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The MAC is in Saint Anne’s Square right behind the Cathedral and beside the University of Ulster. Our main entrance is off the square, but you can also pop in via Exchange Street West.

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4 - 9 sept

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Tuesday 4 Sept Three Bonzos And A Piano  DJ78 

Saturday 8 Sept 7.45pm 9pm

Wednesday 5 Sept The Blockheads 


Thursday 6 Sept The Futureheads 

Joe Black & Nanu Nanu  You Don’t Love Me Yet  by Johanna Billing 

9.30pm All day from 1pm

Sunday 9 Sept Duke Special & Friends 



Friday 7 Sept Cathy Davey  Wine Tasting With Marek 

7.45pm 8pm

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A word from the MAC “The idea of inviting a guest curator to take over the MAC’s spaces had been something we wanted to do for some time and it is very exciting to see the idea become a reality as we kick off the Autumn season of our opening year with In the Court Of… Duke Special.  We knew early on that we wanted an artist from Northern Ireland to take the reins.  It also had to be someone who had experience of and understood the fact that the MAC is not just a theatre space, or a major gallery, or a music venue, or a great place to hang out – but that in fact, it is all of these things and more. We needed an artist whose work had embraced lots of different art forms, someone who oozed imagination, eccentricity and inventiveness but also knew all about giving people a good time.  With that in mind, an invitation went out to artist Peter Wilson AKA Duke Special and we were delighted that he got on board immediately. Hailing from Belfast, Duke Special is not only responsible for the platinum album Songs From The Deep Forest but also for projects as diverse as writing the music for and appearing in Deborah Warner’s critically acclaimed production of Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children at the National Theatre in London in 2009.  He also collaborated with the Metropolitan Museum in New York in 2011 which will saw him debut original songs inspired by the exhibition Stieglitz, Steichen, Strand.

The brief was simple – we asked Duke Special to come up with a wish list of artists that he would like to see, or felt some personal connection with and invite them to the MAC.   We didn’t put any other conditions in place and instead took a step into the unknown and let someone else take over.   As you will see on the following pages, the result is a delight – an eclectic, ambitious festival of intrigue and fun.  We invite you to share in Duke Special’s vision and for a while, to be subjects in his court.” Gillian Mitchell, Director of Programmes

A word from Duke Special

“It’s an honour to be asked to host this year’s In the Court of… It’s also a chance to bring together a programme which reflects some of my influences and to present some discoveries I’ve made of the last few years. I hope you enjoy the week.”

Three Bonzos and a Piano Downstairs at the MAC 7.45pm ‘More costume changes than an evening with Lady Gaga and more laughs than an audience with Billy Connolly’ R2 Magazine Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band fans will be delighted to learn that Roger Ruskin Spear, Rodney Slater and Sam Spoons have teamed up with super-pianist Dave Glasson to create more fun, music and subversive diversion in the spirit of the ageless band. The Bonzos have appeared with members of Monty Python, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, The Kinks and The Who as well as having a Top 5 hit with Urban Spaceman. Comedians Stephen Fry, Eddie Izzard and Bill Bailey have all named the Bonzos as a formative influence. Three Bonzos And A Piano unleash their Bonzo Dog classics on the MAC. Featuring classic hits such as I’m Bored, The Trouser Press, Can Blue Men Sing The Whites? and many more. Robots, smoke, unsuitable medical technology, ancient theatrical props, the audience and the kitchen sink all combine to re-create the atmosphere of those formative years of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band at such legendary venues as The Tiger’s Head, Catford.

tickets £9.50-22 Featuring Roger Ruskin Spear on sax, clarinet, trouser press & robots; Rodney Slater on saxophones & washboard; Sam Spoons on drums, electric spoons & didgereedon’t; Dave Glasson on piano, bass pullover & glasses; and Andy Roberts re-union guest on guitar, banjo & ukulele.

Duke says

“H  aving played piano for my whole musical life, I have always felt a healthy disrespect for the instrument. I mean, I love it, but it can tend to be taken a little serious. The Bonzos and Vivian Stanshall were part of my journey to see song-writing as both soul music and entertainment. I am thrilled to have Three Bonzos And A Piano as part of the proceedings.”

B o o ki n g: th m /028 9 023 5053


DJ78 foyer of the MAC 9pm onwards DJ78 is delighted to return to Belfast to perform at the MAC and to be collaborating once again with his great friend, Duke Special. Using both 1930’s portable wind-up gramophones and specially adapted turntables, DJ78 will be spinning an eclectic and irresistible mix of 78rpm shellac discs from his enviable collection. All over Britain and Europe he gets people dancing to tunes recorded decades before most of the crowd (or indeed their parents) were born!

His sets contain everything from 20s Ragtime, 40s Swing, raw Rhythm & Blues to the pioneers of Rock’n’Roll, but the guarantee is that it will be uniquely danceable and unlike any other DJ you’ve ever heard.

Duke says

“I met Dave several years ago at a show in Norwich and since then he has guested on a number of my shows and was responsible for my first ever DJ set (on 78s) at this year’s Camp Bestival!”


The Blockheads Downstairs at the MAC 7.45pm Rarely off the road since the demise of Ian Dury in 2000 are the lovable, cocky, funny, schoolboy-rude and artful characters from the punk generation, The Blockheads. Dury’s lyrics were a unique combination of poetry, word play, earthy humour and deadly-accurate observations of everyday, British working-class life.Derek Hussey’s ruminations in the band’s new songs give those themes an added bite for the 21st century. Hussey is known to the band’s followers as their previous front man’s best friend and minder. Combined with the Blockheads’ jazz, rock’n’roll, funk and reggae steamroller sound, Dury’s (and now Hussey’s) verbals have created a unique sound.

sta £12-1nding 9.50 seatED £19.50-22

Thanks to a new album in 2009, the Bafta nominated film Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and the hit musical Reasons To Be Cheerful there has been a resurgence in the band’s popularity. Along with some new material expect to hear hits including Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick, Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3, What A Waste, Clevor Trever and many more from the illustrious back catalogue. The Blockheads are fronted by Derek ‘The Draw’ Hussey, Chaz Jankel, Norman Watt-Roy, John Turnbull and Mick Gallagher from the original band and the current line-up featuresJohn Roberts on drums and Terry Edwards.

Duke says

“I remember singing Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick with a hair brush in front of the mirror when I was 8 years old. Unfortunately, I never got to see Ian Dury perform but it’s an honour to have the Blockheads as part of the festival.”

B o o ki n g: th m /028 9 023 5053


The Futureheads A Cappella & Acoustic

s ticke0t-22 5 . 9 £

Cathy Davey "Songs that scare children (but in a very beautiful way)" Downstairs at the MAC 7.45pm

Downstairs at the MAC 7.45pm Barry Hyde (lead vocals, guitar), his brother Dave (drums, vocals), Ross Millard (guitar, vocals) and Jaff (bass, vocals) have established The Futureheads as one of Britain’s most thrilling and durable bands with four albums over the last eight years. This year however they decided to do something totally different – throw away all their instruments and make their latest release ‘Rant’ just using their four vocals. A cappella (which is Italian for ‘in the manner of the chapel’) has come to mean music made using nothing but the human voice.  A brave and inspired move, it is this very special a cappella and acoustic show that they are bringing to In the Court of... Duke Special for one night only at the MAC.


The Futureheads have toured to hundreds of venues where their taut energy and barely-controlled fury blends with natural audience rapport. Just because this is an a cappella album doesn’t mean to say that the songs are slow or passive. They’re still in-your-face, slightly mad, aggressive. They’re still The Futureheads. Rant is their second album released on their own Nul label and they’ve even established the Sunderland accent as a fresh and vital component in the DNA of the pop vocal.

Duke says

“Tom Waits once said something like he hated the idea of touring relentlessly. He has no interest in hitting songs over the head until they no longer mean anything. I was drawn to The Futureheads show because it was an established band daring to present their songs in a completely different way. I respect their ambition and desire to take their art ‘off road’.”

“Since my first nightmare I’ve been hooked. The giddy terror of a spooky lullaby that only a child can fully appreciate. From songs by Gilbert & Sullivan and Gershwin to songs from The Night of the Hunter and Hans Christian Andersen, this very special show is dedicated to all the eerily mystifying music of our childhoods that shaped our imaginations.” Cathy Davey This unique one-off show, commissioned by the MAC, allows the mercurially talented Cathy Davey to unleash her imagination to create a truly distinctive musical event. Housed in Downstairs at the MAC, this show will recreate the hazy, languid, mysterious atmosphere of a timeless Blues joint. The performance will capture that elusive, magical innocence of a child first experiencing drama and breadth of such great and enduring music. Cathy will perform on the night with Special Guests.

s ticket22 2 £1

Duke says

“I first heard about this show when I was performing The Silhouette Old Time Mystery Radio Show at the Dublin Fringe. Cathy’s gig went on to win best show at the Fringe. Subsequently she asked me to perform in it when she reprised it in Dublin earlier this year. It’s a pleasure to welcome Cathy and friends to In the Court of...”

B o o ki n g: th m /028 9 023 5053



double bill: joe black & nanu nanu

tick £12-1ets 7

UPstairs at the MAC 9.30pm “The king of cabaret noir” - The Metro

Wine Tasting with Marek UPstairs at the MAC 8pm An evening of wine, film and music. We are delighted to welcome Marek Irgl who will host this evening of tasting excellent wines from Morava – a forgotten wine region from the heart of the Czech Republic. The wine tasting will be accompanied by a film about the region where the wine comes from, alongside a live traditional Moravian band performing songs about love and drinking. The event is hosted by Marek Irgl, Jiri Petrek and traditional moravian musicians. Duration approximately 90-120 mins with 10 types of wine, primarily white, to taste.

s ticke5t £2

D uke says

“Marek has been a champion of music for many years, from hosting Irish Artists in his native Czech Republic (including The Frames, Jape, The Walls and Duke Special) to his own daughter who won an Oscar for best song in a film - Marketa Irglova in the film Once. On a recent trip which Marek hosted, we sat chatting and I also discovered he has a great passion for films and wine. One thing led to another and it is with great pleasure that we welcome Marek and friends to In the Court of... to share his love of music, film and wine.”

The neo-vaudevillian, the real life Disney villain, the gin-addled courtesan, the anti-christ of cabaret and the one and only waltzing cynic... Joe Black. Join us for an evening with this entertaining and inspiring cabaret artist, who has performed sell-out shows across the UK, Europe and internationally.

Nanu Nanu are an ALIEN POP duo based in Dublin. Members MARC2 and GLITTERFACE use analogue and modular synths teamed Joe Black is no stranger to the ridiculous, with electronic beats and live drums (RORY the sometimes disturbing, or the downright DOYLE - SUPERFLY) to create a foundation shocking world of entertainment. As well as upon which layers of processed and effected regularly treading the boards of the sell-out vocals can be thrown. The result is the sensation that is the world’s biggest fetish spectacular sound of Nanu Nanu. This year club, Torture Garden. He also hosts his own will see the release of Nanu Nanu’s debut sell-out residency in the lavish Edwardian album, Unit 1, which will be released on vinyl Kings Theatre in Hampshire. through Flaming June Records. Nanu Nanu are one of the most exciting and diverse acts He has performed and toured alongside to come out of Ireland this year – don’t miss The Tiger Lillies, Voltaire, Duke Special and this one-off performance at In the Court of… Toyah Wilcox, as well as performing sell-out shows at the Rome Palladium, the ‘Kerrang!’ awards, and headlining arts and music festivals across Europe, America and “I know Marc from his role as keyboard Australia.

Duke says

One of the pioneering personalities in neo cabaret, Joe Black is the unmistakable Vaudevillian Villain.

player from Bell X 1 and Laura I met when she played saw with me on a recent show in Dublin. Together, they form Nanu Nanu, creating strange, haunting and beautiful music. A must see!”

B o o ki n g: th m /028 9 023 5053



Duke Special & Friends DOWNSTAIRS at the MAC 7.45pm

You don't love mE yet by Johanna Billing downstairs at the mac drop in all Day from 1pm During the festival, artist Johanna Billing will be exhibiting her new video installation work at the MAC. To coincide with her exhibition, Duke Special is organising a live event as part of Billing’s on-going project You Don’t Love Me Yet (2002-2012). This project is now in its 10th year, where Billing invites bands in every venue she has exhibited in to recreate a song by Texan singer-songwriter Roky Erickson. Based on the song You Don’t Love Me Yet, Duke has invited a number of local bands to cover the song and perform live at the MAC on Saturday 8 September during the festival. Up to twenty bands and individual musicians will perform from traditional

Irish, classical, jazz to pop and classic rock to participate in Belfast’s version of You Don’t Love Me Yet as part of this amazing worldwide project.

To round off this fantastic festival week, Duke Special presents a unique live show involving collaborations with friends he has worked with over the years. A stunning gig to close this year’s festival, definitely not to be missed.

s ticke0t-22 £9.5

Duke says

“I love it when art forms collide and so it is in this instance. 20 different artists, bands and ensembles being filmed interpreting a classic song in one night to be included in Billing’s future exhibitions across the world. Video installation meets gig meets abstract meditation on themes of peace, diversity, creativity and community!” B o o ki n g: th m /028 9 023 5053

In the Court of Duke Special  

A special guest curated programme of music, visual arts and more at the MAC in Belfast. Duke Special, alter-ego of singer-songwriter Peter W...

In the Court of Duke Special  

A special guest curated programme of music, visual arts and more at the MAC in Belfast. Duke Special, alter-ego of singer-songwriter Peter W...