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Catalysing Innovation for Northern Ireland’s Entrepreneurial Knowledge Economy Annual Report April 2012 – March 2013





Ea Early-Stage Ventures & Wantrepreneurs W En Engaged with NISP CO CONNECT Programmes

event attendees

Chris Horn appointed Chair

Thank INTROYou 170+ ork KG HRH The Duke of York visit & agreement to thern be Patron of Northern ark Trust Ireland Science Park

stakeholders assisted in developing Knowledge Economy plans


Contributed in Volunteer Hours & Member Fees for Under £250k Public Investment

Ne New programmes: Co Co-Founders Wanted! Fr Frontiers in Science & Tec Technology




“It is a very exciting time for the technology sector in Northern Ireland and I want to help. I want to be there to celebrate Northern Ireland’s high-tech successes. There are already great examples and there will be more. You need to celebrate success because you have to get the message out to inspire younger people: we need to build heroes in Northern Ireland.”

“Creating an environment where entrepreneurs are encouraged to build companies, exit and then reinvest their time and finances into new companies, is crucial to growing a vibrant tech sector.”

Chris Horn, Chair

volunteer hours contributed

(48% increase over 2011 in value)

out of 5 event average quality rating 440 companies / entrepreneurs served event attendees




“I love the buzz of coming to work every day. I‘m very fortunate to work in the service of so many talented entrepreneurs and innovators whose ideas and products now rival any region, anywhere. With the commitment of so many people and organisations, Northern Ireland’s supportive entrepreneurial eco-system keeps getting stronger but the challenges faced by our entrepreneurs do not diminish. We will always need our most experienced and most connected people to help our entrepreneurs to make their first sale, find talent, raise capital or figure out the best way to commercialise their technology. I am proud of Northern Ireland’s culture of collaboration and welcome anyone else who wants to put their shoulder to the wheel, or their hand in their pocket, to help. Please join us.”

Steve Orr, Director


NISP CONNECT NISP CONNECT is an independent, non-profit organisation that supports the development of innovative technologies and early-stage companies through a series of educational seminars, mentorship programmes, capital competitions, and public policy advocacy. The programmes are driven by the findings of the Northern Ireland Knowledge Economy Index (“KEI”) and are guided by the pro bono contributions of experienced entrepreneurs and executives. NISP CONNECT accelerates the growth of knowledge-based companies by acting as an honest, neutral broker and aims to catalyse the commercialisation of world-class research and intellectual property. A joint effort between Northern Ireland’s academic research base, the University of Ulster, Queen’s University Belfast, the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, and Northern Ireland’s private sector, the NISP CONNECT programmes are designed to facilitate a culture of collaboration between the region’s highest quality science and technology entrepreneurs, research institutions, professional services providers and investors.



Leadership Board Chris Horn, NISP CONNECT Norman Apsley, Northern Ireland Science Park Tim Brundle, Ulster Innovations Frank Bryan, QUBIS Gavin Campbell, Bombardier Rory Clarke, Danske Bank Hugh Cormican, Cirdan Imaging Joel Ferguson, AFBI Tony Gallagher, Queen's University Belfast Chris Guy, Mills Selig James Haughey, Norbrook Laboratories Kevin Kingston, Danske Bank Philip Maguire, Northern Ireland Science Park Paul McBride, Pinsent Masons Hugh McKenna, University of Ulster Alec McRitchie, Bombardier Julie-Ann O'Hare, Bank of Ireland Neasa Quigley, Carson McDowell Scott Rutherford, Queen's University Belfast Alan Taylor, Arthur Cox




Our Process: The Knowledge Economy Index Oxford Economics has worked with us as an independent consultant since 2011 measuring the health of Northern Ireland’s Knowledge Economy today, and looking to what must be achieved in future. But it was the community that mobilised to crowdsource a robust plan of action. Over 170 knowledge economy stakeholders gave their time to a series of structured workshops, to chart the route to success by 2030.

Together, We Agreed: VISION collective consent to our 20-year ambition.

Targets defined for the next 5, 10, 15, and 20 years.

BLOCKERS identification of the three biggest things holding us back. “ A large group of diverse individuals will come up with better and more robust forecasts and make more intelligent decisions than even the most skilled decision maker." James Surowiecki, The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few

solutions prioritisation of activities to overcome the blockers, now.


NI Knowledge Economy Index

KEI Requirements for NISP CONNECT:

If the innovation community is to align in developing a world-class knowledge economy, we need a clear plan and a way to measure progress.

in the UK or Europe depending on the indicator.

Over 170 of Northern Ireland’s Knowledge Economy key stakeholders (entrepreneurs, executives, investors, academic research leaders and professional services firms) gave their time in discussing the key public policy interventions and business community actions that must happen now to address the three biggest blockers holding back Northern Ireland’s transformation:

The NI Knowledge Economy Public Policy: Over the past three months we Index helps have been actively lobbying government policymakers ministers, committees and key public officials on and trade the necessary public policy interventions organisations required to accelerate the success of indigenous plan and startup companies. advocate effectively. The report also serves as a recruiting and retention tool, demonstrating to research, leadership and management talent from around the world that Northern Ireland is a leading centre for innovation.

– Culture – Talent – Risk Capital The actions were crowdsourced from these innovation community stakeholders, through a series of seminars and workshops, over several months, facilitated by Michael McCormack, Head of Business Improvement – Ireland, BT. In addition, NISP CONNECT, in association with Oxford Economics, adapted CONNECT San Diego's Innovation Report for Northern Ireland. This resulted in the NI Knowledge Economy Index ("KEI"), which provides a set of indicators of the strength and impact of the Knowledge Economy in Northern Ireland versus other areas


Business community action: All NISP CONNECT programmes and activities are being reviewed against the KEI targets and blockers and realigned to ensure the entrepreneurial support we facilitate is targeted directly at the outcomes.

This year’s report quantified how little the needle has moved towards our key Knowledge Economy targets, and highlighted the need for specific actions. However, we are at an early stage in the journey and there was some good news, including a slight increase in relevant jobs. Publication of the NI Knowledge Economy Index 2013 is expected in Nov 2013.

Steering Team Scott Rutherford, Queen’s University Belfast Tim Brundle, Ulster Innovations Richard Fulton, Mills Selig Alan Bissett, Arthur Cox Gillian Breakey, Bank of Ireland Michael McCormack, BT Norman Apsley, Northern Ireland Science Park





We believe‌ Northern Ireland can, and will, become a leading entrepreneurial knowledge economy in Europe by 2030



Knowledge Economy Index Targets

Venture Capital Invested (pa) M&A Deals (pa) Publicly-traded Companies R&D Spend Science Graduates Innovation-based Startups Launched (pa) Innovation Businesses Operating (Total) R&D Employees Targets for Northern Ireland across core Knowledge Economy indicators: what we must achieve for success. Source: Northern Ireland Knowledge Economy Index 2011, prepared by Oxford Economics for NISP CONNECT.

2009 Actual £12M 30 3 £500M 57,300 200 2,080 6,500


2030 Target £90M 77 24 £1.05bn 71,250 500 7,000 15,130




bl oc ke


Risk Capital



The three biggest hurdles for the NI Knowledge Economy



solutions Risk Capital



NI’s current model of risk capital intervention is too small in scale and ineffective in operation to achieve the 2030 Knowledge Economy Index investment targets.

– We need stronger management teams to form and grow startup companies. – There is a mismatch between demand required to grow innovative companies and supply of key talent disciplines.

– We need our kids to aspire to be successful in the Knowledge Economy, not the professions. – We must foster a culture where businesses collaborate to compete.





Mobilising the Community to Make Northern Ireland's Entrepreneurs More Successful








Tough Love for Startups As they grow towards their goals of global success, our best entrepreneurs and their companies can benefit greatly from being mentored and battle-hardened by experienced professionals in a safe and trusting environment. Springboard facilitates the rapid mobilisation of diverse competencies to test and develop business models: do I have a product? Is there a market? How do I sell it, produce it? The Springboard programme offers free assistance to life science and high-tech companies in all stages of development, to refine and validate the strategic foundations of the entrepreneur’s business idea or company. Applicants meeting the programme criteria, from concept stage inventors and scientists to companies seeking funding, spend 8 to 12 weeks in coaching sessions with experienced Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EiRs)* to help them develop their business model and/or commercialisation strategy. Ultimately Springboard culminates in a panel presentation, offering entrepreneurs feedback from seasoned industry veterans and top tier service providers.

*Entrepreneur-in-Residence A seasoned entrepreneur or executive with the experience to help others on the commercial journey. Our EiRs give pro bono time to reviewing, guiding and challenging our most promising ventures and entrepreneurs. Programme Manager Meagan Blanton

This Year’s Graduates




EiR: Jude Lynch BRIEFED is a case management system designed to help barristers spend less time doing paperwork, less time managing their practice, and more time arguing their cases. It is cloudbased practice management software, launched in November 2012 and shortlisted for Best New Business 2012 by Belfast City Council and Best R&D Project 2012 by UTV Business Eye Awards. BRIEFED was founded by Orlagh McGahan, a practising Barrister of 10 years, looking to allow more time for case management and minimising her admin.

Analytics Engines EiR: JG Doherty

Springboard 2013

Analytics Engines specialises in high performance data analytics and accelerated computing. Analytics Engines increases customer application performance and reduces cost of ownership. Their acceleration engines bring significant commercial advantage to diverse industries performing complex analytics or real-time processing on large data volumes, such as enterprise, insurance, medical, industrial and retail.


EiR: Jude Lynch Expelliere was first established to address the global issue of discarded chewing gum on the world’s streets and has fast become recognised as a leading innovator of next-generation technology in the development of cleaning, maintenance and waste management products, systems, and services. Expelliere, with the support of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment, Queen’s University Belfast, Ionic Liquid Laboratories and Manchester University has developed an ionic solution which allows a liquid to be applied to discarded pieces of gum. The liquid degrades the gum within seconds and can be washed away immediately. The product’s ionic characteristics are not detrimental to the environment.




I-Innovations EiR: Les Curran

I-Innovations Ltd has developed MiCare Guardian, an intuitive task management platform linked with an innovative remote resident monitoring system; designed to promote a high standard of care within residential and skilled nursing homes and encourage continence. The system is currently undergoing beta testing at three local care homes.

Cleanfields Technologies EiR: Andrew Walmsley

Cleanfields Technologies Ltd is a startup that has identified a number of clean technology solutions for the treatment of waste and the recovery of energy from waste. Their flagship project is the recovery of energy from wet biomass using a clean technology called Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO). This process is truly “sustainable� and is uniquely placed to be a key technology for the developing sustainable energy market and can truly be described as a technology that provides both bioenergy and carbon capture and storage (BE-CCS).

LifeScienceHub EiR: Karl Mulligan

LifeScienceHub (LSH) identifies late stage development technologies that have commercial value and are no more than 18 months to two years from market that have faltered or do not have an obvious path forward. The LSH provides a range of services to meet the various needs through tailor-made solutions with the overriding goal of creating wealth for the stakeholders. Wound pHase, owned by LifeScienceHub, uses a novel hydrogel with a colorimetric pH sensitive response to determine the state of the wound and give an indication if the current treatment regimen is working or if it needs to be modified. The end result will be a better managed wound and will result in overall savings to the health system via better outcomes for the patient.




EiR: Brian Baird Anaeko is an IT Service Management (ITSM) software company with a focus on solving the issues created as large organisations move to the cloud. The company delivers tailored software products and solutions that help these organisations monitor and manage large IT environments, particularly hybrid environments that combine on-premise, private cloud and public cloud resources.

Tank Commander EiR: Andrew Walmsley

Commander Securities Ltd has developed the Tank Commander™, a proactive IT security device that communicates both visual and audible staged alerts to deter intruders who are in the process of attempting to commit a crime. Synchronised alerts of the presence and actions of an intruder and any damage to oil tanks are immediately forwarded via SMS texts to the owners or their management. The company has market tested the static oil application and has validated its pricing structure and market demand by domestic and commercial users. A further development of this product using the unique IP Technology is aimed at protecting mobile plant and machinery in remote agricultural or commercial locations.

“NISP CONNECT is changing the entrepreneurial landscape in Northern Ireland. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to be part of that evolution and actively engage with the entrepreneurs providing mentoring advice and support. As members of NISP CONNECT we get a tremendous insight into the startup community in NI and get involved in some great initiatives and meet some potentially great new businesses developing here, which will be vital to our future economy.” Kathryn Walls, Solicitor, Mills Selig NISP CONNECT Domain Expert




Smyson Shield

EiR: Sinclair Stockman In response to an intractable health and safety issue experienced by social housing landlords (e.g. Northern Ireland Housing Executive), Smyson Enterprises has developed an innovative, intelligent, electronic solution (The Smyson Shield) to allow social housing landlords to gain access to their properties and manage their legal requirement to service gas boilers annually. Currently the high level of no access and lack of service traceability puts the tenant at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and the landlord at risk of corporate manslaughter. The landlord pursues a costly legal route to force access. The Smyson Shield will greatly reduce the landlord’s cost of gaining access by placing the onus on the tenant to ensure access and thereby allowing the landlord to fulfil his legal obligation to carry out the annual service. The solution empowers the tenant, protects both tenant and landlord whilst saving time and money. The Smyson Shield will significantly reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, appeasing the fears of both public and public housing authorities. It will automatically record service dates and engineers thereby ensuring traceability and assisting in the ‘Due Diligence’.

Tim Harrison “There can be few things more satisfying than creating a culture and environment in which talented entrepreneurs can succeed, seeding society with role models and success stories. Business success is all about making the right connections, and the NISP CONNECT programme enables this through mentorship and access to networks, catalysed by a team who are passionate and make things happen.” Vice President, Medicinal Chemistry, Almac Discovery McClay Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Queen’s University Belfast NISP CONNECT Domain Expert

Steering Team Alan Watts, HaEiloR Representative

y, Andrew Walmsle versity of ni U Sean Nelson, ) Ulster(former thur Cox Lynsey Malon, Ar Tughans ll, ke Kerry McCor ents ueprint Appointm Bl n, Nancy Brow l Carson McDowel Dawn McKnight, e Bank Ian Beatty, Dansk BIS U Q n, Phil Patterso esentative pr Re R Ei Des Speed, Selig Chris Guy, Mills Bank of Ireland n, er Ciaran McGiv


Principal Sponsor:


25k awards The Search for the Next BIG Thing

Our research institutions consistently produce some of the highest-potential innovators and their technologies, but often these do not make it out and onto the road to commercialisation. This competition aims to change that‌

Programme Manager Peter Edgar





The 25k Awards is an annual competition for a share of £25,000 in prize money, showcasing the hottest innovations from Northern Ireland’s publicly-funded research institutions. Over six months, competing teams are coached in how to turn their ideas into market-disrupting startups. Teams present their refined business plans to an industry audience and a panel of highly experienced judges. Competitors come from four product sectors: Hi-Tech, Bio-Tech, Clean-Tech, and Digital Media & Software. The programme culminates in the key event in NI’s innovation calendar, the 25k Awards Gala Dinner in September. In 2012, the event attracted 420 attendees and was opened by Sir John Parker, President of the Royal Academy of Engineering.


Bio-Tech Clean-Tech

MOF Technologies and Principal Sponsor, Bank of Ireland, in the 2012 25k Awards

Digital Media & Software



2012 Overall Winner


MOF Technologies Queen’s University Belfast

“Winning the 25k Awards was a great boost for MOF Technologies. In the following weeks we were contacted by potential customers from all over the world, who had heard about our success in the competition. This is the kind of publicity that money simply can't buy. But just taking part in the competition was extremely valuable in itself, by guiding us through the process of developing a business plan and honing a pitch. I would recommend it to any young company.” Dr Tom Robinson, CEO, MOF Technologies





category sponsor

2012 Top Ten Finalists

win r ne



FireSERT Technologies

University of Ulster

FireSERT Technologies aims to provide superior safety, protection and security for people and assets, by offering an innovative Fire-Blast Protection system that is uniquely designed to provide dual protection against blasts and fires at a tenth of the cost of conventional, competing systems. The system can be used for military, industrial and civil applications and utilises unique and novel “steel-like” behaving concrete panels which provide a superior “panel thickness/blast resistance” ratio as compared to existing concrete panels, resulting in significant reduction of the panel thickness to resist blast forces.



Buteos has designed and created a novel solution to address the issues experienced when hitching a trailer or caravan to a passenger vehicle. The novel tow bar and trailer hitching camera, ‘Oculus’, which is mounted on the tow bar, allows the lone user to reverse up to a trailer completely guided, accurately and safely, without causing damage to the car bumper and preventing injury to the user in pulling the heavy trailer closer to the car.

IdentiGait is a patent-pending software solution for non-invasive identification of individuals using gait biometrics. Gait identification is an emerging biometric surveillance data solution used for identification of individuals from CCTV footage, with applications in high-security civilian or military facilities and monitoring potential suspects of crime or terrorism. The Homeland Security Research Corporation released a report in 2011 predicting that the global installed base of more than 45 million CCTV surveillance systems will drive a fusion of CCTV with biometrics and human behavioural signatures, creating a new security market of CCTV-based remote biometric and behavioural suspect detection, growing from a value of $0.6bn in 2010 to $3.2bn in 2016.

Queen’s University Belfast

University of Ulster

BIO-Tech 2012 Top Ten Finalists Expelliere International

ry win ego

r ne





Queen’s University Belfast

Expelliere International Ltd, with the support of the Department for Enterprise, Trade and Investment, Queen’s University Belfast, Ionic Liquid Laboratories and Manchester University have developed an ionic solution which allows a liquid to be applied to discarded pieces of gum. The liquid degrades the gum within minutes and can be washed away within seconds. The product’s ionic characteristics are not detrimental to the environment.


category sponsor

GIP Therapeutics University of Ulster

GIP Therapeutics has developed a novel peptide therapeutic aimed at treating the underlying causes of Alzheimer’s disease. The company’s patented lead compound has achieved proof-of-concept in a transgenic mouse model for Alzheimer’s disease and has shown impressive neuroprotective effects. There is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s disease and existing therapies offer only symptomatic treatment. GIP Therapeutics is positioned to offer patients a disease modifying approach, which not only has potential to treat the disease by stopping its progression but also prevent it.





category sponsor

2012 Top Ten Finalists MOF Technologies

y win r ne

Queen’s University Belfast


Graphene International University of Ulster

Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute / Queen’s University Belfast

Graphene International aims to produce high quality graphene nanosheets on an industrial scale using an innovative process that is simple, cost effective and environmentally friendly. The aim of GI is to become the market leader in the provision of an enabling ionic liquid-assisted grinding process, for the Graphene and general two dimensional nanomaterials value chain. To achieve this, GI will provide bespoke solutions to manufacturers in order to integrate graphene in their devices. GI’s production is dedicated towards working in partnership with leading companies to develop products and solutions exploiting the novel characteristics of graphene.

Grass-NC-Polymer has developed an environmentally friendly master batch-additive, utilising grass nanocellulose, which can be used by polymer companies for reinforcing polymer products, allowing reduction in the use of synthetic feedstock polymers. The polymer products reinforced with the additive will have better performance and a lower ecological footprint compared to currently available products. In addition to nanocellulose, the plant biorefining process will generate other products e.g. biogas, protein and bioethanol.


MOF Technologies is bringing a revolutionary new class of materials to market. Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are highly porous materials that can store, separate and capture specific gases. They have a range of high-value applications, including natural gas storage in vehicles, carbon capture, catalysis and drug delivery. MOF Technologies has developed a patented technique for the synthesis of MOFs, which is environmentally friendly, rapid and highly scalable, allowing cost-effective, largescale deployment of these extraordinary materials.


Digital Media & Software

category sponsor

I-Innovations ry win ego





I-Innovations Ltd is developing a patentable, non-invasive sensor device that can detect incontinence within an adult diaper, and wirelessly communicate that information to a smartphone or tablet. The device will provide help for busy care staff, assurance for the relatives, and importantly improve the level of care for residents, which will have great benefits for business owners trying to attract new residents to their facilities. The company plans to incur year 5 revenue figures in excess of ÂŁ25m by distributing its product via global markets.

Steering Team am, Banbatech Ronan Cunnineng’shUn iversity Belfast

University of Ulster / Health and Social Care SaSSI provides an innovative web-based, integrated mobile service solution for digital observations at the patient bedside. It results in increased efficiency and responsiveness, increased compliance, avoids duplication of information, prevents the repeated collection of redundant information, aids clinical decision-making, and provides management dashboards for full audit and operational assessment. Most importantly SaSSI directly results in improved in-patient care.

PRevious Winners



Tactility Factory

Affyon Networks








The 6-month process really does help innovative companies get their ducks in a row, as well as challenging entrepreneurs to deliver their best showcase. In addition to all the serious stuff, being a part of the awards process and around all the other enthusiastic entrepreneurs was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Would love to do it all over again!

John Kelly, MD, I-Innovations

University of Ulster r ne



Paul Donachy, Que er niversity of Ulst Jennifer Cook, U , AFBI Michael Robinson rson McDowell Ca , ey gl Neasa Qui thur Cox Lynsey Mallon, Ar , HSC Innovations David Brownlee ills Selig Kathryn Walls, M ECIT Neil Buchanan, ll, Tughans ne on 'C Adrian O nk of Ireland Niamh Griffin, Ba



NEW Co-Founders Wanted! Tech founders and inventors face a difficult and lonely path to building products, developing businesses around them, and selling into global markets, let alone the day-to-day running of the company. It takes time, effort and, crucially, trust to recruit a dream team to achieve this. Co-Founders Wanted! is a new programme supporting the development of strong founding teams for Northern Ireland’s most innovative startups. A carefully selected group of experienced commercial executives and entrepreneurs is brought together with participating founders, to potentially join as co-founders of their startups. Co-Founders Wanted! is an evening event where founders and co-founders can feel comfortable to share ideas and develop relationships. Three annual events cover the topics Tech, Innovative Engineering and Bio-Tech. The first event (24 Jan 2012) was an encouraging success, with 28 potential Co-Founders (from an actual pool of 38) meeting ten Founders presenting their products. New founding teams are forming – watch this space…

WANTED! Steering Team ify Brian Baird, Reillpl s Selig

Kathryn Walls, M thur Cox Neil Hendron, Ar tagen Ca , Andrew Woods

Founder: enterprising and ambitious innovator, with a high-potential product or prototype, seeks a team for global success. Co-Founder: experienced in the challenges of growing a tech business. Seeks a new venture with big aspirations.




Frontiers in Science & NEW Technology am e T g n i r e e St psley, Norman A ience Park c S d n a l e Ir Nort herRnae, University of Ulster

John Mac tterson, AFBI Pa Dowell Margaret arson Mc C , s s e n y David L r Cox ey, Arthu ons Karla Doo Neill, Pinsent Mas c M e Suzann Selig alls, Mills Kathryn W Bank of Ireland t ity Belfas lin, Niall Dev e, Queen's Univers ersity gg niv Dennis Le loskey, Queen's U C c M l a Pasch Belfast

By highlighting Northern Ireland’s biggest ideas, the region can be seen for its world-changing potential. The Frontiers in Science & Technology lecture series aims to enhance the dialogue between Northern Ireland’s business community and leading scientists, engineers and researchers by showcasing groundbreaking work from the region’s research institutions. In the lectures, influential audiences are brought in front of academics who are global leaders in their fields.

Nature’s Cruise Missiles: Can venom from snakes and frogs unlock a new era in pharmaceutical development? Prof. Chris Shaw & Ari Mello Connected Health: Are we at the Tipping Point or Another False Dawn? Prof. Norman Black Introduction from Health Minister Edwin Poots Smart Vaccines: Revolutionising Drug Delivery in Animal Health. Dr Michael Welsh


Topic Exits VC Process Stock Options and War for Talent Govt Grants Financing Options Art of the Term Sheet Licensing Startup Accounting Patent Box Valuations Strategic Alliances Entrepreneur + Equity = Growth Crowdfunding Patent Box (Derry~Londonderry) Patent Box (Derry~Londonderry) R&D Tax Credits

Sponsors Lynsey Mallon, Arthur Cox Peter Stafford, A&L Goodbody Christine Yuill, Pinsent Masons Angela Reavey, Capaxo Craig Holmes, Horwood & Holmes Corporate Finance Neasa Quighley, Carson McDowell Rory Campbell, Forde Campbell Caroline Keenan, ASM Marie Walsh, Ansons Simon McMullen, KPMG Adrian O’Connell, Tughans Alan Watts, Halo Tom Davies, Seedrs Marie Walsh, Ansons Marie Walsh, Ansons Tom Alexander & Damien Flanigan, KPMG

# Attended 18 14 17 21 26 23 21 15 17 15 33 21 44 14 6 11


at 1

sE v ent

e nd


Seminars & Sponsors 2012/2013


at t e


Many of today’s business founders and future entrepreneurs have scientific and technical backgrounds but have had limited experience in industry, so they often lack exposure to critical information which is essential to leading a startup. To fill this gap, Frameworks workshops offer content-rich, targeted, educational seminars that help young to mid-staged companies build a tt is provided byn business around their promising science or technology. Subject expertise endthe transfer of knowledgeable top tier professionals and industry veterans to facilitate ees at six eve knowledge and experience. Programme attendees gain valuable business vocabulary and tactical skills, and presenters gain credibility with our future business leaders. The workshops attract people from a wide range of disciplines including technology, communications, software, life sciences and business services. For those willing to develop their entrepreneurial skills, Frameworks offers an open door to an interactive and accessible curriculum.





rk 6 Framewo

Steering Team David Moore, lfast Queen’s University Be

rsity of Ulster Eddie Friel, Unive e Bank Ian Beatty, Dansk rson McDowell Neasa Quigley, Ca thur Cox Lynsey Mallon, Ar Selig Chris Guy, Mills ll, Tughans ne on 'C Adrian O nk of Ireland Henry Cleary, Ba


US-NI Mentorship (Affiliate programme)

Our young entrepreneurs deserve to get the value of dynamic work and life experiences, helping them to grow into strong future leaders of industry. US-NI Mentorship Program is a one-year planned work placement for residents of Northern Ireland to work in a US corporation in the United States. The programme is aimed at graduates, selected for their scholastic achievement, business experience, leadership skill, and interest in obtaining international experience. Successful candidates gain valuable experience in a corporate environment, developing their business skills and networks in a different country and culture. Ultimately, this is an opportunity for some of our best young people to enhance their contribution to Northern Ireland’s future prosperity.

Chaired by Joanne Stuart, Attrus Founded by the Office of Declan Kelly Supported by the American Ireland Fund





Risk Capital


VC Forum An exclusive showcase of the region’s most promising startups, designed to address their lack of access to capital. Selected entrepreneurs had the opportunity to present to a global group of premier venture capital providers actively funding investments. Two external networking events were also held, in London and Dublin, to integrate with the wider investment community. However, recently there has been a reduction in the number of companies applying that have been ready to pitch to VCs. The programme is now being developed to provide year-round support tailored to a few select companies on their unique funding journeys. To provide the best opportunities to our VCready companies, we need to mobilise the local finance community in recommending companies or referring investment professionals, and fund managers who could serve as mentors and coaches.


Steering Team Vicky Dummigan, Tughans (2013)

BIS Frank Bryan, QU nsent Masons Pi h, fit rif G Hilary rson McDowell Neasa Quigley, Ca , Arthur Cox Jennifer Ferguson aeko Denis Murphy, An pital myth, Crescent Ca Bob McGowan-S iversity of Ulster Caroline McGoran, Un (Chair 2012) Selig Chris Guy, Mills KPMG n, le ul Simon McM e Bank (2012) sk an D David Croft, e Bank (2013) Ian Beatty, Dansk , Bank of Ireland Mark Cunningham



VC Forum


MOF Technologies – Dr Tom Robinson, CEO Nanomaterials for a low carbon world: enabling affordable carbon capture, natural gas vehicles that can be refuelled in the home and efficient hydrocarbon separations. Performa Sports – Danny Turley, Founder & CEO Delivers a suite of mobile and intuitive touchscreen tools for analysts, coaches, and the players in the global sports market, to improve team and individual performances. Jampot – James Scott, CEO A Software as a Service (“SaaS”) product that enables anyone to create a mobile phone “app” for a fraction of the current developer fees. AirPOS – Marty Neil, CEO Powerful, affordable DIY ePOS and ecommerce software for SME retailers and independent traders.

DisplayNote – Paul Brown, CEO Articulate, annotate, collaborate. Enabling users to present, share & collaborate ideas across any device. SeedUps – Michael Faulkner, Founder & CEO An intelligent crowdfunding platform for tech startups and investors. Open to businesses in the UK, Ireland and USA, it allows startups to raise up to £500,000 and investors can invest up to £10,000 in a project. Anaeko – Denis Murphy, CEO Delivers tailored software products and consultancy to large IT organisations and specialises in solutions that help monitor and manage complex IT environments. This market segment is commonly referred to as IT Service Management (“ITSM”).


(Affiliate Programme) Over £6M has been invested by Halo, the NI business angel network, run by the Northern Ireland Science Park on behalf of Invest NI and InterTradeIreland. Halo is a natural partner with NISP CONNECT which provides a high quality flow of battle-tested companies. Halo also partners with Seedrs and Crowdcube for crowdfunding and with Scottish, Irish and London-based angel groups for multiple syndicated angel rounds.








360 Production in Derry~Londonderry supported Generation Innovation with the creation of a short video that encourages our talented young people to consider more rewarding careers in the Knowledge Economy.

For the regional economy to thrive in the future, we have to lay the path for our kids. Currently, high achievers are pushed into the professions under the illusion of a safe career, when instead they could be developing innovative products that make an impact on the world. Generation Innovation is a network supporting those young people from Northern Ireland with the highest potential to succeed in the new economy. Each year, 100 new members aged 16-17, covering a broad range of skills and interests, are accepted into the programme. Generation Innovation seeks ambitious students, regardless of background or exam grades, with the drive to become future leaders of the Knowledge Economy. The Programme provides a platform to be inspired by global innovators, meet local entrepreneurs and like-minded young people, and to identify work experience positions and future career paths.

Steering Team lon, ArthurellCox Lynsey Mal , Carson McDow

300 people attended the annual dinner at Titanic Belfast, including 20 founders of local tech companies. Locally-born games industry legend David Perry addressed the audience live from California, interviewed by Generation Innovation member Andrew Fulton. Also speaking was Danny Moore, former CEO of local tech success Wombat (sold to New York Stock Exchange). Tech demos were provided by Belfast-based hackerspace Farset Labs. Members can nominate themselves or be nominated by another person at any time. “A knowledge economy worker, on average, will earn a 42% wage premium above the Northern Ireland mean wage and be 48% more productive than the economy average worker … Undoubtedly increasing these types of jobs will improve the sustainability of the Northern Ireland economy in the long term.” Northern Ireland Knowledge Economy Index, 2012

Programme Manager Meghan Houlihan

David Lyness trus Joanne Stuart, At s, on im zs Carol Fit Northern Ireland Young Enterprise Former Student, Andrew Fulton, ammar School Carrickfergus Gr ty Queen's Universi , er gh lla Tony Ga Belfast ills Selig Kathryn Walls, M ghans Tu n, John McGuckia ton af Gr , nt ea Gail Serg afton Gr n, ow Br cy an N 013) Bank of Ireland (2 Liguori Dobbin,

Innovation Founder of the Year Award


2012 2011

The superstar tech founders in our community deserve to be celebrated for their achievements. And by publicly recognising them, we can provide role models for the next generation. Each year nominations are received for the Innovation Founder of the Year. One superstar founder is picked for the award and invited to join in the mentoring and celebration of our emerging new talent. The 2012 Innovation Founder of the Year title was awarded to Tom Eakin, Founder of TG Eakin Ltd. Tom Eakin founded TG Eakin Ltd in 1974 when he worked as a pharmacist in Dundonald, dedicated to the production of highquality skin protection products for use in stoma and wound care across the world. Today, Eakin Holdings has factories in Wales and Northern Ireland, employs over 200 people, exports to over 30 countries worldwide and in 2010 received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Exporting Achievement. In 2011 Tom himself was recognised as the ‘Family Business Director of the Year’ as well as runner-up in the ‘Overall Director of the Year’ at the UK IOD Director of the Year Awards.

“If we are to develop a strong knowledge economy in Northern Ireland I recognise the importance of celebrating and showcasing entrepreneurship to prove to the next generation that there is nothing stopping them from developing and commercialising their own innovative thinking.” Tom Eakin


Tom Eakin


Hugh Cormican


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Enterprise Forum This event series provides entrepreneurial insight and education in an informative and entertaining environment, for a diverse audience of Northern Ireland’s business leaders and technologists, as well as capital and service providers. Enterprise Forum provides access to world-class market intelligence and a distinctive perspective on today’s most challenging business issues facing startups, by producing forums and case study presentations featuring Northern Ireland’s most exciting, emerging growth technology companies. Enterprise Forum creates an opportunity for science and technology sector leaders across all industries to connect in a relaxed and inspiring setting.

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“Big Data: Big Bubble?”





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Steering Team rson McDowell Neasa Quigley, Ca of Ulster rsity Eddie Friel, Unive ills Selig Richard Fulton, M

NI Knowledge Economy: Has the Needle Moved?

The Team




Serving the Innovation Community

Steve Orr Director

Trudy Parry Programme Administrator

Meagan Blanton Programme Manager Springboard Enterprise Forum

Peter Edgar Programme Manager 25k Awards Co-Founders Wanted! Frontiers in Science & Technology Innovation Founder of the Year Award US–NI Mentorship Program

Meghan Houlihan Programme Manager Frameworks Generation Innovation VC Forum NI Knowledge Economy Index



Critical Success Factors 2013-14

1. Funding


Achieve private funding target agreed with Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment that will lead to the independence and sustainability of NISP CONNECT without compromising its direction and diversity of competences.

In their annual interviews our members told us how they felt NISP CONNECT was progressing. Feedback was generally very positive but a few areas for improvement were made clear. Our members’ views led to the removal of one of our Critical Success Factors, and the addition of two.

2. Knowledge Economy Advocacy

3. Springboard

4. Communications

5. University integration

Develop and execute an advocacy strategy based on the findings of Knowledge Economy Index and stakeholder analysis so that critical public policy interventions are implemented when required.

Springboard is the most valuable service a community can provide to its entrepreneurs given the diversity of competence and network that can be leveraged. Springboard must be improved to become recognised as the elite programme for science and tech entrepreneurs in NI by March 2014.

Create a buzz about Northern Ireland’s science and tech scene by telling the stories of the entrepreneurs and research rock stars in Northern Ireland achieving success and developing exciting products to key audiences at home and abroad.

Achieve integration of key faculties and students into NISP CONNECT programmes annually.



£ Annual Income & Expenditure

Membership Sponsorship Grant

EXPENDITURE Programme costs Other costs Salaries (DETI funded)

Surplus for year at 31/03/13


31/03/2013 31/03/2012 £ £ 126,000 125,000 78,142 65,937 208,837 216,536 412,979


121,410 60,141 224,064

119,400 71,537 216,536





NISP CONNECT Income & Expenditure for year ending 31/03/13 and 31/03/12





Platinum £10,000

Gold £5,000 silver £2,000

Thankyou Some of Northern Ireland’s leading firms have made a huge contribution through membership of NISP CONNECT. Our members support NISP CONNECT both financially and by giving time to steering programmes and helping entrpreneurs. Their involvement has been critical to delivering and developing NISP CONNECT’s activities.


Northern Ireland Science Park TrusT In order to support the region’s economic development more fully, we are driving towards financial independence. This will allow us greater freedom of action and voice, and more alignment with the private sector entrepreneurs we strive to serve. The recently established Northern Ireland Science Park Trust is a platform for philanthropy that will support NISP CONNECT and aid Northern Ireland’s growth into a thriving knowledge economy. The Northern Ireland Science Park Trust is proud to announce its new Patron, HRH The Duke of York KG.





Directory A Thousand Thank Yous To…


Springboard Entrepreneurs-inResidence (EiRs) Andrew Walmsley, Director, Easons Sinclair Stockman, CIO, BT Des Speed, CEO, Lagan Technologies Denis Murphy, CEO, Anaeko JG Doherty, CEO, Amphion Les Curran, CEO, Kelsius Dick Milliken, CFO, Almac Michael O’Neill, COO, First Derivatives Gareth Dunlop, CEO, Tibus Steven Gunning, CEO, Tomcat Roger Johnson, VP, BD Meridio Alan Watts, Co-Founder, Yelo Jude Lynch, COO, O2 Ireland Clare Passmore, CTO, Galen Brian Baird, CEO, Meridio Brendan Colgan, CEO, ESAB Karl Mulligan, VP, Almac Diagnostics Michael Black, MD BCO CFO, Blue Chip Paula Glossop, CEO, Sentry IT Darren Craig, CEO, IVM Europe Michael Keltai, MD, Nokia Networks, Brazil Eoin Lambkin, Owner, Groupe-Intellex Ronan Cunningham, Founder, Banbatech Aislinn Rice, Sales Director, Andor Technology Stuart Harvey, Founder, Harco Technology


Springboard Domain Experts Investment/Funding

Neil Simms, Clarendon Fund Managers Danny McCaughan, Kernel Capital David McCurley, WhiteRock Capital Colin Walsh, Crescent Capital Deirdre Terrins, Crescent Capital Boyd Carson, Sapphire Capital Partners Bob McGowan-Smyth, Crescent Capital Caroline McGoran, University of Ulster Vicky Dummingan, Tughans Hal Wilson, Fastnet Ventures Alan Watts, Halo Simon McMullen, KPMG

Product Development Roberto Fagnani, Biotechnology Business Solutions Moira Burke, Burke Business Solutions Ltd Joseph Donoghue, Leardon Solutions Tim Harrison, Almac Discovery Paul Millar, Horizon Two Six Ltd Aubrey Sayers, Altos Solutions

Corporate Finance Paul Currid, Keenan Corporate Finance Craig Holmes, Horwood & Holmes Corporate Finance Angela Reavey, Capaxo Ltd Gary Shannon, BDO

Paul Hollway, KPMG Graham Stewart, PwC Keith Jess, Ernst & Young Noel Culbert, PwC Alan Taylor, Arthur Cox Richard Graham, RG & Co

Legal & Regulatory Dawn McKnight, Carson McDowell Lynsey Mallon, Arthur Cox Neasa Quigley, Carson McDowell Kathryn Walls, Mills Selig Chris Guy, Mills Selig Kerry McCorkell, Tughans Marie Walsh, Ansons Bob Beckham, Beckhams IP (Defence) Alan Bissett, Arthur Cox (Cleantech & Renewables) John McGuckian, Tughans

Marketing Norbert Sagnard, Sagnard Associates Barry Hagan, Barry Hagan Associates Teresa O’Loughlin, think6 Paul Harding, Meltem Export Siobhan Gallagher, Shout! Stephen Jemphrey, J I Consulting Julie Taylor, Integrity NI

• Job titles are often previous positions held, as many EiRs are giving back to the community after leaving prominent jobs • We've tried to include everyone but if we missed you off the list, please let us know




25k Awards First Round Judges Alan Watts, IET Colm Martin, Bank of Ireland Eamon McGuckin, Bank of Ireland Hilary Griffith, (formerly) Pinsent Masons Mathew Forde, Forde Campbell Michael Doran, Action Renewables Neasa Quigley, Carson McDowell Patrick Rooney, Bank of Ireland Fergal McCusker, Bank of Ireland Rachel Lundy, (formerly) Arthur Cox Seamus Scullion, Text Help Systems Peter Donnelly, BioBusiness NI Final Round Judges Bryan Keating, MATRIX (Chair) Jim McIlroy, Warner Chilcott Caolan Small, Dow Chemical Michael Crossey, Aepona (an Intel company) Marie Walsh, Ansons Julie-Ann O’Hare, Bank of Ireland Tim Brick, Irish Academy of Engineers Will Prendergast, Frontline Ventures

Note: some company positions may have changed

Mentors Julie Taylor, Integrity NI Clare Passmore, Clear Spirit Design John McCarry, AVX Diane McCall, Bank of Ireland Judith Scott, Bank of Ireland JG Doherty, EiR Daniel McCaughan, Kernel Capital Brendan Colgan, EiR Stephen Houston, Sophia Mark Johnston, Finesse Consulting Gary Hamilton, Xilinx (formerly) Andrew Walmsley, EiR Brendan Mooney, Kainos Brian Cummings, Enterprise Equity Mary McCall, Treat Ticket Gareth Dunlop, EiR Karl Mulligan, EiR Tristan Brittain-Dissont, E-Synergy

Frameworks: Panellists Topic Exits VC Process Stock Options and War for Talent Govt Grants Financing Options Art of the Term Sheet Licensing Startup Accounting Patent Box Valuations Strategic Alliances Entrepreneur + Equity = Growth Crowdfunding Patent Box Patent Box R&D Tax Credits

Panellists Bob McGowan Smyth, InterTradeIreland Gary Hamilton, Xilinx Joe Hicks, Cloud Opt Tristan Brittain Dissont, E-Synergy Oliver Lennon, Speech Storm Hal Wilson, Fastnet Ventures Paul Brewster, Pure Marine Michael Black, Aepona (an Intel Company) Judith Totten, Keys Commercial Finance Ltd Hal Wilson Noel McKenna, CSR Mathew Forde, Forde Campbell Jennifer Cook, University of Ulster Paul Donachy, Queen's University Belfast Michael Nixon, ASM Ian Farley, BDO Denis Murphy, Anaeko Brian Cummings, Enterprise Equity Eric Porter, Odyssey Trust Norman Apsley, NISP Mary McCall, Treat Ticket Ciaran Hunter, Halo Angel Boyd Carson, Sapphire Capital Alan Watts, Halo CIDO (Craigavon) University of Ulster (Magee)






Generation Innovation: Attending Tech Founders Aaron Taylor, Gogamingo (now goprezzo) Neil Buchanan, Flish Paul Brewster, Pure Marine Declan Service, LifeScienceHub Greg Maguire, inlifesize Hugh Cormican, Cirdan Imaging Patricia O'Hagan, Core Systems Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, Sisaf Dave Patterson, Sophia Des Speed, PathXL Clare Marie Passmore, Clear Spirit Design Mary McCall, Treat Ticket Stephen Houston, Angel Investor Colin Reid + Gareth Tolerton, Consilium Technologies David Moody, Kana Software Stephen Brankin, Asidua Sheena Lewis, Lewis Fertility Danny Moore, Lough Shore Investments Adam Ewart, Sendmybag Karl Mulligan, Almac Diagnostics Brendan Mooney, Kainos Andrew Bolster, Farset Labs Joanne Stuart, Attrus

Generation Innovation: Attending Schools Antrim Grammar School Aquinas Diocesan Grammar School Ashfield Girls' High School Assumption Grammar School Ballycastle High School Ballyclare Secondary School Banbridge Academy Bangor Academy & Sixth Form College Bangor Grammar School Belfast High School Belfast Royal Academy Cambridge House Grammar School Campbell College Christian Brothers' School Coleraine Academical Institution Coleraine High School Dalriada School Dominican College Down High School Grosvenor Grammar School Hazelwood College Hunterhouse College Larne Grammar School Limavady Grammar School Lismore Comprehensive School Lisneal College Little Flower Girls' School Loreto Grammar School Markethill High School

Methodist College Oakgrove Integrated College Omagh Academy Omagh High School Our Lady and St Patrick's College Our Lady's Grammar School Portadown College Priory College Regent House Grammar School Sacred Heart College Shimna Integrated College St Brigid's College St Catherine's College St Columb's College St Dominic's High School St Louis Grammar School St Louise's Comprehensive College St Malachy's College St Mary's Limavady St Mary's Magherafelt St Patrick's Academy St Patrick's Co-Ed Comprehensive College St Paul's College Sullivan Upper School The Royal Belfast Academical Institution The Royal School Dungannon Thornhill College Victoria College Wallace High School

VC Forum: Attending Investors Paul Murray, Atlantic Bridge Partners Pete Smyth, Broadlake Captial Kevin McSweeney, Broadlake Captial Stuart Chapman, DFJ Esprit Brian Caulfield, DFJ Esprit Tristan Brittain-Dissont, E-Synergy Kathleen White, E-Synergy Will Prendergast, Frontline Danny McCaughan, Kernel Capital Robert Higginson, Par Equity Fearghal O'Riordian, Scottish Equity Partners Sigurรฐur Sรฆvarsson, Thule Investments Debbie Rennick, ACT Peter Cowley, Martlet Fund Colin Walsh, Crescent Capital

VC Forum: Pitching Companies

Danny Turley, Performa Sports Michael Faulkner, SeedUps Damian Moore, SeedUps Tom Robinson, MOF Technologies Paul Brown, DisplayNote Marty Neill, AirPOS James Scott, Jampot Denis Murphy, Anaeko



Knowledge Economy Stakeholder Analysis – Participating Stakeholders (#Ideafest, The Conference, The Tiger Teams) Alan Anderson, i3 Digital Norman Apsley, Northern Ireland Science Park Claire Bain Brian Baird, Replify Jim Bates Nichola Bates, Emerald Valley Shane Beckett, Policy Detective Ltd Michael Beeney Kat Beutick, East Belfast Enterprise Agency Nigel Bickerstaff, Affinity (NI) Ben Bland Andrew Bolster, Farset Labs Stuart Bothwell, Ask What Now Stephen Bradley Byrom Bramwell Jennifer Brannigan, Pinsent Masons Paul Brewster, Pure Marine Simon Bridge, Simon Bridge & Associates Tristan Brittain-Dissont, E-Synergy Tim Brundle, University of Ulster Frank Bryan, QUBIS Claire Burgoyne, BBC Matthew Campbell Rory Campbell, Forde Campbell Josh Carr, PWC Gary Carruthers, Underwaterpistol Paul Caskey, Integrated Education Fund Melanie Christie Boyle, Ballymena Business Centre

Julie Collins Joe Conere, Digital Media Choices Jennifer Cook, Innovation Ulster Hugh Cormican, Cirdan Imaging Stephen Cosgrove, Sports Technology Innovation Ian Coulter, Tughans Nick Cranney, Puredrop David Croft, Northern Bank Amanda Crothers, Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment David Crozier, Centre for Secure Information Technology Brian Cummings, Enterprise Equity Michael Cunningham Rich Dale John Darcy, KPMG Terry Devlin, Murgitroyd & Company George Dorrian, FSB Vicky Dummigan, Tughans Conor Dunbar, Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment Mark Earnshaw, Murgitroyd & Company Stephen Ellis Conor Ewings, Atlas Communications Vincent Farrelly, Queen's University Belfast Richard Ferguson, Halo Jennifer Ferguson, Arthur Cox Carol Fitzsimons, Young Enterprise Northern Ireland

Eddie Friel, University of Ulster Richard Fulton, Mills Selig Geraldine Fusciardi Johann Gallagher, SIB NI Siobhan Gallagher Tony Gallagher, Queen's University Belfast Jonathan Garrett, Stream-worx Neil Gibson, Oxford Economics Aaron Gibson Gordon Gough, Enterprise NI Sharon Gowdy, Pinsent Masons Kieran Graham, AirPOS Ltd Andrew Gribben, Jotterz Niamh Griffin, Bank of Ireland Matt Halligan Aisling Harkin, Queen's University Belfast Richard Harrison, Queen's University Belfast Stuart Harvey, Datactics Declan Hill, Forum for Belfast David Hill, David A Hill Consulting Richard Hill, Delivery Services Richard Horton, Carritech Research Limited Stephen Houston, Sophia Graeme Hutchinson, Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment June Ingram, Department of Education Northern Ireland

Mike Irvine Natalie Irwin, CARD Group Rosy James, Blick Studios Christine James, Blick Studios Stephen Jemphrey Richard Johnston, Invest NI Matt Johnston, Digital Circle Richard Johnston, Astute Labs Ltd Paul Kavanagh, Craigavon Borough Council Jonny Kelly, Origin Partners John Kelly, I-Innovations Michael Keltai Lisa Kennedy, East Belfast Enterprise Agency Nuala Kerr, Department of Education Northern Ireland Eoin Lambkin, Groupe Intellex Michael Lilley, Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment Barry Lynch, Nifty Nosh Paul MacFlynn, Irish Congress of Trade Unions Bill MacNeill Alec McRitchie, Bombardier Shirley Madden, Forde Campbell Terry Madill, T T Contracting Bob McGowan-Smyth, InterTradeIreland Greg Maguire, Inlifesize Lynsey Mallon, Arthur Cox Martin Malseed, Wealthcare





Knowledge Economy Stakeholder Analysis – Participating Stakeholders (#Ideafest, The Conference, The Tiger Teams)

Tim Mash, Innovetex Design Group Alessandro Masia, BOOM Interactive Terry Matthews, Tiviot Systems Corp Gordee McBride, Digital Media Choices Rodney McAdam, University of Ulster Claire McCafferty, MATRIX / Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment Kevin McCaffrey, Conversion Rate Services Rosie McClenaghan, Taxizapp Paschal McCloskey, Queen's University Belfast Elaine McComb, Words etc. Michael McCormack, BT Philip McCourt, McCourt Media Darren McDowell, Harbinson Mulholland Naomh McElhatton, DANI Eoin McFadden, Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment Ciaran McGarrity, Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment Caroline Mcgoran, University of Ulster Angela Mcgowan, Northern Bank Stephen McGowan, Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure Aidan McGrath, Aetopia John McGuckian, Tughans

John McKee, Linkubator Ray McKendry Hugh McKenna, University of Ulster Stephen McKinty, FG Wilson Dawn McKnight, Carson McDowell Andy McMoran, Ian McMorris, Cregyhil Consulting Simon McMullen, KPMG Chris McMeill, Kana Suzanne McNeill, Pinsent Masons Kirsty McQuoid, PRs ME Philip Mills, Centre for Secure Information Technology Colin Mitchell, Colin Mitchell Kim Moore, Atlas Communications (NI) Ltd David Moore, QUBIS Carley Morrow Sinead Mullan Denis Murphy, Anaeko Oonagh Murphy, University of Ulster Martin Neill, AirPOS Ltd Orlagh Nolan Patricia O'Hagan, Core Systems Julie Ann O'Hare, Bank of Ireland Ryan O'Lynn Ken O'Neill, University of Ulster Ruan O'Tiarnaigh, WSI Online Guru Gerry O’Reilly,

Adrian O’Reilly, Rob Parker, Voz Media Glenn Parker, Department of Education Northern Ireland Dave Patterson, Sophia Eric Porter, Odyssey Trust Neasa Quigley, Carson McDowell Angela Reavey, Capaxo Ltd John Reid, RepKnight Debbie Rennick, ACT VC Brendan Rice, Underwaterpistol Kenneth Rodgers, East Belfast Enterprise Agency Scott Rutherford, Queen's University Belfast Judith Scott, Bank of Ireland Gale Seargant, Grafton Davy Simms, John Simpson, Economist Owen Sims Sandy Smith, Enterprise NI Dianne Smith Cherrie Stewart, Ansons Gary Stokes, InterTradeIreland Joanne Stuart, Attrus Connor Sweeney, InterTradeIreland Fergus Sweeney Julie Taylor, Integrity NI Mike Thompson, WSI Online Guru

Ciaran Timoney, Wellington International Margaret Toomey, City Magpie Sharon Tracey-Collins, Omagh Enterprise Company Danny Turley, Performa Sports Ltd Fergus Wallace Andrew Walmsley, Entrepreneur-inResidence Seamus Walsh, White Rose Finance Mary Walshok, University of California, San Diego CONNECT Alan Watts, Halo Andrew Webb Nuala White, Learning-for-living & Em4 Alan Wilson, Tranzformix Consulting Hal Wilson, Fastnet Ventures Philip Wilson, MatchMedia Ron Wilson Andrew Woods, Catagen Malcolm Young, Malcolm Young & Associates



Enterprise Forum IdeaFest A big thank you to our Theme Leaders: Brian McKimm, Director at Feranna Investments Ben Bland, Digital Strategy Consultant Tim Brundle, University of Ulster Eoin McFadden, Innovation Policy Unit at DETI Philip Stanfield, SLA Mobile Frank Bryan, QUBIS

Enterprise Forum “How the Heck Do You Commercialise Biomarkers?” Steering Team: Peter Donnelly, BioBusienss Karl Mulligan, Former VP Almac Diagnostics Tristan Brittain-Dissont, Esynergy Jennifer Cook, University of Ulster Vincent Farrelly, Queen’s University Belfast Panel: Dr Cormac Kilty, CTO, EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc. (Moderator) Peter Keeling, CEO, Diaceutics

Prof Richard Kennedy, Queen’s University Belfast / Almac Dr Brian White, Shore Capital Roberto Fagnani, Global BD, Biotechnology Business Solution Aiden Flynn, MD, Exploristics

“Big Data: Big Bubble?” Steering Team: Norbert Sagnard, Mobile Monday Denis Murphy, Anaeko Colm Hayden, Anaeko Ruán Ó Tiarnaigh, Guru Networks Limited Karl Mulligan, Former VP Almac Diagnostics Ben Bland Panel: Dr Johnny Ryan, Irish Times Chief Innovation Officer (Moderator) Michael McKillen, IBM Global Business Services Associate Partner Stuart Chapman, DFJ esprit Phil Taylor, SAP Vitali Proutski, AstraZeneca Dave Patterson, Sophia

Intelligent Energy Systems Panel: Toby Coppel, Partner of Virgin Management (Moderator) David Surplus - Chair, MATRIX Sustainable Energy Panel & Founding Director, B9 Energy Group Industry Perspective - Joe Corbett, Head of Technology, Mainstream Renewable Power Industry Perspective - Tom Gillen, COO Viridian Energy & Power Investor Perspective - Tomás Murray, Greencoat Capital

NI Knowledge Economy: Has the Needle Moved? Special thanks to Miriam Ferrari from Oxford Economics.

PitchFest Winning companies: 1st – MOF Technologies (Tom Robinson) 2nd – Entec Studios (Gerry McGuckin) 3rd - Ourdiggs (Matt Campbell)

Other Presenting Companies: Greenans Tank Commander NeuroCONCISE 3Square Matchmedia Calorgen Fox on the Walls Terawatt Advent Wind Mentors: Shirley Madden, Forde Campbell LLC Les Curran, EiR Alan Taylor, Arthur Cox Andrew Walmsley, EiR Paul Larmor, Angel Investor Marie Walsh, Ansons Russell Smyth, KPMG Judges: Diane Roberts, Xcell Partners Stephen Houston, Angel Investor Richard Gray, Pinsent Masons Tim Brundle, University of Ulster






Enquiries to: Trudy Parry Programme Administrator +44 (0) 28 9073 7920

The Innovation Centre Northern Ireland Science Park Queen’s Road Queen’s Island Belfast BT3 9DT More at:


NISP CONNECT is proudly part-funded by the European Regional Development fund under the European Sustainable Competitiveness Programme for Northern Ireland 2007-2013 +44 (0) 28 9073 7800

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NISP CONNECT Annual Report 2013  
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