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Academic breadth and depth. NMH course list

Inclusive. Immersive. Intellectually adventurous. That’s the beauty of a well-grounded education. It starts in small classes with dedicated teachers. You’ll expand your intellectual limits in ways you never imagined. As you do, you’ll discover that traditional borders begin to break down — between art and science, for example; between social justice and sustainability; between the campus and the global community. By the time you graduate, you’ll be prepared for college and primed to make a meaningful difference in the world.

ACADEMICS Teaching Faculty: 91 Student-to-Teacher Ratio: 6 to 1 Size of Student Advising Group: 6 Average Teaching Experience: 18 years Advanced Degrees: 60% Average Class Size: 11 students Academic Courses: 208 Advanced Placement and honors courses: 28 courses, 48 sections ESL classes for advanced language learners


Advanced Ballet: Technique and Theory Contemporary Dance Forms Music

The Creative Impulse: Religion and the Performing Arts Advanced Applied Music I Advanced Applied Music II Electronic Music Studio The History of Jazz Roots of Today’s Music World Music (not offered in 2019) AP Music Theory and Harmony The Evolution of Hip-Hop and its Role in Documenting Social Commentary Theater

Arts Foundation — Performing Arts Acting I Acting II Acting in Production Directing Playwriting Theatrical Design and Technology I Theatrical Design and Technology II Theater Production I Theater Production II World Drama

Visual Arts

Arts Foundation: Introduction to the Visual Arts Ceramics I Ceramics II Introduction to Design Theory Introduction to Digital Design Two-Dimensional Design AP Two-Dimensional Design AP 3-D Design Digital Photography I Digital Photography II Drawing and Composition I Drawing and Composition II AP Drawing Intensive Studio Painting I Painting II Photography I Photography II Sculptural Forms I Sculptural Forms II Stop Motion Animation Video as Visual Art I Video as Visual Art II


Humanities I: Ninth-Grade English World Literature American Literature American Literature: Shared Voices Ancient Epic * Big Books * Creative Nonfiction * Creative Writing * Crime Fiction * Film Global Women’s Literature * Journalism Literature and the Environment * New Zealand Literature * Outlaws, Outcasts, and Castaways PG English I and II Shakespeare * Speech/Oral Interpretation The Future * Writing Nonfiction AP English Language AP English Literature and Composition * denotes a senior English class ESL (English as a Second Language)

ESL: Advanced Reading/Writing ESL: English for Special Purposes History

HUM II World History HUM II World History: Brazil HUM II World History: China

(not offered in 2019)

HUM II World History: India

(not offered in 2019)

HUM II World History: Spain/Morocco

(not offered in 2019)

HUM II World History: South Africa

(not offered in 2019)

U.S. History: Shared Voices U.S. History Survey AP U.S. History Survey AP Modern European History Foreign Policy Global Inequities and Climate Change: 21st-Century Responses

New Zealand History In Their Footsteps: Rethinking Women’s History History of the Civil Rights Movement The Islamic Middle East Topics in World History Modern Latin American History: Diversity, Dependency, Democracy, Development U.S. Government/Civil Liberties War Social Science

Economics AP Economics Psychology AP Psychology Religious Studies

HUM I Introduction to Religious Studies and Philosophy HUM II Religions of the World HUM II Religions of the World: Brazil HUM II Religions of the World: China HUM II Religions of the World: India HUM II Religions of the World: Spain/Morocco (not offered in 2019) HUM II Religions of the World: South Africa (not offered in 2019) The Bible: Literature and Legacy Religion and Sexuality Ethics Bioethics Global Inequities and Climate Change: 21st Century Responses Making Meaning: Mystics, Poets, and Activists Philosophy The Islamic Middle East World Religions and Contemporary Issues Theology of the Oppressed The Creative Impulse: Religion and the Performing Arts


Algebra I Geometry with Topics in Algebra I Geometry Honors Geometry Algebra II with Topics in Algebra I Algebra II Honors Algebra II Algebra Survey Topics in Trigonometry Statistics AP Statistics Precalculus Honors Precalculus Calculus AP Calculus AB/AP Calculus BC Multivariable Calculus Linear Algebra Number Theory Introduction to Graph Theory with Python Computer Science

Programming in Java AP Computer Science Web Development I Web Development II Environmental Science

Environmental Studies AP Environmental Science

Geology The Science of Farming Biology

Biology Honors Biology Advanced Honors Biology / Extended AP Biology AP Biology Bioethics Human Physiology Chemistry

Chemistry Honors Chemistry Extended Advanced Honors Chemistry/AP Chemistry B Forensic Science AP Chemistry Physics

Physics Honors Physics STEM Physics AP Physics 1 AP Physics 2 AP Physics C Introduction to Robotics Introduction to Engineering Astronomy


Chinese I Chinese II Honors Chinese II Chinese III Honors Chinese III Chinese IV Honors Chinese IV Chinese V AP Chinese Language Chinese VI: Intro to Chinese Literature Chinese Immersion Program Chinese Conversation Immersion Program French

French I French II Honors French II French III Honors French III French IV (Contemporary Issues) French IV (Service Learning Project) Honors French IV AP French Language French VI (Contemporary French and Francophone Culture Through Literature and Film) Latin

Latin I Latin II Latin III Latin IV AP Latin: Caesar and Vergil Introduction to Linguistics Spanish

Spanish I Advanced Spanish I Spanish II Honors Spanish II Spanish III Honors Spanish III Spanish IV Spanish IV (Service Learning Project) Honors Spanish IV Spanish V (Modern Hispanic Culture) AP Spanish Language Spanish VI: Introduction to Latin American and Peninsular Literature Spanish Immersion Program: Uruguay

Northfield Mount Hermon Office of Admission One Lamplighter Way Mount Hermon, Massachusetts 01354 413-498-3227 2018–19

2018 NMH Academics  

Course offerings at Northfield Mount Hermon. A private school in Massachusetts, USA

2018 NMH Academics  

Course offerings at Northfield Mount Hermon. A private school in Massachusetts, USA