and people.

Now, here's the exciting part: Kenya, with its stunning landscapes, rich biodiversity, and vibrant cultural heritage, provides an ideal canvas for experiential travel to flourish. Whether you're traversing the untamed wilderness of the Maasai Mara, hiking the slopes of Mount Kenya, or exploring the vibrant coast, every experience will be an invitation to connect, learn, and grow. By engaging with local communities, supporting

responsible tourism initiatives, and fostering cultural exchange, we can ensure that the benefits of travel are shared equitably and contribute to the long-term wellbeing of Kenya and its people.

Here is why experiential travel will sustain Kenyan tourism:

Preservation of Cultural Heritage

The Maasai culture dominates Kenya's image. This has

unwittingly excluded other Kenyan communities, leading to a large underrepresentation of other tribes. Experiential travel gives exposure to underrepresented cultures, allowing you to experience the country’s cultural diversity.

Travellers get to learn about lesser-known cultures, traditions, and lifestyles and appreciate their contributions to our legacy.

Conservation and Environmental Stewardship

Experiential travel encourages travellers to explore breathtaking natural landscapes while respecting and protecting the delicate ecosystems. Conservation efforts are showcased alongside wildlife protection initiatives, resulting in memorable and educational experiences that will have travellers reciting plenty of “fun facts”. For example, why not go rhino tracking on foot with rangers in Borana? You’ll get face-

to-face with white rhinos and grevy zebras and forget why you ever even did a safari in a vehicle beforehand!

Empowering Local Communities

Local communities actively participate and benefit from tourism activities with experiential travel. By offering authentic experiences such as cultural exchanges, and guided tours led by community members, experiential travel empowers locals by providing them with a sustainable source of

Dominic Wanjiru is a climate champion at Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda (STTA Kenya), winning their Rising Stars Award twice as leader for his enthusiasm toward sustainable tourism advocacy and practice.

income and creating opportunities for entrepreneurship and skill development. Why not try it out for yourself with a hike up Mt Ololokwe with a Samburu Guide? You’ll be contributing to the local economy and learning plenty of fascinating things about their sacred mountain.

Authentic and Memorable Experiences

Experiential travel immerses visitors in unique and authentic experiences that create lasting memories. Whether it’s

exploring the Tigoni tea fields, experiencing Githobokoni waterfalls or learning traditional beadwork from local artisans in Rusinga, these immersive encounters foster a genuine connection with Kenya's people and landscapes. Experiential travel holds immense potential for sustaining Kenya's tourism industry. It is a journey that will ignite a sense of adventure, broaden your horizons, and pave the way for a more sustainable future in the world of travel. Are you in?


The Race to Save

The Lewa Marathon is widely regarded as one of the most challenging and enticing marathons in the world. It is an annual race that raises money and awareness for

Runners get the opportunity to witness the amazing beauty of the conservancy, with a view of Kenya’s wildlife. The Lewa Marathon is a particularly important event since, in addition to showcasing the abilities of athletes, it contributes to the funding of conservation programs all around Kenya; helping preserve the country’s natural history.

Run Free in The Wild

In a way that no other race accomplishes, this one blends arduous physical activity with up-close and personal interactions with Kenya’s untamed nature. On their journey, which includes a half marathon (21.1 km) and a full marathon (42.2 km) long, runners go through a variety of landscapes, including expansive expanses of savannah. Elephants, giraffes, and zebras may

also be found roaming throughout the area at any given time. This incredible adventure helps forge a personal connection with wildlife and serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of defending and sustaining natural ecosystems.

The Finishing Line is Conservation

Over the course of more than two decades, the Lewa Marathon has been an important source of funding for Kenyan

environmental initiatives. The event organisers, Tusk in partnership with Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and Safaricom have collaborated with the neighbouring communities to safeguard this wildlife region. In turn, this has helped reduce cases of poaching while promoting sustainable development. The funds raised have been useful to programs that assist in the education and protection of wildlife as well as the improvement of the local communities.

Africa's Wildlife

wildlife protection and preservation in Kenya and takes place on the beautiful yet rugged dirt roads inside the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Runners’ Impact

Notably, every participant in the Lewa Marathon plays an important role in bringing attention to the challenges that face Kenya’s wildlife. In previous years, former marathon world record holders, Catherine Ndereba and Paul Tergat have taken part in the Lewa Marathon. By lacing on their footwear, they

transform into advocates for the environment and help spread awareness about the importance of its preservation.

Support Local Communities

The event is not just about running; it's about making a positive impact on the lives of people in the surrounding area; such as ensuring that

they have access to essential services like education, healthcare, and sustainable livelihood opportunities. It's all about giving them the power to build a better future for themselves.

The Lewa Marathon is a fantastic illustration of how athletic competition can be used to bring about social change. It establishes a connection

between the exhilarating experience of endurance and the importance of preserving the environment as well as the cultural traditions of the local communities.

Haven't run the Lewa Marathon before? Be a part of those making a positive impact and try it next year!

"The athletic competition that is bringing about social change"

Koros Camp: The North’s Best Kept Secret

Few have been, but all want to explore, Kenya's alluring north is an adventure haven. Located at the northern end of South Horr Valley, approximately 45 km from the shores of Lake Turkana, Koros Camp is a hidden gem in the western border of Marsabit County, northern Kenya. The camp is the brainchild of Tropic Air Helicopters and Lattitude Adventures.

Amory and Karina who operate Koros Camp have a deeprooted connection to the region and a wealth of

experience in the bush. Their passion for the outdoors and extensive knowledge of the local environment shines

through in the exceptional experiences they create for their guests.

The charm of Koros Camp lies in its intimate and

exclusive setting. With six newly built thatched cottages, accommodating 12 people, it is a perfect retreat for friends


and family, ensuring a personalized and unforgettable experience. Each room features ensuite bathroom facilities with hot showers, blending comfort with the camp's natural surroundings.

The camp offers options for self-catering or fully catered stays, ensuring personalized and exclusive experiences. The accommodations strike a perfect balance between simplicity and comfort, providing the perfect retreat in the heart of the wilderness.

One of the highlights of a visit to Koros Camp is the opportunity to explore the mesmerizing Lake Turkana, often referred to as The Jade Sea due to its breathtaking color. A short drive away, Lake

Turkana is the largest desert lake in the world and the most saline lake in East Africa. The camp provides access to Fiammetta, a 24ft aluminum boat equipped with twin 100HP Suzuki 4-stroke outboard engines. From the boat, you can marvel at the dramatic volcanic landscape, spot Nile crocodiles, and witness the communities residing along the lake's shores. The lake is home to the impressive Nile Perch, offering the ultimate fishing challenge. These magnificent fish, sometimes weighing well over 100 lbs, will put your skills to the test. Koros Camp is not only a gateway to natural wonders but also a cultural immersion

experience. The region is predominantly inhabited by the Samburu tribe, often referred to as the Butterflies of the North due to their vibrant attire. Guests have the opportunity to interact with the Samburu people, gaining insights into their rich traditions and way of life.

For those seeking adventure, Koros Camp offers expeditions to Mount Kulal, where you can witness endemic plants, birds, and reptiles while taking in breathtaking views of Lake Turkana. The Chalbi Desert, an ancient lake bed, is another extraordinary destination accessible from the camp during the dry season. This arid expanse dotted

with small oases provides a glimpse into the survival tactics of both livestock and birdlife in this harsh environment.

At Koros Camp, you can indulge in the rugged and remote terrain, partake in thrilling activities like quad biking, birdwatching, walking, and exploring the dry sandy riverbeds. The camp's open-plan and airy mess area serves as a communal space for meals, relaxation, and escaping the heat of the day. You can cool off in the pool area or enjoy a sundowner while taking in the vast landscapes and big skies that surround the camp.

The adventure doesn't end there; imagine spending a night under


the stars on South Island, a designated World Heritage Site protected by the Kenya Wildlife Service. As the vast expanse of the night sky surrounds you, and the sounds of the wild fill the air, you'll experience an unparalleled connection with nature.

At Koros Camp, you may be lucky enough to encounter a variety of wildlife, from elephants and leopards and wild dogs to rock hyraxes. Embark on walks through the sandy riverbeds, immersing yourself in the rugged and remote terrain.

With its vast landscapes, big skies, and a sense

of freedom, Koros Camp invites you to experience the beauty and adventure of Northern Kenya. Whether you choose to visit during the cooler months of June and July or witness the burst of wildflowers after the rains in May and October, Koros Camp promises an exceptional adventure. If you're a bird lover, a nature enthusiast, or simply seeking an escape from the ordinary, this camp promises an unforgettable journey. So pack your bags, embrace the spirit of adventure, and get ready to embark on an epic safari experience at Koros Camp.

How to get there: Helicopter

Koros Camp has its own helipad, for easy exploration of the breathtaking deserts and lakes of Northern Kenya by air, making your adventure even more thrilling. Tropic Air offers some incredible excursions within the area.


While there are no regular flights to the area, guests who prefer to arrive by private air charter can land at Sadar airstrip, located approximately 20 kilometers from the camp. Koros can arrange your vehicle transfer.


Simply search for Koros Camp on Google Maps, and you'll be guided right to the doorstep. If you're traveling from Nanyuki, it's approximately a 7-hour drive via Isiolo and Laisamis (or about 10 hours from Nairobi). The road is fully paved until Laisamis, where you'll take a left turn onto a murram road.

So whether you choose to arrive by air or embark on an adventurous road trip, rest assured that Koros Camp is within your reach, ready to offer you an unforgettable experience in the heart of Northern Kenya.


Women Shaping Kenya’s IndustryAdventure

A revolution is taking place in the realm of adventure in Kenya. Traditionally, adventure sports and outdoor activities have been considered predominantly male domains, but a growing movement led by women is challenging this perception…

Violet Karanu is a backpacker, hiker and adventurous mum to an 11-year-old child.

The most exhilarating thing I've done so far was…

…backpacking with my son through Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda, and the Congo! It was magical to swim with turtles in Zanzibar and I'll never forget the thrilling feeling I had when a silverback gorilla walked right by my legs in Rwanda. My son still talks about bungee jumping from a height of 43 metres in Uganda!

As a woman, safety is the main thing I worry about.

It is much safer to travel in a group, and when I have to move alone, I always let my emergency contact know where I am or where I intend to go.

I made it my goal to teach my son the value of travel…

…to instil in him a sense of curiosity, wonder, and respect for the natural world. I want to inspire Kenyans, especially parents, to take their kids out and let them enjoy their own sense of adventure.

My next grand adventure is…

Backpacking through Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa with my son. If we get sponsorship, we intend to start over the Christmas holidays; experiencing different cultures and adrenaline-packed activities before returning home.


Iman Kagumba

Iman is a professional cyclist, a self-taught sports massage therapist, and a social worker and community developer.

What is the most exciting thing you've done so far?

The most exciting thing I've done outdoors is organise and take part in cycling events for charities back in Mombasa, where I grew up. These events could be things like giving out tampons in orphanages, getting resources through cycling meet-ups, or educating the community about mental health issues.

What problems have you had to deal with as a woman in your field?

I have had to deal with a lot of problems, such as sexual harassment, theft and robbery while cycling, and muscle overuse injuries. Occasionally, there are hit-and-run accidents when I'm out in nature as well as weatherrelated challenges such as heat strokes.

As one of the few female cyclists in Kenya, how are you shaping the future of adventure travel?

I want to try and offer a safe space for people to discuss their experiences. I have shared my mountain biking experiences on social media, encouraging others to cycle with me, join me on a trail hunt, and raise awareness about body care and recovery massages through my platform.

What's your next big adventure?

I want to ride my bike from Nairobi to Oloitoktok, then into Tanzania to Lake Chala, ride through to Arusha, and back into Kenya through the Namanga border. This trip will be about 500 km long and almost 5000m high!

Sharon Maingi

Sharon is a mum, motocross racer and trainer at the Offroad Adventure East Africa school.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I've lived an adventurous life since childhood, so I looked for jobs that paid me to travel as an adult, allowing me to explore trekking, rock climbing, eco survival, kayaking, and rafting!

What is the most memorable thing you've done so far?

I think my most memorable moment was this year when I entered my first enduro biking competition, which I believe is my true passion - I'll never forget riding through Kenya's wild with my daughter and husband cheering me on.

What has been your experience in Motocross as a woman?

Don’t hold yourself back. Motocross is one of the few sports in the world where men and women participate in the same category. The group is incredibly friendly and helpful to women. So, I do what I can to get women of all ages to at least try to get out of their comfort zones.

How are you contributing to the future of adventure travel in Kenya?

Adventure travel in Kenya has been a privilege for most. My aim is to keep showing the transformative impact of adventure on one's well-being, with the aspiration that others will take an interest in this.


Thrilling Adventures on Kenya's Coastline

So you want to visit the coast and are looking for new activities to try out?

Sure, you’ve always got your snorkelling, kitesurfing and dhow rides, but this time the Nomad team are showing you some of the lesser-known heart-thumping activities…

Forest Bike Tour and Sundowner by the River

Ride through the coastal mangrove forests as you explore Diani on a bike. The tour passes along Kaya Kinondo, a sacred forest of the Mijikenda who use it for prayer or community meetings. Learn about sacred trees and plants in the area before moving to the Kongo River Estuary; known for its spectacular sunset views. The tour also concludes with an hour-long canoe ride on the river through the mangrove forest.


Swimming with Dolphins

A must-try activity is to swim alongside the dolphins and be in their world even if for a brief moment. You can see the dolphins at Wasini Island which is about 18 km from Diani and opposite the harbour of the village of Shimoni. What’s more, most people who visit rave about the food on the island and if you’re lucky, you can also spot humpback whales!

Shimoni Caves

Speaking of Shimoni, take a stop at the Shimoni Caves. The caves, made from limestone, are located close to the ocean and are part of a community-operated museum. Learn about the history of the slave trade where slave merchants once used the caves as a holding port for slaves captured by their hunters. The caves are also used as a prayer site and sometimes, rituals are performed by the Kaya elders.

Camp or Picnic by Sheldrick Waterfalls at Shimba Hills National Reserve

Shimba Hills is the second largest coastal forest in East Africa, located 3 km away from Kwale town and roughly 2 hours away from Mombasa. There are 4 campsites in the reserve where you can stay and visit the famed Sheldrick Falls: a 21-meter-high drop of fresh spring water, and explore Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary which hosts the highest density of the African Elephant in Kenya. Why not support the elephant dung paper project while you’re there; an initiative by the Mwaluganje community where they use elephant dung to make paper. As you head to the sanctuary, you might pass Kaya Mtae, a hill clearing in a sacred forest where traditional spiritual leaders and elders still gather.

Check out the Africa-shaped pool at Tiwi Beach

In Kwale, make a stop by the secluded Tiwi beach. Unlike most beaches on the coast, Tiwi has ebbs with many smaller pools and is less frequented, which brings a private kind of vibe to your trip. It is a great snorkelling spot as there are coral reefs with a variety of marine life, and near the coral reefs is a pool shaped like the map of Africa! It is even reported that next to the pool, there is a cave you can swim through all the way to Madagascar. Pro tip: wear beach shoes as there can be quite a number of sea urchins.


Reeling In Memories

Daniel Gichuru is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hiking, biking, fishing, and camping in addition to his professional career in sales and business development.

While on our way to the Aberdares, a friend brought a spinning fishing rod and I decided to try my first hand at the Magura River. Spontaneous, right? Turns out spontaneity doesn’t equal luck because our lines kept twisting and we didn’t catch anything; but on the bright side, I discovered a new hobby: fishing. I resolved to go back to the Aberdares and changed course to try fly fishing - what would become my new passion.

Fast forward to today,

and I’m obsessed with fly fishing. While spin fishing has a greater range, fly fishing has an advantage as it can mimic the bait more vividly by using a lighter rod and a light fly. As an angler, I spend time observing the water in order to choose the ideal fly to fish with. I look out for things such as the movement of the water, observing its clarity, and the presence of frogs or insects.

My hobby allows you to spend significant time alone beside rivers,

ponds, or lakes so you become more acute and attentive to sounds. The sounds of the river, the birds, and the silence heal my spirit, and because fishing requires patience, you must learn to breathe in and relax. This peacefulness is only broken by the excitement of a catch, my biggest being in Lake Rutundu when I caught a 25-inch Rainbow trout!

While the allure of Kenya's savannas usually lies in the majestic big cats that attract tourists,

the intrepid fisherman can discover an equally remarkable experience. That’s why I want to encourage others to experience fly fishing. Kenya's handcrafted lures have become essential for anglers worldwide, a popular option within the fly-tying industry.

For anyone wanting to venture into fishing: avoid using live bait (it leads to overfishing), use the catch-and-release technique. Now, get out there and learn something new!


Let’s Drift at 5: How it all began

In July 2017, I graduated from college, packed up my bags and returned to the village to live with my parents. I was very frustrated and confused. The millennial success dream that I had held onto for so long was never going to happen.

Instead, I found myself in the middle of an existential crisis; a quarter-life crisis.

I was a very ambitious design student hoping to make a name for myself by getting employed at a respected agency. However, when in my last year of college, I joined a new company that was launching a business magazine… only they went bankrupt after six months.

And so, that’s how I ended up going back to the village; I wanted to restart, or to be honest, not start anything at all.

My life picked up when I got introduced to an acquaintance who was on a similar journey of selfdiscovery. We devised a plan to meet every Sunday, and because we didn't know what this next chapter of our lives entailed, we called it drifting, affirming our belief in serendipity,

purpose, God, or whatever it was that would get us to where we sought to be.

In a few months, our little Sunday adventures started attracting other ‘drifters’, often friends who had seen my posts on Instagram about our forest and waterfall strolls. We didn’t know what we were up to, but one thing was for sure: it felt like home.

A year and a half later,

I was ready. I wasn’t planning on launching a startup or company; I always hated those, but I was so ready to set out on this dream that it seemed like the only next step. It was something that gave me so much ambition, light, and meaning as an adventurer and hiker.

Insurmountable obstacles lay ahead of me. In Kenya and generally around the world, most startups die even before


they launch, and having witnessed the killing of two companies before, I figured it was only a matter of time until it happened to me.

But just as the movement had picked up and momentum grew, 2020 happened, and the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The world started shutting down and most businesses were fighting for their lives. And then everything changed. For good.

What we couldn’t have anticipated was how the pandemic lockdowns would instigate people to seek healthier hobbies. Remote working, social places closed, families stuck at home - all this made people in need of an outlet…and their search led them to Let's Drift.

It’s hard to imagine what my life would be like today if I hadn't taken that first adventure to pack my bags. In retrospect, I am

grateful for the quarter-life crisis, for village life, and for the pandemic.

Let's Drift turned 5 years old this July. Our team now consists of a network of more than 30 outdoor guides. We have organized more than 800 hikes and other outdoor experiences, leading groups of up to 500 adventure seekers every month.

When I meet people on the trails and in

interviews, they ask me, "What’s the future of Let's Drift?"

I honestly don’t know how to answer this question, but I can say that one thing’s for sure - we’re guided by a vision. A vision of a world where adventure is a way of life for everyone. And to create that world, we have to encourage others to pack up and march into adventures as if everything they know or believe is at stake.


Road trip to Elgeyo Marakwet

I have been on more road trips than I care to count throughout my travels, but if I had to pick one that I would like to do again, it would be through the Elgeyo Marakwet region, located in Kenya’s North Rift.

Elgeyo Marakwet has a special place in my heart and I am undecided on what appeals to me more: is it the untouched landscapes? The endless mountain scenery? Or the beautifully coiling, never-ending road?

On a Tuesday afternoon in September 2022, a friend of mine called. The instructions were simple: pack my belongings, he'd be there in a few minutes to pick me up, and we would finally do our road trip up North; one we had put on hold for months.

Day 1:

Nairobi to Kapsowar

The first day consisted primarily of travelling. We left Nairobi at 2pm for the four-hour drive to Eldoret, our only stop being in Nakuru, where we had a late lunch. Our goal was to sleep as close as possible to the location of the following day’s adventures.

Day 2:

Kapsowar, Maron, Kapenguria, and Iten

This was the most memorable day of our adventure. We woke up at 3 am to chase the sunrise and since Google Maps does not work here, we took directions from our hotel host. We gambled our way through the foggy Cherangani forest to be rewarded by the most majestic sunrise at Maron Viewpoint.

We had lunch at the historic town of Kapenguria before driving down the never-ending maize plantations to our last pursuit of the day: the breathtaking Torok waterfalls. While the waterfalls are easily visible from the Iten Kabarnet road, our mission was to get to the closest viewing point, which did make our drive longer but it was so worth it! After a long day of travel, we arrived in Kabarnet town, where we ate dinner and stayed for the night.




Kabarnet, Simot waterfalls, Nakuru, Nairobi

While day three was the easiest of days with only one place to visit, it was filled with curiosity as we toured Baringo County, which has been associated with war and famine and overlooked and underestimated for its glorious and beautiful landscapes.

We drove 40 minutes from Kabarnet town for a hidden gem: Simot Waterfalls, a twin waterfall in Baringo North, enlisted as a UNESCO site.

From there, we started our drive back to Nairobi through Nakuru, concluding one of the most random and worthwhile road trips I have done so far.

Want to go on this road trip? Here are some tips:

Be in the know.

The Maron, Marich Pass, and Kapenguria roads pass through areas that are prone to bandit attacks. Before the trip, we watched the news, and during our trip, we consulted the locals, who gave us assurance that we were safe before we embarked.

Check the weather

Some areas in Elgeyo Marakwet and West Pokot are prone to flooding due to heavy rainfall, rendering some roads impassable and dangerous to drive through.

Get buddies

Road trips are more fun when you have friends or family. Besides sharing costs, other benefits include helping each other in case of a breakdown or an emergency.

Be kind to locals

This is the golden rule of adventure! Wherever you go, be genuinely kind to the people who live there. Talk to them, buy from them, and interact with their culture. This helps in overcoming biases like the one I encountered in Baringo County. I had anticipated a terrifying place only to be pleasantly surprised by the area's beauty and friendliness!

We’re creating the ultimate Travel Club for YOU. Join our community and get access to Kenya as you’ve never seen it before. Get rewarded for doing what you love… …and love doing what you do. All of this and more. September 2023.

Untamed Uganda

Uganda, often referred to as the Pearl of Africa, offers a wealth of natural wonders and thrilling adventures for travellers seeking an unforgettable experience. Beyond its renowned gorillas, the country boasts a diverse range of attractions that showcase its exceptional beauty and rich biodiversity.

One of Uganda's notable features is the Albertine Rift, which boasts a striking skyline shaped by eight volcanoes. Among them is the impressive Sabyinyo, an extinct volcano situated within Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Hiking enthusiasts are drawn to its challenging trails and the chance to conquer its summit, which rewards them with panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

Located in the foothills of Mt. Elgon National Park, Sipi Falls is a hidden gem that offers a serene escape. The falls cascade down cliffs into the Kyoga basin, creating a mesmerizing sight. Visitors can immerse themselves in the

tranquillity of the area, explore the surrounding coffee plantations, and enjoy the finest Bugishu Arabica coffee, known for its exceptional quality.

In the southwestern part of Uganda lies Queen Elizabeth National Park, a remarkable protected area that showcases the country's diverse wildlife. While the park is home to various animals, including elephants, kob antelopes, and chimps, its tree-climbing lions are a particularly soughtafter attraction. Travellers can embark on a safari adventure to the Ishasha region, where they have the opportunity to witness these unique lions defying gravity as they rest on branches.

Uganda's natural wonders, beyond its famous gorillas, offer a wealth of extraordinary experiences. From conquering volcanoes like Sabyinyo and admiring the scenic beauty of Sipi Falls to encountering the remarkable treeclimbing lions of Queen Elizabeth National Park, the country presents a captivating blend of adventure and natural splendour for those seeking an exceptional journey.

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"Sipi Falls is a hidden gem that offers a serene escape."

Adventure Junkie

Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for your adrenaline-seeking friend? We have curated a list of exhilarating activities that will unleash their inner daredevil.

1. Go-Karting: Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon

Rev up the excitement with the high-octane sport of go-karting and encourage friends to embrace their inner speed demon.

Locations: Whistling Morans in Athi River, Mad Max Karting at Two Rivers Mall and GP-Karting Langata

2. Rock Climbing: Conquer New Heights

Rock climbing is the ultimate challenge for those who want to test their mental and physical strength. Give your friend the chance to climb towering rock formations on climbing walls. Locations: Lukenya hills, Hell’s Gate National Park

3. Hiking: Connect with Nature's Majesty

Encourage your friend to go on trails that are right for their fitness level and take in the beautiful scenery. Gift them a Let's Drift subscription for unlimited monthly or quarterly adventures.

4. Shooting Range: Sharpen Your Aim

In a controlled and supervised environment, get your buddies focused and concentrated on improving their marksmanship.

Locations: Ammodump, Kwenia Shooting Range - Magadi, Bamburi Rifle Club (BRC), Nanyuki Sports Club, Kenya Regiment Rifle Club, Langata

5. Bungee Jumping: Leap into the Unknown

Give your friend the chance to defy gravity whilst they fall from a great height, hanging from a bungee cord.

Locations: Rapids camp- Sagana, Bungeewalla- Sagana


24 hours in Arusha

Whenever you’re in Arusha, I would recommend starting your day at Arusha Coffee Lodge, a haven for coffee lovers. Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee while taking time to explore the surrounding space that is Shanga; a favourite tourist destination. What’s cool about Shanga? It is a social space showcasing exquisite homeware, jewellery, and souvenirs and solely employs and empowers differently-abled people.

After coffee, make your way to the Cultural Heritage Centre, a place that never fails to amaze me. The vibrant collection of African art and sculptures from Tanzania and across Africa is inspiring, a testament to the creativity of the local artisans. A 30-minute drive from Arusha town will take you to Napuru Picnic Site. You can choose a leisurely stroll (as I prefer to do) or an adventurous hike, with the Napuru Waterfalls as the peak highlight of this hidden gem. No visit to Arusha would be complete without indulging in its culinary delights. Head over to River Trees, a charming country estate

situated alongside a meandering river. The estate, formerly an old coffee farm, exudes the timeless essence of its agricultural past. The serenity, ambience and surrounding natural beauty are sure to take you to a place of pure relaxation and contentment. Oh, and you must try the delicious pizzas!

End the day under the view of the majestic Mt.Meru as you visit the exclusive Nduruma Polo Club. Allow yourself to be captivated by the elegance and grace of the sport with the breathtaking backdrop of the mountain, the perfect finale of our unforgettable journey in Arusha.

Osse is an Award winning Travel, Lifestyle and Commercial Photographer from Tanzania who lives at the foothills of Mount Meru, Arusha with His Wife and Kid.

24 HOURS IN... 49

What I pack for a hikeday

Hey, my name is Jovial James, a passionate outdoor and fitness enthusiast. As a facilitator at the Let's Drift community, I have to pack ready for any situation. Here is some of my gear that never leaves my bag.

Sun protection, Swimming costume, Rain gear, Water, Warm layer, Hammok


Since we are a storytelling community, I enjoy freezing amazing moments and experiences while on the trails. Some of the pictures are published on our website as well as our Instagram page.

Medical kit

Adventure in its definition involves stepping out of one's comfort zone, taking risks, and seeking out novel and thrilling encounters, I come prepared for any wild encounter!

Emergency supplies

We all do wonder what the other side of the forest holds for us, the question "what if" lingers in my mind every time I leave my house. Items like aluminum blanket, poncho and water filter will always be with me.

Props and fun

Who does not love some fun while on a snack break? I always have with me some card games like spot it or Uno. A group of 2-8 can participate for some challenge.

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