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sportswear without boundaries This is the guiding principle that defines our brand and drives our activities.


It is what makes The Body Collective distinctive and is the starting point for all our visual communications.

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don't worry about fitting in when you're custom-made

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empowering Fig 3


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Commited to delivering innovation and diversity Fig 5

colour palette

Our colours give emotions and feelings to the customer. Orange creates playfulness, affordable, creativity, high spiritied, bringing a positive outlook on life. Blue creates authority, confidence and power, whilst symbolizing trust and loyalty something our customers need to build. Pink stands for feminine, conjureing feeling of appreciation.

Fig 6

Typography of the logo is an important element of our brand, a unique font to The Body Collective in order to differentiate. The font portrays the message of the evolution from tape measure to 3D body scanning technology. The measuring service providing support to the body curves followed in the ‘b’ and ‘c’. The type alignment is centred on packaging, advertising or promotion.

the future Fig 7

Above the line advertising, through Magazines, Social Media and Billboards. Our adverts aim to be viral, to demonstrate authenticity and female empowerment.

Aiming to utilise innovation and empowerment to help consumers not onlysolve sizing issues created my mass production in sportswear, but also create a nationwide conversation.

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The Body Collective Brand Book  
The Body Collective Brand Book  

Final University Project - Examination of current sizing issues in the sportswear industry