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OUR VISION By 2017 the National Minority Technology Council will host 40 DEAL Centers across the US TM

The National Minority Technology Council is organized into 40 Districts across the US. This District Strategy allows each district the opportunity to provide regional support for our national initiatives. Our DEAL Centers will be based in urban areas to both attract and support minority participation and economic empowerment. In order to create, sustain, and grow each center the Council will develop local stakeholders including our member owners of minority technology companies, Federal, State and Local government, non-profit, Education, and other supplier/corporate partners who believe in our vision to transform and develop communities enriched by both technology and faith in the human desire to serve.

NMTC Council Districts Washington DC San Francisco Baltimore Los Angeles Dallas Georgia Richmond Denver San Antonio North Florida

Santa Ana San Diego Houston New Jersey Columbus South Florida Arizona New Mexico Hawaii Oklahoma

Alabama Seattle Philadelphia North Carolina Illinois New York Louisiana Minnesota Massachusetts Nevada

Portland El Paso Sacramento Kansas City Salt Lake City Cleveland Tennessee St. Louis Michigan Connecticut Pittsburgh

NMTC DEAL Centers are at their core fertile soil for the realization of the American Dream. Our desire is to create new businesses that support or are enabled by technology. More than an incubator our centers are focused on community building and developing pathways to success. We realize that there may be many systemic barriers to starting and growing your business. We also have an understanding of the complexities facing businesses as they go through each changing life-cycles from inception to exit. At the core of entrepreneurship is commitment and risk. Our goal is to develop a network of “centers of excellence� taking on the culture and beauty of each community. Our methodology is based on outcomes and accountability models that promote forward progress toward goals and dreams. One of our major outcomes is the creative environment of the Centers themselves. DEAL Centers strive to create a collaborative environment promoting teaming and trusted partnerships. Idea creation, support and accountability are critical components to our Center member success. We will focus on developing a safe environment that promotes success and job creation in a family environment.

Without a vision people perish. The Council understands the role it must play to bridge relationships and invoke God’s love in order to break the strongholds on our urban communities. We advocate critical thinking and responsibility. People rise to higher expectations with relevant examples of success. To those forces that are inspired by greed and racism we argue that our US economic hope is based on our ability to transform our leadership into the inevitable realization that the minority community of today is going to be the majority community of tomorrow. It is at the risk of our National Security that we cannot settle for any lack of parity in our education system or in our procurement decisions. We must fight to emancipate our communities and we are well positioned to advocate a bright future for every law abiding American citizen.

Knowledge transfer starts with willing parties. It is important to make the distinction between ignorance and apathy. We believe that community engagement is not based on starting with the assumption that something is broken. Instead we start with the notion that there is a system of entitlement and exploitation that feeds on ignorance and fear. Our vision rests on the idea that respect and economic prosperity can only be met by commitment and hard work. However the natural bridge of changed expectations must be built in our communities. Resources must be brought and new paradigms promoted. Community learning coupled with the bond of faith, transformative thinking, and enlightened stakeholders will ignite and spawn innovation. Our learning process captures both the Design process and the realization that relevant and trusted business mentorship is missing in our urban communities. We have a “cradle to career” mindset and each DEAL Center will focus on STEM and lifelong learning. It is important to our community partners that our approach be long-run. Our involvement in k-12 and higher education will range from establishing a speaker bureau for our members to workshops and camps for youth. Of course at the core of our DEAL Centers is the business of teaching and facilitating “How To” workshops, classes, and one-on-one consults to educate and empower our member clients. The shortest distance to success starting. We encourage the learning process and that includes failure. Sometimes we only need someone to dust us off and encourage us to try again.

“NMTC DEAL Centers will transform how our country considers minority business. Our opportunity to become a Trillion Dollar Industry will only be reflective of our unfailing push to include those who are disenfranchised. Inclusion is the necessary risk mitigation to our current bridled economy. We all must get to work of building our future, and we must rely on the brilliance of every child, no matter what their ethnic origin.”

Karl Cureton, Chairman, National Minority Technology Council

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